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The Hardest Working Man in the Independent Movement

I sometimes refer to Steve Hall as the hardest working man in the Independent Movement.  He has probably dedicated more time and energy to forwarding our ideas than anyone I am aware of and has been the most effective. Just as  important for me personally, when I surfaced publicly I found he had already been working along the same line I had announced I would be.  Steve completed his NOTs Rundowns during Hurricane week at Casablanca.  We had an opportunity to catch up and reflect on the early days of Indpendence, where we have come, and where we are going.   A video capturing some of that is below.  Steve also green lighted the publication of his NOTs success story and it follows the video.

Wow!, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow x 10. This has been a long time coming — well, getting onto my next action was a long time coming — specifically counter-intentioned by David Miscavige.  But only weeks after I disconnected from his organizations and him and spoke out — I found myself by total surprise starting my indoc for NOTs.

I first read about NOTs in 1979 — when I visited Austin Org and read LRH ED “The Year of Technical Breakthroughs.” I had heard about the wins and gosh…hoped one day I might be so lucky to experience them for myself if Scientology were really true.  You see I was still new to the subject then so my postulates were still mixed with a tinge of hope — hoping it all wasn’t “too good to be true.”

In 1984, after completing OT 1, I joined the Sea Org – again hoping that by casting my bat in with “the most ethical group on the planet” I wasn’t  also condemning myself to being parked on the Bridge.  I finished New OT IV in 1986 and then went into Central Marketing Unit — part of Exec Strata — and thus part of Int Management…and thanks to DM was blocked from taking my next step for the next 23 years. 

Then I met Marty — the most standard auditor I ever met.  Within minutes it seemed I was FLYING on my next step.  And I flew all the way through to the end with fantastic ease.  This is how NOTs should be. 

Effortless. And with all the gains. Since I started NOTs my life went into Power — (Normal condition in a higher range).  I’m having a ball kicking DM’s ass like it deserves to be kicked and living a full life across the dynamics.  My case is in excellent shape and I’m totally set up for my next action – Solo NOTs.

I would like to thank of course two people without whom this would not be possible.  First, my auditor Marty Rathbun — the greatest Scientologist I ever knew. If auditors are the most valuable people on the planet, and this guy is the best of all living auditors, that makes him in my book the most valuable being on earth. Period.

And the second person I would like to thank is of course LRH. The genius of these levels is unfathomable .  NOTs is not a rehash — it is brand new, mind  boggling discoveries. Words fail to describe the magnitude of his gift to Man. 

For where all this is leading, not even the sky is the limit.

Love – Steve Hall