by Mike Rinder

Here is the latest twist on sucking blood out of stones.

Once you have turned over any available money and have borrowed to your credit card limit and taken out your second or third mortgage, cashed in your life insurance policy and sold your future rights to an inheritance, there is something more EVERYONE can give in order to raise their status.

Here is the newest email from Orange County Pawn Shop Fundraisers:

From: Orange County [mailto:orangecounty@scientology.net]
Sent: Monday, January 17, 2011 10:36 PM
To: theresoneborneveryminute@yahoo.com
Subject: Would You Like To Participate In The Ebay Game?

 Dear Victim,  



 The eBay game is a way for as many people as possible to help with fundraising to complete the Ideal Org building in Orange County, in a way that requires very little effort. Almost everyone has something around their house or apartment which could be sold on eBay for some value. Jewelry, collectibles, antiques, novelty items, old baseball cards, old comic books, musical equipment… you get the idea.

Turn that useless Matter into productive Energy to help us all reach the goal! It’s simple – just bring any items you wish to donate to any of the Fundraiser I/C’s at the Org. We will then arrange to have them placed for sale on eBay (or Craig’s List). You will then be credited for the amount sold, toward your Ideal Org donation status.

 What could be easier?

 Larger items can also be donated, such as boats, furniture, appliances, and the like. For items that are too large to be brought in to the org, let us know and we will make arrangements for larger size donations.

If you are interested in helping get the smaller flows going so the bigger ones can happen, just answer this email letting us know and you answer will be forwarded to the right terminal who will contact you directly !

 Thank You!!

Yvonne, Marty and Marie

Next up on the Vulture Culture agenda, once all personal possessions, teeth fillings and hair are sold off:


You know the old saying, we achieve our goals with blood, sweat and tears. Well, have we got news for you. Your sweat and tears may be spilled in great volume, but they’re not going to get you to that next all-important status. BUT, your blood can. We have made a special arrangement with Plasma Corp of America.  Just go to any of their locations and tell them you are humanitarian contributor to the Church of Scientology, and they will credit 75%of your blood donation to your status account.  Join us in the greatest blood drive ever. Now your blood has real meaning to the greatest game on earth.


We know you can’t give blood every day.  Your body needs a little time to replenish itself. But don’t worry, we have you covered. We are in negotiation with a medical group in India.  They will pay good money towards YOUR STATUS for your kidneys.  You don’t need both kidneys and you can donate one to a REAL valuable cause – our building. And if you only have one kidney, you can donate skin, eyes, teeth and many other sorts of tissue you may never have thought of.  You can demonstrate your dedication to the most important game on earth with the ultimate sacrifice for the ultimate STATUS – humanitarian sacrificial lamb. Remember, you are NOT a body – but it sure can help you achieve your next status. And don’t forget, that status will carry you into eternity in better shape than you have ever been.

And finally, not ready to be named an official status booster program yet, but on the line-up for 2011, once we sort out some legal points:  Mothers, wives and daughters, a special game just for you.  It’s a time proven method of making money. One of the oldest known to man…

Stay tuned – we are out of ideas right now, but we never stop thinking of way for YOU to achieve your status.

Far-fetched?  Yes.

Unreal? No.

10 years ago who would have believed orgs would be engaged in raffles, Top Gun nights, bingo and begging for money?

You are watching the Church of Scientology destroy itself.

112 responses to “WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT?

  1. Impartial English Girl

    What happened?! This post disappeared and reappeared!

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  3. Theo Sismanides

    Mike the e-Bay thing is pathetic and utterly off the rails.
    Your comments are hilarious and made me laugh.
    What is that thing now? E-Bay? Hahaha, what a Tone Level these guys are at! I mean those who listen to such BS! Come on guys, are we serious here? Better get off the wagon right now and not be part of it. Hello?

  4. You know Mike, this email solicitation is about off the rails as it gets. On the first read I thought it was a spoof.

    It deserves a place in Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

    What’s next? Auctioning off DM’s custom monogrammed french silk thong collection perhaps?

  5. Sooooo off policy, it’s not EVEN funny! But, we don’t do LRH policy any more, right? After all, David Miscabbage knows BEST! Ugh!


  6. Hi Mike – this is crazy nutcase territory-I actually gasped while reading it…I do have a question though…is the “blood sweat & tears” comm from the same OC terminals who wrote about the ebay? It would be great if your editorial comments were in bolded or in different typestyle so it’s clear …I would like to use this as a document. What’s next…the ovary drive? Come on, who needs both?! We got 2! Unbelievable

  7. Ebay!?! Every time I think they can’t go any farther off LRH policy they manage to come up with something new. Next thing you know they’ll be asking the women to attend wet t-shirt contests; any winnings donated to the Idle Org will be tax deductible, of course.

    Note to Dwarf: just waiting for the day when you lose all rights to even mention the word Scientology. Think about it; in order to use the name you have to use at least some of the tech.

  8. PLEASE tell me this is exageration.
    For the love of all things even remotely holy… tell me this is not real!

    ****walks off shaking his head in a loss for words***

  9. Nothin’ up my sleave…
    PRESTO!!! (kidding! I have no idea)

  10. OK Mike, I’m a bit slow on the uptake today! Got that the Blood Sweat & Tears is you predicting the future…damn, you’re giving them ideas!!!

  11. 54 — The email from the org is in italics. Everything else in this post is written by me. How sick is it that people are having a hard time telling the satire from the reality….

  12. OTDT- where are you? What will DM donate to ebay?

  13. “How sick is it that people are having a hard time telling the satire from the reality”

  14. IEG — I dont know! And about 20 comments also disappeared and have not reappeared?

    Maybe the Miscavige Minions are hard at work again….

    Or maybe someone grabbed those comments and the original post to auction them off on EBay 🙂

  15. Impartial English Girl

    Hahaha! Isn’t a Miscavige Minion an irritating little callous on one’s foot? Oh no, sorry, that’s a bunion….

    As I mentioned on the wiped comments, I always suspected that DM had an unhealthy penchant for “pawn”ography…

    IEG xx

  16. Impartial English Girl

    Certainly not his soul. He sold that years ago.

  17. It seems like OC org is still up to their shenanigans on getting money. Last year around March they had a St. Patricks day fundraiser and they were asking for your used gold here is the text of the message below:

    Just wanted to let you know that our St. Patrick’s Day FUNraiser is going to
    be here at the Tustin Org. There is a $20 contribution to our Pot O’ Gold at
    the door and you can bring your broken, unused and unwanted GOLD jewelry to drop in the Pot O’ Gold and we will have it melted down and exchanged for a cash donation to the new building! We will also be having a special Irish
    Dancer and live music!

    So come down to the Org tonight at 7:00 for some Ideal Org Fun! Don’t
    forget to wear green!!


    I personally am appalled that personal items are being asked for for donations. It’s wrong on so many levels. What is also perplexing to me, is Orange County, California is one of the more affluent regions in the US, so you would think if the church would just follow policy, make auditors, and deliver good service, they would be raking in so much money from the public they service, they wouldn’t have to worry about fundraising, the org would be forced to buy a new building with their reserves renovate it with skilled labor(not cheap SO labor) because they would run out of space for the public. Speaking of their new building, I have never been by there, but this cycle here in OC seems to have been going on almost as long as the SuperPower building. In Vegas the big luxury casino/resorts have gone up and been fully furnished with all the 5 star architecture and design the church is striving for in a fraction of the time this “ideal org” cycle has been going on. I like Ed the ED there, I think he is a great guy and a true patriot, its just sad that OC org was once the pride and envy of orgs around the world in my opinion, has now been reduced to begging public for their hard earned possessions.

  18. My Org OTC made a big poster to hang on the public bulletin board over a year ago asking pubic to bring in old jewelry and gold, silver etc. They specified non-bulky items that could be easily sold, so I guess OC is a little more desperate.

    I winced when I saw it because I thought if, by some chance a new Div 6 public came in and saw it they might get the wrong idea…or the maybe right idea. Maybe they would have gotten the right idea and never come back.

  19. You have to learn to not think about these things. Miscavige has it under control. RTC is THE TECH.

  20. I have them on another tab. I can cut and past them into comments if they can’t be retrieved from your end.

  21. Maybe Lil’ Dave’s Golden Age of Copper(tm) grounding rods shorted out causing a planet-wide brown out.

  22. I just sent them the following email;

    What LRH policy are you operating on in order to fund an Ideal Org?
    If you have one, I’d consider supporting it.
    Thank you.”

    I wonder if they will respond.

  23. A few decades ago when OC Org was still OC Mission, the mission-holder (Ray Kemp?) had a bright idea to raise money. Rain was predicted for January 1st, and Ray had the staff making plastic rain pants to sell to the Rose Parade attendees. This activity was KR’d by several staff with “how about we make more money by delivering more Scientology services?” It seems upper management agreed and the idea was never repeated. But that was before DM, who drove out the mission-holder too soon, before he could get the hat write-up for making plastic rain pants. Otherwise, all the Orgs might be doing it today

  24. When the first “WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT?” posting appeared, it wiped out the prior posting of “In Defense of Tommy Davis” including all the comments. This post has returned now, along with a second “WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT?” posting without the comments.

  25. Tony DePhillips

    How about selling babies on the black market?? Is that cool? Would THAT be the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics to them?? Most people are just “grass” anyways…

  26. Here are the lost posts. I don’t think you can reply on the reply link and any included links will have to be pasted into the address bar but at least their posts can be seen now…. [Edited as already posted]

  27. There were 33 comments on the 1st posting of WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT? copied and pasted below:

    Joe Howard | January 20, 2011 at 6:31 pm | Reply

    Freaking hilarious.
    Millimeter by millimeter DM has turned L. Ron Hubbard’s life’s work into something out of Kafka. Compare today’s “Church of Scientology” to, say, the 1970s or 80s, when people came for services, exchanged for them and did them and then did more services. Nowadays it is Farmer Dave and his Organ Harvesting Crew at your cervix with a Desolation Row soundtrack.

    whodat | January 20, 2011 at 7:31 pm | Reply


    This is a link of the massive raid the FBI made on over 100 organized crime family members. If the Int Base, IAS, etc are not other examples of organized crime, then maybe the FBI should check it out.

    Centurion | January 20, 2011 at 6:36 pm | Reply

    Did LRH actually create a post called “fundraiser I/C”??

    This information is embarassing. It is also further validation that getting out of the church version of Scientology was the best move I have made in a decade. It is also interesting that I have seen an improvement in finances and also in ability.

    They need to put DM for sale on e-bay.


    martyrathbun09 | January 20, 2011 at 6:43 pm | Reply

    No, in fact he prohibited such a notion in the most unequivocal terms.
    Martin. | January 20, 2011 at 7:09 pm | Reply

    When you come to a fork in the road, take it.
    Grasshopper | January 20, 2011 at 9:20 pm | Reply

    Centurian, the “church version of Scientology” is not Scientology. That train has left the station years ago.

    I listened to the three-lecture series “Scientology It’s General Background” the other day – this is the tape that became part of the opening chapters to The Phoenix Lectures book. Scientology is knowledge, it is in a long chain of Wisdom starting from the Vedas and moving through Taoism, Dharma, and the middle-eastern revealed religions. A kind religion, granting beingness; a kind and loving God, references to the New Testament as being a break from the Angry God of the Old Testament because, perhaps, Christ did some of his study in India. (here is a link to the idea – I have not read this, but to prove that Ron was not talking out of his ass when he suggested Christ was in India http://reluctant-messenger.com/issa.htm)

    Kindness and civilization. What do we see now when we look at the fruits of Mr. David Miscavige? It is not what Ron was postulating back in the ’50s, that is for sure. It is NOT Scientology. Personally, I don’t even like the term “Radical Scientology” although I understand its use.

    To me, the message to those who are in is: “You. You who claim to be a Scientologist. This crap that Mr. David Miscavige and team are doing is NOT Scientology (and show the reasons – Garcia’s letter, this blog, this post, etc.). Ergo, Scientologist-claimant, you are not involved in Scientology. I assume you want to be. Scientology is currently in the field. Start!”

    And if they worry about their lost donations, well, it is a sunk cost, friend. Get over it, and go forward. The good news is that you will never have to dip into whatever credit you have left or your grand-mother’s fine silverware again!

    You know, I can be just as indignant to those who are in the “church” as they are to me for being “out” of the church. More so, because while Ron never wanted the group to splinter, he wanted the tech to stay pure more.

    I will say that again:

    Ron did not want the group to splinter. But he wanted the tech to stay pure more.

    And so do I.

    Tom | January 20, 2011 at 6:50 pm | Reply

    As Yogi Berra once said: “It’s Deja Vu all over again.”

    In the wake of the 1982 Mission Holder’s conference, a Mission in my area was holding “yard sales” most every weekend. The Mission Holder and one of her staff would drive around on local trash pickup nights, looking for items to “salvage”, and that would make up the majority of the “yard sale” material. Needless to say, that Mission was not long for this world, and the space is now occupied by a Dunkin Donuts franchise.

    Another Yogi’ism was “You can observe a lot, just by watching.”
    Me thinks they are beyond the point of no return….

    martyrathbun09 | January 20, 2011 at 6:56 pm | Reply

    The future ain’t what it used to be.

    Brian S | January 20, 2011 at 7:06 pm | Reply

    Maybe they could put on a show in the barn!
    Jan | January 20, 2011 at 7:07 pm | Reply

    This is pathetic! OMG I couldn’t stop laughing; donating skin, hair and teeth. What happened to good old fashion delivering 100% standard tech services to boom and expand the org! The pitiful point is that the people contributing to this don’t see the out point when it is a glaring them in the face!
    Raul Batista | January 20, 2011 at 7:22 pm | Reply

    This is almost scientific in proposal.

    If the Church of DM can bankrupt its members these members so bankrupted can then be more easily persuaded to join the Sea Org, where more surprises await them. I have seen Sea Org members before and I don’t mean to mock them but some of them look like their hair had been cut by a blind person with hedge clippers in his or her hands.

    Good game to play huh? Oh, and did I mention no medical benefits for SO members UNLESS the Sea Org member is beat up by an executive who then orders the person to a hospital to avoid criminal prosecution.
    Tony Dephillips | January 20, 2011 at 7:48 pm | Reply

    Hillarius Mike.
    How about selling children into the black market adoption program to reach your next status? Most likely that child is just so much grass anyways…

    Grasshopper | January 20, 2011 at 9:22 pm | Reply

    Yes, or selling them into Nigerian slavery. You would probably get more $, and anyway, they are not really your kids, they just sprung from your body.

    Impartial English Girl | January 20, 2011 at 7:50 pm | Reply

    Good GRIEF!! I always suspected DM might have more than a passing interest in ‘pawn’ography…

    IEG x
    loki | January 20, 2011 at 7:51 pm | Reply

    Mike said;
    “You are watching the Church of Scientology destroy itself.”

    Very accurate summation. With little hope of reverseing course, the church as we know it will be a footnote in history. The future of scientology and any promise it holds for positively impacting society lies in those independent training centers and field practices. And even they will have hurdles to overcome because the publics dimal perception of scientology. There is not a person in the world who won’t get grief from family and friends when they announce they are looking into scientology, unless they live in some remote region of the world without access to the internet. Its going to be a long, slow road back. But thats better than no road. The superhighway is blown up, its back to country roads and back trails. But its a path.

    Publius | January 20, 2011 at 9:55 pm | Reply

    Sad but so very true.

    idle org | January 20, 2011 at 8:02 pm | Reply

    “Help us out of a JAM!”….he exclaimed, a large glass jar of the purple condiment held high in one hand for all to see, a microphone in the other. The guarded crowd at tonight’s “event” chortled and moaned at the attempted humor, a few faint claps in the distance. Our New OT Vlll Foundation E/D was auctioning off a jar of jam, and then a bag of potato chips, in order to buy his way into having an “Ideal Org”. “CHIP in!” He shouts. He proceeds to begin reading off the ingredients on the back of the bag, coercing the slightly disbelieving audience to mumble “Mmmmmm” in unison. And no…there is no dubbing anything in here. There are roughly 70 witnesses to this hideous display of personal-integrity gone bad. And then it was on to his neck tie. Around Twelve-hundred dollars, it seems, was the final price. His own wife was kind enough to bail him out of that one.

    In all the green vol’s one can read, you will find nothing by our founder to even remotely support the above.

    “Whooo’s NEXT!?!” The speaker system distorted under the strain. In the first several rows, random sets of shoulders jolted upward, then dropped, as if to say, “Ouch!”. But nobody had quite the audacity to actually cover their ears while sitting in full view of their peers. It was our Day E/D and his all-too-familiar tactic of scaring the bejeezus out of an entire room full of good people by throttling the mic and utterly screaming into it. And all the while, the fund-raising In-Charge was at the ready, stage left, with whiteboard and marker, anxiously scanning the audience for the next hand to go up, as well as the scrutinizing scowls coming from the uniforms in the back of the room. Pressure! Lots of pressure! A big haul was needed that night. And after 6 straight years of fund-raising, these guys had itdown. The Day E/D continued…”What you’re actually doing is taking energy from your 1st and 2nd Dynamic and transferring it over to your 3rd and 4th!!! So……who’s next!!!” Yep. He actually said this. Shouted it, in fact. One could offer an interpretation of the actual meaning: “We’ve utterly failed to stick to LRH and have thus taken up DM’s unusual solutions as our new operating basis. So, you turkeys had better go along with it and reward us with your upstat, personal production!” And the event grinds on…

    In these scenarios it is best to have an escape plan. You socialize and mingle around the food line early in the evening. You say all the right things to your local opinion leaders and you schmooze with the current SO missionaires. You prove that you can toe that line as well as the next guy. You tuck your integrity into your back pocket and you wonder if things will ever get any better. Unfortunately you doubt it, that is, if you have any ability whatsoever to predict 3rd Dynamic trends. You sit through the main portion of the event, the Chaos Merchant tactics. You learn all about the dangerous environment and how the new buildings will bring about world peace, save the economy and attract the CEOs of Starbucks, Microsoft and Boeing!

    It must be true! The slightly menacing lady from Int Management took the stage and said so.

    You know what comes next. Fund-raising! You wonder if you’re the only one in the room who feels like they just had their last firing-squad incident fully restimulated. But, before too long, you realize that you are actually just picking up on the way the entire room feels. As the fund-raising team takes the stage, you pull out your cell phone and feign an important call. You head for the restroom, Tone 40 all the way. Head down, never to make eye contact with the various staffers you pass by. But, you turn off at the last second and head for the back hallway. It’s long, it’s dark. There’s a side door nobody is guarding. You’re out! You spot a few staffers outside having cigarettes at 30 yards. You hear your name called from the distance and you turn so that the small group can see you’re “on the phone”. A minute later, you slink your way off the grounds, across the street and into your carefully-placed automobile. Never park in the main lot. You’ll never get out alive! You give a sigh of relief. You did it! You were seen by all the important people. You are on-record for having been there. You won’t have to offer any guilt-ridden explanations for why you didn’t attend. You got out before you had to watch the slaughter of your friends’ bank accounts and dignity for the umpteenth time. You head to the nearest bar and order a cold one, wondering how the poor folks at the event are making out and just how late it will go. You quickly shy away from that thought and suddenly get real interested in the football game on the flatscreen. You wonder when you’ll summon up the courage to make your break for real. When you’ll peacefully walk away from the whole scene altogether. You know the true tech works. You know you are on the verge of the Great Middle Path that Marty so eloquently wrote about. You don’t even recognize what your religion has become any more. You want to tell everyone the truth. You can’t. Or…can you? Your non-Scientology friends act interested in your plight out of basic courtesy but they couldn’t possibly have enough reality to even begin to separate LRH from DM. And so, you back-off on that line altogether. You realize that you are alone.

