A Solution to Economic Coercion

The following article is the welcome page to Steve Hall’s new interactive webpage, http://www.freeandable.com/ .  Steve’s timing for release could not be more appropriate given the nature our discussions this past week.

Free and Able is a solution to the campaign of economic warfare waged by David Miscavige against ex members of the Church of Scientology. In flagrant violation of labor laws against discrimination, Miscavige has worked strenuously to silence dissent and stifle free speech by ordering current members to “disconnect” any employee in disfavor with the Church. Not just Church staff, but anyone who works for or with any Scientologist anywhere — perhaps for a dentist or in a bookstore. If that person criticizes Church leadership, the Church moves swiftly, contacting the person’s employer and ordering him or her to fire the dissenter, effectively immediately. Any “friends” or “family” are ordered to “disconnect” immediately. But hang on, because that also includes customers, clients, business partners, colleagues, and employees. All ties to any Scientologist and all communication is severed, without so much as a “Gosh Bill, it’s been nice working together for the last 25 years. Too bad now you can’t support your family or pay for your home, health care or your car.”

Most Scientologists of 5, 10 or 20 years have social and business networks infused with fellow Scientologists. So you can imagine how devastating it is to suddenly be alone… with no social or professional network to fall back on.

That’s where we come in

Each time David Miscavige orders his lynch mob to string someone up, we can cut that economic noose. We do it by forming ourselves into a professional network of free and able individuals, using what we know to flourish and prosper. And as LRH said in a lecture (paraphrased here), “All I ask is this: as you move up in Scientology, remember to take Scientology with you.” But in our case, we are taking the Independent Scientology community up with us.

It’s easy to do. If you need something printed, try an Indie printer; there are several really good ones including Tis Grafx in Portland.  If you need a wicked-cool website or marketing, maybe you’d like to use the man who created this website, Scientology-cult.com, and played a large role in launching the entire Independent Scientologist movement. Piano lessons, landscaping, carpentry, furniture, health supplements, estate sales, antiques, fine art, ghost writers, poetry… the list goes on and on. You are buying these products anyway. Why not get the most bang for your buck by buying from your friends in Independent Scientology?

Talent migration

Not only are Independent Scientologists in the main incredibly responsible, friendly, happy, ethical and hardworking, they possess remarkable insight, intelligence and talent forged by fire. When other people are approaching their limits, the average Indie is not even phased. Right here in this website, serious, world-class talent is being offered to the commercial market for the first time.

Steve Hall, creator of FreeandAble.com

When I left the CoS in 2004, there was no social nor professional network to fall back on. I had witnessed Little Dave McHitler beating staff in true Nazi style, and I made it clear the violence was the reason for my departure. In response, the Church (i.e. David Miscavige) did their coercive best to make sure I was never heard from again.

Instead, I smoothly bridged into the private sector, rebuilt my own life from scratch using LRH tech and now I’m helping to disable Miscavige’s Army of Darkness because it is truly vicious.

A year ago, I predicted one day soon Scientologists inside the CoS would envy the social and professional network we have in Independent Scientology. Well, that day is here. We are free and we are able. And our professional network is infinitely superior to anything within the Church since every single anemic straggler left inside the Church is attached by the wallet to a giant leech.

Sucks to be leech food.

The Free and Able name

Free and Able was a full year in development. Answers to difficult problems don’t always grow on trees, but they do exist—somewhere: it’s just a matter of finding them where at first nothing appeared to be.

Our website name was suggested in May 2010 by my friend, Super Fortress, an expert in all things online since the Internet began. In exchange, I introduced him to Scientology. He actually became a Scientologist thanks to Scientology-cult.com.

He pulled the name “Free and Able” from an article I wrote on Scientology-cult.com about Independent Scientologists, “We use Scientology and operate on LRH principles while remaining totally independent, free and able.”

“Free and Able” — that’s us I think you will agree.

Steve Hall

216 responses to “A Solution to Economic Coercion

  1. Great idea, guys!
    I’ll check it out.

  2. Shining Star

    What a great site! Thanks for putting such a great site together to connect all the great people who are out. Just Love it!

  3. Steve,

    Congrats on the new website … great design & logo!

    A great service to Indy’s & the public who want honesty in networking & business relationships.

    This will develop into something big!

  4. Pretty sweet!!!

  5. What a great idea and a fantastic job!

  6. Now that is what I would call ” a rapid flanking maneuver”! DM acted to threaten the wellbeing of others, and the goodness in the Independent Field acted to counter the supression, and in a remarkable way. This is going to have the most remarkable affect on all and for the better. I feel it will also open up the gates for more DM captives to more easily leave his clutches since economic terror can be avoided.

    This is great news, and I salute you all for your work in this area.

    It was also great to see Karen De La C listed as an auditor. Is Karen auditing now? If so, that is wonderful. I was under the impression that she was not going to field audit. In any event, her credentials as an auditor are a tremendous boost to our ranks in any way, shape or form.

    I look forward to our list of professional merchants and tradesmen to expand rapidly.

    Once again DM is being out-created by our group which came to being because he refused to carry on the legacy of LRH as it should have been carried. It is somewhat ironic that DM’s actions are, in part, the motivating, driving force behind the now rapidly expanding group of true Scientologists who live and work freely to expand Scientology because they saw that DM was not doing it.

    Immortal liberators! I salute you!!


  7. Free and able is right! It’s a big beautiful world, let’s flourish and prosper!

  8. Yvonne Schick

    Very, very well done to Steve Hall. I love the name and the purpose. I also love having a designated arena where those who wish to network professionally can do so overtly.

  9. Holy Moly! What a great website, Steve! Thank you.

    And in starting to look through the site, I just noticed … Karen#1 (LRH-trained Class XII C/S) is now delivering the Ls and C/Sing … WOWW!!

    That’s great Karen! What wonderful news.

    And what a boon to the Independents.

  10. Wonderful Steve, thank you!! I know how much work you have put into this, I am sure it is going to be a success — and you don’t even have to pay any membership dues or 10% of your income to be part of it!! 🙂

  11. Another Layer

    Oh my! What a TREAT this morning … this news is too exciting for words (but I’ll try some anyway)!!! Thank you, Marty and Steve (and everyone else), and heartfelt appreciation for creating this bridge of sanity into reality/society/life! I’m working through your new website, Steve, and it’s making me cry, it’s so fine … and then to see Karen’s de la Carriere’s website!!! Wow. Definitely moving on up a LOT higher.

  12. Steve,
    You are a remarkable individual! Your bravery is astounding! Your care for others shows in everything you do! I can’t wait to use your your new website for business contacts! Thanks for doing this! ml, Laura

  13. Excellent New’s Thank you for sharing

  14. As an auditor I have way more support in this field and thanks to Steve I’m on his Free and Able website! Its fun being free and able!

  15. Wayne Oppelaar

    I’ve been free and able for some time now. David Miscavige will have one hell of a time stopping us now!

  16. That’s right Mike — business listings are 100% free. — Steve

  17. Steve:

    “…every single anemic straggler left inside the Church is attached by the wallet to a giant leech.”

    Deserves a spot in the (Steve) Hall of Fame for most graphic image communicating biggest concept in fewest words.

  18. This is GREAT NEWS!! Absolutely, Moving On Up a Little Higher across-the-board. Love it!
    Thanks to all for doing such a good job helping to put sanity back into the embattled subject of Scientology.

  19. Thanks Mike. MEST beings have no defense against insouciance.

  20. Great job Steve! Very much needed in the Indie field.

  21. Freedom Fighter

    Love it!!!

  22. This is incredible, Steve.
    Your contribution to moving on up a little bit higher is immesurable.
    Marty and Mike and all the rest of you, my admiration.

    This IS how it will be done.


  23. Steve,
    Bravo bravo bravo!!!!!

  24. Listing is free but remember there are 3 steps:
    1. Register — include some kind of business or professional name
    2. Login
    3. Complete your profile and upload a photo.

  25. Steve-

    Thank you for this masterpiece: A real Mona Lisa!

    DM, the little “Boss Hog” of cults, ain’t getting a cut of the action. Sweet!!!

    Tom Gallagher

  26. Steve
    It’s beautiful 🙂

  27. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Steve, this is (in case you missed it) awesome!

    The term “Out create” comes to mind.

  28. Well I’ll be…
    What a Theta thing you’ve done. I’m stunned, absolutely stunned. I may not be on US soil but this is best news I’ve heard for quite some time.
    There’s no way you can keep a good being down, hey?
    That mountain just got a damn site clearer.

  29. Your humble servant

    Very nice, Steve! Terrific website and good news. I will use some of the connections found there. Thank you.

  30. Mark Fisher

    Love it! Great site Steve! I just signed up myself!!

  31. On a suggestion by Gandiguy, I just added a Zip Code Locator under the Business Listing heading.

  32. theystolemychurch


    The biggest loss we suffered from our leaving the church and subsequently getting some of our money back was just this…. a bigger 3rd dynamic arena.

    Places that we could work that would have the same values and thinking processes that we had ~ COMMON REALITY!

    That was already gone before we made our decision to leave the church, but I did not realize that. I did not realize the actual LOSS I felt.

    Looking at Steve’s website I started to cry and realized how big that loss, for me actually is (was).

    It is lonely out here! And we have gone about fashioning our lives in a way that excludes all other Scientologists – for years (except our children).

    Very Hard for me as I am very 3rd dynamic oriented and love playing within a group and producing, especially using LRH Policy, having been on staff for years.

    I am beginning to feel hopeful! Maybe we will move to a larger metropolitan area and get involved, now that there is something I can get actually get involved in – instead of living in a small, out of the way community.

    I have never posted a “coming out letter” as it is too hard for me to write. Maybe after a good L1C, I will do that. But, for now I will just post my name.

    Love, Wendy Stuart
    (and sorry for running my arcx a little here!)

    Thank you Marty and Steve Hall!

  33. Looks great Steve!
    I’ll sign up.

  34. One of the strategies of this website is to facilitate the application of the Non-Existence formula — enabling Indies to get out of Non-E with each other. To underscore that, have a look at Michael Priv’s biographies (he has two of them because he has two different businesses). “Misha,” as those of us from the Int base affectionately know him, ran a network of 2,200 translators from the Int base that he personally assembled. Misha recently attested to Clear in the Independent field. His story and exploits would astonish you. Misha escaped from the USSR with the help of a friendly KGB agent when he was just 19: his story would stand the hair on your neck. Not only that, but he managed to get his family out too. The guy was OT before he ever heard the word.

  35. Carrying on my them from the last post, besides being a business consultant, Misha is an accomplished writer! Non-E, no more.

    How many people know Dan Koon, besides being the model of TRs in the LRH’s film, “The Professional TRs Course,” is a world-class painter of modern art? Check out his business listing. A home without the art of Dan Koon is really not complete IMHO.

    If there ever was a gold mine of talent, beauty and production, we are it in Independent Scientology.

  36. Hello Wendy, Warm congratulations and well done on your decision to post your name: a remarkably subtle, yet powerful action with seismic repercussions for good on every shore even thousands of miles away.

  37. I love that you said: “The guy was OT before he ever heard the word.” That’s a great acknowledgement and one I’m quite sure he never heard while in the CofM.

  38. I hear you – it’s a weird sort of exile isn’t it?
    But the fruit which ripens on that sort of tree is integrity.
    At the end of the day that ARCX simply indicates your heart is in the right place.
    Get some tech and kick some butt – great therapy.

  39. Hi Wendy! Nice to see you here under your real name! 🙂

  40. Why yes Independent Scientology putting some meat on it’s bones.
    A selfsustaing community without the giant leach atached.

  41. That sleeveless shirt guy is handy with the brush

  42. hi I write and E-mail for Dan Koon and Marty…
    hope I will get in comm with them…

  43. the mail was sent at the Free and Able web site…

  44. Free and Clear

    Thanks Steve! This is a huge step forward in breaking the stranglehold. DM’s boldest stroke was the re-introduction of disconnection- a practice that earned Scientology many black eyes in the 3 or so years that LRH had it in effect. LRH saw the damage and potential for much more and cancelled it. Smart man. DM saw the control factor and revived it like some kind of Frankenstein monster, and it has been terrorizing people and wrecking havoc on the Scientology religion ever since. Everything you have done has been groundbreaking. Every Scientologist in the world owes you a huge debt. (DM obviously excluded as he is so obviously not a scientologist).

  45. WindWalker


    Thank you for this new site and all the work you have already put into it. I imagine it will really start “getting busy” now. It has contributed hugely to my feeling of “community” outside of the “church”. As these kinds of initiatives take real form, we become a much stronger group.

    Thanks again.


  46. Steve – It’s awesome!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 😀

  47. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    And I say…. Welcome to the Gun Show!! (referring of course to the guns you got goin on in your pic)

    A warm and heartfelt THANK YOU to you and your beautiful wife for all you have endured and done for schmucks like me!

    — Jackson

  48. Congratulations Wendy!

  49. Great networking start Steve! Definitely a needed and wanted to help and unite Indies to move up to higher conditions!

    Perhaps you will have your own IPO like the recent one. (Initial Public Offering) eventually!

  50. martyrathbun09

    Hey Wendy!

  51. Awesome site! I was especially pleased to see Karen back in the chair. Wonderful news! Thank you Steve and Super Fortress for putting this together!

    What are the differences between a Labour Doula and a midwife? I’ve never heard of this term before.

  52. And there you go summarizing the PDCs in one sentence (if it’s possible): MEST beings have no defense against insouciance.

    Steve, you’re not really Thoughtful, your Genius!

    Bruce Pratt

  53. Thank you Free and Clear, You made some great points — I hadn’t realized it was only 3 years the policy was in effect; and “Frankenstein monster” is the perfect summation of it all. Wow!

  54. Wendy, Well done! Feels good don’t it. Love

  55. Eileen Clark

    A critical point that marks a division or a change of course; a turning point.

    Think this is another of those for the Independents that will bring immense change and expansion. Also agree that making this available will be pivotal for many hanging back due to considerable financial considerations.
    Very well done, Steve.

  56. ARCX are there for to be run. Scientists were puzzled why my country was the 5th on the list of happiest countries while Dutch people seem to be negative and bitching about anything and everything.

    They concluded that getting things of your chest and the changes in situations that are the result of complaining alot about socíety causes improvents tioo be made wich in return increases happiness.

    Dutch people love complaining, It makes them happy.

  57. Steve, Well done! This new site is going to help people leaving the ‘church’ and even old timers find much needed Indie resources. I have no doubt it will grow quickly. Gonna drive DM even more bat sh’t’ crazy. Love

  58. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Wendy!!
    I know how you feel.!
    It’s going to get better and better.

  59. Tony DePhillips

    Great idea Steve!!
    It used to bug me in the church how you had to be so careful telling others what you did and so forth on cult premises. It was like you might take a cut of dm’s action so they would have to “rough you up” like with the mafia. It always made sense to me if Scientologists could network it would create a stronger third dynamic.
    I am glad that someone finally got it right!
    My wife and I sell gold and diamond jewelry so we will be sure to register. Shameless plug…

  60. Jackson —

    You are a lot of things.
    And a lot of not things.

    Schmuck, well all I can say is:”FLUNK FOR SELF INVALIDATION.”



  61. one of those who see

    Steve!!!!! effing Brilliant!!!!!!!! Perfect application of Flourish and Prosper!!!!
    This is a truly great day!!!!!

  62. one of those who see


  63. Another step forward to total freedom! Just because I used to be a member of the Church of Scientology does not mean I am a bad individual! {LOL}

    Does anybody remember a few years ago, quite a few years ago, there used to be a publication called “Who, What, Where” that Scientologists advertised their services in and one used when one wanted to hire a Scientologist to get a job done? Is that publication still in print or has it been discontinued?

