The Golden Age of Fraud

Many have noted here that since shortly after the death of L Ron Hubbard in 1986, usurper David Miscavige promised Scientologists that New OT IX and X would be released upon the attainment of the target of ALL orgs reaching the size of Old St Hill.  Nearly twenty years of very expensive events and promotion ensued depicting what looked like a Miscavige management working day and night to achieve LRH’s objective.  Well, for the past two years people who were willing to look got a bird’s eye view of what Miscavige was doing instead.  But even without that insight,  anyone who has not lost all of his or her power of observation could not miss a couple of clear facts:

a)  No Class V orgs on planet earth are anywhere near St Hill size.  Those declared as such in the past are mere shadows of themselves during more productive periods.

b) Miscavige has simply ignored two decades of promotion of LRH’s intention – the making of St Hill size orgs, and promoted instead a real estate scam under the guise of “Golden Age of Organizations”.

In the event you are dealing with Kool Aid drinkers who insist on not-ising this out and out fraud, why don’t you show them Miscavige’s own words.  First, here is what Miscavige said to the “top OTs on the planet”, the OT Ambassadors at the Maiden Voyage,  June 2000 – nearly eleven years ago:

So, with the first three prerequisites well in hand, this last target is obviously of vital importance.


Not just to our group, but to you personally.


It’s what will make your ascent possible.


When LRH first suggested it, the reason was made clear — To create a real era of full OT, we cannot fall prey to the pitfalls of yesteryear.


All orgs to the size of old St. Hill is a quantitative target, representing Scientology beyond the “make-break point” on a planetary basis, accomplishing its aims at the correct order of magnitude.


Factually, the actions required to achieve this target are no different than what you yourselves have experienced with the Golden Age of Tech.


Put it this way — We know that if Scientology is applied standardly, it gets results every time.


The key to that is that there is a standard way to do things.


Well, that same datum applies with third dynamic technology — the entire panoply of admin technology upon which orgs and Management operate.


So when looking at org expansion, one cannot merely look at “statistics.”


What it means to achieve St. Hill size is the standard performance of all functions in management and our organizations, which are detailed in HCO Policy Letters.


And the number of functions to be performed in our organizations are voluminous.


When one spans out across the globe, and takes into consideration everything management provides, one is easily talking about tens-of-thousands of products that are required to achieve real expansion.


And yet, producing each of those products is vital, if we are to Clear the planet.


Well, the good news is this — We are making greater progress than ever in our history.


Look at it this way — For Tech to work, Ethics must first go in.


Correlate that datum with removing 4th dynamic suppression and you see why the first prerequisite to the release of New OT IX was so important.


But there is another datum — To get in Standard Admin, one must first get in Standard Tech.


And that was the Golden Age of Tech and Golden Age of Tech for OT’s.


And it not only saw to dramatically accelerated case gain across the planet, but spearheaded a new era of administration like we’ve never seen.


So to brief you on some of the many actions ongoing by International Management to accomplish that last target, and their progress in helping all orgs expand to the size of old St. Hill, please welcome Captain Guillaume Lesevre, the Executive Director International.

Now, compare that to four years later – Miscavige’s words at the 2004 Maiden Voyage, introduction to  the “Org Night” briefing.  Here he uses PROPAGANDA BY REDEFINITION of LRH’s words.  He effectively cancels LRH’s LRH ED339R Int by redefining purpose from creating “big booming orgs” to creating a  “new civilization”, which he proposes to do through construction of over-the-top gaudy, expensive, soulless, audio visual centers.  As anyone can see by walking into any one of these multi million dollar mausoleums Miscavige’s propaganda by redefinition has fleeced the public of hundreds of millions and left the orgs bereft of Scientology delivery, staff and beings.  The neutron bomb strategy perfected.

Miscavige, June 2004:

And that’s the whole point of doing it all.


For the purpose of our orgs is NOT to “be” “A BIG BOOMING ORG.”


No, that’s what’s needed to accomplish the purpose of “creating a new civilization.”


And so — each one of these new breed of “Central Organizations,” incorporates every application of LRH Tech, for their geographic zone.


That’s how — with every org itself generating new groups, missions and every type of Social Betterment and Field activity — we increase our impact 150 times like “that.”


As for where it goes from there — the answer is obvious.


— Each org moving “up-the-org-board,” so to speak, as the central training center for it all,


— New AOs in each zone to cater to the flow moving to the top of the Bridge,




Which brings us to this evening’s event.


Because what you are about to hear is the “overview” of what’s now happening, in the wake of March 13th.


And while that only represents three months of “activity”, it brings us to the final point of “speed.”


For as we’ve gone over — it will be “exponential.”


And once again — just to pound it IN — the reason for that “exponential expansion” is PURPOSE.


When you crunch the numbers on those “lending a hand”, and “forwarding the crusade”, it takes on a whole new dimension when you consider everyone who is really “ON OUR ORG BOARD.”


When you “make our purpose their purpose,” the answer is EVERYBODY.


So with all of that in mind, tonight’s OVERVIEW encompasses two things:


— Where the creation of IDEAL ORGS is newly happening,


— And, what has happened in the wake of the “dones” so far.


Because that last one is not only the ultimate “EP.”


But, rather, the inevitable “result” from those just now beginning.

354 responses to “The Golden Age of Fraud

  1. Impartial English Girl

    How can someone use so many words and not actually manage to say ANYTHING?!

    He doesn’t mention Tom Cruise once either – dear, oh dear…

  2. It just makes no sense – trying to read between the doublespeak and BS. But everyone is in the “org board” and he is broadening things to a massive exponential GENERALITY, where stats are just not necessary and BIG BOOMING ORGS are no longer the purpose of our orgs…
    “When you “make our purpose their purpose,” the answer is EVERYBODY”
    Things like this, well – yeah, a very broad generality, but, somewhere in the speech policy, LRH policy is kicked in the teeth and orgs no longer operate on stats or on green on white but they are forced to beg for donations at every turn and they are no longer the place to be. The public flees in droves… and we get the idle morgues…

  3. SPIN! Spin, Spin, Spin, Spin.

    Purpose is whatever HE says Purpose is.
    The ‘goal’ was never X, it was Y!
    Ever notice how he rambles? He takes a premise, a wrong one, but follows it LOGICALLY to the predetermined conclusion. What with lights, razzle-dazzle, music and dramatic speech… who wouldn’t believe it?! Oh, and because he can refer to LRH as “the old man,” boy, you know they had to be CHUMS!

    UGH! The man makes me wanna spit!
    All the hell I caught for blowing staff.
    Shutting the hell up for YEARS!!! Because of the “SUPRESSIVE” act I had done: walkiing and staying gone.
    Don’t look at the out-points, Bozz! They’re just justifiers for the B.S. you pulled leaving staff the way you did!

    B.P.C. much? Yeah. A little.
    Marty, just let me know when we’re storming the gates. I want a piece of this guy. Don’t even need to pack.

  4. This post covers facts that are very unfortuate, but very true by observation.

    Since DM has entrenched himself without any mechanisms for oversight that could remove him by actions of a Board, it seems, that, as is the case in Egypt, he could only be removed by force of numbers with the majority of church members actually staging a mass protest that he be removed. Or, a mutiny of those close to DM who favor installing, say, Heber, and making it impossible for DM to continue.

    Absent the above, the independent field is very vital to making sure LRH’s legacy is maintained. He always warned against a monopoly on this subect, and as long as the independent field lives, there never will be one. Thank the gods for that.

    Our role, and the reasons for independents to flourish, prosper and grow can never be made more obvious with what Marty has pointed out in this post.

    I am really feeling the urge to get trained and help, more and more.


  5. As W.C Fields said ” if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance that baffle them with BullSh___.

    Enough said!

  6. I don’t understand either one of those speeches. They both make my eyes hurt.

    David Miscavige. And anybody who sits and listens to him speak and doesn’t then stand up and yell, “You are fucking crazy! You don’t make any sense!” is a fool.

    Just Me

  7. I just can’t understand that psychobabble. I only know what he’s saying because you summarized it. Sorta leaves my head spinning…seriously.

  8. one of those who see

    Spinning. Will try and read again. Don’t know how all those subjected to DM’s train of thought survived it.

  9. Yes, it’s the Golden Age of Miscavology….squirrel tech taken to the Nth degree…pathetic.

  10. I guess I missed my cue to jump up and applaud, huh? 😉

  11. Marty,

    You’ve done your share of not-is’ing DM, haven’t you? Up til 2004 you were telling the St. Pete Times, “That’s not his temperament” when asked about DM’s proclivity to use violence on his associates. So you think anything’s going to change just because you did? Maybe yes, maybe no.

  12. Things Have Changed, said Bob Dylan:

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    I’ve been walking forty miles of bad road
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    Copyright © 1999 by Special Rider Music

  13. Centurion,
    There are many more actions, ingroads, means of ingress and ways to resolve the SP David M. Look at the various posts made by Marty here and extrapolate. Check out the various sites, Steve’s at Scn Cult,, et al and heck even the latest headlines.

    All sorts of roads leading to Rome, not just the two possibles you mention.

  14. Let me get this straight. No, there’s nothing to get straight. This is just nonsense!

    If you think you went unconcious in the middle of one of DM’s speeches because of a misunderstood word, maybe it was just because there really was a gap between one sentence and the next and it really did not make sense!! And then while your attention was tied up trying to figure out what you just missed, he slipped more of these absurdities past you. Finally, you were so relieved to be brought back to life by standing up with the crowd, that you yelled and clapped and whistled with joy. And DM thought you were happy with his speech. No, you were happy with his exit from the stage! LOL

  15. Sheesh …

    Even at the time LRH brought out 339R, I thought it was going to be a hell of a chore when I looked at the size of some of the ‘Orgs’ back then, Most of them didn’t even qualify as an Org, yet they had that status – I know of a number that had 3-6 staff – christ, that hardly qualifes as a DCG.

    AOSH UK did reach St Hill size again and a couple of others, but during that time multiple other programs were being downloaded onto Class lV orgs without proper evals & programming. On top of that, Mission packages started being sold by SMI which was an abysmal failure – $50,000 a shot and no support.

    Miscavige mentions in his June 2000 speech “All orgs to the size of old St. Hill is a quantitative target, representing Scientology beyond the “make-break point” on a planetary basis, accomplishing its aims at the correct order of magnitude.” What the heck does that really mean? – it sounds impressive, and I can see the crowd nodding their heads with that robotic glaze in their eyes, but how does one quantify a make-break point?

    In short, 339R died a slow death and this was verified by Miscavige’s later “For the purpose of our orgs is NOT to “be” “A BIG BOOMING ORG.””

    Well, it’s Ethics, Tech … and it follows that we can expect the Golden Age of Admin … can you say New OEC vols & all staff retraining?

    Then his line “When you crunch the numbers on those “lending a hand”, and “forwarding the crusade”, it takes on a whole new dimension when you consider everyone who is really “ON OUR ORG BOARD.”

    “When you “make our purpose their purpose,” the answer is EVERYBODY.”

    Yep … ram it down the throats of the unsuspecting – anything else will be ‘other fish to fry’, CI, & gotten off the line.

    And the result is as we see … failing orgs, people leaving in droves, empty ideal orgs (except for a couple), false stats, PR at it’s worst ever, and a snarky, ser-fac-y attitude that repels anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together.

    Davey, you will definitely go down in history.

  16. What is hung in my bullpen is that at one of these events I distinctly recall Miscavige stateing: ” The lengend is coming” Do you remember that? I have never for the life in me since been able to figure out what he was refering to. Did he mean the Thor movie is coming or surely he would’nt have known about Captain America at that time.

  17. Does this man not have friends? Seriously, someone to point out, ‘that makes absolutely no sense…’

    Reads like a bunch of commands….

  18. Scott Campbell

    Boy, that second speech was a bunch of incoherent babble.


    From your viewpoint, at what point and in what way did the Sea Org devolve into the Mismanagement Disorganization whereby proper training, apprenticeship and establishment onto post coupled with correct evaluation and programming were abandoned in favor heavy ethics and nonsensical, screaming demands to “get the product”?


  19. Scott Campbell

    Paraphrasing LRH “When you make something everyone’s responsibility it becomes no-ones responsibility”.

  20. CrashingUpwards

    Your right. He doesnt say anything. The audience must be in a state of HOPE, like a child. Their FAITH in him has not been rewarded. Smoke and mirrors all the way.

  21. Wow, Miscavige is the master of the skipped gradient – seems he skipped a few himself, not to mention a few invented definitions.

    Bozz, the worst overt one can commit upon another is to make them feel guilty of an overt act. I, too, feel your anger and find it very cathartic.

    When I read the Headley article, I started to wonder how Miscavige has managed to bring out the worst in people. How has he gotten them to forfeit their own lookingness, knowingness, and sense of right and wrong – their very decency? All he needed to do was get them to transgress against their own ethical code. Or at least to make them feel that they had. And any moral code that one subscribes to cannot conflict with one’s own ethics.

  22. plainoldthetan

    2004, huh? This may explain why when I went into my local org and asked to see old video’d events, I was told that an order had been issued from uplines to return all event videos from 2007 and prior. The clearest path to plausible deniability is the removal of the evidence.

  23. (Actual confidential DM Policy Letter leaked from secret Int Base files:)

    Religious Technology Center
    Office of COB

    Policy & Tech Re-Translation Unit


    1. Statistics, as a means of measuring conditions, are cancelled.

    2. Number of STANDARD FUNCTIONS OCCURRING is now the measurement factor in Orgs, auditing, finance, and one’s personal life, only to be counted if all functions mentioned anywhere in policy or tech are in place.

    2a. Otherwise, any function in place in the absence of any other mentioned function, is by itself invalid.

    3. Evaluation of Importances is cancelled. It is all one big importance of equal value or we fail.

    4. We are making greater progress than ever at failing.

    5. Standard Tech was never in when LRH was around. Admin was also out. So was Ethics.

    6. The absence of numerous Tech Drills and memorization has kept Admin from being able to go in.

    7. If enough people spend enough time in the Hole, and if we expel enough people and get them to donate and dress properly, then Ethics might go in enough to get something accomplished, if you all quit counter-intending me.

    8. No one’s ever seen this type of administration before.

    9. I plan on letting a few people out of the Hole every now and then just to prove that functions are happening.

    10. LRH was wrong when he said we need “BIG BOOMING ORGS.” That is a misdirector, probably based on MUs. So forget about the whole Big Booming Orgs idea.

    11. We ARE helping to create a “New Civilization”, one that condones lying, cheating, beating, ostracizing, locking up, disconnecting, blackmailing, hypnotizing with video effects, foolish overspending, betrayal of friends, goosestepping, hating and that has no workable technology of the mind or spirit.”

    12. Each Central Organization shall become a mini-Int Management base, complete with their own beatings, hole, blackmail factory, out-tech, pretended case gain, PTSness, ass-kissing, robo-training, OSA ops, razor fence, no sleep, super-printing facility, fund-raising mecca, thus replicating the hellhole I’ve created in Hemet so that when and if I ever die my legacy will be world-wide and impossible to dismantle because no one will want to throw out the crying baby with the dirty bath water.

    13. And each one of those mini-Int Bases shall generate new mini-Int bases and so on and so on and so on, thus pummeling the public of Earth with more and more con games and hypnotism until we have ALL the money on Earth and EVERYONE is duck-walking to and from their designated Hole upon command. Order will finally be achieved. Just like THAT. Finally. And obviously obvious.

    14. And by that time, if there’s anyone left who believes us or has accidentally received some unfortunate case gain and actually made it past the Endless Objectives and Endless Re-Do’s and Impossible to Finish OT VII, and has any money left, then we’ll have to build some local AO’s in each zone to cater to the remaining few who no longer wish to travel the great distances to LA, Florida, Denmark, England or Australia.

    15. And so, PLANETARY CLEARING as you can plainly see.

    16. Since what I do best is POUND, let me pound this IN — the reason for any ‘expansion’ is PURPOSE. And the purpose of the Sea Org is to get Ethics in on this planet, which I’m going to do despite the tremendous suppressive counter-intention of anyone and everyone I come in contact with and know about except for Tom Cruise, who I personally vouch for, and he, I.

