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Miscavige Subject of FBI Investigation

Human Rights abuses directed by David Miscavige are the subject of an FBI investigation, according to The New Yorker magazine.   See details on this morning’s NBC Today show:


Larry Wright and The New Yorker

The New Yorker has just published a rather lengthy piece on Scientology, focusing in detail on the matter of Paul Haggis’ departure from the church.   http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2011/02/14/110214fa_fact_wright

Here is a current PBS interview with the author of the piece, Larry Wright:


Whether I agree with some of his views and conclusions or not, I  am fairly certain about two things concerning Larry Wright and his work.  One, he is honestly attempting to understand the phenomena that is Scientology from the outside. Two, he has opened a public debate on Scientology in such a thorough, balanced, newsworthy fashion  it will have huge and continuing repurcussions.  

If anyone wants to moan about a less than flattering treatment of LRH and the tech, again, you can thank David Miscavige in large part for that.  The church’s reaction toward Mr. Wright and the publication he works for is enough to make any outsider believe he is dealing with a destructive cult.  The incessant church badgering and threats to steer clear of writing anything about Miscavige can easily, and not even necessarily consciously, lead a man looking for answers to attribute more of their insanity to the Founder than is warranted in my view. 

 Miscavige and his minions spent hundreds of thousands throwing L Ron Hubbard under the bus so as to protect Miscavige.  That they continue to do so is no reason for us to shut up.  That is Radical Scientology’s intention.  More communication is the answer, not less.  And now is not the time to shy away from the public debate. You will see it roll out with gusto starting this week and continuing for many weeks.  Your voices are integral to the public discussion.

I am informed that as of around midnight tonight the New Yorker website will begin publishing a lot of back up documentation for the story. http://www.newyorker.com/

At the end of the day, Mr. Wright and The New Yorker  deserve props for making it out the other end of the Miscavige meat grinder with one of the more informed, accurate pieces of journalism on the subject to date.

The headline and revelation about Wright’s work in the link below is worth all of the blood and guts spilled.  In South Texas folks say that there is nothing like a good chorizo sausage, even though the process of producing it is so brutal most can’t stomach watching it.  http://gawker.com/5753356/the-fbi-is-investigating-scientology-for-human-trafficking