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Restless in Seattle

The following post is the complete article Vicki and Richard Palmer wished to post the night before last.  Unfortunately, the only thing I received at that time was the declaration of Richard which was posted, The Palmers – Dignified Departure and Arrival.  I did not republish that portion of the larger post below – but noted where Richard’s declaration (the last post on this blog) fits in.  I think you might find the last section “You’ve Got Mail” particularly interesting.  It recounts a creative means by which Vicki and Richard permeated the Wall with some truth. 

Restless in Seattle

by Vicki and Richard Palmer

We are proud to finally announce that we are no longer members of the Church of Scientology. Although we have each had immense gains from the tech and continue to support its application, we can no longer support a management that has become abusive.

Richard and I had dedicated our lives to the church and were betrayed on many levels. I was raised in Scientology, did the Comm Course at age 9 and started academy training at age 12. Richard joined staff at Seattle Fdn and stayed on for 13 years.

In spite of the many gains we got from the tech, our years of participation left us in overwhelming debt, poor case shape and treated like ethics bait. Richard has been posting under the name Joe Doakes. I’ve posted under the pseudonym ClearlyMistreated and I believe my letter to the C/S below explains the name well. After reading this you’ll see why we were ready to open our eyes when we heard about The Truth Rundown in July 2009.

To: AOLA Preps HGC C/S

Via: D of P Lou Hayes


From: Vicki Palmer, PC

Dear AOLA C/S, 7/3/06

I am just writing to let you know what I think is wrong with my case and why I won’t be coming back. After 10 long years of trying to handle my case, I still must conclude that I am Clear. Nothing else explains everything as well as this does.

Although I am not well trained in tech, I am familiar with the LRH tech on going back to just before the point of having trouble and that is where something was wrong. The point where I was doing exceedingly well and winning was when I originally thought I was Clear.

I was getting my auditing at Celebrity Centre Int and had gotten into debt about $60,000 to do my KTL, grades and NED to the point where I thought I was Clear. At this point I didn’t care about the debt. I was on top of the world. Everything had changed. I had never been so happy.

Unfortunately this only lasted for one day because the very next day they told me I wasn’t Clear. I had to borrow another $40,000 or so to audit repair and the rest of my NED because I was determined to either convince them that I was Clear or to actually go Clear.

I left CCI on the bottom of the world. I was sad and in debt way over my head.

I have been struggling for the 10 years since then. I’ve barely been able to survive financially. Mentally I’ve been in a confusion. It is something that I’ve literally thought about every day since then, at least a little bit. It has really drained me and made it difficult for me to enjoy life. What seemed like a dream come true turned into a nightmare that I can’t wake up from.

I have visited different orgs at least 6 times in the last 10 years in attempts to resolve the matter. Nothing has ever been resolved, I just leave in more confusion and debt. I come away with new “whys” but no org has yet been successful in convincing me that I’m not Clear. Some have come pretty close, but never 100% permanently.

I don’t really care if you agree with me or not. I’m not writing this to convince you. I’m just writing it to explain what I think and why I won’t be coming back anytime soon.

You can write me off as having O/Ws or being out-ethics, I know I have all the “symptoms.” But I’m not going to buy that. I know that is not my “why” and I find it annoying to have that pushed on me. It just confuses and depresses me more.

I know it’s sad, but I’ve given up on doing the Bridge for now. I have to get on with my life. I had one child but I’ve put off having any more because I wanted to get up the Bridge. Now it’s time to put that dream on hold. I’ll come back some day in about 20 years when my children are grown and I’ll have more than enough time and money to dedicate to doing the alternate route.

Until then you can just stick this letter on the top of my folder and send it to deep storage. The only thing I can do now is try and forget about it all and hope it will destimulate so I can live at least a little bit happily ever after. Please don’t try to call me any more because that only restimulates it all.


Vicki Palmer


I have felt such relief since having the correct SP indicated: DM.

Here’s a message directly to you, David Miscavige: I want my folders back and I want my brother back! Until then you can consider me “Theta the Problem.”


Vicki Palmer

Richard’s declaration (see last post on this blog)

You’ve Got Mail”

We believe that the suppressive element in the church can be dissolved if enough people stand up and deliver the truth to the Scientology public. It is the public that empower and fund the suppression. The people with the best chance of communicating the truth are us—former and independent Scientologists.

After a year of internet research, Richard and I were certain that the existing church was corrupt to the core and couldn’t be fixed from the inside. Yet we felt the need to do something. After months of evaluating the situation and potential solutions we came up with our master plan. We wrote and mailed out our own “SP Declare” to the Seattle field! We followed up the mailing a few days later with an email to the Seattle field to drive them to our website Needless to say, this lit a powder keg in Seattle!

Scientologists opened their mailboxes to see a white envelope with an obviously goldenrod paper inside. The return address had a note above it that said “Seattle E/O.” All the feedback we’ve received indicates that people feel compelled to open these letters and read them in their entirety.

Although most of the direct comm we’ve received from current church members is negative, it represents very few people. The vast silence speaks volumes.

Our website stats were “straight up and vertical” for the first week with each visitor spending an average of eight minutes viewing six pages on our website before clicking off.

The plan was calculated to use a known comm line to deliver our message. We hoped to sidestep the mental blocks Scientologists have that keep them from looking—at least long enough to get them to ask their own questions. We knew these triggers too well, having been on that side ourselves. We used the local recognition that Tony, Marie-Joe, Bert, Lynne and the rest of us had. We hoped that local Scientologists would be interested in reading about someone they recognized, just like Richard and I had listened to Marty’s testimony because we recognized him.

Besides, no Scientologist can resist reading a goldenrod! The Church is left defenseless since they refuse to distribute any actual declares, in direct violation of LRH policy. They are defenseless because there is no defense against the truth.

The church thinks they can go around declaring people and hoping they’ll disappear. What they’re really doing is creating a mystery in the minds of all those that knew them. A vacuum waiting to be filled. They can continue to disconnect, but we will continue to communicate. Communication, not disconnection, is the universal solvent.


Vicki and Richard Palmer

Seattle, WA

The Palmers – Dignified Departure and Arrival


Adjective: Having or showing a composed or serious manner that is worthy of respect.  (
That is the first word that came to mind when I read the following story of Richard and Vicki Palmer.

Richard and Vicki Palmer



My whole history in Scientology will have to wait. While it may be interesting to some, amusing to others, helpful to others still and cathartic for me – it’s too long to post here.

Having started in 1988 I’ve had the unique experience of being in Scientology after LRH departed but with the organization still having the “feel” of the earlier era (or at least what I imagine it felt like). I was fortunate enough to get training and auditing both pre and post Golden Age of Tech. And I’ve also held positions that gave me a unique view of the church.

I trained and interned as a course supervisor & Pro Word Clearer on the TTC (Technical Training Corps) and held a supervisor position for a number of years before going into the TTC again and training as an auditor & C/S. My last post held in an org was that of Snr C/S and I held it for 5 years.

I’ve done training, auditing and staff activities in Los Angeles, Flag & the Freewinds. And due to my staff status I’ve met people and been witness to things I wouldn’t have as a public. This led me to have many un-reconciled dichotomies about the subject – and left me with great conflict over the years. Some examples:

  • Reading about ARC being the universal solvent and then witnessing the LRH Comm of ASHO “rip the face off” the Commanding Officer.
  • Studying at great length the comm formula and the power of it only to then listen to David Miscavige (and RTC/Int Management staff) denigrate my peers with gross disdain at the Snr C/S Conference.
  • As an extra in a tech film seeing mistreatment of many SO staff, while one or two were treated like kings.
  • Training as a minister and coming to understand the benevolence of the subject, but then working with & around RPF members and seeing how they were treated.

While I can cite example upon example of dichotomies like the above (as a public, as an auditor, as a C/S, as an OT) I still continued with the subject. I was of the frame of mind that there was considerably more good happening and had thoroughly bought the PR that upper management was an idyllic heaven of standardness – it was just us idiots down lower on the org board, goofing things up. I was, for many years, the ideal “bot” for the church. I forwarded the PR line of management and was as much an example of what was expected of me as possible. If there was a program – I would forward its objective.

I had unique comm lines that most staff didn’t have. I was the Snr C/S so I had a Network post – this put me on the lines of management directly. I also had a direct line to RTC, complete with weekly reports. And as the Birthday Game I/C I had other unique comm lines. Being close friends to the DSA of the org also put me on unique comm lines.

As the only OT in both Day & Foundation orgs I’d had more hours of confessional auditing than the entire staff of both orgs combined. Yet I continually found myself in ethics trouble. Despite having been the only staff member I knew of in over a decade to complete a program (and gain signification of it from management) I still was a failure. And despite recruiting over 30 people for staff, C/Sing for both orgs and doing HGC & Review auditing I was still a downstat.

I watched year by year things change. The things that I noticed first were “statistics” at events that didn’t add up. They were things that didn’t really have any bearing on anything – or didn’t directly correlate to the business of orgs. Hearing about “column inches” of press didn’t mean much to me after I’d been involved with the DSA to get something posted in the newspaper for her stat. And things like “Number of books sold” became meaningless when I saw thousands upon thousands of dollars being spent on them by fellow Scientologists – and when the “25 books equals a Scientologist” quote would get tossed into the mix, it really stung.

Being trained pre-GAT and having true ARC in a session was very remarkable. Even if I goofed or didn’t know what to do next it hardly mattered. I was there with the PC and we were both doing our best. The C/S was caring and gentle with both of us – and why wouldn’t he be? And while internships were difficult, at the end of the day I was a PC’s friend. The GAT changed all of that. Personality, ARC, charisma, care – all of it went out the window. I had a realization shortly after finishing my GAT training (which at the time I thought was a good one – in hindsight it wasn’t), that with the advent of the GAT we no longer had “good” or “bad” auditors, we simply had auditors.

As Snr C/S I watched as the subject was systematically ruined – doing our best to churn out rote, robotic “auditors” as fast as possible. And I was running dozens of programs to ensure this happened. The irony is the GAT is such a pile of crap, there’s no way those programs will ever be completed. It’d be like having a series of programs that “extinguish the sun” by using acetone – just not going to happen, no matter how much effort you put into it.

But as a Scientologist, I was still trying to do it all. I was moving through OT levels, was trained and on post in a Class V org, had my wife moving up the Bridge, my son was in an Applied Scholastics school and we were even donating thousands to the IAS. But therein lied the rub – this was just too expensive for a “regular” family to do. I could see the writing on the wall, albeit too late. I was already in the hole for well over $100,000 and hadn’t even started OT VII yet. I’d been working days, nights & weekends for over a decade and was tired. There were very little days off, no vacations and no normalcy for my wife and son.

In 2002, I finished my staff contract, but as many of you know, there’s no “Congratulations/Thank You” for completing a contract and leaving. Oh no. And while there’s no golden watch, there can be goldenrod. 🙂

A Comm Ev was begun a couple months prior to me completing my contract and was issued a month after I left (but was still C/Sing for both orgs out of my home). The Findings & Recommendations were pretty gross. After all the years of work/exchange I’d given, all of my auditing & C/S certificates were suspended pending re-train (among a long list of other things). I was left with a sickening feeling of being “lucky” I hadn’t been declared. Still I soldiered on.

Interesting to note, my wife pointed out to me that most people after leaving staff (or being Comm Ev’d) simply disappear. At some point in the future there will be an attempt to get them “recovered” and at that time it will be disclosed how valuable they’ve always been and what a great contributor they were. But I decided to buck the trend. I was no enemy of Scientology. I wanted everyone to win!

So I got involved with the OT Committee and eventually took the position of D/Chairman. The Chairman & I sat down with some others and came up with a great idea – we’d get a public-level project going to buy the org a building! We started working on it and after a while had a building located, inspected and the initial checklist of actions done for management approval. It was affordable and was constructed & zoned for more stories on top of it for future expansion!

