Daily Archives: February 6, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

A Category 2 hurricane is sure to hit early this coming week.  What we don’t know is how large this product of Mother Nature will expand to.  Pundits are all over the parking lot on the subject. It could wind up as anything from a Cat 3 all the way up to Cat 5.   In the meantime, a little calm before the storm:

Winter sunset at Casablance Tejas:

The loves of my life. My dear wife, the imcomparable Mosey, and our daughter (even though she is hairy for a chick she is the apple of my eye) Chiquita. Chillin’ on the bay:

One of many winter visitors. Even when it gets cold, it is hot at Casablanca.  This cat, by the way, is one of the most intelligent, compassionate, spiritual dudes you’d ever want to meet. Tom Felts, Independent from Washington D.C., has got some big time surprises in store for Corporate Scientology in 2011. 

Oh, yeah, two OT Vs who were severely abused by Corporate Scientology were rehabbed and gotten back on the Bridge, three abused OT VIIs were brought back up to  cause, and several complete Scientology Grades were completed from beginning to end to full EP.  And here is just one sprouting wings at the foundation of the bridge:

Oh My God! I just attested to my ARC SW. I knew it was going to be pretty damn easy being trained and having done quite a bit of auditing on SW and all the Grades, NED and Grad V actions. After my floating TA earlier today, however, I really felt done after only a handful of sessions over the last few days. My needle has been floating over that entire time. I blew masses I never expected to handle at this level of the Bridge and I know I’m on my way to Clear and beyond and definitely won’t be getting worse.


I have other wins brewing and will be writing them as they come because I can clearly predict the cognitions coming fast and furious. I can hardly put into words the gratitude I have for being able to blow through stops on getting to this point. Of course, I simply persisted in doing what Ron says and kept my integrity in and my eye on the mountain.


Thanks to my perfectly in-comm, in-ARC auditor Marty and thanks again LRH for putting the tech there.