OT VIII Claudio Lugli to Captain David Miscavige


Dear Dave,

It has been a while since we last talked and saw each other, so I decided I’d write you a few lines.

I really appreciate how you’ve been thinking about me lately. As soon as my son Flavio reported that I was reading the Blogs on the Internet, you sent directly from the US the dearest Marion Pow and Mike Sutter. Could you please say HI to them at your earliest convenience, because I really miss them. 

Despite the jet lag, having flown cross-world from Los Angeles to Brescia ITALY, I have to say, they have completed a remarkable job in clearing every doubt I might have had in relationship to your strategies on Idle Orgs, the IAS and the new Statuses (btw, these were genius) all the way to the Basics and the imminent release of Super Power. On top of all that they told me all about what you were doing so that Scientology would achieve its goals.

By the way, I was really sorry to hear from Marion that you have to wear reading glasses since you had to personally verify every point on the New Basics! Wow, but what can I say, work is work, right?

Anyway, I saw that they were strictly following a very exact program and they have completely handled ANY doubt I might have had!

On another note, I’d like to bring to your attention their complete lack of obnosis. You might have noticed that by now, since me and Renata publicly declared our Independency soon after their departure.

Oh, now that I brought her up, Renata sends a huge hug to Shelly! And by the way, Marion was so kind to let us know, even though we didn’t mention her name, that she is doing well and that she’s in a special program (must be such a deep and exciting program, because we haven’t seen her or talked to her since 2004), and please give her a big hug from me as well.

Going back to our discussion on obnosis, I think next time it would be a little cheaper for you to remove the recorded microchips installed in Marion’s and Mike’s pituitary glands. You could just send them over to me in Brescia as I have the last generation – state of the art – implant reader where I can read any kind of robotic programming. But I guess you shall decide what do to with those two your own way, maybe the physical impact is more real to you.

Besides all this, I am writing to you because there is something that Marion and Mike were not able to clarify to my satisfaction. Do you remember in 2006, it was in April at Author Services in LA when we last met? Thanks to your once assistant Emily Jones – a good looking girl, maybe too good looking to be your assistant…and by the way, whatever happened to her? I noticed Lou giving her the stink eye back then…anyway, she had been able to steal about an hour from your busy schedule so that I could finally get some good measurements for your clothes. It is with great pleasure that I recall that meeting. We were all waiting for your arrival, and Georgiana Sommerville (your steward) with Emily yelling, “he’s coming, he’s coming”, what a great experience, everyone standing at attention, really dedicated, maybe a little scared, but what do you want, it is all part of ethics presence.

But you know me, I’m kind of an easy going guy, and our discussions have always been pretty open and down to business. I always told you what I wanted to say, as I’m doing right now, and I always admired your being available. Anyhow, if you remember, I told you that we had just been at Flag and that thanks to a couple of amazing sessions I had with Cristina, I achieved an incredible stability of my Case, to the point where I felt that it was about time to go OT.

Not like I hadn’t done it all along…please! You know I finished OT8 in May of 1989, and thank God, you found out that some things weren’t just right, and as you know, I had redone the “new” NOTs rundowns. I had amazing wins with the original ones – sure, it was pretty easy when you’re audited by Class XII Malin Gelfin, and maybe because she didn’t call the right F/Ns and wasn’t waiting for the three sweeps of the needle, I really didn’t notice she was doing it wrong…I think I’m losing track over here, anyway, after having redone the NOTs Rd, thank God you saw that the blind was leading the blind!!! Imagine if he was deaf too…

And so you really saved us with your Golden Age of Tech. Those seven years of Solo NOTs, done after OT8, were incredible!!! In every way…especially those FPRDs, ten intensives at a time during my six months check, I’ll never forget them!

Lets get back on track here and back to our meeting where I told you that I left it all behind, and I was able to find myself as an OT again, and I was ready! I reminded you that I got into Scientology in 1974 with the sole purpose of going OT. I didn’t have any problems I had to resolve in my life…mine was a spiritual research that had been going on for several lifetimes, and I am as aware of it now as I was aware of it back then.

I told you that I understood LRH’s necessity of lowering the gradient, and that I had been asking my self for a long time…and I was now asking you: “Where are these OT Levels ???”

I did OT8 in 1989. Tiziano was only 11…he married twice since then and has a 12 year old daughter that goes to middle school; Flavio was just a kid as well, he was 12. He joined the Sea Org 13 years ago, and recently you sent him as an OSA spy against his own parents! My wife explained it to you in details with her post called “Flavio, a stolen son”!

Gee, I never lose this bad habit of continually changing the subject! What I meant to tell you is that 22 years had passed!!! You remember when I asked you directly “Where are these OT Levels ???” and thank God you had an answer for me!

And I still remember it now as if it was yesterday, with your penetrating look…your light blue eyes, your solid voice, firmly stating “Claudio, let me tell you, I discovered what had been stopping Scientology for the last 50 years!!!” I was already contemplating…but then you went ahead and told me:

Claudio, do you know SUPERMAN???? That’s it, that is what we’ll become!!!!“.

Oh my God…COB himself told me we will become like SUPERMAN, I couldn’t contain myself, I said goodbye to you and left with Renata. Maybe I even forgot to get your measurements, but who needs them now that we’re all gonna be like SUPERMAN?

I flew back to Brescia and told everyone the amazing story. Flavio was put on a special project right after…a pilot program, he was telling us about incredible wins, but he couldn’t say anything! It was SUPER SECRET and EXTRA CONFIDENTIAL. And then and there I thought, “here we are!!!”

And soon after the HUGE EVENT arrives, June 2007 and you announce to the whole world:

The real reason that had been stopping Scientology for the last 50 years is:


Dave, I gotta tell you. Got a little disappointed right there.

But I’m still dying for OTIX and OTX, and I’m not giving up. I bought 2 great copper poles, and every morning I hook them up and try to discharge, still not having any benefits, but I look up, way up high in the sky, beyond the clouds where I’ll soon be with my big S on my chest.

Claudio Lugli

365 responses to “OT VIII Claudio Lugli to Captain David Miscavige

  1. Laughing….good post…right on the money!
    I have seen the most theta, cool beings on this blog and that of course includes you Claudio Lugli, your lovely wife and BOTH your sons, one of which is awake and the other of which will awake. With loving parents such as you are, it will occur.
    Every single day a new former member leaves the Church of scientology. The indie 500 is growing and the end is near for the bad guys.
    Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…!
    A borrowed quote from Tory.

  2. Ha Ha! Mr. Lugli, this is priceless! “The transcribers!”

  3. OMG! Claudio, THAT was an entertaining AND informative post!

  4. Tony DePhillips

    That was funny Claudio.
    You are more like Superman than ever before!!

  5. David Miscavige is truely out of his f#@*ing mind!!!!

    It took Shelly awhile to confront it. Instead of trying to find help for her insane husband she should have run for her life when she had the chance.

    Reminds me of Jack Nicholson in the movie “The Shining”.

    Its pathetic and sad that there are people still paying big bucks, giving up their families and waiting decades for crazy Dave to make them into Superman.

    Well done Claudio for having the courage and awareness to call a spade a spade.

  6. Priceless indeed!!!

  7. Nice superman. Is that Claudio? Who is Marion Pow?

  8. theystolemychurch

    Superman, HELP! Could you please deal with the dwarf that covertly usurped the real church of Scientology and PLEASE bring Heber back??????? Please video it and post it here…

  9. TopTrollFishingCapitoloftheWorld

    That is one entertaining posting, Claudio. What is that about the copper poles…. Did I miss something?

  10. William Krome

    I am new here but very interested in recorded microchips. Who manufactures these?

  11. Village of Islands

    Mr. Luglio, nice to make your acquaintance. Do you think that David Miscavige will respond? And yes, what?


  12. Claudio,
    You are so hired! This is hysterical.

  13. Claudio,


    I loved your post.

    What a beautiful symphony of sarcasm and Satire!

    What’s Dave’s going to do now.

    (Not that I’m much of an expert on clothing design.

    Since most of my wardrobe was made by Levi Strauss.)

    I mean the only thing that saved him from looking like a complete Neanderthal was you dear Claudio.

    Now that you’re gone he can no longer dress for success.

    Eventually causing the true Miscavige to emerge:

    The one we knew existed all along.

    Anyway in my book you and your wonderful wife are Superman and Wonder Woman respectively.

    Glad you’re both among us.

    By the way if I ever decide to wear anything other than blue jeans I’ll drop you a line.



  14. I a lurker but would like to know what an implant reader is. Care to explain, Mr. Luigli?

  15. DM can’t be superman because I am superman.

  16. Miscavige is in la-la-land. Simply out of his mind. The sad part is, there are people still listening to him… though the numbers are decreasing by the day.

  17. Mr. Luglio, may I politely inquire if Mr. Miscavige was joking or not when he spoke about Superman?

  18. So we’re gonna become supermen.

    Some days I’d just like to ball up a fist and clark that little kent.

  19. Sarcasm often serves in place of such things as dashed hopes and betrayal on a massive scale.

    And here it serves well.

  20. Great post Claudio! Very funny and true.

    You and OTDT could do a terrific collaboration on a musical operetta or black comedy something like – “Springtime for Slappy”.

  21. Claudio!
    What splendid insouciance!
    Living free does that, does it not?
    The incredible lightness of your message may be wasted on the diminutive one, but it is a continuing inspiration to the rest of us.
    I look forward to reading more of your writing. Please continue!

    David St Lawrence

  22. Francesco Minelli

    Grande (Big) Claudio !
    I’ve buy right now my “S” t shirt !!!

  23. Ooh! Ooh!
    Do we get to choose?
    ‘Cause I don’t want to be Superman.
    Can I be ‘Elektra’?

    Claudio – exactly right.
    This is a new age for Scientology: The recovery of REAL Scientology correctly and sanely applied.
    We’re doing it.
    We’re making it happen.
    Exciting times 🙂

  25. ExIntStaffMember

    OMG he really said we’re going to be like Superman?? Guess he’s running out of carrots to attract money from the suckers. Brilliant work of satire, Claudio!

  26. Oh, incidentally (Claudio)
    Well done on getting yourself set up for OT IX and X. Very resourceful using the copper poles but you’re not inline with what the rest of the OT VIIIs are doing.
    You need to go to Flag buy 10 more intensives of FPRD (at Class XII rates). That will get you started but you should keep going on it until OT IX and X are released. Thats what all the other OT VIIIs are doing (I have it on good authority from OT VIIIs in the UK who are actually on this super special program).
    If you want to be ready for OT IX and X you need to go to Flag immediately. I fear you are falling behind in your preparations which will cause delay on your spiritual path to Superheroism.

  27. Oh, and the reason you didn’t have much success with the copper rods is they only work on DM.
    That’s because he’s OT XV already… or maybe that was just a rumor?…

  28. A post after my own heart Claudio! I haven’t tried the copper poles myself yet. They tend to clash with my outfits, and I want to discharge in style.

  29. theo Sismanides

    Claudio a great post! Thanks for all the info.

    You wrote:

    “Those seven years of Solo NOTs, done after OT8, were incredible!!! In every way…especially those FPRDs, ten intensives at a time during my six months check, I’ll never forget them!”

    Wake up call to all OTs! Is this what you are going through? My God! Time to do something guys!

  30. Claudio,
    And you are still having fun—that’s what counts!

  31. That’s the habit of the Keystone COB : coming up with some bureaucrat style “why”.

    No inspiration for true OTs … because he isn’t one.

  32. Finally, there is the answer to the official Church of Scientology. Marty, time to break out the Kryptonite!


  33. dwarf dictator: “If you indicate that something has something to do with ME, I will destroy you”

  34. Laughter is absolutely the best medicine! ROTFL

  35. That is a splendid article Claudio. I could not contain my self until this evening to read it.
    I know his alter ego wears chiped specs on earth at this time but
    as thor their being micro chips in Marion and Mike’s pituitary glands
    gives me to wonder just sif your throwing me a fata morgana.

  36. This is the funniest freaking post EVER on this blog. I am laughing my ass off. Claudio, you are one wise Italiano! (And Tiziano, you are one lucky son.)

    This is what everyone should do — just tell it like we heard it, saw it and know it. Sunshine disinfects.

