The Calm Before the Storm

A Category 2 hurricane is sure to hit early this coming week.  What we don’t know is how large this product of Mother Nature will expand to.  Pundits are all over the parking lot on the subject. It could wind up as anything from a Cat 3 all the way up to Cat 5.   In the meantime, a little calm before the storm:

Winter sunset at Casablance Tejas:

The loves of my life. My dear wife, the imcomparable Mosey, and our daughter (even though she is hairy for a chick she is the apple of my eye) Chiquita. Chillin’ on the bay:

One of many winter visitors. Even when it gets cold, it is hot at Casablanca.  This cat, by the way, is one of the most intelligent, compassionate, spiritual dudes you’d ever want to meet. Tom Felts, Independent from Washington D.C., has got some big time surprises in store for Corporate Scientology in 2011. 

Oh, yeah, two OT Vs who were severely abused by Corporate Scientology were rehabbed and gotten back on the Bridge, three abused OT VIIs were brought back up to  cause, and several complete Scientology Grades were completed from beginning to end to full EP.  And here is just one sprouting wings at the foundation of the bridge:

Oh My God! I just attested to my ARC SW. I knew it was going to be pretty damn easy being trained and having done quite a bit of auditing on SW and all the Grades, NED and Grad V actions. After my floating TA earlier today, however, I really felt done after only a handful of sessions over the last few days. My needle has been floating over that entire time. I blew masses I never expected to handle at this level of the Bridge and I know I’m on my way to Clear and beyond and definitely won’t be getting worse.


I have other wins brewing and will be writing them as they come because I can clearly predict the cognitions coming fast and furious. I can hardly put into words the gratitude I have for being able to blow through stops on getting to this point. Of course, I simply persisted in doing what Ron says and kept my integrity in and my eye on the mountain.


Thanks to my perfectly in-comm, in-ARC auditor Marty and thanks again LRH for putting the tech there.

133 responses to “The Calm Before the Storm

  1. Well done, Marty. Glad there’s SOMEONE out there applying the tech standardly.



  2. Awesome! I am so happy for your wins and this is how it should be.
    True Scientology being delivered and experienced. Wow, Wow, Wow.
    Marty congratulations on getting beings back at cause and then some!
    love to you, Mosey and Chiquita! You guys rock!!!!! Miss you guys!
    Awesome pictures!

  3. martyrathbun09

    Next time you gotta bring Sophie,

  4. Friend of Ron

    Mosey and Marty,

    Thanks again for EVERYTHING!! Can’t wait to see the love of my life carry on up the Bridge and experience what the CoM worked so hard to deny her, despite her 6 years of slave labor. Slave labor is usually free but in the CoM you are handed a $90,000 bill after doing 6 years.

    Just being outside looking in seeing the insanity for what it is produces huge case gain. It comes with a price -for sure, but it truly is the Price of Freedom.

    There is one thing for SURE: THE WAY THROUGH IS THE WAY OUT.

    See you soon.

  5. martyrathbun09

    FoR, Dude, Cob and co have no idea what they have to face with you. In many ways, I think you are scarier than me. And I scare the shit out of myself.

  6. This what Scientology is really about.

    Auditors auditing.

    PCs and Pre OTs winning.

    I mean didn’t Ron say that “All Roads Lead to Auditing”.

    Anyway we may have our scuffles and disagreements here.

    But I think those are the things that bring us together.

    I don’t know who you are FoR but you seem like a real cool dude.

    Marty sorry if I got as Sarge says a bit “sudden” earlier.

    To hell with Dave’s USG Approved Lil’ Squirrel Group.

    Marty you are teaching us Auditors a valuable lesson.

    There ain’t nothing stopping us from dusting off our meters and getting back in the chair and start auditing again.

    Thanks for leading by example.



