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David Miscavige the Coward

The liar is inevitably a coward and the coward inevitably a liar.

– L Ron Hubbard

A tremendous amount of International Association of Scientologists fees are being expended daily to run a black PR operation against me personally as well as a 110 day operation designed to impede me directly and make the lives of Mosey and I a living hell.  Miscavige is enforcing the OSA bible Public Relations Series 18 to the tee.  Except, as in all things Miscavige touches, he is doing so in the reverse.   Hubbard explains the intention of the Black Propagandist in PR Series 18 as follows:

The world is full of madmen. The basic characteristic of extreme madness is perpetual attack, attacks on anything, attacks on persons or things which contain no menace.  Extreme, not petty crime is at the root of such an impulse.

The attacker has an evil purpose in life.  He is a thing of death, not life.  And his harvest is a death harvest.  Such a person feels he cannot feel safe unless everything else is dead.  His evil purpose takes many forms and expressions. The end product is the same – death.

At bottom, David Miscavige is a coward.

If you’d go to the St Petersburg Times video interview of me, and watch the segment titled Reverse Dianetics at http://www.tampabay.com/specials/2009/reports/project/rathbun.shtml, you will learn that Miscavige did not have the courage to  confront me man to man before I left (even with whatever security contingent he chose to bring with him, against me alone).  He promised he would meet on my demand to discuss his practice of Black Dianetics at International Headquarters – several appointments, several no shows on his part.  I patiently awaited the promised meeting for ten months.

Now, after I spend two years attempting to reverse the Black Dianetics he has laid in he spends twenty thousand dollars a day to send “security pros”, and Kool Aide drinkers (whom he pays handsomely)  to attempt to make our lives a living hell here – barking out Miscavige’s venomous lies on our driveway and throughout our neighborhood, filming into our home up to 21 times a day for 110 days.

And Miscavige, necessarily, has them tell blatant lies as to their very identities and purposes that virtually nobody watching believes.

For example,  Ralph S Gomez, the “security pro” making big bucks for supervising the voyeurs has identified himself as the Assistant Producer for a documentary company, telling the media, law enforcement, and everyone in our community that line.

Well, the following is a verbatim conversation I had, which Monique witnessed and I duly recorded, with Mr Gomez on 23 June 2011, day 68 of his assignment. This is what the “assistant producer” had learned in more than two months on the job. The one time I caught the coward alone, outside his little pack, during these 110 days.

GOMEZ:  It ain’t worth it, man, what you are going through.  Fix whatever you did.

RATHBUN: Why don’t you find out before you go trailing someone all around town?  Why don’t you find out what it is all about?

GOMEZ: I don’t understand it.

RATHBUN:  Then why are you doing it?  If you don’t understand it, then why are you doing it?

GOMEZ: All this wouldn’t be happening for no reason.  I mean just fix it, man, fix it. IF THIS WAS HAPPENING TO ME, I’D FLIP OUT.

Well, five and one half weeks later, we’re still standing and Miscavige is still trying:  living, perpetuating, buying others to forward LIES.

Ralph S Gomez and the Cultettes

And Miscavige, by now you well know my answer to your offer for me to “fix it” with you and have you and your agents withdrawn.  I am fixing it.  But, apparently you are operating on another definition of “fix” than I am.

Ralph Gomez, other “professional” cult whores, Kool Aid Drinkers, and others feigning ignorance as to what this is all about, our friends at Indipendologo have summed it up real simple for you.  For a concise, accurate brief on Miscavige’s cowardice – note well the skirts he hides behind as he flees from the truth – please have a look at the video produced by  DRITTONEIDENTI (means straightinhisteeth) and posted by the founder of  the Italian independence movement Gary Baldi.  The video appears at the end of the post at this link, http://indipendologo.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/il-leader-dei-leader-parte-1/

The final irony is this.   Although it may not appear so to those not intimately involved, and though you all might find it hard to believe in light of events of the past quarter year,  I have got David Miscavige exactly where I want him.

Stay tuned.