    Just Me

  37. Claudio,
    Love it!!!! “I’ll be waiting for Superman, although I prefer Batman”.
    Thanks for sharing.
    🙂 Lori

  38. Claudio – It is funny how synchronicity works. The other day on a thread, Ralph Hilton mentioned how the Upper OT Levels should be sorted out. You now mention that you have worked on this sort of track for a long time. I have noticed, by the way, that Italians can be very connected to this sort of whole track endeavor, particularly when it enters the realm of secrets. Has to do with the Old World. Anyway, right after I had made my comments on Ralph’s comments, I found myself listening to my Chi Gong instructor who was upbraiding the class for not sufficient doing two exercises. These, by the way, are great secrets to the Chinese schools and they have tried to upbraid him for teaching them. He doesn’t budge on these points and challenges them to stop him. Besides, he says, virtually no one will do them so why does it matter? I share them here because it gives a pan-determined viewpoint on the ultimate OT state so many of us bought into in one way or another when we joined Scn or the SO. Exercise #1: Put a bowl of water in your house. Every time you go by it, or periodically (maybe not every single time), give a Tone 40 command to the water to “Move!”. (My teacher did not use the word “Tone 40” but he conveyed the same idea). Exercise #2: Light a candle and try to influence the flame by moving it, manipulating it, without touching it by using your right index finger. The tip of the right index finger is an optimum place to concentrate on so as to emit energy or chi. The reason you do these exercises is to develop, cultivate and refine “chi” energy which is life energy. I suppose you could say it is “applied theta” or “theta in motion”. He said that after about four years, you’ll see the water begin to do things. It will move/change, etc. Same with the flame. Most people do not have the persistence to engage in such a drill, process, or exercise. It is the same with conventional Scientology processes. Most will not do them. In the case of the Upper OT Levels, they are a dog’s breakfast of confusion with regard to what is actual and not blatantly out tech. The Bridge was unmocked under DM. One can also question LRH’s mastery of the original OT VIII. I do intuit, however, that he had far far more than a dim clue. What I realized in this experience, however, is that everything I ever accomplished in Dn and Scn was from doing processes and drills. Much of the original OT levels were out of Creation of Human Ability or older materials and revisited, dusted off, etc. The point here is that this chi gong exercise is based upon reach and withdraw with MEST and communicating with MEST. How does one achieve remarkable abilities with MEST? Drilling, drilling, drilling. Then doing some more drilling. Chronic persistence. It is simply an extension of being there or TRs. Everyone wants to become OT. Typical Scientologists always had too much “customer” in them and that is why LRH insisted on learning the training side of the bridge. Being a Sea Org member taught you about creating the bridge and maintaining it. My point here is that you will be alive and living with MEST for as long as you are alive and living. By consciously “being there” and interfacing with it, you are communicating and applying the ARC triangle. TR-8 with an ash tray was always said to be an actual OT exercise. All this should be kept in mind when approaching or trying to approach the level of original OT VIII. NOTS E/P was “cause over life”. This aspect above is “cause over MEST”. It is, of course, possible to enhance a thetan’s potential by rehabbing their failed purpose and utilizing all the wonder of standard processes, etc. If you get get real good at being in ARC with MEST as per above, then you just might graduate to AS-ISness. The biggest danger to any Scientologist or anyone aspiring to be OT is to abandon one’s common sense. That includes waiting for someone to save you with a bunch of processes, particularly if they have been compromised. Even if they have not, you still have to make it work or “make it go right.” I would hope that between Tom, Mary, Jim and whoever, that these upper levels might eventually be sorted out so that they can deliver results as original forecast. We know from recent history that thetans will accept all manner of atrocities in the name of standard tech and that includes finding “transcribers” as the horrible who.

  39. Claudio, excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I hope to meet you and your lovely wife someday soon. You had me at Superman!!!!!

  40. Claudio — Thanks for posting this informative letter addressed to Dave. I very much enjoyed reading it and learned a great deal of your viewpoint. However, I suspect this letter is too high-toned to be well received at the receipt point. Let us not forget Marty’s posting of October 12, 2010 ( “The Mad Mind of Miscavige,” excerpted as follows:

    “The following is an excerpt from a mid-2007 despatch dictated by David Miscavige.

    In the last few weeks, it has not been nice. Do you know that pimple you saw? Well, I popped it. We’re talking two guys buying X-rated movies and masturbating simultaneously in the same room with one being the husband and one being the wife, going through Dean and Deluca (a gourmet mail order catalog) catalogs as husband and wife and the bald-headed guy buying the other one cheese as a favor. We’re talking about the guy who was on the finance lines and refused to get you the finance issues, waiting for R to come back so he can be permanently appointed for the rest of the universe as the International Finance Dictator. We’re talking about me finding out exactly what Mike was doing in 1982. We’re talking about Marc’s op. We’re talking about me knowing exactly what MR has been doing on his sympathizing for all the SPs who got nothing done. ”

    My opinion is that if you communicate somewhat closer to the tone in this dispatch, you might impinge. However, it would probably ruin your day so never mind! H

  41. That Scientology was stopped for 50 years is an even bigger lie than the “stellar expansion” COB claims at every event. Scientology was expanding very nicely from the 1950’s until Davey took it over and killed the affluence.

    And Claudio, that is some delightful tongue-in-cheek. I’ll bet it’s driving the little bastard up the wall.

  42. Superman huh? No wonder Tom Cruise still can’t fly: as long as there’s a single SP within range, or even a misplaced comma in the publications, they act like Kryptonite!

  43. WOW, Claudio !! This is why I love you. Not only do you have a way with words
    but you are so strong yet calm. You have been such a stable terminal for me and
    I thank you with all my heart. The past year has been difficult to say the least and I would not have gotten through it without you guys. I am fortunate and honored to have you and Renata as family.

  44. I’m laughing too. And it reminds me. I received this International Scientology News (Issue #49) Commemorative Edition. Toward the back (page 82) is a photo of Davey at his podium – yep another disgusting issue with far too many photos of Davey and hardly any of Ron =(.

    But Dave’s is overdone on the makeup, almost looks like a poster boy for Abercrombie & Fitch. I thought only SOME male models wore makeup. Next to the photo is the title of the article: “Unabridged Dissemination: The Power Plant for 2011”. I couldn’t help but think it was actually saying “the Power Implant for 2011”. Oh well. It’s a PRO world right?

    P.S. Hey Mike, did they make you wear makeup too before you spoke at Int events? Just curious.

  45. New meaning to DM: “Dead Man Walking”!

  46. OMG! I had never heard the “transcribers” story. To me that means he will be destroying original LRH master recordings so that he can “rewrite” the transcriptions.

  47. In 1979, LRH spent much time reviewing and critiquing TR videos of students from Flag and LA. There was an Italian student at Flag named Primiano Givonditti and LRH once wrote in a critique that all he was expecting of him was a TR rendition in the tradition of the excellence and beauty of the Italian language. (Or words to this effect.) Clauido, your post reminds me of that statement from LRH. This is priceless. Thanks.

  48. plainoldthetan

    I can’t help but wonder if DM talks of becoming supermen because of his familiarity with the ritings of Friedrich Nietzsche.

    It would totally explain why the Int Events look like Nazi party meetings.

    “Superman” wasn’t a theme of LRH’s, was it? I know he spoke of *homo novis* but that wasn’t Superman, by my reckoning.

  49. !!! Scientology !!!

    Superman versus The Transcribers!!!

    Volume I – Issue I Superman Discovers Kryptonite Embedded in the New Basic Books!

    Volume I – Issue II New E-Meters Sabotaged by Lex Luther!

    Volume I – Issue III Bizzarro-Supermen Plot Reveals Plan to Reverse Everything in Scientology!

    Volume I – Issue IV Clark Kent Identity Unveiled! True Fake Identity is Head of RTC, David Miscavige!

    Volume I – Issue V True David Miscavige Identity = Leader of Bizzarro Superman Race!

    Volume II – Issue I Hidden Miscavige Documents Disclose Target 2 Location: The Cubic Planet of Htrae!

    Volume II – Issue II Hubbard Tricked Through Elaborate Plot by Mister Mxyzptlk!

    Volume II – Issue III Anti-Bizzarro Agent Wrathburn Escapes From Fifth Dimension Mental Institution Gooloogog to Wreak Havoc on Evil Zod and Miscavige Composite Empire!


  50. OTater/GaryLerner

    Absolutly the funniest comm cycle to our very own “pinochio”! Bawahahahaha

    Claudio, you are a master at truth and wit and as one OT8 to another, I am delighted (as we all are here) that you and Renata have joined real freedom.

    Love and ARC,

  51. DM didn’t know he was already looking at Superman (and Superwoman).
    Who but superior beings could survive all that extra, unecessary auditing and be bigger for it? Good job!

  52. Is ten intensives of FPRD on your six month check an common thing?

    I havent gone through that as I’m not at that level, but that seems completely insane.

  53. Can I swear on here? Just delete my expletives if it’s not welcome, because that post was fucking awesome!!!!

    Really nothing more to say, other than thank you Claudio for one of the best posts I’ve seen on this blog!

  54. Bravo!!!

    I take my hat off to you, good sir!

  55. Sorry Claudio…I’m laughing too hard to comment on your letter to Dave “Superman” Miscavige.

    You’ve made my day with your wit and satire!!!

  56. Conny Lundberg

    You really have a way with words, Lugli!:)
    ‘I love your article!:)

  57. Impartial English Girl

    What a fantastically well-written letter! Genius.
    IEG x

  58. It is when the regges and Captain know you can pay for it.


  59. Alex Braverman

    Claudio Lugli,
    Thank you for writing such an informative, and insightful, letter to David “Superman” Miscavige – and then sharing it with all of us. You see, it not until the respected expose the shortcomings (no pun intended), in public forums such as this one, to the masses – will we ever be able to overcome this problem that has denigrated so many people’s lives while bankrupting them financially. Keep up the good fight Claudio, and thanks for writing this for all to see, your writing here is really a pleasure to read. ‘Thanks again.


  60. Claudio ~~

    One of the most malicious traits of DM is how he uses children against their parents.

    He does this repeatedly and and as casually as eating a ham sandwich.
    After I connected with Marty and Mike and posted on the web, speaking out against Miscavige, they built some hate web sites on me in RETALIATION

    Listen to this ~~

    They had my own son Alexander Jentzsch, CALL me on a carefully controlled and manipulated OSA phone call to steer me and guide me to the Hate website !


    That’s right, use the SON to show the MOTHER, the DM created hate web site, created for malicious retaliation.

    Other examples~~~
    +++++Flavio has been used against you.
    +++++Mike Rinder’s kids BJ and Raryn, horrendously out of valence and coached by OSA screamed vulgar and venomous language to MIKE in the parking lot where 7 of them ambushed him in Tampa a few months ago.

    Imagine that I let my son go into the Sea Org. Flag Service Org Staff in liason with OSA then that covered up a felonly/crime committed on Alexander when he was 12 “for PR reasons” and did not disclose it to me while putting him on an IMPLANT type WITHOLD to never discuss it.

    Not only did they cover up the felony, they then used him as a weapon to disconnect from me.
    And finally they manipulated my son to go LEGAL on me.
    That’s right use the SON to go TYPE C against the MOTHER.

    This is how low DM”s cult will stoop.

  61. Absolutely, hysterical! Thanks1

  62. Superman to the rescue, LOL!!!

    Super post!

    Maybe DM can leap over tall buildings BUT he sure can’t fill them with people. Idle Orgs are dead, dead, dead!

  63. Impartial English Girl

    Made my day too – though I REALLY don’t like to think about DM in the red ‘n’ blue lycra bodysuit… eurgh!

  64. Dear Claudio,
    I am also experiencing my son being a spy for OSA. A hate site has been put up on a friend of mine who helped me with my group, Moms-Against-Disconnection, with information that could only have come from my son. It is either “disconnection”, or “ordered communication” in order to spy on you. Isn’t OSA wonderful? Such a complete arsenal of dirty tricks against parents who only want to practice pure Scientology without alteration: hate sites, having your children spy on you, enforced disconnection, and a steady diet of incredibly derogatory information (LIBEL AND SLANDER) about the parent, so that the child can then seemingly disconnect on his “own determinism” because he/she now believes his parent is evil. It is no longer just disconnection that has to be worried about. OSA, do you ever wonder about the psychotic breaks that you are giving these children by all your wrong indications and wrong items that you are pushing off on them? IT IS REPORTED THAT MY SON HAS HAD THREE OF THEM, ONE OF THEM AT FLAG AFTER HE JOINED THE SEA ORG, AS A MINOR. Do you want more LIsa McPhersons?





  65. Watching Eyes

    It is insane. It’s a good way to mess somebody up though.
    If you’re ever told you need multiple intensives of something else while in the middle of any level, head for the door.

  66. Ah Claudio! You certainly sewed that one up. The tailor has pointed out that the little emperor wears no cloths. Brilliant!

  67. “Tact is for people who aren’t witty enough to be sarcastic.” … WONDERFUL SARCASM, Claudio! (I’m sure Davey will love it!) 😉

  68. If Davey wasn’t so low in the sub-zero range (“Controlling bodies” and “Blame”), that letter might even bring him uptone!

  69. martyrathbun09

    It is really nice to have your words grace this blog Daryl.

  70. Mr. Lugli,
    This is really funny!!!
    My only concern is that your letter is so articulate that it might give COB more “bright ideas” about other ways to salvage Scientology.

    Although I’ve been reading this blog for a while, this is my first post—— just couldn”t help myself….

  71. Simply Revolting

    So very therapeutic (per Dianetics 55), to see the reverse flow of this sort of comm!

  72. IO- You said “betrayal on a massive scale”. Tragically, that could be an understatement. Thanks for a great reference on “sarcasm”. Tom

  73. Impartial English Girl

    Great analogy!!
    Stage DM:
    “Gimme your cash, your life will sweeten;
    – You TOO can be an O-P-Thetan!”
    “Springtime for Tom Cruise and Da-a-vid!
    – Winter for reason and sen-n-n-n-se!
    Reason is, far off, safely hi-d-d-d-d…
    – Jus’ don’ ask what’s behind that fence…!”

    Hang on… Andrew Lloyd-Webber is on the ‘phone… 😉
    IEG xx

  74. Vince,
    Ummm, you might wanna grabs a skyhooks and hoist you out of whatever that be.

  75. martyrathbun09

    may I impolitely ask who sent you?

  76. martyrathbun09

    Or as the immortal Dennis Rodman once put it (not a direct quote): Lot of people want to be the man. But you can’t be the man just because you want to be the man. The only way you can be the man is if you the man.

  77. The ‘Transcribers” That is very funny.

    Nothing like a good why find. Opens the door to a solution says LRH. Unfortunately Dave’s solution is swill.

    BTW Caludio, how much were Dave’s suits?

  78. Sam,
    yes we will making it right this time!
    No doubt about it.

  79. Is a special machine but one needs to have access to it, the very first requirement to gain access is to stop drinking Kool Aid, and then…….

  80. OMG Sam, that’s like The Mona Lisa wanting to be Olive Oyle…

  81. Wonderful, fantastic, free-spirited post.. Now that is a free being.
    I feel an Italian song coming on…

    O——– SO–LO mi—–o—
    With–out DM—–o—
    My nee—-dle float—o—
    No six month check—o—

    Look O—-SA
    Im go—-ing Free–o—
    Without three swings——o–
    I’ll go—————– OT!
    (Ba-dam! bom bom!)