But as you can guess, that building was disapproved (without anyone looking at it) and the OTC was “in trouble” for acting without authorization. It was about this time I got a knowledge report written on me for “being too uptone” in the face of my unfinished F&Rs. Clearly I should have been more hangdog and stayed quietly off-lines. Well, as there was a Sea Org ethics mission in the org, this single KR got me hauled in – and I was told in no uncertain terms that if I didn’t pay for and route onto the Ethics Specialist course immediately, I’d be declared…

I got on course and worked on it diligently. I did my best to be a model student and help the supervisor out (whom I recruited and is still on staff to this day as far as I know) , gave wins, etc.. And yes, I completed it in checksheet time.

I then stopped working with the OTC and went flat out for months to get through my F&Rs. Why did I go through all of this? Well, because I wanted my wife and I to go to the Freewinds and do the OT Debug service, of course! The idea was simple. They promoted 98% of people doing this service are onto their next major service within 2 weeks of returning from the ship. I was thinking I liked those odds – because there was no way I’d be seeing a major service (simply from a financial aspect) for decades at the rate things were going. I was all-in, in the dark (poker parlance).

It was an expensive action but also a defining moment. Doing that service cost well over $25,000 (that we didn’t have) but helped open our eyes like no other. Doing the debug resulted in us having one of the most miserable times of our lives, being invalidated as to our intentions & abilities and left with no route of help.

After the debug we spent the next few years recovering financially. There was no option of doing more Bridge activity. I went to events and helped out however I could, but as far as services/donations go, I was no longer in the game. I was a broken piece…

And that’s why the OT Debug was also the most valuable thing I’d done in a long time. My wife and I both agreed that the church could no longer “help” us and we would have to rely on ourselves. It allowed me to take a step back and do what I knew to be the right things – work, pay off existing debt, never go into this kind of debt again, etc. It had the unexpected effect of allowing me to see how far astray the church had gone from my earliest days with it.

Over the next few years of just going to events (but not doing services or giving money) I was seeing a gross pattern – and recalling earlier instances of the same, substantiated things in my mind. My only thought was that sometime in the future things would be different. I had nothing left in the tank to give, so wasn’t really able to “pitch in to fix things”.

In July of 2009, Vicki and I found out about the St. Petersburg Times article & videos. I of course, was pretty knowledgeable about Marty, his post and relationship within RTC. Similarly with the others giving video testimony. Clearly I didn’t know them as well as those working/living with them all, but as far as “non-SO” went, I had much more knowledge than most.

To say I was in shock would be an understatement. The “problem” I was having was how everything was all of a sudden making sense to me. The church would like people to believe that the testimony given in those videos is what causes a negative effect in the wayward Scientologist. But that is a slap in the face in and of itself. I’d been observing things for YEARS with only partial data, unable to ascertain the truth of them because of incomplete data. No explanation given by the church EVER reconciled them for me. But these videos absolutely did.

I started thinking about how well little Dianetics book clubs & impromptu groups did. And how well Missions seemed to work, compared to Class V orgs. And how increasingly more difficult it got to get the job done as you moved up the org board. I was getting memories flashing of things I observed in Class V orgs, ASHO/AO, how much more poorly people were treated at Flag, the Freewinds, what it was like at the CLO/FOLO and what it was like at FB. The higher you went on the org board THE WORSE IT WAS! But I only ever saw up to FB so never personally witnessed the abuses at Int. But it now made sense – the idea of things “coming down the org board” was really true.

It now made sense why the RTC Reps in SO orgs were the rudest, most unfriendly, out-of-ARC people I’d ever met. It made sense why the MAAs in upper orgs were so concerned with petty overts. It explained why every Class V org EO eventually acted like a douche bag, pretending to be a big shot with a “badge”. It explained why the OSA network had the seediest, most no-gain-case personnel all over their lines. Why so much money went to “defense” of orgs. Why the church needed so many attorneys. Why the church’s PR was so horrible world-wide. And why the subject was being used the way it was on parishioners.

From the moment I had these realizations, I was out…

There is no way I can advocate, condone or support an organization betraying the very foundation of its existence. The Church of Scientology has become a fraudulent, human rights violating, cult of greed.

Step three of the Doubt formula states, “Decide on the basis of ‘the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics’ whether or not it should be attacked, harmed or suppressed or helped.

I firmly believe the church is no longer deserving of ‘help’…

Richard Palmer


Richard’s email:

Vicki’s email:



Leaving the church of Dave Miscavige

Another Texan takes the high road

Honestly, I won’t dignify that organization with the word Scientology.

I recall when going to an org was just fun. My friends were there, it was just a great place to be. There was no regging for anything but the bridge and it was done with ARC from the reg and was done to get you up the bridge. It was honest, it was good.

Fast forward to today.

Quite a difference, huh?

Now, essentially one individual has complete control of the only workable spiritual technology in existence, which is parceled out in such a way that only a tiny percentage of the population is able to avail themselves of it, due to of all things, the size of their wallet.

With that in mind give me a flash answer, what word comes to mind?

Yea, me too.

It seems very odd that of all the things I consume in this life, all the services and goods that pass before me in this existence, that I am to believe that I can ONLY receive spiritual gains from the good ol’ Church of Dave. It’s almost like he is insisting upon a monopoly on the delivery of LRH tech.

Not only that, but one would be lead to believe that only the squirrelyist of squirrels would dare leave the C of D and help his fellows out. Perhaps “squirrel” really means not sending Dave his cut of the action. Of course there are real squirrels out there, but they are easy to spot, easy to check up on. What bugs me is the use of the term to describe anyone not toeing the line, not in the herd, or “part of the group” regardless of the quality of the delivery.

With Marty, I’ve had the privilege of picking up the cans with one hell of a standard auditor on the other end. The difference between what he delivered to me and the herky-jerky crap-o-rama that I was getting from orgs is frankly unbelievable. Marty simply got me through what I needed to do as A to B as one could imagine and I cant help but think as LRH intended.

So a big thanks to Marty and Mosey. Things just are so much better in my life because you, and others like you, gave me an option outside the Church of Dave. And for showing me the new form of the delivery of LRH’s tech, and let me just say I loved every minute of it!

You know, I can’t help but think that as a consequence of our best people being driven out, Dave hasn’t enriched the field with some fantastic auditors, administrators and really the most competent people on the planet. So thanks, we can sure use them in the independent movement.

