Scientology Inc Threatens Revenge on Paul Haggis

The following threat was posted on a blog created and operated by the Office of Special Affairs, the dirty tricks intelligence operation of Church of Scientology “leader” David Miscavige.   Last year I revealed on this blog that Scientology Inc was busy buying up every version of my name and Mike Rinder’s name they could figure:

Since this blog began, Scientology Inc has created more than twenty web sites and blogs devoted to attacking me.   After we exposed one after another and the unlawful and tasteless content on each, and Scientology Inc shut one after another down, they settled on one central “anti Marty” site. Again they pirated my name in a vampirish attempt to garner an audience, “”

The following quotation is taken from the latest posting on that David Miscavige ordered and micro managed site:


Anyone with any sense would know that the claims made by Paul Haggis in the recent media attack are what has been fed by Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder and his extremist friends who have been making such scurrilous and false accusations for years. The journalist should have at least cross-checked some of the facts with someone who wasn’t a vicious religious bigot, scared of what the Church should know about them.

As a sure indication that there are skeletons he’d rather hide, Haggis tried to head off possible revelations of what he’s really been doing, saying that he expected a “scandal” about him to be the result of his attack on the Church. Methinks he knows he deserves to be exposed…hmmmmm….

Hell, he admitted to early criminal acts he withheld, and you can be sure that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

We’ll stay tuned…

While Scientology Inc has to date been very careful to cover Miscavige’s ass by candy coating his injunctions to “take out” myself and others, apparently the impact of the New Yorker article has caused them to yet again over-reach.  This latest passage I can intrepret no other way than as a threat.   It is a threat to unlawfully use confessional data among other things. 

For Miscavige to direct such thuggery (and ask Mike Rinder if there is a chance Miscavige doesn’t micro manage that blog down to the placement of commas) publicly is testament to his complete loss of sanity, in my opinion.

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  1. Yes, Corporate Scientology’s own over-reaching and foot-bulletry are blowing holes in the Church’s walls, and people are streaming out to freedom — faster and faster and faster.

    Tick tock tick tock.

    Just Me

  2. Miscavige really is a moron. Amazing. Thanks for the update. Hopefully the media will pick this up.

  3. martyrathbun09

    You got a way with words, foot-bulletry…

  4. ……scared of what the Church should know about them.

    Scared of what the church SHOULD (?) know? What’s that all about? The arrogant nerve of them. As though they have some right. And then to write such a threat. Bold aren’t they.

    Seeing as we’re on the subject of what should be known, anybody think there’s a few things the IRS should know about this “church”? If you have any doubt, see this:

    Click to access eotopicc90.pdf

    If anyone feels like filing a report:

    Click to access f13909.pdf

    The IRS is not the hostile monster the church had us believe for for years & years. That’s what the church wanted us to think. Why is that? Maybe so we’d stay away and not report them? To use a quote from the above referenced blog; “Methinks he knows he deserves to be exposed…hmmmmm….”

  5. While that website is a masterpiece of glutz PR, I would thank them for teaching me a new word – “scurrilous”. I had to clear that one. It means abusive, using vulgar and obscene language. Maybe this person meant to use the word “spurious”. They are certainly showing their lack of education.

  6. DM and his OSA mind controlled gang continue to proclaim that we are reporting false accusations….Look in the mirror DM you are doing yourself IN!!!!! Why don’t you and OSA grow up and take responsibility for ALL YOUR OWN LIES!!!!!

  7. Marty — Rhetorical question I know, but “ask Mike Rinder if there is a chance Miscavige doesn’t micro manage that blog down to the placement of commas” — that would be zero, none, nada, snowball’s.

    As you well know, priorities in Dear Leader’s life are what threatens HIS image/well-being/comfort. Therefore, at the absolute top of his list: Marty Rathbun. Very close to the top (and with a bullet), Paul Haggis. And because “everyone” around him is incompetent, and he has to do everything himself, it is the words of Dear Leader that emanate from behind the curtain of anonymity (some have drawn parallels to the Wizard of Oz…). Nobody would dare do anything concerning a Top of Charts SP without at least the approval of Dear Leader, but more likely the direct orders. There are hundreds of hours of his ravngs dictated and typed up and then put into action. Those paras are likely straght from one of his rant sessions (and if someone else wrote them, they submitted to him for editing beforehand). To do otherwise would be a fgurative death wish — any blowback would be the subject of a major rant: “Look what this SP did — he is trying to destroy me!” Only when the blowback can only be attributed to something he did personally does the tune change to “that fucking SP (Rathbun, Haggis, whoever) is fucking with me, why isnt anyone doing anything about it.”

    The ever-shrinking world of Dear Leader is a bizarre kingdom.

  8. I came across the above-mentioned blog when Moving On Up a Little Higher was down. I read a couple of the topics and some of the comments but didn’t really find the blog and its comments interesting. I would, in fact, coin a word for it:

    C A N N E D — defined as “informally prepared or recorded in advance; artificial; not spontaneous.” Another definition is “totally unoriginal; devoid of individuality.”

    So far, I’ve never found a typographical or grammatical error in a topic or a comment which, to me, means it is edited, perhaps extensively. In the blog topic you mention above, I note the heavy use of “we.” It seems to be based on an US vs. THEM theme. And, the same folks posting rather the same comments which seem to defy the definition of origination. Rather cookie cutter in execution.

    The threat is, of course, quite obvious and stands out a mile. Hallelujah

  9. Tony Dephillips

    I know it’s been said many times, but it seems appropriate again now.
    Definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  10. martyrathbun09

    We, also as in collective identity.

  11. Any scandal about Haggis would definitely backfire on the “church”. Let Miscavige rant and threaten, it’s hardly going to make any difference now.

  12. Mike, Marty,


    The heat is coming at dear leader from all sides now and the legal grounds are firming up. Check out the latest article which was posted by the ‘’ guys entitled: The Tax Man Cometh

    The fact research behind the article is built on the many many exposures and revelations that have occurred on this blog about dear leader. It would not have been possible without Marty’s blog and once again shows the importance of this forum.

    As it states in the poster on your wall Marty: “Justice is Coming”

    Have a great day.

    Can you imagine being in Linda’s shoes right now? Having to deal with all this without Kurt giving her aircover and, on top of it, knowing that Kurt, her once best friend, is being tortured in the hole.

  13. Absolutely! Collective identity!! Thanks for coming up with the concept that completely eluded me. H

  14. Life is rough when you are 4′ 8″, and only have an eighth grade education.

  15. Tony Dephillips

    I just had a friend of mine tell me that the cult of demonology told him they would audit him for free to handle his arcx’s.
    They are getting desperate now.
    Let’s get a few others to declare Independence and really start waking them up.

  16. I don’t think the church can actually “go to the matresses” with Paul Haggis without there being a huge backlash from those celebs who know Paul personally, of which there are a sizable few. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

  17. Simply disgusting conduct for a Church … definitely a threat!

    These 4 lines tell of the hidden intent of the Church with information given during a confessional or in session:

    “… scared of what the Church should know about them.”

    ” … tried to head off possible revelations of what he’s really been doing, …”

    “Methinks he knows he deserves to be exposed…hmmmmm ”

    “Hell, he admitted to early criminal acts he withheld, and you can be sure that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

    We’ll stay tuned… ”

    Beware, the Church WILL USE anything said in session against it’s parishioners unless one ‘toes the line’.

  18. The mentality of these tin soldiers carrying out these orders is insane. Their universe is always in a war, constantly fighting an imaginary enemy or an enemy of their making.

  19. How many of us who have committed an overt whether it was stealing candy when we were 12 years old or the more trivial O/W’s we do in life ran right into the ethics officer and confessed or got right into session to spew our transgressions past and present? As LRH has said, we have the ability and do it everyday to apply conditions and ethics to ourselves. In the real world people do it everyday without ever having step foot in COS. They take responsibility for their life, look at what is prosurvival and make corrections as needed. In fact this is a natural law of the universe and if you don’t get ethics in on yourself then the universe will kick them in for you. If you have taken responsibility for your past O/W’s you wouldn’t have attention on them to tell your auditor, MAA, etc..

    It is so sad that the ethics tech is one of the most squirreled areas in the church, staffers and by the SCN public at large (no generality here). As LRH says right in the front of the ethics book. Ethics is a personal thing! It does not say ethics is a matter to be handled between you and the MAA. Any scientologist who does not have an MU on what ethics is would have spotted the outpoints years ago!

