The Hardest Working Man in the Independent Movement

I sometimes refer to Steve Hall as the hardest working man in the Independent Movement.  He has probably dedicated more time and energy to forwarding our ideas than anyone I am aware of and has been the most effective. Just as  important for me personally, when I surfaced publicly I found he had already been working along the same line I had announced I would be.  Steve completed his NOTs Rundowns during Hurricane week at Casablanca.  We had an opportunity to catch up and reflect on the early days of Indpendence, where we have come, and where we are going.   A video capturing some of that is below.  Steve also green lighted the publication of his NOTs success story and it follows the video.

Wow!, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow x 10. This has been a long time coming — well, getting onto my next action was a long time coming — specifically counter-intentioned by David Miscavige.  But only weeks after I disconnected from his organizations and him and spoke out — I found myself by total surprise starting my indoc for NOTs.

I first read about NOTs in 1979 — when I visited Austin Org and read LRH ED “The Year of Technical Breakthroughs.” I had heard about the wins and gosh…hoped one day I might be so lucky to experience them for myself if Scientology were really true.  You see I was still new to the subject then so my postulates were still mixed with a tinge of hope — hoping it all wasn’t “too good to be true.”

In 1984, after completing OT 1, I joined the Sea Org – again hoping that by casting my bat in with “the most ethical group on the planet” I wasn’t  also condemning myself to being parked on the Bridge.  I finished New OT IV in 1986 and then went into Central Marketing Unit — part of Exec Strata — and thus part of Int Management…and thanks to DM was blocked from taking my next step for the next 23 years. 

Then I met Marty — the most standard auditor I ever met.  Within minutes it seemed I was FLYING on my next step.  And I flew all the way through to the end with fantastic ease.  This is how NOTs should be. 

Effortless. And with all the gains. Since I started NOTs my life went into Power — (Normal condition in a higher range).  I’m having a ball kicking DM’s ass like it deserves to be kicked and living a full life across the dynamics.  My case is in excellent shape and I’m totally set up for my next action – Solo NOTs.

I would like to thank of course two people without whom this would not be possible.  First, my auditor Marty Rathbun — the greatest Scientologist I ever knew. If auditors are the most valuable people on the planet, and this guy is the best of all living auditors, that makes him in my book the most valuable being on earth. Period.

And the second person I would like to thank is of course LRH. The genius of these levels is unfathomable .  NOTs is not a rehash — it is brand new, mind  boggling discoveries. Words fail to describe the magnitude of his gift to Man. 

For where all this is leading, not even the sky is the limit.

Love – Steve Hall

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  1. Steve you are a gem. I am sure your Auditing with Marty went like this:

    On another note: I hope you are in comm with Billy Sheenan

    We all like him very much

  2. Steve is a super theta brother to me. He has helped me blow major TA as a result of him directing me to a source to air out the Siouxie Boshoff debacle. In addition he has recently helped me blow TA over being rewarded for being upstat with a cut in pay. Steve is amazing and I am lucky to be connected with him.

  3. Scott Campbell

    Congratulations Steve on completing your NOT’s Rundowns.

    Interesting story of parallel paths taken by you and Marty. Well done on taking the vanguard of Independent Scientology. Thanks to both of you for all of your help.


    I have to say it. The wind noise thing has gone from “Endearingly unsophisticated” to just plain annoying. Anything you can do about this?

    L, Scott


  5. Marty and Steve,

    Congratulations on your wins and the pure theta that you both bring to the table! Marty, you are an incredible being!
    I have read all the “Thoughtful’s” posts and they helped me a lot!
    Thank you Steve. Beautiful.

    DM or shall I say, BM….time to check out. You are like a cockroach scurrying for safety with you ridiculous accusations. You have been found out, for sure. You’re future does not look good and no, I am not in the crowd that is talked about in the article “What is Greatness”. Whatever your fate, and it is not looking good at this point, I will enjoy watching all those that have been suppressed by you get their freedom and enlightenment, and then some. Hopefully a bunch of money to the ex-SO!

  6. Actually Scott, the… whewwwwthhhhhhhhhthhhhhweeeeeeeuuuuuuu Miscavige’s windbag speeches… wheeeeethhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuu blowing from California all the way down to the Gulf of… wheeeethhhhhhhh-thhhh-thhhhhuuuuuu-thhhhhh full of superfluous grandiosities thanks to Danny Sherman’s “given thats” and “notwithstandings” weeethhhhhhuu-uuuuthhhhhuuuu generating wind that interrupted our video.

  7. plainoldthetan

    Alas, not a good enough wind screen for enjoyable listening. But good to hear about Steve receiving his long-deserved NOTS.

  8. Tony DePhillips

    That is so cool Steve, to see your VGI’s and hearing about all your wins.
    You two guys are stellar examples of what it really means to be a Scientologist.
    Steve I really liked what you said about it being for the Human race. That is very real to me. I think it was Jason Beghe who used the analogy of a person inventing the hammer. You don’t worship the “hammer” or the guy who invented the hammer. The purpose of the hammer is to build things. If you are not using the hammer for its original purpose then you are missing the point. Scientology is to help manking play a better game. Misscabbage has ruined the game within the cult. We are starting a new game and we are winning. This has been my best year since getting into Scientology in 1978. I left the suppression and have neer been happier and more successful.
    Thanks again Marty and Steve for all you are doing to keep the game here!!

  9. Steve,

    Well done on this and congrats on completing OT V – great wins, big changes.


    Well done to you! It’s products like this that make it all worthwhile.

  10. This is what I love about you Marty, you keep your eye on the really important things…like delivery! Congratulations Steve!

  11. I love that documentary. You can glean a bit of the feel of Scientology from it. Thats a very light, introductory type of session Cat Daddy, but you can see it produces some wonderful results in the PC. Good auditing, real Scientology auditing done standardly is wonderful.
    It’s spritual and I think it’s something anybody would want if it didnt come with all the baggage that is the Church.

  12. Great to hear you guys chatting it up. I always enjoy getting more reality on people and the audio connected to earlier pics did that for me.

    Steve, your space is so clean and you are obviously comfortable with who you are, that’s awesome! So glad to hear that you finally got to move on up a little higher on the bridge…you certainly earned it.

    Marty, your comment about the withhold phenomenon about explaining Scientology when the church is so messed up was so real to me. That totally blew shortly after going public. It was that easy!

  13. Two of my favorite friends, Steve and Marty, whom I am very proud to be connected to.
    Keep winning my friend, Steve!!!
    Love you and Marty!

  14. Thank you for posting this and letting us out here share in your wins and gains.

    I have to say Marty that when those of us out here can actually see and hear you talk, it opens the door wider and wider on who you are and what you are really doing. Reading a posting on a website is not the same as getting the “mass” of who is posting.

    As an auditor, I can just look at the PC and know how they are doing. I don’t need to look at the meter except to confirm what I can see.

    Looking at Steve, listening to Steve, I can see he is a product. No one can now tell me differently because I can see it with my own eyes.

    No one.

    I am so glad there are many wins and gains going on. This last week has been an interesting one for many of us out here.

  15. Marty & Steve, Thank you for being there and communicating.

    You are absolutely right Steve, We should all help mankind and use standard Scientology or any tools we have to help human race.

  16. Congratulations to both Steve and Marty. It is a win for all of us every time another gets the wins and gains available from standard tech!

  17. Lookin’ good, Steve!

    Keep winning!


  18. Fellow Traveller

    Jesus guys. You’re making a grown, grumpy ol fart cry. Tears of joy, tears of hope. Helluva Axiom 10 here.

    What an honor and privilege to count you among my friends.
    I like to think LRH would too.

    Bruce Pratt

  19. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Actually Steve, It’s all that charge that’s blowin’ from Marty’s great auditing!

    VERY WELL DONE!!! The wins ARE phenomenal! Now if you have not done the PDC Course… DO IT!! (If Marty’s C/Sing will allow of course 🙂 ).

    It is LRH’s hat writeup for OTs. Ask “Just Me” or anyone else about it (again if you haven’t done it of course).

    Thank you Steve for carrying LRH’s banner and Thank YOU Marty for opening a portal (this blog) for anyone to LOOK and comprehend what Real Scientology is about (from the people who KNOW).

    Love and ARC,

    P.S. Hey Davey!… WHERE’S HEBER????

  20. Steve, Marty,


    What a relief to know the on source Bridge is there to be walked — easily just like Ron wanted it.

    See you soon.

  21. Congratulations Steve . One can live one’s life running it or allow someone else to run it. In the Cof S your life is being run for you – no wonder people struggle . Outside the CofS you are the boss of your life and yes it is effortless.

  22. Congratulations Steve on completing your NOTs rundowns. Very well done!!

  23. Yes, I was wishing I had a transcript to go with the video – hated to miss a word!

  24. Steve completed NOTS at Marty’s place? That’s seriously good news!!! Man I am pumped (to use an American phrase). While Miscavige continues to bring about his own downfall and the destruction of his creation (Radical Scientology) there is nothing better I can think of than to read the blow out success story of someone I consider a dear friend, audited by another dear friend. I can’t think of better news, it cuts right through all the crap because true Scientology is what it’s all about.

  25. Re-elect Obama

    No offense, but I thank LRH before I thank the auditor.

  26. What you say Marty at around 4:40 in this vid is soooo true! I had some friends over and one of them works media and he saw all of my BC lectures and what not on a shelf and immediately become curious, talked about aliens, Tom Cruise being a nut and the greed that is well known within the church. The only way I could get passed his ridge to even allow our conversation further was to acknowledge the crimes of DM and “corporate Scientology”. He was immediately approachable after this point. I told him a lot of people are getting away from the greed and just using the pure works of LRH and he immediately became interested. Before that it was all about everything in the media and once you acknowledge the truth of the craziness that DM has made Scn into, then the whole subject is much more approachable.

    This is my dissem drill point #2 cognition. Why was it so damn hard to disseminate? Because of the corruption at the top. It’s pretty simple once you get that out on the table.

  27. Re-elect Obama

    That is really something, Haydn. But is there any truth to it that David Mayo wrote NOTs? I heard that rumor a couple of time.

  28. Re-elect Obama

    What is Billy doing these days? Any updates?

  29. Steve, CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you.

  30. It’s that sea wind. It’s sort of whips you even when it’s light.

    Better windscreen, and/or

    Shield mic from wind with a barrier of some sort.

    I don’t know if there’s an option to plug in some headphones. If so, someone could figure out what is causing it and do something to improve it, such as positioning the mic differently or the above.

    I do like the location and the natural open sound the camera mic gives.

    I guess it’s from being on course, listening to lectures and Study Tech. Whenever I can’t hear everything I get a weird panicky feeling. Next I’ll be doping off with a supervisor tapping me on the shoulder and telling me to bring my materials over to the word clearing desk.

  31. “Casa Blanca?” Well, that’s an okay name…


    In my view…it’s “NOTS Landing” from here on out..

    Well done Steve…and Marty.

    Reading wins from the indy field is just the best part of my day.
    Roses shed their thorns at the sight of your hands…


  32. I think, for me this all boils down to no stats. The Church of Scientology has become a big, complex, 1.5ish, enforced, NAZI-like machination that apparently has as it;s only purpose the covering up of the fact of CRASHED STATS, FALSE REPORTS and long term unchanging condition of Mr David Miscavige.

    For me thats the most damning evidence.

    Thats probably related to why he enturbulates everybody and doesnt let people do their bridge.

  33. Congrats Steve! Amazing and very well done to you both (all)! 🙂
    You give me hope for real LRH OT levels one day!

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  35. martyrathbun09


  36. Kathy Braceland

    Awesome guys! Thanks for the wonderful news…sure makes me smile….

  37. A comeon Scott give Steve an’ Marty a break.

    Pretend you’re listening to RJ 67 😉

    Steve and Marty,

    You dudes rock!!!!


    86 was the same year that my bridge progress came to a full stop too.



    You are one of the most valuable beings on this planet.




  38. Offence taken. Every graduation I’ve ever seen thanks the auditor, supervisor, staff, first. Then, last and most emphatically, LRH.

    Congrats on completing your NOTs, Steve. Great level eh?
    Congrats on completing your Pre OT Marty. I honestly don’t know how you do all that you do. One day I’ll have to come down there and extort the hat write-up from you.

    And congrats to LRH for developing and passing along this spectacular tech!

  39. Bawahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  40. Tony DePhillips


  41. So it follows that that wind brought the introduction of Scientology tech to 390,000,000 people. This brings the total of new Scientologists introduced to the tech this year alone to 2,435,278,387,478,367.

  42. Scott Campbell


    I didn’t want to go all serious and make interest important because of penalty – but you know me… In following the ethics gradients laid out in LRH’s HCOPL of 29 Apr. 1965 “Ethics, Review”, after step one, “Noticing something non optimum without mentioning it but only inspecting it silently” I usually proceed to step 2. “Noticing something non optimum and commenting on it to the person” (as noted in my comment above).

    If that doesn’t work I go straight to getting them in a headlock and rearranging the furniture with their helpless body.

    I guess you could sense that, huh?

    L, Scott

  43. Kathy Braceland

    1986 — that’s when LRH died and the wee one announced his dictatorship.

  44. I think Mayo himself only claimed to have helped compile the level.

    I wasnt there, but I’m sort of a student of history.
    It seems there was a period where he thought LRH had been turned against him and I see it as a big ARCX for him. His comm regarding The Church and LRH may have altered a bit during that period, but I would bet the most likely thing is that he assisted in the compilation of the materials into an issuable form.

  45. He’s on tour with Mr Big for their new album.
    It seriously rocks. To say he is the best rock bassist is sort of an understatement.

  46. one of those who see

    Hi Guys!! I am sitting here with a big grin. Obviously case gain is contagious! LOL I am so happy for you Steve. So well deserved. I curtsy before thee Sir Marty. You have my upmost respect.
    Nicely put, clarifying the goal of helping the human race.
    “Not even the skys the limit” Agreed!
    Love you guys!

  47. Felicitas Foster

    Steve, I am so glad for you that you made it!! And Marty, all the successes I am reading about make me want to go back in session. For both of you: VVVWD!!!

  48. Congratulations! It was very good to see you. Very well done for what you both have done educating all scientologists about what’s happened. I esp like the talk about the effortless.

  49. Floating Needle

    Thanks for sharing Centurion… that was down right awesomeness!

  50. theo Sismanides

    Steve and Marty,

    Thanks for this picture, guys! Seeing you both there, at ease, comfortably perceiving and chatting about the completion of Steve’s NOTs rundowns is way cool!!

    First of all, congratulations to Steve, a man who has really worked hard for Independence for a long time now. Finishing NOTs with Marty revitalizes the whole subject and as you guys both said puts a new meaning into the Independents: that of the Tech Era.

    I have been hearing people say why do we deal with Miscavige instead of doing Tech. Well, how can you just do Tech when you have suppression there. A true OT although he/she could be fabian, would not be afraid to disseminate and de-PTS people or actually even attack those suppresives.

    So, Marty, by doing that for 2 years now, you have helped keep your/our space and now it’s time to expand it. The whole world is getting the word that Miscavige is who he is. This has become so because of your efforts mainly and those 8-9 Independents who through books, sites and interviews on radio and TV have put up with the monster publicly, literally.

    The power of going public with the truth is immense. Back in 2001 I did 6 TV shows here in Greece as I arrived from Copenhagen. I got many people saying that it was way cool the way I appeared there and that I did answer questions and mainly gave the public some idea that I was a good guy, so this Scientology thing could not be so bad. Or at least they started wondering how come this guy can be like that when “everybody knows” that Scientology is bad. They at least, got confused. Scientology could not be that bad anymore. I changed something just with PR. And you know, after those TV shows the discussions on TV about Scientology in Greece stopped. There has never been any other discussion on national TV. Nothing!

    Going public is a big thing. It creates a powerful Reality in very short time. That we now can do this globally and have gotten that good PR is absolutely awesome and a big shield for the Independent field and Scientology and what we are about to do.

    So, it’s the Tech Era, Marty. It looks like you are cooking as an auditor. Steve’s words. And I don’t think he is the type of guy who is PRing. So, now this is the most important thing for us all as we keep our Space by doing what we have been doing. It’s to see how do we expand this. And also how do we make it a viable thing. Economics (finances) have to do a lot with it, too. Allocation of resources… Passing over some hats to others so one doesn’t single hand all the time.

    Steve, I am thinking of Mankind as you pointed out, not just of myself. If I sound so “didactic” about Org Boards and stuff it’s because I know that when you have the resources you have to use them (or lose them, that’s from the Power Formula).

    So, again cheers and congrats to you Steve and let’s create a better Independent Field, a better Scientology and a better Bridge for the whole world.

  51. I’m curious, as I have never been involved with Scn or taken courses and whatnot, what would the reaction have been to the above success story within the current CoS environment? For those in the CoS before the sweeping changes circa 1984, what would the reaction or opinion have been in _that_ environment? I am mainly interested in how these two camps would have reacted differently, if at all, to thanking one’s auditor first and LRH second.

    I assume if one praises DM first nowadays, that’s fine (aka a good idea to cover one’s ass), but what about thanking one’s auditor first and LRH second?

    (Congrats to SH by the way.)

  52. Very nice video! The sound was mostly good (I use earphones), but some gaps from wind noise near the end. But still excellent! The bottom line is, the intention and meaning come through.

    I really like the “audio/video blogging”.


  53. That idea was forwarded by 2 groups – the CofS first of all in wishing to denigrate the NOTs available in the Independent field and secondly by Bill Robertson who promoted his own squirrel version of NOTs.
    My own communications with people close to LRH at the time confirm that David wrote up the issues under very close LRH supervision. NOTs was LRH’s creation. David, from my perception, wanted to take a bit more of the credit than was his due in order to make his legal position stronger.

  54. I know a wheeeeethhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuu very good way….to… wheeeethhhhhhhh-thhhh-thhhhhuuuuuu-thhhhhh circumvent those ……….winds……interupting the most valuable proof thhhhhhhhuuuuuuu of the Tech working and………… best dePTSing ever…. weeethhhhhhuu-uuuuthhhhhuuuu= Just do the video behind glas.

  55. Congrats Steve (and Marty)!

    In the video, you mention a few things along your independent yet sort of parallel paths that also are very true in my own experience.

    First I found Steve’s website which become my “home base”. Finally, I had found a site that “spoke my language”, acknowledged the philosophy for what it was and SEPARATED the organization from the philosophy (my first big advance).

    From there I found Marty’s blog which had a strikingly similar approach to the debacle we face with DMology. The Truthrundown Video-Series finally and fully broke the dam. The “key question”, to me, was (paraphrased) “Do public Scientologists know about this?” and Marty answered (paraphrased) “They have no clue”. THAT was true for me, at which point I reread and and re-listened to much of what I had read on both sites before but couldn’t quite accept as having merit. Now my “waking up” went at the speed of a downhill race. 3 days, to be exact.

    This happened about a year ago and it has been a different world since.

    Thank You to both of you.

    PS: Marty, my “prank” is making good progress – I’ll info you on backlines in due course.

  56. Right, Scientology was intended to give mankind a better game. It did when new OT VIII was released and products were made. Many 4D engrams were eased and losts of wars ceased. Date coincedent with and to the degree that Davey overruled Int management starting in the early 90’s, the planet started suffering again, escalating in 2009 with the greatest 4D crisis in half a century. The work Marty and Steve started doing right then might prove to have had serious ramifications for the 4D.

  57. Congratulations Steve! Awesome job Marty!

  58. Keeping the mountain in sight
    Now that’s life…

  59. Steve, it’s really a pleasure to know you, I really hope we get to meet before too long. About a year ago Minerva wrote me saying I probably thought that Marty was “cool” – kind of implying that was the only reason I left DM’s cult. (Bizarre I know). I considered this earnestly and replied that I considered there was a touch of “coolness” to Steve Hall. (Still waiting for an answer).

    Your collection of articles on scientology-cult is so incisive, so charge-blowing and have such impact that I seriously believe, without irony, that many of them will be at the beginning of checksheets for ex-culties arriving from DMology. If nothing else, it will save them hundreds of hours of auditing, such is the case gain to be had. Any new readers not having a clue what I’m talking about should minimally read:

    But the whole site should be read carefully.

    As for DM – is this a glimpse into the very near future?

  60. Aylesbury Wolf

    Regarding the wind noise. Suggest you use lapel mics (with a windshield) which are clipped onto your shirt. The mics can then be either plugged directly into the mic input of the camera and the level adjusted to a high enough level (but not clipping). Or they can be plugged into a small audio mixer and the “line” output of the mixer plugged into the “line” input of the camera (also checking the audio is no clipping). Also, sit with your back to the wind to reduce its impact across the mic.

    Of course, this depends on the type of camera you have. Cameras that only have inbuilt mics are notorious for picking up a lot of extraneous noise, wind being the worse. As the wind noise increases, the automatic gain control in the camera reduces the level of the voices, as occurred in the clip.


    PS Congratulations to the Pomms for winning the Ashes. Shame about the ’50 over’ matches though.

  61. New Era Dianetics for OT’s. The Second Wall of Fire.

    Steve must be so at cause right now. Once a person does their NOT’s it becomes easy to see {in my opinion} that there really isn’t much left of what is called case.

    How do you like that DM guy? He makes this man Steve Hall wait over 20 years for NO NOT’s and then hands him a Freeloader’s Debt.

    Hey DM F*** Y**!

  62. Wow Steve, that’s Great!!!!!! VWD to both you and your auditor.

  63. LOL!! So that’s what all that wooshing was about. Thanks for the explanation. But please, let’s not forget Danny’s “when we’re talking about ____ , we’re talking about_____”s!

    Speaking of Lord Hackney, the Count of Cliche, I wonder when mister “biographer” will finally come out with his [overt] product. I’m betting that’s a “never,” since Davey’s driving the cycle, and actually releasing it would involve completing an important cycle of action. (You know – like the dictionary. Or an on-policy management program. Or posting a valid stat for something.) Not that I’d ever want the thing released, really. It’s dead certain to be the most hideous degrade and perversion of truth since…hm… since the last changeyourlifeforeverandusherinanerawholenewgoldeneraofunprecedentedexpansionandwinsbeyondyourwildestdreamsreachingvastnewrealmsofOTpowerforalleternityohmygodomygodohmygoddonatemoredonatemoreDONATEMORE int event. Complete with myriad bright, shiny objects to fixate attention and keep it AWAY from pesky facts or valid statistics.

    Ooooooooo. Wait. I’ve got it! Plans have changed. Danny has a far, FAR more important project to complete first: DAVE’S biography! Any ideas as to what the title of that little gem will be?

  64. Wow. W-O-W!

    Fantastic, Steve!

    Thanks for the success story, and for all you’ve done and are doing.

    Many thanks to Auditor Marty, too – what a prime, prime example of making the able more able.

  65. It is offensive because it’s a make wrong; something the cult excelled at doing. One thing I never liked about graduation were the scripted “thank you’s”. It didn’t sound natural because it wasn’t natural. Just one of the things I’m glad to be away from.

    A person can thank whoever they want, in whatever order they want, when they want………natural and coming from the heart.

  66. Wonderful news Steve! There is always something exciting and wonderful about someone finishing a step on the bridge! Thank you for sharing your success story with us! ML, Jan Marty your are the bomb!

  67. Actually it is the RIGHT sequence.

    In the Buddhist tradition, we are deeply devoted and honor our “guru” — our living teacher, without whom the teachings of the Buddha would be only words in a book.

    Without an auditor who can duplicate what LRH wrote — we have words in a book or on a tape.

    Words need to be applied.

    Something that is obviously missing from the current scene under dm.

    Very warm congratulations Steve/Thoughtful. Your blog has meant a great deal to me through these years — can it REALLY only be two?


  68. Last evening, I went over to my meditation center. My meditation instructor, who has been a teacher of buddhism and practitioner for the past 35 years, mentioned having spent the better part of Saturday reading the New Yorker.

    While he mentioned emphatically how criminal and nuts the current organization was (I’ve been keeping him up to date on many of the reported issues) — what he walked away with was:

    There is a great deal of wisdom in scientology.

    And THIS is what Marty, Steve, and others are bringing to the world — the WISDOM within this tradition – scientology.

    And THAT is a great thing. Not unlike the “modern” Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus who see their tradition as simply one among a sea of hope for mankind. And to not leave out the agnostics and atheists who want a better world for their fellow man.

    BTW — all wisdom traditions have gone through their trials, perversions, corruption. Those that have GENUINE wisdom prevail ultimately, minus the corruption etc. Those that didn’t — well, they were in truth, cults with a smidge of truth.


  69. Steve, No one could be more deserving. CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you Marty and Steve for sharing this event with all of us. This will be a Valentines day I will never forget. Happy Valentines day to all! love, 1 SP

  70. Russ,
    I heard on the grapevine that the Sherminator was planning on titling his bio of DM:
    DEAREST DEAREST DAVE: A short history of a man who loves sparrows, in other words, a man of universal and unbridled compassion, which is to say, a fountain of overflowing generosity, all of which brings us to this: an epic man of epic proportions living an epic life of epicness the likes of which you have never heard or seen before, ever, in history, since time immemorial.
    (He is reportedly concerned about being able to fit a large enough photo of Dave on the cover so may have to edit the subtitle a bit — though this is planned to be a full color hagiography with 475 photos of Dear Leader standing at a podium in front of a styrofoam background already selected for publication).

