Rise and Shine

I noticed by a number of indicators that apparently the past few days of posts on the subject of Scientology spying have created some fear within the ranks of Independents and others who frequent this blog.  I can tell by the comments, numbers, back channel email and phone comm.

I noticed some people playing the old “ignore” the black panther card.  It goes, “I have nothing to hide, I am a friend with everybody, and I’ll just charm them right on up the tone scale.”  For those who don’t care much about the future of Scientology, and thus don’t make it their business to do much about it, that is perfectly workable. However, for those dedicating some time to salvaging the subject from the jaws of Miscavige defeat,  I am afraid that that philosophy just does not work. The former are not targets for hard ball, the latter are.   Hard core anti-Scientologists are not even targets for hard ball.  Anti-Scientology activity warrants you kid glove treatment by Miscavige.  Corporate Scientology Public Enemies worthy of hard core operations are Independents doing something effective about the continued and future use of the subject Scientology. By comparison, Anti Scientologists are friends of Dave.  That is why it takes a lot more courage to do something about the state of Scientology than to contribute to its demise.  For more on that subject, see https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2009/11/12/the-great-middle-path-redux/

There are two other problems with the “ignore” rationale.

First, whether you have something to hide is utterly irrelevant. Scientology intelligence operatives don’t befriend you primarily to find out stuff about you that you are hiding in order to stay out of trouble.  They befriend you in order to influence you into situations, to find stuff they can take out of context to black PR you and play psychological warfare on you, to covertly drive wedges between you and others, and to lose you your employment, all for the purposes of ruining you utterly.

Second, you are not going to charm a died-in-the-wool 1.1 up the tone scale. If you think you are, then you just plain don’t get the tone scale as covered in Science of Survival, PDC, and a number of other books and lecture series.  Every one of OSA’s agents are certified 1.1s right out of the same mold as their ultimate master David Miscavige.

And, therein lies the good news.  The article Catching Scientology Spies omitted the most important point of all – the most obvious point. It was omitted because it is a given between us primary targets.  And that point is, every one of OSA’s agents are certified 1.1s right out of the same mold as their ultimate master David Miscavige.

Intelligence is a 1.1 business.  The only effective undercover agents are really good 1.1s. They have  got to be real good 1.1s in order to survive in the trade for very long.  Don’t mistake this for the acting trade. This is the living a double life business, convincingly living a synthetic valence over an extended period of time while carrying out the purpose of destroying the life of the target.

So, while we shared fifteen or so common traits of these 1.1s, we omitted to mention the most important overriding point, intelligence agents are 1.1.  Not just in the Scientology field – in all intelligence fields.  And that is why repelling operatives is so easy for someone well above 3.0 who understands the tone scale.  Pretty simple.  I don’t let 1.1s too deep into my life.   If you know the tone scale and the tech of it, there is not much to worry about. The more you know the easier it is. If one only had a superficial knowledge and the ability to rattle off a
number of tones, and a couple of characteristics, it would be a fairly arduous
task.  But if you knew the tone scale so well you can perceive the chronic wavelength a person emits the moment he/she walks into the room it becomes as easy as living a stressless life.  Every tone has its own, unique wavelength.
And with practice they are perceptible. That is Philadelphia Doctorate Course tech, and it takes a pretty straightened out case where theta perceptics are alive and functioning.  But, in the meantime, one can study and work on it. Hell, there are a lot more valuable benefits to such a study than simply spotting and repelling plants.  So, forget the topic of this article; I highly recommend such a course of study for anyone.

The message I wanted to convey here is that despite my attempts to get people’s confront of evil up a few notches, don’t mistake that for the promotion of a dangerous environment. It is not dangerous if you avail yourself of the tech and don’t lead a 1.1 life with a gaggle of 1.1. “friends”, and don’t go reasonable falling for the 1.1 ploys of plastic people in your life. And if you stop buying the theetie-wheetie nonsense that there is no evil in the world and that we all will win solely by holding hands and singing Kumbaya; because, after all, we are all one and the same.  Making people believe that is the biggest and oldest con in this universe.  It sure sounds warm and fuzzy, but it is a covert (1.1) means of getting you to check your ability to “differentiate” at the door, the first step in dispensing with your sanity and causation.

For anyone interpreting this as an invitation for people to witch hunt and willy-nilly call people plants and trolls, please read it again.  It is not. You rarely see me engage in that, and it bothers me when I see trigger happy people attempting to shoot someone for treason on the blog with little provocation.  I chalk that up to an inability to hold one’s position in space, to confront what is before one and to investigate to determine truth.  I do invite people to up their confront and increase their abilities to perceive and reckon truth.  After all, it is truth that will set you free.

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  1. Jonathon Barbera

    1.1 is the tone of the Church of Scientology.

    As former staff and crew, I frequently witnessed other staff or crew discussing means to deceive parishioners or other staff in order to get them to do something. They would rationalize it as being in the best interest of the person deceived, but it was really only in the best interest of the church.

    I hope one day the Church of Scientology can afford the luxury of honesty.

  2. Thanks, Marty. There is a lot to confront. Sometimes, I just have to sit back and take it in. Then, I move through it and come out the other side a more educated person but, in better shape, too, than when I went into it. I’m just thankful there are those who have lived it and are willing to share and help. Without y’all, I would never know! Thank You! ml, Laura

  3. It ain’t easy being free. Can be a whole lotta game when the overwhelm is under control. For me, y’all, the primary targets, allow me that luxury.
    Big thanks to y’all.

    The support troops are also wonderful. What a wonderful, disorganized, disarray of well intentioned folk they/we are.
    Big thanks to y’all too.

    Bruce Pratt
    attempting to stand a bit straighter, sound off a little louder, speak a little straighter, ah, perchance to dream of moving on up a little higher

  4. martyrathbun09

    Laura, Yeah, like the theta-mest theory.

  5. Amen!
    “It is truth that will set you free. ”
    Thanks Marty.

  6. A timely post!

    Just recently, one of Miscaviges minions masquerading as a disaffected churchie had managed to worm her way into the confidence of an OT8 who has been under the radar for more than a year. This OT8 is a good sort and is rather trusting, so when Susie Rodent came along and asked how she was doing, the OT8 shared lots of information.

    Susie Rodent used this information to buy her way back into the good graces of the cult of Corporate $cientology.

    Fortunately the OT8 could care less as she has severed any connection with the CO$ and is leading a life that does not depend on the approval of Kool-Aid drinkers and CO$ spies.

    Completing one’s Doubt Formula really increases one’s ability to perceive non-survival people and situations.

    Continue your good work of shedding light on the current sad state of the cult of Miscavige.

    David St Lawrence

  7. Graviora_Manent

    Great one, Marty. Once again you nailed it. Hopefully by using this post and the tech as solid guideposts, we can all really understand what happened here in the past week and ensure that we do not get into that madness once again. I have been here with you since October ’09 reading, observing and posting (two handles). From my Day One to last week, I felt that the overall tone level of this group to be on a steady climb, some people moved up from fear or anger, some from apathy even some nagging 1.1’s were brought up to somewhere more acceptable. It was so evident from people’s replies, their tones as writers and their experiences.

    With “Catching Radical Scientology Spies” post, I felt as if some went back to their old selves. We fell in the trap that our earlier experiences under DM predisposed us to. Some of us forgot to look and spot things. Some forgot their fundamental Scientology. It seemed some couldn’t handle to disagree. Few luckily were untouched by any of it. You nailed it with “I chalk that up to an inability to hold one’s position in space, to confront what is before one and to investigate to determine truth.” Of course we all have to be able to confront evil. We HAVE to. If we delegate only certain people to know and handle evil, and rest of us pretend to live in some fairy land, we will become just like the official Cult of Miscavige; however we have to do it on a gradient. Some can’t handle the same amount of evil or confusion as well as you or I can, for now that is.

    It is everybody’s collective responsibility to help those of us who have a hard time with it. The danger of not doing that is clear. People go down the tone scale and in turn create a mess and dragging down others. It is what Miscavige wants. He wants us to just undo the progress we have been making for two years in one week. Don’t let him. Use your Scientology and just be there and look.

  8. martyrathbun09

    Thanks GM for the important little piece of writing there.

  9. martyrathbun09

    David, thanks – an all too common occurrence.

  10. Good post Marty. As unpleasant as it is, I will occasionally review the anti-independent sites and content to remind myself of how far this can go. They are laughable – and extremely vicious.

    The only road to take is the high road. But that does not mean ignoring these people. It means being efficient and methodical about exposing them and putting them out of business without HE&R. High ARC does not mean “kick me!” It means “I know you are a venomous snake. A snake will be a snake – I will put you in the box so you can’t hurt anyone.”

    This, of course, is hard to do. If I had John Allender and his crones show up on my door step, and had PIs camping out across the street, and had my sites broken into illegally, and had jerks bothering my wife’s place of employment, etc., etc., etc., I would definitely have a hard time maintaining a high-road attitude.

    So, my hat is off to you, Marty, and you have my heartfelt thanks.

  11. Rise of confront.
    That´s the subject.
    Here in México some annons attack me for not squashing Scientology completely.
    And some inside corporate Scientology attacks me for having an independent view about Scientology.

    So, following ones real convictions is what matters.

    Unfortunatlely; some people have a very low level on the duty scale and now justify not being loyal to nothing or not being pro duty to something “because in corporate Scientology I was too abused”.

    That´s a good justification for being an spectator.

    Life is a succession of battles. (When you are alive and do care about all arroud you.)


  12. In 1971 I went to Disneyland at age 3-1/2 or so. I remember bits and pieces of it. The world and life were just awesome!

    Very shortly afterward, I started this thing called Kindergarten, where I quickly learned that bullies and propitiative agents of bullies exist. And that, no matter how “nice” or happy-go-lucky you are, you can become a target, seemingly for absolutely no reason.

    By high school, the label “passive-aggressive” was being assigned to various gossips and back-stabbers. The 1.1 individual is pretty easy to recognize, even for “wogs”.

    Some years later, I read about the price of freedom being constant alertness and a constant willingness to fight back. There was no other price. This was, unfortunately, quite real to me by age 22 or so, when I read it. I wished the world weren’t that way, but LRH confirmed what I already knew.

    I strive to put most of my attention upon my life’s purpose. Art and music. I believe it is far better pro-survival than dwelling upon assholes, such as church operatives.

    That said, I now find that high confront and real communication places me in a position of power over the koolaids. I live very close to the Idle Org. I run into Koolaids all the time. I’m a known, declared SP. I stay in valence and none of them do. It’s not a generality, either. NONE of them stay in valence when they see me. They want to get away fast. And I’m not exactly a hard-to-confront or unlikeable person.

    And so, I agree with your message fully, Marty. Turning a blind eye or, conversely, “hating” Scientology are both great ways to empower DM and his merry band of fools.

  13. Hallelujah

    Bruce —

    Your comment evoked emotions I can only feel but cannot necessarily express in your inimitable way.

    Thank you! L, H

  14. Tony DePhillips

    My feeling is that corporate Scientology is going to use more and more agent provocateurs on this blog to 1.1 us. If it goes unchecked it will have a negative effect on this blog.
    I have noticed for myself that there are people that are willing to confront evil and there are others that would rather pretend it doesn’t exist. You can’t force others to see things that they cannot. When you have more people in a group who cannot confront the evil that conronts them then IMHO that group is doomed.

  15. That´s right Jonathon.

    Kind of “the end justifies the means” approach.

    A collective group with no self-determinism and who only goes with “command intention” would never have honesty.

    Only an individual can have it.



  16. martyrathbun09

    Bryan, thanks for sharing this. Deep. And your bit about running into Koolaiders is so observably true for those who went out the top of that joint.

  17. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Roberto.:)

  18. “attempting to stand a bit straighter, sound off a little louder, speak a little straighter, ah, perchance to dream of moving on up a little higher”

    My man!!


  19. martyrathbun09

    Great post GH.

  20. Theo Sismanides

    thanks Marty,

    What we have done for those 2 years now is that we have created a steady pillar here and a safe place from where we can communicate. That is driving Miscavige and his operatives mad. Surely when one is NOT in an organized group is far more difficult for one to confront things. LRH speaks about how that powerful being lost from organized less powerful beings. So each one of us has the responsibility to keep this movement going. To the degree possible for them. A certain Hub has always been necessary to get thing going. That’s for sure. We have this place now and for some time now. We can make good use of it. We have all confronted many things from attacks to libel to you name it. We are way above 1.1. here!! Even just like that, I am happy that we have protected Scientology and spoken up. One certain day the value of all this is going to be understood. Until then we have to keep on as a team and as individuals. What unites us is the responsibility we all share about a world which is going mad.

  21. Tony DePhillips

    Another comment is that when people are attacked for calling out 1.1’s then it becomes harder to get that kind of thing done. To me that would be part of the 1.1’s strategy. Gain sympathy and ARC and then covertly attack the principles of the group they want to subvert. Then, when called on it, have all the sympathy cases come to the 1.1’s “rescue”. And the 1.1 and his handlers will be laughing all the way to the bank.

  22. GM

    Totally agree about tones in movement here.
    An any auditor knows; that´s a GI. A thetan moving on the tone scale.
    On the contrary; a thetan stuck in a tone level: that´s a BI.

    A raving mad thetan is in much more good shape than an ordinary human being.


    “Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death.”
    Omar Bradley.

    Some of us are scared to death (I speak for myself) and still holding the blade with a trembling hand.

    Not because we like to fight. The people who knows me knows I hate to fight.

    Is only that sometimes you have no other option than fight.


  23. “Now the reason the enlightened prince and the wise general conquer the enemy whenever they move and their achievements surpass those of ordinary men is foreknowledge.

    If you know your enemy and you know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself you will succumb in every battle. (the art of war)

    I thought that theese quotes aligned with what you are saying here. TO loose sight of how DM and his puppets are operating is to give them a slight advantage IMHO. kind of like the saying Know your enemy. I feel that I have been guilty in the past of thinking” there is no way that they would stoop that low, it is just not human.” Well that is giving them a upper hand and setting myself up to fail. My eyes are wide open and I will never make the mistake of underestimating how low they can go.

    The way out is the way through.

  24. Thank you, Marty, as always. Would be great to see a list of names of the known spies. I was personally ever approached only by one agent: Wolfi Frank. At that time Dan Koon warned me regarding Wolfi before-hand. But Dan was only able to warn me because he ALREADY KNEW that Wolfi was an agent. Therefore, would be good to compile a list of known Church agents, spies, wanabes and ass-kissers. If somebody is put on the list in error, they could appeal and present their case as they see fit–all these comm lines are open. Such a list would serve two purpose: (1) alert Scientologists and (2) reduce the number of active spies and make it more difficult to find more. I am just assuming that there is a limited number of assholes. The more are exposed, the less is left to actively harm anybody. David St Lawrence gives the name of the spy and that is how it should always be, in my opinion, and additionally somebody should collate the names into a list and publish it.

  25. Just a couple thoughts I had:

    Games conditions: This “covert ops” thing is a games condition, particularly for the operative. It is enforced on you. I hope you have decided if it is wanted or unwanted. I think you have because you have talked about games conditions. I think wanted/unwanted is handled differently (by me anyway).

    Also, operating covertly to attack an enemy doesn not mean the operative is 1.1. A covert operative could be all over the tone scale, and an effective one would be someone who could continue to operate in an enturbulated environment without becoming enturbulated. A true, chronic 1.1 is weak and scared, not effective and able to take action. A 1.1 could be used against you by bribery etc though.

    If you thought you were on the “right side” and you were ordered to covertly attack an enemy and do so, does that make you a chronic 1.1?
    I don’t know, maybe, maybe not.

  26. Great points.

    I’d add that the outside world considers these actions by official Scientology to be distasteful and irreligious, to say the least. Just because other religions engage in sometimes somewhat similar activites, but not as intense as Scientology has currently comparatively, is no excuse for official Scientology to continue spying and character assassination.

    As an informed outside observer, it’s so shortsighted to attack independent and freezone Scientology.

    If I were the God in Scientology, I’d open the doors, drop all the “make wrong” admin policy rules that exclude the freezone and independents!

    (I think until some Scientologists at the helm of official Scientology are finally wise enough to see this, only then will the church with all the money do the right thing.)

    If one is wishing Scientology’s image to improve, then those calling the shots ordering OSA staff to have spy volunteers gather intel, so OSA staff can write the character assassination propaganda, then the simplest solution is just order OSA to halt ALL “handling” programs and halt all volunteer intel gathering spy activity and all the character assassination internet sites be discontinued and taken offline.

    THAT would get Scientology some genuinely valid positive public recognition were official Scientology to dramatically abruptly cease OSA “handling” programs.

    Any ex GO, RTC or OSA volunteer spies who want to share their firsthand histories, contact Professor Hugh Urban of Ohio State University. He’s studying OSA, and send your stories for Marty to post here on this blog also.

