Michael Fairman

                                                                                             January 22, 2011
Dear Friends,
What follows is a series of events, observations and conclusions related to my relationship with officials and parishioners of the Church of Scientology. The events are true as I remember them; the observations and conclusions my own.

On Sunday morning, January 16, 2011, at about 11 AM, I was visited by my friend to discuss a film script we had written. The appointment for my friend and I to meet was made by us the night before.

When I opened the door, I was surprised to see that my friend was accompanied by Mr. Tommy Davis (The Church of Scientology’s Director of Public Affairs) and Mr. Michael Sutter (Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs) both dressed in their Sea Org uniforms.

The three wanted to have a conversation about a serious matter concerning my well-being. I asked them to leave, saying I was not interested in discussing anything with them at this time.  But Mr. Davis and my friend insisted, and we continued to converse on my door step.

Mr. Davis explained that the matter of great importance and concern was the fact that I had been audited by a member of a squirrel group in Texas; and that this had to be addressed and handled immediately.  Since I had told no one about my trip, I asked him how he came to know of it. He replied that he “just knew”. He also “knew” that I had posted the wins and extraordinarily positive
experience from this auditing under a pseudonym on a blog written by a declared SP.

Had they surveilled me? Had they taken photos or video of my visit? How did they know that the pseudonym was me?  Mr. Davis said he “just knew”

Again I asked the three to leave.

Mr Davis then showed me a reference that indicated  I had committed a suppressive act by being audited by the SP; that I was audited without the back-up of an Org i.e.. proper C/S’ ing, Examiner, Ethics Officer, and without access to previous PC folders, was totally off policy and dangerous. Then he showed me a Declare Order on goldenrod that indicated I was a Suppressive Person. I asked Mr. Davis if he thought I was a suppressive person. He said no, but that I had strayed off the path and had to find my way back as soon as possible.

My friend likened me to Shakespeare’s  Othello, who was being manipulated by Iago.  (Iago’s third partying results in Othello murdering his own bride,  Desdemona). The tone, in which she expressed this to me was a hostile one. She had never used it in all the years we’d known each other, and it both surprised, angered and then saddened me.

Once again I asked them to leave but they would not.

Mr. Davis then continued by saying I could be sued for the amount of money (parishioner’s money) that it would cost the Church to re-shoot the films I had made with Golden Era Studios, just as Larry Anderson and Jason Beghe had been sued. (I later learned that the threatened suits against them were never initiated)

The suit and the Declare Order would not happen, Mr Davis said,  if I came to my senses and accompanied them immediately to an Org, and began an “A to E” program to get back into the good graces of the Church. I emphatically refused.

I told them that I had been researching points of view expressed on various blogs, books and videos which severely take to task the current management of the Church; that I’d spoken to Sea Org members and public who had personally experienced abuses by management personnel, and the alteration and disregard of LRH policy and technology.

I explained I had also researched the Church’s point of view by reading various articles, watching videos and raising questions in D of P’s and with an Ethics terminal; and I’d read articles and watched videos attempting to rebut the charges made by the above disaffected Scientologists; and that I had spent twenty-seven years in the Church taking numerous courses and solo auditing for ten years on OT VII.

My conclusion, I told Mr. Davis and the others, was, that after nearly two years of research and study,  I believed that the Church is not functioning as LRH would have it;  and that my questions had not adequately been answered.

Mr. Davis said he would answer all my questions if they could come into my home. I said I did not want to do that at this time; that I had to prepare myself with the data I had researched and I would meet with him alone at 8 PM that evening at CC Int. He said that Mr. Sutter had to be there as well and I agreed, giving him my word that I would be there. The three then left.

After they had gone I began to reflect on what had just occurred; that I had actually been ambushed by my friend of thirty years, and two very important members of the Church; that I’d been shown an SP Declare Order that had been printed up even before I had been given evidence of what I had done.

In the interim my ex-wife, Joy called (we have remained very close).  I discussed what had just happened with her and in our two-way comm cycle I realized I was not ready to meet with Mr. Davis and Mr. Sutter, and breaking my word,  canceled.

Later that afternoon I learned that my sister-in-law who is on OT VII in Florida was already informed about my visit to Texas and that I had canceled the meeting at CC Int. Needless to say it was quite a stressful Sunday.

Monday afternoon I received a call from another friend (my best friend) a Scientologist, whom I’ve known for twenty-five years. He asked if it were true that I had left the Church. I said yes and he asked if he could come to my home and discuss it with me. I said he could, if he came alone. He promised he would. Later that day he arrived and we began to talk. Not ten minutes  later there was a
knock on the door —  it was Tommy Davis and two more friends. I asked them all to leave but they persuaded me to let them stay.

The ensuing conversation was about how much they cared about me; how wrong I was in attacking the Church because of my visit to the squirrel group and the subsequent posting of my wins; how I was throwing away the best thing in my life and would regret it for the rest of my life; and that the squirrel SP, and others I mentioned were evil in their intention to destroy the Church.

 Again there was a knock on the door. Three other friends had arrived, and I was told there were two more on the way. Now very angry, I insisted that the conversation be ended , if the others did not leave. They did.

The conversation inside continued. I showed them letters written by Luis Garcia, the Schick’s,the Lugli’s and the Minelli’s from Italy, and Hy Levy. I said I had read books by the Headleys and Jeff Hawkins. I asked how could they ALL be SP’s?  The response was that they were either lying or insane, and under the control of the SP I had visited in Texas.

I had had it and did not want these people in my home. So after threatening to call the police, I finally got them to leave. I again promised I would meet with Davis and one of the friends the next day.

After they left, a major mass lifted from my universe, I felt I could breathe again. Being slammed with their attitudes and fixed viewpoints was causing physical and mental suppression. Not once did any of them acknowledge that I had a viewpoint. One of them warned that being mid OT VII would now open me up to god knows what dangers; that I had reached for the reactive instead of the
analytic points of view. It had been a continual bombardment of invalidation.

Since I stopped Solo’ing in 2004`, my life has flourished across the Dynamics; and my four days of auditing with the “SP” had handled areas of my life which had been bugged for years. I was feeling freer spiritually, emotionally and physically than I had felt in years. And now this.

I decided not to meet with Davis,  and in a phone call told him (1) I was definitely not coming back to the Church (2) I would not post my letter (this one) or any other comments attacking the Church (3) that my wife, daughter and I had to be left alone. Davis told me he understood, but that we would have to “wrap up the cycle”.

I discussed this with my family and others and we realized what wrapping up the cycle would mean. It was obvious that because of our points of view and our decision, we were already considered enemies of the Church, by  Church officials and by our friends. And since we were not going to return that consideration would remain.

We also believed that “wrapping up the cycle” would possibly mean signing some sort of statement and we were not willing to do that. So we decided to end any discourse between ourselves, Church officials and those people who would be arguing for us to return.

It was quite a Tuesday.

On Friday at my place of work, a television studio,  I met a friend and co-worker, a Scientologist, who I have known for about 20 years. I assumed this friend, a woman, had already been made aware of my status in the Church. Seeing the look on my face, she asked what was wrong. I said I did not want to bring it up at work but she insisted.

Reluctantly I related  that I had left the Church, and what had happened on Sunday and Tuesday. She seemed patient and interested and willing to listen, but  the conversation was interrupted. Before we resumed a while later, I asked her to please stop me if and when she began to feel the slightest enturbulation. She said she could take it and would I go ahead.

I began speaking about the research which had brought me to my decision. When I drew the distinction between LRH and his technology, and the current management of the Church,which I have come to believe was corrupt, she instantly transformed into another person. I was now the “enemy” attacking her life and everything she believed in. The more I tried to explain why I had come to my conclusions, the more savage her attack became. She said I needed
to stop and that I was “not there” and that every remark I was making was covertly hostile. Then she made a most bizarre statement — “You” (meaning me), she said, “now have an enemy at work”. It was said with such venom, I was stunned.  She made another brief but equally bizarre series of comments about always being my friend and she left. The comment about work was handled immediately with the proper terminals.

So there you have six days of entheta and counting.

Regarding my refusal to have the conversation Mr. Davis wanted Sunday morning and later that day:

The Code of Honor, The Creation of Human Ability  LRH
#8   “Do not give or receive communication unless you yourself
desire it”
#14 “Be you own advisor, keep you own counsel and select you own

Regarding my two year study of various points of view posted on the
internet, published in books and discussed in various videos and
tape recordings:
HCO PL 7 February 1965 LRH
KSW Series 1, Keeping Scientology Working
“Look, don’t listen”

Code of a Scientologist  LRH
10 “To work for freedom of speech in the world”.
11 “To actively decry the suppression of knowledge, wisdom,
philosophy or data which would help mankind”

The Phoenix Lectures, 1954 LRH
“(People) learn to keep their mouths shut, and it’s the wrong
lesson. When in doubt, talk. When in doubt, communicate…you’ll be
successful all the way along the line if
you just remember that.”

I am referring to the information being disseminated on the blogs.

Technical Bulletin, Confront LRH
“If one can confront he can be aware. If he is aware, he can perceive and act. If he can’t confront, he will not be aware of things and will be withdrawn and not perceiving. Thus he is unaware of the things around him.”

Technical Bulletin, Personal Integrity
“What is true for you is what you have observed yourself. And when
you lose that, you have lost everything. What is personal integrity? Personal
integrity is knowing what you know–And to have the courage to know
and say what you have observed–and sufficient personal belief and
confidence in self and courage that we can observe what we observe
and say what we have observed.”

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Article #19 “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and
expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without
interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas
through any media and regardless of frontiers”

The Creed of the Church of Scientology LRH
“That all men have inalienable rights to think freely; to talk
freely; to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter
or write upon the opinions of others.”

Thomas Jefferson
“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

Ron Hubbard
“The price of freedom: Constant alertness. Constant willingness to
fight back. There is no other price.”

What I have learned over the past two years is that many hundreds of people, good people, both public and staff, OT VII’s and VIII’s, Sea Org members, highly classed auditors, who have devoted decades to helping people, who have contributed financially and their expertise to the delivery and expansion of LRH’s Scientology have found grievous faults with the church’s management. They say it is no longer LRH’s church and I have come to believe them.

Regarding my being audited by a squirrel and SP:

Since I had concluded that the Church was being mismanaged and that portions of the tech had been altered; and I hadn’t been audited or solo’d  in a number of years, I decided to go elsewhere for a session. I thought long and hard about this and after thoroughly researching his qualifications, decided to visit an auditor outside the Church, who I believed was qualified to handle me.

The auditing I received from him was spectacular. The sessions were like gentle conversations, easy and light, generally ending with lots of laughter from the PC. Long standing case phenomena in four areas were handled that were  never handled during my road to Clear and during the  years I spent auditing through the OT levels including a decade on Solo NOTS. The wins continue to be stable
attested to by Joy and my daughter Sky who say they have never seen me so light and operating with such high ARC. It was a magical four days.

Code of a Scientologist LRH
“As a Scientologist, I pledge myself to the Code of
Scientology for the good of all…
12.  to support the freedom of religion.”

The Creed of the Church of Scientology LRH
“That all men have inalienable rights to conceive, choose, assist
or support their own  organizations, churches and governments.”

The Constitution of the United States, Amendment 1
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of
religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging
the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people
peaceably to assemble; and to petition the government for redress
of grievances.”

Regarding my auditor having no Org to provide PC folders, C/S’ing and end of session examination:

There is a site on which you can learn the qualifications of my auditor, and why he was assigned by Mr. Miscavige to audit Tom Cruise among other Scientology celebrities; and who was permitted to wear the hat of C/S, Examiner and Ethics Officer. I will send the site to you if you wish.

If I had the slightest sliver of doubt regarding my conclusions (which I do not) about what the current Church of Scientology has become, that doubt would have been dispelled Sunday — spying on me; officials show up at my door without warning, and albeit in a civil tone, threatening and intimidating  me with a law suit and expulsion, warnings of consequences to my friends and family — if I did not come back to the “path from which I have strayed”. Officials who have, even before they arrived at my door, informed friends and family of my “transgressions”? , What kind of Church is that? Is this what LRH intended?

LRH wrote in HCOB PL 7 February 1965, Keeping Scientology Working
Series I:

“So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the
High Priests, It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our

And this excerpt  by LRH from the Anatomy of the Spirit of Man
Congress  Lecture #15 What is Scientology Doing? 6 June 1955

“As I look into the future, I see that we are handling here material of a potential control and command over mankind which must not be permitted at any time to become the monopoly or the tool of the few to the danger and disaster of the many…”

“And I believe the freedom of the material which we know and
understand is guaranteed only by lightness of organization, a
maximum of people, good training and good, reliable, sound relay of
information. And if we can’t do these things, sooner or later the
information which we hold will become the property of an
untrustworthy few. This I am sure because it has always happened
this way…”

Regarding the conversations Tuesday and Friday:

All the above references.

Some observations:

Whenever David Miscavige was spoken of negatively, the response of every Scientologist who appeared in this drama, was virtually identical — an attack ranging in tone levels from antagonism to covert hostility, and the stopping of any further comments.

Davis and some of the friends use of the tech robotically to stifle any portion of any point of view I might have contrary to their beliefs. There was not one iota of acknowledgement by anyone of the remotest possibility that there could be corruption at the highest levels of management.

They asserted the absolute rightness of their position regarding possible corruption of management and asserted the absolute wrongness of myself or  anyone who dares to believe that corruption exists. The people I encountered seem to have the unshakeable belief that L. Ron Hubbard, his technology, the Church of Scientology and David Miscavige are all one, so that LRH as Source equals David Miscavige as Source.  Insanity is “the inability to associate and differentiate properly” (Scientology 8-8008); sanity is “the ability to recognize differences, similarities and identities” (HCO PL 26 April 70R)

My conclusions:

I love and respect LRH as a friend and philosopher because the truth and wisdom of his ideas  has bettered my life and the lives of countless others. My argument is not with him or his work. I will defend him and the technology with all my being. My argument is with what the Church has become and how it now operates. Like the vast majority of those who have left, I will always be a
Scientologist and endeavor to better the conditions of those around me with the use of that technology. My purpose is not to undermine or nullify LRH or his true legacy.

My friendship with those of you who have spoken with me this past week, and others whom I have known and cared about over the years, is not based on the policies or dictates of the Church; and if my change of heart regarding my membership in it causes us to separate, so be it. That makes me very sad. Sad because it is dictated that you take what I have done as a personal attack and
betrayal.  I can only say, and I have looked at this very seriously and as truthfully as I am able, that were the situation reversed, I would remain true to you — because to me, that is the profound meaning of friendship.

I do not wish to be part of an organization which on the one hand, states its purpose to be the betterment of Mankind by improving the life of each individual, and on the other,  has its members behave in such a vicious and destructive manner; an organization which cannot tolerate a concerted and fair look into the possibility of corruption after so many credible observers have publicly stated that it exits; an organization which has created an environment in
which dissent and opposition results in vituperation and the ripping apart of family and friends; therefore I resign from the Church of Scientology and do not wish to be contacted by anyone representing the church, whether officially or otherwise in order to “salvage” me.

Michael Fairman

Note from Marty:  Because of the power of Michael’s message, I did not want to distract from it with introductory comments.  For those who do not know Michael, I want to provide a couple of words.  While all of us have walked the valley of the shadow of death in our own inimitable styles, I was particularly impressed in witnessing part of Michael’s journey.  His exploration was done in a very dispassionate, thorough and classy manner.  It is a relfection of the man; one of most theta, compassionate, and strong that I have had the privilege of knowing.  In my view he is the embodiment of the Code of Honor. 

426 responses to “Michael Fairman

  1. Impartial English Girl

    Mr. Fairman – I think your surname speaks for itself. You are a brave and right-thinking man and your family and (true) friends are blessed to have you. Thanks for having the courage to share your story – I wish you a lifetime of wins in RealWorld Scientology, as opposed to the Ken ‘n’ Barbie (or should that be Ken ‘n’ Ken…?) charade of DM’s plastic world.

    IEG x

  2. Wow!!!! This is HUGE!!!
    Thank you Mr. Fairman for your honesty and high integrity. Welcome to total FREEDOM!

  3. Michael my friend,

    How wonderful to log onto Marty’s blog and see your face…and such a joyous one it is!

    I’m thrilled that you are here, that Joy and Skye (my god..I remember when she was born!) are right with you, and that you have found the peace of mind you’ve been searching for.

    We’ve been around the block together more than a few times..and I look forward to at least a few more go arounds!

    If you need anything, just wanna talk, whatever, I’m here.
    My love to Joy and Skye and, of course, you.

    Sherry Many Katz

  4. The saddest thing is, how what we believe is friendship, can get sabotaged by that organisation. When friends you have confided in for decades suddenly turn out to be “knowledge-reporters” and “commendations collectors”, there can be a moment where you doubt the goodness of man. But when such former friends themselves leave, even years later, and call you and apologize, then you know you should never loose the trust in the goodness of people. The bad hats really are just a few, but look at how dirty and filthy those hats are.

  5. Michael. Welcome! And thankyou. Your integrity is beyond question and you are regarded by MANY Scientologists as a real opinion leader because of your longevity and trustworthiness. Your write up should give any KoolAid drinker pause — this is no rant, no hype and no joke. You are among friends here, friends that will allow you to have your own viewpoint and engage in spirited discussion. Again, welcome.

  6. Huge huge huge. Mr Fairman, you are making some awesome, life changing waves for a lot of smart people. Yay! And hugs from one of many ex SO who have always thought you are the cat’s whiskers!

  7. Hola.

    And congrats for all that you achieved in this epic journey.

    It is not hard to know when a subject has gone astray.
    Just use “look; don´t listen” tool.

    The two S.O. members in uniforms was a good one to scare at you. (LOL)
    With a lot of bars. (LOL)

    Life is good as public independent.
    Life is good as an Independent Auditor.
    The wins of my pc´s sems to reflect changed conditions for the better.
    So is not too bad after all.

    I know that I´m not particulary welcome on my “public” attitude but here I go again.
    I can help any underground to go public and DE-PTS himself by now.
    Stand up and be counted and make a difference at once.

    Stop being a victim.
    A Scientologists is one who is not a victim.

    By being one of the first independents and after more than a year of handling attacks I can help a little.
    Anyone who needs assistance; let me know.

    I have a house in the beach in México where you can handle your doubts fully.
    You can come from any part of the world to México and get a good drilling on this subject.
    After being on the “Shack” of course.


    And smile.

    We will have to fight anyway sometime.



  8. Or should I have said a good drilldown?


  9. Wow!

    Good for you Michael – it must be such a relief to be away from that insanity now.

    The reaction from your so-called ‘friends’ is very sad, but unfortunately all too common now. I hope that they too will find the courage to face the truth, just as you have done.

    Thank you for speaking up and for putting a little more truth into the world.


  10. Tony DePhillips

    Mr. Fairman, what a great write-up.

    I have always admired your philisophical beingness and now know it was more than just a mock up. You walk the talk. I have felt that it must be harder for celebrities to make the jump to truth and publicly state their opinions. You have given me hope that others may follow your lead and take true action to once again help to get Scientology back on track and able to perform the miracles that it is capable of.

    Thanks for being a man of honor.

  11. Michael,

    This is an excellent post and though it is clearly written to inform people you know personally, I gained much insight from reading it. I am honored that you have joined us here in the Independent field.

    Having very little interaction with known celebraties I have often wondered what they get out of Scientology. Do they experience the sheer magic of the tech as I do? In reading the first paragraph of the conclusion part of this communication you answered this question for me. Everything you stated in that one paragraph is something I have felt also. It kind of made me giddy sharing that reality with you, quite intimate, you know. Then a moment of sheer joy as I realized, again, that Scientology, when standardly applied is truly majestic.

    Thank you for communicating!

    In regards to your friends, I am sure that confusion has just entered their universe and some will manage to put order into that confusion, in the form of truth, and join you once again and perhaps others may not. But, I have learned over the past year that the people who are no longer under the influence of the church are able to express themselves with genuine ARC for expanding life and Scientology. Sending wonderful thoughts to you and your family…flourish and prosper my new friend.

  12. OMG……OMG!! What an incredible delivery! You took the words right out of my mouth. Your write-up hits the nail right on the head. I wish I could hug you. I couldn’t have said it better.

    As for the experience you had, well, they are fighting to hold the king DM castle together! Ugh, sadly they are confused!
    My best to you and hugs your way!!!


  13. Michael!!!!!!
    When I saw your name and pic on Marty’s blog today, I screamed with delight and was all goose-bumpely!! I have wondered more than once or twice recently what had become of you. When you came to shoot at Gold in the 80’s, I met and worked with you personally in Costumes (you made a very wonderful delightful cave man, amongst other memorable characters!!).

    If I could reach out and hug you and squeeze your cheeks I would, so consider I have done so! So happy you are now doing so well.

    I am delighted that you are now amongst the growing population of the Independents and have announced yourself as such. To my fellow Independents: Michael is indeed one classy, thetaful, upstanding gentleman and scholar – and one hell of an actor. Welcome, welcome!


  14. Kathy Braceland

    Whoa Nellie!!! Michael Fairman…GREAT to have you with us. You sure rattled some cages this past week and I do believe there’s going to be a big ripple effect.

    OSA and Miscavige — when are you going to learn? You can’t keep a good man down.

  15. The most amazing thing about this story to me is if you really look at what Tommy Davis and his minions proved without a shadow of a doubt; that there is no truth but their’s and there is no viewpoint but theres. There is your proof that they truly are Suppressive.

  16. Like I said before, “one by one people leaves the fold” and it ends up being droves and droves of people leaving.


    It’s liberating!!!! Self destruction at its best!!!! DM is hard at work destroying anything good in SCN!!

    Tick tock tick tock

  17. Wow! Thank you Michael for your write-up of what you experienced and your application of personal integrity! I predict more announcements of “freedom from”…coming soon!

  18. Wow…

    I am almost not able to move my fingers; the impact of Mr. Fairman’s declaration are reverberating right through the internet into my very being.

    Mr. Fairman, your actions are so very much appreciated. Words are just not enough to describe how much you have helped us all, and helped LRH with your masterful application of the very tech that the Church was trying to subvert and use against you.

    VWD!! Wow…I have to stop writing now and catch my breath.


