Brian Mandigo Acquitted

Brian Mandigo, also known as Anon Sparrow, was acquitted of charges of Stalking and Wearing a Mask to Intimidate.  Brian is the fellow who does the frequent, many times solo, protests in front of the Founding Church of Scientology Washington D.C.  I have commented before that I have found his tactics offensive, sometimes tasteless and counter-productive.

However, I have also found the Corporate Church’s tactics in dealing with him far more offensive than Brian’s.  Those tactics included having members of the Nation of Islam come out to overtly and covertly physically threaten Brian.  Worse, they wheeled in lawyer Rick Moxon to work with the District Attorney to trump up the charges that were recently dismissed.

The church of Scientology has unclean hands when it comes to stalking and using costumes to intimidate as they proved very recently at my home.  Their form of stalking and intimidation goes on day after day, using sophisticated equipment and myriad highly paid cut outs so as to lurk undetected and effectively without liability to Corporate Scientology.  And it occurs nationwide and worldwide.

Further, their tactics of lying to law enforcement and spending thousands upon thousands to influence prosecutors in order to abuse the processes of law so as to  “dead agent” a single person execercising his or her constitutional rights is unconscionable.

In this particular case an Independent Scientologist, Tom Felts,  testified on behalf of the defense.  In thanks for performing his civic duty, he was subjected to a particularly hurtful form of  Radical Scientology harassment.

Kudos to Tom for doing the right thing.

And congratulations to Brian for standing up to the beast and prevailing.

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  1. Congratulations Anon Sparrow! You rock!
    Thank you for having the courage and calm that you have consistently exhibited!! Might is not right! You showed those church of $cientology mafia clowns!

  2. Glad he was acquitted.
    This is what church donations pay for – the funding of thugs to harass and intimidate and manipulate the law, or at least try to. Everybody loses.

  3. Rory Medford

    The biggest baddest bullies in the land are SCIENTOLOGISTS! mainly corporate SCN. They need to be dealt with like the bullies they are

    good job and the house of cards is a coming down. Bye bye DM you clown and shrimp

  4. Mr Davis, being punched, kicked, screamed at, sworn at or humiliated, is not Scientology. Something is very wrong and I’m sure you know it. Whatever happens, remember the Code of Honour. It will protect you.

  5. “In this particular case an Independent Scientologist, Tom Felts, testified on behalf of the defense. In thanks for performing his civic duty, he was subjected to a particularly hurtful form of Radical Scientology harassment.”

    YAY Tom

  6. Brian is a gentleman. I had the privilege of spending time with him in DC in July 2009. It’s a wonderful outcome. Can’t wait to read the transcripts!

    For the uninitiated, be sure to distinguish between Brian (Anonsparrow) and another guy who has protested with sparrow and alone (RadioPaul), whom I find really obnoxious.

    After Brian had conducted nearly 200 solo protests at the DC Org (principally), the CoS decided that Kim Belotti was being “stalked”. So, they applied for a restraining order. Brian informed the judge before whom he first appeared that he didn’t know where Kim even lived until they served the restraining order on him. Doh!

    The criminal charges followed.

    The thing is – sparrow videos all his protests and had a huge following on youtube. So, there were hundreds of videos we could comb through to find examples of Kim and others interacting with sparrow, without fear. Plus, plenty of evidence that sparrow was not especially focused on Kim B at all, but on the abuses of the CoS.

    The criminal charges are now dealt with. There’s a civil trial scheduled for May 13 to address the application for a restraining order.

    The ACLU was present during the whole trial (best part of a week), as well as interlocutory proceedings.

    Sparrow’s youtube channel is here:

  7. Tony DePhillips

    After all the abuse and lies that corporate Scientology has dealt to others, I am glad to see someone like Sparrow dish some back to them.
    When corporate Scientology decides to really apply ethics to itself and do the right thing to all the people it has hurt then I might change my mind.
    I am not holding my breath either.
    The cult of demonology gets what it deserves.

  8. Hello to my friends. I’ve been MIA much lately, due to unusual work and family obligations. But I want to publicly congratulate Brian, his defense team, and the judge on this case’s correct outcome.

    The way to stay out of short-term trouble is to stay home and to hide under the covers. Brian does not do that. He has consistently and publicly exercised his constitutionally guaranteed rights to free speech and civil protest, in line with his personal beliefs. He exemplifies someone who is not a prisoner of the Church of David Miscavige.

    He stands, usually alone, to “talk back” to a group with nearly limitless resources to attack him back. He has shown true courage. And now he has prevailed against the Church of David Miscavige and its paid dogs. I salute you, Brian.


  9. Brian has :

    ” Ok I want to make a clarification. I do not have the transcript yet. We need it as fast as possible.

    Also, to elaborate on what I said earlier, this is how it went down:

    Moxon and Belotte were trying to distance themselves from all of the videotaping that they did of me. As most of you know, Ms. Turissi was videotaping on many occasions when I protested. And they have security cameras everywhere.

    So why wouldn’t they present at least SOME video evidence of the allegations being made. Ms. Belotte said (testified) that on two occasions I followed her to her car with an erection. She said (testified) that I blocked her in and prevented her from leaving the parking lot on four occasions.

    And yet she said (testified) that she never asked Ms. Turissi to try to film me doing this. In fact, she never even asked Ms. Turissi if she could look at HER videos to see if any of this alleged activity was caught on tape.


    Because the Office of Special Affairs DOES NOT REPORT TO HER to Ms. Belotte. They are a separate entity and Ms. Belotte does not have control over them. Ms. Belotte doesn’t even know why they were out there filming me.

    Ms. Belotte was presented with this question (paraphrase):

    “Would you argue with David Miscavige if he said:

    ‘Local OSA representatives, called Directors of Special Affairs, are staff at their local church subject to the supervision of the church’s Executive Council'”

    She had to be asked this question a few times before she eventually answered (as was the case with almost every question). The second time she said “I don’t even know what the context of that is.” My lawyer responded “The context is sworn testimony.”

    Eventually she said (paraphrase) “All I can say is that the Office of Special Affairs does not report to the Executive Council in my Church NOT SINCE I’VE BEEN EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (1997).

    So there you have it. The Executive Director of the Founding Church of Scientology, under oath, contradicting what the leader of Scientology said, under oath.

    Party time!”

  10. +1 Tom!

  11. “Ms. Belotte said (testified) that on two occasions I followed her to her car with an erection”.
    Yes, but who’s erection was it?
    (Courtesy of “Subgenius” – thanks for the giggle)

  12. Good catch Heather.
    Private Email coming

  13. martyrathbun09

    Brian really did his homework and made them pay.

  14. Are you including us non-corporate Scientologists? I can’t remember the last time I punched somebody out.

  15. Don’t forget his lawyer.
    That last question was just extraordinary. Incredible how much into detail these proceedings went. This is a good thing.

  16. I hope the CoS realizes by now that in trumping up phony charges like this they have given the opposition far more victory credit than if they had simply ignored him. Maybe some people will go to the RPF for this? YAY BRIAN!

  17. Tony Dephillips


  18. Congratulations Anon Sparrow, I have seen many of your videos and you always stood up for what you believed.To Tom well done for your part.

  19. Dave, you have ‘unclean hands’. That’s a legal term Dave. It’s a lack of Ethics Presence.

    For those of you operating at Dave’s behest, OSA in particular, you have ‘unclean hands’ along with Dave. No Ethics Presence. Time to review that PL and get in your ethics. There’s only more 3rd Dynamic justice actions ahead for you (the present cycle with Anon Sparrow for example) until you do. This will go on UNTIL you get in your ethics and then you’ll have Ethics Presence. Simple stuff really, but oh so complex for you due to lack of confront of the actual SP – David Miscavige.

  20. Part of the reason I am independent is because of things like this, and the insanity of how the church deals with people who disagree with it and with Scientology in general.

    I spent some time way back when handing out fliers at the Hollywood Inn (HI) on Hollywood Blvd. I am not a salesperson – I don’t really relish doing things like this, but I will say it was enlightening and once I got the hang of it, I was pretty unperturbable. I had a guy, for instance, who begged off of doing an OCA because he was wearing a pentagram, and if he went into the building, it would fall down. I had people just shine me on, and on the other hand, I had some of the more interesting discussions in my then-young life while doing this. I was heckled. I was even mildly threatened – but not really seriously (or at least I didn’t think so).

    One thing I learned from the experience is that there was no way I was going to change some peoples’ minds. No matter how much I wanted to. No matter how much I KNEW they would benefit from learning at least something from Scientology. My insistence, my logic, my earnestness, my caring, my verbal sparring – none of it – would change their mind that Scientology was “X”. “X” could be “a cult” or “wrong” or “satanic” or “not for me” or whatever.

    But one thing I COULD do was at least be an example. At least show that I was not a freak. Not a mindless cult-member. Not an idiot. And, in addition, friendly, approachable, and tolerant. In other words, just me, not some parody of a mindless robot. We could be intelligent people who agree to disagree, not enemies who have to swear to do harm to each other.

    I wasn’t the only one there with that point of view. The team in general at the testing center had basically that mindset. You can’t be an effective Div 6 person and hate people.

    I know that if I did that now, I would be confronted by guys like Brian and groups like Anonymous. And, I would act the same way. If they insisted on hanging around, I would bring over juice and coffee. I would invite them in.

    It is HARD TO CONFRONT people who actively think you personally are evil/stupid/ignorant/brainwashed/duped and who tell you so to your face. But, so what? At least you can be kind, acknowledge them, and move on. Getting into yelling matches and doing absolutely asinine things like “what are your CRIMES?” and “Well, you’re just a bigot” IS NOT HELPFUL.

    Better would be to say “well, you may be right” and hand them a cookie.

    The WRONG thing to do is invent an obscene stalking charge. I cannot believe how dumb OSA is.

  21. Hey Marty, How’s it going. Friend of mine whom I am going to see the T movie with next week says that the ex Scn message board been closed down-I do’nt personally look at it myself-but what’s the deal?


  22. Another Layer

    + 1 Mr. Felts!

  23. Another Layer

    Congratulations Anon Sparrow!

  24. Justice prevails – radical Scientology fails.

    I must admit, the video that showed the lack of public going into the D.C. church really cut through the PR and lies. I can see how removing some of the smoke and mirrors would really rattle the cage of Miscavige and bring on the flying monkeys. Miscavige’s entire world is smoke and mirrors.

  25. Great info… and it is nice to acknowledge who is fighting back… Many people are doing a great job and making things right for the other that will follow..
    I met yesterday with few IND in Washington State and I was so happy to see that we are creating a fantastic group… The De Phillis are unbelievable people and true friends..
    Ironic that we find out of $cientology what we have wished to find in there when we join…
    When I think of free people, of people that are big being enough to respect each other different choices or opinion while flowing ARC (true ARC) I smile… We have quite few of these in our group and that is the pure theta of the group.. 😀

  26. “Ms. Belotte said (testified) that on two occasions I followed her to her car with an erection. She said (testified) that I blocked her in and prevented her from leaving the parking lot on four occasions.”

    WOW! An erection that prevents a car from leaving a parking lot is world-newsworthy! Man, is this some kind of new experimental Viagra or something? It’s definitely Guinness Book of World Records material!

    I wonder if the Church has any video shots of that?!?

    Judge: “Alright, let’s just get right to the truth of this matter…is it true, Mr. Mandigo, that you had a twelve foot erection, essentially blocking the parking lot exit, preventing the egress of the plaintiff?”

    Mr. Mandigo: “Well…ah…yes and no….

    Judge: “Well, let’s break it down…the twelve foot erection part, is THAT true??”

    Mr. Mandigo: “Ah…yes…”

    Judge: “Wow…”

    Mr. Mandigo: “…but I had stretch pants on and I never exposed my…ah…private parts and I…ah…courteously swiveled sideways, allowing Ms. Belotte ample room to drive her car out of the lot.”

    Judge: “Wow.”

    Judge: “Ahem…well…ah…heh, heh, WOW! Ok, not guilty on the stalking charge. We’ll…ah…forward the application for the…ah…’restraining order’ over to civil court. Good luck on that.”

  27. Of all the myriad abuses the Church of Scientology perpetrates, I believe this is the most heinous. To attempt to deprive a person of his liberty by hijacking the justice system with bogus claims of stalking and harassment is unconscionable.

    As I mentioned previously, Bellotte’s despoiling of a law designed to protect women is a slap in the face to all the legitimate victims of harassment. If there is any justice in this world, it is she who should now face charges for perjury and submitting false police reports.

    In addition to months of the stress, anxiety, and expense experienced when facing criminal & civil complaints, last August Mandigo spent a night in jail after surrendering to these bogus claims.

    I suggest that the players in this dirty plot (Belotte, Moxon, and yes, the Malicious Dwarf) be compelled to do likewise either in the District of Columbia penal system or the COS’s own gulag in Hemet. They’d probably face better conditions in D.C.

  28. The protester RadioPaul has released more tidbits about the trial he was involved in:

  29. Benjamin Cisco

    It’s great to see Marty posting Brian’s video. I’ve never cared who’s in, who’s out, who believe this or who believes that. I’m concerned about an ever-increasing group of people trying to speak out and an organized bunch of mean spirited, goofy bullies. Like, what club hunts you down just because you don’t want to be a member anymore?

    Brian’s protests have recorded what it means to be a member and then be ousted. The members of the founding church acted like a bunch of psychotics, switching between bullying and befriending. Communicating and then shunning. Little comments under their breath. Police, trials, private investigators and ‘muscle!’ I don’t think about him as an ex-member of that, or a current member of this. Just someone being treated like shit.

    When I’m paying attention to Marty and those active on this board or buying those ex-members’ books, I’m supporting humans trying to be respectful while telling their stories from the organization of Scientology. Nothing like watching a bunch of grown men (yeah, you Allender) yelling in someone’s doorway. With little cameras duct-taped to their caps! That’s all I see. No OTVIII here or OTVIII there. Don’t care. Just watching a bunch of grown ups acting really weird.

    I like seeing everyone getting along and sharing a common concern, that being the closure of the criminal cult of Scientology as led by COB David Miscavige. Period.

  30. Tony DePhillips

    It was great seeing you Siliva!!

  31. Hello. Welcome back. I do hope your production was rewarding.

    You have been missed, but not the subject of worry, speaking only for myself. You’re too damned insouciant and well, just indomitable, for that.

    Bruce Pratt

  32. Grasshopper is wise grasshopper. Very enlightened position.
    OSA (and the rest of the automatons and seals masquerading as members of a religion) you could learn from this. You probably won’t as it’s out of your grasp on the Chart of Attitudes, but you could.

    Bruce Pratt

  33. Lots of TA behind the scenes (hopefully) with this one. Another great example of the Price of Freedom – it warms the heart, thank you.


    Emma says its technical problems.

    Happens once a year or so and ever one thinks osaosaosa.

    You ought to look at it when its up. David Mayo was posting there recently with a squirrel as his avatar. Nice sense of self deprecating humour.

  35. martyrathbun09

    I agree.

  36. Hahahahaha…(tip of the hat sir)

  37. Old School

    Great news! Love the atty questions as they back the ED into a corner. DM doesn’t deliver “foot bullets” but, “foot grenades”.

  38. SpecialFrog

    I’m glad Anonsparrow won but as per policy, the point of this lawsuit was likely to harass rather than necessarily to win.

    I’m sure all the weeks Sparrow was kept away from the org were reported as positive stats by the local DSAs.

    Hopefully they won’t up the ante and try to frame him for making bomb threats like they did with Paulette Cooper.

  39. +1. Ditto. Amen. Hallelujah! ” There’s only more 3rd Dynamic justice actions ahead for you (the present cycle with Anon Sparrow for example) until you do.” Get ready! You have no idea what’s coming down the pike!

  40. Silvia, how long are you to be in the U.S.? I have some important information for you. Please e-mail me at
    Hope you’re having a lot of fun in the Pacific Northwest! Beautiful country!
    Love, Catherine

  41. Another *fail* of *epic* proportions for the Squirrel Group.

    If only OSA had of invited Brian in for some coffee and asked him what they had done wrong to cause the possible upset he had with the Organization.

    As in TR5N and had of actually gotten into *communication* with him.

    You know like it says in Dn 55.

    But I guess that was too much like actually *applying* Scientology.

    Something it seems they only *read* about doing these days.

    Yet instead it seems they’ve managed to create another legal and PR catastrophe where they look like a bunch of suppressive and clueless *ass clowns* infringing on another’s civil rights.

    Only to limp off into the sunset with another *foot bullet*.

    Probably muttering to themselves that “we’re right and they are all wrong”.

    As we drop the curtain on another act in their actual efforts to discredit and invalidate the subject by turning the Church into a pariah.

    Well Done OSA!!!!

    On that point you have succeeded with flying colors!!!!

    I’m sure Dave and his “friends” at SMERSH and InterPol are proud of you.

    Especially you Rick Moxon esquire who has managed to take your career lower than the average ambulance chaser.

    Truly lower than those uncharted depths known as “bottom feeders” of the legal profession.

    (Is anyone actually sure that he doesn’t do consulting work for the CIA in his spare time as the rumor goes?

    Never mind.)

    I know its an almost impossible feat that you’ve managed to succeed at.

    I mean cat fish can’t even get that *low*.

    What more can one say?…..

    Oh right about Brian’s alleged “erection”.

    Well at least you can say there is at least one thing that is “straight of and vertical” in the Government Approved and Tax Exempt Squirrel Group these days 🙂

    That is unless Dave has managed to get that prescription for Viagra.

    Seems they lil’ squirrel has a confusion between importance and impotence.

  42. John Williamson

    Why didn’t our blog host stop things like that while HE was the one doing the harassment? Why has the cult’s actual harassments toned down since Marty left? Could it be that he was the source of most of the ‘bad’ stuff?

  43. I’ve been waiting for this for months, and I am joyful that once again right has prevailed.

    AnonSparrow has struck a significant blow for all of us, and especially for those poor souls still encapsuated by the falsities of the Scientology Religion. He has more lurkers than the Scientology Religion has members.

    I always made it a point to check him out every time I came on the net to see what he was up to. His humour and fast mental gymnastics are always entertaining. The C of Sers never stood a chance against him.

    I’m looking forward to the next series of videos from AnonSparrow.

    A joyful day indeed!

  44. Brian was causing them such pain just by being there that organizationally, the DC org was thinking only in terms of short term relief. An analogy would be an irresistable urge to scratch a poison ivy rash. You might know that scratching will only make it worse, but you will do anything to make th itch go away, if only for a moment.

    I hope Brian goes back to irritating them, just like that bad case of poison ivy.


  45. Brilliant disguise Dave. 🙂 Never would have guessed it was you!

  46. Jethro Is In The Zone

    “Stalking with an erection” – that’s too funny. Corporate Scn tried to turn this into some kind of sex crime case. Did Moxon and Co think the judge would actually buy that? This whole case nothing more than a sham to begin with. The only thing they succeeded in doing is keeping Brian away for 9 months. Now he can protest with impunity, which means he’ll even be harder (no pun intended) to get rid of. I wish I could be there to watch Moxon get an ass chewing from Miscavige.

  47. Freedom Fighter

    When I think of free people, of people that are big being enough to respect each other different choices or opinion while flowing ARC (true ARC) I smile… … We have quite few of these in our group and that is the pure theta of the group.

    This. So very much this. Bello, Silvia, bello.

  48. JW,
    What makes you say the actual harassments have toned down? In what way? Just curious. reguards, Laura Ann

  49. JW,
    Actually, on second thought, I see what you mean. Since Marty left, he along with others have exerted enough pressure on the “cult” to get them to quit doing so much actual harassment. Thanks, Laura Ann

  50. Wow- The Nation of Islam was involved in the threats!!! My understanding is these are pretty scary guys. The Church had better be careful , because the NOIs could turn against them. I’ve heard there are people they’ve dealt with that have completely disappeared–never to be heard from again. Hmmmmmm

  51. Rory
    I am a ‘SCIENTOLOGIST’ and I am not, nor ever have been someone who could be described as a bully.

  52. Or it’s better hidden now.

  53. Very well done to Tom and Brian.

  54. Thanks AL!
    Very interesting bit about the Prosecutor bringing up a Rad Scn SP Declare on Brian Mandingo in court!

    It is amusing that the issue’s veracity is questioned and rightly so as the Declare, just like the hundreds issued recently isn’t based on truth and is just a biased piece with outpoints. (at about 3:38)

    Another interesting, really threatening statement is at about: 5:38

  55. Only reason David Miscavige would have “toned down” his staff beatings, is because the main punching bags blew!

    And DM then saw the potential writing on the wall, and he decided to tone it down, at least for a few years until the statute of limitations on his last beatings run out, and then he’ll likely start a new round of beatings!

    Or DM will be more selective in his beatings, and only beats people he is pretty sure won’t blow the whistle on him!

    Does Elliot Abelson know DM beat up people? I wonder if Elliot advised DM to stop risking getting charged with battery, etc.

  56. Tony DePhillips

    Why hassn’t it stopped all together now that Marty has left if he was the big bad ogre??

  57. Tony,
    The way I see it whatever methods Brian uses, he is defending the rights of those who cannot defend themselves both inside and outside of the cult.
    I prefer the effects created by unconventional troublemakers, to the ineffect of any spectator who may be tempted to sit in judgement on Anonymous and yet do do nothing to handle the situation themselves.
    It’s actually thanks to Anonymous that I got my first clue about the ‘cult’. I was at the Basics Release OTC convention at Flag when Anonymous were picketing outside. I asked why we couldn’t just go out and get in comm with them (silly me!) and was given the usual party line that Anonymous were a bunch of students hired by Bob Minton and being paid in pizza and beer so we were NOT going to talk to them.
    We were swept off the streets and sequestered in the ballroom at flag. I was mad as a hatter that we had to stay inside and hide from Anonymous and thought to myself ‘This isn’t right. We need to go out and communicate with them. Communication is the universal solvent’ (yeah – I know it was naïve).
    It was that simple. The spark that ignited the seed of doubt and raged into a fire of renewed understanding and freedom.
    A belated thank you to Anonymous for all that you do – ‘good’ and ‘bad’ 😉
    I got to Marty a little faster because of that protest at Flag.