    Hugh B. Urban 
    Professor, Religious Studies 
    Department of Comparative Studies 
    Ohio State University 
    431 Hagerty Hall 
    Columbus, OH 43210 
    614-292-9855 (o) 
    614-447-0706 (h) 

  27. Anonymous Blue

    “For anyone interpreting this as an invitation for people to witch hunt and willy-nilly call people plants and trolls, please read it again. It is not. You rarely see me engage in that”

    You’re joking, right? Marty, if I had a dollar for every person you called an OSA spy or a friend of Miscavige or something like that, I could buy the Church and shut it down myself. You’re full of crap. And I don’t know why I’m posting this since you’ll probably just delete it anyway.

  28. Your second paragraph made me realize that your opening statement is true. Anytime you have one “world” within the group, either staff or Sea Org, and show a completely different “face” to the public (everything’s fine, stats are up, we’re all happy here…) then it is covert.

    The truth is visible in the times you see staff slapped around verbally at the least; and especially in the declares, where it tells how awful the person was all those years while the group was saying he was a good guy.

    I think Marty and Mike recognize the truth of this best, having had to lie to the public for the “group good.” But even that example shows you how a person can be 1.1 due to the influence of a group, whereas once they are out they can find themselves and adjust in tone. Just like any of us disconnecting from an SP, we start to find our true selves.

  29. This is just something I’ve been looking at regarding myself lately. Maybe unknowing games conditions is what it is.

    This hasnt happened to me, but lets say somebody goes through my garbage and harasses me. Thats like a slap in the face- a challenge to duel.
    You can get sucked into all kinds of games, wanted and unwanted. Even something “bad” happening to you- being under attack for example to a thetan is just a bit of fun right?
    Just thinking out loud. This isnt directed at any specific person. Maybe myself.

  30. I am so glad you wrote this article. Especially the next to last paragraph, about “the nonsense that there is no evil in the world”, that we are “one and the same”, that all you have to do is chant, burn the incense, flow good vibes or whatever and things will all work out. It is indeed a very old con, one whose most recent incarnation occurred in the ’60s. Others may disagree with this, but my sense has always been that many Scientologists from that era assimilated that false data and have yet to re-evaluate it. Hopefully your article will prompt them to do so.

  31. It’s always worth telling someone the truth. The spy will not change his/her viewpoint, will simply report back to gain whatever rewards are being handed out. But the person who really is capable of waking up may just do so, if not the first time he/she hears something, then maybe next time. So it’s worthwhile to take the chance.

  32. Mark Fisher

    Thanks for posting this Marty and it got me to review what has been going on in my life.

    I think one of the tools that DM and his brand of Scientology uses against former Sea Org members and those who have left Corporate Scientology is their basic goodness.

    I am guilty of falling prey to this myself. Call it naïveté if you will, but when I first left the Sea Org, I trusted everyone I met at first in the real world. Why?

    Because since the time I was a teenager, the only world I knew was that of Scientology and being a Sea Org member and no one would knowingly lie to you there or else it would be eventually found out in session or by the MAA or Ethics Officer. This mentality led staff members to go so far as to turn in anyone saying anything negative or considered out ethics to the MAA for fear of getting into trouble themselves.

    It was therefore very easy for OSA and DM to infiltrate me and my friends on the outside with their 1.1 private investigators and operatives. Using our goodness and belief in our fellow man against us. This eventually broke our group apart through manipulation but I didn’t realize this myself for many years.

    Marty’s point about them being 1.1 is dead right. After I finally started to suspect that my “friend”, who had been very close to me for over 10 years, could possibly be a spy for DM, I did not wanting to lose “the only friend” I had at the time, so decided to look the other way.

    It wasn’t until Marty confirmed my suspicions that I decided I had to get at cause over the situation and spoke out with Marty about DM’s spying to the St Pete Times. Looking back, this person not only had gotten rid of several of my close relationships over the years behind my back, but had isolated me down to only him and a few others that he didn’t have any contact with.

    This left me with no friends in my life and I had to start over. And start over I did.

    I’m happy to report that over the past 2 years, I made major changes in my life. I decided to change my environment and the people I was meeting and hanging out with.

    I made new friends and now I can say I have over 2 dozen people in my life who I consider to be friends. My social life has never been better and I am really enjoying myself again. Not to mention reconnecting with all the independent Scientologists and former Sea Org members who have come back into my life.

    I still have areas to clean up after over 20 years away for Scientology, but I am moving in the right direction. DM no longer has control over me and my immediate family and friends and I know that I have a network that will help me if I suspect trouble in the future.

  33. martyrathbun09

    You got couple friends here Mark. Listen peeps, we have proven beyond a reasonable doubt two deep cover spies of long duration being put in on Mark. So Mark knows of that which he writes.

  34. martyrathbun09

    And by the way Mark, the reason the Las Vegas crowd stood out for such special treatment was NOT because they were publicly attacking Scientology – as you well know. The reason was it was a half dozen or so former high ranking members, staying together and mutually recognizing who the SP was that made life hell in the SO. No other reason but that DM feared from that base – recognizing the right target – might grow the seeds of his demise (before he could effectuate the total destruction of Scientology). IMHO.

  35. martyrathbun09

    When I call someone an OSA spy or friend of Miscavige, that is precisely what they are being. I have exposed through documentation more OSA spies than any other individual or entity before me.

  36. martyrathbun09

    Hi Michael. I think Steve Hall is going to put up such a section on his blog. Yes, Frank is a documented agent. But, as the rule rather than the exception, they ought to have a picture of him in the tech dictionary under covert hostility.

  37. martyrathbun09

    Dylan, I’ll say. Rinder and I just experienced one of those “there is no way that they would stoop that low” only to find out yes, they had in fact stooped that low. It really is there for all to see on the Chart of Human Evaluation.

  38. Mark, I am delighted to hear of the positive changes in your life. We are made to be in relationship with others. I’m glad you’ve got those friendships really happening.

  39. martyrathbun09

    Tony, you may recall this was the original, and ongoing, overall strategy for dealing with me. The OSA program is to send them in in volume, get me to out them, then squeal like stuck pigs over the injustice. The ep is to make me look like MIscavige. We’ve picked off a number making their incursions, and some have squealed. But, I would say overall it has been a series of Wile E. Coyotes for Madame M.

  40. Confront that our closest friends have the ability to betray us. It’s hard.
    I’ve run into a few situations where I’ve had to warn my children that someone on their lines is a 1.1. Often I find their goodness and inherent sense of loyalty is a barrier to their acceptance of the fact without proof and I agonize through the resultant enturbulation until they finally reach the point where they discover for themselves that their ‘friend’ is actually trying to do them in. I guess it’s much easier to see when you’re exterior to the scene. What always follows is sorrow, disappointment and finally anger and the decision to immediately curtail that ‘friendship’ for good.
    I similarly am sometimes guilty of denying the obvious. I’m also wary of reacting on residual behavior patterns learned from the ‘church’ and tend to second guess my instincts because of it.
    Though sometimes I may err on the side of being ‘reasonable’ about evil, mostly, once I’ve actually been thrown under the bus, I (like my children) do have complete certainty at least that I really am dealing with a 1.1 😀
    I take your warning on good advice. This shit can kill you, spiritually if not physically.

  41. Summer Wind

    I don’t understand why you ack any of these jagg-offs that try to needle you and make you wrong. It’s an entheta line! Cut it!

  42. martyrathbun09

    It’s also a crystal ball.

  43. Tony, I’d have to disagree with your statement “When you have more people in a group who cannot confront the evil that conronts them then IMHO that group is doomed.”

    The factor that you may be ommitting to consider is time. By that I mean the time it takes to wake up, the time it takes to learn to spot tones, the time it takes to shed false data, the time it takes to overcome our own unhandled ser-facs.

    As GM said above, over the course of 2 years the tone of this group has changed dramatically. A lot of anger at former betrayals has boiled off. The tone has come up so far that there is a lot of boredom evident. We’re moving on up. Soon a new enthusiasm to put the group back together will emerge. But at each new tone level we hit we find an extra – or different – evil to confront. And, after a time, we do. It just takes time.

    I had a cognition some time ago that Marty was allowing the odd “Dave” personality through just for the purpose of educating us into being able to spot the valence.

    This is a valid and productive education process. If he allowed all the “Dave” traffic through that hits the line, the group enturbulation factor would likely be much higher.

    So it is like Theta-mest theory. We’re spiralling up and out of it but there will be harmonics of the enturbulation all the way out. The good thing is that the effect of those harmonics will be less each time encountered – as we rise up.

    Conversely, the enturbulation harmonic that the dim one suffers must be increasing as ours decreases. Hoooah.

  44. Ron has given us many gifts and one of them is intelligently confronting evil. As an auditor I’ve had to de-pts many people, which meant getting their confront of evil way up. I’ve literally revived the “dead”as a result.
    We don’t have to have a group bank think on what to observe-it takes each one of us rolling up our sleeves and studying the materials and really understanding what evil is, what 1.1 is. Its very important to get this data as it can seriously affect your health, wealth and happiness.

  45. Marty, that is one dead-solid perfect post.

    Here’s a little story about a mark (me) who thinks she’s so damned smart, yet fell prey to a typical 1.1 con.

    About three years ago I hired an office manager who was a flat-out 1.1 crook and creep. She worked for me only four months, but it took more than a year to clean up her messes.

    You know why I went blind, deaf and dumb? Because I was in a time crunch, was running out of candidates, and could not for the life of me find anyone who was good. Then here comes this oh-so-charming, confident, smart person new to the neighborhood with a resume that was “too good to be true.” She even nattered about her prior employers during the interview, and I still didn’t recognize the warning signals. Know why? Because she criticized her prior employers using my own damn buttons!

    She wasn’t stupid, just evil. But without my full participation in her con, and my own mutual out-ruds that she quickly recognized, she couldn’t have harmed me at all. BTW, I didn’t even get a chance to fire her ass. When I put two and two together and saw where she was coming from, she blew and moved out of state.

    When I’ve let 1.1s into my life, I’ve seen their covert hostility leak out in the form of:

    1. Comments that are mildly critical of almost everyone in my life;
    2. Feedback or compliments that sound positive, but are accompanied by facial or body language that’s a little less positive;
    3. “Secret” insights they ask you not to share with anyone else;
    4. Mixed messages – in fact, I often find myself wondering overtime, “What do they really think?”
    5. High drama, when their own shortcomings or errors are noticed and pointed out.
    6. Unsolicited over-the-top flattery no one could measure up to;
    7. Encouragement that I share my deep-dark secrets with them, just as they have confided theirs in me. And, boy, can they share some doozies!

    The good news? I’m still moving on up.


  46. WindWalker


    Thank you for putting this out here.

    I always have a concern that people are going to fall prey to moving down the tone scale rather than confront and handle the isness of a situation and then creating a better one.

    It is quite an eye opener to realize that almost any concept or communication can be twisted around to serve either as a tool or as a weapon. It was interesting and educational to have been on staff at an org where the very concept of “raising one’s confront of evil” was used to target and destroy good people. Nothing appears to be “sacred”.

    This “game” we are “playing” here is no simple thing. One is well advised to know the tech of this universe and to USE it, because there is always someone standing by watching for any opportunity to suppress those who would improve themselves and those who help others.

    I feel that there is NO situation when it is wise to ” let down your guard” by being careless in your confront of ANY situation you find yourself in. This doesn’t mean that one needs to “get serious”, it means one needs to be observant, accurate in their observation, and precise in their handlings.

    It is not wise or safe to be abberated.
    It is not wise or safe to be ignorant of the fundamental rules of life and this universe.
    It is not wise or safe to ignore situations that, unhandled, will certainly damage your dynamics.
    It is not wise or safe to decide that none of this has anything to do with you, and thereby give your cause over to some other agency.

    But in, around, and beyond this, it is VERY WISE to “flourish and prosper”.
    I feel that that is where the bulk of one’s attention and cause should be directed. Things will not get better unless you MAKE them better.

    I totally acknowledge and thank all those who are truly aligned with my dynamics. You are hugely valuable. But when it comes down to it, we each have to move towards being and doing the best that we can conceive of, even if we are ” the last man standing”.

    This is not just “freedom from”, that we are seeking here, in the long run, it is Total Freedom. The freedom and the willingness to be total “Cause”.

    And what is the price of freedom? ” Constant vigilance, and the willingness to fight back”.


  47. Sweet news, Mark. Very sweet.

  48. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for sharing the story and tips JM.

  49. In the Thor/Loki movie currently out. When Loki comes to sit with his brother on the steps just prior to the counter attack on the Frost Giants. I thought it was an excellent rendition from Loki of a 1.1 ( covert hostility) to Thors 1.5 (Anger)
    Comparing the above tones displayed with the Hubbard Chart Of Human Evaluation. From The book Science Of Survival by L. Ron. Hubbard.

    I am also happy to see Kenneth Branagh so happy recently. I so admired his classic movie “Dead Again” which he stared in alongside Emma Thompson. The hypnotist in that movie needed a bit of FPRD ( False purpose rundown) me thinks.

  50. Guys-

    When I posted my story on this blog last month (https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2011/03/23/brian-culkin-is-in-the-zone/)

    I was in the middle of STILL trying to get back my money on account from Flag and the Boston Org. Ever since I posted, Flag refuses to communicate with me, refuse to answer my emails, refuse to tell me where my money is and why it hasn’t been returned to me.

    I have sent many many emails. I have tried to get in comm. Nothing.

    The secretary at Flag OSA is certifiable DB with zero comm cycle, or any ability to generate any ARC. She basically hangs up on me when I call.

    Isn’t this, not only dishonest, not only blatantly violating LRH policy, but possibly also against their IRS status as a “religion”?

    Any advice of what to do or how to get in comm would be much appreciated?


  51. Rory Medford

    DM has ALOT to protect, so with that being said. OSA will continue to be in full force and the intimidation tactics and whatever other tactics they use will CONTINUE, its just part and parcel of DM’s MO! DM has alot to protect and he continues to fool just about everyone at every turn. He is an evil bad dude with hidden agendas from the get go. He will fall just like every other suppressive who has fallen. Its not a matter of will he fall its a matter of WHEN, the shoe is about to drop and the castle built on sand is washing away. Idle Orgs are DEAD!

  52. Tony DePhillips

    Good viewpoint 2ndxmer.
    I hope your right and I do see alot of truth in what you say.
    As Marty states below, the campaign is to flood him with 1.1’s and sort of “force” him to get rid of them and then he starts to look “the same” as the evil dwarf.
    He is not doing that, and not playing into their strategy. I am not sure if he is letting them slip through for our benefit. I do think it is up to us to help him purge the 1.1’s so he is not seen as the “bad hat” to the not quite bright.
    I don’t think there is any guarantee that the valuable auditing tech is safe.
    The corporte cult is trying to monopolize and effectively unmock the tech. If the feild does not keep it going, I think it could be possible to lose the tech.
    Marty, Mike, Steve and a few others are doing their best to protect it. I may not agree with everything that the guys that are protecting the tech do, say or believe. But, I do believe in protecting the tech and unmocking the SP. I salute anyone out there that is keeping the tech alive.
    I appreciate your comm and think that you have a very senior viewpoint. I appreciate your optimism.

  53. Tony DePhillips

    I got your back Marty, to the best of my ability.

  54. Tony DePhillips

    Those points really indicate. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  55. Marty,

    My only point was “don’t create antagonism” which is part of the HCOPL “PTS Handling” not *ignore*.

    By the way not all spies or operatives are 1.1 it’s just that they operate and exist in the milieu of conspiracies, cabals and secrecy.

    You know as well as I do Ron himself was one at one time working under cover for the ONI.

    Scientology would not exist today if it wasn’t for intelligence operations directed against various targets who were antipathetic towards freedom.

    This is of course covered in RJ 67 and other references.

    Also many on this board don’t know this but at one time Scientology especially Dianetics had to operate covertly because there were various laws promoted by the APA in various states that made it *illegal* to counsel anyone unless they were certified by the state.

    So this activity directed against the practice of Dianetics and Scientology has been going on for sometime even before Miscavige was in diapers and continues today with the help of RTC which has become diametrically opposed to the *Standard* practice of Scientology.

    So this has been for the most part the operating climate we’ve had to operate in with the occasional respite when the GO was able gain the acceptance of Scientology here in the US for just over a decade before the chain saw massacre.

    Thus nothing has really changed Marty except maybe the position of the players involved since they now basically control the Church through their *dupe* and unwitting agent Miscavige.

    The man who considers these people his “friends”.

    However we still have two advantages over our *enemies* two aces up our sleeves if you will and that is the US Constitution’s First Amendment and the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights.

    Which means any time they send their agents and spies our way to disrupt our auditing sessions and our course rooms they can be hit with the full weight of International and Constitutional Law.

    In mean time I’d rather practice my craft in quiet with out picking a fight with the Suppressive Squirrel group that the “Church of Scientology” has become.

