Plant or Vegetable?

Below is a public announcement by a recently reaccredited Radical Scientologist.  It has been widely circulated around the Southern San Francisco Bay Area.   Susan Lewis was accepted back into the Radical Scientology community only after blowing the whistle on every Scientologist she knew was committing the sin of seeking truth. 

The announcement couldn’t be more timely.  I was working on a post urging more people from the South Bay area stand up to take some of the heat off of Lorie Hodgson and her mother Dee McMurdie.   But, as has become almost tradition, Miscavige and OSA just have beat us to the punch in driving people from their cult. 

This write up might remind some of you of the fear, the pack mentality, and the stultified intellect you may have felt when you were a member of the Radical cult.  It is a fascinating study too in the subject of brainwashing.  Brainwashing?  Isn’t  that a tad extreme?, you might ask.   My answer is no, it is not extreme at all.  Look at the two rock bottom stable datums Ms Lewis is convinced by the likes of John Allender and Mark Warlick (from the blue shirted shock squad that visited my home recently) are lies.  Two of the most obvious, well documented FACTS established about David Miscavige:

a)      David Miscavige is a mean-spirited, little dictator who keeps his troops in line by habitual, daily physical violence.

b)    David Miscavige and his cult are under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

On “a” more than fifteen eye witnesses have given credible accounts of this truth, many in an open fashion against his or her own interests.  The ONLY evidence provided by the church are Tommy Two Tone’s now infamous meltdowns (and those of Jenny Devocht, Anne Joassam, Cathy Rinder, Norman Starkey and Guillame Lesevre).  On “b”, this was reported in probably America’s most credible publication, by a Pulitzer prize winning author.  What did the church counter with, a personal interview with the Director of the FBI?   Afraid not.  And since when does it even matter to a Radical Scientologist whether the FBI is for or against your leader? How gullible can somebody get?  Radical Scientologist gullible.

Or, perhaps they don’t really get that stupid.  Perhaps Ms. Lewis was on mission from the get go.  That is how Haydn James see it and he’s an old OSA pro.  I’d be interested in other people’s takes on this one.

Susan Lewis
April 28, 2011

I am going to get the time line on this as best as possible. I will
note where I am not sure of the exact time and/or sequence. Where I
can remember the exact words stated, I’ve made it clear. Where I
cannot remember the exact words, I’ve been as accurate on the
concept of the comm cycle as possible.
One thing that became very clear to me is the how actually very few
people get embroiled in this, it’s not “everywhere” like I
initially believed. The numbers of people involved are very very
small. I was myself part of it posting under numerous IDs making it
seem more but in actual fact the percentage of people involved is
Towards the end of March 2010, I talked with Mari Perry
when she called my office. She was upset about the CNN Anderson
Cooper show. She said “Did you hear about the Anderson Cooper show
on Scientology?” I said I had not and didn’t know who or what
Anderson Cooper was, she explained what the show was.

I said I understood how she felt but it sounded like a bunch of
nonsense. I told her I had been through this before with the “60
Minutes” cycle many years ago. I told her that I write-up or query
things that I have questions on.

I was then invited over to Tom and Vickie Chandler’s house shortly
after Mari and I talked in March of 2010. Jon Perry was there also
along with Vickie Chandler.

Tom asked me what I thought of the Anderson Cooper show. I told him
I hadn’t seen it and wasn’t planning to. I had recently read a
Marty Rathbun posting and told Tom I was shocked that this guy was
writing about sessions he delivered and how that violated so many
policies. I called Marty various names and was angry. Tom agreed
with my anger.

He talked about his “BPC.” I said something about we should always
write things up. He told me that he has in the past but doesn’t
anymore and agreed to do that. I told him that the things I had
queried or written up, I always got a response and gave him a
couple examples.

Tom also sent me an email with a J&D picture, like a copy of a book
that had something to do with some show. I deleted it. This was
about a week or so after being at his house.

That evening at Tom and Vickie’s house, Mari nattered about
different subjects. I listened and didn’t say much.

Taking one incident, I told Mari I didn’t believe anything like
that would occur at least how she described it. I asked her if she
wrote it up and she said she didn’t. I told her she needed to do
that and she said she would.

I’m not sure exactly when after going to Mari’s, she called me. I
had just met Rich Nesbit in our office. She said she had talked to
him and he said that he liked me. Mari then said “Don’t be
surprised if he reads the blogs too” and I didn’t know what to say
so I said nothing. She insinuated that Rich was involved with the

Shortly after that, I began to read suppressive blogs. The
more I read, the more upset and keyed-in I got. I posted on the
blog from May through October. My postings included being
antagonistic, sympathetic and mutual out ruds with the people on
the blog. This only made my condition worse and was of no benefit
to myself or to my group. I nattered and entertained natter about
the Church.

I posted under the names of Goddess, Eli, Snicks and AnOT. I will,
to the best of my ability, disclose what I posted.

I remember posting a win as a WISE member on “Possibly Helpful

I remember acking Dickie Conn’s posting on the same website when
she posted under the name “Water Dragon” or something very similar
to that screen name.

I remember acking a post (maybe two) from OTDT as being funny.

I remember posting about being a staff member and a sup.

I remember sympathizing with Tara.

I remember posting an ack on a suppressive sight after looking at

I remember a post about asking any Scientologists who were reading
the blogs to go into their Org’s and get in comm. I remember Marty
being angry at that.

I sent emails to Jim Logan and Dan Koon, asking if they had
witnessed any physical abuse. They both said no. This was somewhere
after May but no later than July, I think. I befriended Karen de la
carriere and Dan on Facebook so they could get mass on me and then
I deleted the request as soon as it was accepted. I had no further
contact with Jim and Karen, but did hear from Dan a couple of times
but nothing for months. I closed out the email account.

I believed at that point that any “beatings” that occurred were
done by Marty and Mike.

Email to Jim Logan – I got his email off of Marty’s site. I
emailed him and told him who I was. I asked him if he had ever seen
any beatings and he said no. I thanked him for the data.

Karen de la carriere – I friended Karen de la carriere on Facebook.
She accepted and said I would get declared for doing that. I
incorrectly sympathized with her and then defriended her and had no
further contact with her.

Dan Koon – The same as Jim & Karen but I also told him that I was
not looking to jump ship but that I was a long term Scientologist.
I asked him about any beatings and he said in all the years he was
in the SO, he had never seen anything like that. I told him he
needed to handle his scene and that I wouldn’t be in comm with him.
This was several months ago.

I met with Dickie Conn-Wieble last year in San Francisco. I don’t
recall the month, but it was several months ago, around June. She
and Scott (her husband) were in town and we got together for
breakfast. Dickie nattered about Church Management.

After that, she told me Scott was getting audited by someone else
named David. I’m not sure who this is but I assume she either meant
David St. Lawrence or David Thomas who are squirrels. Later she
sent me a copy of a suppressive posting she did on one of the sites
under the name “Water Dragon” and up until recently that was the
last contact I had with her.

I told her I was going to stay and work things out. I told her I
loved my job, my life, my friends and being on post at the Mission.

She said (this was a phone conversation before meeting up in San
Francisco) that she knew Mike Rinder and had spoken to him since he
had blown. I told her I barely knew who he was and I had a real
problem with them going to the press as that is a suppressive act
per LRH.

I found out it was Dickie who sent me a suppressive’s resignation
letter to my personal email. This was earlier this year. I sent her
a text telling her no more communication as I was/am doing an
ethics cycle.

Around April of 2010, I had dinner with someone who has one child
in the SO and one out. About a month later I sent her the link to
Marty’s blog and then turned around and told her to delete it. She
did and I have asked her 3 times if she did without looking at it
and she has promised me, each time, that she did. I told her that
was a horrible overt on my part. I forwarded an enemy line to a
friend and fellow Scientologists, thereby giving the enemy power
and validation.

Towards the end of February, Mari invited me over to her house for
her son’s birthday party. Several people were there, including Tom
& Vickie Chandler. I had seen on Twitter either that day or the day
before something about the Church being investigated by the FBI. I
have since found out there is no such investigation and that such a
statement is Black PR initiated by suppressives and then forwarded
by people who are either PTS or are themselves suppressives. There
is no such investigation and such is put there to create a
“dangerous or threatening environment.”

As soon as I arrived, Mari asked me if I had seen the data about
the FBI investigation. I told her I had but had no idea if it was
true. I now know it is false.

Tom Chandler and I sat out in the back yard and chatted about
business. He brought up the Paul Haggis article in The New Yorker.
Jon Perry was sitting there. I told him I had read it, thought it
was stupid and that Haggis was obviously NCG and it was too bad it
didn’t get caught.

Mari began to interrupt Tom and I by saying in a very loud voice
“So, what’s new?’ and after the third time, Tom told her she was
cutting our comm.

I told Tom, Mari and Vickie that I had been writing things up and
that I was trying very hard to keep in my KSW. Vickie said if I do
that, I would be a target. I said “Bring it on.” I said this
because what I had been involved in with Tom, Mari and Vicki was
natter and a 1.1 representation of truth and I was not going to be
involved in it any longer.

Later that night, Mari asked me to stay and talk with her. We sat
in her living room and I just listened.

She said she had posted under a screen name I think was “Free
Spirit” or something like that. I think it had some combination of
8 and 8-80 but I can’t say for sure. She said she had only done in
once. I again told her to just stop all of it.

She said recently “Maybe the Independents were the way to go.” I
told her they were full of s**t or something along those lines. I
said that Marty was a monster and harming people and the thing to
do was to stay in the group – there is no other option and that is
what LRH says in numerous policies. Don’t squirrel. This was a
phone call I had with her right before going over to her house in

She said some people are reading the blogs. She told me some names
which I have reported separately. She tried to get me to tell her
what I knew about that and I told her I had no idea and didn’t want
to know and I left her house. That was the last time I talked to
her despite several messages and text messages from her.

LRH says that I am to say that I realize my actions were ignorant
and unfounded and then to say what the influences were, etc. He’s
right. They were unfounded and ignorant AND stupid AND arrogant
because there was absolutely no basis in logic for me to connect up
to a Suppressive Group. None. I can’t come up with any additional
justifications and the ones I had just don’t work for me anymore.

I clearly see the influences and I clearly see the exact moment I
went into agreement with the SP’s and why. I made a conscience
decision to do that and I take it all back. I was wrong and recant
everything and not because I think it will sound good to my Church
but only because I can see it for myself.

The only conspiracy I can see is well known – declared SP’s (Marty
and his gang) and I walked right into it. I can’t say that Mari is
part of it but I can say that disconnecting from her and deciding
she was on her own was a very pro-survival decision for me.

As for influences, I’ve written that up (disconnection letter to
Jan Jessup) and I fully acknowledge it along with my own decision
to act in the manner that I did. I had power of choice the whole

My actions were ignorant and unfounded because:

1) All LRH policies are very clear about not communicating to a
suppressive person or group but I did anyway.

2) I was ignorant because I thought I knew what I was doing and
didn’t even think about the consequences until it was too late.

3) I opened the door for SP’s to be part of my life and never made
the connection.
4) I harmed the only group on the planet that can and does help
mankind. By posting and participating in this activity, I pushed
power to the suppressives and granted their actions beingness. I
justified their actions and failed to help friends of mine who were
also involved with squirrel websites and did not apply standard
ethics policy to myself and to them and therefore made a bad
situation worse.
I disconnected when I realized what my actions had done. I decided
to handle within the Church per policy and stick to my own
agreements, as a Scientologist to follow LRH’s policy. To do
otherwise was an act of Treason. If I could get agreement on
grievances for myself, then I would not have to confront and take
responsibility for anything and I could blame others for my
There have been many wins on this but the one thing that is
starting to happen is the biggest one of all for me – my trust in
the Church is being restored. I am seeing for myself how much
better things are.

Susan Lewis

352 responses to “Plant or Vegetable?

  1. William Johnson

    Marty, you are just going to have to accept that this lady is not going to be a source of income for you. Sorry, better luck next time. (From William, the non-OSA, non DM, never even been in an org guy that you like to call DM).

  2. Well, well Suzie Lewis….looks like you got caught with your nose into the blogs! Wow, so then you turn on your so-called friends and write up a bogus, absolutely crazy letter and send it out under ORDERS from the most suppressive group on the planet. Wow, you would not know the truth if it hit you in the head. Unlike you, those you write about will survive and move up a lot higher. I would not trust one who has not fully come forward and stated the truth. This is just an example of what has gone on in the Bay Area for years and years.

  3. William Johnson, you are such a waste of time. you are everything and more that you say you are not.

  4. Well Susan, Your “walk on the wild side” was a facsinating read. Not. Stop being a fucking cry baby!

  5. crashingupwards

    If this girl says she is/was Eli, it most likely was a set-up from the beginning. I remember Eli.

  6. She’ll be a source of income for the Church though. Now they will sec check her ass to death cha ching cha ching! Get to work Susan!

  7. crashingupwards

    William, your just going to have to accept that folks are heading to the door in ever increasing numbers. Don’t be the last one out.

  8. I hope she was a plant all along and OSA really is THAT stupid.
    Because if the motive behind it was to expose people who are under the radar, then they have helped those people move up from fear to anger and given some no choice but to do one of the following:
    1. Suffer the same fate as Susan Lewis: To be given an enforced reality and have to communicate it and suffer public humiliation in order to be accepted back into a squirrel group, or:
    2. Stand up and be counted as an Independent Scientologist and gain the freedom to practice real Scientology.
    Way to go OSA!!!
    If you’re one of the fortunate people that have been exposed for reading this blog, VERY well done for having the courage to look and communicate. Finish up your doubt formula before OSA arrives on your doorstep with the goldenrod and come join us in the sunshine.

  9. Oh, Susan and OSA, what a sad, sad story. Speaking the truth is not NATTER, it is the truth, simple.
    Marty has helped many, many people that were screwed over by the Church, including myself, and out of love and care for people that were harmed by your Church. You guys can do all of the mental gymnastics that you like, it’s an absolute TRAP and IMPLANT STATION!

  10. Upstat!!! You got the first post in!
    Maybe you’ll get libs this week!

  11. Uh, William, Marty often helps people at no charge. It’s called helping others.


  12. Tony DePhillips

    Boy, that is truly something.
    There are so many out-points in it I can hardly find a place to start or more accurately I don’t even feel that I need to point any out.
    BOT!!! LOL….

  13. Ms. Lewis,

    Your glib, dishwater utterances are not going to fool the cognescenti of the independent Scientology community, which is, by the way, expanding.

    I would also like to point out that someone who was not really IN the independent movement cannot be an authority on what is supposedly WRONG with it.

    Sorry, my friend, but your feeble efforts to cast doubt will result in almost 0 converts to your cause.

    I hope you wake up. I truly do.


  14. Bill Holly

    Poor soul.
    There is no-one, I mean NO-ONE, so good at pulling the wool over one’s eyes as the person him/herself.

  15. This is what drives me nuts about Scientologists. Sorry…but she didn’t even know who Anderson Cooper was? In 2010??? Seriously…life is all about information. Gathering the pros and the cons. Learning from all different sides. The fact that there even exists this concept of “SPs” is beyond ridiculous. It’s anti-human rights. It is indefensible.

  16. Watching Eyes

    Wow, this nearly leaves me speechless. Nearly but not quite. That woman obviously never duplicated one letter of LRH tech. And so she sells her soul and propitiates to the cult. Throws herself at their feet. She is in utter confusion. I wouldn’t want to be her. Wait till DM’s bots get done with her. Oh boy.

    The one thing she wrote that’s really quite vicious is how the numbers involved in this (I assume she’s referring to the Indy’s) are small. In her dreams. OSA wants the flock to believe that it’s only a few that have left. Dream on.

    Oh, in answer to your question; plant or vegetable? Vegetable. Not bright enough to be a plant (as in an OSA plant). Dumb as a stump.

  17. Watching Eyes


  18. She is going to be a Zombie-Slave for her Slave-Master David Miscavige.

    No worries the dismanteling of the “Church”is in progress. Orgs are dead, Stats are down.

  19. >Marty, you are just going to have to accept that this lady is not going to be a source of income for you.
    1. IMHO, your first sentence displays either a misunderstanding or a misrepresentation of Marty’s purpose.
    2. The last lady that we read had gone back to the horrors of Miscavology has explained the hidden and unpleasant forces that were brought to bear – and is now back posting here. Truth inoculates.
    >Sorry, better luck next time.
    Insincere, trollish.
    >(From William, the non-OSA, non DM, never even been in an org guy that you like to call DM).
    I have no reason to believe your trollish ass.

  20. William, I don’t believe you have never been in an Org and are just spending your Sunday afternoon working to harm suppress and attack Marty because this has nothing to do with you whatsoever. Is this really the best you’ve got for a cover story?

  21. Mineral.

  22. CatBirdSeat

    “William Johnson” I know who you are. Even without a “name”

  23. Oh my. I get this picture of this frantic adult woman running around with her hands over her ears, shouting “NAH NAH NAH NAH .. I CAN’T HEAR YOU .. NAH NAH NAH .. I CAN’T HEAR YOU”.

    So sad. But that’s really the beingness that comes through — this fearful woman, frantically trying to not-is the world, so afraid that she has put her “chance at heaven” at risk, trying to get back into the good graces of her masters (liars and abusers). Very sad.

    The collection of nearly twenty (named) individuals who have witnessed Miscavige’s abuse, can be found here:

  24. ottocscotto

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    What is fascinating about this “Public Announcement” is that it starts off saying that Ms. Lewis is going to set down a ‘time line’ as best as she can, and then proceeds promptly to do nothing of the sort. You would think, from reading this, that she has gone mad, is unable to put together a coherent thought and is lashing out in all directions at anyone who might have had the temerity to disagree with her on anything.

    I’ve never met Ms. Lewis, but I do, actually, feel sorry for her. She has, obviously, been beaten (not literally, but psychologically) into submission, into betraying (or trying to betray — who would believe anything she says after reading this palaver) lying to, spying on and betraying her actual friends, so that … why? … so that she could keep her job.

    The theta perceptions I gather from this letter is of a terrified and confused being who cannot confront her own responsibility for a very bad situation (the impending implosion of her “Church”). The CofS has been her stable datum. That was her mistake. The CofS should never have been anyone’s stable datum. The only stable datum worth anything in and about scientology is scientology and dianetics.

    I don’t revile her. I feel very sorry for her. She’s written her own spiritual obituary.

  25. Thanks for continuing to read the blog William … there still is hope for you.

    At least you now know that ‘disconnection’ is still alive, well and fully applied within the church.

    I wonder why Tommy Davis said there is no disconnection when he talked to the press?

    Hmm … better consult DM and get the ‘Source’ reference.

    Can you get back to me on that William? We gotta get this cleared up and help this poor girl.

    By the way William … what did you think of the Anderson Cooper 360 show? Ahhh, right – you’ve never heard of him.


  26. Susan Lewis, you’re an idiot.

    And the geniuses who are disseminating this piece of dreck that implores, begs someone, anyone to give Susan Lewis permission to draw her next breath of life are even bigger idiots!

    Those still associated with the Church of $cientology who has a single iota of self respect left who read this dreck will shudder. And those with two iotas of self respect left had better walk out the door right now. Otherwise, Susan Lewis’s letter foretells what awaits you: your own private prison (built by yourself) for your mind, body and soul.

    Just Me

  27. Raise your hand if you think this is DM … hovering over his laptop waiting for Marty’s next post … so he can make the first response … and then try really really hard to convince us it’s not DM.

    Oh William “not-OSA not-DM never-been-in-Org-but-people-call-me-DM” Johnson … so predictable. You know what blew your cover? Your pre-occupation with person=income. Dead giveaway.

  28. Lucky Dilettante

    To me, this write up by Ms Lewis simply outlines the structure of a serious mental trap in which she is caught. She seems to be just doing a “lip sync” by repeating some jargon. All she is doing in the end is isolating herself from communicating with certain people. I could understand the isolation if it had some beneficial effect such as an opportunity for mental development. But, on the contrary, the disconnection is the LAST thing she needs, in my opinion.
    If I tried to remove my mental distractions in the manner which she advocates, I would be put in position of cutting off the causes of my former upset. Thus I could not handle them. In my opinion, she is just avoiding reality. Ms Lewis, I highly recommend that you seek a better solution such as an investigation of the truth from another source. You might find the
    original Dianetics book or Self Analyis to be useful.

  29. I’m sorry to hear that Susan has gone back into the cult without sampling the standard technology available in the independent field.

    At least she spelled my name right and mentioned my website.

    “Its an ill wind that blows nobody good” (sailing proverb)
    David St Lawrence

  30. One outpoint right off the top is that she starts off with a blanket generality, emphasized and repeated several times:
    “The numbers of people involved are very very
    small.” and “I was myself part of it posting under numerous IDs making it
    seem more but in actual fact the percentage of people involved is

    If this were a real O/W back to the Mold writeup, it would list the IDs she posted under. And how exact are “very very small” and “miniscule.” This is clearly a black PR spin, as they so famously layer in lies and manipulate facts by couching them in semi-truth.

  31. She writes “I said I had not and didn’t know who or what
    Anderson Cooper was, she explained what the show was.” WOW. What does that tell you if it’s true? That’s sort of like in the cultural world, saying you didn’t know the sky is blue.

  32. You shaved your legs and then he was a she. Pretty much the same thing Susan. Shaved the rules then we was a who. That takes some confront and courage.

  33. V – as in dumb as a rock?

  34. OutPointsGalaore

    “I had recently read a Marty Rathbun posting and told Tom I was shocked that this guy was writing about sessions he delivered and how that violated so many policies. I called Marty various names and was angry. Tom agreed
    with my anger.”

    ROFLMAO why? The joggling between generalities and Black Proganda Generalities (BPGs) slipped in as specifics for facts and details sounds like the same idiot writing all the insipid OSA crap. She has either assumed that valence or someone “”helped” her write this.

    WHY because Marty never has disclosed anything about a pcs session.
    OSA routinely cultivates folders to try and guess people’s fears and weaknesses to spin into slimeball fabrications!

  35. OutPointsGalaore

    Yes. A rock with lots of cracks and outpoints.

  36. Oh yes- the beat goes on. The only way you are “allowed” to get back into good standing with Cof $ is by admitting you were totally wrong and the Cof$ is totally right. It is very sad that this being does not understand the basics of Scientology and thus can be easily manipulated. How can she degrade herself like that? I wonder if the Cof$ has already extorted big bucks from her for donations, so she can demonstrate to them, her appreciation of having been rescued from big bad Marty.

    And one more comment- if Marty is an SP, then I am Marie Antoinnette. EAT CAKE, DAVE!!!!!

  37. Expelled 4 Life

    It amazes me the Church would promote that such stellar people are disaffected. Any moron can understand that if the ” percentage of people involved is minuscule” the announcement would not be made BPI.

  38. Poor Susan Lewis. She’s trying to be someone who does the right thing … and does not grasp that she’s in a whole track PTS valence …

    Long ago, when I was a Co$ follower, I went into comm with an Indie Scientologist. I was aware of many outpoints in Co$ then.

    But I decided to be someone who does the right thing … just like Susan Lewis.

    I wrote a report about myself to Co$, did an amends project, and tried my best to get up the bridge. After 7 years, countless disappointments and spiritual and material losses I realized that I had tried to fight a windmill, Don Quichote style.

    It was only after those wasted years and efforts that I left Co$ for good.

    Way to go, Susan Lewis.

  39. Ooh Margaret, that was a good one.

  40. theoracle, nice!

  41. With out question this was all a set-up, planned from the start and scripted out.

    Susan reminds me of Cypher from “The Matrix” movie.

    Ignorance IS bliss, baby!

  42. Robert Earle

    Dear Marty,
    The way I read this is “vegetable.” got to whereever she’s at by being a good little follower of the “Grand Bright Lights” of Master DMs out the top events but probaby hasn’t the faintest clue that the DM issues she so faithfully quotes aren’t straight scientology at all but she is doing what a good group member would do -stand by the moral codes of her group she just hasn’t a clue that group is on a suicide dive conducted by the Great White Shark. That’s my take

  43. This letter is riddled with outpoints. This is not the write up of someone having a cognition of having committed a transgression (which is a personal matter I would respect). Note how every single paragraph gives someone else’s overt and then how she did the right thing.

    This letter from a “strayed sheep” is in fact a list of FORBIDDEN NO-NOs and INSTRUCTION PROPAGANDA.

    I quote and illustrate

    “He talked about his “BPC.” ” FORBIDDEN NO-NO (other person’s “overt”)
    “I said something about we should always
    write things up. ” INSTRUCTIONS PROPAGANDA

    “Tom also sent me an email with a J&D picture, like a copy of a book
    that had something to do with some show.” NO-NO (Other person’s “overt”)
    “I deleted it. This was about a week or so after being at his house.” INSTRUCTION PROPAGANDA

    “That evening at Tom and Vickie’s house, Mari nattered about
    different subjects.” FORBIDDEN NO-NO (Other Person’s “Overt”)
    “I listened and didn’t say much.” INSTRUCTION PROPAGANDA

    Most of the entire document follows this pattern.

    (Note: QUAL, if this really were an “Ethics Handling” of someone who feels they have transgressed their own sense of honor and their group, then FLUNK on letting them get off other people’s overts and ending each one with their a justification.)

  44. Bingo, Mike. I’ve never met a rock that could see.

  45. Oh, okay, so she does post the IDs she posted under.

    “I posted under the names of Goddess, Eli, Snicks and AnOT. I will,
    to the best of my ability, disclose what I posted.”

    EXCEPT…haven’t been able to pull up any of these IDs with a search! Except THIS Article. The Bullshit Meter is going crazy!!

  46. This makes me ill.
    “I harmed the only group on the planet that can and does help
    mankind.” – wow. that is just, well, SO wrong.
    She sounds very brainwashed, what with this nanny poo-poo tattle telling, I mean “write up” and all.
    I truly, truly feel for her. And anyone else within those org walls. Sigh.

  47. Good point E4L. All of those hundreds of thousands of Scientologists who are not in the Org or not on lines, well they aren’t over here either. Righto! How many of those hundreds of thousands of people that walked through the doors are on lines now? We aren’t keeping numbers stats!

  48. I think we have something new in the fold here! A Born Again Scientologist!

  49. Plant…

  50. “Circle Talk”
    The US troops in Iraq have a term for what the locals give them when questioned about what is going on or their possible involvement in anything counter-the new government or criminal. they get “circle talk” from the locals. That part of the world is especially adept at it.
    Ms. Lewis has demonstrated how very adept our former brethren are as well.
    Not that she demonstrated a lick of sense in her rambling post, poor thing, but that is the product of the CoS these days.
    Nonsensical circle talk.

  51. These disingenuous mea culpas make me sick (more can be found at Here we have an indoctrinated member of the Cult of Scientology free herself enough to learn some truths about her captor, only to then return herself to bondage with a self-flagellating public mea culpa. Lewis goes further- she actually rats out her friends and acquaintances like a scared kindergartner questioned about a missing box of crayons.

    Have you noticed how these A-E Return to Bondage Statements always include accusations of malfeasance for which the Cult itself excels? Lewis asserts that the independent movement inflates its web presence through the use of multiple user ID’s. For the love of Christ, is she not aware that the Church of Scientology is world renown for this type of deception with its photoshopped event pics and absurdly inflated membership claims? Perhaps she should contact Lisa Lirones, aka “Louanne,” who in an attempt to kiss the Malicious Dwarf’s boot in her own A-E penance has posted under so many different names that she has been anointed the Queen of Sock Puppets.

    It is impossible as a free American to accept the simply outrageous behavior of the organization. It has trampled on nearly every liberty and God-given right of its members and critics. And it’s done it for decades. And with selfish, arrogant impunity.

    We can only hope that one day David Miscavige will be put in his rightful place. In an orange boy-size jumpsuit provided by the Department of Corrections.

  52. I was looking through my mom’s old “All About Radiation” the other day. I found this from a chapter by LRH: begin fair quote
    “Brainwashing is a very simple mechanism. One gets a person to agree that something might be a certain way and then drives him by introverting him and through self-criticism to the possibility that it is that way.”
    IMO, this girl has accepted that she is a Victim.
    Also, she sites Jan Jessup as her negative influence. If this is the same Jan Jessup who was Flag Rep WUS in 1973 at the FOLO on Beacon street in LA, I know she is full of it! I was priviledged enough to have Jan as a Senior for a short period in 1973. I haven’t seen her since then but, she was one of the greatest positive influences in my life! What a stellar individual! She was a larger than life type who lived and breathed What Is Greatness. I still remember her and have wondered many times how she is. I hope this is her and if so, I’m glad she’s out there kickin up dust!

  53. WE, It was small to her because she was so afraid to step out and actually LOOK. Not surprising though … she was used to having her head in the sand … hadn’t even heard of Anderson Cooper. Sheesh.

  54. A planted rock.

  55. That was my thought too. Like .. where has this woman been?

    Very sad.

  56. Ottoscotto, yes — the question is WHEN did the spiritual death occur? Before she was sent in as a planted rock? Or after the Letter on Parade. One wonders.

  57. crashingupwards, she is truly not bright. As far as a set-up from the beginning, no, she got caught lurking at her job and had to scramble to find a way to make herself right. There are many of these lemmings in the Bay Area that will do and say anything to “protect” themselves. It is all about being liked and doing and saying the right thing. It has nothing to do with applying Scientology correctly.

  58. Bingo!! $$$$ and that mean snide vindictive one-upsmanship tone

  59. Per her “don’t kill me, please!” admission, Susan Lewis posted 64 times through March16, 2011, under the four handles she claimed:
    Snicks – 17
    Goddess – 31
    Eli – 9
    AnOT – 7

  60. Ewww…propitiation. Susan! Strap on a pair, love.

    As I’m sure you are aware, a “dangerous or threatening environment” could also be created by a belief that SPs and “enemies” are lurking everywhere. Or terrorists. Or OSA, for that matter.

    It is not so different to Bush and Blair creating The War On Terror™ and a “culture of fear” to maintain their power and authority.

    “The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.” – Hermann Goering, Nuremberg Diary, 1947, (Gustave Gilbert).

    One day, Susan, you will read your “public announcement” back to yourself and shudder.

  61. This announcement of Ms. Lewis’ appears to be Step B of A-E.

    This baffled being, is trying to stick to a moral code that has watching the news, reading the internet, and communication with a list of ‘forbiddens’ twisted into a Suppressive Act. The CofM has Errors in the Code jacked up to SP Acts, which is bad enough, but none of what his woman is sacrificing herself to is even ON the list.

    Davirotomy – the missing sixth book of the Old Testament which has in it all the unspoken, hidden, and terrifyingly consequential transgressions that ubiquitous and pervading MAAs and DSAs and in particular the deity Miscavmagog are there to police.

    This ain’t Scientology. This is a bad dramo of some kind of 16th/17th century isolated English Puritanical fearville which was itself R6 in locked down mode.

    Somebody is breaking these straws, weak to start out with.

  62. “The numbers of people involved are very very
    small. I was myself part of it posting under numerous IDs making it seem more but in actual fact the percentage of people involved is miniscule.”

    Hm, talking about being stupid. Most of the people I know personally who are following this blog are not posting. David is going to fall, I have no doubts about it. Keep up the good work Marty.

  63. How can this woman say, “The beatings were done by Mike and Marty,” and NOT ask, “Wait a minute, how did the group allow that? Doesn’t that violate the HCOPL titled Knowledge Reports? Doesn’t that mean the group which allowed it is an out-ethics group? How can I justify NOT applying LRH’s written policy on this exact subject?”

    But then she’d have to ask, “Where am I? What am I? Who the F*K AM I?”

    It looks like she applied the doubt formula without having the conditions lower than that handled.

    She has gone back into “Delusion.”

  64. I feel she had lots of help in writing this. It is so Darlene B and Mark W and Allender like.

  65. Conclusion: That Susan Lewis Bognition Letter is a Phony “Ethics Handling” of a planted Rock.

    PSA (Public SerFac Announcment) bringing your another fabricated Scientology Inc Bognition.

    She came. She didn’t see. She took a big crap.

    #FAIL on Bullshit Black Propaganda attempted. Your BULLSHIT may be VEILED but it still STINKS.

    Another EPIC FAIL by OSA NonIntel.

  66. Spot on Veritas …

    I loved *this* one …

    “I can’t come up with any additional justifications and the ones I had just don’t work for me anymore.”

    Oh dear … they don’t work anymore??? Man, what use is a damn justifier for if it don’t work no more!!

    Sheesh … get creative! 🙂

  67. I just browsed through the comments posted by this pumpkin. My take: she is a planted vegetable 🙂

  68. Then after that lame preamble it really gets going, layering in the vile propaganda about Marty and Mike (THEY do the blahblahblah NOT David Miscavage), and Paul Haggis (HE’s the blahblabhDOG PC).

    OSA, Dead Agenting stinks like a rotting rat when it’s based on lies and malice. It, like Scientology, is supposed to be based on truth. You’ve got things really reversed there. Wake up.

  69. Joe Pendleton

    Of course what is totally missing from Sue Lewis’ writeup (and you can understand WHY it is missing) is any of her PERSONAL experiences/observations about the CofS which started the cycle of LOOKING further into the total culture of the church. Uhm……it ain’t about “the beatings” or Anderson Cooper. It’s not about Marty or Mike or Dan. It’s about FORCE being used against one to shape one’s thinking and postulates. It’s about allowing and agreeing to turn over one’s own choice of who to communicate with and who to have ARC for to others (based mostly on fear of being kicked out of the group or losing one’s job or one’s family). And for these same reasons, it’s about giving a group of quite abberated and ignorant people the power over one’s own dynamics (which most definately includes one’s finances and second dynamic). And really it’s about making one more AT EFFECT, instead of at cause, which is the opposite of the original purposes of Scientology and of auditing.

    I don’t know whether Sue Lewis was a plant or not. Probably not (if she was, you’d think she’d of come up with more “juicy” stuff and some more terminals). Maybe she was “offered immunity” by ethics (which to me means she doesn’t have to pay for any sec checks – the real punishment for non SO folks). It’s been about 30 years since I last saw her. Didn’t know she was back in California.

    There’s so much more here that can be said about the phenomena of “staying righteous with one’s church” I wouldn’t even know where to begin. But one last comment. Re: Tom and Vicki Chandler. I hope Tom and Vicki are reading this. Two extrememly high ARC individuals. I truly hope the Chandlers are indeed readers and posters on this blog. They don’t need me to validate them as beings, but it would be very nice to know that these two people have their eyes wide open and their hearts open as well. That would just make them even more admirable in my eyes (Sue, your writeup may have the opposite of the “intended” effect!!!!)

  70. Marty.

    Plant or vegetable? Really the question is plant or weak-kneed, heavily PTS sponge. And the answer is “doesn’t matter, the net result is the same.”

    Many have already pointed out the obvious outpoints in this write-up, but I had to laugh at the “Who’s Anderson Cooper” line — and the next minute she is an expert on 60 Minutes and all things to do with the internet.

    I also note that the C of M is playing russian roulette with respect to the FBI. Convincing the koolaid drinkers there is no FBI investigation isnt hard, they will buy anything. And its probably the only thing they CAN do. They know they are safe now as no law enforcement agency will confirm or deny an ongoing investigation, until…

    It’s an “all or nothing” desperation strategy. If nothing ever comes of any investigation they are safe.

    If, on the other hand….

    Can you imagine what someone like Suzie here would think IF the “impossible” happened and it was disclosed there was in fact an FBI investigation??

    Oh dear, now that would be a kick in the teeth.

    Worse even than Tommy announcing there is no disconnection would guess…

    A final note — the public for Suzie Q is on-lines Scientologists. It helps the leaders of the cult to have their sheep worried about who may “rat” on them. The less open communication the better. Suzie Q isnt going to have any impact on independent Scientologists of course, she may even help a few who have been “under the radar” step onto the screen (Dickie?). And non- Scientologist would read this and reject her out of hand as an uneducated socially stunted cult member. Marty has commented a few times about the movie “The Lives of Others” — here you see the Stasi world depicted in that movie alive and well today in the C of M.

  71. Little Susie had a bognition that her implant was unflat- otherwise why would she feel the freedom to suddenly think on her own, have some tawdry moments of levity with OTDT and actually be in the vicinity of Standard Tech. No, there has to be a massy, humorless, overwhelmed by the thought police feeling to really have those implant wins. I”m sure with lots of money she will achieve full robot beingness. She just had a little relapse towards that state.

  72. Vegetable — absolutely vegetable.
    She is right there next to the cabbages, the potatoes and the cauliflower.
    OMG. Here is proof that vegetables can’t think for themselves and never will.

  73. marionette
    zilch sensory perception, nada analytical ability, void of self determinism, apparency of motion

    This assembly of words is crafted from the some source as those “annihilate the credibility of documents.” It’s written to put fear into those who might dare look.

    I do happen to know Mari pretty well. I do consider her a friend. A person of good intentions and good will — definitely. She stepped up the the plate to help when there was no one else who would confront the situation driving my marriage apart. She has been of untold support and assistance for my family over the duration of the friendship.

    I don’t think enough folks will be able to recognize the cult, even Gestapo-like, NKVD-like tactics, and behavior manifest in this Susan Lewis collection of words. It can get lower than this, but man, this is sub sewer level here.

    Bruce Pratt

  74. Damnit! And I was countering on her taking the third loan out on her boyfriend’s condo so she could get a 5 sets of Basics each to the Brazilian and Thai libraries so that I could meet the income target set by Mr. David Miscavig… Oh wait! I forgot! That’s the CofM, not me!

  75. Well, wait a minute, I thought she said she called Dan Koon and he said there werent any beatings?

  76. No — not born again.
    She is a Flip Flop SP wannabe.

  77. Yvonne Schick

    Veritas, Thank you for pointing this out. I knew it read slimy but I had not put my finger on this glaring outpoint. ml, yvonne

  78. Marty, interesting. I was beginning to wonder why I had not heard from Susan in a while. I looked through all my old hushmail messages and found several comm cycles I had with Susan which I am forwarding to you now on your hushmail account. It might be interesting to let folks read what Susan wrote to me versus what she has posted above and let readers make up their own minds.

  79. She did mention an out 3D with OTDT.

  80. Susan, to go that LOW to RAT out your friends…..WOW!!!
    I would hate to be walking in your shoes right now.
    There isn’t nothing worse than being known as a SNITCH!!!
    WAKE UP and get the hell out of that so called “Church” and go apologize to your friends.

  81. Very good, V.

  82. She also mentions she loves being on staff at a Mission. But if Anon showed up there to protest for a few weeks as a result of this they would put her ass at the first bus stop after a few days. With a freeloader debt.

  83. Joe-you are so right about the force.

  84. Tony Dephillips

    This post made me recall how in session at Flag or if a terminal outside of session at Flag would cut me off and never want to hear about the out-points I was seeing. I could never understand WHY they at least wouldn’t listen first before cutting me off. Now I am sure they had marching orders NOT TO LISTEN TO NATTER. That would be a HUGE OVERT. They could be punished for even listening and being in communication. Because then they would have the dreaded “mutual out-ruds”. They might find out the truth.
    So dm’s strategy is:
    Cut comm.
    No listening to out-points
    Intimidate people who think freely
    Keep the bots in the dark
    Third party anyone trying to expose him.

    It all boils down to him trying to cover up his overts and him destroying the church while lining his pockets. Just like any other two bit tyrant running some poor nation who eventually runs off to Switzerland or Argentina for amnesty.

  85. I am not sure what to think on this one I act with caution sounds weird.

  86. Tony Dephillips

    That was good Veritas.

  87. For Susan Lewis.

  88. Chad Braunersrither

    William-that’s pretty funny if that’s suppose to be a joke. The sad part of it is we know that the church is going to suck her dry of finances to make up the damage.

  89. And here’s what she said

  90. Jethro Is In The Zone

    Why did Dan Koon and Jim Logan deny that they never saw the beatings occur? I thought they were at the Int base for a long time.

    So, now Mike Rinder was also doing the beatings too? How did she come to that conclusion? Not even Tommy Davis accused Rinder of beating anyone. Clearly this woman lacks some critical thinking skills.

    Let’s hope the following power terminals in the South Bay soon resign from Corporate Scientology (maybe some already have):

    1) Bob & Dickie Conn
    2) Tom & Vicki Chandler
    3) Jon & Mari Perry

    People like John Allender will never resign – too brainwashed.

  91. Chad Braunersrither

    Reading her account was like looking at the mirror of myself in a past life. I’m so glad to be done with the CO$. I love the fact this new group of Indies are so willing to communicate even if it’s uncomfortable. So many subjects seemed taboo whilst in Scientology. I still watch Tom Cruise movies even though I think his personal life is nuts. I remember that I stopped watching M.A.S.H. because one of the stars was an active member of CAN. I learned very quickly that you didn’t make MASH references no matter how funny.

  92. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Hey Carol!!

    So there IS more than one illiterate involved here!

    I am of the belief there are factual characteristics that go with those stuck in perpetual propitiation —
    Can not communicate conceptually
    Can not compose and nor deliver logical and simple verbal or written communication. ( Yes I know, one in the same.)

    How did ANYONE understand ANYTHING this lady had to say. Sheesh!

    In fact, where is the application of LRH Ethics Technology – Doubt Formula Public Announcement??

    This is more of a public display of illiteracy.

    Lucky for you lady, LRH developed RPEC! As soon as your delusion wears off there is one simple piece of LRH Technology you can avail yourself of ….. Repair Of Past Ethics Conditions!

    For some reason a line from a movie comes to mind I would bet she herself has either stated or believed in….. “I see Dead People!”

    Come to think of it, your statement of: ” 4) I harmed the only group on the planet that can and does help mankind.” Are you kidding me??!!

    This is an insult to all the Departments of Transportation around the world. They help mankind more than RS could ever imagine. Think about it, how in the hell did you get to each location where you discovered your having become disaffected to two groups!

    How about Fire Fighters, Police Officers or even the very PI’s the church hires to track and report on people such as yourself. Don’t all these people help mankind?? Go tell one of them they are second to Scientology in regards to helping mankind!

    What a turd laid on a perfectly manicured lawn you are!

    — Jackson

  93. The comments here are a great measure of how far we have come as Independents, how much more discerning we are now!

    Compare the responses to “Goddess” when she introduced herself on this blog just one year ago:

    Also, compare her posts then, with this announcement by Susan Lewis that Marty posted here.

    I do not know whether she, if she was”Goddess”, was a plant then; I think so; her posts were not believable to me then.

    Her announcement now is beyond sad, the words of a broken piece, dictated by her handlers. A few dying bits of the “Goddess” flavor still there, but fading fast. Of course what she posted then was unreal to start with, a fantasy scene. All that was lacking was the unicorn. Was it on her own initiative then? What did she think she was going to accomplish? To me it seems she may have been plant back then. Now she is just some sad fertilizer.

  94. Plant or Vegetable? Mushroom!

  95. Joe Howard

    Mike, She never called me, but we have had numerous emails back and forth. I just sent these to Marty and cc’d you and Steve on hushmail. To be honest, the only physical abuse I personally ever saw DM deliver was to Ray Mithoff before the March 1996 final briefing to the teams about to fire out from Int on the hugely successful Golden Age of Management evolution. Ray and I were called up to Qual before the teams arrived and we were waiting around a few minutes. Then DM arrived and he began abusing Ray verbally. I was standing some distance away and could not hear what they were talking about but all of a sudden DM kicked Ray in the ass three times in rapid succession. It was actually kind of funny seeing a guy 4’6″ kicking a guy 6’6.” DM looked like one of those Thai kick boxers BAM! BAM! BAM! right in the ass three times.
    Believe it or not to all former Int staff reading this but that is the only time I saw DM actually physically abuse another person. Does that mean that I doubt any account that others have related about DM abusing people. NOT FOR A SECOND! In fact, I would swear that every one is true. I saw him do it once. The man has zero external restraints on his dramatizations. He can act on whatever impulse he feels at the moment with utter impunity. And he does.
    By the way, the verbal abuse and sleep deprivation were far worse in the long run that getting slapped upside the head or kicked in the butt.
    I just read Susan Lewis’ full comm. She said that she told me to handle my scene and that she was cutting the comm line in so many words. I guess hushmail was down that day because I never got that one. I have sent several others to Marty and perhaps he will publish them in full with dates and the readers can draw their own conclusions. Oh, the indelible footprint of the Internet!

  96. The idea could be to get people not to look for themselves.

    It’s like, Susan investigated the situation and found them to be what the church says they are so you don’t have to now.

  97. One thing that bothered me was that this is a public announcement – ala Doubt condition, of course. Yet, it is incredibly long, and looks like it is a confession (certainly not an OW write up – where is the Time, Place, Form and Event?) rather than an announcement.

    Every doubt announcement I have seen has been like this:

    “I, Joe Blow, have decided to stay with the incredibly upstat group of Scientologists in the X org.”

    A lot of times, you wonder which group was on the other side. Sometimes there was an added “and leave the group of low-tones, overt-ridden nattering nabobs of negativism…”

    But never this! Is this really hanging on a wall in some mission or org somewhere? My God! Imagine what her now-former friends (even those not outed in this “announcement”, and even those not “disaffected”) will say when they see her the next time:

    “Hey Sue! Great public announcement! Really!… Oh, darn, there’s my cell phone. I really, really must go. But, it was SO great to see you. Let’s get together sometime…” which, of course, will never happen… Not anymore.

    Except, of course, her good friends the reges and fund-raisers. They will still call her.

  98. right on V

  99. Jim, what is needed is a “Davirectomy”. Take a close look at this word and define it however you will. 🙂

  100. Well, seems to me just part of the roller coaster. She’ll come around again, quite chagrined no doubt, but still much welcomed.

  101. martyrathbun09

    Not from me Dan. I must not have read them because all this is news to me.

  102. This letter/writeup illustrates the absolute paralysis of thought that occurs when in the snares of the suppressive church, dangling the threat of “eternity” and cut personal connections. This girl strikes me as being in terror. Her writeup is a rambling, disjointed pitiful communication that is painful to read as it’s a window into the soul of someone with no integrity.

    The absolute illogic is mind boggling. For example, she now knows there is no FBI Investigation? Really? How was the absence of an investigation proven to her?

    I’d say unbelievable but it’s not.

  103. martyrathbun09

    Never heard of her. If it was a while ago it won’t be there as I clean out the files periodically.

  104. Eileen Clark

    Dumb and Dumber

    Pathetic attempt. Usual OSA solid drivel because it all comes from stupidity. Susan Lewis has just nailed a whole slew of nails into her own coffin. Dumb.

    Wonder how many folks will come out now…:-)

  105. As I’ve stated before, if she’s a plant, then the idea is something that I’ve run into years ago on ARS.

    The idea is this:

    “I’ve done a thorough investigation of the Independent seen and found it to be the way DM says it is, so now you don’t have to investigate the situation for yourselves. I’ve saved you the trouble.”

    The idea is to keep people from LOOKING FOR THEMSELVES.

    Don’t ever let others do your looking for you!

  106. Mike Hobson

    Cypher – “Why, oh why, didn’t I take the *blue* pill ?”

    Michael A. Hobson

  107. Marty — He sent them just now. You wouldnt have seen them before.

    Of course Suzie Q was extremely solicitious and told Dan how much she was enlightened by the Save Scientology site (among other things).

  108. We care about the planet and mankind. We care about the same things you do. We are not SP’s. We are auditing and getting auditing. We are training and getting training. I know that is an inconvenient truth. We are here speaking up because we care about you. And the others in this arena who are lost in madness they cannot overcome, just as you are now.

  109. You’ve kind of identified yourself as all or any of the above just by addressing this pathetic and lost soul as a “source of income.” I doubt that would ever have occurred to anyone else around here. Good job.

  110. There have been several “signposts” the subject of SCN was dead within the Church of DM. To name a few.

    1. Once “everyone knew” at FLAG you weren’t allowed to audit like LRH’s model auditing tapes.

    2. Once allegiance to RTC orders became what bought you post-security, and not high-production OR allegience to PLs or HCOBs.

    3. Once sec checking became an expensive whip used against OTs who have to pay a premium for it instead of a tool for relief.

    4. Once Scientologits became convinced that “suppression” was not something to be confronted OR shattered, but something to be run away from at full speed. (let OSA do all the confronting for you — you just keep being a good little Scientologist and don’t think for yourself.

  111. 1

  112. OuttaThere

    Sounds like DM. Only thing he thought about was money.

  113. Also, re-read Goddess’ introductory post in light of the data in Steve, Mike and Marty’s on “Catching Scientology Spies”:

    From her introduction, in which she quickly establishes her supposedly close relationship and huge esteem for and with LRH, and in the
    next breath indirectly invalidates him by her description of her (supposed) experience on staff in the 1970s:

    “My quick history is that I am an OT, trained supe and auditor since 1973, past life Clear (1948) and LRH was my auditor and trained me
    I was on staff in the 70’s and it was a complete horror story. All I will say about that is I know what it is like to be physically hurt and have your entire group turn on you and to be labeled an SP. No Comm Ev, just a verbal declaration.”

    Talk about zeroing right in on the buttons Independents are likely to have!

    She mentions LRH numerous times, but never mentions DM at all.

    In 2010, I feel she was a plant, perhaps a volunteer. Today, she may be a plant, but she is definitely a vegetable.

  114. Spartacus6042

    Expelled4Life, yes, exactly! And that is a rule of thumb when listening to or reading a 1.1 : Whatever is being said, it is the exact opposite.

    One does marvel at how they advertise stellar people are in disagreement/disaffected! (Over confidence and arrogance that Davey’s little name-calling tantrums and Photoshopping horns on people’s photos can change truth?)

    But then again, they promote John Allender as an OT8 Ambassador in a goofy teeshirt and camera duct-taped to his head sneering on someone’s doorstep as a victory. Go figure.

  115. I think you got it exactly, atcause.

  116. WindWalker


    in the letter Susan Lewis says:
    “LRH says that I am to say that I realize my actions were ignorant
    and unfounded and then to say what the influences were, etc.”

    That’s curious. I have never read that one before. Anyone have a location in LRH policy for that one?

    I seriously doubt that LRH would ever tell anyone to SAY such a thing. Were he to have said something like that at all, I would bet he would tell the person to “Come to your senses and recant” perhaps, but this?

    And “coming to her senses” seems to be a long way from what she did. But I give her credit, She has seen the error of her ways and she is “taking it all back.” Hmmmm Good luck with that. The universe really doesn’t work that way. You can fix it, you can take full responsibility for it, but you don’t get to “take it all back”.


  117. Willy —

    Can you shed any light on Ms Lewis’ status being former GO?
    How about her refusal to get on board with GAT?


  118. theoracle, I understand…and they know this. It gets even more twisted. Why? How? Well, because what you say is the very reason for David Miscavige’s blown gasket. If you were NOT using Scientology, he wouldn’t mind.

    1.1 is 100% the opposite of what it purports, claims and represents.

    To Lex Luther, Superman is an SP. If you take a look through his eyes, the rage is anyone using Scientology without asking Miscavige May I, here’s everything I have and am.

    It’s tough but I’m getting it zero’d in: 1.1 is 100% the exact opposite of what it purports, claims and represents.

    Someone using Scientology as the knowledge given for the purpose as intended IS an SP to an SP!

  119. BTW laughing out loud that video!! 😀

  120. Yeah, I thought that was funny. “Really, you’re taking it all back? When? Between recess and lunch time?”

  121. She wrote: “I was on staff in the 70’s and it was a complete horror story. ”
    Pathetic. Susan left out the last part of that sentence, the unspoken “command intention” of her (implanted) thought… “before David Miscavige saved the day from the bumblewit Hubbard.”

  122. Sapere Aude

    Warning? On your post – he website truthbetoldDOTonsourcescnDOTcom is a bona fide C of S site. Visit knowing you will receive tracker cookies. Suggest you use an proper security before visiting to maintain your privacy. It is just a site of A-E public statements, visit if you wish but you have been warned.

  123. Mushroom —- yes! Fed bullshit and kept in the dark.

  124. veritas,
    That’s EXACTLY what this piece is. It’s the Manual on what to do for all good citizens of DMland relative to the phenomenon of independent Scientologists.

    Spot on. Very spot on.

    All that and a keen application of the Data Series too!

  125. Margaret, it might even be more pathetic than someone who was cloistered. It’s actually sinister. Because OSA operatives use that line to discredit people as in they are “nobody.” It’s the famous OSA brand 1.1. invalidation ploy of “Anderson WHO?” They try to discredit opinion leaders that way.

    As MRinder points out, in one breath it’s “Anderson Cooper Who?” but she talks very net savvy and culture aware in other places; Outpoint, conflicting data. And this is the person that calls other people “liar” — translation when a 1.1. calls someone a liar. What is the opposite of liar?
    Translation when a 1.1.calls someone a Nobody? You got it!

  126. Valkov:

    Thanks for linking to that.

    I recall being very weirded out by her story at the time because it was so out-pointy. No courseroom inside Corp C of S today would be as she described and yet she didn’t state that it was an independent courseroom. Someone even asks about her courseroom but she never answered the question, but answered others’ comments.

    The description of staff in the 70s was the most glaring outpoint. I never experienced what she describes nor did any of my friends who were on staff at other orgs or missions during those years. Just the opposite, in fact.

    Her story from this linked post is so corny, my call is she’s a PLANT.

  127. In fact, veritas has spotted the purpose of the propaganda ‘mea culpa’. This is the ‘how to’ of marching in step. It’s a fabricated Step B of A-E. A manufactured statement of nonsense that has no other purpose than to tell a shrinking public that they will be declared should they stray from the suppressive Church of Miscavige masquerading as Scientology.

    A ‘Davirectomy’: the recycling of this morning’s coffee in places coffee has no business being after which one has an impulse to ‘tomy’ the ‘rectum’ in an attempt to return to a semblance of what life was like before one did a ‘Davirectomy’.

    The CofM has the character of its leader. It is a sick entity and 1.1 on the Tone Scale is a reach up. This whole series of articles is ample evidence of the rotten core of this man and those who would keep him propped up. An object lesson in the facts of life. Our lesson. And from the looks of things, many more are getting the lesson and freeing up from the black enchantment.

    And Dave, I’m ON the NOTs course that has the actual LRH materials. It’s absolutely wonderful. I couldn’t begin to express how cool this stuff is when you are trained and ready. Unbe-freakin’- lievable !!!

  128. Seeking4know

    My two cents….

    Regarding the recent posts:

    Catching Radical Scientology Spies
    Rise and Shine
    Plant or Vegetable?

    Someone close to me has recently begun to “attempt” to do conditions with me. The pitch behind it is that he knows I feel that there is a difference between “Scientology the Subject” and “Scientology the Organization”

    I have been vocal, to the people in my life which are still IN, about how I feel about the discrepancies between what Scientology is and should be and what I have ACTUALLY observed inside the Orgs. These, at times, are nearly 100% the opposite i.e. harsh/unnecessary ethics, regging for IAS instead of helping one achieve the next level, the complete lack of ARC, etc.

    The normal response 2 or 3 years ago for pointing out that Scientology the Subject and Scientology the Organization were two different things- was to deny deny deny and then counter attack. Where did you hear that? Who told you that? And then attempt to DA. Not only close relatives attempted this or Org personnel, but also an OSA contact that was working with me 2 -3 years back.

    When this close relative of mine, all of the sudden, approached me to try to work things out his approach was EXTREMELY different. It began with the acknowledgement that there are some discrepancies between the Subject and the Organization. He acknowledged my point of view. He said he had read all of the blogs and had done his personal research, etc…. same as this Susan Lady.

    Now, I have reasons to believe that my relative is doing a program, since he is fresh back from AO on OT V and recently sec checked due to his comms with me and reading said blogs. Moreover, he wasn’t allowed on OTVI because of those things.

    His “suggestion” was to do conditions in regards to the Organization. Since I told him I didn’t need to do a condition in regards to the Subject of Scientology, as I had always stood by what I felt was correct. His handling seemed to be…. to say “Hey you were part of the group, why are you going over to enemy sites and listening to these people who have a beef? Shouldn’t you do a condition for pretending to be part of the group (meaning the Orgs)?”

    I feel that the program is to STOP, to have someone stop looking and observing and to instead introvert into what one may have done or not done while in the church. Even if one had seen on his own the decline in Scientology- all the indicators are called “mutual out ruds” and not facts. The news in regards to the church are called “entheta” and not outpoints. The Indies are called “PTSes and SPs” and not individuals who are actually seeing what is really going on and are now looking for answers. The typical OSA lines are just a complete denial of reality.

    In my humble opinion, if one is “on the fence” it is easy to remain a spectator and the church is preying on that. In my case my close relative has been fishing for information. Who do I know? Who have I been in comm with? All while “not really seeming to be trying to get information”

    As a spectator one really doesn’t KNOW what is actually being done in the Scientology Independent movement. The groups that are forming, the field auditors, the whistleblowers that are coming forward, etc- those are just unknowns to someone on the fence.

    Miscavige is preying on Scientologists “sitting back” and seeing how it all turns out. But LRH said quite the opposite-“The worse thing to do is nothing”

    Personally, I have for a few years been moving up the bridge with a family member or two, whom I managed to help see the light. In my case 80% of my family is still IN. In spite of that I haven’t stopped doing what I feel is correct and no one has “caught me” or “gotten me in trouble”, no one has “declared me”.

    I know I speak for me and my spouse- that the SOLUTION to any QUESTIONS is to look for your nearest Independent Scientology group or field auditor and continue up the path (Life Improvement Center, Trey Lots, Marty, John Nunez, Ken Urquhart and MANY MANY others). There are tons of these wonderful people out there, who will not reg you to buy them a house or charge you hundreds of thousands of dollars to sec check you.

    It is safe.

    OSA is undermanned and doesn’t have the resources to investigate/attack/catch all of us. All OSA can do is attempt to STOP and even that can’t be done if one knows what the real deal is.

    In my own case, no one can come and tell me that the Indies are bad or squirrel or PTS because I first peeked out and then came out and now that I know what is out here it would actually be a crime to go back and go into agreement with the church’s ACTUAL mutual out ruds and false data.

    The best one can do is keep on moving on up (a lil’ bit higher) and lend a hand to those who haven’t seen the light and felt the sun… like we all have.

  129. I read her first postings and the red flag was ” being like Switzerland “she was neutral and never took a stand. She was still working for the enemy, had friends in high places in the Church and never applied doubt.
    BTW doe she know Charlie Sheen?

  130. Sapere Aude


    Reference is Step B of A-E, steps to handle Suppressive Acts. Page 316 in new ethics book. Course it also says the only terminal is IJC and statement must be signed before witnesses (which she doesn’t name). More likely she was caught and sold her soul to attempt to buy herself a ride of the trainwreck.

    She didn’t come to any senses. Even if you read step B you will see her letter and attack of Indies goes beyond what the step is for. It is supposed to be HER step B and not just repeating false PR about Indies. Her integrity was all she had to ensure some sane eternity and she just gave it up.

  131. Very well put Michael! +1

  132. Joe Pendleton

    Dan, I for one would be interested in reading that comm. Get the T,F,P&E on how much she is altering on her present comm. Of course, historically under heavy duress (torture, severe threats, etc) many people have “changed their story” from the original truth to what they think their torturers want to hear.

  133. Joe Pendleton

    Ha ha

  134. Joe Pendleton

    That “ha ha” was for you Ingrid. A good one!

  135. Marty and Mike,
    I looked through my mail boxes and I didn’t have any of the mails but I did have the woman’s address. I seem to recall her sending me mail. I don’t recall the context though. Vaguely, somewhere back in the flimsy past that is my facsimile bank at this time, I think she was kind of equivocal about whatever it was she was trying to sort out. I would have directed her to LRH materials.

    I’m kind of simple that way. The complexity of these guys coming up is something else and proportional to the degree of their non-confront. That non-confront, of the suppressive lunatic David Miscavige and his intentional perversion and attempted destruction of the body of work of Scientology, to say nothing of his complete contradictions of LRH data on the Church and its policy and structure and the corruption of the LRH Estate Planning to the point of criminality (not the failure to donate to IAS kind, but the kind that government types have the authority to curtail) will be much tougher to get out of as they continue down his spiralling chute.

    I half think that more than a majority of the absurd OSA tactics must be cover for the one or two ‘old school’ type capers that DM has to have the Dave-labelled ‘GO Crims’ working out for him. Dave seems to forget his sworn statements about these ‘GO crims’. Odd that he’d be going to them now in’it. Sort of ‘consult the professionals’ and with whatever he’s offered them, get them on ‘the case’. Hmmmmm, curiouser and curiouser.

    Hey, Dave, DON”T send my old buddy George from Toronto. I got him into Scn. He’s a ‘GO crim’ that ain’t gonna buy what you sell. If he does, I’ll kick his arse. And tell his Mom.

  136. Tony,
    Bingo. But, I DO think there is a li’l more to the attempted destruction of the Church (now nothing really but a bunch of concrete buildings as monuments to DM as there ain’t no much publics) and the perversion of Scientology tech directed squarely at those on the Upper Levels.

    Sceintology, the subject, the tech, the workable principles and applications and the resulting gains for beings – THAT is the target DM has directly at the forefront of his acts.

  137. Windwalker,
    The following extract from HCO POLICY LETTER OF 23 DECEMBER 1965 explains what she is attempting to do. I know quite a few people who were forced to do A-E for having committed the horrendous crime of talking to people. Ghastly business that…communicating without permission to people who are so NOT on the okay-to-speak-with list.

    “If a person or a group that has committed a Suppressive Act comes to his, her or their senses and recants, the HCO Secretary:
    A. Tells the person or group to stop committing present time overts and to cease all attacks and suppressions so he, she or they can get a case gain;

    B. Requires a public announcement to the effect that they realize their actions were ignorant and unfounded and stating where possible the influences or motivations which caused them to attempt to suppress or attack Scientology; gets it signed before witnesses and published
    broadly, particularly to persons directly influenced or formerly associated with the former offender or offenders. The letter should be calculated to expose any conspiracy to suppress Scientology or the preclear or Scientologist if such existed;
    B(1). Requires that all debts owed to Scientology organizations are paid off;
    C. Requires training beginning at HAS at their expense if Division 4 (Training and Processing) will have the person or the group members;
    D. Makes a note of the matter with copies of the statement and files in the Ethics files;
    E. Informs the Chairman at Saint Hill and forwards a duplicate of the original copy which shows signatures.”

    I’ve a couple of questions for Susan Lewis:
    1. What mission were you supervising at?
    2. What courses were all these OTs taking?
    3. If you were doing so well and kicking butt, why the fascination with Dan Koon?
    Her intro letter had as many outpoints as here extro letter.

  138. SA,
    In the end, Susan still has to face life for real. There is NO road to OT that isn’t one of truth. This little side step into the mush is going to have to be dealt with by that being at some point or she isn’t going to get where she wants to get as a being. The way out is through, not back, into the mud.

  139. Her “declaration” is a pitiful confused plea to be taken back with a insinuated promise that she well never again entertain the thought that anything major could be wrong within her church.

    Susan could have saved “the ink” by summarizing her real crimes.

    1. She looked out-side of the church for information about it. Big no, no. “if it isn’t in Source Mag, Freedom or COB speech it isn’t true”

    2. Even worse….. She had a “thought” that there could be something way wrong coming from the top and that will never go unpunished.

    Thoughts like that are crimes, Susan, and you know this. Sure, you can write a KR if your account folder is messed up and it will probably be handled. But do not ever be caught EVEN CONSIDERING that there could be a systemic problem with the top of your org board!

    The minute you think these thoughts, or share them, you will be looking in to a mirror that leads into your mind and your church will have you mining for crimes (real or imagined). They will tell you they care about your spiritual advancement. You will feel alone, uncertain, weak and vulnerable – but keep telling yourself that “they care”

    She must be new as anyone who has been around awhile knows what to do when they think something might be REALLY wrong within their Church – immediately start self listing for ows.

    That is not accident, but is the design to keep COFS parishoners attention where he wants it….. One the next release, their current marching order or introverted on “what is wrong with me, why am I not a good scientologist”.
    That allows the status quo.

    As to friends, friends can speak to each other in confidence. If you violate the 2 golden rules above you have no friends within church and you are no ones friend. Husbands can not talk to wives, wives can not talk to their mother …..

    Next time she makes an observation, or has an independent thought she’ll do the right thing by Dave – shut your mouth and introvert.

  140. WindWalker

    Michael C

    I am guessing that you have never read or perhaps did not understand the actual LRH tech on what a real suppressive person is.
    A suppressive person is like a “bullies bully”. There aren’t very many but they certainly exist. Whether or not someone is actually a “Suppressive Person” has absolutely nothing to do with human rights, (it is a state of insanity) except in that the rest of us should have the right to live in a world where they cannot wreak their havoc.
    Now, to willi-nilli place the title and stigma of “SP” on people, without any regard for the facts… that is a totally different matter.


  141. A source of income???? Is that what you think this is all about?

  142. I am so glad that you posted Susan’s letter, Marty! Having been declared, one of the ones you must never speak to, I really didn’t know what was going on in the Bay Area. Over time, it seemed they had to know something, right?

    Gaining tools to handle life, creating ARC and bringing about understanding is what Scientology is all about. Having the technology to free people spiritually and seeing that happen before your very eyes is truly a gift that should not be wasted.

    Seeing the tech get corrupted and LRH’s purposes abandoned, it is not hard to understand the doubt that good Scientologists inevitably face. LRH gave us the solution to DOUBT right in the Ethics Book but the church condemns anyone who truly applies it because looking is forbidden. That simply is not LRH.

    To those of you in the Bay Area…I am Karen LaPorte, you might even know me.
    I am glad to hear people like Tom and Vicky are looking. They are great people who have invested their lives into helping others go free. Mari and I go way back as well and I hope that she has used her comm lines to get others to look as well. Despite all of the corruption that has occurred I still see many people who have the purpose to help their friends and families lead better, happier lives.

    What kind of freedom do we have if we cannot openly communicate to anyone on any subject? That’s a product of a Grade O Release! I heard about the abuses and I looked (for the purpose of dead agenting rumors) and I applied personal Integrity when I did it. I invite you all to look as well. Don’t take my word or anyone else’s, just look and be your own advisor. The truth will set you free.

    I decided quite a while back that I was not going to allow fear to hold me hostage and I publicly announced that I no longer supported the church. I love LRH and I love the tech he gave us. Unwilling to accept a corrupted version, I found that the only way that I could ensure that I got Scientology was to become and Independent Scientologist.

    I highly recommend: Friends of Ron, The Truth Rundown and videos, Scientology-Cult (don’t let the name scare you it has tons of documentation) to find out what is really going on in the church. With anything you will find some entheta, some natter but these sites are more fact oriented and you will see multiple reports which should lead you to some truth that you can think with.

    To preserve the future of LRH’s legacy, I ask you to LOOK.

  143. Hey Jackson! I see dead people…so appropriate. Here Ms Lewis is in LA doing her A-E. Good luck getting out of there without committing your next two years salary.

  144. Pissed Wizard

    Hmmm, non-OSA, non-DM, non-scientologist,
    I wonder how you know about this blog, why you would even bother with posting this and why you are in the least bit concerned with Marty.

    Odds are that you are DM, its by your lies we can know you.

  145. Watching Eyes

    You are so right.

  146. Les-It is amazing that she will have to go through all that because she commed to us. I have a feeling she has a lot to do and it will cost plenty of $s

  147. “If you were NOT using Scientology, he wouldn’t mind.”

    Jesus, that’s the truth isn’t it?

  148. and if we’re all SPs – there is something wrong with LRH policy because there are hundreds of us who agree and have seen the truth firsthand. We are growing in numbers at an alarming rate. DM is going to have to do some more alterations to LRH PTS tech to justify this.

  149. It illustrates the general groovy feel the Independent movement has. We really have it going on!

  150. Valkov wrote: “Of course what she posted then was unreal to start with, a fantasy scene. All that was lacking was the unicorn.”


  151. WOW !!! Loved the post title…

    Does a normal person, in a normal state of mind, write like that?
    The fear and the thought stopping elements throughout the letter are staggering!

    What an amazing study on human behavior and behavioral conditioning!
    Thanks for sharing this Marty, and as far as I’m concerned, Plants and Veggies are live forms, I couldn’t find any life between her lines 😉

  152. This comment about not knowing who Anderson Cooper was, to me, almost sounded strained and made-up in an attempt to denigrate Anderson Cooper. The church has tried to make him look bad after the show aired, as they have done to all the whistleblowers. So if this was a church planned infiltration, then it would make sense to add in a little jab in there at Anderson Cooper, by pretending she didn’t even know who he was. Just a thought I had while reading this very pathetic Knowledge Report style letter, that basically says “I have no personal integrity, I can’t think for myself, and if you tell me to jump off the building into the hot lava, I will do what you say.”

  153. Joe Howard

    BTW, anyone who wants to read Susan Lewis’ blog can do so here:
    She gives relationship advice.

  154. “Plant – Vegetable with the added button of self-importance. Without that button they can hardly be steered into action.”
    From the OSA-Handbook “Planting for Dummies”

  155. The worldwide traffic to this site is up 34% in the last 3 months, while the worldwide traffic to has decreased 25% in the last three months.

    In the US this blog ranks 27,837 US ranking 54,185

    Quite a significant difference in traffic for what she calls a “miniscule” movement. And this site doesn’t advertise.

  156. Ah, just the usual CO$ fear & amends-driven, teethie-weethie, reborn “State of Atonement” lower condition formulas.

    She’ll end up with a Check Sec at some point.

  157. Meant to include those stats come from

  158. Hmm .. you even got your post in first. Boy, your F5 key reaaally must be broken 🙂
    David: You’re just a pathetic obsessed fool 😀

  159. WindWalker

    Thank you Sapere Aude and LDW

    Somehow I had missed or forgotten that part. Oh dear.
    Well I stand corrected.
    ( I have confirmed that it is actually in the original HCO PL of 23 Dec 65, Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists, The Fair Game Law)


  160. Howard Roark

    What a low-toned Public Announcement. I wouldn’t make that thing BPI. Who would want to be like her? Confusion.

    Vegetable… Plant… Vegetable…Plant…Vegeplant!

  161. William, this is for you and your “church.”

    The Five Stages of Dying: (modifications made to the Kübler-Ross Model in regards to the “Church” of Scientology)

    1. Denial — “I feel fine.”; “This can’t be happening, not to me.” “Marty Rathbun is an SP” “”David Miscaviage is saving our church”
    Denial is usually only a temporary defense for the individual. This feeling is generally replaced with heightened awareness of possessions and individuals that may be left behind after they leave.

    2. Anger — “Why me? It’s not fair!”; “How can this happen to me?”; ‘”Who is to blame?” “There are SP’s in our midst!”
    Once in the second stage, the individual recognizes that denial cannot continue. Because of anger, the person is very difficult to communicate to due to feelings of rage and envy.

    3. Bargaining — “Just let an ideal org actually graduate a Class 5 auditor”; “I’ll do anything to make it go right.”; “I will stop beating people if…”
    The third stage involves the hope that the individual can somehow postpone or delay the death of the organization. Usually, the negotiation for an extension of some kind is made with a higher power in exchange for a reformed lifestyle. Psychologically, the individual is saying, “I understand there’s no hope with current management, but if I could just have more time…”

    4. Depression — “I’m so sad, why bother with anything?”; “The Organization is going to die… What’s the point?”; “My friends will disconnect, why go on?”
    During the fourth stage, the person begins to understand the certainty of death of his/her organization. Because of this, the individual may become silent, refuse visitors and spend much of the time crying and grieving. This process allows the person to disconnect from things of love and affection. It is not recommended to attempt to cheer up an individual who is in this stage. It is an important time for grieving that must be processed.

    Acceptance — “It’s going to be okay.”; “I can’t fight it, I may as well prepare for it.” ‘Heh, what’s this Independent field all about anyway??”
    In this last stage, the individual begins to come to terms with her/his possible declared status or that he may lose loved ones in keeping his integrity in tact.

  162. New Scientologist

    I don’t understand what is going on here. I am a new scientologist, so far everything I’ve read by LRH has helped me in my life. I don’t understand why Ms. Lewis is in trouble for reading or participating in this… I study Scientology so I can be free with my thoughts and use the knowledge to help myself and others. Its is hard to believe that reading and exchanging ideas will result in being kicked out of the church.

    We live in a free society that is full of information. As a Scientologist I want to be trained so I can make better decisions, not have another human tell me what is right or wrong. I want to help people and I need to know the truth for myself not what others want me to believe, does this make me an SP?

    The teachings are good, we just have a management problem. I would love to see a free Scientology for learning and helping others, not making SPs.

  163. plainoldthetan

    It’s obvious to me that this woman (either on her own bat or at Miscavige’s behest) is the first in a line of operatives designed to make Indies distrust one another.

    So now, when someone I’ve known forever resurfaces in my life, my first impulse might be to distrust.

    Who don’t you trust, Dave?

  164. Journey Continued


    “The CofS has been her stable datum. That was her mistake. The CofS should never have been anyone’s stable datum. The only stable datum worth anything in and about scientology is scientology and dianetics.”

    So very well stated and therein lies the heart of the trap!

  165. Seems like Susan has some compulsion to stop things.

  166. Howard Roark


  167. Theo Sismanides

    That’s pretty good Jimbo, being on original NOTs!

  168. Exactly. You are new.

    Severe Reality Adjustment will unfold itself.

  169. Theo Sismanides

    Susan thanks for speaking out and singing out loud!! This is so good to have you people here! I am really happy to be part of this!

  170. WindWalker


    “Can you imagine what someone like Suzie here would think IF the “impossible” happened and it was disclosed there was in fact an FBI investigation?”

    Well…. Whatever the Church told her to think, of course. She does not seem to be the source of anything. She is simply a “play-back machine”.


  171. Geeze she is very 1.1.. A quote from her blog:

    “I kept apologizing and everyone said not to worry. I secretly grinned all the way back to the office..”

  172. Theo Sismanides

    Hi New Scientologist and welcome to planet Earth! No offense eh?
    How do you take a subject so good and thorough and make it the grounds for torture, libel, lies and control.

    I hope you keep on studying LRH and keep your clean and fresh viewpoint on this. I really liked your viewpoint. Welcome here!

  173. Ooh, that’s really ugly. No loss to our people she chose to return to the Church. In fact, it’s a win to have her tucked in over there!

  174. Theo Sismanides

    My take from the public announcement is that this person has some low IQ and perception. How come she doesn’t even know Anderson Cooper as a person? Who or what that is? Missing some real data in life!

    It’s like a child writing all his/her wrong acts and is so rote. I remember that happening to me in the church. Writing it up so it is exactly how it should be. So pathetic. I am glad I am no good boy anymore but can be myself. Not here to be good boys or girls Susan. I think you miss some points here about what all this is about. Certainly stop trying to be someone others wants you to be. That’s what Scientology is ALL about.

  175. ΘΘTaterPie/GaryLerner

    I think Ms Lewis is a Plant. As in Poison Ivy! Easy to spot but should be avoided.

    It will be an eye opener for her when she get’s her upcoming numerous sec checks with 3 swings-F/Ns.

    Oh yeah… Can you say no case gain, constant redtagging (CofS examiners probably gave up doing redtags… just give the pc a go-to-ethics order as soon as they attempt to sit down and pick up the cans).

    I suppose that she’s afraid to bite the hand that slaps her. You can’t look if you’re ducking for cover. (insert pie face of choice)

  176. It is essentially the same as telling on your family and friends under NAZI Germany and USSR. The consequences for your friends and family are death to save your own neck. Or just simply to “help” them.

  177. Oh Susan, you’ve sold your soul to the devil.
    Let us know how that works out for ya, say in a year or so, we’d love to hear your wins & gains – that teach us nasty indies won’t it?
    I noticed you mentioned LRH Policy, that’s rich; I’d like to point out just two violations eminating from the Church, very easily observed and researched, both of which are suppressive acts.
    1. The Basics Course violates Ethics & Study Tech as written in the Ethics Book. Check it out, Study Tech is the bridge to society. It is deemed a suppressive act not to include promoting/delivering that technology while selling/promoting anything else.
    2. The Primary Rundown not delivered is also deemed to be a suppressive act and should be the first action at the bottom of the Bridge. LRH made that rather plain and every sup on the planet is guilty of violating that Policy.
    But hey, apparently it’s more survival to ferret out those who know just how precious correctly understood Policy/Tech is and slam them with Golden Rods.
    Just another day at the office hey?
    DM, what have you done?

  178. She was probably *already* on A – E before she got here. They don’t follow the script/policy anymore, A – E has been adapted to suit the needs of the times. Now, an “amends” usually entails finding some way to spai on Anonymous, and/or obviously, the Indies, as well as disrupt, etc. So they tend to do the work towards the ‘strike a blow” part BEFORE doing the announcement.

  179. Thanks Margaret. It is all the more obvious now, parsing her introductory ‘Goddess’ post – “past life Clear in 1948”, then, “trained byLRH”, then “on staff in the 1970s” when she had her horrible experiences….

    All fantasy designed to push our buttons and pull us into ARC with her, at the same time as alloying our affinity with LRH…. Hypnotic implant tech at work.

    She would have to be at least 80+ years old now, for the timeline to be true. Even if she dropped her body in say, 1950 two years after going Clear and picked another one up right away, she’d have been in her 20s in the 1970s when she claims to have joined staff at an org and been “trained by LRH” somewhere along the line, apparently BEFORE she joined staff….

    It was all B.S. Now she’s paying the price.

  180. Dear ‘New Scientologist’

    I suppose we have to be ‘fair’ and Assume you’re not a troll – pardon my suspicion but did you not read the public health warning… umm I mean ‘Announcement’ from Susan?
    As a ‘New Scientologist’ (who somehow just happened to stumble upon this website) do you not know that posting here is a suppressive act according to the Church of Miscavige?
    Whether you are a ‘New Scientologist’ or an un-hatted OSA dupe, I feel it incumbent upon me to point out that the datum ‘we just have a management problem’ that you are attempting to forward is a false datum.
    You may find the following references useful in your continuing quest for truth:

    1. “…When you look at a broad field or area it is quite overwhelming to have to find a small sector that might be out.
    The lazy and popular way is to gerneralize ‘They’re all confused.’ ‘The organization is rickety.’ ‘They’re doing great.’
    That’s all very well but it doesn’t get you much of anywhere…”
    L Ron Hubbard
    HCOPL 19 September 1970, Data Series 17 NARROWING THE TARGET

    2. “… A MERE EXPLANATION = a ‘why’ given as THE why that does not open the door to any recovery.
    Example: A mere explanation ‘The stats went down because of rainy weather that week.’ So? So do we now turn off rain? Another mere explanation ‘The staff became overwhelmed that week.’ An order saying ‘Don’t Overwhelm Staff’ would be the possible ‘solution’ of some manager. BUT THE STATS WOULDN’T RECOVER…”
    L Ron Hubbard
    HCOPL 13 October 1970, Data Series 19 THE REAL WHY

    3. “…The greatest enemy of the E/O is the reasonable person. There are no good reasons for any outness except
    (a) Natural catastrophes (such as earthquakes, lightening, etc)
    (b) Suppressive persons
    (c) Persons who are PTS to suppressive persons…
    Reasonableness is suppressive since it lets oppression continue without action being taken.
    Suppressive reasonableness is a common trait. It comes from THE INABILITY TO CONFRONT EVIL…”
    L. Ron Hubbard

  181. Sincerest apologies if you really are who you say you are but you forgot to mention your name.

  182. …’bognition’… LOL 😀

  183. Hmm, Susan seems to have, by her own admission, real problems with applying Axiom 38. Why does that NOT surprise me?

  184. crashingupwards

    Carol. You may be right. Your other comment about her having help writing this makes sense. Those names she says she posted under anonumously, like Eli, very well may be names those helping her have used in Trolling. This may have started as an amends project and got turned into an OSA Op and used information from previous ops. A conglomeration of events and opinions, some real, some fictitious , she signed as amends. A real tour de merde.

  185. To ‘go back’ suggests this poor woman would have actually been part of something. Seems to me an impossibility to arrive anywhere for all that spinning. A veg.

  186. Lana,
    Flip Flop – Exactly the words that I thought of when I read this. She flips back and forth between realities. ml, Laura

  187. I mistyped, one of te recommendations should have been Friends of LRH site.

  188. New Scientologist,
    Read LRH’s WHAT IS GREATNESS, study hard and come to understand the Three Universes, CO-AUDIT and learn what application can do and become cause over the human mind on all flows, and move with certain steps through the OT Levels.

    Stick to it mate. This is the coolest ride there is, LOTS of action and a joy that is ineffable.

    P.S. Dave Miscavige is an SP. He’s the ‘practical’ on the theory you’ll learn.

  189. Both Plant and vegetable, rotting, unfortunately. Very sad actually but rather typical. Only the strong can escape the web of deceit. The authentic self needs no cage.

  190. Susan – You have been a VERY VERY BAD GIRL. Now, get back in the cage……..that’s right…..back in the cage.

  191. Hallelujah

    V — Thanks for pointing this out! I wondered why I got so confused trying to read this announcement. I actually tried to make it logical (you know, if this then this) but in the end, the announcement simply obfuscated the whole topic about which it was written. I also see by some other comments there are falsehoods added. So the announcement simply becomes an attempt to “spin” — “to present news or information in a way that creates a favorable impression.” L, H

  192. Joe Howard

    Not to pull this post off point, but RIP, Joe Bageant:

  193. That’s a good point Christie, about AC. That does seem more likely.

  194. I am remedying my own lack of havingess in posting some LRH reference.
    I never ever dreamed this would apply to the organization I joined back in 88.


    begin fair use quote:
    Our hands lie heavily on destiny, yours and mine. We’ve turned a downward trend upward again. And so as we mount higher, be clever and understand what’s happening.

    Attacks in press and elsewhere will mount up. Upon me. Upon us. No. No
    violence. Just entheta. And money, lots of money will be sent to scream out more and more. Be gratified. Their hysteria is our index of win, nothing less.

    Pity the poor slave master! There in his Extreme Right or Extreme Left den, he’s penned successfully the cream of brains and wit. And just as he licks his chops to say, “You’re now all slaves!”, a mighty host cries back, “Who us?” and strikes the fetters from his prey. Poor fellows. Commissar Gulpski and Capitalistic Grab will have to unite to have a quorum in their caves.

    Oh no. It’s no mad dream. Politics is dead. Economics now dominates the world. And we sit laughing with technology to undo all their buttons and their charms.

    As we improve organisations, we will improve people. And as we improve
    people we make men brave. And then at last the slave looks down and says, “Why, what are these chains?” and shakes them off.

    The vested interest of the world, since its beginning, made but one mistake. They thought that punishment and hard duress were all that made Man work. But Man just worked so long as he could help. And when his wares were turned to bringing hate and death, he struck. Until someone, you and me, give back his willingness to help, the world, like tired wheels, will grind down to a stop.

    It is an overt act by you and me to leave in power any group that denies men freedom, knowing what we know. Therefore, attack.

    We are the only men and women left on Earth who are no longer slaves.

    And we are now all past the point in knowledge and in numbers where we will wear their chains.

    The men who need us most are the slave masters.

    We will get around to them last, I think. It is more fitting so.
    end fair use quote

  195. Yes, but is it not an overt in the church to fail to report on others’ transgressions? I find it disgusting and against every thread of my being, but it is a duty which I also felt strongly when in the cult. I pity her.

  196. ‘I want to help people and I need to know the truth for myself not what others want me to believe, does this make me an SP?’

    Of course, if David Miscavige finds you out.

    Good luck with the truth, plenty of info right here for you.

  197. Whether this girl was a plant from the start or her utterly irresponsible write up was vetted and coached by OSA it makes fascinating reading when read backwards. Read backwards it gives great insight into what Miscavige is in a total froth about.


    Never heard of Anderson Cooper should really read: “Jesus H. Christ, do you know how many people saw those shows?”

    There aren’t very many Indies really reads: “So many people are reading Marty’s blog is an epidemic, do something,noooooooooow!”

    Its a facinating exercise.


  198. I must agree with Tiziano on this one. This was an incredible study in outpoints.

    As far as I am concerned, I am a big believer of “What is True is What is True for You.” However, sometimes I am left quite speechless by those that seem to go one way and then go: “Whoa! Not the right way! I was wrong! Ooh! Should not have done that!” and then scramble high to “make things right” by creating more confusion.

    In my opinion, and this is just my opinion, I see this as a 1.1 trait of the most flamboyant kind. I don’t like to judge people, mind you — Ms Lewis can do whatever she feels like with her life. If she is content with the crash regging, the altered LRH materials, the spurious false Whys, the right-wing mind set of the current CofS (to name a few), then she should remain with them.

    What she should not do is put on a “reformer” hat on that clearly does not belong to her and causes only more enturbulation in an already ARC-X’en field.

    Ms Lewis, the reason why the field in your area is ARC-X’en does not stem from Marty and Mike and the rest of us. It is caused by one person, and he is at the reins of your group.

    I surely hope one day she’ll come to her senses and she will have the spiritual strength to come out of it not too badly burned.


  199. martyrathbun09

    Dan, he was a good friend of my former newspaper partner.

  200. Hallelujah


  201. Except frankly, I think she is headed for ESMB. Soon to be an Xscn.

  202. “an out 3D” … that’s funny. 🙂

  203. Hallelujah

    Seeking4know —

    Your “two cents” is worth far, far more than you state in your comment.

    As I read it, what you’ve actually done is offer a hat writeup to those who follow in your footsteps.

    The gradient is perfect and you have made the reader well aware of the shadows on the shoals.

    Thank you for a really nice job! L, H

  204. Christie, spot on!

  205. Damn, Hayden. That’s kind of fun. I like these 2.

    I had recently read a Marty Rathbun posting and told Tom I was shocked that this guy was writing about sessions he delivered and how that violated so many policies.

    DM: “Shit. This guy is delivering more service at standards we cannot. He will bankrupt us! This is gonna stop!”

    I said that Marty was a monster and harming people and the thing to do was to stay in the group – there is no other option and that is
    what LRH says in numerous policies. Don’t squirrel.


    Except it would not be anywhere nearly so cogently expressed. The entire area would be covered in spit and froth, likely a foul stench accompanying.

    Bruce Pratt

  206. Great quote FT!

    For me, especially, “…It is an overt act by you and me to leave in power any group that denies men freedom, knowing what we know…

    Tick tock.

  207. Plant or vegetable? I would say lemming that got away from the crowd for a split second, has been absorbed back and is going 100 miles a hour towards that big, big cliff. I really don’t know whether to laugh or cry – or both – or to use an old John Wayne expression: This is re-goddamned-diculous.

  208. Valkov, Her Dianetics/Scientology timeline is certainly suspect … but even independent of that, in her first group of posts, she says she’s currently working in a Mission on the “east coast” … happily applying GAT-free Scientology under the radar of DM … working to write reports and get things sorted out from the inside. I’m always amazed at the fantasyland of anyone still “writing reports”.

    WHO is listening? I mean REALLY listening? And with DM being corrupt and holding all the power, WHO can do anything?

    Working in the CoM these days and thinking one is doing anyone any good by sending them up to Flag (or really, any higher org) is just a big fantasy. The only options are (a) recognize the CoM as a suppressive group and leave, or (b) give in to the suppression and put one’s head back in the sand.

    Susan Lewis obviously chose option (b).

  209. KarenB, hey there good on you! nice post! There is a click in the SouthBay that thinks the same, walks the same, drives the same and lives the same!!!!
    There is no room for any personal investigation of what works and what does not work. I had seen it for years. What is put out is what is believed. Unfortunate really because noone as of yet has stepped back to find out why so many have left the area or pulled back from Scientology in that area. It is always “there, over there….that SP over there”!

  210. Hi Ingrid,
    Yea, cost her plenty of money and her immortal soul. I guess you have to permanently cancel your thetan and integrity to be an acceptable member of the church of dave.

  211. Very 1.1 … but considering that she’s obviously stuck in fear, this is uptone for her. And yes, eventually headed for ESMB …

  212. Just thought of another bit of advice – if you are really new, be sure to know right away who David Miscavige is and what he looks like. One Flag staff member didn’t when he was approached by DM asking for his name and post title. This staff member answered and asked in return ‘what’s yours?’ HUGE and a Base Wide Flap! The entire crew sat through a ‘briefing’ that evening about how incredible it is that He was not recognized, how is this possible especially at Flag and blah blah.

  213. MostlyLurker

    One of the reason I do not trust hard-core Scientologists is their belief that Scientology is the only way, that nothing can save their immortal soul but Scientology. The next belief, that completes the implant, is that only the Church of Scientology can dispense Scientology, and therefore only the Church holds the key to their immortality.

    Once that implant is in place, trowing family members and friends under the bus along with any remainder of personal integrity to gain acceptance by the Church and be allowed on the Bridge to OT it’s a matter of choicing the only survival possible, and the Church will exploit that. Always have.

    Scientologists are some of the most caring and wonderful people, but unless they put their personal integrity in and above any promise of OT, and don’t realize that all the Scientology that matters is first and most inside of them and no authority/Church can take it away, I would not trust them on important things as I would not trust a cheating wife or a drug abuser.

  214. Haha. Marty, take a win. According to Alexa, you’ve been getting more traffic than for nearly a month.

    That’s pretty wild!

    No wonder William “DM” Johnson is getting so desperate.

  215. markthehungarian

    For the Co$, a group that lurves its stats, how come no OTs bring this up to DM? Web traffic is, in 2011, an important and useful indicator as to how popular a site is (and the information that site contains). How is it that seemingly intelligent followers of DM are trained to check their common sense at the door when they open the door.

    If the website is not in the to 54,000 sites in the US, and in fact the traffic to this blog “dwarfs” that achieved by the Co$, when this blog does not advertise… isn’t that a huge red flag? Wake up people! If you’re lurking, WAKE UP!

    The Co$ is lying to its members about how significant they are and how insignifant the Indie movement is. Lying! DM’s bullshit might have flown pre-interwebs, but his lies will be proven to be lies eventually.

    I am sickened by these individuals who have decided to throw away their personality to conform to group think. They have beaten their soul into submission in order to keep their friends, family and jobs.

    But who would want a friend like this? A “friend” who will defame you to others, ridicule your beliefs, reveal secrets told to them, and “report you to authorities.” Coming from Hungary, a country that was ruled by a brutal authoritarian regime for decades, I experienced first hand as friends and family were sent to prison camps for daring to share their true feelings with someone who they thought was a “friend.” These “friends” turned around, told the local political Commissar what they had heard, and were awarded brownie points as those they informed upon were dragged away for months, years, or in some cases never to return.

    While I feel sympathy for her plight, Susan made a choice when she turned tattletale just to confirm. Her actions are disgusting, and she deserves nothing.

    If she ever wakes up, and honestly comes to terms with the fruits of her actions, I reserve the right to change my opinion of her.

    But right now, all I see when I read her horrible letter are the futile actions of someone willing to sacrifice her integrity to maintain the status quo. That is the decision of someone who is immoral and a coward. She informs on her friends, and then reports that she acted the way she should. Sickening. For that person, I have no sympathy whatsoever.

  216. Anon Orange

    From the above comment: “This girl strikes me as being in terror. Her writeup is a rambling, disjointed pitiful communication that is painful to read as it’s a window into the soul of someone with no integrity.”
    I agree, but please consider the immense pressure this person is being subjected to. Whether or not she wrote this herself or was coerced into writing it (quite likely), she is exhibiting signs of extreme stress.
    People under stress pressure, particularly when it’s constant and for a significant length of time, often CRACK. She is torn apart mentally as she is forced to go back to a restrictive, controlling environment. Clearly her free activities are suppressed and she’s forced to restrict herself back to DM’s controlled environment.
    I believe that Susan Lewis having what is typically called a “nervous breakdown”. She is near psychosis, seeing her rambling communication. In other words she’s PTS-3.
    This is very dangerous for Susan and others around her. They may be have her locked up in some form of Introspection Rundown, and that does not always end well.
    If anybody here knows her personally, please reach out to her as calmly and kindly as possible. I believe by reading her post that she is a suicide risk. It may be a good idea to request a “welfare check” from the local authorities, if she won’t communicate with anyone here.

  217. Expelled 4 Life

    From Susan’s “Sexual Harassment” article on her blog:

    “The meeting consisted of my boss, the client and his son and their new partner. Let’s call the partner Dick. Dick was a blow hard.”


  218. Apparently, she doesn’t read Freedom magazine either.

  219. I really hate to reveal anyone’s O/W write-up but a contact of mine from San Francisco somehow got ahold of this and sent it to me and I thought, well this seems newsworthy and she’s already revealed her overts, so what the hell:


    1. After I decided to regain acceptance back into the church, I continued to sneak onto Marty’s blog so I could read more OTDT postings and I laughed until I peed. Then, when I went to see the MAA again I thought about what I’d read and peed in my pants again, but the MAA didn’t know it. I felt really bad about sitting in the MAA’s office, in a chair, with pee leaking out of my jeans. And I don’t know why but I still can’t stop this friggin’ laughing, it’s really started to make me angry now and I especially don’t like pee in my pants. This OTDT guy must be suppressive to keep making me pee in my pants. That’s so..EVIL!

    2. When Tom Chandler said, “Yeah, I really don’t like that little midget Nazi fucker Miscavige”, I pretended to agree. Well, actually I didn’t pretend, I still did think that DM was possibly a midget. I wasn’t too sure about the beatings though, and then I put the two thoughts together…midgets…beating people…and I started laughing again so hard I peed in my pants at Tom’s house. Dammit!

    3. I got so confused with all my identities I created in order to post on Marty’s blog that I started actually thinking I was those people and I opened up credit cards under those names and used them to buy several sets of the new Basic Book packages in order to please the MAA.

    4. I failed to tell the MAA the entire truth about the J & D picture that Tom Chandler sent me. What it really was was a picture of COB going to the bathroom and the toilet was filling up and overflowing with lots of grapefruit-size Miscavige heads. Initially I thought it was hilarious and created a couple of my own and sent them back to Tom. I think one was of DM licking a cow turd or something, I can’t recall exactly because I was laughing so hard I lost consciousness. I also peed myself.

    5. I sent out the link to Marty’s blog to a mailing list of 11 million people from a CD I bought of people’s email addresses. Then I changed my mind and sent out another one asking them to delete it. Then I changed my mind again and sent the email out to the 11 million people again, but I soon changed my mind yet again and sent a request, actually a demand, that they delete it again, for sure, for real, this time. As part of my amends, I’m writing hand-written letters to each of the 11 million recipients insisting they send me a screen-capture shot proving they actually did delete the link. Then I thought how funny the whole thing was and I laughed again…and peed my pants. I’m also offering to buy pants for anyone who laughed and peed as a result of reading anything on Marty’s blog as a result of them clicking on the link I sent them.

    6. The names Mari revealed to me who are reading Marty’s blog are: Ray Mitthoff, Heber Jentzch, Tom Cruise, Barack Obama, Robin Williams, Tom Chandler, Giovanni Ribisi, Beck, David Singer, Matt Feschbach, my mailman and I think Bill Clinton.

    7. When I realized, “LRH says that I am to say that I realize my actions were ignorant and unfounded and then to say what the influences were, etc.” I was asked to clay demo this by the MAA and when I made myself out of clay in the demo, I thought of one of OTDT’s postings and I started laughing and peed myself again. Then I made clay pee in the demo and thought that was pretty funny too but I suddenly realized how suppressive I’d become and I punched myself in the face to try to stop it and it worked. I don’t know where this impulse to hit myself came from, but suddenly I decided that maybe it was true that COB hit people in order to help them, to give others the spiritual momentum they needed to ward off the suppression, the evil locusts of black solid doom that lie hidden just over the horizon, waiting for the unsuspecting innocent and naive duped victims like myself.

    8. I had some T-shirts made that said, “COB BEATS HIS STAFF!” and wore them everywhere I went, but I have since thrown them all away and replaced them with the only shirt I will wear from now on which says, “IF YOU SUPPRESS ME I WILL PEE ON YOU!”

    9. Despite the fact that I have done the PTS/SP course five times, I somehow still remained ignorant about SPs and have a total inability to spot them. I now realize I was blind. I mean, actually blind. I cannot even see a page of a bulletin. In fact, I was so blind I didn’t even know that I was on Marty’s blog. I thought it was a fashion commentary sight and that I was commenting on the dresses and the hair-do’s. I’ve now bought eleventy-two intensives of custom-designed sec-checking to address this problem with my eyes and the rest of my perceptions.

    10. Despite having done the Pro TRs Course and several thousand hours of TRs and many other confront drills, I still was looking for a way to not-confront. I realized that I was practicing non-confront the whole time I was supposed to be confronting. It’s scary to confront, it makes me pee my pants and I really hate that. So to handle this, I bought some more intensives to address this peeing thing right after I finish the sec checking about my blindness.

    The End

  220. Hey New Scientologist,

    Yes indeed, in the grand scheme of things, it is a “problem with management”. Unfortunately, the “top manager” (self-appointed as it turns out) has set things up so that no internal “board of review” or “ethics committee” or other independent body is allowed to investigate and determine what seems to be going (and have gone) wrong.

    Therefore, for the next several years/decades/who-knows, my suggestion is that you stick to those that are independent of the official Church of Scientology and study and use the subject (and its application), on your own terms and with and among the “independents”.

    And please let us know if you need any help sorting through the field.

    Best of luck!

  221. Summer Wind

    Another one bites the dust and for me its fine! Like in nature the weak get weeded out of the group so the group stays strong.
    Wow, I wonder how her heath is now that she’s spotted “the right item”.

    I am so glad I’m me!!!!!! 🙂

  222. plainoldthetan, she actually arrived here as “Goddess”, announcing that she was still currently a staff member at a mission … doing non-GAT Scientology under the radar. I think the writing was all over that wall (though not sure if she ever confided in any indies that she was still on mission staff and/or was Goddess et al).

  223. Give me a break: she “walked into it!” A suprresive bunch of SP’s!

    Her post is 1.1 from the start. Defensive, submissive, totally degraded point of view well below 2.0 throughout.

    She claims to have “left” or at least implies it, and that consisted of what? A couple conversations which she immediatly cuts-comm wtih, viewing a blog that she creates multiple “valances” on, only to discontinue almost immediately.

    And how about the jargon? You would have an easier time listing Scn terms she did NOT use, as opposed to used: J&D, PTS, OT, comm cycle, SP, third party, natter, on and on. Sounded like someone with something to prove! Heaven forbid you not believe she is sincere!!!

    Name dropping. I’m suprised she didn’t mention more names, when she very well could have.

    This post, to me, comes from the perspective of Fear, Paranoia, Submission, and damn near Terror. She’s too fearful to be a plant. She never “left” her group to begin with. And I actually feel sorrow and pity for her. Someone really needs to give her a locational and … 500 hours of Op Pro by Dup!! just kidding.

    Hell… she could really use a drink, is what she could use!

  224. Hallelujah

    Thank you Bruce! I had never read this policy before (to my recollection). I find it totally applicable to what we are doing at this time in this place. L, H

  225. Haydn,

    The actual stats from fully support your comment. Marty’s blog, for nearly a month, is getting more traffic than DM’s website “” (which of course contains the actual word “scientology”, and should, logically be getting more traffic by that fact alone).

    With the internet being the world’s primary source of information on any subject these days, that’s gotta be driving DM crazy(er).

    When no artificial inflation or “forcing the stat” is done, more people are interested in what Marty has to say, than in what DM has to say. Sorry DM … thems are the actual unvarnished stats (a note to anyone doing the Doubt Formula).

  226. Wonder how many boxes of books she’ll have to buy as part of her A to E??? Sheesh!

  227. TJefferson

    Mike, I’m here and have been for quite awhile, I’m just not as outspoken about it online as I am in person or on the phone.
    I tried for years to be shown LRH references for things I questioned….never happened. I tried to get many things corrected or at least looked at when I wrote things up….nothing happened. So I stopped doing it and started looking at the bigger picture, including gathering as much information from all sources, per LRH. Things started to click for me as I looked more. Then I heard Mr. Rinder (you) was out of the SO and declared. NO WAY I thought, that man doesn’t have an evil bone in his body and I know because I worked with him on many OSA projects over the years. So I started looking harder. All I have ever wanted or sought was Standard Tech and Policy. My experience for the past number of years was it wasn’t being used in too many places for my liking.

    All I’ve ever wanted was LRH pure and simple. I’m still trying to push just that. I have never been sure why people don’t question things when told to do something. I for one have always asked for a reference when told I need to do something and encourage others to do so. I gave up on the Church of Scientology when they couldn’t or wouldn’t give me the references I asked for or wouldn’t apply those themselves that I pointed out were in violation.

    What I support is LRH’s tech, but not the current church as it’s become.

    As an aside my mother sent me some paraprosdokians, and one in particular I thought might fit here….with an addition….

    (A paraprosdokian by the way is a figure of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected in a way that causes the reader or listener to reframe or reinterpret the first part. It is frequently used for humorous or dramatic effect, sometimes producing an anticlimax. For this reason, it is extremely popular among comedians and satirists.)

    Going to church (the C of S) doesn’t make you a Christian (Scientologist) any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.

    So with that it’s clear that certain people supporting the C of S aren’t really Scientologists as LRH defines them.

  228. There’s a thin line between love and hate.

  229. WindWalker


    Perhaps a BORGnition?


  230. Now I’m peeing in my pants! Hard to explain this to my co-workers…..

    Bruce Pratt

  231. OMG OTDT-this was a good one.

  232. WindWalker


    Seems she was having quite the “out 3D” with the indies, and God knows what kind of lurid and lascivious “out 3D” she is having with the church now that she is “back in bed” with David Miscavige and all his ilk.
    The girl is totally “promiscuous” on that dynamic methinks.


  233. I feel bad for Susan. She has willingly given up her self determinism by agreeing to be other determined by the church. How unfortunate. This is not the way out but the way down. Agreement is mest.

  234. Mike Hobson

    The WordPress Search engine only works with the article text, not the comments.

    The best way I have found to search the comments is used Google Advanced Search ( ): put “” in the “Search within a site or domain:” box and fill out the rest as appropriate.

    Michael A. Hobson

  235. Jethro,
    I was at the base before the property was bought, when the golf course was used for a Tech film location shoot which was directed by LRH.
    The beatings mostly occurred in private in meetings and conferences with David Miscavige and not in the open. Jackson witnessed physical abuse of Mark Fisher in the Estates Garage which is pretty public.

    It is not an outpoint that Dan, Jim and I (and probably most of the 700+ staff at the Int base) did not personally witness one occurring right in front of our noses or been a punching bag. Due to the mindset of staff at the Int base, there is never any thought of hitting back. Do I believe that Mike, Marty, Jeff, Mark Fisher and others were beaten? Absolutely! I’ve known these friends and “comrade in arms” for a couple of decades.

    I’ve observed Lou or Shelly coming back to the DM’s office area hurriedly on their motorcycles, asking for and getting first aid materials (bandaids, antiseptic, etc.) and returning to wherever the meeting was. The bandaid was not for DM, and not visible when he returned later. It is circumstantial and was not witnessed first hand.

    The flip of Marty and Mike doing the abuse is a total joke! Even Anderson Cooper who has not done the Data Series had to raise his eyebrow quizzically on that one when asserted by the “every-inch” desperate housewives! Never heard of Anderson Cooper? W0w, the meanderings and outpoints & truths of this “declaration” is worse than any sleazy tabloid! Poor Ms Lewis is blind and deserves to be led by the blind!

    I actually feel for her as she may be hung up in the doubt condition for a long time with the untruths and undone lower conditions bonding her to that state. She should be grateful that there are some Indies out to eventually help her with RPEC – repair of past ethics conditions when she’s ready.

  236. I don’t know Vicki Lewis, but the tone of her voice, when writing this announcement, is of a child seeking to avoid getting spanked further.

    I also recognize the peculiar cadence and syntax of that announcement; it is Propitiation as a learned thing: “I was so foolish and I was really stupid and it was all me and I don’t know how I was taken in by those big meanies. And I really really learned and had incredible cognitions about how great the church is and how no one in the entire universe has ever helped anyone compared to how the church has helped me and everyone else.”

    Ugggg. The thought of having to go back to thinking and acting that way to be “part of the group” is anathema.

  237. +1 Ingrid!

  238. Valkov,
    Thanks for pointing this prior posting out and doing the homework.
    An interesting point is her use of the Data series:

    “I never target a Who, per the Data Series. I have no personal upset with DM as I don’t know him. I disagree with some of the programs being run and I write it up and carry on.”

  239. Joe Howard

    Marty, I think visitors to your blog would appreciate him a lot. He knew what was going on.

  240. Cristie,
    You hit the nail on the head. The entire communication is SO obviously written by OSA in an attempt to DA and make less of everything that has impinged on exposing Miscavige . Its sooooo lame it makes me wonder if Tommy Davis helped write it.

    Cults always try to control their members by making them afraid to communicate outpoints to each other for fear of being reported on and punished.

    If OSA is so DESPERATE as to send out this kind of communication, then it shows how far out of control the field is. I guess they didn’t learn from the Freedom magazine fiasco. For every Scientologist alerted by the St. Pete Times article, there were 50 more alerted by the Freedom magazine mailing. Daaaaaaaaaa….

  241. OMG!!! You made me pee my pants!!!!

    OTDT, I am so grateful for you. You have such a talent for taking the serious out of the stupid.


  242. Tom, loved it!

  243. Besides, Anderson is taller than DM and he pulls off the black muscle shirt much better (he doesn’t look like a bobblehead doll).

  244. Marty,

    You asked us what we thought etc.

    Brain washed?

    Stupid yes, brain washed no.

    She’s a perfect fit for the Gov Approved Squirrel Group.

  245. “Plant or vegetable? Really the question is plant or weak-kneed, heavily PTS sponge. And the answer is ‘doesn’t matter, the net result is the same’ ”
    Spot on Mike. As evidenced by Susan throwing her friends under a bus.
    Plant is a PTS, PTS is a plant.
    Both are brainwashed, operating in the fear band and are a vacuum for trouble.
    Poor Susan – never could quite summon up the courage to come out of Doubt and so became a Liability. Slipped into Treason by betraying her friends and now she doesn’t even know she’s in Confusion.
    Maybe one of those ‘friends’ she has now betrayed encouraged her to stay under the radar in a lower condition and contributed to her demise? Perhaps one of you could take some responsibility for what you contributed to and give her a hand eh? Had you all stood by each other and done the right thing, she might have made it.
    Juuuuuuust sayin’

  246. This writeup of Susan Lewis reminds me of a little children’s rhyme:

    ‘Round and ’round she goes. Where she stops nobody knows.

  247. lolololololololololololololololol uproarious laughter, loud clapping, bravo. 🙂 This was quite hilarious. I actually feel for this girl, in a way, but I cannot let this very clever and intelligent post go by unacknowledged.

  248. Very true. You can’t return from a destination you never reached.

    That would be called… wandering. In this particular case: wandering lost and in the dark. Coincidentally, she still is. Must feel right at home.

  249. Point well taken, Anon Orange.

    Despite the trouble she has no doubt brought upon those she “outed,” her state is nevertheless deserving of empathy.

  250. Seeking4Know,
    Your advice and direction is spot on. Really spot on.
    A fence sitter is prey. They may think they are safe in being up high and somewhat removed from the ongoing scene, but they are far from it.
    While sitting atop the fence railings they are noticed by the pro-Corp Church goers, and become a target. And, while sitting on that fence, they have not committed openly to the Indi’s, so they have no support network.
    Any fence sitter out there reading this, that is worried about the consequences of coming out into the open and declaring independence or becoming part of the community — please be assured, there is a very large family of friends here. The support, the training and the auditing is all here. The Scientology that you once knew (and followed) is not dead. It is alive and well within the Indi’s.
    Follow your dreams and your integrity.
    But to do so — you will have to get off that fence.

  251. I’d say you are right on the money with your assement of Ms Lewis. Were I a plant I would have left a lot of that stuff out, but you can see it is just a covert means to “forward the enemy line”.

    ML Tom

  252. Cowboy Poet

    This person will never get anywhere in life. A complete and utter loser.

    “How can ya have your puddin if ya don’t eat your meat?”

  253. Susan Lewis Covert Hypocrite or Blind as a Bat?
    Susan Lewis writes “The Relationship Goddess” Blog

    It’s curious from a number of angles.
    1) She’s a “writer” Could Susan Lewis be one of the flunky OSA “fabricators” who spin drivel with as many holes as a screen door?
    2) She links to literary agents — Aspirations? or Infiltration?
    3) She writes about “Sexual Harassment” and I quote what Ms. Lewis writes and take the liberty of dedicating it to all the Ex-Sea Org and global citizens who have been stalked and smeared with Scientology Corporation lewd sexual innuendo, pretended “exposure of sins” “Black Propaganda” campaigns.
    About Sexual Harassment Susan Lewis writes:
    “The funny thing is, it will have absolutely nothing to do with who you are, what you do or even how you look. Though I would suspect that if a bottom feeder does find you attractive, you’ll probably have a higher risk of this. That seems to be the nature of the beast. And I do mean beast. I am a writer and I pick my words carefully,”

    (note: we’ll disregard her awful punctuation) HEY! THANK YOU! A bit of truth does issue from the pie hole.

    I’m guessing the reason Susan Lewis was sent by the Scientology Corp. to Spy was because of imagined skills as a “writer” and that she would be able to circulate then “Write” how “Bad It All Was”.

    Dishonesty undermines any power as a being AND as a writer. And the thing is, the SPIRiT of a piece always shines through. The OSA tactics are the work of someone in GLEE because they have the IDEAL JOB to indulge their pea of a mean soul: Keying People In and Ruining Lives.

    Also of interest to note: Susan Lewis links to Literary Agents on her blog — but writes in her Phony Forged Scientology Ethics Document she doesn’t know who Anderson Cooper is? BUSTED. Right then and there.

    Who knows? Susan Lewis may even be the OSA Star Slimebucket Spinner who machinates the Black PR yarns that attempt to denigrate and discredit people, calling women hussys and whores and adulteresses and all manner of pathetic obvious malice. No proof of that yet— but 2 + 2 does equal 4.

    Look for yourselves at her blog. Is the “persona” who wrote the Forged Scientology Ethics document here the same squinty eyed chipper “Relationship Expert” of her Advice Blog?

    Susan Lewis — a word of advice about “Relationships” — start with honesty.

  254. P.S. And another word about “Sexual Harassment” — it includes Libel and Stalking. But, you must know that, huh? After all, you’re an Expert.

  255. Howard Roark

    Thank you for the comic relief from this pathetic situation 🙂

  256. S4K,
    Fantastic comment! ml, Laura

  257. Having a hoot with Susan Lewis’s blog. She writes
    “I could still feel my rage but I knew that I had to rein it in because hatred was starting to show up and I didn’t want to be that person. I didn’t want to turn into the girl I was looking at.”
    Susan Lewis, haven’t you already done that?

  258. Howard Roark

    Good comment Anon Orange. Reading this Public Announcement was so disturbing I came back and read it again this afternoon, because of the way it was written. I took a look at her blog and, while she not much of a blogger, they don’t read as if they were written by the same person.

    It’s so no responsibility and denial of self. No Scientologist could have written it. The Public Announcement was written under duress IMO.

  259. Howard Roark

    It would be interesting to check in on Susan in a year and see how she’s doing.

  260. Wondering Why?

    I wonder if the people who Susan Lewis links to on her blog and her “professional associates” know she is a phony Scientology Corporation Office of Special Affairs spy?? Can you spell Duplicitous? 😦 Only fair that they should know about the infiltrating candy-coated disease.

    So disappointing that a “Church” would forge its own “sacred” procedures as Susan Lewis’s “confession.” Because isn’t a “Ethics Handling” supposed to be a real benefit and a spiritual practice? Why is the “Church” of Scientology desecrating their own procedures???

  261. Hello ma’am. So nice to see you here!

    Not too convinced that I dont have an evil bone in my body — there were a lot of things I did that I ain’t too proud of when I look back….

    Love that paraprosdokian! Very apt, and I learned a new word too. 🙂

  262. How about this concept of people who plot against you or are keeping you down.

    Is that more real to you.

  263. How about this will this satisfy you more ?

    Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) :
    How to Recognize a Narcissist

    The material on Narcissistic Personality Disorder that is published for lay readers is not very informative, even though most people have had to cope with a narcissist at one time or another. If you were raised by a narcissistic parent, then you’ve been taught that the narcissist is always right and you’re the one who’s wrong. A lifetime of such mistreatment typically instills lack of confidence in your own judgment, along with habitual shame at never getting it right or being good enough to deserve the air that you breathe. The children of narcissists may not have realized that the quirks and oddities of their impossible-to-please parents are not in any way unique or special but are in fact the symptoms of a personality disorder.

    The information on the Web is very repetitive and amounts to little more than the diagnostic criteria from DSM-IV. Clinical descriptions of Narcissistic Personality Disorder don’t describe the things that are most shocking and puzzling in everyday interaction with narcissists.

  264. Watching Eyes

    Great line Cowboy. Lets see if I can do this right.

  265. AO,

    I agree with a lot of your comments but I disagree on the point of calling the “authorities” or asking for a “welfare check” of some kind.

    It is obvious to me that the girl is *not* suicidal.

    As far as I’m concerned this is just fear mongering.

    Something the “Church of ‘Scientology'” has become very adept at these days and is one of key the reasons the organization persists when it should have dried up and been blown in the winds by now.

    Yes it’s all those evil nasty ESP PEEs out there like me, you, Marty, Mike et al who are the paragons of evil.

    Sending in someone from the Government or the Authorities only “proves” this point.

    However above all that and most importantly we must respect this girls decision even though we consider it is wrong.

    It’s her power of choice and she has obviously made hers.

    She could have chosen to find an auditor in the field and actually found out what Scientology was all about but instead she choose to remain with the actual *Squirrels*.

    If she is to stupid or blind to actually see this.

    That’s her problem not ours!

    It will probably be her last self determined act and we should respect that because that is what Scientology is all about in my opinion.

    Self Determinism.

    Also I’ve never been a supporter of promoting that Miscavige beats his staff since although it is likely true (not that I don’t trust Marty, Mike’s, Jeff’s or many others testimony about this) the fact is that most Scientologists have not personally experienced or witnessed these themselves.

    Thus many Scientologists especially those still in the thralls of the Squirrel Group probably think it is nothing but “Black PR”.

    Me I consider it is probably true because Miscavige alters Standard Tech and doesn’t abide by policy.

    This should be evident to anyone who is trained in Tech or Policy.

    Evident to anyone who has experienced the gross out tech that they currently “deliver” in the Organization which is what we call an *OVERT PRODUCT*.

    Evident to anyone who has walked into any of these so called “Ideal Orgs” that are virtually EMPTY.

    It should be especially evident to anyone who has tried to correct these glaring outnesses by reporting them to RTC and ending up on the ethics treadmill being “investigated” for “out-ethics” and being forced to do “Truth Rundown” because these “outnesses” you have observed are not because they actually tangibly exist and are real but because “you must have overts and evil purposes” and that Reports are nothing but quote Black PR unquote because management is only doing what is best.


    When you can pick up any policy or HCOB at random and see for yourself that what they are doing is totally contrary to it or is being misapplied or is given altered importance.

    Then realizing that the only way that one can keep their PERSONAL INTEGRITY intact is by leaving the Government Approved and Tax Exempt Squirrel group so that you can actually practice your religion with out being forced to SQUIRREL.

    Anyway it is obvious this girl hasn’t reached that point either because she is too stupid or too afraid or both.

  266. You nailed it on the obnosis and tone level of her comm!

  267. Exactly TJ!

    A Scientologist is usually *trained* in the subject and actually *applies* Scientology.

    If anyone in the so called “Church of Scientology” applies it these days they are usually declared SP 😉

  268. That’s right Mike,
    for example – Goddess – is how I located the thread with her first posts.

    Notice that I had to put a ‘space’ after .com

    I didn’t use Advanced search but it was in the top 10 results at#5.

  269. Actually Jim, the missing 6th book would be ‘Davironomy’. A ‘davirotomy’ would be similar to a ‘davirectomy’. -otomy means to cut into a part of the body, – ectomy means to remove something from the body, usually by cutting into it.

    ‘Davironomy’ would refer to a book listing all of David’s laws and customs.
    That’s kinda happening right here on this blog and others, too.

    Nyah nayh nyah nyah nyah 🙂

  270. LOL … that’s right.

  271. Anon Orange

    Hi RJ,
    I am first suggesting to the extended readership of this blog to try to contact her first. I would be satisfied about her well-being if a couple of respected members of this blog were to report that she’s fine.
    On the other hand if she is impossible to reach, considering that her post appears to have been written under duress, it is not unreasonable to think (based on historical events of the sort) that she is locked up and in need to have local authorities to look into it.

  272. Anon Orange

    “Self Determinism” is difficult to enact when you’re tied up on a bed, locked in a room with security guards at the door.
    I have read and seen enough in the last three years to be open to such possibility.

  273. I guess that makes DM “out 4D”. LOL.

  274. Mike can pull an innocent face as easily as a pie face. But we all know what he’s like really…

  275. crashingupwards

    RJ, you said “It is obvious to me that the girl is *not* suicidal.” and there is no need to call the authorities or ask for a welfare check. Don’t you think its best to err on the side of caution? The girl sure sounds like she could go over the edge with all this flip flopping and multiple identities.
    And you also surprised me when you said the beatings were probably true or likley true beacause Miscavige does not follow policy. But you dont doubt the truth of the testimonies. Which is it? Sounds like your straddling the fence a lot.

  276. You just jogged my memory of her earlier posting. I know Susan Lewis and have just made the connection to her earlier comm. She’s been playing both sides from the beginning. Another example of how completely off purpose Scientologists can get. She used to forward theta goals and has done some incredible work in the past. Like so many others she has gotten into the trap of group think and has forgotten to think for herself. Though she parrots LRH, she has clearly forgotten who the source of Scientology is.

  277. Beeeeeeaaaaaaaautiful!!!
    Nice find Bruce!!!

  278. Thanks, Bruce! I need some LRH and that was perfect for this topic at hand!

  279. Doesn’t look like it. Julliette Lewis’ father is Geoffrey Lewis. This is from the bio about Geoffrey Lewis:

    Glenis Duggan (5 October 1973 – 1975) (divorced) 3 children
    Paula Hochhalter (? – present)

  280. CD,
    Her parents are Glenis and Geoff (sister Brandy)
    Couldn’t picture any of Juliette’s family denigrating themselves in this manner. They may or may not still be in the clutches of the church but they’re a tough bunch – not that easy to push around. I’m hope we’ll see them around someday.

  281. Copy and paste URL. Great Album!

  282. Hallelujah

    Ahhh … I wanted to try it! Oh, well, next time! Yours worked by the way, good job …

  283. No.

  284. RJ wrote: “Also I’ve never been a supporter of promoting that Miscavige beats his staff since although it is likely true … the fact is that most Scientologists have not personally experienced or witnessed these themselves.
    Thus many Scientologists especially those still in the thralls of the Squirrel Group probably think it is nothing but ‘Black PR’.”

    RJ, Because there are now nearly 20 individuals who have experienced or witnessed the physical violence and abuse — and are now speaking out with their real names — I’d have to disagree with you. Many many public and staff do wonder what life is like at “Int” and have a very unrealistic, idyllic view of Miscavige and Int.

    Getting the actual truth out is very important, imho. And with so many eyewitnesses to the actual events, now speaking out, it would be foolish NOT to make this truth widely known, especially among kool-aid drinking Scientologists. I think The Truth Rundown has gotten many many of us to start taking an honest look at the real scene.

  285. Troubleshooter

    I’ve been reading comments on this now and three times have heard mention of the movie Marty recommended be seen, THE LIVES OF OTHERS.

    Markthehungarian’s post finally got me to stop speed reading and tell you that a bunch of us saw the movie a few days ago and man was it good. There was the predictable “WOW! THAT’S WHAT THE CHURCH IS NOW!”.

    Mark your post really impinged – the fact that you LIVED in this life through a time where such suppression resulted in people going to prison and even disappearing for good – the kool-aiders think that it’s too huge a leap to make to go from what the church is doing with their “rat on your friends and we’ll pat your head” campaign – DM’s “BE UPSTAT, Don’t Look, Don’t Think For Yourself” but the harmonic of cob’s game and the communistic/socialism story you tell Mark and which this movie depicts – it’s a great movie and for me I actually ended up just laughing at how much the cob squad has mocked themselves up like the SS guys in that movie. It was good to laugh about it with no disrespect to you Mark or treating the horrible suppression you described too lightly.

    If you haven’t seen this movie yet you have something to look forward to.

    Thanks for the post Mark.

  286. Thank you very much Sam

  287. Wise words are Wise

  288. What could be held over her ? Nasty Church can be Nasty

  289. I confess that I leaped to a quik judgement with regards to Susan Lewis . Maybe there is more to it. Are there any positive stories to tell ? What could have been the blackmail and cohersion techniques the Church used on her let alone the brainwash/conditioning techniques.

    Has the Church been able to produce it’s own “sleeper”

  290. Good call. ESMB quite likely. Start a betting pool?
    By the way, what’s she doing with her own blog?

    I thought good Church-going members of the “Scientology religion” were supposed to stay away from teh Internetz?

  291. A snippet from the introductory postings from ‘Goddess’ ( Very interesting in light of the last post on plants…

    “My little area of the East Coast is secure. Most of my friends are on staff at the Org and in the Sea Org. A few of my Sea Org friends are at Int Mgmt. I am very good friends with the local ED of the Org.
    Think of me as Switzerland. I am neutral and would like to pop in once in a while, talk about my chocolates and watches and then pop out.
    I pass no judgment on anyone here or elsewhere. I am truly sorry for what so many of you have gone through and I hope that my comm will help to let you know that all is not lost.
    Please do not think that the staff are unaware or stupid. I keep everything off their lines, I give them references and when they have had a really bad day, I take them out and get them drunk. OK, sorry, I lied on that last point but you get what I am saying.
    They are bright, wonderful, hard working and confused. They are where I was 30 years ago and I totally duplicate and understand. They are my friends, my comrades and I will not leave.
    All I do is TR3 KSW. I never target a Who, per the Data Series. I have no personal upset with DM as I don’t know him. I disagree with some of the programs being run and I write it up and carry on.”

    And a later posting (my personal favorite):
    “…I am going to get a T-shirt that says “Do I LOOK like easy prey?”

    The simple answer to that question is ‘yes’

    Plant. Severely wilted plant.

  292. Cowboy Poet

    They’ve been busy producing a lot of sleepers!

  293. LOL sorry!!!
    OK. So you don’t take a loss on it:
    I wanted to post something for Susan and her cohorts.
    I suspect she’s still avidly reading this blog to see what kind of effect she created (see my later posting on her planty introduction)

    Find it and copy/paste the URL
    Susan. This one’s for you.

  294. Sam,

    Thanks for your post, although it totally bums me out.

    I remember when Goddess first posted. I thought to myself, “Oh, goody. Here’s someone who’s “in” who’s looking, really looking. But now, knowing what we all now have read, I focus in on phrases Susan Lewis used like: “I am neutral,” “I lied, “I will not leave,” “I keep everything off [the staff’s] lines,” “I disagree with SOME of the programs being run” “I … carry on.”

    I am currently reevaluating my own ability to obnose the obviousness of fuckwads. 😦


  295. At least no one has gone out-4D on me. I hate that, when I discover that earthlings are frolicking with other species like zebras and elk behind my back, not to mention the fact that I have caught a few who were hobnobbing with aliens. It makes me so mad I could…declare the zebras with ZebraRod expulsion papers or write those damn elk up to the Elkiths Officer or just go wild and pay them back with a motivator like going out-5D on THEM! Yeah! Grow some petunias or daisies without telling them. Oh, the very thought! Ouch, the motivators I could envision!

  296. Yep. Quite the educational curve isn’t it? A few days later Susan reacted violently to a post I put up demanding that the people under the radar knock off the fence sitting.
    Now we know why.

  297. And how about “I have no personal upset with DM as I don’t know him”
    Classic 😉

  298. Too funny!

  299. Lol!

  300. Here’s the link to the first “Goddess” post almost exactly one year ago:

  301. Wooooow, I love this quote! Thanks!

  302. Martin Padfield

    Szia Mark! Thoughtful comment. Hungarians know more about confronting and handling suppression than most. Interestingly my Hungarian wife perceived early on in her time in CofM that the suppression was worse than in communist Hungary. I havent been to Budapest or Miskolc for a while – is there a good indie scene growing there?

  303. Plant or vegetable? Isn’t a vegetable plant matter? {LOL}.

    Many, many, many of LRH’s works written and other forms are correct, to the best of my knowledge. They deliver a result when the information is applied. End of story.

    But, {and I will not cite examples here} some things, {not all things}, but some things LRH wrote are not yet correct and do not deliver a correct result when applied. They either need to be revised by LRH in lieu of what the truth is or it needs to be noted that someone else somewhere else has already discovered what LRH is pretending to write about and therfore on that particular subject matter LRH cannot be considered source.

    Why are so many people scared to act, to think, to know, to be, to do, to have the truth that “Can LRH possibly have been 100% correct about everything all the time?”

    So, when Scientologists try to apply something that is wrong whether they know it or not, you get ineffective Scientologists, confusion, controversy and no results.

    There is a whole eternity lying ahead and a whole big universe of data just waiting to be discovered.

    But, hey, Mr. LRH, thanks a lot good guy, for helping everybody to get an early jump on the bandwagon! {LOL}.

  304. (sigh)

  305. Rory Medford

    It has occured to me Marty Rathbun is actually DM’S ethics officer. Marty is bypassing the church and doing a great job at putting DM’s ethics in. Its apparent in all of the recent promo pieces from the church that Marty is impinging quite a bit. DM should actually be thanking Marty for helping DM out.

  306. Man, that is a beautiful post! Very well done on your personal integrity! You are setting a great example.

    Office of COB

    To: Solo Nots Auditors, CSes, MAAs, Animals, Aliens, The Supreme Being













    RTC Technical Officer
    for COB


  308. Pingback: Top Posts —

  309. All I can say about Susan’s announcement is….Theetie Weetie Sheeple.

  310. Yeah Sam. I didnt know Hitler, Pol Pot or Idi Amin — guess they were probably good guys, victims of a black PR campaign….

  311. (Deep Fax found this note on COB’s desk this morning:)

    To: COB
    From: Susan Lewis


    Dear COB, SIR,
    Sir, I know there is no way I could possibly apologize for my ignorance but please consider accepting my most humble, pitiful, bootlicking, ass-kissing regret and my groveling plea for your merciful forgiveness.

    I place myself before you with reverence and thankfulness for being given another chance and I live in high hopes that you will find it in your heart to please hit me as a reminder to never, ever, ever, ever backslide into that dark place of ignorance again.

    I’ve enclosed $50,000.00 in cash for your inconvenience as one of the many, many actions I have on my battle-plan to out-create my out-3D fiasco that I was roped into. I never should have read all those internet blogs, especially Marty’s and doubly-especially the OTDT postings which somehow got me into a mental headlock I couldn’t get out of.

    Last, but not least, I’m very sorry for peeing on your foot accidentally when I saw you on the Freewinds while I was scrubbing the deck as part of my amends. As you stepped over me I suddenly found myself suppressed by the thought of how OTDT would write about you slipping on the wet floor and winding up with your head stuck in the wash bucket and stumbling around on the deck with it on your head and then toppling overboard during choppy seas and what the looks of shock and horror would be like on the faces of your RTC and IAS Reps as they scrambled around in circles like an F-Troop audition trying to rescue you.

    I hope the $50,000 is enough to buy you a duplicate pair of shoes to the ones you were wearing, if not, please get word to me that you need more and I will happily oblige. I just hope the species of leather they were made from is not extinct and you are able to obtain a replacement.

    To save you time, I’ve already punched, slapped, kicked, bitten, spit on, and thrown myself to the floor but like I said if you would like to reinforce or double-check that part of my ethics program to make sure it’s in, I would be so grateful.

    In closing, thank you for being the supreme being that you are and I remain once again one of your loyal subjects.

    Sincerely embarrassed,

    Susan Lewis

    PS: You may recall my grandmother Shari, the woman who did the lamb puppet, Lambchops? I only mention this because I know celebrities are very important to you and thought it might buy me a few brownie points. LOL.

  312. This is a test and only a test … Did it work? I might not really understand what the “URL” actually is. L, H

  313. Shoot — no picture. Back up to you, Sam.

  314. Eileen Clark

    Are you back doing what you so disliked doing before? Are they holding a threat of Declare and Smear over your head? Read The Code of Honor again and figure out if it is LRH or DM that you love.
    Your friend,

  315. New Scientologist

    This is what I am talking about, higher tone communication. Thanks for advise and the theta comm.

    Not wondering if I’m a “troll” (troll?).

  316. Eileen Clark

    Probably was written with DSA and EO standing over her shoulder. Leastways that’s how it used to be done. So it can be “honestly” said that it was written by “her/him”.

  317. Eileen Clark


  318. Sapere Aude

    You can do it. The URL is the address in your browser when you are on the page with the youtube video you want to post here. Copy the entire address section in the top of your browser and paste in your posting and the video will show and play. Give that a try.

  319. Hallelujah

    OK … Trying this again.

    Thanks Sam and SA!

  320. Hallelujah

    Wow — I did it!! Anyone wants something linked, just let me know. L, H

  321. Thanks for the laugh! Hilarious!

  322. yes – it makes you sort of gag at the mere thought don’t it ?

  323. OTDT, please pass this heartfelt message on to Deep Fax:
    Dear Deep Fax,
    Please be very careful, I have word that there is a special super-duper-secret plan to ensnare you with a fake document – written to prove who you are by introducing carefully designed inaccuracies that only you could know…
    Wishing you safe journeys and endless success. What you are doing is making a difference – keep poking the snake with that stick…

  324. Really Marg I never said you couldn’t pick your crusade and if you want to promote the beatings at Int Base then go for it!

    Not my game.

    The Truth Rundown Series didn’t affect my view one way or another by then I already knew the Church was rotten to the core by my own personal observations that I’d written in my earlier comment.

    You can disagree or agree with me all you want.

    But I believe I’ve stated my opinion on the matter and I’ll leave it stand.

  325. What a weird writeup from Susan Lewis.
    Yeah, it is Step B from A-E.
    All the replies on this thread make sense, but still there is so much unexplained.
    If Susan was actually a plant from the beginning, it seems she was a pretty poor choice to “do the job”. She has this blog thing, and sees herself as a writer, but is actually terrible at it. So either she got this bright idea herself (not bright herself), or she “volunteered” in some way through some OSA people who were also not very bright for having chosen her, or approved her to do this.
    Some mistake was made (see my bet on what it was below), not a big surprise considering the intelligence level of those concerned in the op, and bam! DM got mad, pulled the plug and a lot of people got DM’d. Susan got declared, is all, and so is working on her A-E. Probably some OSA people also, besides getting busted, maybe RPF’d too.
    My money is on this: the Susan gig got rolled up when the postings on Marty’s blog laughed at OTDT’s DM stuff. I think it is as simple as that.
    Mistakes are made only in the presence of suppression. In the face of the magnitude of the suppression at the COS due to DM, the mistakes are necessarily larger, more stupid, etc. Great is the force applied, pathetic is the product. Downhill all the way.

  326. I forget to say:
    This writeup of Susan seems to support the fact that she is part of the collateral damage resulting from DM’s obsession to find out about OTDT. OTDT is just creating too many effects (and also we are having entirely too much fun).

  327. Narcissist = SP, It actually translates well this way.

  328. That Gadhafi guy is getting bad PR too

  329. Skilz!!!! 😀

  330. Somehow, the posts by “Goddess” put me in mind of John Nunez’s account of the ‘fair game’ attempt on him back in summer of 2009. He documented the whole thing and posted it on his site. That operative’s posts have some of the same flavor as ‘Goddess’ posts…..

    “Here is a look at Fair Game in live, living color. ON ME.”
    by John Nunez:

  331. LMAO!! Well written OTDT 🙂

  332. OTDT! You bad person, you!

    You know how many times I had to run off to the bathroom while I was reading your post?

    Is this a decent thing to do?

    OOOOH, MY God! OHHH Nooo! Gotta run again !!!!!

    **LLLLLLOLOLOLOL! Rotfl + pee gushing out (OK, maybe that’s too much– but you get the idea)***loud screams from the bathroom that get my family truly concerned*** then, eerie quietness….***

    OK, I’m back and still alive.

    As I was saying, bad boy, baaad boy! No can do things like that!

    Oh noooo!

    **runs off again howling with laughter and is never seen again***

  333. I wouldn’t be overly concerned with Deep Fax’s cover. Although he is posted very low on the org board as a janitor/schlep-boy, he plays dumb really well and is in actual fact very highly trained not only in all of Scientology, both technical and administrative, but also in espionage, counter-intelligence, I/T, telekinesis, subterfuge, acting, forgery, carpentry, quantum physics, furniture repair, psychology, geo-politics and cooking.

    By actual test, he can make an e-meter needle go still, fall, rise, rock-slam, theta-bop and float any number of times at will, all the while holding a perfectly standard Pie Face. But he told me to thank you for your concern, anyway.

  334. I also heard that he often says: “I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis. Stay thirsty my friends”. May just be a rumor.

  335. Erring on the side of caution is basically what creates a suppressive society and is one of societies key flaws because it is inspection before the fact.

    See HCOPL ‘Organization the Flaw’.

    One that Miscavige and what is left of “Management” continually ignore.

  336. Thetabuddy

    Man oh Man, all I can say about this poor women is that she is a PRODUCT of the Church of DM. Condition : confusion.

  337. Lana

    Are you actually referring to LRHs actual tech here or are you referring to Policies and other kinds of issues?

    I have never found actual “LRH tech” that did not “work”, or if I ever did, it is extremely rare. LRH made some improvements on earlier “tech” , and did a lot of undercutting, but that does not mean that “the tech did not work.”

    Policy, however, is quite another thing. But one does well to remember “policy” is not usually “tech”. Policy is simply a rule or a guiding thing” that is decided upon in order to avoid difficulties or to set ways of approaching or handling certain administrative situations. It is a growing thing. It is necessary that it change in order to handle new situations as they arise.
    I recommend a read of the definitions in the “admin dictionary”. There are quite a few, and I really have not done it full justice here.

    My two cents


  338. Gotta agree with ya OO,

    This whole thing has the feel of an “intel” (if you can call it that) op blown sky high.

    That post of Susan’s trying to get everyone to “get off the fence” was pretty much a dead givaway.

    Well OSA once it’s time to stuff everything into the ol’burn bag and close up shop.

    Burned again.

  339. AO,

    I can pretty much assure you that this Susan chick is not another Lisa McPherson and to me there is very little evidence of any kind of duress.

    The chick folded like a bad hand in penny-any poker game.

    It’s more likely that she was acting as a double agent while posting on Marty’s blog the way she rolled over like a dog with fleas.

    If you really are concerned about the girl I suggest you contact her yourself.

    St. Chris baby 😉

  340. Playing mole hunter now are we CU?

    You’re a regular James Jesus Angelton

    “Straddling the fence….”

    Oh please!

    Obviously you haven’t been reading my comments for the past two years or my recent one either.

    It’s a matter of approach I was discussing.

    Someone can tell you such and such happened but unless you were actually there it is nothing but HEAR SAY.

    Whereas if you experience something for yourself it is more than just HEARSAY thus more REAL.

    Do you get the difference?

  341. All that is missing from her confession is whether we are still at war with Eurasia, and how Goldstein was able to seduce her mind.

    (It really does read like Winston Smith’s confession in “1984.”)

  342. Some of you folks might be surprised at how many people do not know who Anderson Cooper is. Until he did the shows about the CoS, to me he was just another talking head in the TV guide. And I had stopped watching any of them years ago, except maybe for shows like The Daily Show occassionally.
    Many people watch limited TV.
    My wife watches ‘disease of the week’ movies, some Dr.Phil, a few others, occassionally. I’d bet she still doesn’t know who Anderson Cooper is, or even that he is a TV personality. Many people know what they want to know, and skip knowing the rest completely.

  343. crashingupwards

    RJ, the girls write up is there to read. Its neither HEAR SAY or Inspection before the fact as you earlier noted.
    Your not a mole but your conspiracy predilection has been a distraction to many discussions in plain sight. Whats telling is that government conspiricies seem more real to you than the beatings.
    Lastly, I have been reading your comments for the past 2 years and I am afraid I am not as impressed with them as you are. Sorry.

  344. Oh gee I’m all broke up cu.

    However will I live with myself.

    Oh boo hoo.

    Nice try at ad hominem.

    What does my so called “predilection … (to) government conspiricies” (sic) have to do whether something is hearsay or not?

    Maybe you could answer that question.

    And next time….

    Use a spell checker.

  345. Oh by the way CU.

    I never said the girls write up was hearsay.

    If you’re planning on a straw man argument.

  346. New Scientologist

    Peeing is not suppressive… Not peeing is suppressive…
    This chick gets a release everytime she has a win as an Indie and is now getting help to suppres it. She is like a puppie, she gets really happy and pees. Now she needs to handle her happiness by suppressing her pee.

    I don’t know about you but I feel great after I pee. She should try taking a dump to see if it helps. It’s not good to suppres a dump.

  347. Pingback: Rolling Radical Scientology Rats | Moving On Up a Little Higher

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