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Kay Proctor Does The Texas Two-Step

The book “Cowboy Dances” (1939) talks of this Texas trademark, “The real two-step should be smooth and beautiful to watch.”   Take a look at the way Kay does it – real straight-ahead, dignified, and with a pleasing tempo.  Welcome home Kay!

Dear Friends,

HCO PL 4 March 1965 : Reserved Payment Account

OEC Vol 3, p. 315: Purpose of the Reserved Payment Account: To prevent a false idea of the financial position of the org from occurring by providing a place where money awaiting disbursement can be placed before it is actually paid out, thus removing it from the general accounts and estimates of financial position of the org.

OEC Vol 3, p. 316: Savings: When the org desires to buy something big or expensive, it should not use time payments, hire, purchase or mortgages. It should start putting money into the Reserved Payment Account and, when the full sum is there, buy the item for cash, using the fact to obtain a good, big discount. While the Building Fund on building purchases is also intended to help buy buildings outright, there is nothing wrong with also depositing available amounts of the disbursement sum in the Reserved Payment Account to help out.


HCO PL 18 Jan 1965:  Financial Management Building Fund Account

OEC Vol 3, p. 42: The primary purpose is to provide a cushion by which an organization which is becoming insolvent may be salvaged.  The secondary purpose of the Building Fund is to purchase property, but when this is done, the purchase must be for cash or, if any mortgage is involved, all further payments than the initial payment must be made from expense sum.


OEC Vol 3, p. 247: HCO PL 28 Jan 1965: How to Maintain Credit Standing and Solvency

The secret to solvency is:

1. Make a lot of money.

2. Spend less than you make.

3. Make it before you spend it.

4. Gather bit by bit a cushion of cash to fall back on and don’t ever fall back on it.

5. Keep your credit excellent as a second cushion.

6. Refuse to spend reserves


These basic LRH policy letters on finance plus the many others contained in Volume 3, give a perfect roadmap for expanding any org, whether the local org in your local sphere or the upper level orgs in Int’l Management. Clearly there is an abandonment of LRH finance policy, witnessed by the Ideal Org fund raising program, which is off- policy and not to be found in any LRH policy. With off-policy as the current operating basis from COB, David Miscavige, I have no choice but to withdraw my allegiance to the Church of Scientology as I can no longer support anything but pure LRH.

To give one a little history. I found Scientology in 1984. I was living in Tyler, Texas and my sister-in-law had just been introduced to the subject and had done Life Repair. I could tell from talking to her on the phone that she was different.  At that time, life had kicked me in the teeth enough times and I was looking for answers. I asked how much money I needed and I was told around $2,500. I was a single woman at the time, teaching school and had no resources. I went around to 3 banks, asking for an unsecured loan and when they all turned me down, I then lied and said I needed money for my daughter who needed health care. That was the magic ticket and I left with a loan for $3,000, getting just a little extra in case I wanted to do a course.

I purchased the Dianetics book and then I took off for Dallas to the Mission of the Southwest, there on Mandeville Road, off Central Expressway.

I paid for Life Repair and cleared words while in session, as I had no prior information about this subject. My life turned on a dime, and I handled a long-term situation with my father. I was really happy for the first time.

I returned to Tyler, taught school and one day while mowing my lawn, I decided that I wanted to go Clear. I called my ex sister-in-law (we had both since divorced the boys) and I moved in with her, quit teaching, had no idea where I’d work or what I’d do, but I knew I wanted to go Clear.

Shortly thereafter I joined staff and was the PCS in Div. 6 for a 2-1/2 year contract. During that time we had highest ever statistics with new public and the org was booming.

Not to bore anyone with the full story, suffice it to say, that I have worked totally in an environment with fellow Scientologist since 1984, and have been dedicated and very engaged in my Church.

In 1987, I regged Jay Proctor for staff as well as my 2D and from that point forward, we both loved and used LRH policy to navigate our marriage and the raising of our son, who was delivered by standard LRH birthing policies in our home with a mid-wife. In October 2009, Jay dropped his body, with a full LRH Last C/S, surrounded by OTs. We applied LRH tech to our everyday life.