  71. This is interesting comment as is Ralph’s. I would like to see more elaboration on this. From what I know (heard from what I believe to be reliable sources), NOTS evolved out of Mayo’s auditing of LRH when he got him out of his “bunk” when he almost passed. I know my friend Scott Stratman told me that he was auditing under LRH supervision on the development of NED which I’m sure/imagine developed into the same for NOTs. Mayo, I do believe, was designated as the Tech Successor as he states he was. The LRH Comps Unit was also writing tech as well. To what degree LRH approved everything I cannot say. The whole mimeo line became obscured when Int was setup. Writers of HCOBs and P/Ls could always be observed with the initials and also with the original mimeo file. You’d see if LRH wrote it or not because he ALWAYS wrote everything by hand. He also stated all OT levels would be in his handwriting. This changed somewhere as did the protocol for the mimeo line. It became obscured/invisible. Until these issues are cleared up, and I am not sure how they can be, I would be circumspect about anything. That does not mean I would not be comfortable or even amenable to Tom M.’s views, Logan’s views, Marty’s views or Ralph’s veiws (assuming they might all be a little different or not). It just means that I would reserve my opinion. In any event, what I have said here is more of a technical point. It is not meant to nullify or minimize any of the spectacular gains Marty or others report. The whole Mayo issue is cumbersome and I feel needs to be cleared up. I was not a fan of his per se and never considered going his route, but I think his merit has been denied and that he was put in an untenable position. Many have concluded he was the top tech person and based upon their listening to him have concluded that OT is not a real state. Such people are ignorant. I don’t want to be judgmental against him or for him. I would hope this can all be brought to light and cleared up some day. I never would have though Broeker would have gone as nuts as he did. Maybe a little bit but not that much and we still don’t know the WHOLE story there either.
    Anyway, the most telling comment on this thread are the rapid progress up the Bridge and/or results that are attributed to Marty. If I am to be fair, I don’t hear this sort of thing elsewhere.

  72. WH – You have made some interesting points but I do not quite agree at all that GENUINE wisdom has prevailed to any significant degree on this planet in any of those “great traditions”. They all propagate boundless horse shit and they are getting worse and worse. That does not mean that independent people, teachers, etc. cannot make diamonds out of the rubble. The idea that the truth will prevail is a nice idea. Remember, all truth/reality is relative. While truth can prevail, it is not a sure thing, either on an individual, group or planetary basis. It has to be made to prevail. Only the individual can attain genuine wisdom and he does this by busting out of the confines of all those systems which become convoluted.

  73. Steve,

    Congratulations on receiving your NOTs rundown auditing — and from Marty, no less. You have contributed so much to this independence movement, and you deserve all good things.

    With great respect,
    Just Me

  74. Marty,

    the wind thing is too much. I suggest you get a good windscreen for your mic or else film inside. Great info though.


  75. I’m so happy for you! Freedom is delicious!

  76. I think the whole point is this “success story” could not have been written in the Co$ as it is today, because the auditing is not delivered well enough within the Co$ for most people to complete the level.

    That’s why Steve’s progress was stalled for decades,until he got out.

  77. Great news! Good going! Thanks for sharing! Well done!

  78. While what you say is true for you, it isn’t for me.

    Although I do agree that truth has to be MADE to prevail as too many are eager to twist it slightly to their ends and thus one doesn’t have truth.

    You’ve been crystal clear about your distaste of Tibetan Buddhism, and your proclivity towards the more “conspiratorial” aspects of what’s what in the world. Montauk Project etc.

    OK by me. Just isn’t my way of viewing the world.

    I’ve always been a glass 1/2 full type of gal. Even in the midst of horrendous pain and suffering.


  79. Tony DePhillips


  80. Steve,
    I’m just now listening to the video and HAVE to jot off a comment. I’m coming up right behind you on the NOTs level, and experiencing a wonderful phenomenon that applies to something you just said in the vid.

    ‘Effort Band’ is the term, and the concept just flew into complete comprehensive awareness for me as you said it. At the level I’m at/on merely looking at an area, such as the Effort Band results in blowing through ages of accumulated ridges and deposits and a present time scan of other areas where this applies and like a hot knife through butter free theta goes – and a new level is attained.

    I am tuned and its power flows effortlessly. Oh my!!!!

    Thanks Bro’, another manifestation of OTs operating and playing a much, much better game.


  81. DFB, Now that is funny. For those who don’t know, here’s how DM’s false statistics come about: a stat graph is printed off by the person doing the speech and that is sent to Special Effects (SFX). SFX does a video clip of the graph blowing up and submit it to DM. DM hits the roof and sends down a flaming rejection to the SFX crew because the graphs are not “impressive.” But here’s how it actually goes: he doesn’t stop there, to get his way DM twists the representation of the graph into an accusation of personal out ethics on the part of the SFX crew: “YOU didn’t make it impressive because YOU want to stop Scientology! You’re the most out-ethics, CI staff on the Int base.” Now a small fleet of HCO ethics officers, security guards and Qual staff descend on the hapless SFX crew like fire ants stinging at the same time. Usually, by this time, the SFX crew haven’t slept in weeks which just adds to the fun. The HCO and Qual staff take their cues only from DM (forget LRH): since DM said the SFX crew were “trying to stop Scientology” they totally act like it is true “since DM said it.” Anything DM says is treated by the DM bots as if it were true. So, wrongly accused, softened up by no sleep, under duress, with HCO staff crawling all over them, told they are “holding up the event” the SFX crew take the only way out — just make up a more impressive stat out of thin air. If anyone finds out about it, DM blames the juniors involved (SFX crew, speech writers, etc.) for what he did and takes Lou out to a basketball game while the ethics and justice machinery grinds up the SFX crew.

  82. Fuckin A.

  83. WE, what you say is so very true. Back in the old days (pre-80s?), success stories were written just from the heart. There was no script, no “I’d like to thank my auditor X, my CS Y, and most of all, LRH” at the end of whatever you wrote. Some stories were long and full of wins, others were short to the point of being a non- story.

    My favorite was from a friend who tended to be on the terse side. Three words – “That was good”.

    Somewhere along the line, we seem to have picked up this group agreement that a success story was supposed to have a scripted ending (“Thanks to . . . ” as above). I can’t speak for others, but I sort of assumed that if I didn’t follow the script, someone somewhere would disapprove.

    The funny thing is, this was never written in stone, although I seem to recall LRH writing that pcs USUALLY thanked the auditor, the CS, and him in that order.

    Somehow, like so many other things, that became a “now I’m supposed to”.

    It is a minor point to be sure, but in its own way, a microcosmic example of how so many of us chose to “go along to get along”, rather than DISAGREE whenever we encountered an arbitrary of whatever magnitude.

    Just looking at it from a responsibility point of view, our collective failure to disagree with arbitraries large or small is in large measure why we see the CofS in the state it is now in.

    LRH himself had no problem disagreeing with just about every “now I’m supposed to” on this planet, if not this universe.

    Any OT worth his salt should have the cojones to do so too, just like LRH. Fortunately, many of them now do. They’re right here on this blog, and out there working to bring back REAL Scientology.

  84. Good grief!!

    Were you there? Did you start NOTS at Flag? When? Did you do Solo Nots at Flag? When?

    Unless you were there — saw the original NOTS packs, audited on the level — I’m saying your theories about Mayo, LRH are all hearsay.

    And those giving you data are quite possibly WAY off the mark with their own agendas.

    Just sayin’


  85. Mike – LOL. You’re a pro.

    If TC had a say in this, the bio would be called “THE LEADER OF LEADERS… and I — the one and only Mr. Tom Cruise — should know because I’ve met THEM ALLLLLLLLLLL and there has never been a more compassionate, caring, loving, handsome and GENEROUS leader in the WORLD!!!!!”

  86. Regarding wind noise: ah those aging ears. Rock concerts and rifles. Boom, boom. Bang, bang. Rock on! And those ears just ain’t the same.

    My wife thinks I’m pretending to not hear her as a convenience. Now that her hearing is fading, she thinks I’m talking “softly” as a ploy. Those with undamaged ears probably can’t quite understand how much havoc background noise wreaks on hearing.

    I suppose solving the wind noise problem all boils down to value: how much does one want a communication to be received? Or how much value does one place on receiving the communication?

    If a person says he/she can’t understand or hear a communication, it probably means they can’t.

    But asking for a repetition of the communication too often plays out like an ARC break in the e-meter drills. The HE & R from asking for a repeat just undermines the potential value of the communication when a person is prone to ARC break over a missed communication.

    Ah, we of aged ears! What victims we are! How we suffer!

    But how peaceful the sound of one hand clapping.

    Who needs to adjust the volume when the set is off?

    (To be or not to be.
    To fix the wind noise or not.
    Life is fraught with pesky decisions.)


  87. You rock, you shine, Marty and Steve.

  88. Marty and Steve-

    Thanks for the good news and update. Congratulations all the way around.

    As an aside I located the Coast to Coast interview with Marc Headley in a nine part Youtube format. I’ll link through for everyone who missed it.

    Part one:

  89. Thanks, Mike.

    Oooo! I love the Dave-bio title. Cool! EPIC cool, the likes of which has never been experienced on the entire track, on any dynamic. Which brings us to this: Fonzy would just soil his trousers if he ever had even a glimpse of an inkling of being anywhere near so cool.

    I wonder if Bridge is taking advance payments!! Wait. No. I don’t wonder that at all. Of course they are. But only if you buy a whole case, AND 3 complete sets of base-icks at the same time.

    Listen, I know that as a good SP, I should never have a solution for anything. I slipped, though. I DO have a solution for that problem about fitting photo, title and sub-title on the cover. See, all they have to do is use a full-height shot of Dave. Bingo! Plenty of space left over, which is to say, remaining.

  90. Part three-

  91. I think the correct protocol is to first thank Guatama Sidhartha, then some super-smart Jewish scholars who wrote down some very early NOTS stuff, and then…Volley Mathieson for the breakthroughs on the emeter, then Freud, then Snake Thompson, then one’s auditor, the supervisor who helped train that auditor, then LRH, then one’s lucky stars…and last…but not least, oneself. Then one’s auditor again and then LRH a couple more times, then oneself again. All of this while pivoting one’s body to keep in alignment with the shifting direction of the Jetstream (applicable to this planet only).

    This is is very important. Union rules, you know what I’m saying?

  92. Russ and Mike, Great posts. Hey, I would like to give everyone an actual update on the LRH bio. Before Danny decided to leave his own valence (personality) and become another David Miscavige (the actual definition of a “DM bot”) he let me read the LRH Bio. Oh yeah, it’s written and been written for years.

    When DM found out, he busted the LRH Bio I/C CMOI (Andy Lenarchic) saying that LRH’s life was private and not the business of anyone else. Andy was on the decks for weeks afterwards. Well, actually it was my business because I was writing (and did write) a biographical film of LRH’s life. Which also will never see the light of day (unless we out DM).

    My guess is the LRH Bio will never be published. On the surface of it, the reason would seem to be because LRH — like the rest of us — made mistakes. LRH lived large and some of his mistakes were in like proportion — like being married to two women at the same time. Yeah, he did that. His divorce to his first wife was not complete when he up and married a second wife. I’ve forgotten her name, but she was before Mary Sue. Danny wrote that LRH feared for her life and thus married her in order to “save her” from some cloak and dagger business she was involved with; but the reasoning sounds spurious. Who knows what really happened. Regardless, it was a whopper of a mistake. But all people make mistakes.

    Now Dear Leader has positioned LRH as unrealistically perfect time and again. None of that has anything to do with the workability of the tech. And as Marty mentioned the other day, when you err, if you tell the truth and admit the error it becomes part of your past. If you lie about it or try to cover it up, it becomes a dark blotch on your future.

    But don’t get me wrong, the preponderance of LRH’s life experiences were positive and there are many, many incredible stories in that same LRH Bio covering what LRH accomplished. Like his journeys through the orient and many more.

    My theory is that it is precisely LRH’s positive accomplishments that rub DM the wrong way. All the evidence shows that DM loathes sharing the spotlight with anyone, especially L. Ron Hubbard.

    So I think LRH’s accomplishments, not his mistakes, are the real reason David Backstabbage will never publish the LRH Biography. What do you think, Mike?

  93. Congratulations Steve!! You deserve it so very much! 🙂
    And congratulations to Marty too! 🙂 Wonderful results
    as per usual!!!!

  94. I don’t know but… according to much I’ve read about Miscavige perhaps the following video is more appropriate in comparison with Tony Montana.

  95. The basic materials of NOTs existed in the early fifties. So how could Mayo possibly be a source of this stuff?

    Mayo made several denigrating statements about LRH that undermine his (Mayo’s) credibility. He said LRH desperately wanted to go exterior. Uh? If you read the factors and the axioms, you’re looking at a description written by someone who has experienced this stuff. It’s not written from the viewpoint of someone extrapolating possibilities. If you listen to enough LRH lectures, you know without a doubt that this is a man who has experienced the basic tenets that make up Scientology. It’s not a guess.

    Sure, LRH was an entertainer also. He made up stories to enhance the materials he presented. He told stories that made what he was talking about interesting. But, beyond the stories was a truth you could actually understand and experience.

