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Plant or Vegetable?

Below is a public announcement by a recently reaccredited Radical Scientologist.  It has been widely circulated around the Southern San Francisco Bay Area.   Susan Lewis was accepted back into the Radical Scientology community only after blowing the whistle on every Scientologist she knew was committing the sin of seeking truth. 

The announcement couldn’t be more timely.  I was working on a post urging more people from the South Bay area stand up to take some of the heat off of Lorie Hodgson and her mother Dee McMurdie.   But, as has become almost tradition, Miscavige and OSA just have beat us to the punch in driving people from their cult. 

This write up might remind some of you of the fear, the pack mentality, and the stultified intellect you may have felt when you were a member of the Radical cult.  It is a fascinating study too in the subject of brainwashing.  Brainwashing?  Isn’t  that a tad extreme?, you might ask.   My answer is no, it is not extreme at all.  Look at the two rock bottom stable datums Ms Lewis is convinced by the likes of John Allender and Mark Warlick (from the blue shirted shock squad that visited my home recently) are lies.  Two of the most obvious, well documented FACTS established about David Miscavige:

a)      David Miscavige is a mean-spirited, little dictator who keeps his troops in line by habitual, daily physical violence.

b)    David Miscavige and his cult are under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

On “a” more than fifteen eye witnesses have given credible accounts of this truth, many in an open fashion against his or her own interests.  The ONLY evidence provided by the church are Tommy Two Tone’s now infamous meltdowns (and those of Jenny Devocht, Anne Joassam, Cathy Rinder, Norman Starkey and Guillame Lesevre).  On “b”, this was reported in probably America’s most credible publication, by a Pulitzer prize winning author.  What did the church counter with, a personal interview with the Director of the FBI?   Afraid not.  And since when does it even matter to a Radical Scientologist whether the FBI is for or against your leader? How gullible can somebody get?  Radical Scientologist gullible.

Or, perhaps they don’t really get that stupid.  Perhaps Ms. Lewis was on mission from the get go.  That is how Haydn James see it and he’s an old OSA pro.  I’d be interested in other people’s takes on this one.

Susan Lewis
April 28, 2011

I am going to get the time line on this as best as possible. I will
note where I am not sure of the exact time and/or sequence. Where I
can remember the exact words stated, I’ve made it clear. Where I
cannot remember the exact words, I’ve been as accurate on the
concept of the comm cycle as possible.
One thing that became very clear to me is the how actually very few
people get embroiled in this, it’s not “everywhere” like I
initially believed. The numbers of people involved are very very
small. I was myself part of it posting under numerous IDs making it
seem more but in actual fact the percentage of people involved is
Towards the end of March 2010, I talked with Mari Perry
when she called my office. She was upset about the CNN Anderson
Cooper show. She said “Did you hear about the Anderson Cooper show
on Scientology?” I said I had not and didn’t know who or what
Anderson Cooper was, she explained what the show was.

I said I understood how she felt but it sounded like a bunch of
nonsense. I told her I had been through this before with the “60
Minutes” cycle many years ago. I told her that I write-up or query
things that I have questions on.

I was then invited over to Tom and Vickie Chandler’s house shortly
after Mari and I talked in March of 2010. Jon Perry was there also
along with Vickie Chandler.

Tom asked me what I thought of the Anderson Cooper show. I told him
I hadn’t seen it and wasn’t planning to. I had recently read a
Marty Rathbun posting and told Tom I was shocked that this guy was
writing about sessions he delivered and how that violated so many
policies. I called Marty various names and was angry. Tom agreed
with my anger.

He talked about his “BPC.” I said something about we should always
write things up. He told me that he has in the past but doesn’t
anymore and agreed to do that. I told him that the things I had
queried or written up, I always got a response and gave him a
couple examples.

Tom also sent me an email with a J&D picture, like a copy of a book
that had something to do with some show. I deleted it. This was
about a week or so after being at his house.

That evening at Tom and Vickie’s house, Mari nattered about
different subjects. I listened and didn’t say much.

