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Bridge Collapse Catastrophe or Instant Karma?

Radical Corporate Scientology is now as much as admitting in its promo that the arduous, one to three decade bridge Miscavige has constructed – like a modern day Rube Goldberg – was nothing but smoke and mirrors all along.  We have bait and badgered this admission out of Miscavige by persistently publishing the truth, while going on applying Scientology in a sensible fashion as the Old Man prescribed.

“Men mimic selectively when they are unaberrated, unselectively when they are aberrated. In the case of the insane person who echoes vocally and muscularly any person before him, the mimic mechanisms of the analytical mind have been
impinged on so heavily by engrams that unselectivity is the rule in the extreme.”

–         LRH, The Analytical Mind Oct. 1950

Miscavige just seems to be able to do little more than mimic these days. First, dozens of websites using my name  in the urls and the titles and utilizing my
exact format and imagery.  Then, his websites began publishing articles in my name and in Mike Rinder’s name – that is lurid pieces out of Miscavige’s Dictaphone  bylined  as if written by Mike and I.  The church’s mimicry of Independent characteristics has become habitual, albeit pathetic.  Upon extensive disclosure of Miscavige squirrel arbitraries, the church suddenly implements something to remove the arbitrary.  First it was oppressive Freeloader debt cancellations. Then there was the practice of putting people in purgatory for committing the “sin” of becoming pregnant as a coercion to abort, now pregnant SO members are immediately offloaded.  Then there was promoting the delivery of the OT Drug Rundown NOTS style. It  has become a regular, cause-effect occurrence (except of course, always a lower harmonic mimicry done for ulterior motives as opposed to a genuine reform).

And now,  perhaps the ultimate in low toned mockery and disingenuous reform.  The eighteen-month, THREE-six-month check OT VII.   After getting thoroughly exposed on this blog for using OT VII – and its endless six month check line – as a never-ending control and cash cow line, Miscavige has ordered Flag to get OT VII’s off the line in as little as eighteen months.  No joke.  They are actually promoting it. See the latest from Source mag:

Now, this leaves a number intriguing questions unanswered:

  1. What to do about the majority whom Miscavige sucked dry of savings, pensions, mortgages, and children for eighteen years
    of OT VII?  Do they get a refund for the hundreds of thousands they invested for the pleasure of being subjected to decades of Miscavige arbitraries? Are they so brain numb that it won’t even register to them that they were had?
  2. Does this signify the end of endless control  and shake downs with carrots and Miscavige arbitraries?  Hardly. On the very same center spread of Source that the above OT VII blurb ran in, two other seemingly unrelated  but utterly inseparable announcements were made: a) Flag has had highest ever Purif RD completions, b) Flag has had highest ever Objectives completions.  You wanna guess what case level the bulk ofthose completions were?  You got it, OTs, and you can bet your bottom dollar that is right where his “eighteen month OT VII” is headed.  It is all about hundreds of hours of objectives being required – all the sudden – for OT levels.  Stay tuned for more on that score soon.
  3. Can meaningful reforms be genuinely implemented through mimicry? My guess is not.  Scientology is knowing how to know in the fullest sense.  If these clowns just Chinese school us they still don’t understand.  How would they then be capable of delivering what they don’t themselves understand?
  4. Finally, check out the latest piece of Flag email promo.  Has Miscavige now utterly annihilated the eighteen month record from Clear to OT VII (before the ink was even dry on the first promo of it), by routinely having the ENTIRE bridge done in one year as currently promoted?

What is next, the blue pill?  As in Morpheus to Neo: “You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.”

Or, Instant Karma: