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Ivan Garcia on the Bridge and Gnat Swatting 101




My name is Ivan Garcia, I just turned 19 and this is my declaration of Independence.

I like fast cars, sports, good food and good friends. And girls too.

I started taking courses at an early age, led by the active example of my parents, Luis and Rocio. I had many wins on these, and having observed my parents’ behavior in life, I decided I wanted to follow their footsteps and eventually go OT. For this purpose I did the Purif and later attended the “Future OTs Convention” at the Freewinds. My experience at the Freewinds left me disgusted and not wanting any more services. And I didn’t do any for 5 years. I decided that it was too high a price to pay in terms of bullshit to go up the Bridge.

Ivan, age 10, at Flag graduation with Debbie Cook


I recently met Marty and I felt I had a new chance to go up the Bridge, so I visited with him and Mosey and received some great auditing. Among what the things we accomplished, I completed my Grade 0. I now feel I can talk to anyone about any subject.


I have become very interested in what is happening with the COS and the Independents. You can imagine I get to participate in a lot of meetings and conversations with my parents. I agree completely that by “standing up and being counted” brings any possible reform closer to reality, and thus the end of the suppression and suffering of many. This is something each of us can do… minimally.


I know many people are “under the radar.” If any of you are afraid to come out because of possible harassment, I would tell you that you should not be concerned. A good communication cycle is all that it takes.


So here I am. Count me in. And thank you Marty and Mosey! I am on my way to go OT now, just as I wanted.


Ivan kicking it at the 2011 Independents' party


Now, regarding this video below, the Three Stooges, Jim Lynch (Freedoom shill) (alleged former OC d/Sheriff thug) Jason (fresh from IOB) came by my house today. My parents were not home. I went out for a bite to eat and they followed me into a shopping center. As they were looking for me in the parking lot, they hit another car that was backing out. As they were exchanging information with the driver of the other car, I pulled up to check how they were doing.

Blogger note:  Don’t be alarmed – Miscavige’s thugs have not fanned out among Indepedents indiscriminately.   I arrived at Orange County airport the night before last greeted by Lubow, Lynch, and five other cars of Miscavige Private Eyes.  They’ve lost me twice and are leaning on anyone who might know my whereabouts.   My crimes?  I’ve given sessions to four people in SoCal so far.  As far as Miscavige is concerned it is a full blown crime spree.  Stay tuned for how Scientologists’ fees are being expended, damn the expense, to stop Public Enemy number one from attempting to assist others move on up a little higher.  You wanna stop the shinin’?  Thanks to the incredible Independents movement Underground Railroad, you can’t stop the shinin’.