    17. As Mr. Cruise says, “I have met number crunchers, and I have met the number crunchers of number crunchers and I will tell you, David Miscavige is the Numberest of Cruncheraters of ALL Number Crunchers and if he says he’s crunched the numbers on all this, he HAS crunched the numbers and we’re glad to have him as the greatest Cruncher of All Times, believe me. Don’t you people see how serious I am?”

    18. And again, from Mr. Cruise, “All the people of Earth are on our Org Board. And it’s time they all got their Ethics in. They’re either in the Game or Get Out of the Stadium. And I mean it. OUT. When COB says it’s time to take on a whole new dimension, if these people, all of whom are on our Org Board, can’t get with it and lend a helping hand, they simply don’t deserve to be on this planet. COB and I discussed this at great length while we were at the race track and also skeet shooting, swimming, drinking, riding our bikes, scuba diving and laughing and looking through catalogs for cool cars.”

    19. And from now on, after donating for their Bridge and as many Contributions and Donations for Field Activities and Humanitarian Objectives and Projects as possible, and if all the statuses bestowed upon them are not enough, and if they refuse to stay hypnotized and guzzle the Kool-Aid and listen to all these words of gobble-de-gook and horse manure, and if the newly discovered, released, revised, edited, altered, reprinted, re-copyrighted, materials with new ink and new covers are not enough to keep you in line, why then we’ll just have to add you to our special section of Freedom magazine with a distorted photo of you and embellished yellow journalistic tarnishing. So there.

    20. In the meantime, we’re glad you’re aboard.

    Captain David Miscavige
    Save the World I/C

  24. I guarantee that what is going through his head is that he is bypassing the scumbag Class V Org Staff who are not applying the Tech in order to boom their orgs to St. Hill Size. Just read the IG N/W Bulletins, starting with No. 22 and going forward. He’s a know-best.

    Much the same are the execs in my former org (CINN) where they would pull sentences out of context, then claim they were “applying LRH.” Put the sentences back into their context and one can see the use of interpretation to justify their actions, all under the auspices of “being standard”…which is, of course, a violation of HCO PL Verbal Tech: Penalties.

    Then we have the squirrel use of Ethics, then C/Sing for GI, and on and on.

    (Yes, I know the DSA CINN, et. al. are lurking on this website. I would appreciate it if you would forward me a copy of my SP Declare as I am told that it is locked away in HCO with an EYES ONLY order.)

  25. ExIntStaffMember

    Below this whole scam is Miscavige’s massive propitiation to Tom Cruise. I personally heard him say, back when this whole Idle Org thing was just getting started, that the reason orgs needed to be made “ideal” like Tampa and Buffalo, was because Tom Cruise was driving in floods of people into orgs – and the orgs they were walking into were “pieces of shit” (his words). It all went back to THAT idea. A mest idea. Big “Mr” Cruise A-lister is driving in the public into the orgs = those orgs better not be pieces of shit which then repel those public or Big Bad Mr Cruise will get all upset. Tells me who has whom by the balls.

  26. Bozz,
    I COMPLETELY understand! Absolutely, I get it.

  27. “For the purpose of our orgs is NOT to “be” “A BIG BOOMING ORG.””
    Wow, I had to go back to the LRH ED 339 series and see for myself that DM directly contradicts and counters LRH’s purpose. WOW! That was hard to believe, and there it is.

    His very own bombastic confession. Wow. I’m shakin’ my head, and I’ve seen a lot.

    Now this one…wow.

  28. Jim,

    Any road that leads to Rome is my kind of road.

    Of course, you are refering to the criminal leagal issues, and I certainly have not forgotten about them. Nothing would make my heart sing like the sight of DM in an orange jump suit picking garbage off the side of a highway in some far away town. I just feel that if I had a choice, I would prefer to see him removed from within, by the will and actions of Scientologists who decided to act and then acted decisively. Since some in the inside now know that their “eternity” will not be taken away if they attempt a coup d’etat (since they would have spiritual recourse here in the indy field), I would hope they would be somewhat emboldened to make an effort to force him out.

    But, if the law courts send him away, so be it, and I won’t be there trying to stop that. Not for a second.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis

  29. Here’s what he sounds like:

    ML Tom

  30. Sir Ralliant

    Good to see you post here !
    As former Senior CS of Cincinnati Org ~~ til quite recently ~~ you do have some wonderful tales to tell. Please share.
    This board is a different audience.

    Especially ones of forcing you, as the TECH TERMINAL to suction out the dough $$$$$$$

    The culture of scamming $$$$$$ ~~ It has morphed into an entity that ONLY wants MONEY.

    Heck, Money is needed to pay off Intel SPIES, Dirty PIs, Dirty Lawyers,
    High Paid Lawyers and Miscavige Lifestyle.

    Now if our allegations of DM corruption, money scamming, beatings, sadistic abuse, 10 year RPF cycle’s, lock down at INT BASE for hundreds that do not have FREEDOM of passage in and out of the Guard Gate…if all of this is FALSE, there is a simple solution.
    Miscavige , the leader at the helm, should go back on NIGHTLINE, or some major Network or CABLE Channel and set the record straight.
    If these never ending accusations are just a bunch of disgruntled former members, it should be a BREEZE ~~

    to address these accusations at the next INT EVENT instead of the drivel and falsehoods of rising stats and the rah rah or more REAL ESTATE.

    Why is DM so silent ?

    The Internet pounds the sinister angle of the “CHURCH” OF SCIENTOLOGY
    Response from DM ?


  31. 1984. Older documents have all been poked down a memory hole.

  32. Sorry, here it is. This is what DM sounds like:

    ML Tom

  33. Here’s an email I received from my org a few hours ago. All the emails I receive from my org recently are about donating money for the new building, or about another event to raise money for the new building.

    To be upstat we need to increase the number of flows for the week. Can you help please? Call xxx xxx xxxx!!!

    Xxxxx Xxxxxx” (OT Committee member)

  34. Other comments before mine said enough on the incoherent nonsense.

    Also, notice the “overwhelm” built into his speeeeches: … one is easily talking about tens-of-thousands of products that are required to achieve real expansion. How about two (2) key products: Training and Auditing?

    I like this one: So when looking at org expansion, one cannot merely look at “statistics.” – as by 2000, international, continental and local stats were solidly downtrending. Any “WOG” business probably has a closer look at its statistics than Dave in the Grave (aka Idle Morgue) has.

    Another little gem: That’s how — with every org itself generating new groups, missions and every type of Social Betterment and Field activity — we increase our impact 150 times like “that. Let me give you this like as my response:

    Can you imagine? We had to listen to this crap and more than only once plus write down and hand in to the RTC Depp (German, for moron) our cognitions we had. What would have happened if we had been honest, even considering that we didn’t necessarily see through all the nonsense immediately? To top it, many of us were too tired from lack of sleep having trouble to stay awake anyway – I was – LOL)

  35. BLAH BLAH 25 times bigger BLAH BLAH BLAH religious hategroup BLAH BLAH

  36. Mockingbird6, you are so right! I could not listen to him as he just kept on babbling. As I would look around the room, others were continuing to move out the back door.

  37. LOL!
    THANK YOU!!! 🙂
    I like it when needles float. LOL

  38. Have you not been following this blog? Marty has gotten more TA movement in the past year than ANY other independent I am aware of. Book have been written, news interviews have been had, but this blog has SO freaking spread the word on D.M.

    When O.T.s are calling ME? Just because I posted here!? And they are on Marty’s side??? Sorry bub, you are missing something.

  39. The Church of Scientology has be an organization guilty of fraud practically since I was in Jr. High School. I remember the first time I ever heard of Scientology {before I read Dianetics} there was an article in Newsweek about Mary Sue Hubbard and the Guardian Office defendants.

    Some people like Marty state here in a way that Scientology was “OK” or thereabouts BEFORE LRH died and DM took over.

    No. That is hearsay. That church has been involved in criminal activities such as fraud before, during AND after LRH’s death. The only real differernce today is that because of the internet people are able to learn about the Church of Scientology sooner, and warn their friends, families and loved ones to stay away.

    Bravo, to all of those who have spoken out.

  40. Yeah. Me too!

  41. Toronto Public

    Here in Toronto some seven years ago, the changing of goals from a Saint Hill Size Org to an Ideal Org was seamless as I recall.
    I have no recollection of Diane Dobson-Smith, a +30 year staff member and a long-time Foundation Executive Director, saying anything about the new direction of command intention.
    To my shame, I didn’t either.

    Toronto is a class 5 org and, as Marty states, is nowhere near St. Hill size.
    There are usually less than 5 public students during the day.
    Less than 10, evenings and Saturday.
    Maybe 25 on Sundays.
    Mostly on the Basics or ACC’s of course, not auditor training.

    The org premises, purchased in 1982, is an eight story office building that was built poorly in the 1950’s.
    As far as I know there is still an outstanding mortgage on the property.
    But for the good work of Jock MacDonald, another +30 year staff member and currently Treas Sec Day, the property taxes would be much farther in arrears than they currently are.
    In the 28 winters of Church ownership of the building, there often was insufficient org funds for heating fuel and so the building stayed cold save for specific electrically space heated areas.
    Please remember, this is Canada.

    The target is $6 million to start the Ideal Org Renos.
    What it will cost to finish these renos has not been broadly announced.
    In 8 years, the public has raised about $2.5 million.
    In the summer, we have fundraising barbeques.
    Please don’t tell LRH.
    In the winter, we have fundraising hockey games.

    Some context from the Great White North.


  42. Very good point. I was just thinking the other day how the IG22 and 25 targets were written so make-wrongy. “you don’t have the luxury of waiting to train up a bunch of class VI’s, so you are to immediaty fill up your HGC with Class IVs, V’s and Grad Vs…”

    Oh great, because before he said that, we were totally thinking that we didn’t NEED any more auditors and now we had an excuse not to post any. Thank you SO MUCH for straigtenimg that out for us…you ASS BAG!

    (15 years later, not one org in the world has even 10 posted auditors in the HGC, so maybe there was something wrong with your one-size-fits-all unevaluated program…you little midget)

  43. Miscavige literally talks out of the side of his mouth. In his last life he may have been an evil ventriloquist.

  44. Mick P,
    Know how you spot a troll?
    You walk away feeling just a little bit nauseous.
    It’s a sure sign.

  45. Impartial English Girl

    CU – Smoke and mirrors – exactly right. I cannot imagine how cruel the reality must be for those who clapped and cheered DM’s words (because they had no reason then to disbelieve him) and who now see them for what they really are. It must be like having a rug pulled from under one’s feet. At least with GENUINE conjurors or mentalists like James “The Amazing” Randi or Derren Brown, the audience is aware that it’s a clever trick designed to entertain and NOT actual manifestation of “powers”. DM is as much of a fraud as Uri Geller:
    Those who believed in the words of DM have not had that luxury.
    IEG x

  46. What is really hilarious is the fact that David MudCabbage doesn’t even write the drivel that he talks. A real leader would be cognitive of the fact that what he is reading to the masses is bullshit – and do something, anything, to correct it – but he doesn’t.

  47. “For the purpose of our orgs is NOT to “be” “A BIG BOOMING ORG.””
    Thanks for clarifying that Davey.
    As for the rest it reads like circuits within circutits within circuits.
    Complete insanity.

  48. Good God OTDT, upon reading that memo you leaked, I just realized that Planetary Clearing is DM’s code for Planetary Cloning!

  49. David Miscavige is great! What he is doing is perfect! The Masterplan of a Genius is about to unfold before your very eyes a Lightstorm of wisdom! You`re all crazy! But the best of all, seems to me, is, he ignores you completly, and it takes a bright smile to confront that. Stop fooling around, and do EXACTLY what he tolds you to do, in case you are lucky enough, he will ever speak to you again, which I doubt seriously. You`ll never get a chance again, or the privilege, to receive any orders from him, forver!

  50. A few years ago in a Downbeat cover interview, Chick Corea made a list of a few people he admired. One was LRH and another, of all people, suprisingly was (Professor) Irwin Corey, the noted absurdist comedian (who is still alive in his mid 90s by the way). Reading those speeches, I couldn’t help but be struck by the almost BEAUTIFUL “Irwin Coreyness” of them. So much nothingness wrapped up in such high fallutin’ somethingness, going nowhere and yet all the way to the stars and a cleared planet at the same time. There IS a sort of terrible aesthetics to it and it probably IS the aesthetic band (along with whatever forced datums people have already assimilated) which makes it all “work.” Fashinating. And of course Professor Corey was always billed as “the world’s foremost authority.” Factually………

  51. Am I to understand here that DM’s best friend’s invalidation of existing orgs before the Ideal Org debacle led to DM’s establishment of the grandiose ideal org buildings to impress his best friend so he would feel better about selecting new public into palaces?
    This definitely makes TC an accomplice to fraud. Sure hope his “present wife” has a good exit strategy when the Feds arrive to take TC into custody.

  52. For shame, Dan Sherman, for shame! Danny is SUPPOSED to be writing the definitive biography on LRH or, failing that, writing best selling spy novels.
    Instead he is writing Groundhog Speech, event after event, year after year. People who have never been involved in these 6 times yearly speech evolutions have no idea of the amount of free theta burned out of a being trying to get one of these approved by DM. There was one period when ED Int and Ronnie Miscavige were on post about 2 days for the entire year because of the demands of Int events. Danny and DM are trapped in an Int Event squirrel cage of their own making.

  53. You are right, POT. DM ordered those old videos to be returned. One of them was the original IAS 2004 where you see Yolanda Pecoraro, public Scientologist at CCI (standing on Tom’s left side in the video), was pimped for Tom and then before she was dumped David Miscavige was looking for a new girl for Tom Cruise.
    In the new version of that video, DM removed the Yolanda’s part before Katie Holmes came into the picture. That was another cover up DM did for his “best friend” Tom Cruise.
    BTW, Tom Cruise silenced Yolanda by buy here Bridge for her.

  54. Yeah – painful. So many words and he doesn’t say a freakin THING. I believe that part of his strategy is to keep people confused. So, lost in their confusion they don’t notice him taking all the money while keeping top executives locked up. DM once told me that Yager had a strategy to keep people tired so in their fog they wouldn’t notice his crimes. When I started looking at where the orders were actually coming from….

  55. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    “Marty, just let me know when we’re storming the gates. I want a piece of this guy. Don’t even need to pack.”

    You and me, brother! I’ll carry the torches! 🙂

  56. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    WOWEEEEE!!! The INSANITY of David MisComcycle is UNBELIEVABLE – NO, REALLY!!!!

    What the hell is he saying? He starts with english then goes into double-speak and then morphs into gobbledy-gook and finally complete non sequitur HORSESHIT! HELP ME… I NEED A LOCATIONAL!!

    Thugs and hisses,
    Gary (a villager with torches for Davey)

  57. Bwahahahaha — surely this isnt the “REAL” Snowhite? Maybe its Dan Sherman moonlighting? “Masterplan of a Genius” or even better “Lightstorm of wisdom.” Almost beats the southbound train crashing down the avalanche or whatever that crap was in one of Dear Leaders speeches last year…

  58. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    J.M. That’s why I asked for a locational in my post below! I’M SPINNING!!!


  59. Bart — That’s the point. He KNOWS its bullshit. But he assumes an “air of strategic cunning” (to paraphrase Earle Cooley) and gets everyone to believe if they don’t understand it, they are inferior to him. He is the Emperor with no speech. And the adoring masses listen to him and agree to his genius (he must be smarter than they are as he apparently understands what he is talking about).

  60. I’d seen this video previously and it isn’t funny. That woman suffered a classic TIA (transient ischemia attack) meaning lessened blood flow to the brain, also known as a mini stroke. She needs to see a neurologist asap and monitored to prevent a larger, more serious event. The dead giveaway, classic sign was her inability to articulate her words. Such an experience is terrifying and horribly confusing to anyone it happens to.

    I would hate to think that anyone on this blog was getting amusement or laughs at something like this even if it is used to portray the dwarf. Surely there’s a better choice of videos. Marty, the video should come down.

  61. OT — Last life?

  62. So he has his hand up into his own…….

  63. theystolemychurch

    LOL… I thought it was ME. I could not understand a single thing he was saying or trying to say….

  64. Ahh Snowhite

    Man, I love it when you post.