Just in case there is any doubt in anyone’s mind. I am out of the church, am an Independent Scientologist and I will be continuing on the road to total freedom.

With that settled and as a complete aside, I’ve noticed on this blog a tendency to express one’s thoughts and feelings in the form of a video of favorite or appropriate performances. Why not? We are dealing with the stuff of life and living. From the realization of betrayal to the exuberance of a great session. This is where the artists live.

So here’s mine, for Marty, Mosey and all Independents,

First a definition:

Shambhala (also spelled Shambala or Shamballa) is a mythical kingdom hidden somewhere in Inner Asia. It gradually came to be seen as a fabulous kingdom whose reality is visionary or spiritual as much as physical or geographic.

The words [chorus omitted]:

Wash away my troubles, wash away my pain
With the rain in Shambala
Wash away my sorrow, wash away my shame
With the rain in Shambala
Everyone is helpful, everyone is kind
On the road to Shambala
Everyone is lucky, everyone is so kind
On the road to Shambala
How does your light shine, in the halls of Shambala?
How does your light shine, in the halls of Shambala?

I can tell my sister by the flowers in her eyes
On the road to Shambala
I can tell my brother by the flowers in his eyes
On the road to Shambala
How does your light shine, in the halls of Shambala?
How does your light shine, in the halls of Shambala?


And of course the link:


Byron O. Dawson

Aka: Pissed Wizard

The “Insignificance” of the Independent Movement

I hadn’t seen any of the anti-Marty church sites for a while.  Someone sent me a link to an article titled “The Insignficance of Marty Rathbun” at the following site:

Notwithstanding the comedic relief of the over-the-top adjective laced diatribes straight out of Miscavige’s dictaphone, I did find a couple of interesting things during the visit.

First, I noted the liberal  use of every variation of my name in the urls in their links section.   We are apparently so insignificant that Miscavige has ordered twenty-six anti-independent blogs and sites, most using my name and/or Mike Rinder’s name in their urls. 

Second, note that the majority of Miscavige’s links use my name, my blog title, my blog design, and even the same jpg image of Oscar, our Great Blue Heron friend – my common law trademark.

Clearly the intent is to divert as many people as possible from looking up my blog and what we offer.   

But, contemplate this tactic for a moment, directed from the self-appointed COB of the corporation charged by LRH with the purpose of protecting the trademarks of Scientology.

An element of trademark violation is the knowing attempt to use the name or images that identify a product or producer.   It is done in such a way as to create a “confusion” in the mind of the consumer.  Trademark protection is afforded so as to protect the “goodwill” associated with the name of the product or producer – and not allow some interloper to benefit from the work that created that “goodwill.”

I have taken measures daily to make sure the public knows that I am diametrically opposed to everything Religious Technology Center and Church of Scientology International stands for.  The last thing I want anyone to do is identify me with them.

On the other hand, has the “holder” and “protector” of the trademarks of Scientology become anything more than a vampire personality desperately – with great investment of money and personnel resources – attempting to create confusion in the minds of the public by use of the names and images of more legitimate producers of the real product?

On top of all that, Miscavige missionaires have had the temerity for going on a year and one half to promise high-roller public that they are going to “shut Marty” down for copyright and trademark violations.

I can think of only four  words for David Miscavige on that score.

Make my day, punk.

Ingrid Smith Creates an Oasis in LA



When I was a kid there was a lot of talk of Russia bombing us. One day at my school we were marched into the auditorium to watch a movie about that very threat. It ended with a nuclear explosion going off and the people in the vicinity quickly disintegrating to skeletal form and then nothing. That was pretty scary.

The scariest movie that I saw as a kid though was ”The Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. This was about people in a small town whose bodies are taken over by cold emotionless aliens. The theta in the town was disappearing–no more friendly grocer, the chatty neighbor or the caring teacher. I found that terrifying. They looked the same on the outside, but inside they were somebody else and somebody you didn’t want to meet.

Even at an early age I found the destruction of the spirit more horrible than the body. I understood why when I got into Scientology. Thetans have been on a long dwindling spiral from suppression and implants. It is what is done to the Thetan, not the body that destroys him the most.

I got in on a 4th dynamic ruin. I became an auditor very quickly and have continued to audit since. To free beings and help restore self-determinism is very important to me. Also to reverse this dwindling spiral. For one thing beings in that condition are much more fun to interact with. Robots are not.

Ron knew that data in Scientology could be used in such a way as to do tremendous damage to the being. Unfortunately David Miscavige has proven him right. Here are Ron’s chilling words:


It (Scientology) is not in itself an arbitrary, Fascistic police force to make sure that we all think right thoughts. It’s a servant of the mind, a servo-mechanism of the mind. It is not a master of the mind. Scientology will decline and become useless to man on the day when it becomes the master of thinking. Don’t think it won’t do that. It has every capability in it of doing that. Contained in the knowable, workable portions before your eyes, there are methods of controlling human beings and thetans which have never before been dreamed of in this universe. Control mechanisms of such awesome and solid proportions, that if the remedies were not so much easier to apply, one would be appalled at the dangerousness to beingness that exists in Scientology.”

The Church has simply become another suppressive force and implant station in a long line of them on the track. How can I possibly be connected to that? It goes against everything I believe in. That is why I am announcing my disconnection from a Church that destroys beings. I want to thank Marty for giving me the forum to do this in. Fortunately, I have what is important–the tech.

Please visit my new blog:



I want you to imagine a scenario for a moment if you will.

Imagine that with every step you ever took in Scientology the following ACT ONE was in.

Please read ACT ONE again. Here it is:

“The auditor and pre-clear are a group. To function well a group must be cleared. The clearing of a group is not difficult. It requires but little time. The relationship of the auditor and pre-clear is not parity. The auditor lends himself to the group as the control center of the group until the pre-clear’s subcontrol center is established under his own control center’s command. The role of the auditor ceases at that moment.


The auditor necessarily owns the pre-clear. He owns the pre-clear on a lessening basis until the pre-clear owns himself. If the auditor wishes to successfully own, to the end of NOT owning the pre-clear, he must not use the pre-clear to the service of the auditor for this establishes and confirms the ownership and inhibits the pre-clear from owning himself.


