Scientology Spy Network Exposed

The pdf version of a Church of Scientology International document linked below gives the names, ranks and serial numbers of dozens of OSA (Office of Special Affairs – Corporate Scientology’s dirty tricks network) operatives for the Western United States (west of the Mississippi).   You may need to use the zoom function under the view tab of your computer to make the names and information legible.  Please feel free to share information you may have on these folk so that dots may be connected.  Also share any dot connecting you can do from your own experience and data so that others may understand, and thus be protected from, Corporate Scientology’s dirty ops arm.   Realize many deep cover intelligence operatives are not named here – but your recognizing connections to some of these official OSA resources may lead to the exposure of such moles. Note that this document is a work in progress (see instructions on top for DSA’s to update it) and though relatively recent is not up to date.

Some names you will recognize as folk who have already declared independence.  In fact, Bert Schippers who has declared independence from the church – and has previously publicly acknowledged and taken responsibility for his OSA volunteer work – on this blog confirmed the accuracy of the entries on him and his wife Lynne Hoverson. May many more on this list follow the ethical, principled path blazed by Bert and Lynne.

“Sunshine is the best disinfectant” – Louis Brandeis


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  1. AzulCeleste

    Aaaaaall those “volunteers” and they still spend a mint on hired goons.
    I wonder how many of the people on this list were shanghaied onto “volunteering” and how many are doing it out of the goodness of the Kool-Aid.
    What a crock of mess they’ve made.

  2. Great list! It’s true, I did do many PR activities for the church and am happy to hear they recognized my “flair for it” ;). Interesting that it states I had a PTS situation that I refused to go to an org and get handled. That is hysterical as my situation was refusing to continue to promote what I learned was a PR sham. In reality I de-PTSed by no longer participating and then leaving all together.

    Too bad OSA, I still have quite the flair for it. These days I use that talent to help legitimate non-profits and to expose the crimes of the Church of Scientology.

  3. martyrathbun09

    Natalie, that is rich.

  4. Cowboy Poet

    On the Basics list looked like a WWII MIA list for cripes sakes—like routing into an asylum, never to be heard from again. On Lines was for those “who we know are out there, we’re just not sure where”. (Half of them on this blog of their own free will)
    That leaves eight people–goons who are sitting out front of Casa Blanca getting vicarious case gain.
    I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

  5. Floating Needle

    Would love to see the EUS list…

  6. Hey, Nat, I think it’s hilarious that you’re on that list at all!!!!Looks like they’re desperately trying to pad the list of ‘true’ followers! LOL! OMG!

  7. We did it believing we were protecting the Church from the most hideous of Suppressives. That’s what happens when you rely on an organization to tell you what is right and wrong. It has happened many times in the past, and I hope I remember my lesson this time. Lynne

  8. Tony DePhillips

    Incredible that you got this Marty!
    Frank Clark was listed in the Seattle area. While I was still volunteering at the Org as a
    Chaplain I was doing a string pull on Frank Clark and wrote up a big KR on him because what I found I considered to be illegal. The DSA Ann Pearce got very upset that I was doing “HCO’s” job. HCO was manned with young girls barely into Scientology. Turns out now besides potentially covering up another crime to protect Scientology ( like Jan Eastgate ) she may have been trying to cover up for one of her operatives.
    FBI, if you are out there and are interested I would be happy to give you all the details.

  9. I’m not sure what we’re supposed to do. Update the list giving time, place, form and event with meeting up with one or more of these spies?

    Also, in case no one yet noticed, I’m kinda bad on time. Can I generalize? L, H

  10. The intro to this ilst says, “since OSA volunteers are the primary candidates for
    DSA/OSA posting.”

    OMG what an opportunity Bert and I missed! We could have been working on Seattle staff for the DSA! Fortunately, we knew the people she ground into the dust one after another and that never appealed to us.

  11. Well done on this list, I could probably add a few more names. The so- called public Scientologists doing the work of criminals wow! Well one thing for certain they cannot hide!

  12. Briana Volta

    Whoever set up this spying and covert attack network, and wrote its spying and covert attack tech, must have been really paranoid.

  13. I am sure you will now you discovered the wizzard behind the curtain.

  14. Only Sylvia fits on the list.

  15. Good show, Sir carry on.
    Now that are some dox people can sink their teeth in 😉


  16. JoAnne Beachy is the wife of John Beachy, a senior VP at Morgan Stanley. His email/work address is:
    Morgan Stanley
    4600 Madison Ave Ste 1200
    Kansas City, MO 64112-3012

  17. Bert Schippers

    It’s now a bit embarrassing to be on that list. We truly thought that we were doing what was best. But, I always had questions about those who we were protesting or investigating, such why are they doing what they are doing? I asked but never got real answers – just that they were SPs, etc. There was always some doubt in the back of my mind.

    Then when the anons started up, I looked at some of their signs – saw the ones on disconnection, and I thought, well they are correct about that – having experienced enforced disconnection of family members several times already.

    I’m very happy to be free.

  18. Mother of Grendel

    Unfriend these people on your Facebook!

    And for a good laugh – search for them on YouTube. Especially the LA area Anon ‘handlers.’ Would be a great belly laugh if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  19. Every one on the list is a prisoner. The bars of the cage are made of false data. The concrete base holding the bars in place is the cement of “Don’t Look.”

    And all it takes to make the bars start to fall, is to stop holding them in place.


  20. I second that emotion.

  21. Marty – I agree there is nothing like sunshine as a disinfectant. We sure have a good dose of disinfectant today. Thank you.

  22. This is a fascinating document for Law Enforcement because it clearly proves that this is not a matter of 3-4 isolated Church members arriving and ringing a doorbell or arriving to scream for pc folders and tech inspection.
    This is very highly orchestrated large network run out of Office of Special Affairs
    This is conspiracy to take out enemies by orchestrated deeds, carefully planned and “RUN” by Office of Special Affairs which is “RUN” by RTC which is “RUN” by Office of “COB” ~~ Miscavige.

    On the list as a Scientology OPERATIVE

    John Allender with the comments in the left hand column “I trust him completely, have known him since 1978.”

    Kudos to Marty for acquiring this document.
    It illustrates the network of resources just in Western United States which is the list. Very organized, how very planned, how very managed down to the T.
    Should a 501C 3 spend huge amounts of TIME, MONEY, MANAGEMENT, ASSETS, RESOURCES, $$$$ for Private Investigators + Lawyers for INTELLIGENCE OPERATIONS ?

    How very Religious.
    Is all this kind of operative work cloaked for legitimacy under Religious Exemption ?

  23. This may or may not be true but is might seem to some that there are more people involved in OSA than in actual true tech delivery at any org or mission I know of.

    Now that’s what I call getting off to a good start! {LOL}

    Protect your O/W’s first THEN handle the paying public! Way to go OSA! An OT planet is just around the corner on this route!

  24. Michael Fairman

    Karen Renna whose specialty is “invest” was my manager, and had been for about 15 years. After I informed her I was leaving the church, and after I had publicly resigned and was declared an SP, she wanted to continue our business relationship (as long as “religion” wasn’t mentioned). Since she was auditing on VII, I couldn’t understand how she could possibly do this. I spoke to her personally and e-mailed her about this a number of times, but she maintained she could represent me in good faith. However, her communication, which previously was open, fun and light, had grown strained. This situation being rather weird, I called Marty, and he opined that she might be “running” me. Then came a conversation with her, in which she accused me of acting strangely. That escalated and I ended the relationship there and then. Had I known she was “Agent Renna” I would have ended it long before.

    Regarding Jim Meskiman, Denise and Michael Duff, the intensity of their Kool Aide fervor now makes perfect sense.

    Now please excuse me, but I have to take a hot shower.

  25. barneyrubble

    Add Barbara Rubio, Debbie Hubbert Lewis to the list. Interesting that about 6 of these people have tried to contact me over the past few years as “old friends” to “check in” with me. I am glad I never responded.

    The comment column as to whether they can be trusted is classic SS shit. Note: John Allender’s trust level remark!


  27. Jethro Is In The Zone

    Wow, great leak. OSA Int must be freaking out that you even have this document. This doc shows just how weird and creepy the controversial “church” of scientology has become: A LIST OF “TRUSTED” SPIES! WHAT KIND OF CHURCH DOES THIS SORT OF THING???! This reeks of McCarthyism. Of course our dear camera-on-the-head loser John Allender is a “trusted” spy. This list is a sort of “who’s who” among kool-aid drinkers. Glad I’m not on it.

  28. Do you think that some on this list are participating “in good faith” and are not aware of any unethical or immoral actions on their part?

  29. I looked at the OSA Spy List and saw many, many OT’s. It appears that the EP of OT’s in Miscavigology is this: I am willing to spy for OSA.

    Abilities gained by Miscavige OT’s:

    1. Not at Cause over anything. Willing to be at the effect of being victimized by David Miscavige and OSA — Propitiation is just another word for New OT VIII these days.

    2. Able to donate the “expected amount” to the Cult at all times or face Ethics.

    3. Able to experience constant sec checks for one’s crimes because an OT must have crimes. Note: If OT’s did not have crimes, they would not need constant sec checks you see. Because OT’s always have crimes they always need sec checks. This is all very logical; it is not non sequitur in any way.

    4. Able to strap a video camera to one’s head, ring doorbells, and scream.


  30. I think friending them would be a better idea 😉 They can see we are not “crazy SPs”. I like to pull back the drapes so they don’t need to spy 😉

  31. Bert — the ones who should be embarrassed are the ones who are on the list and are still drinking the KoolAid! That’s something to be embarrassed about. Trusting an organization that spouits lofty goals and claims to be helping everyone on planet earth is nothing to be embarrassed about. Piercing the wall of lies and walking out with your dignity in place is something to be proud of. I understand your sentiment, but if there is one place where you have no need to apologize, its right here. You are good people. I am happy to know you. And that goes for a lot of others here too.

  32. Cowboy Poet

    You cut their balls off every single time you post.
    Remind me never to piss you off.

  33. The WUS Scientology organizations had an average of 1 trained auditor delivering a few years ago. Makes one wonder what Scientology is really concerned about that this covert operation BS is where their priority lies.

  34. Very interesting!

    Amusing to note how many ‘volunteers’ have been helping out with Anonymous investigations or other ‘Anon’ related activities. Obviously this is much more important than getting out and selling Scn books or giving auditing demonstrations and getting new people into the orgs and missions.

    Oh, I was forgetting – no one wants to come into the orgs and missions because they are such unfriendly and enturbulating places to be, so there is no point in anyone doing this.

    Publishing this document puts OSA in a very awkward position – if they complain that someone has copied it without their permission, then they will be confirming that they run operations more fitting of the KGB than a ‘church’ (I mean, what church gets their own ‘parishioners’ to count and photograph protesters and their vehicle number plates so that they can be traced and harassed?), but they will be compelled to do something. Yes, yes, we all KNOW they do this sort of things, but publically admitting it in, for example, a court document is another thing entirely.

    What would be really amusing is if they publically denied this document was genuine and then some of the people listed made their own, private complaints, thus exposing OSA for the lying * expletive deleted * that they are.


  35. Definite kudos to Marty. He has friends in high places. 😉

  36. Amy — I dont think you really need wonder. THe absolute priority of the C of M is to try to protect the image and power of Dear Loser. That is above and beyond anything that happens. He has convinced many people that he is the “savior” or Scientology and therefore he must be supported and protected above all other considerations. See Marty’s earlier posts about Simon Bolivar.

  37. Cowboy Poet.

    Thanks for making me laugh.
    You gotta give them credit for knowing how to pour gasoline on a smouldering fire.
    We have 1 million ways to expose the corruption and the evil deeds.

    They do not have 1 million ways in “how to cover it all up.”

  38. Karen#1 sure gives them ouchies!
    Truth revealed.
    Thanks Marty!

  39. Tory Christman

    No offense to anyone, but from my experience ……..OSA never had this many
    People working with them, in the 20 years I “helped” them., as a volunteer.
    Usually they had (actively)
    4-5. So these folks are actively helping OSA now, or once did? That list is quite extensive. IF active…..they’ve seriously changed from “tech” to OSA OPS. Not at all impossible, but sick, to the core. WTFU Scios–if you’re reading this:
    The Way OUT ***IS** the Nearest DOOR!
    Love to ALL helping expose this organization’s insidiously evil actions.
    Tory/Magoo ~~~OT 7, Grad 5, Snr Sec Checker AND OSA volunteer for 20 years, on and off.

  40. 🙂 She is a pistol, ain’t she?

  41. Never heard of this person in Baton Rouge but I’m sure there are some others on the East US trusted spies list I could comment about. I “spy” on their kids all the time right out in the open! 😉

  42. Bert Schippers

    Thank you Mike, I appreciate that.

  43. Tory Christman

    PS: People always say, ” I would never do that”. I ONLY started helping them as we’d moved to Clearwater, Fl……and one of the Exec’s said:”We need help. Ron was coming on land………In Georgia………and we got wind the FBI were there, ready to plant drugs on the ship and arrest him.
    So we all zoomed here to Clearwater, bought the FH, under an Assumed name (lied) and now Richard Tenny (city Commissioner then) had a HUGE CAMPAIGN:
    “Scientologists are LIARS: Save Sparkling Clearwater, Stamp out Scientology”. He said to me: “We DID come here on a LIE___So you, Tory, Need to help us”.
    And I did…………..with only PR…………he was voted out of office in a landslide.
    That was the beginning of years of being used by them to “just help us with this, Tory”
    I DID have my head in the sand, I admit it..and to anyone lurking, IF it rings a bell…start reading, Looking: It’s ALLLLLLLLLLLL on the Net, now.

  44. juicy dox are juicy!!! oh how i ❤ it when ya'all name names! Thx!

  45. Mother of Grendel

    I have personal knowledge of illegal activities committed by at least one other name on that list – what to do about that? It’s been written up to RTC & Flag ethics (ha ha ha ha ha).

  46. Very well done Marty!

    What a fantastic departure from the Keeping Scientology Working series.

  47. So, after looking over the list, I know of very few of these people, and only one could have been considered a friend at one point – and only a passing friend at that (Dan Murnan). Interesting crew of people. It is almost like there is a subset of meddling souls in the Church that do this kind of thing, and the others are either just doing their bridge, or waiting it out, or moving on.

    This is a hell of a find, Marty! As Karen says, it proves the intent to intimidate.

    One thing I saw clearly was the uncertainty of dedication. “Are they really trusted? Are they not?” This is so screwed up! I just keep on going back to: If the church just did what it was supposed to do – which is deliver standard tech and standard training – then what is the problem? This is a symptom of a very wrong why.

  48. Marty, Mike — Props man, serious props! It is highly amusing to read through this Who’s Whos of traitors among us. By rough estimate is there are about 350 – 400 names on this list just in West US. In the A to E steps, there is talk of exposing a conspiracy. Well, here are the conspirators, in black and white.

  49. Karen, you have a way with your observations! You cut to the quick and don’t mess around. I LIKE that a lot!

  50. I think they are salvagable still. I don’t know what keeps them in really. No options outside the cult maybe ?

  51. Thanks for the info!

  52. traitor or having a false loyalty

  53. Karen, Gotta love you and what you say and just said. Love

  54. It’s an interesting list indeed but let’s not forget that not everyone on the list is a traitor. I’m on that list because I did PR work with the Foundation for a Drug Free World when I was in the C of S. That doesn’t make me a traitor then or now.

  55. Marty and Mike,

    Boy-oh-boy would I love to be a fly on the wall in the psychotic drunk punk runt’s office this afternoon. He’s no doubt screaming, stuttering and frothing like a late-stage rabid feral dog.

    His ‘church’ has more leaks than a sieve and he knows it.. Lovin’ it!

  56. Mother of Grendel

    In a perfect world, Natalie, but the Kool Aid makes them unable to recognize the truth.

  57. I wasn’t surprised to see the first few names on the list. Long time reg (Neil Wilner) years ago and “upstat” Flag public and his wife. Sue Mithoff MacFarland (ex husband was Bob Mithoff, Ray’s brother) owns Survival Insurance AND some sort of actors agencies. And the Jenna and Bodhi Elfman.

    Therefore — the “celebs” or high rollers I’m betting are used to feed info to OSA on who is disaffected, whose thinking of leaving. They are all over the LA scientology scene AND business scene. “In the know” peeps. Since MacFarland’s been around since the mid-70’s every “upstat” scientologist will know her and easily trust her.

    I was happy to see that Izzy and Mary Ann hadn’t/didn’t make the list. I think our gut feeling was right — they truly felt they could “get through” to Marty because they like him.
    And I’m betting, are now scratching their heads. Two people who truly deserve to take an anti-kool aid tonic and start really living!


  58. Talking of the basics list…
    There are over 200 names on that list. Out of that, less than 60 of them have any form of academy training (many are incomplete on the levels) and yet NO-ONE is on Academy training in PT.
    Everyone (seriously – not using any generalities here) is parked on the ‘The Basics’ (whatever ‘secret LRH advice’ that’s based on), a TRs Course, PTS/SP Course or an ethics course.
    Get busy Indies. While the C of $ continues to chop up PCs, auditors who can repair them are a dying breed.

  59. Bert,
    (Hand up)
    My name is Samantha Domingo and I am a recovering Koolaideaholic.
    I have been sober for two years… 😉

  60. I know a lot of names in Denver and LA. The only one I know who is active is Ann Yates, who I believe is,was the DSA. In LA I know, but have been out of comm for years, with a number of people such as Stan Gerson and his son Max -also Karen Renna.. There is one person on there in LA, whom I am not at liberty to reveal as he is under the radar, who has never been an operative-would never do it and is happily winning outside the Church for 4 years-I recently gave him a bunch of auditing.
    Because of the last person I mentioned, I think this list must also be a prospect list along with recruited operatives.

  61. Karen — True, they don’t have a million ways to cover it all. But I know there is one little man sitting there trying to come up with the next 100 as the last 100 havent worked too well. Lots of luck Dave. You got a sinking ship full of holes. Stuff leaking out all over the place. What a bummer for you. 😦

  62. Cowboy Poet,

    Dang Dude,

    How any “balls” do they have? Are they like lizard tails? They hang out fake balls that fall off when challenged while the reptile runs away.

  63. An interesting thing to note, and something I hope people on this blog realize is how out-tech, stupidity and covert out-ethics. seems to scale with the Org board. I’m on staff at an unnamed Org at the moment, and every one of my friends there has a genuine desire to help the public in front of us. And this contrasts heavily with OSA and other higher up staffers that seem to focus on handling imagined HE&R.

    Unfortunately, there seems (I say “seems” because I will only fully trust that which I observe for myself) to be a situation where the higher you looks on the Int Org Board (meaning field groups, Class V orgs, SO orgs, Flag all the way to Int Mgt); the crazier and more insane people get. SO recruiters picking off our capable and willing staff members, flag regges “stealing” our public etc etc.

    I merely wish or perhaps dream of a day when we can throw off without consequence our oppressive “government”, give each other a high five or a handshake and really get down to business with salvaging this planet instead of all this non-sequitur mumbo jumbo.

    Until then, you all carry on the Indy movement, and I’ll do my best to preserve the last vestiges of correct policy and sanity in my Org

    Ps if my post seems scattered it’s because I wrote this on an iPhone during post time… Ah, the irony

  64. How right you are Lynne!

    An Indie friend “friend requested” a kool aid drinking fellow Ex who didn’t realize he had been run over by the Dear Loser bus & what reality is!

    The reply was this:

    “Absolutely not interested in your friendship nor the criminal,
    dope-smoking, boozing squirrels and nuts that you belong to – a rapidly
    decaying breed – just as LRH always says happens. You are on the losing team
    XXXXXXXXXXXXX – better wake up before you become a complete clinker because you’re
    headed there. ”

    Wow – LRH says (no quotes or references & hidden data line) what? Who’s doing the boozing, alteration of LRH tech and holding on to ground rods while having his flunkies commit illegal acts??? I really wonder what the recipe is for the brand of Kool aid being consumed! I bet he’s never heard of Jan Eastgate’s recent clinker episode!

  65. Kind of like a reverse Schindler’s List; revealing those who don’t realize they are in the camps.

  66. Even Tony Ortega is jumping on the bandwagon with bits from Janet’s new upcoming book:

  67. Ha, ha. I love you Sam! 🙂

  68. Mother of Grendel

    Not that they can see… plus, they’re “big shots,” they have “stat-us!,” in the “real world” they be undereducated shlubs.

  69. Michael, sue her for industrial espionage and corporate sabotage.

    ML Tom

  70. Dear Tory,
    You have been gone some 10 years.
    You cannot adjudicate current OSA resources and assets with how it was 10 years ago.
    Time marches on.
    A lot of exploding INTERNET exposure,
    goes with exploding amounts of OPERATIVES.

  71. Marty:

    Just a heads up. Your BLOG and this article specifically regarding the OSA Spy list has gotten some very favorable press today from the Village Voice. You are moving on up a little higher every day sir! {LOL}

    Here is the article Marty:


  72. Windhorse

    Survival Insurance

    Another business that had no payroll money for employees because IAS and other regges plundered the coffers $$$$$

    Illegal to not pay employees.
    But hey, it’s the “GREATEST GOOD” isn’t it ?

  73. Natalie,

    Haven’t you been (proudly) declared? And Lynn? And your names are still on the list? Is this a very OLD list, or does it just reflect wishful thinking/blatant misrepresentation/complete incompetence on the part of those issuing and approving it?

  74. one of those who see


  75. What Nathalie said!

  76. Spyintology

    the “religion” is being abused as a front for world control and domination — these folks are so vicious, the LAST people I would want in control or leadership

  77. Well done !! 🙂

  78. I love this.

    In addition to outting the “spies,” we also get to see :
    * how their wonderful spies are all ‘stuck’ on the basics and making no bridge progress (take a win, Davey)
    * how their desire to pad stats has created falsehoods such as duplication of names, or incorrectly included names (those who have left, but now still on the list, but called PTS)
    * Flat out leakage of this data to begin with (correctly included counter-espionage)

    I love the smell of napalm in the morning!!!

  79. I do hope Barbara Rubio’s not on OSA’s agent list. If so, that would be a shame in my book.

    Barbara, if you’re reading this, you are way too smart to fall for David Miscavige’s b.s.


  80. one of those who see

    Great to hear from you FA! Your the 2nd comment I’ve read recently from a Staff member. Agreed on “a day when we can throw off without consequence our oppressive “government”, give each other a high five or a handshake and really get down to business with salvaging this planet..”

  81. Lana Oye beat me to it.

    Well Anon noticed Jenna Elfman (hubba hubba) is on the volunteerlist for Criminon and Political Activities. Jenna please leave so I can watch Darhma and Greg on TV without thinking of the cult.

  82. Sam, Recovering hell! Your cured! Love

  83. FA,
    You’re dingier than a pup with two peters.
    I could write a three page story on trying to get my kid through a purif at a local org about 4-5 years ago.
    A f*cking PURIF!!
    News Flash: There is no last vestiges. Not there anyway.
    You’re downline on the poop chute and unless you want to become part of the beautiful sadness of it all, you might ought to think about pulling your hand out of the front of your pants and getting on with some production away from your local org.

  84. Karen, God I got real sick of hearing that justifier. Should be ‘the greatest good’ for his ass. Love

  85. I agree. More communication is better than cut-off communication.

  86. Mother of Grendel


  87. Michael wrote: “Regarding Jim Meskiman, Denise and Michael Duff, the intensity of their Kool Aide fervor now makes perfect sense.”

    I thought the same way about Jenna and Bodhi Elfman when I saw them on the list. Sucks when nice people go so kool-aid.

  88. Oh my… there’s heaps of ’em.
    Are they all truly volunteers or press ganged – no matter, all tared from the same brush.
    Wondering if they have they been issued brown shirts yet?

  89. My husband, oldest daughter and I have been declared SPs or “Special People” as I like to call it.. Typical out admin on the part of the C of S. The comments about Twin Cities volunteers was written by the DSA at the time, Brian Fesler. Brian hasn’t been there for almost two years. He went on to be the DSA at Nashville org.

    Lynne and Bert have been declared “Special People” also.

  90. WH,

    Knew Bob and Sue Mithoff pretty well when they were at the Int Base. Further info on Bob & Sammy (who was also at Gold):
    “Also admitted by RTC / Church of Scientology: Robert Mithoff, brother of Ray Mithoff, and Sammie (Cynthia) Mithoff (wife of Robert Mithoff), were retained by Church of Scientology / RTC and its lawyers (in particular John Peterson) to infiltrate and spy on the AAC and David and Julia Mayo between the years 1983-1987. The Mithoffs were paid several thousand dollars per month to do this. Robert Mithoff’s code name was “TH”, for “Trojan Horse”. ”

  91. I know. Just seeing that list made me realize, once again, that it is just so clearly NOT about helping people any more. What a betrayal, thanks to that weasel of a sociopath who’s dictating this scam.

  92. Yes, typing all that on an iPhone is a feat all by itself!

  93. Welcome Natalie.

    By the way my wife used to be GAS member working under deep cover and I’ve audited a few deep cover ops so I kinda know how the game is played.

    However there seems to be a twist here as anyone else other than those working under deep cover directed against Government or Psychiatric Institutions like WFMH AKA SMERSH and NIMH were at least known by the Staff if not the public as Guardian Assisting Scientologists.

    However thanks to Bert and Lynne’s brilliant intel coup anyone working for OSA can be pretty much known to everyone 🙂

    Props to you guys!

    It also explains why some of people on this list started to get “friendly” with me after I was pretty much labeled as “disaffected” with Management sometime after Ron’s passing.

    I knew I was pretty much labeled as such.

    I just didn’t know to what extent they were keeping tabs on me….

    Until now!

    Anyways thanks for posting this Marty.

    It has definitely blown some charge in my universe 🙂

    So thanks once again Lynne and Bert and of course you Marty for brightening up my day!

    BTW you’ll see a new email address in the email section because the old one doesn’t work for some reason.



  94. Sinar — Bob showed up with Nesbitt and his girl at a restaurant when we were in LA (with the usual camera crew). He was about as pathetic a sight as I have ever seen. He literally looks like he is 80 years old. Very sad. Until he said his name neither Marty nor I recognized him… He didnt say anything, other than “My wife says Hi” (?). The only word for it was pathetic.

  95. This is right. Not all these people are John Allender types. Some are unwitting tools, or have done volunteer work in the past out of goodwill, as Natalie says.

  96. There is also a very interesting Trailer or Ad about the book:

  97. Sinar ~~
    #1 Best seller on Amazon in Scientology category

    click here ~~

    Sales must be brisk !

  98. martyrathbun09

    Very good and very accurate observation about the TECH/OSA OPERATIVES RATIO. It says it all.

  99. martyrathbun09

    Karen, fantastic dot connecting. There are serious legal consequences for Miscavige for what his agents are doing as we correspond through this blog.

  100. All thanks to the “church”.

  101. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for this meaningful piece of information.

  102. Mike,
    Thanks for the update! Goes to show that it’s really rough and the wrong end of the pineapple to be working for Dear Loser all these years. Kool aid is perhaps not recommended by the FDA for daily consumption.

  103. K#1,
    Really amazing as the book isn’t even out yet!

  104. Here is an example of Jim Meskimen’s work:

  105. 7 of the top 10 books in the Scientology category on Amazon are exposing the lies of the Church of Scientology. What condition is that?

  106. “Just as dave says LRH says happens…”

  107. Really Tory,

    Sorry I don’t quite look at it that way.

    Some agencies of the Government were indeed after the Ol’man and were in fact trying to destroy Scientology.

    This is covered in the books the Hidden Story of Scientology and Playing Dirty by Garrison.

    Also the book ‘The American Police State’ by Wise which doesn’t mention Scientology but does write about how the Government that has taken an Oath to Defend and Uphold the Constitution has violated this pledge in many instances.

    The problem that I have with so called critics in general is that they do not view this aspect and in many cases take the position of the Government and *never* view the other side of the issue and why for instance the Guardian’s Office would “lie” (actual all cover is basically a lie) by saying they represented “The United Churches” instead of the Church of Scientology.

    I mean here they were dealing with bigoted Christian-centric Civic Government who hated other religions and especially “cults”.

    Anyway that my view on it Tory.

    Let me ask you Tory if you do believe that Governments are such fine upstanding paragons of virtue (I’m not saying that you do) then why would they have such covert and in many cases criminal agencies like CIA?

    And how would you yourself deal with such repressive agencies?

  108. The Village Voice article says: “Meanwhile, [Michael] Fairman also tells me that the ABC station in Los Angeles interviewed him about the intimidation attempt for what he believes will be a multi-part series coming soon.”

    Woo hoo! Go gettem Michael. Hopefully it will be announced here on the blog when it gets broadcast.

  109. Very interesting! Also interesting is who is NOT on the list. For instance, Chris Smith went all the way to Texas to bullbait Marty in the airport. Doesn’t that count? Also didn’t see Ed Bryan, the latest squirrel buster/stalker in the LA area. And surely Facebook inquisitor JoJo Zawawi should have made the list, along with her child-molester sidekick Marie Warren.

    But maybe OSA doesn’t want to admit they are the ones putting these people up to their pranks.

  110. Meow, Cat Daddy ! ☺ And to repost a little blast from the past, one of my favorites…

    Let the sun shine in! ♥

  111. Another Layer

    Marty and Michael,
    Thanks so much for this post! Amazing! It pulled into sharp focus and explained COMPLETELY the covert “handling” that I experienced in the late-80s (based on a non-event from the mid-80s …). I guess I’d thought that “handling” would always be overt and loud, so did not recognize it at lower volume. This happened even after I had been a stooge for OSA and was still very much a KoolAid aficionado. Granted, I was only a Sponsor and only paying for services, so of lesser interest; however, apparently still enough of a threat to be harried by org security every time I parked at the org, or when I wasn’t in session . . . WTF? In session? Yet harried by security? Yet not sent to Ethics? Yet audited by Class VIII? No answers when I asked security what was going on. I’d known one of the security guys since he was 10 and he couldn’t even look at me. It was so strange! (Fortunately, the harassment had no impact on my auditing. Yay!) So thank you! This really helped me connect some old, odd dots.

  112. You cannot adjudicate current OSA resources and assets with how it was 10 years ago. Time marches on.

    It’s a sign of an increasingly desperate SP in a frenzied but futile attempt to remain hidden.

    You hear that, COB?

    That is the sound of inevitability.

  113. Tony DePhillips

    I just ordered mine.

  114. Gee RJ thanks for the credits but Marty only called to confirm that the data about Bert and me on the list was correct, it wasn’t something we came up with but would love to have done that! I am curious too how Marty got the list but I’m happy to let OSA wonder so I won’t ask. LOL

  115. Dan Murman on You Tube by the Anons:

  116. Not intending to derail the thread, but there is another new publicized opinion from one of Dear Loser’s best friends in Clearwater:

  117. As I mentioned above, we acted in good faith. It reminds me of when I was a kid, had just moved into a new neighborhood, wanted to make friends. Walking down the alley, I saw a bunch of kids kicking in the sides of an old garage. They assured me that the man who lived there wanted to get rid of it. So I helped them, thinking I was doing a good deed and making friends at the same time.

    The next evening, there was a knock on the door. My Dad opened it and the neighbor man said, “A bunch of kids kicked down my garage while I was away over the weekend. Any idea who it was?”

    My Dad turned around and saw me turning seven shades of green. ‘Nuff said.

  118. FA, my son-in-law went through years of that “recruited lots of people but they all got ripped off by the SO,” and that “Hoping things will get better.” It didn’t. You think you are suffering for a good cause but the end result will still be just power to the SP, DM. Please look at what you are doing and stop supporting him. Thank you.

  119. Barney Rubble

    It’s confirmed she is minimally a “facebook police” member. She makes a living being Field Auditor under Corporate Miscavige, so she must be high on the KA.

  120. Denise and Jim were probably told that Larry Anderson was being sued for the cost of reshooting all the tech films he was in and got scared shitless. And they’re too “handled” to go find out it’s not true.

  121. The list is way out of date. I know some who haven’t been in touch or helped OSA for years. Either it’s an old list or another example of the incompetence of SO units like OSA. (some have turned and are either out or should give OSA cause for pause)
    It also includes people who do PR for the social groups that come under ABLE & CCHR. e.g. Jenna Elfman is a spokesperson for CCHR and I would be willing to bet is completely clueless (bless her heart) about the covert ops activities of OSA. So they’re not necessarily “traitors among us”.

    As Karen so eloquently pointed out, it does show the pattern of organized criminal behavior the COS has been engaged in for a long, long time.

  122. How cool, Marty and Mike, for scoring this list. Did it come via Deep Fax?

  123. Yes, Bozz, it’s tragic — and look at what it exposes in those little side notes, the way people within the Organization are “sized up” according to how they can be used. All disposable. Yes, even the “celebrities”. Friendship? Team mates? Wouldn’t that be possible in the mecca of knowing the human soul and mind?
    Goodo on exposing what those so many poured their hearts and souls, help and devotion to really think of them.

  124. Bob was the most energetic, effusive and high action guy you would ever see running a Div 6 back at the original CCLA. Very cool guy to know and work with.
    Unlike his brother Ray, who had the personality of a dishrag (sorry Gelda), Bob was very “In comm”.
    Sorry to hear he’s still helping the dark side. The corruption gets personal when someone you know has so obviously gone down the chute by getting caught up in it.

  125. Sinar,
    This is the gibberish that John Allender was spouting. It must be the brush used to paint everyone Independent, that is, the foibles of a few become the ‘psychosis’ of the many in OSA world.

    Trouble with this is, the generality is so far from the truth and when it is exposed the exodus is bound to be headlong. It’s kind of pathetic though that someone at this stage of the game would accept that kind of thing at face value. Yikes!

  126. Scott Campbell

    Why do you need a shower? You’re already clean, bro.

  127. Scott Campbell

    Agree completely Cowboy. Freemarket Scientology is the emerging market. And it looks like a viable model so far!

  128. I knew Bob even before he married Sue — he was married to Barbara, now Thompkins.

    He’s never been particularly healthy looking but he certainty was a sweetheart, as was Ray. Both in LOVE with country western before it was popular and every SATURDAY morning — gosh darn them — they would start playing loudly in the staff berthing … Barbara on drums … Ray and Bob singing and guitaring away.

    Oh, those were the careful, happy days of the early CC.

    Sorry to hear he is still being sent out by dm. One wonders what he thinks of his brothers absence.

    I’m guessing both boys have inherited $$ from their folks — it’s doubtful they are still alive and were quite well-to-do. I hope Ray has it stashed somewhere.

    He could STILL create a life for himself and Gelda.

    OK — I’m dreaming.


  129. it is out on Kindle, and reports of preorder shipping confirmations are trickling around.

  130. I agree Natalie.

    I know a lot of people who did good work for the GO in yet they were all painted broadly with the brush of criminals by you know who?

    Take three guesses on what type of individual deals in generalities?

    (The first two don’t count)

    By the way Natalie I did one gig for OSA once and it involved a project to keep the Advanced Course materials from being broadly disseminated.

    I felt then and I still feel now that we were doing the right thing even though the effort was pretty much wasted.

    So not everybody on this list is the epitome of evil.

    Anyway I’d like to apologize on behalf of everyone here if there was any invalidation or if you felt there was.



  131. Scott Campbell

    Training film for OSA volunteers.

  132. Scott Campbell

    Good work Marty.

    I like how you just keep chippin’ away, chippin’ away…


  133. Sinar, pre-releases are out and have been for a week or two. Evidently there are book stores that sell books ahead of the date they are to be released because friends of mine already have it.

  134. Wish they would send my Kindle pre ordered book!

  135. Well I still think you and Bert deserve kudos anyway.

    Just for being here and communicating 🙂

    Marty’s acting as the consummate spy master (I hope you take that as a compliment as intended big guy ) by protecting his sources.

    Yes I’m sure OSA right now is in a paranoid frenzy trying to uncover the mole or moles.


  136. Tom Klemesrud

    But, it is nice, Mike, to hear the apology, from my point of view.

  137. Thanks for the data Marty.

    I was surprised that I didn’t see anyone from the las vegas area. Carolyn Calley was the DSA during the past few years at the org. I guess she must be having a hard time finding any local “volunteers” .

    Maybe DM is afraid that any operatives in this area would spot him gambling away some of the “IAS donations”.

    Ron MInor, Las Vegas

  138. Fantastic Sinar, I loved that reply to Meskimen

    By the way, to $cners – next time you go to an event – bring your own Kool-aide…

  139. martyrathbun09

    Corpus Christi update. As of 7 p.m. Ralph, Richard Lavernce Hirst (315 Jasmine Way, Clearwater Fla), Hirst’s mayonaise eating female sidekick, a 30 something dead ringer for Norman Bates, and some snot nose twenty something kid assaulted us. Any updates from other Indies on the pt deployment of PIs and other OSA riff raff?

  140. Θ_ΘTaterPie/GaryLerner


    (My Hand Up)
    My name is Gary Lerner and I am a recovering Pie Face.
    I’ve been sober/happy faced for (oooo…. tough one there)… Θ_Θ (oops, relapse)

  141. Tony DePhillips

    HI FA,
    You sound young.
    A lot of us are older and have seen these out-points going in for years and they haven’t “handled” from within. They just have been getting worse.

    It is great that you want to help.
    There is a trap in place to get people in and then fleece them for their cash and take advantage of the willingness of staff.

    Isn’t it an out-point that you probably don’t make much more than $50 a week after all your hard work?
    The Sea Org comes and steals your staff away?
    Veteran Sea Org members getting sleep deprivation and some physically abused after all their dedication?
    Forced disconnections?
    This and much much more.
    Keep reading and get out while you are young enough to start over.
    You can help in the Indie field.
    Scientology is out here now, starting at the grass roots level.

    Currently you are part of the trap.

  142. As a further thought i have recently received emails from some whom I have been out of comm with for years. They suddenly are being friendly.I never responded as they didn’t seem sincere in their reach for me They are 2 OT8s-Marty Prince and Sue Whitman-both major kool-aid drinkers.

  143. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Sinar!

  144. Tony DePhillips

    Assaulted, as in they struck you??

  145. I second that. That would be very nice.

  146. EUS list that is…

  147. The formula for Power is “Don’t disconnect”. We are heading there.

  148. Θ_ΘTaterPie/GaryLerner

    Jim and Sinar,
    You both are as usual spot-on. The garbage comm cycles that come from Kool-Aiders is totally in character with them. Besides since SP’s (the real ones) and their croonies, like John Allender, deal in generalities and alter-ised truths (thus the lie that sticks them in Time/Whole Track), there will always come viewpoints from these beings that deal with not able to view/spot the truth of something if their lives depended on it (and OF COURSE IT DOES!).

    They’re not just shooting foot bullets, they’re shooting soul bullets. Slowly, day by day doing themselves in, one bullet at a time.

  149. My favorite is Denice Duff…under Other is “CELEBRITY”. I guess she’s as much a Celebrity as Elena Roggero was in Italy, or as the Critically Acclaimed Former Columbia Artist Michael Duff. Ooops, I guess I’m really a bit 1.1. Maybe I should be more overt.

    But the BEST one is Doug Williams where under Other it states that he is BLACK, where we have no other mention of races in the entire file.

  150. Scott-Haha- great video

  151. Θ_ΘTaterPie/GaryLerner

    Hmmm…. Neutered ostriches comes to mind. No balls. Heads in the sand. No clue as to what’s happening around them.

    Karen and Marty,
    I think we should rename the OSA list to the Ostrich List.

    Cowboy Poet,
    In your honor we could call that list the Rocky Mountain Oysters List. 😉

    Thanks for Being YOU.
    Love you guys!

  152. Access Database & Excel??? WTF
    This is very telling about how backward and incompetent this group is.
    It may not seem like a big deal, but to anyone that knows anything about available technology, it is very telling.
    High School dropout recruiting High School dropouts, using inferior technology while corrupting a superior technology they’re supposed to be the custodians of.
    What a farce.
    But they do have a lot of money. I’ll give them that one.

  153. WH,
    Ray bought himself a 911 Porsche with a custom sound system some time ago. It sat around for years and in fact I’ve never seen him drive it as he seemed to be in hot water and could not drive most of the time! I seem to think it was traded in for a Toyota so Gelda could drive it to the store.

  154. Well, dude, he’s black so, like, he would fit in inconspicuously with black people- if the need arose. You gotta think like OSA man. They are smart like fox, or crazy like a fox, or something like that.


  155. barneyrubble

    I have to say you are on top of everything man. I am impressed!

  156. martyrathbun09

    Good eye Tiziano. Miscavige is making his “church” in his own image: mysogenist, homophobic, fascist, and racist.

  157. Jethro Is In The Zone

    Here’s a Michael Duff music video. The music is not that bad, although his singing is a bit off pitch. However, the video is really disjointed, kind of all over the place. Duff’s wife, B-Movie actress Denise Duff, is in it as a battered prostitute considering suicide. She’s shown “strolling” on Hollywood Boulevard. I’m not sure if the she was acting though, perhaps they really did need the money after a recent IAS reg cycle.

  158. martyrathbun09

    I wrote “assault”, not battery:
    Assault: At Common Law, an intentional act by one person that creates an apprehension in another of an imminent harmful or offensive contact.
    An assault is carried out by a threat of bodily harm coupled with an apparent, present ability to cause the harm. It is both a crime and a tort and, therefore, may result in either criminal or civil liability. Generally, the common law definition is the same in criminal and Tort Law. There is, however, an additional Criminal Law category of assault consisting of an attempted but unsuccessful Battery.
    Free Dictionary

  159. Natalie- I love special people!!!

  160. Jethro Is In The Zone

    Oops, here’s the link to the music video:

    This is the same Michael and Denice Duff who were in the “Idle Org” fundraising video with other “celebrities” (doesn’t she seem a bit unstable in it??? perhaps she really is suicidal????):

    Oh yeah, this the same Michael and Denice Duff who showed up at Marty’s place to capture a blown Sea Org member who had escaped from the Int Base.

  161. Two observations on this list is that the real hard-corps KA drinkers are not on this list as pointed out in several comments on this post.

    The other observation is that these people are on the front line and probably have okay to read some stuff and to contact us in some fashion. I say turn as many of them as possible by hard-hitting indoc on the current scene in the Church and letting them know there are solutions out here.

    ML Tom

  162. Add OTphobic and auditorphobic.

    ML Tom

  163. Natalie:

    You are correct.

    My name is on that list. I called into a radio show about 6 years ago for the local DSA. Never considered myself to be any kind of covert operative. I would imagine others on this list volunteered for one PR project or another but not actually spied on other members.

    Have been uninvolved for several years now. But as I’ve learned, the staff like to make it look like they’re doing their jobs and have recruited people to help them. That, and their admin is so out.

  164. Ijustwantthebeatingstostop

    Hey Natalie,
    You are listed twice, once as trusted and once as PTS, LOL. I bet they still call you to go to the events!


  165. Hope you got it on video!

  166. Marty,
    Again, thank you so much for all the heat you take. I admire the hell out of you for getting some spectacular auditing in while you do what you do. This week we started a NED course student, a level II student, two upper indoc students, two solo students, one OT II comp and an OT III start. All are bright and winning.
    We would never have been able to do all this in such a safe environment if it were not for you and Mike and Steve and Mosy etc taking a lot of the shrapnel. Your help and courage has been invaluable.

    I suspect that the tipping point is on the verge of cresting like a tidal wave, and the real SPs are howling like mad. I wonder what will go through the minds of the lesser implanted ones as they realize they have been protecting and defending, not LRH or the Tech, but a true psycho.

    Looking forward to seeing you again in Texas.


  167. Tony DePhillips


  168. Tony DePhillips

    They probably got chewed out for being too nice the first time.
    I really, really, hope that they get arrested. I can’t think with why the FBI or local police are not getting involved?
    Is this America or North Korea??
    I hope that you all are ok?

  169. Special K,

    My wife used to work for *non* Survival Insurance and she use to call the place “The Animal Farm”.

    Talk about “some animals being more equal than others”!

    Yeah they used “Hubbard” Management Tech alright Elbert Hubbard and “Message to Garcia”.

    By the way the criminal in charge was Richie Acunto though we had other names for him 😉

    Did you know one his people in accounts used to work for none other than Reed Slatkin?

    What a den of iniquity!

  170. Welcome FA,

    I totally dig your comment!

    Loved the line:

    “I merely wish or perhaps dream of a day when we can throw off without consequence our oppressive “government”, give each other a high five or a handshake and really get down to business with salvaging this planet instead of all this non-sequitur mumbo jumbo.”

    I wish you the best on this endeavor.



  171. Sinar,
    2 weeks ago, I e-mail the news on Jan Eastgate’s arrest to about 400 Scientologists, churchies. One guys responded:
    “I take it you have been declared,poor bastard.Well you should have kept your fucking ethics in which you did not. I am sorry to disappoint you but i am a class V grad c/s which you will never understand that.I am not an out-ethics wog like yourself so this sort of entheta and lies will have no effect in my viewpoint regarding scn so fuck off you piece of shit.”

    I replied to his e-mail:
    ” Dear xxxxxx,
    You are definitely setting a horrible example of a Class V grad c/s with your communication. Wow! You are an embarrassment for LRH and his legacy.
    You are a Miscavology’s Reverse Scienology and Dianetics trained c/s who
    waits for a 3 swings of the the needle to call the F/N. You are
    definitely duped by DM’s tech.
    Sorry to see that you will be going done with DM, sorry for all your PCs being wrongly C/Sed by you. I hope you learn how to apply the KSW and the PTS/SP knowledge and spot the correct SP (David Miscavige) and save LRH Legacy. PTSness brings
    about blindness and that is what you are experiencing. Hope you wake up
    soon. Till then, all the best wishes to you and your loved ones. ”

    Then he responded:
    “First of all i am a public and running a wog business and not doing any
    c/sing. Secondly i read your first email some months ago regarding COB and I read that TWICE. My initial reaction was she/he is an OTVIII and entitled to her/his viewpoints and considering her/his achievements in scn and she wants to protect LRH Legacy then fair enough. Now you come along and take a piece of entheta from Youtube and this time attacking Jan.How could you possibly be defending LRH Legacey by attacking this lady with the evidence of a newspaper reporter! Nice evidence! The minute you start using news paper reports or reporters as your evidence then God help you,you are nuts and have joined the ranks of suppressives.
    Good Luck.”

    BTW, this particular koolaid drinker admits that he has been receiving all my e-mail about David Miscaviges’s crimes and read all the links and blogs I sent him. He also tells me proudly that he is running a wog job and not doing any c/sing. 😦
    He is a typical C of M trained GAT public. Wow!!!

  172. DM is getting more and more desperate and thus more and more dangerous. PI’s ramming vehicles, driving recklessly, etc. You are getting the better of his field thugs and their tempers are going to get shorter.

    I take no pleasure in even mentioning this, but an attempt at battery is most likely to follow.

    Please, all of you, be careful.

  173. And Tony,

    Let’s not forgett he IAS coming along regularly and impoverishing the org’s public, making it impossible for the public to buy org services such as training and auditing?

    The IAS is essentially stealing the org’s income by doing that. As well as telling public not to bothe r getting auditing because they will “get more case gain from donating to the IAS”?

    That’s why I call those guys the International Association of Suppressives. The IAS has completely undermined the viability of orgs and being on staff in them.

    Not to mention being completely contrary to LRH policy.

  174. scilonschools

    Cornered Rats can be dangerous, and Mr Rathbun you are ‘Rat Catcher’ extroidinare!!


    Just making sure these people are on your list. They work for OSA.

    Marie Warren
    Lori Richardson
    Linda Caso
    JoJo Zawawi

  176. Three showed up at my door on Sunday night with odd ball caps and T shirts.

    Late Monday morning Labow showed up talking trash around where I work. Both gotten on video.

    Haven’t been in the North Houston area long and intentionally kept my address confidential. Proves illegal hacking/ invasion of privacy in some form. Labow didn’t want to tell me quite how they uncovered my address and where I work.

    The case just keeps building. They are building it for me.


  177. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Haydn. Will someone volunteer to compile each of these accounts in a diary/log by date and we’ll use the comments section to debrief each incident to?

  178. martyrathbun09

    F and P, baby.

  179. martyrathbun09

    Well done man. What you are doing is what it is all about. See ya soon.

  180. martyrathbun09

    I have a house full of persistent F/Ns. These clowns cannot even handle those for me. So, I reckon we’re doing all right.

  181. Marty, thanks for posting this list.
    I saw Pat Wehner’s name from the Stevens Creek Org on it. Not only is Pat John Allenders partner in business, Pat lives across the street and 7 doors down from me. I actually was very disappointed to see he is a part of this OSA crap…..but it makes sense to me now why when the SO recruiters were slamming on my door when I was in an Engram trying to recover from my knee surgery…….I called Pat and he didn’t even come over to help me.

  182. Sara Finning

    and assault, at common law can also include silence, such as silent phone calls….

    Just saying….

  183. 🙂

  184. Cowboy Poet

    That’s right on.
    The biggest beneficiary of the free market system is the consumer. He wins every time–better product, better pricing and the minute the customer becomes “only a particle” he has other choices who will value him and treat him right.

  185. seams to me ,that with this one,u gave them lots of things to talk about….
    like it , big hello to all you here,from Croatia.
    P.S. today i checked this “Minerva – Marty s” blog…
    my god!!!! that is absolutely CRAP!!!!!
    I just cant believe it ,that in 21ct ,people buy that……
    20 years ago ,when was war in Croatia,my city was front line,i was 15 then,same thing
    did our aggressor. First they attack (cause they s army was 6-7 times bigger),
    and then in their newspapers and TV channels ,are saying that WE attack,even put words like “break truth,massacre innocent baby’s,rape blind grand mamas…etc.”
    to make it ,if u listen – u think who are those people? animals? beasts?
    but it was 20 years ago -no internet,no cell phones (so many)….

  186. Sinar, it’s out. I ordered mine from Amazon and it’s arriving tomorrow.

  187. Mike Hobson

    Lessee: (1) brand new pseudonym, (2) complete lack of specifics.

    I’m calling the above comment a Black PR smeer attempt by parties unknown.

  188. I would

  189. Oh, sorry – hit send before I was finished!

    Just want to “second” that list of More OSA Names. And add this: while it may not apply to all who have naively forwarded OSA’s nutzo agenda, it’s true in at least a couple of the cases here, that those with the biggest crimes are the biggest toadies.

  190. Tony DePhillips

    What does F & P mean? You are giving me too many mu’s Marty….

  191. I’m from the wrong camp to be raising my hand but ^^This would be significant for everyone to have properly document…

    so if nobody else volunteers to do it in the short term, I’ll gladly do it in the long term. (but my current projects will keep me extremely busy for about a month or so until i would have time to take it on, and that’s probably not soon enough considering the recent escalation).

  192. How’s about an EUS list? I only knew 2 of them working out of the New York Org while I was in, they pestered me for deprogramming cycles weekly. Since I was trying to deprogram myself during that time I should have given them my own stat!

  193. Truth, I just Love beautiful gutsy women. This blog is full of them. Well done my friend. LOVE!

  194. Marie Warren at age 40 had sex with my son Alexander Jentzsch 2x when he was 12 years old at the Flag Land Base. Statutory rape. He attended no schooling per the laws of the land, but instead was put to slave labor as a full time cleaner of toilets, filthy delivery back staircases.
    The “Church” completely covered it up. Heber and myself were never informed.
    Here is the KR from Kirsi, former OSA Flag who posts with us on this blog. It is only one of sdeveral reports I received thanks to Marty’s Blog and the sharing of information.

    (OSA INT STAFF at the time of the rape)

    I was a member of the Sea Organization from August 1989 till August 2007. It was when I worked in the Office of Special Affairs Flag Land Base, that I learned about the rape of Alexander Jentzsch, then a 12 or 13 years son of Karen De La Carriere and Heber Jentzsch. I started working in OSA in January 1997 and it was during that year when I learned about the rape through my then co-worker Annie Mora, who had been assigned to keep an eye on Alexander from the point of time he was received at the Flag Land Base.

    The rape incident involved a female FSO Dept 5 staff Marie Warren, seducing Alex to have sex with her in one of the crew berthing apartments. Once this incident became known by Annie Mora she was executing the immediate handling which included making sure the knowledge of the rape isn´t spreading not only inside the church but to the outside; it would have been devastating to the image of the church to have this crime become general knowledge. Another action was to transfer Alexander and Marie out of Florida to California to help cover it up from the Authorities. Needless to say Alexander´s rape was a huge flap and would be the kind of incident OSA staff would automatically deal with, hence my knowledge of it.


    Kirsi Ojamo

    Is it not interesting that a former Child Molester works for OSA as on OSA Operative and even gets “OSA clearances” after committing a felony that they did get prosecuted.

  195. Type.
    That they did NOT get prosecuted. No report to Clearwater PD.

    Marie Warren. OSA Operative.
    More of what she has done for OSA and her pciture~~!-Karen-exposes-more-cult-crimes!

  196. Anonlover: Documenting things since the beginning of time.

  197. +100 Marty!

  198. Flourish & Prosper, something you do in spite of suppression!

  199. Thanks for this Sinar.

    Dan. Remember when you were happy? I do because I knew you then. It’s been a long time but it was in the 80’s and you were happy. You were boxing, on course and having a really good time. You extracted yourself from the cluster fuck of the HGB renovation and avoided getting shot as so many others didn’t. The scene we witnessed at the HGB renos project was symptomatic of a much larger systemic problem. Don’t listen to anyone else’s ideas or opinions, you have seen it with your own eyes. Take a new look. Life can be good. Be happy man!

  200. martyrathbun09

    Flourish and Prosper.

  201. Yvonne Schick

    Lovin’ it!

  202. Right Blow, Left Blow, Right Hook
    Eastgate Story has left Australian shores

  203. “I will be on the lines but nobody will know about it”

    -L Ron Hubbard

  204. A lot of people would like to see David Miscavige behind bars or if not behind bars have him resign. I cannot say that I disagree with that proposition at all.

    Nor does it surprise me that a Class V C/S supporter of DM’s would use that level of the tone scale to respond to you. Saying what the C/S said to you to a police officer would have a pretty telling consequence.

    I try to treat people the way I would like them to treat me, better than that, I don’t try, I do whether I want to or not, which I do want to, of course. I don’t think this something that DM has grasped yet even though the Way To Happiness Rundown is at the very, very beginning of one’s journey up the Bridge in corporate Scientology. If DM has not grasped this fact, his adherents certainly don’t have an example to follow so follow the “Dear Leader”.

    But the Dear Leader is not IN the implant factory he is the originator of the idea so even people that THINK they are doing the right thing by listening to him are making major mistakes.

    Does DM stil have asthma by the way? I thought that having asthma in corporate Scientology meant that one was PTS? Oh, lest we forget, DM is not “your average church member”.

    No he certainly isn’t. His feces smells much worse in the toilet bowl aromating the lavatory than the people he sends up the hill to crap in buckets. That man should be put on trial.

  205. Tony Dephillips

    Thanks. Good idea.,

  206. Karen,
    Have you tried pressing charges, or going to the authorities as they’ve done in Australia? This is pretty serious stuff.

  207. Thanks Truth,
    Great you’re working to get the truth out!
    Dear Loser got his product indeed on this person – viewing reality with Kool Aid color glasses while not using and applying or actually misapplying LRH’s legacy of the Tech. At least you got the person out of the “escargot” shell and looking, and that reaction might be just social veneer and robotically doing “the expected.”

  208. I can second the fact that JoJo Zawawi is a deep kool-aider, almost certainly an OSA informant, and per various reports here, is very busy on the facebook policing beat.

  209. Most people in the video are identified, but one can always welcome new and maybe more correct info.

  210. Interesting quote CD.

    Do you happen to know the title and the date of the issue that it appeared in?

  211. Marg,

    I knew JoJo and her mother when I was still on lines.

    It saddens me that they both seem to have become “Koolaid drinkers”.

    JoJo if anyone doesn’t know this was originally an LRH Messenger on the Apollo and is honorably mentioned in the lecture “Welcome to the Flag Internship”.

    As far as I know JoJo never progressed in her training beyond HDG (my eval is that she was stuck in a win) and her mother was on the SHSBC sorta doing it sporadically while on NOTs.

    Both of them were when I knew them ended up getting in with the “in crowd” over there such as the OTC and I believe they are both lock steppin’ OTA’s nowadays.

    However I personally don’t believe either of them are evil just stupid.

    It really shocked me when I found out that JoJo in particular had become part of the OSA clown act and I said some pretty nasty things about her ….choice.

    I’ve since softened my view

    I believe she is a good person and eventually she’ll see the light and that if she does decide to get out of that Suppressive Group the Church of Scientology has become I’d be more than happy to give her a free review.

    That’s my 2 cents on the matter.

  212. Mike Hobson

    OK, so all four of these people are doing Facebook Police bullshit ?
    That’s what I meant about lack of specifics.

    @Karen: I did not realize this Marie Warren person was the statutory rapist of your son Alexander. So now OSA has her doing the dirt for them, why am I not surprised.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  213. RJ, were you by any chance the one who sent me an email to my hushmail account a little while back?

  214. Sam, first names only. We must remain anonymous. That’s the way they do it in AA.

  215. The PR inside the CoS re Jan Eastgate is that it is all lies, created by the Oz media to stir up trouble.

    I guess we will know more about these “lies” tomorrow when she appears in court.

    The Guardian (a well-respected UK newspaper) has run with the story today.

    — Mike

  216. Margaret ~~

    Relevant Law Enforcement informed especially Clearwater PD to show the repeated cover-up mentality.

    What boggles the mind is that while they cover up ACTUAL crimes, they use PIs to make malicious fabricated ANONYMOUS phone calls to Law Enforcement reporting

    Wasting Police/Detective time on FABRICATED Lies, while hiding ACTUAL CRIMES.
    Note, they do not pay taxes to go into City Budgets.

    I had an incredulous DM *STING* ~~ 2 weeks after coming out on Marty’s blog.
    A soft effeminate voice calls in to an ANONYMOUS TIP LINE that I smuggle underage children for sex to my CPA, Harvard Business Graduate Bill Greene.

    I am an LRH trained Class XII, a Class XII CS, I served big time over a period of 35 years, and overnight I became a smuggler of children for under age sex to a CPA.


    Law enforcement apologetically stated how reports need to be checked out when it involves the safety of children. Whereupon an FBI agent and local detective arrive at Bill Greene’s house to check it out.

    The OSA contrived anonymous phone call goes nowhere. As soon as these Law enforcement agents are told I am a whistleblower against the Church of Scientology (DM’s cult) Case is closed. The detectives never even visited with me.
    Miscavige uses law enforcement as his personal army to attack his enemies and
    the word has gotten around in law enforcement communities big time.
    When the detectives visiting my CPA heard the words “Church of Scientology” they had a physical BODY reaction and ended the interview in 2 mins and logged and noted for their Seniors another BOGUS case of LYING to Law ENFORCEMENT.

    Just another LIE from Organized, criminal Office of Special Affairs which is “RUN” by RTC which is “RUN” by office of COB which is “RUN” by David Miscavige. It is a felony in some states to deliberately and maliciously LIE to law enforcement and give false reports to mislead the police.

    This kind of story reveals how sordid, how down and dirty, how despicable Miscavige Radical Scientology has become. And it hides behind “religious cloaking”
    “Ministerial exemption.”

  217. You are a Tigress defending her cubs

  218. Marty ~~ I will volunteer.

    I will compile and would like an Email with complete debrief of Time, place form and event.

    I already have the line to co-ordinate Law Enforcement across various jurisdictions.
    I am putting Radical Scientology on notice that I will be elevating this to a CONGRESSIONAL HEARING on Hate crime misconduct, Anonymous Malicious Phone calls, GangStalking and invasive visits to ex members of “making a documentary” pretext.

    Haydn, and Mother of Grendel and anyone else, Email ~~

  219. “Can be trusted”
    Who to trust really puzzles OSA. No wonder…
    If the church comes to its senses and starts deliver standard tech immediately – that would save them lots of trouble and sleepless nights. But what they fear the most is punishment and public humiliation. And the huge amend program…

  220. Unfortunately my name is on that list which makes it at least a year out of date. =(

  221. Some years ago I realized that there was a previously unrevealed state of “Clear SP”.

  222. That’s strange I don’t remember sending you one Dan.

    If I had your email addy in my hushmail account it would be in my list of contacts.


    Nor is any email to you in my sent files.

    Unless it was sent through any of my other accounts.

    Please forward this alleged “email” of mine to me at my hushmail addy.

    Marty has it.

    Right now I don’t think it’s a good idea if I posted it here.



  223. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Ann. I agree with you.

  224. Hi CD
    I haven’t seen this quote. It’s really helpful if you can post the name of the policy when you give a quote – that way we can find the reference if it sparks our interest and read the whole thing and also verify it’s an actual LRH reference.
    Thanks 🙂

  225. What is so ironic, is that only living one’s life according to TWTH proofs one against all this keystone cops OSA stuff.

    I’ve so wished that whoever internally wises up and reforms Scientology International, they just focus on The Way to Happiness.

    I’m NOT a Hubbardite, but were some wise Hubbardites to focus on ONLY the positive, and just be bland and neutral and just do genuine good works, and let Scientology membership focus around TWTH, believe me, and deal with all conflicting anti TWTH other policies of the past that had their “time” for their desperate “situations” of the past, the world does NOT want Scientology’s intelligence branch tactics in any way shape or form.

    OSA and all this network of what I guess would be the old Guardian’s Office “GAS” network, all these people should just buy and distribute TWTH, and say bland dull positive things straight out of TWTH, and Scientology’s image would slowly move to what traditional religions’ images rightfully display.

    I’ve concluded, as an atheist, that religions which act sane and neutral, and do compassionate free work for society’s most desperate, are the best religions. I have nothing against a religion that helps the most desperate people in society who have no where else to turn. I applaud those people.

    Scientology so needs to focus on TWTH, across the boards. The Volunteer Ministers I can live with also.

    Some of the people on this list, I actually like them, and were I to bump into them, I’d bet they’d talk to me like normal people, despite it being a suppressive act for them.

    I’m so glad at least the freezone and independent Scientologists act like normal citizens, and don’t bury their heads in the ground, and are free.

    Too bad official Scientology hasn’t figured out how to be more like independent Scientology.

    Miscavige is such an impediment. One hopeful insight from Janet Reitman’s new book, now shipping, I received mine, from Amazon, “Inside Scientology”, is how Pat Broeker was so off the rails, he wanted to pursue non Sea Org personal goals for his life.

    When Scientology is that free with any of its members, high or low, they’ll have “normalized.”

    Scientology HAS to apply TWTH to its own members!!! That’s my analysis point suggestion for Scientology, all camps of it.

    Thankyou again Marty for being such a good citizen, and being so transparent, and doing such a huge amount of good in Scientology history.

    Chuck Beatty
    Ex-Sea Org (lifetime staffer, 1975-2003)
    Flag Dec 1975-Jun 1983 (TTC, Sup, Word Clearer, D of T, etc.)
    Int Base 1983-1984 (Routing Forms Pjt)
    Snr HCO Int in the FB in LA 1984-87
    Course Supervisor Re-Training (Int and LA) 87-88
    Int Training Org, LA 88 (Sec Checker Sup)
    LRH Tech Research and Comps, CMO Int, (Sept 88-Feb 89)
    Int RPF (Feb-Mar 89)
    PAC RPF (Mar-May 89)
    Int Training Org (May-Sept 89) (Admin Sup)
    INCOMM Sep 89-Sept 90 (Routing Forms Pjt)
    INCOMM Sept 90-May92 (Computer Room LA & Int)
    ASI May 92-Dec95 (Computer Room, In-Training Esto)
    Decks Int (Dec 95-Jun 96)
    Int RPF (Jun 96-Nov 2000)
    PAC RPF (Nov 2000-Mar2003)
    Routed out March 29, 2003.
    I live in Pittsburgh, feel free to call after 9pm east coast time, 412-260-1170
    My summary conclusion today is that Scientology, building on Professor Dave Touretzky’s
    excellent summary comments about Scientology, is my opinion that Scientology is
    (…….confidential data, if you want to see my opinions, read elsewhere, I respect independents’ rights to be Scientologists, good for you guys!)

  226. I agree with you 100% Chuck. LRH said TWTH was probably the most important thing he wrote…

  227. A big +1 on that Chuck 🙂

  228. I can’t thank you enough for talking and being in comm. It’s priceless what this whole world of ex Scientologists have done, which is mainly just ARC.

    Another irony is official Scientology can’t display ARC if they label too many people as “untouchable” and “you can’t talk to those SPs”.

    ARC won’t work if people can’t talk.

    Thanks SO MUCH for talking Mike!!!!!

  229. Karen, yours is a really excellent observation. Thanks for pointing all this out.

    And Marty (and your sources), thank you so much for obtaining and posting publicly this document.

    IMO, this document demonstrates an UNMISTAKEABLE PATTERN OF BEHAVIOR. It shows that the cult devotes significant planning and organization to their enterprise of unlawful stalking, harassment and intimidation of ex-cult members and those who are trying to leave the cult.

    Because “Squirrel Busters” are included on this list — those same persons seen in numerous videos made by others and by themselves as they harassed many who post here — investigatory agencies and prosecutors can easily see the connection between Corporate Scientology’s pattern of planning and organizing for harassment and their harassing behavior.

    Not to be pedantic, but racketeers are those who direct rackets. Rackets are based on the old protection racket, where the victims are intimidated to pay or to behave in certain ways in exchange for protection of some kind. (Sound familiar?)

    IMHO, this document and the comments in it are strong evidence that the cult and its leader are guilty of racketeering.

    David Miscavige: Have an extra couple of scotches tonight. I honestly believe your scotch-drinking days are nearly over.

    Just Me

  230. Breaks my heart to hear that. Really breaks my heart. I held her in such high esteem at one time.

  231. This tape actually confirms both RJ’s Viewpoint and Mine on the matter although we are at opposite ends. The Beauty of Rutube is that it doesn’t do DMCA complaints.
    Exact qoute 8:52 in (I qoutes out of my head before):
    “So I’m gonna be on the lines, but nobody’s gonna know about it” – L Ron Hubbard

  232. From the Office of Life

    And we are all her cubs. The behavior of the “Church” of Scientology with its blatant dishonesty and imagination applied to malice is contemptible and vile. They slander people they fear will expose them .

    Scientology smear ops fabricate similar of what they fear will be exposed.

    Karen’s son was raped as a child . Hence, OSA places anonymous calls that Karen is a child sex peddler….to her business colleagues (who smelled OSA a mile off)

    Whatever OSA is smearing is what they try to introvert and hang on others, exactly what they fear will be exposed about the “Church” of Scientology.

    The profiling of Spyintology is obvious to law enforcement now, much like serial killers are profiled. Scientology OSA are soul killers; they attempt character assassination of people’s good works and names.

    They have been profiled as he serial killers they are. Take a box OSA, there’s more light coming. The world is going to go free, just get used to that idea and get in session.

  233. Paul,

    That’s just how I roll. I had to keep them guessing. Since being declared I don’t get any invites to events, but I still get a call here and there to verify my mailing address. I wait with baited breath by the mailbox every day for an invitation to the next financial raping by the C of S.


  234. Pingback: Top Posts —

  235. Ann,

    Good for you!
    Geir Isene was also put on monitoring websites which backfired badly by OSA. Kudos to you for applying LRH and having personal integrity.

  236. Another name to add to the list for the L.A. area: Peggy Alexandre (married to Peter Alexandre.) She works for OSA on the Anonymous protests. What they do is there is a team of these guys and when the Anonymous protesters are done picketing, the OSA guys follow them to their cars (very discreetly) and write down their licence numbers for OSA.

  237. Very good point, Chuck. Perhaps if Dear Loser’s mantra were TWTH instead of Simon Bolivar, this blog would not exist.

    But then again, perhaps reliving the old Mission Ops glory days of sending missions out consisting of Squirrel busters & Lubow teams (which are totally failed missions with no trained and effective personnel) turns him on. After all he is the KoS of Mission tech too!

  238. Yes, it appears a bit out of date and that many of those listed would not consider themselves ‘spies’ for OSA, only volunteers to help with PR matters. But there are enough of them who are shown as helping with invest , the internet and protests/events to make this a partial list of spies. At least from 2008, when the April world wide protests occurred.

    It was exciting to see that an old flame and friend from my early years in Scientology, old OT VIII Mike Pomerantz, was listed as not being trusted any longer. I hope he’s out and if he isn’t, I hope he sees the list and joins the exodus. It’s encouraging that some on the listare out now. Let’s hope for more!

  239. I used to know Peggy back in the days when they had a Construction Co. known as Alexander/Faust the Faust being Jim Faust a good friend of mine back then who has since moved out to the Bayou.

    Anyway Peggy’s a heavy hitter and her dad (I don’t know if he is still living or not) worked for the State Dept and her brother is none other than Lyman Spurlock one of the directors of CST and also part of the conspiracy that took out the Franchise Network.

    Funny because he seems like such a nice guy in person and in the tech films.

    Again no surprise that Peggy has gone to the dark side.

    Sad none the less.

  240. Ann, Dan was almost disaffected two years ago. He was seriously in debt from being on OTVII and he sent his materials in. He was being threatened and cajoled by Flag to just come back and he said no way. He wasn’t willing to go any further in debt. He ended up divorcing his wife (also on VII and also seriously in debt for her own bridge). So, two OTVIIs were SO enturbulated by money problems from being on VII that they couldn’t work it out and ended up getting divorced. Great product for Flag, huh? Now Dan is back on the koolaid–helping out with security at events.

  241. I agree JM,

    She was my senior when I worked in the WUS Flub Catch Unit and she was an incredible C/S.

    I don’t understand how she bought into that GAT.

    Along with Sandy they were my 2 favorite C/Ses and trusted tech terminals.

    Wow this sad effect is getting too much!

    Marty maybe should post an LIC on your next blog 😉

  242. Dylan Wycliff

    One thing to think about is having a better campaign than C of M. If we want to use DM’s paranoid antago, and in the case of OSA 1.1, motions against him and in the process help repair the damage done to LRH’s image, a simple position the public can understand might help.

    For example, the C of M claims on their official website to believe in and practice the Creed of the Church. We know that’s a lie.

    The Creed says “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.” And of course that, “no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights overtly or covertly.”

    If church members believe that Miscavige is God then let them come out and say it or deny it.

    If they don’t believe he’s God, then the private investigators, the Freedumb reporters (remember the name of the magazine is “freedom”) and the camera-helmuted geek squad and other harassers are all documentary evidence that saying that the C of M believes in the Creed is just lying hypocrisy.

    Nailing them on that one simple point will cast public doubt on all the rest.

    Following along those lines, while we agree that it’s a good idea to be alert for OSA bots, if Independents believe in and actually follow the Creed by contrast, then we need to make sure that we don’t start labeling other potential independents “Kool Aid drinkers” without some good hard evidence.

    I don’t think we want to get into a witch hunt. If we believe that C of M members have the right to conceive, choose, assist or support their own organizations and churches, then they do. But so do we (and if they were following the Creed they would agree).

    Our right to think freely, say what we want to say and write what we want to write is guaranteed by the Creed (along with the Bill of Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). So the better campaign is perhaps to lead by example.

    We can easily demonstrate by the C of M’s continual overt actions that they’re lying and by demonstrating that we gain the moral high ground and public sympathy while showing that independent people who believe in what LRH created can be rational, good and tolerant folks.

    Just an idea.

  243. Marie Warren
    Has sex with my son Alexander Jentzsch when she is 40 years old and he is 12.
    She does get the RPF but the “Church” cover it up from Law Enforcment and do not
    inform his parents Heber Jentzsch and myself.
    Email address
    Jo-Jo Zawawi
    Email address,

  244. Yvonne Schick

    I like hearing this. I’ve always felt that if I could only have one piece of LRH work, it would be TWTH. With that alone, we could transform life as we know it. Do we need an independent TWTH campaign? Would that be possible?

  245. Yes CD,

    Actually I suggest everyone listen to the tape which is a confidential mission briefing that he gave to either Jim Dincalci (not sure if that’s the correct spelling but I’ll go with it) or Pat Broeker about finding secure quarters for Mary Sue and himself which has been exaggerated into some kind of dastardly plot to take over the world by the critics.

    And I thought I was the only one who had an active imagination around here!

    All this time CD and I never knew you were a soul brother!

    I suppose you subscribe to Lobster Mag too 😉

  246. Wow, what an interesting list…

  247. Somebody buy that boy some shoelaces!

  248. 🙂

  249. Les,
    Wonderful to hear of your week. Indy Scn moving up a little higher.

  250. Good job TRUTH

  251. Office of Life.
    I appreciate your supportive comments.
    We need a Senator Xenophon in the United States.
    We need someone to corral all the horror stories and lend an ear
    I can only imagine the eloquence of someone like Michael Fairman
    addressing a Congressional Committee.

  252. Marie Warren ~~ MORE ABOUT
    She commits statuory rape at 40 years old with a 12 year old.
    My My MY.
    How a few years make a difference ~~~


    Marie Warren-Bosio cozy with LAPD.
    Marie Warren-Bossio is the President of STABLE (Sunland-Tujunga Association for a Better Living Environment), a San Fernando Valley front group for the cult. STABLE is currently teaming up with the LAPD to help handle drugs and crime in our area, according to Bossio.

    She is also one of 4 Scilons on the board of FABA, the support group for the Foothill Division of the Los Angeles Police Department. The other Scilons are Danny Chadwell, Mitch Hermann & Peggy Howard.

    Marie is also on the fundraising team for the Political Action Committee of pro-Scilon Congressman Buck McKeon. McKeon recently toured the Delphi Academy in Tujunga and, according to Marie, was extremely impressed with what he saw at Delphi, saying “the problem with the Congress is a skipped gradient” after viewing the 3 Barriers to Study.

    Allegedly, McKeon wants to chair the House Education Committee so he can introduced Scientology programs into our public school systems.

    U.S. Congressman Buck McKeon – 25th District of California

    Marie Warren-Bossio
    Sunland-Tujunga Association for a Better Living Environment
    PO Box 158, Sunland, CA 91041-0158

    PO Box 158, Sunland, CA 91041
    Phone/Fax: (818) 352-7089


  253. It’s out, I got my copy tioday in the mail from Amazon.

  254. Yvonne — it is ABSOLUTELY possible to have an Independent TWTH campaign. In fact, if you remind me, I will introduce you to someone at the July 4th get together who IS doing just that. REAL use of WTH to better conditions without any pats on the back or hypey event videos.

    The church does nothing with WTH other than have IAS toss them a few dollars (I mean a FEW) every now and then to make something for a video for a “Freedom” medal “winner.” Apart from that, this book that can literally change the world is ignored. So, its open season for ANYONE who wants to carry out the real LRH intention.

    WTH is not real popular with Dear Loser as there isnt really any money in it. You can’t keep coming out with new editions. Its meant to be printed in cheap booklet form. No $$$$, NO interest. If he spent half his annual budget on suits on the WTH it would actually effect the world. If he spent all the income from the IAS for ONE MONTH on printing and distribution of WTH it would have MASSIVE impact. And when you think that the IAS has been going for nearly 30 years and how much money they have collected from people on the basis that it would be spent on “social programs” and how many copies of that book it would have printed — if all of it had been spent on WTH it would be enough to give one to every person on planet earth several times over.

  255. Dylan — Excellent comment. Very on point.

  256. one of those who see

    Really like the song. Very theta. These are good people that just can’t see. they are also semi – celebs so I assume they are treated very special.

  257. one of those who see

    Wonderful news Les!!! Thanks for letting us know!! And beautiful ack to our marines.

  258. I do believe Jan Estagates court appearance is scheduled for right about now as I am writing this {Australia time}, and needless to say I feel much the same way about her as I frequently do about D. Miss Cabbage®.

    I have not yet been able to understand what is wrong with Jan Eastgate’s mind.
    3 Women I have spoken to about Jan Eastgates nasty habit of telling children molested by perverts that if they go to the police or if their parents do bad things will come to all of them.

    That in itself says what needs to be said about her and her alleged support of human rights.

  259. Very well said. I agree.

  260. Tony DePhillips

    This comment you make is pure genius!!

    The Creed says “That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.” And of course that, “no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights overtly or covertly.”

    If this alone was dinged in I think it would really impinge.

  261. Love it, way to go!

  262. NOT a wizard, just a pathetic little man.

  263. I remember the day Dan told me he was going to do pro boxing. I thought he was crazy. He seemed to love it, though. I saw him from time to time with his face swollen from a bought, and just thought there had to be an easier way to make a living.

  264. 🙂 In fact, that’s why they are there.

  265. Karen,

  266. Now that’s what a call a useful document!

    “Realize many deep cover intelligence operatives are not named here – but your recognizing connections to some of these official OSA resources may lead to the exposure of such moles.”


    Now, lets get the list for the east coast of the US! and then other countries.

    Regarding SP declares being used to “prove” that people are not OSA or connected to the church of scientology.

    Couldn’t OSA mock up/fabricate a phony declare in order to provide a cover for one of their ops?

  267. Right Karen!

  268. scilonschools

    Today Tonight Report Australia Jan Eastgate first day in court. Bull Baiting on National TV.

  269. This angers me too, Lana. Yet the Kool-Aid Brigade says it’s all a media conspiracy to embarrass the Cult of Corporate $cientology.

    David Miscavige: You and your cur dogs are not long for free society.


  270. This is exactly the same tactics as Freedumb/SquirrelBusters/Lablow. Bryan Seymour called it — they are trying to provoke a violent response to their antagonistic arrogance.

    More exposes of this coming up.

  271. RJ: I knew Jim back when he was married to Sherry.

    Any news on Sherry?


  272. Brilliant!

    Thank you so much for such clarity, logic and means by which to possibly talk to those still involved, who would – if they could – leave.

    Sometimes needs just the right wedge.


  273. I remember Jim Faust from the Excalibur and he went on a recruiting mission to Phoenix and was literally having to hop fences to escape the wrath of the local mission holder (I think it was Doreen Casey) who was having him chased by her staff and the police. I also remember a friend from Phoenix who was public and literally had the two separate mission fighting over who he belonged to by tugging on his body. There are so many funny stories about Scientology and borderline entheta stories and just plain entheta stories that would far surpass the output of LRH and DM if put into book format. The positive or theta stories or OT stories seem to pale in comparison. Rhetorically, particularly on a cultural basis, it is getting harder and harder to separate the positive Scientology I recognized and practiced with the co-opted morass it has become, Reminds me of Communism which arrose out of egregious exploitation by capitalists. Karl Marx talked about dialectical materialism (creating two opposing forces to distract the public – which is sort of the “two-pole” basis of conspiracy theory) but said, in the end, by natural means of evolution, a society would rise out of capitalism into socialism and eventually true communism which is really just a self-recognized ecosystem where everything is co-operative. Communism was immediately co-opted by the capitalists and turned into a terrorist state where no one owned anything. What is missing in all of this is pragmatism and the prevention of applying sane principles to society at large. We now live in “Minionism” where most everyone is a minion.

  274. The free market breaks record after record. Free market pharmaceutical advertising in the US got 25% of its population hooked on antidepressants and legalized amphetamines. Free market home loans got 1 or 2 million Americans kicked out of their house every year. Free market insurance, mortgages and lending got almost all Americans in never ending debt. Free market weapons got America the top record of crime, murders, inmates and wars. Davey loves the free market as well and doesn’t attack the freezone auditors; only the ones that hit him in the pocket. If Scientology was a free market, we’d have to let all Davey’s free to do whatever they pleased. LRH never promoted free market Scientology but insisted on Standard Tech and a way of safeguarding it.

  275. Viewpoints differ but both are supported. mine: Hubbard was on the lines far more than people admit and yours he was watched by law agencies

  276. Spot on, Mike.

    The Oppressor often WANTS his target to commit crimes against the oppressor. The thing is not to fall for it.


  277. Well, Cat, I can’t read Russian, but it looks like the video was removed – or maybe I have some technical thing going on.

  278. The “video” is still there, Audio onley. You must have a technical thing.
    You can download it from here:

  279. Or here wich suposingly is a cleaned up version

  280. And here is the transcript:
    Or revised

  281. I don’t get your point CD.

    It’s pretty much known that Ron kept his hand in to a greater or lesser degree up until the day he died.

    In fact he personally supervised a successful pilot in the CCRD in Nov of 85 before that the FPRD in 84 and as I understand was directly advising management even earlier.

    However this doesn’t mean he was omnipotent or that he micromanaged everything.

    There were quite a few actions particularly those carried out by the GO that were directed by his wife Mary Sue as Controller or C/S 7 or Jane Kember as Guardian.

    For instance when my wife wrote to Ron on SO #1 she used her code name.

  282. Wow Les, that’s something!
    One of the very most effective weapons against De Moron is delivery in volume. Making auditors and OT’s is the one thing Davey can’t do; he has destroyed all his tools and capable personnel. But to be auditor and OT is the bait he lures his (new) victims with. As soon as they find out they will never get it from him but that there’re many auditors and OT’s made in the field, they might cognite. It would be a good idea to publish all field made auditors and releases ww on one site, update it weekly and link it to all the major blogs.

  283. Sorry WH,

    I didn’t know Sherry that well.

    As I remember her and Jim divorced sometime back in the ’90’s.

    I don’t know what happened to her after that.

    I do know that they have a son in the SO at Int.

    In other words a body in pawn.

  284. Jojo Albert, now JoJo Zawawi ~~ OSA Operative.

    JoJo’s still on Facebook, MySpace & has a personal website:

    Entity Number: C2301324
    Date Filed: 01/01/2001
    Status: ACTIVE
    Jurisdiction: CALIFORNIA
    Entity Address: 1428 GLENWOOD ROAD #101 (Lives her with husband Abbas)
    Entity City, State, Zip: GLENDALE CA 91201
    Agent for Service of Process: JOJO ZAWAWI

  285. martyrathbun09

    Not one of the best, THE BEST, in my opinion.

  286. As if man and wife don’t talk to eachother.

    marriage you know.

  287. So married people talk to one another CD.

    It doesn’t mean that they talk shop.

    I’ve know spouses who were married to someone who worked for CIA for years and never knew what they actually did.

    The fact is that the activities of B1 were highly compartmented from the rest of the Organization.

    And also another fact is that Mary Sue was highly self determined and independent.

    Not an air headed trophy wife by any stretch of the imagination!

  288. Mike Hobson

    Mike & Marty:

    Beware! This person “atcause” is no friend of Independent Scientologists. Over on ESMB he was promoting McSavage’s PR message that Indie and Freezone auditors are committing *fraud* by advertising their certifications:

    Over here, he has been engaging in Black PR against ESMB as documented in my post over there:

    Furthermore, I personally observed him attempting to Reverse Process Tory “Magoo” Christman in the ESMB Live Chatter by asking her introverting questions about her OT Levels and by running the Dirty Their Needle Drill on her and myself.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  289. Awesome!

    Now that’s what I call Dox!

  290. This is not true. I made some comments here a while back about the then condition of ESMB for which they are still upset with me about. There has since been alot of banning s on ESMB. ( alonzo and Zinj have been banned ). I feel that ESMB has come up a notch as a result.

    Regarding the church of scientology titles. I felt that once a scientologist leaves the church, all titles should be left with the church. I feel one should not be able to pick and chose among old church titles, keeping those that can be made money off outside the church of and dropping those that can’t. It’s just a matter of wording in one’s resume that’s all. This is just being blown out of proportion. I posted that article on ESMB because I didn’t feel that I can post it here inside of comments. I felt that that would have been inappropriate.

    The thing about Tory, is just plain false. My intention with Tory was out of interest of in her as a person and not to create any negative effects.

  291. How do you feel about Marty than. That should be an intresting answer.

  292. The Rabbithole runs deep. She needs not be in such a position of power

  293. Tory Christman

    Thank you, Mike H! You nailed it, just as it occurred. My suggestion is this:
    Do ***NOT*** waste an ounce of time “Arguing” with “Ateffect” (AtCause)…That IS
    his goal.
    C of $ Sucks: Today and forever:

    My final statement.
    Love you ALL >>>>>>>>>>>keep up the most excellent work of blowing their asses OUT and helping others get FREE. Tory/Magoo

  294. Tory Christman

    Gawd:: Denise: If you see this::: PLEASE DO ***NOT*** LET C OF $ USE YOU!
    I met some ladies from CC the other night……..they knew Denise, too. ((I’ve known her since she was a little girl—-such a shame). They said she’s no longer acting.

    Tory/Magoo~~Your Mom’s BF for many YEARS:::SNEAZIE::: GET OUTTA THERE **NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW**** CALL ME:
    (818) 588-3044
    PS: “Ideal Orgs” are NOT creating FREEDOM::: They are EMPTY. WTFU!!!

  295. Yes Ma’m…I’m just giving you a “20 years” perspective, as a volunteer.

    They WANT us to think there are *tons of spies” FEAR IS THEIR
    # 1 tool.

    That’s all I was saying. MAYBE there are this many. If so, phew….they are one
    sick organization (which we know is true—so OK, I’ll STFU.
    My best, TLC

  296. Sorry if this is “Off topic” but I clicked “Reply” To RJ and here is where it went.
    RJ said: “Let me ask you Tory if you do believe that Governments are such fine upstanding paragons of virtue (I’m not saying that you do) then why would they have such covert and in many cases criminal agencies like CIA?”

    Did I ………anywhere……..say I believe that Gov’ts are “such fine upstanding paragons of virtue”? HUH? ME???? errrrrrrr…tell me what you’re referring to, please, as nothing could be FARTHER from the truth, for me. You can PM me, so this doesn’t drag out—as it’s really off topic at this point, but No—I do not. Love to all 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  297. OK, I’ll rephrase it: The best weapon against Davey is delivery in volume accompanied by proper publication. A very close second is continued exposure of what he has done and is doing to Scientology on a level that’s real to him, his flock, the media and society. BTW, congratulations on doing both and your house of persistent F/N’s.

  298. Tory,

    I never even suggested that you were a big fan of big Government which is why I qualified what I wrote by placing parenthesis around the fact that I didn’t think you were.

    However you must admit that among the critics there is a Government support group of some kind.

    Who omit all the documents obtained in the raid on Washington and LA which include the Intelligence Community’s collusion with various Scientologists in developing Psi-int.

    One of the key reasons that the courts choose to withhold documents from the FOIA law suit filed against the USG was for “Reasons of National Security”.

    So in this sense they quashed any effort of the GO to seek justice on routine channels and actually forced them into a position to obtain this data illegally by means of espionage.

    A back story that many critics are either unaware of or seem to ignore.

  299. I suggest you read my past comments about Marty if you want to know. It’s interesting to note that all these attacks here on me are originating from people who post mainly on ESMB.

  300. AC,

    I know you’ve been posting here for a long time and you have cred.

    Just chill and this will all blow over.

  301. Mike Hobson

    @”atcause”: What you actually said In a post entitled “A form of false advertising” was this:

    “I have nothing against people auditing others in the church or leaving the church and auditing people, there’s is something I’m seeing that Independent/freezone auditors are doing that I don’t feel is ethical on their part.”

    ( ellipsis )

    “What I’m saying is that an auditor in the freezone that advertises that they are a class IX auditor but left the church of scientology 20 years earlier isn’t a class IX auditor because part of being a class IX auditor is that you have to be on *proper terms* with the organization that owns and issues such auditor classifications.”

    ( )

    The above are verbatim quotes (in case you edit that post again).

    What we have here is a blatant effort to invalidate all ex-Co$ auditor’s earned certifications and label them unethical for using those certifications.

    *That* is a negative PR message (“enemy line”) direct from David Miscavige.

    No, I do not believe I misunderstood you at all. As I said, you are no friend of Independent Scientology.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  302. And who are you Mike?

    The Independent *field’s* ethics officer.

    Actually a lot of people in the independent field have questions on that point.

    Can a person call themselves a Class IX etc?

    ( actually very few “Class IXs” are actually Class IX since they haven’t done the Class VIII course which is actually a prerec for Class IX per the HCOB ‘Fast Training’)

    However I’m posting what Ron says about this which is covered in PAB 112 The Rights of the Field Auditor which as I understand was reissued as an HCOPL by the same title and as far as I know has never been cancelled.

    Three points in particular are germane to this discussion and they are that a field auditor is entitled to:

    (Fair Use)

    7) To respect for his training and experience.

    (I’ve noted that violation of this point isn’t just limited to the Organization)

    8) To respect for his certificates.

    (Finally and most importantly.)

    9) To have and hold his certificates without cancellation by anyone *forever*. (Emphasis mine)

    The above without the annotations of course was hand written signed by Ron with his personal signature as opposed to the one owned by RTC and used with its permission or whatever.

    And anyone who has an original Tech Vol III should have their very own copy.

    This means not only does the Bill of Rights under the First grant us this right to continue to practice *our* religion out side the confines of the 501Ciii USDA Approved Animal Farm or the Church of Anti-Scientology but Ron himself grants us that right.

    There that should answer your question atcause and Mike please lighten up.

  303. Actually the guy with the shades should be point 9.

    Word press strikes again with their silly icons!

  304. First off, I think it’s best if they read what I wrote in the original article rather than your cut an pasting hack job here in order to present part of the picture to back up your attempt to drive wedges between Independent scientologists and to cause upset here and on ESMB.

    I think you are blowing this all out of proportion. All I really asked for is a re-wording of one’s resume, not to leave out or forget their accomplishments and training level in the church. If I’m wrong, I’ll admit it but from what I’ve read so far, I don’t believe that I am.

    “No, I do not believe I misunderstood you at all. As I said, you are no friend of Independent Scientology.”

    The only thing that I’m trying to be a friend of is the truth. Apparently staying in a group no matter what the cost is your goal not mine. If that group is with the truth, I’m with them.

    I have no intention of looking the other way or suppressing whats on my mind in order to stay in some group. I didn’t do it with the church of scientology and I’m not going to start doing it now.

    I’m not going to look the other way or alloy my quest for truth in order to keep a membership with this group or that group or some other group. All I care about is the truth.

    That’s the same BS game they play in the church and seems to be the same game you are playing now.

    If I see something in the church of scientology, the freezone or the Independents that I feel isn’t right, I’m going to SPEAK MY MIND and say something. I’m not going to just cower down and keep quiet just to stay in some group.

    Apparently, your creed Mike is the nail that sticks up should be nailed down, just like you are trying to nail me down now.

    I’m not going to abandon my sense of truth or suppress my freedom of speech just to stay a “friend” of one group or another or to keep from getting guys like you upset.

    I’ll leave the brown nosing game to you.

  305. Mike Hobson

    “Atcause” :

    You wrote “I think you are blowing this all out of proportion. All I really asked for is a re-wording of one’s resume, not to leave out or forget their accomplishments and training level in the church.”


    No auditor uses their Scientology training or processing certifications on a resume ( for employment purposes ). Therefore, that is not your concern.

    The only thing ex-Co$ auditors use those certifications for is promotions for PC’s. Ex-Co$ PC’s use those certifications to know whom is qualified to audit them.

    If an auditor says, for example, they are Class V Graduate (Pre-GAoT) and an Independent Scientologist(no tm) no longer affiliated with the Co$, there is no room for misunderstanding at all.

    So, the only possible reason I see for telling Freezone / Independent auditors it is unethical to use their certifications to promote for PC’s, is to try to keep Ex-Co$ PC’s from finding auditors outside of the Co$.

    Once again, that is a David Miscavige anti-competition PR agenda, and nothing else.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  306. “No auditor uses their Scientology training or processing certifications on a resume ( for employment purposes”

    I’m not speaking for regular job employment in the outside world, I’m speaking of promotion for a job as an *auditor*.

    Anyway, RJ shed some light on the subject so lets just drop it Mr. Sneaky.

  307. They worked in the same shop, like a mom and pop bussiness 😉

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  309. You merited two entries, Natalie! ❤

    I'm guessing the list is mid-2008. (References to April 12 Anon picket).

  310. Hilarious, Gary!

  311. Cudgel the Clever

    Has anyone ever leaked a list for the EASTERN half of the US?

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