  19. Tory Christman

    Congratulations!! Great to see you here 🙂 🙂

    You *are* an “opinion leader”
    and I know many people won’t read the net, as they’ve been SO third partied
    about many of us. So please, pass on this video and just ask them to LOOK.
    This was made 2 weeks after I escaped out, in July of 2000. Ask people to just watch it, watch the staff members here, and do they *honestly* want to be a part of *that*?

    I’m sure many more people shall be coming out. Thank you for your great
    post!! My hat is off to you, and all here and around the world helping expose the insidious abuses of this group. (And Mike? You’re mentioned in this video—and I’m SO happy you are here now, also! Same for Marty, and all of you here).

    There’s nothing as great as being on the right side of right. =)

  20. I fully agree with every statement and conclusion you make, Michael, but what I really want to do is express my deep, deep appreciation of the courage and bravery evident in the journey you have taken over the past two years and the stand you have made here.

    The class and diginity with which you handled it make you a true example of a Scientologist.

  21. Michael,

    Congratulations on weathering your exciting week. Sounds like it was a doozy!

    Of all the conversations you described above, the one most vivid one for me was the one with your friend at work: “The more I tried to explain why I had come to my conclusions, the more savage her attack became….. ‘You,’ … she said, ‘now have an enemy at work’. It was said with such venom, I was stunned.”

    Yup, that’s someone in great fear. Afraid to look. Afraid to see. Afraid to think for herself. Yet it’s so easy to do. I’m so happy you did it.

    Just Me

  22. Wow!! Thank you for your fabulous write-up and for being a man of integrity and honor.

  23. Congrats Michael! Beautiful writeup.

    You may or may not wish to discuss on a public blog, but I’m sure we’d all love to get your take on the “mood” or “temperature” of the celeb public these days.
    i.e. are you the exception or is there a broad simmering disaffection going on amongst your Hollywood brethren?

    Again, brilliant writeup and thank you for your courage and integrity.

  24. I had the pleasure of working with Michael on several Dianetics ads and infomercials when I worked for the Church Central Marketing. I found him to be a skilled actor, a gentleman and a really nice guy. Michael my friend, I am SO glad to see you posting your story here for all to read. That you managed to maintain your viewpoint and your integrity in the face of the Church’s oppressive strong-arm tactics is a testament to your character and intelligence. I wish you all the best.

  25. Hi Michael, Welcome home. I believe you hosted one of the Dianetics infomercials I wrote, as well as several tech film ads, trailers and more. I’ve always admired your class and now you’ve taken that to a whole new level. Very, very well done. You’ve really done the right thing. The only SPs in this scenario are those who were giving you a hard time in the Church. And it doesn’t take an issue printed on goldenrod to make them so: they’re suppressive by their own actions — Davis, Sutter, etc. Maybe one day they will come to their senses. Then again, maybe they won’t. Right now, they are both little more than objects.


  26. Tony DePhillips

    Dedicated to Michael Fairman:

  27. Michael,

    I’d personally like to welcome you to the Independence Movement.

    You probably don’t remember me but I remember you when you dropped by at the AO HGC back in those heady days when we were still applying Standard Tech there.

    Anyway I’ve always enjoyed your acting on the Tech films and in general and still remember you in an episode of the X-Files.

    (Was my favorite TV series!

    I bet ya wouldn’t have believed that…

    Ya right 😉 )

    Anyway I love the character you play in the ‘Sons of Anarchy’.

    You coming back in the new season?

    Thought about doing a gig on ‘Burn Notice’ too?

    Another fave.

    Anyway you don’t have to answer my silly questions.

    I’m just happy you left the “Imperial Death Star” (since we’re on the TV and movie motif) and Scientology’s answer to Darth Vader.




  28. Scott Campbell


    I met you once after an event in LA. I was immediately impressed by you, not as an actor or celebrity – but as a man of discerning intelligence and interest.

    Well done on standing up for the truth and supporting true religious freedom – and thank you for helping in this noble quest. In this, you truly embody the meaning of your name: Michael = “who is like God” and Fairman = “Fair+Man”.


  29. Congratulations! It was dramatic reading your story, particularly the point about Tommy trying to get you in to “wrap up the cycle” one last time. You could have the audience careening in their seats on that one. I’m thinking “God….don’t do that!” Good that you ultimately did not Q&A. To anyone thinking about leaving, DO NOT Q&A. It is deadly. That’s why LRH said not to Q&A. Only move with certainty because if you don’t you will ping pong. A key reference that should be remember by all who question is that CONSIDERATIONS TAKE RANK OVER MATTER, ENERGY, SPACE AND TIME. It is interesting that people assign the responsibility of their freedom over to an organization of any kind. An organization is trying to survive itself. That can lead to problems, particularly when human beings are involved. As LRH might say, “Very homo sap.”

  30. Ijustwantthebeatingstostop

    And another one wakes up. Come on Tommy, come to PT!


  31. Mr. Fairman,
    Decades ago, at Golden Era, and at some of the events I performed on as a drummer with the Gold Musicians, I met you briefly. I’ve enjoyed thoroughly your work as an actor, and all the more following those brief encounters.

    I am heartened by your grasp and application of the principles and exact techniques of Scientology as written and spoken by our mutual dear friend, L. Ron Hubbard.

    Thank you for your integrity, your understanding, your grand panache in dealing with what we face as dedicated Scientologists.

    Lastly, man oh man, am I glad to see you doing so well!!!!!!

    Jim Logan

  32. question with boldness

    OMG!!!! Thank you for going public with your story. I was right behind you on OT VI and remember when you told us all in the courseroom that you and Joy were expecting your daughter! And trying to get my laundry done when you were hogging the machine (ha ha). Those were fun days. Joy sang the Flag song at graduation most weeks.

    Our “church” has become some other organization now. This is not what I got into Scientology for. I have been done since reading the St Pete Times article.

    More will come out when they see your testimony, as you are very loved and respected by many.

    Thank You!

  33. Dear Michael, I wish I had the fluidity of thought that you possess. Wondeful write up. I am happy for you and more than a little impressed with the way you handled it.
    I am not familiar with who the scientology celebrities are. I have been out of the loop a long time. So forgive me as I am not familiar with you as an actor or Tv person or in any other way. But I know class when I see or hear or read it. And you have it. Welcome out.

  34. Oh SNAP! 😀

  35. At the risk of being repetitive – OMG!!! This is HUGE!!

    As so many have said, Michael is such a classy, respected and loved man.

    Michael, you have paid the ultimate tribute to LRH. Your story is so well expressed with not a hint of animosity. Just the truth. Your courageous act in making your story and announcement public may contribute more to the salvation of mankind than any of us will ever know. I got all misty-eyed reading about your wins with your recent auditing. Now I have more personal certainty that real help is there for my friends. You so deserve those wins for yourself and your auditor deserves the wins that I know must have been his as well.

    I am confident that your announcement will inspire others to stand up and speak out in a very public way creating the avalanche that is necessary to overturn the management situation.

    Much love, Yvonne

  36. Michael,
    Welcome to the Independents. Kudos to you for maintaining a position and personal integrity despite the bullies ganging up on you at least 3 to one. I’ve long since admired your products as an actor to maintain and disseminate standard LRH Tech.

  37. Welcome friend.
    Very well done 🙂

  38. I guess all these fine good people who contributed so much and did so much good for SCN in the past are all now suddenly enemies and declared SP’S..

    just insane isn’t it?

    There are many reasons why people are leaving and Michael summarized it beautifully

    Thanks Michael, may the sun shine on you and I wish you the best.

    Who is next in line to leave and announce their FREEDOM?

    More to follow guaranteed, people are just fed up with the BS and suppression.

    Gorgeous write-up, u r the man.

  39. Redneck Janette from Detriot

    This was a fantastic write-up! I also agree that it is a tremendous heartbreak when “friends” you have known for so many years turn their back on you without question.
    However, people do come around, they know we are good people and the fact that we get “declared” and treated with complete viciousness by the church, friends and family is in and of itself, a reason they start looking for themselves!

    Thanks for sharing this with us.


  40. Well I guess that explains what Tommy’s been up to lately. Darn and I was so hoping he was starting to come around. How much more will it take before the house comes tumbling down? Sad that so many of your friends abandoned you Mr. Fairman but I’m sure you will find many old ones already here and ready to rekindle those old friendships and create new ones. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Enjoy!

  41. Michael – wonderful. Strong personal integrity. Loved the quote regarding the definition of insanity too – so true! Wishing you and your family the very best.


  42. Glad you are out Michael Fairman! Your announcement is probably reverberating throughout the church and field, especially Celebrity Centres. This is big stuff. Opinion leaders Beghe, Anderson, Haggis and now you….. must be driving DM nuts.
    I hope people pass it along fast to any public before DM’s minions spread the black PR news he is sure to be using to stop the damage.

  43. Dear Michael,
    I was so happy to hear the news! My family and I met you, Joy, and Sky few years ago on a cruise to Mexico, along with about 200 fans of yours and your work on Firefly. As always, your reputation with me is, solid!

  44. Watching Eyes

    Michael, I was riveted to the very end of your story. Wow. Those thugs will stop at nothing but once you put your foot down, it usually ends. Good going for sticking to what you know and not being afraid of the bullies. Oh, they hate it when you threaten to call the police.

    I have to say though that at one point I laughed out loud. The part about the cult threatening to sue you because they’ll have to redo any films you’re in, cracked me up. I hadn’t known they’d threatened Jason Beghe and Larry Anderson too. That’s the best they can come up with? They’d get laughed out of court and they know it.

    note to the dwarf: Don’t redo the films that Michael is in. Continue to use them but put a disclaimer at the end telling people that Michael has left because he found out you’re running a con. Dare ya.

  45. Michael, what you wrote reads about as strong and clear as the Declaration of Independence – but then again, I believe this is what it is. My hat is off to you, big time.

  46. Here’s the shot heard ’round the world. Thank you Michael. And thank you Marty!

    Without the sense of integrity there is only further degradation……

    ML, Tom Gallagher

  47. Welcome Michael!

    Thank you very much for your thoughtful, honest and disturbing account.
    You have helped so many with this comm. You will help so many more….
    I hope to see you soon.


  48. Michael,

    Thanks so much for the write-up – simply excellent!

    I remember when you first got in and have followed your career and bridge progress over these many years.

    For Tommy & the gang to ambush and 3rd party you like that is unspeakable.

    You have always been a ‘class act’ in my books – always.

    Do well!

  49. Michael,
    You have been admired and respected by so many people for so long, and among the free and independent thinkers you are now admired and respected even more, it’s no wonder OSA was willing to shoot itself in the foot to try to stop you. You may find you have 10 new friends for every old one that chose to keep the blinders on.

    It’s ironic, growing up in a very fundamentalist Christian, I grated against this idea that I would be “straying from the path” if I indulged in any number of things from a long list of earthly pleasures. It was such a breath of fresh air when I found that Scientology validated my ability to know for myself what was true, and that ethics was a matter of applying that knowingness toward survival in all its richness and abundance.

    Too bad the Church of Mestology no longer walks the walk regarding personal freedom and its own published Code of Honor. Talk about “straying from the path”!

  50. Michael, Wow and WElCOME! Outstanding write-up! It has been quite a journey and I totally duplicate where you have come from and where you are going. Hip Hip for you and it’s an honor to know you.

    TD and the rest of you, wake up you have lost the truth long ago. What you continue to do to makes you so small in the eye of the universe. We are all living life and creating like never before and you just can’t have it.

  51. A beautifully written and moving account. Impossible choices faced and difficult decisions made with courage and integrity. I hope you write a book about this.


  52. After thinking this post over, I had to write more.

    I cannot believe how badly Tommy Davis & Miscavige handled this ‘situation’ – just plain awful.

    Not only have they blown off one of the good guys – a sincere dedicated comrade over the years, but they have the gall to go to Michael’s friends and ‘use’ them.

    This is so low it boggles the mind.

    Aside from the fact Michael is a celebrity, he has backed up LRH & Scientology on so many fronts over the years, and to this day continues to apply & exude what it really means to be a Scientologist.

    Again Michael, I thank you.

  53. Joe Pendleton

    I am glad for you Mr. Fairman that you received that great auditing, and thank you Marty for being there and providing it

    Notice it’s never ONE person who comes to handle you? Heaven forbid you could have a comm cyle with just one person. It’s always FORCE with these guys! The complete opposite of the whole theta/MEST theory. Use force and threats to have someone “change” their postulate.

    Prediction: Don’t we all just KNOW what’s gonna happen? Maybe in two years…maybe five. Miscavige will hit the rocks when church numbers become half what they are now and there’ll be the WONDERFUL news and an event to announce that he’s gone (group engram running) and now REALLY…all arbitraries are removed…yadda yadda yadda…and to me it’ll be just a very bad joke (but maybe on another post, I’ll give my own “plan” as to what the church could do to woo us all back…maybe.)

    Reading this account….you know, if it wasn’t for the horrendous breakups of friends and family that this all causes, there would be absolutely NO church of Scientology now, because very few people would even give a fuck. I was reading through the Ethics Specialist Course pack today; all these PLs …pages and pages about how bad staff can be, holding down stats, all the non-producers, how a group thrives with “savage ethics” (from “Conditions, How to Assign” – read it) …and on and on and on about all the consequences if your stats are down (when it’s almost always the assholes at the top and their moronic decisions which fuck things up for the rest of us, just like now….but it’s always easy for these guys to blame the guy down the org board; after all, it’s THEIR stats that are down and how dare they RATIONALIZE it!!!!! No matter how fucked their stats are because of worldwide PR or decisions by Miscavige and others who drive the public away).

    So……this would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. All these guys showing up to overwhelm Mr. Fairman in their naval uniforms. There’s a few of us old timers who have spent so many decades in Scientology that we find this all very intersting, but do you realize how few people in the entire world care ANYTHING about this religion anymore? Besides those who can’t leave for various and sundry reasons, there’s just a few thousand young Sea Org religious fanatics (who of course have never even studied LRH tech and can’t audit anyone) and folks…that’s your now irrelevant church of scientology (sorry Ron -be a little kinder at Target 2, OK? And with all of your SP/PTS data, next time…..remember….spot Miscavige,not Mayo).

  54. Tony DePhillips

    Somewhere a phoney golden pillar is crumbling….

  55. That was a very touching story, well written and captivating. DM, OSA, Tommy must be going absolutely nuts over this. The fact that Mr. Fairman is in the TV/Movie business makes this catch so much more important. That departure will accelerate the domino effect.

    Marty, you’re fishing them out by the bucket, more so than anybody else has done in decades!

  56. Freedom Fighter

    Mr. Davis said he “just knew”.

    Stalking. That’s how Tommy Davis “knew”. He and/or one or more of DM’s cronies stalked you to find out this information. It’s a violation of Californial Penal Code 646.9 PC. This web site provides quite a lot of data on the subject and even provides examples: http://www.shouselaw.com/stalking.html. In Texas, this type of behavior is covered in Section 42.072 of the Texas penal code.

    Michael, very well done on keeping in your personal integrity and holding your position in space. Thank you for sharing your story and bravo on your recent auditing wins!!

  57. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    We have never met but I kept thinking I’ve seen you somewhere and then discovered that on so many of my favorite TV shows you’ve made memorable appearances. You are one very productive and honorable Thetan!

    Your “Declare” of Independence to Tommy and the Gang is wonderfully welcome here by we “villagers” railing against Da Monster. Isn’t it amazing how repetitive (hmm… sort of like ‘droids) Tommy and DM and the rest of the KoolAide Drinkers react to a being holding his/her spot in space and saying NO to their GROUP BANK THINK?

    Very Well Done and Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth!

    Thank you for your honesty, integrity and true theta,

    Love and ARC,

  58. WOW Michael, my hat’s off to you!

    What a great written statement of your condition of being.
    Your integrity is priceless and I second Jason on saying how much this letter will help others to free themselves from the shackles of self-imprisonment.

    And for all your friends, my friends, our friends…unconditional love is all we can offer 😉
    Hopefully they will one day come to their senses.

    CIAO !!!!

  59. GetTheConcept


    Always admired you in the tech films and learned a lot from your beingness in them. Thank you for posting this, thank you for understanding.

    Who’s next?

  60. Fellow Traveller

    “‘A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists.” LRH

    Thank you, Micheal for daring to dream and continuing to do so despite the opposition. This culture may yet recover because of stellar individuals such as yourself.

    Bruce Pratt

  61. Fellow Traveller

    Amen Brother Roberto! Amen!

    Bruce Pratt

  62. Michael,

    What a shocking and pleasant surprise to see you on Marty’s blog. I see you went through a lot in these last few days. Well done on making it out fully intact.

    I often wonder at things like their threatened lawsuit. Like what could be the grounds for the suit? “Mr. Fairman had the audacithy to review facts and make up his own mind about what he saw. We are demanding $ 1 Million in damages!”

    Or maybe this was more the basis for the suit. “Mr. Fairman, having donated his talents to the making of Scientology films, which over the years benefited the Church of Scientology in untold ways, has decided that the Bill of Rights is more important than the Church’s PR image. For this heinous crime we seek punitive damages in the amount of $ 20 Million.”

    Suing you is just as ludicrous as me, having made $ 150 – 200 Million for the Church as a reg, having a “freeloader bill”. (To their credit, or maybe just by accident, they did in fact officially cancel my freeloader bill.)

    The amazing thing is, when someone leaves a company after many years of service, they usually get a gold watch, a decent severance package and other fringe benefits. In our case we get harassment and threats.

    Anyway, it’s really nice to see your smiling face again.

    Your Friend,

    Hy Levy

  63. Benjamin Cisco

    Wonderful news and great write up. Hopefully your words will get more celebrities to do some research for themselves. What a journey you have made. You found the way out! Now it’s time to enjoy your hard work.

  64. Michael, What can I say? This is great news!

  65. Michael — Sorry, busy day and I’m late arriving to your beautifully written announcement. Congratulations on your independence!! We not only embrace you but I’m sure each of us fully accepts you as a friend. Hallelujah! Post script: Nice job, Marty!

  66. Well well, Mr. Fairman! So good to have you among the Independents! What a relief you must have experienced, joy, and a coming back to what you started way back when. You have obviously found it in and amongst some actual *standard* auditing.

    I thank you for taking the time to post the detailed description of the tactics used on you. It will be one more incident that can be read about that interestingly matches up with the treatment described by other people who have left. The more of this our friends still in there read, the more they will start to doubt what they have been ordered to do and will begin to realize that what they see IS what they see, and what they know does not match up anymore with anything LRH has said.

    That stupid entheta is just the small stuff. Don’t sweat it. 😉 Welcome and may you and your family flourish and prosper!

  67. What a glorious photograph. I don’t know you, Michael, but your write-up impresses me. I’m praying for your family to come through this united and free. I wish you all the very best.

  68. Mr. Fairman,

    Thank you. The emotion is honest, the integrity is blinding. The sorrow that comes from the realizations you have had recently can be devastating. Please know that you have many more friends than your ever knew who are ready and willing to help should you ever need it.

    One thing that continues to jump out at me about this whole scene was highlighted in this paragraph of yours:
    “The conversation inside continued. I showed them letters written by Luis Garcia, the Schick’s,the Lugli’s and the Minelli’s from Italy, and Hy Levy. I said I had read books by the Headleys and Jeff Hawkins. I asked how could they ALL be SP’s? The response was that they were either lying or insane, and under the control of the SP I had visited in Texas.


    Your report of your most recent experiences confirm for me once again, exactly what we are facing in the remaining “management structure”.
    Please Flourish and Prosper.

    – Tom

  69. Michael:

    I just wanted to say, you are the kind of guy that I really like. Your face makes me feel happy.

    About your experience with “Tommy Davis & The Supremes” they don’t care about you or your well being at all. All they care about is getting rid of Mark Rathbun and all the people he is bringing together that are relaying their true experiences in the church, which are bad ones.

    If someone like my sister or brother had blown and left the church and been audited by a “squirrel” in Arkansas they would not have cared or even bothered to tell him or her what they went out of their way to tell you. They just want to use you to get rid of Marty and Mike who I know for sure are never going to stop telling their stories.

  70. Michael,
    It has been said that if you wish to change the world, you must first be the change that you wish to see in others. Your courageous stand for Truth and Justice in the face of suppression and despotism is laudable. Many who are reticent and frequent this blog will most certainly be inspired by your example. On behalf of all who still value the exercise of free-will, I thank you.

  71. Tony DePhillips

    I feel your pain Joe, I really do. And I don’t disagree with you either. I do think that Scientology can be made kinder and gentler. Auditing can even handle the ravages of this situation.

    As far as why they send “numerous” people to handle someone, I know THEY would say it is because they “need to have more theta present to handle the entheta”. The truth is however that I think dm knows that it is harder for his bots to be convinced and blow themselves if others are around. So it is a phoney mock up that is used to intimidate and keep his own clones in line.

  72. Tony DePhillips


  73. one of those who see

    Hi Michael!! This is a very big day for true Scientology. This is a very big day for freedom.
    “…The sun never sets on Scientology.
    And may a new day dawn for you, for those you love and for man.
    Our aims are simple, if great.
    And we will succeed, and are succeeding at each new revolution of the Earth.
    Your help is acceptable to us. Our help is yours.”
    LRH from The Aims of Scientology
    HUGS!! from me.
    And…a big nod from the old man.

  74. Tony DePhillips

    No freeloader debt!!!
    Awesome!! When can I get you started on your Basics??

  75. Tony DePhillips

    The best spin that the C of $ can put on this is that they have lots and lots of dissatisfied customers. That must mean that THEY are delivering squirrel auditing!! LOL!!

  76. Scott Campbell

    Love the response, Roberto.

  77. Mr. Fairman,

    Without doubt or reservation, I say that it is clear you put on those Boots In The Sky and are walking proudly in them. Congratulations!

    Michael A. Hobson

  78. W-O-W. All three of the people who have been the public face of Scientology have L-E-F-T!! Jason Beghe, Larry Anderson and now Michael Fairman. All were REVERED within the Church.

    I was thinking just today about the contradiction of the Church treating it’s own members (specifically staff and SO) in a manner completely opposite to the basic tenets of the philosophy itself. And I was referring to how people are treated who ARE in good standing.

    The crazy impulse to keep people from leaving and the absurd lengths they will go to to keep people in the fold only serve to reinforce the stories that sound too crazy to be true to those still snorting Kool Aid in its pure form.

    Thank you Michael for your letter. I could NOT believe it when I saw your picture!

  79. Right on Hy, you crack me up!

  80. Ditto that.

  81. Does ANYONE with a brain work for this organisation???

    They have a person who is well known to public scientologists, who has become disaffected enough to seek Marty out for auditing and enough to read critical works by ex-scientologists. And rather than addressing him with a soft-touch and at least feigning concern that he may be getting bad information and that scientology would like to work out any problems he has…
    Scientology instead:
    1. Sends out Tommy Davis unannounced to Michael’s private residence, not once but twice…and doing so by talking to Michael’s friends behind his back
    2. Has obviously spied on Michael, a private member
    3. Has come between Michael and his friends before the confrontation to weaken these friendships and use them for scientology’s benefit
    4. Has a SP declare all ready to go
    5. Makes threats about suing Michael over videos that will need to be reshot

    And someone thought this would work to bring someone back into the fold?

    Maybe for people who have been in the SO and have been broken down and used to taking orders, but for most others, this kind of activity would cement any doubts they had about scientology.


  82. Tony DePhillips

    Dm how could you have so many SPs stacked up in the church? I thought you were an ethics specialist?

    Turns out you are the Chief squirrel!!

  83. Although I am not sure it is so, it might be lost on some or forgotten that Marty’s actions have been a GREAT catalyst for what happened here with Michael as well as the numerous others who have posted here. No wonder Marty is viewed as such a terrible SP. Do they ever think what created “Marty the Terrible”? Him objecting to DM about striking staff members? Of course, Marty and Mike arrested the downward spiral when they stopped accepting abuse on any flow. Marty (and everyone contributing to the motion) is busting an implant station. Will busting it solve the 4th dynamic engram? I don’t know that its the biggest or the toughest one out there, but its a damn good one. If busting it doesn’t solve the 4D Engram, I would to think that there will be some big resolutions of a 4D nature about the same time the implant station goes down. In any event, it can only be good. If anyone redoes the Sea Org Member Hat or Product 0 checksheet, be sure to include an escape clause in the materials.

  84. Good for you Michael Fairman!

    What a load of sorry blackmail, threatening to sue you for the films they’ll have to reshoot!

    I hope you inspire other celebs to follow in your footsteps!

    Michael, can you say if the other actors and celebs, like Jason Beghe, Larry Anderson and Paul Haggis, had any influence on your decision to start questioning things?

    It might have been funny, if you invited Jason, Larry and Paul Haggis to come to one of those meetings where all the “Scientologists” came to gang up on you and make you feel guilty!

    ex Sea Org (1975-2003)

  85. The fact that the top executive of the ‘public relations’ department of the Church of Scientology International brandishes an official Suppressive Person declare order on you, while at the same time admitting you were NOT a suppressive person is in itself an alarming and glaring indicator that the organization has gone insane.

    I’ve yet to have read in any policy or bulletin or any book or heard it spoken in any tape recorded lecture anything of the nature that the way to handle someone is to dress up in fake Navy uniforms, show up at their home unannounced with a renegade posse and ambush them with threats and blackmail.

    Is this in some secret Sea Org only ‘Book of Case Remedies, Advanced Protocol’? Or perhaps, ‘The Jim Jones Method of Powerful Group Dynamics’? Maybe, ‘Successful Methods of Josef Stalin’? Please give me a hint! Is it, ‘Shunning and Discipline, The Quaker Way’? or ‘The Iron Fist of Spiritual Enlightenment’ by Lucifer B. Alzibub? or ‘Goosestepping for Total Freedom’ by Adolf Shicklegruber?

  86. Your humble servant


    Thank you for this very telling story. It was great to read, although not great for you to have had to experience. My conclusions from people’s stories are that one should just cut ties as necessary and not let church people try to talk to you about your decision to no longer be involved in the official c of s. It never goes well. Just tell them no, go away, and be done with it. It’s interesting you had to threaten to call the police at one point, but I gather that’s pretty typical. It is an absolute proof of how corrupt and degraded the present church has become that its people go to such bizarre lengths to try to control those who wish to leave. No other church on the planet does that, I am pretty sure. Very sad but true.

  87. If LRH was still around, I wonder if DM would try to sue him because he had to rewrite all the books?

  88. Michael,

    Welcome! So glad to have you among us. You are a good man and a tough one. Your actions will make it easier for others to see the truth; many will follow your footsteps. You managed to hold your position and integrity despite brutal pressure and threats. Ron is smiling somewhere today.

    I wish you the best to you and your family.

    I am proud to know you.


  89. plainoldthetan

    Michael: Thank you for your obviously well-considered and thought-out writeup. It helped me realize this:

    In the Church of Scientology founded by LRH, an SP is an antisocial person whose actions are calculated to be disastrous. In the CofM, an SP is someone who has been betrayed by Miscavige’s “Church of Scientology” and has realized it.

    How far does Miscabbage think he can get by handing out motivators wholesale? If nothing else, it’s a non-realization of the mechanics of this universe… where thetans operate on the overt-motivator sequence. (If you commit and overt on me, it becomes a motivator I will use to justify striking back.) So if you hand out motivators, you get the consequences, eventually.

    “The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.”
    ―Princess Leia to Grand Moff Tarkin, Star Wars (1977)

  90. Ode to DM’s future:

    Final Journey

    He watched them drop one by one,
    Nobody left for any to shun

    Lonely he stood on his final stage,
    No one left to suffer his rage

    Even his dog decided to run,
    Leaving him alone gripping his gun

    Not one other soul to wish him farewell,
    On that final journey to his personal hell.

  91. theystolemychurch

    Very very great write up from Mr Fairman… my hat is off to you and I salute you!

    I wanted to say three more things…. The desperation is really showing up BIG TIME from the “church”….. I fear there will soon be a “waiting line” here on the “coming out statements (big Thank you to Marty) and the third…
    The church sends more than one person “to handle” you because of the fear that ~ if you actually explain what you SEE the person that came to handle you will leave also…

  92. I am so glad to see that you and your family are free of the crushing suppression that has been created by David Miscavige. Thank you Michael for posting your letter so that others may now see the truth. You are in good company.

  93. plainoldthetan

    More telling is: “We drafted this SP declare on you and we really really really hope you come to your senses because we really really really want to keep an SP in the group.” Makes no sense.

  94. I can trace any trouble I had in the Church down to my own failure to apply the Code of Honor. This is truly amazing news and it makes me really happy. Especially happy for Michael and his newly claimed freedom.

  95. Tony DePhillips

    The fact that the top executive of the ‘public relations’ department of the Church of Scientology International brandishes an official Suppressive Person declare order on you, while at the same time admitting you were NOT a suppressive person is in itself an alarming and glaring indicator that the organization has gone insane.

    Excellent point!!! I guess this is stating the obvious, but…is there no comm evs anymore?? Declaring people SP they know are not??!! WTF!! Why??

    One thought I had on this is that they are purposely trying to throw peoples lists out. If you give people wrong indications you can get some horrendous BPC going , throw them down the tone scale and then control them!! Black Scientology!!

  96. Michael, well done!

    I think that those who become Scientologists are generally looking to attain things like increased knowledge, personal strength, awareness,
    personal integrity, etc.

    We acknowledge that there are various traps, barriers, “walls”, etc that one must over come to achieve these things. The writings of Scientology are intended to help one make it through these barriers.

    I think that the Sea Org and radical Scientology have become its own barrier. Maybe it could be called “The Wall Of Cult Induced Delusion”.
    If a person can make their way through that barrier they have made progress toward their original goals and they are free to move forward from there.

    This last week was “the big test” and you passed! Have fun…..

  97. Hello Michael,
    We have never met, but I feel I know you now.
    People like you are the reason Marty does what he does and I do what I do. I’m glad your family is sticking by you, some don’t. And as you see Scientology makes friendships conditional; so sad.
    But keep good cheer, there are very few lifelong Scientologists and when they come out of Exile they may look you up and hopefully forgiveness will occur and love can become UN-conditional.
    Keep up the good work,

  98. Michael,

    Written like an artist, your words express genuine as-isness and are full of truth.

    Please use your comm lines in this world to make the most out of freeing all of those poor souls who are trying to do the right thing in their hearts, but are tragically and utterly trapped.

    Your communication here is another large step toward getting back to LRH.

  99. Nice surprise, Marty!
    Well played.

  100. +1. Me too I am proud as well to know you. Ron would be too.

  101. You’re an inspiration, Michael! Thanks for the great write up. Love, Songbird

  102. Michael,

    Thank you for your honesty and the guts it took to stand up to those bullies. I sincerely hope your friends will come around and apologize. They are wrong and they know it deep down. I’m so glad your wife and daughter are with you.

    I wish I could make sense of the fact that strong, intelligent, compassionate people can be more strayed by a culture of intimidation brought about by a demonic bully – as opposed to a being guided by an array of sane and inspirational technical and organizational bulletins/policies written/compiled by a genius, who the said people claim to admire, respect and listen to more than anyone else – which these people have studied over and over again, M9ed, M7ed star-rated etc. etc. etc. I just can’t get over that.

  103. After digesting Michael’s astounding account of his last week for the evening, I struck by the mindset of decades long friends of Michael’s who turn on him in the flash of a goldenrod. I was thinking about what would have to be my own mindset or how fragile would have to be my hold on reality for me to disconnect from a friend of 25 years based on a piece of goldenrod or some data fed me without my friend there to offer his side of the story. What is it that can close a mind so thoroughly and so quickly? Some of these folks obviously have some sort of trigger (and my suspicions are that despite any appearances to the contrary, their cases must be horribly knotted up) that restimulators of the Boss Buffalo valence who stuck them in the mud millions of years ago can cause to go into action.

    I mean, two of Michael’s friends had known him for 20 and 25 years and –smap!– they cut the comm line.

    Oh, I think I just understood it: it’s insane. If you try to understand anything that is insane at any level deeper than than you tend to go insane yourself. That handles it for me.

    Welcome, Michael.

  104. Innocence is transformed into guilt by these idiots. And your story made me remember my own parting with “friends” who turned their backs. It’s sad, I think so too.

    Mr. Fairman. There will always be food and shelter at my place if you ever visit Stockholm.

  105. Hi Michael. First I want to thank you for your years of service to Scientology and to LRH. You helped get thousands of people on the route to freedom by doing what you do best.

    Second, welcome to the real world of Scientology.Having you here makes the world a bit saner.

    ML Tom Martiniano

  106. Fellow Traveller

    OTDT —
    So, so, horribly true.

    You are without a doubt the individual to “find” DM’s ultra secret, limited distribution, Suppressive Person Declare on LRH.

    Bruce Pratt

  107. Michel Fairman

    To all who have responded to my letter

    I am truly humbled by your gracious and supportive comments. They have rapidly filled the vacuum in my heart that was created by the sudden departure of so many. This Sunday past began the last day of an old life, and today’s Sunday is the beginning of a new one. So ladies and gentlemen, thank you. You’ve given me my “Oscar” (earlier than usual but accepted just the same)
    With love, Michael

  108. Mr. Fairman,
    That was an orderly, no nonsense presentation of your viewpoint. And I love the way you backed it all by salient points of truth.
    Obviously you live your life in a like manner.
    Thank you, sir.

  109. Theo Sismanides

    Michael, I was so thrilled when I saw your picture on Facebook posted by a friend with some comment there. Opened it up and started reading. When I read that you have been to Texas (hahaha) I opened my yahoo to see if there was a New Post by Marty. And there it was “Michael Fairman”.

    I was… hahaha, this is sooooooo good! We all know you from tech films and you have been so classy.

    Now, I do second everything said above and my hat is off for your integrity and loyalty to Standard Tech but basically since you are an OL and a celebrity I would like to say that your Independence together with Larry’s and Jason’s will have an impact on other celebrities who should have done the same long ago and they didn’t.

    I hope they come to their senses, do their research as you did and not think of the “Danger” about their 1st dynamic but think of Mankind like you did and the 7th Dynamic (including Scientology and Standard Tech) like you do.

    If you have to go through all this enturbulation it’s only natural, we have all gone through it but you definitely you are a man who honors the Code of Honor more than your “reputation”. I wish other celebs would have that Integrity of yours.

    On that note I would like to say that there are good things happening in Greece too and soon I will be able to relay more. But Michael, I don’t think that in the Theta Universe, your shifting of views and you getting Standard Auditing (as if Auditing could be anything else but Standard but I made up a new term, “Standard Auditing”, because Miscavige made Auditing so pathetic) doesn’t have anything to do with all that is happening.

    Theta is in the Air…. !!! Thank you Michael !!!!

  110. ” The response was that they were either lying or insane, and under the control of the SP I had visited in Texas.”

    This statement begs a response based on the logic proposed by Geir Isene:

    The statement is either true or it is false. If it is false, then it is the Church that is lying, and the logical consequence is that the Church is broken.

    If it is true, and all these (lying or insane) people are products of the Church and its technology, then the Church is broken.

    Great job of holding your position, Michael.

  111. Chris Johnson

    Hey Michael,

    Wow! Amazingly touching writing!

    Welcome to the other side, and thanks for making it safe for the many who will immediately follow in your footsteps. 🙂

    The dike is springing so many leaks lately, here comes the flood?

  112. Tory Christman

    LOL! Good one, Tony…and so true 🙂

  113. Happy OUT to you!

  114. Mr. Fairman – wow. Thank you so much for sharing this part of your journey. The church officials are very blind to the consequences of their actions because voila, here we are – reading a letter of resignation by Michael Fairman…! DMs actions are driving strong and decent parishioners away.

    I hope your friends will discover the truth very soon so to laugh with them again, as you did with Marty.

  115. Maria,

    I think you said this well. The dramatization of this supposed “handling” was so bizarre and so outside the cultural norm, it can only cement peoples’ doubts, and it confirms the craziness of David Miscavige.

    How well this illustrates controlling bodies, or more likely punishing bodies as a social tone.


  116. Dear Michael,
    Thank you for sharing your story!
    I remember you and Joy both very well. I am so pleased you are out and to see that you are doing very well! I had similar experiences of attempted social
    Dominic (Ex Chief Off AOLA amongst many other things)
    P.S. I was also subject to their coercive persuasion tactic which from the Wikipedia is : “…a process in which a group or individual ‘systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the detriment of the person being manipulated’.[1] The term has been applied to any tactic, psychological or otherwise, which can be seen as subverting an individual’s sense of control over their own thinking, behavior, emotions or decision making.”
    The above definition helped me to see through their efforts for what they are.

  117. good point!

  118. Best to you & yours Micheal.
    Hold your space.

  119. I wanted to add when I read what the church does, they seem to have a great fear of something. The way they treat others only verifies it. Perhaps they were afraid Michael might get some really good wins, and gain some abilities.

  120. This song is for all those “scientologists” who still pretend to be our friends until we say “the wrong thing”….

    PROMISES by Eric Clapton
    I don’t care if you never come home.
    I don’t mind if you just
    Keep on rowin’ away on a distant sea
    cuz I don’t love you and you don’t love me.

    You cause a commotion when you come to town

    You give ’em a smile and they meet
    Having lovers and friends is all good and fine
    But I don’t like yours and you don’t like mine.

    La la la …

    I don’t care what you do at night oh
    I don’t care how you get your delights
    We’ll leave it alone
    We’ll just let it be
    I don’t love you and you don’t love me.

    I got a problem
    Can you relate?
    I got a woman
    Callin’ love hate.
    We made a vow
    we’d always be friends.
    How could we know that promises end.

    La la la …

    I tried to love you for years upon years
    But you refuse to take me for real
    It’s time you saw what I want you to see
    That I’d still love you if you’d just love me.

    I got a problem
    Can you relate?
    I got a woman
    Callin’ love hate.
    We made a vow
    we’d always be friends.
    How could we know that promises end.

    La la la ..

  121. Fantastic Fantastic Fantastic!!!
    Smiling up to my ears to see this post!!
    Michael very well done!!!
    I met you few years ago in Flag… I’m so happy you part of our Group!!

    Big big hug to you!!

    Silvia Kusada

  122. Yep. Talk about “the POT calling the KETTLE black”!

    Those people really have gone stark staring backstabbing NUTS.

  123. >> Had they surveilled me? Had they taken photos or video of my visit? How did they know that the pseudonym was me? Mr. Davis said he “just knew”

    Creepy cult is very creepy…

    >> The suit and the Declare Order would not happen, Mr Davis said, if I came to my senses and accompanied them immediately to an Org, and began an “A to E”

    This sounds an awful lot like extortion and blackmail to me and not something which a tax-exempt group should engage in. If you ever get sued, and I’m sure that’s just an idle threat, you can counter-sue for your donations for auditing, IAS, superpower, idle orgs, etc. I think your exchange is way more in no matter how you look at it.

    Congratulations on breaking through the cult programming and brainwashing that occurs in the c of s. You will continue to have realizations about how messed up things are inside the current “church”; you will also continue to enjoy your sense of freedom from leaving that crime syndicate. Tommy Davis, Mike Sutter and your friends are not necessarily bad people, but they are heavily brainwashed. Their ingrained false data prevents them from perceiving the true data. They are also very PTS to Miscavige and the current management. This is why they have robotic, fixed points of view which can’t be changed through normal discourse. One can only hope they can find a way to expand their awareness to confront the evil of the current “church”, and subsequently disconnect themselves from the suppression. We all found a way, although the journey to find the way out of the mess wasn’t necessarily smooth. We had to be willing to have our stable data shaken up, and be able to experience the confusion that went along with it.
    But in the end, it was worth it. Truth prevailed. Hip Hip!

  124. BTW, with all these celebrity defections, what’s going to happen to CC Int? Is there anyone left there? Will CC Int be reduced down to just a restaurant and hotel? Will DM bust Tommy Davis down to busboy for his failed extortion cycle?

  125. Dear Michael,
    we are soooooo happy to see your smiling face on Marty’s Blog!!!!
    We met you and Joy a few times at the FSO, and we could perceive your gentle heart. Your Declaration of Independence is a sign of your great courage, and that you do not allow any compromise with what you beleive is true for you.
    We had the “experience” of Sutter, not with Davis but with Marion Pow and Hans Sueli – I can confirm that the blackness that surround them is quite heavy and some high confront of evil is needed to face their character. But they just emissary of David Miscavige, and as any SP they have no real power. The only power they have is restimulation, but when you spot that and you do not allow any space to them into YOUR space then they are JUST DEAD AS BEINGS.
    So welcome to the Big Family, and if you’ll be ’round give us a call. We have an espresso always ready for you.
    Claudio & Renata

  126. + 100 🙂

  127. Wonderful news! Thank you for your courage.

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  129. Right Joe, as LRH somewhere puts it – all one has to or can understand about nuttiness is that it is nuts. And yes, it is!

    Also believe that all those who act like that and disconnect from friends and family feel very degraded, personally. Deep or not-so-deep inside they know its wrong. Eventually, they will come to their senses too and all will be fine again as I don’t think that many affected by disconnection will actually hold a grudge against them.

  130. Well done !!!!!!!!!!¨!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Well Done Michael,
    Keep fighting back; every time they try to enturbulate, post more and to wider publics. Enjoy your freedom, stand tall!

  132. Tony, I think it’s more like, there are so many people leaving they probably don’t have the time and resources to do com-evs. Also, they wouldn’t want people to know how many people are leaving.

  133. Mr Fairman, Thank you for your courage and high sense of integrity. You’ve stuck your neck out for all of us. It is very much appreciated. Thank you! love, 1 SP

  134. Wow, OTDT, you evoke utter desolation. Hell indeed.

  135. Dear Mr. Fairman,

    you should have gotten the Oscar for your outstanding performance as
    Adlai Stevenson in “13 Days” about the Cuba Crisis. Chapeau!!!

    It is soooooo moving that you feel to have gotten your Oscar for those past “7 Days” about the agony of an already dead church.
    Another Big CHAPEAU!


  136. It IS extortion and blackmail.
    It’s also impossible to do A-E steps unless you’ve been declared… because you haven’t been declared yet (in writing).
    My ex-husband was told he wouldn’t be declared if he did his A-E steps as he refused to disconnect from me after I had spoken out on Marty’s blog.
    Jeeez! Kathy (True) what a TWISTED use of LRH admin tech.
    You want to see reverse Scientology in progress, just watch how the threat of isolation from your family and group coupled with your old friends now saying you are a suppressive is used deliberately in an attempt to restumulate.
    LRH tech being used as a weapon? How wrong can you be?

  137. Francesco & Luana Minelli

    Grande Micheal, wwd per la tua integrita’. come dice Davis,noi siamo pazzi ed invece Tom Cruise alla TV com ophra e’ L’esempio di come si diventa sani nell’attuale Chiesa di Nanotron.

    Francesco & Luana Minelli

    Big Michael,wwd for your integrity,Davis say that we are crazy , and Tom Cruise in TV at Ophra is the perfect EXAMPLE of how the church of Nanotron (DM) can change better the onest people !

    Francesco & Luana Minelli

    Ciao e benvenuto !!!

  138. Independent Scientologist

    Just had to pipe in on this one.

    When we saw Micheal’s post, my wife and I had the same reaction: Wow! This is huge! Keep it coming!


    Ron Matlock

  139. Wonderful news. Incredible write up.

    No surprise that Tommy and his merry band of misfits found themselves knocking on your door. It’s such a show of entitlement IMHO.

    People who don’t have the first clue about the manners of the world and arrogantly push themselves on others.

    It is the epitome is POWER OVER OTHERS – which is one definition of evil.

    Thank you so much for your courage and willingness to share your journey.


  140. Invasion of the Body Snatchers

  141. Martin Padfield

    “Your write up should give any KoolAid drinker pause …”

    Indeed it should – however, sadly, it probably won’t. From this astonishing write-up it is even more obvious than ever that the KoolAiders are supping harder than ever on the stuff.

    “You Can Lead a Man to Reason, But You Can’t Make Him Think”

    The attitude of your long-term “friends” shows a hardening of attitudes. Ever tried reasoning with some one under hypnosis? It’s a similar phenomena I believe. Rationality and cognitive thinking have been totally sacrificed at the altar of his DMness – the Pope of Scientology. The absolute reverse of everything Scientology should be all about has been acheived in full-blown glory with the likes of TD, Sutter and friends. Miscavige must be proud of his products. It is possible to get through to these people but it aint easy. Back to work…

    Michael, you are amongst many friends here. Let life begin for you all over again!

  142. Hello Michael,

    We met when I made my first trip up to Gold to film the National Sales Tax video.

    I’ll never forgot how warm and supportive you were to a total stranger.

    I can see that hasn’t changed.

    Let me add my thanks to the many for your eloquent and powerful declaration.

    Welcome and I look forward to seeing you again as two Independents!

    Vic Krohn

  143. Guido Minelli

    Another Opinion Leader that leaves the Church of Horrors.
    We from the Italian Battalion should be proud to have in a certain way helped in your decision.
    Dan Koon tell the truth when he sais that David Miscaivige fears us.
    The contemporary society is influenced by the american way of life, but if you want the style is to Italy that you have to looking for.


    Guido Minelli

  144. Hy,
    It was pressure brought to bear on DM that ‘freeloader’ bills were brought over to at least somewhat approach the ACTUAL LRH policy. Stuff like the Thirteenth Amendment and peonage apply.

    LRH policy, Violation of Staff Covenant, was cancelled by DM in 92. Imagine, David Miscavige cancels an LRH policy that validated staff contribution. (The tape recording of LRH approving this PL is in church archives. There were others there when it was recorded.)

  145. Dan –

    You mentioned “What is it that can close a mind so thoroughly and so quickly? ”
    This is the part that amazes me … I recently had a number of friends disconnect – one of which I have known for 48 years and another for about 45 years – both I got into Scientology.

    It simply amazes me that they cannot even think of listening to what one have to say. The blinders appear immediately. Loyal friend to enemy in a split second. Amazing.

    How is it that what one thought were such good friendships are discarded without a thought like the daily trash? Was it a friendship to start with? I thought so.

    I can only think that their idea of friendship is a very shallow replica of ARC and didn’t mean that much in the first place.

  146. Watching Eyes

    With the way things are going, forget a hotel & restaurant. They won’t even be able to fill a corner coffee shop.

  147. LRH tech being used as a bludgeon!!

    How wrong indeed.


  148. Michael, you have no idea how many friends you have.

  149. Mr. Fairman, you are a real OT and you apply LRH tech to your life. IMHO, your Declaration of Independence has created more energy towards eventually getting Scientology back on track than anything either Tommy boy or Mike Sutter have ever done.

    P.S. love the photo. I want some of that Texas SP auditing!


    Hey Michael, it’s great to have you with us… Welcome …..you did an awesome work and I’m happy for you..As many of us you saw the truth and stic to it holding your personal integrity….. continue flourisihng and prospering and I hope to see you at one of our events…VVWD!!


  152. God I love this group!

  153. So delighted to see you here Michael! Your account of recent days is chilling and revealing. You are among some very good friends here. Welcome!

    Hey Marty. Another failed mission for Tommy, huh? It must be painful for him to return and report to DM.

  154. Michael Fairman, wow you are one of the people I see on TV.

    Live long and prosper


  155. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Fairman

    Lol, you could think of updating your own Wiki page with a picture and additional info. 😉

  156. Dear Michael Fairman,

    Congratulations on your recent decision! Your write up was excellent and your personal integrity is glistening! I remember you from the old CC on 8th St., as I believe we were on HSDC at the same time. I remember you always being very friendly, relaxed and just a very nice person. My co-audit twin back then was one Joanne Prather.

    I understand your disappointment in the betrayal of those that cannot see or are even willing to look but I do think ultimately they will all come around.

    Also, congratulations on the wins you had in your recent auditing! Thank you for sharing your story!

    It appears that all the thetans have left the building and the walls are crumbling rapidly! Killer week for the independents, for sure!
    Thank you Marty for all that you are doing!

  157. CD, you might not know it but that is not good advice. The subject is VERY STRONGLY discouraged from editing their own page on Wikipedia and often gets in trouble (i.e. banned from the site) for trying. Also, only material that has already been reported elsewhere in a reliable publication (i.e. book or press) can go on the page. If Mr. Fairman would like to change something in the article or conrtribute a picture, he should make mention of that on the article discussion page and leave the actual article alone.

  158. Michael Fairman

    Now that I’ve had some restful sleep, I see with much greater clarity the courage integrity and honor that all of you who post here have displayed. Marty and all of YOU had the guts to walk the walk , which made the path easier for me to travel. Seems like someone we all know did something like that once. So thank you again, and onward we go.

  159. Joanne Doyle — You state “extortion and blackmail.” True, so true. Hallelujah

  160. Nicely put Joe.
    My posting last year around this time was about there being 4 types of aberration. Current Church members are getting grand doses of the “Fourth Type of Aberration” as written by LRH in Science of Survival:
    “The fourth type of aberration is educational, being the cumulative entheta of the culture in which the preclear was raised, the irrationality and bad data he has received as a result of his education – by parents, in schools and by experience.” – L Ron Hubbard

    Scientologists in the current church are carefully being taught how to discard the Code of Honor and taught how to hate. The normal process of listening to someone and acknowledging that person is a tech now gone, under the current regine. Tommy “The Mouth” Davis and “Mike the Muscle” Sutter show up, not to handle Michael using simple Scientology, but using old mafia and communist Russia KGB technioques of mind control and blackmail. “Mike the Muscle” can’t audit. This boy is way too ice cold for that. If these idiots could use the simple tech of recovering blown students and PCs or recover another using ARCX auditing, they might have a chance, but no – they discard LRH and go for the blackmail and coercion techniques of the Gambino Family. That’s why you get cowards like Hansuli “The Hatchet” going to elderly lady’s house in a rural area at two in the morning and threatening her. No ARCX session or Two-Way Comm, just threats and leverage.

    And you know what’s so stupid about Sutter? The ugly hate “Mike the Muscle” exudes confirms the suspicions of the persons he’s trying to “handle”. They don’t want to be a part of the “Church of Hate” anymore.

    But he cannot use Scientology anyhow because Dear Leader is running him every 10 minutes with his streams of orders directing him on how to handle someone. No ARCX sessions ordered by him, of course, just mafia, CIA, KGB tech.

    Sutter needs to read L Ron Hubbard, that is the person he’s supposed to be working for. Then he needs to APPLY the data and he’ll find, all of a sudden, that people will like him more.

    ML Tom

  161. Joe Pendleton

    Thanks for the ack Tony. Sometimes there’s a wee bit of bitterness that surges in. Not because of anything that’s been “done to me”, but just on general principles, you know? Anyway, I’ve lightened up since mylast post. Keep up with all your theta comm, Tony. It’s much appreciated. love, Joe P.

  162. Mark McKinstry


    Thanks for your announcement and for making your experience known.

    Despite the apparent force that the Church appears to wield, truth and exposure will eventually bring down those who use Scientology as a cloak to hide their viscious intentions and actions.

    I guess it is a testament to the tech, that we can see beyond what appears to be “Scientology” and know that it is not.

    So, again, well done for taking your position. Know that for every person who “disconnects” from you, there are 100 who become your friend.

    Most of the people on this site have years of experience in Scientology. Marty has provided a forum for us to communicate and become informed. It will be the disinfectant that brings down the current suppression.


    Mark McKinstry

  163. Who knows, this just may get Tommy into enough trouble that he blows……..again!

  164. OTDT;


    “When writinmg an Ethics Order, don’t ARC break its readers by leaving out data.”

    “Don’t be unspecific or you leave people in a huge mystery.”

    “Ethics Orders are supposed to run group engrams out, not in.”

    “Always find the right suppressive or all the suppressives in examining or declaing a PTS.”

    “Write a nice informative Ethics Order. Don’t leave anyone in mystery. Mysteries cause trouble, and the purpose of ethics is PEACE IN WHICH WE CAN GET IN TECHNOLOGY.” L RON HUBBARD

    All Management report to cramming via ethics.

    ML Tom

  165. Tony DePhillips

    Then he will FINALLY get standard tech in with R2-45 done to full EP.

  166. Michael,
    Thank you for your letter, your ability to be there and observe and the integrity to know what you have observed, witnessed and found to be true. That is what makes your new life. That ability and willingness to experience the truth is what ended the old. The foolish attempt to “handle” merely sped you on your way.

    As you wrote, they showed you the goldenrod. That meant your declare was done and approved. He could not promise you it wouldn’t occur. It had already occurred. A-E can only be done after the declare, not to hold off a declare. You merely decided to leave and someone (those who visited you, those that support this, and those behind this action) had decided they, not you, have the right and authority to make you not leave. How little they know and understand of a thetan and his dynamics and who creates his universe.

    I applaud you for your stand. You are a shiny bright and honest example of a true Scientologist. You know what you know and have the integrity to maintain that knowingness. Therefore, your new “Oscar” is also a lifetime achievement award.

  167. Tony DePhillips


  168. Michael,

    I already posted an acknowledgment, but like you, after a restful sleep I can see things with greater clarity as well.

    During the entire last week of events that amounted to nothing more than intimidation, threats and blackmail, you were being asked to trade your integrity for the church friends and connections you had. In the end, you remained whole and wouldn’t sell out. This is admirable in extreme.

    This is also true for your wife Joy, and daughter. I am sure they too had to make a similar choice, and they remained by your side regardless of any loss and sacrifice. You and your family exemplify Integrity.

    Our love goes to you all.


  169. I thank you for your contribution but you missed the implicit jest and that in fact my remark was in actuallity an invitation to others to do as I suggested to Mr. Fairman.

    Sometimes I am to subtile for my own good 😉

  170. Wow, Michael!
    The picture says it all.
    Smiles all around.

  171. absolutely amazing —

  172. POT,
    Perhaps there is one piece of Dear Leader invented Ethics/Justice Tech missing here. It might make sense if you understand that he invented “Provisional Declare”. It doesn’t exist in LRH Policy, but it’s been used for over a decade, albeit not in the open publicly but certainly at the Int Base.

    Those stuck in the Hole probably were provisionally declared as SPs, but confined and kept in. Marc Yager was issued a Declare and taken off post of CO CMO, made to work and live in the swamp at the Int Base over a decade ago but tightly guarded by Security so he stayed. This is Dear Leader logic and a perversion of LRH Ethics and Justice tech.

    It seems now, that this invention has been exported by TD and Sutter to apply to “public”. Never mind the comm ev or Justice action.

    pro·vi·sion·al: Arranged or existing for the present, possibly to be changed later.
    examples: = a provisional government
    = a provisional construction permit
    = a provisional declare by Radical Scientology

  173. When light shines,
    Shadows fall.

    Interesting how the flow of “friendship” polarizes here, does a reversal so quickly. Theta doesn’t do this. MEST does. Analytical thought doesn’t do this. Bank does.

    True friendship is based in theta, not in MEST or reactive mind. In all of my experience, from universes far removed from this one on forward, I’ve never seen theta reverse its friendship for theta, its affinity, its ARC in a manner like this. It’s only when theta becomes MEST and dramatizes MEST that “theta” will pull this kind of reversal.

    The axioms explain how this is and why this is.

    We’re not looking at self-determinism here. You look at the axioms, and “affinity is the cohesion of theta.” “Self-determinism consists of maximal affinity, reality and communication.” These friends are not being self-determined. Not being theta.

    A thetan can dramatize anything. Even friendship. You get someone reversing their friendship this quickly and you’re witnessing a dramatized friendship rather than the deep ARC and granting of beingness that exists between one thetan and another.

    Where is the understanding? Where is the willingness to grant beingness? Where is the sense of play? The creativeness? The self-determinism? The confront and KRC.

    It’s not that a dramatized friendship can’t seem all warm and cuddly; it’s just that what is is what is.

    The most effective SPs you’ll ever meet can make you feel like you’re the most important being on Earth, like they have no attention for anyone else, like they would sacrifice themselves in a heartbeat for you–all while emptying your bank account, seducing your spouse, and selling your children into slavery.

    So dramatized friendship is meaningless, mere appearance without substance. That I can quack like a duck doesn’t make me a duck.

    It’d be interesting to post a montage of former poster boys and girls from various Scientology promotions to YouTube. Why have all these individuals who once believed so deeply left? But did they really leave? Where are they now?

    Kudos to you, Michael Fairman. All around you, the shadows fall.

    Michael (aren’t we legion?)

  174. Yeah Sinar — had a few of those”Provisional Declares” too. And a couple of declares posted on the staff bulletin board (and then I would be sent out to handle media or appear at an International Event while I was “declared”!!!!). Ethics and Justice tech has been completely squirreled.

  175. Martin Padfield

    This “tech” is not new. Once in about 1983 Nathan Biggs was sent on mission to HAPI Org from FOLO UK with an RPF assignment for the then ED Craig Matheison. Also in Nathan’s briefcase “just in case” was an SP declare already printed out onto goldenrod. (Craig took the RPF assignment). Great logic huh? If you go the Gulag it shows you aren’t an SP; if you don’t, you must be suppressive. This was under Ron Norton, CO UK at the time.

  176. Michael,
    Thank you so much for the love and honesty in your post. I knew you when I worked at CCLA in the late ’70s and ’80s. Your personal integrity and code of honor speak volumes, as does your validation of LRH, and your willingness to stand by your integrity, even when those you love, perhaps corrupted by the current COS insanity, turn against you.
    All the best to you,
    Chris Baer

  177. Once upon a time, great explanation on the “friendships” issue we all are confronted with. Your post rivals one you did a while back on confronting evil. You not only read LRH, you understood it and can apply it to situations which are very relevant. Glad you hung around.

  178. Mr. Fairman,

    Though in “good standing”, I’ve not been active for many years, aside from reading and listening to lectures. I’ve caught glimpses of what has been going on over the years, chagrined to see how the management of the “Church” has destroyed its reputation, making dissemination of the tech seemingly impossible while this continues, and creating an unsafe environment in which to do services.

    I then received Luis Garcia’s amazing letter which somehow led me to discover your courageous post today on this site. It gave me hope that there might be a future, whether the Church reforms itself (possible, but unlikely I think) or whether independent Scientologists create a new entity. In any case, thank you for speaking out. Thank you for your integrity. You are a man for all seasons.

  179. The drama being perpetrated by Miscavige on opinion leaders of Scientology speaks volumes about the state of his panic with dwindling public.

    There are 175 postings on this blog. I wonder how many public are simply flying under Miscavige’s radar. In organizations with serious problems, only a very small percentage of the disaffected actually speak out. Most let others take the heat with their voices. 175/x where x is a very small fraction of those publicly speaking out can be a very large number of disaffected remaining silent. Miscavige can ill afford to lose a large fraction of disaffected.

    The orgs must be bleeding from an artery and Miscavge knows full well what is happening. The actual losses of active public must number in the thousands. Worldwide active attendance of Catholics at Mass has been reduced by about 50% due to the Pope’s failure firmly admit and take charge of priestly sexual misconduct. The current situation in Scientology will likely follow the same trend from Miscavige’s abuses. There are no secrets when management is abusive, and word travels fast.

    It is likely far too late for Miscavige do anything productive with bleeding public because it is he that is the source.

  180. Mike,
    Methinks it just gives Dear Leader some kind of license to torture and suppress good people physically and mentally- how can one possibly complete an A-E, which the Holee’s constantly work on for years? I really shudder at that thought and admire you for having gone through that gauntlet!

  181. It’s OK CD. We get you 😉

  182. Tara,
    I would like to get in comm with you, please send a note to my email address
    kye@hush.com. I live in your area and are looking for local comm lines. I had reached out last fall but inadvertantly deleted your email when I was deleting other messages. Thanks

  183. Apparently only 4% of those unhappy with a service or product actually complain or write about it. (this is for general services in the world. Although a rule of thumb I heard back in LA is for every complaint there are 100 who haven’t picked up the phone)

    Considering that the potential for threats, and disconnection is so great in the scientology community — I’m thinking that there must be THOUSANDS who are just not saying anything but voting with their wallets. They have ceased to do services. But are probably lurking on this board.

    So – someone with better math skills than me can figure out — if 175 people are posting and it’s only 4% of the former scientology public — how many are reading this blog?


  184. It may be outside the “cultural norm”, but let me assure you: It has been the “cult norm” for decades.

    Unfortunately members with not enough knowledge about policy and who are scared of “SPs” will let it happen, because the bad SPs are everywhere nowadays.

  185. Journey Continued

    If LRH was still around DM would have been busted (and probably declared) long ago and the CoS would not be in the mess it is today.

  186. Journey Continued

    Can you imagine running Comm-Evs on each and every person who has renounced the CoM? Imagine them all standing there and pointing out, over and aver again, all of the squirrel, off policy, out ethics actions of management. All of this being documented. Imagine if a true Com Ev was held, with impartial Convening Authority, where the interested party could call witnesses to testify to to the truth of each of the allegations. DM would be on the stand.

    That will never happen while he controls the show.

    One day, hopefully in the not too distant future, DM not only will be held to account in the Criminal Justice System but will also be held accountable for his actions under the Scientology Justice System and then everyone will know the truth.

  187. Michael – wow! That was a hell of an experience. It is not easy to do what you did. There is nothing as soul-wrenchingly crazy as a “justice” cycle gone squirrel. The Nazi-esque uniforms, the fire-red beams of “righteous antagonism” mingled with black hate for the designated boogie-man. The wrong indications. Very well done for sticking to your integrity while going through this!

  188. Well actually Jimbo the HCOPL “Violation of Staff Covenant” was written by order of LRH and accepted by the BDCSI.

    Of course since there is no longer any actual Boards within the Church of Dave structure any longer the lil’ rodent probably felt justified in canceling it.

  189. freespirit515

    Robots are be turned on or off. It’s a tough pill to swallow when you see it occur.

  190. Risking life and limb, gratitude to our inside source who circumvented security cameras, guards, dogs, guns and razor wire to get this secret document to see the light of day:


    Religious Technology Center
    Office of COB, David Miscavige
    Private Issuance


    L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of Dianetics and Scientology is hereby declared a Suppressive Person and expelled from the Church.

    In the late 1980’s I took over as sole ecclesiastical leader of the Church of Scientology, the Religious Technology Center and the Church of Spiritual Technology by fighting against all odds to assume the role of responsibility for all things Scientological. Prior to his death, L. Ron Hubbard, the then psuedo-leader of the Church and temporary owner of the trademarks and copyrights of Scientology, opposed me at every turn and attempted to covertly hinder my administrative progress while third-partying me to my juniors.

    I was sabotaged and invalidated at every turn by his tight-knit band of synchophants and conspirators. Luckily, I prevailed and am proud to say that not only have we experienced the most explosive growth of our religion since its beginning in 1954, but I now am the sole owner of those very same copyrights and trademarks which were once withheld and used to suppress us.

    L. Ron Hubbard was obsessed and consumed with advanced research to the detriment of his then existing materials and publications. He failed to wear his hat to see to it that his materials were correctly written, accurately published, properly applied and legally protected.

    With great personal sacrifice and dedication, I had to step in and set these matters straight. Fortunately, he was no longer here to prevent me from achieving this. The materials are now properly codified, edited, published, protected and being applied across the world, thanks to the advent of the Golden Age of Technology.

    While he should have been taking care of these vital matters, Mr. Hubbard instead spent his time writing science fiction novels, traveling, horse breeding, gambling, fishing, shooting guns, hiding from the courts and attempting to interfere with my management of the Church.

    Following Mr. Hubbard’s death, I found myself fighting at every turn against his loyal and powerful opposing forces still within our ranks, whose secret marching orders came directly from Hubbard. As you know, these opposing forces have been obliterated, thus paving the way for our guaranteed continued expansion.

    Throughout the 1960’s, 1970’s and into the early 1980’s, Mr. Hubbard secretly led a band of covert criminals who engaged in numerous unlawful activities, putting the Church in such harms way that our abolishment seemed assured. Discovering that his own family was in conspiratorial collusion with him as to these antics, I took swift action to bring those perpetrators to their knees and once again triumphed.

    The so-called technical experts he personally trained were found to be not only inadequate in their knowledge of the technology, but wildly squirrel in their application and lapse in their ethics. They have all been discovered, defanged and sent into exile where they belong.

    Mr. Hubbard told and allowed to be published numerous lies about his past, his credentials and his accomplishments, causing untold amounts of problems in the PR world. It has required years of work and millions of dollars to correct the resultant bad image this projected onto the Church’s otherwise stellar reputation for truth.

    Foolish financial shenanigans on the part of Mr. Hubbard put the Church in jeopardy with tax authorities throughout the world, risking the entirety of our wealth and resources with the threat of seizure. Believe me, this was no small task to straighten out and put right, but I have done so and that part of our dark history no longer presents a danger to us.

    The spectacular mass renaissance of glorious new org buildings you are so supportive of was specifically prohibited by out-dated and unworkable policy letters by Mr. Hubbard, thus preventing our growth. Prior to my Ideal Org program, the decrepit nature of most org buildings stood as a barrier to the inflow of professionals into the ranks of Scientologists. Since eliminating the specific suppressive policies which were stopping us, spectacular new org buildings have been popping up across the globe like fields of freshly fertilized sunflowers.

    Mr. Hubbard is assigned the Condition of Confusion. Should he ever be found to be applying for admittance into the Church again, he will be required to complete steps A-E as his first service, additionally requiring an approved petition directly from the Office of the Chairman of the Board, RTC.

    His only terminal is COB, RTC.

    Chairman of the Board,
    Sole Ecclesiastical Leader of:
    Church of Scientology, International
    Religious Technology Center
    Church of Spiritual Technology
    Church of American Science
    Golden Era Productions
    Golden Era Publications
    I HELP
    Bridge Publications
    Volunteer Ministers Association
    Author Services, Inc.
    Advanced Orgs
    Celebrity Center Int
    Hubbard College
    Applied Scholastics
    Freedom Magazine
    Impact Magazine
    Foundation for Religious Freedom
    Advance! Magazine
    Foundation for Religious Tolerance
    Youth for Human Rights International
    Second Chance Program
    Environmental Task Force
    Future Writers of America
    World Literacy Crusade
    The Way to Happiness Foundation
    All OT Committees
    All OT Ambassadors
    All Auditors Associations
    CCHR Int
    All Orgs
    All Members
    Honorary V.P. Nation of Islam
    Honorary Shinto Minister

    cc: TC

  191. Thank you Tony and Joe for that Two Way communication cycle. That was some right nice stuff. Me needle, it floats.

  192. GetTheConcept

    Good point.

