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Idle Org Fraud – The Proof


In the summer of 2006, right about the time Idle Org regging went over the top to stay, and it had spread around the world, David Miscavige had to address some burning questions the public was asking.  In order to handle the “noise” from the “riff raff” public, he went straight to his A team – the OT Ambassadors.  He knew as his ambassadors they’d spread back into org fields and set the riff raff straight, “tone 40” style.   Now, buckle your seat belts before you read Miscavige’s words below.  When he doesn’t have a Sherman-speak speech on teleprompter side checked by his $1,000 an hour attorneys, the damnedest stuff issues from his mouth.  Note well, incidentally, how he outright dismisses L Ron Hubbard in front of this crowd.  What is remarkable is that inspite of the non-sequitor, non-sensical, and plain idiotic Miscavige answers, these OTA’s apparently were satisfied, clicked their heels and went right to work damping out the public resistance. Anybody still want to argue against the proposition that the higher one moves on Miscavige’s Bridge the more compliant and tractable he or she becomes?  





From recording of live event


OK?  All right.  Ok. Now. So here’s some questions that came up on orgs. Now that I’ve given you all that data, let me tell you this, because I know you’re going get together people on that. People ask, “Why in the city? Why in the country? Why a test center? And why does it have to be so big?” Ok.


Taking all this data, there are very basic factors. LRH gives data on where an org can be prominently located. In major cities you often want them right there, prominently located in the middle of the city. Some cities, everybody leaves after work and they’re not in city. Ok? So that’s one factor.  Why the country? Because you can build it bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger. And economic wise for people to get, to live around that area, etc….



… So how big do you want it? How big… people say “Why 45-60,000?” Because we’ve generally calculated out that’s about the size that you can fit in these different services. But take a look what you want. You want your public division displays. You want people to walk through. You want several film rooms. People can walk in and just see a film. Ok. You want to be able to deliver a seminar. You can have a weekend seminar where new people are coming, but then they’re going to keep going on co-audit. Next weekend they’re going to be back. But the new people are going to be there for the weekend seminar. Well, that means you need a second seminar room for co-auditing. So you need two of them. You want a co-audit going of group processing, you need another room. So why this size? Ok, what size do I want you to have? Ok, 200,000 square feet. Do you see what I mean? You can’t really pick the size. What size? The bigger the better. I’ll give you another clue. The bigger, the easier. That’s all. So we want as big as possible. But the real issue are knowing what these services are, you know you want a bunch of public rooms. You know, we don’t have it down at Flag you can walk into the Auditorium, but think about the org you went to, here’s how it would go:


I’d walk in, “Hi, I want to know what Scientology is.”  “Ok, the Reg is over here.” (LAUGHTER).


And “I’d like to go into a seminar.”  “Ok, please, welcome to our broom closet.” Ok.






We’re trying to get these big areas because these are many group services.  So that’s – for some of those of questions that’s the general answer.   Knowing what these services are, you get a better idea as to what sort of org you’re looking for.  And obviously all the ones we’ve had, they have an element that makes it – okay, good, yeah – this is gonna work.