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The Golden Age of Fraud

Many have noted here that since shortly after the death of L Ron Hubbard in 1986, usurper David Miscavige promised Scientologists that New OT IX and X would be released upon the attainment of the target of ALL orgs reaching the size of Old St Hill.  Nearly twenty years of very expensive events and promotion ensued depicting what looked like a Miscavige management working day and night to achieve LRH’s objective.  Well, for the past two years people who were willing to look got a bird’s eye view of what Miscavige was doing instead.  But even without that insight,  anyone who has not lost all of his or her power of observation could not miss a couple of clear facts:

a)  No Class V orgs on planet earth are anywhere near St Hill size.  Those declared as such in the past are mere shadows of themselves during more productive periods.

b) Miscavige has simply ignored two decades of promotion of LRH’s intention – the making of St Hill size orgs, and promoted instead a real estate scam under the guise of “Golden Age of Organizations”.

In the event you are dealing with Kool Aid drinkers who insist on not-ising this out and out fraud, why don’t you show them Miscavige’s own words.  First, here is what Miscavige said to the “top OTs on the planet”, the OT Ambassadors at the Maiden Voyage,  June 2000 – nearly eleven years ago:

So, with the first three prerequisites well in hand, this last target is obviously of vital importance.


Not just to our group, but to you personally.


It’s what will make your ascent possible.


When LRH first suggested it, the reason was made clear — To create a real era of full OT, we cannot fall prey to the pitfalls of yesteryear.


All orgs to the size of old St. Hill is a quantitative target, representing Scientology beyond the “make-break point” on a planetary basis, accomplishing its aims at the correct order of magnitude.


Factually, the actions required to achieve this target are no different than what you yourselves have experienced with the Golden Age of Tech.


Put it this way — We know that if Scientology is applied standardly, it gets results every time.


The key to that is that there is a standard way to do things.


Well, that same datum applies with third dynamic technology — the entire panoply of admin technology upon which orgs and Management operate.


So when looking at org expansion, one cannot merely look at “statistics.”


What it means to achieve St. Hill size is the standard performance of all functions in management and our organizations, which are detailed in HCO Policy Letters.


And the number of functions to be performed in our organizations are voluminous.


When one spans out across the globe, and takes into consideration everything management provides, one is easily talking about tens-of-thousands of products that are required to achieve real expansion.


And yet, producing each of those products is vital, if we are to Clear the planet.


Well, the good news is this — We are making greater progress than ever in our history.


Look at it this way — For Tech to work, Ethics must first go in.


Correlate that datum with removing 4th dynamic suppression and you see why the first prerequisite to the release of New OT IX was so important.


But there is another datum — To get in Standard Admin, one must first get in Standard Tech.


And that was the Golden Age of Tech and Golden Age of Tech for OT’s.


And it not only saw to dramatically accelerated case gain across the planet, but spearheaded a new era of administration like we’ve never seen.


So to brief you on some of the many actions ongoing by International Management to accomplish that last target, and their progress in helping all orgs expand to the size of old St. Hill, please welcome Captain Guillaume Lesevre, the Executive Director International.

Now, compare that to four years later – Miscavige’s words at the 2004 Maiden Voyage, introduction to  the “Org Night” briefing.  Here he uses PROPAGANDA BY REDEFINITION of LRH’s words.  He effectively cancels LRH’s LRH ED339R Int by redefining purpose from creating “big booming orgs” to creating a  “new civilization”, which he proposes to do through construction of over-the-top gaudy, expensive, soulless, audio visual centers.  As anyone can see by walking into any one of these multi million dollar mausoleums Miscavige’s propaganda by redefinition has fleeced the public of hundreds of millions and left the orgs bereft of Scientology delivery, staff and beings.  The neutron bomb strategy perfected.

Miscavige, June 2004:

And that’s the whole point of doing it all.


For the purpose of our orgs is NOT to “be” “A BIG BOOMING ORG.”


No, that’s what’s needed to accomplish the purpose of “creating a new civilization.”


And so — each one of these new breed of “Central Organizations,” incorporates every application of LRH Tech, for their geographic zone.


That’s how — with every org itself generating new groups, missions and every type of Social Betterment and Field activity — we increase our impact 150 times like “that.”


As for where it goes from there — the answer is obvious.


— Each org moving “up-the-org-board,” so to speak, as the central training center for it all,


— New AOs in each zone to cater to the flow moving to the top of the Bridge,




Which brings us to this evening’s event.


Because what you are about to hear is the “overview” of what’s now happening, in the wake of March 13th.


And while that only represents three months of “activity”, it brings us to the final point of “speed.”


For as we’ve gone over — it will be “exponential.”


And once again — just to pound it IN — the reason for that “exponential expansion” is PURPOSE.


When you crunch the numbers on those “lending a hand”, and “forwarding the crusade”, it takes on a whole new dimension when you consider everyone who is really “ON OUR ORG BOARD.”


When you “make our purpose their purpose,” the answer is EVERYBODY.


So with all of that in mind, tonight’s OVERVIEW encompasses two things:


— Where the creation of IDEAL ORGS is newly happening,


— And, what has happened in the wake of the “dones” so far.


Because that last one is not only the ultimate “EP.”


But, rather, the inevitable “result” from those just now beginning.