    For twenty years you were there. You donated money to the IAS to save the world even though you didn’t have any. You gave years of service. You helped. You defended. You stood up for LRH. You really did. And now, you are sneaking away. Have you become a coward? A victim? Is it a case of “poor little me”? You feel blatantly covert, abandoning your friends….. your group, your personal integrity.

    Your personal integrity? Really? Are you actually abandoning your personal integrity? Well, let’s take a look at that. According to LRH, in the Tech Dictionary, he states that Personal Integrity, “…is knowing what you know. What you know is what you know, and to have the courage to know and say what you have observed. And that is integrity and there is no other integrity”.

    Well…. that about sums things up. What you now know is that your “friends” and your “group” (all very good people), have perhaps given up their personal integrity. And even though it’s uncomfortable as hell, you walk away. And after a few months of feeling like you’ve lost your mind, you read and learn from those on the Middle Path. It helps tremendously. And then, you begin to write, you begin to share, you begin to help and you know you’re gonna be okay…

    Written by Idle Org

    Grasshopper | January 20, 2011 at 9:35 pm | Reply

    Excellent summary, IO – excellent. And, for those who think the “Coward” is crazy, remember that the whole reason he was there in the first place was the true, clean, spark of Truth – the incredible regain of an ability thought lost forever. The total elimination of a throbbing headache that was so constant you didn’t know you had it until it went away. The incredible knowledge that you can be and are independent of the body. The feeling of love and kinship for other fellows.

    And, so we put up with it for so long because this badness surely will go away.

    But, after all these years, I can safely say that that wish is futile – within the Church, anyway. The GOOD news is that the badness can be abandoned, because a lot of good people have cut bait, and are now just being Scientologists sans-baggage.

    Priscilla Smith | January 20, 2011 at 8:09 pm | Reply

    At my local idle org, they were kicking around the idea of using all the young and attractive women in the org for a bikini car wash. Don’t know if it ever happened, but it just shows what the mentality is – anything to make money as long as it’s not illegal. They’ve already done a “Monte Carlo night” wherein you buy chips and gamble like in a casino, but you don’t actually take home anything since you can’t cash out your winnings. They also did a “Bowling for Dollars” event wherein you sponsor a bowler to get the highest score. What does all these fundraising activities have to do with getting up the Bridge? Absolutely nothing, but for some reason they are very heavily encourgaged by the current “church”.
    Tara | January 20, 2011 at 8:10 pm | Reply

    Sickening. What ain’t Scientology? THIS!
    Karen B | January 20, 2011 at 8:12 pm | Reply

    Boy, talk about unusual solutions!

    The C of S seems intent on running can’t have on all dynamics.

    Now we have staff selling MEST on EBay…what ever happened to selling Scientology?
    School Of St Trinians | January 20, 2011 at 8:13 pm | Reply

    Your taking the pith
    First | January 20, 2011 at 9:14 pm | Reply

    This Saturday at the FH is the “Florida’s Got Talent” fund raiser!

    Get this, it’s not even for a specific Org! It’s for the Florida Ideal Orgs.
    Carol | January 20, 2011 at 9:32 pm | Reply

    Can you say Desperate…..threats don’t work anymore, anyone I have spoken with is in total boredom with the existing scene.

    Good post Mike. Plasma Corp of America, that’s a good one!

    mrinder | January 20, 2011 at 10:23 pm | Reply

    Carol, You’re right. They have to come up with something new — hence my suggestions!

    Jack Airey | January 20, 2011 at 9:36 pm | Reply

    I’m surprised there are not BINGO parlors in every ideal org.
    Bill Holly | January 20, 2011 at 9:38 pm | Reply

    Something for nothing:
    5 or 6 years ago the Stuttgart (Germany) HCO issued an ORDER to attend a “special meeting” to all the OT’s in this region. It turned out that, after a lot of hype on stage about “The Ideal Org” for Stuttgart, every OT present was required to cough up 10,000 Euros for every OT level attained BEFORE leaving the meeting.
    Sounds crazy? It was done.
    So this article does not really surprise me in the least.

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    Quicksilver | January 20, 2011 at 9:50 pm | Reply

    Man o’ Man …

    I had to laugh but in reality it is soooo sad.

    Speaking of Blood – they already have started:


    Get a load of this … not only is the blood flowing but they’ve got stats for it!!

    “Scientology Volunteers (http://www.scientology-fso.org) donated 239 pints of blood in 2010 to Florida Blood Services collected in four blood drives sponsored by the Church of Scientology and FBS. Each pint of blood can save up to three lives meaning more than 700 lives can potentially be saved.”

    Quicksilver | January 20, 2011 at 9:52 pm | Reply

    Next thing ya know, they’ll be cutting that blood with Kool-aid to blow the lid off those stats

    Mafiawog | January 20, 2011 at 10:01 pm | Reply

    It’s unbelievable enough that people would eBay/pawn their stuff for this, but for it to be officially sanctioned and _encouraged_?? Wow.
    Don’t forget that in some areas, especially near me in West Hollywood, CA, men and boys may be able to participate as well in that “upcoming project” … ugh
    And lastly, remove the ban on having children in the SO! They can fetch a pretty penny among certain circles… “especially those little white ones!” (From Strangers With Candy).

    To see such strong passion and commitment of public Scns so horribly abused and misdirected by the higher-ups is just appalling.
    Synthia | January 20, 2011 at 10:07 pm | Reply

    I am not a doomsayer nor do I focus on conspiracies. One does not have to be either of these things to see the writing on the wall regarding the tough economic challenges this country (and the world) face in the upcoming years. We are headed for probable hyper inflation, food shortages, skyrocketing unemployment and a host of other scary scenarios that could turn America into something the likes of which no living American has ever seen.

    There are some rough times ahead and we all need to help each other.

    It is during these times that a church should be a sanctuary. It should provide succor and solutions to the ravages of the world. It should be providing, to its parishioners, sound economic advice. It should be recommending savings and emergency rations and supplies, for the survival of those who have always supported the organization.

    Instead it fervently seeks to compromise its members, making them weak and vulnerable should even a slight emergency ensue. This is criminal. They are really setting themselves up to be attacked later. It could be an absolutely horrible mess. People are not so willing to look the other way when they and their children are hungry.

    Here is a link to just a random article about a Christian church advising its members to focus their attention on survival priorities:


    An excerpt:

    “Ballance shares practical financial tips in his book called, The Trinity Plan.

    For example:

    -Live within your means.

    -Pay all of your bills on time.

    -Improve your credit score. Don’t waste money on credit repair companies promising to fix your history for a fee.

    -Don’t apply for credit on a whim. Pay down credit card balances.

    -Learn to save money.

    Church members are listening and acting.”

    You will NEVER see that kind of advice from the Church of Scientology.

    For those lurking or sitting on the fence:

    No one, NO ONE, is going to help you and your family the way that you would. Do not expect, when the sh-t hits the fan, that the church will help you. They are ruthlessly bent on one product and one product only and it ISN’T your well being.

    In the end, you will have to answer up. Pay attention and act on what you KNOW is right.
    Fancy | January 20, 2011 at 11:01 pm | Reply

    All I have to say is LOL there is one born every minute. I am glad it is no longer me.

  28. Just thinking, why can’t they sell and deliver standard services? Is it because they are too expensive? Are they unable or having too much difficulty getting in new public? I know the PR is in the crapper, but standard ruin finding and other dissem tools must still have some workability. Maybe such a percentage of income is sucked out of the org that panty sales actually produce more disposable income than they’d have from selling services.

    Anyone here actually know?


  29. Don’t forget Mike, them there gold fillings and crowns (caps) in the teeth are worth a few $$$$$$. They can get them removed , send them to a refining (scrap) company, get a check for the amount of precious metals in the dental work and then donate the $$$$$$ they get to the Idle Orgs. Would probably be a lot less painful this way than listening to the reges for hours upon end beat you down for the $$$$$$$$. Just a thought!

  30. Hummmm…how interesting. I’ve done the entire OEC (that’s Organization Executive Course for you OSA-bots who wouldn’t know). That consists of every single policy letter written by LRH. Also, for you OSA-bots who don’t know, LRH actually wrote policy which is supposed to be used to guide orgs to expansion.
    Now, I did a review of all the old OEC volumes and the new OEC volumes and I just don’t see anything anywhere for a “fundraiser I/C” post in a scientology org.
    I have a recommendation for all you OSA spys and other lurkers. Next time you volunteer to run around like idiots accusing others of being squirrels…how about save some gas and time–just look in the mirror.

  31. Kris,

    I surprised they didn’t include gold fillings.

    Funny how the orgs are going into the valence of the IRS.

    Now they want you to sell all your assets QSV.

    Next they’ll probably introduce some kind of lien or levy your property.

    I’m sure Dave’s “friends” will help him out.


    You’re not too far off on the BS&T particularly the big B.

    Here in LA there was some kind of Blood drive sponsored by the Church a couple of years back.

    And believe it or not they even had a *bake sale* too!

    They’ve had so many raffles (despite what the PL on Contests and Prizes says) here its hard to keep track of ’em.

    Not just the usual stuff like a “Limited Edition” Quatum personally signed by LRH or whatever or the Soft core porn Prints by ASI or Dave’s boring blovaition called “What the Fuck is Scientology” signed by the bore himself but big ticket items like a Previa or a Lexus or something that OC’s eBay foray doesn’t surprise me.

    I mean if they really wanted to make money for these Ideal Orgs they’d be running guns and drugs and setting up paper banks….

    Oh wait I hear Sky’s working on that with his friends in the Carlyle group.

    Never mind.

  32. Karen B — Sinar had done the same thing, so they are recorded. Thanks for your work.

  33. Seriously, I got an email a few months back of someone hosting a Gold and Silver party…bring your old jewelry, etc to the home of the host and there would be an appraiser/buyer who would pay cash for it that then would be turned over to the IAS in your name.

    I was soooo disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to make it. It sounded only slightly less fun than being a 5 year old at a Tupperware party…

  34. I got a similar email just like the one from OC from Toronto Org asking for personal items that could be auctioned. Seems to be a new “successful action” or should we call it “desperation”.

  35. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    You know that I know.

    It’s similar to an earlier post where someone stated there were NO CUSH JOBS (posts) IN THE SO!!

    There IS! CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD and Dumpster I/C. Both established by Staff Beatings and Abuser I/C HFA (held from all angles) DAVID MISCAVIGE!


  36. Can you imagine how much more donations can be gotten if they gave a Ruds session after the BLOOD, SWEAT and TEARS sessions?

    They just leave you with the By-Passed-Charge.

    The Bastards have no compassion.

  37. Some things they haven’t tried yet:

    Salvation Army style bell-ringing during holidays
    Running resale shops ala Salvation Army, Purple Heart etc based on collecting discards
    Out and out panhandling on the streets. Perhaps all “Scientologists in good standing” could be required to put in an hour or two a day at this. Or, a specialized “beggar class” could be developed who will do full-time begging on metropolitan streets, bus and train stations, etc.

    Why restrict themselves to scientology public? Go for contributions from the general population.

    “Spare change? Spare change for a child of misfortune?”

  38. What a bright idea, Tony, that’s the solution !

    Just think of those SO mothers who would have to be routed out if they would clinge to their new born babies …

  39. Is this footage of a mestcabbage sponsored auction?

  40. What will they think of next? I had this figured out well over a decade ago. It solves the problem for the next OT Levels, too. The Church already collaborates with NASA so you offer a complete and continuous state of exterior with no strings attached. It works like this. It costs the pre-OT one million dollars. Max out your credit cards because you won’t have to answer to them. You can even steal. There will also be a surcharge of $100,000 to maintain your exteriror state. You will be placed in orbit in a space barge where you will be put into suspended animation (Planet of the Apes theme again) and will be completely exterior from all your problems and be able to maintain a thetan exterior state indefinitely, either until your body dies or the equipment fails. The $100,000 will be put into an interesting bearing account to pay for the utilities to maintain your hibernated exterior state. This level is designed to clear the last impediment to OT: a body!
    Think about this honestly. It would actually bring many Mestolologists up tone to death. It is higher than punishing bodies and blame, etc.

  41. Ha ah ah ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha! Finally, my humor reality level!

    Amsterdam Ideal Org I/C
    To: All Surrounding Scientologists

    The planet does not have much time before it self-destructs! We must take action on an unprecedented scale NOW if we are going to put an Ideal Org in place Amsterdam to help save the planet!

    ALL stops, arbitraries and barriers are hereby REMOVED!

    Introducing our new Ideal Hookers Fundraising Pgm. By survey, it’s been found that this service is going to bring in more funds than ANY other activity! As a first step on this pgm, we need to purchase our own Red Light district downtown and fill it with our own Ideal Hookers and Sex Extravaganza!

    Bring in your wives, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, friends, and yes…animals including your dogs, cats, cockatoos, rabbits, snakes, guinea pigs and cattle as well as any and all inanimate objects you think may fit the bill, including but not limited to: furniture, stuffed animals and toys, small appliances, sports equipment and fruits and vegetables.

    We also need volunteer Pimp I/Cs and a few Madams. Call now!

    Do not be concerned with traditional morals or ethics in this matter. They will mean little when the planet is a black cinder.




    Ideal Org and Hooker Pgm I/C

  42. Tony Dephillips

    Hey Hans.
    Maybe cob could get the Sea Org members to start having babies and sell them? The SO could help fund the OSA attacks by selling their own off spring.

  43. I put this in the comments section a while back. Marty wanted to post it but I decided to put it in the comments section and repost it again later on for anyone new to the blog. If you pay attention to the LRH refs in particular, you’ll have a full grasp of what makes fund-raising illegal. If you’re going to be confronting people about the IAS it’s best to know all about it so you can shut them down, and it’s written with that in mind. This is a slightly new version:

    In July I emailed Patrick Howson from Bridge about a rumor the Org Programming PL was missing from the OEC. Patrick can’t find it, but also it’s deleted from management’s computers, now confirmed twice.

    Definitions: SIR – Source Information Retrieval, which is a database accessible on anyone’s computer at Int management level. It contains all LRH writings and lectures too I think. With SIR you can pull up any reference by keyword search. STO ITO – Staff Training Officer, Int. Training org.

    Here’s the email:


    – Patrick can you answer my last email about the OEC? I just want the info, I have nothing further to say after that. Thanks, Boyd

    – Hi Boyd, I don’t seem to have any other emails from you… can you re-send this? Or ask me what your question was on the OECs?

    – Hi Patrick, here is it, if you could just look and confirm it would be helpful. Or tell me who to contact to ask:
    “Patrick, different subject but can you tell me if the most recent version of the OEC has HCO PL Planetary Dissemination, and also HCO PL Urgent – Org Programming, 24 Feb 64? It might be called simply HCO PL Org Programming. I heard a rumor these were missing from the new OEC, but I find that hard to believe. I might be getting an OEC copy, thanks.

    – Hi Boyd,
    I know that HCO PL 15 Apr 1982, PLANETARY DISSEMINATION, is not included in the OEC volumes because LRH had marked it to “Orgs and Management Only” and “Not BPI” which stands for “broad public issue”. There are copies of this reference here in the Org at Bridge.
    Not sure on the other reference… couldn’t find it anywhere under that name.

    – Appreciatcha Patrick. One last thing, do you remember which year OEC you were checking? I know the Urgent Org programming PL was in the 1991 OEC. I checked with Breanna the STO ITO last fall and she couldn’t find it on SIR. If you checked on SIR, was it there?
    Thanks again, Boyd

    – Yes, I checked on SIR as well and could not find it under that title.


    Here’s an excerpt from the PL:

    “If the org slumps…don’t engage in ‘fund-raising’ or ‘selling postcards’ or borrowing money.
    Just make more income with Scientology.
    It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology. It has always failed.
    For orgs as for pcs ‘Solve It With Scientology’.
    Every time I myself have sought to solve financial or personnel in other ways than Scientology I have lost out. So I can tell you from experience that org solvency lies in More Scientology, not patented combs or fund-raising barbeques.”

    HCO PL 24 February 1964, Issue II
    Org Programming

    Below are some lesser known references on the workable finance system and some comments. Not sure if any of these are deleted too. I put a “…..” in between different excerpts from the same reference.


    “…(There is, of course, a pitiful side to this: The poor blank sets himself up for no case gain and may even be consigning himself to no new life: Overts against Scn recoil casewise and that’s not just propaganda. Those in charge found these areas and the instigators have been shot from guns. But I think, as a favor to my friends, I had better write this up. You may have been curious why, when I went off the lines, things went wrong. Well, here’s a lesson.-LRH)

    “Beware of people who change workable finance systems.

    “In the past two years at least three instances have come up where finance systems had been changed to everyone’s detriment.
    “So you wonder where the staff pay got so undermined. And why financially things went somewhat sour.

    “All these things are handled and the systems are being reverted. But you can learn from this:
    “You would not stand still for a squirrel change in workable tech. Tech works. Why tolerate changes in workable finance systems?
    BE ALERT!”

    – LRH
    excerpts from HCO PL 18 FEBRUARY 1982

    And here he defines the workable finance system:

    “So we always make it the first condition of a group to make its own way and be prosperous on its own efforts.

    “The key to such prosperity is exchange.

    “One exchanges something valuable for something valuable.

    “Processing and training are valuable. Done well, they are priceless.
    In many ways an exchange can occur. Currently it is done with money.

    “In our case processing and training are the substances we exchange for the materials of survival.

    “To exchange something, one must find or create a demand.
    He must then supply the demand in EXCHANGE for the things the group needs.”

    from HCO PL 3 DECEMBER 1971

    “Oh yes, management is there to plan. Good. If it is planning that will forward the general purpose of the organization, if the various units of the organization are briefed and the plan is adjusted to handle their disagreements and if the plan is real and understood by one and all and if they then cooperate and produce along these lines, you have forward progress.

    “In our case all we’re doing is selling and delivering a product. If we do that we have a planet. Otherwise we don’t.”

    – LRH
    from HCO PL 1 JULY 1982

    “In an executive’s hands an organization or one of its areas must be ‘VIABLE.’ That is, it must be capable of supporting itself and thus staying alive. When his area is parasitic, dependent on others outside it, without producing more than it consumes, the area and its workers are at severe risk and in the natural course of events will be dispensed with, if not at once – eventually.”

