Daily Archives: May 5, 2011

Brian Mandigo Acquitted

Brian Mandigo, also known as Anon Sparrow, was acquitted of charges of Stalking and Wearing a Mask to Intimidate.  Brian is the fellow who does the frequent, many times solo, protests in front of the Founding Church of Scientology Washington D.C.  I have commented before that I have found his tactics offensive, sometimes tasteless and counter-productive.

However, I have also found the Corporate Church’s tactics in dealing with him far more offensive than Brian’s.  Those tactics included having members of the Nation of Islam come out to overtly and covertly physically threaten Brian.  Worse, they wheeled in lawyer Rick Moxon to work with the District Attorney to trump up the charges that were recently dismissed.

The church of Scientology has unclean hands when it comes to stalking and using costumes to intimidate as they proved very recently at my home.  Their form of stalking and intimidation goes on day after day, using sophisticated equipment and myriad highly paid cut outs so as to lurk undetected and effectively without liability to Corporate Scientology.  And it occurs nationwide and worldwide.

Further, their tactics of lying to law enforcement and spending thousands upon thousands to influence prosecutors in order to abuse the processes of law so as to  “dead agent” a single person execercising his or her constitutional rights is unconscionable.

In this particular case an Independent Scientologist, Tom Felts,  testified on behalf of the defense.  In thanks for performing his civic duty, he was subjected to a particularly hurtful form of  Radical Scientology harassment.

Kudos to Tom for doing the right thing.

And congratulations to Brian for standing up to the beast and prevailing.