  7. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Yes, I still haven’t written up all those other wins but I will attest here that they were coming fast and furious. It’s hard to describe the experience I had at Casablanca. I was exterior and F/Ning the majority, if not all, of the time in large part from the theta emanating from the whole environment and from Marty, Mosey, Chiquita – and please let’s not forgot Cat – or Tinkerbell – or TinkerCat as I have now renamed her. Come on now Marty… you changed my dog’s name to Fluffy, so…
    But I digress… Just a short while ago I had postulated that despite the many ongoing apparent stops aand barriers, I’m going Clear in 2011! It was only weeks ago I stated in passing, “Wouldn’t it be cool if Marty could finally start me on my Bridge.” I didn’t think it was a real possibility. I’ve been a Scientologist for 13 years, mostly helping others -on (mostly) and off staff – and delivering, but there was always a reason I had to wait to get my own Bridge. Well, my postulates are working pretty darn well. The day after I made that statement in passing, I learned that Marty had agreed to audit me. So, in order to take my own first steps on the Bridge, I had to go outside the Corporate Church. –Proof positive the Church is not what it was when Ron was around and it has been turned into something other than what he set it up to be.
    Many thanks, and see you again sooner rather than later to continue.
    And Much Love to your whole family, including both kids, from Fluffy too.

  8. Friend of Ron

    ………..boy, now I am scared shitless…….:)

  9. I am looking forward to the information from our man in D.C.

    And, it’s always a pleasure to read wins from independent pc’s.


  10. Friend of Ron

    …… that is scary !

  11. martyrathbun09

    Mrs., Don’t ever forget that every process you ran on others to one state of release or another, while redounding to the benefit to each and every one of them, redounded too to the benefit of you. You are a Cadillac because of your great under-the-chasis work on others. Can’t wait for you to come back and watch you blow right out to the stars. Me – and the girls, all of em – love ya. And your hard headed man.

  12. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Marty, very true. I have described to you my own F/Ning state when my pc’s are F/Ning. Their wins are our wins for sure and those benefits to me are not possible to forget. …No worries, I’ll be back at it in due course.
    Yes sir, revving my engines, on my mark and getting set for the next sprint.
    Love you all Much!

  13. Tony DePhillips

    This sounds real fun!!

  14. Tony DePhillips

    dm is the pope of Scientology???

  15. ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ all this happiness and free life made my smile offa my face ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼ ☼
    love and cheers to you beaming ones! and the regal dontmesswithmeormyfriends Chiquita

  16. You and Tom made me curious. What are the surprises for Corporate SCN? Give us some hints at least.

  17. Mr. & Mrs. FoR,
    Wonderful to have you here. Old friend and new.
    Here’s to some fun and games with big effects in the not too distant future.

  18. Tom — Wonderful to see your smiling face at Casa Tejas.

  19. Marty — Nothing I like more than forecasting the weather. I say thunder and lighting early in the week, steadily building into a major hurricane as the week progresses.

  20. Lots a love floating around between you guys but the rest of us sits here with a mistery sandwich.

    Mike, do you know what the scary stuff is Tom and Marty were talking about?

  21. Scott Campbell

    Great news Marty,

    I’m proud to call you my friend. And a true friend to mankind.

    As for that storm… Have fun!

  22. You guys don’t plan anything illegal, right? That is not the scary part, right?

  23. FFSM — Lots of dynamics here. One thing I can tell you, knowing him well, I would not want to be on the other side of any battle with Friend of Ron. He is a seasoned campaigner who has shown his toughness and skill many times over. Other than that, you will just have to wait for events to unfold — but it shouldnt be too long a wait…

  24. You are either terribly unbriefed, very stupid or a troll. I hope its the former…

  25. The scary part is the illegality going on right now in the Mr. David Miscavige organization. Scary has been going on for a long time. This is the sane part, friend.

  26. VWD Marty!

    Looks like an exceptional result with your pc.

    OT’s getting rehabilitated is the worst thing David Miscavige can possibly imagine.

  27. You know Marty, with your location right there on the water, it just occurred to me that you remind be a bit of Travis McGee – from John D. McDonald’s books. Especially since Travis was in the “salvage” business, and he specialized in helping out friends in need.

    Well done, sir! I look forward to the interesting times ahead!

  28. Troll.

  29. Ok, you metaphorical meteorologists with your cyclones and thunderstorms — should we close the storm shutters or get out the video cameras?

  30. Mrs. FoR,

    I’m very happy for you. Congratulations on your wins and experience at Casablanca. I know first hand how magical it is to be there with Marty & Mosey. And yes, let’s not forget Chiquita and TinkerCat. You are very fortunate in that you will do your entire Bridge with a great auditor, in a great environment, and only with Standard Tech. Do you realize how unique that is? You will be a rarity indeed. A glorious one!
    I look forward to hearing your future wins as you continue your progress up the Bridge.



  31. Tory Christman

    For a “Former FSM” to say “you guys are planning something
    illegal, right?” Yeah—either VERY stupid, or a troll –one of Yaude’s minions, my guess. That’s all part of their (OSA’s) black pr attempted slime.
    Sounds like you’re rockin’, Marty–and love the photos of Mosey,too!
    BTW: I’ve spoken to 2 more staff who have recently left. Each one says: “They’re is something VERY wrong here, now”. And I say:
    “ERRRRR: YEAH!~ Get out NOW 🙂

    Love to ALL 🙂 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  32. Tory Christman

    Friend of Ron,
    I have a little saying based on your last sentence,
    for those still “in” C of $:

    (Hey! Ron took it, why not you?) 🙂

    And one more: Leap! And the Net will Appear.
    You all know this to be true. Some still “in” don’t….
    so I try to remind them of this well proven fact.

    Most people got into Scientology and stayed due to “Theta”.
    I challenge anyone lurking to read this blog, and other Web sites,
    and compare the once “Theta” in, and how it is here, vs. there.

  33. Hey! Thanks for posting the photo of your winter visitor, Tom Felts.
    Tom, you’re lookin’ good, mate.
    Seeing that you’re happy made my day!

  34. FFSM,
    That’s the third time in very short order! What’s your heavy interest in it? There’s only one person I can think of….

  35. Impartial English Girl

    The darkest hour is always just before the dawn… Hope you make it through the storm unscathed. xx

    Those are beautiful photos – especially the one with Mrs. Rathbun and Chiquita – d’you know, Mr. R., I think Chiquita has inherited your smile 😉

    Batten down the hatches – I don’t think D(orothy)M and T(oto)C are going to be in Kansas for much longer… 😉

    IEG x

  36. Thank you for the posting of Wins . Also photo’s you kindly shared. Good luck on the Weather,and that its kind to your area . Touch Wood .

  37. LOL! Marty is out-producing all of Corp Scn in the Div 4 area.

  38. Hello Marty,
    You and the girls look great! Amy and I will need to visit you all some time later this year. Blue crabs, cold beer, darts and some dancing at our favorite redneck pub.

    I’m really, really glad that you are there to give so many people the wins they deserve.

    Wow – if you are predicting a storm than its got to be something. I can’t wait……

  39. Watching Eyes

    Loved reading the ARC SW wins. Makes me remember when I did my SW; I loved it. Very powerful stuff. Congratulations!

  40. And lots of SUNSHINE throughout it all.

  41. This reads like a REAL case gain. I remember back when OT’s were instructed to not really say anything about their wins. (It would surely key in the Pre-OT’s,) heh. You had to get your win “approved” before it would be submitted. Wins became these innocous watered down vague generalities that didn’t sound very inspiring.
    Now I clearly see what I suspected then, it was a way of hiding lack of case gain and genuine progress.
    You are a lucky lady Mr. Friend. So happy to see this!

  42. Right On Marty!!!!
    Just LOOK at all your winning PC’s…..HAPPY & SHINING!!! I’m one of them and I can’t wait to return.
    What a beautiful evening chillin’ on the bay…
    Thanks for sharing.

  43. Tony DePhillips

    New name + dumb comment= OSA BOT!!

  44. Tony DePhillips

    davey boy must be worried and putting pressure on you eh??

  45. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Thank you Luis,
    I know what you mean. Incredible fortune I am realizing. Probably my own postulate — to get my Bridge only from the best and most standard. –And I must reiterate, found only outside the Corporate Church.
    Thanks for bringing back the F/N for me. (It’s pretty easy now.)
    Hope we can connect again soon.