    – LRH
    from HCO PL 28 JULY 1971

    “PRODUCE AS AN ACTIVITY. Look over what your products should be, particularly your valuable final products, and then begin to get those products somehow anyhow. This and only this is the shining reason why you can have a decent allocation. If it is then denied you, you can howl and be sure of redress. A cap in hand with no product is a sure route to chopped FP. (Example: An org with half a million collectable on its books but which didn’t even send out statements had an awful time with FP. Asking for ‘allocations’ that were really handouts, neither its FP body nor its FBO fully understood WHY, but it just seemed unreal to give it money. It was asking for money. It wasn’t requesting the return to it of money it had made and was entitled to. It did not make other value so could not justify value. Therefore it ‘sort of looked odd’ to Finance. Even Finance did not know why.

    “The wildest example of this was the 1950 LA Foundation which, under a US Navy ex-rear admiral, wanted $47,000 a week to subsidize a foundation potentially making $80,000 a week. But he closed its doors and wouldn’t run it until he could get ‘legal’ and subsidized. Another one is DK
    1969 wanting Flag to pay it $3,000 a week to keep it going when it wasn’t even sending out letters and did not even own a typewriter yet was accidentally making $5,500 a week average. There are tons of such examples…….)”

    – LRH
    from HCO PL 13 FEBRUARY 1971

    “Exchange within the org and between the org and every member of the public and the broad public is accomplished only by delivery.”

    – LRH
    from HCO PL 9 JANUARY 1980
    THE KEY TO ACHIEVEMENT (italics in the original)

    “So it is of interest what really underlies org income and staff pay.
    There is a term used in business called ‘fair exchange.’
    Let us apply this to an activity engaged in servicing the public.”

    – LRH
    excerpts from HCO PL 10 SEPTEMBER 1982

    “One uses beans to buy raised income and production and refuses to finance nonproduction or fruitless expense.”

    – LRH
    from HCO PL 19 MARCH 1971RA

    (Another facet of this: staff at all levels are being ripped off post to reg:)

    “Your functions will be found in PLs and HCOBs.

    “If anyone tells you your job is different than stated in such issues, please realize that there are no orders senior to such issues and an ‘illegal order’ is defined as one contrary to existing issues.
    Accepting an illegal order is actionable.”

    from HCO PL 28 SEPTEMBER 1980

    “And in still another org, no less than six key delivery terminals were all found to be out on regging tours in one week, some of them over a period of several weeks, at a time when delivery of paid-in-full services was backlogged!

    “None of these terminals had been removed or transferred or promoted. And one could say the actions being done are all covered in some way in policy, are needed, and therefore justified. But these terminals were all off post unreplaced, weren’t they?

    “That’s a quicksilver personnel scene. It’s unstable.”

    – LRH
    from HCO PL 19 DECEMBER 1982

    (And one more policy on changes):

    “When trying to get stats up, you must realize that what GOT stats up will GET stats up. Using new, unusual experiments can crash your full intention.

    “In new programs the BUGS have not been worked out. It’s like a newly designed piece of machinery. The clutch slips or the h.p. is sour.

    “New programs are undertaken on a small scale as PILOT PROJECTS. If they work out, good. Spot the bugs, streamline them and prove them. Only then is it all right to give them out as broad orders.

    “So it isn’t good for an EC to hand out strings of orders. Or for an executive to start a lot of new projects.

    “There is a thing called STANDARD ADMIN. It comes from the policy letters. When we produced the wild, soaring tech stats with the Sea Org Class VIII Auditor program, IT WAS BY PUTTING IN THE EXACT PROCESSES AND GRADES. By going super standard, we got 100% case gain.
    “There IS a standard admin. It deals in simplicities. People are on post. Particles flow. Promotion is done. Tech is delivered. The org board is up and is followed. If policy isn’t in at that level of largeness, it will never go in on higher points.

    “EDs are there to say WHAT policy should be concentrated on, not to give new orders. An executive who is wise, gets in policy on a gradient (little by little, building it up higher and higher. keeping the old in while adding in the new).

    “To understand how to do this, one must be able to conceive of basic outnesses. It requires real genius to discover how gross and how basic an outness can be.”

    – LRH
    excerpts from HCO PL ADMIN KNOW-HOW


    (First here’s some info on false reports from Miscavige. Three years ago he claimed the first 12 Ideal orgs were outproducing Milano, ITD/OTD, Tokyo, Buddapest and all other 150 orgs combined. But the reality is Los Gatos is a part time org with a near empty completions board and Buffalo is still a long term catastrophe. Joburg, NY and Sanfran shrank back to old levels quickly – but look at the amount of missionaire attention they got – with correct attention from management they’d be huge. Tampa div 6 is dead and they recycle Flag public onto basics courses, also Tampa isn’t thriving whatsoever. I’d have to check the record but what I recall is each of these specifics except Los Gatos was confirmed and/or not denied in my phone calls to STO ITO and Thalia N. from Int. during a contentious part of the conversation. Zero Ideal orgs were put forth by them as good examples, so this isn’t out of context. The Ideal org program wasn’t defended. Also See Marty and Mikes report on London, and the follow up by OSA, themselves confirming it’s struggling and Non-E. I have no info on Madrid. I have two New York org graduation emails bragging about 3 grades completions over the past several weeks, with no auditors made. Update: I wrote this a while ago but more recently the only completions I’ve seen from them are a life repair and a full basics course completion, then they stopped emailing. I was in the NY org academy around 2001, pre-Ideal. They weren’t empty back then, they had probably 5-10 people on course at a time and that’s always consistently been one of the top three orgs in East US. Where’s the change? Also stat breakdowns from DM’s own website prove axiomatically that he boldly outright false reports on Ideal org stats. By the way, that stat breakdown was posted by me in the comments section on Marty’s site, it’s archived. But DM removed the false stats after that apparently – at least I can’t find them anymore.)

    With the next reference keep in mind the outright failures, and in all cases contraction after the initial success, of the first Ideal orgs; Buffalo, Tampa, New York, SanFran, London, Malmo, Los Gatos (I heard they’re Ideal too) and Joburg. Failure after almost all org management energies have gone into this program.

    “Expansion which when expanded can hold its territory without effort is proper and correct expansion.” -LRH

    It’s not the new Div 6 panels and square footage (those two point are the Ideal org program, there’s nothing else to it) which caused the expansion then contraction. What caused the upstats was lots of attention from management on these particular orgs. This is how the Sea Org is supposed to operate. What caused the downstats later was Dave’s assault on PL’s and HCOB’s, covered elsewhere.

    My opinions: I’ve been to many orgs, none of them prevent inflow from appearance, although a huge empty building would in my opinion. The Moonies are famous for their buildings, they aren’t fooling anyone. It’s whether or not you deliver a good product (see HCO PL Goodwill) that determines your size. Word of mouth monitors your size. Building Ideal orgs empties out your field of money, then leaves them with whole floors empty after the SO missions pull out. Also the overhead costs are larger but production levels stay the same. We’re entering a depression.

    Tested facts: See HCO PL 23 Sept 1970 Quarters, Policy Regarding—Historical, wherein LRH is explicitly dead-set against the Ideal org strategy because it was tested and failed, so if you don’t like these opinions just stick with policy and tested workability. It’s not “historical” or “not used now”, it’s as enforceable and relevant as if LRH typed it up 5 minutes ago. Here’s more of the earlier reference:

    “So one interprets policy against proper expansion that is proper.


    “Expansion which when expanded can hold its territory without effort is proper and correct expansion.
    “You can stimulate demand. You can create it. But you may only comfortably and properly expand into demand.

    “All factors, then, in policy are rigged for expansion.
    And this brings about a possibility one can be asked about, that of overexpansion. One can ‘overexpand’ by acquiring too much territory too fast without knowing how to handle it. One can conquer new territory as fast as one wants IF he knows how to handle the situation.
    “Scientology organizations are designed for expansion.
    Expansion requires an expansion of all factors involved; and when something expands out of pace with the rest which is not expanding at the same rate, trouble is caused.”

    – LRH
    excerpts from HCO PL 4 DECEMBER 1966


    (There’s lots of finance terms in this first reference so I’m leaving out most of it but it’s worth reading in full to get an understanding of how an org IS supposed to collect charity money for the 3rd/4th dynamics.)

    “There is a type of income called ‘special income.’ It is huge lump sum income that might have to be returned. It can’t be immediately delivered and consequently can’t be included in the …..

    “If ‘special income’ is actually treated as special income as above, then all will be well. If it is not handled in this manner, it can cause endless trouble for an organization. So treat these funds for what they are and it will make things smooth for both the organization and the public concerned.”

    – LRH excerpts from HCO PL 28 SEPTEMBER 1979R

    “Services are often sold to family groups with one member paying for some or all of them. This is not uncommon and is perfectly legitimate.

    “But beyond that, org personnel may not solicit payments from staff or public on behalf of others.
    “Occasionally a student or pc in the org offers payment for a friend. That’s fine. But orgs may not solicit or suggest it. Not ever.

    “Advance collections are obtained by industrious collection from ‘hot prospects’ and other potential customers.

    “The essence of it is selling the service, collecting the money from the customer and getting the service delivered. (Unused prepayments are subject to refund.)”

    excerpts from HCO PL 17 FEBRUARY 1971-IRA

    IMPORTANT: In this second reference “solicit” is the key word. In this way you have the best of both worlds. Happy public can donate over and above the cost of services to their heart’s content but only on their own determinism, never under duress. And so public aren’t scared away from the org – it’s an island of sanity. They can’t even solicit for your friend’s Bridge, much less for the IAS. Where is non-refundable money mentioned anywhere in any policy? Reging is limited to services and materials only and for the 1st and 2nd dynamic ONLY.

