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Scientology Inc Threatens Revenge on Paul Haggis

The following threat was posted on a blog created and operated by the Office of Special Affairs, the dirty tricks intelligence operation of Church of Scientology “leader” David Miscavige.   Last year I revealed on this blog that Scientology Inc was busy buying up every version of my name and Mike Rinder’s name they could figure:  https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/06/25/david-miscavige-wants-to-be-like-mike/

Since this blog began, Scientology Inc has created more than twenty web sites and blogs devoted to attacking me.   After we exposed one after another and the unlawful and tasteless content on each, and Scientology Inc shut one after another down, they settled on one central “anti Marty” site. Again they pirated my name in a vampirish attempt to garner an audience, “martyrathbunblog.com”

The following quotation is taken from the latest posting on that David Miscavige ordered and micro managed site:


Anyone with any sense would know that the claims made by Paul Haggis in the recent media attack are what has been fed by Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder and his extremist friends who have been making such scurrilous and false accusations for years. The journalist should have at least cross-checked some of the facts with someone who wasn’t a vicious religious bigot, scared of what the Church should know about them.

As a sure indication that there are skeletons he’d rather hide, Haggis tried to head off possible revelations of what he’s really been doing, saying that he expected a “scandal” about him to be the result of his attack on the Church. Methinks he knows he deserves to be exposed…hmmmmm….

Hell, he admitted to early criminal acts he withheld, and you can be sure that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

We’ll stay tuned…

While Scientology Inc has to date been very careful to cover Miscavige’s ass by candy coating his injunctions to “take out” myself and others, apparently the impact of the New Yorker article has caused them to yet again over-reach.  This latest passage I can intrepret no other way than as a threat.   It is a threat to unlawfully use confessional data among other things. 

For Miscavige to direct such thuggery (and ask Mike Rinder if there is a chance Miscavige doesn’t micro manage that blog down to the placement of commas) publicly is testament to his complete loss of sanity, in my opinion.