    Another bit of garbage/third party to come from Mayo centered around LRH saying how he craved power and wealth. If you read some of the stories written by Sarge, you would know how ridiculous that is. LRH bought a frickin’ Subaru for having his stats up. A Subaru. And he apparently loved the vehicle. To put this in perspective, my sixteen year drives a 2011 Camaro. LRH could have been driving around in a fleet of Bentleys if he was so power and wealth hungry.

    Granting beingness depends on such an honest observation of the other being that you completely understand him/her. A study of Scientology reveals a jaw-dropping grasp of what makes a person tick. LRH could not have developed the tech he did without this honest ability to grant beingness. His observations would have been faulty.

    Those who crave power over others do so, not from a willingness to grant beingness, but from an INABILITY to grant beingness.

    And the less willing you are to grant beingness to another, the more flawed your “observations” of that person.

    Do you think DM is granting beingness to anyone else? You can only completely grant beingness when you have sufficient confidence and power in self that the unimpeded experience of another does not undermine your ARC and KRC. What is the ARC level of DM?

    Craving money and wealth and power is all MEST related crap. The being who developed Scientology was completely aware of the irrelevance of MEST to an immortal being.

    As for Mayo, do you really believe that a person who had so little ability to grant beingness to LRH as to make the two claims above would have the capacity to develop NOTs? NOTs is not based in a mathematical or logical extrapolation but in experience of how theta acts and interacts. All that is based in very early material. Based in LRH’s observations. Based in LRH’s experiences in auditing and being audited.

    In NOTs we have a breakthrough in technique, but not of basic understanding. And that has always been the central problem addressed in Scientology: how do you bring a being who does not know up to the point of knowing? How do you get him to look and understand? And that is the entire basis of the tech: getting a person to a point of knowing and understanding. From increased knowing comes increased control and responsibility. And from increased understanding comes increased affinity, reality and communication.

    Did Mayo help with the development of NOTs? Sure. Was he the source of the material? Come on, give me a break! He wasn’t even in Scientology when the basics upon which NOTs depends were developed and presented.


  96. Mafiawog, There’s no such rule, either way. However, most verbal, written, and video communications, even music, even fireworks, build to a final crescendo saving the biggest and most profound for last. To do otherwise is anti-climatic and counter intuitive. Thus most people in acknowledging contributions from others usually save the best for last.

  97. Great to hear that Samuel!

  98. FSO didn’t receive the original hand written HCOB’s, only mimeo’ed, so your question(s) are mute.

  99. Oh my, you found the long-lost David Miscavige Biography!

  100. Beautiful !
    I want my NOTS too !
    Was waiting for 29 years until I found real NOTS !
    Those wins that can be achieved there must be beyond our Universes !

  101. Steve,


    I too read the Bio that Dan wrote. DM considered it a piece of trash, though I dont recall him saying why. My guess is that he didnt write it, which is a clue as to why it will never be published. DM not only doesnt want to share the spotlight with LRH, he doesnt want a “biographer” to become someone percieved n the eyes of the public as being more expert on the subject of LRH than he is. He has systematically removed anyone who may be seen as an expert on the subject of Scientology (both Tech and Admin), expert on the subject of PR/Legal and has never allowed anyone to be considered an expert on LRH.

    I was LRH PPRO in the early 90’s and hired Dan Sherman to do the biography and Trevor Meldel Johnsen to edit it. At that time, Dan was simply a writer and had not yet become Dave’s butkissing in charge. I knew he needed editing — you can see the result of Dan left to his own devices after Trevor passed away (read any Freedom or listen to any Miscavige speech).

    Dear Leader doesnt want anyone sharing in his spotlight — not LRH and not a “biographer” so the chances of ever seeing a biography during DM’s reign is zero. He is very devious in how he will prevent it from ever being completed. It goes like this. DM holds himself out as being “LRH’s greatest friend” and as such, he is the ONLY ONE will “hold the standard” of being his “true friend” and allow NOTHING negative to be said about him. So, when LRH’s marriage to Sara comes up, or his written-out-of-history daughter Alexis, DM insists that the “biographers” come up with something that “proves” he wasnt married to Sara bigamously, or that Alexis is not really his daughter. That is an impossible job. SHerman then comes up with theories about how Miles Hollister actually fathered Alexis and all sorts of other wild hypotheses.

    So, while pretendng to be LRH’s protector and friend, DM prevents the truth from being disseminated about LRH’s fascinating life. The pretense that he was always perfect and never committed an overt repels people. If that were true, it makes a lot of what LRH said about living on earth sound like hypocrisy. He has said he suffered at the end of the war and it was his despair at being able to overcome his ailments that drove him to the breakthroughs of Dianetics. Makes sense. There is evidence to support it. But those idiots start asserting his war records and they are made to look like fools and the entire point is lost.

    So, no Steve, I dont see it being completed in the time Dear Leader has left. It will only come out when he can crow to the adoring few left at his Regathon Events “I personally researched every single minute of LRH’s life and wrote every single word of this book that has been printed on state-of-the-art printing presses and everyone must buy TONITE one for themselves, one for their bookshelf, one for the bathroom, one for their local library, one for a library in China, one for a bookstore in Kazhakstan and one for your future generations — and then go buy 20 copies at Barnes and Noble so I can get myself onto the NY Times bestseller list. That’s an order. It will be enforced by the IAS (and if you don’t buy enough for me to hit the NYT list I will have the IAS buy a hundred thousand copies and pulp them to be used to build Tom and my new dirt bike track)”

  102. I second that, reading Hayden/Lucys articles blew lots of charge for me

  103. Old School: I assume you mean moot.

    But then again, mute could work.

    Nonetheless, you’ve convinced me. Mayo did all the NOTS pls.

    And he should be revered.

    Damn — sometimes, I’m really dull.



  104. Steve said ‘the real dedication is to the human race’. Absolutely, that is the bigger pictue for me

  105. What a stupid idiotic thing to say! Of course we thank LRH – but then, the overt doth speak loudly in accusation. You know who said that moron?

    Congrats Steve and Marty!

  106. Hilarious.

  107. This is no Oscar ceremony you idiot it’s a free independent forum and we can thank whomever we want!

  108. Gone viral in german speaking Europe too.
    The biggest German Magazine Der Spiegel, with also due credit to Marty:,1518,745333,00.html
    Geman speaking Independents pls. connect up:

  109. Unless you are in the C of M and then you ONLY thank “COB”

  110. Me too – I’ve always thought of it as “doing MY NOTS”. I think I’ve found my terminal.

  111. Steve, how spot on you are. And this identical scenario is repeated in video editing, speechwriting, IMPR data collection, set design and music. Every single event. Bar none.

  112. Steve, Marty et. al.
    I will never forget the person who introduced me to Scientology this lifetime and cared enough to stay with me until I got it.
    Equally I shall never forget those who made a postulate that we would discover the truth and finally understand the PTSness that was making us fail despite our best efforts with the tech.
    Understanding this PTSness brought me to the point where I could have certainty that the tech works outside of an oppressive and suppressive environment. To that degree my faith in Scientology has been restored.
    I was one of those people you postulated out of the trap.
    Sooo happy you did! 😀

  113. The comments from you & OTDT cracked me up.

    I remember one time my success story was just two words: “I’m done!”. It was rejected! So I had to sit down and think of some sappy crap to write in order to pass someone’s standard on what a success story was supposed to be, complete with the mandatory list of thank you’s.

    Then came the days when people started to include RTC and the dwarf on the list of thank you’s. Spit, spit, spit. It was total propitiation and really nauseating to listen to.

  114. I liked that: “Those who CRAVE power over others do so, not from a willingness to grant beingness, but from an inability to grant beingness”. Sounds right. ….and without Auditing to break the cycle, it’s shit from there on down.

  115. why the name calling tony? the guy had a comment he was not attacking anyone….but you are, why?

  116. Impartial English Girl

    Top stuff. It’s always great when good people find good people.
    IEG x

  117. Marty, Steve

    Congratulations to you both.

    I love that you guys “flow power to power”, as do many of the “players” in the “independent” field.

    In my opinion that is yet another fatal departure by David Miscavige from a workable technology. By his actions he has isolated himself from any true and selfless “power” flows. It seems the entire organization is suffering because of the individual isolation of staff members and public. Safety of communication within the church is long gone, and what we see is a totally fractured and individuated “group”. It is individuated from the public, individuated from the tech, and individuated from it’s stated goals, from the top right down to the individuals who, though still clinging to their dreams for a better life, have totally wandered off the path that would lead them there.

    Thank you all who truly do care about the spiritual well-being of others and who take some role in helping them to achieve it.


  118. OTDT, my feelings exactly!!!

  119. I support Marc in his effort to bring justice and to expose the abuse of DM’s cult. However, Marc’s understanding of the OT levels is completely distorted. I’ve personally put several hundred people through the wall of fire and read all the related policies. No one is going to die from hearing what is on the levels — that is not what LRH said. Hell, he even wrote a film script called “Revolt in the Stars” which anyone can download from Wikileaks in which LRH tells the entire OT III story. It isn’t the data that can make people very sick, it mis-auditing the levels. I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. And the levels haven’t a darn thing to do with aliens. It has to do with a theoretical history of this planet and the greater civilization it was once part of. I’m not commenting on the veracity of the data. The only telling standard for any technology is simply “Does it work?” and I can say unequivocally and resoundingly, yes. Based on the results I saw at Flag, the spiritual gains (Freedom from Overwhelm) for a being with ethics in are all there to be had in full. Now if some idiot after the fact wants to cuddle up to DM, they are going to be overwhelmed fast. Why? Because their ethics are out. To cuddle up to DM is to join the ranks of a suppressive group. Anyone who’s ethics are out is apt to cave in.

    More on this to come.

    Again, I’m not hitting on Marc. Marc has huge courage, he is stating his observations, and he deserves our support. But when it comes to giving his opinions on technical matters, okay, he’s mistaken on a few points.

  120. I’m sure I can speak for Marty, Mike and and all the others who have helped when I say we are humbled: your joy is ours.

  121. Michael, I agree. If Mayo developed NOTs then what else did he develope. Anything? I know what else LRH developed. What are Mayos stats? LRH could have lived like a king but it wasn’t important to him. LRH lived Scientology. Money was just a stat, a reflection of his production. Golden, diamond inlayed MEST did not impress him. He lived modestly, practically. Love

  122. Tony DePhillips

    Because I feel like it. KR me if you want…

  123. plainoldthetan

    When a friend squawked about the dangerousness of the OT level data, I showed him the only reference I know of regarding the “dangerousness” of upper-level data. It’s in C/S Series 29, CASE ACTIONS, OFF-LINE.

    Can anyone else cite one? I would like to be well-armed for the next squawker.

  124. Russ, Steve, Mike and OTDT,

    I’d just like to pipe in on this point about an LRH biography.

    As far as I know the Ol’man really had no interest in a Biography of himself.

    There was never a post as LRH Biographer until after his death.

    He made his sentiments regarding this known in an HCOPL entitled “Quality Counts”.

    If anyone asked he had the GO issue a terse Info Letter that amounted to about 2 pages and prior to this there was a PAB written in ’57 that is on the original HQS Checksheet.

    Reason being I believe is that he felt the *tech* was more important.

    Anyway when you’re approaching a discussion of his earlier life before he met Mary Sue and settled down you also have to understand the Ron was a FIO and that much of what was written about that period may have been a legend.

    For example we place him at the OTO which was known as a popular organization back then led by Jack Parsons a charismatic individual who was partly responsible for founding JPL who had a connection to Aleister Crowley who researchers are now pretty certain worked for MI6.

    Thus we have no idea what levels of intrigue were involved with this organization but it is certain that due to the number of scientists involved it would have been an obvious target to soviet intelligence.

    Anyway there is the possibility that things are not always as they seem in this period of Ron’s life and that he may have been operating under some kind of cover as Fletcher Prouty has suggested.

    Just a thought.

  125. Valkov,
    Let me tell you a secret. Davey’s best kept secret. Don’t tell anyone.

    Auditing in the Church is not delivered well enough for anyone (bar none) to complete any level (bar none). Reverse Technology Centre has secretly reversed all Tech, Policy and Admin to prevent anybody from going up the Bridge, period. All is geared towards introversion, guilt, slavery and MEST.

    Integrity, reach, freedom and theta are enemy line there; for secretly harbouring such intentions you’ll get RPFed, Holed, declared and disconnected.

    But don’t tell anybody you got it from me, hush!

  126. Can’t wait to hear more.

  127. “Truth is built by those who have the breadth and balance to see also where they’re wrong.” — L. Ron Hubbard

  128. Is that one step below or above rearranging their body with the furniture?

  129. SeekingAsIssness

    Awesome Steve, you deserve it! Thanks for all you do.


  130. TroubleShooter

    Jim, Wow, what a victory for you and everyone!

    James, it’s great to hear -Especially great to hear auditing wins of those LRH wanted so much to go up the Bridge – the staff!

    Good work Marty.

  131. Congratulations Steve ( and Marty) on completing your NOT’s Rundowns.
    also thanks for kikking Mr. Missmanagment’s ass !!