    And so:

    Only donate per LRH policy, (and until DM is handled I prefer supporting orgs outside his control to force the issue) and demand others stop squirreling too. If the org racks up pre-paid, undelivered services and fears a refund flap, that’s the problem you want to give them to solve. In this way you force orgs to deliver Scientology, and be answerable to low quality and lack of auditors with the refund policies. This is LRH’s solution. This eventually forces Miscavige to manage the full spectrum instead of inventing gimmicks.

    All money flowing into Scientology was meant to flow in as a means of potential or actual exchange with the org, in a BUSINESS/CUSTOMER relationship.

    If Dave can’t manage his way to St. Hill size orgs, reging for buildings isn’t the golden ticket which magically makes up for his incompetence. Neither is pretending to prop up the 4th Dynamic through the IAS, by stealing Bridge money and disaffecting. You can’t confidently bring new public into the org right now knowing the reging gauntlet they face.

    Dave’s new custom cars, expensive trinkets and over 100 million dollars for his personal office spaces and houses around the world, all with money raped from parishioners Bridges, is documented through many first person accounts and photos from loyal Sea org members. He doesn’t blink at stealing your Bridge money for his personal pleasure. This is partly why Church policy forbids the IAS and not the HASI. Not even the original plan of an IAS lifetime membership (which tends to keeps exchange in, you get discounts), is allowed. IAS Status’s too are squirrel. It was intended as a temporary legal cope project to handle the IRS. Ask for the LRH policy; watch for hidden data lines.

    When staff can’t flip to the page in the OEC and act without fear of punishment it collapses all terminals into an ineffective tangle of uncertainty. That’s the mechanism which keeps the new finance system in place. The hidden data line is the enemy of fast flow management where effective action can take place through agreement.

    Don’t accept “top secret Sea Org policies” (none of which contradict the OEC, period – and even if they did they’re cancelled by the OEC). Don’t accept arguments opening the door to inferring just about anything, e.g. “But wasn’t LRH around in 1984 when the IAS was formed?”. What about several eye-witnesses who say LRH was off the lines and/or fed false reports? What about how it was supposed to be a temporary cope plan, and what about how it’s morphed into a monster? This is a problem because it’s two different story lines so what can you do?

    The verbal tech checklist is the answer, and it’s what LRH wants you to apply in this situation. If it isn’t written by Ron it isn’t true. If you’re not allowed to read something which contradicts HCO PLs then it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t matter how “established” the squirrel finance system is – If it isn’t written it isn’t true. And if someone laughs at the verbal tech checklist or tries to weasel out of it, don’t give them your money.


    From: Ideal Org Fundraising I/C Int

    We are down to the wire and we desperately need funds right now! We need one last major push to put this program over the top! And we’ve got just the thing!

    The ED from every org across the world will be joining a world-wide carnival tour where they will CUT THEIR OWN ARM OFF ON STAGE! WITH A CHAINSAW! The demand for this type of performance is overwhelming!

    Imagine the tickets that we are going to be able to sell! No one has ever ever ever attended an event like this! Our target public will be EVERYONE! And by survey, THEY WILL PAY BIG TIME TO THIS!

    Tickets will be $500 each and we need to sell millions of them in the next two weeks! If these EDs are willing to sacrifice one of their arms for the cause, then the least you can do is to each sell at least 100 tickets to these events.

    The first event is scheduled for March 13th, 2011 at Flag to kick off the campaign. Bring everyone you know and even those you don’t know!

    Let’s get this campaign funded. When we say we’re in it for blood, we mean it! Literally!

    Ideal Org and Carnival Show Event Int I/C

  45. Speaking of EBay:
    And to think, for less than the price of *ONE* Idle Morgue, they could get in point #1 of KSW: http://cgi.ebay.com/L-Ron-Hubbard-Scientology-Dianetics-Library-/230504436824?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35ab229458

  46. Scott Campbell

    After the parishioners have donated all of their worldly goods and mortgaged their future…

    Los Angeles Dumpster Diving Meetup Group

    Los Angeles, CA
    836 Dumpster Divers

    This meetup is for people who are interested in dumpster-diving,freeganism, living simply, reducing consumption, and reducing theirecological footprint.Our activities m…

    Check out this Meetup Group →

  47. Scott Campbell

  48. What a disgrace this bunch of beggars are.

    Sooner or later someone at an org is going to cognite that all these
    fundraisers are just dev-t vias. That will be the day cut out all this nonsense and just start robbing people at gunpoint.

    I mean, if they’re not already doing it.

  49. “And finally, not ready to be named an official status booster program yet, but on the line-up for 2011, once we sort out some legal points: Mothers, wives and daughters, a special game just for you. It’s a time proven method of making money. One of the oldest known to man…”

    Prostitution is known colloquially, as “the oldest profession”. I understand why the Org needs to “sort out some legal points”!

  50. *His personal signed copy of Mein Kopf
    *A pair of Tom Cruise’s socks
    *His Heber puppet
    *A Mary Sue Hubbard dress
    *A vial of tears he claims to have shed when he learned of LRH’s death.
    *His personally annotated shooting script of Battlefield Earth
    *His collection of celebrity autographs
    *A box of Tom Cruise hair clippings
    *Extra swagger stick
    *Signed photos of himself

  51. I can’t believe no one has thought of the obvious answer. Gather those “millions” of male Scientologists around the world have them do sperm donations. After all, we’re thetans, not mest bodies!

  52. Wait, does this mean I can start growing and selling medical marijuana? It’s legal and it’s big bucks!

  53. Watching Eyes

    You forgot to add:
    * a special edition, signed pair of shoe lifts (size 1.1 for his teeny little feet)

  54. The “Yvonne and Marty” that sent out this mail are by my best guess Yvonne and Marty Prince, some of OCs most prominent and admired OTs. They are very accomplished individuals in all aspects of life, spiritual, inspiring, gracious, highly admired by anyone who’s had contact with them (including myself). HOW COULD THEY PUT THEIR NAMES ON THIS ABOMINATION OF A LETTER THAT NEGATES EVERYTHING THEY STAND FOR AND HAVE WORKED FOR FOR YEARS?

    Will some other of OC’s respected OTs (Steve and Joni Marchese, Bill and Jayne Greenwalt, John and Claire Woodruff, Steve Waitz, Mary and Ned McCrink come to mind) please stand up and state you disagree. Please, please, please!

  55. Kris, you said, “What is also perplexing to me, is Orange County, California is one of the more affluent regions in the US, so you would think if the church would just follow policy, make auditors, and deliver good service, they would be raking in so much money from the public they service, they wouldn’t have to worry about fundraising, the org would be forced to buy a new building with their reserves renovate it with skilled labor(not cheap SO labor) because they would run out of space for the public.”

    When I said something along those lines to an SO person sent to reg for our org, she snapped at me, “So NOW you’re going to rewrite LRH?!!” Then she went on to tell me that we needed to sacrifice. I said, “But sacrifice is low on the tone scale.” She replied, “I’m not talking about THAT kind of sacrifice!”
    Left me a bit dizzy, I will admit.

  56. Tony DePhillips

    LOL!! How about his three inch thick soled dress shoes?

  57. Valkov, you are too good at this! Many religions do have adherents out begging on the streets, and I actually got the picture of Scientology doing it too when you said it. What color robes should they wear to stand out and be “liked” by the public? (In LA, there are so many costumed people that nothing stands out.) (And holding up a withered arm just doesn’t work in LA either.) LOL


  59. Tony DePhillips

    Now that’s entertainment!!

  60. Kathy Braceland

    Oh my god…a new low. Have they been selling the stars in the sky yet? Or constellations? Galaxies?

  61. John Woodruff mainlines Kool-Aid directly into his jugular vein with an elephant tranquilizer syringe.

  62. Hey Guys,

    I knew one girl who sold her baby so she could get back in the SO.

    True data.

    I also knew another couple who stuck their kid in an institution so they could return to the Sea Org.

    But that’s a another story.

    Note to OSA:

    You might say I know about some of the skeletons in the closet and possibly where some of the bodies are buried.

    You just never know 😉

  63. ROFLMAO….. I do remember the post of Dumpster I/C being created it was the lowest of the lowest post a person could be put on but I remember quite a few held that post proudly despite all. Gawd the things we would tolerate …..well glad we don’t have to anymore.

  64. Maybe all of Shelly’s wardrobe since she doesn’t seem to be around to wear it all anymore…. must be worth a few grand!!

  65. Tony Dephillips

    Good thinking Valkov!!

  66. Tony Dephillips

    Turn that frown upside down. Convert your masturbating “overt” into a blow to the enemy.
    New slogan : Can you feel the love?

  67. Grovel. Grovel. Grovel. Grovel. Beg. Do everything except listen to LRH.

    The Church of Scientology is way gone. It’s really dead. Dead. Dead. Gonzo. Hasta LaVista baby, adieu, ciao. It is over. Gone.

    tom m

  68. Bodil,

    Yes, Yvonne and Marty Prince (husband and wife) are both DM’s “New OT 8s” for the second time around. They are both on staff at OC, Marty is the Qual terminal and Yvonne is one of the C/Ses. They are basically good people but unfortunately they became DM’s Robot and extremely PTS to DM’s system.
    Yvonne and Marie (DSA) show up at publics homes and businesses and warn them to stay away from “SPs”.
    There are some OTs in OC who are aware of the situation and are under the radar and some are completely towing the lines, including John and Claire Woodruff, Steve Waitz, Mary and Ned McCrink.

    OC org is DEAD because of those robots. The new Ideal org has been sitting there empty for over 5 years. It will continue being empty no matter how much money its public donate.

