Nothing to Fear – Thanks to the James Gang

Did anyone notice how the AO MAA Julian, OSA Ext Security, the local DSA Steven’s Creek – the whole lot of the staffers – ultimately dealt with their little problem with Susie Lewis?  They shunted her to the self-described “stand-up guy” Rick Manning, Susie’s boss at Wise-licensed dental consultants “Pacific Management Consultants.”

Who better to do the bidding of the money-motivated, real estate “religion” than the boss – who writes the checks – of the mark being handled? One little problem with this handling, it is illegal and unconstitutional in the United States of America.

I have learned over the past two years that the potential financial loss of disconnected business connections is as suppressive – if not more so – than the potential friends and family losses threatened.  In many cases it is so.

So, the timing on this one couldn’t have been better.  Haydn and Lucy James visited Casablanca this weekend bearing a gift to many, many people out there.  The gift of freedom from mafia-like, financial coercion from the Radical Corporate “church” of Scientology.

Haydn and Lucy James decided to give me the green light to post the
document that follows. Potentially the publication could prejudice
them in the final determination on how much OTA “OT VIII” Dr. Juan
Villareal has to pay for having been found liable for a violation of the James family’s federal constitutional civil rights by the United States Department of Justice’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  But, Haydn and Lucy like most good ole Indies I know – and unlike virtually every lie ingesting,
lie emiting lemming Corporate Scientologist I know – ain’t in it for the
money. Haydn and Lucy are in it – and sacrificed nearly two years of
hard times and proceedings – on principle.  And they want to share
what they worked for so that nobody else has to go through what they
went through – or if they do, they come out the other end vindicated for their
efforts like the James Gang.

By the way, for those small minded ones who buy into the “church” propaganda machine about the supposed lack of long-term objectives, planning, and execution in the Independent field – eat this one.   This is only one of many, many long-range projects we have, are, and will continue to execute – all the while Miscavige does little more than dramatize the final days of Stalin, Hitler, or any one of a number of infamous smelted dictators.

So, read and learn, then get up, stand up for your rights.  The decision:

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  1. Kudos to the James Gang!

  2. Shining Star

    Wow. That is wonderful Haydn and Lucy. Congratulations! That’s an awesome win!

  3. Yvonne Schick

    At the risk of sounding vindictive, I hope the James’ family sticks it to ’em financially. What was done to the James’es by JV should not happen to anyone. I speak as someone who has owned a sizable business and ran the human resources department. The consequences for such actions need to be so great that it is a wake up call to anyone who even remotely considers discharging or in any way retaliating against an employee for disagreeing with the church.

    Thank you to the James family for standing by your principles and setting a good example.

  4. becomingAware

    Haydn and Lucy – Well done!!! I sincerely hope this will help you and also cause a cognition in some people’s minds about following illegal orders from DM’s church.


  5. WindWalker

    Lucy and Haydn

    Well done on you guys for uncovering, understanding, and pursuing your rights in this matter. I hope it proves to be both a spiritual and financial win.


  6. I suspect that this will help many other former employees that were terminated illegally or feel that they must knuckle under to stay employed at similar companies. Bravo for sticking to your guns, and for sharing this.

  7. Thanks again Marty for this incredible post. As can be seen, here once again are the corporate Scientologists making believe they are above the law again. Where does it ever wind them up?

    I heard of another case like this somewhere, I think in New Jersey, a councilman of some town, had a business other than councilman on the side and hired people, not to get a valuable final product out of them, but to scrape up all their money to give the church. During the recession when the hired workers could no longer afford to give the church they were fired and sued the councilman and his company for discrimination. That case is still pending I think, but here is a link to it in case any wants to know a little more about it, because even “prominent politicians don’t care any more” about people’s rights if the church is pressuring them for money:

  8. Wayne Oppelaar

    An Open Comment to this Forum,
    The Tick – Toc is getting louder and undeniable. Criminally directed Scientologist are being exposed for the crimes they perpetuate against innocent peoples lives and, as happed in this case, their livelihoods. The current Church of Scientology is increasingly criminally affecting any individual that challenges, or even questions, the Church’s rigid policies. Today many innocent people are being harmed by this Church imposing their unbridled will against anyone not submissive to the current leader of the Church’s ideals, regardless of weather or not these are right or wrong. Is that morally and ethically acceptable?

    I think not.

    The Ticks and the Tocs are getting louder…
    Wayne Oppelaar

  9. Awesome! 🙂

  10. SCN_Ethics

    Love it, love it;
    Can’t get enough of it!!!

    Go James Gang!

  11. 40 Yr Scientologist

    This is awesome! And its a precedent under a Federal Agency. VVWD to the James Gang. (no wonder Villareal had a hunted look in the latest IAS rag, showing him getting a Crocodile Meritorius award) I have seen far too many good people threatened (or fired) from WISE companies in a similar fashion. Thanks to the James’s for having the guts to take a stand and turn the tide.

  12. Meant to say, The US EEOC Document is sane and rational.

  13. Wonderful guys. Thank you!

    Haydn, your integrity is inspiring. You’ve never wavered. I am proud you are my friend.

  14. Lucy and Haydn and girls,

    I am so tickled for you all. I’m so proud of you for obtaining the kind of justice that isn’t always easy to get, but that is potentially available if you stand up for yourself.

    Viva la Libertad!

    And, Susan Lewis, please take note: in order to receive the justice due you, you must demand it.

    Just Me

  15. Wow, this is AWESOME!!!!!!! outstanding.

  16. Outstanding handling of knowing your rights and insisting they be applied. The church is accountable and is not above the law.

  17. And have a spine. (Susan Lewis)

  18. Shunted to the OTA? I thought he volunteered. He had no back off on jumping in and handling himself. Definitely on the same page as the MAA, OSA, DSA cartel.

    Haydn, Lucy: Y’all define Operatin’ Texan and you sure show what a Code of Honour looks like in action.

    I tip my hat. I raise a toast. I salute.

    Bruce Pratt

  19. James Gang Strikes Again — A wonderful blow to the enemy. Standing up for your rights wins every time 🙂

  20. This is what can happen if disconnection is used for some other purpose other than what it was intended for ( which was to get SPs or PTS people off the line so tech and ethics can get in. )

  21. Tony DePhillips

    This is great news Haydn, Lucy and daughters!!!
    I have to go along with Yvonne on this one.
    Stick it to him and set a real good example for the others who may try to manipulate people’s religious beliefs by financial blackmail.
    Eat that Mcsavage!!
    JV I hope you learn a good lesson.

  22. CONGRATULATIONS !!!! A wonderful win . What a perfect example of “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics”.

  23. Marty,

    Its been hinted at a few times, but I think it should be exposed for what it is – Miscavige has been using public Scientologists to do his dirty work for some time now. From sending public down to roadblock you to try and prevent JB from being recovered, to the recent Keystone Kops OT Asses sent to Lori and then to your house and from the heavy regging for Idle Orgs and IAS to trying to control through threatening people’s jobs. There are dozens of examples.

    There are two reasons for this – the first far more significant than the second:

    1. Miscavige believes actions of public Scientologists shield the church (and him) from liability. He banks on the fact that the people who will do this sort of thing will also take the next step and claim “it was my decision, nobody told me to do this” thus insulating him.

    2. He just doesn’t have many people left in the SO that are capable of doing anything.

    What this letter exposes is something I don’t think he has thought through.

    The personal liability of those who carry out his insanities can be huge. They may shield the church, but they don’t shield themselves – in fact it is what gives rise to their liability. One of these people is going to see the light and spill the beans as the pressure can be enormous to try to reduce your personal liability. But regardless of that, word is going to spread on the OT Asses grapevine that this sort of thing is not good for your health. Miscavige is going to start finding a lot more cold feet among the OT Asses. It may be convenient to have them do your dirty work, but when they are also the people you rely on to collect your slush fund money from, its probably not a good idea to put them on the firing line this way.

  24. Congrats and thanks for your courage and aplomb you guys.

    The days of the “church” of Scientology being “the most ethical group on the planet,” are long, long gone.

    Out ethics, out-tech, off-source, squirrel admin, verbal tech, hidden data lines, black dianetics…these are the actual existing scene.

    All victories such as this expose the true, corrupt, illegal nature of the church of Mestology.

  25. Flawless Victory!

  26. Scott Campbell

    Haydn and Lucy,

    This encapsulates the corporate Church of Scientology’s philosophy of “marching you to eternity at gunpoint” very nicely. How free can anyone really be with an axe hanging over their heads that threatens to destroy their livelihood at a moment’s notice if they don’t “toe the line”?

    The James Gang is but one of many families who’ve had their lives and wherewithal destroyed without a second thought at the whim of a Kool-Aid drinking C of S or WISE member. The difference here is that you are the one’s who’ve stepped up to the plate and said ENOUGH! – and have done something about it.

    In conversations with other Indies who’ve suffered similar or other abuses by “scientologist” employers or other C of S terminals, I’ve noticed that a question often asked is, “how can someone like that go all the way up the bridge yet not see the truth or manifest any improvement in personal integrity?”

    The answer is contained in the Dn and Scn Tech Dictionary definitions shown below.

    “INVERSION, 1. a switch to an opposite obsessive consideration such as from compulsion to inhibition. There may be many inversions on any consideration, each leading further from self-determinism. (COHA Gloss) 2. his resistance has been overcome so that when it tries to outflow, it inflows. That’s an inversion and that’s what’s meant by inversion.”

    “INVERTED DYNAMICS, we can take a person and actually have him be someplace else when he is right there. See, he’ll still keep this body but he’ll actually be and operate someplace else and you’ll run into this every once in a while in a preclear. We call this inverted dynamics. (2ACC-1B, 5311CM17)”

    IMHO any person who manifests behaviors like Dr. Juan Villareal is not there. Their dynamics are inverted and they’re also on the wrong side of the reverse vector. As many Indies can attest, its pretty easy to handle with a simple clean up, getting back on the bridge and applying the correct conditions to get honest and straight. I can only hope that C of S members like Dr. Juan Villareal and others can spot this phenomenon in themselves and handle the situation that is causing it before they do any further damage.

    Haydn, obviously your dynamics are not inverted. This case is an important precedent. Well done to you and your family on standing up for your rights!

    L, Scott

  27. Tony Dephillips

    Excellent points Mike.
    Can you imagine WISE companies unable to fire a declared SP consultant because it would be relidious descrimination? LOL!! THAT would be awesome.

  28. Haydn and Lucy CONGRATULATIONS on your VICTORY!!!
    This is a prime example of “JUSTICE IS COMING” and MANY MORE to come.
    Way to go guys!!!

  29. I saw that picture of him too-to me he looked very missed witholdy.

  30. Eileen Clark

    The James Gang rides again!

    Good on you, all of you who helped bring that about.

  31. Bert Schippers

    Wow, that is fantastic news!

    Great Job Haydn & family!

    You deserve a more than just settlement, and thank you for persisting in this to get a product that will hopefully prevent other similar situations from occurring.

  32. Mike-You always have very sane insights .

  33. Great points Mike.

    Miscavige sits behind his 1st Amendment shield and thinks he’s protected as he gets OTAs to do his dirty work. The OTAs have no such protection so are liable. But in the final analysis Miscavige can’t use his 1st Amendment get-out-of-jail-free card for acts he instigates in people’s places of business.
    Interfering with contracts and the like is just that.

    Around the time this Harlingen thing was going down, I remember Miscavige sent goon squads into LA businesses owned by Scientologists, armed with E-Meters to interrogate their workers.

    This not a chink in Miscavige’s armor, it’s a gaping hole. One through which some justice will be achieved me thinks.

  34. Very well done and thank you Haydn and Lucy and USA justice.

    Another aspect of the heinous, off-policy squirrel “handlings” of (non)Scientology Inc is the covert practice to get their imagined SPs fired from jobs (via lies, Black PR, libel, harassment, slander, whisper campaigns etc). It would behoove everyone, particularly those who have been targets of the OSA perpetrated evil “to ruin” them, to know their rights. The law protects you from the tort of Intentional Interference with Economic Relations.

  35. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Boooo Ya!!

  36. Mike, those are excellent points you make. I never thought of DM using public to shield himself from liability. Wow. Thast’s what he feels about the public. Kind of like Usama using his wives as shields.

    Good job Haydn and Lucy. The James Gang rides again!

    ML Tom

  37. +1! 🙂

  38. Suck on that FAT ONE Juan!!! HAAAAA!

    It going to be hard for the IAS to collect money when all the SCN business owners are tied down with lawyers fees and EEOC settlements from all the future indies who will be bringing suits. It will be the IRS evolution in reverse.

  39. Tony — not only can I imagine it, that reality is here. There are some other similar actions moving forward, this is a hole in the dike and they are springing a lot faster than Dear Leader can stick his digits into them.

  40. redneck Janette from Detriot

    James, Lucy and girls… this is so awesome !!! We are very happy for you guys!!

  41. Wayne Oppelaar


  42. Eileen Clark

    Rick Manning needs a copy of this document.
    Tom M’s daughter at DiscKeeper needs this document.
    I’m sure there are others.
    Where is Deep Fax?

  43. Congratulations James and Lucy! Once again you prove that Scientology is not just following orders! It’s standing on one’s own feet eventually. And you do do stand on your own two feet here and everywhere. This is being Cause over Life! Getting Ethics in!

    DM’s problem is he has a MUST HAVE on Control but he CANNOT Control the whole world. He is not up to it. LOL!!! His problem is he cannot get that! Being Mr. Right he tries to control everything and anyone. Well, some wild cats including some Committees and Justice people as well as the Independents do not buy that. And we do something about it.

    Remember: the wrong thing to do is Nothing!

    Thanks for reminding us guys even in the field of work and labor rights where there’s been so much suppression by the C of M. And certainly now this is a precedent for many Scientologists or not.

    I am in awe looking at us and how much we have accomplished just through communication here. There is a lot behind this blog here. But just this daily communication about so many actions and things we do and face IS so catalytic to what we want to get accomplished. We are ALL 45s on the Tone Scale guys. 45s!!! Like the fools of Tarot!

    I see my teammates here indeed. Indeed. And though I am not in a position to do that much now there’s gonna be the time when I will. And that because we have ALL been here doing what we are doing, a bit less or a bit more than James and Lucy, ALL of us with one frame of mind. Putting Ethics in! Love you ALL!!!

  44. Thank you for seeing true justice prevails, and for all you personally endured to see this gift reaches us all in the world!!

    “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

    In contrast…here is the Squirrely Squirreled Nutty Handling by the
    Office of Spastic Affairs in Scientology Inc.

  45. Bill Holly

    VERY good. I wish both Haydn and Lucy well. Keep on truckin’.

  46. Hell yes! The James Gang strikes a deadly blow! Yea!

  47. JohnInAustin

    It’s almost sad how oblivious the remaining faithful sheeple in Cof$ are to the fact that their ongoing and well-documented illegal actions are going to land them scarily long stretches of time in prison…while their boss is almost certain to take Hitler’s way out and blow his brains through the roof as the po-po roll up!


    John in Austin

  48. “Raise your voice every single time they try and shout your mouth…”

  49. And, one thing to note: I never, ever worked for a Scientology company that did NOT break employment rules. Not one. So, this is indeed huge. All you WISE members and “entrepreneurs” who exploit – and I mean exploit – your staff so you can get to the next IAS or Idle Org level – It only takes one. It only takes one to wipe you out. Penalties are huge – especially in California. Remember that.

  50. This is a lovely precedent for freedom from the Co$’s bullying.

    Thanks to the James Gang – this will have ramifications far beyond the US borders I reckon.

    A true blow for freedom has ben struck. 😀

  51. Lucy, Haydn & Katrina,
    YOU SO ROCK!!! 🙂

  52. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Hayden and Lucy! Great job!!!

    Also, thanks Marty for the good news that more and more shall
    be released. This is *excellent*!!!

  53. Good deal! If you can document behavior like this from an employer they are toast. Legal takes a while but it will happen if you can document it.

    N.B. contrary to to claim above, this isn’t a constitutional issue but, purely statute enabled.

  54. scilonschools

    “As long as you practice something resembling Standard Procedure … you can’t do anybody much damage – unless you go over to the other side of Complete Black Dianetics”

    Ron Lecture 17 September 1951

    Keep going Marty, you know the good and the bad and have the solution!!!!

  55. Hayden and Lucy,

    Congratulations! And thank you for sticking to what you believe in. You are an inspiration to others. ml, Laura

  56. To the vertically-challenged:
    Try pulling your hand out of your coat. It is a dead giveaway.

    Do you know the difference between courage and cowardice? Your actions would say that you do not.

    What is the difference between your using church members and a dictator using human shields?

    Just because you apparently feel no shame for your actions does not preclude you from being in the lower bands of tone levels.

    Why do you deserve the extravagances in your life, which were created and “given” by dedicated, caring, trusting people, most of whom were deceived into thinking it was for the good of all? Look down at your shoes and tell everyone why you deserve those but the truly good, kind people (such as Heber) only deserve punishment. Why? The good in others has to be continually restimulating the hatred in yourself. How do you sleep at night? Do you?

    Justice is trickling down and the laws of the land will prevail–eventually.

  57. Watching Eyes

    Wait till the domino effect really gets going. It’ll happen in two ways: One, when the OTA’s & WISE companies realize they’re on their own with no help from dear leader or the cult or their “friends”. And then there’s the second way; when more people start going to the EEOC for help. When the FEDs start to connect all the dots and cognite, oh boy.

    Grab the popcorn. I think the show’s just beginning.

  58. When you mention Stalin, it makes me think of problems of comparable magnitude. Stalin was supposedly poisoned by Beria, the same Beria who “wrote” the Manual on Brainwashing that Ron published and obviously wrote himself under Beria’s name. Beria was in charge of the Russian secret police. Is there anyone in DM’s realm who serves as his secret police? Kruschev caught Beria and literally had him killed and Kruschev took over the Soviet Union. He kept himself alive under Stalin by taking abuse and literally became a dancing bear that amused Stalin and who Stalin made fun of. Sort of like musical chairs.
    So, look for the Secret Police of Radical Scn to go after DM by attrition and then be done in by the Dancing Bear of Radical Scn.

  59. Nice job Hayden and Lucy. Corporate Scientology is learning that their days of bullying members into submission are numbered and coming to an end. With this kind of exposure, I can’t imagine other OTAs are going to be lining up to publicly take it up the ass for Miscavige. Even OTAs will only go so far when it comes to being exposed as criminals, and religious extremist in the public arena. Dirty Dave is going to have to do his own dirty work from now on.

  60. Martin Padfield

    Stick his what into them? Oh, digits.

  61. Just noticed after drinking coffee. This judge has a MUCH better, native grasp of the Data Series theory than ANYONE currently in the CoM.

  62. Sara Finning

    Or down to whoever is providing professional indemnity insurance as it’s been in the course of business, unless of course civil right violations are excluded! Can you imagine the deductibles?

  63. Congratulations on a superb and profound victory! Sending many well wishes and hugs to Haydn, Lucy and all involved.

    Thank you Marty for continuing to expose the injustices and abuses that continue to go on.

  64. 🙂

  65. Time for Warren McShane to grow a pair, engineer a coup and avoid prison himself?
    One of the main enablers like Cruise or Travolta get their heads out of the sand?
    Law enforcement gets their thumbs out of their rear ends and puts an end to the madness?
    The slow, painful disintegration continues for the next few years – meanwhile the Indie’s & FZ’ers crank up delivery and broadly disseminate their attractive alternative?

    I vote for “E”…all of the above

  66. Thanks for the latest Well done Hayden and Lucy.

  67. “This is being Cause over Life! Getting Ethics in!”

    That reminds me of the old battle cry of getting ethics in on the planet.

    Who’d of thunk that when we heard or even uttered these words as a Scientologist that we would actually be applying this to the Church of Scientology or the members within it?

    A group that once called itself the most ethical group on the planet is now having its ethics put in by the Indies.

  68. In response to your brilliant note:

    “how can someone like that go all the way up the bridge yet not see the truth or manifest any improvement in personal integrity?”

    Didn’t LRH once say “A cleared cannibal is a cleared cannibal”? Just because a person is Class IV, Class VI, Class VIII and OT III, OT IV or OT VI does not mean that they no longer like their living room walls to be painted pink! {LOL}

    In my opinion, an individual must consider that something they are doing needs improvement in the first place in order for that person to better themselves, and if a person cannot do that, then for example one gets crime oriented church members. It is a matter of what a person knows I think, not what a person claims to know.

  69. Well done Hayden and Lucy. Speaking of WISE, I’d like to diverge for a minute and point out how off the rails the WISE organization is. When LRH did his World Out Of Comm Eval he stated that ” if you want to clear the USA, start with going after small businesses using WISE.” Subsequently there were a couple of WISE companies that did that and were successful. However, as years went by, WISE started crush selling any Scientologist who owned a business to become a WISE member and do WISE courses. This is NOT what LRH intended. I used to tell them, why the hell should I pay you to do courses when I have already paid the Church for all of my training (ethics, tech and admin)?? This is squirrely beyond belief. Then a few years later (don’t recall exactly when) Flag quit doing Chaplain cycles for businesses and turned everything over to WISE, and people had to pay large amounts of money to do “arbitrations”. WTF? This totally violates LRH’s Chaplain policies whereby he wanted matters to be handled cheaply. So I suspect (don’t have any proof) that DM must have diverted all business cycles from FSO to WISE for whatever squirrelly reason. Meanwhile, WISE is spending enormous amounts of time and resources to reg SCIENTOLOGISTS to become members, instead of following LRH and setting up WISE companies to go after raw public businessmen. Just one more squirrely story from the church of McScavanger.

  70. Independent anvils shatter suppressive hammers. 🙂

  71. Great quote from MLK!

  72. Haydn & Lucy, congratulations! Perseverance and tenacity plus. Humility and grace under fire. Respect and love to you both.

  73. Haydn & Lucy

    Thank you to one and all for the kind messages and good wishes.

    We owe our own thanks, in particular to Mike, Marty and Steve and their respective loved ones who take the brunt of Miscavige’s spiteful actions. And to a number of other Indies, private individuals who sought no thanks but helped us immensely along the way. From minute one we never felt alone.

    The writing is on the wall. Thousands of Independent souls work for Radical Scientologists. From such a simple area of law will come a groundswell seeking justice. And Radical Scientology won’t see it coming. They are so blinded by the discriminatory and elitist ways in which they are set, as dictated by David Miscavige, they can’t see it coming. It’s not possible.

    Among other things, David Miscavige is playing fast and loose with employment law and civil rights. It will be his undoing. Starting with this action. Not because we are bloody minded but because Radical Scientology is incapable of tolerance and fair dealing.

  74. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Mike,
    I wonder if this could be done retro actively?
    You could get a lawyer calling people who have been let go based on religious descrimination. Cha-ching!! Ouch!!

  75. Kathy Braceland

    Wow. This is huge! AWESOME!

  76. Hallelujah

    A job well done! My name says it all …

  77. Sure — as long as the statute of limitations has not run. And if someone were to read this here on the blog and discover for the first time that they have had their rights violated, they would have a pretty good argument as to why they waited to act.

    But three words of advice to anyone who confronts this sort of situation: DOX, DOX, DOX. Document EVERYTHING you possibly can, even if its only your own timeline of events. Keep every KR that is written, demand copies of them if your boss confronts you. Keep names of co-workers who witness things and speak to them at the time to confirm they heard and saw what happened. Have a record of your production and all commendations and bonuses. Every employer who wrongly terminates someone will try to come up with an excuse after the fact — “their performance was not up to par” or “they yelled at other employees” or “they sexually harassed someone” or whatever.

    All that being said, the EEOC is very aware of this. No employer ever admits to them “Yeah, we wanted to screw the person over so we fird them for the wrong reason” — so they are usually pretty savvy at sifting through the falsehoods. You can see it in the report about Haydn — he got bonuses, his production was high, he had objected to being forced to make donations AND they found the claims that he yelled at people to not be convincing, especially as there was nothing in his personnel file. If you are wrongfully dismissed, the EEOC is a strong advocate for you (though the process is NOT fast).

    But its REALLY slow if you never start….

  78. Quoting the ever so voluble Jackson above: Boooo Ya!!


  79. Regarding a person being threatened with loss of a job, as Susan was in the last post and as was done to Haydn and Lucy and their daughter, the truth is, if the news from outside the church were false, it would pose no threat to the person on church lines. He would simply let the other itsa, show them the true data, and that would be the end of it.

    The fact that data from outside the church is blasted, shunned, anathema, cursed, AND punished with the loss of your ETERNITY!—Wow, that leaves me breathless—is an indicator immediately of “something has been struck upon and MISSED!”

    If you told your dentist that you read somewhere that teeth don’t really exist, he would look at you stunned. He might feel sorry for you, and he might tell you there was nothing he could do for you, he might help you anyway, but I doubt he would threaten to hit you in the mouth or pull all your teeth as punishment. And he certainly wouldn’t call up your friends and tell them to disconnect. LOL

  80. Watchful Navigator

    Count: What I have observed…

    The typical Org chaplain is hfa (held from above) by a PES, overwhelmed, unsupported (try cleaning up an ARCx’n field after Basics crush-regging!) and often unhatted in business matters. So there was at least some justification for taking WISE matters off their plates.

    However, let’s take an all-too-typical example. Businessman X rips off Employee/Investor Y. Y has little or no money to work with now and goes to the Org Chaplain in desperation. This gets referred to WISE and a consultant appears, demanding an arbitration fee (of which at least 10% will go up-lines to the war-chest) which Y cannot afford. X steps forward with the fee (which is going mostly to this “consultant”), and depending on the ethics level of the consultant, you get “all the justice money can buy”. Add to all that, the probability that X is the senior “contributing” Scientologist, and we may now find heavy ethics heaped on person Y, on top of an unjust ruling. Not the cheap, fast, balanced justice LRH envisioned.

    Let’s not forget here, the other side of the coin. I have known of ill-intentioned persons signing on to WISE businesses, voluntarily “accepting” the training and then turning around to sue the WISE business for religious discrimination. It happens. And this has been a source of grief for WISE and honest member business owners. But lessons were learned and it seems to have contributed to a more sane approach wherein the materials are secularized and owners are much more careful about appearing to offer anything “religious” or to “proselytize”. This is another issue and is a whole different one from that of using a Scientologist’s employment to keep him in line with the dictates of management. That last being a totalitarian perversion of LRH’s original intent.

  81. That’s what I call an effective response to criminal suppression.

    The more of that, the better.


  82. Mother of Grendel

    Ethics – in terms of Bridge “progress” – has been replaced with kow-towing and donations. Conditions? A thing of the past… unless it’s a write up that names names and throws other ‘disaffecteds’ under the bus. Actual ethics handlings? Nah, it takes too long and we’ve got stats to push this week! Just make a dono, sign up for a Div 6 course you don’t need, make a home visit and convince some other poor fool to drink the Kool Aid… anything to avoid actually confronting and taking responsibility. The thing that Dear Leader fears most of all is for his public to become more able, more self-determined and aware of what is really going on!

  83. To the OSA individual reading,

    Logic 14

    “Factors introduced into a problem or solution which do not derive from natural law but only from authoritarian command aberrate that problem or solution.”

    Are you working on Natural Law?

    Contemplate that for a moment. I truly hope you have a nice cognition.


  84. Your One hundred and one Right !! on this one .

  85. Crusader, that is a very good point!

  86. Its a good point of view you raise / Leads one to think / I feel its true I like your style of comment I have to say. LOL

  87. Check out this video. Then check out the movie next month on the Oprah Network. There are some amazing parallels to what was experienced in the CO$.

  88. Someone outed me recently with the intention to cause my husband to loose his job. Just being vindictive towards me. This upsets entire companies and threatens the workplace for everyone and their pay and their family’s survival. Many innocent bystanders can be effected by this. In particular stock holders of the company. In our case, thousands of stockholders had their investment threatened. The she posted with her henchman how I should learn to keep my mouth shut and because I was on the net I bought it all on my family. And yes, there was some truth in that. We managed to bring the situation under control but it rocked the boats on many shores.
    And I can’t tell you how many people are in a similar bind that have communicated to me over the last fours months. “I can’t, my business partner……….” “My kids would lose their friends, I can’t do this to my kids…….” “This is why I don’t come out……” “We feel for you, we are in the same boat……” “My wife would kill me, but we support everything the Independent Movement is doing…….”

    This stranglehold the Church puts on people only backfires when people submerge and withdraw their support and go off and just start doing their own thing. Which frankly, I think is healthy, it’s called dissemination. If you look at the definition of “off the bridge” in the admin dictionary it will blow your mind. The Church might have a big mailing list but 98% of the people getting that mail are against Scientology.

  89. Haydn,
    There IS US Supreme Court precedent on this very point. The First Amendment protection does not extend to these activities. Dave’s lawyers will have to find that on their own. I’m not telling them. Nyah! (And I bets they ain’t tellin’ Dave, since the gravy train is sooooo rich and you don’t wanna cut offs the gravy…or do you.)

  90. It’s AMAZING how the “Dwindling Sprial” talked about in the TECH actual comes to LIGHT just like RON SAID!!!

    Hear that whistling sound in the distance? That’s Davey… and his world… coming down all around him.

    tick… tock… tick…tock…

  91. thetalibre

    Haydn & Lucy, Bravo!
    Point #6 of the way to happiness effectively applied!
    ”There are many people one influences. The influence can be good or it can be bad.If one conducts his life to keep these recommendations, one is setting a good example.
    Others around one cannot help but be influenced by this, no matter what they say.
    Anyone trying to discourage you is trying to do so because they factually mean you harm or are seeking to serve their own ends. Down deep, they will respect you.
    Your own survival chances will be bettered in the long run since others, influenced, will become less of a threat. There are other benefits.
    Don’t discount the effect you can achieve on others simply by mentioning these things and setting a good example in your own right.
    The way to happiness
    requires that one set a good
    example for others. LRH”

    DM, to move on up a little higher, you should read the book and applied it to your own life… It is a good and sample way to get started! Just do it… DO IT!
    If you don’t… well this boy is ready to slap your pie face!

  92. Oh yes – California plaintiffs can make out huge in this. The EEOC could come to no other conclusion than it did. The “conciliation” stuff at the bottom of the letter is boilerplate and does not obligate the James’ to settle. They can if they wish, or they could go through that process and then decide to sue.

    An ambitious employee plaintiff’s attorney could make a lot of money off these cases. A really smart attorney (one much smarter than me) might be able to consolidate cases against WISE employers into a class action naming WISE, on the grounds that it acted in concert with a variety of employers to encourage them to violate the civil rights of their employees. That opens the door to the WISE-Co$ link and thus the door to the treasury of the Co$. That would be a big score, but would be a stretch to make happen.

    Better to, as one commenter above pointed out, give WISE the death of a thousand cuts, as its member employers are required to wake up and smell the cold acrid coffee that is Federal law. Their desire and legal ability to follow the dictates of the Co$ will be wounded severely.

    As a side note, if you’re considering a complaint or litigation, please find a reputable, quality attorney who is actually going to do a good job with your case. I’m sure M&M have recommendations. Please, please, please do not call some guy with his phone number on a bus bench or on the back cover of the phone book.

  93. Haydn, Lucy and family,
    Yep. What you said.

  94. Haydn and Lucy James acording to Flag Order 2160 you two did a “Commendable”

  95. In fact, per the admin dictionary definition of “off the bridge”, 98% of the people in the Sea Org are against Scientology.

  96. Yes on all of the above, but especially on arbitration. Totally a dropped hat. As a Scientologist, I am not allowed to bring suit against another Scientologist (or at least it is frowned upon) without going to the church first. The church dropped the ball and moved it all to the “WISE Charter Committees.” There were no rules. The people on the committees were all company owners, and were biased against employees (mutual out ruds). Arbitration was really “arbitrary-ation”. There was one rule, which was the one who had the most bucks and donated the most $ won.

    If you WON an arbitration, there was NO enforcement power. One guy ripped me off for thousands of dollars, and the arbiter found against the guy – but no matter, the guy disagreed, and that was that. IT WAS A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.

    The lessoned learned was not to do business with other Scientologists, since in case there was any disagreement, there would be NO recourse.

    By the way, now that I am independent, the rule no longer applies. I will just use and apply the law, and the courts as needed, which is what we all should be doing anyway.

  97. Oh yeah Babe, welcome to the Twilight Zone.

  98. Good observation.

    On the training note – secularizing is a good way to go, as well as sourcing some of the management concepts Ron distilled. Imagine my surprise, for example, when I found that “CSW” is an ARMY concept that Ron borrowed. I use it at work, and reference that document.

    Management by statistics and other data Ron used can be secularized as well. At the end of the day, the management tools become useful and are not about religious doctrine. It helps to be able to THINK with the data, rather than be a rote puppet.

  99. Mike,
    Really good points you brought up. In Susan’s case, should she grow some spine, there is clearly a trail of dox which points to corporate RS and the KOS. No hiding behind OTA’s skirts!

    Better break open that new bottle of single malt!

  100. Haydn & Lucy,
    You are completely awesome, spearheading and assuring liberty and justice for all!

  101. According to the admin dictionary definition of “off the bridge”, David Miscavige himself is clearly against Scientology.

  102. So, OSA staff,……stop pointing the finger at us who are on the bridge and getting others up the bridge. THAT is who is NOT against Scientology.

  103. VWD guys, excellent on your integrity; very nice win! Makes me wanna voice another win; here’s some more good news, some very good news!

    Lil’ ol runt has been very busy pushing Big Pharma into highest ever after highest ever since he made himself the laughing stock of the psych/pharma cartel by his total obliteration campaign. He gave them such a platform with government that they could get almost any legislation passed that seemed protect the population from a zealot like that.

    But busy as he was in America, he forgot about Europe and I’m happy to announce we have a precedent! Last week our court inhibited a mother to give Ritalin to her kid prescribed by a psych. The court argued that pumping heavy drugs into kids on false ADHD claims is in violation of the child’s rights convention of the UN, Article 24-I “the child has the right to the best possible health and the best possible health care”

    The European Commission had concluded that Ritalin could only be prescribed as a last resort. Of course mainstream media are deaf, dumb and blind but our judges aren’t. Any parent or kid now has a legal tool to protect himself against rampant drugging.

    Included for CD:

  104. Luis Garcia


    I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

  105. Hayden and Lucy,

    Very well done and thank you!

    “We do not have to become heroes overnight. Just one step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up, seeing it is not as dreadful as it appeared, discovering we have the strength to stare it down.”
    –Eleanor Roosevelt-

  106. Hammers are nought to an invisible weapon.


  107. Lucy James

    What Mike says is very true. Documentation is very important. Just an additional point, in some states it is legal to record discussions without informing the other party. If you are concerned you could be discrimated against, do your research as you may legally be able to record any discrimination that takes place.

  108. Great advice Mike. To which I might add “watch for and collect evidence of further retaliation”. We were lucky in that friends collected evidence for us of Miscavige’s own bully boys going around retaliating against us for having gone to the EEOCand for having made a complaint (execising out constitutional rights). Such acts are not protected by the 1st Amendment.

    Try squirming out of that one Mr. Miscavige!!!

  109. Thank you.

    1. It was not proved without doubt the child had ADHD

    2. Seems the father was againt it. (Parents seem diveorced).

    3. It was an intervening judge making a temporary injunction

    Sad when a child becomes the stick the parents use to beat eachother up. I doubt she has ADHD. I rather think the mom is a bitch and want’s her child to STFU about Daddy.

  110. Can you imagine WISE companies unable to fire a declared SP consultant because it would be relidious descrimination?

    Oh, they can fire them, just not without a settlement and a possible a fine.

  111. Words of wisdom.

  112. Right Lucy. And that’s easy to find, just google “one party consent states” and it tells you which states allow recordings of conversations to be made with the consent of one participant.

  113. Or is that the smell of novacaine in the morning? 🙂

  114. Wow!
    The dark clouds on the horizon just got a whole lot darker for the koolies.
    Well done indeed.

  115. Perhaps they want to medicate the wrong people – a couple of doses of Thorazine to the parents ought to do the trick! 🙂

  116. Hey Scoots, I see you done some good work too. Yes, international borders mean zip with stuff like this, the tide has well and truly turned.
    Tic toc Slappy.

  117. Scott Campbell

    Thanks Lana.

    Exactly. It’s “The greatest good” on a reverse vector.

  118. Jack Airey

    Hayden, Lucy & Katrina….DBA: “THE JAMES GANG”
    Big, big win on getting this victory for your group. Herculian persistence and tenacity illustrates how the James Gang were able to use facts and some truth to convince a judge not to waiver from the what is right for the employee.
    I just hope this low life pimp Villareal has not given his last dime to the criminal organization in exchange for more awards in fancy frames.
    Hayden the most difficult task is getting what is owed you. I was thinking if you do get a few bucks you will be able to buy some clubs so we can hit the greens and show Mike Rinder a thing or two about golf.
    Good luck to all the James Gang members and I sure do hope there is some cash collected for all your troubles.

  119. Okay having red it again here comes: 4. The mom didn’t want to settle for the Dad’s no ont he ritalin for an iffy diagnosis and went to get a yes from the court.

  120. freespirit

    You guys are great! Having worked in labor rights for sometime, I can tell you – if you have documentation -if you build a good paper trail – and you have a legitimate complaint – you will get justice. The process is slow. But the discrimination laws are clear. They will protect you if you show violations.

    Scn businessmen would be smart to stay away from doing any of the “church’s bidding on any of its parishioners. They have legal reasons to steer clear and would be foolish to think that they can circumvent or are above the law.

  121. Haydn, Lucy and Katrina, I salute you for standing up to your rights and wish you good luck on the settlement! Bravo!

  122. Scott Campbell

    Sort of like buying a “dispensation from sin” from the old Catholic church…

  123. Scott Campbell

    Ahhh yesss!

    The desensitized dentist…

  124. Tony DePhillips

  125. theystolemychurch

    In some states and in some cases the statute of limitations does not begin until you discover the act or crime…. this truly can help to extend your clock “count down” on cases as sometimes you really do find out after the fact.

  126. (Deep Fax’s goods of the day)

    Personal Office of COB
    Daily Battle-Plan Dept.


    1. Find out if anyone is not under my control.
    2. Get more money.
    3. Destroy someone in order to show them who’s boss.
    4. Practice speech for next event.
    5. Check the shine on pillars.
    6. Call TC about those doilies I want to get for the end tables in my bedroom.
    7. Get my hair done.
    8. Hit someone.
    9. Get someone fired.
    10. Outline Black PR campaign on Supreme Being.
    11. Drink some Scotch.
    12. Hit someone.
    13. Drink some more Scotch.
    14. Scream at someone.
    15. Put more pressure on somebody.
    16. Get that special set of books finished for TC that have a one-sentence synopsis of each chapter so he can finish The Basics.
    17. Check in with latest Goon Squad on the Crypto-Phone.
    18. Spend time with my Rod.
    19. Scare a parishioner.
    20. Sort my tie collection.

    cc: OSA
    cc: COB Absolute & Immediate Compliance I/C

  127. theystolemychurch

    I don’t agree that this should become a class action. In a class action the attorney settles the case for all plaintiffs and they in turn get a very small amount of money compared to the actual damages they incurred. Individual cases with jury trials IMHO is the best way for each and everyone of the people that have these labor law violations. And always go for punitive damages!

  128. mrinder,
    You said “2. He just doesn’t have many people left in the SO that are capable of doing anything.”
    This is so true! The cream of the SO are out here helping us guys out! I can’t believe sometimes the caliber of people we are lucky enough to associate with on this blog and in life.
    On the other side of the coin, IMO most current SO members handling public have no clue what the real world is all about but, sure believe they know best how you should live your life. Some of the corny ideas I’ve heard would be comical if it weren’t so frustrating because, you can’t argue. It’s based on whatever the current arbitrary DM is pushing. Because these guys can only follow orders, all kinds of documentable mistakes are made.

  129. Tony Dephillips

    Where are you OTDT?

  130. Conspiracy to frame rightists for criminal acts exposed

    Major police operation uncovers plot to mask string of criminal assaults as price tag retaliation. Scheme included assassination of Islamic clergyman, multiple bombings,7340,L-4069940,00.html

  131. “Police surveillance discovered that the man who ordered the “hit” on the Scientology center was none other than the Scientologists’ very own legal representative in Israel and worldwide, Attorney Gur Finkelstein, who stood to benefited from the future reconstruction work, due to a close connection with the building contractors. “

  132. Wonderful news. Well done, Haydn and Lucy! Way to go. People need to know that this is a viable course of action!

    “A Chicago dentist has agreed to pay $462,500 to settle federal allegations that he violated U.S. discrimination laws by sexually harassing workers and by forcing employees who wanted to keep their jobs to submit to indoctrination in the tenets of Scientology.”

    “The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed a lawsuit against Dr. James Orrington, DDS, alleging religious and sexual harassment. The suit, filed on behalf of ten employees — 9 women and 1 man? 10 women? — claims the South Side dentist required employees to recite passages from Scientology literature before he’d give them their checks. Three employees were fired after they lodged a complaint with the EEOC in 2005, and another two were fired after they complained about the harassment.”

    “WARRIOR, Ala. — A Warrior dentist has denied a Pinson woman’s allegations that she was fired after telling a radio talk show that Scientology was forced on her when she went to work at the dentist’s office.”

    (I remember this one clearly because who could forget the phrase “a Warrior dentist”???)

    “Two ex-employees of Diskeeper have sued the firm over allegations they were obliged to take part in Scientology training courses as a mandatory condition of employment.”

    “A Springfield woman has alleged in a federal lawsuit that she was fired in 2004 from a Branson West company for refusing to convert to Scientology, the chosen religion of her boss and several co-workers. Brianne Shahan filed the suit against Richmond Monroe Group Inc. in U.S. District Court last month. Shahan claims her former employer violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by allegedly pressuring her to divorce her husband and become a Scientologist.”

  133. Howard Roark

    If this turns out to be true, this is amazing. What a foot nuke!

    How can this be explained away?

  134. Tony DePhillips

    Sigh of relief!!
    We can’t have the Humor Sec off post very long without a C.S.W. 🙂

  135. OSA style Crime Busted

    “Attorney Gur Finkelstein, who represents the Scientology Center in Israel, was detained several weeks for allegedly hiring this gang to help him with his own criminal endeavors.”

  136. I agree. The various state agencies are set up to handle employee beefs, and the “death of a thousand cuts” would work well. It should be noted that each of the thousand cuts are BIG cuts to the companies involved.

  137. “Spend time with my Rod” – Funny!

  138. Tony DePhillips

    I just thought of this scenario:
    Can you imagine a consultant at Sterling Management (WISE company) getting on the blogs and stating that they don’t like what missavage is doing and going to get some auditing from Marty.
    Then the cult declares that person an SP.
    Then Sterling tries to get rid of the person because all the bots have to disconnect. But Sterling couldn’t fire the person without a huge lawsuit.
    So you could have a declared SP still working at Sterling, delivering good consulting. Then all the bots would have to quit, including management so they wouldn’t be connected to an SP… LOL!!!

  139. Watching Eyes

    I never thought of DM using public to shield himself from liability.

    Tom, this may explain why they go so nuts trying to “recover” people, actually recapture is a better word, when they leave the flock. The domino effect. They don’t know which ex-cult member will be the catalyst for a full blown domino effect to kick in. When that happens, DM’s shield will look like swiss cheese.

    Now that there’s the James’ precedent, I don’t expect the cult to see the error of their ways. To the contrary, they’ll probably go even crazier when someone bolts.

  140. Ahem…Executive Vice President of Satire, if you will.

  141. Heather G-What is so chilling about these reports is they resemble exposes that CCHR did on the psychs. Now we are exposing the Church with similiar exposes.

  142. Interesting Oracle. Can you possibly quote the definition from the Admin Dictionary? I’m on the road and don’t have one handy. I’d love to see it.

  143. LMAO! Too funny 🙂

  144. Yes. It’s classic, isn’t it?

  145. Sinar, The inspiration for this song is Susie Watson Taylor’s entrance into Scientology. She was close to the band and when she got into Scn, they wrote the song about her. For those who don’t know, SWT is a long time ASI exec and a great person, even though spiritually blind. It would be wonderful to see her spine stiffen and see her come back to life here in the independent field.

  146. Scott, good one! to the Bay Area you are comfortably NUMB!

  147. Hayden & Family,

    Well done! What a great win, and well deserved.

    Wise consulting groups/companies will have a tough time thinking themselves out of this mess.

    It’s hilariously ironic that what is now blowing back at them is ‘legally enforced connection’ – they can’t just get rid of staff anymore because of religious affiliation and disregarding one’s basic rights & freedoms.

    I wonder how DM will reconcile these big donors now that these Wise members are PTS and continually connected to those unruly staff members.

    What goes around ….

  148. Hi Haydn,
    Well done.
    Just occurred to me that Miscavige is about to feel the full force of “Fair Game.” He is committing crimes against citizens of the US. He is committing crimes against scientologists who are factually in good standing with the subject of scientology and with LRH. He is not only completely outside of any protection offered by the US courts, he’s also outside any protection that we may have ever accorded him as a scientologist.
    Kudo’s to the nth degree for you and your family.

  149. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    And awareness of right and wrong! Something Susan Lewis is sorely missing.

  150. Gur is probably part of that elite deviance and criminal class known within the “Church” as “those who have patron status”.

    Why am I not surprised.

  151. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    And you carry a torch proudly too, my friend! 🙂

  152. Thanks Jack, I think winning this case is going to prove a lot easier than beating Mike Rinder at bloody golf!!

  153. They are pretty much exemplary examples of the HCOB ‘Robotism’ these days.

    Either that or dramatizing psychotic SPs like their oberfurher Miscavige in their own little fiefdoms.

  154. Tony DePhillips

    That’s good to know Dan.
    I’m a huge Zep fan.

  155. Now that’s a big win Erwin!

    Well Done!!!!!

    Meanwhile Dave and his team of fifth invaders is driving the stock price for pharmaceuticals here in the US through the roof.

    One wonders if it is he who is doing what he accuses Mike and Marty of doing and taking a kick back from big pharma.

    The small criminal mind at work once again.

    Or as Shakespeare says “Methinks she doth protest too loudly…”

    I do know that when I worked at CCHR the pointless exercise to drive down Eli Lilly’s stock was supported by Dave’s “friend” Matt Feshbach.

    One wonders?

    Anyway kudos on your win in the EU.

  156. RJ,
    Well said!

  157. Tony DePhillips

    How about COB of satire? The good Chairman of the board…

  158. Yeah if I remember correctly.

    It was sometime in the late ’80’s or early ’90’s that any chaplain’s cycles dealing with a WISE business were shunted over to WISE Arbitration even if filed by an individual Scientologist and in most cases though there may have been one or two exceptions the Arbitrators usually found in favor of the business.

    No matter what kinda out ethics slim ball the business owner was.

    Obviously because he was bribing WISE with his or her continued membership.

    Another get outta jail free walking card was that many WISE businesses were also big contributors to the IAS as well and would “FSM” whether they wanted to be “FSMed” (see subject of this post) or not into making big contributions as well.

    Aside from playing fast and loose with the Labor Codes by “double jobbing” their staff.

    (Meaning they’d have their staff clock in and out on one job and then clock in on another job in order to not have to pay overtime.

    Or they’d put their staff on salary and expect them to work 100 hrs a week and no holidays to “earn” it.

    Plus really nice stuff like cut their sales staff’s commissions in half if they earned too much.

    So much for ‘Awards and Penances’.

    By the way what was once known as *willful misapplication* until the “newer” editions of the Ethics books came out.)

    Plus switching staff over from hourly to salary depending on holidays and the dreaded possibility that they might make overtime.

    In other words many WISE businesses are literally a den of thieves and pirates.

    Whether Dave’s to blame for all this I do not know but I do know for a fact that many WISE “businesses” and WISE itself are to a greater or lesser degree criminals.

    They should actually change their cool acronym to WICE World Institute of Criminal Enterprises.

  159. “Office of Spastic Affairs”


    Good ‘un AMin 🙂

  160. Robert Earle

    it,s too bad that the story didn’t go into details like how
    they found a copy of Mission Earth in Gurs posession with directions from DM (aka Gris ) to do GAT drills on this so he could pull it off to perfection. Including of course blowing up his trail so noone would know where he went.

  161. Scott Campbell

    Got a funny SWT story… I’ll tell it at the Indie party if you remind me. No big, just a funny story.

  162. Howard Roark

    “I can’t do this to my kids?”

    People need to take action for and on behalf of their kids! How are they going to handle it when the SO recruiters show up at the house? Or at school? Or catch their kids at the house of a friend?

  163. Hmmm.. Love this trivial travesty.
    Robert Plant long ago is on record saying; “It would take a truck load of Pepto-Bismol for me to sing that song again…”
    I was assuming at the time… he sang it too often on the road? Now maybe something else..all together.
    Beautiful song.

  164. Thanks,
    I knew Davey was getting kick backs from the elite but now you tell me he accuses M&M of collecting fees from Big Pharma. That does it as you know that the SP’s stock in trade is recrimination. Wasn’t Matt Feshbach the King pin of short selling?

    Wasn’t Matt promoted as the epitome of financial successful? Didn’t he then become the main source of IAS, Library and Superpower extortions? I distinctly remember him (the millionaire) asking me (broke) for a huge pack of dollars.

    I can so see the deal between Matt and Davey: I sell short just before you drive the stocks down. Then I’ll be the dollar wizard and reg your public to pay your kick backs.

    Then Big Pharma cries at congress how much they’ve been harmed and some handy legislation gets passed allowing them to extort the public legally and with immunity (Matt and Davey collecting again).

    Hey Obama, reading this? Still wondering why you got an economic breakdown? Still wondering why 60% of all foreclosures where related to medical bills?

  165. Giving drugs to the parents is as bad a solution as giving it to the kids. Even drugging a psych that badly influences a mother is no option. The correct answer was already given by the EU Commision: Drugs as a last resort only (not unlike LRH). Now we’ll enforce that.

  166. I think we should care less about the label and get more interested in the kid. Label or not, drugs for behavior is a last resort because there’re so many alternatives.

  167. Funny as always, Commanding Officer of Humor and Satire!

  168. Thank you Haydn & Lucy.
    This is no small thing.
    It hits the front lines, where reality is strongest.

    My story is nothing, embarrassing at best, compared to those who have went thru hell. Yet I lost my Bridge over $1600 and a bit of integrity. So there went my KTL (what I wanted most) and the rest of it. I spent more then $5000 to discover, they are across the board, nutty. And that IS NOT a generality.
    Most public happily vote with their feet…
    Yet, under Law, every story has merit. They are all important.
    It is very nice to see here a lesser injustice communicated, because these are just as important.
    They are in the millions.

  169. Thor oughly Well done Haydn & Lucy & family on your justice win. Passing by the Guy Fawkes Inn and I’ll buy you all a Guiness.


  170. The culture of the CoS, ever since I’ve been in and around it (1997), has been one of money-worship. The more money I had, the more I became a target. “Oh well”, I would shrug. “That’s the deal if I want to go free.” But as the years followed things seemed to go from bad to worse. If it wasn’t one thing it was another. Super Power, Basics, Congresses, ACCs, Ideal Orgs, IAS, Library Campaigns, Fundraising Events; it was insane. Back in the day, the only calls I’d get (bar the odd crush reg from Ginger at Saint Hill) would simply be a kick up the ass to get on course. What happened to that? Did someone’s priorities change somewhere along the way?

    Per the Motivation Scale alone, this is totally f**ked up. I was given a commendation for buying The Basics, for crying out loud. Why? I didn’t help anybody. Let’s not kid ourselves, I was being rewarded simply for giving over my credit card number.

    It now seems apparent that to be a Scientologist within Miscavige’s organisation, eventually you will have to embrace this. It is effectively a reward & punishment culture. Whilst you’ve got money, doors will be open. When it runs out, they’ll be slammed in your face (a bit like DM’s fist). No wonder people go out ethics and off the rails, just so they can keep DM’s “carrot” dangling in front of their face… 😯

    LRH said that a being is only as valuable as he can serve others. Within the CoS it seems, a being is only as valuable as he can serve DM. 😦

  171. Ingrid, with one major difference. I won’t use these few examples to tell you that all scientologists are unethical and criminals!

  172. Joe Pendleton

    Tony – thanks for the REAL Chairman of the Board! I am a confirmed dyed-in-the-wool “Sinatra-holic” and I have never heard him sing this (despite my almost 40 Sinata CDs – which includes, by the way, a VERY underground, though with beautiful sound recording of his VERY LAST performance – a 26 minute appearance for his wife’s charity. He was 79. The last song Sinatra ever performed? “The Best is Yet to Come”!

  173. Joe Pendleton

    OTDT – #16 is cruel, man, cruel! Ha!

  174. Joe Pendleton

    Heather – he made them submit to indoctrination to the tenets of Scientology AND sexually harassed them!!!???!!! Someone should have had HIM get indoctrinated. Almost a half million bucks – that’s a lot of cavities to fill. Now that won’t get the stats up. He needs to call his WISE “consultant” pronto, STAT, ASAP and get a new program.

  175. Joe Pendleton

    Ingrid…I can’t help it…”what you resist, you……….”

  176. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Joe,
    I love Frank Sinatra and Led Zep, quite a dichotomy eh?
    I guess I can move on the musical tone scale.

  177. Jack UK said: “The culture of the CoS, ever since I’ve been in and around it (1997), has been one of money-worship.”

    Jack, that was absolutely, positively not the scene when I got into Scientology (1972). But now that you put it that way, I think “money-worship” is why I left the Co$ in 1988. At that time, it had become obvious I was no longer very interesting to the Co$ because I wasn’t a high roller. Conversations at parties and on course breaks centered on: When were you last at Flag? When are you going to Flag? What level are you one? What’s your next level? What services have you paid for? What are you buying next?

    I remembered when conversations among Scientologists were about: What are you creating? What kind of fun have you had? What have you learned? Whom have you helped? Who has helped you? What interesting games are you playing? What interesting people have you met lately?

    When Scientology becomes the game, that’s the end of the game. When life becomes the game, that’s the beginning of the game.

    Just Me

  178. Bravo James Gang!!

  179. Hi Count, my mistake, the term “off the bridge” is not defined in the admin dictionary under “off the bridge” . It is defined somewhere and I am doing some research and inquiries to figure out where I read it. When I track it down I will have the exact reference. In the meantime, if anyone here can beat me to it I would be grateful.

  180. From recollection, the reference defines “off the bridge” = “Against Scientology”. If that helps anyones memory in locating it.

  181. Un-believable! I guess he saw an easy mark in DM and his followers. I can imagine the pressures to “donate” after an incident like that! With Gur Finkelstein there padding the reconstruction bills and adding even more marble and hand-carved wood than even DM could imagine.

  182. That is so true.

    Congrats, Haydn and Lucy! Very well done!

  183. TheWidowDenk

    I thought Susie had passed … sometime with recent years. Can anyone confirm?

  184. TheWidowDenk

    Brian — Hope you didn’t mind I read this quote. In fact, I’ve read it every time I have come across it in the queue. To answer your question, I like to think I’m working on natural law along with others. Great quote!

  185. Rachel, I heard the same thing, in 2007 I believe.

  186. In this case I think the mother needs some good talking to

  187. Heey there are plenty of labels in Scientology

    Ritalin is for concentration and not ment as a behavioral drug. It is sad people want to use it this way.

    What I would fight for is an MRI scan to go with every diagnosis.

  188. I think the mother is badley influencing the doctor.

  189. “Meanwhile Dave and his team of fifth invaders is driving the stock price for pharmaceuticals here in the US through the roof.”

    Oh please in reality the COS does not have such influence. What is driving the stock prize up is Lazy ass american who want a quick fix for all their problems. Mother’s little helper

  190. Love ya Heather.

  191. I wish Jenna Elfman would come to my house to tell me I was a Bad Bad Boy 😉

  192. Criminal organization contains criminals.

    “This is a dangerous group of people whose victims were saved by a miracle,” the Tel Aviv Police said. “They prepared explosive devices that could have flattened buildings let alone the consequences of the Mosque plan should it have succeeded. We prevented a huge catastrophe,” the police said.

    Yoav Zitun, Ahiya Raved and Naama Cohen-Friedman contributed to this report

  193. +++ Words of wisdom: +++
    When Scientology becomes the game, that’s the end of the game. When life becomes the game, that’s the beginning of the game.

    Thank you JM!

  194. Fair Use

    WITH SCIENTOLOGY: With Scientology is defined as “INTERESTED IN SUBJECT
    AND GETTING IT USED”. AGAINST SCIENTOLOGY: Against Scientology is defined



  195. Perhaps it should be the doctor on the Thorazine, then. “Physician heal thyself!”

    Seriously, this is good news. Drugs are way over-prescribed.

  196. Extorsian, human rights abuses, intimidation.

  197. Exactly, Cat Daddy. The Scientology criminals are deadly serious. They continue to coat their crime with “celebrity glitter” ad slogan. Calling it a “celebrity religion”, they even set up a booth in Cannes at the film festival outskirt.

    If Scientology lawyer Gur Finkelstein would have been able to pull off all of his plots in Israel they would have mushroomed into a world incident with retaliations and innocent blood shed.

    That’s why every victory such as the James family standing up, are vital. It is the tip of an iceberg that many see but many find unbelievable (just Today the Scientology PR is trying to shout out the Israel indictment with the Scientology fake facade by tying it to Oprah, etc).

    The cold, stark almost incredible facts about Scientology lawyer in Israel are:
    “Gur Finkelstein indicted on 11 charges, allegedly commissioning Jaffa gang to carry out his bidding; Finkelstein allegedly attempted to murder his ex-wife’s husband in attempt to gain custody of ex’s 11-year-old son.”

    Do you really think that with the grilling sec check procedures of Scientology, the surveillance and confessionals, and OSA investigation that the Scientology church “had no idea” what Finkelsetin was planning (as they are claiming)?

    Was it pressure to blow up his own Ideal Org? Criminal evil and corruption is a hard thing to get toe to toe with, well down to everyone who is not looking away. Well done James family because your victory has begger ramifiations in curbing this disease that has taken over what is purported as a Help Humanity ideology.

    Kudos to all who uncovered this. Evil makes people dumber — that is both scary and comforting.

    In the news today:
    “On November 21, a bomb that had been planted in Cohen’s car went off, wounding Cohen and his 4-year-old daughter. According to the indictment, Finkelstein paid members of a Jaffa gang between 120 and 140 thousand NIS for assassination attempts on his ex’s husband.
    Finkelstein is also alleged to have commissioned a hit against Tel Aviv building inspector Shoter Hovel, after the latter had stopped work on construction for the Scientology sect that Finkelstein represented. ”

    OK? And what is OSA playing footsie with and gong after as “evil”? A patty caked game of “let’s smear and ruin and crush good people who practice helping others” (translation: won’t buy services from us anymore)


  198. Poor Moxon Muhahahahaha

  199. Want to ad, yes the indictments are allegations at this point — but short of “as-ising” ALL the evidence and witnesses (and dumb criminals getting dumber don’t have a chance, only in their delusions) ….Scientology attorney Finklestein, the Representative of SCIENTOLOGY, is BUSTED.

    OSA … FLUNK for doing real evil.

  200. I had a friend/acquaintence in college in the mid-1980s who used to take speed (the methamphetamine, very similar to ritalin), just before studying for an exam. It somehow helped her “concentrate” on her studying, so she could spit the answers back on a test. And it “worked”.

    Problem is, “spitting answers back on a test” is not learning. It is temporary memorization.

    Cat Daddy, when you get down to it, this is the issue that Scientologists (at least those that have thought the issue through) have with “medication” that tries to treat “learning disabilities”: it doesn’t truly help the person learn, at least not in the real meaning of that word.

    It also, imho, points out a glaring hole in much of society’s approach to teaching/learning, i.e. temporary memorization=learning.

  201. “By the way, now that I am independent, the rule no longer applies. I will just use and apply the law, and the courts as needed, which is what we all should be doing anyway.”


  202. Erwin,

    I had Matt pinned as a deadly virus in the body politic of the “Church of Scientology”.

    I mean as far as I’m concerned the guy’s such a sleaze yet is worshipped like some kinda freaking god.

    Here they are claiming that they need this huge edifice to “deliver” superpower yet they delivered the whole rundown to him at the Int Base.

    Talk about contrary facts and altered importance.

    From all the refs I read while at NWC the rundown was supposed to be delivered to *staff* as a first action.

    Yet they give it to the short selling king Matt a guy who’s left a trail of wrecked businesses and unemployment in his wake.

    Because let’s face it no matter how much lipstick ya put on this pig.

    Short Selling is betting against production and is parasitical of actual producers.

    In other words it’s capitalism at its worst.

  203. Well RJ, it’s entirely possible, about DM taking pharma money.

    After the USA Today ads ran in 1991, attacking Time magazine, Lilley and the IRS, Lilley’s stock price did drop.

    During a subsequent event, maybe the one announcing the settlement with the IRS in 1993, I distinctly recall DM announcing that there had also been a monetary settlement with Lilley, in which Lilley paid the CoS a substantial sum of money on condition the CoS would not publish anything negative about Lilley ever again in the future.

    DM said about the money received from Lilley, “We were well pleased,” and justified it by some words about using the money to expand

    But I recall feeling betrayed and simply thinking “He took money?????”

  204. LOL Thank you for getting my attantion on yet another FRONT

  205. Tom

    Yes, that’s why I personally feel that the likelihood of David Miscavige posting on this blog personally is close to zero. First I do not think that he has the balls or confront to challenge this blog and it’s inhabitants, and secondly I will bet that he would never consider posting because if things went bad because of it, he would have no one to blame or attack. If he gets other people to do all the dirty work, then if things go well he will gloat personally, but will unlikely validate the perpetrator. If things go wrong he can go into a psychotic rage and lash out at anyone around him, and drive the perpetrator into the ground, and use it as leverage to further his own ends.

    He likely feels that he is very clever because he is always behind some kind of “cover” but he is factually too stupid to realize that that “cover” is PTS and therefore (by definition) potentially a trouble source (I wonder if he has noticed this). When things get rough some of these “shields” are going to start “rolling over” on him. Susan Lewis is perhaps an example of the kind of “loyalty” he can expect. Lower on the tone scale, “betrayal” comes easy.

    However invisible or well hidden David Miscavige feels that he is in all this, it is still a fact that anyone who looks can see him for what he is. He sometimes reminds me of a little kid putting his hands over his eyes and then saying, “You can’t see me”.


  206. WindWalker

    This last post from Tom M was actually from WindWalker s Sorry about that Tom…


  207. “Ritalin is for concentration and not ment as a behavioral drug. It is sad people want to use it this way.”

    Sorry for being pernickety, but “inattention”, “hyperactivity” and “impulsivity” all relate to behaviour, per definition. These are the three categories of criteria used in the diagnosis of any one of the three “types” of ADHD, (as per the APA/DSM IV), all of which the use of Ritalin is approved for.

  208. Or even better MICE.

    *Money* motivated *Ideologically Corrupt* and in many case just plain *Evil*

    Think that one over all you cats over at dis-ABLE.

  209. “Police sources told Ynet the case dates back to several 2010 arson cases, which caused over a million dollars in damages.

    The motive for the Scientology attack was greed. According to Ynet, police say Gur Finkelstein, Scientology’s legal representative in Israel (and, according to Ynet, worldwide, as well) ordered the building blown up:

    …Police surveillance discovered that the man who ordered the “hit” on the Scientology center was none other than the Scientologists’ very own legal representative in Israel and worldwide, Attorney Gur Finkelstein, who stood to benefit from the future reconstruction work, due to a close connection with the building contractors.

    Police said that the suspects – including the Nizar Bakher, the Bakher family patriarch and his son Abdullah, as well as Finkelstein himself – have admitted their involvement..…”

    Thank you to each and every one drawing the line and saying NO to transgressions of human decency!!!
    Another example of Evil seeming incredible …and yet…there it is.

  210. Um, whom do you think the Gur Finkelstein, Scientology’s legal representative, works for?

    And does anyone really think the Scientology Corp would hire anyone they didn’t have their uber surveillance and complete “security checks” on?

  211. Congratulations to the James family for winning their case. I hope they receive a substantial award, because they deserve it and it needs to happen for everyone who has lost their job, or lives in fear of losing it,when they refuse to follow their employers illegal orders. This is employment law 101. Correct handling by WISE would be to advise and inform its members on state and federal laws regarding employment, but I am assuming that this will not happen. Being a member of a religion should not mean that civil rights are suspended.

  212. Yeah I know the cheap bastards never paid overtime and made getting a raise contingent upon some “hatting cycle” that was almost impossible complete.

    The only actual advantage to working for a WISE co was they didn’t care about the same creds that were required in “wog” businesses like their favorite Catch 22 of requiring years of experience for job a chimp could do competently or requiring some useless “MBA”.

    Other than that it was like being a rower on a Spanish Slave Galley or a prisoner in some Soviet Gulag.

    Also what I didn’t like about the company I worked for was that the boss kept asking me to audit their staff for free because they gave all their money to the IAS and thus couldn’t afford auditing.

    At least it wasn’t as bad as some WISE companies who had their staff writing up OWs every week despite the fact that this was grossly OUT TECH especially if the person was actually getting audited.

    I remember having to chase down some fucked up OW write that one of my PCs was forced to write while at some “Model of Admin” WISE co.

    I mean these guys would get away with the most flagellant *squirreling* (I mean some of it was worse than some of the cases we picked up in the ol’ Squirrel Busters days) with (dis) ABLE looking on benignly and many cases encouraging this case butchery.

    I know my reports on these out tech actions used to either vanish into thin air or I’d end up being investigated to see if my certs were valid.

    You know their on going effort to “protect” the public from receiving actual *Scientology*.

    Anyway the ol’man had the right idea about doing the ConEvil eval because there’s some evil mothers out there posing as “businessmen” and “woman” who just love the *protection racket* aspect of the Church of Squirrelotology so they can dramatize their suppressive tendencies.

  213. I don’t consider these people Scientologists as the Church is not practicing Scientology. Scientologists overall are ethical and care about others and are into helping.

  214. Yvonne Schick

    “When Scientology becomes the game, that’s the end of the game. When life becomes the game, that’s the beginning of the game.”

    So very, very true! Thank you for this insight. I remember going to seminars and workshops (and helping organize some of these) on the topics of postulates, goals, targets, etc. The participants were “required” to make their Bridge progress the goal for any drills. It was unacceptable to have any other game. Always felt this was way too much enforce.

  215. Flyrike and Yvonne,
    Thanks for seeing what I see. We can SPLURGE ON IT!

  216. Yes but it needs to be more than that to make a diagnosis stick. At least it should. I know they pump drugs in america.

    pesky children always demanding mom and dad’s attention. They should shut up and look pretty like the other ascessories.

    I have seen children and adults benefit with my own eyes.
    You can not make me “unsee” that.

  217. Watchful Navigator

    These definitions call for an interesting application:

    Something that Marty has continued to point out is the difference between the ‘subject’ of Scientology vs. the Religious WrecKnowledgey Corporation in place under David Miscavige’s authoritarian rule.

    The Independent movement is so, by and large, due to protest against the chief anti-LRH-anti-Scientologist of all time: David Miscavige. That corrupt dictator is certainly not about “interested in subject and getting it used,” as numerous witnesses will attest.

    Independents LIVE the definition “INTERESTED IN THE SUBJECT AND GETTING IT USED”, while also “protesting Scientology behavior and connections” as that applies to the corporate church.

    But then when you really think about it – WE ARE SCIENTOLOGY, and self-appointed pope David MisSavage and his psycophants are the ones PROTESTING Scientology behavior (applying real Scientology) and CONNECTIONS (bingo – that’s the key word) at psychotic fervor.

  218. “It somehow helped her “concentrate” on her studying, so she could spit the answers back on a test. And it “worked”.”

    Margaret, yeah. And in the same way any recreational drug “works”. Someone who smokes weed to relax will claim it “works”. Someone who wants to dance all night whilst feeling the love, will claim Ecstasy “works”. There is an argument for all of them. They all have, temporarily, an intended or “desired effect”. And psychiatric drugs are no different. (That is, in effect, how their efficacy is measured). Just because one psychoactive substance is sold by a global drug giant rather than “on the street” doesn’t necessarily mean it is any safer. Or more “morally acceptable”.

  219. Laughter!

  220. “I distinctly recall DM announcing that there had also been a monetary settlement with Lilley, in which Lilley paid the CoS a substantial sum of money on condition the CoS would not publish anything negative about Lilley ever again in the future.


  221. Thanks RJ. That is not the same line “Off the bridge” quote I was looking for but it is very similar. lv T.O.

  222. theoracle

    In my neck of the woods, “off the bridge” was used for anyone who was not currently on a Scientology service. (assuming that they had been “on the bridge” at some point). References for this were never shown to me.


  223. Another Layer

    Just Me,
    Absolutely! So well said! How things have changed when the disconnected institutional facade of Corporate Scientology has become the “now” product of Scientology applied, instead of bettered conditions. How is it freedom if a trademark (or buildings) is the result???

  224. Watchful Navigator

    Valkov – I second that. A total betrayal. CRIME.

    And I long for the day when someone finally blows the whistle on that “confidential, undisclosed settlement” amount.

    That’s starting to build a long list of unilateral, arrogant actions on the part of David Miscavige that spit in the face of LRH purpose and policy:

    -bragging at a recent event about CIA (remote-viewing ops) use of our Original (he left that ‘original’ part, out) OT levels. ONE OF THE VERY REASONS FOR THE SEA ORG’s EXISTENCE was to SAFEGUARD THE OT LEVELS for mankind.
    -accepting a payoff from the ENEMY #1 of MANKIND – ELI LILY, leaving them free to expand without distraction and very shortly recoup many times that amount in profits, and drug with near-impunity, the children of our nation, in some cases literally to death
    -exposing Scientology to shame and ridicule by knowingly permitting the Earthlink and Digital Lightwave ponzi scemes, among many others, to accumulate funds for the IAS which DM controls in complete violation of LRH memberships policies which direct that membership funds go into a book account for local dissemination
    -verbal tech destroying the F/N definition for sups (and all auditors they trained) trained at and exported from, Flag, and then decimating the entire lower Grade Chart, with verbal briefings to Senior C/Ses flown in from Orgs to Flag (watch out – Quickie Grades coming to an Org near you: “5 processes to Grade 0 comp…” because “HUNDREDS of hours of Objectives make faster pcs…”)
    -pretending to export Flag-level training to Orgs with the Golden Age of Tech while lengthening the runways considerably, while covertly solving training failures by ending up demanding Orgs send trainees to Flag (while training has become for public, a grueling sideroad of Basics addendums) so that little or no auditors are being made – CORPORATE SCIENTOLOGY’S CRIME OF THE CENTURY (what did LRH say he needed and wanted most? since the earliest Book One days?)

    There’s a whole lot more, but that has become par for the course for a punk who got it all started with the evil audacity to involve other CMO kids (who then became Int Management), in illegally diverting and spending LRH’s money in Vegas on whoring and gambling casinos (ref – Pierre Ethier confessionals on IM Execs, and confessional report on David Miscavige recalled by David Mayo – probably never delivered to LRH, or else altered by his then-messenger Miscavige).


  225. Nice catch Val,

    I missed that one or didn’t think about it in the actual context you mentioned.

    Basically I tuned out on the whole celebration when historian Dave was explaining that the IRS and only the IRS was one our only enemy enemy ever.

    I mean forget about the FDA, AMA, CIA, State Dept, FBI, the various inquiries etc, etc.

    You know the list of usual suspects Ron lists in various policies, directives and policies like Inter(Nazi)Pol who are suddenly our “friends” along with a bunch of “Tax cruds”.

    How nice.

    His real title should be COBS for Chairman of Bull Shit.

    Anyhoo now that you mention it I do remember some blurb about some settlement with Eli (funny how Susan what’sheface used that as a screen name maybe a latent guilt complex or something) Lilly.

    Then again it coulda been the not thereness (Ron says an ARCx can be due to a generality or a not there) of CST (you supposedly the key reason that Tax Exempt status was sought according to Trust B) in the litany of Scientology corps gaining the coveted Tax Exempt status with special emphasis on the IAS of course.

    Dave and his greedy bunch of IAS (who Mike appropriately calls I Am a Sucker) regs gravy train to wealth.

    So it mighta got lost in all the BS and not thereness and the implant like laser light show.

    But again now that ya mention it Val.

    No surprise.

  226. “I have seen children and adults benefit with my own eyes. You can not make me “unsee” that.

    That’s great, CD. In no way do I wish to invalidate that. But I will say, however, if it’s worthy of discussion, that I’ve seen young teens with “Social Anxiety Disorder” “benefit” by getting drunk. So go figure.

  227. It’s not A = A. Ritalin is taken longterm 3 times a day.
    It must help with rest and structure otherwise it’s futile.

  228. Constructive over a timeperiod of several years I have observed this for myself.

  229. So RJ, it’s quite possible the mighty short-seller Matt Feshbach made money on both sides of that deal – selling Lilly stock before DM ‘helped’ it go down by running the USA Today attack ads on Lilly, and then again buying it back when it was at it’s lowest, pocketing the difference as he re-acquired stock that would only go up from there….

    Maybe DM took some of his cut, if he got one, in Lilly stock, too?

  230. Barney Rubble


    Interesting. I knew Susie was close with Robert Plant, but did not know the whole Band. Susie was a great person, if she has in fact passed, she I am sure has found peace.

    The day Led Zep disbanded ws the day rock n roll simply died. Never been the same since.

  231. Jack, if you can get an unedited copy of the “The War Is Over” Event or what ever it’s called, from I believe it is 1994, I think it is in that one. It’s an event in which he talks about the impact of the USA Today ads.

  232. Lazy in dealing with relationships, emotions , children , interacting

    just take a pill

  233. I believe SWT passed away a couple of years ago (cancer).. she was a great friend of mine.. we worked together on many projects. Robert Plant was a good friend of hers.. he visited her at ASI some years ago.

    I won’t go into all the details here… she had been in “lower conditions” for some time and when she last spoke with me was doing library donations.. which was such a waste of her talent.

  234. As far as I’m concern David Mole-cavige is SMERSH’s inside man.

    The guy operates as if his marching orders came from the WFMH or the IMF not anything to do with any policy.

    No surprise he hates Scientologists.

    They keep missing his withholds.

  235. I thought that was cured with a doobie 🙂

  236. I will say this. I think it’s fair to ask Scientologists … or anyone … to prove scientifically that their (or anyone’s) non-drug approach “works better” than Ritalin, or any other drug. It may come down to how we define “works better”, but if that could be agreed upon, I think using science to determine efficacy is the best approach.

  237. CD, would you agree that if someone improved the same as — or more so — without taking Ritalin, it would ultimately be better for that person?

  238. Valkov, I remember that announcement too.

    Marty or Mike: Do you have any more details on the settlement with Lilly?

  239. Watchful,
    Well-stated Bill of Particulars.
    I think it is important to reiterate these events and testimonies again and again as more and more Scientologists pull strings and dare to land on Marty’s and other similar pro LRH blogs. A trickle of truth shall become a stream, and a stream, a river.

  240. Valkov, I just searched through the transcript I have for that speech. It doesn’t appear to be in that one. But I’m with you … I do remember an event where Miscavige said something along those lines about being “very pleased” with the payoff from the Lilly suit. I just don’t know which speech it was.

  241. Scott Campbell


    This has got Miscavige written all over it.

  242. Val

    I wouldn’t doubt that dirty double dealing diamond Dave didn’t take a cut.

    Probably the only thing that exceeds his cupidity and duplicity is his stupidity.

    *Unwitting Agent* is anyone who works on someone else’s behalf unknowingly and this pretty much describes Miscavige in my opinion.

  243. OTDT is this your work?

    It’s the new COB Ideal Orgs Reference Pack

  244. It was MV event — probably 99 or maybe 2000.

  245. Every gambling addict loves to rig the game because he compulsively looses. He then becomes convinced that the only way to win is by cheating and from there on he can’t do anything but. He’s stuck.

  246. Right on the money!

  247. Apparently the church missed – or the church was in on it. I doubt it. My gut tells me they just missed. He’s a lawyer who took money from the church but is apparently working for himself. He would not be the first lawyer to screw/rip off his client.

  248. Thanks Mike for nailing down which Event it was!

    I still recall the shock that went through me when he said that “We were well pleased” at the amount of money received from Eli Lilly in exchange for keeping quiet about them in the future.

    I was like, “Miscavige sold out?????!!!!!”

    It seemed to violate everything I had understood from reading my little old 1970s vintage “Introduction to Scientology Ethics” book.

    Wasn’t there a specific crime or offense called “Accepting money” or something like that?

  249. CD,
    The only way you can get big bucks quick is under an emergency. One of the best con games is to convince people they have an immediate urge to react and spend big budgets instantly to avert huge disaster. Almost every hostile takeover is rigged that way. It’s not easy to get great amounts of government dollars unless there’s a huge threat like Pearl Harbour, Tonkin, 9/11, Mexican flue, The Reichstag, etc.

    Davey’s masters have become experts in perfecting deception to a state of the art technology. Big Pharma, The Military Industrial Complex and Wall Street use this on a daily basis to increase their power. Davey has sunk so far that he doesn’t care how badly it’s executed as long as he can dominate (so he’s ha, safe).

    Big Pharma needed an mad opponent of magnitude to get into an emergency and Davey gladly delivered. Did Davey cause the stocks to go up? No way, he can only get them down. It was done by the Industry self but they couldn’t have done it without the great dark luring danger of a zealot that had quite some PR going.

  250. You are welcome JM.
    Here is a great Ref. which, IMO, explains and support very clearly your wise words.

    “It (Scientology) is not in itself an arbitrary, Fascistic police force to make sure that we all think right thoughts. It’s a servant of the mind, a servo-mechanism of the mind. It is not a master of the mind. Scientology will decline and become useless to man on the day when it becomes the master of thinking. Don’t think it won’t do that. It has every capability in it of doing that. Contained in the knowable, workable portions before your eyes, there are methods of controlling human beings and thetans which have never before been dreamed of in this universe. Control mechanisms of such awesome and solid proportions, that if the remedies were not so much easier to apply, one would be appalled at the dangerousness to beingness that exists in Scientology.”

    LRH, PDC Lecture #20 “Formative State of Scientology, Definition of”.

  251. Thanks Mike,

    I’ve noticed that dear dave usually get’s off his overts sooner or later.

    Like the fact that he blatantly lied to most Senior Executive in Scientology at the time in order to depose.

    In the Ethics and Justice codes its called *Mutiny* and considered a suppressive act but in dave’s world it’s something else.

    Like taking a payoff or a bribe from an enemy is considered a High Crime.

    Yet to dave it’s a “win”.

  252. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Mark,
    I just realized how the church justifies all of it’s failures. If you are not doing well, they can say that you are in a lower condition. So you are either suffering up out of a lower condition or if the “tech doesn’t go in on you” it is because you are in a lower condition.
    It is NEVER dm or any mistakes he makes or any lower condition he is in.
    Well I say that punk is in a lower condition. (called SP)
    It starts at the top. If everyone below YOU DM is in a lower condition then guess what?? You don’t have the skill to help people!! And if they are not and you say they are (what I know to be true) then you are a peice of crap.
    Now go have another drink and try on your new thong.

