99 Problems…

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  1. Your production is AWESOME!!!! Il Maestro Productions right on!!!!
    “I’m here to investigate you”, yeh well guess what the investion is on you fruit cake! These guys are so out of their league , they are in pretend mode.

  2. one of those who see

    LOL Marty. Looks like you guys are havin’ some fun in the circus. Love the insousciance. Love the choice of song!!

  3. Link’s broken

  4. Simon Bolivar

    Is it legal to harrass people like that? I mean, is it possible by law to follow and invetigate on people freely?

  5. Boy, they are really worried you two are going to expose more of their hidden crimes.

    This is what Scientology donations buy to help “clear the planet”. What a pathetic JOKE.

  6. Felicitas Foster

    Cannot see it – it is not availble in my country. Is there another link? Or under what title I have to look for it and where?
    Thanks, Feli

  7. Billy Jack

    Excellent documentation of their harassment!!!!!!! If a picture tells a thousand words, your pictures (video) speak millions!

  8. I think the ‘churchies’ following this should expect another really big IAS donation push. I’m sure DM has another ’99’ waiting in the wings. After all money is no problem. Right? Love

  9. 99 bitches all workin’ for Dave,
    Little do they know they be actin’ like slaves,

    Livin’ on the streets in an SUV,
    Spyin’ on folks tryin’ to set people free,

    Dave be a Widget,
    With a tiny little digit,
    Over-com-pen-satin’ for the fact that he’s a Midget,

    Always be putin’ wrong heads on a pike,
    Cuz Marty and Mike make his blood pressure spike,

    The end is near, so have no fear,
    A stiff prison sentence for the leader so dear,


  10. At 00:51 I thought Mitt Romney had joined the crowd.

    I love the security guy stepping in at 2:53. Well done, whoever that was.

    And the mob lawyer guy on LSD at 3:50…that was priceless.

    Then, there is the flunky camera operator at 4:20……creepy….just creepy.

    Looking forward to more background about this interesting trip.

  11. Great! Loved it! All of it!

  12. Guess it’s only broken on mobile. Great video!

  13. Squirt water on these bozos. Aim at their iphones.

  14. So, I don’t get it – are Lynette and Rich with ya or agin’ ya here?


    It is about Jurisdiction. The Reptilian Predator David Miscagive in his delusion believes Marty and Mike are still under his command.
    He sends Posses to ambush Mike Rinder in that Florida Parking Lot.
    He trumps Mike Rinder’s parenthood and DM his Sea Org kids write vicious letters of disconnection to Mike Rinder.
    He sends a Moon Bat Posse with head cameras to demand pc folders from Marty which makes for extreme LULZ on the web.

    Here he sends a whacko to “investigate” There is something so bizarre in the mindset that one has to try hard to digest it.

    A characteristic of the CULT and especially Miscavige’s culture is that


    ++++++After a Sea Org Member tries to escape they deploy 10-12 Sea Org members in “Blow Drill” to capture the person back.

    ++++++Years after disconnecting from the Church, they call up peddling the BASICS for $$$$

    ++++++After one has fully left the Church, they make tabloid hate websites
    linking the ex-church member to the CULT.

    +++++Long After the exited staff or public has fully departed, the Ethics officer surreptitiously shows a Declared SP order to enforce disconnection.

    ++++When a Sea Org member asks to leave, contrary to LRH orders where they are to be gone in 48 hours, the CULT of DM does not let go easily.
    They are often kept for a year or more, sporadically sec checked, sometimes RPF’d, decked for heavy labor AFTER they have asked to leave and not participate.

    and so on and so on.

    JURISDICTION and CUSTODY illegally and in ARROGANCE.
    Maliciousness. Vindictiveness. Payback.
    Only a true CULT carries on like this.

  16. Bryan U , right on!

  17. markthehungarian

    Fucking hell. This is batshit insane.

    Hey, if the KoS is willing to splurge so much cash – I don’t know what hiring PIs, or a huge crew of PIs must cost, but I bet it doesn’t come cheap – maybe M & M can take more trips to LA!

    Seriously though, how can anyone watch this and not think “THIS is madness?” The longer the time before the FBI drags DM into court, the more nutso this is going to get. And the more “slam dunk” the case against the dwarf will be.

    Something about rope- give-enough -hang-themselves is appropriate here.

  18. Maria Abian

    Not a fan of the song choice.

  19. Marty,
    Is the guy in gray suite an SO member?
    BTW, it was great having dinner with you and Mike.

  20. Benjamin Cisco

    That was a great vid and your words make it better.

  21. It sucks being a mosquito.

    Thanks for putting this together Tiz.
    GREAT compilation.

  22. Of course — this is just the opening credits before the actual movie production begins …

    And I’m on the edge of my seat. Didn’t I see a Network mobile unit — somewhere on the top of Mulholland Drive or was that up by the Observatory?

    In any case, I’m waiting patiently.

    With popcorn 🙂


  23. +10!

  24. Journey Continued

    Bloody hell how frigin dumb is DM!

    Every time he runs these ops on you guys he just creates another massive footbullet that is documented and then put on the web for the whole world to see resulting in no new public and an ever increasing rate of defections from those inside.

    Keep up the good work Marty and Mike (and everyone else out there telling the truth) you are obviously impinging on the midget. If he keeps up with these antics, he will in the not too distant future be the head of a church with no parishioners.

  25. Love it! An awesome well-done trailer. Can’t wait for the full-length feature story of your trip!

    “What Your Donations Buy”, folks, you who are still coughing up money to the International Association of Suppressives.

  26. Marty — who is the man in grey … touching his toes, drinking water towards the end? And why 🙂

  27. Cannot open link

  28. Keep on video documenting, Marty! You’re doing a great job! You know, I almost feel sorry for these numbskulls…ALMOST…

  29. Maria Abian

    That would get the squirters in legal trouble.

  30. Marty & Mike,
    Great new Tiz production! It is completely amazing that Dear Leader, Charlie and the samo, samo PIs are still doing their flying monkey act, which are totally ineffective and predictable, in a new unit of time.

    Perhaps these losers consider their actions to be winning?

  31. That is a very creative knowledge report Marty Rathbun.

  32. Amy, you’re not wrong. After I went to deliver a letter to IAS/CJC UK recently – having not had the courtesy of even an acknowledgement to postal letters, I got a letter from the Church’s UK lawyer accusing me of… wait for it… HARASSMENT! That’s right, peacefully delivering a letter with a friend is harassment to them. Apart from the shocking waste of parishioners money what sickens me most is the rank hypocrisy. Here is part of my reply to the solicitor (too long for the full doc), it was cc various relevant Church terminals:

    Dear XXXXX,

    Ref: Yours of 20 May 2011 / Church of Scientology

    Thanks for your letter of 20 May 2011, which contents I have noted.

    You assert that by visiting the Church of Scientology St Hill Manor I have committed an offence under the Protection from Harassment Act. I totally reject that assertion.

    Which provision or section of the Act are you referring to? I ask because under Subsection (1)” a person must not pursue a course of conduct—(a)which amounts to harassment of another..” etc does not apply to a course of conduct if the person who pursued it shows “(c)that in the particular circumstances the pursuit of the course of conduct was reasonable.”

    I would consider the course of conduct I took entirely reasonable, and may well do it again. I would be more than happy to test this in a court of law as soon as possible. Consider these facts:

    1. The letter in question that I was hand-delivering on 3rd March was originally sent 2nd Feb recorded delivery. I followed it up with a 2nd postal copy but had no reply, no phone call acknowledgement – nothing. My letter politely but firmly demanded a response which was never received until 20th April, seven weeks after I first wrote. My visit to St Hill was non-confrontational and courteous, as was my friend who held the video camera. (Evidence available).
    2. My family had been subjected to repeated harassment by your clients. Specifically, despite my numerous requests to XXX XXXXX and others to only visit my property by prior appointment, we were subjected to numerous late-evening uninvited visits, the purpose of which was invariably to get money from us for something we neither asked for nor expressed an interest in. In fact one night one of our neighbours was so concerned about the behaviour of one of your clients attempting to go round the back of the house when we were not at home that she was on the point of calling the police. (Witness testimony available if needed). On another occasion, XXX XXXXX went upstairs (with shoes on) to our young daughter’s bedroom to see her while XXXXX continued selling to us downstairs. My wife was concerned about this inappropriate behaviour. These uninvited visits were unquestionably a form of harassment.
    3. In addition to the above, we were bombarded with phone calls (up to 10 or 12 a day) from your clients at all hours of the day and night, the purpose of which was usually to attend some “event” or other which again, we had expressed no desire or interest to go to. This conduct reached absurd proportions after the release of “The Basics” – a re-release of books and tapes, one set of which I bought. Having bought one set was not good enough apparently – I was expected to buy a 2nd and 3rd copy at vast expense. This phone harassment continued despite the knowledge that I had a young family which needed to be attended to in the evenings. (My wife can confirm this to be so). One justification for this was that copies of these “Basics” would be put in all libraries. As a footnote, I checked my local (Broadfield) library recently and there were no copies there, despite being told the “campaign was complete”.
    4. Whilst reluctantly attending some of your client’s closed doors “events” it was not uncommon to have intense pressure brought to bear to give money on credit cards, despite repeated protests that I didn’t want to or couldn’t afford to. Factually at several of these events there were effectively guards at the door preventing exit. At one I stated categorically that I wished to leave, but was coerced under pressure to stay and give money. THAT I would consider harassment. I have several witnesses who can attest to the accuracy of my testimony in this matter – with detail.
    5. Your clients, the IAS (and its 1st cousin OSA), are undisputed Masters of Harassment; in fact it’s their stock in trade. It is of the greatest irony that you are accusing me of harassment for simply delivering a letter, when my investigations into the conduct of your clients began after relentless harassment from them! Furthermore, the very point of the letter I was hand delivering was this: I unearthed incontrovertible evidence that monies coerced from me had not been put to humanitarian uses as I had been led to believe, but much of it was being used for harassment of those voicing perfectly legitimate concerns and criticisms of the conduct of certain Church officials, including but not limited to David Miscavige. I can easily supply you with data showing that millions, yes millions of $ of Church monies has been used to hire snoops and PIs, whose only intent is to harass and spy on their victims. I could and will supply expert testimony from individuals who had access at the highest levels of Church management finances and snooping operations until 2007 who will attest to the veracity of this.
    6. In an attempt to get the truth of serious allegations of fraud and abuse at the highest levels I went to see one of your clients XXXX XXXXXXX of OSA UK. He had no answer that made any sense, but by way of “proof” that the allegations were all lies he handed me a “Freedom” magazine to read – “Special Report , the story the SP Times refused to tell” which outlines, pages 50 – 52, an extraordinary culture of violence and abuse over decades under the stewardship of David Miscavige. The idea that Miscavige was neither engaged in it, complicit in it, or even knew anything about it is simply not credible to anyone who has worked near him. He is well known for micro-managing everything at the Int base, where the worst of the abuses have taken place.
    7. It is abundantly clear that your clients have abandoned any semblance of adherence to its own internal scriptures, doctrine and policy. The first I knew of any “SP Declare” on me was when I went to deliver the letter on 3rd March. Apparently one exists but I am not allowed to see it to verify its accuracy? Per what reference is that? Naturally I requested a Comm Ev per policy and received a reply from XXXXXX XXXX which states in part: “You have made a decision not to be a member of the Church anymore. That is your right. You should also realise that this means by policy you may not as a result receive the benefits of the codes of the Church. Ref HCO PL 17 Mar 65 IV, ORGANISTIONAL SUPPRESSIVE ACTS”. XXXXXX doesn’t quote the relevant section he feels applies, and indeed there is no reference to the Church in this policy. The HCO PL does state in part: “So, in Scientology, anyone who rejects Scientology also rejects, knowingly or unknowingly, the protection and benefits of Scientology…” LRH, which makes sense. However I have not rejected Scientology. I practice it daily and will continue to do so. It is precisely the abandonment of Scientology principles that led me to the decision to distance myself from the “Church”. The IAS and its harassment is NOT Scientology; coercing no-exchange donations from parishioners is NOT Scientology. I could go on, but you get the point.
    8. Within days of publicly distancing myself from the off-policy and abusive actions of the Church, a puerile character-assassination page appeared on one of OSA’s sponsored web sites entitled “Martin Padfield – Whose loss?” Harassment? Possibly. Slanderous? Almost certainly.

    In summary, let me state this quite clearly – I do not accept your premise that my actions have constituted harassment in any sense – unless you are suggesting that the mental well-being of your Sea Org clients is so delicate and precarious that my mere presence at St Hill would cause them irreparable damage! I further do not accept your generality of “public hostility you have expressed towards our client”. My “hostility”, if you will, has been directed at those who have committed abuses; my contempt is reserved for those who know about it and either cover it up, lie about it or refuse to at least examine the evidence. It is NOT directed at well-meaning staff.

    I might remind your clients also that I have substantially contributed to the buildings and upkeep of their property over the years both financially and physically, and that I am a Founding Member of the IAS as of this moment.

    As long as my correspondence is not dealt with promptly and satisfactorily I reserve the right to get my concerns acted on by whatever legal means necessary. That may or may not include delivering correspondence personally, or having it delivered by persons who may remain unknown or anonymous to your clients. I further reserve the right to see justice done by any means necessary, including, but not limited to, reporting on the conduct of your clients to outside bodies such as XXX XXXX XXX XXX , and any interested media if needed. I’m not going away. If I get no response or any more stalling or stonewalling letters from your clients directly or via your office, then my actions WILL escalate without further notice. Hence CC’s of this letter being sent to the relevant terminals.

    If, however, your clients want to press charges of harassment, I’m ready. Start proceedings without further ado.

    Yours faithfully,

    Martin Padfield

  33. Joe Howard

    A stuck flow doesn’t flow weaker, it only flows harder. These fools are on a stuck flow. DM is the most stuck of all. That isn’t snide, it is just a technical fact.
    For years at Int I kept waiting for things to improve. They never did. Then I learned that LRH datum about stuck flows and saw it playing out in front of my eyes year after year at the base. Then I realized, “Oh, this is NEVER going to stop.” Then I expedited my leaving staff routing form by blowing. Others had the same realization. Now we are out here seeing if we can help DM handle his stuck flow and move Scientology back onto the rails, where it currently is NOT.

  34. You guys sure don’t live boring lives.

  35. Next ploy of Miscavige to get money:

    Subj: CCHR Call To Arms


    Thanks a lot to all of you who already helped out on this rush cycle; for those who haven’t here is the info:

    Our president, Jan Eastgate needs your help. She is right now in Australia, launching a huge battle against a major psych who got $11 million for labeling & drugging toddlers as young as 3 years old!!!!

    Major research investigations are ongoing to combat this and we need to raise an additional $8700 to pull this off. Please flow $100/$200/$500 or whatever you can!

    Can you please help?

    Contact John now!

    John B Fleming
    CCHR International

    Cell: 727 647-2692 or john@protectinghumanrights.org

    PS: THIS IS WHY “Mental health testing planned for three-year-olds as part of early intervention program”http://www.news.com.au/national/mental-health-testing-planned-for-three-year-olds-as-part-of-early-intervention-program/story-e6frfkvr-1226054984408

    Do not forward – for you only!
    If you would rather not receive these e-mails,
    reply to john@protectinghumanrights.org with “Unsubscribe Me” in the subject line

  36. Do you have the YouTube link?

  37. WH,

    Looked like Mulholland Dr. to me as the prior scenes look like West LA AKA Beverly Hills adjacent.

    Can’t figure out what they are trying to accomplish with the Keystone Kop’s routine.

    If it’s an effort to intimidate M & M it sure ain’t working.

    Well Mike and Marty if you end up in my hood drop me a line.

    If you can lose the cavalcade of reprobates and idiots that would be nice 🙂

  38. Martin, outstanding letter. Wow, bring it on. The nerve even suggesting that you are harrassing them.

  39. I am just amazed that so many other people refuse to see the moronic moves of this idiot and the people he employs. Amy and the rest, I have a question. How is it that NOONE has been able to get a group of people together to throw this hillbilly out of the organization? How are there not enough people that are normal that look at DM and say, we are out of here unless you step down. You ir are not what CoS is about & we want you out. I mean there have to be people there that can run this turf down the toilet and take control.

    Bed Man–love the book AMy

  40. Spot on conclusion Karen. That is the deal, they cannot let go. This is because the M/WH phenomenon doesn’t allow them to let go. The fact that Mike and Marty alone are out here and not under the control of DM causes the M/WH penomenon of not being able to as-is. DM is secretly wondering when they are going to divulge the real secrets. Therefore these two must go. In fact they all must go (all of the Indies).

    ML Tom

  41. Where is Games on the Tone Scale? Oh yeah. Really really really HIGH. This is hilarious. Thanks for the laughs!

  42. Howard Roark

    One is not allowed to leave the Church of $cientology.

    They want your money. All of it. And they will send teams of collectors (IA$) at all hours of the day or night to your home, place of business, or anywhere else they believe that you will be most amenable. They will send whomever they believe will be most effective: big-breasted young Sea Org girls, men to charm you- whatever it takes.

    The Church of $cientology wants your mind. Korean War POW-like tactics will be used: sleep deprivation, malnutrition, duress, detention, intimidation. You will be made malleable. You will be made to obey.

    The Church of $cientology wants your children. They will be recruited behind your back and ultimately used against you to make you toe their line.

    One is not allowed to leave the Church of $cientology. Case in point this video and the rest of the harassment that so many have experienced.

    One must not grant them one inch of space. They will use everything they can against you to make you obey. This video shows the way individuals are treated who committed their lives to helping others and then, seeing the betrayal of the Organization, mustered the courage to do something to right the wrongs.

  43. Howard Roark

    The Lie Factory never stops.


  44. I would not call this sad, I would not call this funny, I would not call this anything other than what it is.

    The Church of D. Miss Cabbage© spends years and a great deal of money {according to the church} educating and counseling people to higher levels of being and then the church investigates them right afterwards.

    Be realistic. How can that make sense? I don’t listen. I don’t look at the Church of Famous Jokes© {which it isn’t}, it is the rest of the world who is laughing at the church, not the other way about it.

  45. scilonschools

    Any idea what OPs cost are being spent on two litl’ol Indies these days?

  46. Any way I can help, Martin, give me a call anytime.

  47. LOL! This is by far one of the best vids you have ever made Marty! Perfect song, nothing else needs to be said.
    Did ya hear that Davie? you little bitch!!
    Have a great trip, looks like you and Mike will be laughing your asses off most of the time. tick tock

  48. Tony DePhillips

    Awesome Martin!!

  49. That’s awesome. They are actually just trying to raise her bail money to reimburse whoever bailed her out after being arrested last week in AUS for obstruction of justice. Very timely considering the last post.

  50. fantastic!!

  51. Oh dude, I thought this was a long-term compilation piece. Is this all from the last few days in LA?? HA!!!

  52. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for being there and communicating Marty and Mike!!
    Great footage Tiziano!!
    I hate to see you guys go through this kind of harrassment. You have a right to travel without having to go through this madness from a crazy cult. I pray for the day it stops and dm is in the clink.
    Those mafia wannabees were particularly pathetic. It was great seeing you laugh at their sorry asses as they were kicked out.
    LOVE the music by the way. That is one of my favorites by Jay-Z.

  53. Tony DePhillips

  54. Trust me, I haven’t even started yet.

  55. Was that Chin Chin on Sunset at the :50 mark? Heck, would have been happy to buy you guys lunch.

  56. That’s funny CD 🙂

    Basic assumption is that Scientologists are either a bunch of ludites or have received the “SRA” not to venture beyond the limits of their Net Nanny ScienoSitter and find out what is really going on with Jail bird Jan and that instead of fighting the evil psyches they’re actually paying for posting her bail.

    “Shore stories” by definition have a certain degree of truth and are basically conflicting rumors while this is just utter fabrication.

    What Ron says about PR being like a cocked Spanish pistol which is very similar to a cheap “Saturday Night Special” definitely applies here.

    Along with foot bullet when the public get a glimmer of what is really going on and find out they’ve been lied to about the great Jan Eastgate patron saint of pedophiles.

    No way CCHR or anyone else is ever going to be able to “walk back this cat”.

    What ever is left of that decadent house of cards that Jan built they falsely call the “Citizen’s Commission of Human Rights” probably won’t survive the blow back from this escapade.

    Well Done Jan you’ll probably be receiving your honorary SMERSH membership soon.

    Something you can hang on cell wall.

  57. Scientology Interview with a Former Insider re David Miscavige

  58. David Miscavige PR blitz
    David Miscavige Single Handedly shows the Dumb People of the World Who Don’t know what “Human Rights” Is What He Pretends to Follow

  59. “the right to speak your mind?” Seriously he said that?

  60. Tiz
    That was hilarious.
    You seriously missed your calling as a movie producer.

  61. Glad you said that, Maria. I agree. That kind of music – especially the lyrics – have an ugliness all their own. Granted, the real ugliness is in the actions of the DM squad of SS goons. But just as the language on this blog is kept reasonably free from gutter language, so too should the soundtracks, IMO.

  62. I ‘trust you’ Martin! 😀
    Brilliant letter.

  63. Eileen Clark


  64. one of those who see

    Well put Mr. Roark!

  65. Who is supposed to submit the purchase orders for the P.I.’s?

    Seems like someone up there has Carte Blanch with what to spend playing cops and robbers.

  66. So much of their fund raising is fraudulent. This pretty much takes the cake.

    Imagine truth in advertizing:

    Hey, guys, several years ago our hero Jan Eastgate talked a little girl and her mom into lying to the police so one of our patrons could stay out of jail. Oh, nothing important, the guy was just sexually abusing the little girl. But anyway, our hero Jan just got caught and we need some big bucks for her bail and damage control and to hire a really really expensive defense atty. Need your support right away…
    Might go easy on your next sec check if you cough up some dough.

  67. COF aka "Chairman of the Fraud"

    That fool don’t need Jay Z to inform him that he has 99 problems. In fact 99 is being way too altruistic Marty 🙂

    PS. It would have been neat to see you walk into the lobby of 6331 and start filming…god forbid they would have been within 10′ of a known “SP”…haha

  68. To see the video click on the video box on the arrow.

  69. Even though these morons knew you were fully aware of their intentions they still do the insane action of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.
    The only difference is more laughter at their lame attempts to make a real man cower.

    Co$ management: No admin change, no case change, no ethics change= severly out of valence= SP.

    Marty, Mike et al…you are amazing.

  70. ♫ Awesome video and montage!
    Boy, they are utterly psychotic.
    To all y’all loyal “churchies”: Please continue to donate generously and don’t wake up. We love this circu$, at YOUR expen$e.

  71. Hopefuly, a re-kindling of his calling is occurring 🙂

  72. Eileen Clark

    Another brilliant visual example of your extorted and otherwise blackmailed hard-earned dollars donated to the IAS in action! Oh. It’s not helping to aid disaster victims or bring education to illiterate peoples or bring about vital social betterment change. What did I miss???? Duh. Look, people, look.
    Marty and Mike + Tiziano = Terrifying Trio running amok in L.A. (guffaw)
    Ah…, what exactly are they doing that is so terrifying? Being there and communicating. Worst, biggest, scariest crime in the whole entire universe. Go, Team, Go!!! This blog is so entertaining that I cancelled Netflix. 🙂

    ^ ^

  73. Great video!!! Bad ass!

  74. Great tune, for a toon.

  75. Tony Dephillips

    Excellent Bryan!!

  76. Marty -Brilliant!!!! I love the video and the music. Great dinner the other night.

  77. Awesome. I loved it.

  78. Scott Campbell

    Good one, CD.

  79. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for posting that Cat.
    Great interview Tory and Mark!!

  80. Lucy James

    A church hiring PI’s; Macabre!

  81. Tiziano is tha bomb

  82. Scott Campbell

    Marty, Mike and Tiz,

    Ain’t got no problems with bitches.

    Ya heard, Dave?

  83. Well written, precise, accurate, in their face, have a nice day. I love it.
    My experience half a world away has been very similar. You have taken the time to convey what so many of us feel. It is about justice now. It would be terrific if we could get many involved in a class action to stop this betrayal.

  84. Les,

    I’m proud to say that the only cause I ever donated to in all my time in the Church of Scientology was the SEF because I believed that Mary Sue deserved the best defense we could muster.

    (I wasn’t too jazzed about some of that money going to Jane Kember’s defense as well but it was a package deal 😉 )

    So I broke my piggy bank and gave ’em an outrageous sum of 35 bucks and some change.

    (I mean I was punk kid back then on staff so to me that was a freakin’ fortune!)

    Older and wiser (“My Back Pages” en contrare ) the IAS comes along demanding money for this or that and I tell ’em basically not in those exact words to go f-ck themselves.

    Told ’em I was staff and AOLA pays for my membership so I don’t have to waste the money basically.

    (you could say that me and the IAS never saw eye to eye which at that time wasn’t the crime that it later became.

    Nor did my wife who was a proud HASI member.)

    The only time I was ever forced to pay for their overpriced membership was when I wasn’t on staff and wanted to do a course or when we had a big FSMC comin’.

    Yet here were these suckers forking out 10, 15, sometimes 100 grand a pop to these dildos.

    Could never figure out why?

    If I ever bothered to think about it.

    I mean I figured out that the IAS was a fraud and a scam when I had the inside “skinny” from an old GO now OSA friend of mine who told me the main reason for eliminating HASI and the CSC was to avoid paying Wollershiem “one thin dime” as the saying went.

    That’s when I figured out that the IAS was nothing but a shell game in other words basically a money laundering op and nothing more.

    More accurately a donation racket.

  85. Sapere Aude

    http://www.youtube.com/user/xstaticonaremix. It is called 99 problems. Currently the opening video.

  86. Expelled 4 Life

    Is that Rich Nesbitt at the :51 second mark?

  87. What I see is that the PIs are not at all interested in the rightnesses or wrongnesses of what is occuring. They are lowlife who want to keep getting paid. They do whatever they feel best to continue getting paid and if behaving like total idiots gets them paid then they do it. If they admitted your rightness then they would not get paid – its that simple. Even GWB understood “follow the money trail”. There was a motivation scale written up in a Flag Order that went something like
    Personal conviction
    Personal gain
    which came from the book “A Spy and his Master” that was on GO/OSA checksheets.
    I’m pretty sure that DM read the book and applies it literally – it matches his tone level. He finds and employs, for his dirty work, people motivated purely by money who are not perturbed by anything but a direct attack on their income.
    He uses other points on the scale too and pushes the appropriate button.

  88. Michael Fairman

    How are we going to help DM handle his stuck flow and move Scientology
    back on the rails? There are no longer any rails within the church structure upon which to put it. That church is dead. Scientology IS on the rails, being delivered by ever increasing numbers who are getting the hell out and away. And WHO out here wants to help DM handle his stuck flow? I hear the sound of crickets, not much more. And if we we could, how? That would make a fascinating conversation. I find your comments always inciteful and illuminating.

  89. Lol Carol!

  90. I think it is time to start addressing the rock slams of the parishioners who enable this madness. Evil intentions connected would be akin to “to be a parasite” combined with other ill wills.

  91. Good point! His staff are not even Scientologists, they are paid P.I.’s! Because you really couldn’t get a (sane) Scientologist to do this. Also they can throw the P.I.’s under the bus if they have to! They always say , “We didn’t hire them our lawyer did.”

  92. Great video and great music!

  93. I was just watching this and I thought it shoudl be the Church’s theme song. They could play it right before Miscavige walks on stage:

  94. Ralph-I agree and that motivation scale is great

  95. Tony Dephillips

    Good call Oracle.

  96. Well, I have to give props to the PI guys. They are amazingly effective. I mean, whatever they are trying to do, they are really doing it man. Look at ’em go. No one could possibly resist their mad skillz. They are “on another level” kind of effective. They are really getting it done. I mean seriously. And what we are observing here is really just the tip of the iceberg of effectiveness. This is just the street level stuff man. There is a whole deep, deep plan at work here man.

  97. Ralph,

    The scale also appears in the HCOPL Franchise and Purpose.

    There is also another one that CIA uses called MICE (remind you of anyone?) for Money Ideology Compromise and Ego.

    I think the first and last apply to these PIs.

    Probably Compromise would apply to others like Allender.

    I don’t see Ideology which goes along with duty or purpose as having anything to do with any of them except maybe for Marty and Mike which is why they kick their sorry asses 🙂

  98. Tony DePhillips

    Independent training as the driver to go pick up Deep Fax:

  99. Ha!

  100. Sure looks like him, doesn’t it.

  101. Tiziano, nice!

  102. Martin-Loved the letter-keep us posted

  103. RJ-It looks like they are having a meeting to discuss how the hell they CAN intimidate M$M-so far they are the ones getting intimidated.

  104. Yeah Ingrid,

    You gotta have a lil’ sympathy for the poor schmucks they’re probably reaching their wits end which ain’t all that far at all.

  105. Yes, it is.

  106. Forever Lurker

    Confirmed without a doubt and with his new wife Lynette.

    There in behalf of OSA unquestionably.

    Playing on their team as a pinch hitter.

  107. They can’t do anything but proving it over and over and over and again.

    Davey and OSA, you guys are soooo goooood! Wonderful, such a great performance in the face of all odds, wow, that tenacity to being right and the amount of effort exerted to relentlessly protect everything you hold so dear, wow, that’s admirable!

  108. martyrathbun09

    Two very shallow, waffling, 1.1s – now superstars in Corporate Scientology for making asses of themselves on Sunset Boulevard.

  109. Fun stuff!

    These guys are some kind of weasels. I hope y’all are enjoying LA!

  110. Stat/Andrey Organ

    Good stuff, Marty and Mike!
    Here is the original bad ass Metallica riffs link:

    Just in case: http://youtu.be/l8BRbM52gpc
    Obviously, you guys got some “TA action” going at Int. Thank you!
    Hey OSA baby, a little message for you: after you declared me for all the horrible crimes against humanity I committed (I won’t even brag about my production record, it’s too fucking long for you to understand), and now my wife is an overnight SP too (try to be an SSO in a Class V Org for more then 6 month, she did it well for about 5 years+), you should consider declaring our son too, he plays video games too much, instead of being on reception, answering stupid questions/while clearing the planet or something.
    Some helpful tips: I still use Earthlink (hack me), I still have female friends, while being married (Check my Facebook), I still like some beer after work (check my trash). And how are you doing?

  111. About the power of companies:
    I could not watch the video as it mentioned “this .. coantains … from UMG and thus I cannot watch it in my country. (germany)
    This copyright thing is used to block information on the net.
    I managed to view that video and could not find any reason why I as a german could not watch it.
    How would my brother in law in the states say: “stupid ass!(beep)”

  112. Thanks. I’m not convinced class action is the way to go though. The point about this letter and other actions is that we all have to step up a gear and do what actions we can. Writing comments on the blogs is fine as far as it goes, but isn’t going to stop the madness and suffering. What is really going to make a difference is each one of us getting creative and DOING stuff. Its not enough for Marty and a few others to carry the burden. Get in their faces; demand refunds where possible, talk to those still trapped and betrayed, write to relevant agencies – get busy!

  113. Joe Pendleton

    Bad Man – I think the answer lies in the basic structure and policy of the CofS itself, which is essentially an authoritarian fascist style organization. It is designed to be “ruled” by one man (all the “controls” and “checks” are an apparancy as they have ALWAYS responded immediately to the whims and orders of the leader); it has a punishment system with prisons (years long open sentences with no trial behorehand and people ordered to these prisons on a moment’s notice) and life crushing fines (the sec checks); a “justice” system which is completely designed to “back up” the convening power (the “recourse” is almost always TO the power itself from which the injustice comes) and an essential culture which is NEVER to question authority (and in fact, doing so is labelled an “overt” at the least and a “suppressive act” if one should be too bold in one’s criticisms). These are all backed up by stupendous lies, such as by participating in this charade/dramatization, one is salvaging a sector of the universe and being the only hope of mankind (yeah…..right). All the while this organization is maintaining a totalitarian grip on one’s money, sex life, family connections, leisure time, etc, holding all of these hostage to one’s complete obedience of mind and action. And all of this is done in a cruel inversion of sorts, while promising “total freedom”, “ARC”, etc, thus further “mind fucking” its parishioners. And you ask why……….?

  114. Joe Pendleton

    The whole comedy of the PIs, cameras, etc, while infuriating to watch, is really just a continuing embarassment to all of us who have ever been involved in Scientology. Each time this happens, it just lowers the already VERY low repute of the CofS in the public’s eyes. Talk about Glutz PR – and the CofS is PAYING for this!!!! It’s enemies couldn’t design anything so moronically out PR. Miscavige may be diabolically clever when it comes to fleecing his parishioners of all their cash, but he is slowly but surely making Scientology into one big public joke.

  115. You know what they say about the scum in any cesspool rising to the top 🙂

  116. GetTheConcept

    What were they doing there, or trying to do, or pretending to do, or whatever?

  117. scilonschools

    All DM’s Goons should be declared and this is further proof!
    The More one hears of DM and his inner circle the more it reminds me of OMEGA the inner circle of the Process church of the Final Judgement, the one set up by Robert and Mary Anne de Grimston, who LRH declared back in 1965 for abuse!!

    Robert de Grimston SP declare no 609 http://www.gerryarmstrong.org/50grand/cult/sp-decl-grimston-grimston-1965-12-09.html

    The Process Church of the Final Judgement

  118. Geeze, your patience is remarkable.
    Your importance grows by the minute, DM must be shit scared what you’re going to do next… he’s attempting to put the fire out with gasoline.

  119. Fantastic letter Martin. Its certaintly nice to see such an approach
    on the Officials of the Church of Scientology Great on your side . Power to you Mate !!!.I’ll add Bloody gutties to have them told some homes truths, saying the truth exactly as it is . They have got a bloody nerve to reply “Harrassment “Who the hell do they think they are . Its ok for them to demand money off people by what ever tatics they wish to use then spend it on such harrassemnt purposes.Then don’t expect public to question its use , and send such an enturblative reply . They are so false and thin k they are above the law / and obvilously hiding a lot they use it on / Its so Pretense and extremly disloyal and any betrayel on any public funds . I certaintly hope They are getting found out quicker than They can cover, and they aren’t able to try and hide any more by what they have been doing with funds.

  120. You could not have put it more clear.

  121. Clearly stated Martin and more should follow in your steps.

  122. SaveTheTech

    The Church might be the last implant station instead of the Bridge to total freedom, but we still have the right and obligation to put Scientology back on the rails. DM has forfeited the Church’s right to a monopoly by perverting the subject of Scientology so much that it can’t be practiced inside the Church. So, we practice outside as Independent Scientologists.

  123. Joe Pendleton

    I feel bad sometimes for being so relentlessly negative. I do in fact completely believe everything I just stated, but that doesn’t mean there is not great wisdom and truth in Scientology which can make life more understandable and more enjoyable . The wisdom in Scientology is separate from the totalitarian structure and culture of the religious entity of the church. with its culture of thought control and Soviet style organization. There will always be GREAT and priceless value in LRH’s ideas in Science of Survival, 8-8008, Fundamentals of Thought and the other basic books (as well as of course in the genius of auditing procedure/techniques).

  124. scilonschools

    Extract of Article below

    “Robert DeGrimston urges humans to:

    Release the fiend that lies dormant within you, for he is strong and ruthless and his power is far beyond the bounds of human frailty.

    It is necessary, unfortunately, to devote a few words of description to this depressing unsalvation army, these black-garbed DeGrimston-zombies, in order to describe yet another sleazo input which warped the mind of Charlie Manson.
    The Process Church of the Final Judgment is an English occult society dedicated to observing and aiding the end of the world by stirring up murder, violence and chaos, and dedicated to the proposition that they, the Process, shall survive the gore as the chosen people. Sound like Manson? It was formed by two fierce occult death-freaks, Mary Anne Maclean DeGrimston Moor and Robert Sylvester DeGrimston Moor”

  125. Know what else this means? It means Jan Eastgate is on her own. Kicked to the curb. Miscavige is not footing her legal bill. CCHR and she are genning up the funds for her bail and legal defense.

    Gee, Jan. Feeling the lack of love yet?

    Better yet … let me guess: You originated you did NOT want the $hurch’s support, right? You jumped into the breach to be cause, right? You volunteered to be responsible, right? You wanted to be right, not wrong, right?

    What a ball of snakes and considerations and confusions you have entwined yourself with. And if you’re going to ride that steed all the way around the track, get ready to finish last.


  126. +1

  127. Hallelujah

    Thanks, Joe, for stating:

    “The whole comedy of the PIs, cameras, etc, while infuriating to watch, is really just a continuing embarrassment to all of us who have ever been involved in Scientology.”

    Fortunately, I doubt it was this way the 35 years I have been a Scientologist, perhaps just the last 25 with acceleration over the last 10+.

    I also enjoy the concepts of “stuck flow” and “they still do the insane action of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” as mentioned above in the queue. L, H

  128. CD,
    It’s like Tory said. It’s like watching the Truman Show. IMO, If DM really cared what people think of his church and him he wouldn’t pull these juvenile antics. Mike and Marty are tending their own business. What’s the point? It’s a break in reality for me at least. I would bet most people watching this would agree. ml, Laura

  129. Tony DePhillips

    Yep. That’s true.

  130. Nawwwwww…it’s the context that’s relevant y’all “Bitch” reads “DM”.

    “I got 99 problems but that little bitch DM ain’t one”

    I don’t think that the song would have been put to any other video other than calling DM a little spineless bitch.

  131. Boy, you got that right! Gorgeous rendition Tiziano. Your notes sparkle like pears and your charisma on stage is amazing!

  132. Marty and Mike – despite all the harassment I hope you are enjoying your trip to the City of Angels. Every angel needs a few devils to keep things stirred up . Radical Scientology can only do things to create animosity – it can never honestly and sincerely handle anything or anybody. It is therefore the harbinger of its own demise. I won’t be mourning when that happens !!!

  133. Lol!

  134. Thetabuddy

    Joe you got that right!


    Driver: check
    Hang glider: check
    Armored Hummer: check
    Lawyer on standby: check
    False identity papers: check
    disguises: check
    Booby-traps: check
    Radio/Cell frequency jammer: check
    Rendezvous coordinates: check
    Decoys: check
    Timed smoke screens: check
    Infrared goggles: check
    Blow gun: check
    Diversion caper: check
    Undercover replacement: check

    All systems go for Operation Deep Extract.

  136. Claudio Lugli

    It is really amazing that a so called “CHURCH” employs such methods of behaviour.
    I think we should find a good sponsor and hire 50 PIs to watch DM ass! Not a bad idea after all, what will he think of that? No .. no he is above it all…


  137. Wow Tiziano, your performance is beautiful and very professionally done!
    You look so comfortable performing! Wow!!!

  138. Tony, I think that’s just one of the drills on the new HQS course that Jim Logan and John Aaron Williams are delivering down in Florida.

  139. These little Miscavige dog and pony shows have gotten sadly, and pathetically boring. Most of all they are ineffective. Even the actors look tired and bored but I guess a pay check is a pay check…….

  140. Anyone trying to reach me on my Googlemail account please use my Yahoo one (firewitch888@yahoo.com) until further notice.
    SOMEONE (s) disabled my email account – I think it may have had something to do with the 400 emails I sent out yesterday to some old friends.
    Thanks for the emergency comm line Marty 🙂

  141. You speak the truth.

  142. They both have been asses for a long time.

  143. Some of the 99 problems on DM’s plate:


    Head of human rights arrested:




    Frank Davis, OTVll, long time G.O. staff, declared suppressive over work sheet admin and disagreements with the CofS as a P.C. no less, commits suicide and the Church offloads his PC data and tries to make it Marty’s fault! Yes, the CofS nabbed his computer but word is there is a full bodied manuscript floating around out here. Let’s just see where that turns up.

  144. thetalibre

    Thumbs up Tiziano, very nice performance!

  145. thetalibre

    Bravo Martin!

  146. Bill Holly

    There is the story of Miscavige, who got up one day with a brilliant idea and announced to his congregation at the following event:
    “I have good news and bad news.
    The good news is, we have enough money to pay for our new building program.
    The bad news is, it’s still out there in your pockets.”

  147. Obviously you’ve been reading too many of Miscavige’s directives and very little actual Scientology policy Joe.

    There was no authoritarian power structure until the coup that created it moved in and eliminated the ACs and effectively nullified the ECs.

    Thus the only people who follow it are the ones who *believe* that such a structure exists and who *believe* they need to be provided with strong leadership because they are too irresponsible to act on their own determinism which is what makes us different from the 501ciii USDA Approved Animal Farm.

  148. Yeah, don’t send too many at one time as some computer may pick it up as spam.

  149. StT,

    I think that what calls itself the ‘Church of Scientology’ has nothing to do with the ‘Religion of Scientology’ since they have passed the point of being “coterminal” some time back.

    As Ron says to paraphrase that if a hat isn’t being worn or a post isn’t being filled on the Org Board it will be assumed by others.

    Thus we in the Independent Field are the rightful inheritors of the subject since the CST has *failed* to wear the hat it was assigned or to assume the post it was *legally* provided with as part of Ron’s Estate agreement known as Trust B and the *legal* articles of incorporation.

    Those posted on the save scientology website.

  150. doer in the body

    wow, i just went over to look at scientology – cult.com and it has 913 guests on it at 4pm on a friday. what are you guys doing in LA? the ground is moving.

  151. Personally I think that it’s the lil’ R/Sing Squirrel’s intention as Ron states in HCOB 28 November 1970 C/S Series 22 Psychosis:


    In my opinion Miscavige isn’t even concerned about the “blow back” or how this reflects badly on the Church or is Glutz or out PR etc.

    Like the SP for an “auditor” who enjoys caving his PC in.

    This I feel is his objective.

    Whether he is doing this at the behest of others or on his own can probably be debated forever but the fact is that he is doing it.

    Many are fooled into believing that what he is doing is survival when in fact a perusal of the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation will show that he is on a succumb.

    Nearly every action he has taken since *falsely* assuming “leadership” has been *destructive* in some way despite the PR.

    This is why his actions don’t make sense.

    Yet his actions make perfect sense if you look at the fact that they are predicated on the “COMPLEX AND CONTINUOUS DETERMINATION TO HARM OR DESTROY”.

  152. Lucy, That is just the right word. It describes them to a tee. A “church” that hires a extravagant goon squads consisting of the world’s most unsavory personalities, not even members of the same church, with the express intention to harass and disrupt lives… that IS macabre. Definition: “disturbing and horrifying because of involvement with or depiction of death and injury.”


  153. dm is not able to locate his ass although he got a stick with a mirror on.

  154. Mike Hobson

    @RJ – AFAIK, there hasn’t been any “NetNanny ScientoSitter” since Windows XP was released (c. 2002).

    Michael A. Hobson

  155. Cell: 727 647-2692

    I feel a sin coming on.

  156. *nods head along to song*

    I was here the other day and I swear there were exactly 99 comments on the last post, right under the Jay-Z video. I thought about posting a comment to point this out, but realized it would be self-defeating.

    And speaking of self-defeating…hehehehe. How many footbullets can they take before they don’t have a leg to stand on?

  157. Erwin.
    My account got ‘disabled’ due to ‘reports’ of ‘user violations’ 🙂
    I’m back up now after I appealed.

  158. Tony DePhillips

    Sweet. I don’t think dm knows who he is messing with. His lame group of bots has no chance of salvaging this situation.

  159. Tony DePhillips

    Good job OTDT.
    I heard that as a thetan you are capable of running more than one body at a time. I know you don’t like to brag about yourself, but I for one believe it!! LOL!!

  160. “This blog is so entertaining that I cancelled Netflix.” 🙂

  161. Tony DePhillips

    Ready for extraction….

  162. Classic Church behavior. To nag nag nag

  163. I don’t get that he wants to. There seems to be little true analytical thought. It’s just going through the motions. Low-order ineffective dramatizations of “handlings” that worked in the past or something. They don’t fit the situation and clearly show an embarassing misduplication of LRH.

  164. Pingback: Top Posts — WordPress.com

  165. Joe Pendleton

    RJ, your last paragraph there certainly speaks the truth.

    The only Miscavige directive I think I’ve ever read was the one sent out to all Scientologists after 9-11 (The Call to Arms). I’ve studied LRH policy for over 40 years (including a recent re-study of most of the staff status materials). That doesn’t mean I have the only viewpoint on it or even the correct one. I just have my own (which I’m always willing to re-evaluate, by the way).

  166. Interesting video. Would have been better without the sound track.

    Made it hard to hear what they were saying.

  167. Yes, Great Interview!

  168. Wow, great post!

  169. Thanks Joe,

    As far as I’m concerned policy is merely a guide just as tech is of which I have more familiarity with.

    A how to achieve your purpose whether it be to achieve OT or an actual Ideal Org as opposed to the money pits they are calling “Ideal Orgs” these days.

    Also like tech you can misapply policy and use it in the wrong circumstances for instance robotically pulling withholds on a PC when they are nattering when in fact the PC may be manifesting the BPC of an out list instead or what they’re saying may not be “natter” at all but the truth.

    Or like forcing a small struggling Orgs that has very few staff to go by the 9 Div org board because its “according to policy”.

    Robotically and idiotically applying policy or tech are the things that cause both of them disrepute.

    Or more likely claiming to do so like these stupid Golden Age of Tech “standard tech” drills which are about as close to standard tech as shock treatment or a lobotomy!

    I think it’s right at the beginning of the Management Series where Ron says you have to learn to think with the stuff.

    The problem is most people can’t because the morons they have is “seniors” don’t allow them enhancement time and so we entered the Era of Moronic “Management” with the biggest moron on top.

    Oh by the way I almost hurled when I read that totally idiotic epistle by the Chief Operating Moron or COM called “Wake Up Call”

    Seemed the one writing it needed it more than those receiving it.

  170. Claudio,
    Nah, just let li’l Dave experience the phenomenon of the vacuum and how it gets filled up. Oddly enough, with what is flowed out. Stuck in flows Dave, your stuck in flows. Youch. That’s gotta hoit.

  171. Mr. Roark,

    Have I had the pleasure of meeting you?

    PM me, will you?


  172. G’way wich ya, that track be pumpin’.

  173. martyrathbun09

    And, huge wads of cash for the off duty cops employed to pay off their pals who are on duty so demented criminals like David Lublow can terrorize myriad drivers and pedestrians day and night and get off scott free. check. All to satiate Miscavige’s sick need to import the HOLE to the streets of LA. There is much much more coming on their antics. It truly is saddening to see to what depths these “people” have sunk to.

  174. martyrathbun09

    Edited out the church’s Black PR. Violation of PR Series – it is glutz. And an Essay on Management. I am not lending my lines to their crap. And it IS crap. I’ve never even heard the name Frank Davis, let alone have anything to do with him.

  175. martyrathbun09

    He wouldn’t last 5 minutes. We will show far more on this over the coming days. And we wouldn’t spend the money on this. It is a major difference between Corporate Scn and Independent Scientology. M A J O R.

  176. The track sucked!

  177. Yes I remember “The Process” in the mid ’70’s they became the Foundation and more “user friendly” by opening up coffee shops in various cities though most of their literature was strictly “Process”.

    Funny as in ironic their staff wore ultra goth black uniforms like Miscavige proposed all Scientology staff wear and the RTC reps currently wear.

  178. WH — he is the “freedom reporter” who has “written extensively” about Marty (according to his repeated statements over the last two days).

    So, I guess the world has now seen….


    Though my preference was to call him Bozo the Clown — I asked him for his business card today, I guess he must have left them in his other $50 suit…

  179. GetTheConcept

    Not true. Lynette was one of my students and she was a good student and she was a friend. From the data I have from these recent blog postings something has changed since I last was in touch with her, but she has not been an “ass for a long time”.

  180. Crusader — Day One. Much more to come…

  181. Joe Howard

    Thanks. I have also enjoyed your insights.
    Right now, DM can dramatize any impulse that comes his way with impunity. There is literally no one in existence who has his ear or who has any altitude with him. Were he in an environment where some external control were exerted (San Quentin comes to mind), the dramatizations would be under control, externally at first and then, with rehabilitation, he would begin to control them himself. He has literally had none since 1986 except for a time or two when he was forced into depositions.
    In my opinion, the entire organizational model for Scientology needs to be revamped to become more internet based, such as what Jimmy Rebel and Jim Logan are doing in Georgia. Materials freely available on the Internet, courses available on line, some form of remote supervision available (student co-audits would probably be supervised remotely) at very low cost via web cams or some other internet based means (needs piloting to determine if workable), with brick and mortar orgs functioning as Qual Divs for review, examination and certification, etc. This would probably 100X the dissemination occurring under the Church’s present Mussolini-inspired model where every smallest decision such as when a staff member can fart is subject to DM oversight. Decentralization necessitates a basic trust in other people, something DM sadly does not have. He pushes insane standards of quality as a method of stopping. He utterly disregards the sequence of quantity, quality, viability, except when it comes to fundraising. All of this is secondary to the primary target of busting the logjam at the top of the organization, which means removing DM from any position of influence or power. The organization would begin to straighten out overnight as anybody left in management would immediately start to go back in valence and their basic decency would reassert itself and the operation of the organization would follow. I know most of those folks and they are basically no crazier than any of us out here, so with DM gone it wouldn’t be too hard to straighten things out. Right now, though, the Mother of Stuck Flows has his foot on their thetan necks.

  182. Joe Howard

    Different generation, Grandpa. Dylan just turned 70. SEVENTY!!! Of course, no rap song is likely to ever replace Like a Rolling Stone as the greatest rock ‘n roll song of all time. (Or my personal favorite, Desolation Row.)

  183. Joe Howard

    Wow, that must be the dope who did a write up on me saying I was a J&D artist in kindergarten. He was giving me too much credit. It wasn’t until my Mad magazine days beginning in fourth grade that my sense of irony began to take shape. At least I am more limber than he is. Brian Culkin should offer him some lessons.

  184. Tony DePhillips

    You say tomatoe I say tomatto.

  185. I have to agree. Lynette has not been an ass. She is the only person who did not “defriend” me on Facebook when I left. She thought for herself. I really don’t know what is up with her right now but she is not an ass.

  186. Good call. Thanks. I got it as soon as I saw the post but could not edit.

  187. gern gaschoen

    I’m really enjoying Marty’s knowledge of rap and hiphop .. 😉

  188. gern gaschoen

    The only thing missing is the luxury yacht to land on, have lunch, relax, then go in session ..

  189. SaveTheTech


    Yes, I agree. The failure of CST is the basis of our “right” to carry on with Scientology. I think LRH did not conceive that all his checks and balances could be destroyed in a very short period of time. Like 15 minutes. I think he designed the checks and balances to save the Church from a “outside threat” by using legal entities and contracts to protect Scientology. He didn’t try to protect the subject from a legal entity (COB-RTC) set up inside the Church that would “own” the subject and a single individual (COB) would also have the authority to administer Scientology justice at will (like RPF and declare people without Comm Ev). LRH never conceived the possibility of a single evil individual having the combination of both legal ownership of the Intellectual Property AND the right to kill off ANY fellow staff member with RPF – declare etc… without Comm Ev. Just the thought of this situation is inconceivable, except for the fact that we live in that reality today. Anyway, I don’t know all the reasons for our situation. But, for whatever the reason(s), the Church was laid waste and reversed by DM and now we are left as the only ones left to save the subject of Scientology.

  190. scilonschools

    If one considers Scientology ‘all knowledge’ a bit like the biblical ‘Tree of Knowledge’ from the garden of Eden, then it includeds Good and bad knowledge, your choice of which path you take.
    “Whats true is what’s true to you”
    If you are of true Heart you will take a different path than if you are true of Ego
    Possibly ‘Process’ and DM et Al may have chosen the same path?

  191. Sara Finning

    Protection from harassment Act is a criminal offense as the Act cites one is, ‘liable to summary conviction…’ so has criminal sanctions. I can’t remember what section this is, but the point is that it’s not a civil matter, but a criminal one, so would wonder why the solicitor is writing?

  192. scilonschools

    Stunning Letter Sir,
    If you need a ‘local’ postman please contact me.
    (There is the vague chance i am known to the Church so it may not satisfy your delivery criteria)

  193. martyrathbun09

    If you think she failed to defriend you for any other reason than having a line on tidbits to report to her OSA masters, I believe you are being had.

  194. Could be, Marty. I agree.

  195. scilonschools

    Marty (et Al) Hope all went ok in LA!!!

  196. This is an extremely weak attempt to try to co-opt the search results for David Miscavige. These are the same old videos, of course, just with “David Miscavige” inserted before. It might work and might be genuine if these two assertions were true:

    1. David Miscavige = Scientology, and
    2. What Miscavige and the church SAYS mirrors what they actually DO.

    Neither of these two assertions are true. Proof of number 2 is in the video above and in many other locations on the web. Proof, not by people telling their stories (which is proof enough), but by hard, cold videos of Church people and their hired guns doing bad things that violate the very nature of what the “church” actually is trying to promote. You cannot spray-paint over rust.


    David Miscavige is telling the world HE is Scientology. It is NOT true. It is an attempt at positioning, and at A=A=A. Scientology is itself, and its source is L. Ron Hubbard. Like it or not. David Miscavige is in fact, not the same thing as Scientology, and is, in fact, expendable.

    Number 1 is also having an unintended consequence: By equating Miscavige with Scientology, the church is equating all he has done with Scientology. This means that Mr. David Miscavige is the best example, from the Church’s point of view, with what Scientology has to offer. Read the bio below in a new unit of time, those of you on the fence. Really read it.


    Is this really the best of Scientology? Is this really Scientology?

    Of course not.

  197. BTW, to clarify, “video above” meant the video in Marty’s post.

  198. A good question. Next time I need to deliver a letter because of non-response and prevarication from “his clients” I may find out! Something tells me though that they wouldn’t want to take it to court and hear what my expert witnesses had to say in the Magistrates Court! They may have access to more expensive lawyers, but I got access to the best friends!

  199. For you Joe:

  200. martyrathbun09

    Exactly. Please see my post THE GREAT MIDDLE PATH REDUX.

  201. Shining Star

    Marty, loved it. You’re getty pretty darn good with this video editing thing. Very entertaining. Peace and love always to you, Mosey, Mike and Christy.

  202. Eileen Clark

    Good one, GH.

    If the DSEC were still being delivered this bio would be a perfect text for testing students’ ability to spot and name out-points. Sheeeeesh!

    “The Chairman of the Board is the most senior office in RTC, and one for which David Miscavige is uniquely qualified.” (In fact, he made up the post and put himself on it, makes him pretty unique, I guess)

    “As a young man, Mr. David Miscavige studied to become a Scientology minister and for several years he provided spiritual counseling to parishioners.” (Probably not important to mention that he was lousy at it, never completed it and ended his training with the distinction of having physically abused his pc in session. Not to mention that HE HOLDS NO TECHNICAL CERTIFICATES AT ALL AND NEVER DID. nor any vital Executive certificates such as OEC or FEBC.)

    “A few years later, he progressed to international management, with responsibility for the worldwide activities of Church missionaries. In 1987, Mr. Miscavige became the Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center.” (This is kinda true. Doesn’t mention that it was all done, literally, over the dead bodies of LRH and Mary Sue. Also, after having gotten rid of every single person loyal to LRH and MSH who tried to stop or block him on the way to his “new position as Supreme Ruler”. Plus the omitted training and hatting as mentioned above, which used to be required for any executive worth their salt.)

    I could go on, but no need to do that here for you folks. It is a small example for those who do not LOOK or who do not CONFRONT the real truth and facts. Figure it out.

    Hitler, champion of the masses, didn’t ultimately work out very well. This charade of the lil wannabe mental midget will not work out very well either, for the same reasons Hitler’s didn’t +1000 for pissing all over LRH’s works.


  203. Eileen Clark

    Wow. Tiz, you are a wonderful performer to watch and listen to. Totally delightful.


  204. Eileen Clark

    Lambs to the slaughter. Stupid, trusting and delusional. Maybe they were made to do some amends for their disgraceful behavior after all, for appearances sake, ya know? Didn’t notice any bruises on Rich, musta healed by now. Losers.

  205. Yeah, that track be pumpin’………noise. 🙂

  206. Eileen Clark


    🙂 +10
    Very Well Done.


  207. Eileen Clark

    That’s it exactly.
    Midget doesn’t want to protect Scientology, LRH, C of S, etc.
    That was never the game plan.

  208. Eileen Clark


    VWD on the 400 emails sent… 🙂
    “Communication is the universal solvent”.


  209. StT,

    I think Ron knew very well what would happen if Scientology was seized by an entity (personally don’t give much credence to the lone Miscavige theory) that was averse to goals and objectives of Scientology and would seek to acquire a monopoly on the subject.

    In fact he warned us many times going back to the early ’50’s.

    It’s just that *we* didn’t listen or pretended that it would never happen.

    Well it has!

    And I think blaming the Ol’man for his alleged lack of foresight is counterproductive and as far as I’m concerned is just the other side of the coin of exactly what’s going on in the so called “Church of Scientology” these days where they are saying look Ron missed all these alterations in his own books and he really didn’t know how to train auditors so we had to invent the Golden Age of Tech etc, etc,

    Which as far as I’m concerned is just unmitigated BULL SHIT!

    No he set up the CST personally to prevent what has happened and it was *our* failure to demand that CST take that “option” when his squirreliness proposed the Golden Age of Tech.

    In other words demand *Standard Tech* instead of this *Shoddy Substitute* proposed by some moron who should have been comm eved at that exact moment if not earlier.

    No the reason *we* failed is because we didn’t do the usual and went along with an unusual solution proposed by a brain dead and soul dead moron who sold out to the powers that be.

    Sorry I refuse to lay this total fuckup on Ron.

    This failure to *practice the technology* is *not* his fault and if you think otherwise I suggest you change your screen name.

  210. Very well stated Ss.

  211. Eileen Clark

    Where is Heber?
    Where is Tommy Davis?
    Where is Mrs. Miscavige?
    Where is Diana Hubbard?
    Where is Diana’s daughter?
    Where is _________?
    It would take a very L-O-N-G list to name them all, all those who’ve gone missing, not seen or heard from in years (except TD who is probably cleaning toilets somewhere for being incompetent).
    We know where Jan Eastgate is, too bad, we reap what we sow, eh?
    We know where David Lebow is now, wonder where he’ll be after this fiasco in L.A. is over.
    We know where Minerva is, if grey suit can be believed.
    Why aren’t there some celebrities in the mix out there to join up with Lynette and Rich? Actually, maybe there are some, awaiting the next vids to see how this all unfolds.

    Never would I have believed this is what would be happening when I sat around mocking up the future with my friends all those years ago. :-{


  212. Thank you SS. Good to see you here! We miss you…

  213. Bloody Good Question As to where are those listed Now !!!! You don’t beleive DM is actually going to tell you.

  214. Eileen Clark


    What a surprise!! Not. Bottom feeders.

    Sigh. Yes, it is saddening and so very close to the end the tactics get more stupid and desperate.


  215. Eileen Clark


    Yes, that is it exactly.


  216. Have to certaintly agree with all you Eileen .He is an Utter destroyer / Needs shooting down and Hung out to dry I ‘d like to write even harsher but better cool down .

  217. What Video ? cant locate link for the video mentioned Name and link please

  218. I wonder how many millions he spent to promote himself with this video?
    He didn’t even build a better bridge. In fact he has kind of torn down the original one. This isn’t even for Scientologists this video. Look like he is trying to secure some legacy with non Scientologists.

  219. I’m thinking DM’s expense account needs are running higher than the Flag Land Base income these days.

  220. Tony DePhillips

    I understand.
    I like all different types of music. Maybe next time we can have some classical music in the background. That would be kind of surreal. Sort of like Apocolypse now…

  221. Tony DePhillips

  222. Minerva is a guy ? WOW. Mi-nervous

  223. Yeah,

    Probably because most Churchies are told to stay from the ‘net because it is “dangerous” and rife with “entheta”.

    As if they can’t think for themselves.

    The irony was they ran a campaign a few years back with the above button i.e. “Think for Yourself”.

    My wife and I who had one foot out the door back then could only note the hypocrisy when we saw the billboard atop the Beverly Center.

    “Think for Yourself”

    Yeah right.

    Problem with Miscavige and his gang of tight assed drones is that they don’t know anything about satire 🙂

  224. Minerva… Joe… Jim

    He seems to morph. But this is the only guy I have seen publicly state over and over that he has written “extensively” about Marty. So I guess he is claiming the title!

    He is right out of central casting — looks like he could have had a starring role as the old guy reporter at the Daily Planet in the old Superman TV show from the 60’s. Jimmy Olsen s his younger, smarter and hipper replacement and he has been put out to pasture to “write” for “Freedom” as nobody else would take him. My nickname for him was Bozo the Clown — his outfits looked like something Bozo would wear if he was getting himself dressed up for a big outing.

    In any event, IF what he said is true, that pretty much pegs him as Minervous as there isnt anyone else he COULD be! (though he has difficulty getting out more than one sentence, and certainly not 2 in a row as he just kept repeating himself over and over again).

  225. Isn’t the music Sad But True by Metallica? It’s a good mix. 🙂

  226. SaveTheTech


    I didn’t blame Ron. I just made a statement of fact that the balance of powers (CST) didn’t work, for whatever reason. I don’t know why it didn’t work and we can all speculate why on this blog. However, I did blame DM. He is the “who” of the situation of “reverse Scientology”. This is just an observation of the obvious.

  227. GetTheConcept

    In my case, all I was saying was that I disagreed with Howard’s comment about her character “for a long time”, not about how she is being now and not about whether she “defriended” anyone or not in recent times. It was about how I perceived her to be “for a long time” (about ten years) before she left town and before I left the church.

  228. martyrathbun09

    That’s funny, I was referring to his metal-bender circus act side kick (body guard?) as Bozo in the video.

  229. Now you’re talking!

  230. Yeah the guy reminded me of Oddjob from Goldfinger.

    BTW Marty I sent you 2 Emails.

    Did you ever get ’em?

  231. Shining Star

    Miss you guys too very much! Lots of love always.

  232. StD,

    It “didn’t work” because the remedy was never applied which is the reason for most if not all tech and admin “failures”.

    As far as Miscavige being the only “who”.

    Personally I doubt it.

    For a scene that is as FUBAR as this one is.

    I recommend reading the HCOPL ‘Tech Recovery’.

    It’s rarely just 1 lonely SP doing it all on his lonesome.

    Besides he’s a *who-where* not a *why* and therefore your eval is *incomplete* per the Data Series.

    What is most important is *why* or *how come* someone like Miscavige a complete and utter moron in my opinion, one whose had very little training in the actual religion he claims to be the leader of was *allowed* to arrogate so much power.

  233. Sapere Aude

    Gentlemen, Enjoy!

  234. The “99 problems” video. My post was in response to Ironic, who linked to a video from DM’s PR blitz, and I didn’t want to confuse things.

    Of course, there are other videos – the “Squirrel Buster’s” getting shut down at Marty’s place, various Leblow videos from earlier posts, the visit of the ex-deputies at Tiziano’s place.

    And Anon Sparrow’s videos. And any video that has some idiot asking “What are your CRIMES?” or “You’re just a bigot.”

    Even Mike Rinder and Heber had a hard time staying coherent when trying to cover DM – and they are good at this stuff.

  235. What is really enlightening is reading the transcripts from his “milestone” addresses. Here is the intro:

    Some of David Miscavige’s public addresses now stand as historical landmarks in the presentation of the scope of the religion, its programs in society, the activities of its members and worldwide impact. These include his August, 2004 speech before more than two thousand leaders in the fields of commerce, government and entertainment in Hollywood

    The grand opening to this monument to public speaking:

    While we celebrate the 35th anniversary of this one church — this is also our annual “open house” reflective [sic] of the Scientology religion around the globe. As you will have seen [sic] when you arrived — throughout the Manor and its grounds, are exhibits and displays explaining both Scientology itself, and the many programs we are engaged in.

    More awesomeness from Scientologist #1:

    Yet look around the world today — what will you hear? [with your eyes?] “What can I do about it?” “I’m just me.” And therein lies the real problem. For the truth of the matter is that just “me” and “we” are the most powerful force on this Earth.

    Er, what’s the problem? More:

    But here’s the real point. While we are hit with the daily headlines, the Code Orange terror alerts, and all else, it obscures the deeper, more serious problem that underlies it all. Man himself.

    BINGO! There it is on paper. Mr. David Miscavige is admitting that Man is the problem underlying it all! Oh, this is rich. What a gold mine of erudition this man is! More, immediately following the above quote:

    Today we live in a world increasingly obsessed with science. Yes — we can send man to the Moon, explore the surface of Mars, and even survey the galaxy with NASA probes. With advanced computer technology, and satellites circling the globe, we can communicate to anyone, anywhere on Earth, and in an instant.

    Yet with all of that — everything science has brought us — there is a void. In fact, it’s a chasm. [which is it, you moron?] And at the bottom of that chasm are the humanities. So, it shouldn’t surprise any of us that with all the high technology of this 21st century, science can’t yet prevent war.[I get what he is trying to say, but he ain’t saying it!]

    What about the terror alerts that are a part of everyday existence? The upsets at home that are so common it’s considered part of the daily grind called life? That’s a Code Orange taking place in millions of households every day. Or what about raising a child today? If it’s not the drugs, then it’s the all too common worry that they’ll actually get an education. That’s the real terror alert and it’s at Code Red.

    This last one is a beauty! Children getting an education is a code red! Another Freudian slip!

    More fun:

    The answer to this planet’s problems will not be found in the “material.” Of this there can be no question. For if those solutions can’t prevent war nation to nation, how then can it be expected to answer questions like “love,” “happiness” or “peace of mind?” So, we can’t expect the answer to be found in chemicals. Not unless one buys into a synthesized utopia, or a “Brave New World,” with a perfect pleasure drug.

    So, he is saying that the answer IS with a “synthesized utopia” with “a perfect pleasure drug.” Scotch anyone?

    Mr. David Miscavige is illiterate, and incoherent. He is a sham. He is a blow-hard. This is all in public. In private, he beats people and uses the most profane language imaginable. He is demonstrably anti-family. He is a bully. His misuse of church funds to run “ops” against M&M is a disgrace. His misuse of the English language is just as much a disgrace.

  236. Excellent Martin! I especially love the reminder that you are a founding member of the IAS.

  237. Oh snap! Beyaaaachesss!

  238. Totally agreed!
    This is what donations pay for…sick.

  239. Tiziano~Awesome~Like!

  240. Minerva is a bitch! He looks like a bitch. DM’s bitch.

  241. seeking4know

    Great! hahaha little weasels… thats the best the IAS can afford??

  242. Pingback: 99 Problems… (via Moving On Up a Little Higher) « My LRH

  243. There hasn’t been any working ‘Net-Nanny’/Scieno-Sitter since Windows ’95. It didn’t work on anything from Windows ’98 on.

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