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OT VIII Claudio Lugli to Captain David Miscavige


Dear Dave,

It has been a while since we last talked and saw each other, so I decided I’d write you a few lines.

I really appreciate how you’ve been thinking about me lately. As soon as my son Flavio reported that I was reading the Blogs on the Internet, you sent directly from the US the dearest Marion Pow and Mike Sutter. Could you please say HI to them at your earliest convenience, because I really miss them. 

Despite the jet lag, having flown cross-world from Los Angeles to Brescia ITALY, I have to say, they have completed a remarkable job in clearing every doubt I might have had in relationship to your strategies on Idle Orgs, the IAS and the new Statuses (btw, these were genius) all the way to the Basics and the imminent release of Super Power. On top of all that they told me all about what you were doing so that Scientology would achieve its goals.

By the way, I was really sorry to hear from Marion that you have to wear reading glasses since you had to personally verify every point on the New Basics! Wow, but what can I say, work is work, right?

Anyway, I saw that they were strictly following a very exact program and they have completely handled ANY doubt I might have had!

On another note, I’d like to bring to your attention their complete lack of obnosis. You might have noticed that by now, since me and Renata publicly declared our Independency soon after their departure.

Oh, now that I brought her up, Renata sends a huge hug to Shelly! And by the way, Marion was so kind to let us know, even though we didn’t mention her name, that she is doing well and that she’s in a special program (must be such a deep and exciting program, because we haven’t seen her or talked to her since 2004), and please give her a big hug from me as well.

Going back to our discussion on obnosis, I think next time it would be a little cheaper for you to remove the recorded microchips installed in Marion’s and Mike’s pituitary glands. You could just send them over to me in Brescia as I have the last generation – state of the art – implant reader where I can read any kind of robotic programming. But I guess you shall decide what do to with those two your own way, maybe the physical impact is more real to you.

Besides all this, I am writing to you because there is something that Marion and Mike were not able to clarify to my satisfaction. Do you remember in 2006, it was in April at Author Services in LA when we last met? Thanks to your once assistant Emily Jones – a good looking girl, maybe too good looking to be your assistant…and by the way, whatever happened to her? I noticed Lou giving her the stink eye back then…anyway, she had been able to steal about an hour from your busy schedule so that I could finally get some good measurements for your clothes. It is with great pleasure that I recall that meeting. We were all waiting for your arrival, and Georgiana Sommerville (your steward) with Emily yelling, “he’s coming, he’s coming”, what a great experience, everyone standing at attention, really dedicated, maybe a little scared, but what do you want, it is all part of ethics presence.

But you know me, I’m kind of an easy going guy, and our discussions have always been pretty open and down to business. I always told you what I wanted to say, as I’m doing right now, and I always admired your being available. Anyhow, if you remember, I told you that we had just been at Flag and that thanks to a couple of amazing sessions I had with Cristina, I achieved an incredible stability of my Case, to the point where I felt that it was about time to go OT.

Not like I hadn’t done it all along…please! You know I finished OT8 in May of 1989, and thank God, you found out that some things weren’t just right, and as you know, I had redone the “new” NOTs rundowns. I had amazing wins with the original ones – sure, it was pretty easy when you’re audited by Class XII Malin Gelfin, and maybe because she didn’t call the right F/Ns and wasn’t waiting for the three sweeps of the needle, I really didn’t notice she was doing it wrong…I think I’m losing track over here, anyway, after having redone the NOTs Rd, thank God you saw that the blind was leading the blind!!! Imagine if he was deaf too…

And so you really saved us with your Golden Age of Tech. Those seven years of Solo NOTs, done after OT8, were incredible!!! In every way…especially those FPRDs, ten intensives at a time during my six months check, I’ll never forget them!

Lets get back on track here and back to our meeting where I told you that I left it all behind, and I was able to find myself as an OT again, and I was ready! I reminded you that I got into Scientology in 1974 with the sole purpose of going OT. I didn’t have any problems I had to resolve in my life…mine was a spiritual research that had been going on for several lifetimes, and I am as aware of it now as I was aware of it back then.

I told you that I understood LRH’s necessity of lowering the gradient, and that I had been asking my self for a long time…and I was now asking you: “Where are these OT Levels ???”

I did OT8 in 1989. Tiziano was only 11…he married twice since then and has a 12 year old daughter that goes to middle school; Flavio was just a kid as well, he was 12. He joined the Sea Org 13 years ago, and recently you sent him as an OSA spy against his own parents! My wife explained it to you in details with her post called “Flavio, a stolen son”!

Gee, I never lose this bad habit of continually changing the subject! What I meant to tell you is that 22 years had passed!!! You remember when I asked you directly “Where are these OT Levels ???” and thank God you had an answer for me!

And I still remember it now as if it was yesterday, with your penetrating look…your light blue eyes, your solid voice, firmly stating “Claudio, let me tell you, I discovered what had been stopping Scientology for the last 50 years!!!” I was already contemplating…but then you went ahead and told me:

Claudio, do you know SUPERMAN???? That’s it, that is what we’ll become!!!!“.

Oh my God…COB himself told me we will become like SUPERMAN, I couldn’t contain myself, I said goodbye to you and left with Renata. Maybe I even forgot to get your measurements, but who needs them now that we’re all gonna be like SUPERMAN?

I flew back to Brescia and told everyone the amazing story. Flavio was put on a special project right after…a pilot program, he was telling us about incredible wins, but he couldn’t say anything! It was SUPER SECRET and EXTRA CONFIDENTIAL. And then and there I thought, “here we are!!!”

And soon after the HUGE EVENT arrives, June 2007 and you announce to the whole world:

The real reason that had been stopping Scientology for the last 50 years is:


Dave, I gotta tell you. Got a little disappointed right there.

But I’m still dying for OTIX and OTX, and I’m not giving up. I bought 2 great copper poles, and every morning I hook them up and try to discharge, still not having any benefits, but I look up, way up high in the sky, beyond the clouds where I’ll soon be with my big S on my chest.

Claudio Lugli