  253. Oh, we work our asses off in the marketplace and produce like crazy, if we stopped exporting 100 nations would go hungry. But we are lazy in relationships? We’ve got anchor points into every continent on this planet. Millions of non Americans piggy back on our labor for survival. We are not lazy with relationships. Your declare on Americans is unfounded.

  254. @#$%^&*)(*&^%$#@!

  255. Yes I agree Margaret.

  256. (Church of) Scientology does not have a very good track record when it comes to taking care of children, schooling and healthcare issues.

    Even on the Apollo it was dismal.

    Scientologists have something to prove to the world they can handle these issues.

  257. Whatever they’ve given Matt, it sure ain’t no Super Power, more something like Super Confinement. His involvement and alter-is are so huge and thus confront so low that he’s probably utterly convinced he’s working for the greatest good and that Davey is the hero that saved mankind.

  258. Scrape away the fluff, CD. Ritalin is taken over three doses, in pill form, so it takes longer to reach the brain. This, in effect, reduces the risk of addiction and neurological damage. If it was injected, however, as a comparison, it would hit the brain faster, and be more potent, more damaging than cocaine. [1][2]

    1. Volkov, et al; J Neuroscience, 2001, Vol 21, RC121
    2. JAMA. 2001;286(8):905-906

  259. Pretty much to the point

  260. I just noticed Juan Villarreal is in the latest IAS mag “Impact” as a new Diamond Meritorious. I’m not sure how much $ that is, but he’s got a whole page to himself and it appears to be the highest, or second highest status.
    I think it’s $5,000,000

    I actually didn’t connect the name to this topic, but rather was looking through the mag and his face stood out. In the pic he has BI’s. He looks nervous and criminal and I thought “hmm, something is going on with this guy” so I googled his name and saw he was a dentist in Texas and I remembered something about that on the blog a few times. And here I am.

  261. Nope, imitation.

  262. Thanks for writing this about time it has been spelt out

  263. Kudos to the James Family!

  264. Good work Sherlock 🙂

  265. Would have to agree with Grasshopper view I am on some source in Irasel I know to check to see what he can tell behind the story besides the info known

  266. CD,

    I can’t argue with you on the “track record” bit … for whatever reason, the organization hasn’t been very good at applying the basics of Scientology to itself. As brilliant as Ron was with the tech, I think the admin/policy leaves one wanting.

    With that said, we are talking here about the tech, and not admin/policy. Specifically, we are talking about the application of the tech to life and to individuals vs. the use of drugs.

    If you still haven’t made a distinction in your mind yet between “tech/auditing/study” and “admin/policy/management” after all these months of hangin out with us … well, shame on us for not gettin it across to you! It’s a huge central theme in Scientology. And life.

    A poorly run/managed hospital doesn’t make the technology of medicine poor. That’s the anology.

  267. Wow, the CofS took drug money? I didn’t know that. I wonder how much DM gambled those stocks would drop before he ran those Eli Lilly ads? Or was that Ray Mithoff?

  268. Keith Richards is straight and sober while DM is counting coins from drug pushers. That is rich! DM, you’ve got the silver!

  269. Davey is a Master, A Slave Master

    When are you going to confront the fact Davey did the take-over of the church on his own.
    When are you going to confront that Davey has no influencual friends outside Scientology.
    On the scope of the world-theater Scientology is not even a blip on the radar.

    I am not being mean and I am not a fan of Hubbard but I am not of the “All Hubbard said and did is …..” Church

    And as I like to see You Scientologist living succesfull and productive live.

    Public Scientologists have been used by the Church

  270. Americans do work hard for their money. No benefits no time for the children or to enjoy eachother.

    You do work like crazy, and the Donald Thrumps of this world live large on your labour.

  271. Thanks for sharing that, Just Me. And your last paragraph – so true! 🙂

  272. I guess you gonna have to stick around on this blog for quite some more time before proper evaluation sets in.

  273. Well that tells you why it must be taken in pill form and not injected.

  274. Are you trying to give us a SRA CD?

    The fact is that the evil despot or criminal that’s takes over an empire single handedly is only a figment of fiction, the movies and the imagination.

    I mean if the guy was anything other than a completely incompetent moron it might be probable that Miscavige acted alone though unlikely and almost impossible.

    At the least he’s had willing accomplices.

    Your *opinion* of the scene doesn’t align with actual history.

  275. Coming to Miscavige I accept the fact that not even Mike or Marty can get you off your Viewpoint regarding David Miscavige’s position.

  276. Now that would be some post! The CoS sells it’s soul to Big Pharma. Clucking Bell!

  277. RJ:

    “Your *opinion* of the scene doesn’t align with actual history.”

    He is entitled to his opinion just as you are. And thank God both of you have plenty of them!

    I dont always agree with CD, nor you. But I think you should be less assertive that your opinion is in fact, fact, and everyone else is only opinion.

    People in glass houses….

  278. Oh I don’t know Erwin.

    I’ve never taken the view that Miscavige is the only SP in the mix.

    The Feshbachs where known for their dubious business dealings long before they hooked up with the little psychopath.

    There are some very questionable individuals that are in Miscavige’s orbit or milieu that use Scientology for suppression and control of others.

    Saying that the Int Base and Miscavige is the center of this universe is a very narrow view of the whole scene as far as I’m concerned.

    I don’t think even Miscavige would have thought of blowing up an “Ideal Org” for financial gain though he’d take money from IG Farben and Eli Lilly in a heart beat.

    Some of their patrons have connections to the most suppressive and elitist aspects of society like the Banksters, the Intel Community and the Military Industrial Complex.

    The thing is that Miscavige is attracted to power and wealth like a moth is to an electric light bulb.

    In my opinion when they no longer find any use for the treasonous little bastard they’ll hang him out to dry.

    So far he’s been doing “God’s work” by making the subject only available to the rich and the “elite” and discrediting and invalidating the subject in the eyes of the average person who is fooled by the facade that Scientology is just another “cult” with no influence.

    They same thing people thought of the Thule Society , the Masons , Opus Dei, Skull and Bones, etc.

    By the way I have some inside information that CIA may be using altered Scientology techniques in what is called “Matrix Energetics”.

    Just as they used the earlier now no longer used Advanced Courses in training psychic spies.

    The thing is that the US Government has wanted a monopoly on the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology ever since they found out how effective it was in undoing a mind control technique like narcosynthesis.

    If you study history you will find the attacks against Dianetics accelerated when Ron wrote about the Government’s secret mind control projects in ‘Science of Survival’.

    Also notice the synchronicity of the raids on the USGO in the late ’70’s with the Remote Viewing project and the eventual and mysterious disappearance of the original OT Levels and the gradual perversion and alteration of the tech cumulating with the institutionalized and enforced *squirreling* known as the “Golden Age of Tech” and the decline into organizational oblivion.

    The only thing in my opinion that stood between that was the GO which Ron himself established in 1966.

    They knew that CIA was trying to acquire the advanced technology through their agent in place Pat Price who died of mysterious circumstances in 1975 the year before Quentin Hubbard died mysteriously.

    Now the GO has been thoroughly discredited by Miscavige and as OSA has been assigned to hunting the preserve for smaller game.

    Mainly field auditors who persist in applying Standard Tech and are leaving the big game alone.

    Like his “friendly” benefactor the US Government who benignly watch as Miscavige overtly inures himself to the organization’s wealth and uses it to eliminate his competition and any voice that speaks out against him.

    Such as Marty, Mike, Steve and others.

    That’s the game I see being played and it goes beyond some poorly educated raving lunatic psychotic psychopath who’s IQ is probably smaller than his shoe size.

  279. Mike,

    CD’s a big cat and he can counter what I say anytime he wants.

    Just because I disagree with him does not mean I am attacking him.

    Nor does he have to agree with my *opinion*.

    Nor do you Mike for that matter.

    This is what the free exchange of ideas as covered the Creed is all about something that has definitely lacking in the 503ciii USDA Approved Animal Farm FKA as “The Church of Scientology”.

  280. I second that, Jack!

    It would be a great focus for a blog post.

  281. Good comment RJ we see eyes to eyes.

    I really liked: “503ciii USDA Approved Animal Farm FKA as “The Church of Scientology”” its up there with Steve’s wallet leeches…. 🙂

  282. “At the least he’s had willing accomplices.”

    Yes, and unwilling ones

  283. I always miss you when you are not posting 😉

  284. Oops Typo!

    Should be “501ciii” but you get the gist 😉

    Hey you ain’t too shabby yourself Mike.

    Vampire Emperor to describe Dear Dave is a classic.


  285. For sure Davey is not the only one and no way he could have done it alone. He is ordered and part of the power push. For sure the shadow government and their intelligence communities first tried to control and, unable tot do so, then tried to destroy the subject with remarkable success.

    And Davey didn’t make the subject available to the elite or anyone for that matter. To the contrary, he was ordered to make it totally unavailable because they fear free beings. For sure they stopped the remote viewing experiments to save their black ops.

    Marty (and so many others) got in deep for making Scientology available to celebrities. As soon as Marty was taken out, Davey made sure his elite got heavy doses of DMonology. I don’t think it’s possible to be in the Church and get any case gain worth the paper it’s written on.

  286. Those links may be out of date, Oracle. The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) released its latest report last month (see and, according to them, Mexico is the clear winner. 😛

  287. Ooops, wrong link. Should be

  288. Thanks. I believe it. Mexicans are hard working people.

  289. But on that report it includes cleaning and cooking at home. Which is not counted in the other reports for Americans.

  290. That’s an excellent point M of G – what possible good could come of people becoming self-determined ? COB cringes at the thought of free beings, you just KNOW he does. We always used to laugh when we were at FLAG and we observed the next version of “the Next Big Thing” as we used to call it. The FLAG regges were desperately running extreme (aberrated) control trying to get compliance to the current out-reality targets – I always thought it was somewhat like trying to herd cats. But the best analogy I know of is from a Texan comedian who spoke at an event on Democracy and Freedom. He said “It’s like tryin’ to fill a wheelbarra full a frogs…” — I’ve always loved that image 🙂

  291. Erwin,

    They’re very selective in the Tax Exempt Squirrel group these days.

    I remember at the AO there were certain individuals who received the original OT levels even though at the time I was there they had been removed from the Grade Chart.

    Just like Matt received Super Power.

    Actually I believe that just as Ron says the USG’s objective has not been to stop or forbid Scientology but to seize control of the subject as he says in ‘Politics, Freedom From’.

    Miscavige is just part of that ongoing operation.

    The way he’s going with these “Ideal Orgs” and these constant legal battles with the field he’ll have the Church of Scientology facing Chapter 11 very soon.

    I’m surprised it hasn’t happened earlier.

  292. Ha Ha very funny CD.

    However I wouldn’t dismiss everything that he says as fantasy:

  293. It would also be a great little segment for Youtube, to have a clip of DM’s “confession” about that “settlement” from the MV Event, posted online.

    Anyone know if the 1999/2000 MV Event videos were ever posted online?

  294. Hayden and Lucy, I watched your interview on the 17th of Jan 2013 and was taken back to say the least. I’d like you to know satan is alive and well, unfortunately. The things you went through, he is the author. This is not the way in the church of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Helping each other is one of the many things we should be doing. It’s the christian way. I and many others can tell you where you come from, why you are here, and where you are going after this life. Family is the basic unit created by heavenly father and I believe families can be forever. I would love to speak with you more on these and many more topics.May of father in heaven bless you and your family with the things you stand in need of. sincerly,Wendell

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