THE FIRST ACT of the auditor concerns himself. He assesses the task rather than the pre-clear and assesses the matter within himself. He establishes whether or not he desires the pre-clear to become established under the pre-clear’s own center of control. To do this the auditor may find it necessary to straight-wire himself for the removal of any reason why he does not want this pre-clear to be owned by the pre-clear. He then postulates to himself what he wants to happen with this pre-clear and postulates as well that he can do this task with this pre-clear. He must feel these postulates solidly. If he cannot he must discover why he cannot. Thus the first session’s first minutes with the pre-clear are concerned with the auditor himself. He should take time out from the pre-clear until he himself is established in his task and then readdress the pre-clear. “

– L Ron Hubbard, Advanced Procedures and Axioms

Now, when I say imagine that it was in, I do not mean “sorta in”, “a lot in”, “a little in”, or “most of the time in”. I mean, in unconditionally.

To get what I mean by completely in, please take a few minutes to review a segment of an interview I did with the St Petersburg Times in 2009. You can find it at this link,

On the right hand side of the image, there is a list of topics. Click on the one entitled “Abuse of Trust.”

The conditions I describe in that video interview are Church of Scientology conditions making the definition of in-session unattainable – that is “interested in own case and willing to talk to the auditor.” I mean, unconditionally “willing to talk to the auditor” with no consideration present that there are any adverse ramifications possible for what one might say to the auditor.

There is no such thing as “kinda in session”, just as certainly as there is no such thing as “kinda pregnant.” One is either willing (completely without the slightest allowance for concern of repercussion) to talk to the auditor, or one is not. One is either unequivocally interested and willing to look at whatever he is directed to inspect and arises and then discharge it by exposing it to the light of the auditor or he is not. If the pc has that 100% confidence it causes exact time, place, form and event to as-is. If he/she does not then that time, place, form and event is altered to that degree and tends to solidify and thus mass and energy and uknowingness accumulates in the universe of the pc.

There is one condition precedent for creating the condition of “in session.” That is, ACT ONE is IN.

Imagine ACT ONE being in with TONE 40. I don’t mean the corrupted, sacrilegious, low-scale force that Scientology Inc has foisted off on people as TONE 40. I mean TONE 40 defined: “Intention without reservation.”

Imagine now that every session you ever received was received with absolute confidence that ACT ONE at Tone 40 was in with your auditor.

Now imagine every session, every training action, every cycle ever “administered” under the name of Scientology was done so with the unequivocal intent to return free theta to you so as to return more of you to you so as to enhance your control over your own destiny.

Imagine further that ACT ONE was in with every person within the organization administering that auditing and training. That means the Case Supervisor, the Examiner, the D of P, the folder pages, the Ethics Officer, the Chaplain, all Qualifications Division Terminals, all Tech Division Terminals, all Div Six terminals. That also means all OSA terminals, Int Management,including its alter ego who micromanages it to suit his intentions and image.

Imagine further that ACT ONE was in with all Division Two terminals.

And, yes I know it is difficult, but also please imagine that all Registrars had their ACT ONE in with respect to you.

Absurd? Why? How could ACT ONE – the creation of a third dynamic for the spiritual betterment of the pc – mean anything when that auditor’s participation in it is dictated utterly by a larger third dynamic for other purposes, some detrimental to the pc? When that auditor reports in detail everything that goes on within the created auditor/pc third dynamic and subjects the pc to the effects that larger third dynamic wishes to create on that pc? When that auditor does not utterly control the auditor side of the e-meter, but instead subjects the preclear to the whims of another much larger third dynamic?

I don’t care if God wrote the policies that dictate the actions of that larger third dynamic, there is no ACT ONE if the auditor’s contract with the pc does not bind every single member of the larger third dynamic under whose auspices and control he is carrying out his auditing duties. And no matter how closely the members of the larger organization follow God’s policy, the moment any single one of the members of that larger third dynamic violates the pc’s contract with the auditor under ACT ONE, that contract is broken. And that pc is for it.

An unattainable absolute? Ok, imagine every org terminal who exerts any influence upon you went through the process of ACT ONE on you before he or she ever gave a command or suggestion? And imagine that each did his or her darned best at keeping that ACT ONE postulate clean and in with respect to you.

Now, if you haven’t already done so, lightly scan your history in and around Scientology organizations and imagine all departures from ACT ONE by all terminals connected with those organizations had not been present. Instead, each terminal did his level best to operate with ACT ONE in with respect to you.

Imagine where you’d be right NOW.



Richard Reiss – Kha Khan


Richard Reiss, long-time Senior C/S Flag Service Organization has recently left his physical body. He reportedly lost a bout with cancer. Richard died at the age of 66 on March 4, 2011. He died at the Brookside Hospice House in Palm Harbor Florida. Seventeen days after his death, less than a quarter of Flag staff, and handful of public gathered for a church of Scientology memorial service.

I believe Richard deserves to have the world know about some extraordinary things about his life. Things that David Miscavige will not only not ever let be known, but as you shall see below he will likely spend more pretty pennies trying to silence.

Richard was a giant intellectually.

Richard, though many never had a chance to see it, had quite a theta endowment.

I don’t know how many people got to see Richard relaxed and being himself. I was fortunate to have been one of them.  Richard, you see, as the Snr Technical terminal at the Mecca of Technical Perfection was under a tremendous, continual pressure to abandon his integrity to forward the suppressive whims of David Miscavige. In fact, in one of his last public appearances he was forced to announce the “breakthrough” in Objectives, that every Scientologist needed them (wherever they might be on the Bridge) and up to 125 hours of them to boot.  In my opinion that was the last straw for Richard Reiss.

In early 96, Richard and I were assigned to “qual check” the Golden Age of Tech” drills that were being produced by LRH Technical Comps Unit at the direction of David Miscavige. Richard and I spent weeks together, sitting across a meter and reads simulator in the Qual Division Gold, Scientology Inc’s Headquarters doing just that.

Richard had been pretty much rotting for months at Gold under the auspices of some kind of “Correction Program”. I think he had been sent there mid 95 shortly after Miscavige had pushed him aside to bypass to write Lisa McPherson’s long, rambling Clear r-factor – and then continued to supervise suppressive programs like Expanded Dianetics and Power Processes after that fact, driving her to insanity and ultimately to death.

