Expansion News Again

I am backlogging on essays of great interest and import to Independent Scientologists.  One reason is the news flashes of the now daily over-the-top, inane behavior of the Cult of Miscavige (note: I am no longer granting his dead organization the privilege of using and thereby destroying the name “Scientology”).

Because of the plethora of video material of interest to the public at large that we are amassing, I will start posting it on my You Tube channel without (in most cases) distracting the blog from more important matters.  You can access my channel and subscribe to it (to receive alerts when new matter is posted) at:


For now on when I post a new post on Moving On Up A Little Higher or a new video on my Youtube channel, I will tweet the fact on my twitter account.  You can follow me on twitter to receive the new material alerts at:


Following me on Twitter saves you the time of having to check periodically for updates on either Moving On Up A Little Higher or my Youtube channel.  Instead, you’ll receive a text the second something new appears on either.

Incidentally, Dave’s strategy of overtly stalking and harassing Mosey and me is making us: a) a rapidly increasing circle of good friends locally, b) ever increasing new channels to educate the public at large on the difference between the philosophy of Scientology and the Cult of Miscavige, and c) increasingly strong and dedicated Independents.





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  1. If Miscavige came to your front, alone, and said he wanted to talk to you, what would you say?

  2. Great idea…

    Also, for those who do not tweet or youtube, you can use the RSS feeds for new posts and new comments for each new update. For those that do not know, the RSS feed is enabled by clicking on the little orange “chicklets” that highlights on your IE browser (not sure how it works on Firefox) and then you just subscribe. you can then drag and drop the feed to your task bar and it will highlight when new material is posted.

    With the latest failures of his powder blue camera monkeys, DM must be hitting the Jack Daniels pretty hard, and the tensions in the bunker must be at an all time high.


  3. Marty, F anf P my friend! Love, Sargio

  4. Cowboy Poet

    I don’t believe there was ever an assumption he coud do anything right…

  5. Tweets from COB:
    >Drank scotch and smoked Camels for breakfast.
    >Flexed biceps in front of mirror.
    >Increased PI budget again. There are more SP’s than ever.
    >Screamed at staff members for noncompliance
    > Had lunch with wealthy IAS publics who donated millions to eat with me. I hate all of them for being weak and imperfect. They need to donate more.
    >Watched live feed of Marty’s house for several hours. I know he is in there.
    >Hired Russian psychics to put curses on Mike, Marty, Amy, and others
    >Defended myself against staff members with ev purps by beating them
    >Purchased new black thongs and matching socks. This a great look!
    >Posed in front of mirror in COB thong and flexed. Noted that I look much more buff than Anthony Weiner.
    >Sexted L.
    >Increased PI budget again. SP’s increasing at alarming rates.
    >Called TC to ask if he is happy with the slipper storage in his Bluebird
    > Tom is not happy. Budgeted $500K to completely gut and remodel the Bluebird. This must be finished in 48 hours or else!
    >Some former psych patient named Janice Meyer was arrested; media is claiming she is part of the Church. This is a lie. Have OSA issue a denial. We have never heard of Janice Meyer. We don’t take people who have had ect,.
    >RPF’d 20 people for allowing the illegal pc Janice Meyer to get auditing
    >Watched live feed of TC’s house for several hours. What else can I do to get him to love me?
    >Increased PI budget again. I need more PI’s to tail the PI’s we have hired.
    >Purchased more land in Clw. Our expansion is highest ever!

  6. Thanks Marty. Way to leverage Social Media!

  7. Firebreathing Frog

    Great Marty.
    Yes I like to know what’s going on, but appreciate most reading about win and Scientology delivery.
    I also like reading about Scientology history and the crime Miscavige committed to put himself as the only ruler over Scientology (for all to connect the dots.)
    You have been brilliant doing this and getting so many people to really see what’s going on.
    The distractions from all OSA, PI, OTA, etc are just here to prevent you from delivery, auditing and patching up messed up case from Flag, and to expose the crimes of David Miscavige for all to see.
    All the best

  8. Philadelphia Doctorate Course lecture #20- “Formative State of Scientology. Definition of Logic” (Fair use quote)

    “There’s only one thing that could happen to Scientology, and that is to say that it would be buried. The remedy would be buried.

    If it ever went out of sight, this world is done.

    All you’ve got to do is invalidate it and put it out of sight and hide it. And it will come up in the wrong place doing the wrong thing, and mankind will find itself a slave.

    So anybody that knows the remedy of this subject. Anybody that knows these techniques is himself actually under a certain responsibility. As to make sure he doesn’t remain a sole proprietor.

    That’s all it takes, just don’t remain a sole proprietor. Don’t ever think that a monopoly of this subject is a safe thing to have. It’s not safe. It’s not safe for man, it’s not safe for this universe.

    This universe has long been looking for new ways to make slaves. Well we’ve got some new ways to make slaves here. Let’s see that none are made.”

  9. Marty and Mosey, wonderful news regarding, friends, enlighting, and dedicated Independents!!!!! whoa! XO

  10. Hey Marty and Mosey,

    Just got to note here that as a result of Minervozo around to our neighbors we had a bunch of people knock on our door last nite to let us know they told them to go to hell, and some new readers of your blog. They are fascinated by what is unfolding right in our neighborhood. Of course, the FIRST response from all of them is “Aren’t you glad you are no longer part of that cult.” And that of course leads into the discussion about Independent Scientology versus the Cult of Miscavige (they all know we are Independent Scientologists thanks to the flag designed by Steve and made by Jack Airey that we flew last July 4th) but now they really understand the difference.

    Our local police department is very courteous and helpful. They don’t have any time for the antics of Minervozo…

    I suspect Minervozo won’t be back in our neighborhood any time soon.

  11. Impartial English Girl

    Good post today. Glad to see DM’s deluded antics are backfiring so spectacularly in your favour these days.

    Incidentally, whither Tommy Davis these days? Is he locked in a bunker somewhere? He seems noticeable by his absence (unless it’s just me).

    Have a great weekend everyone,

    IEG xx

  12. David Lingenfelter


  13. martyrathbun09

    That is like asking, if a jack ass escaped from a local ranch and arrived at your door and he wanted to talk to you, what would you say?

  14. QUOTE
    >Some former psych patient named Janice Meyer was arrested; media is claiming she is part of the Church. This is a lie. Have OSA issue a denial. We have never heard of Janice Meyer. We don’t take people who have had ect,.
    >RPF’d 20 people for allowing the illegal pc Janice Meyer to get auditing.

    “Janice Meyer” is Jan Eastgate. Full name Jan Eastgate Meyer.
    I notice that they are now calling her Janice Meyer.
    One wonders if this to prevent Google searches only to find out that
    The Church of Scientology honored Jan Eastgate with their “IAS Freedom Medal”.
    The charge is Perverting the Course of Justice.

    Janice Meyer is Jan Eastgate

  15. Simply Revolting

    There has been much talk on the internet of the harm the present dictatorship of the Church has done to the church, its PR standing, and to many individuals, since the mid 80s. But to look at the harm done on the fourth and seventh dynamics, is a hangable offence. The huge number of releases and clears and pre-OTS that were postulated to come into existence by LRH, but never have, is a high crime spiritually against mankind. Would anyone estimate the number of clears and above that should have taken place if the church had been allowed to function under non-suppressive leaderships? And DM and these idiots just ‘****about’ with cameras annoying the neighbourhood, while society drags way, way, way behind… Leaving the rest of us to figure out how to make some small progress in a subject carefully boobytrapped and black PRed…

  16. Clara Billings passed away on June 15. She was an early CL 6 Auditor and mid- OT3. Her husband was a Scientologist from the early 50’s. Clara was 84 years old and died as the result of a fall. Her friend said that Clara died just as she would have liked, just as she had lived. “She was ornery and that’s why we liked her.” When the friend told her the situation and that she did not have long to live, Clara said, “What are you doing here, then? Get back to your family and job!” I did not know Clara, but I feel certain that she would not have tolerated the fake Scientology. She would have been an Independent.
    Clara had no living family, so I wanted her to have a proper memorial here with those who would have appreciated her spunk.
    Here’s to Clara!

  17. Just Curious..

    Why don’t you and Mike refer to Scientology as a Church? Or Rinder.

    Or do you dispute that fact too..?

    Pretty sure LRH created it as a church.

    Just curious.

  18. Snff, Snff, Snff…RCS, poo 2 days old. Came from the west. Heading south east towards the Caribbean sharing crack pipe with armed thugs. Hallucinating, laughing and making stupid jokes.

  19. Meyer is her (former?) husband’s name (Trevor)…

  20. Well, that’s easy. First step – 2 by 4 to side of head to get his attention….

  21. Snff Snff Snff…RCS attempt to cover up RCS poo. Odor noticed from half way around the world once familiarized with odor. Thank you!

  22. Jethro Is In The Zone

    Here’s an article which calls her “Janice Meyer”, though it mentions that she also goes by the name “Jan Eastgate”:


    “Surrounded by supporters, senior Scientologist Janice Meyer arrived at the Downing Centre Local Court yesterday, accused of pressuring an 11-year-old girl to lie about sex abuse within the church. Ms Meyer, who also goes by the name Jan Eastgate, left with relaxed bail restrictions that will allow her to travel to and from her home in California.”

    It certainly seems like the “church” is trying to distance themselves from her.

  23. Jethro Is In The Zone

    Here’s another news article with no mention of “Jan Eastgate”, just “Janice Meyer”:


  24. Mike-Great reference

  25. That’s right Marty, Flourish and Prosper in the face of suppression! I can’t wait to see what these assholes have in store for us on July 4.

    ML Tom

  26. Mike-I love this rally of your neighbors-what a win. DM eat your heart out.

  27. It’s her married name and no doubt the name in her passport and the name she was charged under and all the court documents are under. Simple as that.

  28. Marty, I coined the phrase Miscavology a few years ago. Feel free to use it, I didnot take a Copyright out on it.

  29. Now THAT was funny!

  30. I would say, “Damn, I am going to make a fortune with this thing”


  31. McShorty: “Yo…..dictaphone bitch!!! Get your cock-sucking, out-ethics ass in my fucking office NOW!!!”

    Dictaphone Bitch: “Yessir?!?”

    McShorty: “Take this down! And don’t fuck up ONE SINGLE WORD!”

    Dictaphone Bitch: “Yessir!”

    McShorty: “Okay…..To All Kool….no…..to all Scientologists! YOU ARE NO LONGER ALLOWED TO USE YOU TUBE, TWITTER, OR EVEN THE GOD-DAMNED INTERNET!”

    Dictaphone Bitch: “Wow, sir! Such authority!”

    McShorty: “That’s RIGHT! You finally said something useful! Now, get Jan Eastgate on the phone! We have a little bit of a molestation problem we need handled over at Int!!!!!!”

  32. Don’t forget to bend your knees a ways, or else your swing might go over his head about a foot.


  33. SaveTheTech

    At the end of the last post yesterday, Sinar commented that BBC Panorma program is airing in the US on the 3rd of July. I just didn’t want anyone to miss mrinder’s reply:

    mrinder | June 17, 2011 at 3:45 pm | Reply


    I tried to get them to do it on 4 July but they had other programming already scheduled.

    But I think 3 July in celebration of Independents Day is pretty good as the party will be in full swing.

    Trying to arrange to get Direct TV installed at Independents Ranch before then!

    Looking forward to seeing you and everyone else….

  34. Mark honey, I wouldn’t say. I would just not answer the door. I don’t want unwelcome people in my home. For sanity’s sake.

  35. Mike,

    That’s excellent PR Area Control!

    Very Well Done!


    I’m glad to read that you’re expanding!

    Yeah I dropped calling *it* the “Church of Scientology”.

    My name for it is the 501Ciii USDA Approved Animal Farm 🙂

    Or just plain Squirrel Group like EST, the Process, E Therapy, Howes, Aprinistics, Dianology etc etc I don’t think they are going to be all that long in this world and Davy if he isn’t in prison will be forced to get a real job.

    Since he has no real education either in Scientology or the quote Wog World unquote his prospects look kinda grim.

    What’s he going to put on his resume’?

    That he was the “Leader” of the “Scientology Religion” for over 2 decades.

    I doubt if even his elitist “friends” would hire him.

    In other words if Dave loses his position in the Church that he basically destroyed there is really no where else to go.

    Just like Ron says in the RED The Future of Scientology.

    News flash Dave if you’re reading this.

    We are the future.

    You will be a has been and a mere foot note in history.

  36. Karen:

    Whether her name is Janice Meyer or Janice Eastagate or Janice Eastgate Meyer physically she is reponding in person to the charges against her.

    Whatever she calls herself she is in the same hot water and telling a real judge that her name is Cinderella will not reprieve her from her fate.

    Any woman that could tell anyone that he or she will meet up with harsh consequences if a perverted member of corporate Scientology that molested that person’s child is reported to the police by that person does not deserve the fiirst chance she ever got to prove she might be a human being.

    People like Jan Eastgate can causes to be brought against innocent parents of such a chile for aiding and abetting a crime, and the church attorney’s for Jan {whatever her last name is} will no doubt make a point of this in court that the MOTHER of the victim pleaded with the church not to do anything about it. This is why Jan thinks she can act as cool as she does and get away with it. She won’t be getting away with anything Karen.

  37. martyrathbun09

    Why did you put my email address down as yours on this blog? Answer me, and then I’ll answer you Curious One.

  38. martyrathbun09

    Why did you put my email address down as yours on this blog? Answer me, and then I’ll answer you Curious One.

  39. Where is that quote from. Karen? Are you saying DM/OSA are throwing her under the bus? Or that they are trying to spread false data to cloud the issue?

  40. Mark,
    That scenario is most unlikely to happen IRL! There usually is a bodyguard, communicator, secretary and other execs in accompaniment outside of his private quarters.

  41. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    Thank you for the news.

    I raise my glass — Here’s to Clara!

    Rest in Peace Clara!

    — Jackson

  42. Dear Marty,

    Your observation regarding NAMES is brilliant. Calling whatever the f___k DM is doing “Scientology” is, as you noted, an insult to LRH.

    We know from the Listing and Nulling tech that:


    Mis-naming something can send you in a huge spin.

    Use even a slightly wrong word and your evals, perceptions, and plans can go in the wrong direction (ref: “Misunderstood Words, Goofs).

    Note LRH’s incredible ability not just to use a good word, but the PRECISELY CORRECT WORD. Precisely correct words support DIFFERENTIATION and thwart “MIS-IDENTIFICATION. We know that mis-identification is deadly.

    So, to expand on Marty’s lead, and apply the above LRH principles to the current scene:

    1.) Re: The Technology: Using the word “Scientology” in connection with what DM is doing, is, as Marty touched on, a degrade of the Tech (I wish it WAS “radical Scientology,” because that would mean a serious, fundamental, strong application of Scientology, as opposed to DM’s psychiatric practices).

    To include the word “Scientology” is an insult unless we communicate that what he is doing is NOT Scientology. It is FAKE Scientology. I therefore propose that we call it:


    2.) The Organization. We have struggled to come up with the right words to describe what we have been dealing with since DM thugged his way in. We have used terms such as “Corporate Scientology,” “Organized Scientology,” “The Church of Miscavige,” etc.

    First, there are various corporations (CST, RTC, and CSI). Those corps were created at LRH’s will. So terms with a (possible) critical slant, such as “Organized Scientology,” “Corporate Scientology” are incorrect. LRH intended that they be organized and that they be corps. Even if they didn’t represent LRH intention, THE CORPS AREN’T BEINGS. They really aren’t a “terminal.” They are just pieces of paper, legally (yes, that’s an over simplification, but you get the idea).

    DM is a USURPER, who INSERTED HIMSELF over these corps.

    The corps are not the correct target.

    Next, terms such as “the Church of DM” forward a lie. DM did not create the Church. LRH did, with our help. So, “the Church of DM” cannot be the correct target – there is no such thing, per se.

    There IS “a church hijacked by DM,” but targeting it would be like targeting the person who was kidnapped, instead of the kidnapper.

    Next, DM did not produce the corps’ assets.

    Anything the corps own CAME FROM OUR WORK, EFFORT, OR DONATIONS, NOT DM.

    He is a PARASITE, living on the labor of others, and off of the goodwill of those who continue to donate to the corps.

    Calling these corps the “Church of DM,” or such, is to TACITLY AGREE THAT THE CORPS AND THEIR ASSETS ARE HIS. THAT IS WHAT HE WANTS US TO THINK.

    So, destruction of the assets of the corps is not a correct target, as:

    (1) Those assets are NOT DM’s ASSETS, but our assets, and
    (2) LRH intended for the corps to have assets (ref, finance policy).

    So, what is the CORRECT TARGET and the PROPER NAME of that target?

    The United States is an entity. Its government is run by a success of ADMINISTRATIONS. Some of them, such as the Nixon Administration, had out-ethics. Others were more in ethics. The administrations are not the country and do not own the country.

    I therefore propose that the CORRECT TARGET and its PROPER NAME is:


    Marty, Mike, and others are to be congratulated for exposing and focusing the attention on the crimes of that administration.

  43. Admin & effective organisation alone is a powerful stand alone asset and probably will be the spark that ignites the effective downfall of the cult. There is no adequate defense against someone who has their shit together. The momentumn is swinging Marty and Miscavige might as well try to hold back the tide as oppose the inevitable.
    As a rabid dog fights to evade capture, his victories do nothing to allevaite the rabies.
    Good news needs to be organised – thanks.

  44. Hey Marty, this is a great solution – Really what twitter was meant to be (if it was meant to be anything 🙂 ).

    I totally, 100% agree with you on not calling what Mr. David Miscavige and his mindless followers Scientology. Because it is not. If anything, it is mindless quote-making of things LRH may or may not have said that support a corrupt agenda.

    Scientology is alive and well. Mr. David Miscavige has not killed it, and can not kill it.

    But, he can and has muddied the water. There have always been people who hate anything different or who have the audacity to claim answers. I know people who hate Mormons, for example, or Muslims, or Jehova’s Witnesses, as “cult members”. These people will always take issue with Scientology. But, Mr. David Miscavige has dismantled the work done by people like Heber and Dianna and others to make Scientology at least recognized as a religion instead of a cult. So now, well-meaning people are also “against Scientology.” Of course they are against a corrupt organization that condones and protects child molesting, forced abortion, human trafficing, organized harassment of ex-church members, outright and obvious lying to the media, and the antics of Tommy Davis and the Stepford SO-wives.

    It is important to separate Scientology from Miscavige, the CofM. Actually, not to separate it in actuality, because it is already separate, but to publicize the separation.

    The Church of Scientology is a FRAUD. The “International Association of Scientologists” is a FRAUD – There is no Scientology involved with these organizations, because they are not practicing Scientology. They are doing something very, very different.

    So, again, I salute you brothers and sisters!

  45. simonbolivar

    I ripped my pants off for laughing at this. 🙂

  46. Grateful-Clara sounds like she was a pistol and she would’ve aimed it right at our little squirt. I could see her, like in an episode of Bonanza, on the porch with a rifle, chomping on a pipe shooting at the goon squad-shouting “get yer asses off my property”- We will make her an honorary Independent. After all she was a C6 -a real one.

  47. Why hi there Mr. (or Ms.) Curious. Welcome to the blog. I hope you spend a lot of time reading everything here. I think it could really help you, and certainly answer your questions.

    If an organization acts like a church, it is a church. If it doesn’t act like one, then it isn’t one.

  48. I love it how everything is “Moving On Up a Little Higher”.
    Seems the C.O.S is moving out of 1.1 towards 1.5 under this constant theta assault and shows its true face of a crazy organisation for anybody to see.
    This craziness was hidden for years behind a curtain of religious activities and very charming statements (lies).
    I was so 100% sure that probably I was crazy in the last 30 years and all my fellow Scientologist are winning and expanding and I just don’t get it !
    What a relief to find out that I never have been crazy and that my observations were correct and that I was living in a environment where most of the people were just living in Illusions and lying to themselves and their environment and me copying it.
    Honesty to oneself and the environment is the way to happiness and is the why of the success of the independent movement.


  49. If Shelly Miscavige came up to my door, I would ask her to come in, and then ask where she had been… Oh, you mean Dave!

    I would start the video, and ask him to start talking. I would interview him, and get his side of the story in his own words. And, then, apply the Data Series and pull the strings.

    He probably wouldn’t drop by my place, though – I don’t have any scotch, and I am a hell of a lot taller than he is, so he may feel uncomfortable. Sorry, Dave!

  50. Mike,
    5000 of my homey’s put this little demo together to show how a community can pull together. Let me know if you’d like me to get them to organize something like this for you down there.

  51. Correction: In the above, “success” should be “succession,” The sentence should read, “Its government is run by a succession of ADMINISTRATIONS.”

  52. Grasshopper
    I love your writings.

  53. one of those who see

    Thanks for the info on Clara, Grateful.
    Clara, thank you for your contributions to freedom! Hope you can join us soon!

  54. one of those who see

    LRH says Production is the basis of Morale. Well, Marty, your morale must be pretty high these days. You are successfully confronting the suppression- which is shattering, you are salvaging beings with standard tech and restoring the good name of Scientology.
    Bravo to you, sir.

  55. Mr or Ms Osa bot?: Go to the Save Scientology link and carefully study each article as well as the incorporation docs. You will have your answer.
    Or…are you too terrified to actually look?

  56. Did you do that? Did you forge your e-mail address as Marty’s?

    Now that is not a good thing to be doing. People are OT’s here most of us. If you aren’t red like a beet after having Marty ask you in front of the internet why you did this, I will let my closest neighbor spank my ass in public to see if the color compares to yours.

    Shame on you.

  57. Yeah- what Grasshopper said 🙂

  58. David Miscavich has had more influence over the organization of Scientology than L. Ron Hubbard and I think Indies, Kool aid drinkers and the COB would all agree with this. GAT, IAS, pervasive sec checking, 3 swing F/N, no international management, only micro-management from a single god-like COB… these are all massive influences from a single guy… He’s been a very busy and a very strong leader (or a bully, depending on your viewpoint). Are they good influences or bad ones?? There are lots of different opinions here. But, I think the common viewpoint (an item, if you will) is that COB has influenced the organization of Scientology more than L. Ron Hubbard. It is in this strength where his weakness lies. The tipping point approaches….

  59. Another Layer

    Mr. Lawson,
    Nice differentiation and positioning! This name opens the door to perceiving administrations before AND after, while identifying that an administration is just that, and NOT source. So now, out with the Miscavige administration and its miserable cohorts!!! Yes, indeed. Sounds good to me.

  60. STT: This is a fascinating and IMO accurate observation.

    Of course LRH designed the 7 Div Org Board, but a lot of the functions of the organization have been undermined by Dear Loser (especially HCO, Tech Div, Qual and Div 6 destroyed).

    LRH wrote the OEC and in theory this is what orgs are based on. But…. not so fast. You can’t do an OEC Course and havent been able to for more than a decade because Dear Loser determnined the policies were “not in the right sequence” and so they could not be studied. And because nobody can figure out what that correct sequence really is to his satisfaction (and apparently he can’t work it out to his satisfaction either) there is no OEC. You cannot even buy half the volumes from Pubs because the “new ones” were supposed to come out (even before the Mark Super Duper VIII Three Swinger Loser Meter).

    LRH laid out the pattern of management — but Dear Loser has completely destroyed it. Not only has he removed every important executive from post so there is no management, he also destroyed the tech of management: EVALS. There is a TON of LRH CBOs and other issues that talk about evals as the basis for ALL management. There is nobody to even approve evals any more — if there was someone on post and they tried to do one it would have to be approved by Dear Loser. He would NEVER approve anyone else’s eval, because it would be admitting that someone else saw something he had not seen. Couldnt have that!

    LRH designed the pattern of the corporate structure of Scientology. Dear Loser has destroyed that completely. Check out the Save Scientology web site for details.

    So, its pretty much a clean sweep.

    All that is left is a NAME. He keeps on pretending that what he calls the Church of Scientology bears any resemblance to what L Ron Hubbard laid out in tech, policy, CBOs or corporate structures. It’s a facade.

    And as to whether he is strong or just a bully — I would say he is just a strong bully.

  61. Hi Mark;

    I’d ask for a loan.

  62. Well said, Mike.

    Thank you for your courage and integrity in not just stepping forward initially, but in continuing to step forward, and in spite of all the attempts to suppress you.

    If in the army, you, Marty, Mosey, and company would receive high medals for persistence and valor under fire.


  63. Thank you, Ingrid,

    That image is just perfect. I smile every time I think about it. I think Clara would have liked it, too.

  64. Yup Mike, as a very good friend of mine said: “I knew Dave Miscavich before he was a Scientologist and he was a little bully then and he is still a bully today.” And, I might add, he is still little.

  65. Thanks for your kind words, AL.

    Yes, there has been a continuous GOVERNMENT of Scientology, overseen by different ADMINISTRATIONS.

    There was the LRH Administration. Later, the Miscavige Administration. Perhaps some sort of intermediary administrations or mixed administrations.

    In the United States, most of the government stays when the administration changes. The same happened to our group.

    So, we have three things:

    1. The COUNTRY (or the group)
    2. Its GOVERNMENT; and

    Though there is some overlap, they are different.

    The Current Administration oversees the government. (Admittedly, the current administration is part of the government, but only its top part and and only for a while.)

    So, all DM and crew are is the Current Administration. Nothing more.


  66. Clara,
    Good job on a life well lived. I’ll be seeing you.

    Jim Logan

  67. It’s basically what is called active measures or a disinformation campaign but it ain’t going to work since Karen spotted the lie.

    Nice try OSA.

    That foot bullet must hurt?

    Eww ouch.

  68. Tony DePhillips

    That would be cool to do a version something like this at the Indy party…

  69. Marty, I laughed so hard…..love it!

  70. Mr. Lawson,
    Excellent points, well presented. Good job on that one.

  71. Love your comment! Great update Marty. Continue to flourish and prosper!

  72. Scott Campbell


    As you certainly know, the “party line” out there amongst Kool-Aid drinkers is that the Independent Scientology Movement is just another squirrel group that will eventually fade away into oblivion while the Church of Scientology soldiers on, undaunted.

    In light of this assumption I would like to make a request of those “on-lines, in good standing” Scientologists who may be reading this blog.

    Please clear the following words (found in MODERN MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY DEFINED:

    SQUIRREL, n. what makes a squirrel? It is the person on the other side of the squirrel. It is a person invalidating him invalidating his goals, invalidating his interest, and kicking the props out from underneath him by covert hostility or overt hostility, but in any way, kicking him apart. He’s interested, he’s working, but part of another universe. But, practically on the same time continuum is an invalidative mechanism about this man not Scn. It isn’t kicking Scn around, it’s kicking around somebody’s stable data and it’s creating continuous confusions for him. So he splits off not knowing quite where he stands. Is he in this universe called Scn or is he or she in this universe called husband or wife or something? So here we have this invalidative person who is against it on the other side or our guy and we sometimes can’t reach this other person. (5511C03) – v. 1. means go off line. (HCO PL 3 Dec 68) 2. (going off into weird practices or altering Scn) only comes about from non-comprehension. Usually the non-comprehension is not of Scn but some earlier contact with and off-beat humanoid practice which in its turn was not understood. When people can’t get results from what they think is standard practice, they can be counted upon to squirrel to some degree. (HCO PL 7 Feb 65) -adj. by squirrel is meant off-beat technology. (HCO PL 6 Feb 66)

    INDEPENDENT, a business which is not owned, controlled or associated with a larger group or chain of similar businesses such as an independent retail store; one that stands alone and is self-supporting.

    SCIENTOLOGIST, 1. someone who can better conditions. A Scientologist then, is essentially one who betters the conditions of himself and the conditions of others by using Scn technology. Of course, there are lots of “do-gooders” and people trying to better conditions, but the difference between them and a Scientologist is that the Scientologist is the one who knows how. He is equipped with far superior know-how. He is in much better shape than the person on the street. (BPL 21 Oct 71I) 2. an individual interested in Scn. Disseminates and assists Scientologists. (HCO PL 21 Oct 66II, City Office System) 3. the being three feet behind society’s head. A trained Scientologist is not a doctor. He is someone with special knowledge in the handling of life. (HCOB 10 Jun 60)

    Independent Scientologists ain’t goin’ away – now or ever.


  73. Thank you for this, Karen.
    I saw an article the other day too with the Janice Meyer name, and I was wondering about it. I had the same thoughts about misdirection. Perhaps the Church thinks that if they use her other name, no one will notice? 🙂

  74. Scott Campbell

    And now for a little levity…

  75. I think you need to take your thesis one step further. The ‘administration’ has a name.
    It is called the Sea Organization.

  76. Pushing this a little further: LRH did build up the entirety management and orgs in the late 60’s and early 70’s. He was on the lines, cheer-leading, if you will. The orgs were swelling. Management managed. The formula, all done by LRH was to train Class VIIIs, train FEBCs and get the orgs manned by people who knew what the hell they were doing. And it worked. The VIII’s saw to standard tech and the FEBCs built the orgs. It all worked fine.

    In 1980 LRH turned management over to management as operational. Starting in 1982 DM stated the unmock of management until it is gone as of today.

    Now get this. The only ones who were in the boom of the 70’s, who were part of it or who contributed to it are GONE. And I mean GONE. They are so blown out of the water a lot of them don’t want anything to do with the subject anymore. These are the people who did the OEC/FEBC and Class VIII on the Apollo and came back to manage orgs. Others trained on OEC/FEBC throughout the 70’s and 80’s and a few in the 90’s. These are the cats that understood LRH’s scheme.

    So with LRH gone, the movers and shakers from the 70’s gone, managers from the 70’s and early 80’s gone DM asserts management ala Miscaviage and who’s around to tell him he’s doing the wrong thing? In fact who currently in “management” even recognizes he is doing the wrong thing? Now, get all of these young-uns doing nothing but the basics, knock out OEC/FEBC and voila – you got an army of uneducated zombies.

    And then make money. Oh man, make moolah and pull the wool over OSA’s eyes. Man these folks in OSA are truly blind. I bet they get HUGE bonuses. That’s the only way they can be brought under control.

    ML Tom

  77. Michael Fairman

    Sense, sense and more SENSE. If there are absolutes somewhere, the fact that we are not going away is one. You betch”a big boy!

  78. Floating Needle

    Very astute observation… and yes, that is exactly why!

  79. Scott- Ilike this education for the kool-aid drinkers!

  80. Floating Needle

    “(note: I am no longer granting his dead organization the privilege of using and thereby destroying the name “Scientology”).”

    Marty – you nailed it!

    Mr. Lawson You nailed it even better!

    Next time I talk with someone speaks negatively against Scientology, I will use this:

    “are you talking PSEUDO SCIENTOLOGY under the Miscarriage Administration?”

    and then calmly explain the true intentions of LRH versus the midget.

    When someone speaks of Scientology approvingly I will say:

    “Oh yea, you’re talking about INDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGY, outside the grasp of the so-called “church-of-Scientology” which is a criminal organization under the Miscavige Administration. INDEPENDENT SCIENTOLOGY is to where real help is being offered and applied!”

  81. Thanks, James – likewise. Your description of passive resistance as a process is excellent. Look forward to meeting you before long.

  82. martyrathbun09

    Many a local went to the internet when DM’s losers made such a scene here – ALL of them, yes every single one of them, concluded from random searches (not guided or suggested by me – and most of them did not even know me personally) that this whole issue is FREEDOM OF RELIGION AND THAT NO CHURCH HAS THE RIGHT TO CHASE SOMEONE AROUND THE COUNTRY BECAUSE HE DISAGREES WITH A CORRUPT “OFFICIAL” and practice as he sees fit. This game is as good as over. There is no way for the little one to reverse and suppress what is out there. None.

  83. Thank you Grasshopper.
    No No No, on the contrary, she is getting HUGE Church of Scientology International support. Did you not see the fracas of the ATTACK DOG mentality ~ on her 1st day in court ?


    In many news releases in Australia they are speaking of Janice Meyer.
    So, in a Google search of Freedom Medal Winner Jan Eastgate as bestowed by the Church, the scandal would not come up ~~ different name.

    Lessen the scandal by Change of Name.

  84. Theo Sismanides

    yes… we tend to forget this…. missing OTs…. missing data… the biggest Outpoint cause there are simply NOT there. Thanks for reminding… society drags way, way, way… Should i start re-Revolting? Oh hell!!

  85. David, I appreciate your thoughts.

    The S.O. is composed of thousands of members. Most are not at the INT Base, let alone RTC. Most of them are following orders from higher up.

    My impression is, therefore, that most S.O. members (as well as non-S.O. staff, those working at lower orgs and missions) are properly characterized as “part of the government” (to carry forward the analogy, above).

    David Miscavige took over control of that government (including the various S.O. and non-S.O. networks), creating an administration to direct it. He installed that administration – a small group of people – in RTC. That small RTC group is, as i understand it, the Current Administration of the various S..O. and non-Scn networks (the “government” in our analogy). Most S.O. members are not part of the Miscavige Administration.

    BTW, his action of installing his administration within RTC was a corruption of LRH’s purpose for RTC. RTC was NOT to be the senior administrative body of Scientology. LRH specified that RTC’s sole job was to monitor standard application of the Tech and the proper use of the copyrights and Advanced Courses materials, not to RUN things.

    If RTC found that CSI was not ethically using the materials, etc.,they could demand change. If no change, their power was to pull the trademarks, copyrights, and Advance Course materials, putting CSI out of business.

    Per LRH, they were not to have – and legally do not have – any management authority over CSI. DM just ignored LRH’s clear, written intentions in the Articles and Bylaws establishing the purposes and powers of CST, RTC, and CSI.

    DM is an anti-Scientologist and has been anti-LRH, apparently from very early on. Seeming, his first major act was to undermine LRH’s intentions for the governance of Scientology after LRH’s death. He had to do this, if his purpose was to be a dictator, because the system LRH specified (in the Articles of CST, RTC, CSI, and in this will) ended one-man-rule of Scientology upon LRH’s death.

    LRH’s intention for this major change in operating basis was withheld from the public and, seemingly, almost all staff.

  86. Interesting take, James. I have been thinking a lot about the post-end game – Miscavige gone, church doing something – what?

    Ron was right – the sun will never set on Scientology, but it is setting on the church. We can call it this an administration, but there is no, and I mean zero-zip-zilch, method in place to replace the current administration. The parishioners have NO input into the administration of the Church. There is nothing there. It is all top down. “FSMs become staff.” OT “Ambassadors” are under the control of whatever local org and, of course, the RTC. The IAS has NO mechanism for feedback or for membership involvement, other than, of course, giving money. Giving money is the only way to influence the church, and even that backfires. You give $1 Million in contributions to the “Super Power” fiasco and then say “DM is an ineffective leader” and you get the boot. They keep the money, of course. As a public Scientologist, you can be declared at any time, and with no comm ev. There is no mechanism for debate. No mechanism for setting an organizational strategy. There is no organization at this level – it is all DM.

    I love LRH, but he designed this thing as if it were to be run by people with no bank and very little case. That did not happen. There is no safety valve to open when a bank-filled SOB like Miscavige comes along. There is no way to remove this bastard. There is no official way to rebuild when he is gone.

    So, my take on this is to jettison it. The Miscavige administration is the last administration. We move forward into the uncharted (almost) waters of Independent Scientology – what I have called “Open Source” Scientology. This is almost uncharted because open source works really well when it is applied by people who care. Sixteen years ago, I scoffed at Linux and other open source initiatives in Information Technology. Now the most stable professional systems out there are all open source. It is counter-intuitive, especially to a Scientologist, but it does work.

    What will happen? It is happening now. Good people are putting together groups that deliver Ron’s legacy in a manner that Ron would have approved of (technically). He would have balked at the organization, but then, he would be here, too, and he would absolutely have ripped DM up and down before even thinking about the Independents. There are also people delivering Ron’s Legacy in a manner that is, well, off the wall and diluted. Okay – we can live with that. They are not trying to kill off the subject. Miscavige is. I would rather live with a few off-beat groups (which are already here anyway) than the Off Beat Group on Steroids with the official ownership of the name.

    So, the next administration is a sea of administrations. And the tech lives. And it is called Scientology, TM or no TM.

  87. Aye, laddie. Well said. Good references.

  88. martyrathbun09

    Brilliant post GH.

  89. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    One thing you should know is that THE WORLD was built around David Miscaviage literally!

    Podiums were re-built to fit HIS size, not the rest of the speakers who used the same podiums.

    Before he made that change, literally an Apple Box was taken from Cine and he would stand on that during Int Base Briefings.

    Apple Boxes is a cinematography term and tool used in the filming industry. There were small, medium and large Apple Boxes and many of them for the shoot crew to use. Guess which one worked for him??

    A small blip on the history of the Int Base Adventures Radar was how intense the “flap” was when someone realized there was no Apple Box for COB to stand on during Saturday Briefings or SO Day Ceremonies.

    He could never stand to the side of the podium out in full view if he found there to be no apple box. No apple box meant we all waited until one was obtained and placed for him to stand on.

    He always had to speak from behind a podium. A good speaker by the way has the ability to roam the stage and get into communication with the audience naturally. Naturally is not part of his vocabulary.

    I remember during the drilling stage of the new management teams being done in MCI just before they were fired out to the Cont’s,. Each new CO was taking turns using the podium over the course of a few days. There was NO plans for little runt to be there to use the podium during this time until they were sure they were ready to present to him..

    Well guess what, runtchkin (new word btw) shows up randomly and in all his might, steps behind the podium to address the “fuck ups” in the room and all you see is his head and nothing else! Inside your laughing your ass off, outside your obviously holding back laughter but rushing around to find a apple box before he orders it.

    More history you may not know is that runtchkin made it part of the New Cont CO’s training to receive a pass from him on their stage presence. No kidding. This is how far his molding of people went into existing Exec;s . The New Management teams I felt was his way of wiping the slate clean and putting people into place internationally who had his ass DNA on their lips.

    Shit like this you never forget.

    Again, a peak into one of the many blips on the INT BASE ADVENTURES RADAR


    I’ll never forget the obvious clumping sounds he made stepping onto Apple Boxes in MCI.

    It was humorous to say the least!

    BTW… David Miscavige, since you are here reading along with the rest of us, why don’t you give us an update on the following…..



    I know if Sally Jensen went off the radar, people would be talking.

    Aside from all of your other antics you seek to indulge yourself with, PEOPLE ARE WONDERING WHAT YOU HAVE DONE WITH YOUR WIFE!

    I understand MANY of those who still fill the seats in front of you wonder the same thing. I know of many current Sea Org Members who are wondering the same!!



    God Damm it David TELL US!

    As a couple good friends of mine would say.. YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!

    On behalf of your missing wife, I have the right to publicly speak for her, and for that matter Heber’s too, YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT!

    Tell Us!

    — Jackson.

  90. Marty-There is nothing like the court of the public opinion. This is where he is going to lose.

  91. Spot on.
    Thanks for your continuing confront of evil

  92. Well stated truth. More and more good tech being delivered in the independent field every day.
    More and more people getting interested and active.

    Those who apply it standardly with good heart will grow.

    Those who don’t, won’t.

    Good word of mouth from happy students and pcs was always the biggest source of new pcs and pre ots. Probably always will be.

  93. scilonschools

    Nicely stated 🙂

  94. Seriously???
    Let’s put this into perspective shall we.
    Imagine a ‘wog’ goes to her priest (let’s say she’s a Catholic for the sake of argument) and begs for help to salvage her marriage. Imagine she explains to the priest that although it isn’t a perfect marriage, it’s a good one and there are young children who are suffering as a result of the marital stress and problems. Imagine the wife is worried about her husband and asks the priest to talk to him and help to resolve the problem and bring about peace within her family.
    Imagine the the priest:
    1. Informs the woman that as there is no threat to the church there is nothing they can do as they do not get involved in people’s personal choices when it comes to fidelity.
    2. Demands the woman and her husband pay approx 40 thousand dollars for marriage counseling.
    3. Tells the woman to go to confession and confess her sins so that God will cease to punish her by making her spouses betray her.
    4. The wife decides she has had enough of her church (and her husband). She decides to walk away, files for divorce and tells her friends what happened. The priest then demands that the husband no longer talk to his ex-wife and has the woman excommunicated.
    5. The priest hounds the ex-husband for the next 2 years trying to get ‘dirt’ on the ex-wife. He persuades all of her friends to stop talking to her and tries to cut her family ties and turn the ex-husband into a spy.
    6. Concurrently with the above, the priest demands that all parishioners still ‘faithful’ to the Catholic church have their children shun the woman’s offspring and refuse to speak to them.
    Sure it’s a church. That’s how any normal, sane, rational church would deal with the situation.

  95. Should I even bother to broach the analogy of forcing nuns to have an abortion if they get pregnant?… or perhaps you already get the point?

  96. Let me end here with a bit of ‘sudden’
    If you do not possess enough integrity and courage to confront what is really going on in the cult, at least have the decency to keep your mouth shut so you don’t insult those who do.

  97. Great video, really theta!

  98. Sorry. I’m fresh out of Koolaide.

  99. The total inability of the DM’s cult to show any contrition or recognition of wrongdoing is causing it more and faster self-destruction than anything else, and will pretty soon lead to its complete downfall. The common theme of DM’s pets such as Minerva’s bilious outpourings is how perfect cult members are and how imperfect everybody else is.

    I find it laughable that the strategy is this way – it goes totally against common sense, not to mention the evidence of other organisations that have tried this “see no evil, hear no evil” strategy. Didn’t work out too well for the Catholic Church did it. If DM had come out and said a couple of years ago after the SP Times articles “You know what, yes, there have been abuses, it got out of hand. We’re cleaning up big time, opening up the Int base to public inspection, opening up the IAS accounts to transparency. No more harassment, no more attacking critics..” well, it’s never gonna happen of course.

    Eastgate’s transgressions are the tip of the iceberg. Right here in the UK there is a convicted sex offender on the OT committee (I won’t name him; it was 10 years ago). Prior to that a teacher at Greenfields had to be quietly shuffled off the scene for inappropriate behavior with the kids. The common denominator of both these cases was the lengths the cult went to to cover it up. “PR” was more important than the actual harm done. There are also dozens of staff at St Hill who have gone out-2D. Some repeatedly; one long-term SO member actually hired a prostitute while on tour! I’m not judging any of these people, just pointing out the double-standards.

    I laughed out loud the other day when Minerva sent me an alcohol abuse pamphlet through the post – snail mail. The hypocrisy! Whilst serving behind the bar at a party in MCI in the mid-80s the amount of Kahlua and Bourbon consumed by senior execs was amazing. DM himself was there, ordering, if I recall correctly, a whiskey. First time I met him actually. Never in the field of human drinking, was so much consumed by so few, to the detriment of so many.

  100. Five Stars!

    I think PSEUDO-SCIENTOLOGY nails it.

    And Miscavige ADMINISTRATION nails it too. It seems like entirely the right perspective, and differentiates accurately between the Miscabitch administration’s suppressive cronies and enablers, and the bulk of CoS members who are basically well-intentioned, social, and dedicated.

  101. +2

  102. I agree 100% Marty, his game is “as good as over” because you can see the end coming: Headlong mass exodus due to DM’s squirrel tech followed by society’s quick condemnation of DM’s nutty reaction to the exodus in the press followed by the Court’s adjudication that this is America, not North Korea and DM will have to restrict his suppression to the poor bastards left inside his sorry Church. Game over. See you 4th of July.

  103. GH,
    I’ve been through the OEC a couple of times now, granted not in many years. Been through the Management Series too. I’ve worked on staff, in the Sea Org, in Tech and Admin. I’m now delivering as an Independent Scientologist.

    I see no reason why there cannot co-exist a field on the recent experiment of the Independents, and a sound structure based on LRH’s Estate Planning.

    I know, from experience both within the hierarchal church structure (from Field Auditor to the Int Base) and now as an Independent Scientologist, the material on the 3D and the cooperative structures needed to deliver Tech, handle Ethics and so on, to ensure a standard delivery are hard won facts.

    It is naive or destructive to wish or work for the unmock of the Central Org as a model for delivery of Scientology. And of course, with infinity-valued logic, there are points in between naive and destructive.

  104. Wow. Perfect.

  105. Marty and Mosey,

    I’m excited that you have a way to report the dichotomies, freedom and slavery without distracting from your main message.
    I’m glad I had the opportunity to be exposed to both sides of the coin recently at your home. I would have never understood how off this behavior is without seeing it for myself.
    I honestly experienced change and gained from the experience. I walked away with higher confront and understanding for what is going on.
    Much of the fear I had melted away. I realize, it’s ok to be afraid or mad even, at times when, it is the appropriate reaction. But, to give others power over you, forcing lower tones and silence, is not healthy, IMO.
    Thanks for the opportunity to move up a little higher and to be a little braver! ml, Laura

  106. Thanks Centurion,
    Whit Firefox, you need to Adds the RSS Icon into the Location Bar : https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/rss-icon/

  107. Scott,
    Superb post. Superb. The tape ref on ‘squirrel’ is just freakin’ cool!!

  108. Rory Medford

    I would ask him how he felt about how he single handedly destroyed Scientology and most importantly how does he sleep at night? I already know his response, look at The Science of Survival and get to know the characteristics of a 1.1!!

    He is an SP to the max!!!!!

  109. Well, his body might show up at your door, but there’s no guarantee his THETAN would. (Lotta inside jokes there, folks, like “my THETAN is over there…”)

  110. Wow. WOW! This was so cool! Thank you!

  111. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. The infantilism is intended to create the precise reverse effect. Thanks for being such troopers. IX and X, baby.

  112. Hey Bryan, your language is offensive.

  113. The buildings, shiny PR, events, websites, reserves and all that are not Scientology. I think the org is the people. There’s a lot of people who have a purpose to be on staff and/or get the job done and a big group with aligned purposes and goals is the way to do that. All that other stuff we can re-create when needed. I think wishing for the destruction of the Central Org is off target. I think if you don’t fully use the Admin Tech you look back in ten years and not much is done. Maybe some field auditing, some small groups and a lot of different “ideas”, but our true potential and responsibility as a group will be greatly diminished.

  114. Hi Jim,

    I agree with you that a reformed church could co-exist with an independent field. I don’t necessarily see it happening, but it could happen. It would require some enlightened people in the right positions in the Church once DM is gone, and they would have to be rather brave, since they would be boldly revising certain policies, since the structure as it exists now is unsustainable.

    I personally am not wishing for the church to unmock. I lived in the world prior to DM’s regime, and while not perfect, it certainly was a better world, and usually fun. I would welcome a reformed church – it would be the best outcome for all of us.

    I am really curious as to what will happen inside the remnants of the Church when DM is ousted. I personally will reach out to help – I think we all should. An enlightened management would issue a blanket amnesty (unlike what DM did after the IRS thing), and invite help and input, and actually accept it. I hope and pray for this result.

    So, the “sea of administrations” I mentioned above could indeed include the Church.

  115. Thanks, Marty. Keep it up! I look forward to meeting you in person before long.

  116. martyrathbun09

    When all is told and perspective and long-term context is provided, I believe the idea they will exist in the future is a pipe dream. They are locked in by decades of literal enforcement of policies they are incapable of not following – out of context and out of proper time and circumstance. They are grooming NON SCIENTOLOGISTS at the highest reaches of the SO, and most particularly around DM. Each is a failed case, or never audited juvenile who has been indoctrinated from the cradle that Miscavige trumps source. The church is dead. Get over it – and start moving on up a little higher with a new game.

  117. SaveTheTech

    Quote: “David Miscavich has had more influence over the organization of Scientology than L. Ron Hubbard and I think Indies, Kool aid drinkers and the COB would all agree with this.”

    Wow… I just really do not see that from my viewpoint at all. David Miscavige has certainly wreaked havoc with the organization and some of the Tech of Scientology, but he has only severely messed with and altered something that LRH had created.

    I guess I find your statement more that just a bit of a Degrade of the magnitude of what LRH created. ( I hope, and doubt, that that was your intention.)

    I agree, there are certain aspects of what David Miscavige has implemented that bear little or no resemblance to what LRH created or intended, but to suggest that he has had “more influence over the organization of Scientology than L. Ron Hubbard” is surely stretching it a LONG way. I take exception to that statement.

    Even leaving the creation or compilation of the Tech and Policies of Scientology, and the building of the whole Scientology network, out of the equation, and only look at the Organization aspect itself, we are surely still left with many parts of the Org Board and that network still in place and functioning somewhat as LRH intended.

    In my opinion David Miscavige has not CREATED anything other that entheta and chaos. I do not believe he is capable of creation above that level. As far as INFLUENCE goes, I think we are again only looking at DESTRUCTIVE INFLUENCES.

    So to make your statement more true for me, I would have to alter it from : “David Miscavich has had more influence over the organization of Scientology than L. Ron Hubbard”, to read something more like : “David Miscavige has had more DESTRUCTIVE INFLUENCE over Scientology and its organization(s) than any other person, living or dead.”

    Eric S

  118. Correction:
    ( I hope, and doubt, that that was your intention.)
    Should read,
    ( I am doubting that that was your intention)

    Eric S

  119. Wise words Jimbo.

    The organizational tech is highly workable when it hasn’t been perverted just like auditing tech.

  120. +1 WW,

    Miscavige has pretty much destroyed the organization and any “influence” only extends to those who are either suppressive themselves or extremely PTS or degraded.

    Another thing.

    Miscavige is a parasite who lives on the actual influence Scientology once had before he became its faux “leader”.

  121. Couldn’t you tell David that that was a hidious sweater back in the day ?

  122. martyrathbun09

    Everybody else had to wear a sweater – he wore his Hermes threads.

  123. There’s nothing to ‘get over’. I am the source of my creation. The future is an open canvas and I’ll create whatever I please. That future, at this point, includes the create, create, create of the 3D as postulated in the Estate Planning of LRH, and as expressed in the 3D admin tech, and importantly as I create. Key term there. DM can’t kill my mock ups. He’s a feckless dweeb. He isn’t the one that mocked up the 3D in the first place either, he’s a lie. Fuck him. That runtchkin has nothing to do with the workability of LRH’s policy and neither do the heir apparents you describe. Feckless gits and pantywaist wafflers. Hrrrrmmmphh.

  124. “Nice whole track uniform you got there Davey. Arslychus?” – Anonymous


  125. You’re right – I don’t think they can do it. That is not my wish or my postulate, it is a recognition of circumstances. The ship has sailed, and the new world is here.

  126. runtchkin with his head poking barely over the podium – LMAO!!! 😆

  127. Jackson, ‘runtchkin’ is good. Goes well with one of my new words – procrasturbation.

    As it seems Runtchkin procrasturbates a lot in various ways. Like about completing the Superpower building, releasing Ot IX and X, being truthful and doing the right thing,etc etc.

  128. I like your idea of interviewing and videotaping Dave.

    I would like to do the same.

    What I would really like to see is a discussion between Dave, Marty and Mike on a show like Charlie Rose’s.

  129. In this Anon upload The choir is absent. Did it get edited in ?

  130. Speaking of expansion news…
    How about uploading some photos of the I Deal Orgs, Magically Donated. Don’t forget the giant buildings and the plethora of people participating in auditing and training? Full parking lots, billions of WDAH, trillions of bodies in the slop er…uh shop. Sunday services where parishoners worship the thousand dollar shoes of Darin Misscabbage. Show the world how the expansion is occurring. Get some candids of panicked faces on Thursday at 2!

  131. BBDoll ロボットは、長年存在していた奴隷制の問題への対応ですか?

  132. realsexdoll Got TPE Stains On Grown-up Dolls? Skill To Eliminate Them In 10 Seconds Or Less

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