    Viva Italia!!!!!
    Viva LRH!!!!


  82. Matt,
    what Miscavige has done is a huge betrayal of trust, but a trust gained deceiving us and pretending he was the anointed one.
    I was unaware of the “truth”. The sarcasm in my letter is a gentle and elegant way to express my real feelings.
    He has destroyed lives, dreams and hopes of too many people.
    It’s time to call it spade a spade.

  83. I’ll report to the MAA right away…. thanks for the advice!

  84. Lady Minn,

    You go, girl! Please feel the support of all here. And spit in their eye!

    Just Me

  85. Marty,

    You are doing something very right. The trolls are swarming like mosquitoes!

    Just Me

  86. Mr. Lugli,
    Thank you for your light approach to some serious crap. It helped me to lighten up, myself. ml, 1 SP

  87. Marty, Claudio, and you others, I am no Scientologist but I’d like to know how I am scoring in your opinion as a real man, a superman:

    A real superman is first and foremost a man. Real when describing a superman means real as in having all the attributes of a superman. Not some limp-wristed girly man that the modern-times liberal holds up as his model but a blood and guts hero-type man. A man who knows women are not and cannot be equal to men and who demands women submit to his wishes. A superman not afraid to kick some ass. A man who doesn’t emote, tear up, engage in small talk and gossip or do domestic (female) chores. A man who tosses the honey-do list into the trash where it belongs. A man who treats a woman with respect only if the woman
    merits respect. Likewise for his dog. A man who stands by his word. A man who fights for his honor. A man who leads when called to lead and isn’t afraid to lead nor is too timid to lead. A man who keeps himself physically fit all his life. A man who doesn’t do drugs. A man who isn’t an alcoholic, a man who doesn’t use tobacco. (I do all that bad stuff but only when I am under influence of Kryptonite,and that’s most of the time) A man who is courteous, prompt and reliable. A man who expects his woman to assume her rightful role – that of an assistant. That’s some of the more important attributes of a real superman. Most males are nothing like this. They are hedonists who have no honor. They turn
    traitorous and run away and they think they deserves respect for that? They engage in back-stabbing and other dishonorable practices. They wouldn’t know honor if it slapped them upside the head. They spend most of their time engaging in gossip and hate speech (called fair-gaming). They are mostly fat slobs except for one notable DWARF. They physically abuse women and even some women have died at their hands. They smoke cigarettes – most of them. They are anything but courteous, prompt and reliable. They are full of hate, angst and bitterness.
    They even slap like a woman. Talk about pathetic. Non-supermen are pathetic beyond compare.

  88. Paulding. He doesnt tell jokes. Its beneath him. His every utterance is the most significant thing said on the face of the planet since his last comment and until his next one. The man has no sense of humor, especially when it comes to himself. All pronouncements are to be treated literally — woe be the fool that mistakenly assumes he is joking.

  89. Seriously, the hidden data line that existed in the SO was that the reason COB was able to find the right target and initiate programs like the GAT, GAK and Ideal Orgs and generating so much expansion was because he was auditing on OT 9 or 10. After all, he is operating at Orders of Magnitiude!!!!

    How pathetic that sounds knowing he’s refused to go in session for like at least the last 10 years and has never completed OT 7.

    I feel for the poor guy who ever had to audit him. That auditor probably got crams routed to him each day from his pc.

  90. Haha! I hope you filed a patent application for that fine machine, Mr. Lugli.

  91. 12 Intensives, that’s 150 hours. And question after question after question implies that there is something wrong with you, that there is something evil in you, that you have done some damage during the last 6 months, that you have had bad thoughts etc.

    And this happens every half year …

    No wonder some have reported that it got them close to a mental break.

  92. Mr. Rathbun, a few people act on their own.

  93. Dear Daryl,
    you are a strong being! You had a lot of courage and integrity in doing what you have done. We are also VERY HAPPY to have you as family.
    Claudio & Renata

  94. Joking? Are you joking?

  95. Dear Claudio,

    Outstanding satire, I am still laughing. This was refreshing indeed.
    Interesting to see that Dave’s concept of OT is a man, albeit with super powers, with a body. He has no inkling of the theta universe. He has no clue of what true OTs can do. But he will find out soon enough.


  96. Miscavage believes in Scientology totally.
    Unfortunately the Scientology that he perceives and believes in totally is not quite in tune with the rest of us.
    The Scientology that he believes in will make him superman. He is willing to allow lesser beings a small part of superhuman-ness as long as they accept that he is the uber superman and others are just his minions.
    He is involved in a complex continous and rather pathetic attempt to destroy opposition to his pathetic attemps to gain the state of OT.
    He quite simply does not understand that the correct application of Scientology involves an intent to enhance the well being of others.

  97. Joe,
    I am honored for this comment.

  98. Interesting, Mr. Rinder. He doesn’t joke on 1.1?

    On events, he smiles a lot.

    But wanting to be Superman? That’s what little kids want. He didn’t mean OT abilities and just chose a unfortunate term for it?

    I am surprised that he opened up to Mr. Luglio in the manner as he described because to me, DM seems reserved.

    Does anyone know his thoughts about OT abilities, axioms, past lives, etc.?

  99. The upper OT levels require reaching the EP of NOTs as a prerequisite.
    I’m still working on it.
    I had key-outs but sry still a way to go.

  100. Dear Karen,
    as you know we share a common pain. But we need to transform that pain into a stainless steel armor and a virtual sword that will defeat the enemy.
    Claudio & Renata

  101. It’s common for your ‘set ups’ too between OT levels.

  102. You are very good!

  103. I’m rather surprised that shitface isn’t selling off personally autographed copies of the Basics. He could sell them for many thousands to the devoted. Imagine having your own personal copies of the new perfect books all signed by the Magister Loonie himself!
    For those a little bit financially challenged and obviously downstat perhaps a copy signed by Tom Cruise would be available? Half the price of those signed by the personal secretary of his majestous gloriance.
    I’m willing to personally sign copies of the basics for €1250 a book.
    I’ll throw in 12.5 hours of auditing as a free gift 🙂
    Let us sort out priorities please.

  104. Welcome 🙂

  105. Bravo Claudio!

  106. Catherine,
    I think they are messing with the wrong people. Marty wrote the following in his post of the 5th December 2009:

    My sincerest advice to my old comrades in the OSA network – from Sun Tzu:
    There are roads one does not follow.
    There are armies one does not strike.
    There are cities one does not attack.
    There are grounds one does not contest.
    There are commands of the sovereign one does not accept.


    Me and Renata totally agree with those advices!
    Claudio & Renata

  107. He will not wear mine no more, this is for sure!!!

  108. You better COPYRIGHT IT RIGHT NOW!!!!! Tooooooooo funny.

  109. It’s obvious what his thoughts are regarding the axioms, past lives, OT Abilities etc.

    They are pretty much summed up in the HCOB ‘Confused Ideas’.

  110. Tony DePhillips

  111. Tony DePhillips

    Good one!! I would like to clark that little kent also…

  112. Dear Luis,
    you are totally right! I was very pleased this morning (my time) when I read on the Italian blog the actual statistics they have been able to create in few months of running their Blog. They are amazing, look at them and it will make your day: this is in my opinion what true OTs can do …… and I am sure he is finding it out!
    You do not need to understand Italian to “get” that post.

  113. martyrathbun09

    But who is that Gary Baldi guy?

  114. As much as we get to have some humor in our lives, I have a feeling that something very big is about to happen to those who are still hanging in there. The word from people in the Portland field is they are pushing very heavily to get their ideal org all completed (if you haven’t been following the news this is actually their 2nd bldg as the first one the bought a couple of years ago isn’t good enough and is going to cost to much to reno, so they still own that and have bought another bldg next to two strip clubs). You have the opening of the Melbourne Org last week as well. Whenever the COS gets on the bandwagon and tries to generate lots of PR it is only because the shit storm is about to hit. Don’t know what it is, but just connecting the dots here.

  115. Thank you RJ,
    your comments are very inspiring to us too!
    By the way nothing wrong with Levy, I think they are great.
    When you’ll like a different look just drop us a line.
    Claudio and ….. Wonderwoman

  116. The Transcribers, according to Princess Dave, were from the wrong side of the gene pool — as if a vertically challenged psychotic dictator with asthma and is somehow genetically desirable.

    I hope Princess Dave’s next fitting is for a prison jump suit. Something tells me that Claudio would tailor that outfit free of charge!


  117. Kathy Braceland

    Damn that’s funny. Good one Claudio!

  118. This is what I found on Wikipedia:

    Giuseppe Garibaldi (Italian pronunciation: [dʒuˈzɛppe ɡariˈbaldi] (July 4, 1807 – June 2, 1882) was an Italian military and political figure. In his twenties, he joined the Carbonari Italian patriot revolutionaries, and fled Italy after a failed insurrection. Garibaldi took part in the War of the Farrapos and the Uruguayan Civil War leading the Italian Legion, and afterward returned to Italy as a commander in the conflicts of the Risorgimento. He has been dubbed the “Hero of the Two Worlds” in tribute to his military expeditions in both South America and Europe.[1] He is considered an Italian national hero.

    I am still checking it out though.

  119. As far as I know.

    Ron never used the term Superman to describe OT unless it was in jest.

    I think Miscavige probably needs a Remedy A+B.

  120. Scott Campbell

    An YOU da man, Homeslasher!

  121. Had to post this…been very pertinent. lol

    This is a $cientologists, as you can watch here:

    Hence, here is a song he did, listen carefully at 0:39 seconds…


  122. Scott Campbell

    No jokes but some pretty covert and vicious bullbait eh, Mike?

  123. Yet again.

    OTDT has me:


  124. Bravissimo! Especially when one knows all those you mentioned in your story quite well, including the Superman comics.

  125. DF,
    Although I’m fairly new myself, I’d like to welcome you. I hope you find speaking your mind as freeing as I have. The group here is pretty special. A bunch of individuals. ml, 1 SP

  126. Scott Campbell

    Obviously Miscavige has misunderstood this passage from 8- 8008:

    “A method of aberrating beings was to give them white and
    black energy sources in their vicinity. These show up on a very
    low-tone occluded case as blazing white and shining white. That is
    an electronic incident, not his own energy flow. These run blazing
    white in one direction for minutes or hours before they go black.
    They then run the other way, blazing white, almost as long.

    When black predominates in such incidents, they do not diminish
    or reduce. Ask the preclear, in such a case, to do what he “has to
    do” to get the incident all white.

    As the preclear runs, he finds the speed of the change of flow
    changes more and more rapidly until it runs like a vibration.

    This vibration, theoretically, can increase to a strong current
    which becomes so great it is well to ground your preclear by using an
    E-Meter or letting him hold a wire in each hand which is connected
    to a bare water pipe or radiator. Otherwise, his MEST body may
    be damaged by the flow.” -LRH


  127. Freedom Fighter


  128. Mr Luigli,

    Congratulations for beginning a new life and to have the courage to expose your observations, and to speak your mind!

    Miscavige is having a hard time with Italians in these days ! 😀
    The meal you served him is perfectly cooked, spiced and sauced! 😉

    Good luck to you , and all your family Mr Luigli!

  129. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. But I meant Gary Baldi, not Garibaldi.

  130. Here’s a song that perhaps touches the Independents (and especially the Italian Indys). Sung by an american, relayed by an american, on a via from an american,,,, LRH. Here’s to the Italians!!!!!!

  131. Oh….I see….
    Sorry but I signed a Bond not to reveal his/hers’s identity.
    But I am sure He/She will reveal it in due time.

  132. Scott Campbell

    Great response, Karen.

    As you know, My family and I are now also suffering from Miscavige’s disconnection policy.

    All i can say to you is what Karry said to me: “They’ll find out for themselves eventually anyway”.

    Hopefully sooner than later.

    Brutal smackdown on that lawyer, by the way.

    L, Scott

  133. Scott Campbell


  134. Outstanding. You are right, understanding Italian is not needed, the stats show it all. But, I did have fun translating the comments. Although it’s not a perfect translation I got more than 90% of the comments. Beautiful!

  135. +2

    To me you’re Catherine the great.

    Miscavige doesn’t know who he’s f_cking with but I’m sure he and his lil’ Squirrel Group will soon find out.

    Soon his “friends” will be handing him his own “burn notice”.

    Rumor is a lot of them are jumping onto the Matrix Energetics band wagon.

    Meaning whoever’s been running interference for the lil’ cretin probably won’t be in the next while.

    Also meaning if the wind is blowing in the direction I think its blowing with what is going down in Oz I’d sure hate to be in Davy’s platform shoes.

    In other words dear lady I think it’s very likely you’ll get your day in court dear lady.

    Of course unless the following happens:

    Got those tickets for Venezuela Dave?

  136. Claudio,

    You don’t happen to have any bright orange kaki in your cloth collection with matching bracelets, chains and ankle cuffs?

    I’m sure it’ll be the rage soon with Dave and his close associates 😉

  137. Scott Campbell

    Outstanding post, Claudio.

    I’m glad you still have a sense of humor about all this. Your strength and spirit of play will help see us all through this time of change.

    As for David “Superman” Miscavige – or, ” Faccia come l’asino di un cane caccia” – as I like to call him; he can go take a flying leap.


  138. Uh thanks Dave.

    For telling us how you really feel.

    Now you can put your OSA staff back to work.

  139. I think the OT’s need to put up or shut up. I haven’t seen OTs in the church demonstrate much. Opening the third eye? OMG that’s squirrel. Learning to view auras? Waste of time. Mastering the flow of chi for energy healing? Too much work and time to devote to helping others. Dealing with my own case? Well, it does make me FEEL good.