  193. Me too!

  194. Exactly. Once again we see a 180 reversal from the intended (?) result. The intention was to make Mr. Fairman recant and repent. The result was a very public announcement about how he was “declared” in a squirrel manner, along with yet another insight into the insanity of the current regime.

    Bravo Mr. David Miscavige! You competence knows no bounds! Through your minions and your puppet Tommy Davis, you are doing our job for us very well. Really, thanks for again helping the independent movement.

  195. To Michael, Marty, Mike, Mosey, Karen, JB, Sarge, Tony – all of you. Your heroism in the face of all of this is inspiring. I look forward to the day when I can molt the skin of Grasshopper and come out into the open. In the meantime, here is Beethoven’s Eroica as a tribute to your strength and courage:

  196. A little bit of mass for the Koolaid drinkers!

    BTW, T. Davis!…who is your teacher…LRH or dm?


  197. Here’s more explanation on who took the reign of our religion 30 years ago!

  198. GetTheConcept

    Actually, let me add to my reply of “good point” and I am now going to make you totally right, Roberto. My name is Dave Fagen and I am a Class IV and a Pro Sup and a Pro Word Clearer. My wife, Sindy, already made her public notice and I was included in it but she did not say my name and up until now I haven’t mentioned anything myself to the broad public. Here is her article: http://leavingscientology.wordpress.com/2010/05/26/standing-up-to-be-counted-synthia-fagen/

    I have been told verbally that we are now declared but we haven’t seen anything in writing on that and possibly never will, as I was told it was not posted anywhere.

    So I am pretty-much already known as someone who has left the church and perhaps I will give my whole story and doubt formula at some point. It is a study in how the church violates its own policies. But you wanted me to be next and I guess I’m now sort-of being next. I chose the name “GetTheConcept” not to hide my identity but more like a CB radio “handle” (“handle” means a nickname that CB radio guys would use when talking on their CBs). I use that name because I have found in my experience as a Supervisor that the real way to get people to understand Scientology, or anything, and become able to apply it is to make sure they get the full conceptual understanding of whatever it is they are trying to learn. In other words, when a student flunks TR4 for not handling an origination correctly, it is not enough to just say what is wrong with what he did and what he should do to correct it. But what’s needed is that you make sure he gets the full concept of why it was a flunk, what is the true purpose of TR 4 in relation to all the basic data about TRs and the comm cycle, and what he would have to do to fulfill that. Not robotically, like you may have seen coaches and supervisors do at times, but where he truly understands it for himself and doesn’t have to think about it, and won’t forget how to use it. So the more I have used this concept of conceptual understanding, the more successful I have been as a Sup and also in my own studies. I think that all the misapplication of Scientology that you see, including people still in the church who won’t look at what’s really going on and how the church is not following its own policies, I feel that stems basically from people not getting the true concept of what the tech and the policies are all about. I’m not saying that nobody still in the church has any concept of the tech and policy, but that not getting the full concept, or at least not looking at the full concept in certain very important situations, is a basic cause of this situation. Hence, I decided to use the name “GetTheConcept”. Will keep in touch.

  199. By the way, how exactly does McSavage’s insane insistence that everyone who flees his tiny little dictatorship must be expunged from all public records including Tech Training Films, old photos, tape lectures, etc. provide any kind of grounds for lawsuits against the expungee’s for having to recreate / edit media content which happens to feature them ?
    Michael A. Hobson

  200. Dear Michael,
    Your Declaration of Independence is wonderful! I have long been a fan of yours, but my favorite was the Dianetics video that you did, as I have been a longtime disseminator, Field Staff Member and public Scientologist. It was, and is, a wonderful dissemiation piece, one I was very proud to point to, as someone who wanted to spread the word about LRH’s wonderful technology. In your write-up, I was especially appreciative of your wonderful references, including the non-LRH references.

    I see you have run into Tommy “There is No Disconnection” Davis. His speech on CNN, lying to the world, prompted the formation of my Moms-Against-Disconnection group. I have been meeting with attorneys in the last few weeks, after learning that my only son had left the Delphian School in Oregon, and was moved to Austin, Texas where I live, went to Akins High School, without my knowledge or permission. He was 15 or 16 at the time. I learned about this just in the last few weeks.

    I received my “Burn Notice” many years ago, and was reluctant to go get a new Committee of Evidence or do A to E, after being the recipient of Disconnection. My son was pressured into disconnecting from me while he was attending Delpian school in Oregon at the age of 13 or 14. I had given my permission for him to go there to my ex-husband, as I wanted my son to receive the best education possible. My internet search to investigate my legal rights as a mother, led me to hundreds of court documents, affidavits attesting to the abuses perpetrated by the The Church of Scientology International. The abuses were not limited only to children, forced to disconnect from one or more parents and other relatives, but to abuses of staff in the gulags that comprise the RPF camps, to the abuses of Sea Org members with food and sleep deprivation, low or no pay, long hours, and all the things you have read about in the books you mentioned in your write-up.

    I apologize for only an hour ago, seeing your post, but I know you understand the exhaustion that comes about when you are fighting suppression. It is very taxing on the mind, body and spirit. It is only my Independent friends that keep me going. You are beginning to meet them here. We are all here for you, as they have been for me, and the happiness and freedom from the suppression that has become the C of S, is unparallelled. It truly is a New Life. And, you don’t even have to do L-11 to obtain this new state of case! I know LRH is sorrowful for what the Church has become, but I also know he is proud of us for standing up for him and his technology.

    I hope to meet you soon at an Independents’ gathering, and I am thankful to Marty that he was able to help you with his superb auditing.

    All my love,
    Catherine Von Ach

    P.S. The suggestion to appear on “Burn Notice” is most appropriate. It is my favorite show! I would love to play the role of Fiona (Fi) as she portrays a girl after my own heart! When LRH talks about blowing up buildings under certain circumstances, I think of her!

  201. “The most effective SPs you’ll ever meet can make you feel like you’re the most important being on Earth,….”


    This is exactly right, and it is exactly what IAS reges do to the attendees of their cursed World Tour Events. They use extreme flattery, like telling the attendees “You are the cream of the cream, the most OT beings on the planet, who have the confront to be here and do something about it! You are the only ones who can make it go right!”

    Then they rob you blind and drive you into bankruptcy.

    They are clones of the Father of Lies, Satan the Flatterer, the primal SP.

  202. How does King Tut get away with harassing people and intimidating people like he does?

    Is there legal recourse for Scientology’s actions?

    Or is it just water under the bridge and they can get away with harassing and abusing people?

  203. Tony DePhillips

    Well Hell Dave, stand up and take a bow!!
    Do one with your whole picture and stuff and get out of non-e with us..

  204. Really spooky that they were spying on you. “We care about YOU, here is your SP declare!” They seem to come in uniform as a police force hallucinating that they have some authority to track people and invade their home. This is “business as usual” these days. I recall a time when , if a person was upset with an Org, an auditor would come out to visit, with real ARC and care to fix the matter. I honestly do not know of one LRH reference on sending a police force out with declares, and staging interventions. Does anyone know if there is one? Is there an LRH reference anywhere about these kind of episodes / handling or is it purely whimsical?

  205. Quaoar,

    The orgs have indeed been bleeding from their arteries and have been since the Formation of the IAS in 1984. But it is my view that they are and have been all along deliberately bled, so I am not at all sure there is any panic on DM’s part.

    The IAS has essentially destroyed the viability of the orgs by financially Third Partying between the orgs and their publics. IAS reges overtly tell public they will get more case gain from donating than from auditing and training. All of the public’s money has been siphoned off so no-one could afford to pay for going up the Bridge.

    This of course destroyed staff income and has also prevented myriads of people from going Clear and getting trained as Auditors, thus killing two or three birds with one stone.
    That’s why I call the the IAS the #1 Suppressive Group on Earth – because it has been a successful direct attack on all of Scientology, by posing as “a friend of scientology”. “We are the IAS”? Uh-huh, sure. Just like “DM is Scientology”. Sure,anything you say…..
    I believe this has been an intentional strategy to destroy the viability of orgs by impoverishing their publics, thus cutting their financial lines. It has not been the result of simple mismanangement, but a deliberate strategy.

    The Ideal Org strategy is part of the overall objective – the destruction of orgs delivering Grade Chart services and training and substituting for them “upscale” MEST “cathedrals” which have the possibility of attracting wealthy corporate donors and government support.

    Having bled the “common” man-in-the-street type public donors dry, DM has been going after the big money of wealthy patrons. Since he really doesn’t want people getting trained as auditors and going Clear and OT (THAT is what really makes him “panic” to say the least), he doesn’t care whether or not the orgs are losing public. He is hoping they lose them all except the wealthy, because he only needs a relative few wealthy patron donors to keep himself in the style to which he is accustomed, and the Devil take the rest. And he can accomplish all this while continuing to play one of his favorite games as described in the Transactional Analysis branch of psychology – “Look How Hard I’m Trying!”

  206. Oh, please, let me take a shot at this (arm waving)!

    According to the smart guy who posts at http://www.xenu-directory.net/indies-2009/index.php (he follows this site and occasionally updates the stats for it), over 2,300 uniquely handled posters have posted here at least once. If you assume some are double-handled folks, some are OSA, some are never-been Scientologists, and you just generally want to be conservative, you might guesstimate that 1,000 of these posters are Scientologists (indies and under-the-radars).

    So if those 1,000 people represent 4% of the disgusted, had-it-up-to-here-with-the-Co$, can’t-take-it-anymore souls, you’ve got … 25,000 current and recently ex-Co$ members reading this blog.

    Wait a minute … isn’t 25,000 the number of active Scientologists most folks think are currently still on the Church’s rolls?

    Hmmmmm …

    Just Me

  207. Michael, Well said my friend. Love

  208. Amazing, Mr. Fairman you are a big Tiger.

  209. I’m so proud of you Michael and thanks for posting this Marty. “They”, the ones that come to your home and threaten you because you talked to a “bad person”, they are hollow threats.
    The papers signed while you were in – none of them were legal. Did you ever have an attorney of your own by your side to offer advice. The definition of Coercion is fairly broad and makes any contracts signed, nothing but a piece of paper….

    The Emporer has No Clothes…

    nancy many

  210. Michael, Welcome my new friend. It’s high profile people like you that will get more of DMs bots waking up. Sometimes friends are just social venere, but real friends will be there thick or thin. I’m sure the ‘old man’ would give you a ‘Very Well Done’. Love

  211. In “A Wonderful Life” every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings. Here, every time an OT leaves the C of M David Miscavige gets a little shorter.

    Great write up Michael, welcome!

  212. WH — I come up with 4375. I may, however, be a bit rusty at mathematical thought problems. H

  213. Just me, I Love it. You are soooo cool! Love

  214. Freedom Fighter

    I recall a time when , if a person was upset with an Org, an auditor would come out to visit, with real ARC and care to fix the matter.

    Excellent point! These days, however, the Auditor would probably launch into a gang bang sec check. :/

  215. Just Me — great.

    And love the last bit — 25,000 current active scientologists —

    I agree — at least everyone is either reading this blog or has been forwarded salient, to them, blog articles.

    It’s pretty incredible, I have to say.


  216. See above.

  217. Freedom Fighter

    LOL! Perfect, Natalie!

  218. Mike, Holey Moley! I just remembered. I was sitting in a classroom in one of the early tech films shot at WHQ. OK, wrote a memo ‘get a lawyer’ for my lawsuit. Love

  219. Atta boy, Clarence! Or in this case, atta boy, Michael!

  220. That was my first answer too 🙂

    JustMe answers it better, he comes up with 25,000 members. 175 posters is the number who posted on this blog entry today, but they aren’t the total 4% – many of them have likely turned around, walked away and just don’t read these blogs.

  221. Hi Michael!

    Really great to see you. You likely won’t remember my name but we spoke many times on the set at Gold. I did lighting in those days. I remember seeing Sky when she was a very tiny baby.

    You did the right thing and you did it righter than most. You confronted so much and came through it shining all the way.

    Sutter and Davis will someday be telling their “leaving” stories here as well as so many others.

    I left in ’98 and what was true then with corruption at the top is true today. The facts are getting out beyond the razor wired walls of the Int Compound. They will continue
    to do so and Davey’s days of gross out tech and mis-management are coming to a close.

    Thanks for what you did, Michael. Best of luck to you.

  222. Purely whimsical Big O.

    Nothing in policy or tech backin’ ’em up.

    What we’ve come to expect from the CoS or Church of Satan.

    The uniform gig must have been some effort to create some kind of “ethics presence”.

    Obviously that worked well 😉

    I can see more SO Uniforms hitting the racks at ‘The Supply Sergeant” right next to the former Soviet Red Army uniforms and the former KGB, Stazi, SS etc full dress regalia.

  223. Natalie that is funny!

  224. Seems Dave ommitted his Chairmanship of the CTCC or Church Tax Compliance Committee, his CIA cryptonym SQ/EARL and his honorary membership with the Bilderbugers, advisor to the WFMH, successor to Anton LaVey and Blofield’s replacement at SPECTRE.

    Otherwise it looks authentic.

  225. OTDT – ha ha – I think it was Stalin’s SECOND book – “How to Kill Friends and Influence People.”

  226. Interesting, Dan, because I had the same exact thought re: Michael’s longtime friends. Even though I’ve also had longtime friends disconnect from me, it’s an absolutely startling occurence. And I think you nailed it.

  227. Redefine “celebrity”? In all seriousness Joanne, I would buy an expensive dinner at CC if Tommy Davis bussed the table.

  228. What your missing here Mike is the monetary cost involved in hiring Wiston Smiths who can erase the record without a trace.

    Plus that memory hole must be getting pretty full at Davey’s lil’ Ministry of Truth central.

    Also you got to consider the lighting costs for the room “where is no darkness” and all of that.


    You wouldn’t think Dave would use his pilfered millions to fund such an operation 😉

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  230. My fave too Catherine,

    In fact I’m totally bummed that I have to wait for the next season.

    Needless to say there are many parallels between the current Church and what happened to Michael Westen.

    Anyway you have my vote too Mike on joining the caste there.

    That way we can see ya more often 🙂

  231. “A friend is one to whom one can pour out all the contents of one’s heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keeping what is worth keeping, and, with the breath of kindness, blow the rest away.
    – Arabian Proverb”

  232. Michael,

    Truly inspring! Thank you for your dedication to LRH!

  233. Tony DePhillips

  234. Luis,

    You are right! We are talking about an amazing team work. Joy & Skye are huge Powers behind The Power (Michael).
    They are true examples of real Scientologist and wonderful human beings.
    I personally adore and admire Fairman family!!!!

  235. Welcome Dave Fagen. I wish you and your lovely wife the best.

  236. Michael,

    For some reason this song came to my mind after having read your most eloquent and concise missive. You are without a doubt a hero of our age. Thank you for standing tall- reasoned and strong. Here’s to you and those others here who keep the flame of freedom, sanity and integrity alive……

  237. Various comments on “being a friend” got me thinking. Isn’t it that real friends share really a lot with each other – you know how they feel, what they like and dislike, and most likely you had one or two really good arguments with them as well. They really open up to each other and to that degree their friendship grows.

    Take the “average” Scientologist. While Scientology (actually) is all about communication, how much REAL communication occurs between them? Heartfelt communication. Doubts. Worries. Not just “Success Stories” formulated after a certain pattern.

    If the cornerstone of ARC is communication, real communication, how can ARC grow if there is so much that you are not allowed to communicate about within the walls of idle morgues?

    With real communication gone the ARC within this group is bound to become less and so are former friendships bound to become smaller, less strong until they vanish and only have pretense value.

    Isn’t that what is happening?

    No friends you can count on. Each one spying on the other. No talk is possible in confidence when you have something on your chest and wish to share and sort out with someone you trust. Who can you trust with communication that is alive and real – with anything?

    (I know who I can talk to – I’m already talking to you. Thanks for listening)

  238. OnceUponaTime

    Well said.

    I think there is also another aspect to this sudden reversal of friendship and I think that it lies in the realm of “actually having a viewpoint of your own in the first place.” If one’s viewpoint is somewhat “other-determined” in the first place, that “other-determinism” can shift it easily. If one tends to be “other-determined”, they have not inspected for themselves, usually because of PTSness , (being out of valence), and are not creating their own dynamics. To some degree they “do not know who THEY are” , and one is actually, to that degree, dealing with the suppressive influence.
    Only to the degree that they are in their own valence will you be able to find a TRUE friend.

    Real ethics, correctly addressed, can help one with that.


  239. Mr. Fairman,
    I’m very sorry for all your troubles. From your story, your loss to the church is a huge blow. If they continue to come around, I would call their bluff: demand to meet the members of the Comm Ev (that was never held) and ask to see the minutes of that meeting. Ask for the evidence they used to draw the conclusion they did. What A to E steps do they have? and how much are they willing to negotiate on it? And under what authority is Tommy Davis operating, when YOUR only terminal is the IJC???

    The out-points are too numerous… it’s laughable. But what they are doing is not funny, is it? I wish you the best, Mr. Fairman. But I’m not worried for you. You’ve got their number, and you have the tech… you are in good hands. 🙂
    John Boswell

  240. Dear RJ,
    Since you like that show, too, I gotta tell you something funny! I have always hated the phrase SP Declare, especially when it referred to me, so I started calling it my “burn notice”, after my good friend Trey Lotz called it that, in an e-mail. Already a big fan of the show, that became my standard name for it. One day, in one of my many conversations with the CJC PAC, (one of only 4 Scientologists I was allowed to talk to in the United States) I referred to my “burn notice”. He got very silent. Then he asked, “What’s a burn notice? “Oh, I said, that’s what I call my declare. You know, after the TV show. (Silence) “Oh,” I said, “a burn notice is when you are a spy, and they blacklist you, and dump you in a city, with no cash, no credit, no friends, no credentialss of any kind, and you do whatever you can to get by, and you talk to whatever friends you still have left, if you have any, you know, like an SP Declare, (LOL).”…..More silence…….. “Oh.”, he said. Somehow, he didn’t think it was funny. The subject was quickly changed. I cannot think about this incident without chucklng to myself. Thought you might enjoy it, too. And, yes, Michael, we’d love to see you on this show! It would be poetic, or rather, artistic, justice!

  241. TEG, brought back great memories for me. I sang in the church choir and we would sing that song every Christmas Eve. Beautiful!!

  242. Yikes – that’s a heck of a site! I did not realize I posted over 300 times!

    I went out of town over the weekend and connected up with some long time friends. They are not Independent, but they are not on lines either. They are trying to figure out what to do without washing the laundry in public. The consensus is that “He has got to go.”

    The thing is, I think there is a postulate to try to get this done in a per-policy, “Ron-prescribed” manner. There was talk of the SO1 line. The issue is that the policies are very protective of the Church structure, and the assumption of Policy is that at least someone with power in the Church is not corrupt. But that said, there seem to be a LOT of people sitting on the sidelines watching the train wreck. Considering how nearly impossible it is to pay for the Bridge these days, pay for your squeeky clean Idle Org, and pay to stay up with the Jones’s on your IAS statuses, I can assure you that many are on the sidelines because they are tapped out.

    Splitting from the Church is a repudiation, to some degree, of Ron. Ron never intended for this to happen. We honor the tech, and we honor Green on White (Policy), but at the end of the day, it is hard to acknowledge that Ron did not foresee this (or, more correctly, did not establish this or construct this) to prevent Mr. David Miscavige from building a personal tanning bed out of the carcass of his Church, or use the “most valuable beings on the planet” as his personal lynch mob against good people like all of us here. So, I think there is some hope of the underground that the correct policy will eventually be applied, and get this SOB the cuss out.

    This is not what I believe. I am tired of hitting my head against the wall.

    Purpose is senior to policy. Period. The purpose is to use Scientology to better conditions. If the policy gets in the way of the Purpose of Scientology, then the policies must be revised. This is common sense (and, I might add, per policy! 🙂 )

    I told my friends flat out that I am reading this blog and others, and the conversation got heated… but against Mr. David, not against me. We were not in a venue that allowed for extended conversations on the topic, but it was a great conversation with old friends, and it got me thinking that, yes, David Miscavige’s days are indeed numbered. And the number is small!

  243. Catherine,

    This is because any sense of humor has been canceled by an RTC Directive.

    Unless its forced humor (as per 1.1 on the Hubbard Chart of Human Evalution) which is allowed.

    Which means that it’s mandatory to laugh at Miscavige’s sick and perverted “jokes”.

    All execs failing to do so or caught rolling their eyes will be sent to the hole.

    Anyway “burn” as in *betray* in spook terminology is pretty much what he did to Mary Sue and the GO.

    And he is now working on the rest of us.

  244. Witty RJ!

    As my mind ran about this over dinner, I wondered if the following cultural traditions are backed by any L.R.H policy or advice:

    False arrests
    blow drills
    beached or kicked out without a comm ev
    Computer hacking
    Severe Reality Adjustments screaming.
    RPFed because you forgot to stand up.
    Sadism gang bang hour where you put someone in a trash can and have the other staff slap them.
    Gang bang sec checks

    Geeze, too many more Int traditions to list but, are these whimsical too?
    Or are there L.R.H. policies or advices on doing these things that are “secretive” and omitted from the ethics book and course packs?

    Because if this “New Order” is operating off of whim, I think that might be a significant issue for ALL SCIENTOLOGISTS.

  245. This ‘logic’ reminds me of the medieval dunking test for witches. Most people would drown after being held under water for several minutes, but if the woman could survive the dunking, it proved she was a witch, and she would then be put to death.

  246. Clearwater lawyer


    Thank you for sharing your story. Hopefully you are setting an example for others who may be seeking out answers to these issues. It is really ironic that they would dare to threaten to sue you if don’t go along with their party-line, even though they must know that that line is a lie. They are angry that you made an independant inquiry and discovered the truth. They threaten to write bad things/lies about you in an SP declare (that could be considered libel if they had actually done it). They threaten to say bad things/lies about you to get others to cut communication with you (here it would be slander, to
    the extent that what they say is untrue). Yet, they are always complaining about about the media/former members saying negative things about them. . . They call it libel and slander.
    Then another layer of irony. If you do not to do exactly what they want you to they threaten to sue you. As if knowing the truth or seeking out knowledge was somehow actionable. Are they saying that because you have your own opinion and do not agree with them, it gives them a basis to sue you??? The fact that you discovered the truth and took action on it gives rise to valid legal action against you?? It really is absurd.
    I imagine it has been tough for you and your family, but thank you for standing up to them.