  69. Boyd,

    Great compilation! (Loved you stat compilation earlier).

    I remember reading the Org Programming PL you refer to. I find it really disturbing that this and other LRH references seem to have been “disappeared” from the record. Also, it is ridiculous to leave issues out of the OEC because they are not BPI. The OEC was like a Masters in Scientology management, and so it should contain all such key management HCO PLs. Every one of the Org Series ought to be on that checksheet. This is just more withholding of vital data.

    I do have a question: Is it true that along with the reissue of the basics, Scientologists were told to dump their “old” libraries (ie. a book-burning)? What is the story with this? Could someone fill me in on whether this rumor is true or not?


  70. WE,
    I enjoy a good wet t-shirt contest as much as the next guy but it’s just not “churchie” enough.
    I think you just move into blood letting as part of the next generation of spiritual counseling–Golden Age of Tech 2.0. Individuals would get a lot more out of it than they would with present day auditing and you don’t have to worry about those pesky parishoners pocketing any of the cash–they’re paying the church to take it.
    Plasma Corps of America comes around once a week to collect it from the refrigerator in the student break room (since there are no students who would care) and the Cof$ can even add an environmental impact fee for the disposal of all that boogeyman blood—a double whammy for fund raising!

    Everyone wins.

  71. Sad, sick and degraded.

  72. This is really the problem: “You will then be credited for the amount sold, toward your Ideal Org donation status.”

    Ideal Org donation status.

    I can see the value in this because it means a reg can ask you what your IOD status is and we all know what follows after it’s established that someone doesn’t actually have one.

  73. * Self glorification kit
    * Indicted dentists
    * LRH designed e meters
    * Expired trademarks
    * Declared managers
    * Mob connections
    * Original Tech Vols
    * Dog pc’s
    * Unused brains

  74. LOL!
    Sell salvation and deliver destruction!

  75. Wow. Go Boyd! This is a devastating policy assessment worthy of its own site, or at least a seperate post in its own right. Superb compilation of LRH references. Isn’t it ironic that Ron had the answer to this whole mess.

    I’m often reminded of the reference too that Orgs lose public for reasons “best known to God and registrars”. It was one of the many indicators that got me to start waking up – if it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t LRH. And sure enough…

  76. Francesco Minelli

    Minchia ! ( italian slang ) the super hiper Squirrel church is at the end of the road !!! Probably in the NeXT mail they ask for blood donations for sell in the hospital !!!! My english is Italian……
    NANOTRON ( DM) is near to finish like Maria Antonietta in the french revolution ……
    Francesco Minelli

  77. Francesco Minelli

    Fantastic E bay ! I’ve received few days ago all the Red Volumes first ediction , 280 USD plus 200 USD for shipping in Italy….. At the first page , a gold stiker : Dianetics, Los Gatos (CA) ……

  78. The emphasis of STATUS in your post (AND in the e-mail) is what it actually is all about. “We get your mest and you get your status” – no better deal has ever been offered.

    The military has something called the “NATO phonetic alphabet” (see Wikipedia). May I offer the “DMology Phonetic Alphabet”. According to this you would spell STATUS like this:

    Sick Tacky Awful Tacky Useless Sick

    GREEN BACK printing machine!!!
    Who Is first !? !!!!!!

  80. TroubleShooter

    Were any of you on the ship years ago now maybe even going on 5 years ago where cob (rhymes with mob) told all there that ‘everyone, everywhere in all the orgs around the world were all squirreling the tech on delivering the grades and on delivering the objectives???’ he provided examples and stories that made that produced gasps in horror? his famous “secret behind closed door briefing” wherein cob black pr’ed the entire structure of Scientology – the class v orgs saying that EPs weren’t being reached and or were being grossly overrun.

    Of course it was cob himself who found this and he used this forum to announce from his white horse that he’d found and solved it through his own exhaustive time spent on it and his new grades and objectives were the discovery that would lead to the biggest boom in our history…

    Well these “new grades and objectives” have never seen the light of day in the Class V orgs. How’s that for KSW eh? And how many of those OT Ambassadors do you think have selected any public into their local orgs since? He caused worldwide debacle between the orgs and their top field members that day.

    cob created the OT ambassadors as his own little slave army and sent them programs that set up a completely separate “management report line” with orders that put them in a position to autonomous to Scientology command channels and senior to even the EDs of the orgs themselves (most of the EDs of course weren’t the big beings who made it to OT VIII you see and so couldn’t REALLY be trusted by cob). His own little cob squad to buffer the mob. The ambassadors were run on program targets that WERE NOT coordinated with the executive structures of the orgs. The programs of course derailed the ambassadors from recovering people to the Bridge. The program target “route all your selectees to Flag for the new grades…” was published in the OT ambassador program.

    cob created a huge 3P within the entire structure of Scientology on that maiden voyage. he lied to them and gave them marching orders that essentially destroyed delivery planet wide.

    The implant must have confusion as an element to it so the commands stick. His evil strategy to destroy REAL LRH tech and confuse the world structure of Scientology was given it’s real teeth on the infamous maiden voyage. The same one he wowed everyone with his custom black uniform piece he had made in what I like to think now was so he could try to show off his stubby little squirt guns…do you remember that one?

    The cob defenders can shout to the high heavens that every ot ambassador program states they are to recover people to the Bridge and select people to their local orgs all they want. To be REAL that have to admit that cob has kept them under heavy pressure to get hatted and producing as ias regges and to do the same for the isteal orgs fund raising scam . . . or else. They have to admit that these ARE their priority and they know that If they DON’T PRODUCE as such that they are to KR anyone who isn’t or they themselves will ALSO get recalled for sec checking as will and have those they KRed. That makes them am-ass-adorers in my mind. Many have been duped and many have sold out but they ALL have damaged the ideal of OT that so many of our field have looked to us to provide mass on i.e. sanity, courage and productivity. Whether that’s fair or not is irrelevant when it’s very well known by every person who has completed OT levels that this is what the public DO.

    The condition of how far we’ve slid toward the abyss , “too-incredible-to-be-believed” alteration of LRH is only obvious to those who have the luxury of observing, taking care to observe and observing what they observe. For those who haven’t done that and then said what they’ve observed are all in the very trap LRH road mapped a way to get out of. I’ve seen what I’ve seen on the e-meter, I know what the tech is capable of doing, I know LRH wasn’t perfect and I know he never, ever claimed to be. I know with Ron’s tech that I’m still on a path that will lead to a better place for anyone who wants it.

    Every day I continue to create the images of cob gone and LRH’s Scientology spreading like wild flowers across the planet toward the day when we can fully trust each other.

    I have given my trust to Marty and Mike and Dan for decades now in my own pursuit of the Aims of Scientology. I’ve always prided myself in observing and saying what I’ve observed. It hasn’t been popular or easy to do as most of you who read and write on this blog know.

    My duty to be a part of solving problems as opposed to being stuck in them is why I’m no longer in the reins of terror and creating toward the day when my whole family and extended family are willing to make a public announcement about why we stopped listening to cob.

    cob drove a steak into the heart of Scientology on that day he gave the “closed-door confidential only-for-you-very-special-ots-who-will-swallow-what-I-tell-you-or-be-swallowed ambassadors. That was his way of sharing his special brand of duplication of LRH’s tech that he has been exposed for showing to his fellow SO members only doing so with the Scientology community worldwide! I’ll bet you if you ask any ambassador they’ll tell you that cob is trained (green and red on white) and processed to the highest levels of Scientology because they too gave that much trust to cob and assumed it to be the case OF COURSE.

    cob you pitiful little being, you have provided the mass on not only what an SP really is but on the increase must be to meet the correct estimation of effort of constant alertness and willing to fight back so well done on teaching me something.

    Onward and upward,


  81. TEG,

    That video was a brutally funny and truthful analogy of the mindset inside the CoM. It reminded me of a reg hatting seminar delivered by Sonja Jacques, Flag Reg; where she repeatedly stated, “Chase the Money”.

    This following video also personifies the exact psychotic mindset and activities of CoM:

    Hey Davey and OSA,



  82. Mike/Marty,

    I have noticed disappearing posts over the past week or so. Usually happens right after a new blog entry, and seems to be transient. They always seem to come back after a short delay.

  83. *Old not needed stainless steel plates of LRH handwritten bulletins
    *LRH’s first Sea Org cap
    *A pair of his underwear ironed by Suzette
    *Original oil portrait of himself he forced Arthur to paint
    *His secret vocal recordings of songs he wrote for the Jive Aces
    *Pat Broeker’s personal collection of comic books
    *One of his extra whips
    *Vintage Vegas poker chips
    *Worthless gold mine stock certificates
    *His personal unused set of original LRH books
    *Collection of LRH’s cowboy suits and hats

  84. This is off topic but I would like to post here with reference to Martin Luther King. I was just sent this short clip about the assassination of Dr. King. To repeat what I’ve probably said on this blog before, Marjorie Cameron (Jack Parson’s wife and LRH’s magical partner) once told me that Jack would often tell her that you can’t evaluate a man’s life (and contributions) in any sort of historical perspective until 150 years after his death; maybe a hundred. Only after fifty years do you even begin to get any sort of idea. King has only been dead 42 years. Here is a video about the assassination: http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/page/972.html. It demonstrates how jealously power is guarded in our political power structure. LRH was right when he emphasized power, at least in terms of PR Area Control. Taking on the likes of J. Edgar Hoover, however, in a direct battle violates the basic datume of “Survive!”; unless, of course, you are the god Pluto or one of his minions.