  58. Brian Mandingo and attorney Thomas E. Lester did a great job in exposing another DM lie under oath about the relationship of OSA and Idle Orgs seemingly in court records. Talk about another footnuke from Moxon & his seniors in handling “enemies” with unintended fall out.

    Then again, perhaps these lies under oath are just piling up. At what point will action be undertaken to handle this perjury? (Wiki: ” the general perjury statute under Federal law defines perjury as a felony and provides for a prison sentence of up to five years.”)

    Other lies under oath:
    “RTC is not part of Church management, nor is it involved in the daily affairs of various Church of Scientology organizations or missions.”

    Larry Brennan has quite a few of these at:

    Click to access LHBvol1a.pdf

  59. Those people in the CoS who are doing or arranging the bullying aren’t Scientologists. They are fascist pretenders.

  60. martyrathbun09

    Wrong – they escalated till we called him out on it publicly. PERIOD.

  61. Howard Roark


  62. If he’s inside the cult, he will say anything.

    If he’s not inside the cult, he doesn’t know anything.

    Either way he’s making it up. Pfft!

  63. Kind of like temporary insanity, going PTS to the big bad picketer, LOL.

  64. John Williamson

    I have been insulted by the best of them, but to be called cwazy widdle davy…perfect. Absolute proof that anybody that disagrees with you is automatically called OSA or worse, can you say ”declared’! (when are you guys gonna build your own RPF, per ElRon?)
    Never been a $cilon, but if you can’t tell the difference, then you are farther gone than even I thought. The amusement value of this blog is truly amazing.

  65. Howard Roark

    Good comment.

  66. Thanks for the acks. It didn’t really hurt all that much, unless you find absurdity painful. Brian’s lawyers were great. And this particular judge was intelligent, meticulous and really duplicated the scene. Kinda restores my faith in humanity, if you know what I mean. While we wait for transcripts, I do want to share one thing:
    The first question I was asked by this young prosecutor was “Are you a declared Suppressive Person?” Of course my answer was “yes”.
    The second question was “Are you a member of Anonymous?”
    My answer: “No, I am an independent Scientologist.”
    DA looked confused.
    Judge interjects (not an exact quote) “I get it. He practices Scientology out side of the organization.”
    The DA then continued, and it didn’t really hit home until later……the Judge knows what Independent Scientologists are!

    Just a little extra win on top of Brian’s humongous one.

  67. I really admire Anon Sparrow’s courage and persistence against the very suppressive Cof$. I am pleased by the outcome of the trial in court and look forward to further protests done by Anon Sparrow and others. Some day we will all be free of this criminal enterprise and the world will be a much better place.

    Anon Sparrow like the fore fathers of our country is making change and should go down in history as a hero.

  68. Good work Tom! Thank you.

  69. JW — funny you find things “amusing” yet you apparently have absolutely no sense of humor… 🙂

  70. Though Brian Mandingo identifies himself as an Anon–it is important to note that he a former member of staff at the Church of Scientology in Washington D.C.

    And bad taste? Since when has it been a crime in the U.S. of A to exhibit “bad taste.”

  71. JW wrote, “Never been a $cilon…”
    Yep, it’s cwazy widdle davy alright.

  72. Meaning the media pieces that publicized it, yes, of course.

    Anyways, what about Elliot? Is he any kind of personal adviser to DM, and would Elliot ever advise DM on any such matters? And also, would Elliot know the truth of these DM beatings?

  73. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Sam,
    Well said.
    Now that you mention it, they planted the seed for me too.
    Whatever you say about Sparrow, the man is not idle. Sometimes it’s fun to see someone mess with your enemy.

  74. martyrathbun09

    Elliot doesn’t care. He’s a seasoned mob lawyer. A loser of a wholetrack nature.

  75. martyrathbun09

    This guy is OSA – can we relegate him back to the spam folder please?

  76. Yes, RJ, can you imagine that? The current regime managed to reduce even “Read it, Drill it, Do it” into just “Read it.” Actually, my real guess is that current church members are just SAYING they are reading it to get the call-in people and reges out of their hair!

  77. Another OTDT classic!!!!


  78. Can’t be Dave TEG.

    First clue is the fact that he can actually form complete sentences.

    Personally I aways thought Snow White was Dave.

    You know more his level of intellect.

  79. (Seems YT vids don’t imbed with wordpress like they use to, ignoring imbed and share buttons, I found better luck by cutting-and-pasting here the ‘addressbar’ content of the original YT vid…)

  80. Scott Campbell

    Perhaps the Belloti strategy was to get sparrow to commit suicide…

  81. And he demonstrates phenomenal TR 3 starting at :054

    The comm level of the body router (a “Scientologist”??please, nooo) and other staffers is abominable. Flunk for out TR4! (among other things)

    It’s dismal to see the overt nonproducts of nonScientology, rather Reverse Scientology.

  82. No problemo.

  83. But perhaps even more importantly, Miscavie considers him a total loser. He would take advice from his dog before he listened to anything Elliot had to say.

  84. Correct GH.

    Pretending to be studying the tech now.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if their paragon of glibness Doven AKA “Model Student” faked listening to all those lectures.

    Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  85. Sensational! Good work, Tom.

  86. I think it takes a lot of balls to do what Brian is doing – his videos are good and he is a good communicator. Either the Cof$ considers him a threat or an easy prey – doesn’t matter which way they flip the coin Brian will win cause the truth is on his side.

  87. Ingrid, “I’ve heard there are people they’ve dealt with that have completely disappeared – never to be heard from again.” I like it! works for me!

  88. squared to the nth

  89. “Judge interjects (not an exact quote) “I get it. He practices Scientology out side of the organization.”
    The DA then continued, and it didn’t really hit home until later……the Judge knows what Independent Scientologists are!”

    /r/ing exact quote 😉 for freedom of religion.

  90. Marty as a member of Anonymous I wanted to thank you for your post on Brian / Sparrow. You really nailed it on the head. While I don’t agree with you about Sparrows style, the real issue here is how the COS responded. It is nice to know that you have the capacity to see wrong in this matter and point it out. To beat DM everyone needs to be diverse and do their own thing in fighting. If DM can’t fix on a game plane then he can’t lock on to a strategy.

  91. Who knows if actual beatings and harassment have turned down ?
    But what we do know is that LOCK DOWNs and SECRECY of what goes on is tighter than ever.

    For example, Heber Jentzsch was permitted to have a cell phone prior to John Brousseau’s blow but it seems most folk at INT base are not even permitted to have cell phones. This is a layer of secrecy and blocked communication to prevent the sadism occurring up there to be sealed without flow of communication to the outside world

  92. Mike Hobson

    @anon1957: I don’t see any claim being made in the OP that “bad taste” is a crime. Mark Rathbun (and some of the rest of us Independents – myself included) have disagreements with some of Anon Sparrows methods of operation. Same could be said for some of the methods of operation of some Anonymous associates. Since even amongst yourselves (Anonymous) there is such disagreement, why should that be problem ?
    Michael A. Hobson

  93. The real reason why they did not turn over the tapes is because they know they would also show no crime taking place. It is the only reason to hide them.

  94. Mat,
    The line “I can see how removing some of the smoke and mirrors would really rattle the cage of Miscavige and bring on the flying monkeys.” Made me laugh and my day!
    And this is the simple truth of the matter. When most everyone are White Hats, and there are so few Black Hats, there comes a time the White Hats have to wonder; “What the hell am I shooting at??”
    To me it is so simple and obvious, I can’t seem to even explain it, like, simply.
    Take for instance the difference, its not like the White Hats don’t have a gun in their hostlers. Oh, hell watch out! (America isn’t a super-power because it lost every moral War….they won them all! Ugly dirty business that war is, the greater purpose always prevailed.) The White Hats sits on his horse and if he has to shoot, quick from the hip, he’ll shoot the Black Hat. Dead. BANG!
    The right target and then put his gun back in its holster. Real civil like..
    The Black Hat, on the other hand, shoots in the air..; Shoots your horse; Shoots you; Shoots children; He’ll shoot his own Black Hats…
    How much longer can it possibly take the “White Hats” or “What?” Hats in Scientology to realize they’ve been had?? Their Hats all painted “Black” with smoke and mirrors…. in the face of LRH Tech?? I mean common….
    It’s imposable to last much longer. (I bought my Basics in that insane bull-shit must have push… I told the SO Member who Reg. the shit out of me I couldn’t read them anymore…cause Ron was talking about ‘GOOD 8C’ and I was getting nothing of the sort from 10+ terminals all across the Country, so I threw the book across the room, I told her. MU? I don’t fucking think so! She knew I was furious and dam well right about it..)
    What are we doing that is such a crime? Being There and Communicating!? OMG. The great crimes of Earth! Marty you bad.
    I also noticed, the Staff around DC Org where happy to see Anons… Even shaking their hands. They love that attention. They got it all mixed up, the more attention from anon the better they are doing! (!) WTF. “The more successful we are the greater reaction we get from those lost souls..” I’m sure EDs all around have said something like that to all their Staff. Sorta like saying; “Don’t even trust the horse they are riding on.” It’s unreal.
    I am betting there are maneuvers with-in Int Base to take over miscavage as i type. And Plans for his demise. Seriously.
    I’m not postulating that.
    They’ll take “care of him” and carry on… I’d rather shoot from the hip.
    “Lynching” him with a call to arms, is more my style.
    We live in a society where capital punishment is frowned on for whatever god mistaken reason., that’s really saying something isn’t it? The very worse are treated better then DM would treat an honest SO member. (and he thinks he is going to win? crazy.) (Yet, do people “know” you shoot your lame horse, to be kind…And a Lifetime-Sentence is not any mercy at all, certainly, certainly not on his postulated future Auditor? Deep breath..)
    With all that said, there is no future Auditing for this monkey. DM is done.
    Maybe we should impale him with bananas??
    I can see the Headlines now, ‘LEADER OF SCIENTOLOGY DEAD, BY BANANAS’. No joke!

  95. When I saw one of the first Anonymous videos when they broke onto the national scene, the seed of doubt I already had took root. Talked about it with a friend at the time who was also a long time member. She felt the same way as I did and is now out.

    Just wanted Anons to know, they DID impinge.

  96. Urps! small clerical error there: “Don’t even trust the horse they are riding on.” figuratively is unreal. ” ”
    That sounded totally misleading… I meant that quite literally… Humans and horses?? Would you trust the arc of a horse? No color at all… Imposable not to… Can’t explain this, it’s too dynamic. A dog? Easy! How ’bout a cat? I love cats…

  97. Rita Wagner

    Just for info RJ, the German Independents exposed Snow White. He is a german public!

  98. The question is this:

    If L. Ron Hubbard were to come back and see what is going on now with the church of scientology, what would he do?

    Well, that’s what we should do.

  99. My point exactly, Valkov, they are not scientologists. They pretend to be, they are members, they think they are, but they are not.

  100. Rory Medford

    no just DM and his henchmen and the blind followers who support him

  101. Veritas,
    Thanks – I just watched the video.
    It’s patently obvious that Brian is the only person there who has any semblance of a decent comm cycle. He completely exposes those who are ‘Scientologists’ and ‘OTs’ in name only.
    To any who may still be working through doubts, take a look at this video and try to spot anyone other than Brian who even has TR0 in for real, let alone TR4 – or even basic manners for that matter.
    That is NOT Scientology.

  102. Sinar,

    His atty in this case was Thomas Key. Thomas Lester will be his atty in the civil action, should it rise. Both are brilliant.

  103. Anon Orange

    I’ve had the pleasure to meet Brian when he addressed the Supervisors in Riverside. Brian is a model protester and everyone agreed he did “everything right”. Even that didn’t matter. He certainly did not deserve to get “The Brian Treatment” and I am so glad for the judge’s decision.
    Yet, even with this embarrassing loss, Moxon and Co. filed yesterday an emergency Temporary Restraining Order on Brian after the court verdict. Moxon should know better, just like he knew his chances to win this case were extremely slim. The Co$ wants to prevent Brian from enjoying his freedom, which happens to be the right to protest the human rights abuses of Radical Scientology. They will take all means necessary, regardless how devious, nefarious and vindictive it makes them look. The bad faith that these actions causes with the court can’t possibly help their case in the future.
    Why so stupid? My only explanation is that it appears that Moxon is working on DM’s direct orders and Moxon’s objections are overruled by the dictator.
    Can’t wait for the day Moxon blows and starts posting here!

    Funny tidbit: During the trial Moxon had to to be on the phone a lot (talking to DM?), but would not use his cell phone in the hallways to avoid anons overhearing his conversation. He had to exit the court building every time (as often as every 15 minutes) and had to go through security every time, reaching in to pull everything out of his pants, undergo the pat-down, etc. Wish I was there with my video cam asking him annoying questions while someone is feeling his inner thighs.

  104. You were missed 🙂

  105. What could the CoS have done to get in comm with Sparrow and repair the ARC break, RJ?

    Convince him that they really weren’t declaring people SP?
    Tell him that the policy of Disconnection has been canceled?
    Tell him that the SO doesn’t have an RPF?
    Convince him that bankrupting people is actually worth it for their spiritual freedom?
    Tell him that they were now paying staff a living wage?

    It’s one thing to clear up misunderstandings between people; but Sparrow isn’t the one who is misunderstanding reality. He is trying to get people he knows and likes out of the CoS, and warn others to not get involved to begin with.

    I suppose after realizing that his work on staff was ultimately harming people, this is what he feels he needs to do to amend the situation. He is taking responsibility.

  106. One last thought: Does anyone else see the incongruity between the appearance of the DC day ED at the Birthday Game event, and playing the “victim” role in a Court of Law a little over a month later?

    I see a new reality show coming “Desperate ED’s”.

  107. Thankyou Sam.

    I know we all have differing viewpoints and not everyone agrees to the various approaches by individuals but the endgoal is almost the same.

    You are now out and starting to think for yourself, that’s positive change.

    Lazlo’s story was another I listened to recently and it brings home the environment that others are still silently suffering.

    It’s heartwarming to read stories like yours and the more there are the better.


    P.S. Still alot of work to do and questions to work through if anyone wishes to contact me in regards to financial research and investigations last year.

  108. “Just wanted Anons to know, they DID impinge”
    Very much so.
    I went to an event at the Ruth Eckhard Hall a few years back and there were 4 Anons protesting at the gate. Most everyone took the opportunity to make disparaging remarks about how few Anons there were and that they had gone home before the end of the event. Some even laughed as they passed in their sheltered cars because it was raining heavily that night and the Anons were dripping wet.
    I don’t recall the blurb from the event. I don’t recall who the speakers were or what the hell it was about. But I do recall that every single person I met inside the event had something to say about that little gathering outside the gates.
    Laugh it up bots. That’s ethics presence.
    Whether 1 or 50 Anons picket, they have truth on their side and they are a force to be reckoned with.
    Anonymous is a nightmare for corporate ‘Scientology’ that isn’t going to go away anytime soon.
    A personal message for DM – your definition of ‘power’ is that people listen to you. Out here in the real world more people are listening to Anonymous than to you. Which isn’t difficult because you are hiding like a dog with it’s tail between it’s legs. Watch the videos of Chiquita. She could teach you a thing or two.

  109. I stand corrected RJ. Thanks.

  110. By the way OSA. If you want to add to my secret SP declare that I’m a ‘member’ of Anonymous then I’d like to state for the record that I’m not. However you can go ahead and tell everyone that I support Anonymous 100%. That would be true. Problem is you’ll only be giving them more credibility. Have at it.

  111. I love this video! Thanks for posting it 😀

  112. @JW: Oh it could be, sure. But I think we both know otherwise. I would suggest perhaps checking for a 3P on your lines. Remember, sir, freedom is for honest people. Don’t be your own trap.

  113. martyrathbun09

    Yes, in fact I’ve got a post in the offing called “Victimology.” Believe me, it has been practiced for decades at the top and exported to poor souls like Beloti, et al.

  114. Just wanted to add my thanks to Mr. Felts and appreciation for Marty sharing this information here. As Marty points out, it really comes down to simply doing the right thing. That’s another way Independents can distance themselves from the Church – an organization that seems committed to never doing the right thing.

  115. ExIntStaffMember

    Instead of getting rid of Brian, the cult just made him more powerful. Well done, freakin’ idiots.

  116. Mike Hobson

    Re: dolphin and cat video – I like it.

    The cat appears very friendly and clearly likes the dolphins. Most of the dolphins are being *very* gentle with the cat – they are immensely powerful – and seem very interested in the cat and the interaction.

    Unfortunately, you are not seeing an entirely spontaneous behavior on the part of the dolphin. The trainer in the upper left corner can be seen giving hand signals and heard blowing a high-pitched whistle (“the bridge”) to indicate the dolphin will be rewarded for this behavior.

    Still, from my own experiences with dolphins, I reckon at least one of the dolphins originated this behavior himself/herself and the trainer started rewarding it after the fact and established a hand signal for it later.

    Michael A. Hobson

  117. Das ist interessant !
    Mehr infos ?


    You are correct. My opinion is that one word from Farrakan and any one of his criminally-inclined disciples would murder anyone he so chooses. I knew this group in San Fran back in the 70’s. The disciples I met were vicious, prejudiced and whitey-hating.

    They planned and carried out the execution of one of their own ‘apostates’, Malcolm X, because of the nature of their cultish vindictiveness, to eliminate competition and to satisfy the blood-lust of their chief hypocrite whacko leader Elijah, supported by his smiling sycophant Louis Farrakan.

    They also had their inner sanctum secret club, nick-named The Zebra Killers, in the 70’s in San Francisco (you were probably living there then, too), which consisted of a half-dozen or so of the most fanatical and criminal Black Muslims (prior to changing the name of their group to Nation of Islam) who had a point system for killing white people. X number of points for an adult male, X number of points for a white female and the most X number of points for killing a white child, particularly a girl. They had to accumulate X number of points in order to earn their way into ‘Muslin Heaven’ when they died.

    They would kidnap the victims off the street, stuff ’em in their van and bring them to a special warehouse where they would literally line up with implements of torture such as bolt cutters, saws, wire-cutters, hammers, etc. and take turns cutting off pieces of the person bit by bit, causing an excruciatingly slow, unspeakably painful death, whereupon they would sever the rest of their limbs, wrap the body up with wire and heave it into the Bay.

    (Reference books: Zebra by Clark Howard, and The Zebra Murders by Prentice Earl Sanders and Bennett Cohen)

    Not pleasant, but then again, not unlike what a lot of fanatical religious groups of all variations and denominations have doing to people for thousands of years and longer, out of blind faith fervor.

    They all seem to want to save the world, their way, even if they have to kill every man, woman and child who may stand in their way, in order to do it. Knuckleheads.

    I’d be surprised if any NOI member could sit and do TR-O with a white person, ’cause they absolutely used to HATE looking any white person in the eye and when they did, it was to clearly communicate that hate and absolute disdain for the blue-eyed devil, which has been their traditional philosophy about white people, although Farrakahn has tempered that somewhat over the years.

    In fact, I think he’s reset the odometer on his religion by the incorporation of the Tech into his own spiritual philosophy, seeing that he can use it to elevate his people, bring them up a notch or two in capability and awareness and particularly increase their literacy without having to spend years in prison reading the dictionary like Malcolm did.

    My guess is that Miscavige loves the idea of the intimidation factor the NOI quasi-parishioners bring to the table to help ward off evil intruders and encroachers or anyone who gets out of line. Afterall, he himself has but two fists and there’s only one Tom Cruise he can use as a threat to bring in and beat people. With the NOI, he’s got hundreds or thousands or however many Louis has ordered to step across the threshold.

    I can imagine DM now, speaking to all the Int staff, “OK, you bunch of worthless sloths who I haven’t yet had the time to beat due to my busy schedule, and who have somehow escaped the unmatched dedicated wrath of TC’s commitment to KSW at all costs, if you SP worms don’t make every single target I’ve set this week, I will bus in a squad of NOI enforcers who will bring down a world of Extreme Reality Adjustments on your sorry asses.”

    I wonder if the food is any good at any of those frequent D.C. barbecues out on the lawn?

  119. “I wonder if the food is any good at any of those frequent D.C. barbecues out on the lawn?”

    For members of NOI Miscaviges dishes out the good stuff.

    And chilling report OTDT

  120. SpecialFrog

    Was Nancy Many a Scientologist?

    She’s described stealing personnel files for the purpose of pressuring individuals and how her unit getting their hands on Paulette Cooper’s psychiatric files, and we all know how that went down.

    It’s easy to dismiss someone’s behaviour by saying, “they aren’t a real Scientologist” but it’s a bit facile. People and their beliefs are sometimes complex.

  121. There are disagreements amongst the ‘Indies’ too 😉
    Ain’t it great to be self-determined.

  122. WTG Tom!

  123. Thanks Tom.

  124. Rita Wagner

    Shure LO – but I’ll mail it to you.

  125. SpecialFrog

    I wouldn’t rate metapedia as a credible source. It’s basically a white-supremacist version of wikipedia.

  126. Thank you for your work in Riverside, AO, but I won’t be rolling out the welcome wagon for Moxon if he ever chooses to blow. Separating him from the rotten inner COS core would be akin to absolving Himmler or Goebbels if either had chosen to leave the NSDAP, in my opinion.

  127. Yeah, like how could Tom Cruise possibly be investigated by the FBI on alleged human trafficking charges when he’s been soooo recognized as a Humanitarian Whoop-di-doo? What an injustice, right?

  128. ‘Brian is a model protester and everyone agreed he did “everything right”.’

    This is almost correct; some took issue with the fact that he protested by himself and almost everyday. This strategy is not advisable because it makes one a target, as it did with Brian.