  20. I have lurked on that site a few times, mainly becuase I like to hear both sides of the argument, so I can make my own conclusions, and to be fair. But that site is so entheta, and filled with so much hate, venom, and baseless name calling, I stopped reading it becuase it simply keys me in. I’m not sure of the purpose of the site, except to provide character assassination of former members. It sure as hell doesn’t covince others(at least me) to get back into the church of Scientology, it makes me run from it. What sort of church does this childish stuff to ex members who dedicated their whole lives to help people and try to make this world a better place? Sure we all have transgressions, I myself have been far from a saintly being this lifetime, and certainly don’t judge others by their past actions, I would think the folks in the church would do the same, but must have went past some MUs along the way, or just choose to ignore L. Ron Hubbard completely. in fact when I arrived in LA I was shocked on how peoples O/Ws were used against them in such a make wrong fashion, staff and public. Anyway, I’ve probably ranted long enough and am drifting off the subject of this post, but methinks I will continue to ignore anything that comes out of that hate site.

  21. DM.
    As we like to say in the UK: ‘Crack on!’.
    I call you on your snide comments and insinuations and challenge you to expose everyone’s ‘badness’ in it’s full glory.
    Any Scientologist worth their salt will immediately see you for what you are (as I did when you published your filthy slime piece in the Freedom Magazine). The end result is that we shall make new friends.
    You can keep those who (like you) believe man is basically evil until the rest of us have the time and inclination to help them.

  22. PS
    I bet you suck at poker as badly as you suck at fishing.

  23. Did they hire Bill O’Riley to write this for them – it just sounds so much like something that would come out of faux news.
    It is also interesting that Tommy “Mclellan” Davis, aka Baghdad Tommy has been kept from public speaking as of late. Too bad. Tommyisms sure were entertaining, but maybe this is a sign that the “church”s own spokesliar has come around a little bit and he will use what is left between his ears before making anymore memorable, idiotic and fantastically false statements to the press. Either way it is a win win.
    I believe that if they decide to reveal any (more) confidential priest priviliged information about a Scientologist their demise will only be accelerated. The “church” is dead, Scientologists are becoming enlightened at a very rapid rate. The spell of black Dianetics and reverse Scientology has lifted and is lifting on scientologists!

  24. There’s hardly anything more uncomfortable than having communication thrown at you that you absolutely have no interest in, and no one should receive it except for that person’s counselor/spouse/very best friend.

    The other day I got yet another email from an “exbasetoo” that quoted Marty’s write-ups from when he was in the RPF. It was about how he’d realized he stirred up problems and COB constantly had to step in and correct the situations. (I hate to forward this again, Marty. It has only added to my understanding of how much despair you were in and how admirable it is for you to stand strong, knowing they will throw this against you).

    Like in the case with you, Marty, and Amy Scobee, Mike Rinder, Jeff Hawkins, etc. – everything in the nature of something that is so personal that it’s painful to hear is going to backfire on the little person, you know who, including anything revealed about Paul Haggis.

    Seeing Kadaffi react to his people revolting against him – well there’s two of a kind.

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  26. Kathy Braceland

    Boy oh boy. These guys don’t have any scruples whatsoever.

    Because Miscaviage is so full of himself, he doesn’t even realize that the public aren’t as stupid as he says they are. I’m talking about both public in the church and non-scientolgists too. I have a lot of non scientology friends and every single one of them know that Miscaviage and corporate Scientology are lying and heavily question why they’re doing this. Any self respecting church sure wouldn’t, why are they? What purpose would it serve? The answer isn’t complimentary.

    I can just imagine a public that’s in the church right now reading what Marty quoted. I read the passage the same way — the threat of revealing confessional or other data…. I think some will be horrified. Will they be next?

  27. It is impossible to understand the mind of a madman, without oneself becoming mad. And at that point, who would listen?

    Who can understand how Gadafi after 41 years, great oppulence — couldn’t just say – OK, I’m outta here. I’ll take a few billion and live happily on some luxury island. Thank his loyal subjects and exit stage right.

    But no. He’s got to kill everyone in sight and apparently is willing to die trying to save some delusion.

    dm could even today, just leave.

    But no. He’s got to see this all the way to it’s inevitable end which is his utter disgrace and possible jail sentence.


    As his world get darker, tighter and more claustrophobic the foot bulletry will escalate and JM will have lots of chances to expand the dm glossary of what NEVER to do.

    And even though NASA disavowed Tom Cruise’s announcement that he had NASA create a glossary of hard to define words …

    I’m thinking Universities with media and public relation majors and classes WILL use JMs glossary of glutz PR as required reading. Entitled – What NEVER to DO: Lessons Learned from the Disgraced and Defunct Scientology INC. With examples given by a former top scientology celebrity Tom Cruise in his 25 page appendix and apology.


  28. You know what, I just freaking HOPE they use confessional data against Paul Haggis and you wanna know why? Because Paul is not the kind of guy who walks away from a fight. In fact, he’d RELISH having his day in court. As for the rest of us who have been SLANDERED and LIBELED and who’s confidential confessionals have been twisted and perverted and made public by the C of $ , I want to just say 3 little words to the OSA trolls reading this site: CLASS ACTION SUIT!

  29. Impartial English Girl

    “Extremist friends”…? “Scared of what the church should know about them”…? What drivel. Honestly. If they have something to say, then say it – don’t make airy-fairy substance-less innuendoes. Surely if the church under DM was as fabulous as advertised, they should be offering HELP and GUIDANCE to those they believe to be misinformed (ha!), rather than firing out thinly-veiled aggression.

    Someone tried the same tactic against a perfectly legitimate and reasoned site, run by Robert Lancaster, which had been set up to expose the fraudulent “medium”, Sylvia Browne. The ne’er-do-well in that instance had about as much success as DM and his cohorts will with their ‘martyrathbunblog’ nonsense.

  30. martyrathbun09

    Love your exterior viewpoint.

  31. Hi Mr. Rinder,

    I was around for the PC & Ethics folder labeling pjt. In the last little while I’ve wondered what the legal ramifications (if any) exist for a US Church that violates this by giving out Priest confessional data? Could that endanger its status as a Church (favorable US/Foreign Court & US IRS decisions)?


  32. There’s certain things that give away that the same person is posting and replying to their own posts. Someone trying to create an illusion of many people giving their opinions, like on this site.

    But on that other site comment after comment has the same grammar, same vocabulary, same vernacular, same tone, same use of punctuation, etc.
    If I was advising them I would say get more than one or two guys writing “comments”.

    Hey, thats good advice DFB, thanks! – Joe Smith

    No Problem Joe, good to see you here! -DFB

    Yeah, I’m glad to be here! – Joe Smith

    Wow! Joe and DFB! How ya doin? – Larry Jones

    We’re all here and we all agree. Isnt that great! – Joe Smith

  33. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    The “” blog is setup in an interesting venue. It’s an “Un-Entertainment Tonight” TV/Enquirer tabloid Cof$ style. Generalities and innuendo abound.

    It shows just how much Scientology, Inc. is being run by a paranoid group with serious group bank implanted communications run by David Miscavige and his minions.

  34. theo Sismanides

    Such foot-bulletry is expected of DM. He is so shallow as a leader, so predictable. LRH had imagination and was not a canned leader.

    Our expansion however should continue more than ever and now it’s the time for more OTs and Scientologists to come out in the open and speak. This is a doubt formula guys. I am talking to those who haven’t spoken in the open or even haven’t written here or in any other blog under a pseudonym. We have put our necks out for many years now. It’s time more of you put your necks out. This is a doubt formula thing between stupidity, canned thinking, collective thought and overall, Suppression VS. Freedom. I don’t think anyone has anymore doubts which side is which! Just keep on putting ethics in, my friends!

  35. Bryon,
    Very telling. Listen to how DM speaks to senior execs, listen to Tommy the spokeman “handling” the SP Times reports, listen to what OSA and OT’s say to anonymous picketers on a public street, listen to staff at your local Class V org speaking with public or to each other. Then try and say a private blog with no advertising has vulgar and obscene language. Ah, tis true, the overt doth speak loudly especially in accusation.

  36. Fellow Traveller

    Ya gotta love the way this thing starts, immediate attempts to introvert and trigger self righteous:

    Anyone with any sense would know…

    Subtle, yet heinous, reversal of scientology principles covering up, diverting attention from what those with any sense should be inspecting in their own way, to their own satisfaction.

    Right, wrong or indifferent, Marty, you do offer power of choice which is pretty damn close to the diametric opposite to the Marty clone sites.

    My chump change.
    Bruce Pratt

  37. Sure looks like a threat to reveal confessional data, but they seem to be bullbaiting Marty to reveal confidential confessional data in order to discredit him. Can’t remember who it was on this blog who pointed out that discrediting, as a legal tactic, isn’t very relevant anymore as the rules of evidence have changed since LRH was alive/in charge of legal. Namely that a case goes to court not based on one witness inter alia.

