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Nothing to Fear – Thanks to the James Gang

Did anyone notice how the AO MAA Julian, OSA Ext Security, the local DSA Steven’s Creek – the whole lot of the staffers – ultimately dealt with their little problem with Susie Lewis?  They shunted her to the self-described “stand-up guy” Rick Manning, Susie’s boss at Wise-licensed dental consultants “Pacific Management Consultants.”

Who better to do the bidding of the money-motivated, real estate “religion” than the boss – who writes the checks – of the mark being handled? One little problem with this handling, it is illegal and unconstitutional in the United States of America.

I have learned over the past two years that the potential financial loss of disconnected business connections is as suppressive – if not more so – than the potential friends and family losses threatened.  In many cases it is so.

So, the timing on this one couldn’t have been better.  Haydn and Lucy James visited Casablanca this weekend bearing a gift to many, many people out there.  The gift of freedom from mafia-like, financial coercion from the Radical Corporate “church” of Scientology.

Haydn and Lucy James decided to give me the green light to post the
document that follows. Potentially the publication could prejudice
them in the final determination on how much OTA “OT VIII” Dr. Juan
Villareal has to pay for having been found liable for a violation of the James family’s federal constitutional civil rights by the United States Department of Justice’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  But, Haydn and Lucy like most good ole Indies I know – and unlike virtually every lie ingesting,
lie emiting lemming Corporate Scientologist I know – ain’t in it for the
money. Haydn and Lucy are in it – and sacrificed nearly two years of
hard times and proceedings – on principle.  And they want to share
what they worked for so that nobody else has to go through what they
went through – or if they do, they come out the other end vindicated for their
efforts like the James Gang.

By the way, for those small minded ones who buy into the “church” propaganda machine about the supposed lack of long-term objectives, planning, and execution in the Independent field – eat this one.   This is only one of many, many long-range projects we have, are, and will continue to execute – all the while Miscavige does little more than dramatize the final days of Stalin, Hitler, or any one of a number of infamous smelted dictators.

So, read and learn, then get up, stand up for your rights.  The decision: