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Fear not your enemies, for they can only kill you.

Fear not your friends, for they can only betray you.

Fear only the indifferent, who permit the killers and betrayers to walk safely on this earth.

– Edward Yashinsky

Why the Obsession?

Some have pondered lately why the Miscavige obsession with Casablanca.   I have some ideas to share on that score. 

First please review a portion of an essay I posted on 26 September 2009, Independent Scientologists community:

I am fairly certain that if a decent percentage of independent Scientologists stand up, identify themselves, and freely associate with like-minded friends in the light of day at least three things will happen:

a. Many individual lives will regain meaning. Many more lives still will reap the gains from each of us who independently and freely use Scientology with no other motivation than to help others reach higher states of beingness.

b. Scientology (the subject and community) will experience a renaissance within society at large.

c. Miscavige’s church will be forced to either radically reform by reversing its suppressive operating basis or face its inevitable demise (note the intransitive is used; it is not because of anything that you or I will do to it that will cause it other than being there comfortably – it will be a self-inflicted fate).

At this point, at this Ethics stage,  I am advocating  that independent thinking Scientologists think hard about being proud of exercising their independence. That they make themselves known and use the title “Scientologist” without shame or embarrassment. That they create community with other independent Scientologists and make it that much safer for those people to get their strength up and flourish. To the extent we tip toe around imaginary egg shells, we are PTS. We cripple our own ability to as-is. If we walk tall, we rehabilitate one another’s abilities to as-is. The Lord knows that this world could use some more of that.

People who have been following this blog for some time understand that this is a message I have often repeated: when enough real Scientologists stand up and be heard as Independents, Miscavige’s resources will be spread so thin trying to intimidate them that his actions will be so ineffectual that the world will see there is nothing to fear from Radical Corporate Scientology. 

It is my contention that such a tipping point has been achieved.  I think most overtly announced Independent Scientologists  recognize that, even if the society at large – certain press and law enforcement agencies included – is lagging a bit behind.

In the light of that, Miscavige’s current plan is quite rational for a psychotic motivated by intent to enslave and destroy everybody else in order to survive.  His think goes something like this:

“If we can’t scare them into compliance or shivering fear any more and we can’t control any more resources to keep trying, why, we concentrate all resources on ruining utterly the guy who told them to stand up the first place.  Then you’ll see them scattering like cockroaches.”

I personally believe Miscavige is rushing headlong toward the second option in point “c” of the essay excerpt above in frantically executing his current thinking.

There is one thing I am certain of.   That is, if more people stand up, step up and be counted it will make the thwarting of Miscavige’s current planning, and realization of the goals set forth in the essay, a heck of a lot easier.