  38. I agree, Misscabige is completely nuts! His hate-Marty website is ridiculous and worthless, except perhaps for his own self-indulgent amusement (and maybe a day or two in court). In just the last few days, three more public churchies have seen the light and none of them had read anything on the internet. One is at the bottom of the bridge and two are at the top. All three came to their conclusions individually just by observing outpoints WITHIN the church. Littly Davey Diapers is creating the exodus all by “their royal selves”.

  39. Marty-

    There’s one of those old sayings that pretty much says, “Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.”

    I feel sure that deep down in the blackened bowels of his soul the pygmy sociopath is screaming, “Somebody stop me!”

    Looks like he elected you.


  40. martyrathbun09

    Sara, They already wasted their ammo with me. They already published my confessions, coerced and otherwise, along with exaggerations and creations that made anything that was fact obscured into nothingness.

  41. The diminuitive madman (let’s call him “dim”, for short) has been trying to get mileage out of the word bigot for some time.

    Wiki: “A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices, especially one exhibiting intolerance, and animosity toward those of differing beliefs.”

    Once again the pot rails about the color of the kettle.

    I’m sure that in the extremely black space he occupies the 15 watt luminescence of his bright ideas shines as his own personal beacon. I’m all for one being one’s own best counsel, but the dim one truly shows the inherent frailty of that formula when the ego is larger than the IQ.

    If I’ve created a nauseous mix of metaphors it might be because although I can look at puke without a major reflux reaction, reading the shite that comes from the dim tongue of OSA just about makes me hurl.

  42. I have been monitoring that blog for some time now. It never ceases to amaze me how they can use so many words and say nothing at all. Their rambling diatribes really add nothing to the debate. The only thing one can be thankful for is that innocent trees are not being slaughtered to immortalize this dribble in print. That environmental crime was and is reserved for the character assassinations found in Freedom magazine. Interestingly, the characters of those they are most interested in assassinating are not mentioned by name-but rather are identified by sophomoric monikers in a series of poorly written articles befitting a high school dropout. But alas, I digress.

    The really amusing part of this blog is the intended audience. It is not written for the general public and there is no link to any of the official church sites (the links are to the Freedom Magazine sites). It is not written for loyal church members because, these days, it is probably a high crime to even google the names of Marty Rathbun or Mike Rinder. By usurping Marty’s name, the site clearly has a limited intended audience-the disaffected. It is designed to misdirect those church members willing to go down the rabbit hole and take a bite out of the forbidden fruit (sorry for mixing my metaphors). In that sense it has failed as a google search of Marty’s name will show this site first. (Sorry Mike, this site comes up second when your name is googled.) Moreover, those looking already have doubts that those sites simply do not even attempt to address. So whatever message Miscavige intends is either ignored or discarded.

  43. Fellow Traveller

    He’d probably fish with dynamite because all those fish are conspiring agin’ ‘m…. Real sportin’ of him. But of course he’d have someone else actually use the dynamite, and then have Danny boy concoct some story about how the fish sacrificed their lives for the one, so has found or recovered the real lost tech of fishing. Nauseating.


  44. And which organization has former top level heavy hitters/celebs/LRH trained LEAVING to become independents? And which organization has CRASHING stats, bad PR, and empty buildings which are insolvent?

    Gee, I wonder where the preponderence of the overts would be found…?

    I sense that another well known ex church member is soon to be announced….I don’t have any such knowledge, but I just get the feeling another is on the way… 🙂


  45. Here’s another clue … What blog that permits comments does not activate the TIME STAMP?! On Marty’s blog (and every other blog I follow, which are dozens), comments are identified by a combined DATE AND TIME stamp.

    But because the David Miscavige-instigated-amateurish-Marty/Mike-hate site suppresses the TIME stamp of comments, you can’t see that they’re all posted there (I’m just guessin’ here, folks) at the same damn time.

    Missed a withhold there, dude? Yeah, you, the short one who’s not getting much sleep lately!

    Just Me

  46. Michael Fairman, Jason Beghe, Larry Anderson and Paul Haggis are the kind of folks you want to do business with.

    I have a feeling they are only tip of the iceberg. A very courageous leading -edge with integrity.

    They gained the knowledge to take responsibility and ultimately have control.

    KRC is in short supply with current koolaids because they won’t look.

    And that’s why they’re comin’ down.

    Scientology celebrities……….speak out! Band together and hold a press conference that is like a shot heard ’round the world. Create something so viral that no one can ignore it.

    And let’s get to the justice step in all of this.


  47. One of DM’s rants has been captured on video and uploaded to YouTube:

    Note: This is not from the original Veritas. I thank this one for this post, but please change your handle for any future posts out of respect for the original Veritas, who is consumed with creating huge 4D effects at the moment. – Marty

  48. Out of curiosity I checked this other (OSA) “Marty” blog – they even went to the extent (provided in another link on that site) of duplicating the look of this very blog. The difference is that its a real (pointless) hate site. Also, I couldn’t find a single comment left on that site. OSA is talking to OSA on that blog and their creators are probably high-fiving what incredibly smart(ass) posts they left (that aren’t read by anyone but themselves and ONLY themselves, as nobody else is allowed to check out these “Marty” sites. I mean, what an idiotic moron does one have to be to do that. That each time they utter their foul mouths they provide evidence of their corruptness escapes nobody but them.

    Boys and girls, I’m sure each one is collecting his/her own little stack of evidence on all sorts of lies, crimes, human rights violations etc. for whatever action each one plans or executes.

    Jesus, what church in the name of god would even so much as HINT it might publicly use data obtained in a confession? That’s a death sentence for that “c h u r c h” if it ever needed one.

  49. Could make for a great book title: “Zen and the Art of Foot-Bulletry”.
    This data is great fodder for the outside world to get a closer grip on the mentality of the regime. Thanks.

  50. Freedom Fighter

    Free SRAs? Awesome! Where do I sign up? NOT!!

  51. Expelled 4 Life

    A friend and major donor sought me out in the past week. Asked my opinion about the New Yorker article. The result: One less major donor.

  52. “dm could even today, just leave.
    But no. He’s got to see this all the way to it’s inevitable end which is his utter disgrace and possible jail sentence.”

    I disgree with this, but, only in the suggestion that Miscavige *could* leave to save himself. It’s possible that in his own megalomaniacle way, he actually believes he can use the ‘Church’ to ‘Clear the Planet’ (however he see that,) but, even if he’s cynically using the ‘Church’ of Scientology as his own very real slush fund and very delusional expression ‘Power’ over others, there are good reasons he could no more turn over the reins than someone riding a tiger can get off.

    More than anything else, the current organization is his tool for *hiding* his crimes and the crimes committed on his orders by the organization over the entire period of his ‘leadership’.

    Without the ‘Church’ and its control over information, both hidden in ‘Church’ archives and the memories of participants and witnesses, it’s inevitable that the truth will come out, and, *that* would guarantee David Miscavige a spot in prison.

    And, those crimes do exist and did happen on his watch and on his orders. Mike Rinder has said himself that he knows enough to put David Miscavige behind bars. How much more so 30 years of files and hidden documentation. Archives that make the tidbits of ‘OSA Ops’ we’ve seen revealed here, thanks to Marty, look like sunday school. How much criminality was witnessed (and colluded in) by the people Miscavige currently holds silent and imprisoned?

    So, while it’s not unthinkable that David Miscavige might ‘retire’ or ‘resign’, especially in an attempt to short circuit any investigation or prosecution of the ‘Church’ and himself, it’s *unthinkable* that he would actually give up the control over the massive effort necessary to *keep* the secrets secret. Because those secrets are enough to put David Miscavige and many others behind bars and, control of the ‘Church’ *is* control of those secrets, as much as anything is.

    So, if anything, I’d expect a ‘resignation’ or ‘retirement’ in name only; and a ‘reformation’ as charade. Because the truth about the operations of the ‘Church’ of Scientology must remain hidden.


  53. Let’s face it. To the church, any negative remark about them is scurrilous. “Oh, you called me a dwarf–that’s scurrilous!” LOL

  54. Good point. And how can he ever do his confessional giving time, place, form and event? Oh, I forgot, DM doesn’t do confessionals.

  55. Bert Schippers

    “There is only one way, really, to get into a state of living, and that’s live! There is no substitute for an all-out, over-the-ramparts, howling charge against life. That’s living. Living does not consist of sitting in a temple in the shadows and getting rheumatism from the cold stones. Living is hot, it’s fast, it’s often brutal! It has a terrific gamut of emotional reactions.
    If you are really willing to live, you first have to be willing to do anything that consists of living. Weird. But it’s one of those awfully true things that you wonder why one has to say it. And yet it has to be said.”

    This post and the comments made me think of this quote, which I’ve always liked. If you live life in this fashion, and fail to commit any overts…you’re doing it wrong!

  56. Tony,
    Yes. And a very wise man gave me another VERY applicable definition.

    Insanity: “the overt or covert but always complex and continuous determination to harm or destroy.” LRH HCOB 28 Nov 70

  57. Tony, you know the Preps for the ARCX handling is first you have to do the 50 hours of sec-checking! Whazzup?

  58. Is DM attempting to make the Keystone Cops into a serious movie?
    No wonder training has ceased at the Cof$, any Level 2 student could dismantle DMs blog with a bent fork.
    Such a waste…

  59. Rev, your reply merits a rejoinder:

    I agree with everything you say, except for your slam on O’Reilly and “faux” news.

    IMO, Fox News is to the “mainstream” media as this blog is to Scientology Inc. Finally, for once in my (long) life, there are alternatives to the leftist drivel emanating from the likes of CBS, NBC, ABC, NY Times, LA Times, etc etc.

    I realize that statement will cause apoplexy in some quarters, perhaps even inside the walls of Casablanca.

    As a rule, I don’t think political statements ought to be a part of this blog; therefore I try to keep them out of my comments.

    Except, as here, when someone takes an unnecessary and unwarranted political shot against an organization that I suspect many of us respect (while at the same time acknowledging that many others probably don’t).

    We’ve got a big enough fight on our hands trying to end the abuses of Miscavige and to re-establish a vibrant, ethical, effective Scientology. How about keeping our politics to ourselves?

  60. Bodil, It’s easy to see through most of the overts confessed as being made up or made more important, just to have something to say when they won’t let you out of the session because they have no clue what a floating needle looks like. “I made trouble for the boss!” WHO CARES?

    My husband’s father was in a concentration camp in Indonesia during WWII and the sadistic commander there had the power to kill people who annoyed him. You can bet those prisoners did and said what they had to, to avoid getting on his bad side. Confessionals at the int base certainly smack of this.

  61. My wife has a perceptive definition of style:
    “Style is the refinement of a viewpoint.”
    That blog of DM’s doesn’t amount to a fart in a whirlwind. It is hardly worth mentioning.

  62. Is it just me or does DM seem to be stuck in the cold war era?

  63. Friend of Ron, let me second your recommendation of the new article on the blog at

    Holy ****!!! Whoever wrote this really did his (or her) homework. I got the chills just reading it & I suspect some folks at OSA, some of the absentee “trustees”, and not a few corrupt attorneys on DM’s payroll (Monique among them) are squirming as they digest it too.

    The article takes some time to read, if one is to fully duplicate its ramifications. But the time spent is worth it. The legalese is well explained; clearly the author knows his (or her) study tech as well as law!

    The great Stones’ classic “Under My Thumb” comes to mind. How many Board members, Trustees, and lawyers were bought off, compromised, or bullied into submission by DM in his illegal, illegitimate coup of 29 years ago?

    We may wind up seeing not just DM doing the perp walk, but perhaps dozens of his enablers and collaborators as well. Like Hitler, Stalin, Mao and other dictators, he did not accomplish his takeover alone. He had help.

  64. Thank you. When FOX has an opinion that upfront state opinion or commentary. It is not an opinion stated as a fact as the other stations. It is not an opinion or lie stated as a fact as in Freedom Mag crap. The other thing – when a FOX commentator is wrong I have heard them admit their error and continue from there. The other media may stop repeating the falsehood but corrections – almost never.

    But, this isn’t a political blog. Our discussion of life and truth is about helping beings be better – they can then do what they wish in the political arena.

  65. My ancestry would never have put up with all this nonsense.

  66. Sam,

  67. martyrathbun09

    You’ve got to be kidding.

  68. martyrathbun09


  69. martyrathbun09

    No apoplexy from here, simply perplexity that one either end of GPM could trick such intelligent minds.

  70. There’s a movie nominated for an Oscar tonight called, “The Confession.” A boy about to go to his first confession is afraid he will have nothing to confess so he gets a friend to help him commit a sin.

    My reaction is: so they get you to confess something, convince you it’s unforgiveable (except if you stay in their good graces) and they own you for the rest of your life. Does that sound familiar?

  71. Lovely PR site, 30 id’s that respond, over and over saying nothing, only gossip; wonderful display of intelligence and tone scale. Keep it up OSA, now we know your numbers and authorities know who to investigate for real crimes. I’m looking forward to the next statement of TD, your heaviest foot bulletry.

  72. I can never understand how the members (public) of Scn Inc. can be exposed to such blatantly underhanded and downright unethical tactics employed by their own church and yet they seemingly do not think twice about it….

  73. I wasn’t, but then I don’t watch much Fox and not all commentators so possibly my comments don’t fully fit. What I did find true was how many times opinions were stated as facts. My personal opinion is NO news channel is completely truthful – in their business they use or they are used. It is just that some are worse than others. These are all large corporations, owned by stockholders, needing an audience to maintain income. The same thing is found in healthcare. The honest journals are very expensive and take NO advertising. The more common journals take ads and you see no hard hitting news against the companies and products which are advertising.

    Most of my news comes from sites I subscribe to and follow. News and entertainment are so enmeshed in this day and age. I liked it better when news was facts and editorial was opinion. Alas, those days I am afraid have left the buildings.

  74. Many do think twice and ultimately leave. There are more leaving every day.

    As an analogy, try convincing yourself that NFL football is all a big lie and that all the games are pre-determined as to outcome, and you’ll be getting close to how difficult it is to finally wake up, realizing what’s really going on inside radical Scientology, and leave.

  75. I get your drift. I think 🙂

    Usually it’s impossible to keep secrets. Unless a crime was committed by one and that person never told and left no trail.

    What you are saying if I understand you, is that dm would leave but continue to pull the strings behind the scenes. Because the structure called scientology needs to stay in place to protect those secrets.

    While this is entirely possible, where we disagree is that it’s the FBI that is going to bring down dm and he’ll circumvent that investigation by resigning. Or some other OUTSIDE force will bring down the church.

    I’m saying — it’s the heart and soul of the people who have felt the stirrings in their heart of freedom that will bring down Gadafi. It won’t be revolution and then reform – with a NEW dictator.

    My hope is that we are perhaps at a true pivot point … and the desire of all men to taste freedom and touch their basic goodness becomes what
    determines how things change. And it will take some time.

    I don’t think that the church under dm or anyone is sustainable. It has too much restriction and not enough genuine latitude to allow FREEDOM of thought and expression.

    My wish is that all current scientologists, ex-scientologists, independent scientologists, critics and well — hell — just everyone recognize that it is their innate goodness that can determine how they think, what they do and how they see the world.

    Not the tight, claustrophobic mindset that sees — others and me. Subject/object.

    We all are innately good. It just takes a bit of tweaking to see that 🙂


  76. Your humble servant

    I really don’t see what was quoted as being a threat, or a veiled threat, although I can understand why one could interpret it that way. To me it just seems like a whiny, pathetic attempt to sound convincing that Paul Haggis, Marty, and Mike are bad people, with an incidental accompanying attempt to introvert Paul and anyone else who might think of leaving the official church. Personally, I don’t think David Miscavige would dare to authorize releasing more contents of Paul’s confessionals than has already been done, and what was quoted is not overtly threatening to do so. Even a cretin like DM must realize that that would produce a terrible backlash. Paul is such a public figure that the nature of that treachery would soon become widely known. Betrayal of confidences in church confessionals is VERY unpopular with the public. The violation of confidences that has already happened to many of the contributors here is already starting an effective backlash. It has been evident for some time.

    How to make a religion even more despised that is already by survey more unpopular with the public than athiesm? Let it become known for violating church confessionals, creating hate websites against people who have left, imprisoning and abusing its most dedicated members, and lying, lying lying.

  77. Phenomenal!!! I shall be busy catching up on the particulars you have compiled and outlined. Very, very well done, Friend of Ron. This website is and will be a great asset in helping others understand the situation and dare to contemplate a new vision. In fact, your original Friend of Ron website helped me begin the leap. That and the SP Times article that revealed to me that David Miscavige was NOT selected by LRH – that his rise was, in essence, a coup.

    After 30 years of sitting quietly on my own observations and thoughts and conclusions. Hooray! I love you guys for what you are doing – bringing forth the truth and re-igniting the flame of enlightenment!

  78. Impartial English Girl

    Thank you. x

  79. No worries. In reading the post and my comments – my comments are to Fox NEWS. Not to the statement that Fox is to mainline news as this is to Scn Inc. No TV news compares to this site. This site is raw comments from a variety of viewpoints and not filtered by you to only allow what you agree with or want to be read. We are allowed to think freely here.

    Fox NEWS channel has news as different to their nightly commentaries. I stopped watching or listening to them years ago. That is why I said sites I subscribe to. My summaries come from the US and from EU but are really raw news data. I get to evaluate it and place into context.

    Politically – I am more Libertarian. Let me do things and don’t tell me what I must do as long as I don’t infringe on the rights of others.