    It might not matter because this is better than that! Who needs to look up a carpenter in “Who, What, Where” and be told “Oh, sorry, you have been declared, no can do! Only good people get to take advantage of our services!”

  64. You kick ass!

    Thoughtful Steve.

    Hey I’ve got one or two ideas that we can kick around on a back channel if you’re interested and not too busy.

    Drop me a line at archangel88(at)hushmail(dot)com.



  65. Sorry Sargio,

    We missed that opportunity.

    Davy as far as I’m concerned is already bat shit crazy.

    He probably had one sane moment just before he became stuck in whatever whole track incident he’s stuck in.

  66. Great comment and nice to meet you, Wendy! L, H

  67. Free Masonry has lasted at least a couple thousand years (and that was only about brick & stone). Wishing Free & Able to do at least as well with the true tech of Scientology.

    And for you, Stevie, DM is a ghoul!

  68. Yes, and the capper: “That sucks!” 🙂

  69. “…every single anemic straggler left inside the Church is attached by the wallet to a giant leech.”

    Yes, and the capper: “That sucks!” 🙂

  70. So good to see good people shining! Loving each, and all of your talents! Thank you for infinitely being.

  71. “From small acorns do great oaks grow.”
    Great initiative, Steve and Marty, well done!
    Wishing you success.
    Richard Kaminski

  72. Free and Clear

    Dear Steve,
    The story of the disconnection PL is really facinating. I researched it at one time and had the exact dates. I don’t have that research anymore but I recall that it was between 3 and 4 years that disconnection was in force. Those on staff at that time will recall that disconnection policy sparked several governmental inquiries due to breaking up families and in one country there was even a legal ruling requiring the C of S to renounce disconnection policy. LRH moved swiftly to remove the policy and by around 68 or 69, the only polices in effect were normal justice policies, no disconnection. Scientology rolled along without that policy from ’69 til 84 and expanded like crazy. Disconnection policy was not used by LRH during all those years of explosive expansion. The Man only used what worked. Then the other bizarre thing about the disconnection PL is that it is dated 2 full years before it was actually released. Again, I don’t have any documents on this anymore, but the PL was physically released sometime mid 84 and was dated mid 82. Mid 82 LRH was still slightly connected- by mid 84 he was well off all lines. By backdating the PL it seemed more plausible that LRH wrote it. And then of course the is RV Young’s repeated statements that he wrote the PL at DM’s behest and that it was never seen by LRH. In the light of DM’s subsequent behaviour, this claim has looked more and more believable as the years and revelations have rolled forth.So the policy that LRH tried for a few years and then discarded has been in effect now 27 years under DM, with the end result of just obscene amounts of grief and hatred towards the C of S, thousands of antagonistic news pieces and a whole army of anti-scientologists created. But I am 100% certain that in DM’s mind it was worth it, because to this day it is the one thing that silences the voices of the thousands of Scientologists in “good standing” who are repelled by the blatant abuse of Scientology policy and tech being perpetrated every day by this “ding-dong here comes the wagon leader”. DM will never give it up. It will have to be wrested from his dying clutching hand. And that’s why have the greatest respect for you, the first indy, the guy who stood stood up and said ” shove it where the sun don’t shine”. Hats off Steve, you are the man.

  73. Wendy it would be great to be in comm with you. You may have read our coming out announcement a while back. I’m still at gmail.com, but I won’t type it as all one word because I don’t like getting picked up by those dang machines that put you on sucker lists. The prefix is lynnehov@

  74. Mike Wreggitt

    VWD Steve! I just signed up. This is a remarkable OT product. A BIG achievement for a group which will be continuing to thrive when little davie is a long-distant memory.

  75. “The fruit which ripens on that sort of tree is integrity.” + 10

  76. Tony, Yes, somewhere in a triangle I remember a word called “reality.” I look forward to seeing your listing!

  77. Very well done, Steve, for putting it together for all of us and thank you, Marty, for your blog post on this! The new web site is great in many ways and it will strengthen the Independents 3D. The 3D already exists as we are all united by Scientology and Marty’s and Steve’s web sited but on Free And Able we can have our pictures and data and so it creates an even tighter bond. Thanks again!

  78. Scott Campbell

    Hi Wendy!

    Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Karry and I felt the same way for a long time. Like we were shot out of cannons into outer space…

    But now we have a group again!

    And so do you.

    L, Scott

  79. Scott Campbell

    Maybe its just the Heineken!

  80. Welcome Wendy and thanks for posting your name. I just know it will move others to do the same.

  81. Scott Campbell


    Fantastic website. I will be checking frequently to see if there’s any service that I might need that is listed on your site.

    L, Scott

  82. Wendy,
    I’m glad to know you and your daughters. 😀
    Big Hugs! xoxox

  83. Scott Campbell

    Speaking of that, how about a “help wanted” type of page as well?

    That way, people looking for employees can also get hooked up. You know, “the universe abhors a vacuum” and all.

    I was gonna say “it sucks to be sucked” (bad 2-D/vacuum double entendre humor) but then I thought, “Let me re-phrase that!”


  84. A midwife is responsible for delivering the baby and can perform medical and clinical tasks. A doula does not perform any clinical tasks. She is solely there to support the mother with education, information, physical support, comfort techniques, relaxation methods, etc. You can check out my website here: http://www.doulachristie.com, for more info too. 🙂

  85. Barney Rubble

    Nice move, this may put an end to the “Who, What, Where” annual directory, that reeks of Kool Aid. I’ve been dumping those in my garbage for 3-4 years now.

  86. You should Try Grolsch 😉

  87. Kathy Braceland

    What a beautiful site — and sight! Awesome Steve!

  88. Good luck with the site steve.

    This quote concerns me though:
    “If that person criticizes Church leadership, the Church moves swiftly, contacting the person’s employer and ordering him or her to fire the dissenter, effectively immediately.”

    If you have any evidence of such cases please highlight as many as possilble.


  89. Jack Airey

    Welcome Wendy….
    Steve you sure have a way of delivering what is needed at exactly the right time.
    I’ll register on your site soon….very soon…love the design and your purpose…the name, “Free and Able” is a total key out for me. This is the essence of OT and the perfect prescription for high toned sanity. This will drive DM nuts….
    NOT…he is already NUTS…

  90. Barney -It should read Who? What? Where?

  91. Tony Dephillips

    Am I getting correctly that you have to have a picture to list? Meaning you truly have to be out in order to list? Great incentive for people to take that step.

  92. I have one of those Dan Koon paintings in my home and I love it!

  93. Steve, I must admit to misty eyes when I read this posting! Thank you so much for putting up this web site. Another great connection point for us Indies. BTW, great name.


  94. Scott Campbell

    Hey Guys,

    There is a “Donate” button on this site as well so we can help Steve create this site.

    And here’s a dono for ya Steve-O.

    Karry and Scott

  95. Thanks for the props. When I got into Scientology in 1979, like many others, I soon had a PTS situation brewing with a family member. I was not allowed to disconnect however, because the practice had been canceled. Honestly I wanted to take the easy way out, but the Church wouldn’t let me! THAT was Scientology. So, I did the PTS-SP course, the PTS Rundown and the Suppressed Person Rundown to its full OT EP (for those unfamiliar, on the Suppressed Person Rundown the pc runs problem processes from all angles until the attacking person experiences a profound change and originates letting bygones be bygones. This rundown actually changes another person from a distance). And yes, it totally worked. Today I am very glad I was not allowed to disconnect but instead forced to handle.



  97. This is a good thing! We need to stick together!

    Also, I don’t recommend any Independent Scientologist try to fight the church alone.

    As L. Ron Hubbard once said: “It takes an organization to handle an organization”

    Oh and, I’m a expert in the computer field, if anyone needs my help in that area, just let me know. My services are available. 🙂

  98. Fellow Bruce — good to see you back. I hope you find some common ground here. Not identical but common.


  99. Robert Earle

    Thank you again Steve. You are truely a stellar example of a Scientologist. Using your knowledge and skills to improve the conditions of life . Your new site has opened the door to wide open utilization of the skills of Scientologists. (unless you are still in the tarpit of Miscavology where your true worth is nulified.) It is easy to envision each Scientologist resurrecting hats they have successfully worn as you (Steve) have been doing, hats that have been invalidated and negated by the vicious acts of David Miscavige and by those who execute his non-survival intentions.
    A new day is dawning where the group sanity point of utilization can occur . I’m am looking forward to more and more Scientologists picking up old hats knocked off and making themselves known with their skills then utilized. Bob Earle

  100. Hi Scott, Yes, actually a system of classified ads/want ads is definitely part of the plan. Super Fortress and I ran into some issues with the software so that feature will come later.

  101. thetalibre


  102. Watchful Navigator


    Be sure, everyone (this is a “must listen” for all Independents!) – get a copy of RJ68 (an LRH lecture of 1968, suppressed and lost to all of us – completely written out of the church’s history!). In it you hear straight from Ron himself WHY he canceled Disconnection.

    In fact on RJ68, LRH repairs the gamut of troublesome, short-lived, out-ARC policies right there in one fell swoop. The same ones DM later snuck back in, as all remaining references to this lecture were stamped out.

    Listening to it really proofs you from the DM lies, as well as the LRH blamers. It’ll make you weep. You’ll swear LRH made it for us Independents. It’s the simple restoration of ARC and Basic purpose and policy: MAINTAIN FRIENDLY RELATIONS WITH THE ENVIRONMENT.

    I’m sorry I can’t provide a reliable link to a leaked copy. An internet search reveals DM’s secret service (OSA staff – do you know of a good reason this genuine and non-confidential LRH lecture has been deleted from church libraries? – I didn’t think so – what are you still doing on post – NCG???) has been ruthlessly chasing posted leaked copies off the web. I wonder why…

    However, there may be some folks who’ll offer to e-mail their copy. Or keep trying (use startpage.com for a secure search) as it appears from time to time.

    RJ 68. DISCONNECTION CANCELED. In LRH’s own words.

  103. Watchful Navigator

    Thoughtful Steve: This new site rocks!!!

    Made my day!!! – Love it!!!

  104. Watchful Navigator

    Further thoughts/ideas:
    *Had RJ68 not been seized and all but wiped out completely, Scientology was well on its way to shedding and avoiding most of its “cult-ish” connotations and truly going mainstream. Well, thanks to websites like the one released today, we’re really doing it now.
    *RJ68: the original, source, “de-cult-ification” guide to ending abuses and abusive policies from Scientology
    *Independent Scientology: the “un-cult” – bringing friendly, effective Scientology help to the world

  105. Steve you cease to amaze me not.

    I can well recall when scientology-cult first appeared. Though that word ‘cult’ put me off a little, I kept reading. What I experienced by all that basking in truth was so incredible I had a hard time staying neatly in the head. That was the first time I experienced relief and happiness after exiting corporate Scientology and the world started to make sense again. I am forever thankful to you for bringing on that moment of truth and keeping it going. How you write is simply brilliant.

    And now this… You sir, totally rock. Thank you.

  106. Kay Proctor

    The WhoWhatWhere Directory is still published by Sally Heath, of The Comm Line. She is a Kool-aid drinker that lives in Marble Falls, Texas which is outside of Austin.

    If of interest still, you can look her up online. The website is what you’d expect: http://www.whowhatwheredirectory.com

  107. Hi Jackson,
    you know what I remembered when I saw you in the interview?
    YOU, when we visited Int from the Ship. And when I saw you then, I thought:
    what a great being, what great ARC, so light and uplifting. I met you only then but never forgot you with your theta aura.

  108. Joe Howard

    Another brilliant creation from a really, really smart marketing guy. I was listening to Randi Rhodes this afternoon and a caller, some redneck sounding guy from Detroit, mentioned the lunatic here in Oakland who predicts the end of the world begins on May 21. The caller expressed his feelings about the doomsayer with a datum straight out of the Positioning PL from LRH’s Marketing Series, saying something on the order of “Those guys are in the same category as the Church of Scientology.” That is where DM has driven the Church. It is now the icon that you compare unfamiliar things to when you want to communicate the concept that something is crazy. Thanks ever so much, DM. You have achieved your goal.
    I think that with this site Steve will do a lot to repair the damage that DM has done. Thank you, Steve. Damn you, DM.

  109. Martin Padfield

    Well done Wendy!!! Publishing your name is VERY therapeutic step in my experience and Ironically doing this generates more case gain than anything an onlines scn can do. “Out” is the new “in”.

    Love the site Steve, is it ok for use by Uk/eu indies?

  110. WN,

    Are you serious? RJ 68 has been wiped out of C of S’s document archives? OSA is trying to destroy all issues? Please tell more. I had not heard of this.

    The thing that most distresses and alarms me above all is ANY alter-is or deletion or “editing” of LRH’s body of work, no matter what the justification. That’s what KSW was all about.


  111. Martin Padfield

    Hey “schmuck” may I remind you that your courageous video interview was responsible for me and countless others seeing the truth finally.

  112. Scott Campbell

    Right on, Steve! I knew you were all over it.

  113. Martin Padfield

    One SP on his own would not achieve too much… But a group of SPs, that would be irresistible!

  114. Scott Campbell

    Grolsch is good. Prefer a fresh Bohemia.


  115. Martin Padfield

    Right on Kirsi. I said it before but I’ll say it again; some of the articles on scn-cult should be towards the beginning of checksheets for those newly out. They have that much power in the de-PTSing process. Steve is a one of a kind genius, no question.

  116. Very well done, Steve – Fantastic website!
    I am speechless in a positive way.
    YOU made my day!!!!!!
    Thank you so much.

    PS: You forget the “Increase your status Now” – button, but I will don´t write a KR now 😉

  117. Yeah, must be the tulips and windmills. That we have the best healthcare in the world by far and set an example for Europe wouldn’t have anything to do with it. And that we have the lowest unemployment, safest roads, lowest inflation and except for Finland the best education in Europe wouldn’t have anything to do with it either. Nor that the banksters and other financial ops are under continuous scrutiny in our media. We don’t throw our citizen on the streets because some nut job has hooked them up with 5 unnecessary life insurances. We don’t force our people harmful vaccination and drugs but to the contrary hold health professionals responsible for their products. We’re not slapped with horrific medical bills and ever increasing tax burdens. We don’t buy the CIA and FBI scare mongering and kick them out but I guess it’s the natter and complaining that makes us happy.

  118. That’s a very important PR issue. As long as we can be referred to as a bunch of anonymous internet squirrels, it’s hard for other Scientologists to take a stand. The more we have the air of openness and tolerance, the lower the threshold for bots to start looking.

    I think that if OL’s would lead by example and start putting in pictures and addresses (not like Davey doesn’t know already) and more and more sites and auditors get linked and business picks up, the easier it’ll be for others to face the sunshine.

    It’ll be easier for those under financial black mail to put in their ethics. If there’s also a save place for them to go and a private job like counsellor or sup and there’s legal aid, they can sue for damages due to discrimination or donation under false pretence. The best way for them to return their sanity.

  119. Meanwhile in 1971 in the Sea Org

  120. Any oen got the link for this RJ 68 1966 Lecture any one.

  121. Its an excellent site Steve , Bringing the chance for people to to c- operation and load more . Its value will be tremedous.

  122. SaveTheTech

    I didn’t have a service I could put on Free and Able so I donated what I could to help Steve help us to forward our common goals. I also donate what I can to Marty every now and then. I think we all should financially support these guys because we need keep our exchange in with them… they keep the light on so we can see.

    I have never posted here before and don’t have a particular desire to do so, but I just wanted to communicate that I read Marty’s blog everyday and I am thoroughly entertained, enlightened, encouraged and just so damned happy to be out of the darkness of disconnection!

    When I found Marty’s blog about 2 years ago, I was connected to almost no one in Scientology, even though I was in the SO in the 70’s, worked directly for LRH and did most of the OT levels and did a lot of training and was in the Co$ until 2005. GAT blew me to pieces.

    I was alone until I found Marty’s blog and now I am now part of all of you that post and just read here. I am no longer alone and left in the dark. I can’t tell you how good that makes me feel. It makes me want to cry. I doubt I will post here again, but I just wanted to thank all of you for your words of wisdom and wisecracks, encouragement and entertainment… but most of all I want to thank people like Steve and Marty and Mike for keeping the light on so I am not left alone and in the dark by the Lord of Darkness David MisCabbage.

  123. As long as the chance to inform those within whats available outside with Steve’ How can that filter in obviously is hopefully.

  124. I recall that . Rest is very true LOL.

  125. OH so true and well indicated

  126. Cowboy Poet

    Your website and a comment you wrote one time on a news article had a profound effect on me back about two years ago. You are a thoughtful person, and a man full of purpose and creativity—what a combo!
    I will definitely check out the new website. Love that name!

  127. Steve,
    Awesome site!
    ML, Jan

  128. Download what I posted and disseminate, Send it to Churchies

  129. You couldn’t have put this better Martin !! Nice one.

  130. Does not surprise me at all . This comment confirms what I know years back after take over, and where one wanted to review LRH INT issue’s not obtainable along with RJ’s . How free-zone alliance .com has a link to one. Odd appearance recently ( Highly unlikley its authentic
    certaintly) I say no more.

  131. And why is everything so great ? We are direct and not afraid to complain and demand things.

    Dutch people are critical

    Alsoo the believe is nobody is above you.

  132. http://www.tio.nl/en/netherlands/dutch_behavior/

    I had to really laugh out loud because it’s so recognizsable


    Dutch people love to complain, but not in a really serious way. The weather is a great topic to complain about, but so is work and of course politics and football. If you listen to Dutch people you might think we are a pretty unhappy lot. But the contrary is true: we are very happy. Perhaps one of the reasons is that we do not take some of our troubles and worries home, as we have had the chance to discuss them already with others to whom we could complain about them. Please do not be surprised when you hear Dutch people complaining to you. It is not meant as personal and we do not expect you to solve the problems for us. We are merely making conversation.”

  133. Read Marty’s last post (just previous to this one) regarding Haydn James. Haydn, his wife and daughter were fired by Dr. Juan Villareal purely on grounds of religious discrimination. A investigation ensued by the US Equal Opportunity Employment Commission and on 3/7/11 they found the case did violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. There are others: perhaps those concerned will come forward here and state the particulars. In many cases due to the threat of losing their employment, the individuals did passively crawl back under the boot to a life of quiet desperation. Such is likely the case with Susan Lewis.

  134. “Psychiatric deathcamps” lol

  135. Dear SaveTheTech,

    The big operation of suppression is convincing individuals they have no influence on others, no influence on events, no influence on the future, no influence period. It’s just not true. The universe is an agreed-upon illusion. If you refuse to agree at a high enough level, the universe HAS to change, by definition. I applied that definition at the Int base to find out just what agreement could do and how much power one individual could exert over the group. It was the perfect laboratory for experiments in dealing with suppression and boy, I learned a lot. Empowering my own efforts to control events around me was an intense dedication to studying to LRH’s lectures and more from 1994 to 2003. I was studying constantly and I was learning the construction of universes, about entrapment and how to escape any trap.

    The fact is, if you really understand how the universe is put together, you can reach right through the cracks and affect positive changes in the most incredible ways and there is absolutely nothing any suppressive person nor any suppressive group can do to stop you.

    This is a big subject, so it’s not easy to explain in a few paragraphs. How big is the subject? Well, it’s as big as all the lectures from 1950 to 1961 and more. 🙂 But the good news is the knowledge is there for the first time in history.

    Thor’s hammer, the Green Lantern — the subject of “super power” is ever-popular in pop culture. Well, I can tell you the real source of power — it is knowing and using the Tech, i.e., practical knowledge as to the creation, maintenance and destruction of universes. It’s not just indirect benefits; there are direct things one can do as a thetan that no entity can stop. I’m not perfect by any means, but there is more to me than meets the eye. At the Int base Miscavige threw everything he had at me and it was not enough. But if I have any “super power” it comes only from knowing and using the tech.

    I will comment on one aspect of reality. To “disagree” with the physical universe your viewpoint matters. Otherwise you are in a situation where the right hand is just fighting the left hand, i.e., you fighting yourself. So what you can do is demo out your situation with a demo kit until you can see the whole scenario. I actually did this repeatedly at the Int base trying to understand what the devil I had gotten myself into. It was a trap.

    Besieged by an SP the normal response is to counter-postulate the attacker. I found through experience that doesn’t work at all.

    In 2000, by painstakingly demoing the situation — using a tool from Study Tech to learn — I demoed my scene at the Int base: me resisting and someone else attacking. And the obvious question is “Why am I even in this scenario? Why am I down there, in his little plot of land, fighting with this person(s)?”

    It’s like having two plastic army men on a checkerboard. You are one army man and the other one is attacking you. The question isn’t how to make the other man stop. The important question is “Why are you down there on that checkerboard in the first place?”

    One place LRH actually explains all this in the lectures that used to be called, “The Solution to Entrapment.” Sorry if this sounds like marketing. It’s not. It’s just the truth. Also the Qs and Axioms and PDC lectures and everything else completes the picture.

    If you really are an “all knowing” and “all powerful” being, then the truth is it is you who put yourself down there on that checkerboard in the first place, and so it follows being there must be benefiting you somehow. Spotting how the action of being in that scenario benefits you is important, because it enables you to do something magical: take responsibility for your being there.

    Guaranteed the other guy (the attacker) is not up to taking responsibility for both sides. And so, by default, from a pan-determined viewpoint, you are now the god of that universe. And you have tremendous power.

    Now that you’ve climbed up the ladder to the pan-determined viewpoint overlooking the entire scenario, whereby you have affinity for the struggle, affinity for your being there in the first place, and even affinity for your “enemy” as a catalyst for everything you have now learned about life… NOW is the time you can “refuse to agree” with that “agreed-upon illusion” that IS the physical universe and you will see it change right before your eyes — in hours.

    By my own tests at the Int base, which I did about nine of them, the scenario changed dramatically within 24 hours each time. That was 9 out of 9.

    So those who poo-poo the subject of OT? And those who advocate throwing out the baby with the bathwater — throw out Scientology along with David Miscavige? (No comment).

    There is nothing more important in life than learning and using the technology. Nothing.

    I have said all this in the hopes of inspiring you to continue to communicate on this blog and others. “Save the Tech” is exactly what it’s all about.

  136. Of course, Free and Able knows no borders. Izhar Perlman was the first outside the US to sign on.

  137. Giant step forward Steve in helping unite Independent Scientologists.

    The importance of uniting Indies cannot be under estimated. There is much more to come on this subject from me but here is a key quote from LRH. Of course he is talking about suppressive 4th Dynamic forces but in the weirdest of all twists of fate this now includes David Miscavige and his Radical Scientology may still talk the talk but no longer walks the walk. In fact, instead of being the solution they are now very much part of the problem.

    “These single voices are relatively ineffective only because each seeks to act alone.

    “The enemy is a utopia-minded social and economic planner whose arrogance is destroying the cultural standards of the people and supplanting them with untried and insane concepts of total social control.

    “While we still have something left for which to fight all … should unite to halt the tyranny and oppression which threatens to engulf us and destroy forever the society on which we depend.”

    L Ron Hubbard, 13 June 1969. An article entitled Unite and Win.