  247. WW,

    Yeah, I’ve noticed that for myself when I go out of ARC with someone or something I’ve to some degree gone out of valence.

    That we assume valences at all is a pretty interesting phenomenon. The need to have a game. Or the intention to have a game. The intention and postulate to cause effects. And then how this simple action goes awry, becomes obfuscated and leaves us scrambling for answers.

    Answers which we had to begin with if we had merely continued to honestly observe from a pan determined viewpoint rather than get sucked into one side of the game over the other. And then the self-determinism becomes other-determined and goes down, down, down through layer after layer of inversions, each step down leaving us less capable.

    As for being PTS, you got to ask why this being who is capable of such high levels of Causation becomes such a low level of Effect. It’s kind of easy to blame those nasty SPs, but in the end, SPs are not a why.

    No one can cause any of us to become effect unless we co-create that effect. We are cause of our own effects. Not the SPs. How can a lower level cause point suddenly be responsible for the condition of a higher level cause? Makes no sense. So, we’re essentially PTS to our own agreements, our own higher level cause. SPs be damned.

    Running overts simply puts us back in charge of our own causation, makes us see that we are responsible for our own causation. And because overts reduce our ability to perceive, we lose track of our “own valence” as we lose the ability to differentiate who is doing what from what viewpoint. We’ve lost track of the ability to spot the source of a causation.

    From a human viewpoint, friendship is almost mythical in its mystery. And that’s, as you say, because of being “out of valence.” But, at a certain point, one transcends valence.

    And transcending valence discovers a higher level of ethics. A level of ethics that is native to us all. A level of ethics beyond figure-figure and philosophy and logic and even consideration and opinion. It’s a level of awareness of truth that precedes postulating viewpoints and dimension points and all the ramifications stemming from those factors.

    We all know native truths, and when we argue we’re arguing from positions of untruth and alter-isness, from not-isness and invented significances.

    And the truth is I’ve never met a thetan I didn’t like. And what better survival (ethics) could there be for all of us than actually liking one another and granting each other beingness without all the additives?

    As an example: Within this game we’re playing, I might feel contempt for David Miscaviage. But, beyond this game, he’s just a being. A lost being who’s confused and overwhelmed and dramatizing unethical choices. I have no desire to crush him or punish him. Outside the game, he’s just interesting in his madness.

    I don’t know if he’s salvageable, but I don’t lack ARC and KRC for him because of his failings. That would be silly. I’m not about to let some being’s dramatizations become cause over my ARC and KRC. He can fuck up all he wants and I can have all the ARC I want. His actions don’t determine my responses.

    So, I think what I’m getting at is that all beings are my friends. And I know that probably raises some hackles. Within a game, some I find more special than others. Some I agree with more. Some are more creative and aesthetic. Some are more intelligent and productive. But liking another simply because of specific attributes is ultimately arbitrary.

    All beings are special. Sounds like new age clap trap, but that’s just lower level harmonic recognition of a truth. Just because a truth gets distorted at a lower level doesn’t gainsay its higher level truth. All beings have value. All beings have ARC. All beings are worthy of our respect and help.

    And I suppose in that, I find friendship.

    Forgive my ramblings. I was merely making some observations.


  248. Oh Loki, you make me blush.

  249. I wanted to mention in passing that today is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the passing of LRH. Tempus Fugit.

    It is good that we are keeping Ron’s legacy alive – not for Ron’s sake, but for all of ours!

  250. theystolemychurch

    This post on Friendship actually blew a TON of charge for me…. I have a dear friend (I thought and believed) actually disconnect from me before I was declared. I do not even know if I am yet declared….

    Disconnected because I told her about my disagreement with the books being edited and changed and “new policies” being written… hadn’t even asked for my $ back yet or anything… And she was the one that got me looking telling me about how the definition of Dianetics had been changed….

    The truth does set you free… especially as expressed as eloquently as you have, Once Upon a Time~!

  251. QUICKSILVER, you said: “How is it that what one thought were such good friendships are discarded without a thought like the daily trash? Was it a friendship to start with? I thought so.

    I can only think that their idea of friendship is a very shallow replica of ARC and didn’t mean that much in the first place.”

    I think the friendships were great, and were real. But next to those, the mountain of FEAR looms above all, and takes over. It’s not that their idea of friendship is a shallow replica – it is that their FEAR makes them nearly blind to anything except Pavlovian-style-taught lessons of what THEY MUST DO TO SURVIVE. (they think).

  252. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    L. RON HUBBARD, FOUNDER” by DM, all I wanna do is genuflect to all those posts that Herr DaMiscarnage holds up his ass.

    🙂 me – being naughty

  253. Hell of a comment, Valkov.

    What you think solution is? I cannot figure it out, other than to say I hope it blows up fast.

    Your comments about IAS reminded me of R traffic giving the reasons to form up W.I.S.E.

  254. GetTheConcept

    Thanks to all of you. Tony, possibly I will.
    Now … who’s next?

  255. Dear Michael,
    I always found you to be a gentleman.
    It takes great strength and a huge heart to have done what you did, after what you endured.
    Thank you!
    You’ll see, life will get lighter each day and more joyous. As it should be, and it’s what you deserve!
    Let me know if there is anything I can do.
    I send you a big hug-
    Mary Jo

  256. Looking4Myself

    So happy to hear you got out and now know what is really going on. VWD to both you and your wife. I loved most everybody on staff at your org and I must say you have more integrity than most anybody I have ever met in my life. I’m not quite ready to come out of non-e yet but will soon. In the meantime, I would love to get in comm via e-mail if that is all right with you. Suffice it to say I am an old roomy of yours from Nelson Street over ten years ago 😉
    Gawd, this is becoming the who’s who of ex CofSer’s lol.

  257. OnceUponaTime

    Totally with you on all that.
    Thank you for elaborating (or “rambling” as you seem to have a preference for calling it). Your thinking seems to align well with my own understandings on this.

    I enjoy your contributions to this forum and I am glad that you continue to contribute your understandings and viewpoints.


  258. The Delphi Schools train Scientologists, nothing more. The Delphi Schools have NOT received accreditation by either recognized accreditation body, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) or the California Association of Independent Schools (CAIS). All of the remaining Delphi schools are listed with their respective state education departments but NONE carry accreditation from their respective regional or national accreditation bodies. Which means: HS transcripts from Delphi Schools are not accepted when applying to colleges. If you want your child to go into a college – Delphi is not the way to go. There’s some kind of made-up accreditation the CoS uses for it’s $ciento schools, but it’s meaningless.

  259. Sapere Aude

    I like that very much. Thank you for sharing it.


  260. Hi Michael,
    Welcome to The Indies!!!
    It takes high confront to LOOK, NOT LISTEN!
    Very Well Done!!!!

  261. Ditto Mary Jo

  262. Tony DePhillips

    Good TR-4.

  263. For you Lurkers;

    “Had I but served my God with half the zeal
    I served my king, he would not in mine age
    Have left me naked to mine enemies.”
    Henry VIII

    For thoise who did not see Mr. Fairman in a great movie “13 Days” he portrayed Adlai Stevenson and did an excellent jobin this movie.


    ML Tom

  264. Tony DePhillips

    Thank you for that.

  265. By the way nice Photo 😉

  266. We are now doing our “Ethics Practical”.

  267. Dear Michael,
    Your comments above demonstrate “greatness” as in What is Greatness. We are all learning here how to communicate about anything, to anyone, at anytime, if, per our code of honor, it is our choosing.

    I love the last line of the lecture Scientology And Effective Knowledge where LRH says “all I ever tried to do is get you to look.”

    Here is to looking my friends.

  268. Dear Michael,
    I just read your statement over again today. It was deeply moving, and I am so grateful you chose to speak out. I am still reeling with the images and emotions you shared. Stunning.
    (resent due to an error)

  269. Mr. Fairman, while I’m happy to hear you’re no longer under the yoke of suppression that is what the Church of Scientology has become, I’m very sorry to hear of yet another torn network of friends/family.

    It’s amazing to think that our long-term friends would have the facility to simply flip a mental switch and from that point forward see us as someone (or something) different than before. It’s saddening and maddening at the same time.

    Jeff Hawkins wrote a very good blog post about this. The topic — Thought Stoppers. The more stories I read of friends/family turning into snarling enemies, like a Pavlovian dog salivating at the sound of a bell, the more empirical the data on Thought Stoppers is. It’s really remarkable.

    There are quite a few poignant comments above. I won’t belabor them. I will however say I’m happy to have yet another bright star in this emerging galaxy of truth & understanding.

    I wish the absolute best for you, your family & friends…

  270. You’re a lucky man, Dave. Sindy’s a gem. Nice to hear from you.

  271. I believe the solution is to simply bypass DM, RTC, Flag, the COS, and all that. Put only enough attention and effort on it to handle as necessary, that is, get some ethics in on them as necessary. Otherwise, “Flourish and prosper”, that’s Job 1.

  272. Fellow Traveller

    Awesome! Hilarious and sad to me. When was laughing my ass off, or would have had I not been seated, I realized that LRH himself would probably have gotten a really good chuckle from this. That thought was immediately contrasted to the present situation. Man, what an emotional swing.

    Gotta love that cc: what a touch!

    Dude, if it is dude, dudette otherwise, you rock like no other!

    Thank you for this. I owe ya big. Or that daring insider.

    Bruce Pratt

  273. Free & O.O

    Thanks for that.

    Yes I have looked at it – like 2 types of manifestation – some will just turn away – they don’t want to hear at all – they know but the fear factor is heavy & for them. The other type attacks at the simple voicing of an outpoint.

    While I understand both and have empathy for the first type, the latter is really unfortunate and a bit of a piss-off.

    (note to self) must apply ‘What is greatness’

  274. Awwww, come on! What’s a little hazing among your secret society fraternity brothers and sisters? When your contract is for a Billion Years, what’s a few years or even decades in the RPF to prove your loyalty and worthiness? A mere wink in time!

  275. Michael,
    I’ve had such fond memories of you; First, and Foremost; You were always a true Friend – I Respected you Absolutely.

    To see What you did, When you did, What you did – Shows a little bit about what you learned in the REAL church.

    My eternal wish: Encumbered soles reading you testimony, (and I love the way you wrote it immediately and accurately), will see the truth. I firmly believe your validated testimony was released somewhere near what we are going to someday refer to as; ‘The Tipping Point’; of where we finally got to see the end of David’s bastardization of the ‘Church’.

    In closing; The respect I have always had for you has grown immensely .


  276. TEG, if I might suggest, this version kind of represents the Indies a bit better. One sang out, then another, then a couple more joined in and so on and so on and then before we knew it a whole chorus of people were all singing from the same songsheet and more every day! And the onlookers are in awe.

  277. Dear Michael, I can only say that all changes are good. I believe that the future is bright for all, for those in and for those out. I’m glad you have made your statement, a well made statement. I hope to see you sometime soon. ML, Sergio

  278. RJ, you give me an idea. He wants uniforms, we’ll give him uniforms….We should all of us get gaudy uniforms and…..

    OK, you can take it from there, you get my drift. You know those people probably can’t tell the players without a scorecard…. When we, wearing uniforms say “Jump!”…….

    Anons too should wear uniforms along with their masks, when they protest….

  279. Theo Sismanides

    🙂 Thanks Michael, we are getting together again!! If every celebrity had the guts to observe what they observed and say what they observed, Scientology would continue to work!!!

  280. OnceUponaTime,

    This raises an old ethical conundrum – is it possible to execute a person, knowing it is necessary to do so, without succumbing to the invitation to hate them? Speaking of a criminal here, not a situation as in “The Last Samurai”, or other forms of “assisted suicide”.

    Killing in self-defense, for example.

  281. Martin Padfield

    Perfect analogy Natalie. Every time an old timer or celeb or OT leaves I have a lighter step, the day is brighter, and the end of this macabre circus is just that much sooner. 2011 is gonna be the year of the celebrity defection, mark my words…

  282. Martin Padfield

    Wonderful, and so apt. Never fails to send shivers down my spine. Thanks for reminding me.

  283. LOL!!
    OTDT, you are so hilarious……
    how do you do that…

  284. A further explanantion of my “hell of a comment”. I base my view of the scene on these words of LRH:

    “The Result IS the Intention.”

    Thus I do not believe the CoS has gone the way it has gone because of “mistakes”, “incompetent management”, etc.

    DM was never, or perhaps only briefly, a “Scientologist”. He never understood much or agreed much with LRH’s goals for the subject. At some point he decided, as most “young turks” do, that he would rise as high as he could and get control of the whole show if he could. He did this entirely for his own goals of power and status most likely. Nothing at all to do with the reasons most of us were interested/dedicated to Scientology and LRH.

    He wanted to control the organizations and make them over into what he wanted them to be like – not what LRH or most of us wanted them to be like. And he has succeeded to a large extent.

    It appears now that one of his major goals was to wipe out correct use of the tech, and wipe out the delivery of auditor training and the making of Clears and OTs. The other prong of his efforts course was to increase his own wealth and status, presumably to make himself feel safer.
    Some of my speculation:
    Possibly at the bottom of it all is an overt act he could not confront, such as striking a preclear during a session. This has been reported and apparently known of by several people at Flag. To the extent that he had agreed with Scientology ideals, this would be a major problem for him, but perhaps only to the extent that it could prevent him from achieving his goal of becoming the “top dog” or the “Boss Hog” in his future.. Possibly a co-contributing cause of such an action might be his use of inhalers for his asthma, as inhalers in the past contained amphetamines, and today are likely to contain steroids. Both types of chemicals are known to contribute to increased aggression , loss of impulse control, and possibly violence in some people. Both types of “medicines” can probably contribute to the creation of a”biochemical personality” as described by LRH.
    But I think these might be contributing factors that made him worse, not the primary causes of his ambitions and motivations.

    So the Ideal Org strategy is another prong of his overall plan. Neither the IAS nor the Ideal Orgs have any place in correct implementation of Scientology’s goals, they are in fact completely counter to them. They are an implementation of DM’s goals. Of course there are quite a few SP or PTS lesser lights who decided to hitch their wagons to DM’s star, for whatever reasons. He appeared to be “the power” so they have “sig heiled” and elected to treat him as their “Dear Leader”.

    The future of Scientology is outside of the CoS system.

  285. Mike Hobson – when the car fails to start, kick the dog? (Or the nearest Sea Org staffer? Or disobedient public?)

  286. Right, and the moment when they got your money in the box they drop you like a hot potatoe. They do not even look at you with their asses, until
    the next reg cycle goes on.

  287. Dear Cindi,
    Thank you very much for the information on the Delphi schools; it is very valuable data. My upset is: due to Disconnection, as a parent I was not informed that my son was transferred out of the school he was attending in a state far away, to a school in a city in which I, his mother, lived. He had a grandmother, an aunt and cousins who loved him dearly, who were also deprived from seeing him during that time period. He visited his grandmother once, and told her that he was “on vacation, just in town for a few days”. The actuality was that he was living in Austin without our knowledge. This is how far Disconnection can go in the Church of Scientology, which Tommy Davis and Monique Yingling state we don’t practice on nationwide and international TV. Not only is it practiced, but the children are made to lie about it! It is against the law for others, even a “Church”, to interfere with parental rights, including the child himself. Since my son is over the age of 18, there is not a lot I can do about it, the attorneys tell me. The time to do something was back then. But it is not too late for the parents of minor children to do something about it NOW. The laws on parental rights vary according to which state one lives in, but the variation is with details concerning visitation, support, etc., etc. The basic principle is that NO ONE has the right to interfere without a COURT ORDER. That is why Tommy Davis and Monique Yingling keep insisting that DISCONNECTION IS NOT ENFORCED, THAT IT IS “VOLUNTARY”. THEY KNOW IT IS ILLEGAL TO INTERFERE WITH PARENTAL RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!
    Love, Catherine von Ach

  288. GTC, Thanks for bringing attention to this. I was very disapointed to find that Word Clearing Series 66, Conceptual Understanding, was not on the checksheet of the GAT “New” Student Hat course I did. I always felt it was the most important issue reguarding study. love, 1 SP

  289. Hi Michael;
    Welcome to sanity, self determinism & OT looking ability.
    I welcome you to this group with open arms.

  290. Time to watch or re-watch “The Lives of Others”

    Chilling reminder of what DID happen in East Berlin not that long ago and what IS happening now with “friends and staff” of dm’s Stasi.


  291. This post is brilliant Michael, thank you.

  292. Michael, you said it all – nothing more to comment . Love you for being here with the Independents.
    “Freedom is an asset that grows through use, through disuse it melts away.”
    Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker

  293. martyrathbun09

    Agree. I highly recommend it to everyone interested in this unfolding saga.

  294. martyrathbun09

    The one datum from my tech training stood out more than any other: THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR UNDERSTANDING.

  295. Hey! That’s our song … Hallelujah!!

  296. There is a lot of punch in your ramblings! Had some great cogs that I’d never had before, thanks!

    There is another thing that can enter into this botched handling of relationships and that is the fixed idea. One can be so strongly convicted to an idea that they no longer grant beingness to another. You see this happen again and again when someone is new to Scientology. Rather than expanding their comm lines, they cut them simply because the other person does not agree with them. In this situation, lack of familiarity with the basics of ARC is usually the culprit.

    This same mishandling of comm lines is rampant in the church today but now a lie has been introduced and we who disagree are now the enemy so the severing of the comm line includes venom and hatred.

    Non-application of the tech has become such a widespread situation inside the church. So much so that it is not surprising even the public forget to apply what they have learned in handling day to day problems. Application is omitted. It is almost as if the force feeding of the “Basics” had two effects on the public. Some of them read the LRH and cogged the church is not Scientology and got out or are heading in that direction. While the others got stuck in in a hypnotic trance of “forced” inflow without the chance to outflow and really can’t think at all. These became the real puppets of the church.

    As environmental restimulators (there are surprisingly a lot of them connected with the church) start dropping away, a person can have the time and space to change their mind about those comm lines they used to have so long ago. The beauty of all of this is that when that does occur, the remedy of that earlier failure to handle is simply applying the basics of ARC in a new unit of time. Having applied this on several occassions I can say that it works like a charm! All that earlier ARC gets fully rekindled and they return to being “special” once more.

  297. kye~I’ve responded to you at least 3 times. You can reach me through mylrh.wordpress.com at any time.

  298. GetTheConcept

    Yes, I read something you wrote about this on your blog at one time, and I could see that you had the same kinds of cognitions I had on that.

  299. GetTheConcept

    Find me on facebook and we’ll take it from there.

  300. GetTheConcept

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Heather.

  301. Wow! That was cool, great stats!

  302. John Fennessey

    Once Upon A Time, I just think you really, really GET IT. And to get it like you do, you have to be outside it looking in. Your comments are very useful. I dont know what you do for a living, but your wasted if you do not have the opportunity to help others sort out their lives. Have a nice day.

  303. Riveting and insightful movie.

  304. In the 70’s there was a policy letter having to do with recovery of pcs, that stated before an org staff member went to a parishioner’s home, they had to first get permission from them. I don’t know the name of it, but it was followed in the mid-70’s. Maybe it was cancelled or got disappeared.

  305. Bravo!!!
    The sad thing, and hilarious too, is that DM would read this and think it was a speech written for his next “spectacular, incredible, best ever, you-won’t-want-to-miss-this” event. He’d be giving extra rations to his speech flunky, maybe even take off the dog collar for a few minutes. LOL and ML, M6

  306. “…any sense of humor has been canceled by an RTC Directive.”

    Uh oh, I’m off-policy.

  307. Good observation!

  308. Yes, correct analogy. Watched this movie a few times. The similarities are tooooo obvious. The main actor (the Stasi Officer turning from bad to good guy) was actually a victim of the GDR regime – if I’m not wrong his own wife did spy on him). How many family members and “friends” do actually spy on each other under this ooohhh so golden age of treachery?

  309. What boggles the mind is the manner in which there appears to be no use of the ethics conditions by management. A thinking staff member would have asked you what condition you were in. Doubt? But then they would have to provide you with the statistics of the group. And that seems to be top secret. Who can do a doubt formula with the Church when DM refuses to share the statistics of the group or his own statistics with anyone? The biggest red flag I see is that the staff and public never demand to see statistics. They do not know if they have pledged allegiance to a complete down stat and that does not even seem to be a concern! What kind of “Scientologist” is that? Tell me one staff member or public that has been able to view DM’s statistics? I just don’t believe these people are Scientologists. But you read about “PTS to the middle class” and that is exactly what you have going on in the Church. Just like people do not want to risk the 20 year mortgages, people do not want to risk the 20 years they put into Scientology, their friends, spouses and family members, certs and status. And they toddle along and attend events and applaud and never question and never ever ask to see someone’s statistics. Never question. Never look. Never read. They are pts to the middle class in Scientology. And there is a feeling of liberation and release when one can step aside from this, even if nobody else you know can do it or think outside of the box. “Character is doing what’s right when nobody’s looking.” -J.C. Watts
    Good for you Michael.

  310. Is it possible that the people remaining are those who were screened by their experiences to pass the test of being “intimidatable?” Sometimes I wonder if those admitted to the Sea Org in the last two decades have had to pass that test–especially easy for the fourteen year olds who have been snatched up before they had a chance to experience life. They could be easily crushed, though we know many who were strong enough to say FU and leave.

  311. An incredible version of this classic by the Scorps and so appropriate to this topic. Thanks for posting! H

  312. You know the precept that ethics puts just enough pressure on to keep the bank off? Well it looks like “black ethics” puts more than enough pressure on to keep the true being “off.”

  313. Wow, Theo, you have hit the nail on the head! Celebrities are a two-edged sword that DM holds in his hand, the “wrong way to” (that is, by the blade instead of by the handle) since he reverses everything to prove how right he is–LOL.
    The two edges are these: celebrities can theoretically get people into Scientology, but celebrities can also be opinion leaders to inspire others to leave. Unfortunately, the conflict generated can also keep people from even trying it in the independent field.