LRH tech was the glue for our life, as there is no situation that we were unable to handle using the tech.  In the 1980’s – early 1990’s, it was fun being a Scientologist and a staff member, even though we worked very long hours. We had community activities, we played the Birthday Game for blood, we had great parties at the org on Friday nights, both public and staff included. We had church picnics and a real sense of family.

In 2001, shortly after September 11th, my mother dropped her body and my OT levels had been paid for some time. I arrived at AOLA and began, going straight through from R6EW to OT V, completing in September 2002.

All along the way, I saw more and more outpoints. And now, to see our church be so off the rails with regards to finance policy deeply saddens me. LRH provided all of us with this beautiful tech, and it is being misapplied by Chairman of the Board, David Miscavige.

This is unconscionable for me.

Whether any of these outpoints are true for you, you have to determine that. But, outside of the Ideal Org program, here are some additional outpoints I began to observe:

1.       For many years, at major events, none of the usual Int’l Management Executives shared the stage with COB as they formerly had been. They used to be part of every program.

2.       There is a distinct upper strata structure that LRH laid out to provide checks and balances within the organization, which would include these International Executives. Where are they?

3.       Has RTC (Religious Technology Center), Church of Scientology Int’l (CSI) and Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) been un-mocked and collapsed? Is David Miscavige chairing them all?  http://www.savescientology.com/

4.       Heber Jentzch, the President of the Church of Scientology. Where is he? He had not been seen in many years, and he has to be nearing 75 years in age. He didn’t die, so where is he?

5.       Saint Hill-size orgs were popular in the 1990’s which provided for orgs to build their staff and public ranks to the size of Saint Hill Org in the UK. ASHO in Los Angeles achieved this status for a brief segment in time in the late 90’s. What happened with this program? And why was it disbanded?

6.       I noticed there aren’t Class VIII auditors produced as before? Why?

7.       I was at Flag in the mid 90’s and at that time, there were several Class XII auditors that LRH trained. I can’t find any of them now. Where are they?

If any of this has resonated in any way with you, please check for yourself some of the key stats in your local org. Observe them for yourself on the OIC board – which is the stat board that HCO keeps posted in plain view or should.

1.       NNCF – New Names to Central Files. These come from Books sold to new people or new people arriving for first service at a mission or org.

2.       BIS – Bodies in the shop. This would be of interest with regards to both Division 6 (new people) as well as Division 2 (returning public).

Observe for yourself and if these stats are up trending in your org? And if the #’s are sufficient for viability?

To ensure survival, LRH finance policy must be applied and applied standardly. This means monies come from a well-oiled operational org that delivers services in such abundance, making more money than the org can waste.  These abundances are channeled into the Reserves Accounts and the Building Fund account.

Then when repairs are needed for everyday operations OR a new phase of expansion, which could include renovations to the existing structure or a new structure, the monies are available, as there has been complete adherence to proper finance policy along the way, thus ensuring  the infrastructure is in place to facilitate the expansion. LRH gave us the tech and the road map to ensure stability both in terms of monies, structure, staff and public.  When followed, true expansion occurs and all is stable.

However, the caveat is that orgs take orders from International Management. Now, that is a single individual – David Miscavige.

Please “Look, don’t listen”.  Whether your reality is similar to mine or light-years different – from this point forward, I invite you to look closer.  Check out things further – allow no carte blanche acceptance.

In no way am I discrediting all the wonderful Scientologists, both staff and public that I have come to know along the way — some incredibly lovely people that I love dearly, including the staff members who devote their lives to this cause.  

But under the current leader, we have lost LRH’s Church to “Miscavige’s Church”. It is no longer the LRH that we once knew and loved, and therefore, I cannot continue to show support.

Recently, on national television, Tommy Davis, the Church’s spokesperson, said that it was false that the church’s policy was that you had to give up your friends if you chose to leave the church.

You now have that choice. I will always keep my comm lines open to any of you who wish to call me that cherished word, friend.

My decision is made. Please respect and grant beingness. It is my wish that each of us flourish and prosper. That is my plan, and I will be moving along with the correct application of the LRH conditions to achieve that.

Love and warm wishes,


OT V, IAS Honor Roll

Austin TX