Miscavige’s Cult of Falsified Stats

Irrespective of how much we try to educate the public that the entire Scientology Network has taken the cue from the top to routinely falsify statistics, the morons continue unabated creating houses of lies.  And, ultimately being basically good  they leave smoking guns lying around in the hopes we might put their ethics in.  Here we’ve caught Miscavige’s very close and dear pet project Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR).  So far he’s sent two Texas CCHR punks and the two heads of CCHR INT (Eastgate and the other blonde spokeswoman) to attempt to kidnap escaped SO members and disrupt Scientology services. No wonder they MUST falsify their statistics – they certainly aren’t producing any and Dave needs his rolling thunder material.  Here’s the most recent evidence – a widely distributed email instructing Cult of Miscavige members on how to become criminal:

Date: Mon, 30 May 2011 17:12:55 -0400
From: sreily@att.net
Subject: Fwd: Urgent – Help raise our ratings!!!

Hi guys,

I did as Tulia suggests, you may want to also. It only takes a
minute and it is so worthwhile!


Hi all,

CCHR really needs your help in raising the ratings of the
cchrint.org and cchr.org websites in a new website rating site
called WOT – Web of Trust.  Please do the following as soon as you
possibly can.

1.  Go to:  http://www.mywot.com/

2.  In the upper right-hand corner, click on register.

3.  Fill out the registration form and get logged in.

4.  Go to the box in the upper-right hand corner of the page where
it says “* Check a website’s reputation” and enter: cchrint.org

5.  It will pull up the page and there’s a green link on the right
side a little ways down the page that says: Rate this website.
Click it.

6.  On each of the points there is a bar that goes from “very poor”
to “excellent”. Click on the end of the green area of the bar,
where it shows “excellent”.

7.  Then click the link under the bars called “Save”.

8.  Repeat steps 4-7 for: cchr.org.

9. Email me back and let me know you did it at tulia@cchr.org

This is so so so important and everyone’s help is appreciated.

CCHR International
(323) 467 4242 ext 23
(323) 467 3720 Fax

87 responses to “Miscavige’s Cult of Falsified Stats

  1. Let’s all log in and select “Very Poor”.

    We should start a poll called “Is Jan Eastgate guilty or not guilty of obstructing justice regarding pedophile molestation and / or rape of a child”.

  2. martyrathbun09

    I found that their link is faulty. But if you go to “web of trust” and look up CCHR, you will note that they are rated very poor, and that votes for the site have been disabled – presumably the folks their caught onto the scam.

  3. Summer Wind

    Its just like the time I was working for the Battle Field Earth project and was given money to go into book stores and buy 10 copies (a long with tons of others all over the city) to try to get the book on the NYT best seller list. I felt so scummy doing that but at the time was convinced “this is the way it’s done”. Shame on me.

  4. I use Web of Trust (WOT) on the browser for safer surfing. Most of the CoM (Cult of Miscavige) sites are unsafe, including the main site. What kind of Human rights site is rated unsafe? Only CoMs!!!
    Wot ratings:
    http://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/martyrathbunblog.com <—- Minerva's toxic site

  5. Isn’t it easier to just pen in the false stats? Oh, maybe they want all of the public to know that they are causing fake stats?

    ML Tom

  6. Tony DePhillips

    False stats for the CCHR website.
    Have people buy LRH books over and over.
    Send people to go and see Battle Feild Earth over and over.
    Hire people to fill the seats at larger cult events to make it look full.
    Crush reg the field, so as to buy huge buildings with little or no delivery, while pretending that the cult of miss cabbage is booming.

    Okay Marty, I’m following you…

  7. And just for fun, type in ‘scientology.org’ oooooops!
    There are the real stats.

  8. Whoo hoo! I cast my vote for “POOR” — no comments were allowed. That was fun — any other places we can go to give them our very valuable input.

  9. LOL, Anons have been pre-loading WOT ratings on ALL CofS websites ever since the first Firefox add-on was released (late 2008 / early 2009 if recollect rightly).

    Latest version here for Firefox users:

    And if they are just now catching on to what we were so excited about way back when, then they got a long waaaaay to go to catchup.

  10. Why is the little cameraboy so stupiiiiid?
    Because he is lying, lying and lying…..

  11. Check out the stats for the ‘wog’ Human Rights website (UN.org).
    The wogs are kicking your ass Davey 😀

  12. martyrathbun09

    I can tell you that absolutely LRH had no idea that was happening. Miscavige conceived of it and directed it. Just these facts alone should tell folks that LRH did not have clue where this train wreck was headed from 81 on. The “church” wants to label such commentary by myself as anti Source. Quite the contrary, I am helping to re-establish his reputation by providing the truth of the matter – to associate LRH with Miscavige and his product is the worst kind of black propaganda of LRH.

  13. I’ve personally had some real wins from LRH’s tech and so I’m really hoping that this new Paul Thomas Anderson movie, currently being filmed, isn’t actually a slam on him. I’m hoping it’s just a rumor-mill type situation regrding the film’s intention.

    The more DM is exposed in the public eye, hopefully the more people can differentiate and give LRH the credit he actually does deserve.

    And because there are guys out there like the host of this blog, the philosophy will indeed be on this planet in three hundred years.

  14. “When you speak of the Creator, you’re probably speaking of something entirely different than implanted religion. Religion is always different than truth. It has to be. Because the only way you can control a people is to lie to them. And you can write that down in your book – very big letters. The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them.

    “All right. Now, look. When you find an individual is lying to you, you know that the individual is trying to control you. You can put that down. One way or the other, this individual is trying to control you. That’s a mechanism of control. The individual is lying to you, so they’re trying to control you. Because if they give you enough misinformation they’ll throw you far enough down the Tone Scale so they can control you.

    “Conversely, if you see an impulse on the part of a human being to control you, you know very well that that human being is lying to you. Not is just going to – is lying to you. Check up the facts, you’ll find out they’re always true. That person is trying to control you, he’s lying to you. He’s got to tell you lies in order to continue control, because the second you start telling anybody anything close in to truth, you start releasing him and he gets tougher and tougher to control. So you can’t control somebody without telling them a bunch of fibs.

    “You will find that command has this very often as its greatest weakness. It’ll try to control instead of lead. And the next thing you know, it’s lying to the crew, lying to the crew – lie, lie, lie, lie, lie. And it gets worse and worse and then all of a sudden the thing blows up.

    Overt Acts, Motivators and DED’s
    Technique 88 Lectures

  15. Marty-

    Thanks for all you are doing to keep the legacy of Ron alive. The following quote neatly summarizes the scene:

    “All Truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident.”
    Arthur Schopenhaur, German Philosopher 1788-1860

    As the little punk-runt enters stage four psychosis and before he’s carted off, you and other good folks have set the stage for the revival of subject and the truth therein.

    I am sincerely and seven ways to Sunday grateful.


  16. Yeah, Davey’s got a little problem there because if he asks his flock to put in some false positive comments for his sites, they’re gonna be all over the net and discover his by mind control closely guarded dirty dark secrets.

  17. Tony ~~

    Exactly !

    ++++Molestation and sex with a child ?~~ no Problem ! Become an OSA volunteer !
    ++++Molestation and sex with children in all Sea Org Bases in all Continents ?
    Not a Problem ! It’s only an OSA matter, not Law Enforcement !
    ++++Run a Ponzi scheme that rips off multi- millions out of Santa Barbara ~~ No Problem ~~ just do a Meritorius Phallus Platinum Excalilbur !
    +++++Arms dealer ? Not a problem ! Send wife to Flag so the bucks$$$ can be raked in for highest evers !
    +++++Thieving money on Parishioner’s account by unauthorized sales of BASICS at $5000 a pop ~~ no problem ! It’s the greatest Good !
    +++++Beat up your wife in extreme violence ? Not a problem ! Free Flag MAA pass, just give a mega donation ! Cover it up from Law Enforcement ? You bet !
    ++++Enforcing Sea Org members to clean Feces pond, Rat Alleys, the Bilges of Freewinds with no Hazmat protection ? No problem ! Miscavige and Sea Org are above the law !
    ++++25 years of enforced abortions on female Sea Org Members ? Not a problem !
    “It’s straight from COB !”

  18. Thanks Sinar. Just rated all five of them.

    It’s really quick and easy if anyone wants to participate. Comments are allowed on the last three sites Sinar listed.

  19. Oh Marty PLEASE do tell more about Ms Eastgate..

    we’d LOVE to hear about attempted kidnap in the USA 😀

  20. Michael Fairman

    Here’s a little stat story. About five years ago someone I know very well was working in a store of a very well known book chain. In the receiving department, he noticed that books were being shipped from Bridge Publications had already been purchased from the store and re-shipped to them as new books. So I asked “Are these books being sold by “Bridge” bought bought back by them and re-shipped?” He, said “Yes, it seems so”.
    Inflating stats? I would appear so. So there you go.

  21. yes, i remember the Anons getting wind of this, we ran round and made the entire Scientology web estate ‘unsafe’ and then (just for the lulz) our own 😀

  22. WOT (Web of Trust) has no trust to it. They offer no security to users whatsoever. It’s just a tool for users to give their opinion on a site and rate it as poor if it conflicts with their precious beliefs.

    This article talks about how easy it is to game WOT and mywot does nothing to stop this abuse. It has become nothing more than a censorship tool

  23. SaveTheTech

    Marty, this is so spot on.

    I had a multi-national business partner once that did this too. We launched a new product I invented into major chain like Sears (it was not Sears, but just as big) and the new product didn’t do well. So I said, lets move it to Wal-mart and try it there and if it doesn’t work there, then let’s re-design the product so it is something the public can better use or relate to… Instead, the General Manager “Bob” decided to send his employees out to buy the product to get the stats up.

    I found out about this and fought tooth and nail to stop him from creating false stats to make him look good as a manager instead of correcting the distribution channel or repositioning or redesigning the product with slight changes.

    In the end about $20 millions were lost because of these false stats.

    False stats NEVER work !! It is only in the short run that it looks good. In the long run, you’re dead.

    DM runs on false stats only. He’s got nothing else.

  24. Please dear leader before he puts us in “lower”.

    This ain’t new, but these folks seem to be scared. If this is a stat count, it’s pathetic.

  25. Grin. I wanted to rate CCHR as BAD BAD BAD. The
    link http://www.mywot.com/ gets redirected to hushmail.com, which then displays an “error” page. Same with http://www.cchrint.org. Looks like someone else doesnot like CCHR?

  26. Thank you Marty for relentlessly differentiating LRH from that piece of scum. As an auditor I am continuously cleaning up dms messes with LRH.

  27. Yes – Mormon.org has a very high rating. noi.org (Nation of Islam) is mid-range. All the Scn sites are lower than 20. The main site scores less that 10. The freaking “Muslim Brotherhood” site is in the mid range!

    Here’s one that made my almost cry: The “Aryan Brotherhood” site – stormfront.org – has a fucking higher rating than the “church.” MUCH higher.

    It is a SAD day when certain let us say “anger-band” sites score significantly higher than the official church sites!

    Two conclusions:

    1. Mr. David Miscavige has been incredibly effective at ruining the repute of Scientology and Scientologists, and

    2. Even with falsifying stats. the stats STILL suck. The stats are the lowest of any that I have checked. Al Jazeera is higher – you name it!

    Mr. David Miscavige, OSA, and his enablers are INEFFECTIVE, and INCOMPETENT.

    What have these guys been doing? Certainly not Scientology.

    Mr. David Miscavige – YOU are to blame for this! Get the hell out.

  28. Marty:

    That really makes my funny bone tingle. Now they all have a web site they can to to that THEY KNOW they can trust because it was given an excellence rating by its viewers! {LOL} All of whom are of course members of the church!

    They do believe they are doing the greatest good for the greatest number and isn’t it a strange coincidence this happened right around the time of Jan Easgate’s troubles?

  29. Marty,

    Correct me if I’m wrong but Miscavige was the COB ASI (by the way a secular organization) at the time the BE promotion was in full swing.

    Actually Ron didn’t need his “help” because BE was selling quite well before this.

    I also remember a promo that was briefly run out of CCI by Suzette that involved a huge inflatable Terl (which sorta reminded me of that inflatable pig that Pink Floyd used on their Animals Tour back then) though my memory’s kinda foggy of my own part in all of this “cause I was kinda drunk at the time” 🙂

    We had fun chasing Terl down Venice Beach after the tear down.

    But I digress…

    The point is Ron didn’t need the rabid squirrel’s phony stat push which tended to sully any actual success.

    Just like that stupid movie!

  30. Ingrid good on you! Major clean-up is needed.

  31. Marty, thanks for putting the truth out. It is so needed. DM has made a mockery of himself. That said many people I have contact with who are not Scientologists see it. It is such a grab for power.

  32. That summarizes the scene pretty well Karen.

    Though you missed selling out to Big Pharma making a mint with his buddy Feshbach on playing the Stock Market posting some SP as head CCHR to crash the place while raking in millions from parishioners for some phony crusade against Psychiatry.

    Allowing hostile elements in the Government access to the Advanced Course materials and allowing to be broadly disseminated while pretending to “protect” them.

    Completely perverting Standard Tech and destroying the state of release by insisting that an F/N must swing back and forth 3 times at least before its considered an “F/N” while pretending to “maintain the purity of the technology”.

    Destroying the organizational structure of the Organization…

    I could go on and on but I think I’ve listed enough *high crimes* for today that Miscavige has committed so far.

  33. Thank you!

  34. My last days in the idle org, they were gathering the flock of sheep(SO,staff and publics) in the academy, get them a book and pretend they were studying.
    Of course, beautiful pictures were taken for the futur Kool-aid drinker mag.
    This happened several times in different area of the idle org, Div 6 course room, Dianetics seminar etc…
    This is true

    Huuu…Bells were ringing in my head,”What the fuck is that?” that was the start of the end for me and LOOKING on the net… a PTS remission!

  35. By the way, i have more respect for a flock of sheep so i should say flock of ROBOTS instead!

  36. Conclusion 3: It is as Anonlover says in an earlier post.

  37. Speaking of false stats in the McSavige franchise, the following is an email that was sent to the DC field last summer as DC Org was being stat pushed into “winning” the “Birthday Game”:

    How is it going these days? I don’t get to see you these days.
    Are you currently on a service during the day? I wanted to get in
    touch to ask you to help us on a project. I don’t know if you know
    or not, but we have Nation of Islam brothers and sisters here in
    the org training on Dianetics. They have a TM of completing their
    courses by mid October. Currently we have between DCD and DCF over
    100 of their members enrolled. Many of these public could use some
    help getting word cleared on their materials. We are asking
    Scientology public to volunteer a slot of a few hours a week to
    help word clear to help them get through. We truly need HELP on
    this, you can call me on my cell-XXX-XXX-XXXX to get more details.

    Thanks, Betty”

    I wonder what the resign rate was like.

  38. Thanks Howard, brillant reference.
    Nicely differentiates between being controlled and led.
    Such simplicity overwhelms the not quite bright.

  39. Yes. That is absolutely correct. David Miscavige promotes {promotes only not verifies} with people or tries to, especially those trapped in the church, that he does thing ethically. The word ETHICALLY has a real definition that can be found in any standardly available English dictionary.

    DM’s Policy is “I do things ethically of course, but don’t you think of doing this, that’s not for you.”

    If I was ever dumb enough to believe that, I give myself credit for coming to my senses and realizing it, in time.

  40. The WHY for the cult of mis-scab-age:

    The blind (and psychotic) have been leading the blind (and pts).

    Aside from the (appropriate) snide comment from me, I want to offer a very heart-felt thank you to Marty, Mike, Joe, Dan, Jimmy and EVERYONE else who are holding fast and actively creating the Independent Scientology movement. You are allowing me to do my Bridge after 25 years, and I am definitely taking advantage of the opportunity.

    Thank you very, very much.

    Mike Wreggitt

  41. Theo Sismanides

    Hahaha, thanks Howard! I enjoyed re-reading this!

  42. I gotta admit, you anons are ahead of the game and half the time I don’t even know what game it is. LOL

  43. Theo Sismanides

    The False Stats Phenonomenon is Rampant in C of M!! I have experienced this at CLO EU many years ago! There is no sense of RAW DATA there, the data is COOKED!! MUs? Or mutual Out-Ruds on the subject? Lies, lies, lies… instead of leadiing Miscavige is only able to Control…. That says it all to me…

  44. Hi Summer Wind;

    I remember that scam very well.

    It went beyond that book to all the SF books LRH wrote, and even included DMSMH. SOrg members were sent to the bookstores to buy up all they could find, and then came back to the Complex to sell to us students to recoup some of the money. They were also using Mission: Earth books as awards for top producing students. We were told to not buy any of LRH’s books at certain books stores because ‘they weren’t playing the game.’, meaning that sales from those books weren’t considered for the NYT stat.

    Vaughn Young also wrote an extensive piece on the Battlefielld Earth scam.

    One X SOrger who worked at Bridge who was involved wrote all about how the scam was done, how Bridge Pubs got hold of the super secret list of book stores that NYT used to compile the best seller’s list, and really milked it dry. I forget his name. If someone here remembers his name, you can google his posts on the matter.

    I used to wonder, ‘What the f*** are they doing? Don’t they know what would happen if the NYT or any media ever found out? Can’t you just be honest?”

  45. Hi Howard;

    “You will find that command has this very often as its greatest weakness. It’ll try to control instead of lead. And the next thing you know, it’s lying to the crew, lying to the crew – lie, lie, lie, lie, lie. And it gets worse and worse and then all of a sudden the thing blows up.

    Hopefully it’l blowup pretty soon, so we can get started putting it back together.

  46. Well I thought so as an option, but didn’t want to say. So, it is anon that is behind the low-rating stat push, eh? Isn’t that doing what the church is accused of?

  47. Hi Tom;

    Don’t forget how stupid they all are.

  48. “Mr. David Miscavige – YOU are to blame for this! Get the hell out.”



  49. Brian,
    Of course it will be a ‘slam’. It will add to the alter-is, to the lie of who the man was, what the work consists of and the truth. That will mean persistence. The best part of Scientology is that it itself runs itself out. It runs out LRH. It does that with the exact time, place, form and event of postulates properly identified, properly owned.

    Funny thing about LRH. If you see him dead, he lives forever. This latest film is the latest evidence.

    Unless of course the film is a perfect duplicate in which case it’ll have a short run 🙂

  50. Michael,
    Well that explains why DM has that giant materials manufacturing building there. He can make, sell, and even buy all the materials IN HOUSE!!!

    The man’s a raving genius.

  51. Many of LRH’s ideas have been integrated into mainstream culture although he is seldom given credit. Some will say he ripped off the ideas but they would not have been integrated had he not pushed them. An idea is an idea. As he once said (I parapharse): “None of the data in Scientology is new. It is only what we are doing with it that is new.” That can be interpreted in different ways but no one ever did ruds, grades, R3R, R6 or the upper levels in any such manner. There will be continued tirades against him and, as has already been said, truth will be accepted in the end. A more fun proposition is whether or not LRH had discovered the FInal Barrier to OT. One could at least do prepared lists on the question and do all sorts of L&N stuff on it too, including ExDn applications. In the end, it is up to each and every one of us.

  52. Tom,
    I had forgotten about the violations of the twinning policy to get people through for that almighty stat. LRH wrote the reference for a reason. Turn around as a twin and getting someone else through is important to getting the full product. ml, Laura Ann

  53. Karen:

    In regards to your comment: “++++Molestation and sex with a child ?~~ no Problem ! Become an OSA volunteer !”

    Here is a piece of news with a link to the story on Jan Eastgate:

    “The 57-year-old head of the church’s ”Citizens Commission on Human Rights” was charged last month with perverting the course of justice over the 1985 incident. She allegedly told the 11-year-old she should deny any charges of sexual abuse, allegedly committed by her stepfather, to police and officers from the Department of Social Services.”

    “According to ABC TV’s Lateline program, the young girl’s mother was also allegedly pressured to lie to the authorities. The program reported that the child was told by other senior members of the church that the abuse was punishment for being bad in a previous life.”

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/scientologist-accused-of-pressuring-sex-abuse-victim-20110616-1g629.html#ixzz1Pg2dpBo7

  54. I trust the CCHR site’s low Web of Trust score reflects how it’s really regarded by a wide spectrum of Internet users.

    After all, CCHR is known to be a front organization for Corporate Scientology (and everyone knows how low that organization’s brand value has sunk) whose president has been charged in Australia with obstructing justice by counseling a sexually molested child and her mother to lie to the police and cover up the molestation crimes — the complete antithesis to what one would expect from a human rights advocacy group..

    Therefore, I’d think a low Web site trust score was one of the mildest censures such an organization might receive.


  55. We pwn the GAME… the GAME is ours.

    They dont call us “The Final Boss of Internet” for nuthin’ ya know 😉

  56. I was a kid in the cadet org and they sent out many kids with fake parents to all LA area bookstores to buy many copies of BE. I went out many times with Clive from BPI to bookstores and at the end we’d go buy a sundae at the house of pies at the end. We would also be hired by ASI to sit by their parking lot and act as security – kids of about 12 all day out on Sunset Blvd where the old ASI building was no adults If something happened we were to yell or call up an ASI guy who would come down with “Sundance” a big Doberman. I’m sure that was a Miscavige idea.

  57. duty.free@hushmail.com

    Marty – yes the Cult of Miscavige is nothing more but a lie factory – specializing in false reports. I will guess that it is their only power stat.

  58. From the “Message to Scientology” video

    “Yet for all that we are not as monstrous as you are; still our methods are a parallel to your own. Doubtless you will use the Anon’s actions as an example of the persecution you have so long warned your followers would come; this is acceptable. In fact, it is encouraged. We are your SPs.”

    No need to break a promise 😉

    The texts of that Message ia a bit the KSW for Chanology

  59. RJ,

    I’m correcting you – that huge Terl was actually made for the “US” festival, rock concert at Glen Helen Park, where there was an exhibition tent for Apple computers as the concert was put together by Steve Wozniak and there was a space gotten by ASI to promote BE, and the Space Jazz album. http://www.woz.org/US/

    Perhaps it went to CCI or the beach or whatever after that. I don’t think Suzette was involved in it, perhaps in Pac as it was mostly ASI people and Ted H with some Cine crew to set up the display. It didn’t seem successful as most of the crowd were the Woodstock druggie types. One doesn’t hear of flops afterwards, perhaps some ASI people got in trouble, which would be internal news. The successes were claimed and promoted very heavily for Dear Loser & that time it was just very quiet.

  60. Davey picked a fight with the Internet, birthplace of Anonymous

  61. You participated in the Anonymous ritual of (har)pooning

  62. Joe Pendleton

    Thank you Howard for that great LRH quote. It’s a very key and relevant quote for these times. In my opinion, the “watershed event” in post 1980 Scientology history was the 1982 San Francisco Mission Holders Conference (and anyone here not familiar with that event should google it and read all about it). When David Miscavige got up with his henchmen and in true “Brownshirt fashion” heavily and violently (tone level wise) threatened the survival of the audience, AND NO ONE GOT UP TO OPPOSE HIM, a new day had dawned in he CofS. Just as when the French did not call Hitler’s bluff when in treary violation, he moved his tanks into the Rhineland in the mid 30s (when he could easily have been stopped), no one stood up and yelled “THIS is not Scientology. What gives you the right to declare someone who leaves this room or to demand our money and threaten our survival after all we’ve done to get people into the church?” As Hitler realized at that point that no one in continental Europe would oppose or confront him, so Miscavige must have realized that the coast was clear for his present and future moves to dominate the CofS.

    But I do believe the ROOTS of this inaction are earlier (as they always are, right?) and I’m posting this here because of the LRH quote above regarding religion, and I want to comment on that directly as to the quote on religion and control. The change in the Scientology world in the mid-60s was a significant one. I DO believe that an ethics function to handle those who would harm or destroy the survival goals of a group IS important vital. I’ll just note that when the purpose of ethics was announced to handle any “counter intention or other intentionl”, a “suppressive act” was also defined as an act calculated to impede the progress of Scientology (forgive me, I don’t have my LRH materials with me for the exact definition) and SOMEONE of course was going to have to make this decision on a case by case basis in regards to any individual or group (as to how or if they were dong something to harm Scientology). The last part of “Keeping Scientology Working” was very clear that there was now one way to participate in the activity of Scientology – this had never been communicated as such before (and I am not referring to auditing technology – I have a complete personal realization and experience in knowing that one needs to audit per the LRH materials and I understand WHY as well). What I mean is one’s attitude and actions as demanded by the church. Though it is very clear that the “terms” of involvement in Scientology are not really the “same” for John Travolta as they are for John Q. Sea Org Member (or staff member or public), it became in 1965 a point for the CHURCH to decide these terms. So “bowling” became by the early 1970s (and I can tell you this by personal experience as a staff member then) among other activities, “thanksgiving dinner.” Yeah, for staff members who wanted to participate in the family /friend traditional meal….well, it was on a Thursday afternoon, so……and this went for public as well, who had to “make up the points beforehaned”, but this general idea as a point of “control” (per the LRH quote above) spread. What is now counter intention? Staff could moonlight if this became the only way they could stay on staff, but if stats were down, it could suddently become a “why” or a “who” if a local businessman was found to be employing a large amount of staff in their off hours (he was a source of other intention, get it?), no matter how many staff he may have kept in food/rent or helped buy their OT levels. it was OK to be an artist, until someone in the church decided that that was now “off purpose” when a person was being recruited.

    And I could certainly go on for many pages on this general point of the church morphing into a control point. I will just add that this was all “set in” by punishment and penalties. It started with lower conditions (AS a punishment, make no mistake about that) with it’s grey rag, amends projects, etc. In the SO, it became overboarding, the RPF, etcl. In the Org, it became loss of certs and loss of post and ordered to Sec checking at great expense (and threat of loss of friends and family). The control/demand to ACT as ORDERED was slowly but SURELY enforced through pain and threat of pain.

    So, by 1982, I would say that a large amount (not ALL) Scientologists were already highly conditioned to do whatever they were told to “from above.” And Miscavige was clever enough to do this with a select group by the way. Notice he did not threaten ALL Scientologists this way. My own analysis is that in the 70s, with the culture extent than in the USA and Europe (coming out of the attitudes of the 60s), this would not have worked. And in that sense, he’s continuing the “successful action”; his described attitude is simply pushed down the org board and the teenage ethics officer use the same valence to threaten/control/demand money from the public.

    I’ll end this by saying that I think it is important to identify the earlier roots of the current scene and really look at how it all developed (so we can be on guard in the future). Essentially the above is why I think the future survival of LRH tech lies in the independant movement of smaller groups, whose true purpose is to help individuals lead happier and more enlightened lives (and hopefully through that, to have a better civilization) and not to control beings’ thoughts and actions.

  63. Marty,

    I can vouch and confirm what you state. There was also some Cassettes of BE music being manufactured at a commercial plant in LA, not using the AV lines at Gold. DM had Luigi and I go to check out the cassette production lines in North Hollywood with instruments to make sure the quality (good recording with as low noise as possible) was acceptable. The cassette quality was approved by Pat Broeker, who was nearby and met us with DM running the lines from ASI.

    As a reward, we were taken to Dear Loser’s favorite Sushi restaurant at the time on Sunset Blvd. It was definitely Pat Broeker and Miscavige running the show on BE. Sargio also has a story where he assisted PB on editing the book in Santa Monica, near the Pier and boardwalk, before it was published

  64. Hmmm, perhaps then again the KoS might discover that there were Editing errors in the book and perhaps correct it and resell the book using his new huge, handy, glitzy, finger chomping, book making line? There is still ample room in the new warehouse facility.

  65. Marty, I have gained a much deeper understanding and appreciation of your purpose in the last couple of articles – especially by finding out that you had been trying to keep Scientology separate from Miscaviage’s junk even when you were working in the Sea Org.

  66. Same type of stat push was done for the Battlefield Earth movie.
    PAC SO members were sent to theaters to watch the movie multiple times.

  67. Uh yeah! And know ALL the website stats are fake too! Duh Duh Duh David!

  68. 🙂

    In any event, the fact that Anon got away with it shows how inept the church is at defense, and how its scorched earth policy re the web and internet has bit them squarely in the ass. This is a romp for anon, and it should have been more of a fight, no?

  69. Yes I remember….. I went 4X. The last 2 times, I slept 🙂

    The first showing : I got out and I started nattering about the movie. Oups!!!! I must have O/Ws…. I was so upset internally how bad was the movie…. I had read that book at least 8X… and I was expecting something else… something better than that…. Where is the second part of the movie ????? will never happen….
    Well after that I read the book again and my TA went down 🙂

  70. Thanks Sinar,

    As I wrote some time back a couple of us got drafted by Suzette who was CCI Prez at the time to go pass out promo for BE at Venice Beach and man a kiosk with books.

    This was in mid ’84.

    I remember being recruited one sunny summer day for this caper while we were in the CCI Cafe (long before it became La Renaissance) and going to the beach but I don’t remember much after that since we stopped in at a small bar by the beach to fortify ourselves for public contact 🙂

    That incident isn’t in question and really I don’t care if you dispute it or not.

    What I had a question on was whether or not Miscavige was COB ASI at the time?

  71. Interesting article, thanks! 🙂

  72. Maybe this has something to do with it: email sent out by the IAS concerning CCHR”

    “Below are some facts* and figures about the widespread psychiatric drugging in the U.S. showing the need and urgency of disseminating the materials in the IAS-sponsored CCHR campaign exposing the dangers of such drugs.

    “It is vital that you continue to support the IAS so that we continue to fund the campaigns that are salvaging this planet.


    Desiree Tauzin

    IAS Administrations

    On behalf of the IAS”

    Note” despite CCHR being touted as a Church activity, it is forbidden to raise funds directly by CO$ members. IAS raises money from Scn using CCHR horror stories and showing it trumped up “impact” on the world and showing them phony stats to support their sales pitch.

  73. Even worse than that — they dont spend the money given to the IAS on CCHR (or NN, Criminon, WTH, Applied Scholastics). They jsut use them as “reasons” for people to give money to the IAS. That’s why you see CCHR regging donations directly from the public too! They recently sent around begging for money for Jan Eastgate’s defense because there was a conspiracy of suppressive psychs and drug companies that are out to get her. Funny — if this IS really true, it is EXACTLY what the IAS *says* donations to it pay for??

    It’s just one scam after another in the world of Miscavology.

    The Creed of the Church of Miscavige: “We have an inalienable right to make up reasons to take your money.” End of Creed.

  74. >> This is a romp for anon, and it should have been more of a fight, no?

    No… their lack of confront is always to the benefit of our lulz. And in this case, Raping their WOT was all done out in the open w/ FULL instructions, details, & explanations all on public display. so it was dbl win – they failed to counter it AND failed to notice the importance of what we were openly taunting them with.

    As Sun Tzu said… “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”

  75. In the early 80s I was a CMOI recruit and was on an expediting cycle in PAC for the HCO Chief. We went to a warehouse and had to move books – palets and palets of Battle Field Earth first additions. They were labled ASHO D, ASHO F, AOLA, etc….. I was told the orgs purchased them as “an investment”. It was pretty clear it was a stat push. I to went along with it as it was “the right thing to do”.

  76. martyrathbun09

    Ordered by DM through Yager and Management. A stat push to false report to LRH booksales – the one stat he always knew whether he was in the Sierras on a bus, in an apartment in Newport Beach, or on the ranch at Creston – and out of comm with the church. He always got his royalty check and knew booksales were a sure sign of church expansion. Only he didn’t know DM manufactured those early eighties stats.

  77. Marty,

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    My understanding was the only reason that Ron trusted the little rodent was because as COB ASI he falsely inflated the royalties stats by such chicanery and was given the Ol’man the false impression that he was “upstat”.

    Personally I don’t think the guy knew that much but he knew how to manipulate stats to make himself look good.

  78. Yep Mike, it’s entirely a “shell game”. The shell Miscabitch is using is the works of LRH. DM is calling it “Scientology”, but it is not Scientology. DM has systematically removed LRH’s Tech from the organization and remade the organizations into something else entirely – a personal money scooping cash-cow scam.

    Which shell is the Bridge to Clear and OT under? Surprise! It’s not under any of them! The CoS system is just a bunch of empty shells, with nothing beneficial left in them.

    The CoS is all facade, all show and no go.

  79. Yes Mike – you’ve got it right.and to make it even, even worse: when staff members of one of these groups expressed disagreements with this form of deception they were introverted with accusations of being “out-ethics” and having”other fish to fry”, ordered for second cks, conditions to find their crimes,etc.So they were being reprogrammed into accepting criminality on their public.

  80. By the way when Youtube still used 1 to 5 Starratings they bought “can’t go below 2 star” for their video’s

    And Anon made sure it never came above that mark

  81. Freespirit — Can you call or email me please. Mike

  82. They had us (young public) buying up BE books in the early 80s too, with SO-provided funds. I was foolish enough to do it too, feeling dirty and dishonest afterwards for doing it.

  83. Look at this….


    Came up on my Google Alerts. Even the web tabloids are getting their facts straight.

  84. For anyone concerned the video will disappear from Youtube: There are free, very simple to use software available using which anyone can download and save videos from Youtube.

    Here are a couple of links: YOUTUBE VIDEO DOWNLOADERS:



    These are 100% legit.

    Youtube does sometimes pull videos for various reasons, so if you find a Youtube video you like and don’t want to lose, you can use this kind of downloader to download and save it.

    I have the first one above, it is super simple to use.

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