Daily Archives: May 14, 2011

Rise and Shine

I noticed by a number of indicators that apparently the past few days of posts on the subject of Scientology spying have created some fear within the ranks of Independents and others who frequent this blog.  I can tell by the comments, numbers, back channel email and phone comm.

I noticed some people playing the old “ignore” the black panther card.  It goes, “I have nothing to hide, I am a friend with everybody, and I’ll just charm them right on up the tone scale.”  For those who don’t care much about the future of Scientology, and thus don’t make it their business to do much about it, that is perfectly workable. However, for those dedicating some time to salvaging the subject from the jaws of Miscavige defeat,  I am afraid that that philosophy just does not work. The former are not targets for hard ball, the latter are.   Hard core anti-Scientologists are not even targets for hard ball.  Anti-Scientology activity warrants you kid glove treatment by Miscavige.  Corporate Scientology Public Enemies worthy of hard core operations are Independents doing something effective about the continued and future use of the subject Scientology. By comparison, Anti Scientologists are friends of Dave.  That is why it takes a lot more courage to do something about the state of Scientology than to contribute to its demise.  For more on that subject, see https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2009/11/12/the-great-middle-path-redux/

There are two other problems with the “ignore” rationale.

First, whether you have something to hide is utterly irrelevant. Scientology intelligence operatives don’t befriend you primarily to find out stuff about you that you are hiding in order to stay out of trouble.  They befriend you in order to influence you into situations, to find stuff they can take out of context to black PR you and play psychological warfare on you, to covertly drive wedges between you and others, and to lose you your employment, all for the purposes of ruining you utterly.

Second, you are not going to charm a died-in-the-wool 1.1 up the tone scale. If you think you are, then you just plain don’t get the tone scale as covered in Science of Survival, PDC, and a number of other books and lecture series.  Every one of OSA’s agents are certified 1.1s right out of the same mold as their ultimate master David Miscavige.

And, therein lies the good news.  The article Catching Scientology Spies omitted the most important point of all – the most obvious point. It was omitted because it is a given between us primary targets.  And that point is, every one of OSA’s agents are certified 1.1s right out of the same mold as their ultimate master David Miscavige.

Intelligence is a 1.1 business.  The only effective undercover agents are really good 1.1s. They have  got to be real good 1.1s in order to survive in the trade for very long.  Don’t mistake this for the acting trade. This is the living a double life business, convincingly living a synthetic valence over an extended period of time while carrying out the purpose of destroying the life of the target.

So, while we shared fifteen or so common traits of these 1.1s, we omitted to mention the most important overriding point, intelligence agents are 1.1.  Not just in the Scientology field – in all intelligence fields.  And that is why repelling operatives is so easy for someone well above 3.0 who understands the tone scale.  Pretty simple.  I don’t let 1.1s too deep into my life.   If you know the tone scale and the tech of it, there is not much to worry about. The more you know the easier it is. If one only had a superficial knowledge and the ability to rattle off a
number of tones, and a couple of characteristics, it would be a fairly arduous
task.  But if you knew the tone scale so well you can perceive the chronic wavelength a person emits the moment he/she walks into the room it becomes as easy as living a stressless life.  Every tone has its own, unique wavelength.
And with practice they are perceptible. That is Philadelphia Doctorate Course tech, and it takes a pretty straightened out case where theta perceptics are alive and functioning.  But, in the meantime, one can study and work on it. Hell, there are a lot more valuable benefits to such a study than simply spotting and repelling plants.  So, forget the topic of this article; I highly recommend such a course of study for anyone.

The message I wanted to convey here is that despite my attempts to get people’s confront of evil up a few notches, don’t mistake that for the promotion of a dangerous environment. It is not dangerous if you avail yourself of the tech and don’t lead a 1.1 life with a gaggle of 1.1. “friends”, and don’t go reasonable falling for the 1.1 ploys of plastic people in your life. And if you stop buying the theetie-wheetie nonsense that there is no evil in the world and that we all will win solely by holding hands and singing Kumbaya; because, after all, we are all one and the same.  Making people believe that is the biggest and oldest con in this universe.  It sure sounds warm and fuzzy, but it is a covert (1.1) means of getting you to check your ability to “differentiate” at the door, the first step in dispensing with your sanity and causation.

For anyone interpreting this as an invitation for people to witch hunt and willy-nilly call people plants and trolls, please read it again.  It is not. You rarely see me engage in that, and it bothers me when I see trigger happy people attempting to shoot someone for treason on the blog with little provocation.  I chalk that up to an inability to hold one’s position in space, to confront what is before one and to investigate to determine truth.  I do invite people to up their confront and increase their abilities to perceive and reckon truth.  After all, it is truth that will set you free.