    Simply hilarious 😛

  65. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    “There is nothing wrong with your television (read religion). Do not attempt to adjust the picture(read tech). We are now in control of the transmission(read promo). We control the horizontal(horse crap) and the (straight up your ass) vertical. We can deluge you with a thousands channels(idle orgs), or expand one single image(davey’s golden thong) to crystal clarity and beyond(all comprehension). We can shape your vision to anything our imagination can conceive(Cof$ Twister Games). For the next hour(or lifetimes[whichever davey wants]), we will control all that you see and hear.”


  66. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    W.E. It’s take-a-troll-to-task-time! 🙂

  67. Scott Campbell


    I’m sure he meant “In his last life he may have been an evil ventriloquist (as a culture in a petri dish in the evil ventriloquist cloning laboratory)”.

  68. Now he’s an Eviltriloquist.

  69. Sir R,m

    Good to have you here! Welcome.

    Spot on comment.

  70. CrashingUpwards

    Raul, your time track is quite unusual. You state the church was a criminal organization long ago and you knew about the GO defendents before you read DMSMH. Was it the criminality what drew your interest and brought you into scientology? It makes little sense.
    You state Marty engages in “hearsay” when he states things are worse since DM took over and that fraud was always there. What exactly is your issue? What is your point? What does your comment have to do with the article posted today? You mention criminals and fraud a lot? I have read your posts. You said the Org you were in was full of criminals and fraud. It seems to me that you might hate scientology and see this blog as a vehicle to attack it. Or you think that by doing and saying such it will set you in good stead with other posters. I don’t know why. I could guess at it. But I don’t think your on the same page as most who post here. Be well.

  71. It is truly amazing the hypnotic effect these events have. Reading these speeches it is obvious there is a lot of spin put into them and the second one was complete spin. He never communicated anything real or factual, just a lot of hyperbol. It is good to be exterior to all of this.

    When did TC make the comment about the orgs looking too downstat? I haven’t read the comments yet so if this has already been answered, apologies in advance for the redundancy.

  72. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    BWahahahahahahhaaa!!!!!! (dm – the little midget aka ASS BAG!)

  73. I couldn’t help but compare this crap to any comm cycle LRH ever had with an audience. LRH always communicated ideas. Sure he’d meander around with stories and such but always came back to the point. I always walked away with huge cogs, even the old interviews filmed in black and white had live comm and were just very natural. The only thing I did like about the events were the stories about LRH…and we know what happened to them.

  74. Li Po’s post of Dylan reminded me of this.
    Listen down memory lane to Dylan, then watch what Weird Al does to the original. Al has to be Weird Dave’s Opinion Leader.

    here’s Weird Dave:


  75. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    “20. In the meantime, we’re glad you’re aboard.” (yeah, the soul-less train!)

  76. Two reasons really:

    1. Before 2007 there were others who spoke at the events, including SPs like myself and Marty, so like his films, they had to be deep sixed. Of course, Dear Leader declared me 4 times before I finally decided it was hopeless to try and change anything from within, so its a bit of a double standard. He also declared Marcy Yager, Heber Jentzsch, Ray Mithoff and Guillaume Lesevre. Yes, all “doing A to E” and all have spoken at international events when “declared SPs.” The only difference is that the public didnt know everyone was declared then. But now they know Marty and I are.

    2. If you look at the last New Years event, you will see ridiculous “stats” like “26X new people onto the Bridge this year.” If you could go back and see it was 10X last year and 3X the year before and 2X the year before and go WAAY back to when actual stats were given, you could do the math and see that the 26X adds up to 10 billion new people on the Bridge this year! Couldnt have that! Or the 343 Missions around the world (does ANY reader of this blog know of a Mission that is larger than a field group anywhere in the world?) actually compares to 375 announced 9 years ago. It’s bad when anyone can get actual facts to compare to the claims of unparalleled super stratospheric universal expansion.

    Fortunately, some of those events are around and maybe a project to do some of those stat comparisons may be worthwhile?

  77. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    “Tells me who has whom by the balls.” (You mean by the thongs.)

  78. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    That DOES sound like DM speaking!!

  79. Probably again a post to be deleted.

    Pierre Ethier has delivered an OT IX. No I don’t know details.

    He has wonderful abilities to alienate others. I’ve called him on much of that. Somehow we remain friends.

    He travels world wide delivering tech. Much is L’s.

    Last i heard he was going to visit Marty. Dunno if it happened.

    As no report I guess op terms happened.

    Welcome to wherever we are at.

  80. uh, Weird Dave isn’t talented enough to speak backwards. Here he is altering so it is understandable???????????????

  81. Fellow Traveller

    Quite the suitable followup to the buckets of crap of DM – a side of horseshit.

    Bruce Pratt

  82. I could see DM and Cruise together as a comedy team on stage somewhere. DM spouting double-speak gobbledy gook and Cruise making Pow Zoom and Swooshing noises as commentary. Tommy Davis could be humming the Mission Impossible theme music in the background….

  83. Fellow Traveller

    Gary —

    Look at that spud. Thank you.
    Look at that torch. No, that torch. Thank you.
    Look at that wall. Thank you.
    Look at that BIC. Thank you.
    Look at that torch. Thank you.
    Look at the wall. Thank you.

    Gary — is that fire I see in your eyes?

    Bruce Pratt

  84. Is that your real name “Crashing Upwards”?


  85. I’d even learn how to jump out of a perfectly good chopper or airplane for a Special Forces/Airborne Ranger-type Commando raid! (I have good friends who nicknamed me “Commando Girl”.) No reason to storm the gates when you can just be air-dropped in, right on top of DM’s villa.

  86. Tony DePhillips

    What a bunch of gibberish.
    Hey davey boy, show me the stats, I have already seen the money on your greedy filthy hands…how me the stats…SAY IT davey boy, Show me the love and the help… SAY IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT!!!!

  87. Regarding dm’s speeches, the lilliputian sociopath has as his intent to disperse the audience.

    On another note, the following quote nicely fits in with the independent field:

    “The people don’t like to be conquered, sir, and so they will not be. Free men cannot start a war, but once it is started, they can fight on in defeat. Herd men, followers of a leader, cannot do that, and so it is always the herd men who win battles and the free men who win wars. You will find that is so, sir.” – John Steinbeck, The Moon Is Down

  88. Mike,

    Yet another reason the events now are held so close to the chest and not broadly disseminated on satellite. We can’t have anyone checking on Dear Leader’s spewing now can we?


  89. I couldn’t get the numbers to add up that we were being given at events for statistics. DM has even managed to squirrel math. I also rarely followed what DM was saying at these events, it just didn’t make sense how things could be how he claimed them to be.

  90. OMG…LMAO

  91. CrashingUpwards

    Of course its my real name, Raul. Your from the streets, brother, you can appreciate it, right. I could say my name was Carlo but that wouldnt be true. You understand.

  92. Tony DePhillips

    LOL Just me!!

  93. HOO-rah!

  94. Many years ago, a piece came from a Laurel Sullivan, LRH PRO at the time. This was probably the late 70’s.I read and re-read it, then spent hours word-clearing it, but could never make sense of it. Each time through my head would spin. I finally decided she must be in a Condition of Confusion, and ended the cycle of action on it.
    A short time later, within 6 months to a year, I read that she was put in a conditon of Confusion and blew. I thought to myself, wow, I was right, she was in confusion. I concluded:
    After that, I did not spend time trying to make sense out of drivel. To me, this datum applies to DM and his speeches/writings. Apparently, Dan Sherman’s communications, as well. However, in the case of the trashing LRH’s 339-R Executive Directive re: Booming Orgs, his condition of TREASON is apparent, too. Just my 2 cents.

  95. Mike, Marty,

    The problem is not that the orgs do not have enough public to go Saint Hill size — yes that is a big problem too — the real problem is that the planet is running out of qualified beings to even be allowed on auditing lines.

    You see:

    Kids can not qualify as they now have school psychologists and so any kid other than a kid in a Scio school automatically is disqualified.

    Raw public mostly have Data Phones and connect to the net , have laptops and surf the Internet or walk through airports and are made to look at CNN, which might have entheta on Miscavige and so they all have to be sec checked before they can qualify and even then they can not be trusted not go on the Internet again.

    New public which do walk in might come in off of the “Think for Yourself” campaign and so they might read the newspapers or check the web to form opinions and so they all need to be sec checked and even then they might go out and read newspapers again and look at sites and then think for themselves again.

    Existing public all would need the Internet to run a successful business but since they can not surf any websites they can not be successful and whatever they do earn is in any event needed for donations.

    Class V org staff do not qualify as they need to raise donations ALWAYS and any other times sell books ALWAYS and after that listen to lectures late at night so they are not sessionable anyway.

    S.O. staff need FPRD and sec checks ALWAYS. Because the old timers all were in one way or another connected to Marty or Mike and the new timers are all connected to the old timers.

    And those who have parked in Marty’s neighbor’s parking lot or sailed by Marty’s place are automatically declared and all connected to them are PTS and they all have to do A-E first.

    Ditto for anyone who ever had or passed on Mike’s phone number.

    And so we have simple run out of qualified new beings on the planet who could be on auditing and training lines in order to fill orgs, let alone make Saint Hill size orgs .

    But there is a solution…….

    Miscavige in his brilliance has found the WHY, THE undercut, the one undercut LRH has missed.

    You see, as LRH taught us:

    Ethics has to be in before Tech can go in,
    With Tech in Admin can go in.

    Or so we thought all this time.

    But we have now worked for 30 years on putting Ethics in and still the orgs are empty, so clearly something is wrong. This sequence clearly does not work.

    And so the WHY was found by the ONE AND ONLY :

    MEST !!! has to be IN before ETHICS CAN GO IN
    And then ADMIN has to go in before TECH can go in.

    Dahhh…… of course……….THE RIGHT WHY…..birds are singing, suns are shining once again ………..

    This explains the brilliance of the Ideal Org strategy. Because that gets MEST in. It explains the brilliance of putting everyone back on Objectives, four times as long as the ones we all “EPed” when LRH was around, as clearly those were quickie Objectives because otherwise MEST would not have stayed out. With MEST in, Objectives can be EPed and the rest will follow — one day for sure.

    ONCE AGAIN, so every one gets it.

    1) WITH MEST IN (ideal orgs) OBJECTIVES can be run to a real EP. It might take a while but there is an EP.
    2) ETHICS CAN NOW FINALLY BE GOTTEN IN, and the doors to the HOLE can be opened.
    3) THEN ADMIN will go in and so all the Networks LRH set up (FBO, LRH COMM, CMO, Flag Reps, Org Boards, Evals) etc. can be put back in
    4) AND FINALLY with all this done, people can start on the real GRADES again and for the first time move up the true, better built Bridge.

    I know it seems like a LONG haul but hey — we have lived many many lives and it might just take one extra lifetime to get to point 4. But that is nothing compared to how long it has taken us to reach this WHY that opens the door for eternal salvation.

    GOD ….I soooo wish I was joking………….

  96. That was some great satire! That would be funny, except for the pain a coerced abortion under his regime that caused me years of grief, so much for his lightstorm of wisdom! So do I give a shit if he ever speaks to me again, hell no you idiot.

  97. I appreciate the gung ho-ness of it all, but I’d rather watch the FBI and Swat do the gate storming and HALO on the Villas or whatever they need to do after their investingation is done in order to introduce Dear Leader to Bubba!

    There’s no potential of abuse or lawbreaking involved. We Indies do pay heed to LRH’s Way to Happiness and Policy of not breaking laws.

  98. When people start talking about how bad LRH was or whatever, I just go back to the fact that I know the good results I got and LRH was the guy who set it up so I could get those results. Case Closed.

  99. Is the existing Toronto Org building going to be their Ideal Org?

    Man, it is rough – for years – broken windows, boards in windows, broken elevators, no heat, public paying for utility & phone bills – and this is right on the main street in Toronto – huge traffic.

    There were various times when it was supposed to be renoed over the years – so much time & money was put into it. Ideal Org renos will cost big time for that building.

    Then they have to think of that Advanced Org sitting north of the city – big bucks for that place.

    Toronto feeds on the same few public over & over. There’s some real decent people there and some real crooks.

  100. Snowhite,
    For someone who disagrees with the people on this blog you sure spend a lot of time hanging around. Does the word “fixated” mean anything to you? Now, true to my promise when a troll peeks out from his rock:

    Thinking about getting a Refund / Repayment?
    No need to keep thinking about it. Take the reins back on YOUR money.

    For the IAS here’s one to use in CA.
    Plug in their EIN number, just above the “search” button to get the exact name they go by. It’s very hard to find the name otherwise.
    EIN number: 521840679
    This complaint has to be printed out & mailed via the US Mail. Do it.
    Note: If you were regged in Florida for IAS monies, I’d suggest you write to the two agencies below and skip Calif. Make sure you let them know that IAS doesn’t appear to be registered in FL despite raking in millions from their offices within the state.

    For Flag or the Ship there are two agencies you can write to. Both are in Florida.
    1. This one is under the State Attorney Gen’s office, Dept of Consumer Services, Bureau of MEDIATION & ENFORCEMENT.
    Under Consumer Complaint Form click on “online form”. With this one you can submit it online and attach any docs.
    Note: when you fill in this form, under each question, every time you add in another line of info it shrinks the print. By the time you’re done anyone reading it will need a magnifying glass. The best thing is to do is write on the form referring them to your attached complaint.
    Also, the form asks when you paid. If it’s a real old date, the form might not take it. Put today’s date and explain in your attachment.

    2. The other one is the Pinellas County Consumer Affairs agency.
    This is a good agency and is in the same county as Flag and the ship office.

    Don’t worry about invoices that you may no longer have. The cult has the records and will send you copies as your cycle moves along. If you find unauthorized debits, you’ll request that money be given back to you.

    Note: You will get your repayment although sometimes they’re slow. The cult HATES being on the radar of a gov agency and they will answer letters from them. Remember, they’re afraid of triggering an investigation. The key thing here is to get these requests into a gov file which is why you need to file with one of the above two agencies.

    Keep your complaint short, to the point and devoid of Scn-speak. The last thing you want to do is confuse the person reading your complaint.

  101. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Sir R.
    Welcome to the party!!

  102. I think you do have the point (or insanity) covered with your post. It’s simply changing the direction of making Booming Orgs which is what LRH has been pushing from the beginning creating St Hill, writing policy to do that and ending up with creation of “St Hills”worldwide in the Birthday game. Stats are the basics of this.

    “For the purpose of our orgs is NOT to “be” “A BIG BOOMING ORG.”” is completely 180 degrees from LRH’s intention!!! With this twist, Dear Leader’s selected policies become legitimate to fit his own agenda.

    If you look at it, putting public onto the org board (not sure where)makes them responsible for generating cash directly to IAS, Idle Org and whatever programs (libraries, TWTH, etc.) being pushed, aside of their participation and hat as students who become auditors and audit and Pre Clear/OT that move on up higher achieving gains.

  103. What, you mean FPRD is not a step on the Grade Chart after Grade IV, or as a “set up” for NED????? Or is it that the Reg has been mid an FPRD form for 10 years?

    And I thought XDN was mandatory for all who did not go Clear on NED…

    How else could the staff eat every week without those magic Tech Estimates??

    Threaten to have your folder sent to Flag for review and receive 25 hours of sec checking…at YOUR expense.

    I got a million of ’em! 😉

  104. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!! And exterior with torches!!!

    Gary 😀

    (hey… don’t I get to touch them?)

  105. A dear friend of mine once pointed out “why say ba ba when ba will do”. David MudCabbage with all his ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba sounds just like a brayer.
    Dave you should have stopped at ba .

  106. Thanks!
    I was also thinking of IG 30 with those god-awful line-by-line Starrates that we had to do every time that thing was relogged. BTW, where is that reference???
    We all correctly “cognited” that we refused to put in the GAT, even though ALL of our auditors were GAT…because the org had no auditors in 1996.

  107. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    I’d pay to see THAT!

  108. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    AAHAA!!! Finally an explanation… Makes ya wanna laugh.. then cry… then laugh… then make mest… then doodoo in my pants!

  109. How is David Misc. doing it ?

    By using some highly significant high-toned words – “make-break point on a planetary basis”, etc. This creates the false impression that something high on the tone scale is actually going on. But it’s merely words.

    Politicians do it all the time – most notably at election time.

  110. WE: Latest reports are that she was checked out by a neurologist at UCLA and she was suffering from a migraine not a stroke or TIA. I didnt think migraines could cause such a thing, but those guys assure everyone it is so and she is back at work. I do think its in poor taste to make fun of something like this, but there are other things on this blog that I think arent really in good taste either, but this is all over the news and internet (as I am typing this its on the 10 o’clock news in Tampa). One thing I am sure of, that reporter got more coverage and therefore career advancement than anything she is likely to ever do! So, maybe the last laugh is hers.

  111. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Ok, maybe we could just temporarily be SWAT deputies… Then we could participate in a lawful storming commando raid. I always wanted to have a good reason to tie on a parachute!

  112. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Satisfy the urge Centurion. We all need to help and we will help you and each other.

  113. What about dwarves and midgets who may take offense at your use of the word ‘dwarf’ in derogatory reference to DM?

  114. It’s not much like having the rug pulled out from under one’s feet.

    It’s a lot more like being a battered wife in a ghetto somewhere for 20 years then waking up one day, smelling the coffee, and asking yourself “What the fuck am I doing?”

    The feeling when smelling the coffee for the first time isn’t so much being confused, or upset, or angry enough to swear. It’s a feeling of betrayal of the worst kind. If you’re a romantic kind of girl and if you’ve ever been betrayed by a fellow, then take that same feeling and make it much much bigger and more intense.

    It kinds feels like that (well, it feels like that from where I’m sitting).

    But thanks for your kind words and concern, a little empathy always goes a long way!


  115. Freedom Fighter

    I believe that part of his strategy is to keep people confused. So, lost in their confusion they don’t notice him taking all the money while keeping top executives locked up.

    Wow, wow, WOW! That rings so true!

  116. oops, typo.

    para 4, “kinds” should be “kinda”

  117. When LRH spoke to an audience he walked to the stage, was being himself and emanated whatever he intended to – just like that.

    However, David Misc. drills his speeches for an extended period of time, according to my sources.

  118. Freedom Fighter


  119. Ah yes, the law. We do obey that.

    But we can dream too. And when we dream, we dream wonderful dreams. Pure fantasy, but still wonderful dreams 🙂

  120. Scott Campbell

    Yeah! A Party!

  121. I haven’t watched the video to see what the lady went through, but I get migraines. When a bad one hits, I can barely speak, even saying my name is difficult. Most words just come out as grunts.

    And they come with dizzy spells, loss of balance and loss of vision too, so what WE describes sounds pretty accurate. Not pleasant.

  122. pure confusion of words, with no real products! I stopped going to events over 10 years ago because I got tired of the constant “sound effects” and the feeling like what the hell did he just say.

  123. Seeking As Isness


    Now that’s ROFLMAO funny…but so true. Thanks that definitely blew something.


  124. Thanks for telling us about the Toronto scene.

    Let me add some data about Berlin “ideal” Org, which had been opened with great fanfare some years ago.

    Recently a visitor to that org told me that many staffs in Berlin Org are from Switzerland (some 500 plus miles away). And many old staff members from Berlin are not in the Org any more. This means that they could not be staffed with local members.

  125. Freedom Fighter

    . . . they would pull sentences out of context, then claim they were “applying LRH.”

    This kind of thing is rampant at my Org. Another thing I see that’s prevalent is the supposed quoting of LRH in promo pieces, e-mails, etc. from Flag on down without giving the reference that the quote came from thus preventing you from going and getting the context.

  126. G,
    I love Rod (copper) Serling.

  127. We know Davey The Twit reads this blog, so I have a question for him.

    LRH doesn’t say, but what actually goes through an SPs mind when he realizes that a huge number of people are all taking the complete piss out of him?

  128. Scott Campbell


    Therein also lies the danger in shutting off one’s critical thinking ability. Many would merely stop at that and continue blithely and obliviously down the path to destruction.

    Thank god we did not.

  129. LRH Was not a bad guy. Some of his policies such as “Fair Game” and “Disconnection” were and and still are bad ideas. But no one anywhere had made this so evident without correction as the current Church of Scientology under DM.

    Even though, as I have said before I already knew before posting it to this BLOG that the Church of Scientology I was involved with was rampant with crime, fraud, money laundering and all kinds of emebezzlement, even when LRH was alive. I just never did anything about it because I was of the mindset at the time that there wasn’t anything that could really be done about it.

    But now the internet has changed all of that and things I never even heard of that the Church of Scientology has done are common knowledge.

  130. …”You`ll never get a chance again, or the privilege, to receive any orders from him, forver!”

    Wow Snowhite! Thaaaaaannnnk Yooouuuuu!!!! I’m so happy about that!
    You really made my day! (not that there was compliance to any of Dear Leader’s garbage for the last decade, at least)

  131. PS: It was one of his weird and damned if you do and damned if you don’t which was completely offline and off origin which was my last straw to GTFO!

  132. Cl V orgs don’t need auditors anyway what with the Quickie Grades advertised to be done at Flag, the Mecca!

  133. Ahh, similarities and differences. DM has a button on his lack of size. Referring to him as a dwarf pushes his buttons. Might be construed as similar but definitely different to what I posted regarding the video.
    The main difference is the use of that video (of someone in the midst of a medical event) as a source of humor. Big difference.

  134. I don’t think it’s funny to joke about a woman who’s obviously having a serious medical emergency. If she were deliberately trying to talk like this to be funny, that would be one thing, but in reality this is the type of childish joking and degrading that Miscavige engages in.

  135. I have two words for the lil fella … Hosni Mubarak
    Get the wheels up on the G550 …

  136. I think it’s the use of the word midget that dwarfs object to as that term supposedly comes from the circus world, and thus the use of the word connotes that little people are some kind of circus side show freaks. However, it is not incorrect to call a DM a dwarf, as although he doesn’t meet the medical definition (specialized) of what a dwarf is (someone under 4 foot 10 inches), he does fit the common English language definition of the word: “a person who is markedly small”. A grown man who is only 5’4″ tall is markedly small compared to the avergage height of men in the US, which I believe is around 5’10”.

  137. Danny’s a decent being but he doesn’t have the confront necessary to obnose the garden gnome. Plus, he’s on six figures, so the incentive isn’t really there.

    Twenty years, Dan, and still no bio??? Doesn’t it all seem a trifle weird to you?

  138. To be fair to TC, I don’t know that he complained. I think Dear Leader read his thoughts …

    As for the hypnotic effect of events, they had precisely the OPPOSITE effect on me. I stopped going years ago because they were plainly weird and OBVIOUS reg cycles.

  139. Hey CR, I just want to say that you didn’t deserve that. It was not okay.

  140. one of those who see

    ………………………………………20. In The meantime, we’re glad you’re aboard. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What’s wild – this is the way it is. OMG

  141. Rumpelstiltskin


  142. one of those who see

    Even those who “won’t color outside the lines” have got to see that DM has removed EVERYONE. I looked in vain through the last glossy mag-over 90 pages – DM,DM, DM…..No Marc, Ray, Heber, Norman. And a friend of my mentioned, not even new young execs – just Dave.
    LRH’s family has been erased. No tribute to Diana in Science of Survival. No dedication to Mary Sue in History of Man. – Gone
    The Church is run by a Dictator who is operating from the United States of America!

  143. Yes, Sinar, it was a joke, but also a fantasy. I have gone to bed many a night dreaming of such an escapade, . . . . . .any other lifetime . . . . sigh . . .

  144. Tony Dephillips

    I love you man…

  145. Danny and DM are trapped in an Int Event squirrel cage of their own making – so true!

    DM has to continue the non-stop events even though he has outdone himself of superlatives 15 years ago already. According to his was of “thinking” the superlatives-extraordinaire have to increase as otherwise he would be seen as a failure. At one point even the most idiotic idiot will not believe it anymore.

    Dave, wouldn’t it be nice for YOU (let alone all Scientologists) to take a breather and skip one or two events so there was enough time for something new to happen that you could possibly embellish? But if you in fact did skip an event or two what would happen? People would destimulate enough and not buy your crap at the next anymore.

    So, Davy, now you have to “comply” with your own 6-times-a-year event order: Damned if you do and damned if you don’t! Bon Appetit!

  146. TSC,

    You are not alone!

    There was a point that my 2d and I used to joke that we needed a secret decoder ring to decrypt what management’s actual intent really was.

  147. Scott Campbell


    A translation of DM’s message into German. Listen to the whole thing now. Ya hear?

  148. Tony Dephillips

    1. Lol!!

  149. I believe I found the “model” Dave MissCabbage is using as a model for his speeches – please word clear any words you didn’t understand and write down any cognitions you had and turn it in to your nearest RTC Depp …. 🙂

  150. Actually that’s from the “Outer Limits” Jimbo but close enough.

    However now that you mention good ol’ Rod Serling the following theme song always came to mind when I went to any event since ’96 at least:

  151. Your humble servant


    Thank you very much for posting this. While the 2000 speech was strange and sounded off-policy, not to mention somewhat hard to understand, the 2004 speech was incredible, incomprehensible rubbish and gibberish. It doesn’t sound at all like any sort of “leader” describing the intended forward progress of his organization. It sounds like a person with a screw loose descending into insanity.

  152. Tony Dephillips

    And people with low IQs might feel invalidated when someone calls someone an idiot.
    Or, overweight people may feel hurt when we deride Kool aide drinkers.
    The moral of the story is : don’t be so friggin touchy.

  153. There is an LRH reference somewhere that says Emergency-type people always have to have before they can do.

  154. Tony DePhillips


  155. That’s the rumor I heard Ex IB i.e. that TC was behind the big push for these Ideal Orgs.

    Thanks for confirming it.

  156. I would love to know David Miscavige reads this blog, but honestly, I don’t think he has the confront to read this stuff about himself. It would be nice to be wrong, because eventually there would be some truth he could identify with, that would give him some as-isness. Another one of those fantasies I dream about . . . . . sigh . . . .

  157. I wondered a while back what happened to the goal of making orgs the size of old Saint Hill. Apparently, gone with the wind, like the rest of the bridge.

    The consummate 1.1 criminal speaks and say nothing.
    With DM’s feigned confidence, pretending to impart great news, his actual communication is empty…other than justifying the lack of viable statistics that are non existent.

    Fact: This being, DM, is terrified of real OTs. LRH called this type of insanity a suppressive person, others call it the psychopathic personality, the narcissistic personality, and so forth.

    There is a very good author by the name of Anne Rule that writes true crime novels about people like this.
    Her books go into detail about the amazing and false front such a being can present. LRH discusses it broadly in Science of Survival and also the PTS-SP course. Anne Rule was a former Seattle police officer and actually worked next to Ted Bundy at one point in time. The book she wrote about him I believe was called, “The Stranger Beside Me”. Her books are riveting and when I first learned of the evil ways of dear leader, I actually wrote her a letter with a link to Marty’s blog, requesting she consider this whole scenario as a story line for a future book. Never did hear from her, but with all this press, who knows!

    For those of you unfamiliar with the term Operating Thetan, the thetan being the person as a spiritual entity, the basic concept of OT is a being that is at CAUSE (and can operate) in his/her life and can effect their environment greatly in a positive manner. There are MANY OT’s that post on this blog, including the originator and associates.

    As DM is terrified of capable, able beings his first order of business is to kill them all! Slowly as in the RPF or quickly as in his incredible number of declares! Barring that, he must do whatever he can to stop them from ever coming into existence, thus the DM bridge to nowhere:

    Alter the tech in such a way as if is virtually impossible to get any lasting gain. With missed FN’s, wrong indications, unreading items taken up by auditors, out tech-CSing, invalidative sec checks in the middle of major actions, ethics tech being virtually unrecognizable, etc., What was once a very workable technology has been reduced to a sham with the goal of preventing movement on the grade chart, but if allowed with the most heinous violations of exchange imaginable!

    Thrown into the mix are the IAS reggs that make mafia collectors look like girls scouts…if a person does not notice something is wrong, they are either asleep or have a very low confront. And last but not least, the cruel suppression and human rights violations of the brightest and best dedicated SO members to a virtual prison camp. Start reading and keep reading. The truth will set you free!

  158. “but there are other things on this blog that I think arent really in good taste either”

    Hey I resent that remake!!!!!

  159. There’s only one answer to this question OTDT.

  160. Come on Raul the GO 11 didn’t go down for fraud.

    They went down on espionage.

    The comedy team of Tom and Dave are going to go down on fraud, inurement, human trafficking and creating a nuisance.

  161. The events are like implants: lights coming at the victims along with super high volume sound waves and the speaker sounds like a game show host. No one listens if they’re staff because they are too busy working or preparing for the end because so they can decend upon the public like locust. ugh! The public are too overwhelmed to duplicate but get the feeling it must be good because of all those arrows that are straight up and verticle. Of course there is always the new release of something which takes the attention off the previous confusion and lack of mass. No wonder the public are so willing to buy a book or lecture!

    Has anyone seen the Scientology News. 659,597 LIVES SALVAGED OR SAVED FROM ADDICTION THROUGH NARCONON.

    First, what is the difference, in all practicality,between saving or salvaging a life? Secondly, there are only 53 Narconons on the planet and 42 First Step programs (vitamins, cal-mag, and tr’s or assists if needed). There were, however, 6,039 drug ed lectures. One doesn’t need to bother dissecting the real stat….most of that number represents the receipients of a lecture. Talking is not saving or salvaging and alot of kids lectured to aren’t even using. It ‘s good to give drug data and some of it may stick with a kid, which is the idea. Still, a lecture is simply giving information which could lead to a reach and then a start. THEN the person is getting saved from ruin IF THE PERSON FINISHES THE PROGRAM AND DOESN’T REVERT. So, what number is that???? How many individuals completed the Narconon Program and didn’t revert in 3 months? Ooops, that number is missing because that number actually represents a product! IF THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO HAD COMPLETED THE NARCONON PROGRAM STATS WERE UP UP UP THEN THEY WOULD PROMOTE IT INSTEAD OF HIDING IT AMONG A GENERALITY. geeeeesh, this gets soooooo booooring.

    How many auditors were made? couldn’t find that number either. How many Scientologists actually read the damn S

    I read the Scientology News

  162. As destructive as this clown is, I am also enjoying the entertainment and live education. Miscavige is such a mutt.

  163. sorry for the DM type ending. I was typing in a hurry . Meant to say , how many Scientologist actually read Scientology News word for word? My guess is not very many. They probably just look at the pics and feel proud of what appears to be.

  164. Er…..

    Thanks for your input Slow Wit.

    Usually I try to avoid feeding the trolls but in this case I’ll make an exception.

    Frankly I consider myself blessed that I never met David Miscavige.

    If the guy never talked to me I’d be ecstatic.

    Let him know I never want to see his face unless its behind bars.


  165. Fantastic observation, Friend of Ron.

  166. Lady Min,

    You are one smart cookie.

    Thanks for the cog 🙂



  167. To be honest when I read that stuff I don’t even understand what he’s talking about !
    It doesn’t make any sense, just lots of words.
    It has nothing to do with LRH or Scientology what he talks about, probably DM didn’t neither know what he’s talking about !
    In those times I went to events, each time I was enturbulated for about 2-3 days, so I gave up to go to events as each time I was so confused I asked myself why is everybody clapping and I don’t get it ?

  168. Amen. And Hallelujah!

  169. Mike and David,
    More monumental lies at events. More reason to collect up the recordings of past events and hide the issues which have been released in the past.

    June 2007 was the release of the “new” and correct books. The massive Basic Books sales pgm follow this. We were told there were errors and typos from the transcriptionist’s.

    I guess we are not supposed to have good memory. RTC ED 450 by DM 6 Sept 1991 The Scope of Scientology – Auditor’s Day 1991 General Amnesty

    Some fair use quotes from this issue.

    “It is therefore obvious that the future of Scientology depends on having the technology – pure and unadulterated – and seeing that it is applied.”

    “The need to keep Scientology pure, not just for the present but for future generations to come, became much more real to many of us when we saw an individual try, in late 1986 – early 1987, to take over the subject and set up a hidden data line and indeed appoint himself as source. The hoped-for pattern was the same old one: take over the subject for personal profit and power and to the detriment of all Scientologists. Locating a few others with similar evil purposes and motives, the threat was the denial of Scientology to any who would stand in the way.”

