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A Solution to Economic Coercion

The following article is the welcome page to Steve Hall’s new interactive webpage, http://www.freeandable.com/ .  Steve’s timing for release could not be more appropriate given the nature our discussions this past week.

Free and Able is a solution to the campaign of economic warfare waged by David Miscavige against ex members of the Church of Scientology. In flagrant violation of labor laws against discrimination, Miscavige has worked strenuously to silence dissent and stifle free speech by ordering current members to “disconnect” any employee in disfavor with the Church. Not just Church staff, but anyone who works for or with any Scientologist anywhere — perhaps for a dentist or in a bookstore. If that person criticizes Church leadership, the Church moves swiftly, contacting the person’s employer and ordering him or her to fire the dissenter, effectively immediately. Any “friends” or “family” are ordered to “disconnect” immediately. But hang on, because that also includes customers, clients, business partners, colleagues, and employees. All ties to any Scientologist and all communication is severed, without so much as a “Gosh Bill, it’s been nice working together for the last 25 years. Too bad now you can’t support your family or pay for your home, health care or your car.”

Most Scientologists of 5, 10 or 20 years have social and business networks infused with fellow Scientologists. So you can imagine how devastating it is to suddenly be alone… with no social or professional network to fall back on.

That’s where we come in

Each time David Miscavige orders his lynch mob to string someone up, we can cut that economic noose. We do it by forming ourselves into a professional network of free and able individuals, using what we know to flourish and prosper. And as LRH said in a lecture (paraphrased here), “All I ask is this: as you move up in Scientology, remember to take Scientology with you.” But in our case, we are taking the Independent Scientology community up with us.

It’s easy to do. If you need something printed, try an Indie printer; there are several really good ones including Tis Grafx in Portland.  If you need a wicked-cool website or marketing, maybe you’d like to use the man who created this website, Scientology-cult.com, and played a large role in launching the entire Independent Scientologist movement. Piano lessons, landscaping, carpentry, furniture, health supplements, estate sales, antiques, fine art, ghost writers, poetry… the list goes on and on. You are buying these products anyway. Why not get the most bang for your buck by buying from your friends in Independent Scientology?

Talent migration

Not only are Independent Scientologists in the main incredibly responsible, friendly, happy, ethical and hardworking, they possess remarkable insight, intelligence and talent forged by fire. When other people are approaching their limits, the average Indie is not even phased. Right here in this website, serious, world-class talent is being offered to the commercial market for the first time.

Steve Hall, creator of FreeandAble.com

When I left the CoS in 2004, there was no social nor professional network to fall back on. I had witnessed Little Dave McHitler beating staff in true Nazi style, and I made it clear the violence was the reason for my departure. In response, the Church (i.e. David Miscavige) did their coercive best to make sure I was never heard from again.

Instead, I smoothly bridged into the private sector, rebuilt my own life from scratch using LRH tech and now I’m helping to disable Miscavige’s Army of Darkness because it is truly vicious.

A year ago, I predicted one day soon Scientologists inside the CoS would envy the social and professional network we have in Independent Scientology. Well, that day is here. We are free and we are able. And our professional network is infinitely superior to anything within the Church since every single anemic straggler left inside the Church is attached by the wallet to a giant leech.

Sucks to be leech food.

The Free and Able name

Free and Able was a full year in development. Answers to difficult problems don’t always grow on trees, but they do exist—somewhere: it’s just a matter of finding them where at first nothing appeared to be.

Our website name was suggested in May 2010 by my friend, Super Fortress, an expert in all things online since the Internet began. In exchange, I introduced him to Scientology. He actually became a Scientologist thanks to Scientology-cult.com.

He pulled the name “Free and Able” from an article I wrote on Scientology-cult.com about Independent Scientologists, “We use Scientology and operate on LRH principles while remaining totally independent, free and able.”

“Free and Able” — that’s us I think you will agree.

Steve Hall