  314. I would love to see a post by someone good at photoshopping who takes a frame from a tech film full of people and blanks out 98% of the faces and subtitles it, “edited to remove SPs.” Or could put DMs face in each of the holes. Now I’ve got myself laughing.

  315. Dear Michael, sorry I’m so late but I don’t want to be left off the list of those saying, “Hi, Welcome, LoveYa.” M6

  316. Tony DePhillips

    Awesome clip aotc. Spot on.

  317. TroubleShooter

    speaking of Nathan Biggs, does anyone know what happened to him after he got declared? his reputation was attempted to be thoroughly destroyed by his declare. The black pr tactics didn’t work for most who knew him to be a very good CS. He allegedly made a few moral choices that were used to bring him down during the “you’re not Clear but we’re not going to audit you to resolve it for you because we need to keep you working 18-20 hour days keeping our Flag HGC production going and by the way YES YOU WILL CONTINUE TO CS CLEAR FOLDERS BECAUSE IF YOU REFUSE TO UNTIL YOUR REVOKED CLEAR STATUS IS RESOLVED WE’LL CUT OFF YOUR BALLS AND SHOVE THEM DOWN YOUR GD THROAT SO STFU AND GET BACK TO WORK!” time period of his life.

    If anyone has any news on how he’s doing that would be nice to hear.

  318. So, the “Church” wants to re-shoot the movies because a squirrel DIDN’T make them?

  319. Dan,
    It’s rather simple. Someone who is badly PTS doesn’t think on that subject. His mind is stuck not unlike a held down five. The SP is obsessed with keeping his victims keyed in by frequently slamming the restimulation in with force.

    On the subject of the SP the PTS mind has only one solution: self preservation. The PTS may act completely normal but as soon as he keys in, he goes in valence and can only act in the winning valence of his slammed in engrams. That’s why we hear TC or TD and any other DM puppet speak the gooble dy gook balderdash of their winning valence as soon as that subject is brought up.

    Don’t ever for a minute, not once, nada, etc, try to evaluate for a PTS as to who his SP is, not done! That happens to be Out Tech and worsens the situation. The solution is rather simple as well: education in PTS Tech. When things get desperate the solution is the usual; standard PTS Tech is the only thing that will do something for the situation.

  320. TroubleShooter


    To add to your observations of why friends of such long term would turn so quickly on a friend without getting the whole story is my theory – I suspect that the use of threat, fear, coercion and blackmail are how they have been managing their “recovery” strategies to turn friends against friends. Those poor souls who sold it to the devil have probably not lost their stomach aches and pounding heads and chests since first approached to descend upon Michael willing or else…

  321. Mr. Fairman,
    Thank you for looking. Thank you for sharing your sanity.

    Welcome home.


  322. TroubleShooter

    oh NO it’s now filling up with members of the NOI! This has become the place for them to go until they get their own course rooms opened up in their own churches to train their own auditors, supes etc…I like where this is going as it’s so going to result in a trainwreck with cob – I can see it. But that’s the new use for CCI.

  323. Glad to see you here, Mr. Reed! I didn’t know.

  324. Sorry, my mistake – wrong person.

  325. When the sun shines, it gets warmer and warmer.

  326. Michael Fairman

    Thank you IEG, I’ve finally gotten the C-O-B WEBS swept out of my space.
    The sun is brighter, the flowers fragrant and the werewolves have stooped baying at the moon.

  327. martyrathbun09

    The eagle has landed, and the fat man walks alone.

  328. Michael Fairman

    Your KR post put another rocket on Joy’s and my backside. I’d love to talk to you. Marty has my e-mail address — it begins with “theta——”
    Love back at you.

  329. one of those who see

    To LRH!! Hip Hip Hooray!!

  330. Michael Fairman

    I’m sure still is.
    Thank you I haven’t at lost my trust in the goodness of people. LRH first played that note in my ear and holy crap, just listen to the symphony being played on this blog.


  331. HI:

    Wow! Love this reference you quoted and what confronting you did!

    “If one can confront he can be aware. If he is aware, he can perceive and act. If he can’t confront, he will not be aware of things and will be withdrawn and not perceiving. Thus he is unaware of the things around him.”

  332. Michael Fairman

    Thank you. I keep telling Marty he’s “The Man”, but you are “The Man” too, as are all the other men posting here. And as for the ladies, each of them is “The Woman” and that makes us all pretty damn powerful! Especially when one thinks about the combined flow of theta. You are one courageous SOB!
    Thanks for all you’ve done and are continuing to do. Those black hats in the badlands haven’t got a chance.
    It’s an honor to have the name, Michael

  333. Michael Fairman

    Azul, thank you.
    I will always look at you guys in the SO with the greatest admiration. How horrible and betrayed you must feel. And hugs back you. If I’m the cat’s whiskers, you must be the cat’s meow!

    Love, Michael

  334. Yes, OTDT, you are grossly off-policy, and we wouldn’t have any fun without you! LOL, I guess we are all off-policy.
    Love, Lady Min

  335. Michael Fairman

    Hola, mi amigo,
    Thanks for your offer — a beach the LA mass sounds very inviting, but I have much to do here, and besides my doubt has been handled ten times over. Smile while you fight — that’s the best way to win

    adios for now

  336. TheyStoleMyChurch,

    Glad to hear you had wins reading this.

    As for your friend, we all operate on many levels. Individuals may connect or disconnect on some of these levels, but probably don’t on others. Disconnection and connection imply space, and space is just something involving viewpoints and dimension points. Quantum physics bears this out to some degree.

    But, outside that spatial context, disconnection doesn’t occur. There are beings we are “born with” (probably an odd way to put it, but it has some resonance with me.) These beings just remain with us forever and ever. And we tend to be very intimately connected to them. They resonate with us. We share the same “wavelength.” You meet them in a lifetime and think, “Holy shit!” It’s very exciting. It’s the soul mate stuff that hasn’t been alter-ised by implants and the like.

    Because of the games, and space, and time, we seem to meet up and lose these beings. And they meet us and lose us. It’s a matter of cross flows.

    Point is, the disconnections, enturbulation and entheta we experience with one another ultimately is of little importance. At any time, you can communicate to anyone you choose, and they will receive that communication willingly at the level of Prime Cause/Effect, at the level of native ARC/KRC. That communication can even sometimes work through all the bank and enturbulation and reach the viewpoints of the body that being is operating. Or not. Maybe just a vague feeling they experience.

    We can just “look through” the nonsense without adding to its solidity. So, even when the lost friendships leave us hurting, it’s just temporary stuff. Like immortality, we may worry about death, but ultimately we simply persist and discover the illusion of life.


  337. Why that sly bastard.

  338. Valkov,

    Jesus said, “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s….” In a way this applies to so much of life. What applies to one game or facet of the game doesn’t apply to others. And when we talk about ethics, we have to differentiate just where the consideration applies. A thetan doesn’t have to eat, but it’s probably a good idea to give a human body a hamburger or soyburger now and then. And the power to imagine and create bring about all manner of wonderful experience, but you have to differentiate the universes to which those creations and experiences apply.

    Most philosophical conundrums fail/twist/distort because we overlap the universes to which the data apply.

    A thetan can create entire civilizations filled with families and planets and animals, then destroy them. You do this in creative processing with great benefit. But, it’s not a good idea to walk into a school and drop a grenade on the first graders.

    Where does the creation and destruction apply? To what universe and what circumstances? You’ve got to pry these things apart and differentiate them.

    Then you have to apply gradients of data, infinity valued logic, to get a better grasp of a particular case. Each case demands its own estimation of effort. How much force should you apply? How much of which types of energy? What outcomes?

    A human mind doesn’t process all that information easily. A thetan can process it and arrive at exactly the right solution.

    Of course, the solution arrived at by one thetan will probably clash with the solution arrived at by another thetan because no two thetans evaluate exactly the same. But….

    That’s what makes it so interesting, huh?


  339. This man has gotten a truly, truly warm welcome from the “crowd”. It seems every person wants to give him a huge hug. Well, WTF, look at how adorable this guy is. He’s a good guy Scientologist or not. If he survives his welcome without a “broken neck” from all the affinity, I think he will be making several outstanding contributions to this BLOG in the future.

  340. Marisa Padella Minelli

    Great Michael Fairman!

    Welcome in the new and overwhelming indipendent wave. Your competence and knowledge will help to dispel the doubts and uncertainties of people who are still on the other side of the barricade, especially in the artistic and creative American environment, where you are well known. Thanks for the specific willingness to have just the standard tech of L. Ron Hubbard, and not the ALTERED SURROGATE of David Miscavige.

    Thanks of all,

    Marisa Padella

  341. Mr. Fairman, thank you for your courage and integrity. This is a wonderful, blow-by-blow description of the Church’s current meltdown in action.

    One question for VALKOV:

    I Love your quote, “The result IS the intention”. But do you know where that quote comes from? I’ve seen this principle in action many times, but could never find an exact LRH reference for it.

    If Valkov or anybody else can provide one, it would be very appreciated.


  342. Karen B,

    Nice insights.

    When reading what you wrote, I remembered some of the moments when I was studying the data and suddenly had profound understandings about life.

    One of my big moments (which what you wrote brought back) was finally grasping the axiom “the static is capable of considerations, postulates and opinions.” All sorts of case disappeared when I could actually spot and recognize theta considering, postulating and opining. Which all fixed ideas fall under.

    What does a thetan do with his considerations, postulates and opinions? How does he/she use these in forming perception and reality?

    The better shape a being is in, the more fluid the considerations, postulates and opinions. These things don’t become fixed. They don’t block further understanding and experience. They serve as a basis for acquiring new considerations, postulates and opinions.

    Thetans in good shape are just bursting with considerations, postulates and opinions. There is no scarcity of these things. No scarcity of understanding. No scarcity of communication. Or significance. Ideas. Goals. Whatever you wish to imagine.

    Fixed ideas are a red flag for a scarcity of ideas. A fixed idea helps to hold back a confusion because the person couldn’t confront all the mass, meaning, motion of the particles in the confusion. Not able to confront these things, he can’t experience them, can’t absorb them as understandings (realities as considerations, postulates or opinions). So he grabs onto something that he can experience and holds on for all he’s worth. He’s desperate for an idea. Really worried.

    You will find that the independents tend to not suffer from a scarcity of ideas. Thus they can generally reach out for new experiences and expand on those for more ideas and more understandings. And that is really the only state of mind that will allow one to fully grasp what Ron was trying to communicate.

    And not everyone who studies Scientology either understands or applies it.

    Those who understand Scientology don’t suffer from a scarcity of ideas. New ideas don’t scare them. Being wrong doesn’t scare them. Being wrong is nothing but an idea. It’s just a consideration.

    If you can have a couple million considerations about being right, then having a couple of considerations about being wrong just isn’t relevant. Or, you can have a couple billion ideas about being wrong and stuff them in a jar and float it out to sea just to see what the fish will do. No scarcity.

    So, the remedy for fixed ideas eventually is handling the scarcity: being able to confront and handle and create more ideas.

    So, when you’re applying ARC in a new unit of time, what happens? New experience. New considerations and understandings.

    Which reminds me of something else. I once observed how the effort to stop time would create a scarcity of experience. The time continuum is just rushing by and if you stop it, you’ll create a de facto scarcity of experience versus available/potential experience. An individual stuck in time is really prone to fixed ideas.

    And engrams/bank are full of fixed ideas.

    I hope non of this seems to contradict what you said. I liked your ideas and was not attempting to replace them, just add to the motion.


  343. Excellent point. No room for Doubt. No formula, either. Just: Repent! or you will be SUED and you will be SHUNNED!

    What kind of drammo is this?

  344. John,

    Thanks for the nice day. I put it in my pocket and will have it for dinner. Sometimes I just have so many nice days I don’t know what to do with them all. Usually, I end up giving them to charity. So many people walking around this planet with nary a nice day in sight.

    As for helping others sort out their lives, I do what I can without presuming to know what a person needs or wants. Each of us is different. So it’s good to just ask.

    Sometimes, we make the mistake of thinking this person’s life would just be so much better if they weren’t suffering so much. So much pain! Then we find out that they’re holding desperately to the pain because they don’t have enough of it. The more we try to remove the pain, the harder they mock it up. The more solid they make it. And the more….grrrrrrrr….they want you to….just…leave…them…grrrrrr…the fuck alone!

    So, in my own humble way, I do what I can.

    Oooops. Just gobbled up that nice day you gave me without thinking. I’m such a glutton. It’s a good thing nice days aren’t fattening.


  345. Seeking-As-Isness


    You’re spot on. I read this blog daily and rarely post. I pesonally know of 9 others who havent’ posted yet but who read this blog regularly and are definitely boycotting by withdrawing their time and money.


  346. Robin, Senior Watch Messenger Janis G was there, part of and witness to the whole cycle and its recording with LRH’s actual voice, actually.

  347. Hello Michael and very well done.
    I admire you for taking the time to really explore, investigate and look. I would think that anyone who resolutely looked at the whole picture like you did, would end up exactly where you are and where we are. It’s the thought stopping that dissuades them from listening and convinces them to not look. Sad, really.
    The “friend” (and family) subject used to be an enigma for me. I was shocked, taken aback, saddened, surprised, perplexed, disappointed, introverted, and all those manner of emotions when I declared my independence. I did a doubt formula and wrote up my “declaration” and did not post it for EIGHT MONTHS because I didn’t want to give up my family. I was pretty damn sure that is what the consequence would be. So I planted seeds to see what would grow. One jumped on board and announced “it” before I did. Some were already out!! Some wished me well, but would have to sever the comm line, but a family member (in-law) was the worst who steadfastly went to work telling one and all that I was connected to an SP and was willy-nilly attacking the church — and my facebook shriveled to non-Scientologists. We (Tom and I) lost out on a job headed by a Scn and later, were denied the purchase of a wholesale product we were going to run with. While this is “not okay”, it was expected.
    But the funny thing is, is that I don’t really question the purity of a lot of those friendships — ( my “real ” friends : the ones that said ‘I love you, Linda’) — and I don’t question the love of my son. They are just members of a cult and they cannot think for themselves and the penalty for looking is eternal damnation. So while they love or loved me, they had to make a choice. Once I understood that, I just went ahead and posted my independence.
    I knew and know that these people that are so near and dear to me are buying into a spiritually bankrupt “church” and their lives are going to be hell. So I did it for them as well as for me. I guess I’m a little braver, a bit more of a rebel, a bit higher IQ, and unafraid. I also saw the church grow and then morph into this “thing” that it is today. I don’t want my friends and family to be “taken over” by the dark side.
    So that’s my take on the friends thing.
    Love you for what you have done and what you are doing. Your are a class act.

  348. Dave, right on about ‘conceptual understanding’. A lot of people seem to go completely blank when I use the term, as though it goes right over their heads, so I’m guessing it is a concept that is generally missed in the CoS these days.

  349. Dear Heather,
    Thank you for this; it is meaningful to me because that is the day I declared my Independence, November 13, 2010! It was my son’s Birthday, and I thought what a great day to come out in the world and say how I really felt! . . . and with my own name attached! Hallelujah!!
    Love, Catherine von Ach

  350. EXCELLENT viewpoints!

    Especially the awareness of not allowing one’s theta to be dimmed by the actions, reactions and viewpoints of anyone… including oneself.

    A big hug to you man.


  351. P.S. And it’s been a rocket ride ever since! Would heartily recommend this New Life for anyone — you’ll never be the same!Hallelujah, Michael Fairman is joining us! What an incredible win!

  352. Martin Padfield

    Biggs got declared??? Wow. Had no idea. I gather he was the Flag C/S who saw fit to program my folder for 50 hours PDH sec checking after paying for auditing, so I can’t say I’m mortified by the news. I always found him awkward and tetchy. Seems I wasn’t the only one either. Once when as MAA FOLO UK he was trying to get a reluctant Nick Warren out of bed one morning the latter had had enough, leapt out of bed stark bollock naked and just head butted him before going back to bed.

  353. You mean some people don’t have conceptual understanding of conceptual understanding, right?

  354. OTDT,

    You know how modest our fiend er…..must have been a Freudian slip there…friend Dave is.

    He never mentions the fact that he’s done more to…er..I mean more for Scientology than the combined efforts of the FDA, FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, DOS and DOD.

    In fact out of the galaxy of alphabet soup initials only one stands like a bright beacon above the rest and that is COB.


  355. Dear Michael,

    Thank you for this stunning write up. You have no idea how much it resonated. Your clear thinking, your internal evaluations based on known and confirmed information are flawless.

    We knew each other in passing in the days I was married to Heber Jentzsch.
    A Lot of water under the Bridge….Tim Marches on.

    Michael said

    They asserted the absolute rightness of their position regarding possible corruption of management and asserted the absolute wrongness of myself or anyone who dares to believe that corruption exists

    Reminiscent of the 1920’s Henry Ford days “You can have any color car you want, as long as it BLACK.”

    The battles we fight to end the criminality and corruption are not fought on L. Ron Hubbard Way or Fort Harrison Avenue in physical universe places. The battles are being won in the MIND of Scientologists that read every single one of these public resignations and all the horror stories
    and thuggery and domination and SP declares of us, the old veterans. The Age of Information, the Information Super Highway only moves forward and onward.

    There is not a day in my life when I do not receive an Email from someone asking me to help with with a Doubt CONDITION on exiting the Church.
    Imagine that.

    The “Under the Radar” Scientologist writes to get consultancy on what to do next and where to go……from an Independent !

    I have found the best approach is zero evaluation, but what really works is for them to tell THEIR STORY of recent years. They need to hear the sound bytes of what they are saying, as they could not say any of this within the “CHURCH”.

    So on a daily basis, I hear of the FSO public, especially the OT VIIs and OT VIIIs telling me of their increasing 14-15 intensive Sec check witch hunts leaving the the pc with 100x more BPC than when they arrived at Flag with the painful 3 needle swing and catastrophic BPC that gets incurred. Not to mention with vulture regging, where their own MAA and the CAPTAIN FSO enforce purchases on them literally gouging the last cent.

    If Marty never wrote another word. If this blog did not exist ~~ DM’s cult
    will implode with spontaneous combustion without any external source of ignition. It is it’s own worst enemy, destroying from within.

  356. Miguelito.

    Your eloquence and integrity do our name proud.

    Looking forward to breaking bread next time we are in the same city.


  357. Thanks Jimbo,

    This was missing data.

    If you look at the HCOPL it says “by order of …”

    In fact none other than Lyman Spurlock claims credit for compiling the PL.

    Stranger and stranger still…..


  358. First of all My very, very heartfelt congrautlations to Mr. Fairman!!!
    Joe your statement “(sorry Ron -be a little kinder at Target 2, OK? And with all of your SP/PTS data, next time…..remember….spot Miscavige,not Mayo).” matches exactly where my reality now is .
    I had a lot of difficulty with the nonesense of the David Mayo Declare when it happened which led me to really look hard at the ” SP/PTS data” and “ethics conditions” as being flawed.
    This can be debated till the cows come home but for myself they have been effectively used as a contrivance of Authoritarianism.

  359. Freedom Fighter

    Yes, to LRH!!

  360. Michael,

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts and appreciate your willingness to interchange and expand upon ideas. Your grasp of the materials that you have studied is impressive as is your ability to communicate these to others. One of the reasons I like this blog in particular is because of the number of superior writers who contribute.

    It is apparent that many still in the church are still wrapped up in fixed ideas which is not surprising since everywhere they turn they are discouraged from thinking or speaking any independent thought.

    As one contemplates leaving the church, more perceived scarcities come into view such as having no terminals to talk to or work with, loss of business connections, etc. Then one has to worry about actual delivery of the bridge. Inside you aren’t supposed to be checking out the competition so as far as they know, there is no bridge in the field. Those who have dared to think about it are told that delivery is squirrel and PCs are getting messed up. Mosey’s recent harassment is a provable instance of this occurring. “Tell Marty to stop hurting pc’s. He’s hurting pc’s. And you’re helping him.” Of course, all of this is not true but this is a common perception.

    Outside of individual tech handlings the Independents are changing that perception each and every day by opening up additional delivery spaces for training and auditing, delivering genuine Scientology and sharing those successes, very much like in the early days. These blogs have not only helped to handle the 3D engram but have created a high ARC environment where people are given every opportunity to shed scarcity of ideas.

    When I first found these blogs I went through a process and have observed others do this as well, where I was quite fixed about my ideas of how things should be and what was okay and not okay to originate. Some ideas from other posters surprised me, especially opposing ones which I automatically declare to be natter. Gradually I began to shed those fixed ideas and began to form new considerations, postulates and opinions. I like that I have evolved and that my ideas are no longer fixed and that they will evolve again and again creating future experience and future games.

    There is an awful lot of theta moving around here. So I think we ought to do more of what we are doing! The wins emanating from delivery will be their own dissemination for those who really want to play this game. Sound good?

  361. Really cool. After reading this- I’m even considering posting my horror story at Flag. 🙂 Congrats Michael. I could feel you speaking from your heart. Beautiful.

  362. I thought this excerpt from a newly published book called “The Most Dangerous Superstition” by Larken Rose, put in perspective what Mr. Fairman has just experienced, as well as probably all of us here to one degree or another. In place of the words ‘government’ and ‘laws’, substitute ‘CofM/church’ and ‘policies’ (altered) respectively.

    “….the primary danger posed by the myth of ‘authority’ is to be found NOT in the minds of the controllers in ‘government’ but in the minds of those BEING CONTROLLED. One nasty individual who loves to dominate others is a trivial threat to humanity unless a lot of other people view such domination as legitimate because it is achieved via the ‘laws’ of ‘government’. The twisted mind of Adolf Hitler, by itself, posed little or no threat to humanity. It was the millions of people who viewed Hitler as ‘authority,’ and thus felt obligated to obey his commands and carry out his orders, who actually caused the damage done by the Third Reich. In other words, the problem is not that EVIL people believe in ‘authority’; the problem is that basically GOOD people believe in ‘authority,’ and as a result, end up advocating and even committing acts of aggression, injustice and oppression, even murder.” (pages 3-4)

    May the good minds of those still being controlled awaken unto themselves, as did you Mr. Fairman.