Richard was happy to be finally assigned to something he thought was meaningful.

Richard was one of the most analytically gifted individuals I have ever met. To most I think he came across so analytical as to lack esprit vital. That combined with the fact he was under the constant strain of lesser minds of RTC children relaying micro managed and generally suppressive tech orders to him from Miscavige.  And yes, I was an integral part of that apparatus, and I wish I could have apologized to Richard and make it up to him before his untimely death.

But, I was lucky for a while.  I worked alone with Richard for a good period of time where I didn’t have to walk the suppressive walk.  In our little Gold staff auditing room, for many hours day after day, while we worked in privacy he couldn’t help but let his hair down. Many a time I got him to crack a smile, and sometimes laugh – and sometimes even line charge while we tried to make sense of the plus, minus shunt computer logic being implemented with a tech the founder of which once said, “the only way the technology can be lost is if you become a slave to procedure. There is no substitute for understanding.”

Richard and I would test the draft drills and attempt to correct them. Richard would run through the drill with me and we’d get to a “what do you do?” spot, and I’d answer something like, “well that depends. There are about four or five avenues I could explore depending on a number of factors not covered in the linear scenario just given.” Richard would suppress a smirk. Then I’d launch on a soliloquy on those four or five possible avenues, until Richard couldn’t handle it any more and he’d crack up. Richard would then put his straight face on again and slowly, but surely, cite a punch list of LRH references validating my contentions.

And Richard had a wicked, wry sense of humor of his own, with which he caused an occasional belly laugh for me.

I have told elsewhere on this blog what happened with those drills – a great percentage of our corrections were never made, and a higher percentage of the drills never made it to Richard and I before the RTC bots snatched them up under the orders of Miscavige to “make it for the event” (May 9 event 1996).

I tended to have a more practical understanding of the tech – having been assigned to unsnarl many a case Richard and the rest of the tech hierarchy “screwed up” under the stifling, blanket arbitraries enforced by Miscavige. I sensed Richard got a kick out of seeing me do so. He clearly wished that he could operate the way I was allowed to. Later that decade I would sometimes call Richard for a tech reference because the man could cite me chapter and verse for any principal I threw at him.

By now some of you may be wondering about the title of this post, Richard Reiss Kha Khan.

Well, I was assigned Kha Khan status by Miscavige for having been in his words the “guy who got us tax exemption.” Here is what LRH said about the title of Kha Khan that Miscavige based it upon:

In an ancient army a particularly brave deed was recognized by an award of the title of Kha-Khan. It was not a rank. The person remained what he was, BUT he was entitled to be forgiven the death penalty ten times in case in the future he did anything wrong. That was a Kha-Khan.


Admittedly, Miscavige – as is his wont – dished it to me for manipulative, calculating, and insincere reasons. Namely to entice me to return from New Orleans a month after tax exemption was obtained in 1993. (Incidentally, if anyone is having trouble tracking with this, I suggest you watch the 3 and one half hours of video taped interviews with me at . I just don’t have time to recount all of the context, and it would tend to divert from the man of the moment, Richard).

I tell the following story to explain why I have eschewed the distinction and on my own origination award it, instead, to Richard Reiss.

Miscavige and I first spoke to the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service in the late summer/early Fall of 1991. By the end of the year we were deeply into negotiations with a team headed by the D/Commissioner for Exempt Organizations of the IRS. We pretty much commuted to D.C. – a couple times a month for the next year, preparing and bringing boxes and boxes of documentation to answer all of the questions the IRS had. By the Fall of 1992 Miscavige was becoming extremely impatient with the process. He used every carrot and stick method he knew to overwhelm the D/Commissioner to grant exemption.

We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to gather intelligence to flank all of this. We even received information from credible sources from the White House. And by near the end of the 1992 we were hearing that Papa Bush himself – exercising his trademark indecision – was concerned about the effect granting exemption to the Church of Scientology would have on his re-election hopes.

And so, the stalemate continued for another year. Nine months into the Clinton administration in fact.

There was not a single thing we provided the IRS during the year 1993 that was the make-break point of exemption entitlement.

Yet, lo and behold, in September 1993 – several months into the tenure of a Clinton appointed IRS Commissioner – the IRS Scientology team started swapping settlement drafts. In the first week of October we received tax exemption.

Fast forward a couple years.

Scientologist celebrity Ann Archer took a White House tour. To her surprise she was pulled  aside and lead to the Oval Office. Moments later President Bill Clinton appeared for a very rare one on one meet and greet.

Ann thanked Clinton for his administration having granted tax exemption to her church.

Clinton told Archer a little story as to why he considered it was the right thing to do. Clinton said that in the sixties when he was pursuing his Rhodes scholarship at Oxford, he hung with a fraternity of Yale University graduates. He said that a couple of the members of that franternity were Scientologists. He said he never forgot how kind and spiritual they both were. He knew then and there – by the beingnesses and conduct of those Scientologists – that Scientology was a spriritual activity and that “Scientologists were good people.”

President Bill Clinton did not mention names. But, I’ll tell you straight-up, Richard Reiss was one of those Scientologist Yale graduate, Rhodes scholars who met Bill Clinton during those days in the sixties.

Richard never spoke to Clinton since Oxford.

Richard didn’t know him well enough to do so.

But, Richard didn’t have to.

Richard left his mark by simply being himself around some amiable genius from Arkansas.

And that is why I say Richard Reiss is Kha Khan.

And I hope Richard that you find yourself a healthy, strong body with some parents who recognize a beautiful being and mind when you join their family. Or not if you’d prefer to do something else.

Whatever you choose to do, remember, it is entirely up to you.

