Idle Org Fraud – The Proof


In the summer of 2006, right about the time Idle Org regging went over the top to stay, and it had spread around the world, David Miscavige had to address some burning questions the public was asking.  In order to handle the “noise” from the “riff raff” public, he went straight to his A team – the OT Ambassadors.  He knew as his ambassadors they’d spread back into org fields and set the riff raff straight, “tone 40” style.   Now, buckle your seat belts before you read Miscavige’s words below.  When he doesn’t have a Sherman-speak speech on teleprompter side checked by his $1,000 an hour attorneys, the damnedest stuff issues from his mouth.  Note well, incidentally, how he outright dismisses L Ron Hubbard in front of this crowd.  What is remarkable is that inspite of the non-sequitor, non-sensical, and plain idiotic Miscavige answers, these OTA’s apparently were satisfied, clicked their heels and went right to work damping out the public resistance. Anybody still want to argue against the proposition that the higher one moves on Miscavige’s Bridge the more compliant and tractable he or she becomes?  





From recording of live event


OK?  All right.  Ok. Now. So here’s some questions that came up on orgs. Now that I’ve given you all that data, let me tell you this, because I know you’re going get together people on that. People ask, “Why in the city? Why in the country? Why a test center? And why does it have to be so big?” Ok.


Taking all this data, there are very basic factors. LRH gives data on where an org can be prominently located. In major cities you often want them right there, prominently located in the middle of the city. Some cities, everybody leaves after work and they’re not in city. Ok? So that’s one factor.  Why the country? Because you can build it bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger. And economic wise for people to get, to live around that area, etc….



… So how big do you want it? How big… people say “Why 45-60,000?” Because we’ve generally calculated out that’s about the size that you can fit in these different services. But take a look what you want. You want your public division displays. You want people to walk through. You want several film rooms. People can walk in and just see a film. Ok. You want to be able to deliver a seminar. You can have a weekend seminar where new people are coming, but then they’re going to keep going on co-audit. Next weekend they’re going to be back. But the new people are going to be there for the weekend seminar. Well, that means you need a second seminar room for co-auditing. So you need two of them. You want a co-audit going of group processing, you need another room. So why this size? Ok, what size do I want you to have? Ok, 200,000 square feet. Do you see what I mean? You can’t really pick the size. What size? The bigger the better. I’ll give you another clue. The bigger, the easier. That’s all. So we want as big as possible. But the real issue are knowing what these services are, you know you want a bunch of public rooms. You know, we don’t have it down at Flag you can walk into the Auditorium, but think about the org you went to, here’s how it would go:


I’d walk in, “Hi, I want to know what Scientology is.”  “Ok, the Reg is over here.” (LAUGHTER).


And “I’d like to go into a seminar.”  “Ok, please, welcome to our broom closet.” Ok.






We’re trying to get these big areas because these are many group services.  So that’s – for some of those of questions that’s the general answer.   Knowing what these services are, you get a better idea as to what sort of org you’re looking for.  And obviously all the ones we’ve had, they have an element that makes it – okay, good, yeah – this is gonna work. 


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  1. Wondering How Come

    I also have a question. I’ve posed it elsewhere but think I will get intelligent answers here:

    Why do the people who *leave* the Corporation Church look so much healthier and happier than the ones inside? If the “Church” stock and trade is “helping people” — then why do their highest state members (like those OT 8 Ambassador men) look crabby, creepy, grumpy, arrogant and sick?

    And why do the people on the outside look happy, intelligent, joyful, creative? Some even glow!

    My question (part of it) is: if the “everyone” out here and the thousands who left the “Church Corporation” are “all” SPs (evil) to the “Church” like the Corporation says –then why are they happy and beaming and capable, why do they benefit and grow and get better from the use of Scientology? Why do the ones who practice Scientology outside of the corporation control look so much more glowy and get better in life?

    If they are in truth “SPs” then according to the “scripture” of David Miscavige, they would get no “case gain”, they would not get better. Because one of the characteristics of an SP (i.e., a Suppressive Person, someone who hates for others to get better) is that he/she/it doesn’t get better or respond to help treatment, right?

    Logic could say then that the ones INSIDE would be getting better, right? Since they are the only nonSPs.

    BUT !!—> BIG Red Flag: those insiders look dense, sick, mean and gross. Serious and solid. Do they get “case gain”? Do the one’s inside benefit from Scientology? If yes, why doesn’t it SHOW? Why are they so negative and hateful and really, they look like they are cased in lead, so heavy! It looks like they don’t get case gain!

    Yet they call others who leave that group “SP”. Hmmm. Puzzled.

  2. Whatever in the hell he said made not a lick of sense!

  3. Osama Bin Laden is dead. There is a planetary LFBD.

    It’s only May and already look at Tunisia, Egypt, Syria…. all ousting two bit dictators.

    President Obama’s speech tonight brought justice and relief to many people — the moment something can be done about it, it is less suppressive.

    The Age of Two Bit Dictators is passe’. The age of Communication and SOCIAL MEDIA is here. Antisocial media becomes pretty obvious.

    Let’s hear it for COMMUNICATION!

  4. Marty,

    It’s obvious that these OTAs haven’t had a stitch of admin training.

    My god what this moron is saying isn’t supported by any policy I’ve ever read and I’ve read quite a few.

    Yet these “OT” A-tards are probably moving their heads up and down like a buncha bobble heads.

    Like WTF?

    I think the name of the Maiden Voyage should be changed to the Ship of Fools!

    And on that note an appropiate musical interlude:

  5. I’d walk in, “Hi, I want to know what Scientology is.” “Ok, the Reg is over here.”

    Truer words have not been spoken.

  6. Howard Roark

    Hard to read. Do these transcribers clean this up, or is this verbatim, or what?

  7. Howard Roark

    I’ve seen this too.

  8. Marty, Ok, yeah. You published this and we’re getting for everyone who’s inside. If yes, then how we has with stats going straight up and vertical? I’ll give a clue. Ok. So that’s number one. We’ve got the English language and COB from Philly there. He has or have cheese steak. So we ask how many verbs, nouns, prepositions, modifiers do we need to make that cheese? Then we just butcher, butcher, butcher, butcher, butcher. Those words, you see what I mean? We get smaller words, smaller and more common. Just leave those out.

    Taking all these words and smaller words, we don’t care. Why is that? Do you even know? Ok. We want COB picking the size. That’s easy because he only picks the same three. Ok. So, ok. Alright. Good. Now we’re getting somewhere, ok?

    Now, here’s the part. I know you’ll be looking for under it but not just you, ok. And not just under. Why? And grammarwise it just isn’t by why not? Because we want it, see. Otherwise Danny Sherman has to write everything and Miscavige will say lesser or greater to it just by pulling his own string tied to that piece of cheese steak. Flunk, flunk, flunk, flunk, FLUNK!

    So, we’re trying to get these big sentences because there are many words going places but some don’t make it on personal COB seminars. Knowing what these words are but for, but that’s the general picture. And obviously all the words we had and the sentences, there was a pattern once that made it into… okay, good, yeah. This is going to hurt your brain every time.


  9. barney rubble

    Wow, interesting stuff indeed. You can tell his speech is like “The Kings Speech” scenario (Oscar 2011 Best Picture category). And this is our dear leader?! WTF!

  10. @WHC:

    That’s quite easy to answer actually. The CoS is lying.

    They didn’t “make a mistake”, have an “oopsie” moment or “get some facts wrong” – they are pushing a lie. Once that simple fact is observed, everything else in your post neatly falls into place.


  11. Well , i guess first we’ve to understand the definition of ” case gain ” from the viewpoint of the KoS ; “case gain ” is a diminutive of ” suitcase gain “, meaning
    ” quantity of bucks in My suitcase “. So,scientologists contributing to that command intention MAKE “case gain” , the others are SP , meaning ” Stingy People “.
    Well i’ve a question , and maybe someone can answer. I just met two OT7 just coming back for flag , who told me that flag was seting up a very big room to get “all” OT7 on objectives co-audit (to “flat” their objectives)… Of course these two OTs look VERY BIs ! I knew Group Auditing , but not Group CSing… Can anyone comfirm that crap-project ?

  12. Rory Medford

    Wondering How Come,

    Great observation and great conclusion. When you are out you are free when you are “IN” you are trapped in the maze of chaos, force and blah, blah, blah. You can fill in the blanks but great OBSERVATION only if others could see how miserable they are when they are in. So whats the logical solution?

    Get OUT!!!!

  13. Firebreathing Frog

    If becoming OT in the church of David Miscavige, COB RTC, means becoming such robots, I understand why so many people are looking for independents auditors and supervisors to get up the bridge.

    COB RTC, David Miscavige has redefined the definition of OT:
    1. Obedient Thetan
    2. Oppressed Thetan
    3. Obtused Thetan

    He is trying to make everyone as stupid as he is (not a small task btw).

  14. I cannot see any mention of: “I want 2 HGCs and 200 or more students on the academy..”. Stuff like this that would justify big space.

  15. Journey Continued

    Hey Marty,

    It seems painfully obvios that Micariage has a real issue with the size of things!

    No wonder.

  16. Impartial English Girl

    What immediately leaps out at me from the drivel spouted by DM above is the number of times he says “OK/Okay”. That indicates to me a person clearly on the back-foot and under a bit of pressure. People (and I use that term loosely in DM’s case) who are in a tight spot often use words such as “OK”, “Right”, “Well” either as an involuntary nervous reaction or to try and conceal their blustering.

    On a separate note – is DM slowly turning into George Segal (circa late 1980’s)…?

  17. It’s amazing what regular meals, lack of sleep deprivation and worry over finances can do for a person!

  18. Theo Sismanides

    Hey Marty, that’s the 1 billion $ question? Let’s keep Scientology to what Hubbard said it is: Common Logic. Where is it? LOL!!!! good question Marty, good question!

  19. I’d walk in, “Hi, I want to know what Scientology is.” “Ok, the Reg is over here.” (LAUGHTER).
    And “I’d like to go into a seminar.” “Ok, please, welcome to our broom closet.” Ok.
    Joker and degrader. He makes fun of hardworking staff !
    No org had ever a problem of no “rooms” but the main problem is “no new public” !


  20. Former Flag Customer

    The interesting thing to me is that DMis’s rambling, nonsensical style of speaking has not changed since I briefly met him over twenty years ago.
    He is still blocked from the fruits of observation. There has been no apparent mental development that I can detect.

  21. Substitute “Miscavology” for English in this lyric. The majority know, they just can’t bring themselves to confront the truth in front of them, IMHO.

    “Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way
    The time is gone, the song is over,
    Thought I’d something more to say”

  22. Well, “Wondering how come”, re the thing you say about how people look inside the Church as compared to outsiders, independents. I think what you see on the ex church people is the kind of reaction anyone would show after having ended a bad relationship, no matter the cause of that bad relationship – relief and a sense of freedom and in an environment where people around them have the same reality as them, thus higher ARC – again, this is not a sign of that ARC being based on “truth” or not, it´s just ARC, and as long as one is not involving oneself with actual 20%-ers, people who are low on trust and high on defense, that ARC is as much ARC as anything else. So the raise in tone is natural, and is not in itself as sign of badness or goodness of what you distance yourself from. It´s a destimulation from a problem – no matter the cause of that problem – and as long as you yourself do not carry WITH you the seed of that problem (a low condition), the problem will not stalk you yet again. (That´s why proper and actual Doubt must be carried out – which do NOT include, by the way, “publishing that doubt formula for the enlightment of others” – that is a squirrel application – it only says publish your decision to both sides) And as regards “people inside” I think your window of observation is from such people in a situation of conflict with hostile outsiders, and frankly, your own selective observation serving to back up your own viewpoint.

  23. Well send em all down to see the Thor/Loki movie and maybe that will break their Ice a little bit.

    All the best

  24. If I were a Freudian oriented person, I could analyze a lot on dm´s fixation on “size”.

  25. Lucky Dilettante

    I saw the the same phenomena as you which I describe as the sort of “pasty” look to those deeply involved. I can tell you that this was not the case in the early 1980’s when Ron Norton was head of Flag. At that time, I remember that many staff were highly polished, well dressed, and healthy. I think that the ones “cased in lead” are driven that way by the negative attitudes and “fear” of top management. I have also noticed that the “driving force” in this situation is sometimes the idea that top management in Scientology controls a person’s “eternity”. If I truly believed that David Miscavige controlled my “eternity”, I guess I would turn into a ‘pasty lead” at just the idea.

  26. Pascal Dorion

    I was told by an OSA Exec that to be declared “SP” is akin to a condition assignment. Tyranny is built around the concept of “order” and SP declares bring “order” to a certain degree. Aristrocracy is built around “knowledge” ie as-isness and that is what we need in CoS.

  27. martyrathbun09

    Perfect duplication Steve.

  28. martyrathbun09

    They try their hardest.

  29. Tony DePhillips

    Hillarious Steve,
    I was reading yours and thinking WTF he sounds like dm…and then I got it! LOL!!

  30. Hallelujah

    Tara — I must admit I counted the words. 480. Of those, 16 were acks. Yes, I DO have better things to do. H

  31. Tony DePhillips

    This idiot speaks in gibberish.
    The OTA’s must pretend that they duplicate him out of fear. Who wants to be the one to stand up and say ” Sir, WTF did you just say?? It made absolutely NO sense you dwarf headed moron!!”

  32. “This is going to hurt your brain every time.”
    Amen. And not just my brain.

    Thanks for the quick trip through what passes as the mind of the Pope of Organized, Radical Scientology.


  33. By George, you’re right! It is interesting if you don’t read it, but kind of pick out the parts you can agree with, there are sufficient LRH catch phrases that you can walk away with an incredible opinion of what you wanted to hear, what you should have heard. The contrast of fact vs dub in is stark.

    Is this “speech” proof of the question can a monkey type out all of Shakespeare’s works if he jumps around on the typewriter long enough? Does lend credence to that proposition.

    Bruce Pratt

  34. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Mama said ” Stupid is as Stupid does”!

    David Miscavige….. Your being a High School drop out is showing. Your lack of Administrative and Technical Training is SERIOUSLY showing. If you had only studied, completed and applied KTL, you could talk your way out of a paper bag.

    Listen Folks, David Miscavige is mega incompetent! He’d screw up cleaning your dog crap from the back yard but he’d sure kick your ass at a game of Nintendo! Sound familiar to anyone….

    You’ve all seen his incompetence in your own way. You’ve had your suspicions. – Directly or indirectly.

    Now exercise your ability to observe, your ability to reason!

    Stop supporting the incorrigible, incompetent, evil bastard!

    — Jackson

  35. Hear! Hear,Veritas!

    Let’s take a moment and acknowledge this important point! The world and the future are both a little brighter today, as the balance is tipped further away from darkness!

    Just think, davey – if bin Laden could be gotten to so quickly and so devastatingly while hiding behind 18’walls with razor wire, surrounded by a military town, protected by a country with nuclear capabilities, WHAT is really protecting YOU?

    TICK – TOCK.

  36. Ohmigod. What a great laugh – I feel so great after reading that.

    Thoughtful, you are being a gift, OK? OK? Cheese steak or no, going forward with that while we’re also being here and making progress – there’s really no string on us. Sideways or not. And the clock is ticking. Cheese steak-wise.

    (Seriously, I suspect you are a genius).


  37. Well, Mr. DePhillips, obviously YOU want to tell him that. As a matter of fact you DID just tell him that.
    Well done.

    Methinks the only thing that is factually straight up and verticle in the CoM is big dave’s meteoric ascent into a complete psychotic break.

  38. (Thanks to Deep Fax, more of the transcript leaks out…)




    From recording of live event (continued)


    OK! Alright, so…alright….

    Well…some of you have been asking…like…

    …ah, what’s the purpose of having these Div 6 walk-through stations, where they sit down and watch a video and then go into another room and watch another video and then spin around and watch a video behind them, well…
    then when a question gets asked, the Div 6 Tour Guide is trained to walk over and push the button that answers their question, but in a way that doesn’t REALLY answer the question, ’cause that’s cutting your own throat, you know?

    OK? I mean that’s pure LRH isn’t it? Don’t cut the reach. Keep ’em coming. Keep ’em wanting the answers…show ’em what they don’t know, what’s valuable to know, what they should know, what we know that they DON’T know and they’ll be clamoring for that next video. I mean…those videos are designed to INCREASE their reach so that by the time they’re done, they’re just…salivating…just drooling…panting, begging on their hands and knees holding fists full of dollars, waving it frantically to “Please! Please! Please let me sign up! Don’t let me remain out here in a state of incapable stupidity headed for planetary doom! Here! Please! Take my money!” You know?


    It takes the bungling staff member out of the equation that have traditionally said bizarre things…non-secquitor things…throws the public off, they leave having all their questions answered and…THAT’S not why we built these Ideal Orgs…we built these orgs to…well, number one to IMPRESS the living hell out of people so they’ll WANT to come in, and secondarily once we get ’em in there, to ENTICE the hell out of ’em with dazzling blah-blah-blah from some celebrity or someone who looks really good on video and has a tone level that’s not dragging on the floor. Some typical ordinary dull staff member is NOT going to impress anybody.


    Christ, I saw one screen test from just a regular academy student, I had to pull him off course to get to him because evidently he would run out the side door every night immediately after course if he saw us, so…we had some guards waiting for him and we got him…finally.


    I mean, the sup was mad…earlier we took the guy right off course and inadvertently cut the sup’s academy attendance in half, but when he found out it was ME who did it, he backed right off. But to honest, I RPFed him anyway, I can’t tolerate the CI. That’s what’s kept us from growing all these years, the hidden CI. So, he’s…ah…he’s gone and we’ve got a new one in training and in the meantime, we can get a hell of a lot of education going right there in those Div 6 video chambers.

    So, you sit the public individual down and say as little as possible. They can’t really understand anyway, they’re all operating off circuits, just circuits and dramatizations of engrams and implants and they can’t really think for themselves, so you just order ’em around. “SIT HERE”, “WATCH THIS”, “SHUTUP”, “PAY NOW”, just Tone 40 commands…that’s all they’re going to respond to…the walking dead….you really have to have your command factor in, or they’re just going to walk out after the videos.


    When that google-eyed public is sitting there dazed, puzzled or whatever and they ask something like, “Well, what IS Scientology, anyway?”, don’t TELL them. They’re NOT going to understand. Instead, just wave your arm across the room, Ok? Just wave your arm across the expanse of your Ideal Org building, and nod, nod confidently. They’ll get it. Or they won’t. And if they don’t, then it’s just not for them. It’s beyond them. Scientology is for the able. So we can make ’em MORE able, they can PAY more, DONATE more.


    Ok? We had a guy in here the other day on a pilot. We sat him down, hit the video button and the testimonial on the screen was something like, “My life is just SO much better since Scientology!” and the guy just threw his hands up in the air! Just jumped up like a Pentecostal spontaneous dancer…pulled his pockets inside out, pulled his wallet out and just started flipping credit cards towards the reg who was sitting off to the side! The reg never even said a word, just sat there in awe of the effectiveness of this video system. The guy paid for the whole Bridge! Bought every single product we had!


    I mean, the guy ran home, got the deed to his house, his pink slip for his car, came back carrying his wife’s jewelry box, his kids’ piggy banks, his bankbook, checkbook, his coin collection from when he was a kid, Ok? I mean he had a wheelbarrow and just dumped it on the reg’s desk and said, “Sign me up! I want it ALL! I don’t care WHAT it takes!”


    Now, THAT’S an effective public recruitment campaign. Ok? I mean, they’ve got no choice, really. It’s the org. The Ideal Org building. It’s so…awesome…so BIG! So many rooms! Ok? Someone who sees that many rooms has gotta be thinking, “Gee, with all these rooms, they gotta have something going for ’em!” You know? Impressive! Makes an impact! Wow!


    I mean, these ‘independents’ as they call themselves…don’t have a chance! They can’t compete with what we have, ok? They don’t have the buildings! The rooms! The video displays! Lucky if they have an office or even a room to audit in! We’ve got castles! Skyscrapers! Marble columns! Mayors showing up cutting ribbons! Newspaper and TV coverage! It’s out of this world! We’re well on our way!

    Take D.C. for instance, OMG! What a difference our new NOI members are making in security and attracting the public in general. I mean, the public sees them out there in their bow ties, barbecuing up those delicious hot dogs and burgers, people come flooding in by the droves! Just from the smell alone!


    I mean, it’s like…ok, here have a hot dog! Sit here and have a burger! Look at this video! Buy this book! Go get money and sign up for this course! Here, have an IAS membership! Give us your money! Help us make more Ideal Orgs! The public is right there with us! They want to help! They want the tech! Some public have even started demanding their own uniforms, a symbol, you know? Of commitment! Well, we’ve got one under design, we’re surveying it…the bow tie seems very popular…a hat…a unisex hat, maybe along the lines of the Black Panther beret or even the bowler type of NOI hat or even a pop culture pork-pie hat like Kid Rock or something, who knows where the survey will lead, but we’ll implement it and that’ll be another symbol of our…our good works and what we stand for and I think we really need that in society at this time, don’t you? A presence, a unified presence!


    Well, another thing too is that we’ve discovered that around 90% of our gross income is coming from about 20% of our parishioner population and that means basically that 80% are just taking up wasted space, not doing much good, not buying much, not really in the game so we think it’s time to just kick ’em out of the stadium. They’re either in or they’re out and if they’re here, they’re damn well here on the same terms as the rest of us or just get out…ok? Just get out of our way! They’re clogging up our path.


    Now…celebrities…well, that’s a different matter now, isn’t it? They need a lot more nurturing….pampering, ok? A lot more. They’re worth more. The public notices them, they don’t give a damn about Joe Sixpack, but they’re mesmerized by celebrities. Take Tom for instance, I mean…if we’d been treating him like just a regular old parishioner, good god, who knows what would have happened to him? He’d still be with Nicole…making weird movies and having to put up with her nonsense. SP stuff. Ok?


    Why else do you think we build Tom his elaborate hangers and clubs and bars and custom made cars and special e-meters in the shape of a fighter jet cockpit, and audition girls for him, and hold hedonistically expensive parties for him, ok? And race tracks and skeet shooting and motorcycle riding and trips all over the place…I mean…it’s TOM CRUISE! Do you know how many phone calls a day we get asking if people can come in and meet Tom? Like they think he’s in every single Ideal Org in the country…in the world for chrissakes and that’s been SO good for business.

    (cheering and hooting)

    He’s a draw…I’m a draw…people love listening to me and my well-planned demonstrations and briefings….but there’s only ONE Tom and only ONE me! What the hell do we do about that? Ok, we have Kirsti Alley, but…christ, one day she looks like a whale…another day like something else, on-off, on-off, up-down, up-down, jesus if that ain’t PTS I don’t know what is. I mean, we…ah…assessed it on her and found her PTS item and…it was…I don’t know if I’m supposed to reveal this, but what the hell…it was FOOD! Who’da thunk? Duh! So…we can’t really use her as a draw, right? Make sense?

    (hooting and whistling, chair drumming)

    Who else so we have? Travolta…that’s another story. John’s a great guy, but good god almighty…the rumors…the rumors…stronger than the ones about Tom. Way stronger. More collaborative witnesses against John too, so we hold him out of the spotlight as much as we can.


    But back to the Idea Org buildings…ok, so…BIG! BIGGER! BIGGEST! EVEN MORE BIGGEST! Elaborate! Ornate! Huge! Lots of videos, screens, buttons to press to answer questions, to inform, to properly brief. The staff don’t have to say anything, just point, maybe put their finger to their lips to politely indicate to the public to just be quiet and watch. We’ve got it all covered.

    (cheering, floor stomping)

    Now, when we get that last final remaining org turned Ideal, I think the one in Yemen…which we’re almost complete on our initial plans…the right government people have been…ah…well, not bribed…but…ah, sort of, legally though, all legal, then we’ll be complete on target on our initial Ideal Org Program and ready to kick in the afterburners and really make those Orgs look even more spectacular with the Enhanced Idea Org Program, ok?


    I mean, we want the general public, when they lay their eyes on an Ideal Org building, we want ’em to just drop to their knees in awe, stunned, unable to NOT be drawn in like a magnet, based on its beauty, its MEST symbology that says to them, “Total Freedom Can Be Attained Here…Must go in!”


    Sheets of diamond paneling are in the works to line the outside of the org, tell me that won’t sparkle some eyes! Gold…gold everywhere…golden columns, golden doors, gold chairs, gold walkways, jewel encrusted doorknobs, stained glass, golden toilets, VIP valet parking, limo rides to the org, complimentary gift bags…you know, like at Hollywood parties, lure them in with a nice velvet bag filled with like…an iPod, a nice pair of nail clippers, a coupon for Jimmy Chu shoes, nice Yuppie stuff, haircuts, massages, stock market advice, anything…we need the Yuppies, if we’re going to move up in the world. Those Yuppies like being treated like celebs. It works. We’re tired of all these homeless broke riff-raff that body routers seem to be intent on hauling in, wasting everybody’s time.

    (cheering, screaming, chair drumming, whistling, clapping)

    But with this new Golden Age of Dissemination…the impressive factor with all that I’ve mentioned, it’s just going to…you know…blow the roof off the place with upstats and the able and the rich who are looking to thread a camel through the eye of a needle to save themselves from their horrible lives, still looking for a way to get into heaven, why…we can promise these things, ok? With some degree of certainty, especially with our 100% standard Golden Age of Tech perfect auditing and our Flag Only Super-Sonic Grade Delivery Rundowns. Just get ’em in and shoot ’em up the Gradechart before they know what’s hit them, get it?

    (laughing, cheering, whistling, yodeling, chair pounding, people spinning and dancing in the aisles)

    Now, one thing we have to correct immediately, and it’s based on something that I experienced on my last Ideal Org Inspection. I dressed up like a bum, nobody knows this…nobody…you’re the first to have this information revealed…but I dressed up like a bum and I ‘wandered’ into the Ideal Org and asked if I could find out what this Scientology thing was all about.


    I had on rumpled pants, a backwards baseball hat, a ripped up t-shirt with mustard spilled on it, dirty sneakers, etc. And they treated me like I was worth something. Spent hours on me. I told ’em I had no money. They still spent time with me. Now…WTF? What’s that about? How is THAT KSW? How are we supposed to achieve our mission of making the able more able when we expend our resources on the unable? OK? Does that make sense to anyone?

    (booing, razberries)

    Money! Without it, we’re nothing. With it we’re really something. People listen. Power. Money. Buildings. Upstats. Able. Videos. Celebrities. Speeches. Golden Age of Freedom. We’ve got the formula down.

    (prolonged cheering)

    And the key is also, servicing the community. We need lots of rooms in these Ideal Orgs to be able to service the local community…permeate it…own it, run it, command it, rule it, govern it, control everything. We have so many programs, we have the Volunteer Ministers – touch assists, you know? Just grab somebody off the street, preferably someone with a suit on or looks like they have some money and just start right out with, “Feel my finger” before they even know what you’re doing…just WHAM! Right in session! Now, THAT’S impinging!

    (standing, saluting, cheering, jumping up and down)

    We have the Purif, get anybody off drugs. We have the Able thing, just wipe literacy right off the face of the earth in one fell swoop, well…those capable of learning, that is, not everyone is.

    We have gung-ho groups down in Antarctica, really dedicated OTAs just trudging across the toughest tundra you ever saw in your life, stumbling into Russian scientists and Swedish archeologists and you name it, they just POW! Get ’em right in session with a havingness process or a locational or show ’em a video off their laptop, I mean…this is high-tech effective stuff! No one can resist our OTAs, man, they are just…what’s the word? Effective. Very effective. Big. Very big. Wait ’til you see the Ideal Ice Orgs we’ve got planned for Antarctica, man it’s Ice City, everything…cold as ice…hard ice, hard cold chrome steel ice. And very impressive. And that’s about it. I think we’ve got an overall formula that’s working and we’re cutting an unprecedented path right straight through the primitive jungle of this planet. OK? Ok.

    (rapturous fainting, hallelujas, bowing, kneeling, cheering, spontaneous outbursts of singing, OTAs arm in arm, Sea Org guards shaking spears and rattling their swords)

    Well, I think you’ve been thoroughly briefed now and I expect you to go out there into the world, operating on one of our proven programs, to take some major chunk of responsibility, to make an impact, to run something, to ruin an enemy, to bring down a squirrel, to take over a country, I mean…we’ve got to think big, don’t we? You’re damn right we do! Good luck!

    (cheering, hoots, whistles)

    Oh, and one last thing…we need some more money, so if you wouldn’t mind, just stop in to the mandatory reg on the way out and kick your status up a couple of notches and we can keep this game going that we’re finally starting to win on several fronts straight up and vertical across the boards.

    (subdued clapping)



  39. Tony,
    They are probably confused and demonstrating the blankness one demonstrates after MU’s. Only, there is nothing to duplicate so, you can’t clear it up.

  40. DM is both a physical dwarf and a mental dwarf . His arrogance and stupidity is endless – hence the need for bigger bigger bigger – to house all his empty bluster. I think DM needs a long “time out”. Where is the Nanny when you need her?

  41. They say that lifes a carousel
    spinning fast you´ve got to ride it well
    the world is full of kings and queens
    who blind your eyes and steal your dreams
    its heaven and hell, oh well
    And they´ll tell you black is really white
    the moon is just a sun at night
    and when you walk in golden halls
    you get to keep the gold that falls
    its heaven and hell, oh no
    you´ve got to bleed for the dancer
    look for the answer
    fool fool….

    By Black Sabbath, Album Heaven and Hell 1980
    Song: Heaven and Hell

  42. Lets say Miscavige is ousted, commits suicide, is indicted, etc.

    Now, in your estimation, what has to happen so that a ‘leader’ like him doesn’t rise in the ranks and lead Scientology into the darkness again?

    How could one evil person out do a myriad of theta? That is what I am struggling with. Can someone help address this?

    I know that it does happen, ie – Nazi Germany….however his minions were not part of the most ethical people on the planet – dedicating their entire lives to the betterment of humanity.

    It makes me wonder if this type of religious structure should exist at all? I mean, isn’t it just doomed to fail?

    Should one have to move up a bridge, or, should one be shown the bridge in total, and then do the work to cross over? (like any other ‘religion’)

    I am questioning if what is in place now is a working model, that will always work – holding eternity over peoples heads if they don’t do this or that.
    Like – the bible is there, for all to read. It is on you to read it, follow it, if you like.

    Should the texts of Scientology be the same? Only revealing the answers for money, time, etc. at the behest of a select few seems like it can only lead to trouble – look at corporate $cientology.

    Just thinking our loud here. Thoughts?

  43. Mike Hobson

    Steve, excellent reproduction of DM-speak.

    It is clearly evident that McSavage never completed the Hubbard Key To Life Course. Hell, I never did KTL, but I at least received good grades in English Grammar and Composition all the way through High School.

    Holy crap! I believe I *now* truly comprehend this poor bastard. Imagine going through your entire life from childhood never really duplicating and understanding what other people are saying to you nor being able to communicate in such a way that others duplicate and understand *you* at all.

    Would not a person in such a fix become an ever increasing ball of mass, because *no communication* an as-is ?

    Would not such a person collapse into a first dynamic only as no real communication is possible to other dynamics ?

    I reckon this is what happened to D.M. and I do pity him for such a terrible fate.

    Michael A. Hobson

  44. “Joker and degrader. He makes fun of hardworking staff !”
    Thank you for pointing that out. You are so right.

  45. Mike Hobson

    *typo* – should say “*no communication* can as-is”

  46. Steve,


    That’s what I though too….. 🙂

  47. Huh?

    My son could makes more sense, and he is 4 years old.

  48. Try Obedient, Oblivious and Obvious Tools.

  49. I’ve always had the same question regarding Miscavige:

    How much of this guys insane behavior brought about because of stupidity and how much because of evilness?

    An entire floor of the Fort Harrison hotel is 10,000 square feet and this guy thinks the little struggling orgs with a dozen staff need 200,000 square feet of building given to them so they can answer the questions and service the three people that might walk through their doors in a day.

    Can someone be that STUPID!!!!

  50. Tony DePhillips


  51. When you can’t afford to keep the lights on and your located in an industrial area…..not many are walking through. Nuts, that is all I can say about that. To those of you contributing to this madness get up and walk out.

  52. Man LFBD is right. Even if Bin Laden has been dead for over 9 years, this announcement should put to rest those continual Osama “resurrections” so useful in selling the “War on Terror”. The world is indeed a little freer.

  53. If anyone has the facility to paste the HCO B ” Jokers and Degraders” to this blog, I believe you will be astounded at how accurately the whole bulletin describes Miscaviage. It is more than the joking- he is the “joker in the deck”.

  54. Scientology and Scientologists do not need another leader. What give you the idea that there has to be a “Leader”? Each of us are a leader if we apply the true LRH Tech correctly.

  55. Laura Ann, Your comment jogged a realization for me and that is that miscaviage himself is an MU. I would venture to say that most of us would have some pre-conceived notion of what someone with his proclaimed post and duties would be and act like, and there are the factors of dub-in, reasonableness, low confront of evil, etc. But he is simply one big whopping MU. If you asked the average church member to define miscaviage, you would get a PR rendition of all the good he has done, etc. But this would be an invented definition. Or if they are told about what he is actually like, they reject that definition. In effect, he is an MU which results in blankness, etc. There are so many directions you could go on this, including the MU of how can someone who is so insane be in charge of a group that can improve one’s sanity.

  56. I am SO not tracking here. I looked over the materials but could not figure out what you meant by “dismissed LRH.” Please don’t ask me to find my MU. LOL Could you just give me what you meant by this? Thanks.

    I also did not see that he gave them marching orders to go out and stifle the riff-raff.

    I totally agree that these things happened. I just don’t understand this as documenting it.

  57. Owwwwie!

    How rude. Wait. Okay. Yeah, okay.

    Who’s on first?

  58. martyrathbun09

    Your son DOES make more sense than him, day in and day out.

  59. Dear Leader is working on a new career – taking over from the comedian Professor Stanley Unwin who was famous for speaking gibberish.

  60. I hereby propose the future leader in training to take over the C.O.B. post:

  61. David Miscavige is an uneducated, unread, ill-spoken fool.

  62. Let’s see…

    Class V orgs are struggling so let’s get their public to buy massive buildings by force and pressure. This rewards downstats as well as creates a huge bypass, placing orgs in Danger. Of course, most orgs are probably closer to Non-Existence if not flat-out Treason.


    I’d say the overwhelming thing DM is creating for his followers is a healthy dose of Confusion.

  63. OK, now THAT, listen yeah, of course, was exactly about his talk.

    Damn, that shite is funny. Inside Dave’s universe.

  64. Howard Roark

    What a contrast to LRH’s recorded lectures. Unscripted, spontaneous and often entertaining.

  65. 🙂 The opposite to Miscavigebabble. JM speak. Clear. Concise. Declarative.

  66. Tony,
    This sort of gibberish speak is mentioned in the Study Tapes and how to detect a suppressive rendition of some subject. It IS gibberish, and a sort of ‘obfu-speak’, hiding the fact with this concatentation of syllables that there is nothing at the end of the line. There is expected to be something, but there is nothing.

    Well there is one thing, LRH’s data on the sensible location for a CENTRAL org, is wrong, and it should be somewhere else. A new type of org is created in Dave’s world, the ‘Country Org’. Or perhaps the Non-Central Org. That makes sense in Reverse Scientology. The Non-Central Org.