  363. tsb, I am trying to locate the reference. I read it in the 1970s(!) and pretty sure it was Red-on-White, and was in Ethics materials I was reading, about psychosis, suppression and the suppressive personality.

    MOQ, do you have any input?

  364. martyrathbun09

    Thinking about it?

  365. martyrathbun09

    A=Aing is as dangerous as “authoritarianism” – and actually makes “authoritarianism” stick.

  366. Hi! Sergio! I have been wondering when you would show up here!!!!! Please contact me thru Marty.

  367. It’s what I would call a failed directive.

  368. Please, please share it. I went to Flag for a simple repair which went OK but that was 15 years ago. Running the gauntlet of registrars was like swimming with sharks.

  369. To give some perspective on how small a game DM and the OSA bots are playing, check out this very cool clock: http://www.poodwaddle.com/worldclock.swf.

    That gives some perspective on how small the orders of magnitude of their minds are in creating this tempest in a teapot.

    A far cry from what LRH had in mind when he wrote HCO PL Planetary Dissemination in 1982. Jeff Hawkins had the right idea when he created the Strategic Book Marketing Unit and got DMSMH to the top of the NY Times bestseller list. Of course he was squashed out of the Sea Org. Another former CMU staff member, Anne (Bradley) Gollert just won a design award for a magazine she designs, something called an Ozzie. The talent that has been wasted just in marketing resources alone could probably light the world.

  370. I once did some work for a woman who grew up in East Germany and who said that movie was very accurate as to what went on under the Stasi.

  371. Karen,

    Yup. Sounds very good. Ain’t it exciting.

    As an aside, usually I have almost no free time for reading the comments here, much less writing anything. Got some stuff done early and had a few extra moments over the last few days to share some thoughts.

    Isn’t communication wonderful?


  372. Tony,
    I am hard pressed to believe that this bunch of Keystone Kops are capable of executing well thought out plans. They are operating under the constant threat of humiliation and deprivation and will do whatever is required to avoid punishment. When having to confront a capable being who is applying the Tech standardly, they are powerless. They can only resort to the “nuclear option” of a declare. Their only hope for slavish compliance is to restimulate some primal fear of being cast into the spiritual abyss for all eternity. I am reminded of an old adage: “if the only tool a man has in his bag is a hammer, then everything begins to look like a nail.”

  373. "Hey, Kool-Aid!"

    “Faith is believing something you know ain’t true”
    –Mark Twain
    Following the Equator, 1897

  374. Marie-Joe DePhillips

    Looks like I’m late to this party, LOL

    Micheal, as I was reading your account of the events I could hear your beautiful voice. Boy, I’ve always loved your voice!

    You say: “The ensuing conversation was about how much they cared about me; how wrong I was in attacking the Church …; how I was throwing away the best thing in my life and would regret it for the rest of my life; …”
    Sounds very familiar 🙂 All I can say is that I was a very, very dedicated Scientologist for 20+ years. I had many wins. This month, Tony & I celebrated our one year anniversary of our official resignation. I have never felt more free in my life. I’m really happy with myself & my Dynamics. Not an ounce of regret for having resigned.
    I’m happy your wife & daughter are with you on this. Smart Ladies!
    Sending you all a big hug from Seattle! Marie-Joe DePhillips

  375. I find myself simply stunned by the callousness of the actions taken on you and I am once again shocked by the “instant” willingness to attack seeemingly with no thought of consequences. Blatant domination, no slightest effort to sort out and a level of arrogance that is mind boggling.

    These actions continually backfire and they already have. I’ve just become aware of a new website with information posted by Scientologists who say they are in good standing. http://www.savescientology.com.

    Their most recent article comes on the wings of what happened to you, Michael, and I think that it is a very concise and telling summary of how ethics and justice has been twisted beyond recognition. http://savescientology.com/articles003.html

    On an aside, I wonder if anyone can tell me what the contents of HCO PL 9 Sept 83 “Writing a Declare Order” (Limited Distribution). On the http://www.wiseoldgoat.com website, there is a chilling description of changes made to how ethics orders are issued based on this HCO PL. The author does not publish the issue online, as he says that it would be unwise to do so in terms of copyrights. He asserts that this policy letter, which is hidden from all but HCO Int, changes the way that SP declares are written and handled and nullifies the intent and handlings available with “Orders, Query of.” Here’s the link: http://wiseoldgoat.com/papers-scientology/hubbard_policy-letter_history.html#ethicsorder

    Marty or Mike or perhaps Jim Logan, do you know what that policy letter was about and if it has a bearing on the massive twist on the ethics and justice system that we have been seeing?

  376. RJ,

    You really hit the nail on the head with this one:
    “He never mentions the fact that he’s done more to…er..I mean more for Scientology than the combined efforts of the FDA, FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, DOS and DOD.”


  377. Joe, wasting, squandering, squashing, smashing and “closing the door on” talent and ability would seem to be the whole point – a complete reversal of KSW.

    As LRH wrote in his HCOB titled “PSYCHOSIS”, 28 November 1970 C/S Series 22,


    Insanity can now be precisely defined.

    The definition is:

    Possibly the only frightening thing about it is the cleverness with which it can be hidden.

    Whereas a sane person can become angry or upset and a bit destructive for short periods, he or she recovers. The insane mask it, are
    misemotional continuously and do not recover. (Except by modern processing.)
    — L. Ron Hubbard”

  378. Theo Sismanides

    Hi Dave and welcome! I would definitely expect from a guy who has been helping thetans to Get the Concept to write up his experience here and do a Declaration of Independence. The reason why is that I fully, fully, fully agree with you on the Why of the Church (and not only, the whole society is even worse) going as it goes. It is MUs. But when we say MUs, y0u get the point… we are talking no conceptual understanding actually. The ONE and ONLY thing that helped me to be where I am now is CONCEPTUAL UNDERSTANDING of what I was reading from LRH. All that in English. In Greek, I don’t have it (LOL)!!! Greek is more fucked up and no good dictionaries and in general I studied in English, of course, when in the SO.

    You know what I am trying to do besides my job which is advertising. I am trying to get children together from primary school and get them to understand words, words, words. Imagine now we had such centers as Independents where we could also make some money and survive but most importantly teach the Get the Concept thing. And I am not saying Study Tech because Words tend to become massy and get a bit restimulative for some (LOL!!!) So, I Get the Concept Dave and we could work out a checksheet or even more for children to start getting familiarized on a gradient about the Get the Concept Thing, haha! Maybe a book!!! Hey, there is tons of things we can do.

    I am very eager to work on that because I know it’s a point in our society completely missed. And it is the WHY in the Church IMHO.

    Think about it and if you want write to me at thetamag@yahoo.gr I am going to find you on Facebook, too. Thanks for your points and do tell us more. We want to Get the Concept, hahaha! I am no kidding, Study Tech (= Get the Concept) has been my most powerful weapon in life.

  379. …well, Joe, speaking of the talent that has been wasted…
    in fact it DOES light the world:

  380. Valkov, Wow! I loved this. Thanks, 1 SP

  381. Thanks 🙂

  382. Thanks for posting this 🙂 That “smart guy” is Raymond Hill. He posts here as RHill. He’s been doing this volunteer work for several years now . His site http://www. xenu-directory.net is the premire source for documentation on the historical and current activities and media reports of the church and it’s front groups. The stat work comes from diligent research and real documents. He knows that ‘the proof is in the pudding.’ He’s a good guy.

  383. You forgot the best ones:

    Being thrown into a freezing, filthy lake (at night at times)
    Sleep Deprivation

    I think that one of the fundamentally wrong things were just to take PCs out of session, with the use of cameras. Granted one could be getting a sec check, and they tell you, “I’m not auditing you.” But the auditor’s code still applies, as do all the things in HOW TO SET UP A SESSION AND AN E-METER. So a camera is installed in every auditing room (last I checked – not part of the above HCOB) and you are put on the meter. Well the problem with that is that all of the sudden there is someone else in the auditing room – his name is Gerald, or John or Mike, or Kevin Caetano… When that happened to me I knew it was time to shut the hell up! I was not “in-session”, I was not comfortable and I was most definitely not going to say a word. I can’t imagine what it is like at Flag. I’m sure most PCs know there are hidden cameras (what a horrible violation of privacy) and if they don’t know than it’s just that much worse – the crime is multiplied.

    Congratulations Michael Fairman – I always knew you were one of the good guys!

  384. Maybe it was whimsically tossed in a shredding machine.

  385. Do you have a copy of the original because the way you’ve written is it seems like it’s self composed. Because it’s on Marty’s site people have a tendency to believe it. Looks like satire to me.

  386. Liz,
    The issue changing the method of writing Ethics Orders and a significant change in the SP ACTS PL, 23 Dec 65, are cooincident with DM’s ‘New Sea Org’ and the early 80s ‘murky’ period. As you can read on the sites you’ve given, these issues contradict clearly written policies that are without question LRH authored. Other issues of this time period, including the bogus PTSness and Disconnection are on the Data Trail of oupoints of the current scene.

  387. Liz,
    That should be the wreiting of Declare Orders in the above.

  388. Andrue Carr (a.k.a. Mest Lover)

    Damn right I’m an SP!

    I was nothing but lied to from day 1 at Chicago Org in 1988.
    When I figured this out I was in the Sea Org at CLO EUS and being told I was not going back to my ORG as promised, but was reposted as a Security Guard for the newly renovated CLO EUS.

    I eventually became the Security Chief CLO EUS in 1989.
    I used every bit of my post’s access to regain my eventual freedom from them, but was I actually free?

    I have hidden my past with SCN since my freedom day in 1991.
    Only recently, after seeing others speaking out about the crap that SCN does upon you via ESMB (forum.exscn.net) when I found it last year was I on the path to acknowledging just how much SCN fucks with your life.

    I am free now with my speech back. I will hide no more from my past.
    I purposely set out to make them think I was to be gotten rid of. It took over 2 years for them to actually finally do it when I finally made them think I was starving myself to death. That is apparently the only message they get (BAD PR ONLINES JETTISON THE BALLAST)


    I was never declared or contacted after I left. I wonder why.

  389. Sense of humour detector on the blink again?

    Scientology can help with that!

    c’mon dude, credit the readers of this blog with just a *little* more smarts upstairs please.

  390. Michael Fairman I raise my hat to you – the amount of pressure culminated with lies, threats, attempted wrong indications at your doorstep and in your home as well as the invasion of your privacy falls under “mobocracy”.

    The continued verbal diarrhea coated with lies, emitted from the robotic ranks of “mest up” (excuse the pun) miscavology will no longer create any effect when each and every parishioner arrive at the point of recognising the fact that they have rights and refuse to be dictated to regardless of what “confidential/priest penitent” conversations are exposed. This act of rendering an SP declare and informing friends and family well in advance that one is now “in bad” with the c of $ and not to be connected with is the method used to scare someone into s i l e n c e which also activates introversion.

    This insidious delivery of insanity directed at parishioners is the notion to remove and/or dilute any evaluation abilities you innately have so as not to question actions. Recognise that you have been hit upon by “miscavology’s mobocracy”.

    What would I do if a neighbor came to my door and started to dictate the running’s of my life. I would say…. “you are not my boss/senior”… “you do not pay my taxes” … “you do not pay my salary” … “you do not pay my rent” … “be on your way” … “so what that you know I cheated on my wife, she knows too” … “you rat get out you are TRESPASSING!”

    I certainly never signed any contract with any church at any time which states I cannot change my religion or change my mind and leave any religion at any time.

    It is disdainful that td forwards, perpetrates and seemingly embraces the dictates of his handler. Thus he has spun himself deep into a sticky web of lies which he continues to voice therefore making it more and more difficult for him to d i s l o d g e himself from the insanities around himself in his own work place. He has molded iron glad armor around himself whereby he remains in traction. Unfortunately he will be the “fall guy” and dispensed with until dm finds another “bot”. Td’s incarceration will be sold to the public as “td is on a project”. Only td td can make the choice not to get himself into that position and only td can redeem himself. Hopefully td will not wait until it is too late and then due to his flagrant lies and cover-ups resign himself to the RPF at the orders and behest of his senior. Once td is incarcerated a. archer will no longer have access to her son. One could say td will have “cop’d” the condition he has been boldly and forthrightly “fibbing” about to all and sundry including the press.

    Here is my tuppence worth:
    Wake up t davis before it is too late and you start motivating.
    There is nothing dm can do to you unless you agree to it.

    For those who get the idea that something is not quite right – specifically after reading the occurrences from Michael Fairman and other high profile parishioners: I would say : take the opportunity to evaluate and read, inform yourselves honestly regarding your current “church” and the manner in which you or your friends or family are being treated, meaning: can you talk freely with them even though they no longer wish to partake in scn services, or are you “under the gun” to speak in a format which contains the weather being fine. If one cannot think for oneself or evaluate right from wrong, good from bad, the “TRUMAN SHOW” is running. All smiles and no reality of what is really happening. If everything is grey and not black and white then surely circuitry and indoctrination has taken precedence.

    If you are asked to do something which may raise your eyebrow, get that in writing from your church member be it staff or SO before you embark on some private mission for your church and before you “justify” that it is the right thing to do irregardless of consequences. Ensure you get a document in writing requesting you to partake in this private mission for your church or fellow parishioners. This way when you are apprehended by some government official yours is not the only neck and you do not take the fall……..Unless you are willing to go to the gallows for your church and their private missions.

    The power of choice is still senior to responsibility” – intro to scn ethics book “Responsibility” chapter.

    If you are afraid to talk out there is something wrong. If you are being asked for money over and over and over again for the same books, packs, courses, ask for the LRH on it. If you are asked to “up” your IAS status before you are invited to do your next step, ask for the LRH reference. If you are asked to donate to some cause ask for the LRH reference. With anything you cannot think with, request the LRH reference. I repeat: the LRH reference not any other reference but LRH reference.

    Take back your life and think for yourself.

  391. Dave, Great to see you here as YOU. Congratulations!

  392. TroubleShooter

    Sorry Martin to hear that your experience with Nate was not a good one. He got declared in ’03 or ’04 I believe. He was a good CS whose ass was worked off him much like the rest of the tech team for little little to no exchange for years of long hours and no life outside of delivering. He did fall for actions not directly related to tech delivery.

    Does anyone know if he landed on his feet?

  393. The clock puts some interesting perspective on things, eh? 😉

  394. Oh, it’s real. Sorry, I don’t have the Goldenrod, wish I did. It was digitally relayed. (smuggled out in a Get Smart USB shoe-fob at great risk)

  395. It could be Louisiana Belated-Post-Hurricane Shell-Shock Syndrome. Messes with the head.

  396. Just provisional death, though.

  397. Marty
    Am I missing data here as to how and why David Mayo was declared ?
    He was the last and best technical person Scientology had before he was taken out vindictively and labelled SP as far as I am concerned.
    None and I mean none have come even close to what he could have provided us with all his wisdom and compassion.

  398. ” The people I encountered seem to have the unshakeable belief that L. Ron Hubbard, his technology, the Church of Scientology and David Miscavige are all one, so that LRH as Source equals David Miscavige as Source. Insanity is “the inability to associate and differentiate properly” (Scientology 8-8008)

    As of my reading this post there were already 400 comments, so I’m sorry if someone already made the following point….
    It seems to me that it goes even deeper than insanity to the most fundamental point of what is an engram. In the earliest works LRH makes the point that one of the most aberrative aspects of an engram is that everything in the engram equals everything else, i.e. the music playing equals the pain equals the scent of dinner on the stove equals the pain equals the clothes you were wearing equals the pain etc.
    I believe the most basic way to describe the CoS now is that they are stuck in an unending dramatization of Miscavige’s engram.

  399. Tory Christman

    What a terrific party, and fantastic responses to you, Michael!
    I made a little video in honor of your leaving and ALL of the recent
    Italians, and others as well as those soon to come.

    I Hope you enjoy it:

    My best to all 🙂
    (Was Tory Bezazian for 27 years, “Magoo” is my late Dad’s nickname
    in honor of his tiny eyes and great sense of humor).

  400. martyrathbun09

    We do not need to be provided with anything from any individual. The tech is available. Anyone can learn it and apply it.

  401. When I come to the States, gonna by you and your couragous smuggler a beer (probably won’t stop laughing all night).

  402. Floating Needle

    “Before we resumed a while later, I asked her to please stop me if and when she began to feel the slightest enturbulation. She said she could take it and would I go ahead.

    Then she made a most bizarre statement — “You” (meaning me), she said, “now have an enemy at work”. It was said with such venom, I was stunned.
    She made another brief but equally bizarre series of comments about always being my friend and she left.”

    This is the most bizarre thing. How we as Scientolgists (COS) “can confront anything” but the moment anything negative is said about Scientology managment, the PR, etc., — you get an instant attack! I have seen this many times and I still don’t understand where this comes from.

    It is the difference between really looking and pretending to look as far as I can tell. And most COS members can’t really look, but they do pretend to look…

    “I can only say, and I have looked at this very seriously and as truthfully as I am able, that were the situation reversed, I would remain true to you — because to me, that is the profound meaning of friendship.”

    The above statement pretty much sums up the difference from those who can think for themselves, and those who can’t!

    Thank you Mr. Fairman, I believe there is no point you mentioned that can be argued… even by OSA!

  403. Marty, Your statement that is clear and to the point and I can accept that as being not modified by conditions or reservations .

  404. I’m smiling, Catherine. This was meant to be.

  405. ❤ and peace to you Andrue.

  406. Gone unchecked for another 50 years, no doubt electronic microchip monitoring devices would have been implanted into staff and members so they could be more easily tracked and captured. Or snuffed from a distance.

  407. Are negative comments removed from here? or are there simply not, any.

  408. “Am I missing data here as to how and why David Mayo was declared ?”

    The reason Mayo was removed from tech lines is pretty much covered in C/S Series 115 though he isn’t specifically named as the culprit.

    “He was the last and best technical person Scientology had before he was taken out vindictively and labelled SP as far as I am concerned.”

    None and I mean none have come even close to what he could have provided us with all his wisdom and compassion.”

    You’re kidding.


    All you have to do is read that diatribe of his called “Reflections” to dispel that myth.

  409. Michael Fairman

    Thanks for this and your earlier comments. I’m trying reply to everyone, so now I’m starting last to first.

    The great irony is that response was Pavlovian. DM has taken a page (pages) from the books of the German psychs, the N. Korean Communists etc. Remember “The Manchurian Candidate” DM is the Queen of Hearts.

    When does F/N become Floating TA?
    Love Michael

  410. IMHO I think the most basic outness in the seemingly programmed “instant attack” to voicing concerns or disagreements with COB, etc. is a very OUT TR-O and no TR-4 at all. Where is (at the least) “Wow, what’s going on that you would say that?”
    I was always amazed how many of my fellow “trained” Scientologists frequently had poor TRs in dealing with life.

  411. Michael,

    We met many years ago when I was on my training cycle to Class VIII C/S in LA. You were then, as you are now, a wonderful, thoughtful, insightful big being who grants beingness and extends admiration in high volume. I am very happy for you. I’m happy to know you’ve shed the shackles we all grew to admire and realized that the Bridge is in you and always has been. No one can take that from you.

    So may your journey be filled with joys and discoveries, of self, of life, and of futures. Chris

  412. I can’t imagine anyone not liking Michael Fairman. OSA doesn’t have the balls to come and piss on this parade.

  413. Well done, my old friend. You were never short of courage. The Awakening continues. The demise of the dictator is a story oft-repeated on the track. The end will come quicker than we think.



  414. ΘTater/GaryLerne


    Very good points. An “Agreed-Upon Reality” is like a gun. It can be used for Good or Evil.

    It’s interesting to me that “realities” are by nature a form of insanity. Perhaps not so much “destructive” as much as alloying a beings viewpoint and thus diminishing his/her “truth” (that which we are). But it IS good to be able to differentiate between pro and contra-survival “be-ings”.

    This blog with Marty and a zillion friends points this out. Truth is Truth no more and no less.

    Taking down this blog earlier by DaMinnions is their “gun” that was used for “evil”. (Hey, foot bullets for everyone at OSA/INT! Party like it’s 65 million years ago! – Woohoo!!)

    David Miscavige has no saving grace. He’s “stuck” to his own pole and apparently loves to dance on it (golden thong required). No honor, no truth revealed for him.

    It’s too bad that his “crew” doesn’t know what each other are thinking and doing when carrying out DM’s orders.

    ARC and Love,

    Here’s a video of some real theta collaborating:

  415. Michael Fairman


    Thank you. We keep replenishing each other’s reservoirs with the power of truth. DM, OSA and the rest haven’t got a chance. The stream will become a roaring river.

  416. Thank You so Much for Sharing Everything Herein.
    The Massive Feelings, reading it all, and the amazing expressions
    with great clarity is more that I ever expected to find. May lives be
    saved from your kindness and good deeds.

  417. Michael,
    I remember you at the Glendale mission. You were such a nice man.
    When I left years and years ago I got to thinking about people like you and wondering how such good people couldn’t see what I saw in such a short period of time. I am a born thinker and a questioner of all things so I couldn’t be fooled for long. But I congratulate you on seeing the truth.
    I never got far enough to have to experience the morons and jackasses
    at the very top but did experience some lunatics at the LA Org when I left.
    You never know what freedom feels like until you get disconnected
    from the real suppressives. I’m only sorry for all the people who are
    still sucked into the mire. Love you. Sheila

  418. Pingback: Fairmans Disarm Scientology Disconnection | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  419. Troubleshooter, thank you for you kind words and interest. You seem somewhat familiar with stuff that was going on. Bottom line, I disagreed one to many times with changes in what was accepted as “correct”, and was relieved of duty as a C/S. There was no evidence that I would be allowed back (transferred to an admin project with no ethics or correction program), So I asked to route out. I don’t remember what all was in the declare, what was used to make it convincing – the “moral choices” thing, if it what I think you are talking about, were from already many years before.
    Since then, I have made my way in the outside world, think I have done pretty good for someone who was an SO kid with precious little understanding of the outside world to start with.
    I’ve tried several times to make sense of all that happened, I think it is time I had someone else to talk to …
    BTW, Martin, and anyone else I messed up by following certain orders, I am sorry for this.

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