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Clear Announcement





That which I have wanted since starting in Scn in 1976, I have just attained. Last Friday evening, my auditor and I acknowledged the state. Nothing  could have been easier, cleaner or more the way that LRH intended as it was right then.


Though I could certainly rail against terminals and circumstance that kept me from this state for so long, I choose instead to be thankful.


To LRH whose brilliance and responsibility startles me as much today as it did the day I read my first book.


To my auditor, the amazingly cool Haydn James, whose expertise and dedication to task got us through. No Q&A, no bullshit, just standard application. I know it was standard because it was just that easy.


To the firm of Rathbun, Rinder and Hall (I couldn’t help myself) whose willingness to spread the word and take the heat for our movement remains unbending.


To everyone in the movement, every Indie everywhere who has the nerve to stand up and say “NO” to the little man.


And last though certainly not least, my wife Yolanda, who kept me going no matter what.


A little something Id like to share with you guys. It is a favorite show of mine and reflects what I’m feeling right this minute. Look and listen and try to ignore the credits 🙂





God, I miss the stars.



Byron Dawson

aka Pissed Wizard