    (Now, who do you think of when you read that paragraph?)

    “But through all of this we learned a lesson. We saw someone try to hide the tech and keep it to himself. And then pretend that his “new tech” was the real tech! A typical hidden data line.”

    “For this reason, in April of 1987 we embarked upon a strategy of making all of the material of the Scientology Grade Chart standard and available to all. The plan was to: I. Review all materials against original LRH manuscripts and handle any omissions or alter-is that had crept in through the years either by mistake or at the hand of some SP.” …

    “In this period, from 1987 to present time, the following has been accomplished:
    1. All Dianetics and Scientology books were reviewed, gotten fully on-source and issued. These books were put into a form that could be easily studied and understood by anyone, with definitions of hard-to-find terms right in the book, thus preventing individuals from going by misunderstoods. This has been done with all of the over two dozen books on the subject.”

    The issue goes on to state new Life Improvement courses, new Dianetics Auditor course, “the Hubbard Qualified Scientologist Course was put in the exact form that LRH intended,” and new packs and checksheets from Pro TR’s through Class VIII.

    Therefore, we can assume all books and auditor training had been fully reviewed and released with errors corrected. This in the fall of 1991. So where did all of the errors and corrections necessary come from in the corrected and reissued materials of June 2007. I guess someone altered these materials in the intervening 16 years!

    The issues goes on with the wins organizationally of the previous 4 years. (the 4 years prior to Sept 1991.

    “Thirteen new Class V orgs have been opened.
    One hundred and thirty-five new missions have been opened all around the world.
    Nine Scientology orgs have been built to the size of old Saint Hill.”

    All kinds of social reform activities are noted. Including “more than 6,000 schools throughout America are using The Way to Happiness booklet.”

    “CCHR has grown from just 12 chapters to 170 all over the world” – when the GO was disbanded there was a minimum of a CCHR chapter at every GO in the world, basically at every org in the world. My guess is these were first dismantled to where only 12 chapters still existed under DM and OSA.

    How about “did you know that today there are more than ten auditors for every ONE psychiatrist” – sheesh!

    Later the RTC ED stated “realizing this must come to an end, we started using the Freedom of Information Act to obtain government files on ourselves.” This had been being done 15 years prior by the GO.

    And, something familiar to the event in June 2007 – back in 1991 DM stated “The first point of Keeping Scientology Working is now in place. We have the technology.”

    My, my – what an incredible accomplish, this Golden Age of Fraud!!!

  170. Excellent Post!!!

  171. Spot on!

  172. plainoldthetan

    Thanks for the clarification Mike. It’s just another example of makeing Sue Wilhere right when she said “Mr. Miscavige is* Scientology.” I still think it falls into the category of creating plausible deniability, tho.

  173. Li Po:

    I absolutely LOVE Bob Dylan. No one can describe the Church of Scientology and DM today better than he if he knows:

    “The Times They Are A Changin'”

  174. And guess what? Guess who else I like?

    Joan Baez. Many people that are in the church have never heard of Joan Baez, I know because I asked. I don’t know who they think is good music.

    Oh, I know who, DM singing “The Bohemian Maiden” in C Minor. Listening to DM sing would make me feel like I was slowly settling to the bottom of the ocean. Just like his world famous GAT.

    Golden Age? What Golden Age? It took the Greeks and Romans hundreds and thousands of years to reach their Golden Age and DM did it for the church in just under a decade! I’m laughing as I write this. I blow case on the church every day.

  175. The story of the CoS is simple, concise and direct. It is quickly told:

    1. A philosopher develops a philosophy about life and death.
    2. People find it interesting.
    3. People find it works.
    4. People pass it along to others.
    5. It grows.
    6. David Miscavige bursts onto the scene.
    7. He deviates from the philosophy.
    8. He instructs others to deviate from the philosophy.
    9. People no longer find it interesting.
    10. People no longer find it works.
    11. People stop passing it on to others.
    12. It declines.

    Big buildings bought up using the donations of those poor sods remaining cannot and will not change this.

    “The public wants Scientology Ron’s brand and they don’t buy other brands.” — LRH, HCO PL 27 December 1963, The “Magic” of Good Management.

  176. DM has the most chronic case of verbal diarrhea I have ever witnessed. He says nothing with an amazing amount of words. His prison guards are in for a real treat…

  177. Snowhite,
    Thanks for your post – and I mean it, honestly.

    You are doing your best to prove our point.

  178. Far out!
    OTDT? Is that you? Have you taken over the “Snowhite” handle and are posting your outrageous satire under that name now???

  179. When I read the words of the 2004 Event speech, I was amazed that DM openly said we were cancelling 339R. I obviously was at that event and heard the words, so how did we all miss it? One possible answer relates to an old cartoon, I think from “the dark side”. It showed a person talking to their dog “Ginger”, like most people do. In the caption it said “What dogs hear”. In the bubble above the person, showing what he was saying it showed “rah rah rah – Ginger – rah rah rah – Ginger – rah rah rah – Ginger”. I guess dogs and sheep are not so different. For me, I’d go one step further. Events, by then, were engramic for staff, especially reges. You had huge quotas to sell whatever was the latest release and you knew the results were being reported to DM and that if you didn’t make the quotas (which we almost never did) it was considered like a slap in the face personally to DM. Well with this whole thing going on, it ‘s pretty easy to imagine a person (me) “zoning out” during the event and just waiting for it to be over.

    I suspect many staff had this reaction. Possibly also the public. They knew that the “after event release evolution” was coming. Possibly they were in the same boat I was.

    So I think it is a bit more than just the “saying nothing in 5,000 words or more” speeches. It also required that we were in somewhat of an engram, so our awareness and perception was not at its height of optimum performance.

    Kind of a 1-2 punch.

    I just can’t get over how I could have missed his blatant cancelling of making “a big booming org” as the purpose. I think what I wrote explains it at least partially.


  180. TroubleShooter

    Like my granpappy used to say

    “dazzle ’em with brilliance, baffle ’em with bull****”

    He sure had me fooled

    but like my granpappy used to say

    fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me for what I’m thinkin about to doin to ya.

  181. Scott Campbell


    One of my junior’s on the ship blew severe migraines on KTL clay table processing.

    What tech have you availed yourself of regarding this situation? Are you aware of the nutrient, mineral, cranial plate and spinal alignment factors involved in this situation?

    Let me know if you want any help regarding this subject.


  182. TroubleShooter

    Centurion, FOLLOW THAT URGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. I never heard/read those speeches before. It’s total babble. Kinda glad I wasn’t there as I would have been laughing so hard I would have fallen over.

  184. martyrathbun09

    It was accomplished over several events. March 13 04 was one of those drawn out – ala event on GAT – hypnotic implant sessions. That preceeded the one quoted in the blog, June 04. There is a reason they have confiscated event videos. When seen over time – outside the bubble – it is clearly Black Dianetics being run on staff and public.

  185. martyrathbun09

    Nice sum up.

  186. martyrathbun09

    SA, thanks for this. This exercise – actually read the words we’ve been fed over the Dark Ages of three decades – is going to as-is the Black Dianetics that has been run on all of us.

  187. RJ:

    Can I just say one thing here with all due respect?

    I DID NOT say Mary Sue Hubbard and the GO 11 were arrested for fraud, I said the first time I ever heard the word Scientology, and I should have been more specific and said “read” not “heard” was in a Newseek article. I knew it was something serious but I didn’t know just what until later, after I started a course, and there was a whole lot of action and talk going on around the org about the Scientologists were being framed.

    Hah! I laugh. But I didn’t know it then. Framed? Hardly. Espionage I later found out it was as you said, not a frame up or cover up.

    I don’t why the Church of Scientology thinks that every time they are accused of a crime, people are going to believe they have been framed. It is part of what is wrong with the Church of Scientology.

  188. martyrathbun09

    Creating confusion is an integral part of implant technology.

  189. martyrathbun09

    Great observations. Overwhelm, also integral part of implant technology.

  190. martyrathbun09

    You are damn right.

  191. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Yes Hy,
    My experience as well. Staff are made busy or at least preoccupied with the “hat(s)” they’re supposed to be wearing or preparing to wear. Of course! You have to keep the most aware unaware by the hats they wear. Whoa… then they can wear the proper valence… This just gets creepier…

  192. martyrathbun09


  193. martyrathbun09

    Great sum up FOR.

  194. martyrathbun09

    Terril, you are a nice guy, but you are one confused pup.

  195. martyrathbun09

    But, Mike, didn’t you see the following in Int Scientology News, New Years edition? Miscavige declared a Scientology Universe at the IAS event: “October brought nothing less than the celebration of a Scientology Universe at the IAS 26th Anniversary event.”

  196. And, in so far as DM’s “lecture” on the Golden Age of Tech, credit should be given to Amy Scobee for this, the following statement from this BLOG:

    “So many words and he doesn’t say a freakin THING.”

    She took the words right out of my mouth. DM, the ignorant, out of PT fake Scientologist people are supposed to come to know and trust.

    Get a grip!

  197. Should we Handle or Disconnect?

  198. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the report. You may help prevent a number of good people getting ripped off for those millions.

  199. Marty, the thanks is mutual.

    I am daily reminded of the rich source of references LRH left us to use in our lives to sort these things out. The aberrative part of the bank is the un-viewed or un-analyzed datum hidden away and being acted upon. Bringing these to view and to a state of understandings removes their aberrative status. This blog does that. Every person’s input to assist in this action of bring to understandings does that.

    We also get a real life demonstration, once again, of LRH’s wisdom. In HCOB 6 June 1969 entitled Prediction and Consequences he wrote: (fair use here)

    “Probably the reason overts of omission and commission are done at all lies in Man’s inability or faulty ability to predict and to realize consequences.

    Men are rather thoroughly stuck in the present and so involved with its confusions that they rarely foresee anything and are mainly oblivious to any consequences of their own actions or failures to act.

    This gives them the appearance of being stupid.

    When men become too confused to even stay in the present they slide into the past and become “psychotic” or, at best, “neurotic”.” …

    By making a totally confusing and violent environment and stripping the country of any constitutional safeguards the security of the individual was undermined to a point where he had to be continually alert to immediate threat in his environment.

    This tended to pin people in close to present time. It inhibited any future, planning for the future or any long distance consequences in the future.

    Thus Russian mental “treatment” imported into the West actually did prevent the people from being able to predict—as they were continuously battered by government.

    Thus crime rose to a fantastic level. The citizen, pinned into insecurity in the present by outrageous economic, governmental and social duress, became much less able to predict and therefore became oblivious of the consequences of his own acts.
    Most “criminal” types are completely unable to predict and thus have no fear of any consequences even when they are obvious to a more sane person.

    The case that is very bad off therefore does not register on a meter. Having no awareness of good or evil due to his low case condition there is no apparent charge on overt acts of omission or commission, regardless of who has been hurt.

    Man is basically good.

    When his level of awareness rises he begins to be able to predict and see the consequences to himself or others of evil actions.

    The more he is freed and the higher his intelligence and ability rise the more “moral” he becomes.

    Only when he is beaten down below awareness as a chronic condition does Man commit evil actions.

    It is not for nothing that soldiers have to be brutalized and stuck in the present by threat and duress to make them commit harmful actions.

    When a person’s awareness is improved he is also able to predict and can foresee consequences on the eight dynamics.

    Criminal governments and brutalizing societies are poor things to have around, they are not “clever” enough to forecast their own demise. They engage in cold or hot wars instead of working out their problems. They buy Pavlov and dog technology to crush “bad traits” rather than cure and heal anyone. They work to decrease all liberty or abolish constitutional safeguards.

    True Sanity is that condition wherein one is sufficiently intelligent to solve his problems without physical violence or destroying other beings and yet survive happily and prosperously.

    The road from insanity to sanity is a road of recognition of the world around one, the future, and consequences of one’s own actions.

    Thus the principle of the overt motivator sequence will be found to explain and its techniques remedy the brutality into which races fall.”

    === end fair use

    So, the lies and continual barrage of false data is to keep us confused, not able to duplicate the isness and truth of the current scene. Even the good SO member can be “Only when he is beaten down below awareness as a chronic condition does Man commit evil actions. It is not for nothing that soldiers have to be brutalized and stuck in the present by threat and duress to make them commit harmful actions.”

    I am thankful we have a venue to reverse this, to regain our integrity, to receive help and input from others and to help as we can. In the end, we all win.
    (yes, even Snowhit and the other bots who keep us entertained and constantly reminded of the effects of stupidity)

  200. Marty,

    You wrote “Overwhelm, also integral part of implant technology”.

    So correct!

    As that is exactly why even the most veteran S.O. guys are not allowed past clear and past OT 3.

    Why The Universer Corp has been knocked out;
    Why co-auditing does not exist;
    Why staff do not get grades;
    Why OT 3s are put back on objectives and are told they are not Clear;
    Why those who truly are OT — beings like Heber, Kurt, Yaeger, etc. — are rounded up and put into the hole.

    And that is why everyone who even dares talking to Marty or Mike and debate with them gets an instant declare, even if one disagrees with them.

    And that is why families and friends disconnect from anyone who Looks, Doesn’t Listen and ……


    Because TRUE “Freedom From Overwhelm”, as THE OT 3 EP LRH STATED, has been cancelled.

    ANYONE, who truly reaches that EP will be outside looking in — at the implant station. And that must not be allowed to happen.


  201. “A man is as alive as he can communicate.” – LRH
    From SOP 8-C
    “Step VIII: Duplication
    FUNDAMENTAL: The basic action of existence is duplication.
    LOGIC: All operating principles of life may be derived from duplication. AXIOM: Communication is as exact as it approaches duplication.
    AXIOM: Unwillingness to be cause is monitored by unwillingness to be duplicated. AXIOM: Unwillingness to be an effect is monitored by unwillingness to duplicate…..”

    I think we have a new type of case category….

    “Operating GPM”.

  202. To you. But then again, since DM is insane and is medically short or Dwarf-like in stature and size, it could be said that he is also in the middle of a medical event.

  203. There is a class of logical fallacy called “over precision”.

    “Implausibly precise statistics…are often bogus.”

    Traditional Sea Org ethics:
    No Report – Liability
    False Report – Doubt.

    Obviously DM’s condition is much lower.

  204. Fellow Traveller

    Thanks, man. Sure, you can touch them. But I’m not getting started on reach & withdraw with you. I can just imagine how it’ll go — Alvin of the chipmunks?

    G, reach for that torch.; thank you. Withdraw from that torch. Withdraw from that torch. Ok G, what’s going on here? I need you to withdraw from that torch. Withdraw from that torch. Oh no, G, I did not say to reach for the BIC….

    able bodied villager suppressing incendiary inclinations

  205. TroubleShooter

    Auditor Supreme that was great! What a relief to see that the old events are available! How freekin AWESOME to be able to refer back like this – how easy is it to expose his glamorous theta trap!

    anyway I think this is most appropriate – “The Stolen Age of Tech”.

    This excellent posting and extremely informative comments reveals new (as in newly surfaced older data to reference of course) and tangible data on the betrayal with cob’s “Spew and Untrued Book of Basics” which he used to pervert the entire purpose of LRH’s policies. All-hands on Basics saw the biggest quicksilver of every org and post in Scientology for years!! and that has now been replaced with all-hands IAS regging. and you do it OR ELSE!

    In talking with one-who-is-afraid-to-see (so far) about the edits for example in LRH’s materials from the PDC to the PTS SP tapes to the Levels tapes to the Basic Books his response in defense of NOT looking is “so if what you’re saying is true then that would mean that you wouldn’t know what was real LRH and what wasn’t.” Instead of that being a realization it was his reasoning for NOT looking at it that way!!! Because it’s just too much too confront, too much evil to confront, too much – an overwhelming datum which “don’t look” is reinforced as the stable datum in order to keep the confusion away. How sinisterly beautiful the trap that little f’er has set.

    I just don’t buy that he’s master minded this alone. He’s not that smart and we’re not all that dumb.

