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Obstruction of Justice

The following is an excerpt from one of the nearly three dozen anti-Independent sites operated by the “church” of Scientology (aka Radical Scientology or Corporate Scientology).  It constitutes evidence of mafia-like tactics  currently being employed by Radical Corporate Scientology under the direction of its leader David Miscavige.

By way of background Mike Rinder and I have been scheduled through airline reservation for some time to visit Los Angeles this week.  The only reason we are going is to meet with targets of Radical Scientology’s mafia-like tactics and their lawyers.  The only purpose of  the visit – which is an uncompensated week of our time- is to assist targets of Radical Scientology to receive JUSTICE in the forums for such constitutionally established in our democratic Republic.

Here first are some explanatory notes of the excerpt: Where it notes that at the end of May I am going to Los Angeles with Mike Rinder, that is in reference to 31 May when Mike Rinder I are scheduled to fly to Los Angeles.  That information would be obtained by the cult by their access to airline reservation computers; and no where else.  The reference to a “friend” in New Jersey is a thinly veiled message that Radical Scientology knows that Mosey and I met with Hy Levy (New Jersey resident) in NY City just over a week ago.  It also serves as a cover for Radical Scientology’s continued illicit use of airline reservation computers. Hy had no idea Mike and I were going to Los Angeles.
The reference to disappointment because someone wanted to do an “interview” again – that is a direct threat to repeat what they did last month at my home with four Cult members attempting hold me at bay at my own front door – https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2011/04/18/miscavige-shock-squad-hits-casablanca/.
Note, they note they will have to visit Mosey (Monique Rathbun, my wife) whom they know will be alone by virtue of their access to airline computers. Please also note the lewd sexual allusion.  They recently sent a dildo addressed to my wife at her work address.
The allusion to “interviewing” Mosey “alone” is a oft used tactic by Miscavige – “every time Marty leaves, send thugs in on his wife, and step up harassment just before he leaves in hopes he doesn’t leave and thus arrive at his appointments with justice.”
 I am making this report in advance of anticipated harassment to my home and family expected and threatened sometime between 31 May and 3 June.
The following thread is from the Cult of Scientology’s website martyrathbunblog.comm, Spy Corner section where tidbits of my movements, along with sick embellishments and creations are included, to send a message that BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING
Minerva says:

If you know of any squirrel plans or movements, share the info with us.


    ex-independent says:

    I recently bumped into an old friend of mine in New Jersey who recently met with Marty Rathbun. He mentioned that Marty and Rinder are going to be out in Los Angeles at the end of May. Anyone know what that’s about?


      Mark says:

      Anyone know what day they are going? I can take the same plane. LOL.


        Squirrel Buster says:

        Shit. I was going to go down to Texas to interview the Rat again. I guess it will just have to be done with Mosey.

Arnie says:

Interviewing her should be fun. Plus the dog. The two of them together should put on as good a show as the Rat.
What happened with the complaint? Anyone know.
Maybe should take a placebo microphone in case he’s been training her up on how to cause criminal damage.


    Squirrel Buster says:

    We will. We have one shaped as a . . . you know what. She’ll find it irresistible.

Our attitude about all this?  It’s summed up in this little ditty:
It’s not real to me
therefore he doesn’t exist
VAMOOS, Son of a Bitch!