    How about getting a Nobel prize in physics or something? Now there is a good demonstration of competence.

  140. OMG, that was perfect!

  141. martyrathbun09

    The bond ain’t worth the paper it is written on. But that’s ok…I’ll wait for her/him to make the call.

  142. I got the ‘S’ on the chest? With zombie disco?
    I’m afraid it’s very unrevolutionary.

  143. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Can we get season tickets?

  144. Women against Suppression

    Re: Superman

    Mr. Rathbun,

    In the name of all honorable women, I object to the publication of this kind of garbage. Does your wife read your blog? She didn’t threw up reading this sexist trash?


    Women against Suppression


  145. This is nuts. I know you guys talk about this but it’s one aspect I haven’t paid as much attention to.

    I am not qualified to have much of an opinion as I’m not trained on these levels, but wouldnt that be a total invalidation? It would serve as a sort of wicked eval. The guy is moving along up and you hit him with this.

    I’ve read OT7 (I believe) for better or worse and I’m wondering if anyone who’s done it or audited it would agree that FPRD on someone who is auditing on OT7 doesnt make any sense. Maybe someone who is stalled or having problems maybe you could use it as a tool to get them moving? I don’t know, but to arbitrarily interrupt their auditing with this is squirrel and evil.

  146. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    Are there any First Editions available that are signed by the “mentally emulsified one”?

  147. Cyberdyne Systems Corporation

  148. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Come on, IEG, he’ll be wearing his golden thong over his body suit (he does it just for TC). (OOWW OWWW!!! My head hurts from that vision!)

  149. one of those who see

    “The real reason that had been stopping Scientology for the last 50 years is:
    “Dave, I gotta tell you. Got a little disappointed right there.”

    Thank you for writing this, Claudio!! Right before the “Big Event – 2007″ I got an R Factor from the C/S. It was something like ” the why for me had been found.” And I will see it at the event. I too was SO Excited!!!
    So, I went to the event………Huh???
    That was one of the contributing factors to my observation that “no one is talking to ME.” And, they don’t know what they are doing!”
    Soon after I left and found real Scientology here.

  150. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    My son and I reunited last night!!! Over ten years ago the Cof$ disconnected us at Flag. Last night Karen #1 (the best angel anyone can have), sent me an email saying that my son was trying to find me (the link is: http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?p=531451#post531451 ).

  151. RJ-

    My thought too………..

  152. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    oops, hit the “post comment” key to soon.

    Anyhow, we talked what seemed like hours of pure enjoyment and family connection.

    To everyone here who has been disconnected, have faith and know that life happens beautifully when you want/need it the most.

    All of the Independents here know what real Theta feels like and there is absolutely no other feeling that surpasses it. Touching an other’s universe with real ARC and Understanding is … indescribable!

    It’s GOOD to RECONNECT!!!

    Love and ARC to Marty, Mosey, Karen#1, W/E, (oh my god! There are so many beings here that need to know how much I am grateful for their friendship, kindness and caring I can’t type that much! 🙂 )

    Gary (a very happy villager)

  153. martyrathbun09

    Huuuuurrrrraaay OTater and Karen 1!

  154. martyrathbun09

    Read the first several chapter treatise on gender in Ken Wilbur’s book A Brief History of Everything, and then perhaps we can have an intelligent discussion.

  155. Scott Campbell

    Wonderful news Gary.

    Oh, for the day that we’ll all be together.

  156. Gary, so happy for you. I would rip anyone apart who stood between me and my son. I’m so very glad you’re reunited again. Best news I’ve heard in days!


  157. Here’s an awesome thread on ESMB, exemplifying the Insousiance of the Ozzies in Melbourne and their attitude towards the “authority” of the CoS. It’s a great read.
    I’m posting it here because I think it shows how DM is losing his grip on things worldwide and is failing to stem the free exchange of communication:
    Melbourne Org, A Disaster in the Making

    By the way, ESMB has gone through some changes lately, and seems more open to a wider variety of viewpoints.

  158. That was the best news! I’m so happy for you both, REALLY. Now that’s some really lightning fast comm lines. Awesome job Karen and Smurf! Tears in my eyes!

  159. +1 🙂

  160. Anonymous Too

    Sweet Gary and son Casey … I am so thrilled to hear you’re together. Yes, thanks to Smurf, Karen #1 and all others who helped make this connection. Moving on up a little higher! Big hug, Gary.

    Just Me

  161. Why do I have the feeling that “Superman” and “Women against Suppression” are the same person.

    Is that you Bill Yaudee, OSA extraordinaire?

  162. Wow Gary! Awesome! That news warms my heart!

  163. Tony Dephillips

    This is a corny osa bot operation. First have a moron post something then have a ding bat get outraged by it. Leave it to the bots to think of something this lame.

  164. “DM seems reserved.”

    LOL. Yeah, real reserved kinda guy. In between the blows, kicks and the toilet mouth, he seems just as quiet and reserved as can be.

  165. Beautifully said.

  166. Friend of Ron

    Senor Luigli,

    Would it be possible to engage your talents for designing a “Star of David” for us Declareds, so we can proudly wear it, just like our suppressed Jewish brothers and sisters did not too long ago?

    It should be in goldenrot, not yellow, of course. And obviously it should state “SP” rather than “Jew” with a small subline that reads “keeping original scientology working” — in other words a “KOSW SP –KEEPING ORIGINAL SCIENTOLOGY WORKING SUPPRESSIVE PERSON”.

    I have it on good, reliable authority that a new PL was just found in the CoM archives which shows that THE TRANSCRIBERS have messed up yet again by ignoring this category of KOSW SPs. The category got lost in one of THE TRANSCRIBERS infamous “marches of semicolons” when blinds were leading the blind. Of course THE TRANSCRIBERS were immediately labeled as KOSW SP. But being the first ones and lacking a properly designed Star of David they had to sew their own and — yes, you guessed it — they could not even get that right. They put a semicolon between KOSW and SP. Can you imagine…….

    (#*&#$!#$^&#….grrrrrrrr — where is my COPPER ROD when I need it…..)

    TO BE KEPT SECRET FOR NOW: The KOSW SP issue is already in use, confidentially, and will be released broadly on LRH’s 100th birthday. It is the ethics undercut to the Golden Age of Knowledge.

    Because Ethics comes before Tech it will mark the official start of the Goldenrotten Age of Ethics.

    I earnestly entreat all readers here to please keep this matter highly confidential. The goal of achieving planetary implanting is at stake. A premature release of the data will defeat the purpose and impact of this plantery Sf… RA. The precise impact of this Sf…RA is essential for Ethics to go in. Creating the EXACT, PERFECTLY calibrated amount of impact — measured in megatons of DM charge released — is a condition for the release of IMPLANTS 9, 10, 11.

    So, Senor Luigli, would it be possible to create this Star and may I enquire what the fee for such a modern, Italian designed “Star of David” would be?

    I plan to place a bulk order so Sutter and Powe never run low on their batch of this “Star of David” when they engage in their weekly quest to achieve yet another HE of their GDS “Number of KOSW SPs Declared”.

    I know this is asking a lot of a fashion house as busy as yours but I have great hopes you can fit us into your production line up. It is a matter of urgency as the handsewn stars are creating horribly bad PR.

    Very sincerly yours ,
    A Friend of Ron

  167. ^^^^^ what Tony said.

  168. bingo

  169. Gary, it seems we have season tickets to this show whether we want them or not!

    Upon reflection, “The Transcribers” would be a fine name for the movie, as the model I have in mind is the movie titled “The Producers” by Mel Brooks. Within it is the musical they create, titled “Springtime for Hitler”. The gimmick is they are trying to produce a sure-fire Broadway flop, not a successful musical… that part, creating a flop, DM has succeeded at…. I think there are numerous parallels! Such as that the Producers in the movie want to rake in a lot of money when the show opens, and abscond to SouthAmerica with it….

    Here’s the Wikipedia on “The Producers”, for those who are not familiar with it. I think it is one of Mel Brooks’ greatest movies:

  170. Due to a longstanding MU he has, he has actually been operating at Ordures of Magnitude.

  171. The next best thing to be re-united with one’s son is to have ANOTHER
    re-unite with THEIR

    love to Gary,

  172. Gary I am so happy to hear this. Awesome!!!

  173. Religious Technology Center
    Office of COB
    Technical News Directive


    It can now be revealed that the reason Superpower has not been released is that the material necessary for the Superman uniforms has not yet been invented on this planet.

    LRH left explicit instructions on how to build a new type of indestructible cloth for the super uniform he knew would be needed, but the usual evil cabal of conspiring transcribers purposely screwed it all up. None of the pilot uniforms tested over the last twenty years would stand up to the rigorous tests against the knives, bullets, flames or any of the common elements it would be expected to encounter. We now know it was the transcribers who purposely sabotaged the project.

    Without a uniform that could meet specification, what good would it be to make a bunch of OT Superpeople, who of course would be immune to harm from knives, guns, explosions and flames, but would wind up with their clothing completely ripped off them, naked in front of the very public we were trying to save and impress.

    Believe me, we have surveyed this and the general public will not stand for naked Superpeople, plain and simple. It’s going to be hard enough to get them to accept the idea of us being Superpeople, flying around, lifting mountains, bending steel with our bare hands, blowing out huge fires with our atomic-powered breath, eating hand grenades, bullets bouncing off our chests, etc. But you throw in a set of super-genitalia in full frontal few for all to see? It simply cannot be confronted by either the general public nor the Superpeople-to-be, by survey.

    Let it also be revealed that Superpower as it has been understood, has undergone a complete overhaul. It has been discovered that the published Superpower rundowns were fabrications and misdirections perpetrated by the Transcribers in order to keep the true Superpower materials from us.
    The true Superpower materials have now been located in LRH’s secret Fortress of Solitude vault, untouched by Transcribers, and although still confidential we will reveal that the true rundowns cover the crucial aspects of handling true super powers such as:

    * How to fly around skyscrapers at high speed in a crowded city
    * How to rip a mountain out of the ground without destroying the wildlife
    * How to protect others around you from bullets ricocheting off your chest
    * How to have sex without killing your partner
    * How to protect your secret identity
    * How to reverse time by getting the Earth to spin backwards
    * How to detect, prevent and handle Kryptonite Traps!
    * How to shatter the evil plans of Transcribers by using the Factors
    * Using Advanced Stink-Eye Methods to handle entire populations
    * And much more!

    New True SuperPower will be released when the uniform cloth has been completed and is able to pass the Super Power Test. The ingredients, components, formulas and plans for the cloth were located in the Fortress of Solitude along with the real rundowns. We have our hands on it all.

    What we don’t have our hands on is the money to fund the development of the new super-molecules that will be needed for this vital cloth. This is the last component of the complex puzzle and the answer to the question many of you have been asking over the years, “Where are the rest of the OT levels?” Well, here’s your answer, finally.

    We are but a couple of small steps from realizing our never-before revealed ten-step program for reaching our goals:

    1. Send LRH on his way to Target Two
    2. Get rid of internal opposition
    3. Partnership with IRS
    4. Golden Age of Tech
    5. Ideal Org Buildings
    6. Re-Do Objectives
    7. Overcome Tricks and Suppression from Transcribers
    8. Invent cloth for Superpeople uniforms.
    9. Make Super-OTs with True Super Power Abilities.
    10. Take over the world, finally.

    We are calling now for:


    We need to put together a team of world-class physicists, engineers, mathematicians, computer programmers, seamstresses, fashion designers, consultants and testers for this SuperCloth Program. The closest anyone has ever come to putting a project like this together was the Manhattan Project that produced the first atomic weapon.

    By rough calculations, it is going to cost ONE BILLION DOLLARS. Therefore we need one thousand Scientologists to donate one million dollars each. This should be a piece of cake and I expect it to be complied with within 72 hours of the issuance of this Technical News Directive.

    This is your planet, so FUND IT.

    The names of those who funded this project will be etched onto a gigantic titanium plaque the size of the Grand Canyon and personally hand-flown to the top of Mount Everest by the first set of Super-OTs made, in a special ceremony, dressed in their new Super Uniforms. Additionally, they will be given the permanent title and status of ‘Gods of KRC’ emblazoned onto a solid gold and diamond inlaid revolving super-crown AND a personalized and numbered cape emblem made from a special series of the new Super-Cloth. Furthermore, this team of Gods will be among the privileged few who get to embark upon the first of a series of Legion of Gods of KRC missions, the first mission being to wipe off the face of the earth all transcribers.

    The incentive is there.

    The Will to Do is Yours.

    Do not fail on this mission now when we are SO close.



    It’s THAT simple.


    Much Love,

    Captain David Miscavige
    COB, RTC
    SuperPeople Power Project I/C HFA

  174. DFB,

    Actually it’s a grotesque violation of C/S series 73 and later revisions of it.

    But that’s pretty much SOP for the rabid Squirrel as COB of RTC, Reverse Technology Center.

  175. That “real man” essay was certainly written by a mental case. He’s probably a mental patient.

    I found that book by Ken Wilber onlines but the reviews are mixed. Have a hard time figuring out how Wilber would respond to the insanity of the “real man” poster.


  176. Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!

    I’m so happy for you dude.

    For you and your son:

  177. Er I don’t know about that Marty.

    It’s that millions of $$$$$$ thing that make ’em pretty scary.

    Right Claudio?

  178. There is an asshole on ars who posted the same lunatic posting against Scientologists on last x-mas day.


  179. Tony DePhillips

    Awesome Gary!! That put me into a MJ mood!! Enjoy!!

  180. Is it possible DM will read it literally? That the tongue in cheek will go right over his head?

  181. Claudio,

    I had already looked at the stats there. I follow L’Indipendologo regularly. Impressive. They clearly illustrate the exodus in progress.


  182. Tony Dephillips

    There is a direct corellation between the amount of money you have and how many overts and evil purposes they will try to convince you that you have.
    Unless you are in the Sea Org, then you are fair game.

  183. Dear Claudio,

    I have a question for you. It’s been gnawing at me for a while. I will understand if you are not willing to answer it due to professional confidentiality. My question is of a technical nature.

    When designing a shirt for the little dwarf, how did you deal with his reduced length? Did you have to eliminate a couple of buttons? Or did you have to put them closer together?

    Hoping for a speedy answer to my riddle, as this question is keeping me awake at night.


    Luis Garcia

  184. That is funny!

  185. J T D triangle

    To note that Paulding is using different emails that cause different identicons…

  186. Tony DePhillips


  187. Barney Rubble

    + Linda. Call me have news.

  188. Barney Rubble

    Lady Minn,

    Interestesting Op indeed. Talk later.

  189. This is awesome Gary! Here’s a short version of “Celebration” with some great photos of new lives beaming…..

  190. I second Mike’s observations about DM’s lack of a sense of humor unless, of course, denigrating top church executives or dedicated SO staff is something one finds funny. But with reference to himself, no, never. No jokes. No humor, ever, that I saw.

  191. Time to do something, indeed. Let Egypt be a model.

  192. Agreed on the importance of drills. If your body is weak and flabby you do jumping jacks and pushups. If your mind is weak and flabby you do multiplication tables and conjugate Latin verbs. But if YOU are weak and flabby what do you do? Auditing. The chi gong drills you mention don’t seem to me to be too different from Route 1 of Creation of Human Ability.

  193. scilonschools

    As an outsider with previously indicated major distrust of anything to do with scientology (due to my own horrikfic experiences) I must confess I am beggining to think that the “Super Power” so long waited for by the org is only achieved by becoming an “Indie”!!.
    Efe humour ,satire and creativity of this open letter has truely left me in stitches,
    Thanks you guys for restoring my faith in the human spirit and it’s abiolity to overcome adversity.

  194. one of those who see

    Smiling ear to ear. Wonderful Gary!!!!!
    May all forced disconnections end soon. Casey is his name, right? Tell him we all say HI!

  195. Makes my heart sing. Happy times!

  196. Thanks for that custom made, really funny letter, Mr Lugli.

    In early 2000 Class XII Malin was put through the standard handlings designed for those who doesn`t immediately get that the neelde to float must do so three times – Comm Ev`s with rice and beans served IF there`s any left and IF she could make her way to the galley. The expression she wore in those days I will not forget.

  197. Aaaaaawsome!!!

  198. Dear Claudio,
    I am happy to read about your freedom especially when it is presented with such great style and impact. DM gambled and lost over the last twenty two years. Welcome to a new beginning!

    George White

  199. I thought we Brits had the market in poetic irony covered, but you’ve taken it to a whole new level! Beautiful letter Claudio, right to the heart of the matter.

  200. Yes indeed Amy, I was pondering this yesterday. By his COBness’s own definition, power is having people listen to you. Fewer and fewer are doing so. I wonder if he therefore recognises his own limited (stolen) power is disappearing rapidly down the swanny, or can’t he contemplate that far. Similarly, seeing the disastrous opening of the Melbourne Idle Org, very few people bothered to show up even for that. Does His DMness not consider that even the thirstiest KoolAid drinkers will notice that an “Ideal” Org should actually have some public in it? At what point does he consider the public will start noticing the fraud? When the Orgs are quite literally empty with all utilities cut off, or what?

    Following on from that, I would respectfully suggest that anyone seriously considering getting their money back get on with it ASAP, as it seems there won’t be a Church left to get it back from pretty soon.

  201. DFB,
    you wrote here quite the same as LRH wrote on that subject :

    “Because it has not been previously specified whether Confessionals could be done during the Non-Interference Zone, it tended to leave the matter open to interpretation, and a common interpretation has
    been that one must not do any kind of Confessional or O/W pulling during the Non-Interference Zone.

    But what about a case who is out-ethics and not making progress due to continuous overts and withholds or, even worse, undisclosed overts or crimes against Scientology? Such a case won’t make any progress until these are gotten off.

    A person who is NCG [ = no case gain ], nattery, critical or otherwise exhibiting O/Ws or out ethics must be handled so that he can make case gains.

    CAUTION A pre-OT who is running well and making case gain should not be interrupted”

    HCOB 8 March 1982, Confessionals and The Non Interference Zone.

  202. I’ll tell you a little bit a Sea Org history regarding “OT IX and X”.
    In the late 1980’s the Scientology delivery organization on the Freewinds
    (FSSO) was desperate for cash. Although they had no idea what OT IX and X would be, what would be involved in delivering it, etc (as in truth it didn’t exist) they went ahead and set a price for it and collected millions of dollars. Realize that was almost a quarter of a century ago.

    Well, as time passed the public that had paid for OT IX and X were getting anxious to get started. With no OT IX and X to deliver, the solution became to have the OT VIII’s pay to do the Bridge in reverse. Redo OT VII and VIII, redo Clear, redo Objectives, redo all the books, etc.

    Of course public were upset that they had given their money to the FSSO on the Freewinds but now they had to go to Flag in Clearwater to get “service”. The FSSO couldn’t give their money back or transfer it to Flag because it was already spent. What happened was that the FSO delivered millions of dollars worth of service based on worthless “paper transfers” from the FSSO.

    The FSO was still happy with the arrangement because now it was getting back all the fat cats it thought it lost. These fat cats would pay billions in the coming decades to redo their Bridge, get endless FPRD, pay for endless direct donations to the IAS, Super Power Building, Idle Orgs, etc, etc.

    As an extra bonus many of their bright, innocent children would serve as dedicated staff for $50 a week.

  203. Dear Claudio,
    thank you for this beautiful article.
    DM did not trained enough to know what it could be on the upper OT levels.
    His action are very short sighted as are limited by his overts and withholds.
    We are lucky LRH left us everything in the tech, with the older materials.
    He always told us, ‘get trained!!’
    Is in the tech you will find your way to the big S, and it is there.
    You have already a treasure in your solo auditor skills… and with that nobody can stop you now!!
    love to you and Renata

  204. Congratulation!!! I love this kind of news!!

    Silvia Kusada

  205. And THAT is what it’s all about!
    So happy for you. Well done 😀

  206. Makes sense that DM has no sense of humor. That R ref about humor tied to seeing & rejecting outpoints. DM IS an outpoint…

  207. Alex Braverman

    “* How to have sex without killing your partner”

  208. Mat,
    been there! Paid for IX and X and got the extra bonus: Flavio is still serving for maybe $50, but that’s not the bad part of the story. The bad part of the story is how he has been manipulated in 13 years of Sea Org. He has no ability left to analize and evaluate data presented to him. We tried all we could but he has been IMPLANTED. This is the extra bonus. And a lot of the big donors do not realize it yet.

  209. scilonschools

    My technical query involves measuring his “Inside Leg” but i don;’t think that information should be releases to anyone!

  210. I know she has changed quite a lot and this makes me deeply sad, she is a great being and I owe her a lot.

  211. What a great job Gary, Casey and friends!! Could someone link my song? Thanks, Hallelujah

  212. Watching Eyes

    Wonderful news indeed! Just goes to show what happens when the external evil influence is gone. Things go right back to where they should be.

  213. That was entertaining and sad at the same time. I’m doing so well using the Tech, but only after disconnecting from the church.

  214. Brilliant! His tech spells like what it smells like!

  215. OTDT, you’re still the best but Claudio is on your heels.

  216. Lurkinganywhere

    I believe her name is Pouw…

  217. Truly bad. Awful.

  218. Lurkinganywhere

    I’ll be darned. Posting is almost identical with what was posted here.

    Usenet is momentarily used by Egypt students and protesters who are trying to stay in contact while their Internet is down. It serves a good purpose but this troll (broadly known on Usenet as Gweggie) uses Usenet to target also Freezone and independent Scientologists.

    He’s straight-jacket material.

  219. Jive-ass Western Union messenger.

  220. Hilarious and instructional, in that it gets one to really look at all the BS that is and has been fed to the public! Looking back over the last twenty years I have now recognized many outpoints I noticed earlier but failed to act on or really confront as such when they were occurring. I believe it’s called waking up from the brainwashing! Kind of like one of those big cognitions whereby everything has to be reevaluated and refiled!
    You are very entertaining!

  221. Dear Claudio,

    You indicate that DM had/has affairs with some of his female assistants. Can this be proven?

  222. P.S. What I am trying to say is that it is hypocritical calling Amy an adulteress when he is an adulterer. But is Laurisse’s hand on his shoulder the only evidence? It’s a clear indicator that at least she is on a touching level with him and he doesn’t shake her off and doesn’t assign her in lower conditions putting her hands on the shoulder of a married executive but there more?

  223. This is why ! I am happy for the both of you. Enjoy life !

  224. A good “smurfi” to Smurf

  225. dm is placed here to destroy Scn.
    And he is doing well in reaching that goal.

  226. Dave doesn’t need those tickets for Venezuela, he has the Freewinds, whose home port is Curacao, off the coast of Venezuela. All he needs is a ride on Tom Cruise’s private jet. Bloggers here report a recent renovation of bigger posher quarters for Dave taking up a large space on the ship, and Curacao is also corporate headquarters for the IAS. So he has his free floating space whose home base is off the coast of Venezuela, a country with no extradition, and his own built in money machine right there with him. Why do you think I am consulting with an attorney who is among other things an expert on international law and trade? Apparently the only advice of LRH that he listens to is the one about remaining Fabian.
    Thanks for the humorous video, it was downright hysterical! I was mocking it up as a meeting between Dave and one of his assistants! Was ROTFLMAO!!! Thanks for putting some laughter into what is an otherwise serious and tragic situation. It made my day!
    ML, LM
    P.S. I would love to “serve” him his own personal “Burn Notice”! I would seal it with a kiss, from lips sporting the best lipstick money could buy, with the words inscribed: “From one MAD Mother!

  227. What a great statement, Claudio.

  228. lol… that was so funny.

    Thanks for that.

    Probably DM does not even understand the fun in it… but anyway – does a superman really has to understand humor, for being superman in Miscavigology isn’t fun at all.

    Thanks again.

    The Believer

  229. Karen, you and Lady Minn, and Mike, and Claudio and Renate, and Scott, and so many others have been subjected to this totally destructive and vindictive practice, this incredible ser-Fac, of disconnection.

    Disconnection as an option and sometimes as a policy has been around since the 1960s, but I can tell you all from personal experience, that members of my own family became disaffected back in the ’70s and ’80s and I was never asked to disconnect from them. Rather, I was asked to, and did, apply real policy, which is HANDLE. Good roads, good whether, other ways to handle the subject. The result is that we have great relationships, and none of my family or friends have issues with my being a Scientologist… until

    Mr. David Miscavige and his minions started going over the deep end in the 90s and later. As a human being, I cannot justify forced abortions and forced adoptions of SO children, nor can I justify the “no kids” policy of the SO. I cannot justify the idiocy and tragedy that surrounded Jeremy Perkins and Lisa McPherson and others. Nor the outright lies to the press (and thus the people) by Tommy Davis, the Stepford SO wives, and the Stepford Celebrities.

    This is all driven by the current regime – it did not exist when I was doing the BC and my OT levels. And this has re-opened the anti-Scientology wounds in my connections. In other words, Scientology has become what our most ardent foes feared it was, and has destroyed whatever good will it had. Thanks, Mr. David Miscavige.

    When this house of cards falls, any justification for these severed relationships (false though they are) goes away. I can only hope your sons and daughters will let themselves release this bullshit and come back to you.

  230. You have my support, Catherine!

  231. Awesome, Gary! Great news!

  232. Claudio’s truth is powerfully entertaining. Inspires me to steal.

  233. This is from the rat blog:

    “Now they’re making up their own checksheets, choosing what issues to include and exclude, and even which parts of issues, and even re-writing the issues as squirrels will.”

    Is DM doing that too?

  234. Sweet!!

  235. Go Catherine!

  236. Awesome, Claudio. You are one hell of a being!

    They say that “No man is a hero to his valet” and the same is true of his tailor! And when a man loses his tailor, he truly has lost everything.

  237. I got drunk last night and donated $7,500,000 to the Superpower Expansion Project. I do have some regrets, but atleast I’ll get a “Legion of OT Meritorious” plaque to hang in my office so I guess it’s not all bad.

    They sent me a letter with a donation form where you can check a box for levels of donation up to $7,500,000. I would have done more, but they didn’t put it on the form.

  238. Yeah. Why would you interrupt someone? It’s suppressive.
    I can’t see it as anything but suppressive and possibly money motivated. I could understand maybe a light metered interview every once in a while to make sure the guys doing ok, but beyond that would be just wrong unless he’s having problems as in the “HCOB 8 March 1982, Confessionals and The Non Interference Zone.” you posted.
    Is that in the red vols?

  239. GARY THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Me and Renata really hope the same will happen for us and all the peoplesuffering from the plague of forced disconnection. It is outrageous, it is criminal and is not Scientology. This that you are experiencing now is.
    Claudio & Renata

  240. In my opinion the original starring Gene Wilder and “Zero” Mostel is the best.

  241. It’s funny until the machines come.

  242. OMG

  243. OTDT, I don’t know who you are, but I sure do hope to meet you one day! 🙂 You’re a treasure.

    Just Me

  244. WOOO HOO!!!! Happy- dancing at work 😀 Congratulations!!!

  245. Haha they wish

    DFB “never regret yesterday” so I belief you are ” in the clear” 😉

  246. Exactly GH,

    When I was auditing back in the 70’s and even the ’80’s disconnection was a dirty word.

    It was always handle in some way.

    Mostly by finding out what the PTS did to cause the antagonism per Mary Sue’s PL “PTS Type A Handling” and moving them to gentle cause per the HCOB “Handling the PTS” and the section on ARC in Problems of Work.

    Personally I find it a severe contradiction that we’d have Rundown designed to get the “SP” back in comm with the PC yet they enforce disconnection in Dave’s Squirrel Group.

    In my opinion it is proof that the tech has been so badly altered that it is now unworkable.

  247. Thank you Just Me, I do feel the support of all here. It is the main reason I do what I do. Before this blog, I was in the depths of despair. You guys made me realize “Something could be done about it.” and “The wrong thing to do is nothing.” Both of these statements are in the LRH lecture from given on December 30, 1954 entitled SOMETHING CAN BE DONE ABOUT IT:
    “We’ve learned something in the last few months. I have finally decided, after a great deal of study of this, what a wrong step is. Finally found out completely what a wrong step is. It sounds like we almost have an absolute. Probably there are exceptions to this. But what could we do that’s wrong? Actually, could you know that there was something to do that was wrong? Yes. That’s to do nothing . That’s wrong.
    You start auditing a preclear and you discover it’s the times when he stopped communicating that he went by the boards — just that: He stopped communicating. He decided he would no longer communicate in that direction or he would no longer communicate with that thing, and that preclear went by the boards. And you can go back in the lives of any one of the preclears you have and you will find out inevitably it’s when he decided to do nothing and decided to stop communication that he went to pieces.
    So we can tell you by exact clinical demonstration and experimentation that the wrong thing to do is nothing. And if we conceive ourselves even vaguely to be faced with a problem of a world destroyed in the anger of war before it ever has a chance to become really civilized, the wrong thing to do is nothing. We know that . The wrong thing to do is not communicate.” — LRH
    Much love, Lady Min

  248. Thank you Valkov, This is valuable data. Go, Aussies, Go!

  249. Thank you Freedom Fighter, see answer to Just Me below!

  250. Worse DD,

    They’ve gone into full Seminar Training mode like EST (I guess you could call this new development MEST for Miscavige Erhart Seminar Training) meaning they don’t use any checksheets at all.

    Never mind the fact that the so called “Basics” checksheet is an over extended version of what used to be called the “Intro to Scientology Course” back in the ’70’s.

    A course that was originally cancelled because it was nuttin’ but theory.

    Yet it seems Dave and his Reverse Technology Center have been quite proficient at reinstituting actions from the past that were dismal failures like the “Auditor Expertise Drills” which were killed personally by the Ol’man when he rewrote the levels checksheets.

    Now their stinking corpse has been resurrected as the “Golden Age of Tech” which in my opinion are even worse than the originals since they also seek to interpret the tech for the student and “teach” him how to run the process in most cases incorrectly instead of just familiarize him with the action.

    Not to mention the reinstutionalization of disconnection. The main action that caused the “Anderson Inquiry”.

    Funny how history repeats itself.

    Yet it seems Dave and his deluded followers are oblivious of this fact.

    You know because Mary Sue was one of those evil SP transcribers …gasp….and therefore in their simple simon minds she must be wrong about the fact that the reason that someone goes PTS is because he or she commits overts against the “SP”…etc…whaaaateveeer.

    Seems that Davy and the gang are following Einstein’s definition of insanity to the letter.

    But I digress….

    As I wrote its worse.

    Not only do they alter checksheets when they actually use them.

    But they add things to the Checksheet after the student starts it which is strictly verboten according to the PL ‘Drills Allowed’.

    The one they threw under the bus when Dave in his glorious wisdom introduced the “Golden Age of Tech”.

    Never mind the fact that they also do this in auditing as well.

    Current intel indicates that the IRS Approved Church of Scientology is now skipping the Expanded Grades and only running the Major Process of the level.

    We used have a word for this …..hmmmm….let me see….

    Oh right….*quickie grades*.

    Anyway you gotta hand it to RTC (notice that they never call it *the* RTC just like CIA officers never call it *the* CIA.) and Miscavige.

    They have managed to successfully reinstitute every unsuccessful action of the past that in someway caused a major flap for Scientology at one time or another and not only that but enforce them with an Atomic Branding Iron.

    Sorry I got carried away but to answer your question:


  251. Thank you RJ, see the post about Venezuela — it was meant for you! Your support has been very meaningful to me and keeps me going in my efforts to free us all from the ravages of disconnection; especially with it’s cruelty to children, of which I have personally witnessed the devastating effects, upon a bright, willing child. It hurts us all, but the children pay the biggest price.
    Love always, Catherine the Persistent

  252. I was just thinking about this and it became more real to me:

    LRH wrote the basic books. They were published for 30+ years until his death. He. I assume authorized their use on and even placed them on checksheets. He recommended they be promoted to public. He said they contain the basics of Scientology. If I recall correctly, he said they are the only place to find the basics.

    He did not notice in all that time that some of these books were so messed up that they were uncomprehensible? They were so jumbled that no one could possibly understand them (See COB Basics event)? They had so many ommited parts that vital data was lost to all?

    I think that is not true. I mean, it could be true but it would greatly reduce my opinion of LRH. I don’t buy it.

    I know this has been said many times, but in the past I sort of justified it. At the event I thought of how it could be instead of just knowing that LRH was not out-KSW. Thats what this would mean. Thats what Miscavige is really saying- LRH was out-KSW.

  253. Dear Tony,
    Your support, your videos and your songs have meant so much to me. I know that you are always there for me, and that you have my back.
    ML, LM

  254. theo Sismanides

    Karen # 1 stated some horrible facts, Claudio now takes those facts and makes them a stainless steel armor and a virtual sword. Ain’t that a team work!!! Bravo, guys!

  255. I couldn’t help but notices a bit of a comment further down about Andrew Rinder doing renos without a csw from Int and the flap it caused. Doesn’t sound at all like the guy Mike was confronting in the doctor’s office parking lot. In fact, when he isn’t under the thumb of OSA he sounds a lot like Mike. 😉

  256. Dear Claudio & Renata,
    Your Declaration of Independence moved me so much, as has your “Superman” post. When I read the story of your son Flavio, it made me realize that there are other ways children are used against their parents by the Church of Micavology: Not only is there Disconnection, there is Enforced Communication for the purposes of spying. I became very alert and was watching out for this because of your post, and lo and behold, it wasn’t long before the tell-tale signs were there, that this activity was being directed at me. This is how we all help each other. We alert each other to the next level of abuse! “The price of freedom is constant alertness, and the willingness to fight back.” — LRH
    Many years ago I purchased and studied “The Art of War”. Thank you for posting Marty’s excerpts again; it was a wonderful review, and very applicable to the situation at hand. The only problem is that it appears OSA never learns and keeps doing the same things over and over! That is one reason I try to be persistent in my demands that they stop their dirty tricks; maybe one day it’ll sink in and they’ll “get it”. I think LRH called that TR – 3, the repetition of a command. Sooner or later, the command gets through all the circuitry, fixed ideas, past bad experiences, and the communication finally arrives!
    Thank you for being there and continuing to communicate, despite the interference with the relationshiop with your son Flavio. The dirty tricks are meant to scare us into doing nothing, and stopping to communicate about it. I know that you will join me in continuing to do something about it, and your Superman post is evidence of that. Very humorous, but also very enlightening. Keep the good fight going in that beautiful country of Italy, and let FREEDOM REIGN across that great land!
    ML, Caterina von Ach

  257. Yes, Barney, we definitely need to talk!

  258. Thank you Grasshopper, I always love your intuitive comments! You add so much to this blog.
    ML, LM

  259. Thank you Sam, I am all fired up. You guys get me back up every time I get down, and everytime I get up and dust myself off, I am more determined than ever, comin’ in with those six-guns a’blazin! Yee- Haw, the Operatin’ Texans are back in the saddle agin’!!!!!!

  260. Clearwater.lawyer

    Hi Lady Minn, check your email.

  261. This might have already happened. There was an earlier posting on this blog where someone stated that Miscavige oredered all the original LRH master tapes cut into 1/4 ” pieces. this apparently was done, also the original material transcriptions have, per this poster, been shredded. I’m suprised there wasn’t more said about this, or a seperate article posted. If true, then this is a horrible tradgedy to say the least. But it could also be a point to use in finally discretiting Miscavage to those still remaining loyal to him. What Scientologist could doubt the intentions of someone who would destroy all the original LRH material?

  262. Allow me to amend what you wrote slightly.

    The fact is that the upper OT levels above VIII do exist and actually existed for some time.

    Just as OT VIII has existed since late ’68.

    The problem has been in releasing those levels.

    For OT VIII the main barrier was what is covered on NOTs.

    This is why it became known as “New OT VII”.

    (which by the way never canceled the original OT VII which deals with a Thetan’s intention.)

    Intel from someone I know personally who was part of the team who originally delivered OT VIII on the first maiden voyage was that those who didn’t run the Original OT Levels never ran “New OT VIII” effectively enough.

    Also they were hampered by the fact that the Level didn’t include the original ’68 HCOB entitled “OT VIII” which is actually part of the Class VIII course.

    In fact much of the theory of this HCOB is covered in the Targets Series and even covered in a lower level HCOB on the subject of Drugs dealing with the Thetan’s ability to mock things up.

    The technology goes even farther back to what is known as “Creative Processing” of the early ’50’s.

    In fact many of the original OT levels come directly out of the processes known as Route 1 of “Creation of Human Abilities”.

    The problem was never about making an OT.

    Even the CIA and later INSCOM have been able to accomplish this using Scientology Technology.

    The *problem* has always been making an OT that is stable.

    This was the problem the Ol’man had been working on for over a decade after discovering the OT Levels.

    In fact the reason he redid the DCSI and had us pilot the CCRD was not just about creating a rundown to rehab the state of clear but ensure that the state could be rehabbed if it occurred in the past or in the future that a Pre OT who went Clear and/or OT an earlier life could be rehabbed in their current life and continued up the Grade Chart.

    So the Rundown wasn’t just about the certainty of Clear but of the state of OT as well.

    Needless to say the one of the key targets Miscavige and his Fifth Invader Force was the CCRD.

    After he totally took control of the Tech lines the original auditors and C/Ses who had worked on the pilot were either transfered or busted off of Technical posts.

    None of us who worked on the pilot for some eldritch reason were allowed to audit the rundown even though we had been personally trained by the Ol’man to deliver it because we hadn’t done the CCRD course.

    The course itself doesn’t cover anything about how to handle past life auditing with the exception of doing what is called a C/S series 123 check.

    Much of the tech we learned on how to handle cases that had gone Clear and OT in an earlier life has been “lost”.

    Though it is doubtful that Mr. “Finder of Lost Technology” will find this tech any time soon.

    Yet it still exists in Merc Telexes and hand written notes written to us on the Pilot.

    Just as the OT Levels exist in note form waiting to be released at some point in the future.

    Locked away in some hermitically sealed vault near Petrolia or maybe Twin Peaks or possibly somewhere under the New Mexico desert.

    It’s doubtful even Madman Miscavige has destroyed them.

    Probably because (and this is purely speculation on my part) the people he is actually working for want to preserve the materials for themselves for their own selfish ends.

  263. hmmmmm, should check your spelling. Very educated here!!!

  264. Over the Tongue, Down the Throat, OTDT – nice serving of razor edged words there for the little kent to swallow. In between hemorrhages he’s got to be wondering “How can this guy read my mind like that?”.

    Time for a tinfoil hat, davey. “They” know what you’re thinking.

  265. Tony DePhillips

    Yes Catherine, that is for sure. We all recognize your spunk and tenacity and guts. You are the kind of person I want on the team.

  266. OMG you are way too funny!!!! I would love to see the cover of issue 5!

  267. Yep, the clip above is from that version. It is by Mel Brooks. I understand there was a re-make done recently but I haven’t seen it.

  268. RJ
    “Actually it’s a grotesque violation of C/S series 73 and later revisions of it.”

    I have the 12 page issue of this HCOB which I gather is very rare. LRH’s HCOB C/S Series 73 RA, which was 12 pages long, had been edited and rewritten by RTRC I/C, to where the “new” issue (C/S Series 73RB),
    had SEVEN PAGES deleted of LRH’s writings.

    A few fair use quotes.

    The chart laid out in this HCOB are based on the following technical rules:


    28 sep 82 C/S series 115 MIXING RUNDOWNS AND REPAIRS.]”



    Before – ANY- of the actions listed below that may be delivered to clears and OTs ARE delivered, C/S approval is required from a case supervisor qualified to C/S for that Clear or OT level.”


  269. OTDT, Sign me up for the Legion of Gods KRC Mission!!! We intend to get Target 7 fully DONE!!! (My friend and I are laughing so hard we can hardly write!) Death to those transcribers who sat there in the back room plotting, amongst dictaphones and typewriters to bring on the demise of the All Powerful. Let’s go get ’em! And for good measure – let’s go after the seamstresses in the sweat shops NOW … we know its only a matter of time they are going to come up 50 years down the line as the WHO’S in the suppression of the Superpower Megapower cloths. Let’s nab those psych oriented SPs with their sinister needles before they have a chance to suppress the world and bring down the Truth of the Cloth!

  270. Dd,
    Not sure if you saw Marty’s blog postings from Sept 09 covering the subjects of “Eva, Manuela & Dave Parts II & III” which covers this subject. If you haven’t the links are:



    Lou’s hand on the shoulder is in a photograph on the web, however “…Lou affectionately pat DM on the butt…” as mentioned in the second link is something else!