  206. TroubleShooter

    A little aesthic effort to the tune of WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE, by Peter, Paul and Mary…

    Where have all the auditors gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all the auditors gone?
    Long time ago

    Where have all the auditors gone?
    Sent to see Qual, everyone
    Oh, when will they ever learn?
    Oh, when will they ever learn?

    Where have all the qual staff gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all the qual staff gone?
    Long time ago

    Where have all the qual staff gone?
    Sent to HCO, everyone
    Oh, when will they ever learn?
    Oh, when will they ever learn?

    Where have all the HCOs gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all the HCOs gone?
    Long time ago

    Where have all the HCOs gone?
    Gone to moonlight, everyone
    Oh, when will they ever learn?
    Oh, when will they ever learn?

    Where have all the moonlighters gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all the moonlighters gone?
    Long time ago

    Where have all the moonlighters gone?
    They all left staff, everyone
    Oh, when will they ever learn?
    Oh, when will they ever learn?

    Where have all org staff gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all org staff gone?
    Long time ago

    Where have all org staff gone?
    They became a public, everyone
    Oh, when will they ever learn?
    Oh, when will they ever learn?

    Where have all the public gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all the public gone?
    Long time ago

    Where have all the public gone?
    To Marty’s blog, everyone
    Oh, cob will not ever learn.
    Oh, cob will not ever learn.

  207. I’ve never done any Scientology. I just don’t think it’s fair to call people “Kool Aid drinkers” after you’ve “repented” yourself. It’s kind of like a reformed alcoholic lecturing on the evils of drink, telling people how stupid they are to be drinking, lacking in compassion. I recommend a large swig of Buddhism as an antidote to the Kool-Aid.

  208. Lady Minn:

    Your 2 Cents is worth a whole lot more than $ 0.02! That is a very valuable stable datum. I immediately applied it to my life. I plan on using that from now on.

    My reason: Because I cognited that no wonder some people make me feel like I might be nuts when I talk to them.

    The same thing will happen to DM. He hears what some SO members have to say about what to him might be considered his “alleged” misduplication of things and says to himself “Case closed”. When he finds himself in a lot of hot water legally later this year, he will wish he had said “Case Open”.

  209. Terril,
    I did Key to Life. I know study tech.
    And I gotta tell ya… your post makes NO sense.

  210. Scott,

    The headaches were worst as a teenager and have been declining since. The pattern was periods of about 6 months or so with frequent migraines (3 times a week was common) then long periods of two years or more with none.

    In periods of no headaches, I could eat and drink whatever I felt like, endure any amount of tension and basically do whatever I wanted without triggering a migraine. In periods when they were happening, almost anything that wasn’t 8 hours straight sleep a night and good wholesome food could set them off – coffee, chocolate, a little tension or too little sleep. Even one cigarette a day too many seemed to be enough. The common factor is that there was no common factor.

    I needed three things to fix an attack and be human again – dark room, sleep and 500mg paracetamol.

    I’m steadfastly opposed to medical fiddling with my spine and nervous system in the hope that “it might come right” because it could very easily go wrong too. Right now I’m in the middle of a much longer than usual migraine-free spell so I’ll count by blessings as they come – maybe it’s turned the corner this time 🙂

    It’s very likely this is a key-in, just based on the time pattern. But I’m not going to worry about that or set expectations – if it blows in session one day, so be it. The end of end of end of endless int I’ve already had cured me of actively seeking an auditing solution.

  211. +++ Thanks you for the article and the quotes.
    I´m really sorry, but I just did´t get it. NO COMPRENDE. NADA. +++

    By this time most of you have already received their “International Scientology News, 2011 New Years Celebration”.
    To the end of the magazine there is a very brilliant, clear, aesthetic full page photo from David Miscavidge with his smeary 1.1 smile.
    Some pages later there is a kind of blurred, little to dark, dusty photo from LRH.
    In this digital age it cost you couple of minutes to restore the beauty and sharpness in this photo.

    Is this all by accident, what do you think?

    I’m just wondering, …….. but what do I know.

  212. Confiscated videos? Hell! The IJC sent me a few in glossy paper and plastic wrap! Free to anyone who want them! Never used!!! 🙂

  213. Tony DePhillips

    Get over it already.
    I’m sure that Tom meant nothing by it. He was only poking fun at dm. Man, do you think this lady is going to find out we were using her as an example and have a nervous breakdown or something? I think most people in the media have extremely thick skins. Go drink a nice cup of calmag and take some b-1…

  214. Marty — Yeah I saw that thing. No doubt printed at “the final word in global dissemination” buggy plant, quuickly became a collector’s item in the anorexic community. Turn to any page and there is enough vomit inducing material to satisfy even the most hard core masochist.

    It did remind me of something about the implant/overwhelm though.

    Statements are made that are accompanied with huge, crashing, smashing, zooming, exploding graphics. There is one on page 13, depicting a “graph” exploding out the top and it says: “New Public Onto the Bridge 2009 – 2010: 26X”. Well, while that graph was assaulting everyone’s senses, Dear Leader was prattling on saying this: “To date, and by the calendar (sic), the number of people newly beginning services in any given week now exceeds any previous week in history by as much as 26 times.” Woohoo — in the first week of 1954 there was 1. Last week we had 27 internationally. That “exceeds 26X.” But nobody can decipher or recall the mumbo jumbo and all they see is the sound and light show. “26X new people onto the Bridge this year.” And their next thought is — “Boy, our org must be really out of step, as we got nobody. We need to get our act together.”

    But here is a real clanger (not the “Scientology square footage now totals 7 times the world’s tallest building”) but this: “the totality of all churches, missions and groups now surpasses the 9,000 mark, which is 4 times that of just a decade ago.” Seriously? There hasnt been a new org in a decade? The number of missions is dwindling. But, just a quick review shows that Dear Leader announced at the New Year’s Event 2006 there were 7,500 Orgs Missions and Groups (also a complete fabrication, but let’s take him at face value). That means there were 2000 in 2001, by 2006 it had 3.5Xed to 7,500. The expansion in the last 5 years is an increase of a third from 7,500. That’s less than “4X” by a factor of 12. In other words, since 2006 expansion has come to a grinding halt. Oh dear. As they say: “Out of the mouths of babes…”

  215. Sinar, my sentiments exactly. I will be giving Mr. David a standing O during his “Perp Walk.”

  216. I think miscavige’s being “in the middle of a (mental) event” could be another way of saying he’s psychotic, and that would be accurate. The difference here is that he’s dramatizing it, and it’s accompanying evil intentions, on the world. This poor woman was confused and in pain, and hurt no one.

  217. Fly — that LRH photo is a disgrace. Maybe the worst I have ever seen in a publication.

  218. Tony DePhillips

    Damn Terril,
    It sounds like you have been drinking. Hope you are ok.

  219. Tony DePhillips

    This video clip is insulting to all beautiful girls. I DEMAND that you take it down. 🙂

  220. Mick Pee,
    You mean you didn’t change?

  221. Tony DePhillips

    Brilliant Penny!!

  222. Centurion, your image of DM in an orange jump suit made me think of how tragic it is that he would be treated better in prison than his own staff are treated by him – and I am not only talking about those in the “hole” or the RPF.

  223. Tony DePhillips

    How about some more stories Hy?

  224. Yes – I actually wanted to open a group or mission, so I called SMI. They gave me a $35K number and I had to do some other stuff to get approved. $35K! And for what? Pre-loading a bunch of books (which, at this time, would be banned, because it was pre-’07 🙂 ), and some Div 6 course materials, and, as you say, no support.

    I told her no way. I inquired at IHelp to open a group, and the financial piece was lower, but there was a LOT of red tape to adhere to, not to mention opening up to being the lackey of the Church.

    In other words, there is just no easy way to deliver Scientology to your community – unless you are independent. The Church’s red tape and financial requirements (read “greed”) make it impossible.

  225. Toronto Public


    Yes, DM has spoken.
    The existing building will be the Ideal Org.
    Many local parishioners think (but do not say too loudly) that the building is ill-suited for org purposes.
    Too much square footage of each floor is taken up by stairwells and elevator shafts.
    The building support pillars are badly positioned, limiting design possibilities.
    There is no parking.
    There is a large walk-by flow but, and we have a 28 year history on this, few enter and almost none persist.
    Clearly the location is wrong.
    But DM has spoken.
    The local CO CLO, Mike “let me give you a datum” Spurgeon, is entralled by the org’s location and its enormous potential (28 year history of Danger/Non E stats notwithstanding).
    A +30 story office tower is scheduled to be built immediately behind and abutting the org property.
    What is little known and less appreciated by the org public is that the developer offered to buy the org building and was turned down flat.
    No negotiations.
    The building could have been sold at a profit and a more suitable location could have been found closer to the huge University of Toronto campus mere blocks away.
    Alas, DM and local management have spoken and all must silently listen.

    I am hopeful that one or more Toronto public or staff (who no doubt lurk on this site) will read this post and, being closer to the scene than I, will provide more details and descriptions of this event and other events that need to see the light of day.

    And Q, you mentioned the newly purchased buildings designated to be a Canadian AO about a 90 minute drive north of Toronto.
    Being a local, this purchase was a real shocker to me and I am sure many other Toronto and Canadian Scientologists.
    I liked going to the Flag AO because it was in Florida (hot with beaches).
    I liked going to AOLA because it was in southern California (and warm).
    I even know people who liked going to AOSH because it was in England.
    The new Canadian AO is in Canada for God’s sake (think mounds of snow and viscious black fly bites).
    But by God the strategy worked!
    You have to give credit where credit is due.
    Since the anouncement of the new Canadian AO, the IAS has come into Toronto and regged millions of dollars.
    And then the IAS went to Montreal, Quebec and Vancouver and regged millions more.
    Friggin’ brilliant!
    I’ve been to the new Canadian AO (on a tour put on by the IAS for very special and very select people) and it is, IMHO, uninhabitable and will be quietly sold in 7 to 10 years time.
    The locals likely will be blamed as being too downstat and thus undeserving of their own AO (after having given more millions to the IAS for AO renovations).

    And lastly, Quicksilver, you speak of Toronto crooks.
    Now just hang on a minute.
    Are you speaking of Jack and Bridgette Manning of Toronto Celebrity Center and “Colors” fame.
    Or perhaps Stuart Smith, Gary Jepson or Emile Gilbert – all noteable and local church management types of a bygone era.
    That was 30-35 years ago Q!
    Or perhaps you are referring to Margie Zacks and Glen Luckman and their somewhat dubious real estate deals.
    That was 20-25 years ago Q!
    Lately we’ve all been on our best behavior.
    And if you are talking about Al Pringle well, let me say this, the Scientologists who lost money in his “travel business” should have known that investments are not guaranteed.
    Investments sometimes go south.
    That doesn’t make Al a crook, does it?

    Again I appeal to Toronto lurkers – be brave and post more data, please.

    All the best, Q.


  226. I would argue that if one person can appear on the scene and do this to scientology, then the tech was somewhat flawed in the first place. For example, the whole ‘guy at top is source and irrefutably correct’ thing didn’t really work out well once some ass-clown got in power.

  227. The point is not whether this lady would find out that she’s being used as a butt of a joke; the point is that it’s in extremely bad taste to joke about that kind of thing. Making fun of other people’s misfortunes is very 1.1 on the tone scale and is the sort of thing that DM does. Try to rise above it rather than try to rationalize it.

  228. Public “zoning out” during events – that was the rule, not the exception. You really had to work at it to “pay attention”, so I’d go somewhere else….

  229. Scott Campbell

    Orale, Ese! … I mean, SA!

    Hey, Ol’ Vato. You got the word, holmes. You been peepin’ the scene here in the U.S. aincha?

    ‘Preciate the LRH.

    Mack on that trufe ’bout th’ gubmint, boi’s.

    Zeb, Danny and Courtney, this one’s for you.

    “- With a sound that’s kind of frightening –

    – Strikin’ down with the speed of lightening –

    – With the cops and the jackets…”


  230. insidethebusiness

    This may be a little off point on the discussion….. but
    i seem to recall a global master event where DM ascends the podium
    and declares something to the tune of “We have an utter monopoly on the technology to save mankind and will share it with anyone who wants to reach for it….. (sorry about the exact statement, but Utter Monopoly were the key words that got my attention).

    Now i find this little comment by LRH.

    Dianetics is not in any way covered by legislation anywhere, for no law can prevent one man sitting down and telling another man his troubles, and if anyone wants a monopoly on dianetics, be assured that he wants it for reasons which have to do not with dianetics but with profit.
    —L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health (1950)

  231. Danny may be a decent being, but it’s not just a lack of obnosis on his part.

    A lot of the garbage spin, and all the flower prose (gag) comes from him. At one point I was sure that his part in the spin machine was reluctant. After working with him on a few things, I discovered that he actually revels in it. Don’t look for the bio EVER, folks. As much as Danny probably hates getting heavy verbal abuse from Dear Leader (witnessed that on several occasions), I think he’s addicted to the spin. He kind of reminds of me the J Walter Madison character in Mission Earth.

    Strangely enough, hearing him brag about lying was one of the first things that made me truly realize that something was rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark.

  232. Walk the path you choose my friend, may you remain the happy man I know forever

  233. Wait wait, Tommy Davis is his ventriloquist doll !!!

  234. martyrathbun09

    It is really great to have Toronto represented here.

  235. Scott Campbell



    If you do get to the point where you want to proactively address it with Scn tech or as a body mechanics problem, I know a couple of cats who are absolute geniuses in both fields and could definitely help you get rid of this problem once and for all.


  236. Scott Campbell

    Hey Guys,

    Look at at my reply to Sapere Aude above.

    Does it make more sense than Terril’s?

    Waiting with baited breath…

  237. Scott Campbell

    Not so fast, Tony.

    That’s just how I like ’em. Good lookin’ and DUMB!

  238. THIS quote makes more sense to me than KSW and whatever came after

    Phil Spickler 1 of 5 !

  239. back in 1991 DM stated “The first point of Keeping Scientology Working is now in place. We have the technology.”
    LRH stated the same in 1965 !!!!!!!!¨
    Who is lying ?

  240. Inside. I think you are thinking of his introduction to the “ABLE” speech at IAS 2004 where he said:

    “One quality that has always set us apart is that we are unselfish.

    Yes, we have an utter monopoly on workable solutions, but we share those solutions with anyone who reaches for them.

    When they, in turn, wish to share the tech with still more — all the better.

    And when they are in a position to share with millions and tens of millions — better still.”

  241. Yeah, money is now a flow, you don’t give money anymore but you open up a flow, as when you flow out you’ll get inflow. That’s so easy.
    Give me your money and you’ll earn more then !
    More you donate more rich and succesful you’ll be !
    I tell you. They believe it and even write success stories on it.
    No need to go up the bridge you just have to open flows and you ‘ll move to higher states of existence and success !

  242. Scott Campbell

    That reminds me of a story.

    Years ago I was hanging out on top of the landing in front of ASHO trolling for Sea Org recruits when a girl doing tone-scale spotting drills came up to me and said: “What’s the most obvious thing about me?”

    I immediately replied, “Your tits” (they were huge and prominently showcased).

    She broke into a broad smile and said, “Thank you, you’re the first person to say that – that IS the most obvious thing about me.”

    We laughed and chatted a little bit and she went on her way, raring to once again induce anxiety in some more unsuspecting guinea pigs.

  243. It is not hearsay to me at least. I was there. It was a totally different world. Sure, there were flaws and tragedies back then too. Too many over zealous people. Some doing things outside the law. But the world was different too. I have a copy of the first anti-Dianetics article published (to my knowledge) from September, 1950 – Liberty Mag. Ron alluded to Liberty in tapes around that time. I also know people who were in DC during the raid in ’63. And I was at the raid in ’77.

    It was crazy in ’77 when I was on staff. There was even an RPF. But, it was not at all like this, and any errors that were were on their way to resolution before the usurpation by Mr. D.

    So, point taken. But do separate the subject from the organization. They are different.

  244. insidethebusiness

    Thanks Mike,
    That sets things in a different light. Am impressed how you have this
    data at your fingertips.

  245. I love your posts. They are so funny and it seems you’re changing your valence daily ! Are you now a French osa ? And tomorrow German ?

  246. I agree that any militaristic style of organizing also sets it up for a takeover, when no one below can apply their own determinism to a situation but have to follow orders from above or be squashed.