  138. Tony DePhillips


  139. Tony DePhillips

    Man Dan that is sad that Scientology has been driven down like that.
    The good news is that it is now May 21st and I haven’t been taken away by the rapture. I guess I wouldn’t make the cut anyway.

  140. Steve,
    You are stringing ARC lines, opening communication, gaining reality and increasing affinity with this new website.

    That is an OT in action. That is a being full of life. That’s panache. You be stylin’.

    We are all very lucky to have you here, on this little blue planet, at this time, with and in, by and for Scientology.

  141. Watchful Navigator.

    Thank you for this reference and CD, thank you for the link. I haven’t even finished listening to the whole thing but had to stop and say a few things about it. Here are some of my highlights.

    1. LRH’s apology for invalidating goood auditors for making it seem like class VIII was developed to handle out tech (when it had been announced) when only a few cases were found to be out tech, the majority being in tech and clarifying that Class VIII was a new breakthrough. Note: LRH apologizes, unlike DM with GAT.

    2. A forgotten goal of the church which is why he established the Reform Code below was to audit out the 4th dynamic engram. Not only has it been forgotten but DM has made sure that the environment is so enturbulated that all possiblity of auditing out 4th dynaic engrams would be crushed. But this is what LRH wanted:

    “The humanitarian objective is to make a safe environment in which the 4th dynamic engram can be audited out. By engram, we mean the mental block that prevents peace and tolerance. By 4th dynamic, we mean that impulse to survive as mankind instead of just individuals. Obviously we must do this. An auditing session where Scientology Processing is administered cannot be continually disturbed or held in a noisy misemotional place. Therefore the upsets and conflicts and intolerance of the planet would prevent or slow progress in trying to audit the world, that’s obvious. So we have a Humanitarian objective, to make a safe environment in which the 4th dynamic engram can be audited. Therefore, we and you and all of us have a responsibility. You cannot live sanely in a world in which nations behave like criminals to their people’s and toward each other. In a world where pressure groups stamp out all rights in order to advance their own.”

    3. Mailings sent to public to find out what they thought should be corrected. This resulted in the Reform Code in which (some of the code):

    Sec checks were cancelled and all old folders on this were burned.
    Disconnection was cancelled….no longer required on SP orders and the person has to handle.
    Fair Game law was cancelled.

    4. The next thing he brings up is the introduction of the Third Party Law…

    Anyway. fabulous lecture which validates everything the Indies are doing and by destimulating all those in the environment who can help, we have the possiblity of rekindling LRH’s goal of auditing out the 4th dynamic.

  142. Thanks Martin and Kirsi — hey, I’d be interested to know what articles you guys think are the most helpful. Maybe one day I’ll do more to feature those particular ones as “recommended” or “read these first.”

  143. Thanks a lot . I have done that and will send around LOL

  144. What a wonderful occupation to have! It is great to hear the interest in creativity of life and children after so many forced abortions. I had my baby at home and you are so right about the support and environmentaal needs of a woman in labor. I can see that you are a very theta being and you’re going to do very well in this profession!

    Steve did a great website for you, very theta!

  145. STEVE,

  146. So, I have been checkingout a few of the websites for those who posted. There is some pretty impressive stuff out there!

    Jackson, I love that you are so out there! Pretty soon we’ll start hearing, “Call Gary, he’ll do anything!” The whole firefighter thing is a play on words, right? Just want to make sure I got it right.

    Shannon, WOW…you guys do great work. Your products say it all!

    McGins, love to see some of your work!

    Just getting excited about all of this. 🙂

  147. In listening to RJ 68, one gets data of comparable magnitude that delineates why DM’s current show is warped beyond measure. One cannot listen to RJ 68 and then find any intelligent reason to be pro DM.

  148. Great idea! Very theta!

  149. supercool.
    I know companies like to give ex staff a job as those are really hard working and not only working into their own pocket but also helping co workers. And their good control of their environment is also very much apprechiated.

  150. Hi Wendy!

    Good to meet you! It is a major life change to move away from the Church, and the reason is solely because of the reactions those still in have, and of the Church itself. There is no greater evil from the Church’s point of view than to leave it! The Church is so aberrated on this that collectively, they cannot live up to their own creed, nor do any died-in-the-wool Miscavigites live up to the Code of a Scientologist.

    It really is good to be among friends.

  151. Thank you! The link works very well. How affirming to hear this again.

  152. Kirsi, You said “I am forever thankful to you for bringing on that moment of truth and keeping it going. How you write is simply brilliant. And now this… You sir, totally rock. Thank you.”…

    You put into words exactly how I feel about Steve.

    Steve, your writing IS brilliant and you DO totally rock.

  153. CD, thanks for posting that link. Just listened to it and it WAS a real eye-opener.

  154. Amazing, powerful, insightful post. Definitely one to savor. Thank you for writing it.

  155. Just an added point — if you have more than one commercial pursuit or field of skill or talent, you can create a separate listing. However each listing requires its own email address.

  156. Just relaying information. The man was at war, he said it himself.

  157. JACKPOT! What a find!!!

  158. Cat:
    You are one hell of an archivist!!!
    Been meaning to tell you that for a while.

    If/When I ever get some agreement and help putting together a single platform Indie Scientology resource site, I hope you will be willing to help with links like the RJ-68 one above.
    Thanks Cat!

  159. Great idea whose time has come.

    Thank-you Steve.

    Vic Krohn

  160. My above reply is such an incomplete thought-When I moved to LA about 10 years ago, I thought I was going to really rock and roll with lots of terminals . I found the Scientology town dead. For me it was- who are these people??, what the hell are they doing?? and where are they?? Now, I understand –mass ptsness. Real paralysis.
    Thanks to people like Steve ans Marty, I am now rocking and rolling.

  161. Thanks CD,
    Wow, This is great!
    I never heard that one and I had been curious about it ever since I found out on this blog that it existed.

    I totally understand why Davey had this one banned but good. LRH himself cancels here the disconnection and fair game policies. On top of that he considers CLII auditors so upstat by the virtue of having been trained alone that they can assign their own conditions, CLIV gets more ethics protection and CLVIII can only be comm. eved.

    Man, Davey would have never gotten the 3 swing F/N accepted by just about nobody if RJ 68 had been around. And he would never have had any disconnection black mail on anybody, period!

    LRH explains the great value he assigns to his family (that I even didn’t know was so big) and tolerance and how to revitalize the world. He even explains the real enemies of the church (which Davey handsomely forgets for about 25 years while they never changed) and how they operate.

    A MUST LISTEN for Indies and all others!

  162. Yeah, right, we make it to the top of the world in a few years by complaining. And our prisons and mental institutions run empty in a couple of years while crime rates go down because we’re being critical! Better listen to the perfect reference you yourself provided on this blog which explains a lot about revitalizing the fourth Dynamic.

  163. I am honoured to be called an Archivist. I am more of a relentless searching machine using my google-fu. I admire Anonlover MaryoConnel and WiseOldGoat myself because they actually do immense archiving jobs.

    I make use of the work and help of others. I am glad to help out with links to dox ;).



    : the ability to quickly answer any given question using internet resources, such as a search engine

    Example: “My google-fu is strong this morning.” (#insub IRC log, twid and others, circa 2003)

  164. SaveTheTech

    Thanks Thoughtful… maybe I will post again. I don’t know. I just wanted to say thanks for keeping the lights ON…

  165. Thank the Anon Collective ;). It hates secrets.

  166. Hey Joe, give Rush a listen one of these days. He can help you break free of the Randi Rhodes cult.

    (Sorry buddy, I couldn’t resist!)

  167. In my case, my lawyer — a Scientologist with two children in the Sea Org — dropped me as a client when I told her that I was now an Independent Scientologist. Her words were: “Though I still consider us friends, unfortunately, my policy is not to accept clients that consider themselves ‘Independent Scientologists'”.

    My accountant, also a Scientologist (but who works for a large non-Scientology connected firm), told me that as long as I wasn’t “declared SP”, that he would still keep me as a client. I told him that I had “gotten a repayment from the CoS”, and he hemmed and hawed a bit, and ultimately said … “We’ll have to see how it goes”. He was willing to do my most recent taxes. We’ll see what happens next year.

    The truth is, this suppressive disconnection policy that DM re-instituted cuts both ways — in this case, these CoS members are the ones affected. They lose clients everytime someone gets declared.

    For me, I have no problem taking my business elsewhere. It’s no skin off my nose. In fact, last year, Jim Little (who announced his CoS resignation here) hooked me up with a great Legal service and it’s been working out just fine.

  168. I believe it can reach the people still in altough I have my own views on the content matter.

    Well be happy and spread this file around amongts COS members.

  169. Yvonne Schick

    Sally Heath has moved back to Clearwater.

  170. Okay, I have had a chance to finish it. This is an amazing tape! Everyone should listen to it, especially anyone in doubt or on the fence.

    You even get to hear how LRH and the crew handle a New year’s Event…no pillars required! Awesome find! I’m going to listen to it again!

  171. Thoughtful,

    That was how handled PTSes back in the day.

    Even when it became an *option* when the HCOB PTS and Disconnection (of questionable provenance) was issued.

    It was still considered that disconnection was for wimps who couldn’t confront and handle the scene.

    In fact in many cases we found that the person wanting to disconnect usually had huge overts they wanted to disconnect from like owing them money or theft or….

    Which is when Mary Sue’s HCOPL on ‘PTS Type A Handling’ on what the person *did* to create the antagonism comes in handy.

    Also I’ve always thought it was contrary facts that disconnection would be enforced when there was the “Suppressed Person RD”.

    A rundown like the earlier OT Levels has fallen into disuse these days along with most of the Tech except maybe sec checking which in fact was actually abolished under the Reform Codes of RJ 68.

    The name had actually been changed to “Confessionals” according to Tech Correction Roundup and were considered an auditing action which included the Power of Forgiveness.

    For a time doing an HCO Confessional or a Sec Check on a public person was unheard of.

    But slowly began to creep back in under Advanced Course security ( we can see how well that action worked out) as “Eligibility” Form 10 then 10A and finally the monster eligibility list which included FPRD known as 10B.

    Something RTC supposedly “canceled” when they issued their falsely titled “Arbitraries Canceled” which basically eliminated those actions required per Solo Series 11 and any later revisions and arbitrarily introduced sec checking and FPRD as the only means of handling any low points on the Pre OT’s OCA.

    Also canceling Form 10B and converting it instead to some “tailored” abomination that usually took longer to complete than 10B used to take to complete.

    (At least on 10B the auditor was only interested in whether the Pre OT planned on selling the ACs to the CIA or something.

    Now under the new “”Arbitraries” Canceled” free for all “Eligibilities” auditors and C/Ses are allowed to let their banks run rampant and squirrel to their heart’s content trying to handle case issues as well as security.

    Thus instead of shorting the time on eligibility Pre OTs are taking more time to get through eligibility than they had at anytime in the past.

    But that’s not all folks!

    The brain trust over there at the Tax Exempt Squirrel Group now only allows SO auditors to “audit” Eligibility even though anyone who is trained on FPRD can audit it.

    So even if you’re a Grad VG FPRD trained auditor or a VI or even an VIII you are assigned to a SO auditor who in many cases may only be a ClIV even though this directly violates *Auditor Assignment* policies.

    Policy smallicy.

    Now even if you manage (because you now have to get an arbitrary eligibility OK in order to do it now) to get onto the Class VIII course you are no longer allowed to audit OT Reviews which is the bulk of the actions you are taught on the course and not allowed to audit new or even “old” OT IV even though Ron specifically states in *Policy* that those who do Class VIII are allowed to coaudit OT IV.

    As I wrote.

    So much for *policy* in the Squirrel Group.

    Thus even if you manage to get to VIII these days you are pretty much nothing but a glorified VG or VI since you can’t audit V and VA review or assess an L6EW, 7 or LDNOTIII or a GGF to correct or Review OT cases.

    Also auditing the original IV Rundown and the new OT Drug Rundown is now verboten now that the SO has “moved in” and basically monopolized the ACs and any review.

    So this enforced disconnection is just the beginning of the corruption of tech and policy in support of an autocratic monopolistic system that has become the Church of Scientology.

    Or the 501ciii FDA Approved Animal Farm where some animals or thetans are more equal than others.

  172. Steve-Save the Tech -I love this post and how beautifully you articulated thoughts I have had. The more tech we have the less victim we are and the more masters of our own universe we become. Completely true. We are on the road to OT-The SP didn’t win.

  173. Thoughtful,

    May I add my own instant read to your question. The article that was most significant to me was “Secret History of David Miscavige.”

    This article and the St. Pete Times articles confirmed for me what I had been secretly suspicious of for more than two decades – that David Miscavige was not the LRH-blessed leader he would like us to think he is. His “ascension” was a power grab, not authorized by LRH. I realized it was, in essence, a coup d’etat.


  174. Hello Wendy! I’ve loved your posts! Glad you are here!

  175. Let me also add that this realization swept aside any regard I may have otherwise had for “SP declares” or other conditions orders from David Miscavige. I truly feel compassion for those caught in this web, and I’ve concluded I will make my own judgments – case by case – based on the tech and policy I know.

  176. Hello M, M, S and all friends. Oh, and for the “clever” prying eyes, you guys would be much better off applying standard scientology while you also hold a proper job, pay your taxes, and abide by the law of the land, while also being a contributing member of the society you live in, and of course you’ll have to follow the existing moral codes, which aren’t too bad in your part of the world. Well, you know, it’s called Democracy. Don’t look the word up in the Tech or admin Dictionary. It’s not there. Harsh and some times violent dictatorship is something that cannot be tolerated by any decent society today and we happen to live in a decent society full of people who care about the welfare of other human beings and would not calculatedly, intentionally dismantle another person’s life in the name of completing a target or mission. But the good thing is that you DM OSA Inc. are a very small minority in the world. Well, thank goodness your boss is so small minded, and no offense guys but small minded people tend to collect small minded people and by natural law, your minority will not remain just a minority, it will eventually shrink and eventually disappear because you are offering a fake and dangerous product to honest people and if you guys are thinking business, forget it. History will show you that in business the only thing that counts, that can keep a business alive and growing is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. I mean, I say small minded because if he wasn’t , he wouldn’t have destroyed that which could have made him a great man and a hero, if he had kept LRH’s wishes in mind, making Scientology flourish and prosper, and he wouldn’t be having to spend parishioner’s money trying to defend himself against people who are only fighting for what is RIGHT. And what is RIGHT for the Scientologists around the world who KNOW LRH’s legacy,( many learned the Tech directly from the founder), is that, whether you understand it or not, such technology is so valuable to us and the Human Race (which you don’t seem to be part of) , that it should be clear to anyone calling him/herself a scientologist that it must be preserved without alterations. You see, out here we know EXACTLY what LRH’s Scientology and Dianetics is all about, have benefitted from it and can apply it and achieve wonderful results and obviously YOU DONT.

    Sorry friends, I think I got carried away there. it was not my intention to address these people as a subject of my post.

    Recently I posted something and Karen said she expected some stories. My stories about my life in the SO (mainly at the flb) have never been horror stories because most of my memories, including RPF are not hurtful, except for one, something which happened about 3 years after I blew the so in 1981.

    When me and my wife blew the SO, I was a bit lost as to what direction I should take, just for a while, then I had my evaluator hat back on and I soon had a job in Dallas working as production manager for an electronics company. And I was doing well there until we heard David Mayo was in Santa Barbara. We went there to visit and the visit ended in David recruiting my wife to be a major part of the new AAC. She had done NOTs training under david mayo, they had been on the ship at the same time and so he completely trusted her. When we eventually moved from Dallas to Santa Barba CA, I decided to stay out of the game and mind my own business. I think I sensed what was coming( AAC early days) in the way of plants, PIs, etc, all out to put David mayo out of business, all orders being executed by Vicky Aznaran under orders from David Miscavige.
    Still, lots and lots of people from all over the world were coming to the AAC and Mayo seemed to be achieving whatever his goal was at the time.
    Meantime, while the AAC seemed to be booming in spite of the daily RTC gunfire. I did not want take part in that battle. I just wanted to build my life in a new unit of time, understood the nature of the battle being so close to it, but wanted no part of it.
    I opened a business in downtown SB. I am an automobile engineer and at the time, after 10 years of being SO 24/7, and now free of restrictions, I felt good about starting my own business. So my new auto repair shop was going really well, I am very good at it, I got busy and my attention moved to my work rather than the aac vs Miscavige.
    But one day I saw a car drive into the shop, two people came out of it, promptly approached me, asked for my name and quickly one of them drew his gun and rested the barrel near my ear while the other handcuffed me.
    Next they looked around in drawers and cupboards and when I asked what they were looking for, they said they had been told I was illegally in the country, that I was an escaped convict from a nearby country and that I was probably armed and dangerous!! They were genuine INS agents following a “tip” provided by RTC.
    By now I started to realize who was behind this. When the feds were getting me into their car, I saw a car parked nearby with one guy hanging out the window taking pictures of my arrest for evidence. They were smiling. There are about 90 miles to LA from SB. During that trip to LA, I flat out asked them how much was the church paying them to get me arrested. They were truthful and told me they had checked with my country’s authorities and I was clean of those allegations, but for the “tip” that put the validity of my immigration status in question and therefore a court would have to decide after examining all pertinent documents. Meantime, I would have to be behind bars.
    When we got to the court house in la they put me in a holding cell and came back later, took me out to a quiet corner and told me they knew how much money the church (DM 1985) had spent to produce this result. They also adviced me to contact the LA Times and tell my story. And they gave me a reporter’s business card which I never used.
    I was eventually transported to another facility they use to hold illegal immigrants. Nancy Many wrote this episode in her book. We were friends at flag, and she told me this before she wrote the book. She says she witnessed the day when I was taken away from the LA court, how my wife was in tears watching helpelessly and a bunch of “church” people gathered for the event and cheering while my life was practically being destroyed, just like that.
    I went back to work after the AAC posted my bail (I was not a member of the AAC! But my wife was a big part of it.) I hired a lawyer who immediately gave the impression that I had a very strong case, etc, so I just kept on working until all the profits were going to the lawyer’s wallet, I couldn’t keep up the legal expenses, so I capitulated and asked the government for what is called “voluntary departure”, they agreed, and I was gone.
    Sound familiar?
    Yeah, old habits never die. DM was busy at this sort of thing from the
    beginning and he hasn’t stopped. Publishing Marty’s whole life history to make him look unstable is now a more refined evil intent but just as transparent as he is. No danger there as long as the good results keep on truckin’.

  177. Watchful Navigator

    “Secret History” is a classic and should be at the top of the list. People need to know the WHO and the WHY right off.

    Let me tell you though, that “The Iron Door” was THE most bad-ass, liberating, de-PTSing thing I ever read – and I think I’ve nearly read them (lots of articles all over other sites) all.

    I get VVGIs just thinking about that night!

    Scientology was MINE – the whole Grade Chart. I owned it.

    Folks need to know their eternities are factually not in MisSavage’s hands.

  178. LOL, you a funny guy Cat.
    Yes, mad Google-fu skilz Cat.

  179. Watchful Navigator

    Thanks a bunch for providing that link, CD!

    I can we’re spreading a lot of joy!

  180. If you ever make it to Edinburgh, Scotland (or can find it in your neck of the woods), I highly recommend “Innis & Gunn” … best beer I’ve ever had.


  181. Thanks Karen!
    Yes, Steve did a fantabulous job on my website!! He’s a genius. 😀

  182. one of those who see

    Just wanted to say hi. So glad you wrote. Hope you will reconsider and write again. This is a wonderful, intelligent, artistic group and you are welcome here.
    Let the sunshine in.

  183. Watchful Navigator and all — thanks for these recommendations. Secret History and The Iron Door are two great articles. I’m very pleased to hear they were so helpful.

  184. ‘Who’s Tough’ posted on the 26th November 2009 comes to mind first; that landed like the raindrops after drought. But you are asking to pick and choose from Tiffany store or Dean&Deluca…

  185. theystolemychurch

    Thank you Steve. Love, Wendy

  186. theystolemychurch


    Weird and lonely… but, I suspect that it is made that way so that we avoid it!

    Thank you for your kind comments. Love, Wendy

  187. theystolemychurch

    Mike Rinder,

    Thank you. It is nice to be here and have my own name here as well.


  188. theystolemychurch

    Thank you, Sinar. L, Wendy

  189. theystolemychurch

    Hi, Marty…. thatnk you again for all that you do. Love, Wendy

  190. theystolemychurch

    You had my respect from the first post I read of yours! Thank you!

    Love, Wendy

  191. theystolemychurch


    I must say that you are really an inspiration. From your knowledge of LRH materials and quotes to the absolute intellect (most of the time) in your posts. I would love to meet and talk to you some day. Love, Wendy

  192. theystolemychurch


    I found Scientology in Seattle and did years on staff there in the late 70’s. I did not meet you there, but I do come from that org. Perhaps we can meet up the next time I am in Seattle…. I know Lynne from those years (1975 through about 1981). In fact i think I even “sold” her the levels back then… lol, kinda dates me, doesn’t it? Love, Wendy

  193. theystolemychurch


    Thank you! I have read your posts and admire the strength and courage you demonstrate. Nice to meet you. Love, Wendy

  194. theystolemychurch


    Thank you. I so apreciate the time you took to email me abd be in comm with me a while back. it helps to have someone like you being willing to communicate while I struggled with hiding from the cult. Love, Wendy

  195. theystolemychurch


    So true! Thank you! LOL shot from cannons…. ! It’s good to have a group.
    Love, Wendy

  196. theystolemychurch


    Thanks for talking to me on the ohone a few months ago. You are awesome! Love Wendy and thank you for the warm welcome.

  197. theystolemychurch


    Thank you. You exude ARC and make it easier to actually “come out”… Love, Wendy

  198. theystolemychurch


    thanks, it really is a big deal to me to have a group. Love, Wendy

  199. theystolemychurch


    It does feel really good to publish my own names here! But, I have to say I had so much case gain on my Grades and so many floating TA’s and my Auditor was SO wonderful! She somehow got around all the gat shit. No weird shit on the f/n’s and as far as I could tell she was standard…. gofigure! And I did my Grades in the 90’s!!!!

    Don’t get me wrong here, it is with great relief and satisfaction to use my own name here! I am not very good at hiding! And I don’t like it either! It feels GREAT!

    Thank you, Love ~Wendy

  200. theystolemychurch

    Thank you Grasshopper! Love, Wendy

  201. theystolemychurch


    Thank you… it is good to be here… Love, Wendy

  202. theystolemychurch

    Thank you! Love Wendy

  203. Steve if you make a category for Spiritualists I am inclined to join.

  204. 🙂

  205. Didn’t want to sound pushy

    Maybe I am presumptious. are their really two categories ? Ex-and Scientologist ?

  206. CD, In the “Status” section I have three choices so far, “Independent Scientologist” “Ex-Scientologist” and “Other” — are you talking about that category? Or are you talking about a profession?

  207. Other is perfectly fine Thank you

  208. I like being an-other 😉

  209. Excellent idea!

  210. Thank you, I like “most of the time” If you ever visit the Netherlands 😉

    It’s more that I connect this with that in my mind and I remember that I saw something before than it is knowledge 😉

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