  85. After the last post, I remembered last night I had a dream about TC. I was given an assignment to do with him. It was almost like I was still in the Sea Org but I wasn’t really bound to the Sea Org. He was quite agreeable to work with me but it was clear he did not realize I am no longer affiliated with the Church. It was not going to be an issue however. (By the way, I never met or saw TC personally). He was very concise and precise, almost to the point of being unpleasant. You could tell that if you said what he termed to be the wrong thing, it would piss him off. Anyway, he brought up the fact that he would never ever buy his crew (referring to his entourage or personal staff) dinner. I didn’t say anything to him but thought this was rather odd. It is a relatively cheap way to PR people, particularly your intimate employees. In any event, his adamance about it was over the top. I then consulted a dream dictionary and it said the following:
    “To dream that you are eating dinner with others, signifies your acceptance or others. It is a time to reflect and share past experiences. It also suggests that you see everyone as an equal.”
    Anyone ever been to dinner with TC? Does he dine with DM?
    It is very hard for celebrities, particularly mega-celebrities, not to be narcissistic. If ever blows off DM (no pun intended here – I mean leaves the scene of the CofS. I didn’t mean to say it that way but it just came out.), Marty, it is likely he will come to you as someone he once did well with in auditing and want some repair. You might want to start thinking of developing a Narcissist Rundown. I’m not joking either. It could help anyone who really has their head in the clouds. Grade IV properly done could handle it, but celebrities can get into some pretty specialized and rarefied territory.

  86. Mike This is a great article… I love the humor…
    and what I love is that it is soo true. After all if your dad is not working anymore because he had an accident why keeping him around, when you can sell his liver, or eyes or what else and help building a place where people can ‘go free’ (of everything they have)?
    OMG!! this is real… indeed they already started to killing people by enforcing abortion, by leaving them in banckrupcy or destroying their family after they have given it all….

    ha! ha!!


    Silvia Kusada

  87. They should start teaching homeless people on every corner of America on how to hard sell and the Church will give them a 10% FSM commission and elevate their statuses on the street depending on how much they beg and donate back to the church.

    Here are the statuses:

    $100 dollars or more: Honorary Street Bum Chum
    $250 or more: Yo Yo Dog Alley Cat Honors
    $500 or more King Pin Legion of Gold Ho Hum Bum Bum
    $1000 or more: Platinum Meritorius Gang Bang thank you mam
    $2,500 or more King Kong and Master Beggar of the Universe
    $5,000 or more Street Humanitarian Award of Planet Xenu

  88. Tony DePhillips


  89. Funny you mention gold fillings. After donating several tens of thousands of dollars (which I really didn’t have to spend on that, but hey the planet is in trouble, right?), someone from one of the churches alphabet soup orgs, I think it was LA or Flag, called me and said “we want you to make a really big donation.” To which I replied, “I just did”.

    He then told me “No, we want you to really stretch. Are you ready? We want you to donate 88″ I said EIGHTY EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS?!?” To which he replied, “No, EIGHTY EIGHT THOUSAND.”

    I just laughed. I asked “who do you think I am? All of the money I have already given you was expansion money for my company, and I don’t have anymore.”

    He then proceeded to “check the rounds” of all of my personal finances, to try and find the money. He got me to admit that I had some retirement stashed away, but I told him it was in silver. He then got me to agree to give a smaller amount than the EIGHTY EIGHT THOUSAND he originally wanted, and wanted me to sell off my silver. I agreed that if I could find a seller I would do so and told him I knew a Scientologist who might want to buy.

    He then started texting and calling REPEATEDLY, hammering on me to get this done NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!He wanted me to tell him who I was going to sell to so he could call her and harass her.

    Finally after several days of harassment and degradation, I told them I was not going to do it. FUCKING VULTURES. I AM SOOOO GLAD I DIDN’T DO IT.

    But how many others have given up their retirement? How many others have put their businesses in jeopardy? And how many others, like myself, have done so only to have their families busted up?

    And the really fucked up thing about it is that we all do it is because we want and believe we are helping to make a better world to live in. Talk about FRAUD.

    I want my money back. It was obtained through fraudulent methods. I thought the money was going for what Ron said, I thought it was going to get the tech delivered. I thought it would help further the aims of Scientology.

    And the only solace I now have is knowing that DM will be the last one on planet earth to go free – if he ever does at all!!!!

  90. Watching that actually started to run something out! LOL I’m still chuckling. Thanks!

  91. Thanks Tony, that one gets me laughing and blows negative stuff out of my space too!

  92. “OT am-ass-adorers”–Priceless!

  93. Mockingbird6,

    You’re welcome!
    I had the same experience with both videos.


  94. As Amy once said in an interview:

    “If I wanted to hurt Scientology I would just let David Miscavige keep doing what he is doing.”

    Its hard to watch so many decent people get so used and duped.

  95. OTDT,

    It would be fricking hilarious if it wasn’t true!


    *secret decoder ring

    *CCTC Certificate and IRS deputy badge.

    *Personal letter of gratitude from “Wild” Bill Casey.

    *Gold plated ACP with iodized clips with love from Adnan.


  96. Lenore –

    Yes, all earlier editions of LRH books were to be turned into Bridge Publications for “pulping”. I saw a large pile of boxes of such there when I (foolishly) took mine in in 2007.

  97. Got some disturbing intel a few years back that they had a big book burning barbecue at at the new Pas “Ideal Org”.

    From reports it sorta looked like this:

  98. Spot on. And, so let’s say you drain everything – all silver, all 401K and other retirement funds, ad nauseum, and then you DO get to retirement age with nothing, what will the Church do? Is there a program for older Patrons Erroneous or 40 year SO vets who dumped all their dough or blood and now are in their ’70s or older?

    They get nothing but after-hour phone calls demanding more $$$. When, after a few years, money still does not come, that is all she wrote. No help, nothing.

  99. Pingback: ORANGE COUNTY ORG: “Turn your jewlery in…” Mussolini: “donate gold jewelry and wedding rings”… « SILVIA KUSADA's Blog

  100. Why didn’t Miscavage think of this first. Only $37mil. Pocket change compared to the $500mil that has now been raised for the SP building.

    Tod’s shoe founder to rebuild the Rome Colosseum for $37.

  101. Scott Campbell

    Here you go Kathy.



  102. Not so, Grasshopper. There is still plenty you can get from the church when your funds dry up. Just ask me, I know all about it. You can still get: sec checks, declare orders, heavy ethics cycles, whisper campaigns, or like in my case, a combination of several of the above, PLUS – disconnection and a busted up marriage. Then if that is not enough for your ungrateful ass, you can get all the reg cycles you want FREE OF CHARGE!!!!!!! What the hell else could you want?!? LOL Oh God damn, I made myself laugh on that one!!

  103. Fucati and GH,

    I was only partly kidding when I paralleled the IAS to the US Tax system.

    It’s called “voluntary” but just see what happens to you when you don’t voluntarily pay it.

    Or use the Steve Martin excuse on April 15th:

    “I forgot.”

    Same with the membership and status in the Church.

    Its become much like a tax system.

    Though instead of being threatened with prison for “tax evasion” you are told you can’t go up the Grade Chart unless you become some kinda phony “status” like Patron up your Anus or something.

    I think this is one of the main reason Scientologists “contribute” these days.

    Call it spiritual *extortion* or *black mail*.

    There’s nothing wrong with paying for a Scientology service but there is everything wrong with tacking on an arbitrary surcharge on that service such as “contributing” to the IAS or the Super Power Fund or the Ideal Org fund or….

    This is so off policy it is unbelievable that its been accepted by the laity.

    Another one which is directly against the PL ‘Staff Member Reports’ is have someone “contribute” to get out of a lower ethics condition.

    This totally makes a mockery of the Scientology ethics and justice system because it is nothing more than a bribe.

    Even the IRS doesn’t stoop that low.

    I mean there is no way you can bribe your way out of trouble with the authorities by offering to pay more taxes but in the Church of Scientology there is.

    Making the Church of Scientology not only a squirrel group but a Banana republic as well.

    So much for the vaunted Sea Org purpose of “getting ethics in”.

    Strange as it may seem the US legal system currently has a higher level of ethics than the organization calling itself the Church of Scientology.

    Treason is just too high for them.

  104. freespirit515

    Oh, delightful OTDT, positively delightful! LOL!

  105. Patron up your Anus!!!!! I haven’t laughed that hard since I spotted DM as the SP who busted up my marriage and company!!!! AAAHHHHAAHHAHHAAHAA!!

  106. Turn in my books for burning!!??!!….”Over my dead body.”

    Now I wonder if friends would write a KR on me if they see my treasured “old” library! Well, probably not. I suspect that many kept theirs or wish they had. I would never have given these up – too many memories – studying, reading, contemplating, cogniting, speculating, experiencing. Oh, I have a complete basics set – books, CDs, checksheets – the works. I hide them in a spare closet. The colored plastic CD/transcript cases look like they belong in a child’s library, the set reminds me of you know who, and every time I read or watch I wonder what LRH was omitted or alter-ised.

    RJ is right on re the book-burning. Once again, I’m absolutely aghast!


  107. theystolemychurch

    YEP I know it is true

  108. How sad that the public resort to these shannanigans and events to raise money to build an Idle Org when Mini-Man has plenty of money and could build the IO just with the interested he is making. Well I am off to Starbucks for a coffee — no more roll calls for me Sir.

  109. Just like any powerful thing that has come into man’s hands in the past, it eventually gets used for some abberated, debased purpose.

    L. Ron Hubbard warned us about this.

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  111. https://job-opros.ru/kak-zarabotat-ot-100-do-1000-rublej-v-den-bez-vlozhenij-deneg/ – дополнительный заработок, Простой заработок

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