  247. No..the sad true is you’re not joking. I heard that nonsense for years !!!!!
    But now I can just laugh about it hahhahhhahhahahhhahhahahahahaha …..kind of a line charge hahahhahahahhah.
    You made my day with your nonsense !

  248. You wantzzzz big picture, You can haz big picture !

    I admit I have mixed feelings

  249. Good question c ann !

  250. Beautiful !!!!

  251. Tony DePhillips

    One of the things I didn’t like about the cult was its “thought police” activities. You seem to be dramatizing that too. I may be “1.1” but if I change, it will be because I want to, not because of what you think.
    I suggest you take a dip in the “cement pond” with Granny and chill out Jethro.

  252. Tony DePhillips

  253. SnowWhite I what a loss.. I guess I have to give up on the chance of experiencing again how it feel being on the tone level of ” approval from body”, “sacrifice” and watching your guy mastering the “controlling bodies” level…
    I’m so sad… Well what I should say Lucky you!!

    I just have to live with the sad fact than in our side we are going OT…

    Silvia Kusada

  254. I decided to join the Scientology churches to find out myself.

  255. I read it and think that he says a lot. The comments on this blog are very one-sided.

  256. May I say something here? I have been meaning to get this off of my chest for a long as I’ve been around and Terril just opened the door of opportunity.

    That has to be the most preposterous statement I have ever heard, that OT IX has been released in the Free Zone. I honestly believe that some of the Free Zone’s auditors are seriously deranged people.

    The alleged “Release of OT IX” rivals even the news that the above mentioned Class XII auditor successfully trained a well known Free Zone Class VIII in how to deliver L’s in just under 6 weeks.

    I thought life in the church was bad, just get a load of this.

  257. Yes, they are.

  258. Good luck Rachel. Keep us all posted.

  259. Tony DePhillips

    You see if you can “flow” (money) then you are “OT”. If you cannot flow then you are in a “ridge” or a “dispersal” and thus abberated. This is all covert inval trying to gain access to your wallet.

  260. CrashingUpwards

    You poor thing. He does say a lot. But its empty rhetoric, meaningless and designed to keep the likes of you in line. As far as comments here being one sided, that tends to happen when your dealing with the truth.

  261. No, following ‘urges’ ain’t what this is all about. Break the cycle of aberration, break the Overt Motivator sequence, break the locks on the Bank. Be and act free of it. Scientology is a NEW look. A better vantage point.

  262. I will, Mike, if I don’t have better things to do than posting here. I wanna see for myself if DM beats me up or not…

  263. Tony DePhillips


  264. Of course you are right

  265. Tony DePhillips

    I would start thinking “if I leave will this come up on my sec check on my next “refresher”? Those mind numbing events were true torture.

  266. Tony DePhillips

    You should join the Sea Org and see how that goes too? You can always blow later if it isn’t what it’s supposed to be…
    Go for the gusto!!

  267. SA,
    Yes, yah, yahoo, yay, yippee, DM saved us, saved Scientology, saved the planet, saved the universe from Pat Broeker. That’s who he’s talking about. The one’s with ‘epurps’ are the rest of those who he took out from Creston.


  268. CrashingUpwards

    Raul, you always manage to get in that sucker punch, don’t you, as you stated ;
    “I thought life in the church was bad, just get a load of this.” referring to freezone auditor training. All you do is talk out of your ass and muddy the water. Over and over and over. Soprry for the eval. Be well.

  269. Good luck with that Rachel. He usually gets Lou or Jenny to hit the girls.

  270. Crashing Upwards:

    It is my honest, not coerced opinion after all.

  271. Toronto Public

    Yes, amazing that the IAS can walk in, cut across org lines & reg millions for the AO. Like you mentioned, 8 years regging & only 2.5 million for the main Toronto Ideal Org. I remember years ago plans were already drawn up & copies were in Toronto with the new design. At that time much money was raised & various Scientologist contractors chipped in time & materials to fix the org. That didn’t last long unfortunately although there were many well-intentioned individuals involved.

    It seems it always falls back on a few. Interesting on the academy stats … like you said, those haven’t changed for years – actually DECADES. There are the momentary blips on stats such as the recent Basics, or the inevitable re-releasing of yet another PTS/SP Course, but other than that, Div 6 is a wasteland and Div 2/4 prospects are deep in debt and few & far between. Definitely GI is such that basic necessities like utilities go into arrears.

    Yes, I remember the Margie Zacks/Glen Luckman mortgage scam – Mick McCoy & a local lawyer were also in on that. Public & staff were scammed big time. Similar scenario with the Confletti cycle – that ended up going legal $400,000 + – and a couple mission packages to boot. That was a Margie Zacks, Mick McCoy, Bill Mackie cycle. I have no idea on Al Pringle, but it sounds like the little investment ‘opportunity’ went like the water purifier & the gas wholesaling company 🙂

    Like I mentioned, there are some extremely good people there – The Zaharis’, Matz’s, Whitmores, Pierces, Muirheads, Primrose, and a few others.

  272. Pleasant dreams Lady Minn…
    Once Davey boy is behind bars, I think a nice but modest pkg of dehydtrated beans and rice sent 13 March each year would be a nice little present for him to ponder “what could have been.”
    Interesting thought that he would have a static location once he’s in prison – then he’ll have the mass on what a dangerous environment actually is.

  273. insidethebusiness

    Be sure to take pictures! :))

  274. Tor Pub,
    In 1976, on Avenue Road, in an old funeral home that was the org, we had 250 students on the roll call, active, jammed into the course, down the hall, all over the place. Auditing rooms, full. Overflowing to people’s apartments.

    I was the Lead Sup in the Acad with Real Laplaine and Ron S (not Sedlak, he came later). It was pumpin’.

  275. Quick,
    Speaking of the good people, and the Matz’s in particular, George Matz and I grew up together in London, Ont. Around the time I got Paul Haggis DMSMH, I put one in George’s hand. He mentions it on his “I’m A Scientologist” cookie cutter web page. I love this guy, George Matz, and we go waaaay back.

    Anyway, after getting deadfiled upon completing A-E (?!) I get this call from the CJC Canada and it’s a Sigourney Matz. I ask if she’s Georges daughter and she is. I tell her I got her dad into Scientology, and that’s how she got into Scientology. She, young thing that she is, maybe 20, in the swing of things, regges me for the Basics. I bought the Technique 88 lectures. She also sent me DM’s DVD of the July 2007 event. I watched it and she was to call me following it (which is when I agreed to buy the Tech 88 lectures and did so.)

    She asked me what I thought of it. “WELL” says I. “Ummm, well, yeah, what did I think, ahhh, well, honey…”

    Yous fellas here, those fellas on the other side of the fence, hey you know the kind of things I probably would have said. Tempered of course by the fact that I love George and I’m happy that Sigourney is aware there is such a guy as L. Ron Hubbard and he has some very good tech for life – I hope she gets it.

  276. TroubleShooter

    Hi Jim,

    I was referring to Centurion saying,

    “I am really feeling the urge to get trained and help, more and more.”

    THAT urge is completely sane to follow. 😉

  277. Ah yes Jimbo.

    I remember good ol’ 124 Avenue RD.

    The mortuary that was converted to an Org.

    As opposed to these “Ideal Orgs” which are basically orgs being converted to mortuaries 🙂

  278. Hey Jim,

    Yes, George is a a real gem and I also consider him a very good friend. … there are some real good people in Toronto as you know

    Wow! Sigourney 20 and the CJC! – time flies!

  279. Whew!! Thanks, sorry I mistook that.

  280. I think that’s cute!

  281. RJ,
    Tha’s ironic now in’it. The reversals just go on and on in DM’s land. An Ideal Org is a morgue. An old mortuary, with real Scn, boomed.


    Sugar magnolia, blossoms blooming, heads all empty and I dont care,
    Saw my baby down by the river, knew shed have to come up soon for air.

    Sweet blossom come on, under the willow, we can have high times if you’ll abide
    We can discover the wonders of nature, rolling in the rushes down by the riverside.

    Shes got everything delightful, shes got everything I need,
    Takes the wheel when Im seeing double, pays my ticket when I speed

    She comes skimmin through rays of violet, she can wade in a drop of dew,
    She don’t come and I don’t follow, waits backstage while I sing to you.

    Well, she can dance a cajun rhythm, jump like a willis in four wheel drive.
    Shes a summer love for spring, fall and winter, she can make happy any man alive.

    Sugar magnolia, ringing that bluebell, caught up in sunlight, come on out singing
    I’ll walk you in the sunshine, come on honey, come along with me.

    Shes got everything delightful, shes got everything I need,
    A breeze in the pines and the sun and bright moonlight, lazing in the sunshine yes

    Sometimes when the cuckoos crying, when the moon is half way down,
    Sometimes when the night is dying, I take me out and I wander around, I wander

    Sunshine, daydream, walking in the tall trees, going where the wind goes
    Blooming like a red rose, breathing more freely,
    Ride our singin, Ill walk you in the morning sunshine
    Sunshine, daydream. sunshine, daydream. walking in the sunshine.

  283. Raul,
    Ahhhh, the things that come to mind to put to you…not today though.

    Today, I’m basking in the joy of getting through some more of the stuff that ails. Today, I’m helping another with Scientology tech. They are coming through.

    Today, Raul, I postulate you will gain the heights that are there to be gained.

    I also shovelled 4 tons of snow, hacked with a chainsaw and sledge through 12 inches of ice dams over 60 feet, and I’m pretty tired. Lucky Raul.

  284. I’d like to repost mrinder’s earlier comment here, because I think he is right on about this. The speeches are not written out of confusion, they are deliberately crafted to make the people hearing them fall asleep and feel stupid. They are not just word salad, but carefully crafted word salad along the lines of a hypnotic induction technique. They are designed to make DM seem intelligent on a higher “Ordure of Magnitude” than his listeners. As LRHsaid, “The result IS the intention.”

    mrinder posted:
    Bart — That’s the point. He KNOWS its bullshit. But he assumes an “air of strategic cunning” (to paraphrase Earle Cooley) and gets everyone to believe if they don’t understand it, they are inferior to him. He is the Emperor with no speech. And the adoring masses listen to him and agree to his genius (he must be smarter than they are as he apparently understands what he is talking about).

  285. Ha ha ha ha ha

  286. FOR,
    Well finally!!!! An answer I can take to the bank. Or got from the bank. Or something.


  287. martyrathbun09

    one of my favorites

  288. You make some very good points FOR.

    I’d also like to add that the original OT IV of which part of the RD consisted of making the being impervious to ever being implanted again was replaced by “New OT IV” which is basically an alteration of the original NOTs DRD.

    Original OT VII a solo and audited step that dealt specifically with the beings ability to make an intention or postulate stick is now no longer part of the line up.

    And according to a source who was part of the original OT VIII preps team.

    “New OT VIII” omits material that is actually covered in several non confidential HCOBs and PLs regarding a thetan’s ability to create mock ups.

    This source also conveyed the fact that very few who hadn’t completed the original OT levels including V and VI which include the drills or processes covered in the R1 section of Creation of Ability and covered more thoroughly in the R1 Lectures achieved any stable EP on the level.

    What I have written here for the most part is Data that is covered in the earliest materials of Dianetics and Scientology that are like diamonds in the rough of all the material covered in that period and that Ron isolated after full standardization of the technology in 1968.

    Material that if applied standardly will take the person to the state of OT.

    They consist of only a few dozen processes.

    Yet Miscavige and his crack team of fifth invaders has completely abandoned this route and with the addition of the so called “Basics” and various lectures has immersed the public in endless significance.

    This I believe is not by accident but by design.

    You see because the difference between an engram and an implant is that an implant contains significance that is held in place by force whereas an engram is purely force.

    The “force” used in the more sophisticated implants is electronics.

    In which case the being is bombarded by images and ideas presented electronically.

    Thus it is not for naught that Ron mentioned Television as a key factor in aberrating society in his World out of Com eval and probably why despite these admonishments Miscavige uses high impact audio visuals as part of his events with the exploding graphs etc.

    Add to that the almost Helatrobian stage settings and you have the what is pretty close to a perfect replication of a wholetrack R6 implant.

    In closing the above is only my opinion of the scene and is based on my own personal research and should not be considered technical advice.

    Though as a suggestion I would suggest using the tech given in Science of Survival of lock scanning and begin scanning out these events.

    That is if you are not in the middle of some other Grade Chart action.

    Who knows it might produce some relief.



  289. The fallout continues. Head to the grocery store and see what’s on the front cover of “Star” …

  290. If she were deliberately trying to sound like that as you state above, wouldn’t that still be mocking others who actually sound that way for whatever reason. Your logic doesn’t hold true to the tenants you espouse.

    The crux of the matter and the only point worth considering is: was the intention to ridicule and make fun of HER? En Oh spells NO.

    That’s not any more rationalizing than your stance on the matter.

    Best not to get too into censorship, that’s the sort of thing DM does.

  291. “Bozz | February 18, 2011 at 3:32 pm | Reply

    I did Key to Life. I know study tech.
    And I gotta tell ya… your post makes NO sense”

    Seems like I’m on another planet.
    Why are people bashing me on this?

    Pierre has delivered an OT 9.

    He travels world wide delivering among other things L’s.

    He rubs people up the wrong way.

    This makes no sense?

    Bozz you say you know study tech.

    And yet you can’t read my lips.
    Refute my data if you can.

    If my post makes no sense you need several retreads.

  292. Sounds to me like you got those six inches pretty well rationalized.

  293. martyrathbun09

    Bozz, you need not go there. Terril, you ought to come up to present time. There is a huge wave of people who have left the church seeking freedom TO practice standard Scientology, rather than freedom to be a squirrel priest.

  294. A Sure-Fire Flim-Flam Carnie Con-Man Mind Control Trick Designed to Morph Ownership of YOUR Dead Presidents to THEM.

  295. I knew Margie Zacks and her husband Ed, as well as Glenn. All very unique individuals.

    When Ed died, Margie gave me his Swedish axe. I kept it in my garage. People who knew Ed but didn’t know he’d died, would occasionally ask me if I’d seen Ed Zacks recently. I’d say “I have Ed’s axe in my garage.” They’d say, what? I’d take ’em out in the garage and show it to ’em while I broke the news that Ed was dead.

    It’s just how I deal with things like death. With black humor. Ed was a really good friend of mine and I liked him a lot.

  296. Professor Irwin Corey….listening to him was always enlightening to me for some strange reason.

  297. He seems to me to be just a turd of a lying hack speech writer.

  298. That’s hard to confront.

  299. “They probably just look at the pics and feel proud of what appears to be.”

    Jewel, I think you nailed it.

    I used to think, “Hmmm…this is REALLY good paper. Must be a legitimate enterprise.” Yeah, dumb.

  300. Good list.

  301. RJ,

    W O W

  302. Pingback: Top Posts —

  303. Toronto Public

    Jim Logan,

    Could the other Sup with you have been Ron T (rather than Ron S)?
    T as in Turnbull, Ron Turnbull?
    I don’t remember another academy sup as Ron S. (other than Sedlak).
    Turnbull is still around.
    As a public, of course.

    Ah yes, the co-auditing outside the org because the org space was jammed.
    45 Bernard Ave. and 116 Bedford Ave. as I recall.
    I guess Dianne Shuck (nee Yurkowski) would have been your D of P.
    Ines Baistrocchi would have been DTS.
    Tom Shuck would have been the C/S.
    And who could forget the KOT – the George Baillie of C/S series fame.
    Was Gary Jepson your senior, Jim, or might that have been Cyndy Nelson (nee Harris)?
    I believe Earl Smith had already left the post of D of T by 1976 and had gone to his GO CAN post in PR, correct?
    Earl is now New OT 8 and may still be the President of the C of S Toronto.
    Tom and Dianne Shuck are both new OT 8.
    Baillie recently left the SO from his Class 9 posting at AOSH (fitness boarded? – I don’t know) and is back in Toronto as a public.

    I remember Real (pronounced “Ree – al”) LaPlaine.
    We were buds for a couple of months there.
    He joined the SO and I lost touch.
    As far as I gathered, Real got way high up in HCO at INT.
    Later he became a top SO recruiter as I understand.
    I heard about 3 months ago that he left the SO and is living somewhere in Europe with his wife.
    I have no idea how accurate this data is.

