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With Friends like that…Washington Post pt II

An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.
– attributed to Buddha
Another “church” of Scientology Office of Special Affairs “intelligence” memo is appended below.  This one is dated 11 April, 2006 and is a follow up to the last post on this blog concerning Corporate Scientology’s war on Washington Post Senior Editor Richard Leiby. 
Please note how the word “friend” is used seven different times in this memo.  I think it would behoove folks to beware of “friends” sent in, bought off or otherwise corrupted by Corporate Scientology.   Radical Scientologists are quite capable of and inclined toward the intentional wounding of minds. 
The memo: 


Attorney-Client Privileged


                             April 11, 2006




          A friend asked Leiby how his trip to California was. He said that it was terrible because of the rain.  They know each other through Ida, and she knew he had been in California working on an article. The topic initially was Ida and some concern about her health.


          Leiby said that he has been busy working in other priorities. When the friend wished him good luck on his story on Scientology, he went down tone. The friend commented that he did not appear to be enthusiastic about it. Leiby response was, “sometime other things take priority and you get taken off something and don’t get excited any longer.” Leiby said that it would take some months before he does anything with the Scientology story and he said it as if he had no idea himself of when this would be. He then told the friend that he doesn’t have an exact timing or deadline to do it.


          The friend wished him well and ended the conversation.


          CHUCK BEATTY:


          As he’s usually close to Lerma and plugged in to “media” the subject came up in a routine conversation with a friend. Beatty said that he used to get two or three calls a month from young reporters who asked him questions like “does Scientology brainwash?” Beatty was nattering about these reporters because they asked him stupid questions and it clearly showed that they didn’t do their homework. Beatty said that he is not qualified to answer such a question anyway.  The friend then brought up having seen an article by Leiby from last year (on the web). Beatty said that he knows of Leiby and that he is a very good reporter, but he did not know of anything that Leiby is doing in PT.



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