  67. There is not doubt he’s a raving lunatic but very much a computing psychotic. I held down the nauesa and read what he actually had to say. Then I noticed he spoke in the 2nd person, “take a look at what you want… you want to be able… ” etc. Mix that with prior postulates of obedience and compliance (because your future is dependant on it) and a whole crisper view of the gradient acceptance of someone else doing your thinking for you shows through. LRH talks of this in the Perception of Truth series where he uses an example of how a child gradiently gets their parents to gently create stronger & stronger postulates in their favour until eventually they succumb to their created postulates and it all goes on auto.
    To see such an implant at work is sickening. Independants as they are called are a unique breed to be able to seperate out from such drivel. Sure it’s a tough act at times but geezes the alternatives to truth gives me the horrors.
    Good job Marty, you’ve earnt your rec time.

  68. Okay, the COB is an asshole but I don’t get the fraud part.

    Why is it a fraud to build or buy buildings?

  69. “Don’t ever try to stop truth. It’s the only thing that can go through 16-inch armor plate.” – LRH

    “Ideas and not battles mark the forward progress of mankind. Individuals, and not masses, form the culture of the race.” – LRH

  70. Thoughtful, that’s really well done! It isn’t easy to parody gibberish!!!

  71. My one-on-one mentoring on DM-speak started in 1996 and lasted until December of 2003. And every bleeping one of them was just like what I wrote above. The funny thing is that DM launches on these incomprehensible diatribes anytime he opens his mouth when he’s not reading from a teleprompter. Layered over that, he’s usually very angry (Tone level: Hate). Note: there are no typos in the following excerpt:

    COB Meeting in the Cine Conference Room:

    DM: “We go, you guys, what are we trying to do? I’ll tell you, it’s so simple its by ESP. So simple only the most out ethics person in the history of Scientology couldn’t get it. Now that cunt or him. No, even him. He’s absolutely pathetic, you know whom I mean — I know, I have a video of the session. So he’s busted out of WDC and cleaning dumpsters in PAC. He said and then looked at me with that same pie faces I get around here… So, back to: the bigger we go — ok, right! So, ok. Before this goes to Tony for another online edit, so DO we make all those buildings and how to properly introduce them or do we want for the New Year’s videos? Which one?

    Steve (comm lagging, no clue what he was just talking about): “Sir, I’m sorry, I didn’t quite follow …”

    DM: “What do you mean you don’ t follow? I just fucking explained it to you. Does everyone else in here know what I’m talking about? (Emphatic yes’s and nods all around). Marc, what did I just say?

    Marc Yager: “Sir, you said the New Years videos needed a proper introduction.”

    DM: “No, the fuck is NOT what I said. You’re suppressive! And you suck dick! Gabrielle, what did I say?”

    Gab: “Sir, I believe you said, you were asking him for what is the proper introduction.”

    DM: “Yes… and about what?”

    Gab: “If the buildings should be bigger with the marketing.”

    DM: “Fuck you the fuck I said that! What is SHE even doing in here? She doesn’t even make sense and she’s on Marketing? She’s assigned Confusion and GET HER OUT OF HERE! How did she get in here? Who is here from HCO? Who let her here? Lou!!!”

    COB Comm (Lou) (looks at her notes and shakes her head): “I don’t know, Sir.”

    DM: “…Greg! If you are fall asleep I am going to put my fist through your cock-sucking baby face and then you’re going to the RPF. Think I’m kidding? All these people on this side of the room, out. Leave! OUT! WDC all the rest, what do any of them know about scripts writing? Nothing. What do any of them know about Scientology or doing their posts? Nothing! You guys can’t string two words together or barely sign your name. All ya’ll on this side, go too. OUT! Nothing. Mike, Marc, Guillaume, you stay. Not because you treasonous cock-sucking mother fuckers know anything, I want you to HEAR what I say so I don’t have to keep saying it 150 times a day repeating myself to you pecker woods after I explain it here. (To COB Asst about the people leaving:) Shelly, they ought to be RUNNING back and keep on running up there around their building and I mean RUNNING until I come back.” (Shelly runs out screaming at people to run).

    DM: “Lou! (Lou hands DM a protein bar, which he stuffs half in his mouth, a cigarette, and a cappuccino in a Starbucks cup).

    DM: (to Marc) “You got some serious out-ethics to handle. You better tell me what you are going to do about it tonight. Guillaume, that includes you. You got no one on post. All you got is his dick up your ass.

    Marc Yager, Guillaume: “Yes Sir. I will do that. Thank you.”

    DM: “What are you thanking me for? Did he just say that? Literally??? Guillaume, you literally have the worst TRs in Scientology. ‘Thank you, yes, fine, okay, I got that.’”

    Guillaume: “Got that, Sir. I will work on that. I get it, Sir. Really, I got that.”

    DM: “Steve, you are going to answer the fucking question. I know you know what I’m talking about. Now, ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION!” (sits back to wait)


    As per usual, the meeting would end badly. Within minutes a transcript would be issued stamped in red, “COB TRAFFIC – NOT TO LEAVE THE BASE” which I would have to word clear (method 2 or method 9) with someone like the Dir Correction RTC (Claire Headley). During that process I would try to piece together what DM was talking about. The odds were about 70% getting it wrong regardless.

    Finally, in 2003 when DM added physical beatings into the meetings I decided to abandon the sinking ship.

  72. Hi,
    “LRH gives data where an org can be located…”
    Have to ever known LRH to be vague in Policy? DM sails straight over the top of LRH and gives his own directives. There is no other mention, hint or any reference made to Policy, just DMs directives. Couple that with your own observations of the way the Church is now. If an implant is obvious it wouldn’t be an implant would it?
    I don’t know how much training you’ve had but the Data Series shines a very bright light on DM. BUT you MUST be able to OBSERVE and have an idea of what the ideal scene should be, then backtrack. Not easy but once you get the gist of how logic (or how something becomes illogical) functions it becomes easier.
    Hope this helps.

  73. STEVE,

  74. Steve,

    That brought back fond memories! I sat here laughing, though it really is incredible that we went along with this bullshit for as long as we did (and even more incredible that there are still people doing so….)

    This captures the insanity perfectly. Down to asking Gabrielle a question and only after she doesnt answer it correctly is it “waht fuck is she doing here?” and jumping on Guillaume for his inappropriate acks (but had he said nothing he would have been pounded for “violating Dianetics 55 with his suppressive silence”). Literally, no way to win.

    Demented Dave, the twisted sister of religious leaders.

    Thanks for the memories….

  75. Lynne — it’s very subtle and tricky.

    dm says LRH says where an Org should be located. (and then fails to say WHAT LRH says) but just slides into “in a city it could be in the middle of the city OR it could be in the country so you can build something REALLY BIG”

    Nowhere have I ever read that LRH says an org should be in an urban setting. The transport problems become horrendous for public. Out of towners would have trouble getting inexpensive berthing.

    But – it’s the clever way he makes it SOUND like this is what LRH says — as he continues to do exactly 180 degrees the opposite.

    See how tricky? And you are NOT INSIDE 🙂

    As for stifling the riff-raff — he paints a very large big expansive picture (that is far far from reality) BUT he clearly expects these maiden voyage people to let those dissenters say — WAIT — we need this large space because we are going to have multiple GROUP sessions going on ALL the time.

    Yeah, right 🙂


  76. Maybe it’s just because he desires a part in Avengers 2 movie as the God Of Buildings.

  77. Not Dave:

    There is NOTHING wrong with buying buildings. Donald Trump does it all the time. Everyone knows that is what he does.

    Now IF he were to say — I’m buying these buildings with YOUR money, because now I’m the President of the United States and these GLORIOUS buildings are what is going to ensure your safety, education, future generational goodwill, health, security …

    You MIGHT consider that fraudulent.

    Fraud is defined as: “deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage”.

    Hopefully you get the point 🙂


  78. Steve, LOL, you have got this nut case down!

  79. martyrathbun09

    No exaggeration. This happens several times at day at “int base.”

  80. martyrathbun09

    Watch the events from 04 to the present on Idle orgs. He’s got all sorts of cute, on Source sounding shifts to justify them. Not in this transcript, where he is speaking off the cuff. Comprende?

  81. Theo Sismanides

    inFUCKINGcredible! I answered DM style! I am learning Dave, oh you big teacher!!

    Steve that’s horrendous! You guys… you guys… amazing this was/is happening! Anyone leading Scientology could lead better than DM. Hear this guys? Anyone! DM counts on having persuaded everyone he is the ONLY ONE!

  82. DM is so headed for the cliff. Here is a great exerpt from the essay “Group Goals and Managment: The most vital lines of a group are not the operational lines, although they may appear so to the management. They are the theta lines between any theta and the group and the goalmaker and the group. management that tampers with these lines in any way will destroy itself.”
    Theres a loooooot of tampering going on.

  83. Thanks Sherb and WH,
    Yes, I see now that he makes it sound like he’s using LRH but goes off in a different direction. Let’s see, that would be “almost verbal tech but in reality, aha! Verbal Tech!”

  84. lookingin, your comment got me to look one step further.

    Study Tech tells us that MUs cause stupidity. And per the axioms, stupidity is the unknowness of consideration.

    Describes churchies rather well doesn’t it? They have considerations about themselves, their church and it’s leader, and lack knowingness about those considerations.

  85. It is also the end of the money system and the very beginning of the resource based economy. Most people don’t know it yet but many are starting to become aware of it.

  86. Right Marty, unless DM isn’t at the Int base. In which case the insanity is happening somewhere else like at Flag or the Ship. DM emits such a heavy stream of vindictive condemnations (continuous overt acts) I think people make the error of self abnegation — assuming DM is so “brilliant” his mind moves faster than mere words. An orangutan would be a better religious leader. Thanks for publishing these transcripts.

  87. Good point…although Evil is Stupidity. Stripping away any moral significance: Evil is stupidly applied stupid solutions that don’t fix anything.

  88. So why do you think you stuck it out for 7 years in that place, Thoughtful?

    I’m genuinely curious…

  89. Steve, That’s a PERFECT duplication of routine meetings held at the Int base.

    DM once said that he “had” to be so over the top with his verbal abuse because “nothing impinges on you fucks anymore”. He claimed that individuals in WDC & IMEC were just one big reactive “cluster” and drew a diagram of this on the dry-erase board to show how we were not our own beings, but jammed together into one reactive entity.

    As we know, he upped the “ethics gradient” to routine beatings — In his mind, he didn’t consider any of us to be our own identity, so causing physical and mental harm was fully justified, I suppose — though it’s really hard to make sense out of insanity.

  90. NW1,

    Unless you assume the obvious viewpoint that you never were in doubt but that these people who have seized control of the Scientology Organization definitely are in doubt or lower in the conditions.

    It’s like being having some SP as a room mate or as a 2D.

    Why bother announcing the fact that you’ve decided to get the fuck outta Dodge?

  91. Such as every “Ideal Org” and Studio purchased is actually a phallic to compensate for his itzy bitzy teenie weenie?

  92. Faith – So does that means that no one was applying “true LRH tech correctly” at the time when DM made himself COB, and since then?

  93. Lynne and WH,
    In HCO PL 23 Sept 70, QUARTERS, POLICY REGARDING, LRH states clearly the basic data regarding location, size and expense for the org. Here’s a couple of those data:

    “A. VIABILITY of the org (its economic survival including its security from political-enemy-motivated attack) is the first and foremost consideration. In terms of quarters an org can afford just so much expense. Therefore, viability is the first consideration-not how posh or what repute or what image. Thus, we have the policy that:
    Example: Stockholm took very posh, fancy quarters. Up to that time it has been viable. The overload of expense rapidly upset the salary sum, the staff began to moonlight (work on other jobs), and the org all but collapsed until cheaper quarters were found.”
    “B. Quarters must be close to ample and cheap student and pc housing, restaurants and transport.
    Example: Abellund in Denmark, 1969, was a lovely place. The org there failed because it was 42 kilometers in the country without transport or taxis or buses, had no student housing nearby and had no restaurants. It was lovely but hated by students and pes. Its isolation and general atmosphere promoted idleness and the org was down to half rations and no pay when forcefully moved by Flag into Copenhagen where in very bad quarters and bad housing it became viable.”

    DM’s ‘speak’ clearly contradicts the LRH policy.

  94. Not Dave,
    Here’s a part of the fraud; you are supposed to be getting LRH’s brand of Scientology. The above Policy, written by LRH in 1970 covers Central Org buildings. (See response to Lynne and WH.)

    In Dave’s World, he knows better than the experience gained and expressed in L. Ron Hubbard’s policy for a Scientology organization soooooo, he says big buildings, expensive beyond reason, and located in places away from cheap transport, housing (accomodations) and food. That’s a complete contradiction of Policy written by LRH. Now, that’s a ‘bait and switch’. It’s supposed to be LRH, it isn’t, it’s DM.

    Now, this idiot has NO success whatsoever in managing an Org in a city or delivering to a public, or being viable based on that delivery. He’s never worked in a Class V (a city based central delivery) org, ever. He has no clue how to make one viable as witness his utter failure to have a single ‘Ideal Org’ or ANY org, under his management succeed in accomplishing and maintaining anything resembling the model of St Hill in the 60’s under LRH.

    He’s a fraud. His management is a fraud. His entire being is a fraud (out of valence, i.e. ‘not himself’).

    Ummmm, his current philosophy of Clear Colon = Clear Mind ( the regular douching of his arse with coffee enemas) is a fraud too. But that’s just personal at this time…well, he and Lou.

  95. (laughter)

  96. In all fairness to Dave and Lou on the douching of their arses. I suppose if one had his head up his arse as far as these two do, then possibly the attempt to blast it out with a coffee enema might be considered. Judging from the results though, I’m betting the research on this is complete and it’s not looking too positive.

  97. There’s nothing quite like re-studying the PTS/SP references with the live mass of how an insane criminal behaves.
    Thanks to DM I have a much richer and deeper understanding of LRH tech.

  98. LRH was and remains the ‘leader’ and by all accounts he left checks and balances in place so that HIS technology could be safely and sanely applied by a group.
    DM would like the world to think that LRH replaced himself with DM as new ‘leader’, but it just ain’t so. Neither has the ‘Savior of Scientology’ replaced the ‘Founder of Scientology’.
    As for needing a leader, I’ll stick with being ‘independent’ – I’m more the pirate and bum type than the sheeple type.
    Listen to ‘Boots in the Sky’ sometime 😉

  99. a migraine makes my head hurt.

    that awful psycho drek makes my eyes roll back in my head, my sense numb and whats left of my lunch rollover in my stomach.

  100. Dear Leader is gone Mike.
    That’s just a bunch of circuits cross-firing.

  101. Not Dave
    The cob is a fraud.
    He’s pretending not to be a gibbering idiot with a low IQ and delusions of grandeur.

  102. Unbelievable. I get dizzy trying to understand what it is about.
    How could you endure such a psychotic jabbering for years??

  103. “Great ideas ” never needed leaders to get them across. They just conquered the world by their simplicity and inherent truth.
    The ideas in Scientology will find their way into our civilization by itself through their workability. It doesn’t need an organization with a leader who tells how to do it or how to think with it.
    It only needs people studying it and auditing others. Very simple isn’t it ?
    This will be the ultimate test for Scientology !

  104. Bro,
    You’re safe on the Philly Steak – DM hasn’t been eating beef for quite a while, for two reasons:
    1. Shelly’s considerations that eating beef is bad.
    2. Having read a fiction book by Robin Cook – Coma which is a horror story about e-coli poisoning:

  105. One more point from the PL 23 Sept 70 (in Vol 7 OEC in full):
    “Hopeful thinking contrary to these policies, especially A and B, can smash an org.”

    SMASH AN ORG. THAT’S what LRH states. DM’s actions are clear: he is SMASHING ORGS

  106. Steve, M&M:
    I often wondered why most of the people having meetings with DM come out with a shell shocked, very pensive, introverted, and hunted & very serious look mostly looking at the ground and their feet as they hurried away, the majority being pretty downtone and BIs. This was also in different locations – the Int base, LA, Event venues, Clearwater, St Hill and Freewinds.

    I knew most and always liked to say hello, but many would not even look up from their cowed state. Observed this more often than not during the years on that post, as mealtimes would more often be served at DM’s office, private dining or lounge areas. He didn’t mingle and eat at the Officers and crew dining areas (except for the Freewinds where space was limited).

    Thanks for the memories…

  107. Scott Campbell

    Good one Steve-O.

    Could’ve haven’t said it better myself?

  108. Not Dave,

    The Ideal Org is the title of LRH’s Data Series 40 Policy letter of 12 Mar 75.
    LRH describes what he considers an Ideal Org should look like:

    “It would have enough space in which to train, process and administrate without crowding.
    It would be located where the public could identify and find it.
    It would be busy looking, with staff in motion, not standing about.
    It would be clean and attractive enough not to repel its public.
    Its files and papers, baskets and lines would be in good order.
    The org board would be up-to-date and where the public could see who and what was where and which the staff would use for routing and action.
    A heavy outflow of letters and mailings would be pouring out.
    Answers would be pouring in.
    Auditors would be auditing in Div 4 HGC and Qual would be rather empty.
    Supervisors would be training students interestedly and 2-way comming all slows.”

    The Idle Orgs as envisioned by David Miscavige is a total fraud when compared to LRH policies on the subject:
    1. Direct Donations from public to buy buildings (LRH says the org is responsible for their buildings)
    2. Musical Chairs of personnel for grand openings (LRH says musical chairs is a Suppressive Act.)
    3. Having a small public before the transformation makes it impossible for the staff to get public support such a large empty building.
    4. Buying and building or renovating buildings is not the primary biz of a real Scientology Org, the existing Idle Orgs already opened do not produce more products of Winning PCs going up the grade chart and Trained auditors.

    There are many more but as I actually think you’re a troll Not Dave, but I’ll just give you these for starters. To Dave: YSCOSB!

  109. This important post gives another example of the FRAUD and how DM keeps it going.

    It is a perfect example of putting down LRH while being very careful not to say so explicitly – i.e. (DM says: ‘LRH gave some directions about where an org should be located’ (DM does know the refs – Building Fund Account, which he may as well cancel for all practical purposes, nobody would dare even mention the reference to him, I will bet, ever. I can’t think of any part of this policy that DM ever applies, and mentioning of “must be stamped out as Counter Intention quickly, quickly, because if anybody actually read the policy would blow DM’s scam up). But then DM goes along and gives his own “bright idea”. ‘LRH said this, but I say this other thing, which you bobbleheads will agree makes perfect sense because I say so, and I dare you to challenge me’. This is his regular Op of how he perpetrates the fraud on the followers.


    DM has so many Misunderstoods (and seems to be regressing, if that is possible) and that is covered by Cycle of an Overt (HCOB, is that right?). First there is the misunderstood word, etc etc.

    So he commits overts. Now, he commits so many that he becomes seriously individuated and alone as the leader, such a ONE AND ONLY. Thoughful’s post gave a REAL demo of what it is like, because the DM madman is THE leader (having eradicated all others as leaders, Heil Hitler) which is covered by I think a tape about Individuation of a Leader – which the solution is to get the withholds, overts etc cleaned up. I think it may be a level II confessional tape. On that reference, I remember LRH is quite clear about any exec (let alone the most senior person) being sure they catch their own individuation, and getting IN SESSION to get cleaned up. But we know DM does not do that, when is the last time he went in session.?)

    And then, people keep asking, how could this happen, there must be a administrative organizational flaw – yes there is, and it is covered by Organization the Flaw (or maybe it is the Fatal Flaw) I forget if it is a tape and also a Policy letter. The flaw is: No Qual.
    How did that happen? Because along the way, DM has taken that post to HIMSELF also, so there is NO chance of any organizational correction, EVER – unless this situation is remedied, by LRH solution – Qual.
    Remember Qual (and also HCO) is senior to anybody, why it is raised up higher than the other divisions on the organizing board – but DM just flattened out the whole thing because he will never allow anybody to be senior to him in anything, because he with his gazillion MU’s and overts/withholds, etc.

    So now this whole can of worms called COS, as somebody posted: straight up and vertical assent of DM into psychotic madness. And he is taking the corporation of Scn with him, not just for his own personal inurement, but also because his computations are running everything, even him, and they are so far gone – no going back, it’s on a rocket ride to Hell in a Hand Basket, Ship going down, Airplane about to explode, Space Shuttle about to hit the earth’s atmosphere with no protection………..

    I think the simple explanation is: Kill HCO and Qual, and just do what YOU want (DM), and never allow a challenge of any kind, real or imagined.

    I remember one of Tom M’s stories, where Tom DID challenge DM – I relished that beautiful post something about what Staff Status Tom was etc etc or something- because what happened – DM actually BACKED OFF. Why? Like the Wizard of Oz, DM has no power, and knows it – it’s all bluff. I wish that Tom M. would post that again. I love that story. It is the only possible way any of this crap could ever be fixed on the inside, but pretty much every single person would have to challenge him in all instances.

    Therefore, COS not possible to fix from inside, not at this late date.

    Of course a coup could happen, if DM had a heart attack or something and maybe Marc and Guillaume locked Lou and a few others up for long enough to get a change of government. Fat chance.

  110. Ah yes, good ol’ “pie face”… that saying seemed to have rubbed off on DM’s twin, Tom Cruise, too. Just ask TC’s old Comm Jennifer Hammon, she heard that one from TC quite a bit: “Just look at her standing there with that pie face. GET OUT you little piece of s#*t”.

  111. Joe Howard

    Steve, You CAN write approvable copy after all! Good for you, man!

  112. WindWalker

    Impartial English Girl

    Yes, as you say, and it seems to also be used to solicit agreement, when a person craves agreement but does not feel he is getting it. Perhaps this is somewhat behind the nervousness, and blustering, in the first place.

    Poor “self image.” poor social skills, poor communication skills, etc.

    Now you might not think DM has a poor self image, but in my opinion, almost everything that he does screams of personal insecurity.

    He KNOWS he is not liked.
    He KNOWS he is not respected.
    He KNOWS that he is not very bright.
    He KNOWS he cannot trust anybody.
    He KNOWS he is not “safe” in his environment.
    And he despises anyone who somehow makes him aware of his “shortcomings”. ( sorry folks, I just had to do it)

    But back to your post…

    By my personal observation, I have also found that when a person throws those things into their communication as questions, or in a questioning manner, they are checking to see if what they said got across, (as in, was it understood?) because they are unsure that what they just said was said in a duplicatable manner. It also includes things like, “do you know what I mean?, you see what I mean? and other such questions.
    You can check this one out personally. Next time YOU do it, check to see if YOU really even understood what you were saying, or that you conveyed it in an understandable manner.


  113. SirRalliart

    Dio Rocks!

  114. DM is a camouflaged hole. ‘nuf said.

  115. Nice post, O.O. I think you nailed it.

  116. I didn’t stick it out for 7 years. I stuck it out for 15 years.

  117. Sam,
    That’s a very good point: DM, all this stuff, is an object lesson in so much of the body of work.

    The phenomena described in the material is in full play with this guy. When a person gets to the point that their confront and reality comes up to it, they write their KR, do their Doubt and we find them as ‘indies’ – beings come up to their own integrity and observing what they observe, straight up.

    I figure this is probably one of the best drills available on the truth of the subject. It’s tough to be sure, but getting through this one, well, the other side is sooooooo nice.

    Only one proviso – it’s best to go all the way on the road to truth. It’s kind of yuck when you get part way and go off. If one does, the road is still there, thanks to some amazing beings.

  118. What conditions do you think David Miscavige will have to deal with in his next life if he keeps going the way he’s going?

    Does he really think he’s doing the greatest good?

    Doesn’t he see what all this is going to lead for him down the road?

  119. WindWalker

    Network 1

    “(That´s why proper and actual Doubt must be carried out – which do NOT include, by the way, “publishing that doubt formula for the enlightment of others” – that is a squirrel application – it only says publish your decision to both sides)”

    I am curious why you chose to say this.
    Especially the part; “publishing that doubt formula for the enlightment of others” – that is a squirrel application”.
    It is true that no such step is written in the “doubt Formula, but is there no situation where you feel that would improve the condition one was in on his dynamics?

    A person must have the right to communicate. How he chooses to communicate, and what he chooses to communicate, are pretty much up to him, so long as he is also willing to be responsible for the effects that such communication creates.

    Now, if someone is DEMANDING that you “publish that doubt formula for the enlightment of others” , as part of LRHs Doubt Formula, I agree that it would be an addative. It is also interesting to note that it does not say anywhere IN THAT FORMULA that you are to write anything down at all.

    So, in what way is it “a squirrel application”?


  120. Freedom Fighter

    “I will mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. […] Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – MLK

  121. Freedom Fighter

    I wouldn’t count on them slacking up one bit on the “War on Terror”, Bryon. Unfortunately, the military industrial complex is in full roll right now. Money and power, as we’ve seen with DM and the “church” are a strong drug.

  122. WindWalker

    Pascal Dorion

    Actually declaring someone SP is a “justice gradient.” Someone who actually IS an SP is almost certainly in the condition of “confusion”. That would be the “condition” he would need to do. “Declaring” someone SP does not necessarily indicate what condition the person is in at all. It is simply an ethics (read Justice) gradient.

    I would not necessarily believe everything you hear from OSA terminals, or anyone else for that matter.


  123. Shocking, disgusting, disillusioning.

    His mind is like a demolition derby: chaotic motion hell bent on destruction.

    If one thing is completely apparent from his ramblings, it is his lack of case gain and his own need for purif, objectives and FPRD. With that in mind it is easy to see why he wants to C/S the rest of us for those actions.

    He has no free theta, is unable to control his thinkingness, unable to articulate a single complete thought, and comes across as nothing but a bullying imbecile. Amazing!

    If we now learned that he needed to be medicated to slow his brain down for an event – even to use a tele-prompter – I would not be suprised.

    So sad. A fine organization wrecked by a diminutive madman.

  124. I think the evidence is conclusive. The people that are “In” are wildly PTS and will manifest all the the phenomena of PTSness.

    Leaving the Co$ is the disconnection step that begins recovery.

  125. Mat,

    I think big buildings, elaborate events and fancy re-packaging of AV products are DMs ONLY way “to be right” in HIS OWN estimation.

    He has always had (or has bought in to) his created persona of infallibility. I believe he is incapable of self reflection, nor can he honestly critique his own actions and directives – HE KNOWS HE IS RIGHT but still needs to see it. As he has utter contempt for the “inferior minds that surround him” the fancy MEST is his ONLY form of personal validation. The bigger the MEST the more right he is.

    I do not believe he is trying to destroy the church for the simple fact DM needs it for his own power and self preservation.

    I find it ironic that a philosophy that was created to free people from “MEST trappings” is now lead by someone who uses MEST as the gold standard of success. This applies to many of their parishioners as well. I’ve noticed that when the cofs attacks former members the like to, when possible, go after the former members “MEST”….. Job, money, weight, type of home they live in etc… Very homosapien of them – shouldn’t we expect more from DMs new and improved “static”?

  126. Thanks to Marty, Mike, Steve, Amy and others who were there ( I’m going to include OTDT, who may or may not have been “There”, but it sure seems like he was) I”m getting a real picture of this madman. It is fascinating and beneficial to get the real poop
    I think that with all the time place form and event on this blog we’ll eventually as-is him POOF! Gone!

  127. Sinar,
    Well that splains his obsession with his colon. There’s even SPs in his arse.

  128. I agree with much of what you say.

    But if it was just all about Dave.

    The guy would be on the ash heap of history.

    He’s got support from SPs and PTSes.

    The “OT” Assholes (as Mike likes to call ’em) is a perfect example.

    Most of them are untrained morons who have literally bought their way up the Grade Chart.

    Ron says that OT’s should be trained which doesn’t just mean the Solo Course in the HCOB “Training and OT”.

    No problem!

    We’ll just remove that offending passage from the HCOB.

    An actual occurrence.

    In fact I wrote all the way up to CST about that!

    What happened?

    As Bo says.


    Except I wound up in ethics for going against “command intention”.

    He’s got people running cover for his sorry squirrel ass who agree with his insane edicts.

    So it just ain’t Dave.

    He’s just the one who is most visible.

    Lot’s of people thought the “Golden Age of Tech” was a great idea.

    I had trepidation in the beginning but I went along with it for a while until I personally saw what a perverse technical alteration it was.

    Not only that but a direct violation of Policy.

    HCOPL 24 April 65 II of which issue I of that day happens to be the “Hidden Data Line” which is something Miscavige and his crew of misfits continually perpetuate.

    For instance in this example Ron specifically states that no drills are allowed other than ones that he personally develops himself for *obvious* reasons covered in the exact same PL yet Miscavige and his league of idiots give *altered importance* to a *request* Ron made on the Flag Ship Apollo back in 1971.

    A request that turned to a series of “drills” known at the time as the “Auditor ‘Expertise’ Drills” that were a dismal *failure* which the Ol’ man himself CANCELED when he personally issued the new Levels checksheets in ’78.

    I’m sure if it had of worked out he would’ve probably canceled “Drills Allowed”.

    But historically it didn’t.

    Personally I could understand why back then you’d have a series of drills since most of the procedures and actions of auditing were not in one HCOB so you had to study several in order to do them.

    However by ’78 this problem had been *handled* by the fact that *all* the procedures probably with the exception of the L’s are in single HCOB form.

    Thus if you wanted to know how to audit a certain action or rundown.

    All you had to do was drill the HCOB on a doll then get a coach to bullbait you on it.


    Just the way it said to do ’em on the freaking Checksheets.

    You know the ones written in Green on White with L Ron Hubbard’s name on the bottom?

    But oh nooooooo!

    Dave and RTRC had to get into some kinda jam session and create a buncha squirrelly fuckin’ “drills”!


    Personally I don’t care what anyone says.


    And this is why:

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
    Class VIII
    All Orgs
    After Standard Tech is out for just so long in an org, Scientology ceases to have
    any meaning.
    Squirrel processes and repairs wind the staff up in a ball, enturbulate the field and
    cause a general lethargy and trouble.
    Ethics then goes in hard or it all goes up in smoke.
    There is only one Standard Tech! It contains only a few dozen processes and
    actions. It was not complete before 1966. Students study mainly the Research Line.
    Standard Tech consists of the exact grade processes and Case Repair.
    Some still look for magic buttons that resolve a case all at once. Some can’t
    duplicate what they read and hear.
    They need the broad body of knowledge.
    BUT the actual application of Dian & Scn today contains only a few dozen
    STANDARD INVARIABLE SIMPLE actions and processes.
    When these are not used, when opinion enters, it’s all gone.
    No matter how bright, the other processes and new inventions of someone else
    (a) work only on a few and (b) are efforts to solve one’s own case by auditing others.
    To let Standard Tech go out is an act of Treason as Scientology then loses all
    meaning in an org.
    This is why I am teaching a Class VIII Course.
    Copyright © 1968
    by L. Ron Hubbard

    The exact point is when he and the senior execs of the Organization just stopped delivering STANDARD TECH and forcefully replaced it with ‘The Golden Age of Tech’.

    At that point they just stopped as in ceased delivering Scientology and began delivering something else and they have been perpetrating this fraud called the “Church of Scientology” ever since that point.

    And that is the only reason why many of us are out here in the independent field.

  129. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Geez! I don’t think dm the Chairman Of the Borg can string two sentences together if his life depended on it!

    Hmmm…. Are those helicopters I hear…?

    Gary (a villager with a torch and intent.)

  130. Don. You speak sooth.

  131. (cheering, screaming, chair drumming, whistling, clapping)

  132. Howard Roark


  133. Wayne Oppelaar

    Dear David Miscaviage & Proponents,
    Lately there has been a lot of activity regarding Church of Scientology detractors, primarily from your ranks, that have sought to discredit Marty Rathbun and the Independent movement. Fair enough, I listened to you call them Apostates, label them all as ‘Squirrels’, and state that they are all liars – or worse. You openly complain about the supposed falsehoods that are being openly disseminated against the CoS by these very people – and I want to belive you. You see, I don’t want to bear false witness against David Miscaviage, I don’t want to endorse a false proclomation of what this great leader may have incorrectly had attributed to him right here and Now… Can ANY one of you do me one simple favor? I am simply asking for ANY one of you, it will only take one, Daivid Miscavige included, to kindly post the actual video of David Miscavige making his OTA presentation aboard the Freewinds on the Maiden Voyage 2006? We all know it must certainly exist, CoS videotapes EVERYTHING the COB says in public, this particular event is far to important to have missed being videotaped… Please prove to all of us that this speech, as presented, is false. It would go a long way in legitimizing your accusations of false representation being made by Marty Rathbun and the Independent Movement. Simply post the actual video of this portion of this talk anywhere on the WWW and tell us where to see it – prove to all of us once and for all that Marty Rathbun is lying and Squirrling the Tech. Any ONE person standing up for David Miscavige is all this is going to take, One strong OT that has the strength to prove his or her convictions and beliefs is all this simple task is going to take. Anyone?, David Miscavige? THIS REQUEST IS GENUINE, PLEASE EXPEDITE THE RELEVANT PROOF THAT WILL SUPPORT YOUR CLAIMS AND POST THE ACTUAL FOOTAGE OF MR. DAVID MISCAVIGE MAKING THIS PRESENTATION AND PROVE MARTY RATHBUN AND THE INDEPENDENTS ARE WRONG IN THEIR PORTRAYAL OF THIS EVENT.

    ‘Cordially Awaiting Your Reply to this seemingly rather simple request,
    Wayne Oppelaar

  134. Howard Roark

    Nice observation. I didn’t even think of that the first time I read it.

  135. non-scientologist

    ” Before this goes to Tony for another online edit, so DO we make all those buildings and how to properly introduce them or do we want for the New Year’s videos? Which one?”

    This is word salad, and of a contruction which seems to indicate some sort of learning disability.

    What is he trying to say?

    What does it mean to “make all those Buildings”? How do you “make a building?”

    “or do we want for the New Year’s Videos”

    It looks like in one sentence David had to sentence clauses that could not be understood, or successfully interpreted. He then put everyone on the defensive by conducting a quiz which everyone of course failed because there was no “right” answer.

    Did he walk into the room knowing he was going to use this particular inquiry or did he make it up on the fly?

  136. Thoughtful, That’s a parody, right? No way could a lunatic like that be running a car wash with any credibility, let alone a large religious organization. That is the ranting of a deranged, sadistic sociopath

    The term SP seems too mild somehow

  137. Wise words Freedom Fighter,

  138. Don, >> “I do not believe he is trying to destroy the church for the simple fact DM needs it for his own power and self preservation.”

    Sure DM really craves expansion for The Church. How else can he fulfill his ambition to be Emperor of Earth?

    What he can’t get his wits around is that on-lines public can sense the nuttiness and feel the PTSness so they by and large will not disseminate; it’s an overt to bring new people into the church so people withhold themselves.

    Combine this fact with how he has created horrifically bad PR for of CoM and sullied the term “Scientology” and Miscavage has the brakes on “So you can smell them smoke” despite his grandiose ambitions.

  139. Ok, Mr. Has a Bunch ‘o Questions. Whew, I had to study your comment for like…ten minutes to figure out all your questions. Then, I read all the answers and got thinking about it for a few minutes. Let me see if it’s possible for me to break this down, from my humble viewpoint:

    Q1) “Why do the people who *leave* the Corporation Church look so much healthier and happier…intelligent, joyful, creative…are “all” SPs…beaming and capable…benefit and grow and get better from the use of Scientology?”

    A1) A person declared an “SP” by the church has no more truth to it than if I look at a fire hydrant and label it a spaceship. I could even tie a tag on a string, a professional looking one, with a printed card or better yet, a brass plaque mounted right on the side of the hydrant, engrave in large letters: “SPACE SHIP, SO SAYS I”. Yeah, ok, so now what? I’m supposed to believe it’s a spaceship? Maybe I would if the cult mores of the Secret Society of Spaceship Transformation Reality-Twister Club was like…extremely important to the true believers of that cult.

    Hard to look at a fire hydrant though and will your mind into actually believing it’s a spaceship, isn’t it? You’d have to stretch your skull and tune your volume to eleven on your Uninspected Conclusion knob so that the distortion of the amp just drowned out the true note and seems real cool.

    The church uses the “SP” declaration to punish those who leave and scare those who stay.

    Q2) “Why do their highest state members (like those OT 8 Ambassador men) look crabby, creepy, grumpy, arrogant and sick?”

    A2) Because those are the Super-Agreers, those who relish status, some who get a kick out of baring their bold chests towards the spear of the enemy, those who want to become SUPERMEN, just like Miscavige secretly promises they will eventually, by being Super Ethical, Super Donor Status, Super-Trained, Super Rich, Super Compliant, Super PR, Super-Duper Stupor, Super-Seller, Super-Dresser, Super-Sleepless, Super-Familyless, Super-Studyer, Super-Event Attender, Super-Disseminator, Super-Celebrity, Super-Confident, Super-Mean, Super-Ruthless, Super-Puncher, Super-Spender, Super-Gambler, Super-Shooter, Super-Racer, Super-Drinker, then…the Ultimate Rocket Ride to Powers Beyond That of Mortal Men! Able to Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound! Look! Up in the mezzanine! It’s…it’s…

    The deafening cheer from the packed crowd of thousands reverberated like a thousand trapped miners finally being joyfully discovered after spending only a few days underground. At the top of one of the grand staircases that led downward in a swooping curve to the center of the lobby, stood the Winner of the OT IX Freedom Auction which was secretly held in DM’s retreat in Hemet.

    Three months earlier, the five contenders for the privilege to be the first to do OT IX were Bryan Zwan, Joe Feshbach, Matt Feshbach, Robert Duggin and Tom Cruise. Early one Saturday morning at the fake ship at the Int Base in Hemet, the Contenders all sat around the card table laughing and having a drink of Scotch, waiting for Miscavige to arrive.

    Half hour later in struts Miscavige with an entourage of six white dress uniformed aides right behind him. “Let’s get right to the point, gentlemen. Let’s do this!” said Miscavige. “Ok, this is how this works, see this bust of LRH’s head with the center carved out and a slot cut in the top, you guys are going to write your bid and your name on the slip of paper in front of you and then drop it in the head. Who’s ever bid is the highest…wins the right to be the first public to pilot OT IX, cool?”

    The contenders all looked at each other intimidatingly as they could, tightening the confidence on their faces. They all started writing, except Tom, who looked around puzzled and then finally caught DM’s eye.

    “Yeah, Tom? What is it ‘bro?”

    “Ah…heh…heh…ha, I don’t ah…seem to have a pen, Dave! Heh heh heh!”

    Miscavige winked as he tossed Tom his own personal Mont Blanc which Tom snatched deftly out of the air as he returned DM’s wink.

    Some of the men wrote a number and then crossed it out, some glanced around the table to see if they could catch a glimpse of anyone else’s number, but quickly snapped their eyes back when Miscavige cleared his throat.

    “Time’s up, boys! Papers in the head! Let’s go!”

    They all jammed their papers into the slot in the bust, several getting stuck in the slot at once until DM came over and smacked the bust on the top of the head several times. “Smack in the head…cures a lot of ills, boys, cures a lot of ills.”

    The Contenders all fell back into their chairs, laughing and high-fiving and and “Yessiring” and “Good one Sir!” and “That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard, Sir!” and “Ha, ha, that’s what the newspapers were all saying about you, what a bunch of lying SPs those slimebags are, Sir!”

    Everyone else’s head snapped towards Miscavige, who stood solidly still, his eyes locked on the contender who made that statement. “YSCOHB, you suppressive piece of worthless Rathbun shoe-scrapping. You’re expelled. Get out!” Miscavige spit out with his best frozen venon coldness.

    The contender’s face went shock-white as he slumped down in the chair, his jaw slack now, unable to utter a word in response, a puddle formed on the seat and immediately began dripping to the floor.

    All the other contenders slid their chairs back as far as they could from their comrade who’d been expelled and turned their backs, now only looking at DM.

    DM held the man’s gaze for a another long minute, burning his will into his victim, before breaking out into one of his practiced just kidding smiles, laughing, “Hey, just kidding….GOTCHA! HA HA HA! HEH HEH HA!”

    Everyone else in the room started laughing too, as they slip their chairs back closer to the table, everyone laughing harder and harder until finally the shock finally wore off the fooled contender and he too was soon laughing and pounding the table before toasting Miscavige, holding their glasses high, holding their best smile for the Leader of Their Religion.

    “Ok, let’s see who the winner is…” DM practically whispered. “And the winner of the PRIVILEGE to be the FIRST to do OT IX is…”


    Tom leapt from his chair and landed on the center of the card table in a crouching position and beamed his winning face at ever single other Contender before glancing over at DM who had his hands raised triumphantly in the air like he was Cassius Clay gloating over having just knocked out Sonny Liston to win the World Championship.

    Tom sprung backwards into a double reverse backflip and landed perfectly back in his chair.

    “See that guys? See that? THAT’S why Tom wins…every…single…time!”

    The other Contenders clapped and then one by one patted Tom on the back and congratulated him profusely.

    Q3) “One of the characteristics of an SP is that he doesn’t get better or respond to help treatment, right?”

    A3) Well, yeah, if it’s a real SP. They’re rare and not easily spottable. The church as confused the subject by so many mis-labeling and false declarations. In the church if an authorized someone thinks someone else is an asshole, then they’re liable to be labeled or declared an SP. Lot’s of assholes in the world. In fact, we all got one. And then there are temporary assholes and also kinda permanent assholes, but they ain’t SPs. An SP in actuality is a case phenomena, not an ethics condition. They just use ethics to fuck with SPs because real SPs are tricky and can fuck shit up and remain hidden and that’s always a problem in any business. Usually businesses just get rid of the assholes, thinking they’re SPs. That’s one of the reasons businesses continue to do bad. If they improve by getting rid of someone it’s usually ’cause they accidentally got rid of the SP.

    Q4) “Do those inside get case gain and benefit from Scientology and if yes, why doesn’t it SHOW and why are they so negative and hateful?”

    A4) If they can actually get some real Scientology, the real deal like back in the day, before it became an oppressive over-demanding invalidating abusive hack-job attempt at creating a very serious Fourth Reich movement intend on speeding up the process of taking over the world whether anybody likes it or not.

    If they don’t have some senior pressuring them into psychosis, lack of sleep, bad auditor, PTPs up the ying yang, worried about ethics, worried about the penalties for failure to tow the party line and be politically correct and demonstrate continual and obvious and enthusiastic subservience to the Great and Wonder Superior of Superiors, His Grand Sultan Emeritus Infinitus Captain David Miscavige, COB of the Religious Technology Center, the self-appointed ecclesiastical leader of the church (even though he denied that very thing in a deposition and in a sworn statement in a court of law), and the De facto head of the Church of Scientology International and Church of Spiritual Technology and possesses signed resignations from all Board members and has an a battalion of the best lawyers and PR agencies in the country to ensure that he stays in office while keeping all other once-decent but now-ruined former high ranking previously-capable, soul-forfeiting executives in a special lock-down ‘hole’, all officially declared to be Suppressive Persons.

    Well, there you go, Wondering How Come, I hope I’ve been able to answer some of your questions in my own strange way, looking around the corner, peaking over the fence, hiding under a desk, getting random faxes from Deep Fax, essentially a low level janitorial worker who has some access to internal documents and secret happenings that not even those still on the inside of the inside even have access to.

    If you find you still need more information, I suggest you read the book, “HOW TO TAKE OVER AND RULE A PLANET” by David Miscavige. Some of the chapters include:

    1. Hitlers Good Points
    2. Why Bullying Works
    3. How to Trick People
    4. Sure-Fire Lying Techniques
    5. Super-Leverage by Dividing and Conquering Families
    6. How to Legally Stalk and Harass Apostates and Other Enemies
    7. Altering Other’s Writings Without Hardly Being Noticed
    8. How to Get Anyone to Believe Just About Anything, Over and Over
    9. Personal Benefits and Legal Loopholes for Tax Exempt Charitable Religious Organizations
    10. How to Beat the Marcabians

    …and more. It’s a fascinating read, though voluminous and a bit wordy. You could also watch ‘SUPERMAN’ (the original TV series, but the comics were better), the motion picture, “SUPERMAN” and then you might as well go with the Sup II and even the III is worth it.

    Then watch Triumph of the Will and assorted Hitler speeches, maybe some old Jimmy Swaggart clips, an Amway convention, David Koresh, Woody Allen movies, They Live (with Rowdy Roddy Piper) and perhaps, “Inception” ( I just threw that last one in for shits and giggles)

    Good luck on the journey of your studies and may you benefit from any knowledge you may acquire.

  140. Great post Thoughtful!
    He sounds like John Gottie. The only difference is that in reading old transcripts of a taped conversation covertly taped of John Gotti, one could actually find a concept peeking through all his foul language. DM’s mind is a catastrophe! When he opens his mouth it’s like “a case gone wrong” coming to life. Rock slam, meets crashing mu, entangled with restimulated overts, witholds and implants all marinated in some expensive Scotch!
    I see some interesting similarities between DM and Gotti. All note, Gottie died in prison after having been tried and convicted for numerous crimes. One of his trusted soldiers betrayed him. Lovely concept, actually. According to wiki, Gotti’s Achilles heel was his flamboyance; smart dresser, man about town, flashy cars, big spender, big talker. Very similar to the way DM is currently operating.
    Hey guys on the fence. Get off and get out. You are supporting a suppressive person, criminal, bad guy, harmful being dedicated to squashing and crushing ANY being that emanates theta! If he can not do that directly, he then sucks their blood, while he feigns incredible loyalty.

  141. To n.s.
    What? I am not a Scientologist either, but I do not believe anyone can make sense of DM’s garbage, and I’m having a difficult time deciphering your comment as well.
    Any chance in re-phrasing or explaining? please don’t ask me to grab a dictionary. Thanks.

  142. Ingrid,
    Sometimes, I just project myself back in time to take a gander at some of DM’s antics, other times I astral-project myself there in PT, so it seems like I was there, but I really never was there at the Int Base in meat body form. I think I’d heave it over the fence and get the hell out of there fast. I also absorb others’ stories and then I steal from them.

    However, I did intern as an exec at the Flag Land Base in 1976 when they pretty much first opened. It was way cooler then. By the late nineties it had turned into a well-oiled giant money-sucking vacuum cleaner machine powered by fanatical IAS reges and greedy blood-sucking FSMs all sucking on a hose that just pulled your money right out of your wallet and morphed into a sneering Gestapo ethics and discipline center with squirrel training and redefined basic Scientology definitions, otherwise know as High Crimes, all taking place among a strange greenish/gray fog of subservience altered-source stupidity.

    Seemed like a good time to leave, so I slowly moon-walked out backwards through a side door. Ha! Little did they know that I was so damn good at moon-walking that I actually looked like I was walking IN. Ha! Tricked the bastards! Hoisted them with their own petard! Out-manuevered ’em with my own flanking PR scheme.

    Of course that didn’t stop the RTC from showing up at my house over and over and over and over again while I refused to answer the door despite their two hours of pounding, ringing the bell, yelling through the mail slot, etc. while standing on my doorstep in full dress uniforms.

    Only when I whipped the coveted ace out of my sleeve and committed the highest crime you can commit in the church these days…dissing DM and TC both in the same sentence! OMG! WTF? OH NO! The Double-Whammy, the ONE thing they failed to include in the newly rewritten ethics materials, ‘How to Handle the Double-Whammy’ (Unpublished Tech Dic Def: slighting, disrespecting or denigrating David Miscavige and Tom Cruise at the same time, especially in one matter-of-fact sentence uttered with conviction).

    It’s a sure-fire, foolproof way to defend against the otherwise complete shattering of all confronted suppression by graduates of the New PTS/SP Course: How to Confront and Shatter Suppression. I’ve heard they’ve recently have started to include an addendum sheet after my incident, which now includes the definition of Double-Whammy, a couple of memorization drills, a clay demo, an essay, and a few practicals on how not to go PTS and goo-goo headed confused and lose one’s TR-O when the Double-Whammy is whipped out, with a final pass by a single-hatted permanently posted RTC Double-Whammy handling specialist.

    I plan on continuing my astral projection into DM’s inner sanctum, behind his wall, behind THE BIG WALL, behind the security guard and the gate, past the roving mobile guards and undetectable to the long-range infrared video telescope poised on the mountainside overlooking the Kingdom. I just slip right on by, unseen and unheard. Plus, Deep Fax is my man and slips me some good ones now and then for which I’m very appreciative. I write him letters in code, they think I’m his cousin.

  143. Sidewinder

    This was the ideal cast for BS: Iommi, Ward, Butler and Dio.

  144. Firebreathing Frog

    You wrote:
    “I find it ironic that a philosophy that was created to free people from “MEST trappings” is now lead by someone who uses MEST as the gold standard of success. This applies to many of their parishioners as well.”
    So true. I talk to an OT VIII I have not seen for month. The first think he ask me was: “Hey do you make any money this day? Are you becoming a millionaire?”
    I was without words for few minutes, didn’t know what to answer. May be just mumbling “well, never wanted to BE a millionaire, but I’ll be happy to keep helping and audit people.”
    He looked very stress and in lot of financial troubles. And continue talking: “oh I would like to be a millionaire…”
    It was a bit enturbulating coming from an OT VIII.

  145. Lol! You have really captured DM!
    I was with someone yesterday who is a giant PR person.
    I showed him DM’s photo from “Scientology News” at some event and asked him what he thought.
    He said the look was FRANK SINATRA! (And needed updating)

  146. Damn.

    Well, I’m thankful you didn’t stick it out for 25. Glad you’re out.

  147. Jim Logan,
    Exactly. I clearly remember studying this PL, but evidently Admin Tech has been shoved so much to the back burner that “execs” don’t see the outpoints between what LRH says and DM says. From others’ comments the OEC/FEBC (Org Exec Course/Flag Exec Briefing Course) have been shelved for some kind of re-do. In the meantime, what do execs study? Evidently not LRH. Of course, if you have to M9 David Miscavige’s middle school, unfocused ramblings, no wonder you don’t have time to study LRH. Then again, it seems many of the current “execs” are in similar poor shape educationally and case-wise, so what can you expect.

    It would be sad if it weren’t so tragic, affecting so many: an incompetent, out-ethics, unqualified, egotistical person charading as the leader of Scientology surrounded by minions in white dress uniforms who only know how to look the part – not how to be the part.

  148. The Oracle

    Amen brother.

  149. WW, the formula says to publicly announce the decision to both sides. If one changes this to “publish the whole formula” one alters the formula, which is squirreling. If you left your wife/husband after a fully completed doubt, you don´t spread all the reasons for this to all people. Ethics is a personal thing. It´s not a Comm ev.

  150. I know where you’re coming from Tigger ♥

  151. RJ,
    Of course one would get the hell out of Dodge and one is not slave under any formula. LRH even says that following the comm formula as a MUST is being slave. It´s all up to you. Just to clarify I´m not being dogmatic here. Just trying to be sensical. I haven´t thought about that actually, that one can be in a high condition personally, encounter suppressivness within group, fail to handle and then having to disconnect. One doesn´t have to go down in condition before one leaves. But many does, from lack of personal integrity, and at which point they would still need to do the formula for the condition they find themselves in, no matter presence of SPs. I have seen to many people bailing out of responsibilities by assigning SP labels on someone they don´t like, and that is a personal risk, not meaning here to invalidate anyones observations. And also, there is a point of personal out ethics underlaying the PTS condition, as you know. And if that point is not adressed, as a point of personal responsibility, be it an unhandled Doubt or whatever, one is carrying with himself a ticking bomb – and the next wife/husband/group situation will eventually be a boring repeat.

  152. Veritas, I hate to tell you this, but Bin Laden has been dead since December 2001. He died from kidney failure. His overts did him in. I suggest you not fall into the trap of listening to the lamestream media and Obummer. Two of the biggest liars on the planet. This whole story in the news right now is nothing but a major distraction to get people’s attention off the country going down the tubes at 9,000 miles an hour. It’s also wrong target. Bin Laden was NOT the mastermind. His right hand man (Al Zawihiri – a psychiatrist) was. In fact, Al Zawihiri had a 5 million dollar reward on his head for terrorism in Egypt by Interpol, and he was also on the FBI’s top ten most wanted terrorists list at the time of 9/11. Something the media has NEVER mentioned. So turn off the news buddy. It’s all bullshit.

  153. RJ,
    “At that point they just stopped as in ceased delivering Scientology and began delivering something else and they have been perpetrating this fraud called the “Church of Scientology” ever since that point.

    And that is the only reason why many of us are out here in the independent field.”

    That’s the long and the short of it brother.

  154. “Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its waters. This struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical; but it must be a struggle! Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.” – Thomas Paine

  155. Tony DePhillips

    Another masterpeice.

  156. Tony DePhillips

    Maybe because he was dedicated to a purpose that he had. Did you ever think of that?

  157. Tony DePhillips

    (chortling and guffawing..)

  158. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Don,
    I think he IS trying to destroy the church.
    Being that he is basically good he is actively working on taking himself and the church out. He will keep destroying until someone stops him. Since he is an SP he selects wrong targets and can’t create theta. So he IS destroying the church even if in his own warped way he thinks that he is surviving.
    He IS INSANE, but he is basically good and therefore will take himself out by electing us his executioner. (figuratively) ( I know he is also very literal so I have to add this disclaimer)
    He is basically good but now he is in a VERY LOW condition. He is the whole track SP. Can you imagine having his universe for a case state? To always think you are right no matter how many others you are hurting? To be willing to not-is the level of discontent the paritioners have been communicating for years and to keep thinking that they are all wrong or worthless?? Truly, this guy is about as close to a dead thetan as I have ever witnessed.

  159. Seeking As Isness


    Didn’t you know he speaks, “Dmonics”?


  160. Tony DePhillips

    You know I realized when they sent the goons over to Marty’s place for their “inspection” how insane it’s gotten.

    The cult is trying to act like they are the keepers of the tech.

    The truth is that the cult of cabbage has been the biggest perpetrators of out-tech and squirrel tech that the planet has ever scene.

    They put emphasis on having a folder or a shiny meter. They miss the importance of having A CARING AUDITOR and one who can grant beingness. Because they are being directed by an SP, they alter is and make mistakes and dramatize suppressive behavior.

    Things will get better once the SP is taken down.

    Everytime someone stands up and is counted it helps.
    Everytime someone gets someone else to look it helps.
    There are lots of things that contribute to his downfall.
    Everyone, keep communicating and intending and we will all have a nice win seeing this bastard bite the big one.

  161. Whoa. Not only does Marty have this crap emanating from some orifice of duh leder, PlainOldThetan posted the table of contents from the booklet “Staff References for an Ideal Org” (copyright 1993).

    Of course in his inimitable style he’s got something to say about the current state of affairs.

    But just the titles of the LRH references compared to whatever that is above shows how far off the rails the vampire emperor has taken his cult.
    (Hint: Nothing about the size of the building)

    Bruce Pratt

  162. OT VIII MonkeySpanker

    Marty – Please stop posting the drivel of your former slave master, Mr. David Miscavige. Perhaps while you were in a cult it made sense, but now that you’re out of that cult, it not only hurts your sensibilities, it also makes our brain hurts. ME BRAIN HURTS! Please stop.

  163. Tony DePhillips

    That is only one of the problems with the cult. They think that an SP declare is like a condition assignment.

    An SP declare should be only made to an actual SP.

    That would not happen very often.

    As far as I know LRH said that there were processes that could handle an SP.

    DM is the ACTUAL SP.

    The declares that the cult is sending out is a manifestation of their being PTS to the actual SP.
    They are doing the actual SP’s bidding for him.
    They have gone into an SP valence but they are not the ACTUAL SP, they are only PTS.

  164. Dude! Righteous!

    All that stuff about being on the right or wrong side of history, well, it don’t apply to you. You are history. Hysterical too, but I digress, kinda.

    ((rolling on the floor)) ((jumping up and down)) ((backflips)) ((clapping)) ((attempting to cheer but choking on laughter, so it’s more like the last gasps of a dying man, man dying of laughter))

    Bruce Pratt

  165. IRQ,

    I agree, DMs see himself as a “Gandhi” type of visionary, problem is he does not like people! When you spend time with this guy that fact becomes obvious. While he can be engaging and occasionally tolerates those he is around, his overriding attitude toward people is contempt and in the case of Int staff hatred is more acurate.

    I really wonder what the general Scientology public’s opinion of him is these days. I’m so far removed from the church that I’d only be guessing though It must be tough disseminating to new public when (dispite the buildings) most of the coverage the Church receives is negative.

    Hyper aggressive regging to fund extravagant, conspicuous spending has become DMs trademark and brand. These lavish orgs are being built by DM as monuments to himself not due to public demand and expansion. “be-do-have” in reverse

  166. Tony DePhillips

    I heard that tc dedicated this song to dm. Who knows??

  167. Hi FF,

    It is wierd. The question you’ll never receive from an on-line public is “hey are you happy?”. That happiness should be priority one eludes them.

  168. Tony Dephillips

    I’m hooked on demonix.

  169. Tony Dephillips

    You are a good example of why Dm is afraid of making OTs.

  170. Ingrid,

    Much overlooked aspect of groups: the theta lines.

  171. martyrathbun09

    The double whammy needs to be exported.

  172. Seeking As Isness

    huh…you can only be hooked if you drink the koolaid… 🙂

  173. Hi Tony,

    I agree with you. He is a text book 2 1/2 %er. That being the case he will continuously provide the ammo for his own demise ie. attempting to stop himself.

    There are SPs that when questioned would happily announce their motivation and intent to wreck or destroy something. They’d make “no bones about it” and would wear it proudly. For others this same motivation is buried deeper and more occluded. It is mute point as the result is the same. Dead thetan is a good description and condition he has earned.

  174. martyrathbun09

    Great. Except, please don’t diss Ali like that. Maybe could have used a modified, “like snot nosed kid trying to look Like CC lording over Liston.”

  175. Old School

    Haven’t any of the public bots who attend these functions ever read the LRH on how to choose the physical location of an org?

  176. martyrathbun09


  177. Dave- Your head hurts because of the quantity of scotch consumed last night while reading this blog. Have a nice day!

  178. Hmmm. To post or not to post…

    There’s a confidential tape called, I think, “War of the Universes” that was a session of Ron being audited by Mary Sue back in 1952 when the information was really juicy. In it Ron says that the theta universe is under attack by another type of being.

    He says that these are entheta people, that there might be such a thing as an entire entheta being. Get that, no theta at all, per se.

    He says they don’t respond to thought, emotion and effort like a normal thetan. Their tone level is sort of below 2.0, but they really aren’t on the tone scale. And they don’t really move on the tone scale. You can’t disenturbulate them and move them up and down the tone scale like a normal thetan.

    Their purpose is to defeat theta. Sort of a clash for power. And they’re very, very sneaky. Very underhanded, trying to effect certain attitudes of defeat and subservience rather than engaging in straight on confrontation.

    So, in my experience, when you have any movement that tries to expand theta, these beings flock to the movement and try to suppress it. Whenever an individual starts to expand and radiate theta, enthetans will suddenly appear in his life to bring him down. It’s like mosquitoes finding you in the woods.

    Every effort to enhance and free theta on this planet has been met with counter efforts by enthetans to dumb down the information and make the entire practice unworkable. It’s not an accident. It’s intentional.

    And, I’m not even paranoid. Just read your history. Look at any religious movement, at where it started and where it ended up.

    There were waves of these beings introduced into the theta universe and this MEST universe. DM is probably just one of them.

    I ran across this stuff in session long before I ever heard the “Battle of the Universes” tape, so there are at least two of us who have independently encountered this stuff. And most of you trust Ron’s observations–though not all of what I just wrote came from that session between Ron and Mary Sue.

    So, I watch DM and just think, “Hmm, that’s what I’d expect. He’s an enthetan. He’s not a thetan. He doesn’t like theta. He wants to defeat theta in the worst way.”

    And the confusion about DM being some sort of major whole track SP just doesn’t seem right to me. He’s sort of minor league. There are so many of these beings on this planet. And some of them are much larger and much more formidable than this illiterate megalomaniac strutting around with whatever he can steal. Some of these guys can stand on their own and generate all sorts of power. They’re creative and impressive in what they can accomplish.

    (We’re not being beaten as theta by a fluke. That is just mathematically and practically unworkable as a premise–sort of like not worrying about Japanese flyers before WW2 “because they don’t have a sense of balance.” So, we get Pearl Harbor.)

    Take away what this guy’s stolen and he’d fold in a heartbeat. He’d be on his knees begging, quivering abjectly, hoping he wouldn’t get kicked. Look at Jesse Prince’s comments about his sec check sessions ordered by Ron.

    Not all of these enthetans are this weak. And we shouldn’t be fooled into thinking they are. They aren’t necessarily like school bullies, full of bluster and fear. Some of them have virtually no fear at all. And lack any sort of conscience to inhibit their actions.

    To underestimate this class of beings is to get eaten alive. And they would have no qualms about sautéing your and your children’s hearts to feed their pet poodles.

    Just to put this all in perspective. Just my observations. Just my experience.


  179. Seeking As Isness


    I agree…
    …and OSA it should be the “long form” please. While your at it, show us the “body” or should I say bodies of all the missing-in-action Execs.

    AND OSA, please don’t insult our intelligence with your PR parlor tricks…more parishoners than you know are looking and seeing through your botched attempts to stop their awakening. If you continue to “try” to cover up the crimes of management…your days are only numbered.

    Remeber, for now, you still have time to come clean and get some relief.

  180. Perhaps he’ll come back in his own valence – cockroach.

  181. “Hey guys on the fence. Get off and get out. You are supporting a suppressive person, criminal, bad guy, harmful being dedicated to squashing and crushing ANY being that emanates theta! If he can not do that directly, he then sucks their blood, while he feigns incredible loyalty.”
    +1 that sentiment

  182. The Freewinds.
    Venue of the famous TC birthday bash video leak and now we have transcripts from the super secret OTA briefings.
    That ship be a leaky boat!

  183. Gime more data on the “Country” going down the tubes my “man”


  184. Tony DePhillips

    Let’s not get too literal.. 🙂

  185. The Persians called this “evil” principle Ahriman. It is old rather than new. There are many aspects and definitions (satan = adversary etymologically) but one of the more intriguing I encountered from an Scn perspective is that Ahriman represents materiality (MEST) as opposed to spirituality (theta). MEST or Ahriman is not actually evil in itself but tending towards MEST, too much MEST, one becomes ENMEST and cultivates entheta. Ahriman is different from Lucifer who was a light bearer who became a temptor, tempting you to MEST. Spirituality, especially in a theta sense, is available in Scn. It just became rarer and rarer, obviously in proportion to what one could attain with Scn.

  186. Marty,
    Yeah, you’re right, Ali doesn’t deserve the disrespect of being included in the same sentence as Little Davey.

    “Tom and Dave crashed their chests together victoriously, their arms raised triumphantly like two snot-nosed punk bullies lording over one of their innocent fallen victims.”

  187. Hallelujah

    The Count

    I rarely take issue with a comment on Marty’s blog, at least enough to comment about it myself. But, in this instance, I feel it necessary.

    Veritas made a very warm comment. If you have read the blog at all, you will find that Veritas’ comments are creative, wise, theta, etc.

    Your comment was like a bullet in response to Veritas’ comment and certainly could have been better written. How about starting it off something like:

    “I have information that Bin Laden has been dead since …”

    You see, it sets a whole different tone to your comment and makes it more palatable to the reader. It also moderates the invalidating data you wish to present to this open forum.

    Give it a rewrite … you might find it goes over better. H

  188. Don,
    Precisely, ‘monuments to himself’, as they do not function as Scientology delivery centers.

    That description opens the door to the entire Ideal Org and Super Power building fiasco. They aren’t intended to forward delivery, that’s a red herring. They are to bring glory to Dave Miscavige.

    The whole farce just had its simplicity revealed. Well done on isolating that. That’s as-ising the motivation. It’s the truth prior to all the lies.

    “Monuments to himself”.

  189. Hallelujah

    RJ —

    “Out Tech” is an excellent reference. Thanks for posting it! L, H

  190. Johnny,
    Go to One Look Dictionary. No ‘grabbing’, just typing. Language is the communication system and if you hope to understand then language must be understood. That’s a fact.

  191. I wonder who is qualed to do the ClassVIII course these days. Has there been a Class VI interned OT3 made since 1996? The end of this announcement says “All invited.”

    Sent: Sat Apr 30th, 2011 3:46 PM EDT

    Subject: What Is Class VIII?
    Date: Sun, May 1, 2011 6:27 am











  192. DOUBLE-WHAMMY #1:

    a) “I don’t give a sweet shit what that conniving midget moron tech-altering twerp of an abusive staff-beating lying no-case gain SP phony dickless idiotic-speaking vindictive power-crazed twerp Miscavige thinks about anything!”

    b) “And I could care less what that psycho super-ego-inflated fake-smile with hair Cruise the Anointed One does or doesn’t do, thinks or doesn’t think, says or doesn’t say or how many picnics or celebrity hayrides he goes on with Miscavige.”


    “Fuck those two assholes.”

  193. Michael,
    LRH came back to that area he was checking out in that 52 tape. Further research was done. A handling was worked out. He got the full story and addressed it.


  194. Thought about that myself, and it is a serious question. Here is my point of view, for what it is worth:

    The Sea Org central command-and-control model has failed. The model where you have to trust to the good will and good intentions of “leadership” has failed. The model where you as a Good Scientologist must go along with (or even acknowledge) “Command Intention” has failed.

    Ron was (and is) source. He has stated that the best form of government is a “beneficial dictatorship” but has also stated that the biggest issue with that form is transfer of power. He has been proven correct.

    Ron added to Dianetics and Scientology from before 1950 up until practically the day he died. The SO and Org policies were not born full-formed, and new policies and policy corrections were, again, made practically until the day he died. In other words, Scientology is not done. But it is workable in the form Ron left it.

    When Ron was alive, he WAS Scientology. If he wrote an HCOB, it was technology. If he wrote an HCOPL, it was policy. It was his baby.

    Ron died in 1986. Despite any and all safeguards that might have been made, there is one hat that Ron could not have delegated, and that was Source. Source for Tech, and Source for Policy. This actually is a big vacuum. Unfortunately, it is a vacuum that cannot be filled, and certainly cannot be filled by one man, especially a little SO CMO snot like Miscavige.

    The SO model, the central control model, CAN ONLY WORK if there is SOURCE at the top of the Org Board. If Source is benign and active in stepping in an correcting abuses. Who has a clear-cut and theta goal for the whole group, and a clear-cut and theta purpose. Who understands that the ends do NOT justify the means.

    Now, Ron was not perfect. He made mistakes. I am not being blasphemous. Ron himself would have laughed out loud at the man or woman who called him perfect. Ron never called his technology perfect. Never. But he was a man of good and clear-cut intentions, and he was brilliant. He was mostly right, and right on the important things. But not on everything.

    I have written this part before, but this is a new unit of time. Since the SO and the central authority model has failed, and since, in my opinion, it is DOOMED to fail without Ron being there to keep the train on its track, then we should not have it. We are ON OUR OWN.

    This does not mean we are each an island floating on our own sea of Tech Vols. Thank God for that! No, it means that we each are responsible for our own understandings of Scientology, and we each do our own work in learning it and using it, and we apply KSW to ourselves. And that we be humble about it. It means we respect each other, are tolerant of each other, and that we acknowledge that while we may THINK we are right, we may not be, and so be open to learning and correction… from someone we respect.

    So, to answer your question, there will be no central structure for Scientology. That ship has sailed. There may still be a church when Mr. David Miscavige is cooling his heels in Leavenworth, but it won’t be the sole source and arbiter of what is and is not Scientology. Actually, it is not now.

    What we will have is an extension and blossoming of what we have now: teams like Marty and Mosey doing well by doing good. People putting together training courses and academies. Some people will “extend” Scientology, and either it will work or it will not. We are entering a Caveat Emptor phase of Scientology. But, in actuality, we have been in this state for a while – at least over the last fifteen years, probably before.

    What we DO know now is that if you trust your soul and your treasure to the official “Church,” they will drain you dry. We DO know that DM and his minions JAIL kids who decide to route out of the SO (Danny M). We DO know that Tommy Davis and other “spokespeople” for the church LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH. We know that whether forced or not, lots of SO girls get abortions rather than decide to have a safe and stable Second Dynamic, and that having kids is banned in the SO. We know that if I were to identify myself on this blog by name, people I have known for years will disconnect from me. We know that disconnection is OFF POLICY, yet it is practiced anyway. We know that FAIR GAME is OFF POLICY, and yet it is practiced anyway. We know that the Ideal Org “strategy” is OFF POLICY and destroys treasure, and yet it is done anyway. This is not Scientology.

    Scientology only exists outside the church, in the minds and actions of independents who actually duplicated what Ron had to say.

  195. WindWalker

    Network 1

    OK. I get what you are saying, but it seems that you and I may have a somewhat different definition for “squirreling”, or maybe where the term applies.

    You gave the example; “If you left your wife/husband after a fully completed doubt, you don´t spread all the reasons for this to all people.”
    That could well be a little silly, or downright damaging. Each situation is unique. I could point out situations where one would be wise, perhaps, to not “announce the decision to both sides”, or certain persons , as it would be damaging to one’s dynamics. For me to make this assessment, and to act on it, I do not consider “squirreling.”

    To me the prime factor here is not what Ron Hubbard wrote in these ethics conditions formulas. To me it is a matter of using these steps in a manner that “obtains to optimum survival across the dynamics”. Roteness is not valuable here, REASON is.

    We also seem to have a different understanding of what the “ethics conditions” are, perhaps even “ethics” itself.
    For instance, when you quote the phrase “ethics is a personal thing”, do you take that to mean that one does not say anything about it to anyone else, or that it is a “self determined ” thing?
    To me it is treated as a “self determined” thing, which pretty much means no one has the right to tell the person how he MUST handle his dynamics, or any part thereof. When one IS being told what he MUST do, (from an “ethics” viewpoint) that is a JUSTICE action. As you are likely well aware, a Comm ev is a justice action. It is a justice gradient. Is it “squirreling” to apply justice if it should be indicated by a particular situation?
    Publishing ones REASONS for taking a particular path, or assigning a particular condition to another person or group, is not “squirreling”, in my books. It is freedom. I have the RIGHT to do this. They are MY dynamics. I will treat them as I please. Ideally I will act in such a wise as to “obtain to optimum survival across the dynamics”, but even that is my choice.

    So I guess what I am saying here is that I do not consider ““publishing that doubt formula for the enlightment of others” is necessarily squirreling. That is really all.


  196. Wow they must be getting desperate!

    They’re actually promoting training.

    Maybe some are starting to cognite that Rabid Squirrel Tech ™ ain’t working.

    I’d say chalk that promo as a plus point in the sea of out points the Church of Scientology has become.

    I was told back in ’03 when I graduated from the BC *un*certainty course that I was one of a dozen “Golden Age of Tech” Class VI’s.

    Inside I was going WTF!!!!!

    But outside I pretended to be “honored”.

    A dozen VIs is what ASHO used to graduate per month on average when I graduated the course back in the ’80’s.

    Anyhoo to answer your question a friend of mine told me the trials and tribulations he was going through after doing his GAT VI Internship.

    (His third internship since graduating the course about the same time I did when the course changed in the early ’90’s.

    So much for the concept of a *permanent cert*.)

    First they wanted to do an eligibility on him.

    An eligibility to do a freaking course!???

    I offered to do it for him gratis but he told me it had to be done by an SO member.

    Can we say *arbi….f_cking….trary*!

    Also a hidden data line.

    I mean what special tech did Sea Org auditors have about running FPRD that us mere mortals didn’t have?

    Also he told me that he was somewhat disappointed because VIIIs where no longer allowed to co-audit OT IV even though Ron specifically says in policy that VIIIs can coaudit their OT IV.

    When I asked my reg dear ol Steve Kemper at the time why?

    He told me that no one who isn’t SO is allowed to audit OTs anymore.

    (I mean if this was some mad capped effort to maintain the security of the Advanced Courses it was an obvious *fail* on their part because much of it had been posted on ARS by then.

    Aside from the fact that the idea is basically stupid due this fact since now we have a bunch of cases who have now been exposed to higher levels and may have been restimulated by them who could easily be repaired by VIIIs in the field.

    However *logic* didn’t seem the Church’s strong point at that point which is why I got the F_ck outta there.

    But that’s another story.)

    So as you can see the AOs in their infinite wisdom have eliminated one of its strongest selling points that is that one can co-audit IV.

    And made doing it rather pointless since you are no longer allowed to do OT rev.

    Not only that but you must go through a freaking sec check just to get on the course that can only be delivered by some anointed SO member who probably happens to be a V Grad or even a IV who hates higher classed auditors.

    (Reminds me of my TRD)

    So much for Auditor Assignment *Policies*.

    No surprise that less than 5 VIIIs have been made since ’96.

  197. GH,

    Where did this datum that Ron supported the idea that some kind of “beneficial dictatorship” was the best form of Government come from.

    Not from any of the lectures or writings that I have listened to or read respectively.

    In other words I wont even grace it as “verbal tech” but actually bull shit.

    He talks about various political systems as being a solution to the problem of succession but he never says he supports any political system nor does he ever come out in support of any type of *dictatorship* “beneficial” or otherwise.

    In fact this is contradicted by the various REDs and PLs on Ad and Exec Councils.

    As far as I’m concerned saying the Ol’man supported any kind of dictatorship is playing into someone like Miscavige’s hands.

    Most importantly.

    There is no policy that I’ve ever read that supports this assertion.

    If you find one.


  198. Jim,


    Shhhhhhh. I was trying to be discreet. Like being at a party with kids and talking about you-know-what.

    By the way, periodically, I go camping in that area, just to see what I can find. Love to pick through the fossils, listen to the wild animals at night, watch the stars without the interference of city lights. See some interesting stuff. Find some really unusual things.

    Those city lights can really obscure what can be seen.

    And you know me, I’m not fond of guides. I like to figure out how to climb back up the cliff with a broken leg when I fall over the edge. Makes for a better story.

    Also, by the way, took my 16 year old son out to a car dealer to look at a Corvette. Talked the salesman into letting him test drive it. He came back grinning, “Dad, I got it up to almost a hundred on the freeway. Didn’t seem like we were going that fast.”

    Ah, my boy!

    Life is full of adventure.

    And having data is a lot like going camping. If you can catch your own food and build your own shelter there’s not a lot of reason to pack up the groceries and drag along a tent. It’s nice to have and adds a bit to the civilizing feel, but certainly not necessary.

  199. For anyone with a searchable data base, look for the term “benign” and “benign monarchy” or “benign dictator.” Most likely in the OEC lectures or maybe FEBC or Esto Tapes.

  200. We’ve been here before 🙂

    An excellent discussion of this very topic took place here in January last year:

  201. The following *policies* should be self explanatory.

    Both BPI meaning Broad Public Issue meaning they should be made broadly available to the public.

    Just in case any lurking OSAcrat has any ideas about “copyright infringement” etc.

    I’m posting them under the terms of fair use.

    Pay particular attention to *point 5* of the first PL in light of the coup.

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
    (Reissued from LRH SECED 56 INT June 14, 1965)
    1. I hereby declare Scientology to be non-political and non-ideological.
    2. Politics and ideology may be no part of any decision to train or process
    individuals, and any such interrogation shall cease to be a part of any application for
    training, processing or membership.
    3. This does not change any policy relating to suppressive persons. It does
    delete any words in any form which seek to bring about a statement of political
    allegiance or antagonism.
    4. It must be kept in mind and brought forward emphatically that Scientology
    does not work in the absence of official control and no matter who sought to use its
    principles, has uniformly failed in the hands of non-Scientologists and organizations
    not controlled by the Central Organizations of Scientology or myself.
    5. The reason for this declaration is the consistent disaster visited upon her
    “allies” by the United States government and the efforts of that government since
    1955, stepped up since 1963, to seize Scientology in the United States rather than
    forbid or stop it and the role played by the United States in inspiring the Victorian
    State attacks in Australia. Scientology technology is no longer offered to the United
    States government in any effort to assist her in political ends. Our participation
    extends only to our willingness to process U.S. officials as individuals unconnected
    with their political aims, if as individuals they are not debarred by other existing
    policies relating to treating the insane or our Ethics system.
    6. All statements attacking any political entity or ideology are hereby
    withdrawn and cancelled in any lectures or literature.
    7. Scientologists may be members of any political group on this planet without
    restraint only so long as these individuals or that group do not attempt to seize
    Scientology for their own warlike ends and so make it unworkable or distasteful by
    invidious connection.
    8. Scientology is for a free people and is itself on this date declared free of any
    political connection or allegiance of any kind whatever.
    Copyright © 1968
    by L. Ron Hubbard
    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
    General Non-Remimeo
    Now and then you hear me speak derisively of governments and ideologies–
    including democracy.
    If, by seeing I criticize an ideology, anyone seeks to believe I embrace its opposite,
    he has failed to get the point.
    What political system could work amongst very aberrated people?
    A democracy or a Communism would be a huge joke in an insane asylum. Well,
    isn’t it?
    The basic building block of any political system is the individual. One can seek to
    avoid this point by conceiving of the masses. But you can’t have masses which aren’t
    made up of single units. Therefore the single unit is the basis of a mass.
    No political system applied to a colony of monkeys would have anything to
    govern but monkeys. That’s plain, certainly.
    A political system seeking to function amongst ignorant, illiterate and barbaric
    people could have marvellous principles but could only succeed in being ignorant,
    illiterate and barbaric unless one addressed the people one by one and cured the
    ignorance, illiteracy and barbarism of each citizen.
    The collective think of apes is ape-think. A Fascism led by and applied to idiots
    would be idiot-Fascism.
    So there is no reason to suppose any political system is any better than those who
    use it to govern or be governed.
    The only difference in existing systems of politics is their relative values in giving
    the individual a chance to develop and receive a higher level of personal sanity and
    That rules out any system which witch hunts, freezes opportunity, or suppresses
    the right to improve by any workable system or suppresses a workable system.
    Watching the U.S. and Australia fight Scientology with blind fury while
    supporting oppressive mental and religious practices proves that democracy, applied to
    and used by aberrated people, is far from an ideal activity and is only aberrated
    Every human has in common with every other human the same reactive bank.
    This is the most they have in common.
    The reactive bank—unconscious mind, whatever you care to call it—suppresses all
    decent impulses and enforces the bad ones.
    Therefore a democracy is a collective-think of reactive banks. Popular opinion is
    Any human group is likely to elect only those who will kill them. That’s
    concluded from actual 1950 experiments.
    The group succeeds only by the efforts of individuals who rise above their banks
    and do their best for their fellows despite the vicious character of groups and the idiot
    nature of collective-think.
    Believe in the individual being and work with him and you will find he is basically
    Work only with a group and you work with collective-think which is basically
    bank and therefore evil.
    Scientology gives us our first chance to have a real democracy.
    By freeing from the worst aberrations each individual, one then achieves a group
    which doesn’t react only on bank and which will be, like the individual, basically good.
    For the bank was made to keep people who were not bad from going bad. It was a
    mistake. So it is bad.
    We prove daily in Scientology that an individual freed of aberrations reacts more
    decently toward his fellows and that an individual, restimulated, acts worse; we prove
    that the individual under stress of aberration is unreasonable and an individual freed is
    So we can conclude on actual evidence that the first true democracy will emerge
    when we have freed each individual of the more vicious reactive impulses. Such beings
    can reason, can agree on decent and practical measures and be depended upon to
    evolve beneficial measures.
    Until we have done that we will continue to be critical of human “democracy”—
    and any other political philosophy advanced upon Man as a cure for his ills.
    A political philosophy can’t audit. We can.
    And don’t be so sensitive to popular reaction. Just get on with making a saner
    world and it will all come out all right.
    Copyright © 1965
    by L. Ron Hubbard

    This should settle any dispute or discussion of what the Ol’man’s political bent was or is.

  202. Hey you’re welcome Big H,

    I was flipping through my “old” Tech Vols on one of my darkest days trying to figure out what went wrong.

    Like WTF???

    Then suddenly I revisited this HCOB and I musta blew down 15 Divs reading it again in a new unit of time.


  203. Al Zawihiri is not a psychiatrist he is a medical doctor or MD.

    This is the same conspiracy theory that Feedumb tried to push that goes no where.

    The story that he is using some form of “mind control” to create willing suicide bombers just doesn’t line up with the actual *facts*.

  204. Alan. Aha — right you are! Maybe someone will come up with it this time? ….

  205. Hey MS,

    You got something against the 1st Amendment?

    If your head hurts so bad from reading Marty’s blog why don’t you take a couple of aspirin go back to ARS?

  206. Good ol’ COB Frankie,

    Hob nobbin’ with the Mob and the CIA and had an inside line to the Pres.

    Can see why Dave wants to emulate the guy.

    Too bad he probably can’t sing worth a damn.

  207. The fact is Nw1 I don’t believe that Miscavige is the *only* suppressive in the group.

    Just the most obvious one.

    Besides not just individuals but groups themselves can become suppressive.

    Sure you rep ’em on S&Ds (which are 3 in number by the way) but sometimes you can’t.

    Like the APA, the FDA, the CIA, the IRS or the FBI the group itself can dramatize being an SP.

    Why do you think SP groups is one of the Q’s on a C/S series 79 and you ask all those L&N Qs and even for a missed SP or two if needed when doing a PTSRD?

    As far as I’m concerned believing there is only one SP involved when an area is really fucked up is hokum.

    As Ron says in the HCOPL ‘Tech Recovery’ there may be several.

    Personally I doubt if you just got rid of Miscavige the area would totally recover.

    So disconnecting from an individual SP or an SP Group doesn’t necessarily put one in a lower condition because one did not handle.

    Especially if one tried to handle and was continually rebuffed.

    Just like trying to handle a spouse that continues to insist on being a drug addict and refuses to change.

    A that point its futile to do anything other than hit the road Jack.

    Most importantly its all about one’s power of choice and asking yourself if you want to continue playing the game that is being played in the Organization these days which has nothing whatsoever to do with the game that they are supposed to be playing which is Training and Auditing people.

  208. Ain’t dat de truth brudder Jimbo!!!

    Let me get a…..

    Oh wait a minute seems we already got a Hallelujah on that one 🙂

    Welcome Sister Hallelujah!

    Any way give us somma dat Ol’ time religion.


  209. WindWalker

    Lur Kerr

    I would like to throw my opinion in here, on this one.

    The “admin tech” that applies to the structure of the “church” hierarchy certainly was not being applied at that time, for the most part.
    One prime example is that LRH never created such a “post” as COB. He never created the “system” that David Miscavige now has in place. He never “chose” or posted David Miscavige as his successor, nor anyone else, for that matter. There was no single person, or “post” that was given the power to “run” or dominate the “church”. This does not even address a myriad of other “tech, ethics, or admin” outnesses.

    However, I am pretty sure that there were some staff and public valiantly applying LRH standardly, and may well be some to this day, in spite of the suppression forwarded by David Miscavige.

    So, I guess what I am saying is that the answer to your question, as you asked it, is NO, I do not believe that situation existed at that time, and probably does not exist to this day fully.


  210. Wow, that was a fantastic answer, thank you. Thanks!

  211. WindWalker

    Jim Logan

    Hey come on now. Maybe they just wanted a coffee.
    Perhaps a coffee enema is really the only way either of them can get a drink of coffee at all, what with their heads so firmly lodged up their butts.


  212. Good points Don,
    I see him quite different of course, for example, I found DMs (read “Giblet”) Tech in this parody rather accurate, intellectually correct; Simple yet effective. Complete with a conclusion that is obvious and certain to happen once those still in are eventually “worn-out” the group bankrupt in every sense of the word… and they will be, eventually…. (yawn).

  213. Hey RJ –

    References are 6607C19 “About Rhodesia” and also 6204C05 “The Sacredness of Cases…”

    I don’t have the exact transcripts of the two tapes above.

    Called “Benevolent Dictatorship” or “Benevolent Monarchy.” And, the issue is succession – mentioned in both references above. The problem is that the Good King could be a really great guy, but his son is a bastard – and so we get Edward I.

    So, I should clarify and say that Ron did state that the succession issue does trump the monarch issue – but that the solution would be to clear the monarch.

    There are other refs, but I don’t have them readily available.

  214. Point taken – except that policy is policy and opinion is opinion. The references I gave hold, and do not counter the policies you cite.

    Also, the phrase is benevolent monarchy. I think we all agree that Mr. David Miscavige is in no way benevolent.

  215. Yes and no… I’m just not sure Matt if ‘stupid’ is the right word…
    I found DMs (read “giblet”) Tech in this parody rather accurate, intellectually correct; Simple yet effective. Complete with a conclusion that is obvious and certain to happen once those still in are eventually “worn-out”…

    The entire group is moving into bankruptcy, in every sense of the word… with such speed and exponential momentum, I think we should start now to seriously expect it, any time. You know what I mean tigers?? =^.^=

  216. Found it, RJ:
    HCOB 17 March 1969 Politics

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
    Here is a scale taken from Excalibur from memory. Excalibur was an unpublished
    book written in the very late 1930s. Only fragments of it remain.
    By placing it against the Tone Scale developed at the end of 1950, certain current
    political philosophies are better estimated. By then looking up these tone characteristics
    in Science of Survival much can be learned and the ideologies are thus made easier to
    predict or handle.
    REPUBLIC 3.0
    FASCISM 1.5
    The cycle of a nation goes on a descending spiral down this scale.
    Those two tones apart are not likely to fight. Those a tone apart fight seldom.
    Those a half tone apart are in continual conflict.
    As this was worked out before World War II it is quite remarkable to see how
    true it has held. And how each one has taken something from its neighbors.
    I will not go into what lies above democracy except that Man is trying with his
    ideologies to solve mainly the problem of succession. History has seen other
    government forms work far more ideally than those named but in none of these could
    one guarantee succession of the beneficial rule. Thus adherents to all forms of ideology
    can be made to agree that “benign monarchy” is an excellent form of government. But
    they discard it because a truly good benign monarch is not necessarily succeeded by
    one in the next reign.
    Few governments exist in pure form. (Note there are no major governments at
    this writing above Social Democracy.)

  217. Fun stuff – Guess I stirred up the hornet’s nest! I felt like I was back on course, looking up references and all!

  218. The Count, I don’t hate to tell you this: I’m capable of listening to the news and differentiating between political agendas and current events.

    Your Osama kidney failure report is total fantasy. I wonder if you checked your sources on that non fact, or perhaps you’re listening to too man conspiracy theories behind your castle walls?

    By the way, real-time news is reported from eye witness people and citizens on Twitter faster than major news networks. My news sources sound a lot less like terrifying bullshit than yours.

    My primary point is that with the advent of social media, there is unprecedented communication occurring between the people of nations — hence making it difficult for two bit dictators and terrorists to control, monopolize and oppress. Hence, the uprisings and overthrowing of oppressive leaders we’ve seen these past two months. When people are in communication, it foils the plans of dictators who exert suppressive, bad control and pretend it is leadership.

    I do believe the world can and is becoming a better place. Thankfully, I’m informed and connected. Whereas I don’t advoate a steady diet of world events, I don’t become the effect of what I can as-is. To do that, I LOOK and communicate. And I also need to know of what I speak when I advocate to leaders of the world to upgrade the tone level of their activities.

  219. Hallelujah, I’m used to speaking even if I’m the only one standing but really there is nothing sweeter or dearer in this world than someone who knows one’s heart and I swear reading your comment, hearing someone speak up to stick up for me, it is just…well, it’s just the best thing ever. I love your sense of honor and candor. That’s that’s all it takes for me to never want to let you down ever.

    Oh, and by the way, I agree, The Count could have started with a more informative tone. Count’s snide tone did not help the sensationalistic fake news he was trying to lob over with the wrong-making decree that I do such lowly things as listen to the news. 😉

  220. RJ, here is the reference on Al Zawiri…• AYMAN AL-ZAWAHIRI: Osama Bin Laden’s chief advisor and doctor is a former psychiatrist and surgeon, convicted of terrorism in Egypt and sentenced to death in absentia.5 Al-Zawahiri studied behavior, psychology and pharmacology as part of his medical degree at Cairo University. His father was a pharmacologist. According to Vincent Cannistraro, former top CIA counterterrorist official, “Zawahiri is the guy-he’s the operational commander…number one, on the right hand side of Osama.” In terms of policy, he says, “it’s Zawahiri. He believes that violence is purifying…and he believes he should determine who the enemies are. He kills innocent people.”6 In 1996, he was considered the most credible threat and a highly lethal terrorist who could strike against the U.S. A warning issued at the time specified suicide bombing as the likely form of attack.7 According to Islamic lawyer, Muntasir Zayat, Dr. al-Zawahiri is to Bin Laden “what the brain is to the body.” Dr. al-Zawahiri “was able to reshape Bin Laden’s thinking and mentality and turn him from merely a supporter of the Afghan Jihad to a believer in and exporter of the Jihad’s ideology,” the lawyer said.8 On September 25, 2001, Interpol issued an arrest warrant for Dr. al-Zawahiri in response to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.9 And here is the link where you read it RJ:

  221. Thor, I find your question a little out R. Have you been asleep? This country is in the worst economic disaster since the great depression. Obama put America in debt more than ALL 43 PAST PRESIDENT COMBINED. We are in THREE illegal wars that are costing billions. Gasoline is around $4 a gallon. Anyting else you are not aware of?

  222. Hallelujah


    Yes, you get a “Hallelujah!” In fact, many of them.

    “POLITICS” says it all! L, H

  223. Good work GH!!

  224. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, I get it, blame it on the black guy, right? Crawl back into your hole.

  225. martyrathbun09

    You are shallow Dude. Read Lawrence Wright’s The Looming Towers, so as to perhaps get in above your freakin’ ankles.

  226. Hallelujah

    veritas !

    You are all things wise and wonderful!! Thank you for posting this comment. L, H

  227. Thanks so much post posting this LRH policy.

    The contrast of the LRH policy’s lucid sanity is another exact example and screaming evidence that the current monkey antics are not Scientology.

  228. Dear Count,

    Having a degree in psychology and pharmacology does not a psychiatric degree make.

    I suggest you read Steve Cole’s book excellent book Ghost Wars, Joseph Trento’s Prelude to Terror and Peter Bergen’s book Holy War Incorporated.

    Crack open a few books and turn a few pages instead of just typing into google.

  229. GH,

    Yes both tapes are on the BC but in neither one does he come out in support of either a monarchy or a dictatorship and besides it is a moot point since Scientology is apolitical according to policy.

    As far as I’m concerned it is clutching for straws to form some kind of Straw Man argument that the Ol’man supported some kind of dictatorial system of governance within Scientology when in fact he did not.

    Since it is controverted by the fact that he formed the Advisory Council.

  230. Benevolent or otherwise it does not matter.

    The organizational structure of Scientology is neither a monarchy or a dictatorship.

    There is no such thing as top down management of Scientology Organizations since it is based on the *Horizontal Fast Flow System”.

    Miscavige has been falsely labeled the “leader” of Scientology.

    There is no such post.


    That has perpetrated by him and his “friends” and simply agreed to.

    It is a lie.

    Being a lie it therefore has persistence.

  231. Gee I know you are a supporter of a Monarchy since you are a member of the Commonwealth and all that Mike but what GH posted was an HCOB which is *not* a policy.

    Also here Ron is purely speculating what would be above a Republic.

    And again he discusses the problems of succession.

    Is there anything he has stated here that I never stated earlier.

    As far as I’m concerned this is becoming a *straw man argument*.

    Because no where any where does Ron actually come out in support of a monarchy or a dictatorship.

    And if this is all the “evidence” you both have then it is very weak.

  232. Billy Jack

    What an incoherent sack of whale excrement that spewed from Napoleon Hitler’s lips!!! You have a guy who has allegedly: beaten people, denigrated people, abused them in several ways, grounds people with phallic copper rods, and now cannot string together two coherent thoughts in a row. What an embarrassment to himself, His church, and to any halfway educated person!!! Sounds like a babbling schizoid walking down the street, oblivious to everyone else, and drunk. Megalomaniacal, narcissistic, sociopath. There are people who have dementia who make better sense. How can people NOT recognize such utter bullsh*t? Where in the hell are the class action suits and the criminal charges to bring this thing to justice? Obama got Osama. Who will ravage Miscavige? Is it going to take some Navy seals?

  233. Obviously I hit a sore spot. Please note that we agree – Ron said it was the best form except for the issue of succession. Which is proven by the DM situation (as well as every other monarchy that existed).

  234. This is the myth that Dave and some of his “friends” have perpetrated that there is some kind of “succession” when in fact it is a bald faced *lie*.

    Even if the Ol’man said a monarchy was the greatest thing since sliced bread the fact is that he never named anyone to succeed him.

    And the reason why is covered in the HCOPL 4 Jan 66 as follows:


    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
    Issue VI
    Gen Non-Remimeo
    LRH Communicator Hat
    HCO Area Sec Hat
    Exec Sec Hats
    I have several posts and relationships to orgs which make up several identities.
    Unless these are understood many errors can occur, not the least of which are tax errors, and not the least
    dangerous, power pushes and upsets.
    For instance, there are two Offices of LRH at Saint Hill. And one more for every other org. This is a familiar
    situation. It has happened in LA, Phoenix, DC and London-I always specially work with the org where I am situated
    as well as continue to handle all other orgs on an International basis and remain the chief executive of each org
    An org where I am, making more than other orgs, always bears the expense of international activities. In this
    case, here at Saint Hill, the org also shares international income and so its cost is light.
    Thus I have several hats and resultant Comm lines here at Saint Hill and at least one more in each org. These can
    be described as identities and posts as follows:
    This is LRH a private person. This identity is the one who is entitled to any royalties and leases copyrights and
    trademarks and technology for use by Scientology organizations. This identity paid for and did the research, organized
    the organizations. This is the identity that loans orgs money or guarantees their bank accounts, etc, and on death is a
    private trust for my family.
    This identity is a trustee who holds in trust properties and money for Scientology and since 1957 has held UK
    and Commonwealth corporations in trust for the original US company until these assets can be transferred to a UK
    non-profit corporation. As UK tax people will not okay such a non-profit status until after a year of operation we have
    formed other corporations in the UK and Commonwealth time and again only to have them refused non-profit status.
    The laws of Arizona prevent transfer of HASI assets abroad to any but a corporation with non-profit status. This
    leaves me as a Trustee of all assets outside the US until they can be transferred. But even after transfer 1 will still be a
    trustee for Scientology corporations. All money sent to LRH an individual is received by LRH a trustee or a
    corporation and is seldom’ paid to LRH an individual but turned over to companies without being given to I-RH, an
    individual. This is a vital point, often missed even by accountants who then get us involved. If the money were 1.
    received by I-RH, an individual and then 2. turned over to LRH a trustee andlor 3. received and used by a company, it
    would hang LRH an individual for huge tax sums for money he has never really received or used and indeed won’t
    ever get. Example: Mr. X sends a S20 franchise pay to “L. Ron Hubbard”. This is always invoiced by an org, as
    “Franchise payment”. Therefore one concludes that “LRW’ in that case is LRH, a trustee. If one erred and said it was
    the income of LRH, an individual, that identity, never seeing the money, would yet owe tax on it, which is unfair. All
    incoming 10%s to “LRH” mean LRH, a trustee, and are used in company expenses or are put away to be in
    general defense. The point of confusion is that LRH, an individual, is actually owed those 107os as royalties to
    support research, etc. But the companies receive and use the money and it doesn’t even go through the hands of
    LRH an individual. LRH, an individual, has not cancelled monies owed to him. He has not received them. LRH,
    a trustee, seldom gives LRH an individual any Scientology money. Tax authorities are astounded at this
    (believing the worst of everyone) but those on our accounts lines know it is so. This is LRH, a trustee. “Trustee”
    is an identity and activity almost all movements, churches, and benevolent associations have and in each case the
    “Trustee” does just what LRH a trustee is doing-safeguarding property and assets of an association. It’s a very
    usual role.
    This is an unpaid identity on several boards. It is entitled only to out-of-pocket expenses and almost never
    puts in for any. This is a member of a board of directors. These must be paid no salary in a non-profit
    corporation, only expenses. “Chairman” comes under this. Also “President”.
    This is better understood as “General Manager” as it isn’t as a member of the board that it is held but as a
    manager. This is a paid post in any corporation or association. There are numerous LRH Exec Dir titles and
    identities; for this title repeats in each area and org and in the International Division.
    It means “highest executive of the organization”, “third member of the Advisory Council”, “head of the
    department called the Office of LRH”. Therefore there is one of these titles for each org we have and for the
    International Exec Division as well. Perth for instance has an LRH Executive Director, Perth, LA has LRH
    Executive Director LA, etc. Then there is LRH Executive Director WW.
    The identity of the LRH Communicator in the org or activity gives clue to this. Each LRH Executive
    Director title has an LRH Communicator.
    There. are two LRH Communicators at Saint Hill, LRH Communicator WW, who attends to each org for
    LRH Executive Director WW via each org’s LRH Communicator and LRH Communicator SH who handles the
    traffic both of LRH Executive Director WW as sent to it from the LRH Communicator WW and for LRH
    Executive Director SH.
    This is only possible as the orgs are all similarly engaged. HCO Area Secs filled this role for years and still
    do where there is no LRH Communicator. HCO Area Secs still have duties for the Executive Director regardless
    of the LRH Communicator as old policy letters show. “Sec Ed issue” is one of these.
    Proper routing from an org is through the LRH Comm of that org to LRH Executive Director of that org
    and forwarded on to LRH Comm WW who sees that LRH Exec Dir that org receives it in absence. LRH Exec
    Dir WW may issue a blanket order concerning it but it is usually answered by LRH Exec Dir that org.
    The Advisory Council of any org operates without its third member, LRH Exec Dir of that org but in case
    of disputes or errors finds LRH Exec Dir that org taking it up.
    In addition to all these other identities and titles there is that of LRH, Staff Member. As such I give staff
    lectures in the org where I am, assist where I can, crack cases and train students as “Co-ordinator of Research”
    (meaning application of
    research), write magazines, take pictures, act as a routing expert, listen to problems, and do a lot of other things.
    I am chiefly a staff member of the org where I am located but am also a staff member of each org.
    Necessarily, no one person can hold all these posts and identites. But at the same time, over the years, I have
    found they are the minimum number I must give attention to.
    To handle this complexity I have many persons assisting me. I expect them to act with initiative. I expect them to
    carry out the purposes I have regarding orgs and Scientology so as to keep things expanding and the lines clean and
    flowing and keep me from getting so involved on just one point I can’t do the rest of my jobs.
    For quite in addition to these posts, I have my research hat (our most important hat) and an organizing hat and a
    promotion hat and a public relations hat. My writing-books hat should absorb most of my time with research complete
    but not wholly published.
    Thus I expect people to do their jobs so I can then do my job and don’t like people to flub theirs and require
    special attention on it. Only this holds us back because I then can’t do my jobs which eventually breaks down our
    expansion and dissemination.
    Many other arrangements have been tried, fewer “identities” less traffic for me. But each time some catastrophe
    has occurred. This then required more work than wearing that hat in the first place. The early Dianetic corporative
    catastrophes occurred because I did not have or wear all my Exec Director hats and had no legal control of the orgs.
    Since I began to wear these and took responsibility things have been much better indeed, so I can’t shed them. So these
    identities are a minimum by trial and error and by success.
    Anyone on high executive and Accounts lines should understand these things thoroughly and LRH
    Communicators should point them out.
    Only when these relationships are misunderstood do we get in trouble.
    Our growth depends on our staying out of trouble, getting our lines in and keeping corporate structure straight.
    And understanding these separate identities or titles and functions and using them.
    It is doubtful if this situation will change. As orgs grow, my assistants grow also and become more competent
    and refer less to me and work on delegated authority. My work is lighter the bigger we get so eventually I will hold
    only titles with no actions or duties. This can be continued easily and so there is no need to reduce identities to
    simplify lines. And there wouldn’t even be a need to reorganize if I wasn’t there in the flesh at all. All I need to do is
    work out a succession of assistants to make the activities continue. There is no succession of myself to be worked out
    in any identity regardless of what happens to me simply because I did the original work and as it is done there is no
    reason to have a succession for it as it is itself.
    My identities are therefore woven in to the pattern so they don’t have to be altered to keep things going. LRH an
    individual becomes an estate. The rest is by appointment from “LRH Executive Director” with that title activated by
    the Int AdCouncil or board but still used as a title but not of a person. The “Office of LRH” is part of org structure.
    And before long even LRH “a board member” will be needless to be filled in the flesh by delegated signature of LRH.
    This is not only today then, but tomorrow as well and the above identities are firm as identities whether I am
    here or not. Even today 99% of my functions are done by delegated authority. The 1% left is heavy enough for 20 men
    but it is getting lighter each year and so can be seen to be only a post in a few years and so it can continue. Trying to
    fill up the post is all that would cause “a war”, so leave it activated as itself, none assigned to it, assistance to it by
    established formula. We won’t vanish if I as a person vanish. And these identities never were me anyway so they can
    survive. It is a part of basic org structure. My post title is used ten thousand times a day on matters I never will hear of,
    so why should I hear of any in the long run as only the delegation of authority is in action anyway.
    So whatever happens to me as a person leave these LRH identities on the org board unfilled and all will be well.
    If you try to fill them catastrophe will result. Only how authority is delegated by “LRH Executive Director” in my
    absence needs to be worked out and that will be published.
    Somebody some day will say “this is illegal”. By then be sure the orgs say what is legal or not.
    LRH:ml.rd Copyright @ 1966 by L. Ron Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

    As you see Ron specifically says:

    “There is no succession of myself to be worked out
    in any identity regardless of what happens to me simply because I did the original work and as it is done there is no reason to have a succession for it as it is itself.”

    Which proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Miscavige is a *fraud* who with the help of others either directly or even by merely agreeing to it is perpetrating a *fraud*.

  235. I’m not blaming it on the black guy Marty. He just happens to be the scapegoat for his puppet masters.

  236. Jesus Christ Marty, I gave him ONE reference solely about him being a psychiatrist. How the fuck would you know how deep I’ve researched?

  237. Wow RJ. Go back and re READ what it says. He is a “former psychaitrist” and “studied behavior, psychology and pharmacology as PART of his medical degree at Cairo University”.
    Also, you have no idea how much research I have done. I’ve cracked open MANY books and interviewed ex top level people and done over 200 radio shows exposing all the crap. So please don’t tell me I’m just typing in Google. And if you ever read LRH’s Battlefield Earth and Mission Earth you would know that there are only TWO groups behind all the crap. The PSYCH’s and the BANKERS. In addition to many of his HCOB’s and PL’s talking about the psych’s.

  238. Really Veritas? Bin Laden dying in 2001 is a total fantasy? I suggest you read this: “Top US government insider Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, a man who held numerous different influential positions under three different Presidents and still works with the Defense Department, shockingly told The Alex Jones Show yesterday that Osama Bin Laden died in 2001 and that he was prepared to testify in front of a grand jury how a top general told him directly that 9/11 was a false flag inside job.”
    Here is the link for the quote:
    And here is a full live interview with him talking on the air:

    Anyway, I also believe the world can be a better place like you do. However, it is NOT getting better overall in PT. We both know the Church is falling apart (the only real hope mankind ever had) while the psych’s are winning. Over 8 million kids on their drugs and god knows how many adults worldwide. And their false jargon being used in society on a daily basis. Just look around. Bi polar, ADD, ADHD, chemical imbalance, etc.etc. Terms being used by a large percentage of the population and the media and in movies. It’s OUT OF CONTROL. They psych’s stats are going UP while ours are going DOWN. Except for what Marty and a few others are doing. I truly thank them for their hard work.

  239. martyrathbun09

    Yes you are, as are the “sources” you rely upon.

  240. Marty,

    Obama is such a refreshing change after 8 dismal years of those torturing fascists Bush and Cheney and their clique of clueless PNAC Neocons that I think we should cut him a little slack.

    (BTW did you know that Bush raped and pillaged the 4th Amendment with the help of IAS Patron Brian Zwann’s Digital Lightwave?

    Also there wasn’t a single boo peep from Freedumb magazine about the Bush Administration’s egregious human rights abuses perpetrated in the name of “fighting terrorism”.

    Not only that but many of the staff at ASHO were “waxing enthusiastic” about the possibility of GW recommending that everybody should do Scientology which probably would have been the kiss of death for the subject if he ever did.

    In my opinion.

    More to all this but for now the point is that at least Obama has a brain between his ears unlike Bush or Sara Paulin.)

  241. Count,

    I agree with much you have just written here except that you nor this CT expert nor CCHR have given any credible background on Al-Zawahiri’s connection to psychiatry save that he is a “former psychiatrist”.

    What University did he study psychiatry at?

    Which would include where?

    When did he study psychiatry and get his degree?

    As far as I understand from my own research in the area OBL has always had a hatred towards “infidels” and really didn’t need Zawahiri’s help in urging him or the base on to commit acts of terrorism.

  242. Ok, let me clarify. It may appear so because of the way I wrote it Marty. I mentioned Obama in one sentence, and the others may seem to be related to him, but they are not. I am not blaming him for high gas prices or all 3 wars. I know who is BEHIND it all. My mistake for not making it clearer in the first place.

  243. Speak that I may see thee. That’s how.
    C’est vrai, oui?

  244. Count,

    None of these citations cited link al-Zawahiri with psychiatry.

    Unlike Jolliet West, Martin Orne, Ewen Cameron etc et al.

    The connection is tenuous.

    In my opinion CCHR was cherry picking intel in the same way the Pentagon did in order to justify the war against Iraq.

  245. Eileen Clark

    the reference is:
    A lecture given on 1 November 1966

    “Everybody admits, when thoroughly pressed, that a benign monarchy is the best form of government. But in view of the fact that a benign monarchy cannot be succeeded, why, it possibly lacks a great deal in its longevity. Over a long period of time, why, governments that are set up as benign monarchs get unbenign monarchs sooner or later, and they develop themselves a Nero or something, and everything goes appetite over tin cup.”

  246. Interesting stuff guys. I’m new to the Independent scene, but just an update on the Ideal Orgs: Dallas is empty. Orange County is a desert. Pasadena is a graveyard.

    As you all well know, we get what we flow to, so let’s flow toward the beautiful.

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