    PS: drove by the complex the other sunday and wonderd why it is more empty than usualy – till I saw Torry, and the gang on the corner promoting the “new yorker news” — well done and thanks to all of you.

  132. Dear Steve,
    Valentine’s Day (the Day of Love) is very special to me. To wake up and see your Success Story was absolutely incredible!! I want you to know that I am completely blown out by your wins. I had three intensives of NOTS in 1981 (while attending the infamous Mission Holder’s Conference at Flag). I had wins that were absolute miracles. Some of these wins were not apparent until I had returned home, when I experienced people in my environment reversing their positions 180 degrees from what they were before. These were people who had been antagonistic to what I doing, who came to me returning home and said, in essence, “Let’s do it your way”. This was in every area of life, business and romantic.
    When I went back to Flag a few years later, I was put on the False Purpose RunDown. I had wins, but they were not even close to the miracles I had experienced in every session on NOTS. It ground on and on. It was the first time I had experienced auditing that seemed to “grind”. After I got back from that, my life became a desert, devoid of wins, and disaster became the norm for my life. A few years later at Flag, Hy Levy told me, as my Director of Processing, “You should never have been put on the False Purpose Rundown, you were doing well on the NOTS Rundowns.” Although this was a correct indication, I left the Flag Land Base a wreck, literally, crying, as I could not afford to buy any more auditing. I was in such bad shape that the Chaplain called me later, after leaving, to comfort me and see what could be done to help. I didn’t go back until March of 2001, finally getting it together for a four intensive package of NOTS, and came home to gather some more accomodations money, was invited to the org to “see the Ethics Officer” and was escorted into a full-blown Committee of Evidence and a few weeks later, received my “Burn Notice”, dated 3 May, 2001. Although in communication with the International Justice Chief, and three Continental Justice Chiefs of West U.S., PAC, (Pacific Area Command) and the Flag Land Base , with full approval for a new Committee of Evidence from each of these terminals, the only Scientologists I was allowed to talk to, I just never could make it back. It was not until my son disconnected from me, and I found the adverse data about the Church on the Internet and later, Marty’s blog and your blog, that I understood why I could never go back.
    To hear your wins on NOTS, rehabilitates me completely! It is as though I myself received that auditing, I am so blown out! Over the last few weeks, I have had cognitions about how we have a responsibility to the “peoples of earth” to tell them about the Scientology philosophy, and have felt that it is now up to us (the Independent Movement) to carry on LRH’s Legacy of the Tech. Reading your success story and hearing your comments on the video has gotten me so excited about finishing my NOTS, but even more than that, about disseminating broadly again. I want to help you in your plans to do this, and you can count on me to spread the word.
    While the 90’s and 2000’s was the “Age of Information”, I feel this is the “Age of Communication”. I have always thought of Scientology as the art and science of communication, and now our computer technology has evolved where communication can occur at “light speed”. With the advent of social networking, the Egyptian people were able to take back their stolen country, and as Independent Scientologists networking together, we are taking back our stolen applied religious philosphy.
    Marty, thank you for auditing Steve; he is such a valuable person and has done so much for Independent Scientology; and I think I can speak for so many, to say that we dearly love him, and thank you for applying the correct LRH technology that is enabling him to have these spectacular wins. There is no doubt that he will continue onwards and upwards into the stratosphere and beyond!
    Much love, Catherine

  133. TroubleShooter

    Put “Steve” in where “James” was written there please!

  134. Michael,
    Smmoooch, on the cheek. Man kiss. Cheek. Cheeky. It’s European. No, not ‘apeein’, EURO-pe- an.

  135. Tony,
    No need for a ‘reason’. Reason, shmeeason.

    How about, ‘he’s an arse’. Sounds good. But will it please the listener? Well, not bloody likely.

  136. Thanks Steve and Mike. I’ve been wondering about this for years.

  137. Steve,
    Possibly an insight into Betty/Sara. Hot. Very, very hot. That chick was…well you get the idea, and just a tinge or more ‘off’ so as to be very interesting.

    Yep, L. Ron Hubbard. A man. Who woulda guessed.

  138. A little bit of David Mayo

    “In late 1978, I was hurriedly and secretly whisked off to California and driven blindfolded in the night to a secret location in the desert at La Quinta, near Palm Springs. Hubbard’s health had deteriorated. I was told that his blood pressure, breathing rate and heartbeat were low, a medical doctor who was also a Scientologist, Gene Denk, was in attendance, standing by to restart his heart with electric shock. I was told he had been like this for about a week, was getting worse and over the past day had been slipping into and out of a coma. When I first saw him he was lying on his back, unmoving, neither speaking nor responding when spoken to, with his eyes open staring at the ceiling and not moving. The doctor told me that there was nothing he could do for Hubbard and now it was up to me. I started with techniques that required no verbal response, then minimal verbal response doing short but frequent sessions, changing to techniques that required more participation on his part as his condition improved, which happened rapidly. Within a week he was getting out of bed, walking and beginning to yell again. Hubbard and others said that I had saved his life. Skeptics might say that it was not due to the techniques I used and was mere co-incidence but it would be difficult to convince me of that.”

  139. Great analysis, Michael. LRH’s 1 story home at the Int Base — called Bonnie View — was so modest that David Miscavige had it demolished in the 1990s. He then spent $30 million and built a mansion that LRH never saw nor authorized and now calls it “LRH’s home.” That’s a 30 million dollar joke.

    Which would you rather visit? LRH’s actual home; or the monumentally extravagant counterfeit upon which David Miscavige wasted $30 million in hard-earned parishioner donations after destroying LRH’s actual home?

    As of 2004, when I left, few staff on the Int Base had been allowed to set foot in the place, because they were too “out ethics.” Get that: you serve as a volunteer for 2 to 3 decades — dedicating what many would call “the best years of your life,” you work 7 days a week, for 50 cents a hour, you never get proper rest and virtually no time off (less than 5 days per decade for most), you are forced to sever all communication from family and friends, you give up any Bridge progress, and still you aren’t “good enough?” Well, DM’s royal counterfeit was never LRH’s home. It’s a Miscavige’s monument to himself. LRH lived modestly and practically like Sarge says. Again, great analysis, Michael.

  140. 4 June 1991

    Memorandum Opinion And Order in RTC v Robin Scott:

    This motion revives the issue of authorship of certain Scientology scriptures called NOTs. RTC argues that the “work made for hire” doctrine, as codified by the Copyright Act of 1976, necessarily imputes authorship of NOTs to Hubbard whether he or David Mayo actually created the materials.

    The thrust of the defendants opposition is that Mayo was not an employee of Hubbard when Mayo developed the NOTs materials.

    The court finds that it is an established fact that Mayo substantially participated in the drafting of NOTs. Ordinarily the creator of a written work is the author. However, the Copyright Act of 1976 treats “works made for hire” differently. If the written work is a work made for hire, “the employer or other person for whom the work was prepared is considered the author.” 17 U.S.C. section 201(a).

    RTC submitted documents to the court showing that Mayo was hired by CSC to perform work under the supervision of Hubbard. The court rejects that Hubbard was Mayo’s employer but finds that CSC was his employer. It was established by the court that:

    NOTs is based on Mayo’s auditing of LRH. The Church literally follows everything Hubbard said, therefore, Hubbard’s suggestions and criticism regarding the earlier drafts of NOTs would be adopted verbatim by CSC. Moreover, as reflected in the excerpted transcripts of the tapes, Hubbard actually exercised his right to control by making suggestions and criticisms.

    The court determined that Mayo was an employee of CSC acting within the scope of his employment when he drafted NOTs, thus his substantial contribution to NOTs constitutes work made for hire under the Copyright Act.

  141. Steve,
    I remember Andy from the mission days. We used to go out door to door bookselling. Any word on what’s up with him these days?

  142. Haha! Good one
    …and lastly I’d like to thank my friend…

  143. martyrathbun09

    For those unfamiliar with copyright law and the unprecedented number of orders in that case in which this one excerpt would require as context, and the facts, this is what happened:

  144. Doubling down here on Gary’s recommendation of the PDC. Loved, loved, loved it! Loved it!

  145. Oh shut up, you silly thing. 🙂

  146. posted back on ESMB

  147. Great input!

  148. Congratulations to you Steve for completing NOTs.
    I have been off Church lines for 25 years. Because of Marty’s blog, and yours, and Dan’s insights, I was able to separate out the Technology from the Church. I got revitalized to the Tech after 25 years.
    I was lucky enough to find a group of Class 8 auditors and C/S in LA who deliver standard tech. And I am on NOTs again too. The wins have been spectacular. Actually beyond anything I could have believed. I have found myself again. And I do thank LRH for what has been given to me.

    And thanks to all of you who are helping to put Scn there again, to apply standard tech. If that is done the wins will be far beyond what any of us could have imagined.
    Tom Price
    Los Angeles

  149. Very funny and very spot on Mike!

    I remember you as the LRH PPRO for years and don’t recall anyone else appointed to that post. I suppose that’s when Dear Leader started to throw LRH under the bus, thus the PPRO would be the enemy!

  150. Catherine, That is one hell of a manifesto! It’s right out of HCO PL, “OT Orgs.” All help is welcome.

    As a note, regarding your FPRD, the actual out tech would have been the HCO PL, No Interference Zone. After New OT V, one is still mid NOTs and needs to finish it up solo. Interrupting one’s progress with unnecessary actions (including lengthy “six month sec checks” is utterly out tech and suppressive. Hence the high mortality rate of pre-OTs.

    And as a general acknowledgment, may I offer my sincere thanks to all for the hearty congratulations on my auditing progress. Marty has enabled many of us to “move on up a little higher” and in some cases “a lot higher.” 🙂

    By the way, if your name is not yet on the Indie 500 list on, will you please email me and I’ll add it on there. Don’t forget to include your credentials (years in Scientology, training, auditing, staff experience if any, etc.). The more people we have on the list, the safer it becomes for everyone.

  151. Jimbo,


    More like “out there”?

    Possibly a “swallow”.

    Also ya gotta consider the possibility that like James Bond, Ron was performing his patriotic duty.

    Working as a spy does have its perks 😉

    It was not for nothing that Dulles labeled it the “second oldest profession”.

    Where laying down on the job is not necessarily.

  152. All that actually demonstrates, Marty, is that LRH dictated the bulletins. The originator of the actual development of NOTS, i.e. the ideas and techniques used in the program, is still at question.

    In view of the many statements made, both in court & elsewhere, attributing substantial authorship of the nots material to David Mayo, this seems likely to be true. That is especially so given LRH’s lengthy history of having attributed the technical developments & contributions of others as his own work.

    LRH enjoyed taking credit, and even more ownership, of others work. This has been amply demonstrated by the testimony of many who actually knew the man and those whose contributions he usurped to himself.

  153. martyrathbun09

    You all have missed the forest for the trees in any event.

  154. Sure POT its an HCOPL Security of Data, Advanced Course Materials in Vol 4 OEC.

    These guys who talk about it being a crock and all that should be run on the worst incident in their lives till its thick and solid with full somatics and told that missing an item or running it out of sequence on R6EW is about 100 x worse than you feel now.

    Wanna give it a try?

  155. Jesus H. Christ in a handbasket.

  156. DFB,

    Nuttin’ like a ballswingin’ rock groove.

  157. Okay, let’s get back to some very basic basic understanding here with regards to Scientology and NOTs. In a very early lecture called “Language Adjustment” from the Oakland Lectures (September, 1950) LRH talks about the aberrative power of words and definitions. What does a word mean precisely? When we speak of LRH, what are we talking about? Who was he precisely? When we speak of NOTs, what are we talking about precisely?

    In that lecture, LRH says that the big aberrator of the English language is the failure to define an individual precisely. We use the pronoun “I” when talking about ourselves, but what exactly is “I?” And how do you differentiate that “I” from all the other “I’s” in existence? This simple confusion collapses the valences of the bank on an individual.

    Here you have in 1950, the basic concept of defining yourself exactly. And what is NOTs except exactly and precisely defining yourself as different from all the other valences and entities that exist?

    Just thought I’d throw that out to demonstrate how early this material had begun to manifest.

    And the other point is how much of our misunderstandings about Scientology revolve around inexact definitions of various subjects. DM has gone on a rampage of redefining and obscuring definitions. Very aberrative. Like Steve mentioned in not being allowed to enter “LRH’s home” because one was “out ethics.” Purely messing up the language.

    Got to run to cycle class or I’d expatiate.


  158. Re the NOTs question – what Marty said.

  159. Mark,

    As always you are full of shit.

    Sorta like Mayo who in his “Deceptions” claims that there are no levels above OT VII.

    Musta gone blank when he did the VIII course and sailed on by the HCOB entitled ‘OT 8′ issued in ’68.

    Aside from the fact that as a XII he should have known that the procedures for the Lists used where developed from levels above original OT VII.

    Oh well.

    Ron if he acquired the information from another source other than himself would attribute it.

    The only problem it was 20/100000 that it wasn’t based on his own original research.

    As Marty wrote Mayo was basically a transcriber and that is all.

    The fact that he sought to claim exclusive credit gives one a snap shot of who Mayo really is.

    Like you Mark who claim he took credit for other peoples research without giving a single specific example.

    Can we say generality?

    Also if you missed the fact that Ron didn’t enjoy taking credit for his work but was forced to when the Board of Directors of the original HDRF sought to alter it.

    Now why don’t you go back to those lil’ “natter” boards where you belong and let others here who are into real Scientology as written by Ron not some off shoot like Idenics or Dave’s favorite EST which is like totally BTWO.

  160. Marty, Thank you for clearing this up. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to understand how people who have never met LRH and have not given nor received standard auditing can call LRH a con man and a phoney. I wish these people would do a real study of and testing of the tech before they bash a great man just because they don’t understand the philosophy. Love

  161. Mark A. Baker,
    That comment is a study in generalities. Now don’t go on to the nonsense like some guy did S&D tech (read it, been there, it’s done) and some guy did the meter and or invented Dianetics (pssshaww) and the trite trotted trivial tripe that floats around like a Toilet Trout.

    If you’re going to go all evidence isn’t evidency, why don’t you request of DM a vocal test by peer reviewed experts and the audio analysis, analyzed by analists and maybe, with all due conservative reservations and unless and until and therefore, it might be so.


  162. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Jim,
    Yes we all have to have ” reasons” and get licenses to survive from the “group agreement boys”. OOoooh, he forgot to thank LRH. Like LRH is going to care. I don’t think Ron was that ARCX’y. I’m not part of the Mickey Mouse club anymore ya see..

  163. Tony DePhillips

    I called him a Bot, think he will live?? Or you for that matter??

  164. Tony DePhillips

    The above was for you johhny.

  165. Ah thanks Scott.

    Well at least the er….handling didn’t include the full use of R2 45 modified to R2 Desert Eagle 😉

  166. Not that you need confirmation Marty, but as you know, I did the same exercise and confirm everything you say here.

    But beyond that, IF Mayo had in fact developed NOTs, he surely would have made some other remarkable breakthroughs on the subject and would never have taken the payoff from the church and gone windsurfing. Sarge hit the nail on the head — LRH wasnt interested in money and MEST, he was interested in coming up with solutions to the problems of man. No payoff would ever have diverted him from his course. He was offered them and refused, no matter the personal discomfort. For those who were not there, who did read the transcripts and listen to the tapes, who did not sit across the table from David and Julie to come to an agreement on how much money they wanted to go away — look at the big picture and what you can observe for yourself about what kind of man comes up with something like NOTs (or anything else in Dianetics and Scientology for that matter). Then look at those who try to take credit for the work of others — invariably they are money motivated (Dear Leader… the shoe fits… this IS where he is heading).

  167. Just for the record, I’ve found a silver lining amongst the Tibetan Buddhists.

  168. Not quite.

    He still had a couple of effective barriers to eliminate which included Annie and Pat Broeker.

    He really didn’t come out the closet until the Nightline interview with Ted.

  169. Thank you for such a nice compliment. I hope your needle is still floating!

  170. +++ Congratulations on your wins, Steve. SUPERB! +++
    Great job Marty. You da´man.

    Thank you for your, Mikes, Martys and all the other comments and insightful information along the line.

    The whole story about the creation and handling of the special effect videos, graphs and stats by the Special Effects (SFX) team for the events is just mind blowing.

    Kindergarten behavior.

    Sorry guys, but reading all this stuff sometimes I really feel sympathy for DM. Not a joke.
    He must be so bad of and out of valence, other vice he just wouldn’t do all this stuff.
    But then after avail, I get again real angry at DM, just like Tommy Davis said in one of his funny and remarkable BBC interviews: “Buddy you gut it, right here right now, I`M ANGRY, REAL ANGY! 😉

    The hole MEST, money and people which DM more or less possess, can’t help him to be himself.
    MEST is not the solution for beingness, understanding, goodwill.

    There is a great piece of LRH lecture, where he talks about leadership, command.

    LRH, PDC Lecture #67, SOP 5 Long Form Step I
    “ So the body is best commanded or a ship is best commanded or anything else is best commanded, from an altitude which is timeless, spaceless, energyless. You see?
    Now, if that skipper were good enough, he would never have to lay a hand on a man. He would say, “Liberty is at four o’clock.” This would never happen – no man would ever go down the gangway at two minutes before four. If he would be good enough, he wouldn’t even post the order. If he was good enough, he wouldn’t even be aboard to run the ship. You see what a level that is? All right.

    And by the way, there are skippers like that, don’t think there aren’t. They’re strangely enough not the rough sea dog kind of a fellow; nobody minds them. Nobody.
    They’re usually the very aesthetic officer. They have a style and they’re very offhand; they never really josh with the men or talk to the men or something of this sort; they’re usually quite pretty to look at. And they do exactly what they please, really, yet they’re quite regular in what they do and they just ignore everybody. And that guy, when he has appeared as a king or appeared as something or other, there’s nobody ever got punished. “

    Now compare this to DM´s behaviour and the INT atmosphere.

    Long way to go!

  171. ” LRH’s 1 story home at the Int Base — called Bonnie View — was so modest that David Miscavige had it demolished in the 1990s. ”

    This is sickening and really is just one more example of DM showing how much he hated LRH.

  172. Marty – Thank you for referencing that court case. That clears up a lot for me and I suspect for others. Assuming its all true (and I do), it is CLEARING. Thank you too to all the others who commented upon that. I note that sometimes people try to jab and stab rather than get to the salient points of issues. Sometimes LRH is the target, sometimes not. Mayo is targetted by some. If LRH authored the materials and Mayo compiled them and they were approved that is that. I suppose the history of what happened after that is written somewhere, but I also think this is an important part of clearing the 3rd dynamic engram. Is it written? If so, where? When I say, “what happened after that”, I know things were badly squirreled and not only with the sec checks. There was even a court case with Greg Barnes (or so I have read and heard – he was one who told me) that forced the CofS to change the materials back to LRH (at least part of them). There are also the issues of the Bridge after NOTs, but that is perhaps for another day. I’m still concerned about exactly what happened to NOTs and how it was denigrated. If Marty has restored it, is he the only one to have the materials as they should be? This is an important point and comes under “having the correct technology”. What I have brought up and am bringing up is “knowing it is correct”.
    As for Mayo, what happened to him is a 3d engram that, I believe, still needs clearing. I think what he did wrong needs to be acknowledged and what was done wrong to him needs to be acknowledged. This is an I&R function. There is a lot of debris around Mayo. Whatever he did wrong, I think he made two major mistakes. One, he was not power hungry or aggressive enough in seeking enough power to protect his own interests which would have also protected the group. No Simon Bolivar and he was a first dynamic casualty. It hurt the 3rd ultimately. Had he asked LRH for power, he would have gotten it. From what I’ve heard, he detested administrators so probably wasn’t inclined that way. A mistake. Mistake No. 2 – He went on vacation. That gave DM and Broeker the window of opportunity to third party him and displace him. Going on vacation in any company can be deadly. Not always, but it creates vulnerability.
    Also, LRH appears different to Mayo than he does to Sarge because Mayo was auditing LRH and was dealing with his case. Writing about LRH’s case could be construed as breaking the auditor’s code. At this point, it does not matter, because in my opinion, LRH’s case is part of the 3d engram. That being said, it seems Mayo had some issues over what LRH was saying from his own case. Lack of granting beingness? Sounds like it. I think he developed a certain amount of contempt for LRH and he certainly indicates he did not want to hang around LRH in the swimming pool. That was not a good attitude in my book. I think Mayo needed to be audited on his reactions to auditing LRH. Class XII Mike Mauer audited LRH and soon vacated tech for guitar playing and found his way into out-2D and leaving the Sea Org. I think auditing LRH or C/Sing him (as in the case of Otto Roos) had a casualty effect. L1Cs, L4Brs, etc. needed to be assessed “on auditing LRH…..” etc. to those who audited him. After all, you were privy to very sensitive information.
    Without all the petty shit and naysaying, one can question if LRH was qualified or able to complete the OT Levels vis a vis the way his life ended. One does not need to snipe and jeer however. I think he was more adept at servicing others than himself. In any event, results are what matters. It is clear that if one is going to make it to OT, one is going to make it themselves and not because LRH did or didn’t. He’s past tense in that sense. Is it a goal worth pursing? Are their tools, technology, etc. that can enable one to reach towards obtaining one’s goal? NOTS E/P was “Cause over Life”. We know that the CofS was a far cry from that and still is. We have people here either trying or establishing that they are cause over life. Better than effect.
    What is next?

  173. Yes, totally correct Mike. Event scriptwriting also. That’s why so many of the videos detailing accomplishments are total lies, like the IAS winner videos. Take Churlia Wurfel, for example, IAS Medal Winner of 1998. She literally went to visit her sister in Indonesia. That was turned into “Churlia set out to bring relief to an entire nation through LRH Tech” through the same process with DM constantly hammering the writers that “You didn’t get the story! You didn’t get the story!” Churlia did some good things, but the reality was a far cry from the unrealistic BS that DM forced on the Scientology world. That’s one reason I wouldn’t give two cents for any of DM’s event videos. They’re not real at all.

  174. My anti-troll software has ben giving me a “troll-bot” warning. I’m not sure what that means. I’ll read up on the description thats on their website.

  175. martyrathbun09

    Only had time to get half through that one. What next? Get trained and audited.

  176. one of those who see

    Wonderful news Tom!!!!

  177. Fair enough. I wonder how you find time to read/manage this blog at all.

  178. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    “If TC had a say in this, the bio would be called “THE LEADER OF LEADERS… and I — the one and only Mr. Tom Cruise — should know because I’ve met THEM ALLLLLLLLLLL and there has never been a more compassionate, caring, loving, handsome and GENEROUS leader in the WORLD!!!!!””
    * [insert frenetic couch jumping] *

  179. What 1 SquarePeg said … Hallelujah!!

  180. I love this post SOOO theta!! Well done to both of you Steve and Marty… VERY well done… More and more peope going OT for real in the Independent field…
    Smiling happy after I read this.

    Love to both and wives…

    Silvia Kusada

  181. You both are on my wavelength. It is incredibly freeing not to have to defend the crazy. I loved this talk because I have ALWAYS kept the Church and the subject separate. It was always a struggle getting the Church to live up to the subject, and the only places I have seen it come close was at my mission “back in the day” and the old ASHO on Temple.

    Congrats, Steve! And congrats Marty for KSW.

  182. martyrathbun09


  183. Upon refection, man to man, David Miscavige is a cunt.

  184. Vince,
    I’ve read a number of these things you write and there is one thing to do I’m afraid; get fully trained, bottom up, even earlier. Then get through case handling by a practitioner of Standard Tech.

    The gains, the abilities, the manifestations, it’s all there. Really.

    The rest of this is significance. A sea of significance. Sooooo, significant are the significances. Geez, it’s some tick, wha’.

  185. Metaqual: I arrived at Flag as part of a confidential pilot project under Diana. I came from CCLA, under Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch.

    CCLA in those early days was a fun, friendly and very dedicated group.

    Flag was a viscerally unfriendly, uptight and out of comm group WITH Mayo leading the brigade. I would observe him getting into the elevator and not even nod at John Eastment and other senior tech terminals.

    And please let’s not forget that David Mayo after years of marriage found a cute young thing and shunted Merrill into a corner and took up with Julie.

    Seems to me that what you’ve read/researched and recalled here on Marty’s board serves not to help you but to distract you from finding your own peace with the subject.

    I genuinely wish for you to find out for yourself, not from he said, she said what is true for you.


  186. Tony DePhillips

    Try resetting your computer and get the anti-bot software package, though it seems your bot-ware is pretty effective.

  187. I’ve got a good set of headphones hooked up to my computer so I can hear all the bass.

  188. Watching Eyes, As someone who found themselves writing adulation for rtc, dm, etc. in success stories, it was only after being away long enough and destimming from what passes for auditing these days where you are plowed into so much unnecessary BPC by virtue of bypassed fn’s and altered tech that you are overwhelmed and deluded enough to be thankful for the release from what you were suppressively forced into. It is a real mindfuck; you end up auditing the created case from session itself. Fits right in with the Stockholm Syndrome; affinity for one’s captors, etc. And it is great to get it straightened out outside the c of s, minus all the additives. The workability shines through.

  189. First Principle

    Jim you make me smile.
    I’m reading Russell Miller’s bio “Bare-faced messiah” and while his attitude towards LRH is annoying, it is filling in a lot of blanks for me on his early years.
    Have you, or anyone for that matter, read “Bare-faced messiah” and seen any important points that he got wrong?
    I’m sure there’s a few points, but I doubt as many as I once thought.

  190. martyrathbun09

    Try getting about 1/1000th of the story if that. It is a propaganda piece, simple and plain. You’d be better of being strapped to a chair with toothpicks forcing your eyelids open forced to watch Fox Noise for 72 hours straight.

