Daily Archives: February 28, 2011

The David Miscavige Vyrus (Virus)

How does a guy who gives a whole new meaning to the term “religious leader” (per his own PR flak) keep up with the Cruises in his driven assault to hang in the ranks of the rich and famous?  Easy, when he has a cash cow like the Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization.   About four years ago Dave decided that his custom Harley and other custom top-of-the-line street bikes didn’t quite put him at par with his buddy Tom Cruise.  Shortly after,  his personal staff  informed then-Captain Flag Service Organization Debbie Cook that the FSO crew were expected to foot the bill approaching $100,000 for a custom-hand-made, over-the-top motorcycle, called the Vyrus. Debbie protested the order recognizing that the forced collections of substantial portions of Flag staff’s meager $50 per week pay over several weeks leading up to Miscavige’s birthday and Chistmas each year to buy outlandish gifts from FSO to Miscavige was a morale breaker among the staff.  Debbie was informed in no uncertain terms that Debbie did not have a say in the matter.  And so for several weeks all FSO staff were required to cough up money from their $50 until the Vyrus ultimate motorcycle was paid for.

The David Miscavige Vyrus is simply one, relatively small symptom of the David Miscavige Virus.  The David Miscavige Virus is the reverse Scientology justified think that the acquisition of  ever lovelier forms of Matter, Energy, Space and Time is an honorable goal.  Of course, those who are not infected understand that the Miscavige Virus leads toward death and states far below and far more ugly than death. 

The David Miscavige Virus is pernicious and thus difficult to detect in oneself.  It is exacerbated by continuing to support the source of turning the road to freedom into the road to entrapment.  The remedy though is simplicity itself.  Find Out Who You Really Are, at which point an individual will come into valence.  A creepy synthetic identity will immediately blow, along with the impulses toward solidity that accompany it. 

Good Health!