Keeping it real


Mosey and I took a long drive across the South Texas plains yesterday to get some space and watch the wild flowers bloom. She had a very interesting take on the three-blog “debate” over the past couple days on the subject of OT abilities. Her introduction to Scientology had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with any representations or hopes of attaining “OT abilities.” She originated getting some auditing in hopes of getting a little bit of what I had, whatever it was she saw I had. Shortly into it she saw that it was bringing her closer to taking a peek behind a curtain that she just knew must remain closed, because she just knew that whatever was behind it was formidable, foreboding, and scarier than all hell. After a little more auditing, she began to peek, and after some more began to look a little more, and after some more decided to tear the curtains down altogether. Voila, the monkey on her back that had been terrorizing her all her life as-is’d (disappeared). The clouds parted, the sun shone, and lo and behold, happiness and being became effortless. According to her, never in her wildest dreams was such a feat possible. Ever since, we rarely use phones or texts to communicate, even though we spent ten hours physically apart most weekdays since. And we’re in about as good comm as any two people could be expected to be. The less we try to label it or promote it the more it seems to manifest.

When Monique asked me what Scientology was initially I think I explained it with about the same few sentences I did when Anderson Cooper – and others since – asked the same question. Something like this: You ever hear the U2 song Stuck In a Moment? Goes something like this, “you’ve got to get yourself together, you got stuck in a moment and now you can’t get out of it.” Does that resonate with you? Well, Scientology is a pretty simple and effective method of getting you unstuck from those moments. And to me, that is the simplicity of it.

What that process leads to is as varied as the billions of personalities who inhabit this planet. From my experience in applying it, one thing can be said about just about everyone I’ve applied it to: wherever they were at when they started they ultimately felt like they had moved on up a little higher.

The moral of this story? From my perspective it is this. What do claims, representations, and promises have to do with it? Not a blessed thing. Just like any other life endeavor, if you reach for it you might achieve it. What is it? It is whatever you consider it to be and whatever you consequently discover it to be. If you see it in another, maybe you’ll try what that other did to achieve it. If you enjoy pursuing it, and you achieve a little higher ground while doing so perhaps you’ll continue pursuing it. And maybe one day you’ll find it. Or maybe you’ll just get a kick out of, or continue to move on up a little higher, trying.

OT Abilities


A very interesting discussion has broken out at Leaving Scientology. It was prompted by Jeff Hawkins’ provocative post OT Abilities, .  Steve “Thoughtful” Hall has weighed in on the subject too,

It is a great topic for discussion, particularly in light of the fact that Miscavige’s church, unlike LRH’s, has effectively censored the subject of discussion of OT abilities. Compare current church publications to the ones Jeff recounts editing under LRH’s watch in church publications of the 70’s.

I don’t approach the subject quite like Jeff does. I think he – having not experienced or acknowledged or claimed any OT abilities – approaches it “glass half empty.” Having experienced, acknowledged or claimed otherwise, I approach it “glass half full.”

Admittedly, Jeff is more liberal in his moderation policy than I. I often deny long, rambling posts designed to denigrate and invalidate LRH and the benefits of Scientology; or ones that disclose content of upper level material. That is because – in addition to my concern that the latter in particular could confuse and lengthen a person’s journey up the bridge – I am informed many on-lines, active church of Scientology members frequent my blog because I do respect such concerns. Many who have left the Miscavige’s implant stations have told me it was safe to look, starting with my blog and what they learned here opened their eyes and helped them to break their shackles.

In either case, a complete discussion and view of the subject of OT abilities would entail the whole spectrum of experience and viewpoint. So I am opening the discussion here particularly to those with a “glass half full” viewpoint; and encouraging those who want to see all viewpoints also link over to Jeff’s discussion.

At the outset, I want to make it known that I disagree with what I consider Jeff’s rigid “objectivism” approach.

I think even under non-Scientological standards it is not a reliable approach to getting at TRUTH.

To support that proposition I recommend two non-Scientology works.

First, psychologist/philosopher William James’ The Will To Believe. You can find it by googling the author and title. James argues that to deny the importance of belief and unexplainable or undemonstable spiritual perception and phenomena is as blind as engaging in blind faith. He notes that the most “scientific thinkers” who would deny the existence of the physically undemonstrable are as biased and blind as the most zealous religionists.

Second, Ken Wilbur’s A Brief History of Everything. Wilbur lays out a complete analysis of the subject of logic and scientific thought. A lynchpin of his analysis is that to deny the personal, subjective view is to deny the complete TRUTH from being attained.

Having said that, here is my answer to Jeff’s thoughtful question about the possibility of OT.

My personal experience is that the further I move up the Bridge, the more stable and frequent are my perceptions of my personal abilities to communicate telepathically and to effortlessly cause events to occur through postulate. Can I demonstrate that to prove it? I can and do to those with a similar reality and sufficiently regular communication  with me to experience it. Can I get up on a stage and show disbelievers? No. For me it has to be effortless. It occurs when I get into Action and Games on the tone scale for sufficient periods that I begin to transcend to the level of Postulates. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t hang there all the time. I experience a whole panoply of emotion, including below 2.0 just like everybody else. But, when I get focused on possibility, and off of bands closer to effort, succumb and MEST, it just comes. I see a direct corollary to my ability to do so to Scientology training and processing. Which leads to the other “ability” I think is enhanced by Scientology auditing and training. That is the ability to disenturbulate entheta in another and to the degree that occurs to restore more free theta to him or her. And that leads them higher up the tone scale towards Action, Games, Postulates and beyond.

Jeff would apparently argue that perhaps that all I claim to experience is simply random “psychic” coincidence and does not rise to the level of ability. I can’t prove him wrong unless he perceives and agrees to what I perceive and agree with. Nor can he prove me wrong, unless I perceive and agree with what he does.

I do, though, thank Jeff for helping me to clarify for myself what I know and what I believe.

As my friend Jeff says, I yield the floor…


More Truth Revealed

Follow up to last post, Truth Revealed about OT VIII.

Lest there be any future mistaking as to who personally laid in the implant, please review the words below. They were penned by David Miscavige for his closing speech on “Org Night” during the year 2000 Maiden Voyage aboard the Freewinds.

Because, I have recently been reviewing many of your folders, particularly those who enrolled on New OT VII, or New OT VII Expanded, soon after the release of the Golden Age of Tech for OT’s.

And what was evident is that many are nearing full completion of that level.

In fact, I would use the word “imminent.”

So, we have also brought to the Freewinds the Golden Age of Tech materials for New OT VIII.

