Daily Archives: August 14, 2011

Grade II Completion


To touch the end of time

To walk with the sublime

To dance to the mystique


I stand here with you cheek to cheek

Mystified and pure

I feel the gift of life, no longer insecure

By the light of your eyes

By the strength of your field

I saw beyond my mind into a different hemisphere


Granted the mercy I chose

From the heavens I rose

Beyond birth and death 

Beyond pain and suffering 

Beyond the need to need 


I stepped to the side

Looked as I lied

Put down the blade

And began to pray

With a tear and a sigh

For I am no longer a lie


I blew to the sky

A kiss of goodbye

No longer will reside 

The victim must die


The vicious cycle erased

We began to embrace

Our leather and lace