  191. First Principle

    Alright. Looking forward to your book.

  192. Your humble servant


    Thanks for the report and the fabulous success story. I am really happy to see you doing well. Thanks to Marty too.

  193. Hey Steve, sorry to be so late to the party. I just have to tell you how instrumental you were in helping me and my husband out of the matrix. Truly, your site was the “portal to freedom” that we needed. You had the brilliant articles that you and Hayden and MANY others had written. It was exactly the right amount of truthful info, written at the perfect gradient and with the correct amount of ARC, to make it all haveable, You have no idea how much this has changed our lives. I can’t wait to meet you some day and shake your hand.

    And Marty, I am so grateful that you are continuing to deliver the tech. You are a man of good intentions in my book and I am happy to know you (at least via this blog). Keep up the good work everyone…there is a shift happening and it is palpable out here in the field….

  194. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    I love the way you have with um… verbiage. 🙂

  195. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    SNAP! 🙂

  196. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Thank you for your clarity, Marty!

  197. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Spoken like a man who’s been there and done that!

    Love back at ya, sarge!

  198. Steve, you are very generous. Here is a guy on national radio telling his story. Fine, but not only was it obvious he has loads of MUs and alter-is, Marc went out of his way to vent his alter-is of not only facts but the tech to the point where his intent was obvious and he kicked LRH under the bus a few times.

    ML Tom

  199. Hey Marty, since “art is the quality of communication” you could up your game a bit by getting rid of the wind noise. I gave up on trying to listen due to the wind noise plus being a bit hard of hearing. So to encompass the greatest possible audience, your intention would be to present not necessarily a perfect product but a very usable one. Eh?

  200. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Anyone who has honestly studied and practiced, Scientology and Dianetics, KNOWS through personal observations that LRH was/Hell IS, the Source and should be given his well deserved dues.

    Remember, what’s true for you is true.

  201. KR me, Love it TD, nice man.

  202. OnceUponaTime, this is a wonderful post. I actually quoted parts of it on a thread over on Geir Isene’s blog. Hope you don’t mind – gave you full credit.

    You articulated about 100 times better what I had been trying to in response to some remarks about LRH’s character and about the Tech.

    Thanks for the incredible data and your awesome insights. 🙂

  203. Better question is there any part of the story Miller accidently got right?

    For instance his description of Babalon Working doesn’t match the historical record.

    Miller over sensationalized and distorted the actual ritual probably for purposes of “shock and awe”.

    Thankfully John Carter gives an accurate account to set the record straight in his book ‘Sex and Rockets’ which is a biography about Jack Parsons.

    Miller fails to explore Ron’s career in the ONI.

    His description of the notorious “Rock Festival” rivals actual eye witness accounts.

    In other words there are so many historical inaccuracies in the book you’d think it was written by David Miscavige.

    Here’s what the CIA says in their CSI Publication The Intelligence Officers Book Shelf about Miller as “historian” in regard to another book:

    (Begin fair use)
    Codename TRICYCLE adds much new material about Popov’s personal life before World War II and in the European business world after the war, but it neglects to mention the prison term he served for financial irregularities. And although Popv was unquestionably a valuable double agent for four years, nothing in the book or his file supports the author’s contention that TRICYCLE was the “most extraordinary double agent” in the Second World War. Most experts would give that accolade to Juan Pujo, codenamed GARBO. Finally, the careless errors and many undocumented comments place the book in the easy-to-read-but-of-limited-scholarly-value category.

    (end fair us)

    In the case of BFM I’d say no scholarly value whatsoever though it might make good fiction.

  204. Lady, you should do it (add name).

  205. MQ,

    The only person that’s ever claimed to be the successor to the Ol’man is Mayo himself and maybe his acolytes.

    The is no HCOPL HCOB, RED, FO or anything else in writing that supports this contention that Ron said Dave’s (either one) my man.

    All Mayo and Miscavige have done is create a hidden data line.

    That’s all.

    Apply the appropiate PL MQ.

    Regarding NOTs there is no evidence even in Federal Court that Mayo wasn’t anything more than an author for hire at best and more likely merely a stenographer.

    His claim that he and he alone developed NOTs is *ludicrous*.

    Also where did this datum that all OT levels are handwritten?

  206. Hey! I resemble that!

  207. We all lacking Super Power perhaps or super something ( many a peoples) Sarge. Lacking capacity to discern.

  208. Don’t insult us females by calling him a cunt. He does not qualify as any kind of life form. He is, at best, a speck of dirt that somehow manages to direct a body through a very aberrated reactive mind, creating havoc wherever he goes.

  209. Marildi,

    My ideas are yours. Have fun with them. I don’t need credit.


  210. And boy does that put somebody like Churlia on a constant missed withhold of nothing… How do you get out of that one? You don’t.

  211. 😆 Bwhahahaha!

  212. OUAT~Thank you for a brilliant explanation of truth. 😀

  213. Sarge~It is also true that even at the level of Grad V, for example, you have a deep understanding of LRH and HIS tech. My point being that it really doesn’t take much to truly understand that if you learn it right and use it IRL (In Real Life).

  214. I know what you mean and I agree with you. What I was originally responding to was Ralph’s comment that the upper OT levels need to be sorted out. Mayo is a part of that trail and I think, for me, Marty has cleared up THAT part of it. There is a leadership role here that needs to be fulfilled. It requires all the data being sorted out. The phrase “going up the Bridge” has a lot of interesting implications, especially when you consider the multitudes who were following a road of paved intentions. There was no bridge. Well, there was for those who saw it but it was more like that acrobat on the Hindenburg who made his way down the rope due to his athletic ability while the rest of the crew crashed. This is the post Hindenburg era of Scientology. Like the Hindeburg, Scientology was sabotaged. The “sorting out of the upper OT Levels” is a situation of, as I said, “knowing it is correct”. KSW. Trusting others too much is what got every “good willed” Scientologists in trouble and being too much in the valence of a customer and has created too many “Scino-bots”. An explanation will eventually come to the surface. It may not be a priority right now and that is, of course, understandable. There are more important things at the moment.

  215. Thank you for your feedback. Besides the fact that I became “unattached” (as in the Lensman series) years ago, this is an ethics matter to me so training and auditing would not fix it in any case. No one here owes me anything but I think I have made it more serious than perhaps it deserves to be, at least at this point. Seriousness equals mass. It is really an issue I haven’t thought about until Ralph made a comment that I thought was a cogent point about “sorting out the upper OT levels”. Scientology tech is only a good thing when it is fun and I can see that you and others are having fun. I agree with that. Just keep having fun. Perhaps I should try and make my posts more fun, all in the name of causing effects which others can easily experience or more easily experience.

  216. martyrathbun09

    With all due respect, that you believe the Bridge needs “sorting out” is an admission you have not fully walked nor studied sufficiently of it; in my opinion. That is why I take issue with this penchant for having to find a “savior”. Priests have made their living historically on mystifying and monopolizing the way out. Scientology doesn’t need any priests or saviors. It is what it is. And if applied with good intentions it works quite well.

  217. Was that in the high research trial blazing days when LRH learned about non optimum (thought) behavior in SOME “OT”s, still existed. Witch then led to the remarkable rundowns of FPRD ( False And Evil Purpose Rundown ? or not.


  218. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    I once witnessed this blatent false report as an OOT at Flag: At a Thursday night staff meeting, the Deputy Captain was handed a stat graph showing the success of Flag training. He was to hold up the graph for a photo op for a Church mag. The graph, however showed a major Danger trend.
    Solution? Turn the graph around to make it look like a major Affluence trend, all the while with execs yelling acks, like “Now you’re really looking good, Jason! Oops, the name just slipped right out… …And that’s how the photo showed up in the mag. …And there’s my False Report Report finally seen by people who will care!

  219. Well you are partially right.

    Ron’s research into FPRD began with the handling of the phenomenon known as “Stalled Dn Clear”.

  220. RJ, you answer is not accurate in either 2 points you make.

    First point:
    LRH did appoint to Mayo the Hat of Technical research for the next 20 years in a dispatch many people have read. I had this confirmed by Dan Koon recently . We all know that later LRH changed his mind and Mayo became an enemy, but that doesn’t take away the fact that the dispatches exists.

    “Yes, the [LRH] dispatches to Mayo were well known. I’ve read them many times.” — Dan Koon.

    Your claiming that Mayo created an hidden data line and your putting him on the same level of Miscavige is bullshit, in my view.
    Mayo was a good C/S, maybe the best. I doubt there was any reason for removing him from post and subject him to “torture” by Miscavige, except to damage Scientology and destroy someone that with his technical skills was considered a threat to Miscaviges’s plans to acquire Power.

    Second point is:
    Mayo never claimed that he and he alone had developed NOTs. That was a rumor started by CoS to discredit Mayo. He said he did contributed to it, because it was in part the result of his auditing LRH.
    “Yesterday I received a very upset phone call from a scientologist in Los Angeles who has been visited by Sandy Wilhere and had been told that I was falsely claiming that I developed all of NOTs and so on and so forth and he was very upset to hear that. And the truth of the matter is I have never claimed to have done that but I think is timely that I should mention the fact that NOTs was developed as a result of the auditing that I did do on LRH and I did have something to do with it. He and I worked together on the development of NOTs and he actually asked me to write up the NOTs HCOBs for him, which I did, I typed them up, he went over one by one, each one of them and approved before they were issued.” David Mayo (1984 recorded talk)
    [audio src="" /]

    I don’t really think that hatred statements on Mayo are going to help anyone.

  221. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Yeah, this is what I REALLY love about you too, Marty! Can’t wait to love it about you again!!
    Also hope to meet you one day Steve. I am sooo happy for you and the rest of the Human race as more and more eyes are on the really important things!

  222. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    It sure does!

  223. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Thank you Lady M, and ditto!

  224. ML,

    BTW I don’t “hate” Mayo but his hagiography is somewhat other than he or his acolytes would like to believe.

    True his alterations of the tech were nominal compared to the rabid squirrel but he still sought to alter it.

    Also this is the problem I had with the Church that started in the late 80’s and that was that HCOPL ‘Hidden Data Line’ was totally defenstrated in favor of:

    “Well it exists in a RA or some confidential directive of some kind” that nothing other than the anointed ones was ever supposed to see or whatever.

    I mean it was like sooooo GO.

    Except at least with the GO you could at least sign your life away with a multimillion $ bond to see the oh so confidential and urgent directive to find it was a cut and paste job put together by our friend BTWO the Squirrel like say “The Story of a Squirrel” which I swear that some of the quotes that were pasted in were what he said about Jack Horner earlier.

    But anyway you catch my drift Lurker babe anyone can *say* that Ron said “I was the chosen one” like either one of the two Daves for example and have witnesses to back ’em up and it don’t mean squat unless there is something in writing and even then written in accordance with the Verbal Tech Checklist as given in the HCOB ‘How to Defeat Verbal Tech’.

    So unless I see something like an HCOPL such as ‘The Guardian’ written and signed by Ron and approved in accordance to the PL ‘Policy, Source of’ then Mayo like his counterpart Miscavige can claim on a stacka bibles with a phalanx of witnesses standing behind them that “Ron said…..” such and such and that they supposedly hold the keys to the kingdom

    I *don’t have to buy it*!

    If you want to continue playing that game then I suggest you go back to what passes for the “Church of Scientology” these days because thats the game that they are totally into playing over there which is the biggest reason I left that deluded dump.

  225. Hi Gary, Thanks for the suggest, and as a matter of fact, I’m a huge Philadelphia Doctorate Course fan — one reason I am where I am today. I bought the set in 1980 and studied them in depth the following year, demoing out all the concepts until I really “got” what LRH was talking about all along the way. Then in 1986 I got onto the OT Doctorate Course at Flag (while I was auditing on OT III). In 1991, I studied the PDC lectures again when I did a marketing campaign for them. In the mid 1990s, I studied them again and wrote more about them as the Senior Writer CMU. I also wrote a cute magazine ad for the PDCs that someone might remember: “Say goodbye to the inside of your head!” The PDC Lectures changed my life and really introduced me to the subject of OT. I think what people need is food, water and the PDCs. But not necessarily in that order. They are the pure pyrotechnics. One of the key datums I have applied in standing up to the Church is LRH’s formula explained in those lectures “8-8008” — the attainment of infinity (8) by the reduction of the apparent infinity (8) of the material universe to zero (0), and the increase of the apparent zero (0) of the person’s own universe to infinity (8). So to your recommendation of the PDCs, I say: “Good call.”

  226. Ouch! I think that probably wasn’t the last time Flag simply turned the graphs upside down.

  227. As far as I know, Andy is still boiling in the witch pit.

  228. Thanks Mostly Lurker, that’s interesting. Naturally the CoS would issue false rumors to discredit Mayo. Karen #1 was a Class XII auditor who audited under Mayo and she said he was a caring man. Marty told me that regardless of any faults, Mayo did indeed save LRH’s life. And let’s not forget, the man was, like so many of us, a volunteer who worked long, long hours for little to no pay. For me personally, I won’t condemn anyone that Miscavige had a hand in condemning. Miscavige is poison and is not just adept at manipulating people, he is a master at the trade.

    If David Mayo contributed in any way to the creation of NOTs, even if only by auditing LRH, not to mention saving his life, in my book he stands among the great men of all time.

    I have few facts, and I certainly wouldn’t consider anything the Church wrote about Mayo as evidence. Obviously there are REAL SPs here and there, but they are few and far between as LRH says.

  229. Tara, Feli, everyone, As LRH said, “Don’t waste this brief breath in eternity.” Auditing is mind-blowingly easy outside the CoS suppression.

  230. Thanks Theo, you really have the big picture.

  231. Congratulations Tom!

  232. Marty — This segment of Marc Headley’s radio interview contains a brief and inaccurate verbal sketch of what’s in the OT III materials taken entirely out of context.

  233. Thank you Magnolia, The respect and good wishes are mutual. I’m thrilled to know I helped. LRH said an amazing thing about help in one of the lecture series — alas, I have forgotten which one. But the series was all about the subject of help and he said at one point, “there is evidence to show that the eight dynamics ARE help. Because if you stop helping the dynamics, they disappear.” That is a rough paraphrase, but I think of it often. It’s one of those magically profound sweeping statements that explains so much on so many levels. If you don’t help the world around you, the world around you ceases to appear. And it’s a short throw from there to the statement that life itself is help. Anyway, I am certainly looking forward to that handshake! Steve

  234. Tory Christman

    Perhaps behind the scenes and organizationally (officially) you are correct. However, I was at the announcement of LRH’s death, as I’m sure many/most here were, too. It seemed ol Davey boy took over that night.

    I remember hearing it announced that LRH had specifically asked that his dear friends, Pat and Annie Broeker, would take over the church. However, where were Pat and Annie? Who were they? (I’d never heard of them). IMMEDIATELY there was a “Don’t ask, don’t tell’ flow: Just move along”.

    I guess “Officially” he came out on Nightline, but per what we all knew–he took over that night. It wasn’t until 2000, talking with Jesse Prince, that I finally found out what DID happen to Pat and Annie Broeker, and how DID Davey boy take over. Amazing story—truly. Thankfully—-“Dave” my “Tick tock Tick Tock, Time is on *our* side” is coming together WAY faster than even I imagined. 🙂 Tory/Magoo—Your local, friendly SP!

  235. Any idea around what dates that would be?

  236. RJ,
    of course you don’t *have to buy* anything. Nobody has to. We are out of Co$, we are free. Everyone should investigate and come to their own conclusions.

    I did my investigation: I picked up the statements of Merril Mayo, David Mayo, Julie Mayo regarding LRH dispatches to Mayo, and sent them to two people who I trust and I know were there, one of that person being Dan Koon. They wrote me that they considered Merril’s and David’s and Julie’s statements to be accurate regarding the content of LRH’s dispatches. Dan wrote he himself did read LRH dispatches to Mayo many times.

    That’s settled the matter for me: Mayo *was* the *chosen one*, but only for a couple of years, until he fell of graces and then he become the *Devil*.

    No need to be surprised, similar fate happened to Jack Horner, Otto Roos, John McMaster. Some say even MSH wasn’t treated fairly. I wasn’t there, I’m not claiming anything.

    If you still believe LRH dispatches to Mayo don’t exists until you get to see them, that’s fine too for me. You do have such a right to not believe something. Just don’t accuse others of lying.

    What you are accusing Mayo of?

    You are actually accusing him to be similar to DM (although on a smaller level), of having created an hidden data line because he claimed to be following LRH orders or advices and not HCOBs and other official publications?

    Yes, it is very easy for everyone to say “if CoS just followed the written Policy there would not be all that mess”. But don’t you think that maybe LRH had a responsibility too in how things evolved?

    Why LRH stopped writing HCOPLs/HCOBs himself and demanded others to compile them? Why LRH started issuing orders into the Church using his recorded spoken words and advices instead of keeping an institutional position in the Church and issue official HCOPLs or official LRH ED’s?

    There are things I (we) don’t know, and cannot judge.

    If you were in a senior management/technical position in 80’s, and received a dispatch in LRH’s voice asking you to do something, you want me to believe that you would have rejected it because it was not published into an HCOPL/HCOB first? Or because it was marked “Confidential-Your eyes only” (Hidden data line!)?

    I don’t think so.

    I think you would have done what Mayo, Rinder, Rathbun and all others did: be honored to comply with LRH requests, even if they were not official Church orders.

    If you say Mayo claimed an hidden data line with LRH, you must accuse Rathbun, Koon, Rinder (and many others) of the same. They also received and probably acted on “advices” from LRH which have never been published nor seen out of the Int base. Marty occasionally talked about some of the LRH’s advices he has read.

    You may question if the advices were really by LRH, and not by DM himself or by an impostor that replaced LRH in the 70’s like some conspiracy theory want us to believe.

    On this forum there are recipients of LRH advices, If they have no doubts about their source, I don’t have any data to say otherwise.

    I would like every written\spoken word of LRH to come into public domain: HCOBs, HCOPLs, books, orders, letters, dispatches, advices, notes, drawings, pictures. Everything to be brought under the sun.

    That this is not done is a fact, and better than I, Marty may enumerate reasons or responsibilities for why that is not done by Co$.

  237. Thoughtful,
    talking about Mayo and things happened 30 years ago is interesting but no near as important as what is happening here and now:
    CONGRATULATIONS on your wins on NOTs!!!
    I am very happy for you!

  238. Well put. And I’m sure there is no actual “rule” nor was there ever, but more of an unwritten one. Just wondering how serious some people would have taken such an unwritten rule, that’s all. Sometimes stories in various mailings thank COB(itch) first, sometimes second, sometimes alone, sometimes with or without LRH mentioned. Just made me wonder. Thanks!

  239. ML,

    I actually worked for Ron on two special projects he directly ordered and supervised and I know for a fact that if the project broadly affected policy or tech that any dispatches we received either in his handwriting or by Merc or Telex would later be issued as a Policy or HCOB just as he says in the HCOPL ‘The Hidden Data Line’.

    Everything was in writing.

    The Ol’man was a stickler about following his own policies ,procedures and his own tech.

    He was also death on anything amounting to verbal tech or policy.

    When you were on a Pilot Project you didn’t talk to anyone about it other than the people working on it with you, his personal Messenger or him personally.

    You were effectively compartmentalized until the project was completed which is why we earned the nick name “Leper Colony” by some at the Staff at ASHO.

    So if Mayo says he was ordered by LRH to take over Tech Lines he’d at least have the date and title of the dispatch so ordering it.

    Not just a…well….you….know….he…told…me…around…about

    …etc.. horseshoes and atom bomb type phrasing.

    Also why would Ron be responsible for someone failing to apply the above PL?

    Also I can I assure you that Ron never “abandoned” Mary Sue whom he loved very much.

    Also Otto was responsible for the actions that got him beached.

    And Jack Horner…

    Oh please!

    The guy sold out DC’s CF and yet Ron still forgave him and didn’t “abandon” him until he started the squirrel group Amprinistics.

  240. Thoughtful and Mostly Lurker,

    As far as I’m concerned Mayo is not a black and white issue or even a reverse negative (they say he’s bad so he must be good) etc.

    Fact Mayo did alter the tech:

    For instance on the HRD Mayo ordered that the auditor run every question on each precept whether it read or not despite the fact that this datum only applied to the FD Qs.

    On many of his C/Ses he included parts of major RD as part of “repair” just as Ron says in C/S series 115 “Mixing Major RDs and Repair”.

    He personally canceled the Pro TRs course as a prerec for pro auditor training despite what it says in the first few paragraphs of that HCOB about what happens to auditors who do not master their TRs.

    There’s more but the above three examples would have been enough to bust him back to tech page!

    Sure he didn’t deserve all the ignominy he received but the guy wasn’t some innocent lamb being led to slaughter

  241. Yes I remember when the Rabid Squirrel cancelled the FO ‘The Sea Org and the Future’ and disappeared Pat and Annie which was another one of those WTF? moments in Scientology.

    Silly me back then thinking that David as “Chairman of the Board” that an actual *board* was involved in making this decision.

    Also you gotto remember that it wasn’t just at Ron’s wake but also before that at the infamous and notorious Mission Holders Conference that his Squirreliness was waiting in the wings like some kinda hungry vulture.

    However Ted’s homily little interview gave the rodent king more cred than he deserved especially when the intro graphics rolled out his signature across the screen and Ted called him the “leader” of the Church of Scientology.

    One could see that he had learned his PM tech from good ol’ Bob Gray quite well.

    He even had me convinced that the 2 bit phony was actual “leader” of Scientology until I noticed that the guy was totally fucking clueless about the subject he was allegedly the “leader” of as the interview progressed.

    But by then I had already been relegated to one of those “disaffected” Scientologists who were mainly “off lines” back then.

    Considered a life form just sightly above the average “SP”.

    I doubt if I had gone to the top of the Griffith Observatory which was just a few blocks from were we lived and screamed at the top of lungs that the new so called “leader” wasn’t competent enough to have a paper route never mind lead a Religion that anyone would have listened anyway.

  242. Sure I think the pilot started in mid 84 and wrapped near the beginning of 85 when the FPRD course was released.

  243. Please RJ,
    listen to this tape:
    [audio src="" /]

    How much of the things we know about Mayo are of our direct observation and how much have we read from Co$ Death Agent literature? You bring up the issue about the HRD reads. Please listen to the above tape to get *also* Mayo’s side of the story.

    Bear with me, nobody is claiming anybody is a Saint. We are all humans striving for bettering our self and others, with the exception of few SPs who enjoy us fighting.

  244. If you listen to CoS, every declared Squirrel or SP was responsible for actions that got him beached, be sure of that. Marty too, Mike Rinder too. You yourself too. And if they can’t find anything, they will manufacture it. That’s Co$ modus operandi to keep the flock in line. Feed them with enough false information so that they cannot see what’s there and don’t pull strings and keep running in the hamster wheel.

    Mayo’s SP declare even included a threat of “instant declare” for anyone listening to him! Can you get lower that that? Today you have instant ethics actions if you dare watching the Thruth Rundown or talk to Marty. Same thing.

    It is reverse KRC: by sabotaging Knowledge with falsities and threats, the resulting level of Responsability and Control drop, and what you have are Scientologists puppets of Dear Leader, afraid to even look for fear of consequences. Sad, you will agree.

    You bring up the issue about the HRD reads. Please listen to David Mayo’s side of this story, in David’s own words:
    [audio src="" /]

    About “So if Mayo says he was ordered by LRH to take over Tech Lines he’d at least have the date and title of the dispatch so ordering it.“, given the circumstances, how he was removed from post, put on the RPF and escaped after months of what may be called “torture”, I doubt he had any possibility to take his Hat Pack with his LRH orders with him 🙂

    All LRH advices and orders are in the hands of Miscavige. It’s too easy to keep them hidden and accuse of lying anyone who refers to them.

    Fortunately there are many who did read them and confirmed their existence and content. Again, ask Dan Koon, he has read LRH’s advices to Mayo many times. You don’t have to believe them, but don’t accuse the people who have read them and confirm (including Mayo), to be liars.

  245. And please let’s not forget that David Mayo after years of marriage found a cute young thing and shunted Merrill into a corner and took up with Julie.

    Merrill didn’t seem to have had an issue with that. She left Co$ too and there are writings of her supporting David and the AACs. If it was not an issue for Merril to divorce from David, why it is an issue for you? Why is it any of your business at all?

    Ad hominem arguments are a sign of weakness.

  246. martyrathbun09

    Mostly, aren’t you done with Scientology? Didn’t you tell me that by email some time ago?

  247. Thank you Marty for your high ARC.
    For the quality of the sound. I suggest use a paper cone around the microphone to avoid the noise.

  248. ML,

    Obviously you are getting into hyperbole here because I never accused Mayo of lying.

    Merely prevaricating 🙂

    Also an instant declare for anyone who listened to him?

    Never heard of or saw such an order.

    There were Scientologists who listened to Mayo’s various recording and videos made after he left the Church who never were declared.

    Many who actually became members of the Church of the New Civilization and later the Advanced Ability Center in Santa Barbara who weren’t either.

    In other words if there was such an order verbally or in writing it wasn’t enforced.

    Also demanding that one see the order in *writing* is not calling the person a “liar” it is applying standard Scientology procedure.

    Basically if it ain’t written it ain’t true.

  249. Not fully done yet. I will be done when I will be able to write with my name with no consequences on my friends still in. Until then I have a personal interest in seeing that CoS loses all its power in controlling people and in seeing independent scientologists grow free to be an alternative for my friends.

    Anyway, sorry for cluttering on your blog. I seldom post, but had an urge to stand up when I saw old CoS DA materials come up on him, unchallenged.

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