  271. But he doesn’t think so – the “outpoint” he sees is that others are alive. And his “sense of humor” consists of little “pranks” like breaking up families, coercing SO to get abortions, using PIs to harass exes and Independents, throwing top SO staff in “the hole” for years without sufficient sleep or food, things like that. You know, funny stuff, like “Ef-em if they can’t take a joke” stuff.

  272. Oh that is such WONDERFUL news! This is the first day of the rest of your lives together!

  273. Jeez RJ, I sure hope you are writing all your observations and detailed knowledge of the techdown down in detail, beyond just your comments in the blogs!

    Your knowledge is beyond priceless!

  274. LA,
    David Miscavige, COB RTC states: “Claudio, do you know SUPERMAN???? That’s it, that is what we’ll become!!!!“.

    Royalty and the Pope of Scientology address themselves in the plural as in “we” and “us” instead of “I” and “me”. Seems he is ordering a skin tight suit & cape from Claudio.

    On Marion Pouw: “David Miscavige has enlisted three of his long-time partners in crime, Marion Pouw, Mike Sutter and Hansuli Stahli.” from Thoughtful’s blog entitled: Sex, Lies and Videos – http://www.scientology-cult.com/scientology-blog/19-blog/170-sex-lies-and-videos.html Read this article with the link if you want to know more about her. She has been a PR for Dear Leader from when he was COB ASI and when he moved to RTC, with several busts and reinstatements yo-yo style between the years and had a married name of Dendiu for years.

  275. Here’s to that day. Remember the car flying off into the sky with Danny and Sandy in it?

  276. Tony Dephillips

    Dm could have written this if he wasn’t so serious and if he made case gain.

  277. Terril,

    Yeah I know.

    There was a big flap with some 7’s when that HCOB was….er…”amended”…

    Many who refused to continue the grade.

    I worked in a field group (while my foot was just outside the door) where one of the OT 7’s managed to evade continuing the level at that point.

    Another one we knew by the name of Virginia McNulty who really went kinda wild.

    You mighta heard of her?

    Plus there were others who said that they’d finish OT 7 some other life.

  278. Tony Dephillips

    Good question. I would love to hear the answer.
    Claudio did he fly you to him or did he come to Italy to get his tailoring done?
    Maybe he wanted you to get the FPRD so you would be ” clean” enough to help him get dressed without laughing at him.

  279. Tony Dephillips

    When I was still in the cult I asked at Flag: Didn’t. LRH qual and/or read his own books after they were printed? I was told he was too busy to do that. I thought: ” that’s bullshit. “

  280. Tony Dephillips

    Also , never in any of the Solo Nots data did I ever read ANYTHING about getting sec checked every six months.
    It is a pure arbitrary for financial gain and control purposes.

  281. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    WOW!!! I am OVERWHELMED (the good kind)!

    If I could right now thank every one face to face personally for all of your kindness and good wishes I would!! I only wish that everyone here who do have “missing” loved ones will soon be reunited with all of the sweet, syrupy, theta bonding, weepy, … well you know, just the gooooooooood stuff for y’all Indies and others. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 x 100%

    Love and ARC,
    Gary (just a villager with a son to help carry the torches)

  282. Yes, good point. That’s the point.

  283. Scott Campbell


    Regarding Flavio, that is what can happen in the Sea Org. When one becomes completely other-determined, he can become so significant that it takes him 4 hours to do a cycle that would take a “normal” person 15 minutes!


  284. It is apparent to me that you have solo-audited thousands of hours. Some might criticize that you’ve been working on it too long but then, what else is there to work on? I am curious as to what versions you run of NOTs and/or Solo NOTS versus what the CofS has done.

  285. Feeling good is an excellent direction to go in. I agree. Want a Nobel Prize in physics? Go to http://www.andersoninstitute.com This is my friend Dr. David Anderson who has publicly announced on the radio (first time last year) that he has created a time control chamber. I have not seen the chamber but witnessed the only publicly viewing of it in video format in its earlier stages. It can slow and speed up time. After it was announced, they took his name off Wikipedia. He has been threatened. My point here is that if you make a real breakthrough, the Nobel boys aren’t going to ack you. A real remarkable demonstration of competence makes you suspect to others who are not so competent and will then try and bring you down to their level.

  286. When you consider comics, you have to look up Arcanum Asylum. I just learned about it due to a nut on my lines. It is an asylum where all of the Gotham City, etc. criminals are incarcereated. It is for the extrmely criminally insane.

  287. 😆 LMFAO!!!
    Oh and did you know While the Church is dedicated to KSW and is expanding at
    unprecedented levels and reaching more people than ever before…
    Really??? By what measurement???? Minutes of advertising pictures shown to gazillions of midnight viewers across the entire universe?
    Bwahahahahahhaahahahhaha Puhleeezzze!

  288. Val,

    As Maxwell Smart says:

    “It’s all up here chief.”

    But seriously there are others who were on the original pilot who have since left.

    Also we have Dan who knows a lot of this stuff and probably helped compile some of the original HCOBs for the CCRD.

    The data that is mainly missing from the series is the handling of past life auditing.

    This is handled by pretty standard remedies already covered in earlier HCOBs on opening up the Pre OTs track.

    Much of it involves Two Way comms, prep checking and even doing a confessional on the area.

    The other thing is knowing the correct repair lists or correction lists to use.

    Like for instance an LP5 or an L6ew or L7 of a GGF or a LDN OT III.

    (By the way most of this data is covered in C/S Series 72 ‘Use of Correction Lists’.

    So I’m not typing anything confidential here.)

    Section H (I think) which is “Hasn’t Been Audited” the question regarding “Audited in an earlier life” on the 40x covers it as well.

    I mean as always the tech is there.

    Its just not being used by the Church.

    They’re too busy invalidating the state of Clear and OT to worry about making them or rehabbing those that have been already been made.

    I think it all has to do with creating a false track for Scientology.

    Something Marty and I were discussing sometime back.

    It’s if Dave and his friends are trying to create the illusion that Scientology didn’t exist prior to his coup.

    This is probably why they invalidate the state of Clear and/or OT made in an earlier life.

    (Or even on Dianetics for that matter though I think it has more to do with the pervasive incompetence of “auditors” being made these days.)

    And have everyone doing R6 and the CC.

    Personally I think Miscavige’s actions as the titular “leader” have been done to intentionally invalidate and discredit the subject and you gotta admit whether he aware that he is doing this (which I doubt because the guy is a Know Best idiot) or not that he is doing a stupendous job.

    For the simple reason that there are folks who fear OTs.

    Its been that way on the Track for a very long time and is the reason why we are here and why Miscavige and his friends are over there wrecking the Subject.

    And ya gotta admit they’re doing a damn good job!

    But what they are doing is only transitory.

    I mean they can destroy the organization but they can’t destroy the subject.

    Because it still exists in every one of us.

  289. Interesting comment. Stable? Marty just posted something a while back about “holding one’s position in space.” Funny thing about space is that it changes around you. You could win the Super Bowl but if you stay out there on the field after everyone goes home, you become stuck in your win and are out of synch. I know I’m stretching it. “One’s” “position” is determined by what one chooses to be one’s position. It is very interesting to look up the definition of position which has different meanings. This datum is the whole underpinning of chi gong where one holds a stance, ideally for hours. Animals do it. Creates a lot of strength. Like TRs.

  290. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    “This is your planet, so FUND IT.”

    You can’t make this shit up! DAMN! You did and it’s it’s it’s … what we’ve all been waiting for!!

    I want to be the first ΘTater to join the elite “Gods of KRC Legion”. I’ve got enough golden-spud-bars to darn near fund the whole thing! YES, I am ready to thrust my light saber into the blinded eyes of the transcribers! None shall survive. None shall view the Dimunitive NonImpotent One’s magnificent re-re-re-re-written tech. Neither shall anyone be able to admonish TC for his stupidity (only DNIO has that right).


    Dial 1-800-SPR-PWPP (slave operators standing by)

  291. I hope so too! Not fun when you need it and it just ain’t there!

  292. Yeah, LRH never noticed any outpoints about the books.

    He was too blind.

    He was too blind to see that the blind were leading the blind.

    He was too blind to realize he was blind.

    He was too blind to see that his F/Ns only swung once.

    All the auditors he trained were also blind. They led more blind into leading even more blind. It’s been such a marathon blind-fest.

    Evidently, LRH never really did cure himself of blindness after WW II.

    So it’s a damn good thing that HE WHO COULD SEE came to Earth to lead us out of the darkness, to beat us into enlightened states of existence and to brave the way for the oh-so-dangerous Advanced Grounding Rod Techniques.

    This requires an amazing amount of grit and backbone and biceps and yelling and hand calluses and movie star connections and and cursing and hitting and sacrifice (from others).

    The genuine Maitreya who will bring true peace, harmony and enlightenment to the world.

    Thank you for fixing all the broken books.

  293. Thanks for these rare and precious data!

  294. Sounds like just the place for Dave.

  295. Come on you guys.

    What Claudio does is use a Ken doll as a clothing dummy and when the real dummy flies over for his fitting.

    All Claudio has to do is make minor adjustments.

    Like make the inseam a little smaller.

    Right Claudio?

  296. I read it as a single HCOB. It was issued after the first set of red volumes. Don’t know whether it’s in the 1991 volumes.

  297. “Slave operators standing by” = Beautiful

  298. MQ,

    You reminded me of a joke we used to say.

    Guy gets to AO after completing OT 7 ready to do OT 8.

    The AC admin starts turning the dial on this very impressive safe.

    You know the kind with all the dials.

    Retina scan and finger print verification and all that.

    So he opens the safe and hands the Pre OT a note written by Ron which says:

    “Do OT TRO again and this time do it right!”

    ta daaaaaa!!!!!


  299. What a waste – your products are top quality (as proven by your essay here) !

  300. Virginia McNulty? Not McClaughry?

  301. A 1000 congrats from Germany !

  302. Thank you SO much, Sinar. An absolutely touching video … I cried and laughed. Anyone need a hug? I certainly could use one! H

  303. Your humble servant

    Thank you, RJ. I’m with Valkov on this. I hope you are putting all of this fantastic knowledge down somewhere, and not just on this blog!

  304. Right.

    My bad.

    Had “two or more incidents confused”

    She was married to Bill Rhodes and correct me I’m wrong (which I’m sure you will) her father fell on his sword over the Lisa McPherson debacle.

  305. Scott Campbell

    Sure do. Thanks for the blast from the past!

  306. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Valkov.
    Great clip and great movie. One of the most uptone movies I have ever seen.

  307. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks you for your peircing commentary. Sarcasm is one of the few ways you can look at such raw evil and be able to laugh at it.
    I thank you for filtering the evil and putting your creative spin on things.

  308. Scott Campbell

    Wow. What a great video, Sinar.

    Would that we could all take a moment from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and give the gift of some “free hugs” to our fellows.

    Surely our petty problems could not stand against such a powerful expression of affinity.


  309. Scott Campbell


    A house of cards indeed. And no matter how carefully it was built, nothing shall abate the swiftness of it’s fall.

  310. Wow – thank you for pointing me to this guy. This will be very helpful to me in my own work. You really are OT, thanks for the demonstration. I am very impressed.

  311. Dear Claudio,
    no such a communication is possbile with him…..othewise could be understanding….and no understanding is possible with his awarness.
    Be sure.
    I prefer LRH

  312. Thats close to what a friend next to me at the Basics event said under his breath.
    The funny thing is I knew he was right, but I spent something like 30-40 minutes trying to handle his objections in the parking lot along with other who felt the same way. There was disagreement at that event from Scientologists. They just quickly suppressed it or got “handled” on it somehow. Maybe in ethics.

  313. Moving Forward

    I am sorry for the off-topic post, but I didn’t know where else to put this and thought it interesting. I received today the latest issues of International Scientology News and the Source mag. I decided to take a look and found some curious statistics.

    The magazine makes the claim that there is a lower grade completion at Flag every 3.5 hours and an OT level completion every 90 minutes. That would be approximately 2503 grade completions and 5840 OT level completions.

    However, the current edition of Source shows 113 completions from Purif to Grade VA and 44 OT I-VII completions (which would equal 1356 lower grade completions and 528 OT level comps if these were the average every month for the year). So, either the stats just completely crashed this last month at Flag or these ‘statistics’ are a complete lie. It’s pretty obvious which is more likely.

    The other ‘statistic’ given is that there is a Release, Clear or OT every 8 seconds. That would be approximately 65700. If you subtract the claimed figures for Flag, that’s about 57,000 for the approximately 140 orgs, AO/SHs, CCI and the Freewinds. This would be about 32 per month, or 8 per week for every single org on the planet. Not exactly an earth-shattering amount, but I bet most orgs don’t even come close to this. I haven’t seen nearly this many completions at my local Idle Org.

  314. Does Miscavige wear those tinted contacts? His eyes look unnatural. Maybe they photoshop them.

  315. Catherine, thanks. Likewise.

    When I think about how vindictive, petty and mean the current situation is with severed relationships, it just pisses me off to no end.

    I mean, even if the current regime currently was on a sacred, God given, LRH-approved, super-holy mission to finally salvage this sector, how possibly is it a good thing to have a child disown his or her parents, no matter how “rabid” they are? Or have a parent disown their child?

    Let’s say for the sake of argument that a family member who decides to leave the church is deluded and consumed by the devil and overts, and let’s say that DM and crew really are on the right path. Let’s just, just for the sake of argument, mind you, say that DM and crew are right, and all of us are dead wrong and deluded.

    Is the appropriate response to an errant follower to gang up on him and yell obscenities at him or her in a crowded, public place, in full regalia? Is that appropriate? It is appropriate to say to your own mother “you are wrong, you are mistaken, how can you do this? I will never speak to you again!”? Is disconnecting from a family member who is contributing to this blog and letting the whole cussing world know what a loser you are really are, and what an sorry excuse for a human being you are (but, who, despite your silly transgressions, still shows compassion and love for you and would gladly take you back in a heartbeat), is that a good idea? Is it really the greatest good for all concerned? Really?