  129. OTDT: “I think he’s reset the odometer on his religion by the incorporation of the Tech into his own spiritual philosophy, seeing that he can use it to elevate his people, bring them up a notch or two in capability and awareness and particularly increase their literacy”

    I don’t know that he’s really interested in elevating his people so much as he’s after the money. If he’s getting a commission on each NOI sign-up it could make him some pretty good dough. Didn’t he do the same thing with the Moonies some years ago until it was discovered he was after their money?

  130. Actually, as a attorney, he shouldn’t have to keep going through security checks, since he’s an officer of the court.

  131. Marty,

    What is your opinion of the situation at DC Org and the ED Kim Beloti?

  132. U can fool few people ,but not no-ex-CULT-members…

  133. Oh Crap, I tought it was good not to post wiki, helas.

  134. Billy Jack

    What is the dude’s name? Davidian Miss Cavity? And he is what? The Pope? Has anyone every hit back when he hits them with his huge humongous mighty fists and viselike giant fingers? What would one eat to look like him?

  135. Sam for the win !

  136. TEG,

    Seems we were both hornswaggled pardner.

    According to Rita he’s a public member of the Squirrel Group.

    Though I must say he does have Dave’s inimitable style…

    or lack of it.


  137. The funny thing is Brian being an Ex-Scientologists does admitingly find some tidbits of Scientology usefull for himself like the Comm course being an Ex-staf member of DC Org.

  138. plainoldthetan

    GH: LRH discusses the problem of studying books without any doingness in 6205c15 NEW TRAINING SECTIONS (SHSBC-153). I listened to this lecture again this week and kept having flashbacks to Div 6 courserooms filled with “OTs” who couldn’t audit. But they can parrot answers straight out of the book that they don’t use in life. Pitiful.

  139. Brian just posted a Wall of Text re: the ACLU interest in this case. Too much to post here, but this is a direct link to his post over on WWP:

  140. That’s the rub, isn’t it, Mr. F? The right thing to do is not to ridge up against guys like Sparrow. But, then, if the church had the sense to do that, then they would also not be doing things like this crazy legal issue, the “hole”, the crush regging, the nazi-style “leadership”, the lying to the press and everyone else, and the bozo-patrols to Mary’s and other places.

  141. Rita Wagner

    🙂 🙂

  142. I’m referencing the two books I read and refer the reader to, not a flash of the eyes on a wiki page, although after the Cat posted it I did take a look and found it to be somewhat accurate albeit brief.

    What is truly unknown is how deep did the Hate Whitey thing really go?

  143. Thanks for the heads up POT.

    I’ll have to revisit that lecture.

    Another good one is “Training and Duplication”.

  144. Tony DePhillips

    Pretty cool.
    Sparrow is cool.
    Stickin it to Moxon.
    Gotta love it.

  145. Thanks Tom, you beat me to posting this link! Great and very revealing read.

    It is amazing how Moxon and the KOS love to shoot or nuke themselves in the foot, probably from their own arrogance or self righteousness!

  146. Gee Mr Fancy Pants

    I suggest actually reading my comment first before making such an idiotic comment on it.

  147. OMG – an acronym I never use, but OMG!

    This video shows us who we really are. People/persons, cats. dogs, horses, goats, pigs, parrots and other birds, whales….if we all just opened our hearts and stopped arguing and caring about f*cking ideas and opinions!

  148. Great point Mike! Disagreement is awesome. I will admit that I cringed a few times watching his vids…as I would like to belive that I would’ve done it different, I like to think. I guess my point is that I see true-believers trot out the idea that it is possible to be–given the “right” ideas and practices–to be somehow perfect, whateverthehell that is.

    That said, in spite of my occaisional internal cringing at some moments, I really loved the heart with which anonsparrow confronted the cult with. The delivery could’ve been better at times, but there is no mistaking Brian’s heartfelt intent & pleas.

    The heart matters.

  149. Could be, don’t know. I’ll take a wild guess and say that Farrakan has access to plenty ‘o dough from the sales of his DVDs, CDs, books, proprietary web channel, donations, Louis Farrakan Bobble Heads, signed prints of renditions of the Giant Wheeled Spacecraft, VIP tickets for first-class seats on that spacecraft, leatherbound signed editions of the Koran and Bible, and whatever stash Elijiah left behind.

    Or not.

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  151. Cowboy Poet

    So true.

  152. Cowboy Poet

    That’s funny!!

  153. Anonymous is the best thing that ever happened to this world, oh no, the second best, the first best thing was the release of the church’s confidential levels to the internet, then the second best thing was Anonymous making it known worldwide that the Church of Scientology pretends to teach these things, just to get people’s money and ruin their lives.

    Hurray for Anonymous and ESPECIALLY Mr. Mandingo.

  154. Cowboy Poet

    No, he’s the dwarf Slappy.

  155. Cowboy Poet

    Tom, nice work!
    English law, applied by intelligent and ethical people, is not bad stuff. Works pretty good in those circumsatances.
    Attorneys screwed it up for the most part.

  156. Hysterical! I had to reread more than once to flatten the button.

  157. Cowboy Poet


  158. I agree Anon1957,

    Ron says in the PR series that what he calls “Protest PR” is sometimes the only way to get through to someone who is too arrogant and self righteously sanctimonious to listen to reason.

    Many of us posting here at one time or another tried working within the system to achieve reform in one way or another.

    And I think many of us were stymied, quashed, stone walled, labeled “disaffected” of “SP” for demanding that the Organization follow the policies and advices that they mainly play lip service too these days while doing something else.

    I mean is it too much to ask that the organization that calls itself the quote Church of Scientology unquote actually apply Scientology?

    To actually reform and quit these abuses of civil and human rights such as enforced disconnection, using dedicated Sea Org members as slave labor, harassing critics and those of us who have been incorrectly labeled as “apostates” because to no longer want to part of an organization that in our opinion has become nothing but a legitimized SQUIRREL GROUP?

    Anyway if it takes people like Brian to show them that they must be doing something wrong and that they are just a bunch of arrogant assholes.

    Well so be it!

    I hope you’re reading this comment as well OSA because Brian is just one example of how your bullying tactics aren’t working.

    Because no one likes a bully except maybe another bully.

  159. I think the walls and barb wire and security guards at the Int Base are specifically there to keep Hubbard out, lest he happen by. The line is, “it is for our security.” Security? From whom? The only person over there attacking people is DM! The only real threat to people is INSIDE the compound. No, that fence is there to keep Hubbard out. By the way there is a new position on the tone scale now for the Int Staff. WORSHIPPING DM’s BODY.

  160. That would be a very good name for a new TV show and a reality show it should be.

    The last time I went past a “Church of Scientology” the girl that was sitting at the receptionist desk DID NOT look certain of anything except “get me the hell out of here” judging from the look on her face.

  161. please watch this video folks, I know Marty likes to make his points with songs or poems or videos, This particular video speaks VOLUMES at least to me, any way like i said before I am not OSA!! OK?!?!?I am just a dude that hates people being trapped in their own minds and consciences …really marty thats all, some times i might voice my opinion to loudly, but oh well it is what it is …….
    please enjoy this super cool video!!!

  162. Awesome! Thanks for that feedback.

  163. This applies to me as well. Some staff at the Org were asking for ideas about how to get rid of the Anons who were turning up for their monthly protest. I suggested that I go out and talk to them about some of the stuff I was doing with the VMs (this was around about the time of the Haiti disaster). The ED went spazzo – total over reaction shouting at me they were terrorists and I had to stay away for my own good and to leave it up to the adults. That was the moment I decided to look up the site the Anons had on their signs. Whew! Talk about false data stripping!! I’m going to college next year (no, dad, I’m NOT going to take the gap year to help out at the org like you suggested) and that will be the end of Scientology for me. All I have to do is keep quiet until then 🙂

  164. ^^Thanks.. i couldnt figure out how to do dat on last vid i shared over here so got lazy this times.

    also – ‘welcome sinar.

  165. OTDT-Thanks for the references on the NOI


    Although many thousands wish, have wished and even wish they could gather the strength to wish that they would have or could have hit David Miscavige, only one person ever fulfilled this dream.

    The story of Wilbur Tufano, the one man to ever punch David Miscavige in the head has never before been heard. All eye-witnesses to this historical event are now dead, some under mysterious and suspicious circumstances. A few of the deaths were even scrutinized under a magnifying glass by local sheriffs in cooperation with state detectives, but those investigations led nowhere and silently faded into their cold case files.

    The extremely difficult to obtain records on two of the dead are yet still vague and partially missing, but enough remained to trace the paper and digital trails back to an investigation by the FBI whereupon the vault doors loudly slam shut.

    Fortunately however, I do have a contact who goes by the name of Deep Fax, who claims to have spoken to one of the eye-witnesses, before he died of course (hey, if he said he spoke to the guy after he was dead, I’d be a bit skeptical or maybe even outright disbelieving) about the actual event of Miscavige being punched in the head. Here’s what Deep Fax told me:


    “Yeah, I talked to the guy…I forgot his damn name, shit. Old guy, must have seventy-five or so. Tough old fucker. Was on the ship with LRH, like the whole time. He was cool. It’s probably not his name, but let’s just call him, ‘Bob’.”

    “What Bob said happened was there was this kinda crazy half-Samoan guy, his name I do remember, Wilbur Tufano. Not too tall, but wide, real wide, and no fat, like a fifty-five gallon drum of pure Samoan muscle. Arms like Tyrannosaurus Rex’s legs, for chrissakes. Strange name for a Samoan, huh? Wilbur, heh heh. Tufano sounds Italian, but it ain’t.

    “Anyway, Wilbur had been on the ship, joined just before we went to Daytona, so wasn’t there long, but he was good and he was exec material for sure, just based on his straight forward, honest, hard-working attitude and he was intelligent, too. Soaked Scientology up like a thirsty sponge. He always said he was going to go back to Samoa and become a king and help his people and if he first had to put in a billion years on a Sea Org contract then he would. Then he was going back to Samoa. Determined son of a bitch, Bob told me.

    “He worked and earned his way up the ranks and up the org board really fast. He was qualled for HCO, RTC, GO, you name it. Clean, clean, clean. I sec checked him once, he had like…three overts his whole life. Small ones. Lots of weird whole track stuff, but so does everybody. Christ, after OT VIII, people don’t know what the hell to believe about their whole track anymore, I heard. That’s pretty weird, huh? Anyway, some years went by and he was head of this and head of that and had braids and epaulets and a sword and hat with scrambled eggs on it and ribbons and medals, christ he was starting to look like Gaddaffi in his dress uniform, Bob said.

    “Wow, I guess more years went by than I thought, ’cause now we’re talking after the Land Base started, after the FBI raids, shit…after the damn Mission Holders Massacre….yeah….not long after that I think is when this happened. Ron was still alive.

    “Miscavige was building his followers, gaining muscle, starting to take his ‘enemies’ down one by one. Before Ron died, Miscavige was already appointing himself as Chairman of the Board, that was his dream since he was a child, to be a COB. He would sit around at the age of eight or nine he told Wilbur, and make up songs about being a COB, and when he would play with his plastic army men in the dirt, like the other kids, Davey would put his main army man, I guess it was a general or whatever, but he’d build this big mound of dirt and carve into a like a stage and put his general on it and then line up all his other army men in rows in front of the stage and then he’d put on a radio announcer sounding voice and say, “OK! I’M THE CHAIRMAN NOW, YOU MORONS! YOU SHALL LISTEN TO ME AND BY THEREOF I SHALL ASSUME GREAT SUPER-POWERS! I, CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD! COB! ME! HA! And then he’d jump on the army men audience with his general guy and smash ’em all up and twist some of their heads off, laughing the whole time. Can you believe he told that to Wilbur? I do. Wilbur told me lots of stuff about Miscavige that turned out to be absolutely, verifiably one-hundred percent true. Every time. So, I believe him.

    “Ok, so back to the fight, well it really wasn’t a fight, it was Miscavige saying something and then trying to grab Wilbur and then the next thing DM experienced was a giant Samoan Flaming Fist of Fury right into the side of his head. According to Bob it sounded like a combination of a SPLAT and a THUNK! Sort of like the sound you’d get if you slung the hind quarter of a heavy slab of beef hard into the side of a wooden building. That’s how he described it. What a sound, Bob said it made! Never heard a punch hit so hard, ever. Sounded like a Hollywood sound foley sound effect added in to some fight scene for emphasis. Bob thought it was so strange that Wilbur remembered that little thing when you consider the mass chaos and confusion and calamity that took place right after he pile-drove his boxing glove-sized fist of hardened Samoan bone and muscle into the side of Miscavige’s pea brain head! Ha! What a sight! That punch had to be beyond super-sonic speed, man, ’cause Bob said he saw the fist hit and then it was like slow-motion, the sound arrived what seemed like seconds after it crashed into DM’s head. Wow, that must have been a fast, fast punch. And pretty gawdawful powerful, too, from what Bob said he saw happen to COB-boy.”

    “Oh christ, then what happened to Wilbur. Shit, man. It’s wild, but I’ll have to tell you later ’cause I have to split right now to go on duty and I gotta get ready and all that. So, I’ll give you the rest of this story like maybe tomorrow or at least soon. I don’t get too much free time to sneak away and send you these lengthy emails. It’s so fucking weird they haven’t caught me yet, haven’t even suspected me. I’m sending this stuff out left and right that gets posted on Marty’s blog and I just plug away here being a janitor essentially, no one asks anything, I just clean up, see something interesting here or there, copy it and fax it to you, sometimes sneak out an email, like now. Ok, OTDT, gotta make like a banana and split, make like a tree and leave, make like an egg and beat it.”

    “Deep Fax”

    (To be continued…when Deep Fax gets more to me….)

  167. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Thank YOU! 🙂 – may all of your futures be bright!


  168. I spent most of my childhood growing up in Berkley, San Fransisco and Manhattan. I went to very rough inner city schools, most of the time the only white person in the school. This was during the black panther movement when things were really hot in the Haight Ashbury. There was some tension that dribbled down from parents but it was very easy to overcome. The hate thing wasn’t fixed. I had better experiences with the blacks than I had with the hippies hanging around our house. When someone took me home from school and I walked in the house, there would be a moment of shock and disbelief. Five minutes of silence then everyone would sit down to eat and it would be over. I was family. My first apartment was in Harlem because that was what I could afford. I lived there for two years and only person made a snide remark to me. I found for the most part, white people were just paranoid.

  169. I’ll tell you another little story. In 1982 Hap Gary, the head figure for the Black Panthers in New York, wrote into the upstat mission in New York. He had picked up a copy of the Dianetics Book. I got called in there, there was a group of people there with the mission holder. They didn’t want him in an org or mission or on the lines. But they felt they needed to respond (how lovely). They asked me to go out to Rikers Island where he was ending a murder sentance (he was set up I came to find out) and well, to be Hap’s terminal. Hap ended up setting up the first Dianetic co audit with Dianetics in Rikers Island. The connection was so taboo the Church kept it hidden information. Hap and I remained friends for the rest of his life.
    When he died he was clear, from co auditing on Dianetics.

  170. Thanks Sam. I got another one for you just as theta…

    @Mike H.
    I wish I was more analytical and sharp, you have a very keen sober point of view I really like, wish I had. 🙂 I get everything you are saying and agree. Still, I kant help but wonder what the dolphin is really thinking, confronting this situation? I was/am assuming the cat was purrring…?? That little bob he gave the cat on the head was quite an ack IMO. Very cute.

    OMG. Theta is everywhere?! In everything? OMG!

  171. And I hate to rub it in, but whatever bad habits you see in the black culture, they were passed down by southern whites.

  172. Who were helping them “reinvent themselves”. Honestly, I can’t believe I am having this conversation with Scientologists who know about valences!

  173. Any one who bully others, (except maybe bullying a real SP), is not a real Scientologist.

    Just because a person calls themselves a Scientologist or is associated with the church of scientology, does not mean they are real Scientologist.

    These impersonators are giving us a bad name. When one meets a real Scientologist one day, one will know the difference.

  174. Judge interjects (not an exact quote) “I get it. He practices Scientology out side of the organization.”
    ‘Freedom of religion’. His legal cog, I recon…

  175. Depends on what he meant by “Executive Council”. Did he mean the “Executive Council” of the DC Church or the Executive Council of the church of scientology.

  176. huh?
    Cat, when I’d talk about the dynamics, I’d add the fact that LRH didn’t invent them. I’m not really following you here.
    The magic isn’t the alphabets, it’s the Tech. Or truth. (Same thing) Splurge on it…for real.

  177. Anonymous rocked my World too…
    It got me looking differently, and lead me straight away, somehow, to Jeff Hawkins site ‘Counterfeit Dreams’. First..
    Still a 1st. class Classic. (Jeff going to have water fountains built in his name.)

    It’s a mind f*ck for me to edit or shorten what I said about Anonymous on Marty’s WELCOME page back in 2009, I just never figured out why, he feel so right, then or now.

    Anons who are honest with themselves, are new born friends to the World. I mean that!

    Here it is in full: (wtf?)
    Antoine | November 28, 2009 at 8:06 am | Reply

    Thank you Marty.
    And all of you. So much.
    You’re the truest of friends.
    There is something new to live for here, and all the Characters; stories; strengths; and power punched into my old soul
    -leaves me breathless.
    Yet nevermore alive!
    I haven’t the words.

    Can we put it to song?

    I shared these Lyrics or “poem” below to my dear dear Sea Org friend, at CMO Toronto at the peek of the Basics’ Push, (I even sent the song itself to her as it’s best sang) and lets skip my own long story…for now. At the time, this song declared “my Independence” to her, in my own way, slightly less then a year before Anonymous debuted their first massive global protest. 10,000 strong. (what an eye opener that was, I felt so personally validated and relieved. An effect on me I admit first here: )

    I mean, to explain a bit, despite being off-lines for 18 bloody years yet loyal as hell, squabbling all-the-while over a mere $1,600FLD, (my Purif) a stupid-beyond-belief injustice. (roll-eyes) I just had to refuse, then as I still do now, to never compromise my personal integrity even over a god-dam nickle. So I never did. Oh sure, dozens of terminals over the years would ask me to pay up, like a billion times over, I began to think they didn’t have a clue what real integrity meant, so I began to answer them with what I thought was a comparable magnitude, like; “Why don’t you just go ahead and ask me to ‘punch my Mother in the face’??” Treated very much as: just-a-Stat. A negative one. I thought to myself, “My god, this is my Life here you people…My dreams…, are you really that greedy? Stupid? Or just plain mad??” A grotesque level of arrogance. Whatever it was, it wasn’t the LRH I had come to know.

    For 18 long years how could I share my love of Scientology with others? The embarrassment of “My Own Story” would inevitably come up. So I clammed up. And they lost out. Seemed they wanted it like that?? It made no sense. So back to Basics, more months wasted. I sent her the song. And clipped the comm line.

    Then the protest happened, add now Marty and friends; All of you…pure and true. Future is looking bright again. And let the brightness burn.

    I care not what reforms take place. I never want to see Our Independence ever compromised. Ever.

    “Newborn Friend”

    I wash my faith in dirty water,
    Cause it gives my mind a little order.
    And I play that game, just like I should do.
    But my whole world, slips away.
    I live my life, I live it slowly.
    And I take my time, I’m in no hurry, yea… I’m livin’…
    And when I go then I would surely.
    I would dance with a total stranger,
    And hold them in my arms.
    Hell, there could be no danger if I open up,
    Cause when the cryin’ starts so,
    If I chant for happiness,
    Maybe that will make me feel better
    I can’t change my ideals, I can’t lose my desire
    Ohh, if I chant for happiness maybe that will make me feel better
    I’d be a newborn friend for the world.
    Well I wash my face in dirty water.
    For life I have no order.
    Cause I,
    Know that feeling when you’ve tried so hard to make your way out,
    Nothing mends.
    So you search for the breed of the problems there lying,
    Deep down in the soul.
    Even if, they never end,
    There’s a whole bunch of reasons, tryin’ to get out
    But they can’t make it out of the door.
    Ohh, I know the reason,
    I’m not enough.
    There’s nothing more… But,
    If I chant for happiness, maybe that will make me feel better.
    I can’t changes my ideals, I can’t put out the fire.
    Ohh, if I chant for happiness, maybe that will bring us together,
    For the better…
    I can’t changes my ideals, I can’t lose my desire.
    I’m just a newborn friend for the world…
    Just a newborn friend for the world…
    I’ll be your newborn friend and I’ll…
    Sing loud… Sing loud… Sing loud… my friend
    Gonna sing louder sing loud sing loud my friend
    To my friend my friend and I…
    I’ll sing love, sing loud, sing a little louder of my friend.
    Ohh, my darlin friend my friend my friend

  178. Very cool grasshopper 🙂
    The part about “what are your crimes?” is from LRH’s HCOB Critics of Scientology, which obviously has been misused on many occasions that I’ve witnessed.

  179. Právo JR,
    My sentiment exactly. (You really said what I wanted to say.)
    The whole thing is so stupid even the Gov’t must be wondering WTF!?
    (They created it. IMHO)
    And they are a mess on all fronts right now, the game is getting old.
    What’s next is anyone’s guess, but I’ll wager DM’s demise sooner then expected, with a sorta red herring that will fail.
    Well, it’s long past failing as it is. What I mean is, DM will be canceled out too late for any correction or continued suppression of Scientology to be effective, the entire subject then left alone.
    Invested interest don’t always win.
    Not every time.
    Not all the time.
    Not this time.

    Not this time.
    I’m glad to be here, to see it this.
    Stay healthy!

  180. Thanks a 10,000 times, Tom !

    And a 10,000 congrats to Anon Sparrow.

  181. Oracle,
    That’s a great story. Thank you for reaching others and rising above the social machinery of this silly planet.

  182. Antoine,
    I’m with you mate.
    Not this time.

  183. Thanks, Count. Thanks for the ref, too. Yes – it sure has been misused.

  184. Are you that Australian Singer ?

  185. Who are your friends ? That Kate woman that sings over in Australia ?

  186. Antoine.
    Thank you. My cup runneth over.

  187. Brian admits on occassion that he tought the communication course was helpfull for him personaly in his many video’s.

    I believe the Magic is in people, People that love, people that listen and people that love to (actively) listen: Therapists , Auditors, Grandparents, good parents.


    Part II

    “Wilbur was considered half-crazy just because of this look that would come across his face at certain times, especially when he needed to boost his intention. That wild-eyed, scary Samoan face meant to intimidate opponents. It’s a cultural thing with them.

    “Anyway, Bob told me that Wilbur and Miscavige and a couple other execs were walking through someplace in LA on an inspection, Bob was there as a valet or schlepper of briefcases or something, and suddenly Miscavige turns to Wilbur and barks something like, ‘You retard Samoan idiots, can’t you get anything right? Do you even have a brain? Jesus, your parents must have been stupid!’

    “And then Miscavige grabbed Wilbur’s throat and tried to pin him against the wall, but it must have been like trying to move a telephone pole because Wilbur never budged. Instead, his eyes widened, his head seemed to grow larger and this dark, fierce look came over his face as he bent his knees and widened his stance in the ancient Samoan way he’d been taught as a child. Wilbur propelled his giant ham-sized fist all the way from the floor to the side of Miscavige’s head so fast…it was a blur accompanied by a whooshing sound, and the next thing you saw was DM cart-wheeling through the air across the lobby, screaming like a little girl being chased by a million spiders.

    “Miscavige landed upside down with his head stuck inside a big trash can, crying and thrashing. The sound was echoing all through the building. The two other execs were trying to pull the trash can off DM’s head but it was stuck tight. He broke loose from their grip and with the trash can still on his head he frantically darted across the room and smashed headlong right into another wall with a loud metallic crash, fell down, cried some more, then got up and started running again, once again only to smash into yet another wall, still crying and screaming. The other two execs looked at each other frantically, they couldn’t catch DM, he was running around in circles and when they finally did catch him again they still couldn’t pull the damn trash can off, he was wedged in there good and tight, Bob said.”

    “They had ahold of him at one point and were trying to pry the trash can off him by placing their feet on DM’s shoulders and yanking, but he screamed and cried and pleaded for them to stop and tried to break away again, but this time one of the execs had hold of DM’s clothing and as he broke away his pants ripped off! Bob said it took every ounce of his strength to stifle his own laughter.

    “Here was DM, COB-to-be, running down the hall with a trash can stuck on his head and no pants! And you won’t believe what Bob said the guy was wearing for underwear…a black thong for chrissakes! We’re talking male-stripper-style G-string thong! He said DM had a really small ‘package’ and a girly-ass. DM was alternating between trying to pull the trash can off his head and covering his package with his hands, back and forth while still running and continuing to crash into walls. He made it all the way into the main lobby, might have been the PAC building or the Guarantee building, I forgot which one he said. But there were a ton of people around. No one knew it was DM except for Bob, Wilbur and the two execs.”

    “Luckily for DM no one recognized his ass or his thong or his screams. Staff were saying, ‘Who’s that lunatic?’ and the execs just said he was an escaped RPF dude gone nuts. Finally, the two execs and Bob and Wilbur caught up to DM and simply hauled him off to a private office away from the main lobby area. They had to send for an estates guy to come with bolt cutters and metal shears to cut the damn thing off DM’s head. Man, when they peeled that trash can off his head, Bob said DM’s face was covered in snot and blood and tears and he had a welt on the side of his head the size of a grapefruit. He looked like a monster.”

    “Well, it didn’t take long for the retribution to begin. Wilbur by now was just standing there, almost at attention, no longer wearing his Samoan Battle Face, just passive and humble as usual. ‘HCO BRING ORDER!’ roared Miscavige according to Bob. Immediately the room filled with HCO guys, security guys, RTC guys, janitors and a few RPF guys who’d been scrubbing the floor outside the office.

    “DM had his pants back on by then, but before he’d called for help he told Bob and the other two execs, ‘If one word of this gets out…what happened here…I swear I’ll purposely go out of my way to make your lives so miserable, you’ll be begging to go into the RPF for a vacation and then I’ll still grind your asses into the dirt!’ Wilbur just stood there.

    “When the room filled with the responders to the HCO Bring Order plea, DM just pointed at Wilbur with a shaking finger and said, ‘Get…him…out of here…NOW!’ With four guys on each of his arms, Wilbur was led out of the room and down the hallway, not resisting a bit. ‘I want him dead,’ said DM. ‘But first I want him licking the toilets! Then I want him tied down and I want his fucking goldenrod expulsion order tattooed on his fucking chest and flown back to fucking Samoa or Guam or wherever the fuck he came from and heaved out of the fucking plane!’

    “YESSIR! The chief security guy responded. Bob said he stepped in and whispered to DM that it was probably illegal to tattoo him without his permission and definitely against the law to push him out of the plane and there could be big time legal repercussions and DM would be in a world of shit if he ordered that. DM glared at Bob as though he was about to enact the same punishment on him, too, when Bob added, ‘Besides the law, if this man’s Samoan tribe finds out what you said to him, I guarantee you they will select their toughest warriors, don their battle gear, and if they have to they will paddle their oceanic canoes all the way over here and choke you and chop you up and then choke the chunks of your body some more and then burn your remains atop a pile of dung and then feed it to pigs. I roomed with the guy for a year and I think he’s serious.’

    “DM continued staring at Bob, his face beet red, his body shaking, his face still streaked with tears and blood, his hair mashed into the shape of the bottom of a trash can. ‘FUCK IT!’ DM said, ‘EXPEL THE BASTARD! If he’s not GONE in five minutes I’m putting every single one of you sorry sons of bitches on the RPF permanently, with NO chance of getting out, EVER! And no fucking read it-drill it-do it auditing either! And only rice! NO FUCKING BEANS! NOT ONE! EVER EVER EVER!!!!’

    “Everyone scrambled out of the room, leaving DM to fix his hair using a pocket mirror and brush he kept in a suitcase that was always nearby him, like the U.S. president has a special military valet who keeps the ‘Football’, the briefcase that carries the nuclear launch codes.”

    “Bob never saw Wilbur again. No one did. The other two execs are dead now too and always kept their mouth shut out of fear or loyalty or whatever. Bob did get a letter from Wilbur a year or so later. He was back in his village in Samoa, no return address on the envelope. A security guy snuck it to him. Wilbur said he was actually King of His Village! Changed his name to something or other, I forgot. Bob said he’d kept the letter hidden inside his shoe for years. He gave it to me just before he died in a secret Sea Org hospice house. Here, I’ll read some of it to you:

    ‘Dear Bob,
    I am King now. My people love me. I am a very good king. I’m happy that Miscavige helped me to fulfill my dream sooner than I expected, for that I am grateful to him. I’ll bet he still sucks, though, huh? Is he still hitting people? I follow a few blogs now and then and I see he’s finally and still the Chairman, something the little cry-baby always wanted. Well, there you have it, he’s got what he wants, I’ve got what I want and, gods willing, I shall never have to set eyes on the little weeny-boy ever again. If he ever comes to Samoa, let me know by placing a one-line personal ad in the Samoan News that simply says, ‘Surprise the Little One’ and I’ll have a nice warm welcoming committee armed with trash cans just for him, they fit his head so nicely. If anyone asks about me, just tell them I’m dead. I don’t want to get sucked back into any of that nightmare that goes on there.
    Your friend,

    “Well, there you have it, OTDT, the only man that ever punched Miscavige in the head is a king in his own village, has a beautiful wife who looks like Marlon Brando’s Tahitian wife when he first married her, lives in a multi-storied bamboo castle, got six kids, grows papayas and makes a lot of money and is very popular with his people. He said his villagers use a big photo of Miscavige nailed to a tree for spear target practice, it’s become part of their culture. Bob said if I ever get there to use that personal ad to look Wilbur up if I can, but don’t tell anyone I work for Miscavige. Don’t even mention his name or else suddenly all the villagers will snap into their warrior valence, start stamping the ground and put on their fiercest faces and pick up their weapons, ready for battle.”

    “Gotta go.”

    Your friend,
    Deep Fax

    Well, that’s the story. I can’t vouch for its authenticity, but like I said, Deep Fax ain’t lied to me yet.

  189. Did your dad actually suggest doing a “gap year” on staff? The reality is that it would not be a gap year, it would be a derailment of your college education. I would wager a guess that if you asked anyone, anyone at all at your org if you should go to college or do full time “basics” that the answer would be… Come on, it is a no-brainer. Another one would be if you should spend money on college or an intensive or two in the HGC. Ask your reg – what do YOU think the answer would be? Again, I don’t have to answer. Everyone here knows what the answer would be.

    And, now as a direct consequence of the cluelessness of your ED, you are saying “that will be the end of Scientology for me.” That is too damn bad. My hope is that you mean the church, and not the subject.

    The tech is explosive. It is so explosive that people like Mr. David Miscavige can use it to perverse purposes to do those things he does. But nuclear scientists invented the atom bomb, computer and rocket scientists invented “smart bombs,” the supreme catholic pope and his echelon of priests invented the inquisition, medical doctors invented “Electro-Convulsive Therapy,” “chemical straight-jackets,” and psycho-surgery, southern baptists justified lynchings and slavery, Shinto priests justified kamikaze pilots, and certain stripes of “clerics” justify suicide bombers. ANY technology can be used to develop evil tools, and ANY philosophy can be twisted to support the most atrocious acts against humanity.

  190. Anon Orange

    One word for you: “MOAR!”

  191. Tony DePhillips

    Can’t wait to read the other part…

  192. Tony DePhillips

    If you haven’t written books you should start now.
    Nice story. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy. I can just see dm running around with a trash can stuck to his ginormous head! Hillarious!

  193. By definition those affiliated to the corporate church are the opposite of Scientologists. They are, knowingly or not, implanters, the exact opposite of Scientology. Many new people in have no clue and might be convinced they work for the greatest good but all their work and donations are used to either lure and trap more victims or destroy those trapped.

  194. Mike Hobson

    @Antoine: thank you very, very, very much for posting that one.

    Now that’s a totally free, wild dolphin there – no animal trainers involved.

    How extremely cool to have befriended a dog!

    Michael A. Hobson

  195. I was speaking strictly of the inner philosophy of the hard core Black Muslims, not in generalities of all blacks as you imply.

  196. theoracle,
    I don’t know what you think you’re rubbing in, but I don’t see any more bad habits with blacks than I do with any other culture. You put words in my mouth that were never in my head.

    And I don’t listen to what people may say about any culture’s bad habits, I look for myself and make my own decisions.

  197. Who the hell you talking to? You talking to me? This ain’t no conversation.

  198. OTDT-Great story of Miscavige and the Samoan. The next story I want to hear is him being led in chains going to jail. Then going to trial for all his crimes

  199. As far as I know, there is no part of the Muslim religion that includes “hate whitey” in their belief system. No offense intended. I answered on one question:

    “What is truly unknown is how deep did the Hate Whitey thing really go?”

    This has not been an unknown for me as I was pretty much raised for eight years in the black community, by blacks. The whites were smoking dope, tripping on LSD and were not raising anything but mental image pictures. Since you mentioned this was an unknown for you, I thought I could help you know better.

  200. WindWalker



    I actually did get what CatDaddy said, but I honestly can’t make “head nor tail” out of what you are trying to say at all


  201. Sorry correction here so this does not come off as a generality. The whites I lived with, in those conditions and neighborhoods. Not all whites. Just my loopy foster parents which were extended family or remote family, a few months one of my parents, they were all hung up in the 60’s drug / identity crisis culture.

  202. And who are “his people”? I hope you mean whatever group he has going with the religion. Because only those are his people.

  203. Haha my deductions were right .

  204. Something must have happened in young Hubbards life to detest squirrels.

    I think they are funny creatures

  205. LISTEN


    Malcolm X found that out the hard way

  206. The Black Muslims in San Francisco in the 70’s hated whitey, preached it and lived it and the Zebra Killers grew out of that. I talked to them, listened to Elijiah’s sermons and have studied what the Nation of Islam has believed for quite some time, that an evil black man used evil mojo voo doo Science to create the evil white man. They’ve become more tolerant but essentially teach the same thing. Don’t get me wrong about that, I kinda dig the Black Muslims. And I’m a big fan of the Black Panthers.

    More orthodox, mainstream and current Islam doesn’t hate whitey. Some whacko psuedo-Muslim guy, whatever the hell his name was, Wallace somebody, Fard, I think invented a bunch of stuff with Elijiah embellishing more and then Louis tamed it down. I like Louis.

    But at any rate, “Since you mentioned this was an unknown for you, I thought I could help you know better.”
    Well, not really. I don’t know nuthin’ now that I didn’t already know before we had this conversation, well actually there is one thing I learned and that is that you really don’t know what I truly think about these matters, you don’t know me well enough and you don’t have enough data from and about me to make a conclusion. No offense intended.

    One other thing, “Honestly, I can’t believe I am having this conversation with Scientologists who know about valences!” First, I don’t have a clue what the hell that refers to, other than I take your comment like some kind of sideways insult or something. Am I taking this wrong? I can you know, because I have an imagination that runs pretty much constantly at about 6000 RPMs at around 225 mph and I could just be driving through the City of Confusion here, so feel free to clear me up on this “valence” thing.

    Realize this though, we’re not really even having a conversation here anyway, you can’t have one on the internet like this, not really. There’s an absence of a perceivable receipt point and the comm lag is too great, at least it is for me. I’m slow.

  207. O.K. let’s start all over can we?

    You said, “What is truly unknown is how deep did the Hate Whitey thing really go?”

    How deep did you find it went with any of them when you “talked to them, listened to Elijiah’s sermons and studied what the Nation of Islam has believed for quite some time”?

    That is how deep it went. As deep as you felt it went with your own interactions with them. Trust your own experiences with people. That is the closest to the truth you can come. That is what you can know.

  208. Thanks Oracle.

    For the very cool story.

  209. Some whacko psuedo-Muslim guy,

    Well you hust described Louis Farakhan

  210. Oh yeah, lets see how Katie would feel when she finds out all the evidences about her”humanitarian” husband’s Human Trafficking back in late 2004! I am sure she would take off and leave him, just as Bella (Tom’s daughter) recently did.

  211. How has it been misused? :-/

    The problem lies with the premise, as far as I can tell. Saying that someone who disagrees with you must have crimes or withholds that are the real cause of the disagreement makes a huge assumption that obviously avoids the issue that *maybe* you are the one with the problem.

    This goes with the whole issue of MUs. Just because I think that a particular observation of LRH is demonstrably false does not mean that I need to “word clear”. The assumptive fallacy is that LRH’s observation is true, and therefore I must have misunderstood some part of my native tongue.

  212. I am new here so please understand. The COS did all this damaging and stalking stuff long before DM was in charge, right? This behaviour does not seem new to folks like Mrs. Cooper.

  213. Yes Mr. Fancy Pants just because you merely *think* that a particular observation of LRH is demonstrably false or anyone else’s for that matter without actually testing it out for yourself by actual application does mean that you need to at least “word clear” the concept.

    Or are you one of those presumptuous individuals who think they know everything?

  214. Wrong!

    Cooper was an aberration.

    If that is the only one that you can come up and can’t see the difference between then and now then it is obvious to me that you are merely a troll.

  215. “If only OSA had of invited Brian in for some coffee and asked him what they had done wrong to cause the possible upset he had with the Organization.

    As in TR5N and had of actually gotten into *communication* with him.

    You know like it says in Dn 55.”

    I read *this* part, RJ. What did I miss?

    I’m not sure of your point; as OSA doesn’t “look” like a bunch of suppressive and clueless *ass clowns* infringing on another’s civil rights.

    They most assuredly ARE a bunch of suppressive and clueless ass clowns infringing on other people’s civil rights. Appearance isn’t the half of it.

    As to the rest of your post, I think it’s a bit ironic that in one post you admonish OSA to use communication and ARC to handle Anon Sparrow, then you post this:

    “Gee Mr Fancy Pants

    I suggest actually reading my comment first before making such an idiotic comment on it.”

    I’m used to mindless cult bots being rude as a matter of course, but is that how Independents are supposed to apply Scientology? :-/

  216. Exactly. Anon Sparrow is right to be protesting this insanity. The only right course of action is to continue to put ethics in on the CoS until it either corrects itself, or ceases to exist.

  217. I dont know what a troll is because I am an interested WOG, or what ever the bad name is for a non-scientologist. If, as you say, Cooper was an aberation, does that mean her stalking did not happen? What about the harrassment my sister went through in 1985? Was that also an abberation? What about others who left COS before DM came to power? As a Catholic, I understand how painfull the truth can be.

  218. Dave,

    A “troll” is someone who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

    aberration |ˌabəˈrā sh ən|
    a departure from what is normal, usual, or expected, typically one that is unwelcome : they described the outbreak of violence in the area as an aberration.
    • a person whose beliefs or behavior are unusual or unacceptable : evil men are an aberration.
    • a departure from someone’s usual moral character or mental ability, typically for the worse : I see these activities as some kind of mental aberration.
    • Biology a characteristic that deviates from the normal type : color aberrations.
    • Optics the failure of rays to converge at one focus because of limitations or defects in a lens or mirror.
    • Astronomy the apparent displacement of a celestial object from its true position, caused by the relative motion of the observer and the object.

    The first two definitions of aberration would apply in Paulette Cooper’s case since it wasn’t standard practice for the GO to harass individuals but to break into Government offices and photocopy sensitive documents that the Government had been withholding despite FOIA requests.

    In other words their main target was oppressive and fascistic Governments whose apparent objective was to destroy Scientology.

    The lesser of two evils as far as I’m concerned.

    Yet is considered “espionage”.

    Harassment of individuals such as critics of Scientology in particular management and especially David Miscavige began in earnest in the mid ’80’s when the “GO” was allegedly “disbanded” and the “Office of Special Affairs” or OSA took over and accelerated when our former enemy (the Government) became our “friends” according to Miscavige.

    So your sister was harassed in that transitional period I refer to as “the coup”.

    Also you seem to claim you know the “truth” but it is obvious that you know little about it since as I had written earlier then is not the same as *now*.

    And there are many Scientologists who are currently commenting on this board who will attest to this fact.

    Another thing asking what you think is a “rhetorical question” which is really your assertion is not going to gain you any kudos over here.

    Neither is forcing others here to accept your version of the “truth”.

  219. MF,

    “I read *this* part, RJ. What did I miss?”

    Quoting and actually reading what I wrote are two different things.

    However the point I was trying to make was if they had just gotten into communication with Annonsparrow it would have been better than harassing him.

    Yet instead you just rattle off a litany of real and imagined crimes the Church had committed that would make it impossible for to do this.


    Are you saying it is impossible to communicate to your real or perceived enemy?

    It’s called *diplomacy*.

    Ever heard or read about it?

    That said.

    I tend to ignore those rules myself when some ass clown critic bot ignores what I wrote and starts to assert their infinite rightness on the matter.

    In other words Mr Fancy if you want to be treated with respect.

    I suggest you reciprocate it.

  220. RJ – You are right, I am a troll because I do intentionally say things that I feel will start an argument about subjects I am interested in. If this offends, then I will ask Marty to remove my comments. For the past year, he seems more than willing to allow opposing views on his blog.

    You have your experiences that are true for you and so do I. Even if what my sister went through is an abberation by past standards, it seems to conform with what many who have left recently have also experienced. If what my sister went through in the past is similiar to what the indys have to deal with today, what, in my mind, has really changed? It is true that Fair game and dis-connection pre-date DM, this is true. Everyone knows it, its not even taboo anymore. You may never understand what its like to be on the outside watching your family member throw you away like a piece of trash, but I do. Strange as it may sound, I am just as hurt by how COS treated my sister when she freed her mind as I was at her for tossing us in the dumpster. The pain she felt while being stalked, threatened and dead-agented forced her to experience the truth about her Church. She did not want that experience. Now, I see some of the folks that were in the COS back then have left the Church and are themselfs being harrassed. I confess to feeling conflicted about this. Part of me says, you deserve it for being part of on organization that hurt my family so much. Another part of me says that you are doing the right thing for leaving the organization that hurt my family so much. This is a common theme I’ve experienced from hardcore scino’s, they are of unaware how much pain the COS has inflicted on the family members of members.

    You will always know more about the tech than me. You will always know more about cos than me. But you will never know more truth than me, nor will I ever know more truth than you.

    David Miscavige, COB

  221. OTDT: What an awesome, hilarious, roflmao, can’t stop crying from laughter story!! ~

  222. Thanks for telling that Mike.

    I now understand your upset with the Church.

    I’m just pointing out the fact that what happened to your sister was pretty standard practice after OSA took over and it wasn’t something the GO did a lot of since they mainly concerned with Government, Media and institutional targets.

    By the way Paulette Cooper would fall under Media since she published the book ‘The Scandal of Scientology’ which in my opinion was very poorly written and very sensationalized.

    Personally I never understood why the GO went after her pretty much exclusively as there were others writing books at the time that were just as bad or worse like ‘I Was a Scientology Superman’.

    That said.

    I personally observed the shift in targets occur as I wrote when Miscavige had disingenuously stated that the GO had been disbanded because of crimes they committed.

    In my opinion Miscavige and what I call “the coup” disbanded the GO because it acted as a check to the autocratic system they were about to establish.

    At the time the only counter-balance to the Sea Org was World Wide at Saint Hill which the coup had effectively neutralized earlier and the GO.

    By “disbanding” the GO they were able to place it under their control and use it for their own purposes of squelching or *suppressing* dissent and use it to run covert operations against those who disagreed with management probably like your sister for example.

    So instead of protecting Scientology in general which was what the *Guardian’s* was established to do in 1966.

    Its mission or purpose became that of protecting those in power and thwarting any attempt by anyone inside or outside of the organization to relinquish their strangle hold.

    This is why they go after us and probably why they went after your sister or anyone else for that matter that questions their arbitrary authority over the subject.

    They want a complete monopoly and OSA is their tool or weapon that they use in achieving that.

    That’s the *game* being played and your sister was another casualty.

  223. BAD BAD BAD RJ !

  224. What are you CD?

    The hall monitor?

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