    A modus vivendi if you will.

    They leave me alone and I’ll leave them alone.

    Live and let live.

    Just be forewarned OSA if you’re thinking of picking a fight.

    This lil’ kitty has *claws*.

    So anyway Marty I wish you all the best in all your endeavors but I really don’t have any time for “fun and games” as the spooks call it.

    I’m too busy auditing.

  56. Marty wrote: “. . . don’t go reasonable falling for the 1.1 ploys of plastic people in your life. And if you stop buying the theetie-wheetie nonsense that there is no evil in the world and that we all will win solely by holding hands and singing Kumbaya; because, after all, we are all one and the same. Making people believe that is the biggest and oldest con in this universe. It sure sounds warm and fuzzy, but it is a covert (1.1) means of getting you to check your ability to “differentiate” at the door, the first step in dispensing with your sanity and causation.”

    This, to me, is the major senior datum. It is what we all must decide to confront and handle, or not. There was an unforgettable Twilight Zone episode called “Number Twelve Looks Just Like You.” First shown in January of 1964, its powerful impact propelled me up the Bridge quickly. Scientology was the answer then, and it remains so today, but only in our Independent hands. Do we carefully set it aside, or do we standardly apply it, as well as help others to apply it? I personally don’t favor living in a dystopian “utopia.”

  57. Interesting and worthy of greater study indeed, one’s perceived behavior within the dynamics.
    I for one am sick & tired of enforced dynamics. I started complaining, doing write ups etc in the late 80s and into the 90s because it was quite obvious to me from my position on staff the tech was being altered. My persistance lasted only a couple of years, especially when I went to Flag and experienced their version, I eventually ran screaming from the room. Geeze, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but the correct way to do things is plainly written on the page – that viewpoint cost me my friends & group; they already had my money, plus a big chunk of my life and boy, the relentless efforts to ‘recover’ me. I dropped or rose (depending on your viewpoint) to anger and handled that crap terminatedly.
    I have never doubted the Tech and continue to study and apply it at the best of my ability. But it is very true OTs don’t exist very well alone.
    I find it very disturbing seeing people I once knew or know of being on source and tough reduced to blinded automons spinning off into weird practices or anti – tech gurus – they know it all anyway and have perfect solutions.
    Marty’s approach I believe is the only chance organisational Scn has of even the slightest glimmer of recovery, I think it is a marvel of confront but please be careful not the throw the baby out with the bathwater. But I no longer subscribe to enforced dynamics and behaviour (thinking patterns) just because it appeases group acceptability.
    I know I will end up on Acturus without my notes relatively shortly and the future ain’t going away, I’m getting hatted best I can. But to juggle my R for for a pittence of A & C isn’t my game anymore.
    As an observation, apart from the obvious destruction of the tech by present time forces I find it terrible that the best 3rd Dynamic technicians ever to grace this universe – the SO & staff member have been pretty much effectively anniliated as a group. They had my agreement once, how to rehab that agreement is a good question.

  58. WindWalker


    Yes, I agree that there are “chronic” and “acute” when it comes to tones. One can seemingly be at several tones at once, superficially, but I think that the longer one spends in a certain tone, and the more he “invests” into the activities, beingnesses and valences, of that tone, the more he “becomes” or adopts that tone chronically. There is the phenomena of becoming the knowing or unknowing effect of your own creations. So long as you are aware enough and “exterior” enough you may be able to pull it off for a time, but it is very dangerous to spend much time in tones below 2.0 in my opinion. One can easily get sucked in to the “dark side”, or overwhelmed by the masses and energies associated to these tones, and lose their mobility on the tone scale, and thus some of their freedom.

    In several places LRH states that in order to become totally free, and “play” this game of life with any degree of control, one must be able to engage the entirety of it. In order to handle something, or create it, one must be able to be very intimate with it. Duplication and confront are the deciding factors. To be truly pan-determined about an area, one must first be willing to experience it minutely. He must be able to “be” it, while, at the same time maintaining his ability to “not be” it. I feel that the state of one’s case, and even of “OT”, hinges on this ability. Somewhere I read something where LRH said: “confront is the ability to not be something, the ability to be “other than”.
    One can only truly duplicate something that he is willing to BE. He can only truly confront something that he is willing to “be other than.”

    When you are looking at someone who is fixed into some valence , other than his own (and if it truly is his valence he should not be “fixed” in it), he is neither “being” nor “not being” anything on his own determinism. He may be being used as a “tool”or as a “weapon” depending on the “handler’s” purposes (or on the content of his abberated facsimiles).
    You can understand them, and thereby be able to predict their actions, to some degree, but I think it is very unwise to actually “trust” them, whether they are seemingly benign or not.


  59. 🙂

  60. Ah 1.1 – my favorite tone!

    Back at the Flag Land Base we had our own J. Edgar: Heather Hof, the Dir I&R FLB. I had started to keep eye on her and she knew it. I simply did not trust her. For some reason she hated me and for years before she ‘got me’ she had looked for the moment to pounce.

    Her moment came when the McPherson civil case was over and OSA was again part of the Base with schedules and mandatory crap that was run on it’s stuff. OSA was to integrate with the rest of the base or else! It was now the time to investigate OSA crew to figure out why the staff had not attended study and auditing for years and why they looked liked misfit zombies. I happened to be the officer responsible for internal matters including enhancement so naturally I had been irresponsible. Enhancement while all OSA crew was mired with the legal case!!! Get real sister.

    I was put on cans to find my crimes and there she is: Heather comes up to me one day and says ‘come with me, we are going now’. She is soooo delighted to escort me to the galley and deliver me to the chief pot washer and start washing. It is a great victory for her!! 3 weeks and many pots later she comes to me with Roxanne the I&R OSA saying she wants to talk. I look at her and say ‘about what’. Heather the RTC pet aka J. Edgar whore asks how I am doing and says she wants to help me. Now…. here is my moment. I said ‘help from you?? No thanks’. Heather takes a look at Roxanne, she can’t deal with the situation and they walk away. But did that feel great!! I’d rather wash pots a lifetime than succumb to Hoovers and receiving their ‘help’. I know just what she had in mind – make me another one of her puppets or coins to build up her empire. (Kathy True, in case Heather misses this love note, would you be so kind as to let her know I still think of her fondly?) Eventually I make it to the RPF and from there I get out.

    I hope I will never get so soft in my head as to befriend with 1.1. There are many good and decent people out here to be real friends with.

    Thanks for the great post Marty and the chance to say what I really think of Hoover’s.

  61. Globetrotter

    Great post, Marty. The importance of knowing the tech and being able to apply it effectively is a very important (and maybe a bit overlooked?) part of this post. That requires study, and while you can read and listen on your own if you are an Independent, you can’t just walk into your friendly local org or mission to get trained as an auditor and then co-audit with someone.

    Are there legal issues in starting a study/co-audit group where no money changes hands, people simply volunteer to supervise courses and co-audit each other? Can this be done legally?

  62. Thank you for a posting that is 100% accurate and the best possible advice and direction. I have the PDC and had not listened to it in some time – so I am going to pull it out again and start over, based on your advice.

    In recent times I have learned the hard way that trying to cooperate and “work with” 1.1’s is a losing battle. Even if you know their views and attempt to continue your life regardless of the opposition, there are constant efforts to nullify and denigrate and undermine you. It is, as LRH says, like trying to be friends with a death adder.

    I decided a short while ago that nothing is more important to me that my integrity and my own reality — and recognition of this shot me back up the tone scale from places that were deep, dark and scary.

    Last week I had a Kool Aid drinker come to my farm looking for me. I was (can you believe it!) in our forest chopping wood, as it is winter here, and the Kool Aid drinker spoke to someone else on the property and got details of which house I live in. They were told where I was (3 minutes away) but did not come to see me. They instead drove around to scope things out and then left a recent DVD release in my mailbox and a letter from a long-ago friend from Int and RTC. This Kool Aid drinker is ex-OSA and I had plainly communicated to them over a month ago that I was not interested in their request to muscle a local off-lines Scnst away from “disaffected websites”, nor had any desire to get back on-lines or get connected up.

    I am sure we will have more visitors over time. The good thing is that my property is large, has several dwellings and always has people and dogs around — so snooping is virtually impossible without being discovered.

    Confront of evil is not easy. I think one of the biggest steps for anyone involved in Scn is to confront that the person who they believed was leading the church, expanding Scn, saving the world and Clearing the planet, has been nothing of the sort.

    When you work for him directly, either as an RTC staff member or in any other organisation when you are “directly on COB’s lines”, it is, unfortunately, deemed a privilege and honor.

    I live in Australia where most general public will not attend work to instead stand on the side of a road for an entire day so that they can see a British royal drive by. In the Scientology Sea Org work, the “COB” has managed to create an environment and a title that far exceeds this — where staff will follow illegal and crazy orders without a thought. Where staff propitiate like mad to remain “ïn good” with COB. Where staff, who dedicated their lives to forwarding LRH tech and policy and building a better world, are instead living in a prison, muzzled and suppressed.

    The ultimate confront of evil is recognising that this man is a lunatic.

    A stark, raving,mad lunatic.

    He will stop at nothing to try and quash the Indi network. His empire is failing and falling, and his desparate scramble to rebuild is not working.

    Once you confront that — the sun actually comes out. As you say Marty, when you come up the Tone Scale, the death adder is plainly visible — as are his operatives.

    Thanks for being there. Thanks for the stable datums.

    Australia has more deadly snakes than anywhere else in the world.

    We live with them — heck I have two such snakes (the Brown Snake and the Red-Bellied Black Snake) living right here on the farm with us.

    Take a lesson from us Aussies — recognise them for what they are — leave them to their own world — and go on living your own. You only get bitten if you try to pretend they are your friends and let them move in with you.

  63. Howard Roark

    Dylan, good comment and timely quote.

  64. Howard Roark

    Wow, good comment JM. I’ve had more than one similar experience before I made it my business to thoroughly understand SOS. It’s not so easy when it’s standing right in front of you.

    Your seven points are true in my experience.

  65. Howard Roark

    Thanks for this post Marty. It has prompted me to look at individuals around me in a new unit if time.

  66. DFB,

    I tend to agree with you. Here’s what you said:
    “Also, operating covertly to attack an enemy does not mean the operative is 1.1. A covert operative could be all over the tone scale, and an effective one would be someone who could continue to operate in an enturbulated environment without becoming enturbulated. A true, chronic 1.1 is weak and scared, not effective and able to take action.”

    A high-toned person can move on the tone scale as needed. If one were at war with a genuine committed enemy intent on destroying a good group or civilization or culture (which I would loosely define as a group committed to ideals in the creed of a Scientologist or the Bill of Rights and similar), I can see that it might be necessary to operate temporarily at a covert level in the interest of survival across the dynamics. Thus, you have heroes such as those who spirited the Enigma machine out of the hands of the Nazis that allowed US Intelligence to have insight into German plans during WW2 and other similar intelligence successes that led to survival for the greater number of dynamics. A low-toned person would not be successful in such difficult situations for they would not have the ability to persist in a pro-survival direction despite threat to self.

    To my mind the real question is one of correct purpose AND correct target. These are wrong targets: disaffected, frustrated (and once devoted) Scientologists, once dedicated former Sea Org, tossed-out, abused and exhausted former staff, public who’ve been ripped off to the tune of thousands (while DM and friends live secretly like kings and squander public’s hard earned donations), people whose cases have been run to the ground, individuals who are disgusted with injustices and “religious” poseurs, people who’ve escaped slave-like conditions and speak out against such. These are not correct targets for intelligence. (Wrong target – DM, OSA).

    The only other comment I want to make now is that reading and writing on a blog such as this is simply an expression of opinion, thought, viewpoint, reasoning, information, or attitude at a given moment in time. I believe that it is a good thing for there to be a forum for truth to be aired so that ethics can go in where it cannot seem to within the formal Scientology structure. Scientologists who’ve observed outpoints and begin to pull strings need a place to go where information is unfiltered and they can hear the stories, see the facts, weigh them, make their own judgments. I appreciate this forum for that purpose. At least, I did not think that the blog was meant to be a declaration of membership in one group or another. Becoming exclusive – we will trust only those who are declared SPs are who have formally resigned the church – will just further discourage people from looking in or speaking up, in my opinion.

    Then again, I respect that this is Marty’s blog, and it will be as he wishes it to be.

  67. Let’s advertise some Total Freedom, then.
    Here are some cognitions from a fellow who’s doing OT7-NOTS outside the CoS, and doing great:

    “I had a big cognition today, a big win. I realized I came from something other than my individuality. I recognized the point where I created my individuality from something other than it. “I” was something else before I became me.
    The point of creation of a thetan is pan-determinism narrowing itself to a self-determinism.
    To create an individual thetan is to create a player for a game.
    To create an individual is to diminish the will to a level where one can begin a game.
    The goal of being an individual on the first dynamic is to play a game.
    Happiness is being all dynamics.
    Spending a whole life on personal first dynamic pursuits is a trap.
    If one opens up to all dynamics one becomes happiness.
    The game of individual pursuits can bring rewards and fun, but not happiness.
    Being all dynamics is the action of leaving the game. Having the ability to enter and leave a game is freedom.”
    Joe Warren

  68. Joe Pendleton

    Unfortunately I think Jonathon is very correct here. As is Marty about 1.1 and intelligence/spies in general.. When I think 1.1/CofS, I get this picture of AHO’S Lundeen and the “shit eating grin” on his face whenever he wants something from you (“I’m here to HELP you”). And yet, of course I don’t think he’s inherently a bad guy at all. He probably started out with great intentions on the dynamics. It would be a worthwhile discussion someday to trace how over decades the general tone level of the church dropped so far down.

    I will say one thing on that drop of tone. A lot of it stems from the intention to manipulate beings to get them to do “what you want them to do.” HCO PL Handling the Public Individual may well just be a firming up of “good control” all done for the “person’s own good.” But by 1973 and the introduction into the CofS of “Big League Sales”. something had started to go terribly wrong. How many of you have actually read this apalling book straight through? It is a textbook 1.1 manual, showing a deep antipathy towards any type of respect for a being’s right to have a viewpoint and postulate his own reality. It consists of a number of methods and strategies aimed at mind control towards the product of putting a thetan at effect of MEST desires (and not even theMEST he wants!). You can excuse it’s blatant sexism as a product of the decade it was written in. I don’t. It’s highly embarassing to think that this book is even physically IN a church of Scientology, much less used as a 1.1 tool to gain control over other beings.

    “Coincidentally” this coincided with the also apalling rise of the intelligence ops in Bureau 1 of the Guardian’s Office. I had a former B1 staff tell me recently that the worst aspect of this whole time for him was the general agreement in the GO about how bad people were and generally how many beings there were (Scientologists) who could just not get better.

    Early 70s. In the church of SCIENTOLOGY! Can this be much farther away from LRH’s original writings about the goals of auditing? And you wonder where the 1.1. It’s almost 40 years later. And the beat goes on.

  69. Joe Pendleton

    typo – should be ASHO of course in above.

  70. “For anyone interpreting this as an invitation for people to witch hunt and willy-nilly call people plants and trolls, please read it again. It is not. You rarely see me engage in that, and it bothers me when I see trigger happy people attempting to shoot someone for treason on the blog with little provocation. I chalk that up to an inability to hold one’s position in space, to confront what is before one and to investigate to determine truth. I do invite people to up their confront and increase their abilities to perceive and reckon truth. After all, it is truth that will set you free.”
    I love this post Marty!!
    Thank you…
    Truth and high ARC are going together!!
    big hug!!

    Silvia Kusada
    I love it Marty

  71. Wasn’t there a “Confront of Evil” course back around 30 years ago?
    I have meandered into posting in such sewers as ESMB but the tone level is so abysmal.
    Those who are enemies of our enemies are not necessarily our friends.
    What I see, Marty, is that you have an excellent confront of evil.
    Befriending those anti-scientologists who attack the CofS as possible allies seems a horrendous error as they are destructive beings who, should they destroy the CofS, will inevitably turn on the Independent Field.
    They are not Big Beings.
    Unfortunately many of them are people who trustingly became involved in Scientology and were betrayed with a lack of what they were promised.
    Scientology does require the level of dedication which LRH described in KSW. Those who wanted a pink pill or a hymn singing group of buddies and didn’t find it had ARC breaks about it.
    Scientologists are people who apply the tech. There is no possible way for people to have Scientology done to them.
    Scientology requires the intent of the PC to make it work. PC + Auditor is greater than bank. Voyeurism simply does not work.

  72. Can you give a specific without compromising anything? That would sure help parse this and others to be safe.

  73. How low did they stoop? Also where is that list someone commented, a short list of the OSA “Bag of Dirty tricks” — Public Service Announcements needed!

  74. Great post Lana! Thanks- Marty

  75. Absolutely!- Marty

  76. crashingupwards

    Marty. you must have a button on being fair because the assholes keep pushing it successfully like when Anonymouse Blue rips into you and then says;
    “And I don’t know why I’m posting this since you’ll probably just delete it anyway.”
    And you post it to show your fair. And they get to foul and soil the blog. Fuck it. Dont post it. Your not being unfair to keep lies and entheta off of your site. Let them earn their points without giving them easy lay-ups.

  77. FOUND IT! Great post a while back (Thank you Michael Laws) OK. Print this out. The is a Public Service Announcement!

    The full spread of intel/invest tools the Corporation of Scientology would be deploying at this time

    ODC – Overt Data Collection; google, newspaper articles, public record searches, etc. Also going through trash and PIs.

    CDC – Covert Data Collection: Hacking phones for records, internet accounts, illegal surveylance, illegal wire tapping, etc.

    Harrasment, PIs, disconnection, spreading rumours, slanderous internet sites, etc.

    Confessional and ethics folder culling for names and things with which to harass.

    Covert Harassment, confidential reports to government agencies such as IRS, etc.

    Plants to gain intelligence and direction either to use in legal, PR or psychological harassment.

    Internet trolls or trouble makers.

    please, if you could, refresh my memory on the full spread of their “intel/invest arsenal”
    I second that request! Time for them to dance in the light. (if they don’t shrivel up first)

  78. Graviora_Manent

    I think the bottom line is that the premise that was used to build and manage relationships change when we have things to lose.

    In my earlier years in life, I went by “trust people around you until they give you a reason not to trust” now it has changed to “don’t trust people around you until they give you a reason to trust”. First is naive, second is paranoid. Where does the balance lie?

  79. Good comments Tony. And I’d like to make clear I never said that guy was a plant. I pointed out that he was doing exactly what we’d just said spies do. Big difference. One is a witch hunt. The other is just confront — having the courage to say what you observed. Big difference.

    We have to stick with what we can actually observe. If someone refuses to criticize Miscavige, if someone says “I was a victim so you should trust me,” we don’t know if he’s a spy. But we can say, “Hey, that’s spy behavior. Please say clearly what you think of Miscavige.” If the guy won’t answer, that’s his problem. He’s been given every chance.

  80. Lana, So very good to have you back. I know you never really left. I knew you were being forced by snakes to request me to remove the article you had written on Scientology-cult.com. But reading between the lines, I also knew you secretly wanted me to leave it up. So I left it up. Was my knowingness correct?
    – Steve

  81. GM, No one “went back to their old selves.” No one said the guy was a spy. We just confronted him on his behavior and requested he clear the matter up. He didn’t and instead started nattering. He got confronted on that too. If you found that distasteful, then you probably misunderstand what was being done. Without hard evidence, there is no way to know who is a spy. But you can know a person’s actions and there is everything right with having the courage to say what you have observed. Miscavige’s way was to label and condemn people. No one labeled or condemned him in fact. There is a total difference. – Steve

  82. Definitely a case of Art mirroring Life:

  83. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!
    You can start yesterday.
    The CofS has NO legal right to stop the application of Scientology.
    There is an earlier similar with the Catholic church.
    Think about how absurd it would be if anyone who wanted to pray or read the bible had to pay the pope a licensing fee !
    There is ZERO to stop people applying Scientology.
    No retard has any right to stop anyone using the tech.
    It was LRH’s intention that the tech be free.
    DM and his minions might try to persuade otherwise but the tech is free and owned by no nazi manipulators.

  84. Looks like there was an electrical fire last night at a Church-owned building in Clearwater, at 531 Franklin Street. No one was injured. Does anyone know what that building is used for? It’s across the street on Franklin from the new Super Power building.


  85. This is a beautiful post Mark, and its so sad when a person good nature is used against them so maliciously. The ability to trust can be a precious commodity, so here’s hoping you find balance in wise precaution vs. the trusting goodness in you that makes you the great guy that you are.

    “We’re never so vulnerable than when we trust someone – but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy”
    ~ Walter Anderson, 20th century American painter

  86. Robert Earle

    Excellent! I was just thinking the other day of a few events(local ones not DM ones ) in the 80s where some of the first VII comps came to the org and gave SSs on their VII wins and how awesome they were. I hadn’t even thought of them for years. Funny(not really) how one can lose sight of such things when one has been lead down the primrose path of Church of DM . Thanks to reading Marty’s blog and other sites recently I just happened to think of those old OTVII successes. Imagine that.

  87. Michael Fairman

    I’ve been following with great interest the postings and comments of the last three days. “Rise and Shine” facilitated for me a pan =determined view of the anti-Scientologist – Miscavige spectrum (thanks Marty). I know exactly where I stand. For me, to preserve and use the technology for the betterment of my life and the lives of those in my sphere of influence, is where I stand. As long as I continue to do that, it will give the lie to Miscavige and his lock-step robots. And those lies will not sustain him and the corruption that is now the church. I believe the vast majority of us know that.

    Here’s a short success story: My wife and I have a new found friend; one who has barely heard of Hubbard or Scientology. This person is very young, intelligent, talented, and uptone and happens to be deeply in love with another young person. who after having spent a year in prison, is being helped at a drug rehab facility. This friend, obviously in a great deal of turmoil, told us the story of what has been going on in the family of the loved one.

    That family is highly dysfunctional. What became plain from our discussion is that the grandmother of this family has been a “puppet master” for many, many years, controlling and suppressing the other members. In fact her daughter, the mother of the loved one, earned money as a dominatrix (contagion of aberration, anyone?).

    Our friend did not know where to turn, so my wife explained suppression and PTS’ness to her, which plainly indicated. We gave our friend “The Anti-social Personality” to read, explaining there was much more data on the subject.

    The next day, today in fact, we ran into her and her face was shining. She had been meaning to call. This friend and her loved one had gone over the material and it made perfect sense to both. The loved one realized the grandmother was suppressing the entire family and decided to move away.
    This was met with great HE&R and she hung up in the middle of the conversation. We advised the loved one to go “good roads and fair weather” with grandma from here on in. Our friend and the loved one now want to read more material and tomorrow we are giving them the Scientology Handbook. And there is more reach — hopefully a story for another time.

    So Mr. Miscavige and/or whatever robotic spy is tuning in, this is the path your “declared Sp” and his henchwoman are taking, a path towards truth and light, flourishing, prospering, and creating little isles of sanity. And with all of us here doing that…. well…….you know.

    So, Mr. Miscavige, once again: PPPPPPPTTTTTTHHHHHHHH!!!

  88. Great story.

    I think that 1.1 can be misassigned. I’ve seen it used to make subordinates wrong. And per Marty and Mike, DM has called people 1.1 who are clearly not 1.1, but it’s just DM’s unchecked case dramatization.

    There are a number of false lower tone levels that people on staff can be pushed into assuming, I noticed in my Sea Org career.

    Your example of the “pet” staff members, and there are the bitch Girl Friday RTC Reps of today. Both are out of valance.

    People who are wise enough to notice themselves shifting valances, into crappy beingnesses that aren’t really them, have a chance to get back out of that crappy behavior. People who are chronically out of valance and chew up their fellow staff ought to NOT be on staff, but should be parishioners getting counseling.

    In my final analysis, what I spotted, but which I had no sympathy and no cramming officer at Int capable of agreeing with me on, is the misapplication of Esto Series 16, Sit 3, “bait and badger”.

    I noticed mistrained Int execs, and ASI execs misapplying “bait and badger” going out of valance into case dramatizing fits, screaming at subordinates in the name of “product officering” or in the name of “bait and badgering” or in the name of “demanding compliance or else.”

    This bad executiving has caused decades of pissed off ex staff, with ARC breaks, wrong indications, out list phenomena, and the out of valance snapping of the mistrained execs.

    The case repair lists like the Green Form 40. and L4BR (list correction), could easily spot and run out the charge on all this crappy executiving, both for the out of valance mistrained execs, and for the staff blown off the lines by the screaming bad execs.

    Also, apologies by humble contrite ex execs would likely do just as much as the repair lists too though.

    There’s a psych book about cult stuff, called “Snapping”, which essentially means that moment when the “cult member” has their “valance shift” into the cult mindset.

    Well, I believe Sit 3 “bait and badger”, “product officer” drilling, and the “too gruesome” drilling causes this “snapping” which is just valance shifting into undesirable irrational behavior routines.

    I’m not a Scientologist, but if a Green Form 40 helps someone get the heck back into a normal valance again after years of being a bitch Girl Friday for David Miscavige, then fine. (The wives of the ex execs on Anderson Cooper’s 360 TV show, all those wives looked horribly out of valance, and we know they aren’t gonna get Green Form 40s on their cases up at Int, that’s for sure.) Out of valance, out list phenomena, those are the big case dramatizations that I see need repairing in the cases of senior staff at Int.

    LRH should have written some tech films for how CMO Int messengers and RTC reps were to act. There’s a tech film showing the angelic but correct sec checker beingness.

    I wonder if anyone in OSA or the Scientology volunteer troll community is learning anything by reading what we write here!

  89. Mike Hobson

    Yo, Davie McSavage (my more appropriate name for His Lordship, David McSavage)!

    Why don’t you demonstrate how wrong us worthless out-ethics scum dog ex-Sea Org Independents are about your obvious cowardice and post here for once under your own right name?

    We’re all mistaken about your apparent malicious and destructive intentions for Scientology and deep-seated hatred for Ron Hubbard and everything, right ?

    Why don’t you grow a pair and come tell us yourself, instead of sending in sockpuppet robotic minions who can’t even have an original thought of their of their own, unless you approve their CSW ?

    Come on, McSavage!! Show your face. Give me such a withering ultimate putdown that I will never dare to speak another bad word about you on the Internet forever.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist
    ex-Sea Org staff of ASHO Foundation

  90. Graviora_Manent

    Oh dear. That’t the staff college and the crew HGC/co-audit, I am pretty sure. The corner of Fort Harrison and Franklin has the street number 500. So 531 must be the Staff college. They keep a lot of folders and materials there. It’s interesting news indeed.

  91. Robert Earle

    Dear Chuck,

    thanks for the link at the bottom of your comment. I went to that site read the article and posted a comment as “scientologist” you might check my comment out. http://www.beliefnet.com/Faiths/Scientology/Mind-Over-Matter.aspx?p=2#comments

  92. Jethro Is In The Zone

    There are also quite a few members of Anonymous who post here who might come across an an “OSA spy”.

    FWIW, I think the only REAL handling for 1.1s, including OSA spies, is to round them up and put them all on one big island like a leper colony, as per LRH’s recommendation in Science of Survival:

    “The reasonable man quite ordinarily overlooks the fact that people from 2.0 down have no traffic with reason and cannot be reasoned with as one would reason with a 3.0. There are only two answers for the handling of people from 2.0 down on the tone scale , neither one of which has anything to do with reasoning with them or listening to their justification of their acts. The first is to raise them on the tone scale by un-enturbulating some of their theta by any one of the three valid processes . The other is to dispose of them quietly and without sorrow. Adders are safe bedmates compared to people on the lower bands of the tone scale. Not all the beauty nor the handsomeness nor artificial social value nor property can atone for the vicious damage such people do to sane men and women. The sudden and abrupt deletion of all individuals occupying the lower bands of the tone scale from the social order would result in an almost instant rise in the cultural tone and would interrupt the dwindling spiral into which any society may have entered. It is not necessary to produce a world of clears in order to have a reasonable and worthwhile social order; it is only necessary to delete those individuals who range from 2.0 down, either by processing them enough to get their tone level above the 2.0 line — a task which, indeed, is not very great, since the amount of processing in many cases might be under fifty hours, although it might also in others be in excess of two hundred — or simply quarantining them from the society. A Venezuelan dictator [Juan Vincente Gomez ] once decided to stop leprosy. He saw that most lepers in his country were also beggars. By the simple expedient of collecting and destroying all the beggars in Venezuela an end was put to leprosy in that country.”

  93. Graviora_Manent

    Hi Steve, first thank you for all you have done. It was your website that I read first . 🙂 So thanks on a personal level as well. Just to clarify, I don’t mean old selves as in back the Cult of Miscavige. Just back to the scene when I first stumbled on the blog. To say that some acted like they were back under DM’s rule would be unfair and a lie. Lastly, I didn’t really have you in mind specifically, but more so the overall tone of comments and the way they could be perceived by others.

    You are/were absolutely correct and spot on on calling him on his strange comment. I personally thought his first comment was so bizzarre I thought it was Deep Fax/OTDT was just having fun with the concept of spies. I swear! Later on it was too confusing due to timing of comments and the format of wordpress to actually follow the thread. I did as best as I could. Yes, it is almost impossible to know who is who on here so we really have to see it and call it as it is, I guess.

    “Miscavige’s way was to label and condemn people. No one labeled or condemned him in fact. There is a total difference” Totally true, again, but here, we have to be able to assume the other people’s viewpoints. Imagine you are a new guy who just got out of the cult, looking to find the real Scn out there, and you stumble upon that thread and some reactions to it. With all the previous experience in the Church, it is likely that you case would restimulate and you think: “oh shit, here we go again. He just told him he thinks he is a spy-read SP.” I should not be here. Or worse yet, you were briefed by OSA on the Indies while sipping the Kool Aid, now you are out and see that. You might think it is labeling. This is part of what I meant in my comment above.

    Honestly, I initially thought was that kind of confrontation should not be on the blog. Not because it was wrong or unfair, but it adversely affects some who cannot just have it, and it gives the OSA a button to push and they surely push. You probably noticed the sudden drop in the tone level of some posters. Now if someone can’t handle it they are being PTS. The question is do we put in that extra effort to care for them or not? Which brings us back in a full circle to what you wrote days ago. 🙂

    This is where we need the 2WC!

  94. A 1.1 can act any other tone (convincingly) – especially if one looks at the fassade he or she presents. If one uses his perceptions and the data from Science of Survival in ones observation this is discovered in no time.
    However, if you should find it difficult to locate someone on the tone scala or perceive NO trace of ARC-waves from that person, I recommend to have an additional look at the sub-apathy-(minus)-tone scala because the 1.1 behavior might just be the social tone level.
    See my article “Look!” on that. The greatest damage I would expect from those on the minus-scala – like DM.

  95. Michael,
    In truth, your story is what it is really ALL about. Individuals reached with genuine help by other individuals who can actually help.

    Spheres of influence which each of us are capable of do have a positive effect.

    Thank you Michael, you and your SP wife 🙂

  96. “I decided a short while ago that nothing is more important to me that my integrity and my own reality — and recognition of this shot me back up the tone scale from places that were deep, dark and scary.” Yeah Lana M.!!!! I knew you would…. 🙂

  97. Robert Earle

    Dear Marty,

    while the data in SOS on 1.1 is very applicable . As regards DM one might venture into the full tone scale as developed a little later and see how he matches up. How about ” Blame(punishing other bodies) – -1.0″ or “Regret (responsibility as blame) – -1.3 ” or “Controlling Bodies ” – -1.5.” I’m thinking these tend to pretty well fit the various storys of life at INT base under DM. you know if we could just pull him up 1 or 2 whole points from there he might make it up to “undeserving” – .3 . That’s wishful thinking. Of course he would like all scientologists to be politely Making amends (propitiation-can’t withhold anything) – .375 or Undeserving – .3 or Self -abasement .2 and for you to believe it is hopeless or useless to voice any complaint or you will really regret it. Pretty clear to me that this region of the tone scale in full is not the part of the tone scale LRH envisioned for top management or for those seeking their OT levels or, or ,or.

  98. Dear Michael,

    Thank you for sharing this story with us. Thank you and Joy for being there and taking a path towards truth and creating an isles of sanity.
    Our purpose has always been to help others, we don’t need a church to do what we love.
    It is very rewarding to see people around us are flourishing and prospering in life.
    Thank you!

  99. Marty, a brilliant post. You lurkers out there trying to stay under the radar and playing both sides it just won’t work.

  100. Lana M, well stated. Thank you

  101. barneyrubble


    Me too.

    I agree with you. I wish to meet you some day.

  102. Marty,

    Spot-on! The 1.1 thinks you DESERVE the treatment they dish out – the destruction, the 3rd party, the covert actions, the pretense at friendship. They are a mess and don’t know it. They believe their own lies. Personal experience has hatted me up well. Thanks for the suggestion re the PDC’s – need to do that.

  103. Michael-Great success story!

  104. Well said Joe,
    I remember the day when Big League Sales came in … it seemed to change the way regging was done into some sort of covert sales game. I found that most people who walked thru the door already had a good idea of what they wanted, and if not, simply finding an area of their life that could use some improvement was easily done.

    Maybe Big League Sales was the antidote for the poor communication skills of a few regges, the inability to simply find out what an individuals picture of ‘Freedom’ was, and then sell that picture back to him and an underlying lack of understanding of Scientology itself and how to communicate it.

    Prior to that, it wasn’t a covert game – there was a genuine desire to help another.

    As for B1.1 – I noticed the same as soon as the G.O. set up shop in the Orgs I was familiar with – covert ops, org staff/public rip-offs, locked doors, locked up people, steely glares, Art of War *rated, spy gear, etc, etc. And all those who were not part of the self-proclaimed elite? Suspects, of course. Of what? Who knows.

    Now, as you say, almost 40 years later, some of the same goons, same mentality, same unworkable modus operandi …

    Do these guys even remember the repercussions the last time they pulled these stunts??

    And now a bunch of newer public & staff thinking what they see is Scientology??? Sheesh. Not a clue … not a friggin’ clue.

    Talk about the Blind leading the Blind.

  105. Yep!!!!

  106. one of those who see

    Bravo Michael!!!

  107. Tony DePhillips

    I agree Steve.
    It actually doesn’t seem very complicated to me. The guy is/was casusing trouble then we get questions answered. Hey, we have the same right to communicate as he does. And we persist until we have better knowingness what this guy/gal is about.
    If you are a bot we will out you. Plain and simple.
    If you can’t handle it then go back to the cult and hide in the basics courseroom. LOL…

  108. Tony DePhillips

    Good call Crashing upwards.
    I agree.

  109. ” Hard core anti-Scientologists are not even targets for hard ball. Anti-Scientology activity warrants you kid glove treatment by Miscavige.”

    Although though I don’t entirely agree with that statement (mainly because “hardball” is a matter of viewpoint) I do understand what you’re saying.

    OSA wants you to be ANTI-SCIENTOLOGY when you get declared or just leave. The most deadly person alive to the Knuckleheads known as Corporate Radical Scientology (aka The Church of Scientology) are Independent Scientologists who CONTINUE to use and teach Scientology (the correct way).

    Plus, being anti-Scientology helps Dave’s cause because OSA can now say “see, I told you he went off the deep end.” to your friends and family who are “in the game.”

    So, NOT ONLY CAN WE SEE THE LIES BEING PERPETUATED by David Miscaviage better than the non-Scientologist who is critical, but we can effectively use Scientology to CORRECT the situation.

    And that SCARES THE BEJEEZUS OUT RS (Rock Slammers… oops, I mean Radical Scientology…. same thing).

    Anti-Scientologists are created by the current management through their stupid actions (for an example of the this see recent backfire by COS at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/04/12/scientology-protest-leads_n_847935.html)

    The correction is occurring and WILL BE FULLY HANDLED.

    There are only three possible outcomes:

    1. Only the most 1.1’s stay in the “Brotherhood” because of the way the Tone scale works (birds of a feather…) and becomes a cult to be despised (already well on its way) so that no one with an inkling of common sense would touch it with a 10-ft. pole.

    2. David Miscaviage leaves and the Church goes through the process of making up the damage done…

    3. The Independent field takes off (much like the 1950’s) and the tech is restored to original condition and people start winning again.

    Since #1 still means the destruction of Scientology and #2 isn’t likely to happen since Dear ‘Ol Dave has removed anyone with a position of Power, that leaves #3 as the only real solution.

    And while family and friends are important to “stay under the radar,” your integrity is far more important.

    And when you do finally make your stand, most often you will find that your friends or family were “just waiting” for someone else to do it first.

  110. Joe Howard

    Misha, Add Yael Sherlock (Lustgarden) and Xavier Jarquin to the list. At least they were a year ago.

  111. Marty:

    I should do more to help you and the cause of the independents than I do, but I realize I don’t except laugh all the time without even trying to make any jokes. But Marty, if you consider that I have been laughing in the face of corporate Scientologists and not independent ones for quite some time then I guess the thought of O/W’s on people behind the scenes sorts of drifts away as it does with me! {LOL}.

  112. Joe Howard

    Agreed. The tech is free. You have your books and lectures and checksheets or you get them off the Internet for free. What you should expect to exchange for is administrative time for someone to audit you or supervise your or cram or C/S you. The exchange can be whatever, same service, barter, anything.
    It is abundantly clear that with the internet availability of materials that the cost of delivery is far, far, far less in an independent organization that doesn’t have all the administrative expenses of the current CoS, which includes all sorts of legal fees and actions (such as paying PIs, who do not come cheap, not to mention tailor made suits and dress shirts of the finest Egyptian cotton. And did I forget the red capes and cravats? These things cost money.). If groups delivering Scn outside the CoS had all these expenses they would require more exchange as well. But they don’t, so they don’t. The FSO, which is saddled with most of these costs, MUST charge a thousand bucks for one hour of auditing because the administrative costs in the church are so high and the other orgs aren’t making deer squat for income. Basically the whole of Int management expenses weigh on the slim and getting slimmer shoulders of Scientology’s Mecca of Technical Perfection. If I were DM, I would say, “Screw it. Just reg donos for fancy statuses with IAS pins. Screw the delivery.” That’s what I would say if I were in DM’s shoes. But then I would also probably at least wonder how the hell I got my church in such a position in the first place, something DM has never once even vaguely considered. What a pickle! A pickle of his own making. Oh, well, Mr. Lim did a nice tailoring job and the Egyptian cotton shirts feel nice.
    Meanwhile, more and more people are studying and applying the tech outside the purview of the CoS and all the wins and gains are there to be had. For free or with an exchange that is viable for all, just like the tech itself. Someday it will be viewed as a good thing that the church fell into batshit crazy hands, because that forced the tech to sprout up anywhere, and anywhere will one day become everywhere.

  113. The Oracle

    And then there is the comedy angle. DM and his home boys hiding under a religious umbrella while playing C.I.A. , Federal Marshals and F.B.I.. Those guys who came to Marty’s house with the blue t shirts and cameras were the swat team. Really. That was DM swat .

    The only power you people in the Church EVER had, was to sell and deliver Scientology. And you have royally fucked that up.

    Any other power you people think you have to act on any police authority is hallucinatory. You can spy and print on the golden rod til the cows come home if it gives you pleasure but that is ALL you can do. Refuse to sell or deliver whatever you have going now to other people. Get real!

  114. Joe Howard

    For those who do not know Lana, she is an object lesson in how someone can flourish once they leave the Int base. What she has accomplished across the dynamics in only a few years is astounding. Beautiful kids, great home, winning awards in her job, putting out a great magazine. The way DM justifies it in his mind (and to others) is that succeeding in the wider world is snap. Succeeding at Int it TOUGH. So it is, per PAB 13, “On Human Behavior,” hardly worth mentioning that Lana has accomplished any of those things, or that any of us has accomplished anything in our own lives. Pffffft. BFD, says DM. But if you have one typo in your CSW to DM, that is a sin that can never be forgiven.
    Great to hear your voice here, Lana.
    Love, Dan and Mariette

  115. The Oracle

    I may not have not have this verbatum. Someone savvy with the admin tech would know the reference. It’s a note from Hubbard on how to spot your enemies. He said you can therefore know your enemies by those who seek to knock out any part of your:

    A) Power
    E) Property

    He may have said reputation and I just chalked that one off.
    But the point is, these actions tell if someone is in an enemy condition towards you.
    Since you have clearly already decided Marty should be harmed attacked and suppressed, what obligation does he have to be fair to you?

  116. The Oracle

    And you pose your statement as if you have some clear sense of justice. Demanding “fairness”. That is confusion right there. That is why you don’t know why you are posting here while you are posting here.

  117. The Oracle

    Send the swat team to my house. I’ll push him down the stairs.

  118. Scott Campbell

    Excellent handling Michael.

    I love hearing stories like that. A little bit of truth goes a long way. Well done.


  119. The Oracle

    I only have one step. But still!

  120. “Our friend did not know where to turn, so my wife explained suppression and PTS’ness to her, which plainly indicated. We gave our friend “The Anti-social Personality” to read, explaining there was much more data on the subject.”

    Click to access hcob-antisocial-personality-anti-scientologist.pdf

    “Contagion indicates something automatic and subconscious about it. It’s easy to pick up sin by observing it in others, because sin has a tendency to create itself.”
    iv. Now ask him who it was. He will usually tell you promptly. And, as you are not trying to do more than release him from the restimulation that occurred, you don’t probe any further.
    “the grandmother of this family has been a “puppet master” for many, many years, controlling and suppressing the other members. In fact her daughter, the mother of the loved one, earned money as a dominatrix (contagion of aberration, anyone?).”

    “The Compulsion to Repeat the Trauma
    Re-enactment, Revictimization, and Masochism”

  121. “A collective group with no self-determinism and who only goes with “command intention” would never have honesty.”

    The Mob

  122. Very interesting post.

    On Fear, I quote, from Dune, the Litany against Fear:

    “I must not fear.
    Fear is the mind-killer.
    Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
    I will face my fear.
    I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
    And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
    Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
    Only I will remain”.

    (I would change the first line to: I NEED not fear, other than that, it is perfect).

    On the “We are One” brigade, they mean well, glimpse the Theta Universe, and believe that by intending only positive thoughts, they will create a better reality. They have it one third right. But where they go wrong, is that in refusing to look at evil, and confront it, they ironically empower it, and give it free reign to fester and grow.

    On being a spai: I was asked, in 2008, to infiltrate and spy on Anonymous. Long story short: I imagined it, played it out in my mind, and it plunged me right down the tone scale. I felt ill, sick, and I literally threw up. I could not and would not do it. Not that I wanted to spy on Anonymous myself, (I admire them in many ways) but I wanted to imagine what it would feel like to become a deliberate spy, and what kind of person I would have to become to pull it off.

    In a nutshell, you cannot be uptone, and a spai, it is that simple. And no goal is worth becoming that for.

  123. “All mankind lives and each man strives by codes of conduct mutually agreed. Perhaps these codes are good, perhaps theyre bad, its only evident theyre codes. Mores bind the race. Coaction then occurs. Thought and motion in accord. A oneness then of purpose and survival so results. But now against that code there is transgression. And so because the code was held, whatever code it was, and man sought comfort in mans company, he held back his deed and so entered then the bourne in which no being laughs or has a freedom in his heart.”

    – L Ron Hubbard

  124. “Big League Sales”.
    “It is a textbook 1.1 manual, showing a deep antipathy towards any type of respect for a being’s right to have a viewpoint and postulate his own reality”

    Big League Sales Closing Techniques – Les Dane

  125. Wow I didn’t know it was going to do that.

  126. “The way out is the way through”

    “Freedom is for honest people. No man who is not himself honest can be free – he is his own trap.”

    “To be happy, one only must be able to confront, which is to say, experience, those things that are. Unhappiness is only this: the inability to confront that which is.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

    Lyrics Nine Inch Nails:

    “The Way Out Is Through”

    all I’ve undergone
    I will keep on

    underneath it all
    we feel so small
    the heavens fall
    but still we crawl

    all I’ve undergone
    I will keep on

    Overcoming Fear: The Only Way Out is Through
    To get rid of fear, you must first embrace it
    Published on September 20, 2010 by Noam Shpancer, Ph.D. in Insight Therapy: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/insight-therapy/201009/overcoming-fear-the-only-way-out-is-through

    Somebody atributed this exact quote to Leo Tolstoi.


  127. That is an inconvenient truth at this time. That happens when you think in futures.

  128. “What a wonderful, disorganized, disarray of well intentioned folk they/we are.”

  129. I mean, some of it. Whatever Marty is doing is working for today. He has not made any mistakes yet. I think he is just using resources in a very wise manner. He is not a potential trouble source. I think his current calculations on how to juggle the issues are amazingly spot on. Maximum creation and minimum destruction. Noisy investigations. He held the Church of Scientology together for years. DM hid behind his back. I mean, I have thought of this. Who did DM lean on to bring Tom Cruise? DM did not audit him. All of the gain Tom Cruise got in Scientology came from Marty. And who is getting all of the benefits? Tom, did DM ever once audit you? No, he sent Marty to do it. The only power in the Church is the power of the auditor. Everything else is ordinary.

  130. Is that you God ?

  131. It broke open conventions.

  132. To love in spite of all is the secret of greatness. And may very well be the greatest secret in this universe.”

    – L. Ron Hubbard

  133. “The only source of knowledge is experience” -Albert Einstein.

    “A friend is someone who dances with you in the sunlight, And walks with you in the shadows.” – Anonymous

  134. Steve,
    I did not care for what you did. Or how you did it. I also don’t care what you say it was or was not. If you ever try to do that to me or anyone here who is a friend of mine, I will reach across the ether and slap your eyeballs off.
    Just Me

  135. “The evil that is in the world almost always comes of ignorance, and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding.”

    Albert Camus

  136. Globetrotter

    Thanks Marty and Ralph!

    So then this seems to be a the way to make it (i.e. actually go up the Bridge) in the independent field, and stay on-Source and 100% legal. It doesn’t matter how rotten the official “church” is, we can’t use that as a justification to do anything illegal e.g. violating their copyrights. Stealing from a criminal is still stealing.

    It is one thing to sit here and watch the c of s go down in flames, but to keep Scientology working, more people have to learn it and use it and the official church is demonstrating massive incompetence at that task. Currently, the church seems to act as an effective repellent to people who may somehow still get interested in the subject of Scientology. The only thing they do a great job at is making more and more enemies and people who turn away from them in disgust. This creates an unsafe environment because it makes people think all Scientologists must be as weird, evil, money-motivated, etc. as the ones they see “represent” the church.

    The trick is to find workable, fully legal AND on-Source ways to get yourself and others up the Bridge. The more people actually use Scientology as intended, the more valuable Marty’s incredible work exposing the c of s is. As he said earlier, the job is now harder because we need to differentiate the subject of Scientology from the official church. But learning and using Scientology itself is where it’s at, isn’t it?

  137. “Despite the amount of suffering, pain, misery, sorrow and travail which can exist in life, the reason for existence is the same reason as one has to play a game—interest, contest, activity and possession. The truth of this assertion is established by an observation of the elements of games and then applying these elements to life itself.” – L. Ron Hubbard

    Characteristics of play

    To set the scene of the play that he will unfold gradually, Huizinga identifies 5 characteristics that play must have:

    1. Play is free, is in fact freedom.[7]
    2. Play is not “ordinary” or “real” life.[7]
    3. Play is distinct from “ordinary” life both as to locality and duration.[8]
    4. Play creates order, is order. Play demands order absolute and supreme.[9]
    5. Play is connected with no material interest, and no profit can be gained from it.[10]

  138. It was a thing of beauty to watch. Not necessarily easy for me, but it was beautiful. Because it was such interesting behavior on both parts — Steve stating what I had missed observing. Steve maintained his position not a shiver of Q&A. Then the responses were off. That’s all I can say. The responses, in total, in retrospect, did not really follow either the typical spy behaviors nor did they follow those of someone who is truly well intentioned. Spy? Dunno. Spy behavior observed? Definitely (after Steve pointed it out so well). Non spy behavior observed? Probably. Did it get sorted out? Not that I saw. Did anything happen to cause anyone to change tactics? Not here.


  139. I see Marty doing 2 things. 1) Testing the waters of our group and 2) giving some the opportunity to come out and play if they so desire.

    I look forward to the day the only posted response, if any, is from the moderator at time of approval. In the meantime, it’s game time!


  140. Oh, yeah. Forgot about the OSA op:The OSA program is to send them in in volume, get me to out them, then squeal like stuck pigs over the injustice. The ep is to make me look like Miscavige.
    That probably figures in here some place as well.


  141. “Mr. Miscavige, once again: PPPPPPPTTTTTTHHHHHHHH!!!”
    There ain’t any mo to say to you (DM).


  142. Mark,

    The world is full of friends you haven’t met yet.
    Get rid of one and several more just seem to pop up. I guess letting go makes it easier to reach out and create more space.
    And since this world hates a vacuum….

  143. Globetrotter

    Re. PDC (since it is mentioned): which is the best edition to get? I have seen at least 3 different editions:

    – Old, dark blue binders, white cover transcripts (tapes)
    – Newer hologram binders (tapes)
    – Newest edition (CDs)

    Which edition is the best to get the most out of it? Is the latest CD edition changed significantly compared to the original? Are the new transcripts better? Do they all have the same charts/diagrams, etc?

  144. Just Me,

    My wife works with a 1.1. It’s fascinating to watch this woman in action. She’s just so smart and friendly and manipulative, but there’s always something just not quite right. She never takes her eyes off you, always looking for a weakness to exploit. Always in search of buttons to push to control everyone around her. Fascinating to watch.

  145. Fear?

    Where do we find courage if there is nothing to fear? Can a person be brave when there is nothing dangerous ahead?

    Fear is nothing but a handhold on the mountain, something to grasp and muscle as you pull yourself up. Fear is a springboard that propels you to exhilaration.

    Fear is merely one of many emotions. To fully experience and appreciate fear gives one the capacity to fully experience and appreciate all emotions as all emotions are made from the same thing.

    To avoid fear is to avoid life, for a rewarding life will always be filled with peril.

  146. martyrathbun09

    I use the tapes/blue binders.

  147. Tony,
    You said, “Then, when called on it, have all the sympathy cases come to the 1.1′s “rescue”.”
    I guess you are referring to myself and the others who felt bad for Bruce that his son commited suicide.
    I’ve never been called a “sympathy case” before. That’s a new one.
    Gee, I guess I better watch which tone levels I manifest. NOT!
    No One is going to bully me into Being a certain way or Thinking and Saying what I am supposed to, to be accepted!
    If you don’t like me as I am, Piss Off!
    Look Tony, I can match tones!

  148. Don’t know if very many will see this but…
    The Wiki is the perfect tool for this type of thing. (lists and community input)
    Over on the freeheber wiki there is a “category” for “enemies” (not a condition assignment)
    People like DM, TD, Cruise, Lubow, Abelson, Yingling and more are already there.
    Anyone can create a page for someone they feel deserves to be in that category. You can put all your info on the page and upload pictures if you have them.
    There is also a “Discussion” page automatically created by the wiki so other people can come along and comment i.e. agree/disagree
    That way it’s not just up to Marty to do all the heavy lifting.
    Admins monitor the pages so spam and malicious content is not propagated.
    Again, the wiki is a far better CMS (content management system) for this type of use. Blogs and websites are not as versatile.
    Also, if creating a page in the wiki seems beyond you, you can just email all your content to webmaster@…..that domain.

    P.S. if “enemies” as a category seems too harsh, then someone propose a better designation and that can easily be created.

  149. Marty,

    I noticed the steep drop off in comments and thought, “uh, wonder what’s up?”

    I don’t know if all readers and posters realize how important comments are. The communications back and forth are what builds a reality for this group and binds it together.

    I suppose that many who read your blog believe “It’s Marty’s blog, I don’t want to interfere,” or some such consideration. But, ultimately, a blog is just an opportunity for sharing and is only as valuable as individuals share.

    A leader is someone who provides opportunities to contribute. And a leader is only as effective as he/she can elicit the contributions of others.

    Contributing to others helps create something greater than “self.” Self is of little value without others to share with.

    Point is: I appreciate you providing opportunities to contribute.

    And I encourage others to take advantage of that opportunity.

    At the moment, I’m tied up with a couple of projects that involve the collision of Bill Bryson, Richard Bach, and Douglas Adams. Such collision has caused such amazing patterns splattered across my walls that I find myself staring at them, completely transfixed. So, my internet minutes have been reallocated, and my contributions truncated.

    But, not my appreciation or interest.


  150. ottocscotto

    In the late 1990’s, when I first matriculated to scientology during this particular life-time, it was apparent to me that (a.) scientology tech was something remarkable and (b.) the organization which controlled it was not. The “Church” was arcane, dis-organized, unprofessional, oppressive and generally an extra-ordinarily poor example of a productive organization.

    Now, I made myself believe that all was well with the Church, and it was ME who was the problem, and I toed the line for far too long, constantly being denied auditing for one reason or another, knowing, in my heart of hearts that it was auditing and training that needed to be disseminated and that the fees being asked for such services were suppressive and set at those levels intentionally with the purpose of restricting auditing from wide use, adoption and effectiveness … and later when I heard that people were being prohibited (by who’s authority?) from using Dianetics in the field, I knew this to be true.

    But, then what did I do? Nothing. Except leave the Church. With a body, an identity, and others who depended upon me to carry out my responsibilities as “Me”, the question became, do I sacrifice my immediate life and the obligations and responsibilities I have freely adopted, in order to become a Martyr to the Cause? Do I devote my life to ‘correcting’ the ‘Church’ of scientology, or let it decay of its own, inevitable, accord?

    I can’t say that I consciousliy made the latter decision, but that is what has come to pass. Lots of reasons for this. None of them good. None of them bad. They are just reasons, and they follows from the preceding choices I made as the “Me” that I am.

    Many scientologists (both churches and independents) seem to have the point of view that THIS life-time is a lie. That there is some higher and greater existence which is “THE” truth, and if only we are freed of our mortal bonds (or ‘case’ in some parlance) we will see ‘who we really are’ and, therefore, we will choose to forego all mortal and venal pleasures and labor from morning to night in the trenches of truth, justice and honor to defeat the SP’s who are running the ‘Church’ of scientology.

    But, remember what LRH did when he was overwhelmed by his own unfortunate choices, his own mistakes and his own responsibility for the behemoth he created: He did a bunk back there in 1986 for the sole purpose of getting himself out of this mess. He tried to overwhelm and take on a new identify from which he could operate without being the subject of federal investigations and arrest, and we all know what happens when you overwhelm other beings. All of THEIR case problems stick to you. That truth even applies to LRH. So, having tried to shift identities, so as to continue, or salvage, the CofS, and that not working too well, he tried to relieve himself of responsibility for the whole mess by ‘dying’. Of course, this will not work, and eventually he’ll have to recognize this and take responsibility for it. But, in the meantime, he’s temporarily free of having to operate a flesh and blood identity which is responsible for all of US.

    I am not sure, exactly, what conclusions to draw from all of this. I only wish to point out that there are a variety of valid points of view here, and the one which says ‘I will sacrifice everything in my current life’ to the good of ‘scientology’ is not the only valid point of view, and not even necessarily the best one. … It is not, necessarily, an inability to confront evil, therefore, which ‘prevents’ or leads people to not seek to overthrow Miscavige. It can also be an extremely long view of this game we are playing, and the recognition that there are a variety of ways to ‘fight’ Miscavige other than railing against the CofS as now incorporated. We don’t need the word “scientology”. What we need is the tech (and not that turgid body of work called the “Admin” tech, either). We need to audit. We need to train. And, to hell with the CofS. It is, now, about as relevant as a fever blister. It is the Tech which will set us free. Not destroying David Miscavige

  151. Looking this subject over and the kinds of acts that DM and those of that ilk are engaged in the Tone Level becomes apparent. They are actually fighting to stifle the exposure of DM’s suppression of Scientology and Scientologists, all the while committing similar destructive acts.

    It’s tough to confront that. Hard on one’s thetan to view life from that point and see what they see. You have to twist reality so bad and distort life and reason so much that it is difficult to grasp just how they can do what they do and NOT see how perverted truth has become.

    David Miscavige means harm to beings. He wants Scientology used for nefarious purposes. He wants an ‘aristocracy’ to control the application of Scientology so as to control others. His push, his dream would be for the social elite, which class is determined by money and standing arising from money – the ‘power players’ – to have in their hands the use of the very real technology of the mind to dominate beings.

    By himself, he is unable. He can’t actually DO much of anything, and he must take credit from others that CAN accomplish something. Any forward progress accomplished in the Church of Scientology is by others, and in the teeth or around DM for which HE takes the credit.

    Those he can convince to betray others in these ‘Ops’ against well intentioned beings are mutually messed up with the Reactive Bank that DM is swamped by. They are the ‘other’ type of being referred to in the issue, those dramatizing the destructive goals.

    Full study and understanding of the subject, and honest progress up the Grades through the OT materials and DM’s entire plot unravels.

    That’s why we’re here. And we ARE HERE Dave. More and more we’re there, where you are, right up close.

  152. martyrathbun09

    Double Naught. If Hubbard were recommending that solution he would not have bothered with the 300 something other pages of the book, several subsequent books, thousands of lectures, etc. What is your objective here?

  153. Thanks SK! Can you please email me at lana@hushmail.com?

  154. +1

  155. Better one than none! Better one than none! {LOL}

  156. Excellent quote, Cat.


    1. He doesn’t like the idea of only having one of anything.

    2. He doesn’t like anything other than him being #1.

    3. The word ‘point’ drives him into a rage.

    4. The phonetic sound of the word ‘one’ reminds him of his childhood enemy who won the spelling bee contest instead of him in the fourth grade during his last year of formal education.

    5. He prefers 1.2 on the Tone Scale, which is more conducive towards his true abilities.

    6. Multiple ‘ones’ in any phrase reminds him of his Wake Up Call directive from 11/1/01, which he still feels everyone is in non-compliance with.

    7. It’s too close to the actual measurement of certain of his private body parts.

    8. He feels that his hostility should be obvious so it frightens people more effectively.

    9. He never could quite grasp that whole decimal system thing from the world of science, as his specialty is religion.

    10. His over-muscular jaws from those face-tightening exercises Tom taught him, combined with his lisp and Jersey accent seem to twist his tongue into a terribly uncomfortable position whenever he tries to pronounce, “one point one”.

  158. Marty – thanks for another great post. Thank you as well to all who posts comments. These comments are top notch. A truly stellar group of beings that can think for themselves and speak for themselves. You could never buy this freedom in the Cof$.

  159. Hallelujah

    “P.S. if ‘enemies’ as a category seems too harsh, then someone propose a better designation and that can easily be created.”

    How about “The Usual — and not so Usual — Suspects?” L, H

  160. “Sooner or later you’re going to realize, just as I did, that there’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” — Morpheus (from The Matrix)

  161. antipathetical someones seeking enduring schism

    Just a proposal.


  162. Steve, Thanks for being there and communicating so eloquently.
    This “Bruce Clark” distraction certainly stirred things up and apparently is continuing today. So OSA gets a half a point on that one. The rest of the point goes to the Indies, thanks to your sharp eye, grasp of the tech and ability to communicate the obvious. (And also for doing it in an entertaining way.) You are a tremendously valuable terminal.

  163. Marty, All of these OSA operatives have to operate at 1.1 . Every one of them are out of valence. In order to do what they do they have to assume DMs 1.1 valence. Unfortunately its a ‘winning valence’. Or they believe it is. All of the intimidation they bring is meant to create fear. Thats all they have. Fear. Its like the bully in the playground. I can remember the first time I met DM. He was a 16 year old smart ass punk at WHQ. I used to eat and associate with the messengers. He told me I couldn’t eat my meals with the messengers because I wasn’t in the CMO. Asshole! From that point on every time I was around the guy I felt uneasy. He was 1.1 early on. Thank god I never had to work for him. Luckily I was protected by LRH’s ethics presence. DM was easy to spot. I didn’t want to have anything to do with him or his ilk. When he and the PIs took down Pat and Annie and the rest of us at Creston in 1988 after LRH left I knew for a fact that I had to leave. There was no way I was working for him and I never did. After I blew the only contact from anyone in the ‘Church’ was from you and Ray. For twenty plus years I never communicated to any Scientologist in or out.
    I really don’t have a reality on OSA harassment as noone has (other than the stupid e-mails) bothered me or tried to talk to me from the ‘Church’.
    I actually feel a little left out. Guess I’m just not important enough to bother with. Love, Sargio

  164. Summer Wind

    True. But I want them to lose power quicker and by ignoring them and “being dead to us” seems like that could happen.

  165. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Laura,
    I wasn’t really talking about you. I mean in general that a 1.1 can cause a situation where people run to their “rescue”. I do think their are sympathy type cases who fall into sympathy on any “sad” occurence and that 1.1’s will use this to their advantage.
    I never said I didn’t like you. I must have hit some kind of a button. And Your new tone doesn’t match me. I do gt pissed at the enemy bullshit that I see and those who fall for it I also find irritating too at times. But generally that is not my tone.
    I also feel sorry for someone who has lost someone and I have experienced loss from the cult too as I am sure Steve has also. It’s just someone who can’t see what is going down that I have trouble with.
    As far as Bruce goes, my bet is that he is an OSA bot. I could be wrong but he sure didn’t make a good case for himself in my book.
    This is kind of a touchy subject and another that I think the cult will exploit if allowed to.

  166. Tony DePhillips

    I think it got sorted out.
    Bruce withdrew and it was because he was “wronged”.

  167. Marty, Just had a cog. Maybe they know that I am NOT afraid of them and thats why no harassment. Ya think? After all fear is ALL they have. Love

  168. Brian,
    I went through this process with one of the Churches in California. I ended having to make legal threats, and then writing a formal complaint to the Attorney General’s office. Doing these steps moved the repayment cycle from the “Chaplain” to the “DSA”, which I think put a bit more fire under the flames.
    The whole process took a year, and I only got back about 2/3 of my money on account (it was auditing paid for on the sliding scale [discount], and because I had started the intensives, they claimed that the hourly rate that I used was higher than what I had paid). I never did hire a lawyer, but came very very close to doing so towards the end.

  169. Actually, from Miscavige’s own sworn testimony, it appears that there is a deeper association in his mind re: “1.1”

    “Wait a second, I’d like to note for the record that Mr. Ward here, said he was doing TR 1.1. And I would just like that noted here. That is probably not understandable to someone who is not a Scientologist, but it is definitely an attempt to demean the religion[sic] of Scientology and I’d like that noted for the record. This TR 1.1 refers to a writing by Graham Berry, where he states that he will start up a 1.1 Club, including, qualifications for this for non homosexuals, is that there will be a public buggering of the leaders of Scientology. Buggering of course I think you know that it refers to sodomy and that is I understand what the 1.1 Club is. I think that’s what Mr. Ward was stating that in reference to. ”
    [From the deposition of David Miscavige by Keith Henson and Grady Ward, May 21, 1997 at Palm Springs, California. Case No. CV-96-20207 Northern District of California U.S.C.A. (9th) Docket No. C 98-16994]

  170. No goes directly to jail

    “2. David Miscaviage leaves and the Church goes through the process of making up the damage done…’

  171. +1 Spot on Sarge.
    SP’s can ONLY restimulate. If they got nothing on you, they got “no game”.

  172. Quoting an anon protest sign:

    “It’s worse than you think”

  173. Hallelujah

    I like this one better than mine!

  174. You have good future vision.

    Before you die, maybe you should do a modest “How To Do Scientology Outside of Official Scientology” small handbook.

    Or such a handbook should be downloadable from the freezone sites.

    “Who, What, Where in the Free Scientology Practitioner World”,
    (or “Where, What, Who?”, so as to avoid any copyright violation, or similar, or maybe just a “Free Scientology World outside official Scientology” and LIST all the various free Scientology people willing to help others do Scientology).

    and Lynn Campbell (ex Class 8) can put out a small stand outside her “Sheer Perfection” hairdresser shop next to the complex, and “compete” with the WISE member “Who, What Where” booklet!

    Please do a book Dan, even if a short one summarizing what you think most important to pass on to future generations.

  175. Hallelujah

    Sarge —

    I*N*C*R*E*D*I*B*L*E comment !

    “… I was protected by LRH’s ethics presence.”

    THEN … NOW … FOREVER ………………..

    L, H

  176. Hi;
    There is another characteristic that causes my ears to perk up, it is those that seem to always add, ‘…but…’ to their compliments or agreements. I call them the ‘butters’. These are persons who may agree with you on some point, but seemingly always add at the end of the line, ‘…but…’ and then attempt the covert hit.
    Me; “Joe blow would be good for the job.”
    Butter’; “Yes, but …”

    Me; “The CofS is off track, don’t you think?”
    Butter’ “Yes, but …”

    Of course, we all do do that, but the ‘butters’ do it so very often, it is obvious that they have something else going on. The intitial agreement is text book getting into your favour and being more able to hit.

    I don’t know it I explained the above very well or not, but …

  177. Haaa!

    Good example of a ‘butter’ in action! Starts around 1:51

  178. “He told me I couldn’t eat my meals with the messengers because I wasn’t in the CMO. ”

    He was running a “can’t have” on you. Like he has been doing with this entire arena. He had the nerve to send hundreds of people to do OT8 at 40,000 minimum a pop. Then when they returned back home he told them they had to go back onto OT7. That was the most monumental can’t have, in many forms. And the staff run it on each other. You “can’t have” pay, auditing, food, telephones, computers, children, family, friends, holiday etc etc.

    What is really disturbing OSA and that network is that we are out here running CAN HAVES on one another. Mainly, we CAN HAVE some Scientology. We CAN HAVE some truth. We CAN HAVE everything those connected to the church can’t have.

    As usual, it comes down to the haves and have nots.

    They are all over there clapping about some new buildings none of them really own! Even the CAN HAVE they do have is complete illusion.

  179. Tony,
    First, My comm was to you, not Steve. I’m not sure why you mentioned him.
    Second, Yes, you did push a button! The point is not wether I was right about Bruce or not. I can learn, too. I just don’t enjoy myself or anyone else being catagorized as sympathy cases or anything else because I don’t get it. I got that you weren’t specifically referring to me but, generally I took your comment to apply.
    Third, I do get pissed off sometimes, too. I should take my own advice and not eval for you either.
    Fourth, I don’t think you don’t like me. I think I said the way, I am. Just to warn you, I do have a soft spot for children, elderly, animals and underdogs. I think with my heart sometimes. But, that’s me.
    Fifth, I like you as you are! You contribute much to the survival of others!

  180. The Twightlight Zone video below has a good example of a ‘butter’ around the 1;51 mark.

  181. Tony DePhillips

    Just Me,
    Kind of a violent reaction don’t ya think?

  182. The word Hypocrit comes to mind mister ESMB member

    “I have meandered into posting in such sewers as ESMB but the tone level is so abysmal.”

  183. Yea, it is so important to read the Frank Oliver “OSA Network Orders” and just see WHAT of the old Guardian’s Office “tech” is still on the books, and thus really, one can use one’s knowledge of the “tech” to protect oneself from all clever agent provocateur activity.

  184. John Peeler

    Steve, You and I worked together at Gold for quite some time and shared some great times together. Even when I became the MAA for PDO, when several staff in RTC were trying to get me to enforce that you stay disconnected from your mom, I refused to go that route with them and instead communicated with you on how we could come up with a solution to getting a proper handling done. Do you remember that? I wasn’t the most popular MAA (in the eyes of senior officers) by any means because I was always full of disagreements with the way RTC would control and manipulate the MAA’s and the handlings that were being done around the base.

    This might be one of the reasons DM decided to take me off of the TTC, Qual and Department 3 lines. I was not a bullshitter. I was accused of being out FO 38 every time I opened my mouth. That Midget, without any prior ethics gradient or Comm Ev decided to make me and a couple of others the subject of an all-base briefing to paint us as being SPs on the Tech lines of the the base and all we wanted to do was become good Auditors and get the staff up the Bridge. I wore a Scarlet Letter from that day forward. I guess my own viewpoint and attitude saved me from being at that base another day longer eventually. I realized that Miscavige was disgusted with all of the staff in Qual and those on Tech lines at the base. Seemed like we were his number one enemies at that time. Actually, number one enemy was the Cine crew, and then us.

    I’d like to make something clear though about your assumption that people are either OSA or friends of Miscavige if they demonstrate certain behaviors. Me, yes, I can’t stand Miscavige and would like to see that POS behind bars. My beef with Miscavige is especially personal. I’ve contributed for nearly a decade now to expose the shit I witnessed and knew about at the base and by DM, even things I was involved in that I felt ashamed of.

    However, after my escape from the base, and finding the internet and other people who had been major players in Scientology history, I was able to decompress and discover the real truth about L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard’s real life was nothing like the Church would have you believe. All of the fabrications made up to make him look like a freakin’ God when the fact of the matter was that he was just like any of us, but with his own agendas to make money, and more money. I won’t go into all of that here, but, as you and Marty would have it, I’m a friend of David Miscavige or OSA because of my point of view about L. Ron Hubbard, which is actually based on real-world documentation and not CoS PR lies about the man.

    In reality, I’m just a guy who wants to see the abuses gone, and people move on with their lives. I have no intention of saving anything with Scientology, but if someone wants to believe what LRH said, and wants to audit and apply Tech in their lives, so be it. As long as the Machine of Scientology is there, the Organization that is Scientology, I will be against it. As a Machine, it’s a dangerous Cult.

    I’d hate to see the Independent movement move in the direction of being just another Scientology Org money making machine, KRs, GOs, OSAs, RPFs, and all.

    If the Independents are really about just applying Standard Tech, then what’s stopping you guys from doing it? I really don’t see how DM’s dumb ass Squirrel Buster Goon Squad is anything but a 3 Stooges side show.

    After I got out, I had OSA agents following my ass around all over the place. I lived in LA, so it’s not like they had far to go. They also got me fired from my job that Kirsten Kaetano showed up at because I had been writing anonymously about shit that was happening at Int on the internet. They tried desperately to somehow get me roped in to the HGB or big blue to get me on the cans. I never allowed that and finally ended up calling the police and other authorities. I’ve been left alone for the most part since then. Maybe it’s because I no longer have any sort of Koolaid in my veins and just don’t care about what happens to Scientology in the long run.

    Does my point of view still make me OSA or a friend of Miscavige? Don’t make this a black and white issue like CoS does. There are many shades of grey. The old saying goes, “Opinions are like a**holes, everybody’s got one.”

    I suggest sticking to Standard Tech and exposing real crimes. By barking at people in your new movement as being OSA spies, it’s starting to make your groups look a little paranoid. And nobody really wants any part of that. I think most of the people here just want to be able to get auditing and practice the Scientology that they feel helps themselves and others. I have no problem with that, as long as it’s not the harmful by products of Scientology that have been formulated and demonstrated over the years.

    Love, John

  185. Sidewinder

    I´d like to contribute some firsthand experience. A Scnist is usually supposed to get his hands off all “enemy lines”. His codex forbids it strictly, and usually he follows strictly. If he comes into a situation where he is asked to “help” to fight enemies the one or other way here is what happens: He is forced to violate the codex and driven into a reverse codex and into an “synthetic” enemy condition. Even if its approved to deal with enemy lines he feels like he has withholds. He has withholds opposite the “enemy” AND he has withholds opposite the well-behaved parishioner. This is a top shit situation. Of course because of the withhold the 1.1 phenomen appears, but keep in mind that the person is not neccessaryly complete 1.1. I refer to the Survey Marketing Series where LRH says:….A person is on a specific tone level regarding a specific subject….!
    I thqat case he was driven into it. The above described “enemy condition” is going to make himself troubles. Do not wonder if theses guys look like frazzeled carpets.*gg Transfered to the tone scale the situation brings him somewhere down on 2,0 or below. Usually 1.1 but could also be 1.5 or 1.2 or 1.0.
    Vital: The above does not apply to individuals which ran already on a reversed codex. If you sec check such a guy ( like me ) ,asking
    Did you ever spy someone…or similar. You won´t get a read.
    You get reads on reverse questions:
    “Did you ever miss to spy someone…..
    I refer to a PDC lecture where LRH speaks about types/races of thetans: snakes, artists…and he mentioned the intelligence race.
    The gist of what he writes is: “……….they know everything about intelligence, they answer you every question straight and perfect regarding the subject. I do not know from where they come, but they are not dangerous for Scientology.”

    I tell you, this is absolutely true. But be aware that they exist and they can´t spotted easyly,because they don´t appear 1.1.
    ML SW

  186. Marty, You do have a way of changing minds. Using communication. After all, thats what a good auditor does. Well done my friend. Love, Sargio

  187. “He has not made any mistakes yet”

    Yes he has and that onley makes him human

  188. WindWalker

    Chuck Beatty

    Ahhh. the train wreck that is called “bait and badger”.

    The way I have usually seen it “applied” was nothing short of raw invalidation. I refused to act that way to my fellow staff.

    I never felt at all comfortable with it, and always wondered why LRH would have come up with such a thing. Well, the short answer is that I do not think he did. I am not saying that he did not write that policy, I am saying that I do not think he ever imagined that was how it would be used.

    I just recently witnessed a comm cycle that I later realized was actually an example of how this looks when it is done right. It was smooth, it was full of ARC and “caring”, it was validative.

    So, I have come to the conclusion that “bait and badger” should be somewhat akin to an administrative version of auditing. It is a one -on-one version of “why finding”. Somewhat like an auditor, the executive is working WITH the staff member to get to the root of the problem, and then to find the “why” ( in this case it usually comes up as a computation, a false, or a hidden datum), which leads, smoothly, to a handling. The executive simply keeps directing the staff member’s attention on to the outpoints (abberations) until the computation behind it all is discovered by the staff member. And Voila! Now the staff member can proceed to get the product.

    No, you are NOT AUDITING. But the baiting and badgering should be done with ARC, not FORCE, and the result should be a “well and happy, and productive, staff member”.

    Perhaps I am missing something on this, but somehow I am pretty sure I am on the right track, and I know I can get the product of “bait and badger” following this line.


  189. Disingenuous Instigators Contributing to Koolaid Sipping : DICKS?

  190. Globetrotter


  191. That isn’t entirely accurate.
    I’ve maintained a comm line with Bruce because despite the fact that he screwed up (royally) there is no evidence yet he’s a plant.
    He lost his son. Don’t you think that may have an effect on his ‘tone level’? It doesn’t make him a chronic 1.1 nor can anyone assume that this is his chronic tone-level outside of a spat he had with you on the blog.
    I advised Bruce (as did grasshopper) to withdraw and get his own head together and perhaps handle his own condition and get more data before jumping to conclusions about US (as some on this blog appear to be jumping to conclusions about HIM).
    I think it would behoove those who are accusing Bruce of being a plant to do the same before passing judgement.
    None of us are perfect. I jump to conclusions, get angry, hell I can be 1.1 with someone who rubs me up the wrong way.
    It’s a long hard journey back for those who have gotten their heads messed up by the church. For some it takes longer to recover. Some who are new to the blog need to fully re-educate themselves and get the false-data from the church stripped off before they can get anywhere.
    Communicating with them and placing responsibility firmly on their own shoulders (as I did on the back-lines with Bruce) doesn’t make the person who is willing to communicate with them and give them advice a ‘sympathy case’. Hell if that were true then we wouldn’t have need of Chaplains in orgs.
    Let’s not confuse ‘sympathy’ with giving someone a chance to work their way up the conditions (outside of the group) as opposed to ‘blowing them off’ and then dubbing in the reasons that they left.
    At least get in comm with that person and get the data before you make any further accusations.
    Bruce still follows the blog. He just doesn’t post on it at the moment – the more likely reason (than the one you suggest) is that he’d rather not screw up again and get toasted.
    You’re entitled to think he’s an ‘OSA bot’ and withdraw your own comm line if you so wish. I know that I’m not at the stage yet where I’m willing to publicly accuse him of being such.
    Evaluating his tone-level, adjudicating his comm to be enturbulative in this instance – valid. But that does not equate to being an ‘OSA bot’ in the same way speaking out on this blog does not equate to being an ‘SP’.
    I’m not saying we don’t have plants or that we should tolerate them or the enturbulation they bring. I’ve happily cut off a number of them from my lines with some severity. But I’m sure enough before I do it that I don’t run the risk of hanging an innocent person, no matter if they are 1.1 or 1.5, 2.0 or any other bloody tone level.
    How does it feel to be unfairly labeled an SP? We laugh about it and wave our golden-rods triumphantly. But it’s still a gross injustice and a violation of the ethical and judicial procedures of Scientology. Not only that, but it’s a wrong indication.
    I won’t do that to someone without a damned good reason to do so.

  192. And before anyone makes the mistake of calling me ‘reasonable’ check my history. If I know for sure that someone is fucking with us I WILL call it and I WILL decapitate that person publicly and any other way necessary to protect the group.

  193. Just Me,
    I truly acknowledge and appreciate your post here. Your love and dedication to your friends is evident and very admirable. Wow! WOW!
    I also recognize the truth and love for this group demonstrated by Steve’s posts of late. Equally impressive and admirable.
    Miscavige is the enemy of this group, of LRH and of Scientology – the ultimate agent of nullification. He is a coward. He organizes and uses others to do his evil bidding. Including the infiltration of this group with his snakes, in an attempt to stop the auditing of our collective group engram.
    If Bruce Clark is a good guy, then he will continue to be a good guy despite getting a few bumps and bruses and he will be strengthened. If he has bad intentions, the hue and cry will have correctly raised the red flag for others in the group to see.
    Thank you Marty for providing this awesome forum.

  194. Sarge, a mighty smart man indeed you were and are! xoxo

  195. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Brian,
    I would threaten going to the IRS and authorities if they didn’t give me my money on account. Then I would follow through if they still didn’t. They have given others their money back so they have already set a precedence.
    Keep pushing.

  196. Nice quote, CD. Do you have the reference/citation for that quote? Thanks.

  197. Brian,
    On the repayment:
    Write directly to one ‘Ms Heller’ the legal director at Flag and the ‘Flag Justice Chief’. Info the Treas Sec and OSA at your org.
    Threaten to go legal to get your money back and give them 24 hours to respond. Send a copy of the letter to an attorney and be prepared to follow up with legal action. You should get a response within 24 hours and your money shortly thereafter.
    Current church tactics are:
    1. Ignore you and hope you give up (and go away)
    2. Write and tell you that you’re not entitled to a repayment in the hopes that you will give up (and go away)
    3. Tell you that you need to go in and do a ‘routing form’ in order to get your money in the hopes that you will cave in, find this too unconfrontable and finally… give up (and go away)
    All of the above tactics are really put in play because the orgs are struggling financially and can’t afford to give your money back to you. Don’t listen to their crap or tolerate their out-of-comm. You are entitled to your money and they know that legally they can’t fight you so they will give up if you let them know in no uncertain terms that you are willing to go this route. Unfortunately threats are the only language the church seems to understand when it comes to giving parishioners back the money they have taken without any exchange rendered.
    On the IAS refunds, OSA appears to be doing an all-hands right now sending out standard form rejection letters. I’m still on the advice of my attorney on how best to go about dealing with having been defrauded out of this money. Will keep you up-dated on our progress.
    Hope this helps.

  198. Tony DePhillips

    Who would think that of you Sam??
    I think you are one of the toughest on this blog. A great ethics officer and tons of ARC, a really great combination.

  199. Tony DePhillips

    Hell, I can be the first to admit if I am wrong.
    Any person can keep communicating and use communication to get their views across.
    If he is a good hat then it shouldn’t be that hard to let it show.
    I am operating off of the data that I have. If he wants to be friends with people here then he has to create some ARC.
    Steve and I and others don’t go around randomly “attacking” people. The guy has some responsibility in what is happening with him eh?

  200. There was a poster here that repeated the lines to follow for this sort of thing. If you search through the blog you’ll find it. I don’t recall exactly what name they were using but the data IS here in the archives.

    I know the frustration of the ‘dead file’ alteration they practice. Can’t even get that one right.

  201. Interesting point Sarge is that I have heard so many stories from acquaintances and on this blog where a primary feature of dm’s actions is to breakup affinity lines, be it families, individuals within the group, staff, etc. He seems to have a problem with people simply be in affinity and communication with each other, in whatever the circumstances. Sucks to be him.

  202. Sam,
    You said it, well! ml, Laura

  203. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Laura Ann,
    1.I mentioned Steve because I wanted to.
    2. ok I pushed a button. I got that you don’t like it. It doesn’t mean that I cannot do it if I like it.
    3. It is ok with me if you get pissed. I didn’t see that I evaled you.
    4. That’s good. So far I like you the way you are. Maybe even more now. It’s ok with me for people to have soft spots. I think someone like Steve is doing what he does out of love and he does some of the work others don’t want to. I love Steve and others who really are trying to stop the madman. They are good people. I know you know that.
    5. 🙂
    I think you are a tough and caring person. You are also courageous. That is what I think of you.

  204. Duplicitous Destroyers

  205. Hallelujah

    Better than mine, too! LOL H

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex



    For the first time in the soggy stream that’s history to the human race, it’s possible that happiness exists.

    This goal, repeated many times and sought so heavily, has been ungraspable as sun motes, unattainable as a loved one’s sigh.

    What makes mankind, basically good beings all, such strangers far to happiness?

    The rich man geysers out his wealth. The poor man peers in every crack. But wealth buys nought and crevices are bare. The child hopes he will realize it when grown and, grown, wishes he were happy as a child.

    We grasp it but like gossamer, it’s nought. We marry a most perfect girl or man and then throughout our lives weep to make the other make us glad.

    Often sought, but seldom found, there are no riches, gems or palaces as valued as mere happiness.

    But listen! Here is happiness, just at our finger tips, awaiting only magic words “Start Session” to begin its quest.

    But like we walk through rain toward a banquet ball, our happiness in processing is gained by passing through the phantom shadows of our “sins”.

    What has made all man a pauper in his happiness?

    Transgressions against the mores of his race, his group, his family!

    We care but little what these mores were or are. It was transgression did the trick.

    We agree to fixed moralities and then, unthinking, we transgress, or with “good cause” offend, and there we are, the first dull bars of misery draw stealthily behind us.

    And as we wander on, transgressing more, agreeing to new mores and then transgressing those, we come into that sunless place, the prison of our tears and sighs and might-have-beens, unhappiness.


    Mutual action is the key to all our overt acts. Agreement to what ought to be and then a shattering of the troth works all the spell that’s needed for a recipe of misery.

    There must be pain. So we agreed. For pain restrains and warns, shuts off, forbids. But goodness now must then consist of bringing in no pain.

    Mutual motion is agreed. And then we disagree and part and so are tied no more—tied not save back there in our minds, with scars of broken faith. The faith we broke, and said it had to be.

    We all agree to feel the sun and then protest it burns. We all agree to kiss and love and then are startled that such pain can follow in that wake.

    Mutual motion is all right—until we act in cruelty to the rest.

    Tied by agreements and co-actions, we dare be cruel to that to which the hard steel clasps of promises have bound us.

    And so in being cruel to part of self—extended self as in a couple or a group—we then find pain in self with great surprise.

    The overt act sequence is simple now to grasp. The scope is limited. But it began when we first had a cruel impulse to others bound to us by mores or coacts.

    Why does one suffer pain in his own arm when he or she has struck another’s limb?

    Because the cruel impulse has been a break of bond with others where pledge once lived.

    The only overt act that can bring pain to self is that cruel act which then transgresses things to which we had agreed.

    Share action with a group or person in your life, agree to mutually survive by some specific code and then be cruel to them and so transgress and you’ll have pain.


    All mankind lives and each man strives by codes of conduct mutually agreed.

    Perhaps these codes are good, perhaps they’re bad, it’s only evident they’re codes. Mores bind the race.

    Coaction then occurs. Thought and motion in accord. A oneness then of purpose and survival so results.

    But now against that code there is transgression. And so because the code was held, whatever code it was, and man sought comfort in man’s company, he held back his deed and so entered then the bourne in which no being laughs or has a freedom in his heart.

    So down the curtains come across the brightness of the day and dull-faced clouds enmist all pleasant circumstance. For one has evilly transgressed and may not speak of it for fear all happiness will die.

    And so we shut ourselves from off the light and enter grey-faced gloom. And seal within our deepest vault the reasons why we dare not face our friends.

    And afterwards we go on making others guilty with the rest, when like some scrawny scarecrow of a priest whose tattered filthy robes are rough with sacrificial blood, we point the way to hell for those who kill.

    And deep within us secret gnawings ache. And then at last we cannot even cry.


    The road to hell—man’s very good at painting ugly signs that point its course and way.

    The road to heaven—man’s often sent but never yet arrived—more like he found the “other place”.

    But now a road that’s wide has opened up—in Scientology.

    The meter and the process check, when done by auditors with skill, can open up transgression’s rush and loose a cascade out until hell’s spent.

    And day will once more have a drop of dew upon the morning rose.

    L. Ron Hubbard

  207. Seems by your comment JIZ that you are intentionally ignoring the *First* recommendation?

    “The first is to raise them on the tone scale by un-enturbulating some of their theta by any one of the three valid processes .”

    Something that can be easily accomplished by a *trained* auditor and the one obviously by its precedence that Ron recommends.

    Why is that?

    Do you have some kind of *altered importance* problem?

  208. Jim
    I believe it was watchingeyes.

  209. This has been a great post! One of the things that DM has done is given confronting evil a bad name. Also, ethics tech. He has abused it so much that valuable tech such as conditions, O/W writeups and PTS/SP tech can create a violent reaction in some. I got in very good comm with a CIX, that would never do another condition if his life depended on it. I found out why-he had been put in lowers so many times when he was a screaming upstat!
    Ron knew the tech could be used to suppress, but what was he going to do? Withold it?? Thank god he didn’t. As he wrote in “The Social Personality”- “The frailty of showing how the harmful people can be known is that these then apply the characteristics to decent people to get them hunted down and eradicated.”
    On this blog we know who the harmful people are. Decent people are going to rule this time.

  210. Tony,
    Okey Dokey, Love you, too! Laura

  211. Thanks!

  212. ttp://www.cirp.org/library/psych/vanderkolk/


    In behavioral re-enactment of the trauma (engramm), the self may play the role of either victim or victimizer. (losing/winning valence)

  213. Tony,
    Alright I’m FULLY on-board with you now 😀
    I did tell Bruce that to have evoked such a negative response from the Indies there must be something he needs to take a look at in terms of having caused it. I got no argument from him on that.
    I also agree that anyone accused of being a bad hat can actually apply a condition to it and deal the trust issues with the group rather easily. If a person continually refuses to apply a condition after having evoked suspicion in some way then there comes a point where it needs to be enforced.
    I’m much less inclined to suspect someone of being a plant if they post with real names though which, to Bruce’s credit, he did do. I tend to find the OSA plants aren’t willing to take that risk. Cowards to the end (and please don’t anyone who is under the radar temporarily while handling a situation take that personally; I’m talking about plants here).
    I haven’t made a decision yet as regards to whether Bruce is a plant or not. Time and his actions will tell the full story.
    And I will probably disagree with you a million times and may have a few heated exchanges…
    But I love you to pieces 😀

  214. And I fully respect that both you and Steve call it how you see it. Anyone who can do that without need of agreement or approval earns my trust rather easily without having to put any effort into it.

  215. WindWalker

    Fellow Traveller

    I also consider it “real time” docs.
    Posting some of it here demonstrates that “this isn’t all just some fabrication” of Marty’s.
    Many, or perhaps even most, would not believe some of the s – – t that Marty seems to have to deal with on a continuing basis, ( I know I didn’t at first, and may still not have any real reality on the scope of it) but when you see it here, and get to comment on it, and then watch the reactions, it becomes a great educational tool.
    OSA is “showing their hand” a good deal more than they suspect, I think. Marty seems to just be allowing, or encouraging them, to walk into the mine field of their own manufacture.
    It is, perhaps, a good example of turning an enemy’s force back onto them self. It takes balls, and it takes skill, but I think it is proving to be effective.

    Back to tone level: I think that tone level has a lot to do with the workability of this “strat”.
    By the very fact that it can and is being done, and that it does seem to be producing desirable results, demonstrates the level of Theta present within this blog community.


  216. theoracle,good post ….”As usual, it comes down to the haves and have nots”. Indeed.

  217. Duplicitous Destroyers
    Pretenders of Help

  218. I don’t see any legal hinderance even when money is exchanged.

    Cult hasn’t seud Marty now has it ?

  219. “A friend is someone who dances with you in the sunlight, And walks with you in the shadows.”
    I love that CD. Thank you!

  220. Sarge.
    You are important to ME.
    You are important to US and that’s all that matters….. 😀

  221. The word ‘enemies’ is the general category, and making it more specific might be helpful.

    Just as the word Freedom communicates when specified as from what (Freedom from ignorance, freedom from pain, freedom from manipulation, freedom from fear)
    Enemies of might serve specifics.

    It’s like Scientology Inc has a malware program running in the background. Its Operating System is a rootkit of evil arbitrary agendas hiding as a Help program (named Scientology).

    The virus that has taken over the workable, beneficial aspects of Scientology is an enemy — and it multiplies through the people dramatizing it. It gathers data for the purpose of harming, manipulation and conquest.
    They are:
    Enemies of Trust
    Enemies of the Auditor’s Code
    Enemies of Good Will

  222. And anyway, they’ve seen Sudden Sarge. Probably don’t wanna mess with you 😉

  223. “By himself, he is unable. He can’t actually DO much of anything, and he must take credit from others that CAN accomplish something. Any forward progress accomplished in the Church of Scientology is by others, and in the teeth or around DM for which HE takes the credit. ”

  224. It was an observation. Nowhere it says “I recomend” such and such.

    I saved my Englisg and Dutch grades through Text Explanation on my exams so I’ll ask you again where does it say he rtecomends such and such.

  225. I read this meme that the tech should be “free” on the ‘net a lot which is fine and I don’t really object to that since with Ron and Mary Sue gone and their heirs were weaseled out of their estate by a bunch of legal vultures etc that I have nothing against “ripping off” those who have seized and perverted the tech.

    That doesn’t even rank as an overt in my opinion since they have proven that they no longer deserve Ron’s legacy by their betrayal it should be made freely available to those who will apply it.

    That said the fact is that isn’t what the Ol’man meant when he wrote the oft misquoted line in Scientology Clear Procedure.

    This is what he said:

    (begin fair use)

    A Validated Hubbard Professional Auditor Certificate.
    I have been at work for seven years to produce a series of techniques which any
    well trained auditor can use to clear people. We now have them.
    I am truly sorry that this took seven years. Actually, it took more than twentyfive.
    Under other “systems of research” it could not have been done. It was financed at
    first by my writings and expeditions. Some 15,000,000 words of fact and fiction
    articles ranging from political articles to westerns were consumed in a large part by this
    research-but it was free to act if not free from sweat.
    No bullying dictator wanted it for his mass slaveries as happened to poor
    misguided Pavlov. No big corporation wanted it for a better Madison Avenue approach
    to advertising—another kind of slavery. No big RESEARCH FOUNDATION like
    Ford was there to interject their “America First” philosophy. These had not paid for it;
    therefore they didn’t own it. The work stayed free. Thus it prospered. It did not wither
    in support of some aberrated “cause.” It bloomed.
    But the violence of protecting this work while continuing it took a toll
    nevertheless. Special interests believed it must be evil if they did not own it. Between
    1950 and 1956, 2,000,000 traceable dollars were spent to halt this work. Newspaper
    articles, radio ads (as in Seattle from the University of Washington), bribed “patrons,”
    financed “patients” all cost money. You hear the repercussions of this campaign even
    Money could not stop this work by then. It was too late. If anything had been
    wrong with our organizations, my character, our intentions or abilities the whole
    advance would have crumbled. But we had no Achilles’ heels. We carried on. All that
    has survived of this attack by the two APAs, the AMA and several universities is a
    clutter of rumors concerning your sanity and mine—and rumors no longer financed will
    some day die.
    And so the work has emerged free of taint and misguided slants. It is itself. It
    does what it says it does. It contains no adroit curves to make one open to better
    believing some “ism.” That makes it singular today in a world gone mad with
    nationalism. Buddhism, when it came to the millions, was no longer free of slant and
    prejudice. Taoism itself became a national jingoism far from any work of Lao-Tze.
    Even Christianity had its “pitch.” And if these great works became curved, with all the
    personal force of their creators, how is it that our little triumph here can still be found in
    a clear state?
    Well, no diamonds and palaces have been accepted from rajahs, no gratuitous
    printing of results has been the gift of warlords, no testament had to be written 300
    years after the fact.
    For this we can thank Johann Gutenberg, and the invention of magnetic tape.
    Therefore, although we have no such stature as the Great Philosophies, I charge
    you with this—look to source writings, not to interpretations. Look to the original
    work, not offshoots.
    If I have fought for a quarter of a century, most of it alone, to keep this work
    from serving to uphold the enslavers of Man, to keep it free from some destructive
    “pitch” or slant, then you certainly can carry that motif a little further.
    I’ll not always be here on guard. The stars twinkle in the Milky Way and the wind
    sighs for songs across the empty fields of a planet a Galaxy away.
    You won’t always be here.
    But before you go, whisper this to your sons and their sons—”The work was
    free. Keep it so.”

    (end fair use)

  226. Mike Hobson

    @Ralph Hilton – at this instant, you have 547 posts to ESMB, an average of 1 ever 2 1/2 days, the last on 17 April 2011. If you truly think the place is a “sewer”, than why do you post there at all ?

    Furthermore, your post seems extremely divisive and promoting the very same factionalism which OSA constantly seeks to create amongst their many foes.

    If you were really paying attention to what these people have to say over in the “sewer”, you might realize that what the vast majority of those people are against is not *Scientology* but the Black Scientology of David Miscavige.

    If we do a great job of showing the difference between the Independents and the Church of McSavage, then we have nothing at all to fear from the “Anti-Scientology Critics” because we will have demonstrated we are not what they are actually against.

    Your attempted to smear an entire group of clearly ARC-Broken people with the “destructive being” label isn’t going to fly, buddy.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  227. Tony DePhillips

    To Sam.

  228. That’s very uptone 🙂 The problem of the OSA Ops Gone Haywire is not so much a matter of the personal danger as a call to duty of plain ol’ right and wrong. Any personal restimulation or enturbulation from Black Ops and Reverse Scientology are ultimately opportunities to as-is illusions toward bigger for truth. But when one really really gets the magnitude of the scope of betrayal, it becomes a justice matter, a concern of humanity and our world, more important than self or personal danger.

    The real Why is not good people. It is failure to deliver what’s promised. But what I have come to realize is…. whatever is in charge know this. And that is even more chilling, that it is not misapplication or misunderstanding. It is just that blatantly outpointy now that…hey, whoa!! What a minute, they’re saying My Little PONY is an SP?!?!? And Wonder Woman is an SP? And BAMBI, too!?!? 😉

  229. +1

  230. Michael, you’re really going to enrage the self-righteous now…I mean, helping people realize they are more wonderful than they realize? That’s worse to the Elitist Trademark Committee of Self Righteous Sneering Victims than hating Scientology!

  231. Hi Ingrid

    “I got in very good comm with a CIX, that would never do another condition if his life depended on it. I found out why-he had been put in lowers so many times when he was a screaming upstat!

    Yes. An all too common occurrence.
    I would be so bold as to say that many, if not most, of the conditions assigned to this CL X ( not sure if you meant CL IX or CL X there, so I made a guess) were FALSE, and did not reflect his actual condition at all.

    Oh Oh, Feel another “rant” coming on…

    I sincerely hope that this CL X realizes that “the conditions” are in play whether you “apply” them or not. They are built into the structure of the game. They are not really someone’s opinion or creation. They reflect the ACTUAL state of existence of the being or some aspect of his dynamics, at any given time. To miss-assign a condition to oneself, or for others to have done it to you, is going to act like a “wrong why” or a “wrong item”. It will stir up the case.

    When you find the actual, correct, condition, it is like a cognition. You realize you are right, and the “handling” of each point makes total sense. It is ALWAYS aligned with YOU and ALL of your dynamics. By the very nature and definition of “ethics” it would be “insane” to pit one condition against another, or you against ANY of them. They are YOURS! It is your concept of “optimum survival” that is the basis of their creation, and the “conditions” (the data on them) show you what steps you could take to help you achieve more optimum survival, as YOU envision it.

    Ethics is such a beautiful and validative tool when applied correctly.
    I cringe every time I hear stories like this.

    OK , I will make a bold offer…

    I would be happy to help anyone, sincerely interested, any way I can, with ethics “issues”.

    E-mail me at: windwalker8008@gmail.com


  232. Oops…

    “By the very nature and definition of “ethics” it would be “insane” to pit one condition against another, or you against ANY of them.”

    Please replace the word “condition” with “Dynamic”


  233. Tony DePhillips


  234. Jethro Is In The Zone

    Those 300 pages are devoted towards processing the social personality, not the No Case Gains. One doesn’t audit SPs (NCGs), they are parked to the side. People at 1.1 on the tone scale are notoriously difficult to process. Those 300 other pages also show just how (and why) difficult is to process someone who habitually resides at that location on the tone scale. For one thing, they don’t have good persistence on a given course. They also lie, enturbulate others, stab one in the back, are sexually promiscuous, etc.

    This is one of LRH’s more controversial quotes and has been deleted from the newer editions of SOS (his comment about homosexuality being 1.1 on the tone scale has also been removed). The big question is what he meant by “dispose of”. Since he also uses the phrase “simply quarantining them from the society”, I interpret that to mean he would want to round 1.1s like a bunch of lepers and put them on their own island. But then again, I just have a six grade education. How would other people interpret this? Or do you think LRH meant what he said, but in today’s politically correct world would have regret writing something like this?

    FWIW, I treat 1.1s the same as SPs, I have no communication with them. I don’t need negative people in my life.

  235. You melted me!
    I love that song.
    Gone all soft and mushy now 🙂

  236. Tony Dephillips

    That’s how I roll.

  237. John Peeler

    Hey Lana, Well done! 😉 From an old berthing mate. 🙂

  238. An even cursory examination of my postings there would show that I used to frequent the place and have hardly posted for 2 years.
    I don’t dispute that they have ARC breaks. Many there use “humor” to attack and undermine. Please study C/S series 100 and the Chart of Human Evaluation.

  239. Maybe I am just in my: “why can’t people just get along” phase

  240. Maybe Deep Fax could sneak out DM’s own musings on WHY DM LOVES 1.1?

  241. Ralph and Mike, I feel you both have some good points, generalities aside.

    There are some squeaky wheels on ESMB, a ‘vocal minority’ . There are many quieter folks there who are quite decent when considered as individuals. There are also quite a few ‘walking wounded’ who had no clue what they were getting into, when out of their idealism they joined staff. ARC broken now, or just plain broken pieces.

    It is true some of the more active posters are rabid sewer rats and try to set the tone. They are successful enough that after visiting there, sometimes I need to go out for fresh air. The place reminds me of any city that has slums and high crime areas as well as Starbucks and uptone boutiques and bookstores.

    You can get mugged there, and also find things of value. But either way you will likely need to wash your hands and face afterwards.

  242. Joe, BLS was approved and recommended by LRH himself. I don’t know where you get the idea it is 1.1 The book is mainly about CLOSING an individual. I realize you have probably never been a reg, but I have. And I can tell you that over 90% of public will NOT pay for services unless they are CLOSED. The amount of 8C it takes to get most people paid is incredible. I know, I’ve regged hundreds of public for their bridges from 1976 to 1988. I also personally met Les Daine and he talked about being in comm with LRH about his book, and one of the things LRH said (according to Les) is, “finally I found something that I didn’t have to write myself”. Here are a couple of references where LRH tells regges to use Big League Sales: LRH ED 258 Int and LRH ED 236 INT, 5 July 1974 – Registration Program No. 2

  243. Great post Marty. Excellent points. Like LRH said, The wrong thing to do is nothing.

  244. How to take care of Mental Health during Covid-19.

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