  46. Okay! She misses you

  47. Yes Marty,

    You’re totally right.
    There will be a storm !
    I came to Casablanca this week and I was so worried about my case. I’d 2-3 huge case problems that the church wasn’t able to handle for the last 30 years and I’d countless lists and repair on it that I was in full apathy about it becoming ever handled. To be honest I was on the verge of giving up Scientology thinking the bridge doesn’t work.
    I feared it will be very complicated .
    We had about 2 sessions and I was handled. So simple. Just undertanding and duplicating and ….the whole bpc dissipates….unbelievable….what the hell was I getting in the church ?
    Thousands of mind bending circuits gone in some seconds !
    No more worrying about my case after 30 years of endless worries and thinkingness and registrars, execs, fsms, maa’s and cs’s and arcx break auditors wanting me to handle to continue my bridge.
    I told the problems to Marty, my auditor and you know what he did ?
    He didn’t write a lenghty cs or give me an estimate of intensives to handle it or tell me I should start this or that auditing and it will handle it or send me to ethics or whatever, he didn’t frantically take his e-meter and look for reads about those problems. No he didn’t do that !
    He said:
    ” Thank you for telling me I understand” and that was it, everything blew !
    No Q and A.
    I remember, long time ago this was a normal phrase in the C.O.S.
    The rest of the auditing was then a full rehabilitation of myself as a real spiritual being and OT.
    He sent me up into the sky like a rocket and I’m still there looking down on earth.
    I know now that I’ll be on my 7 soon and I’ll take my whole environment with me.
    Oh boy, exciting times ahead of us.
    Thank you Marty, I?m so grateful for what you have done for me and do for others !
    I’m calm in the moment, very calm but will create a storm of theta when home.
    Have a great sunny day ! 🙂 :):)

  48. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Yes, wonderful to be here. Thank you new, true friend.

  49. Random thought…there have been a large amount of very well-produced SCN commercials airing during prime-time on the networks I watch. The only thought I had while watching them is “isn’t it sad that the only thing that can drive the C of S to promote the way they should have been doing the entire time is the urge “to make Marty and Mike wrong”.

    Those commercials are ONLY airing because of what has been posted on this blog about the IAS and how the funds are used.

    So once again, this blog shows how it actually controls the actions of corporate Scientology.

  50. Friend of Ron

    ….”hard headed man”…? Now now. I’m just humble me — Forest Gump revisited. Can’t even get airline bookings right. Ask Mike

  51. it is so nice to see good people having wins and making it go right. I also spent 6 years in the Sea Org and got little to no auditing. That is okay as I have been a” glass half full” guy all my life. No matter how down I have gotten there is the silver lining.

    Congrats and a BIG ACK to MR and MRs Friends of Ron! you guys deserve all the wins! Giving 6 years to the COS either on staff or in the Sea Org is not a easy task. It makes getting out that much better.

    I have been faced with ongoing disconnection for the past 20 years, with no end in sight. I used to think what could I do to make everything okay but now I see that it is the ones in loss and ptp not mine. Sure it is hard being the black sheep of the family, I just came to find out I look good in black.

    I mean really what sort of church teaches it followers not to forgive? Even though I do not kknow a lot of you I consider the majority of you ” like minded.” As they put it in Toy Story ” you got a friend in me.”

    Marty I know that you have your critics but you keep doing you and I respect that very much. It can’t be a bad thing when so many are speaking your prasie. Well done and keep up the good work.

    Happy Sunday everyone!

  52. Friend of Ron


    She already is a rarity. It took me 50 years !! to find her. But now she is on her way to become very exquisite.

    You on the other hand are extraordinary. What a blow you delivered. Months later I am still in awe. Can’t wait to meet up.

  53. Friend of Ron

    ………come on Mike. Told you mine is just a Forest Gump like existence. Couldn’t even get your booking to Amsterdam right. And don’t you ever call me Vendetta Travel again… (:

  54. Floating Needle

    I think I’m going to change my name to “Floating TA” because every time I read your blog it’s major blowdown.

    Love to hear the wins from the Independents because:

    1. They’re real and not scripted so you can finish a routing form.
    2. It’s undeniable proof that the tech works 100 times better outside of Corporate Scientology.
    3. No regging after session means your PC can actually remain keyed out for awhile and enjoy his wins.

    It doesn’t get any better than that! Can’t wait to see what’s coming.


  55. Friend of Ron


    Disconnection is VERY tough, but I know now with certainty that this is part of the real price of freedom.

    The wins which come with the freedom to be there and communicate honestly and freely are more than I ever thought possible. I believe that the longer one has been in the trap the bigger the gains to be had. When one gets off the fence and truly lives one’s own personal integrity the case gain is IMMEDIATE and IMMENSE.

    The way THROUGH is they way OUT, in my humble view.

    ………just my 2 cents — but what do I know….

