Daily Archives: August 21, 2011

Public Safety Announcement

This is a public safety announcement primarily directed at the person micro-managing the South Texas Siege (now it its 120th day), the self annointed Chairman of the Board of Religious Technology Center, self proclaimed “ecclesiastical leader of Scientology” David Miscavige.

Your hired thug Ralph S Gomez almost ran over my dog Chiquita for the second time today.

You are hereby put on notice (since we know from reliable sources you read this blog multiple times per day, this is the most effective form of notice possible) that by the law of averages, your continued abberant behavior in our humble town of 651 good souls is putting lives at risk.

While you reportedly watch the rushes (daily footage) which is uploaded to Los Angeles until the early morning hours each night, apparently you are either not noticing or are actively encourageing the reckless and dangerous behavior of your agents as evidenced in the following clip:

Please note that Ralph S Gomez is so busy sticking his iphone camera in visitors’s faces, in order to satisfy your aim to intimidate, he nearly killed my dog Chiquita. Even when called out on it by Monique, he continues pointing the camera back as he weaves his golf cart onto the wrong side of the street. Monique, me and other IOB residents have witnessed Gomez and his side kick Joanne Wheaton on many occasions making reckless moves on IOB streets in efforts to ambush and film while driving an otherwise harmless golf cart.

Miscavige, the corner that sits one house away from your operations headquarters is often frequented by elementary school aged children who live nearby and play there.  Your heretic buster squads’ practice of rushing out of the house you leased them on Bayshore Circle, piling into the golf cart like firemen off to a fire, and frantically rounding onto Bayshore Drive so as to get in front of Monique and/or I every time we go to the store, or take a walk along the beach is a hazard to the safety of the lives of children and oncoming drivers.  Many times we’ve witnessed Gomez or Wheaton fixing their cameras on us or our friends and neighbors while nearly driving their golf cart into oncoming traffic, parked cars, dogs, and people.

You are now on notice.  Should someone get hurt, law enforcement and the courts will know that your injury inflicting was done with malice aforethought.

Grow up.