    I may still be tricked and not be the most intelligent – but I am working on that. But, I assure you, no apoplexy on this end my friend. We agree on a lot more than we might diverge on.

  80. He seems to have read “A Spy and His Masters, a Short Course in the Secret War” by C. Felix. Cold war in context and commented on by LRH in an Aides Conference, onboard the Apollo, 2 Nov 1969. If DM could come into PT he would see that the environment for Scientology is very different than it was 50 years ago! He continues to create an opposition, fight this made up opposition, and use this made up opposition to create a dangerous environment internally in the group to keep them in line, to continue with money to fight the war against ……. (whatever is made up at that time).

    Fact is the only real opposition to bettering mankind has been dramatization of the bank and evil intentions. He apparently doesn’t think that is enough to squeeze money and control from his flock. Therefore a continual mock-up of a cold war era head to head stalemate with the outcome of the world supposedly at stake. Even if he has to mock up both sides of this stalemate.

  81. martyrathbun09

    I’m witchu.

  82. Marty, When I saw ‘Veritas’ posting I was overjoyed. I’m sorry it was not our ‘Veritas’. I do miss her and wish she’d poke her head in and say hi. Oh well. Love

  83. Oops, sorry Marty, did not know there was another “Veritas” here. Hope this works.

  84. I hope the cult of demonology does try to mess with Paul Haggis.
    He doesn’t look like the kind of guy to back down.
    dm is continuing to build his gallows in a workmanlike fashion and then he will walk up and put the noose around his neck. (figuretively speaking)

  85. That was Tony D posting above using Freetothinks handle. I am on vacation in Florida and was too lazy to log out.
    Life is a bitch since leaving money hungry demonology. I had to retrain myself to enjoy vacations… I am getting good at it.

  86. Publius, you may feel it was unwarranted and unnecessary, but I feel it was an entirely accurate characterization of both O’Reilly and FAUX News. Now having expressed MY opinion, we can both see that a policy of keeping political statements out of our posts is probably a good idea, because I don’t think I’ve changed your mind and you haven’t changed mine.

    Let’s get back to the subject at hand.

  87. Your Humble Servant:

    I agree totally with your assessment of how vile such an action as revealing penitent confessions would be, and how hated such a church would make itself, but really? You don’t get the threat in this?

    What would a veiled threat sound like then? Can you give us an example of that?

  88. Great analogy, IO. As an example, yesterday I was told by a friend who this week complained about the financial abuses and regging for the Basics to a former SO person that Marty had been responsible for the program. When I told them Marty was long gone when the Basics came out, the dime dropped. But they believed it up to that point. Mike and Marty are the scapegoats for activities long after their departure- busy guys.

  89. When I watched the SP Times videos, seeing the church’s use of personal information to suppress communication, was probably the most significant knowledge I took from it. I thought about the humiliation that I would experience if my most embarrassing confessions were revealed to the world and felt only swelling pride for all those who had spoken out despite this very real and known personal danger. What courage! My heart went out especially to Don Jason, whom I had known. Who would ever come into Scientology when they see this disgusting use of blackmail?

  90. Reading this blog almost every day and completely off topic, i wanted to share this music i listen to when i was at flag in the 80’s. I was not a member of the SO but was helping on several area like the renovation of the Fort Harrison entrance, kitchen and the snack bar where the Super Power building is. I was pretty young and totally free over there at that time.
    Anyway, i want to thank you guy for every thing you communicate here… no doubt, big thetan’s are here!

  91. Friend of Ron,
    Thanks for the link. I hadn’t read the latest update. I did read it and I have read every attachment referenced. Any OSA person reading and duplicating what it states will have an unnatural urge. It so very cogently and exactly lays out the facts of how the church structure has been operated and the rules and laws violated. Any investigation of the church at this time just got an adrenaline rush.

    It is a bit to read and duplicate but so refreshing when you see how the current Independent movement is the only future. No matter what changes occur, the old church will never be the same.

    If your job is to monitor this blog then take the time to read the linked material. You may consider your future job postings – inside or outside of the church, inside or outside of custody. At this time, honestly ask yourself what Ron would do if he were you. Your current actions aren’t getting any charge off the case. How you audit this 3rd/4th dynamic issue will really have a lot to do with your personal future. Not mine, yours.

    I suggest read the basics of Scientology, look into your heart and if not totally black then assert your personal integrity and query every illegal order you get. It might not keep you out of the RPF in the short term, but once that is disbanded you will be free. The other option is going to be much much worse. Would LRH right now commend you for what you do? Or, would he have a WTF have you been doing to destroy this subject, and these organizations?

  92. For years I’ve hoped for a Hollywood movie, with David Miscavige’s real life recent years antics on display.

    The “Master” movie isn’t likely to be up to date, but a more distant past look at LRH’s life, fictionalized probably too much.

    If Paul Haggis got some ex Scientology celebs to do the David Miscavige sequel to this upcoming “The Master” movie, that I think would be more helpful to putting the squeeze on Miscavige to vacate the stage at the top of Scientology.

    Or at least this “The Master” movie will hopefully spur some other film-maker to finally take on in detail these recent years of Miscavige’s dreadful behavior.

    If Miscavige’s own image is his button, then it’s inevitable that the world will push that button.

    I hope Miscavige becomes movie or TV show material pretty soon.

  93. Paul Haggis knows the danger and speaks out nevertheless. He’s a hero, in my book.

  94. I just read the most interesting LRH Executive Directive in OEC Vol 7 . 20 May 1970. Pages 282-283 in the 1991 vols.
    Subject: THE IDEAL ORG.
    It doesn’t say a word about big beautiful expensive buildings that the parishioners pay for.
    It is very interesting reading and one can see how far off policy the current church has become under his rule. After reading all the points one can see just how suppressive DM is and what his intentions really are; to take the church down while filling his own pockets and living a lavish life style while fooling the public.

  95.  Mike,
    “The ever-shrinking world of Dear Leader is a bizarre kingdom” I love that line.

    I don’t know DM like you guys do. I was just an OT VIII public. But I’ve been working for a few years trying to figure him and the church out. From you guys’ descriptions of him, I think I’m starting to get him.

    Just the possibility that you are being literal in your description of the Universe of Dave is highly entertaining to me. Especially if he really DOES think the microwave is conspiring with the GPS system against him. WOW!

    He must have quite an X-Files/Sci-Fi Mission Earth scenario going on in head? Is that what drives him? Or is it a selfish lust for power so he can keep others squashed and thus be safe?  I’m figuring he’s also probably addicted to the admiration particles he sucks up as he stands in front of his golden pillars pontificating the glorious wonderment of his spinning video graphs?

    One thing I do know for sure is that he’s been getting away with this suppressive crap for DECADES!!! 

    Some people say he’s stupid, but I’m not buying that. I’m thinking he’s gotta be smart to get away with his antics FOR DECADES!!!

    He’s living large, beats people but gets away with it, staff kiss his ass to the nth degree, stashes cash, gold, silver and jewels away, flies a jet anywhere anytime he wants, eats gourmet food, rides kick-ass motorcycles, wears tailored clothes, hangs out with movie stars, takes mondo vacations, and commands a billion dollar empire. And keeps on doing it…

    !!!!….F O R   D E C A D E S…!!!!

    Stupid…I don’t think so. Shifty, manipulative, sly, suppressive, crafty, pushy, evil, covert, untrustworthy, lier, smart — YES.

  96. Too. stunned. 4 words.

  97. DM is stuck in a past incident. That is why he’s so paranoid. That’s also why he is so delusional.

  98. martyrathbun09

    OTDT, you are right on the money.

  99. Marty, what was the ration of admin and tech terminals?
    well, right now it does not matter… the new ration is 100% IAS staff and then what ever and more and more OSA people into this crazy psychotic projects devoted to the controll, perversion and manipulation of truth..
    How many staff and public are spending hours on Face Book or in the net trying to spy…. or to interfear and 3P independents?
    It is a whole org devoted to the manifacturing of lies and the rest….

    😀 wow!!
    Silvia Kusada

  100. martyrathbun09

    Tristan, Thanks.

  101. I appreciate and admire the courage of Paul Haggis. He – as well as others who went that path – is contributing to the time when Co$ will cease to be the organisation it is right now.

    And that is going to come – a time without Co$, or without the insanity and abuse going on in that organisation.

    Some 70 days ago I mentioned the Tunesian government as an example of stability and control over their people. And now – it’s history and gone !

    Such a sudden change will happen to Co$ too. That’s beyond any doubt. The only thing yet unknown is the exact date.

  102. Hear, Hear or is that Here, Here or whatever….

    I agree with you 100% Windhorse.

    What I do remember from Robert’s Rules of Order is….

    I second that motion!

  103. OTDT,

    I love this line:

    “I’m figuring he’s also probably addicted to the admiration particles he sucks up as he stands in front of his golden pillars pontificating the glorious wonderment of his spinning video graphs?”

    I think this is exactly what he loves – He loves being interestING & admired and to be connected with high profile guys like Tom Cruise.

    He feeds off Tom Cruise in the public arena and Tom feeds off him in the Church arena as ‘the most dedicated Scientologist he knows’.

    I agree that Miscavige is one sly, calculating, & manipulative individual. Tom, on the other hand, is PTS up the wazoo and has fallen so low that he Not-ises the situation most of the time. He knows it is there.

    I’m sure Tom looks at this when he is alone and it shakes his little universe to know that sooner or later he is going to have to handle this.

    It’ll take some guts for Tom to say ‘ I fu_ked up’, but it’s the only way out.

  104. Thanks for the update on V. I have been wondering where she has been and thinking about her a lot. I figured she was up to something goood! 🙂

  105. He’s a poster child for the level of 1.1 on the Hubbard Chart of Human Eval though I disagree that he has any more intellect than your average household appliance.

    The first time I saw him on Night Line in front of Ted Koppel I thought the guy was an arrogant ignorant moron and I haven’t really changed my opinion of him since.

  106. 100% agreement on your last sentence, Lunamoth.

    Just didn’t want everyone to think there’s the same level of agreement around here on political stuff as there is on DMonology.

  107. Collective Identity

    As in the borg 🙂

    “Resistance is futile”

    Doncha Know.

    As in “cookie cutter in execution”.

    This pretty much describes the Bor….er I mean Church ever since its big effort to go “mainstream” starting back in the early ’90’s.

    Just flip through the “promo”.

    It’s hard to distinguish the Church of Scientology from the 7th Day Adventists or the Mormons.

    All these happy smily people dressed for success like they’re going to an Amway convention or something.

    Miscavige epitomizes this cookie cutter image.

    So does Cruise.

    So do all the brain dead morons who are still hanging around.

    Like something outta the Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

    F_ckin’ Pod People.

    An image I’m proud to say I never fit in on.

    But I ain’t bitter that Miscavige and his wrecking crew.

    Turned the Church into something out of “The Night of the Living Dead”!!!!!!

  108. RJ,
    All agreed. Check your E.

  109. P,
    Perhaps there is a more fitting song to describe the current and future Church of DM. You know it well:

  110. Scott Campbell

    Sorry guys. Had to take a break. This is where we were today. Totally awesome! Now I’m watching the Oscars. Will Comment later after some study of the matter. –Scott

  111. Hi Lynne,
    It’s like going to the doctor and complaining of a headache. The Dr. then hits you in the knee with a hammer. You cry out in pain. You tell him it hurts like hell and you think he broke your knee cap. He says “Yes, but how is your headache now??”
    Thank you very much….

  112. Just out on the associated press. Farrakhan: Libya’s Gadhafi remains a friend.

    What a connection to have :))

  113. David Miscavige is a ship (the Freewinds), and Paul Haggis is an iceberg. That’s a nice mental picture.

  114. P,
    You have my partial agreement, though only because left and right, conservative and liberal, Olberman/O’Reilly, etc., are the op terms that serve to take attention off a deeper issue. I’m looking at you, Goldman Sachs. How a medium of exchange (i.e., a means of accounting) became a commodity with value in itself is far more pertinent to the future well being of society than all the ravings about “crippling debt” and “Obamacare.”

  115. SA,

    The answer your first Q is “me” of course 🙂

    I be sending a response PGP.



  116. “Farrakhan didn’t talk specifics about the deadly uprisings in Libya, but the 77-year-old said no leader has been loved by 100 percent of his people…”
    “…During his four-hour speech, Farrakhan discussed historic and current events, including the group’s perspective on Scientology, severe weather and UFOs.”

    Nice find Lucy. Suddenly it’s all starting to add up.

  117. +1
    Miss you so much Veritas 😦

  118. one of those who see

    DM strategy:
    1. Don’t service the field, ARCX them.
    2. Make enemies.
    3. Make more enemies.
    4. Make your existing enemies, bigger enemies.

  119. The biggest problem that faces vicious dictators in an eroding empire is False Data, as much as I mallign DM, you have to credit his deviousness to have hijacked the CoS surrounded by so many capable people.
    But as we are seeing in Libya, and the rest of that region, those closest to the dictator also fear him the most.
    Nobody wants to be the “Shot” messenger and so his closest advisors will actually accelerate his downfall by feeding their idolised “boss” with False Data!
    It is now impossible for DM to accurately obtain a true picture of the “Nation” and thus will issue weak , uninformed commands to his bemused and fearfull lieutenants.
    This is something that LRH would not have done, and why he was so passionate about not “messing” with the Tech,

  120. Your humble servant


    Thank you for that

    I could think of many:

    We know things about you that you’d rather others not know.
    You don’t know how powerful we are.
    We know who your family and friends are.
    If you don’t recant, you are likely to regret it.

    However, I can also appreciate your point that any time an enemy focuses attention on you and begins telling lies about you it is a threat, if that is the way you were looking at it.

  121. Good point!

  122. And THAT is where the critical attention needs to be, not on the smoke and mirrors both sides throw up constantly in the hopes of diverting attention from what is really going on!

  123. “The IRS is not the hostile monster the church had us believe for for years & years.”

    Just stop paying your taxes and see how friendly the Service is.

    22 million visitors a day

    Farrakhan has described a 1985 religious experience in which he ascended into a flying saucer and heard the voice of Elijah Muhammad predicting historical events that came to pass.

    For about four hours, Farrakhan spoke and jumped from topic to topic, citing religious texts.

    He praised Scientology and its founder L. Ron Hubbard.

    Farrakhan extolled the virtues of Scientology and its auditing process, which is considered spiritual counseling by its members.

    “L. Ron Hubbard is so exceedingly valuable to every Caucasian person on this earth,” Farrakhan said.

    “… L. Ron Hubbard himself was and is trying to civilize white people and make them better human beings and take away from them their reactive minds … Mr. Hubbard recognized that his people have to be civilized,” Farrakhan said to a cheering crowd.,0,1665375.story

  125. Miscavige is like this whining coward I ran into in the schoolyard as a kid. This coward would pick on some smaller kid, and when I told him to stop, he would say: “I will tell on you! I will tell the teacher on you!”

  126. “Anyone with any sense would know that the claims made by Paul Haggis in the recent media attack are what has been fed by Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder and his extremist friends who have been making such scurrilous and false accusations for years. The journalist should have at least cross-checked some of the facts with someone who wasn’t a vicious religious bigot, scared of what the Church should know about them.”

    Sigh. Can anyone utter a critical opinion about the CoS without being branded “extremist” or a “religious bigot”? I would humbly suggest the author of that blog clear the definitions of “sanity” and “insanity” before considering the reasons why the CoS continues to pull in criticism (sorry, “attacks”) and fails utterly in preventing it. (Axiom 38 springs to mind).

    “As a sure indication that there are skeletons he’d rather hide, Haggis tried to head off possible revelations of what he’s really been doing, saying that he expected a “scandal” about him to be the result of his attack on the Church. Methinks he knows he deserves to be exposed…hmmmmm…. Hell, he admitted to early criminal acts he withheld, and you can be sure that’s only the tip of the iceberg. We’ll stay tuned…”

    “Challenging people out of session as ‘having withholds’ is illegal.”
    — LRH, HCOB 2 Jan 71 Illegal Auditing

  127. Joe Lynn,

    Here’s my 2 cents on what I think Miscavige plans to do:

    At whatever point he decides that someone is going to pull open the curtain on the “Wizard of OZ”, and that there is no way to prevent it with further denials, affidavits, Glutz PR public statements by Tommy and Monique, I believe he will simply slide out the escape chute he already has built. It is a simple matter for him to have already stashed enough funds in untouchable and untraceable accounts (Switzerland, Luxembourg, other countries that hide the names of owners of accounts), retire to one of a number of countries that have no extradition treaties with the US, and just disappear. At that point he wouldn’t have to worry about his crimes coming out as they would have no impact on him.

    If I recall, Marty and others have mentioned that one of his favorite LRH references is “The Responsibilities of Leaders” (also referred to as the “Simon Bolivar” PL). I don’t have a copy to hand, but from basic recall, LRH describes how the “power” does move off a point of power. He bribes the local officials of wherever he decided to go and lives his life out there. If this is an oft-quoted reference he has used to “bludgeon” others with, why would it be such a surprise to find he really took this reference to heart literally and plans to do just what LRH covers in it.