    How’s my memory, Jim?
    All the best to you.


  304. martyrathbun09 | February 18, 2011 at 11:14 pm | Reply

    “Bozz, you need not go there. Terril, you ought to come up to present time. There is a huge wave of people who have left the church seeking freedom TO practice standard Scientology, rather than freedom to be a squirrel priest.”

    First, you are better percieved as a squirrel priest. You have the legacy of OSA and GO haunting you.

    Your first two posts on ESMB included a comment that one does
    things when the time is right. I accepted that, and many attacked you coz you didn’t go to the FBI. I maintained my faith in you, also met you and liked you. I was also one of only 2 people supporting you on ESMB. Can’t recall any more.

    Now you’ve been to see the FBI and posted about it. My judgement affirmed.

    You call Pierre Ethier a ” Squirrel Preist”?

    Yeah you can both be assholes. Apart from negative connotations it can be a term of affection and even a positive statement.

    Guess you never met?

    Note that Trey Lotz who came out on this blog, who is a Freezoner,
    and an independent, trained under Pierre on L’s, has audited and interacted with many here. To great results!

    Love your evaluation that I need to come up to present time!

    You are not my auditor, guru or mentor. Nor is Pierre. Unlikely I’d ever want a session from iether of you. Too much friction. But I consider you both, having met you both, to be superb auditors who
    I’d recommend in a heartbeat. In fact just recommended you to someone today who is in Texas for the next few days.

    You probably don’t understand the high praise I’ve just given you. 🙂

  305. Yep … Ed was a much gentler soul – a nice guy.

    Glenn got busted for a bunch of funky mortgage cycles and earlier for importing rare birds or something like that. I don’t know squawk .. er … I mean squat about that 😛

    Margie was … well, Margie 🙂

  306. martyrathbun09

    And this is not a session, come up to present time.

  307. Ahh … George Baillie – a great guy and an interesting one – hilarious one minute and he’ll bite your head off the next.

    The thing I like about George is that he is very direct & says it as he sees it.

  308. martyrathbun09 | February 19, 2011 at 12:40 am | Reply

    “And this is not a session, come up to present time.”

    I know.

    Love what you’re doing. 🙂

  309. Raul baby.

    You gotta look at the scene back then through the multifaceted prism of time.

    Things are not always black and white but can be a surreal array of psychedelic colors.

    (Ever read Huxley’s ‘Doors to Perception’?

    An LRH recommended book by the way.)

    Anyway where was I…..

    Just before the flashback.

    (Jus’ kidding Raul.

    Never did acid I just told SO recruiters that to get ’em off my back but I have a friend who knew Leary and that’s almost as good 😉 )

    Back then the Government wasn’t exactly “our friend” like they are now according to Dave.

    (Of course he may find out just how “friendly” they really are when they haul his sorry ass to stir.

    But that’s a future pleasure moment 🙂

    We’ll get back to the past)

    Actually if you read the Church report you’ll find out just how user unfriendly they really were.

    You could call it Fascism 2.0.

    Any hoo the AG Legal launched a major lawsuit against various Government Agencies.

    The list included such luminaries as CIA, NSA (don’t know why they missed the NRO unless like most people they didn’t know it existed back then. I mean the NSA were still known as “No Such Agency”) various branches of Military Intelligence (there’s an oxymoron if there ever was one!) down to the DEA FKA BNDD and of course the perennial favorite the FBI and lesser known agencies like the USPS Postal Inspections and the BATF (who wouldn’t blaze their way into the American psyche until the mid ’90s at a place called Waco) and of course who could forget the FDA and Dave’s best friends now the IRS.

    Well any way the GO worked diligently at strengthening the FOIA just before this and were waiting patiently in Federal court room to see the fruit of their labor take fruition.

    Problem was that after all their hard work of lobbying for the FOIA and the meticulous research involved in launching a lawsuit the Judge dismissed the case for as he said “reasons of National Security”.

    Well the GO not willing accept this set back hatched a Intelligence Operation of their own one that is mistakenly known as “Operation Snow White” by people with the same historical acumen as Miscavige.

    You know the same guy who thinks suicide bombers attacked Pearl Harbor?

    But was actually known as GO 1361 which included infiltrating practically every US Government Agency.

    Not much of a problem since many Scientologist worked for various Government Agencies.

    Except one.

    You guessed it.

    Dave’s friends the IRS.

    Seems no self respecting Scientologist wanted to work for a buncha “Tax Cruds”.

    Anyway they managed to find a guy named Gerald Wolfe code named “Silver” who managed to get hired during a hiring freeze at the IRS.

    Go figure.

    Can anyone say trap set.

    Anyway it’s been pretty much covered elsewhere what happened when the comedy team of Miesner and Wolfe hit the stage and the operation was rolled up faster than a bakery made Jelly Roll.

    That said Raul.

    They was different times back then Raul not just shades of gray but a lotta color in between.

    Sure the GO broke the law but they were up against a Government back then that considered itself above the law.

    So that’s my as they say 2 cents on the matter, Raul.

    At least the GO was operating on what they considered was the “greatest good”.

    Unlike Dave who is only doing what he considers his greatest good and maybe the good of his buddy Tom while selling out the whole organization.

    As I wrote there’s a difference.

  310. RJ,

    WOW WOW!!
    I am honored that my origination elicited so much truth.
    Can you email me so we can talk more ? You too OTDT.

  311. Jim:

    Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. 🙂

  312. Marty,

    I think Dave is talking about his own special lil’ universe that he like any psycho has confused with some external Universe”.

    Actual in reality he is the black hole and the event horizon of what would be called the “Scientology Universe”.

  313. Hard to confront, people’s confronting abilities can improve, but easy to communicate in the meantim. As Valkov just mentioned:

    “He is the emperor with no speech”

    Easy enough. 🙂

  314. insidethebusiness

    Cat Daddy,
    Thank you for introducing me to Phil Spickler and I send my love to YouTube as well…

    As for me I would much rather hear the stories of LRH the man as he really was from people who actually REALLY KNEW HIM… rather than the multi-million dollar spanky clean and unreal PR version of him.
    I think it is just so stupid to try to bury anything and anyone that might make LRH appear to be any less a genius than God.

  315. insidethebusiness

    “Truth is a shining sword”
    It is the “results” of the tech that matters.
    That is the whole reason for embarking on the adventure.
    And i am most certainly not talking about “enforced” results.
    That is just the way I have always seen it.

  316. Yes, Ron Turnbull. Thanks for jarring that one. Great guy, cracked me as a student on the BSM. Real did go on to the highest levels in HCO, and went up the Bridge. Last I heard he’s an author, living and doing well in EU.

    You did well on the recalls. I remember all those guys. I lived in those houses. Those days in T.O. were something else. Wow, good to hear from an old Toronto guy.

  317. Bozz,
    If it’s after the confiscation, the IJC is weawy gonna get it. Youch.

  318. SA,

    You da man!

    I didn’t cover the other points you covered but I did point out the fact that the Basic Books had supposedly been amended and corrected per the RTC ED you posted parts of when some OTC members came to reg me for the wonderful “new” basics back in ’07.

    Haven’t seen ’em since 😉

    Guess they went off looking for softer targets or something.

    You know the one’s who suffer from CRS or recently fell off some turn.

  319. ‘An’ OT 9 could mean anything. Where’d he get this ‘OT 9’?

  320. “the whole ‘guy at top is source and irrefutably correct’ thing didn’t really work out well once some ass-clown got in power.”

    That was never LRH’s intent. Visit

  321. Rachel,
    What exactly did you get? Just one simple example of some coherent, sensible, doable, desirable, goal/purpose/target or idea…just one. Oh, and based on LRH policies.

  322. Mick P
    Get a life. One that is YOURS. Not one running on dm’s pics.

  323. Bob Dylan…sure could write some great lyrics, tell a good story and make ya look. Thanks for posting this.

  324. RJ:

    My viewpoint unfortunately here on this BLOG is the same as the article I am writing this to you on the same page of is about. The Golden Age Of Fraud.

    The Church of Scientology has always been somewhere in its ranks invovled in other things besides clearing the planet. Telling people you are clearing their planet {i.e. restoring their immortality, their abilities} is much different than offering the public a new state of the art cell phone. Being offered your Bridge does not ever compare in value to being offered a new mink fur, correct?

    Almost all of the gains I made from applying Scientology to my life took place oustide the church on my own independently of the orgs themselves. I swear RJ that I only when back to the orgs once in a blue moon to see if the people there had come to their senses yet or not or maybe see if something new had been released by LRH that I haven’t heard of yet.

    You say that the church was way different way back then. Way back when? When instead of hiring PI’s to harrass people they hired people to pose as 2D’s to people like Paulette Cooper to get her fingerprints on a fake bomb threat to the church?

    I have never been able to get along well with members of the Church of Scientology. I have not one friend there, regardless even if there are still people there who say they are my friend, they are liars, I know nothing of it.

    A person cannot make case gain in an organization where the ED is embezzling money from the church, the registrar is defrauding people out of money to the sake of stats. I read on this BLOG that Chuck Beatty received over 3,000 hours of security checks in the RPF. Is a stat like that supposed to impress people?

    I left the church because I am an honest person, and one does not need to have one’s morals and ethics corrupted as a standard in order to “get up the Bridge” which turns out to be these days nothing more than idle orgs and empty speeches from Dear Leader.

  325. My stable datum with regards to Scientology can be found easily expressed within the policy letter at the beginning of any major course pack. It is simply this: Scientology = LRH.

    I’ve just read “Handling the Confusions of the Work-a-day World” from Problems of Work in a new unit of time. Very enlightening. It is clear to me that DM purposefully uses confusion to hide his failures, particularly his failure to apply Scientology. (His inane babblings quoted above are a prime example). Yet behind his continuing attempts to confuse and obfuscate, there appears (to me) a rather sinister invalidation of LRH.

    I would recommend anyone in the CoS to re-read HCO PL 7 February 1965, KSW Series I. (Without sounding like a right, royal patronising a-hole, really read it). Then look at the subject of Confusion and the doctine of the Stable Datum, and see how it could apply to the CoS, to management, and perhaps even yourself.

    That’s all.

    “…the group left to its own devices would not have evolved Scientology but with wild dramatization of the bank called “new ideas” would have wiped it out.” — LRH, HCO PL 7 Feb 1965 Keeping Scientology Working.

  326. I never said you were 1.1; just that that kind of activity was 1.1. It’s what fuels bullies like DM, and I don’t like bullies. Remember the name of this blog, “Moving On Up a Little Higher”. We should all try to act accordingly. Distasteful jokes are Distasteful. Even mrinder agrees that it wasn’t funny. Not trying to beat this to death, but just stop trying to justify it. What’s next – make fun of the retards? Make fun of the fags? Just knock it off. And by the way, I have no problem jumping into the “cement pond” to chill out, with or without granny…

  327. Raul, I was quoting Mike Rinder in my post there.

    It is hard to confront,because decent people want to think an evil result is accidental. I believe the evil results we’re talking about are intentional. DM’s events and speeches are intended to “put the listeners under”. That is not an accidental result due to incompetence. It is relatively competent hypnotic implanting he is doing with the help of his speechwriter)(s) no doubt.

    LRH mentions in, I believe,PDC lecture #24, that “Everybody triggers on an ‘I can’t believe it’. You notice that?”

    That “I can’t believe it” response is pretty much built in, and so DM gets away with this kind of stuff, because most people try to explain it away, they “can’t believe” someone could intentionally do that to others. He can and does. In his mind, “Others must be kept down”, and he does his best to do so.

  328. Lady Minn, great post!

    To add, I would like to comment on the intentional quality of what he’s doing as a result of his confusion. If he were overtly and openly confused, if he ‘fessed up to being confused, that would be one thing. He would then be applying the Conditions to himself and there might be some hope for him. But he is not. He is lying about it.

    He is Hiding his confusion, which pretty well places him way down there on that CDEI scale and other scales. Instead of admitting he is confused, he is pretending an absolute certainty and altitude above us all, as “the (only) One” who has it all figured out and therefore must be obeyed in order that the goals of scientology may be achieved.

    To get away with this, his only option now is to lower the awareness of “everyone”, so we won’t perceive him accurately (obnose him) and catch him out.

    Well good luck with that, Davey boy…. We see….. you!

  329. Is he a registered midwife? And who was the mother? Did the OT IX communicate immediately and announce his/her purpose?

    On the other hand, the Ron’s Org upper bridge has OT IX as one of the lower OT levels….. is that what we’re talking about here?

  330. Awesome post RJ!

    The essential difference between a common engram and an implant is a good point. I do think a common engram can contain some significances but those are there more-or-less by accident, whereas an implant is laid in intentionally to start with, with the significances in them are planned to be there from the beginning, as I see it.

    Also I’m glad to see you posting the info about the much neglected original OT levels.

  331. It would be very cool to hear LRH deliver that KSW issue in his own voice….!

    I have always gotten so much more out of listening to his lectures, in addition to reading the transcripts.

  332. Valkov,
    Yeah, wow. I think your assessment is crazily true.

  333. With an arrow, it’s easy to score a bulls-eye–if you draw the target after shooting! The real reason that Big Booming Orgs are no longer the target is because they don’t have any, and have no way of achieving that goal.

  334. Centurian

    “Or, a mutiny of those close to DM who favor installing, say, Heber, and making it impossible for DM to continue.”

    Hmmmm… I like the person that I remember as Heber, but if you are suggesting that he, or ANYONE, should be made the new COB (with all its assumed powers), or any other “leader” type post “running the church”, I gotta say that I am dead against it. Also I do not understand that that is how L Ron Hubbard ever intended it to be managed per policy.

    Although I see value in a properly run Scientology organization growing out of the remnants of the “church” I do not see myself being in that organization. I tend to prefer a more “grass roots” model initially.

    Your overall post seems to be in line with this thinking too, if I read you right.

    And, of course, follow your dreams. I wish you much success with that!


  335. Troubleshooter

    Ah yes.
    This brings another wonderful Texan saying to mind:

    All hat and no cattle!


  336. Thanks Val,

    I personally think it would be remiss of me to ignore the biggest Tech Degrade since “Quickie Grades”.

    Actually worse since at least on Quickies the PC at least got some of the benefits of the grades.

  337. Raul,

    Obviously you miss the point.

    If the Church of Scientology was merely selling bobbles, or even merely the promise of salvation after death, instead of actually delivering at one time it would never have been attacked by the powers that be.

    Personally I find people who place themselves above others as self righteous and moral are usually anything but and usually tend to be and in most cases *are* sanctimonious hypocrites

  338. Hilarious!

    Is that you OTDT?
    You are a master for sure!


  339. Hypocrisy is one thing.

    Telling people in WRITING as the Church of Scientology does that they are going to restore people’s immortality and spiritual abilities and release them from physical difficulties in life and then never doing so and then delivering something that doesn’t even resemble their promise or impart anything of the kind is FRAUD.

    A NEW KIND OF FRAUD that did not exist until the Church of Scientology opened its damn doors.

  340. In addition to the fact that the Church of Scientology {any Church of Scientology anywhere} is rampant with more crime and overts than the U.S. Department of Defense.

  341. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

  342. Sherb, that is truly funny. LOL! Perfect present for Dave. In the U.S. Army, dehydrated food for the soldiers for manuevers/warfare is called MRE’s. (Meals Ready to Eat). In the WW II era they were called “C” Rations. (Probably called that since they came in Cans.) An Army Seargeant friend of mine, jokingly called them MRE’s, Meals Rejected by Ethiopians. Do you think Davey-boy would think that way about his dehydrated rice and beans?
    I’ve been told Davey Boy’s biggest fear is being Bubba’s Bitch in prison. Well, he’s well on the way to becoming what he’s resisting!
    ML, LM

  343. Maybe it’s Fed Ex code for a certain type of package?

  344. Scott,

    Dunno if you’ll get to read this, there have been other posts since.

    Migraines are a nuisance in my life, but also a no-interest button. The button that does read is how do I get out of a chronic fixed tone and move on up a little higher? I also have a Clear status issue that needs resolving.

    If you know any good independent auditors in the Joburg area, I’d appreciate an intro. To the best of my knowledge none have publiclygone Independent yet.

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