    Any human soul would say “of course not.” To members of the church reading this – think about it.

    Catherine, we’ll get’r done. I have a good feeling about this year.

  316. Awesome stats, Claudio. Numbers like that speak in all languages! The Italians are fired up!

  317. You’re right – and, of course, I personally read the pre-07 books, and somehow I had awesome wins. Even Science of Survival. (Hell, especially Science of Survival.)

    When I did Level A of the BC, we had a crew together that were roughly at the same part of the checksheet, reading the books. We called it “Cognition Corner” after all the “Ah hah!” moments we were having. Somehow we managed to get the better of THE TRANSCRIBERs!

    I cannot believe Mr. David Miscavige has been getting a pass on the largest tech degrade in history.

  318. theo Sismanides

    OTDT, that was hilarious! You have a talent in writing! please write to me at thetamag@yahoo.gr if you want. We can talk a bit. Do you write otherwise such stuff? Do write to me. Thanks!

  319. Let me add that was HANDLE WITH ARC.

  320. I heard that one in the mid 70s too, RJ.

  321. Actually, you didn’t digress but hit the bull’s eye

  322. Virginia McClaughry is married to Mike McClaughry.

    I’m uninformed about the Rhodes character(s).

  323. Here’s Virginia’s write-up on what happened with her on OT 7 at Flag.


  324. Dude, you crack me up. That is seriously funny 🙂

    Many a true word spoken in jest, hey?

  325. martyrathbun09

    Ask the former Central Marketing guys. People got hammered for not getting the eye tinting right in mags.

  326. They are buying the cronic criminal dwarf dictators lies.

    Please run a valence shifter on every staff member!

  327. DEAR MF,
    I am confused …. I think only Superman can handle those numbers…………

  328. Tony, These clips are so great! Hate to date myself, but watched these versions as a kid!
    “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No. . . . . . it’s David Miscavige …..come from another planet to save our world!
    MK, LM

  329. I hadn’t heard this from anyone I know up there (Jackson, Maureen, etc.) If such data comes in I’m sure Marty will expound.

  330. This story has no basis in fact. The original tapes are at CST, copies are at Gold in a large, climate controled building. Original transcripts there too, and they are all soft-copy.

  331. Religious Technology Center
    Office of COB
    Statistics Verification Section

    Clarification of Published Statistics of Releases, Clears and OTs

    CLARIFICATION: This is not the only universe that exists. To constrict oneself to operating in only one universe is suppressive. When each of you has risen to the proper heights of perception and awareness, you will be able to see these additional universes and operate in them and understand the complex and multi-layered nature of the statistics that are being reported.

    In our Scientology publications we do not separate out whether we are referring to just this universe or just this Earth, as that would be invalidative of those who CAN perceive and operate in other universes.

    There are many Flags, besides the one on Earth, just as there are many, many other orgs, missions and Scientologists and L. Ron Hubbards throughout the infinite number of universes.

    The project for this Earth, this universe was botched. I am fixing it. I need your help and support. I know it is tough. I know it stretches your willingness. I know the beatings hurt. I realize the Flow 3 nature of bruised L. Ron Hubbard ego you must be experiencing. But tough it out. You’ll see. It’ll all pay off in the end. Trust me. This is the one and only time you will hear any compassion or understanding from me on this matter.

    All statistics are relative. One thing or one number compared to something else. In some of our universes in which we are operating, we make over 90,000 Clears per micro-second per planet. Last week, we made 400 trillion OT IXs on one planet alone. But this was on a planet the size of this entire galaxy and the population is 926,598,323,544,111,151,238,097,465,107,454,208. To put that in understandable terms, that’s over nine-hundred gogle-skillion, quad-zillion, vavrillion, pillion, da-dillion, skadillion people!

    So, although it’s a start, we’re really just barely out of Non-E in the overall scheme of things, but we’re moving up the Conditions rapidly. We all need to Think Big and in Orders of Magnitude and with Character.

    Don’t allow others to shoot down, denigrate or invalidate our statistics by saying they are not true. Of course they are not true. What is truth? The Ultimate Truth = a static. Not a stat. Never forget the ‘ic’.

    A static has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time. Since stats have motion, even if only through the molecular vibration of the ink or pixels, so they cannot be truth. Stats have motion because they change. Stats have wavelength because they can be seen and measured along the wavelength of light. They have a location in space. And in time. They of course are therefore lies.

    So be it.

    Let us not get lost in the labrynth of petty significances.

    We have a game a to win: Eternal and Infinite Total Freedom.

    To have the win, we must be willing to lose and waste. We must have infinite discipline. Infinite tolerance. Infinite Pan-determinism. Infinite Money. Infinite Status. Infinite Intensives. Total. Infinite. Eternity. Freedom.

    At this point I urge everyone to step up and increase their IAS status. Another step towards Freedom. Towards Infinity. For your Eternity.

    Much Love,

    Captain David Miscavige
    COB, RTC
    Project Eternal Static I/C

    PS: The Time-Machine Order is ticking rapidly on the 72 hour deadline on raising the necessary funds for the Super-Cloth. Let’s have this Earth be the first Earth to invent this vital cloth and achieve the coveted status of Founding Supermen! I’m counting on all of you to pull this off.

  332. Claudio,
    See above for clarification of statistics.

  333. “Transcribers”

    Oh hell, Miscavology has descended into a Saturday morning cartoon! Miscatron fighting off the the good guys in his war for energon cubes (money).

    “More than meets the eye!!!”

  334. Spread the knowledge my friend. You are doing it right.

  335. Dear Gary, (and son)
    Congratulations to you both! This news is so fantastic! This is the stuff I live for. Thanks for making my day. Enjoy each other and catch up on all those missing years. In a few days it will be like the “disconnection” never happened!


    Thank you Karen, for your watchful eye! I am postulating this happens for you, too! AND VERY VERY SOON! I am working very hard to put Dave in a postion where he will not be able to maintain his Disconnection Policies. Oh, I forgot, Tommy Davis tells us “There is No Disconnection Policy.” Gee, Gary, what do you and your son have to say about that?

    Much love,

  336. I didn’t understand what you meant….not really….until I woke up in the middle of the night. Sky hooks? Oh yeah…… Thanks for mentioning this. About the time you left staff in ’82, I was perpetually exterior. Looking back, I wonder if it was a coping mechanism to deal with the insanity of just what was going on staff-wise or even just this planet. I found that being perpetually exterior had its drawbacks. Forget to take care of things, mostly on the 1st dynamic. I made a self-determined decision to take responsibility for 1D and body. Now, I realize I should probably rehab the state of exterior. Little tiny considerations can skew things ever so substantially. Once again, this is a positive of this board. Thanks, Marty.

  337. Silly Wabbit…he’s adding in OUR Independent stats to his stats.

  338. Sounds like you want to impress the neighbors or be one of the neighbors who are impressed. There are many different levels of reality. David is about as OT as one gets in academic physics and you were musing about that. What type of help do you need? Sounds like you want help in your own personal life. Sarcasm Rundown?

  339. Did they say “…so it follows, that…”.

    They like that one. It means there’s some fancy math going on under the surface.

  340. It’s the same glowing blue color you see in paintings of Jesus.

  341. Tony DePhillips


  342. MF,
    See Mike Rinder’s (or was it Marty’s) piece earlier in this blog about how Marc Yager sits and spins himself into a pretzel about justifying these numbers. Every 8 seconds, well let’s see. There is 8 hours in a day (minus 1 hour lunch and coffee breaks), 5 days a week, 240 work days a year (minus 26 holidays, minus 28 vacation days, minus 14 allowed sick days) etc. etc. And “Release, Clear and OT”, well “Release” can be anyone who’s had a win, “Clears and OTs” count for everyone who might have attested to these levels several times before. etc. etc. etc.

    Please also take notice of how much the issue is dedicated to activities in 3rd world countries. All respect for the genuinely good Scientologists who are working on these projects and want to help. I just remember a situation at Pubs DK in the 70s and 80s. There was a lot of Sea Org recruits from Africa that were gong-ho Sea Org members until they got a work permit to stay in Denmark (and the EU) – then they were gone, never to be seen or heard from again.

  343. Exactly! Which, in laymen’s terms, means treat the person with LOVE, tolerance, respect. It means to continue to communicate – to not sulk and break off conversation. It means to duplicate the other person’s point of view – not necessarily to agree with it, but to know what it is. It also means valuing the other person whether you agree or not.

    Not easy to do, of course. I have had my share of arguments doing this. Disappointing a family member (by joining a “cult” or indeed, leaving a “cult”) is hard to overcome. But the goal is to resolve the situation amicably, not “shun” the other person just because they have a different point of view. And it can be done and of course, should be done.

    You know, I just thought of why disconnection as done now is so wrong to do for the person doing it. It is obviously a wrong thing to do to a family member, but the church seems to promote that it is a good thing for you to do, or it is the best thing for the church.

    It is not. When you forcibly disconnect from someone, you are putting yourself at effect of that person. That person controls you to that degree. You cannot and do not confront the person. You are admitting that the person affects you badly, and could pollute your mind, or at least distract you from the pure tech nirvana that is the current DM-inspired “bridge” if you were to talk with him, or grant him beingness in any way. When you continue to associate with the person, you are communicating to DM and crew that you must agree with the person (ARC, you know, brings understanding and reality) to some degree, and you probably might think to yourself “oh no, I may end up like them if I communicate at all! That would be BAD!” Thought-stopping, yes, but thought-stopping is the symptom caused by forcible disconnection and the admission that you are worthless and weak.

    Look at the power DM grants us! We have the ability to take him down and convince all the remainders of his church to leave – and the power is granted by Mr. David Miscavige by his own policies! Yes, of course, our power is our own and does not flow from DM, but DM’s policies increase our arsenal immensely. He is helping us along. Many have noted that the Church is its own worst enemy. How true!

    His people are afraid of us. Fear. You can see it in the videos. You can see it in the friends you have left in the church. This fear of us empowers us, because they are in the do-nothing ridge of FEAR. Of inhibited communication. Of inhibited reach. Of denied affinity. This is fear of US – we are empowered by this fear – they grant us the power by cutting comm and being fearful of us.

    And this is all DM’s doing – his environment. Forcible disconnection is awful across the board, and its awfulness is aiding in its own destruction.

  344. OMG!

    Arnold Swartzenager is now posting on Marty’s blog!

  345. Sadly my post was not published 3 days ago. I assume someone ate it….*lool
    Superman would be a synthetic valence. A mocked up valence which the PC never met in life. These are the most dangerous valences to the case/person.
    LRH speaks about it on the professional course lectures. So lets have fun with the Pope of SCN…he seems to be Super dangerous……..

  346. Friend of Ron

    This is hilarious and sad, because the concept and rationale expressed in this are FACT.

  347. 75% small common grammar words. Hmmmm…deliberate attempted obfuscation. Add that to the charges on DM’s comm ev.

  348. I’ll bet those Africans were counted by Yager as a “Release”.

  349. Touché, Margaret!…Touché!

    (I wonder…does Davey actually READ Marty’s blog here?…Or is it just his OSA-bots?)

  350. Bill Rhodes used to work for DM&A here in the LA area.

    Former SO was on the Apollo.

    As far as I understood it he was once married to Virginia.

    Or maybe I have a short circuit on the connections here.

  351. ΘTater/GaryLerner



    I think I date-located that in session?

    Let see….
    926 decillion
    598 nonillion
    323 octillion
    544 heptillion
    111 hexillion
    151 quintillion
    238 quadrillion
    097 trillion
    465 billion
    107 million
    454 thousand
    208 hundred

    Oh yeah, now I remember … That’s when DM crawled out from under his rock! And he’s been slithering ever since.

  352. He counted us double. After all, from Southern Africa the next great civilization on this planet will arise. So we’re worth more.

    See? Logical!

  353. I needed that laugh. That was great!

  354. RJ

    “Another one we knew by the name of Virginia McNulty who really went kinda wild.”

    Virginia McClaughry is who I think you mean.

    She was the first to alert the world to this re write of C/S series 73.

    I suspect the only good action she did.

    She was nuts. Attacked everyone else in the FZ. Specially me. 🙂

    Recently had comm with her son who last I heard is doing really well on some mild psyche drug. He spent his life with an SP mum
    and suffered.

    She made a couple of posts here.

  355. I distinctly remember him including the lost continent of Atlantis and Pompeii on the stat.

  356. Thanks Terril,

    I remember she was pretty “out there”.

    Constantly asserted that everybody else’s ethics were out.

    ‘Cept hers of course.

    Yeah I think the confusion on the name is when I started referring to her as Virginia “McNutty”.

    Chick was definitely a piece of work.

    Though she very right about quite a few things.

  357. ODTD,
    You, my fine gentleman, iz one funny dude. I wish I’ll get to know you in real life some day.

  358. for those havent seen the new Super Power Statuses, i have a fair use excerpt from the recent promo brochure that includes the prices and descriptions mirrored here:


    super powerz is LEGION. and not only that, there’s MASTER LEGION.

    lol, and now i understand… MASTER LEGION of Superman. ahhhahha (snort)

  359. Moving Forward

    That was great, OTDT!

  360. Moving Forward


    Yeah, I know that massive manipulation goes into these event ‘statistics’. I’ve seen it over and over. I stopped buying them after the second fake ‘St Hill Size’ video I saw (for SF, LA Day in the 90’s was the first) and should have stopped buying them much sooner.

    Even when you count coffee breaks, lunches and vacation days that no one takes, there is still such a major discrepancy between ‘a new OT level comp every 90 seconds’ and a total of 44 in a month, or 1.5 per day.

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