    Why hasn’t he done so already? In my opinion, he is currently (in his mind) in no imminent danger and the cash cow is still producing too well. There is also the possibility (again in his mind) that he might avoid eventual discovery, criminal charges, etc and would never have to “step down”. In addition, in some ways (evil ones) he has demonstrated his “intelligence” and his escape plan could probably be executed in about 1/2 a nanosecond (a VERY small fraction of a second, I believe a billionth of a second to be precise) so he could wait until the FBI was just down the road from the Int base before he had to take off.

    These are just my opinions, but I think they fit the man and his methods pretty well. At least they are consistent with his behavior and motivation.


  128. martyrathbun09

    Farrakhan is wearing Miscavige’s hat.

  129. martyrathbun09

    A man who sees.

  130. Well yeh, it you don’t pay your taxes, what do you think is going to happen? That is not what I meant but you probably knew that.

  131. Skydog,
    Good points, Dog. Reading over the latest response to the exposure represented here, on that site, as in stimulus-response (they sure ain’t ‘original comm’) and the denial of any connection to OSA or ‘he whose name can’t be spoken’ (in case it rollsback to DM, who is micro-managing the site anyway and you can’t have DM roll back to DM, can’t have ANYTHING go back to DM, or he’d maybe even spot source, and get a case gain a la Power Processes, but I’m diagressin’) it strikes me that there is a complete inability to be pan-determined. (Of course there is or there’d be no ‘problem’ for poor li’l Dave.)

    There are NO comments posted save the canned, DM stamped/authored ones. That is even mentioned in the latest diatribe. There is no ability to view the scene except from a single point and that denies the use of the Flows, the viewing from many different points, that enables a resolution of something as comm is exchanged according to the Factors.

    The site manifests the problem that DM is in. The stuckness. The inability to spot source, the inability to spot no-source (wrong targetting) and failure to view this from both sides (let alone multiple sides) and assume cause over those various sides and be thus responsible to a resolution. Lacking that, the mechanics of lower-scale flows, the reverse vectors of effort take their course and they mire in more deeply, becoming what is resisted etc.

    They have no real recourse to the workable tech of Scn, barriered as they are by unwillingness to view and that makes ethics, real rationality, impossible, so with ‘out-ethics’, ‘ tech’ isn’t there for them. The latest attempt at a use of that tech, (e.g., The Criminal Mind HCOB) is mis-applied in unreality. It doesn’t agree with the circumstances, and it doesn’t work. It just mires them in more deeply.

    Puzzled at why it ‘doesn’t work’ and not applying KSW, finding out the truth of what occured (the session report), and what was done (the process) to handle what should have been handled ( the actual case, not some imagined ‘difference’) they can’t discern the cause of this ‘instance of unworkable’. That fact, ‘showing’ that it doesn’t work, (when indeed it isn’t being applied) may be more telling than any other – it is DM invalidating Scientology. (DM IS Scientology, DM ‘must be applying Scientology, is ‘isn’t working’ obviously as he’s just getting pummelled, Scientology ‘doesn’t work’. Straight out of KSW this goes.)

    You’re right Dog, the audience isn’t Scientologists on lines, they can’t read or access this stuff or it’s onto the SP Declare Machine they go. The audience that is reading it, those daring to view, are non-Scientologists, or independent Scientologists and in both cases, the conclusion sought by David Miscavige is ‘see, Scientology doesn’t work, stay away in droves, I AM Scientology, this site is me, it is Scientology’ and so it goes.

    David Miscavige hates Scientology. He hates LRH. He hates Marty, Mike, you, me, his wife, his BFF. The ‘martyrathbunblog’ is just another manifestation.

  132. Publius, I will respectfully disagree. I found it rather telling that you consider a criticism of Fox News = a political shot rather than a comment about television journalism.

    Anyway, I’m with everyone in thinking this threat toward Paul Haggis, besides being TOO LATE, is really pathetic.

  133. Bert,
    “If you live life in this fashion, and fail to commit any overts…you’re doing it wrong!”

    I was talking to my buddy last night and he mentioned that for all those ‘reports’ of LRH blasting somebody on the ship say, that what isn’t reported or even considered are LRH’s sessions where he get’s his ruds in, including ‘overts’.

    You can’t be right, and be human. Life is living. Being, doing, having. Somebody, somewhere, in the dark enchantment of their own past, is going to be unable to experience something ‘easily’ no matter how ‘careful of’ another tries to be.

    Sometimes, never fearing to hurt another in a just cause, gives somebody something they ‘can’t experience easily’.

    Sometimes you just plain fuck up.

    The wrong lesson to learn is to not reach, not go forth, not go up over that rampart and communicate, even the shrill cry of ‘druim nan deur’ (the ridge of tears, the battle cry of Clan Logan) and live.

    When in doubt, when comm got you into all that trouble in the first place, when too much force has a backlash and you are swamped, when you are not sure that you can anymore, then, at that time, communicate. Go over that rampart. Live.

  134. Leave? All that power?

    Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. Who would want to give it up? The ultimate drug. Heck, you can throw your wife in the dungeon and take up with… well, anyone.

    After all, a certain word in our language originated (eventually) from “Fornication Under Cob/King.” And that ain’t no myth like the other supposedliest etymologies. That’s the future, baby. The future.

    Incidentally, “Cob” was a shortened form of “Corn Cob,” one such “anyone or anything” a person with ultimate power reportedly uses habitually for self gratification. But not just any old cob. Only the best. Only those personally measured and handcrafted out of some of the world’s most precious materials–gold being a favorite, warmed in the desert heat and applied vigorously when one has been a “bad boy” and needs a Golden Age of Ethics session.

    But, I shouldn’t spread such horrible rumors, such sacrilegious lies, originated from a debased mind taking Dionysian leaps. Goat hoofs and flutes! Wine and drunkenness! Naked abandon!

    Shame. Shame. Shame.

    I have been a bad boy.

  135. Well, if Gadhafi is his friend, he’s gonna LOVE DM.

    BTW, didn’t DM say something about wanting to associate with world leaders??Interesting picks.

  136. Leonore,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I just want to make it clear to you and the rest of the readers here that I am not the author, nor a co-author of the article (s) on the “”. I wish I were that smart.

    I am trying to be of help and support to them as their purpose is my purpose too. That’s all.

    What I really like is that they are making use of the information posted here on Marty’s blog. There is a wealth of first hand evidence being presented here. It needs to be used to push the jauggernaut up a little higher and a little closer to dear leader’s door.

    …….Justice is Coming Dave!

  137. Depends on how you define intelligent. There are all sorts of intelligence. Maybe he’s an idiot savant, of sorts. He certainly lacks the ability to absorb and use Scientology. But he did succeed in grabbing power right out from under some very, very intelligent people. He lacks the capacity to evaluate data as described in the data series and the logics and axioms. Yet, he has used his limitations and fixations like the point of a spear.

    His actual stats are an inversion of power. Whereas the conditions of existence work upwards from confusion toward power, they can also invert where the individual can go so out of valence he begins to move “up” the “conditions” toward non-survival goals. These are usually fairly short-lived bursts of megalomania such as Hitler and Napoleon–and lots of less known beings. Destructive power that collapses.

    So, debating DM’s “intelligence” has about as much use as debating his sense of fashion. It is what it is and has little practical value other than being a curious point of debate.

  138. FOX news is a study in reactive thinking. It’s fascinating to watch. Study the Data Series and the Logics and then, as a practical application, watch FOX news. If you have a sense of humor and no bias, they’ll have you in stitches. (A la John Stewart and Stephen Colbert)

    FOX news is a parody of truth as seen from the third dynamic reactive mind. If you were auditing a third dynamic, FOX news would be a useful terminal to address. As would be both sides of the idiocy we call the left and right political wings. This nation is seriously nuts. If a person acted like this country we’d think he was friggin’ crazy.

    Not that the other news services do a whole lot better than FOX, but…. When you’re the best at what you do–even if it’s spewing illogical ideology from a bunch of control and demon circuits–why not give admiration where admiration is due.


  139. But, Lunamoth, you have to change your mind. I can’t live without you changing your mind.

    Auditor: Who used to say that?

    Uh, (com lag)… my mother.

    Auditor: Repeat the phrase “you have to change your mind.”

    Repeating it several times. “Ouch! My father just slapped my mother around–it was two months before I was born–called her some awful names. Said he was leaving. She was pleading with him to change his mind. Ouch! Shit! He punched her in the stomach and told her to shut the fuck up, that ‘you can die for all I care!’ Oh my God! That’s why I’ve always felt I had to change people’s minds: I would die if I didn’t. And nobody would care!” Busts up laughing. “That pressure I’ve always felt around my left ear just blew away.” Laughing hard.

    Auditor: Okay. (Big smile) Guess we can end off there.

    Yeah. (Looks at watch.) And just in time. I’ve got to go do my news broadcast.

    Okay, Lunamoth. I guess I don’t have to change your mind after all.


  140. SCURRILOUS? Suffering succotash! I refuse to associate with anyone who makes scurrilous accusations!

    I hereby declare publicly that I will no longer associate with those who makes scurrilous accusations! That includes any and all of you, Mike, Marty and Paul included.

    And I would post this, except I had to disconnect from myself and can’t make my finger reach out to to hit the “Post Comment” button.

    Disconnecting from yourself is a bitch.

    signed: %#$@!!!! (who used to be Michael but who is now disconnected from Michael and therefore and hereafter will only be referred to as the Poster Formerly Known as Michael unless referred to by the unpronounceable string of symbols above.)

  141. I think this is an extremely dangerous situation for any one who’s received counseling in the church. How would one prove he/she got the data from a folder? The only way Haggis won’t become a target is if people close to DM come clean with evidence of his crimes. LOTS OF HARD EVIDENCE!

  142. Jim,

    Personally, using my own experience and integrity, I find that being perfect in every way is the only way to live. I have found that even the slightest departure from perfection should cause one tremendous shame and embarrassment for failing to be perfect. And when I fail to be perfect, I suffer the consequences, disconnect from any activity that was associated with my imperfection and re-intensify my EFFORTS to be poifect.

    I must say that this approach has worked swimmingly. Just last year, I was perfectly carved into a perfect diamond sitting in a perfect ring adorning the perfect finger of the perfect bride. Ah, life could not have come to a finer moment.

    Until… the bitch went off and had an affair, leaving me on the perfect dresser in the perfect house built by the perfect husband while she boffed her perfect boyfriend!

    But what is life without goals? I will renew my EFFORTS to be perfect. I will disconnect from my diamondness and strive for an even more perfect existence that is not dependent on whore brides.

    I just knew you’d understand.

  143. Thanks Joe, this is indeed a song WE know well!

    Never heard this version, though. Loved it!


  144. Thanks Joe, this is indeed a song we know well, and boy does it fit!

    Never heard this version, though. Loved it!


  145. I disagree about the value factor in contemplating the various characteristics of Miscavige, what he is about, what he’s up to, why he does what he does, whether he’s intelligent or stupid, etc.

    There’s no substitute for understanding. (Hmmm…that statement sounds familiar)

    I personally find tremendous value in determining whether a person in a position of power makes a move based on stupidity or intelligence. It brings an an awareness of prediction into focus for me.

    Contemplation of the Church’s actions and the direction it’s going, the part that Miscavige plays in that, how he thinks, the true make-up of his personality, the estimation of his intelligence or stupidity, all of this is a natural course of action for me and something I regularly do in life.

    I put fashion in another category altogether.

  146. Thanks for responding Jim. I have to agree that Miscavige has no use for Scientology other than to fill his coffers and buy pretty toys. While I don’t necessarily agree with everything Marty says and have some reservations on the subject of LRH and scientology, it is clear that Marty and the independents have a better grasp of the subject that the current organization.

    The entire ‘martyrathbunblog’ relies on and reiterates essentially three points (allegedly contained in LRH policies) to invalidate the work of the independents. “The squirrels are going crazy because we are winning”; “scientology cannot be practiced outside of the organization”; and “pretty buildings are essential to expansion”.In doing so he ignores 99% of the other written policies of Hubbard-many of which make good sense and provide a measure of workability. By attacking the independents thusly, he limits the dissemination of any workable portions of the subject in favor of those polices that serve only to justify his pathological hatred of his enemies.

    An awful lot can be said about the man, but the bottom line is Miscavige is an asshole.

  147. Michael,

  148. OTDT,
    I understand what you’re saying and don’t disagree with the sentiment. The point I’m trying to make is the arbitrariness and the generality of the terms “stupid” and “intelligent.”

    You can say, “He lives in a house.” But is that house a five hundred square foot shack or a 20,000 sqf mansion? The terms “stupidity” and “intelligence” cover a much wider band than this shack and mansion example. Much, much wider.

    Understanding leads to predictability. Generalities muddy one’s ability to analyze and predict. So, to predict a person’s response and behavior requires a more precise definition of his attributes and capabilities.

    For example, saying a fighter is “tough” doesn’t prepare you for the fight. You study his habits. What does he do? How does he respond? You find he takes a punch to the head pretty well but flinches on body shots. You notice he also overplays his response on feints, so you feint to the head and hit him with body shots. Then he’s weakened and susceptible to head shots. That’s a simplistic example but it will serve.

    Our language tends to provide generalities of meaning that leave us with the pretense of understanding when we need precise understanding. When we talk about intelligence are we talking about the intelligence required to design and implement the complexities of a body, including the design for an eyeball which allows sight, and the brain which processes the impulses? Or are we talking about the street smarts of copying numbers off gift cards at Wal-Mart and periodically checking the internet to cash them in? Man, intelligence covers a lot of ground.

    Just a cautionary tale. It’s a theme that runs through Ron’s work. Predictability is based on understanding precisely what you are observing. Precisely, not generally.


    ps. I think you’re pretty intelligent, btw.

  149. Ahhh – Love it! In Florida. Vacationing! Yep, life is good when you’re free!

  150. Bodil~Sometimes you have to kiss a little ass (or even a big one) to survive in this world! 😉

  151. 😆 Cowboy Poet, you’re a lyrical genius!

  152. Very cool Scott!

  153. Point noted OUT,

    I know one shouldn’t underestimate one’s enemies but one shouldn’t overestimate them either.

    The only *power* Miscavige really has as with any SP is the power to restimulate.

    The only actual “intellect” or “intelligence” he has are from demon circuits and other entities.

    Being an SP the guy isn’t there at all but stuck in some long dead yesterday.

    People are merely fooled by the fact that he has a body here in present time.

    He is probably 99.9% bank and .01 theta which is the actual source of intelligence.

  154. To me, the threat is this: you better not say shit about the C of Miscavige or we’ll spread your dirty laundry…plain and simple.
    Of course where and who they said it to, like Cowboy Poet said, is like a fart in a whirlwind!
    They’d have NO traffic were it not mentioned here…pathetic.

  155. Actually I have no idea what you’re talking about WE.

    Since Miscavige stated back in ’96 that the IRS is his and by extension the Church of Scientology’s “friend”.

    Of course it looks like this “friendship” may be hitting the rocks soon thanks to Miscavige’s greed and avarice but what you’ve written is totally contrary to what the generality you say is *Scientology* which I presume is the Organization currently says about the IRS.

    Now Ron himself says some harsh words about the Service which I happened to be in agreement with since until the IRS Restructuring and Reform Act of 1998 the IRS was a implacable beast or monster that was totally out of control.

    Also it wasn’t just *Scientology* that was saying these things but many of the Service’s victims who had suffered through no knock raids and seizure of their property at gun point and congress after hearing their horror stories which was the reason for the IRSRRA of ’98.

  156. Tory Christman

    David Miscavige and gang have c r e a t e d their own enemies, literally for years. I used to tell OSA that, back when I was “in”. They’ve posted SO many lies about myself and others, including phony web sites, phony YT sites, etc. What got me through it were dear friends who would always post:

    “Magoo: You MUST be doing something very right, that they’re attacking you SO much”.

    Often these comments came from critics who were never “in”, as well as X-Scios, but it helped me, greatly at the time. And after years, I realized it’s TRUE! So keep this in mind, Marty, and Paul–IF they do post anything about Paul, which I *highly* doubt.

    As I always tell people: Any of these celeb’s could pick up a phone and be connected to some of THE biggest media in the world, in minutes. Do you think they’ll be interested in the “church” of $cientology trying to screw over Academy Award winning Writer and Producer, Paul Haggis? Oh baby!
    Having spent hours talking with media, for years, they *love* stories about Celebrities. So Rock on, Dave-the-slave Driver. Tick tock, Tick Tock….
    🙂 Happily, time IS on *our* side!

  157. Firebreathing Frog

    Stop paying to the IAS if you are a church member and see…
    They come to you at 2am and will stay all night until you re-mortgage your house for the 3 times, take another loan (that your own kids will have to pay when you dead).
    It frighten lot of people to see this crazy regging and how much people are fuuuullll of debt and loan.
    You right, IRS is not that dangerous.

  158. Firebreathing Frog

    This past Sunday, I had lunch with some Scn friends. I knew the lady is a good friend of Mr. Haggis, so I tested the water by mentioning his name. Sure she knew about his story.
    Mr Haggis is well trusted and respected, and the more black PR the “church” will spread on him, the more people will see the truth.
    If you position yourself as an enemy of a well respected, trusted and liked individual, the more you will be seen as a nuts.
    Another point that shock me, is how the “” is pathetic. You can feel the guy writing is not very happy, full of hate and not very bright. No-one will trust people on that level of he tone scale.
    On the real Marty’s blog, you see success stories, you see videos of Marty interviewing his PC and having a good time.
    Much more fun and informative to read.

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