Bridge Collapse Catastrophe or Instant Karma?

Radical Corporate Scientology is now as much as admitting in its promo that the arduous, one to three decade bridge Miscavige has constructed – like a modern day Rube Goldberg – was nothing but smoke and mirrors all along.  We have bait and badgered this admission out of Miscavige by persistently publishing the truth, while going on applying Scientology in a sensible fashion as the Old Man prescribed.

“Men mimic selectively when they are unaberrated, unselectively when they are aberrated. In the case of the insane person who echoes vocally and muscularly any person before him, the mimic mechanisms of the analytical mind have been
impinged on so heavily by engrams that unselectivity is the rule in the extreme.”

–         LRH, The Analytical Mind Oct. 1950

Miscavige just seems to be able to do little more than mimic these days. First, dozens of websites using my name  in the urls and the titles and utilizing my
exact format and imagery.  Then, his websites began publishing articles in my name and in Mike Rinder’s name – that is lurid pieces out of Miscavige’s Dictaphone  bylined  as if written by Mike and I.  The church’s mimicry of Independent characteristics has become habitual, albeit pathetic.  Upon extensive disclosure of Miscavige squirrel arbitraries, the church suddenly implements something to remove the arbitrary.  First it was oppressive Freeloader debt cancellations. Then there was the practice of putting people in purgatory for committing the “sin” of becoming pregnant as a coercion to abort, now pregnant SO members are immediately offloaded.  Then there was promoting the delivery of the OT Drug Rundown NOTS style. It  has become a regular, cause-effect occurrence (except of course, always a lower harmonic mimicry done for ulterior motives as opposed to a genuine reform).

And now,  perhaps the ultimate in low toned mockery and disingenuous reform.  The eighteen-month, THREE-six-month check OT VII.   After getting thoroughly exposed on this blog for using OT VII – and its endless six month check line – as a never-ending control and cash cow line, Miscavige has ordered Flag to get OT VII’s off the line in as little as eighteen months.  No joke.  They are actually promoting it. See the latest from Source mag:

Now, this leaves a number intriguing questions unanswered:

  1. What to do about the majority whom Miscavige sucked dry of savings, pensions, mortgages, and children for eighteen years
    of OT VII?  Do they get a refund for the hundreds of thousands they invested for the pleasure of being subjected to decades of Miscavige arbitraries? Are they so brain numb that it won’t even register to them that they were had?
  2. Does this signify the end of endless control  and shake downs with carrots and Miscavige arbitraries?  Hardly. On the very same center spread of Source that the above OT VII blurb ran in, two other seemingly unrelated  but utterly inseparable announcements were made: a) Flag has had highest ever Purif RD completions, b) Flag has had highest ever Objectives completions.  You wanna guess what case level the bulk ofthose completions were?  You got it, OTs, and you can bet your bottom dollar that is right where his “eighteen month OT VII” is headed.  It is all about hundreds of hours of objectives being required – all the sudden – for OT levels.  Stay tuned for more on that score soon.
  3. Can meaningful reforms be genuinely implemented through mimicry? My guess is not.  Scientology is knowing how to know in the fullest sense.  If these clowns just Chinese school us they still don’t understand.  How would they then be capable of delivering what they don’t themselves understand?
  4. Finally, check out the latest piece of Flag email promo.  Has Miscavige now utterly annihilated the eighteen month record from Clear to OT VII (before the ink was even dry on the first promo of it), by routinely having the ENTIRE bridge done in one year as currently promoted?

What is next, the blue pill?  As in Morpheus to Neo: “You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.”

Or, Instant Karma:

218 responses to “Bridge Collapse Catastrophe or Instant Karma?

  1. If I had been on OT VII for 11 years and I saw a poster that said “18 months from Clear to OT,” then I–being obviously a good Kool-Aid Drinker to have stayed on the level that long–would immediately realize there was something awfully wrong with me and introvert further. ROFL

  2. Izhar Perlman

    The “Scientologists” inside the CofM must be totally hypnotized not to be aware of what this criminal squirrel feeds them.

  3. Brilliant illustration of the universal solvent!

  4. More reasons the Independent Field is booming, and will continue to boom.

  5. Howard Roark

    How is this not a violation of KSW #5?

  6. Cowboy Poet

    DM is like a cat tryin to cover up sh*t on a hot tin roof…keeps gettin more and more panicky and the job will never be done.

  7. Say that out loud in the C of M and you will be clamped in leg-irons and shipped off to join your comrades in the BA. Blasphemy to question Dear Leader.

  8. Quickie Bridge=No OT´s= Robot´s=dm in total “control”.

  9. Lil’ Boss Hogg has the personality characteristics of a rutting baboon.

    Oops, I didn’t mean to insult other primates.

  10. one of those who see

    Any sane public seeing their friends FINALLY complete OTVII after 10 – 20 years, then see this promo must at least conclude: THE CHURCH DOESN’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING!
    Then at that point, all the questions they’ve had start coming to mind and they type “Where is Ray Mithoff” into the seach engine and we say hello.

  11. one of those who see

    Or that can be “Where is Heber” or whoever else they notice is MISSING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I started OT7 in 1988. I finished in 2005. I took about 4 yrs off during that time so, audited close to 13 years. That’s around 26 6 month checks, most of them FPRD style. Add in the 2 FPRD lists and LONG elig before starting. When I left Flag to go to the ship to do OT8, I had just finished my last 6 mo check before comping OT7. When I got to the ship to realize my life long dream, OT8, I could hardly wait! It had taken so many years to get here. Where did I start? With a LONG sec check. It went fairly quick comparatively but, it was still too much for me. There were people who took 10 or more intensives before 8. Luckily my ship experience didn’t break me, it woke me up! It was the start of the end for me. It’s hard to experience gain when you are so pressured and PTPed you don’t even notice it. Then add in interjected IMO unnecessary sec checks, etc. For me, it was the ultimate betrayal. ml, Laura

  13. High Traffic Warning, to all you Indies out there who have a practice going on.

    DM … really … what are you going to do when you are all alone, celebrate as if it is some kind of success? It’s more fun with friends.

    You know DM, all J&D aside, the door is always left open, if even only a crack. You can join us anytime you want, just walk in the door. It is that easy. Many here can help get you rolling up the Bridge, and be very happy to help you do so. You may not believe that, and hesitiate, but it is true. It’d be good to have you here with us.

  14. Hallelujah

    The “mimic” sounds like Q & A to me. The cause-effect occurrences — while each may appear to be a reformation on those lines — are simply a demonstration of “man’s deadliest disease.” If this stuff had been done correctly in the first place, there would have been no reform necessary and no deadly disease in sight. H

  15. Kathy Braceland

    Well, well. Somewhere in the early 90’s, Miscavige announced that a specific amount of hours had to be audited on Solo NOTs. You could audit more than the specified amount of course but not less, according to his new insane arbitrary. I guess he forgot he lied about that and has now publicly announced new lies. There are plenty of people that are going to remember that and I hope they finally revolt.

    The entire Bridge in a year? Wow. What a Tech Degrade.

    Instant Karma? Oh yeah!

  16. We keep getting bigger and bigger here! No matter what DM does the Scientologists recognize his tricks and his treachery. This is evident by new people going out! No tricks can cover the Truth anymore. We have been exposing the truth for many years now!

  17. Mother of Grendel

    I’ve had guys auditing on VII tell me that they were “half way through” because they’d been on the level for 9 months or a year. Results by calendar, not case gain.

    Of course, anyone who “completes” VII after 18 months is just going to get reg’d for many, many intensives to route off the level and out of Flag – full price, intensives, not solo auditing prices.

  18. The Indie list has reached 200 members!!! Yes, yes, yes!!! it’s getting bigger and bigger!! If you haven’t joined go to and put your name there!!

  19. They sure are pushing quickie these days. Hardly a promo goes by without them bragging on speed of processing of one form or another. This is a REAL high crime, not the fake “High Crimes” of daring to point out outpoints.

    “Ok, it’s been five minutes – here’s your cognition. NEXT!”

    “You give me that hand. FLAT!”

    “Now – AMAZING SOURCE BREAKTHROUGH! COB has discovered that there was a TYPO, and Op Pro by Dup is no longer “BOOK and BOTTLE,” it is now only “BOOK”!!!! And, we don’t need the “Dup” either – IT IS JUST AS GOOD, and LOTS SHORTER!”

    “Pick up that book. Look at it. FLAT!”

    Oh, yessa, yessa, yessa, good old tech under the KOS. Lower toned mockery, indeed. Great post Marty.

  20. Werner’s EST Seminars revisited.

  21. WindWalker


    Hmmm… A few other things come to mind.

    In the first case, if this guy had three, three month checks, wouldn’t he have had to be on OT VII for at least 18 months all by itself? He also says that he started his journey 3 years before. He says he did his Ls, ( I am assuming they were done before the 18 months) and then from Clear to OT VII in 18 months. So the question that that begs is , “Did he spend a year and a half on the Ls?”

    But back to the nub of the story.

    I suspect that you are totally right. In my opinion, I do not think that David Miscavige will get the church back to delivering “standard tech” standardly, EVER. You just know he has come up with some new “brain fart” of a plan that will inevitably lead the church and its followers further down the rabbit hole he promotes as “The Bridge”.
    I would not trust a twisted mind, such as that of David Miscavige, to lay out a straight path to anywhere however, and what he is producing is an increasing number of beings of good will “wandering around in the dark, alone”. They keep passing “go” but can’t seem to get their hands on the “get out of jail” card.


  22. This is straight out of Technical Degrades HCO PL “8 Boasting as to speed of delivery….”. What’s uncanny about this is that the drinkers don’t even catch this.

    Refund the ones who were on OT VII for eighteen years? No way. He’ll just tell them that they should’ve done their purif and objectives right in the first place.

    What objectives have to do with speeding up OT VII is a mystery to me. How does that speed up anything on this level? If anything doing objectives mid OT VII will give the pre-OT a lot more to do! Talk about a cacophony of wrong indications! I’m sorry, I just try to see things from the perspective of the onliners and why they cannot see. If someone told me I needed objectives on OT VII, I would show them the reference on the no-interference zone. I guess I just need to act dumb and then I can see it.

    ML Tom

  23. Joe Howard

    250 hours at a minimum because that was how many hours LRH audited on the level. Told to me by Ray Mithoff around 1996.

  24. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, and a number of other figures bandied about over time by DM controlling both his suppressive mind and Ray’s PTS mind.

  25. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, it is probably the NEW DEAL, spend three years on L’s at 1,000/hour, and we guarantee we’ll get you through VII in eighteen months – provided you make satisfactory IDLE org and IAS “contributions” along the way.

  26. CuriousGeorge

    Thank you Cat Daddy et al for the answers to my comment yesterday.

  27. CuriousGeorge

    I see these bulletins and, like anything put out by the “Church of Scientology” I know it is a lie.

    The best service that could be done for society is to decentralize the practice and use of Scientology to break the corruption ring that is using it for violations of human decency.

    It would be a huge Public Service to document and warn every parent, school and person on Earth of the grotesque mockery of help and Betrayal that is the Church of Scientology. As proof, capture evidence and list statistics:

    Poor Katie Holmes and so many others who trustingly have given up all their sins and life history and family secrets. Only “good” people care and have a conscience — and they are divulging their inner most vulnerability to psycho sociopaths that run the Church of Scientology.

    Poor innocent people who believe in the dream and don’t see the predators running the “Help” Operation, laughing over their “counseling” sessions.

    I’m not a Scientologist but I honor tenets of religions. The Church of Scientology does not honor its own.

    The upper muckee mucks perpetrating spiritual terror have a big price to pay, and they got it coming from many many places, and from life itself. Decency is not dead!

  28. Yeah, right. Another carrot on a stick…

  29. CuriousGeorge

    As I was saying….no body is getting no “Bridge” in 18 months or 1 Year.

    It is just a ploy to get more money and all kinds of things will come up …Either that, or it will serve them better, they will crank out mindless people who haven’t really done the work it takes to achieve betterment.

    An associate put it bets the other day about the Church of Scientology’s “credibility”: Everyone knows its bullshit.
    Their money may be green, but not all the world respects ill gotten gain.

    The Church of Scientology is an ANTI-SOCIAL group, pretending to help. Shouldn’t be so confusing. They pretend to help.

  30. Howard Roark

    I actually did and was reprimanded. Not for those specific ads, but last year for the e-mails regarding the speed of delivery of Grades at FSO.

  31. Every time I questioned Davey they hung up on me. Even when I didn’t do so in order to stay in comm, they still hung up, every single one of the famous phone regges eventually did. But they doggedly keep sending me “Advance” from AOUK (to my old address of course) and I saw the success stories, all 5 of them. I thought they didn’t publish any comps but searching through the whole magazine again I finally found a little corner with comps. And I was very surprised there’re were actually auditor comps. Two to be exact: level I and level II, provisional. I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I looked closer and yeah, it was the same person. That’s 1 auditor in the line up in an AO.

  32. Michael Fairman

    What about those poor souls who are still being fed upon by Miscavige after 10, 15, 20 years! Do they swallow this garbage and introvert into hell? What a travesty being played out in the name of LRH. Very sad.

  33. Kathy, I remember that insane arbritrary. The man is full of lies and deceit.

  34. Joe, I remember being told 1000 hours minimum to finish the level.

  35. Watching Eyes

    I wondered where the dwarf would go after the “Golden Age”. What would he come up with next? How would he keep the flock in line? Now we find out: the Quickie Age.

    Does anyone think those 9 people in that obscene piece of promo have had a lick of training during their warp speed ascent up the Bridge? Beyond perhaps a basic book course, I doubt it. In that photo they’re happy & feeling good……on all the admiration flows from the reg’s etc. Wait till life sets in and they’ve got no data & no tech with which to handle anything. Feeling good only lasts so long unless they’re armed with some tech under their belts and I didn’t see any push for training in those disgusting promo pieces.

    These new untrained Quickie OT’s will crash and then get patched up for another hundred grand or so. Or maybe a boost in their IAS membership will be C/S’d. Yeh, that’ll do it.

  36. Marty

    Of course you never really will get totally through OT VII, but you surely will go through all your savings and borrowing power.


  37. GetTheConcept

    “The time it takes to process somebody is how long it takes to get each single result available. It is not how slowly or quickly it is done. A book is not a good book if it takes seven years to write. And a bad book isn’t always written in two weeks. It takes as long to write a good book as you get a good book. The result is the result and TIME IS JUST AN ENTERED ARBITRARY.”
    LRH – HCO PL 21 June 70, C/S Series 9, Keeping Scientology Working Series 10, Superficial Actions

  38. Joe Pendleton

    Miscavige will lose his grip on the CofS (probably by means of a palace revolt) ONLY when the sheeple keep a firm grip on their wallets. My biggest disappointment in my 40 years of involvement with Scientology is how so many Scientologists respond to the bullshit of advertising and manipulation………..almost exactly like non-Scientologists. What a disappointment that has been for me. Not ALL Scientologists of course. In all my years in Scientology, I refused to take any money out of my financial reserves for services. I did jack up my credit cards once for $7,500 and later for over $5,000 (twice I think), but that was as far as I would go into debt. Still I saw friends of mine use credit cards for over $40,000 (and with interest rates now, I have two friends who are looking at 5 years of payments at least to get out of the hole). It’s still an amazing thing to me. And with the above promo COMPLETELY and CLEARLY violating Tech Deggrades PL!!!!! But, I was in LA recently and got together with an old friend (also in for 40 years) and she was telling me about the great wins she is having on her re-do of Objectives. I started getting a little hot under the collar and started spouting off about CS Series 1 and re-doing major actions and HCO B FN & EP about what an ep is (and other references) and then I realized I was on an out-reality tack. She was having wins, so I just validated her. And of course, wins ARE wins. My point here being that the CS SERIES was apparently not the “gold standard” of how one operates now in the tech world of the CofS. It is what the powers that be “say from above” (for whatever motives). You know, many years ago while CSing by the CS Series, I had a cog that maybe for some folks, it’s just “too easy” to do it the right way as Ron lays out in the technical bulletins.

  39. plainoldthetan

    I have a report from a senior auditor at an Idyllic Org who saw the folders of a person who came back from Flag after starting to do his “Grades in 75 hours”. The auditor complained to me (because I’m a trained C/S) that the person’s Grade Zero was done after running four processes. He couldn’t tell me *which* four processes because the grades process checklists done at Flag are still “confidential” and therefore not in the person’s folder. He was able to deduce what happened because there’s only four processes listed for Grade Zero in the folder summary.

    Doing an Expanded Grade in four processes!

    What a buncha crap.

  40. Watching eyes

    Ahhh… The Basics. There’s another good one… It takes a person two years to get through “the Basics”, (of course that is not necessarily an accurate average since there apparently has only been one person to do it)., but by DM, Flag can get you through to OT VII completion in a year. There is time being dropped out there somewhere, bigtime.


  41. Oh, lucky you lived to be able to talk about it!

  42. Interesting math Dan – especially with the addition of six months checks for the 18 month figure as promoted by Rad Scn.

    LRH started his solo in ’79, did Ray mention when he finished VII? I’m sure he didn’t have the six months checks.

  43. Graviora_Manent

    There are three things here that the CofS is trying to achieve. I believe it’s a bit more than a knee-jerk reaction. It’s more calculated.

    1. Bring in the off-lines public who still believe in going OT. These guys sit on the sidelines and don’t do much. They need an incentive to be back. Here it is. Then a deliver a quickie lower bridge followed it with heavy regging, recruitment and re-do’s in return.

    2. A lot of the deluded public need to be shown that at least there are some others moving up the bridge faster than they are. Gives the appearance that all is well except them. Truth is: unless the person has made some huge donations in the recent past, they will never be allowed to get on the OT levels either by the means of an elig cycle or worse yet by arbitrary CSing of Purif/Obj. It is always implied that a substantial donation always opens the door to progress.

    3. To make Marty wrong and maybe bring back some of the on the fence public to come back to the hellhole. Here, the message is simple: you can move up the bridge; just come back.

    All points have one thing in common, all attempt to increase the BIS at FLB and thus increase the pool of recruits and donors. It has nothing to do with actual progress. Most people I have ever met among FLB public have money on account so they won’t be paying for any of the bridge progress, but they will be fleeced by IAS and Books and anti-indy fund.

  44. Sinar — someone I recently met, who remains under the radar for now due to business connections, coined a new term that I thought totally appropriate: these are 6 month CHEQUES.

  45. Good point, and perhaps this is only for the first “Cycle”. Then comes re-dos of the Purif, Objectives and “expanded” levels!

  46. Davey, Davey, Davey, how many straws are there left?
    No ‘Tech Breakthrough!’ announcement to substantiate the new line-up, then?
    There must be enough in the bank now, eh? Bought a nice place, somewhere – over the rainbow?

  47. Howard Roark

    I do consider myself lucky in that way 🙂

    Some of my loved ones are not so lucky.

  48. The entire bridge in one year!… BULL SHIT!

  49. This Tech Degrade is DM’s means to his end. And it can’t be soon enough.

    Does the ‘Bridge’ in 1 year include the other 50% of the gains from full training? All that ‘background, historical data, not used anymore’ material from the rest of the Tech Degrade issue?

    Sweet Fancy Moses. What’s next Dave, a Copper Rod (c) and a coffee enema and you too can be DAVE!

  50. Tony DePhillips

    They were doing that when I was on the level at Flag. And it WAS introverting. I think that’s what dm intends and OBVIOUSLY if you aren’t finishing it that fast then you are “out-ethics” or have “overts”.
    The truth is that some of the ones that I saw finish fast were sort of theetie wheetie. The long term die hard Scientologists were put through the mill. They always said that “newer” people would go through fast because they were not loaded down with “false data”.
    Makes me sick.
    It is a friggin trap.
    Plus that is the carrot to get more suckers onto the Level. “Oh, gee, I can get through in year or so, that’s nifty.” Dm snickering and rubbing his bloody hands all the way to the bank.

  51. Howard Roark


    This is so absurd I made myself re-read KSW Series 5 just now. I have one word for the staff foisting this stuff off on pc’s –


  52. Marty,

    Having been at Flag directly on the Solo Nots lines, both as a D of P and as a reg, I have seen this sort of thing before. To me, this is nothing new. Here is my take on it:

    1) Word gets out that it costs a lot to get ON the level and even more to STAY on the level. “Enemy Lines” spring up about how Scientology is a “rich man’s game”.

    2) People stop coming to Flag for Solo Nots because the word on the street is that you can ignore the TE you’re given and the hype about how fast it is, it will cost a bundle.

    So, now the reges have a hard time closing public to come to get onto OT VII, because their friend Joe just got back from his 6 month check that took him 3 months and 8 intensives.

    So, to counter that, in other words, to cover up the actual truth and get the guy in the door, you take the ONE person who completed in 18 months (back when I was still in the S.O. the one being used was someone who had finished in 2 years….using that got a lot of people to Flag, I know as that is what many arriving public told me as to what they had heard). Now you really promote this one and get a lot of “word of mouth” going. You get the FSM’s and reges using this new line over and over, ignoring the people who have been on it for 10-20 years. The new line, now that ONE person did it in 18 months, is “It now takes less than 2 years to complete Solo Nots”. Then the public come flooding in again.

    So, I don’t actually see this as a new wave of delivery, where now they will all take 18 months, I simply see it as a new propaganda line to get more guys in the front door. Once they’re in, it’s back to the same routine. Many 6 month checks using 2-3 intensives on a given trip, etc.

    I am saying this as I actually experienced this exact thing while I was still there. ONE person got through OT VII in about 2 1 /2 years, so now it’s “Solot Nots is done in 2 1/2 years.” No one mentions that this person quit their job and just audited FULL TIME on OT VII, doing INTENSIVES of solo auditing each week. Most people can’t do that.

    So, I don’t see that the Church is changing anything at all. They are just finding ways to promote to people what they want to hear, to cover up what actually does occur for the most part.

    And yes, there was a “minimum number of hours” to complete OT VII, based on what it took LRH to do the level. The number I know the C/Ses used was different than the one’s mentioned here, but to avoid installing another false datum, I will refrain from mentioning it. It was just an arbitrary anyway.

    So that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!


  53. Kathy Braceland

    Yep, exactly right Marty. The figure kept changing. LRH auditing around 1,500 hours on Solo NOTs was the most popular figure I heard. And the “obvious” conclusion was, if LRH did it in 1,500 hours — what makes anyone else think they could possibly come close to that? Miscavige’s cash machine on Solo NOTs guys began….

  54. Spartacus56

    Scientology Corporation = too busy making mud pies to hurl at people in their paranoid fantasies and filthy mud is all over their hands and in their closets. The Church of Scientology Inc is a front group for activities insane by definition.

    But really, every concerned citizen should quietly, diligently and unfailingly send the facts to their community leaders, schools, city councils. Facts? What goes on behind those “Scientology” glossy 4 color brochures of “Help” “Trust” and a “Better World”. Oh yeah. What really goes on? Yeah. YOU pointing fingers.

    The Scientology a la Tommy Davis tricks of trying to introvert anyone who LOOKS with noisy, ridiculous bogus 2bit fabrications is mapped and properly labeled. Psycho!

    BTW, where is Tommy Davis? Anne Archer setting him straight? Or David Miscavige?

  55. How many years can some people exist, before they’re allowed to be free?
    How many times can a man turn his back, and pretend that he just doesn’t see?

  56. It falls into the category I call “anectodal stats”. They do it all the time.
    It’s never true, except for one mystery guy in the pilot or something.
    “People” were reading their “Basics” books in three hours. Early reports of people in the pilot revealed some finishing SOS cover to cover in seventeen minutes. Some other mystery people got through all their grades in two intensives delivered over one weekend. With the new GAT drills some auditors are reporting completing their training in as little as two weeks. Etc.

    Of course neither you or anyone you know or ever met ever meets that time line, but it must be because you and anyone you know or ever met are different or slow or something.

  57. I called Amsterdam Org once. Got the girl at the other end to actually say “no Scientology is not David Miscavige”(in dutch) I tought I did well before she did cut the convo in the end. I am sure they taped it 😉

  58. Tech Degrade is right!

    Keeping Scientology Working Series 5R
    8. Boasting as to speed of delivery in a session, such as “I put in Grade Zero in 3 minutes.” Etc.
    9. Shortening time of application of auditing for financial or labor-saving considerations.
    10. Acting in any way calculated to lose the technology of Dianetics and Scientology to use or impede its use or shorten its materials or its application.
    A condition of TREASON or cancellation of certificates or dismissal and a full investigation of the background of any person found guilty will be activated in the case of anyone committing the following HIGH CRIMES.

    It’s obvious DM is well below Treason – not a freekin’ clue.

    This boy needs one big reTRAIN on Basic Policy & Tech … and no Dave, I don’t mean the Basic books …

    And the above only after assuming a point from which to view and an extensive ethics clean-up.

    Man, he is one overwhelmed thetan.

  59. Hmmm … I just had a thought, maybe the “One Year Bridge” means the second or third time through … any small print on the poster anywhere?

  60. They should have added to your sec check:

    Getting fed up with getting fucked over?
    Feelings of being mislead?
    Were you deceived the last time you were here to do OT8?
    And, any charge on being made to do OT8 over and over?
    Any BPC on this can’t have we are still running?
    And BPC on this must have we are still running?
    Charged because we don’t trust you?
    Do you have a breaking point?
    What would it take for you to jump ship?
    Sympathy for staff?
    Can’t wait to get out of here?
    Thought you were cleared to do OT8 already just because that was what you were told at the base?
    Upset because OT8 is NOT your next action just because you were sent here to do it?
    Any history of OT motion sickness?
    Would you be upset to discover your 40,000.00 for OT8 is so you can audit you?
    Any upsets about us charging you to deliver auditing to yourself?

  61. You pay for the service then you deliver the service, to yourself. Is that a problem?

  62. I gotta say this about that.

    OT VIII LRH Grade Chart: Truth Revealed to you.
    OT VIII VCoD/DoRP: The truth is you have been betrayed.

    The ’82 FBO that is used as the basis for this 6Months crap said get them in and clean them up (LRH) not clean them out (VCoD/DoRP).

    Ms Laura, my hat is off to you, ‘mame. That’s some persistence, some toughness, some courage backed by some elan vital. (You’re Texan, I know, Operatin’ Texan. Still… )

    Bruce Pratt
    VCoD: Vampiric Cult o Davie
    DoRP: Den of the Reptilian Predator

  63. Heartbreaking, Laura Ann. 😦
    26 6 month checks… (That you were paying for!)
    ML, indeed

  64. I’m not a Scientologist but I honor tenets of religions. The Church of Scientology does not honor its own.

    Good eye.
    You sir… are a good man.
    The Church is in betrayal.

    Bruce Pratt

  65. Travesty.

    What a buncha crap.


    Bruce Pratt

  66. Tony Dephillips

    You got it Dog.

  67. Tony Dephillips

    Good job Erwin and Cat. 🙂

  68. Tony Dephillips

    I feel your pain Laura Ann! You gotta be to go through that much tormenting.

  69. Tony Dephillips

    Good list Oracle. I’m sure those are reading on me.
    Marty can we take those up next time I visit? 🙂

  70. Tony Dephillips

    Yes Kathy.
    I heard this exact thing many times.

  71. I had an experience recently when a good friend was at FLAG to get back on the level and spent his whole time there doing a purif and objectives (which I don’t think were complete before he had to leave due to legal rudiments – the ONLY reason he was allowed to leave) and he was telling me in a somewhat theetie weetie manner how “Fabulous” the objectives were.
    That comm cycle was completely unreal to me – but I picked up some very heavily suppressed concerns too – they want to believe in the madness so badly – it actually makes me cringe to even think about it. I think the really evil aspect of these re-dos is the fact that the C/S line is used in such a corrupt fashion – they comb the PC folders to find every button that they can use to urge them onto the “next big thing” in this case a completely new beginning for their bridge. Such a sacred comm line – C/S to PC, now completely corrupt and used to sell more [out tech] services when what is really needed in most cases is for FLAG to just get out of the way. I can remember back in the old days when I treasured my r-factors from the C/S. Now I am told of new R-Factors constantly – it’s like water off a duck’s back for me these days.
    Travesty is the correct word for it.

  72. Former Flag Customer

    Your three points ring true to me. It is like shaking the apple tree to a get some ripe fruit.
    Those who went through years of effort should somehow be rewarded.
    DM is cutting out dedicated people by his actions and asserting his own “rightness”. In the long run, this is bad for business.

  73. Scott Campbell

    More like “Going up the pole” in one year!

    Dn & Scn Tech Dictionary:

    GOING UP THE POLE, Slang. that’s when somebody doesn’t even begin to
    handle energy, but he just suddenly somehow or other latches onto about 40.0 and goes out the top and still holds onto the mest body on the bottom and he’s done the incredible thing of making a circle out of all this. He’s joined 0.0 up against 40.0 and to listen to the guy and to talk to the guy you couldn’t really tell whether he’s ecstatically alive or fatally dead. (PDC 27)

    What goes up must come down
    spinning wheel got to go round
    Talking about your troubles it’s a crying sin
    Ride a painted pony
    Let the spinning wheel spin

    You got no money, and you, you got no home
    Spinning wheel all alone
    Talking about your troubles and you, you never learn
    Ride a painted pony
    let the spinning wheel turn

    Did you find a directing sign
    on the straight and narrow highway?
    Would you mind a reflecting sign
    Just let it shine within your mind
    And show you the colours that are real

    Someone is waiting just for you
    spinning wheel is spinning true
    Drop all your troubles, by the river side
    Catch a painted pony
    On the spinning wheel ride

    Someone is waiting just for you
    spinning wheel is spinning true
    Drop all your troubles, by the river side
    Ride a painted pony
    Let the spinning wheel fly

  74. Awesome call! You hit a harmonious melody here!


  75. Scott Campbell

    Here you go Michael!

  76. What happened to the policy on bragging about speed of delivery? Isn’t it a crime to boast about speed of delivery?

    Interesting all the different ways MistheBridge is trying to destroy himself. Let’s all just sit back and enjoy the show.

  77. Tony DePhillips

    Gotta be tough…

  78. martyrathbun09

    Hy, Thanks. You were in a position to know better than anyone else. What you have described is PONZI SCHEME.

  79. Mike Wreggitt

    As dm’s claims become more extravagant, and smell more and more like the BS they are, more and more people will see through them. He IS creating his own demise by reacting to the pressure.

    One has to imagine that sooner or later the claims will be so fantastic that it will simply be impossible to believe. As it is right now the only thing that is holding the house of cards together is the disconnection policy. If that threat wasn’t there then the church would just stop due to lack of results (that’s a no-brainer, I know.)

    I don’t recall the exact story at this time but the events that precipitated the collapse of the Berlin wall were laughably idiotic and simple. I suspect that the demise of the church will be the result of similar events. It will collapse of its own weight precipitated by by some stupid series of events.

    (Or the FBI will move in and clap dm and his posse in leg irons…finally.)

  80. Marty – a thought provoking post. Freedom is a very powerful button and all through history people have endured much to achieve this state. Freedom to me is a state of mind – the less snake oil salesmen the more freedom I experience. MissCabbage mimics every snake oil salesmen past, present and future to the point where he now looks like one! He will say and do anything and everything to keep the$ rolling in.

  81. Throughout the history of Scientology (as far as I experienced it in the Sea Org, Apollo, orgs and missions), Scientologists had a propensity to give out bad advice and to follow the heard. It was rampant. Has more to do with being human than being a Scientologist. Decent auditors tended not to do this at all. Qual people, in most cases, also tended not to and they often find themselves at completely divergent views from the rank and file. Per KSW, the group validates the bank over the individual. The word individual is sort of like “individable” or “undividable” which has a lot to do with “whole” or “integrity”. If you were looking for bank agreement, you couldn’t find much more than you could find in the current CofS.

  82. Hy I agree with you.I remember some years back they were promoting the Bridge acceleration package at Flag. You supposedly could handle everything that was keeping you from getting onto your next OT level in 3 intensives at 45%discount. I had a field auditor friend go and she ended up doing MANY intensives and also being undeclared Clear to add insult to injury.
    DM just keeps finding new ways to get you to keep bending over.

  83. From the works of the Founder:

    Logic 14 Factors introduced into a problem or solution which do not derive from natural law but only from authoritarian command aberrate that problem or solution.

    Logic 15 The introduction of an arbitrary into a problem or solution invites the further introduction of arbitraries into problems and solutions.

    Logic 17 Those fields which most depend upon authoritative opinion for their data least contain natural law.

    My 2 cents — yeah, LRH. On the other hand, the reptilian predator, well he didn’t get it, ain’t interested in gettin’ it, so is gonna continue his rodent and reptilian behavior to see to it that none get it nor have it. What a low life.

    Bruce Pratt

  84. As a continuing thought on this line, I found a recurring theme with 1.1s is that they seem to have special radars for when you are becoming disenchanted with them, at which point they seem to “shape up” and give you what you want. But, watch out, once you get all comfy and relaxed -wham!!-its like the sunday punch – you don’t even know what hit you. Like a pts love affair, many will find excuses for the torturer and keep going through the same cycle many times over.

  85. Here is a vid showing the FSM’s getting briefed on this new PR line:

  86. This reminds me of the movie… “There is something about Mary” where the crazy hitchhiker talks about his new marketing plan for “6 minute abs”.
    I think he was a psychopath too.

  87. plainoldthetan

    Bruce: a one-intensive expanded grade is obviously a way to get a guy onto Expanded Dianetics (higher price) or the Clearing Course (higher price) or the OT levels (higher price) while at the same time leaving him with HUGE repair programs to run at the…higher price.

  88. That’s around 26 6 month checks, most of them FPRD style. Add in the 2 FPRD lists and LONG elig before starting.

    And they probably told everyone you blew because you had overts.

    Poses the impasse … what exactly has to happen before one’s actions aren’t being explained away in that Way?

    Or you happened to have had the misfortune of having had the 26 worst auditors 26 times consecutively …

    Stay away from the Lotteries !!!! … lol

    Actually … these Sec Checks also had the design of hoping to prevent a Freezone Movement of coming into existance, cutting down on any possible future Attacks.

    And if you had out-lists, hunted down all the way to Hell by reges, bankrupted, confused and suppressed by arbitraries, and you didn’t suddenly acquire crashing MUs … then the story is always the same.

    You have Overts !!!

    Self-listing … Start !!! … lol

  89. Are you serious? The processes are not listed?

    And, Grade 0 in four processes is a buncha crap. Sooo many questions on this one – like, were the processes run quad? Or were the four processes really one process with all four flows? What did they list? “Super-secret Confidential Eyes-only Amalgamated Grade 0 Process ‘Trust COB’?”

    Which is (got this from Deep Fax 🙂 ):
    “From where could you communicate about how wonderful COB is?”

  90. Actually, I lied. Super-secret, etc. process REALLY is:

    “From where could you SHUT THE FUCK UP?”
    “Yea, right!”

  91. Good one Mike! Lots of Credit cards needed for Checques!

  92. COB’s, that is Boss Hogg’s, real estate ventures explained:

  93. Joe Pendleton

    Mike, do you think if someone agreed to add 25% to their cheque, they would be allowed to just pay for the sec check and stay at home and solo audit it? (or maybe add 35% to it and just skip it altogether).

  94. And the list of Ex-Scientologist who have stepped forward to speak publicly about the abuses is nearing 1500! It currently stands at 1448 and rising.

  95. Just to remind us, here is a (fair use) section of “Technical Degrades”:

    A condition of TREASON or cancellation of certificates or dismissal and a full investigation of the background of any person found guilty, will be activated in the case of anyone committing the following HIGH CRIMES.
    1. Abbreviating an official Course in Dianetics and Scientology so as to lose the full theory, processes and effectiveness of the subjects.
    2. Adding comments to checksheets or instructions labelling any material “background” or “not used now” or “old” or any similar action which will result in the student not knowing, using, and applying the data in which he is being trained.
    3. Employing after 1 Sept 1970 any checksheet for any course not authorized by myself and the SO Organizing Bureau Flag.
    4. Failing to strike from any checksheet remaining in use meanwhile any such comments as “historical”, “background”, “not used”, “old”, etc. or VERBALLY STATING IT TO STUDENTS.
    5. Permitting a pc to attest to more than one grade at a time on the pc’s own determinism without hint or evaluation.
    6. Running only one process for a grade between 0 to IV.
    7. Failing to use all processes for a level.
    8. Boasting as to speed of delivery in a session, such as “I put in Grade zero in 3 minutes.” Etc.
    9. Shortening time of application of auditing for financial or laborsaving considerations.
    10. Acting in any way calculated to lose the technology of Dianetics and Scientology to use or impede its use or shorten its materials or its application.

    I DARE someone tell me that DM and his supporters are not squirrel, and are NOT committing the HIGH CRIMES above.

    Who is the real SP, OSA? Who is REALLY trying to UNMOCK Scientology?

  96. Joe Pendleton

    GREAT point Ingrid. I’ve experienced that. And Hy, VERY enlightening post, thank you.

  97. Scott Campbell

    Exactamundo Bruce!

  98. What’s the big deal? Miscavige never had any certs to be cancelled.

    Just because he’s pretending to be higher trained than God doesn’t mean he’s false reporting does it?

    How many pcs has that little prick audited to a good result in his whole lifetime?

    Which one of you inane OSA bots would be willing to be his pc?

    Geeeeze…what the heck else is there to say?

  99. I went to Flag to do just something just like that. I wanted to do the whole thing Class VI – OT VII package in one stay.

    Did I say Class VI – OT VII package in one stay? I made a mistake. I meant I thought about it. Somehow and I won’t get into how because I don’t want OSA to know who their trolling on this BLOG, but somehow I didn’t quite get to start, continue and complete that cycle of action with my beloved Flag registrar.

    At first I wasn’t 100% sure what was really going on and as usual during those times I suspected myself doing something wrong. It is enough to make one crazy trying to locate YOUR mistake which is actually a Sea Org member trying to rip you off somehow. I don’t think its possible to fly under the radar at Flag but at least it is on the web and I don’t have to worry about that any more.

  100. Mike Hobson

    There *is* an Ethics Condition below Confusion: Miscavige.

    The Formula is: GO AWAY.

    Michael A. Hobson

  101. Someone posted on ESMB: What kind of Church forbids it’s members from following it’s own Creed?

  102. It’s only a few months before you can buy your bridge on Through the priceline negotiator! Maybe they are trying to get ahead of the game?

  103. That’s exactly what I was thinking Kathy.

    I guess we’ll be handling a lot of quickie grades and unflat OT levels out here in the field.

    Though we won’t have to worry too much about objectives 😉

  104. Oracle, LOL!

  105. Isn’t she just beautiful? The beautiful Joan Baez. That magnificent voice, that beautiful guitar. An American legend and folk music icon.

    Joan honey, we come back. Unfortunately that is the motto of the Sea Org, but I don’t want to represent the Church of Scientology here {which is impossible to do unless one is a disturbed person nowadays} but we come back. And so will you. To sing I hope! {LOL}.

  106. I did have many gains in spite of all the bullshit in the church. I did that. And the ultimate EP was I found all the great people on this blog and Marty and Mosey who have helped me get my life where I want it to be!My trip out of the church pales in relation to that of the dedicated SO and Staff who endured more than I can ever know for myself and others. ml, Laura

  107. Kathy,
    I heard the same thing. I heard 1000 hrs. The other factor was, as I understood it, it had to be post GAT hours. In 1996 you started at zero again. It didn’t matter you had already audited for years because, it wasn’t done properly, it didn’t count. To me that was the squirrel factor in lights! ml, Laura

  108. +1

  109. JP,
    I agree! ml, Laura

  110. Hy,
    This is exactly what I saw over the years! I used to say, there is real time and there is SO time. Just add a month or so, or intensive or so to get close to the truth. ml, Laura

  111. Fat Freddy

    I´ve got verified information that GAT 2 is coming. No data of what consists of. Its just sure that is has nothing to do with training.

  112. davemessenger

    I would like to ask Marty & Mike –
    If Miscavige was offloaded tomorrow and the CoS asked you guys to come back to run things properly and unconditionally:
    1. Would you accept?
    2. Where would you start, and what would you implement first?
    3. What would be the complete Game Plan?

    I realize this is a very in-depth question, and possibly would require its own thread to answer.

  113. dm is projecting his own case on everyone.
    He can´t confront, therefore ALL have to do objectives.
    But himself? NOT.

  114. davemessenger

    Will they give credit for those who were ripped off on GAT1? Or does everyone have to pay again from scratch? . . . never mind . . . I just channelled the answer from the universe.

  115. Cowboy Poet

    “Like a PTS love affair”

    Nice take on it–thanks.

  116. Tech Degrades!

    …straight out of LRH and still they do not see. Blind leading the blind indeed. That was one thing Davey got “right” but missed it to, failing to see his own blindness.

  117. Your question is bizarre!
    Who is going to offload David Miscavige??
    He is the king of offloads — he is the holder of the dungeon keys — he is the holy man that decides the fate of each individual.
    Who in God’s name is going to offload him?
    Any person with nouse or an incling of position, power and integrity has been either deep-sixed, smashed into a quivering heap, or has (luckily) blown.
    Why don’t you, instead of asking ridiculous questions that are designed to undermine the Indi network, start by declaring Independence, giving your full name, and stating if you accept responsibility for the state of things. And then, you can state what YOU are going to do as YOUR game plan.
    David Miscavige offloaded??
    What, by the FBI — or the Sheriff’s Office?

  118. Seeking As Isness

    Last night at 7:00 EST had 509 guest online and this morning at 8:00 there were 579. The avalance has begun!

  119. See Lana M answer.
    But to add:
    1. No
    2. NA
    3. NA

  120. Actually it depends if you’re paying for intensives as to how long the delivery is for objectives.
    When my 12 year old daughter was doing objectives at the Mace Kingsley Family Center, she was nearing the end and we were told ‘there is an LRH reference which states that op pro by dup must be run for a minimum of 25 hours’… That’ll be two more intensives and a spun in, overrun child please! Cha-ching.

  121. Could it be that imitation is neither “sincere” nor a “form of flattery?”

    Will my stable data never cease to wobble?

    Maybe, if I just hold onto my ideas a little harder. Put a little mental superglue to them. Solder them in place. Anchor them with the particles of super mass that anchor black holes.

    Maybe, if I drive some nine inch nails through my shoes, I won’t stumble while walking.

    Pound, pound, pound.

    Let’s try ’em on. Ah! I feel so much more stable standing in shoes so thoroughly anchored.

    Who needs to walk, anyways?

    Nothing like a fixed position to solve all my problems.

    Now, could someone bring me a hamburger? I’m hungry.


  122. Davemessenger,
    Who wants to know?
    None of the Indies I know care about that.
    Mike – Green and leafy.

  123. ESTO, HANDLING PERSONNEL PART I, Lecture 3.3.72:
    “We see then that you have a considerable tool when you look at the fact the blindness of a person can stem from two sources. One of those is fixidity, he just never spans his atten-
    tion; and the other one is overts.”

  124. Bruce,
    Thanks but, I hear you Cajuns are as we say in Texas, some tough SOB’s. That’s a compliment to anyone who’s never heard this.
    I mean, wrestlin gators and all that! ml, Laura

  125. Scott, a spinning wheel alright!

  126. I already got promo for buy one-get one free IAS statuses.

  127. Rory Medford

    The current C of $ under DM makes you less aware, less able and less yourself. If you want to reach for your FULL POTENTIAL run for the hills and stay away from DM and his made up levels and made up blah blah blah. He is fing crazzzyyyyyy! Run, run and run faster the regges are coming the regges are coming! What comes first the re or the squirrel?

  128. “Clear to New OT VII in 18 months”

    That’s a version of “say an acceptable truth … uh … datum … mmmh … promise … arr … incentive … hmmm … half truth … phh … … … lie”.

    But it’s really acceptable !!!

  129. Next up — the IAS Blue Light Special, coming to a K-Mart near you! It’s easy to give stuff away that costs nothing in the first place…

  130. “Buy one, get one free.”

    Marketing 101: Dropping the price is what you do when:

    1. The competition has dropped their price.

    2. Your brand is eroding, and no one will pay your sticker price anymore.

    3. You are apologizing to your marketplace for prior overt products and service.

    4. Your marketplace is disappearing rapidly because a new product (a “disruptive innovation” or “disruptive technology”) has been introduced to your customers and they are discarding yours and rushing to the new product in droves because it’s much less complicated, much more workable, and much cheaper or free.

    5. You don’t have a fucking clue what else to do.


  131. WindWalker


    “Actually … these Sec Checks also had the design of hoping to prevent a Freezone Movement of coming into existance, cutting down on any possible future Attacks.”

    So…. Basically they are billing the OTs for the cost of intel gathering.
    What they call “sec checking”, anywhere else would be called INTERROGATION.


  132. My vote is #5 because of #2 and #3…

  133. I thank you on behalf of all Cajuns.

    I ain’t. I am of a different revolutionary stock. One of the disappearing breed I fear — a (culturally and historically) true Southerner. A pair of my early heroes — Francis Marion (the Swamp Fox) and John C Calhoun. I am by birth a South Carolinian, from the town (or it’s vicinity) where South Carolina Secession Papers were signed which kicked off the Civil War. Grew up not far from where that first shot was fired. Ok. We got that one really, really, wrong. No 3rd Party Tech to handle the factors at play there.

    Yup, I grew up between a former English penal colony (hence my natural affinity for, but not identification with, the Aussies) Savannah, GA and where the American Aristocracy was perfected imho — Charleston, SC. Beaufort.

    Sorry, I really did not mean to dump all that info out there. Just thought I’d clarify my roots a bit. I don’t wanna take credit for sumpthin I ain’t.


  134. Amazing how you know only supremecist revisionist history of the area. Look up what Harriet Tubman had going in your hometown. – MARTY on Mosey’s computer

  135. TroubleShooter

    The Tech DEGRADE of this makes me so glad to be awake. I honestly feel bad for those still stuck in the trap.

  136. You are welcome

  137. Brilliant! I would add the #4 is a huge factor – you don’t need the Church to get the real deal. In fact, you can’t get the real deal in the Church.

  138. Any group, that claims to be “saving mankind” at the front door, while sending van loads of staff down to the abortion clinic out the back door, is in some funky 1.1 situation. When you can’t rise up to protect your own child, or your own children, I don’t need you watching my back.

  139. I did my Op Pro by Dup at 13, and it was amazing. It literally changed my life – that and doing my Student Hat at 14 started me off well in a life of continuing education and technical mastery.

    I did not do 25 hours. There is a case for 25 hours of Op Pro by Dup – don’t have the ref in front of me – but it is certainly not a fixed thing, and certainly not for a 12 year old.

  140. TheWidowDenk

    This is probably as good of place as any to offer help to any 10-, 20-, 30-, 40-year SO member who simply needs assistance once he/she is out.

    DM has been around a long time under less than optimum circumstances and has created an absolute disaster. I doubt that will change in the immediately foreseeable future.

    I base this offer of help on my personal experience of having been escorted off post and out of ASI after Dr. Denk’s death.

    I did return to post and informed an ASI exec I would continue working approximately one year, but then I would be gone. My purpose for staying was to ensure the new “head of the activity” at least had a working knowledge of the area.

    Ever so slowly, gradiently, I withdrew from the area. I cut back my hours and even took another parttime job. All the while, external to the org, I was auditing SOLO NOTS and preparing for relocation to another environment.

    The point is that I knew I was done with all that silliness. Yet, I still cared enough that my personal actions would not be disruptive to the other staff and the public. That’s why I did it that way.

    I still care about those who have committed their lives to LRH only to find the activity collapsing around them. I have a great deal of reality on this.

    So, somewhere the decision has to be made on the part of the individual on what he/she needs to do. Sometimes I feel the decision is not made because there are too many barriers to overcome.

    Yet, the “Name,” “Want,” “Get” policies do apply.

    At such time as a person can and does arrive at “Get,” I can and will help.

    I maintain very few personal comm lines … on purpose. Yet, contact can be made if someone who needs my help is bright. L, Rachel

  141. Marty — I apologize. No slight nor offense intended. I am not sure which of my remarks you’re taking issue with. If I need to expand one or more, I’ll be happy to. I did a cursory, hatchet, job there which left out a lot of history.


  142. theystolemychurch

    Making me feel bad here! I was a reg on staff and am fully hatted…. not all regges are bad! I think there is a lot of “something” up with current registration, true, but not all regges are bad! LOl ~Wendy

  143. theystolemychurch

    Moses was a true hero(ess), not only to the freedom of other souls but to the “woman suffrage” campaigne. An important history lesson about the power of women, imo. Love~Wendy

  144. Tony DePhillips

    This is the classic Bait and switch tactic of the dishonest.
    Bait and switch is sometimes done in the car business. Offer a great car real cheap. Then the person comes in for it and it is “already sold”. BUT… we have this other care here…
    Even that is more honest that what this crew of scammers are doing. They are putting up a MODEL and make it seem that it is realistic for you to do the same thing. Stats show otherwise and what they don’t tell you about is all the money, sec checking, other determined enforcement of reality, mind fucking that you WILL get.

  145. Tony DePhillips

    Usually when they do this at Flag the stats have been down for awhile. At least that was my take. Maybe Hy could give his view to see if this is real to him.

  146. Video screens will replace auditors?

  147. Unless it’s worth nothing in the first place (referring to DM brand name, of course!)

  148. This is suspect. The true test is whether the person keeps their “gains” when they leave the org and go out into the world. It is one thing to hide in a “safe” bubble, but it is not reality. The world is full of opposition and upset. Someone who really achieves all of the skills and knowledge, along with the personal gains from auditing should do very well.

    This is also why disconnection policies are so wrong. It implies that the person is weak and vulnerable and unable to stand up for themselves when confronted with anything in opposition to the beliefs of the CHURCH – babysitting at its worse. It is demeaning and degrades the person’s perceived gains. It implies that the skills and knowledge of the so-called SP (a term and status applied way to often and too broadly in my opinion) is so much more able than a trained OT and cutting off all communication or contact is the only viable option. This is just ludicrous.

  149. Have you seen the Swamp People series? It’s a fabulous education in social studies. The best series on television right now. Check out the trailers:

  150. Tony Dephillips

    Hi Foremost.
    Geir Isene went through OT eight before he left. The cult tried to defame him and I lived what he said: “Either the system is broken or the system is broken.”
    If they try to make you out as an out ethics slime ball after all the auditing and handlings you paid for and they didn’t handle you then they must not know how to get the product.

  151. Thanks for this link, SunnyV. I’m in the list now, and its up to 1452, as of 19.15 BST (British Summer Time) 25May2011.
    Richard Kaminski

  152. Hey what are we under the radar Indies, Chopped Liver? We should have our own list which has it’s own challenges keeping it upstat when we keep losing outies to the Indie 500 list. The game is getting more and more onto the under the radar list as a gradient to being a full fledged Indie 500.

  153. theystolemychurch

    I also extend this offer, just as the very gracious and eloquent ~ TheWidowDenk.

  154. How do you know for certain that its time to leave the church?

    When you get in trouble for following Scientology doctrine!

  155. Haven’t you heard, davemessenger? David Miscavige IS Scientology, according to public statement. So who could/would ‘offload’ him?

  156. Davemessenger,

    Well, not really, actually.

    I do have a question for you, however: Why would sane individuals want to return to an insane situation?

    The church is dead. It’s PR destroyed for all time on this little communication line known as the freakin’ internet. It’s condition is Treason at best and more likely Confusion, mixed with a little tone level dash of total failure.

    Memorial services will be held at dawn.

  157. WindWalker


    Well done Richard. Good to have you here.


  158. No one here, imho, would ever “go back.”
    Which leads us to …
    2. Scrap the whole thing. Sell off the MEST, as much as possible. Higher everyone that wants to stay “on staff” normal wages. CULL through everything and clean-out all the alter-ised BS, RECALL all the alter-ised B.S. and openly EXCHANGE IT for STANDARD TECH. Anyone with a current basic book GAT would be able to turn it in and get the exact new book, unaltered, for free exchange. I’d also look into selling the Idle orgs, if they are indeed in a bad location. Relocate them into a proper area, proper size for their delivery. Pay cash for basics, nothing fancy. Do away with the “virtual” Div 6’s.

    Complete game plan? Uh… undo the SP crap and implement LRH Admin to the letter! Reference: OEC volumes 0 -7 and the Executive Series 3 volumes.

    You know… really hard and complicated plan: “K.S.W.”

  159. I think we have a classic one man’s heroe is another man’s “SP”.

  160. Does anyone here happened to know or know of what happened to high rollers David and Susan Royal? Are they still in the ranks of the “church” elite?

  161. Cat Daddy,

    That’s too hard. Thinking about all that stuff would give me a headache. Just like I prefer roses grown in good manure, I prefer my bliss grown in pure ignorance.

  162. Tony,
    Good point on the stats being down.

    As additional smoke and mirrors and to show upstats, the KoS is demonstrating that the CoS is still the fastest growing religion in terms of Square feet of real estate. This is where the donations go.

  163. freedomlurker

    I LOVE this program….get ur done!!

  164. Holy double dipping book and bottle Batman.
    Gothams’ been Jokered.
    Another year another Bridge, over and over…

  165. Hey Dave Messenger – listen,when he does get offloaded, send him to me because I have some work for him to do. Guaranteed executive position.

    ML Tom

  166. freedomlurker

    In the mid 80’s when we went back to Flag for that 6 month checkup we weren’t allowed to leave until we audited 40 hours in one week. Anybody else remember that?

  167. Kathy Braceland

    Yes, I remember that.

  168. Hi Eric.

    (Post your e-addy, you know me. I have to stay completely off the radar … no choice in the matter for now.)

    You know the O/W Tech … those who have missed W/H, Overts may natter, 3P, attack, etc. And so yes, the Tech needs to be applied as called for. Certainly Confessionals are part of the Road to Freedom. But that is one thing.

    To pre-schedule Handlings/Sec Checks before the fact is another issue altogether. If you are F/N’ing on a major rundown/level, you should not be interfered with. And that Issue has nothing to do with your Case, but the Interests of the Organization itself. It already invalidates the Pre-OT long before he comes back for his check. Another Interest the Church has is that it prevents any Pre-OT to remain in possession of any confidential materials beyond that span of time inadvertently falling into the “Wrong Hands”. And yet another serves as a “Gray Cloud” should you not audit daily. But all these considerations have nothing whatsoever do to with any technical aspect of your Case.

    And thus …

    1.) Makes sure you haven’t fallen to the Dark Side of the Force the result of False Data, overts, suppression, or considerations questioning the Actions of the Church. Your agreement/compliance/obedience would be re-procured, and to ensure you have not become an enemy of the Church. (Short of religious Inquisitions of the past, I have never heard of any entity gone so batty and obsessed with that to the point where Snr Management goes into “McCarthy Era” style Gestapo Valences. You are guilty until your 6-Month Check has proven otherwise. )

    2.) Keeps the money flowing. It may have come to one’s attention a key highlight of the 6-months is “IAS/IDLE ORG” VISA bloodletting.

    Thus these Checks are primarily in the interests of the organization, not the Pre-OT. There is no specific LRH reference on that, but an arbitrary interpretation of of an LRH advisory in regard to a specific case made into a blanket Action for everybody.

    RTC Edicts now supercede LRH Tech, and is, all things considered, a primary reason the Freezone is expanding. We’ve had enough !!! This is LRH Country.

  169. “Who is going to offload David Miscavige??”

    The better part of himself and the awakened to the truth Scientologists in and outside the church.

  170. Hi Tony.

    Yeah, its really nothing more that PR drivel. Doesn’t matter if you saved the Church once from oblivion or been drowning babies for the last 2 decades, you’ll get the same A=A 3P PR Rundown as everybody else … so, not to be taken seriously.

    You could swap C/Ses with your fellow Solo NOT’ees and no one would be any worse off … lol

  171. DM,

    It is not about the Church, it is about Scientology.

  172. JCC is not still a hero. JCC has admirable traits, yeah. So I now admire those. Got older, learnt how erred my judgement was changed it.

    Thanks for the external point of view, CD, but I’m thinking this ain’t Marty’s point. I think it is more in either the how or the what I glossed over. Not sure, though.


  173. I would never go back no matter who ran the Church. There is not 1 single thing, nor will there ever be, that could possibly make the Church preferable to the Freezone. It was a good starter while it lasted, but there comes a point where you get out, and actually start moving up the bridge.

    You can have it all, Ls, OT-Levels, training without breaking the Bank.

  174. I had the offer of a holiday in the Caribbean 🙂
    Received this in my email (Feb 21st, 2011)

  175. Scott Campbell


    How about starting with the “Savannah, GA and where the American Aristocracy was perfected imho — Charleston, SC. Beaufort.” comment.


  176. Scott Campbell

    The Cof S’s “Worthless Final Product”: Spun in PC’s.

  177. I would also like to point out, that nowhere on the ACSC (Class 9 Course), the NOTs Solo Auditor’s Course, nor any C/S Courses, call for as a requirement for its completion, any 6 months Checks. Its entirely an RTC arbitrary. Not LRH. No such reference exists.

    Granted, if you have a bogged or non F/Ning Case, then these Tools “may” have to utilized as/if applicable, but casting them into stone onto a timeline … sorry that’s total squirrely-doo.

  178. Sue,
    The whole point of getting this stuff is to live at a higher pace, in a spirit of play, and be able to get yourself out of anything you wholeheartedly get yourself into. It’s not ‘avoid life’. It’s an all out over the ramparts howling charge at life!!

  179. Tom, it not only violates the no-interference zone, it totally violates C/S Series 115 – Mixing C/S’s and Rundowns. I remember having to do an FPRD list in the middle of NOT’s at Flag and almost died (along with several other pre-OT’s that got majorly fucked up doing FPRD in the middle of NOT’s in the early 80’s). Then LRH came out with C/S Series 115 and saved our asses. I have no idea where the idea of running FPRD in the middle of NOT’s came from. Would be interesting to pull a string on that one. Oops, I almost forgot, there were people getting L’s in the middle of NOT’s too, before C/S Series 115 came out. And here we are in PT with dear leader totally violating it. It’s quite mind boggling that any C/S would allow it to happen. Especially at Flag. Anyway, as an aside note, I took myself off the bridge after OTV many years ago after seeing all the outpoints over the years. I knew instinctively that DM’s “no more arbitraries” was a crock of shit. And I am also proud of myself for saying FUCK YOU to the basics. To 2 chaplains (that came to my house 3 times), to an MAA who called me on the phone, and to a few others doing call-in. It’s like where is the Code Of Honor amongst all the sheeple who did the basics or are doing them? All I can say is WAKE UP!!

  180. Mrs Denk and TSMC, I’m here for support on this. ml, Laura

  181. Great posting Marty. LRH was so spot-on with his data on mimicry in 1950. Explains a lot.

  182. Hey Scott.

    Thanks for pitching in. Pick up where I stopped? I guess. I mean I did just drop the who history of the area and signed off.


  183. Yvonne Schick

    Oracle, Love this.

  184. Right on Grasshopper. Especially number 3 “Employing after 1 Sept 1970 any checksheet for any course not authorized by myself and the SO Organizing Bureau Flag.” So who wrote the checksheets for the Basics? Certainly not authorized by LRH!!

  185. Hy, that’s right. I remember. Luckily I was one of the FSM’s at the time that never pushed that line of bullshit. I worked with LRH a long time ago and never forgot “it takes as long as it takes”. Anyway, I do recall a few regges and gullible FSM’s that bought the line and promoted it. It really pissed me off, so I got in comm with a few of them and said WTF are you doing? You can’t promote it just because ONE person did it in X amount of time. And like you said Hy, it turned out to be a person who quit their job and went at it full time. And we know that hardly ANYBODY does that or can even afford to do it. It has amazed me over the years the bullshit that so many sheeple buy without ever questioning anything or even asking “what LRH policy or piece of tech applies here?” Or the policy Orders, Query Of. THAT one is certainly not being applied. It’s all become, do whatever the hell dear leader says. How incredibly fucking stupid can some people get?

  186. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, I am for freedom fighting, not slave creation; and step one is to stop worshipping the latter.

  187. Tony DePhillips

    Marty and Mosey this is for you. Take a cigarette break and enjoy some Maxwell. Hope you like it.

  188. TheWidowDenk

    gandiguy —

    “Hey what are we under the radar Indies, Chopped Liver?”

    Nope, Very Important Under-the-Radar Indies.

  189. Marty — Is that the thing worshiping slave creation? Did I say something that means or implies I currently worship slave creation?

    Nothing I say advocates slavery or its creation. At least not intended to. I am here, mostly contributing to forward motion.

    I did not assign any value to Charleston perfecting the American aristocracy. If a caste system has ever existed in the US, I think it would be there. Has that history influenced me? Probably. A good influence? Probably not. Oh the Charleston Aristocracy? Not good.


  190. Coolicious

    Very cool, Cat Daddy! Interesting. It’s a vital skill set to be able to distinguish impostors who seek to mimic something (hence being only an imitation) for the purpose of predation.

    These are important distinctions to make in the world of Scientology (inside or outside the “corporation”) ideologies, celebrities, artists, plain ol’ living and other species. Just because it looks like a twig doesn’t mean it’s a tree and doesn’t have teeth;-)

  191. Fat Freddy

    I listened covertly to a chat between a missionaire and an org exec. I haven´t heard all of it,and its maybe out of concept, but the spoke about comming through the grades quickly. So best is we wait. Maybe it will be announced on the maiden voyage events.

  192. mrinder,
    This is a good one? Does anyone know fur sure how long LRH spent on OT VII?
    All of it sounds so Stone-walled.
    And Marty’s point is well made; ” speed of particle flow = “Power” ”
    Isn’t that, instant gratification!? (I’m given them promo boys permission now to be totally 1.1 with DM)
    I’m sure LRH was a bit slow, according to DM.

    Don’t answer… It’s too stupid.

  193. scilonschools

    Brainwashing and hypnotism to a state of mindless slave(Zombie) is a far quicker ‘process’ than Standard Tech processing, with a bit of tweaking i reckon DM can get his entire GAOT Bridge down to a few hours!!!

  194. GetTheConcept


    Is it possible I know you? Is there any way I can find out?


  195. Mike Wreggitt

    In about 5-15 years there’s going to be a lot of past-life OTs hitting the independent lines with a WHOLE lot of squirrel suppression and a painful cancer death to audit out. I don’t envy those kids, but the beings will come back.

  196. FDL,
    We did an internship on OT6 (1988) before going home to solo. We had to do 5 hour days to graduate. The emphasis was on hours back then. I remember the one 5 hour day, I was able to muster up. Worst headache I ever had! ml, Laura

  197. I agree! Everyone contributing is important! ml, Laura

  198. Bluebonnet

    Here’s the actual quote from the promo I was sent this morning re: OT VII in 17 months. You just have to get the L’s first before Clear?

    “I did my L’s as a Grade IV completion and completed all three 7 years ago – and my life has never been the same. I took my dynamics on a rocket ride up and got much more than I’ve imagined I would. My Bridge progress skyrocketed. I went Clear and within a year I was OT V on a part time schedule. Doing the L’s allowed me to organize my life so I could get myself in for several sessions a day while on OT VII and as a result, I finished OT VII in 17 months and I know that I did it so rapidly because of the horsepower and intention I had recovered as a result of the L’s. I am now a New OT VIII. My career is on a whole new level, I’ve helped my wife get onto OT VII and she is nearly done. I have what I want but still have a game for interest so I am not bored and things will continue to get better. I am pretty happy with my existence and the turning point on my whole track began with the L’s! ML, TH”

  199. Wow! These L’s sound great! Let’s put out 40 class Xll’s in the Independent field this year!

  200. Wait, you’re saying CofS has stopped strong arming pregnant SO members into unwanted abortions? That’s great news! Of all the slimy gross things the church has done that’s right up there. Did you already post something about it? I’d like more details.

  201. WindWalker


    Yes, I am with you on all that.
    In my opinion any “sec checks” that are done for the purposes of the “security” of the church, should be done at the church’s expense. Sec checking someone (in this definition) can be valid in order for the Organization to discover what the person may have done that puts the organization at risk somehow. When it is used, and why it is used, needs to carefully follow LRH policies regarding such matters. Otherwise you open the door that allows those of evil intent or low intelligence, to use it for the wrong purposes. We have a living example of this in it’s current use by David Miscavige and the Church of Scientology.

    Of course, it IS possible to get gain from sec checks, (done according to policy and Standard Tech) but when it is primarily or totally done in order to gather intel, with no regard to the PC or his case, it is ABUSE of auditing procedure, and is NOT AUDITING at all. But you gotta give them credit, they do warn you when they say “I’m NOT auditing you”. In many cases, they certainly are NOT.

    Just so that I do not get anyone jumping on me for perhaps giving the impression one cannot get gains from confessionals, I had one of the biggest “blowouts” (totally exterior from this universe stuff) from doing FPRD standardly, and for ME. I think discovering one’s overts, and taking responsibility for them, is a key to freeing oneself from their bank and their aberrations.

    My 2 cents.

    ( windwalker8008 at

  202. Slave creation? Did you know it got so bad in the Sea Org that staff that could be “traded” were called COINS?

  203. For real! It wasn’t a joke! Too funny!

  204. Oracle — that comes from the Esto Tapes where he talks (paraphrased) about the resources of the Esto — trained staff — and how they are coins to be spent wisely to increase production.

  205. Thanks for the background info. I guess now we are spare change.

  206. davemessenger

    So is it the general concensus that the entire organization of Church Of Scientology is insane? Or just Miscavige? Or all of the staff? Or the entire subject?

  207. scilonschools,

    I think you mean “Standard Out-tech” processing? Or perhaps Standard Reverse Tech processing?

  208. Hear, hear! Very nice turn of phrase, Michael!

    Have you ever read any of Gene Wolfe’s fiction?

  209. Somehow Bozz, your post put me in mind of my latest musings about some of the “critics”. The ones I’m thinking of, have placed themselves solidly at “effect” when it comes to scientology. They have assigned all cause and all responsibilty to “scientology” the subject and cannot or do not wish to see that they are 100% responsible for how it is applied, or that anyone has any responsibilty for how it is applied.

    Not a one of them thinks of “How can I use scientology to create or further my own Ideal Scene?”

    They are in apathy about it, and their state of mind seems similar to those who have had a bad “acid trip” and are just relieved and glad to be alive and that for them, the “trip” is over and they have survived. And on top of that, they have been sold on the idea that the”bad trip” is the way it was designed and intended to be! The idea of CULLING out the parts they see as good doesn’t even occur to them. Some insist there is nothing good in it at all, which must obviously be somewhere around their 5th postulate on the subject, given how long they were involved for.

    Virtually all their statements about “scientology” contain this “reification”, which word means setting up an abstract idea or set of ideas as a concrete reality, in their case, with some kind of power over them.

    I guess that’s the “CoS implant” they experienced? I haven’t ‘been there, done that’, so I am just guessing…..

  210. This sounds dangerous! Doesn’t auditing all 3 of the L’s involve “bypassing the mind’s protection”? Or is it just L10?

    Who needs Dr Kevorkian, when you can go to Flag for your Ls, even if it’s the last thing you ever do?

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