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Ground Zero For The Future of Scientology

According to the many insightful comments in response to this week’s posts it is clear not much was lost on you all.   Thanks for the dot connecting and succinct  sum ups and observations of the situation.

Allow me to engage in a little more dot connecting of my own.

The main purpose behind the manner in which the material rolled out – from the first Caller Times article on 3 July, to the follow up on 7 August, to the four segments of interview with Bert Leahy – was to provide the definitive Miscavige mafia repellent.   Take the links to the 3 July article, the 7 August article, and the four days of Mr. Leahy and you have a fully self-contained answer and antidote to any invasion of Miscavige’s mafia in your area.   Whether it is Lubow or any Radical Scientology private investigator, one or more OSA operatives or even a Radical Scientology lawyer – the combined links, in sequence, are the answer to them all.

David Miscavige does not investigate.

David Lubow does not investigate.

Scientology lawyers do not investigate.

OSA does not investigate.

David Miscvige only harasses in a vain effort to dominate and destroy and to wipe out the exercise of the First Amendment rights of Freedom of Speech, the Press, and of Religion.

David Lubow only harasses to chill the exercise of First Amendment rights of freedom of speech, the press, and religion.

Scientology laywers only harass – and get paid commensurate with their satisfaction of David Miscavige’s perverse intentions to dominate and destroy.

Office of Special Affairs only does a lower, more covert and illegal form of all the above at the insistance and direct orders of David Miscavige.

David Miscavige, David Lubow, Scientology PIs, Scientology lawyers, and Office of Special Affairs staff are not capable of telling the truth.  They are only capable of lying.   They have lied so often and brazenly for so long, nobody in his or her right mind believes a single bit of filth that issues from their sinister mouths. 

From here on out the links I noted above – with nothing else but that – is my answer to anyone swayed by these cretins in the slightest.  I highly recommend you use them for the same purpose. 

To lie to a major newspaper so persistently and consistently, and then continue to lie after getting busted and caught out  is a brand new straight-up-and-vertical level attained by David Miscavige.  It is the achievement of TOTAL lack of credibility.

Not only is the church’s credibility  dead, but now the credibility of its overpriced “professional” whores too is dead.

Finally, if anyone thinks the South Texas Siege (now in day 118) is merely some personal vendetta against me, think again.

This blog is coming at you from Ground Zero. 

GROUND ZERO:…2) the center or origin of rapid, intense, or violent activity or change; broadly : center.          – Merriam Webster Collegiate Dictionary

This is Ground Zero in the struggle to determine how Scientology will be practiced and how it will be perceived by the world at large in future generations.

The siege is only about preventing that change.

David Miscavige’s answer to the challenge is two-fold:

a)  Destroy the communication vehicle that is advocating such change and accurately informing the world about the state of Scientology, by destroying rights guaranteed by the US Bill of Rights and the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the Creed of the Church of Scientology.

b) Destroy the sane and effective practice of Scientology, by destroying rights guaranteed by the US Bill of Rights and the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the Creed of the Church of Scientology.

If you doubt my words, then let us hear it from Miscavige’s own agent’s (OT VII/OT Ambassador) mouth: (note, don’t get distracted with my words – listen carefully to Mosey’s which I talk trash over during a crucial segment):