Taking one incident, I told Mari I didn’t believe anything like
that would occur at least how she described it. I asked her if she
wrote it up and she said she didn’t. I told her she needed to do
that and she said she would.

I’m not sure exactly when after going to Mari’s, she called me. I
had just met Rich Nesbit in our office. She said she had talked to
him and he said that he liked me. Mari then said “Don’t be
surprised if he reads the blogs too” and I didn’t know what to say
so I said nothing. She insinuated that Rich was involved with the

Shortly after that, I began to read suppressive blogs. The
more I read, the more upset and keyed-in I got. I posted on the
blog from May through October. My postings included being
antagonistic, sympathetic and mutual out ruds with the people on
the blog. This only made my condition worse and was of no benefit
to myself or to my group. I nattered and entertained natter about
the Church.

I posted under the names of Goddess, Eli, Snicks and AnOT. I will,
to the best of my ability, disclose what I posted.

I remember posting a win as a WISE member on “Possibly Helpful

I remember acking Dickie Conn’s posting on the same website when
she posted under the name “Water Dragon” or something very similar
to that screen name.

I remember acking a post (maybe two) from OTDT as being funny.

I remember posting about being a staff member and a sup.

I remember sympathizing with Tara.

I remember posting an ack on a suppressive sight after looking at

I remember a post about asking any Scientologists who were reading
the blogs to go into their Org’s and get in comm. I remember Marty
being angry at that.

I sent emails to Jim Logan and Dan Koon, asking if they had
witnessed any physical abuse. They both said no. This was somewhere
after May but no later than July, I think. I befriended Karen de la
carriere and Dan on Facebook so they could get mass on me and then
I deleted the request as soon as it was accepted. I had no further
contact with Jim and Karen, but did hear from Dan a couple of times
but nothing for months. I closed out the email account.

I believed at that point that any “beatings” that occurred were
done by Marty and Mike.

Email to Jim Logan – I got his email off of Marty’s site. I
emailed him and told him who I was. I asked him if he had ever seen
any beatings and he said no. I thanked him for the data.

Karen de la carriere – I friended Karen de la carriere on Facebook.
She accepted and said I would get declared for doing that. I
incorrectly sympathized with her and then defriended her and had no
further contact with her.

Dan Koon – The same as Jim & Karen but I also told him that I was
not looking to jump ship but that I was a long term Scientologist.
I asked him about any beatings and he said in all the years he was
in the SO, he had never seen anything like that. I told him he
needed to handle his scene and that I wouldn’t be in comm with him.
This was several months ago.

I met with Dickie Conn-Wieble last year in San Francisco. I don’t
recall the month, but it was several months ago, around June. She
and Scott (her husband) were in town and we got together for
breakfast. Dickie nattered about Church Management.

After that, she told me Scott was getting audited by someone else
named David. I’m not sure who this is but I assume she either meant
David St. Lawrence or David Thomas who are squirrels. Later she
sent me a copy of a suppressive posting she did on one of the sites
under the name “Water Dragon” and up until recently that was the
last contact I had with her.

I told her I was going to stay and work things out. I told her I
loved my job, my life, my friends and being on post at the Mission.

She said (this was a phone conversation before meeting up in San
Francisco) that she knew Mike Rinder and had spoken to him since he
had blown. I told her I barely knew who he was and I had a real
problem with them going to the press as that is a suppressive act
per LRH.

I found out it was Dickie who sent me a suppressive’s resignation
letter to my personal email. This was earlier this year. I sent her
a text telling her no more communication as I was/am doing an
ethics cycle.

Around April of 2010, I had dinner with someone who has one child
in the SO and one out. About a month later I sent her the link to
Marty’s blog and then turned around and told her to delete it. She
did and I have asked her 3 times if she did without looking at it
and she has promised me, each time, that she did. I told her that
was a horrible overt on my part. I forwarded an enemy line to a
friend and fellow Scientologists, thereby giving the enemy power
and validation.

Towards the end of February, Mari invited me over to her house for
her son’s birthday party. Several people were there, including Tom
& Vickie Chandler. I had seen on Twitter either that day or the day
before something about the Church being investigated by the FBI. I
have since found out there is no such investigation and that such a
statement is Black PR initiated by suppressives and then forwarded
by people who are either PTS or are themselves suppressives. There
is no such investigation and such is put there to create a
“dangerous or threatening environment.”

As soon as I arrived, Mari asked me if I had seen the data about
the FBI investigation. I told her I had but had no idea if it was
true. I now know it is false.

Tom Chandler and I sat out in the back yard and chatted about
business. He brought up the Paul Haggis article in The New Yorker.
Jon Perry was sitting there. I told him I had read it, thought it
was stupid and that Haggis was obviously NCG and it was too bad it
didn’t get caught.

Mari began to interrupt Tom and I by saying in a very loud voice
“So, what’s new?’ and after the third time, Tom told her she was
cutting our comm.

I told Tom, Mari and Vickie that I had been writing things up and
that I was trying very hard to keep in my KSW. Vickie said if I do
that, I would be a target. I said “Bring it on.” I said this
because what I had been involved in with Tom, Mari and Vicki was
natter and a 1.1 representation of truth and I was not going to be
involved in it any longer.

Later that night, Mari asked me to stay and talk with her. We sat
in her living room and I just listened.

She said she had posted under a screen name I think was “Free
Spirit” or something like that. I think it had some combination of
8 and 8-80 but I can’t say for sure. She said she had only done in
once. I again told her to just stop all of it.

She said recently “Maybe the Independents were the way to go.” I
told her they were full of s**t or something along those lines. I
said that Marty was a monster and harming people and the thing to
do was to stay in the group – there is no other option and that is
what LRH says in numerous policies. Don’t squirrel. This was a
phone call I had with her right before going over to her house in

She said some people are reading the blogs. She told me some names
which I have reported separately. She tried to get me to tell her
what I knew about that and I told her I had no idea and didn’t want
to know and I left her house. That was the last time I talked to
her despite several messages and text messages from her.

LRH says that I am to say that I realize my actions were ignorant
and unfounded and then to say what the influences were, etc. He’s
right. They were unfounded and ignorant AND stupid AND arrogant
because there was absolutely no basis in logic for me to connect up
to a Suppressive Group. None. I can’t come up with any additional
justifications and the ones I had just don’t work for me anymore.

I clearly see the influences and I clearly see the exact moment I
went into agreement with the SP’s and why. I made a conscience
decision to do that and I take it all back. I was wrong and recant
everything and not because I think it will sound good to my Church
but only because I can see it for myself.

The only conspiracy I can see is well known – declared SP’s (Marty
and his gang) and I walked right into it. I can’t say that Mari is
part of it but I can say that disconnecting from her and deciding
she was on her own was a very pro-survival decision for me.

As for influences, I’ve written that up (disconnection letter to
Jan Jessup) and I fully acknowledge it along with my own decision
to act in the manner that I did. I had power of choice the whole

My actions were ignorant and unfounded because:

1) All LRH policies are very clear about not communicating to a
suppressive person or group but I did anyway.

2) I was ignorant because I thought I knew what I was doing and
didn’t even think about the consequences until it was too late.

3) I opened the door for SP’s to be part of my life and never made
the connection.
4) I harmed the only group on the planet that can and does help
mankind. By posting and participating in this activity, I pushed
power to the suppressives and granted their actions beingness. I
justified their actions and failed to help friends of mine who were
also involved with squirrel websites and did not apply standard
ethics policy to myself and to them and therefore made a bad
situation worse.
I disconnected when I realized what my actions had done. I decided
to handle within the Church per policy and stick to my own
agreements, as a Scientologist to follow LRH’s policy. To do
otherwise was an act of Treason. If I could get agreement on
grievances for myself, then I would not have to confront and take
responsibility for anything and I could blame others for my
There have been many wins on this but the one thing that is
starting to happen is the biggest one of all for me – my trust in
the Church is being restored. I am seeing for myself how much
better things are.

Susan Lewis