  56. Floating Needle


  57. Jean-François Genest

    Marty, Monique, Chiquita;
    Commendations galore! Θ
    Congratulations for, and to your auditees (PCs & Pre-OTs).
    Please continue to shine the light! ☼ JF

  58. Wonderful photos and great products, not necessarily in that order!! Really good job to all involved which includes our thetan posters, of course. H

  59. That, was the crack of thunder.

    ML Tom

  60. Friend of Ron

    And Mike………you never told me what you thought of the compliance report Mike Sutter sent you.

    Told you — even Mike Sutter is “basically good and we will make sure that he gets through this alright”……..The power of standard tech never ceases to amaze me.

  61. Well, I think your humility does not do you justice. But even then, who would want to have Forrest Gump on the other side? As I recall that movie he pulled off remarkable feats that changed the world…

  62. Mrs FoR,
    It was great to have you here!! “Tinkercat” Perfect!!! Love to the FoR family!!

  63. Dylan:: Precisely. Any true church or wisdom tradition does teach forgiveness. It’s a core belief because without forgiveness you continue to be STUCK in the past. It’s about “letting go” … auditing absolutely enables a person to do this IF they are getting auditing, not smashed into their case through endless sec checks and reverse processing.

    Forgiveness has become a buzz world in the world — except you know where.

    BTW — your blog is interesting. Why not write the next installment 🙂


  64. Mrs. FOR,

    Congratulations to you for your lovely wins. Thank you for sharing them with all of us. Much theta to go around here.
    Marty, Thank you for sharing the photos and video with us. I always get keyed out when viewing them.
    Can’t wait to see what’s coming next!
    I send my love to all of you, Marsha Pearlman Sorensen

  65. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Awww Honey…. Look what a rare, theta team we have become. Look out entheta! Our combined theta, combined with thetans like Luis and the rest of you Thetans with full, or at least growing perception, will blow away the entheta. Truth will blow away the lies.

  66. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Thank you, and love you, True Friend!

  67. Friend of Ron, I agree. It’s worth the disconnections, not a single doubt about that. To be able to stand up and shout, cry, laugh and sing all that you want and need, without having to consider what the stupid church may think about it!

  68. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Thank you for this incredible celebration!

  69. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Thank you Marcy, and everyone, for these most incredible acks. My TA is floating away…

  70. Looks like good people having fun and enjoying themselves.

  71. theystolemychurch

    So exciting! Great news on all the wins and something BIG on the very near horizon…. Love it!

    Know what I think? You are going to need a new MUCH BIGGER venue for Independence Day this year!

  72. Thanks Mike. Marty, Mosey, Chiquita and ThunderCat are an extraodinary
    delivery team! Frankly there is no time for invented “drama” between sessions as the environment is SO alive with the process of live unfolding.
    I look forward to seeing you soon.

  73. Thanks Panda. I’m glad you are glad. If you ever have the opportunity, I know you will have a gas there. In fact, if you can make it over for “Independant’s Day”, I’d love to set up some jam sessions….;)

  74. Great Pics Marty, We’re looking forward to the storm, love heavy weather.

    I attested to ARC S/W complete yesterday here in the wilderness!! I had started it while on staff in 1996, but as I was part time staff had to pay my own way. Now that I’m out of the money vacuum that is the church I can actually move up the Bridge. Hey Amy, thanks for showing me the door.

  75. martyrathbun09

    Doc, music to my ears! Think about this, readers, 1996! That is fifteen freakin’ years. Well done, Doc!

  76. martyrathbun09

    Tom, if you’re gonna jam at Indie’s day at the Indy Ranch – then please work a couple of Honkey Tonk ditties into the mix.

  77. martyrathbun09

    How does 41 acres sound? Interesting number. Instead of forty acres and a mule, it is forty acres plus another instead of the mule.

  78. I would like to share this video with you. I couldn’t help but cry when I saw it. It is so beautiful and to the point.

  79. It seems that there are 10 times more people out than that are in the church.

  80. I just love storms! Raw power unleashed puts me straight up into the aesthetics band!

  81. Awesome wins! I can tell by your intention that you will go Clear this year. The best part is that the wins get exponentially better as you move up the grade chart. My, my…I just rehabbed my own wins going Clear! 🙂

  82. Good spotting, another way DM shows he hates LRH. It was hearing OT wins that made me certain that Scientology was something I needed to find out about.

  83. I love this!! Me too — tears


  84. Hey Dylan, there’s a lot of folk awaiting your next blog installment… don’t be a tease!

  85. “Get back in touch with somebody today

    You’ll be glad you did”

    Nothing to add.

  86. Loved that video Alice! It really captured how I felt reconnecting to other high ARC Scientologists after being alone for several years. It made me cry too.

    I don’t know how many times I glibly wrote My friends are Scientologists…all because it was the right thing to do but somehow the true emotion was lost. When all I really meant was my friends are those people who love Ron and appreciate the gift he has given us with Scientology and who strive to use that tech to bring higher degrees of ARC to their own life and the lives of others. Every day that I read this blog, I say hello to my friends…they’re all right here.

  87. Marty,
    There is so much theta here I started thinking, you need to be careful or you may as-is yourself and then we’d all be freaking out!

    Congratulations to you, your family (whiskers and tails included) and your pcs for having and sharing their wonderful wins!
    I have been moved, yet again.
    Like to hear more about the 41 acres.
    Looking forward to the Perfect Storm!

  88. What a great post! We share the affinity of nature by the shore, one of the reasons I love living seaside.

    Tom, you look fantastic! I am so glad you made it out to Casablanca. Even in the cold, the weather is awesome.

    And Mosey, even though we have never met, I think of you often and it always brings a smile to my face. Your presence in this universe will always be a special one for me. You look beautiful as ever!

  89. FFSM,
    Watch, listen and learn. Truth doesn’t have to be scary, only to those behind the falsehoods. Some learn the hard way.

  90. Scott Campbell

    41 – just one integer shy of the answer to the meaning of life, the universe and everything (which is 42).

    Must have some kind of significance…

    Figure that out, will ya’ Dave?

  91. Scott Campbell

    Right on, Doc!

    By the way, I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t ask you…

    Wait for it…

    Wait for it…

    What’s up?

  92. Marty,

    I so agree with you of “Friend of Ron”. We just hooked up, it was way cool.

    The one thing DM’s cult are masters at, it is MAKING, WILFULLY and PURPOSELY ~~ Enemies of the WRONG folk. It is more self-destructive than they realize.

    There are consequences to going after those who have given decades or half their life to the Church. It does not fly. Are they too stupid to realize this ?

    They could get away with spooking some isolated TV station in Washington where the reporter doesn’t have a clue. But when OLD veterans who know the game inside out and upside down, THERE is no damage CONTROL.

    There is only more harpoons and Gunfight at the OK Corral.

  93. Tony Dephillips

    Friend of Ron and Mrs. FofR and M&M.
    Awesome wins. I love to see you letting your OT powers loose.
    May this planet never be the same!!

  94. Marty & Mosey: I see that is a stilt-house – are you going to be able to put everything valuable upstairs against the storm surge when that thing comes ashore?
    I’m a bit concerned.
    Michael A. Hobson

  95. Tony Dephillips

    This sounds like it might be a category 5 Indie party!!
    Count Marie- Joe and me in!!

  96. Tony Dephillips

    I have a friend who says he has gotten 5 calls and two text messages about the local IAs breifing. Don’t you miss that?
    To all the bots: be afraid, be very afraid.

  97. Mrs. FoR, congratulations on your wonderful wins at Casablanca Tejas. FoR, congratulations on your joy at your mate’s wins. And everybody else who’s in Tejas and elsewhere rejoicing in another one gone from the cult and winning, congratulations to us, too.

  98. Wonderful… the simplicity of being.

  99. Marty:

    A storm inside the church is NOT an uncommon thing, but one in your backyard is whole different story.

    Make sure you bring in your laundry from the line before the neighbors start complaining. 🙂

  100. martyrathbun09

    Karen #1, “stupid” is the operative word. And it is born out of arrogance. Two years ago, Monique Yingling, speaking on Dave’s behalf, tried to dissuade Mike Rinder from remaining my friend because “Marty is old news, he is nearly five years out of the organization…he has nothing that anyone would be interested in hearing.” Can you imagine what Dave’s analysis was of our mutual friend? Dave doesn’t understand – and will never understand – that our mutual friend had as much impact on C of S defense over the past three decades as Mike or myself. Dave’s disdain for anyone effective and ethical, and his unwillingness to grant beingness to anyone who doesn’t kiss his feet, may at the end of the day be our greatest assurance of success.

  101. Hmmm … interestinger and interestinger. 🙂 The winds are strengthening.

  102. I never experienced bad things with disconnection. I only see the positive results on this blog. Disconnecting from an SP gives you instantly many real friends whereas the loss is per definition 1.1 friends that’d given you up in their first sec check.

    Not only that, some on this blog started thinking and looking because someone they respected had disappeared. So disconnection frees up the very people you disconnect from as well. Also, the power of the SP decreases, making it easier for even more to follow, as proven here daily.

    I can understand the emotions that go with it but most of us are pretty free on the tonescale and regaining selfdeterminism improves that further. Ethical decissions have the side effect of strengthening the theta back bone and its dynamics. Guess how great are the chances of anyone of us ever again following illegal orders (compared to before).

  103. Really cool man.

  104. Seems like DM underestimates a lot of people.

  105. Wow. The New Yorker article. Just saw it on Gawker. That must be the storm. Human Trafficking! FBI! OUCH

  106. Yes, I just read it…and you sorta left it on a cliffhanger. This is worse than waiting for your favorite series to return for their next season…your talking about something priceless here…

    Leaving my own cliff hanger for those who haven’t read your blog.

    (I can only be a little bad, HA HA HA!)

  107. Marty, I just love these theta posts. Well done on your PCs and Pre-OTs!
    Mosey, Doesn’t anyone feed you. You look so skinny, like me.
    Tom, I love seeing an old FCDC alum doing well. Its good to see a face to all those theta flows. Give em hell for me!

  108. Thank you for sharing your wonderful wins, Mr & Mrs Friends of Ron! Look forward to hearing more wins from you.

    This is what I love about Marty and Mosey, they are a POWER TEAM! They help to bring out sanity, serenity and power in another being. They love seeing others doing well on all of their dynamics and they walk the walk. Great characteristics of Social Personality. Thank you guys.

  109. Mike,
    It’s not that definition of a storm – check out:

  110. Check out the New Yorker tonight. The CoS is being investigated by the FBI, for human trafficking!

  111. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Ain’t that right?! I’ve helped guide and watched others have the exponentially better and better wins as they moved up the the Grade Chart. It’s hard to imagine exponentially better and better wins for myself. My, my… what the future holds… and how awesome that my being here and communicating is not a sin, but a catalyst for rehabbing others’ wins. My TA is still floating on that one. Thanks a million for sharing that one, Karen B.

  112. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Wow! That’s almost word for word what I said to my “scary, hard-headed” husband earlier today. “Truth is only scary to those behind the falsehoods.” It’s sooooo good to be surrounded by those who recognize truth!

  113. Yes! Finally!

    “Members of an FBI task force on human trafficking have been investigating the Church of Scientology for more than a year according to an article in this week’s New Yorker.”

  114. Mrs. Friend of Ron


  115. Thanks Just Me. The Joy of Creation in full bloom again.

  116. Catagory 6. At least.

  117. Awesome, Doc!

  118. Congratulations!

  119. Freedom Fighter

    Great wins! This should send Darth Midget into convulsions.

  120. The weather report has been updated, the storm is hitting land early and has been uprgraded to Category 5…holy smokes…goin’ out for my New Yorker!

  121. Good grief … I thought this was a physical universe hurricane, too. Thanks for clearing it up, Sinar! H

  122. You said: “To hell with Dave’s USG Approved Lil’ Squirrel Group”.

    I do not believe the group is rated so highly; it is, correctly, USG, Unapproved Squirrel Group, pure and simple. NOBODY approved what he is doing, NOBODY – he made the whole thing up. He wields MONEY (a lot, but not his – no, not his) but his power is like the Wizzard of Oz and the batteries on the mic are running down.

    Real Scientology, “Ron’s brand”, cannot be killed, compromised, stopped…

    The beautiful wins of a shining preclear, placing his trust in an auditor who cares enough to help him, and using Scientology tech, Real Scientology.

    Wow. Win by win, gain by gain.

  123. martyrathbun09

    Oh, it is P/U all right. Just stay tuned.

  124. LO, Listening to your story, and hearing your wins, I can’t stop the tears. So happy for you.
    So grateful to you, Marty, for your kindness, and caring.
    You put your “money” (energy) where your mouth is. Thanks for your work, and your example.

  125. Kathy Braceland

    Wow. Nice video, nice pictures, lots of nice wins. Wow. Life is so good.

    Yep, storm’s a comin’….

  126. What a GREAT theta booster!

  127. Congrats!!! 😀

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