As part of that, I have also recently done a review of a great many folders for those who did New OT VIII, before New OT VII Expanded.

For the good news, there is no long training course awaiting you!

Your skills, as currently being demonstrated on Solo NOTs, will definitely take you through this level, AND EVERY SINGLE SUBSEQUENT OT LEVEL.

In fact, it’s all good news.

C/Ses at Flag have the precise instructions on what step to C/S as you complete New OT VII.

In some instances, it is best to do L’s at that point. Ultimately, every pre-OT should do the L’s but, LRH gave specific instructions on “case phenomena”, or I should say, lack of specific “case phenomena”, where the pre-OT should do the L’s immediately after VII and before VIII.

But again, that’s an individual matter based on specific case assessment.

Otherwise it is right onto and through New OT VIII and then up to IX and X.

For those who previously audited the level, you will of course do an expanded OT VIII.

And in that instance, the service is free of donation.

What you will find when you arrive is an issue describing any false data some of you may have been given.

As a whole, with some distance and perspective, it is pure squirrel cage. 

This particular passage should be passed around to those who have had troubles in the past fifteen years on the Solo NOTs and OT VIII levels:

I have recently been reviewing many of your folders, particularly those who enrolled on New OT VII, or New OT VII Expanded, soon after the release of the Golden Age of Tech for OT’s…As part of that, I have also recently done a review of a great many folders for those who did New OT VIII, before New OT VII Expanded.

The last folders I am aware of David Miscavige personally reviewing and C/Sing were those of Lisa McPherson shortly before her spin, psychotic break and untimely death.

This particular passage should be passed around to those OT VIIIs who completed OT VIII prior to June 2000:

For those who previously audited the level, you will of course do an expanded OT VIII. And in that instance, the service is free of donation. What you will find when you arrive is an issue describing any false data some of you may have been given.

Steer clear of “Expanded OT VIII” lest you want to be a genie (wounded or not)  stuffed back into a bottle.

And the last sentence of that passage ought to be passed around to anybody wishing to achieve any level within Scientology Inc anytime in the future:

What you will find when you arrive is an issue describing any false data some of you may have been given.

Be wary, very wary, of David Miscavige issues replacing L Ron Hubbard issues under his trademark squirrel guise of “describing false data.”   Including, but not limited to the above, the sixteen page OT VII expanded, an entire stage full of “golden age of tech”, “golden age of knowledge”, etc…

Please also see the write up  below of a frequent contributor to this blog, OTDT, and his perspective from having experienced attempts to entrap him in Miscavige’s squirrel cage:

Having done VIII in ’89 and the original VIII Expanded in ’90 and all the L’s, I would like to state the following:

1. There was no false data given out on OT VIII in ’89 unless it was the entire bulletin itself, which I doubt because it aligned with data in LRH books. I experienced their campaign of recalling VIIIs back to the ship to handle ‘false data’ and do an ‘expanded’ VIII in ’90.  Their ‘false data fix’ did not consist of revealing that the bulletin contained any false data whatsoever. In fact, there was no false data revealed or found. The only false data was that there was false data. Maybe it was a ruse, used to condition people to the real false data that lay ahead in the future with the introduction of the ‘Golden Age of Tech’.

2. ‘Redoing’ OT VIII as an ‘expanded’ level after auditing more on OT VII is completely and foolishly squirrel and harmful and the only purpose would seem to be to confuse one and drive them down the tone scale into more solidity. I cannot see in any way that doing more VII would produce anything that would cause one to have to do more VIII.

3. DM’s ‘advice’ to do the L’s after VII and before VIII is suppressive.  OT VIII completely changes forever the way one would look at and audit one’s case in any auditing in the future. OT VIII reveals that one has been following a trick pathway inside the labyrinth. 

Why send someone back into the extremely complex labyrinth of the L’s, particularly L-10, without this vital awareness, and especially after so much work on VII and when they are so close to possessing a vital piece of the treasure map that will help guide them through?

4. I’d like to know what kind of bullshit magic DM thinks he possesses that would give him the skill or awareness to be able to tell from looking at someone’s folder that they were imminently ready to complete the level. Haitian Voo-Doo or does he do a Turkish Whirling Dirvish dance that puts him in a semi-godlike trance of omnipotence? And why does he say, “I-I-I”? “I looked at the folders”, “I determined” this and that and the other thing? I, I, I. Why is he not allowing his senior technically qualified people to make the adjudications and indications?

5. OT VIII Expanded was and is not free of donation. You will unknowingly donate your previous gains, you sense of self, your space, your knowingness, your confidence and your self-determinism. The only way you should ever do VIII again is if you completely did not understand it at all when you studied it and really did not audit it at all and got no EP on the process at any time and didn’t even attest to it. Really, what’s the likelihood of that? Maybe one in a gazillion-trillion-brillian-frillion? Those are some odds.

6. I read DM’s illegal and out-tech written interpretations of OTVII which was mandatory for all VIIs and VIIIs in ’95 or ’96. They were filled with eval, inval and blatant interpretations of HCOBs.  Isn’t that nice. What part of Qual training did I fall asleep on where it talked about the way to fix a product is to write up a bunch of interpretive authoritative documents filled with opinions to shotgun everyone with?

7. I can essentially agree with Marty’s technical stance that if one is trained right and does the levels of the bridge thoroughly and has one’s Act One in then they very well might not need OT VIII, but I would add one corollary to that, that one must be armed with the knowledge contained in History of Man along the way and at some point have achieved the benefit of the philosophical practices contained therein. And I’m not talking about those goofy clam incidents or jack-in-the-box stuff, but very down to earth spiritual truths and nuances thereof.

8. DM himself can only be handled from inside, and handled the same way he gained power, first by beating the living hell out of him, threatening him with blackmail and then using lies to do him in. A time comes when one must turn and punch Satan in the head and use his blackness against him to do good and besides, it would be so much fun.

The successful formula for this would seem to lie in the mere corporate legalities of the matter, used with the right amount of courage.


One final note,

“Give us the teachings of his majesty, A we don’t want no devil philosophy.”

– Bob Marley

Here it is live.  Don’t – like the devil has taught you to do – take it too literally: