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18 Wheels of Affinity, Reality, and Communication

With all the chatter about L Ron Hubbard’s alleged shortcomings, it got me to thinking about what the effect of the unprecedented ad hominen attacks against the man were.  Hubbard was demonized by the Cold War establishment perhaps more than any other civilian figure.  One cummulative effect of it all was to to one degree or another de-humanize him in the public eye.  We see remnants of those effects to this day. Tony Ortega has even come to the conclusion that my mission – and that of many other Independents – is made hopeless by this historical landscape.  That landscape is not easy to contextualize given its long-lived nature and Miscavige’s daily efforts to make the myths into reality.  Providing context to the entire picture  is a longer term project that I never lose site of, but unfortunately I have not found the time to devote to it that it deserves.

So, in the interim I play the game of trying to provide morsels of food for thought from time to time that might ever so slightly shift a viewpoint or two.

Today, I address a propaganda line that developed some legs during the take-down-Hubbard Cold War.  That is, “Hubbard’s writings rarely mention the word ‘love.'”

For those who have studied and applied much Scientology, certainly for me personally, that one cut to the quick.  It was not readily put to rest by counting up the use of the word “love” in Hubbard’s works.  Because, fact of the matter is, you won’t find the word “love” aplenty in Hubbard’s books and lectures.  Does that fact mean the subject of Scientology has nothing to do with the concept of “love”?

Again to those who understand the subject through study and work with it,  the answer is “of course it does, in fact it is the heart and soul of the subject.”

The purpose of the subject is to free the spirit through achievement of ever-increasing Understanding.  Understanding is composed of Affinity, Reality and Communication (ARC).  ARC are the component parts of Theta (the spirit, the soul; a term coined by Hubbard so as not to confuse it with 3000 years of misconceptions accumulated in the subject of spirituality).   Theta is the highest concept of love.   Theta is life force, elan vital, the all-healing good that the opposite of love (hate, lies, evil) disappears in the presence of.

Nearly every book written (there were dozens) and every lecture spoken (there were thousands) by Hubbard were done in furtherance of forwarding the laws of Affinity, Reality and Communication (increasing them) so as to free Theta.

I once tried to explain to Lawrence Wright (Pulitzer prize winning author of the February New Yorker article) that for every fault he could dig up about Hubbard, I could trace it back to a virtue.  Yes, Hubbard could be a harsh task master. Yes, he could roll up his sleaves and fight fire with a firestorm.  Yes, his propensity to do so left indelible faults in the organizations he created ( e.g. the Guardian’s Office, and yes even Office of Special Affairs,  etc).  But, having studied the subject thoroughly and practiced it inside and outside the organization, studied the man thoroughly (warts and all), and even myself having  acted viciously over many years in the name of defending Scientology, I came to an understanding while being outside of the beast for three years. That is, notwithstanding the fact that a died in the wool sociopath subsequently used Hubbard’s propensity to fight back hard as a justification for systematically ruining lives, the Old Man cared (many say to a fault) about assuring people’s ability to benefit from his discoveries. His discoveries about the laws of Affinity, Reality and Communication, the component parts of Theta (the highest possible concept of love). That Hubbard’s solutions to antagonism during the height of the Cold War are reprehensibly dramatized by a madman and an anachronistic organization in the age of Communication does not cancel that truth.

I’ll leave you with that thought and a song that I posted several weeks ago.   I know it is lengthy and only a few people (Laura, Rachel and Christie, I think) acknowledged having made it all the way through it.  But, this song captures for me the spirit of Scientology.   When all hope is lost for Chester, something happens.  The lyrics don’t explicitly say what it is.  But the music and context of the lyrics communicates what happens.  Chester is saved by love (theta), and somehow Chester realizes his (theta’s) seniority over the mechanics of matter, energy, space and time…and I’ll be damned.

When push comes to shove, when bullshit’s had its say, when the critics and zealots are done beating the hell out of one another, whether you wind up believing Hubbard was a sinner, a saint, a vengeful dirty fighter, or whatever,  I’ll continue to think he would have been right in there pitching with Chester, doing his damnedest to coax him  on up to cause over the elements that were trying to take him out of the game.

An Open Letter to Tony Ortega

reference: yours at,

Notwithstanding your prediction, you won’t hear any howls from me Tony.  Only a long sigh of disappointment.

You start out your opus on L Ron Hubbard with an interesting incongruity: the Village Voice sanctimoniously talking down on somebody for being “a bigamist” and an “occult dabbler.”  Really?  Who do you expect to stand out of line and swim against the current at the height of the Cold War, McCarthyism, and state sponsored institutional psychiatry?  The monogamous, obeying, church-going Ozzie Nelson?  I would think the Village Voice of all fairly influential publications would understand this:  If you want to find someone to step outside the box and question the manner in which humankind has been doing business for thousands of years don’t call on Little Lord Fauntelroy.

The first crux of your attempted take down of L Ron Hubbard begins with a straw man burning of what you quote a religious scholar as calling the church’s “mythological hagiography” of Hubbard.  Tony, name an established religion whose founder or messenger is promoted by its organization with anything other than a “mythological hagiography.”

You then “prove” it’s all by Hubbard’s design by taking a third-rate propaganda piece (Russell Miller’s Barefaced Messiah) and converting it into, well, your Bible.  It is the same technique being used by mainstream, corporate media for the past sixty years to make fun of and tear down that which it doesn’t have the intellectual integrity to attempt to understand.  So, just as you introduced your hagiography burning by allowing yourself to call my “bullshit”, please allow me to call yours.

I explained to you at some length my own considerations about Hubbard’s hagiography; and explained to you that most Independent Scientologists share them.   First, I told you that I was not the kind of person to allow someone’s alleged “biography” to influence my evaluation of the workability of methods suggested by that person.  In fact, I told you that I caught myself beginning to do so when I first entered a church of Scientology in 1977. But, it wasn’t in the way you’ve inferred is the only way to evaluate the worth of Scientology.  I saw a photo of Hubbard in his naval uniform, with some plug as to how this showed him to be credible.   I nearly made an about face right then and there because to me the last cred I would credit in the field of the mind and the spirit would be someone’s stint as an officer in the US Navy.  But, I decided to keep an open mind and stay focused on what he had to offer;  and more importantly to test for myself whether it produced a result.  Remember, I was a writer for the alternative paper at the University I had attended before all this; I had been honing my bullshit detector for some time.

Whether Hubbard was a blood brother to Native Americans, an Eagle Scout, a teenager who in the 1920’s once used a pejorative term to refer to Chinese, was responsible for killing a sub full of people, considered homosexuality deviant in 1951, or generally went about his life with a bigger-than-life swag really never figured into the equation for me.

So, your part A, for me, is not much more than much ado about nothing.

As for your part B, the recitation and condemnation of the very few words you cherry picked out of the millions Hubbard wrote and spoke on the subject of Scientology, your techniques were even more disappointing.  I’ll cite some of the words you chose to characterize as policy, and give each passage a touch of context.

a.     “The only way you can control people is to lie to them.”

Tony, I have heard more than one one-hour lecture by Hubbard where takes this axiom and ruthlessly examines it toward forever freeing those listening from ever being controlled through lies.

b. Your repeated references to and quotes on the Hubbard Policy Letter Keeping Scientology Working:

In context, again as I explained to you, outside the culture of the church that policy letter, Keeping Scientology Working, means ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”   That was the meaning my wife summed up as gleaning from it.  As you know she had never set foot in any “church” of Scientology, and therefore was uninfluenced by the culture of Miscavige that interprets virtually everything for people, when I asked her to read it.  But, apparently her view doesn’t count, not when it might slow down a witch burning of L Ron Hubbard.

c. “There’s only one remedy for crime — get rid of the psychs! They are causing it!”

Is Shakespeare condemned for having prescribed a disappearing of all lawyers to remedy the world’s ills?  Is Michael Moore condemned for cheerleading for the abolition of all Capitalists to create peace on earth?  Certainly not in your publication. Further, it really doesn’t sound much different from the attitude you’ve espoused about Scientology in your article on Hubbard.   Glass houses?

d. “A truly Suppressive Person or group has no rights of any kind and actions taken against them are not punishable.”

Tony, while you know damn well that I – and all Independents I know  – take exception to any attitude or conduct even reflecting adherence to the above sentence,  let’s add a broader type of context.  Apparently the mental health field is sixty years later coming round to Hubbard’s way of thinking.   I am reading a book (The Sociopath Next Door) by a prominent practitioner in the specialty of repairing the victims of sociopaths.  Her description of the sociopath reads like a modern day rewrite of Hubbard’s descriptions of what he then called the covertly hostile person, and later called the suppressive person.  The psychiatrist announces that modern psychiatry cannot cure the sociopath, and muses for 3 pages beating around the bush about what then to do about them – the subtext is clear, she wishes it were 1951 and it was politically correct to say “quarantine them”, but alas, it is 2011 and she winds up babbling into apathy over the problem.


A Finance Office policy.  I think if your job is Finance and you do things that do not add up to making more money and getting others to do the same, you are not long for finance (whether you are in the Finance Office of the Catholic Church, the United Way, or General Motors). To infer this policy applies broadly to Scientologists is just a plain cheap shot.

To place L Ron Hubbard above David Miscavige in your rankings of those doing the most to “cripple Scientology” does everyone a disservice in my opinion.   L Ron Hubbard died twenty-five years ago.  He wrote what he wrote.  He has no further say in what people do with what he wrote.  Following your logic, the solution would lie along the lines a good old-fashioned book burning.  Further,  you are naïve to assume there are more active Corporate Scientologists (whom Miscavige demands read Hubbard the way you have chosen to) than there are Independent Scientologists (who don’t miss the forest for the trees and choose to apply what Hubbard wrote in a sensible, lawful, respectful manner befitting the age in which they live).  Your final article tells the latter that they are no different than the former – that all are condemned to read and apply Hubbard as you and David Miscavige have chosen to.  Worse, you aid and abet a dangerous sociopath by providing him with the ultimate defense  – Hubbard made him do it.

I respectfully disagree.

While Independent Scientologists might be inclined to howl, I can guarantee you  one thing.  They won’t investigate you, they won’t threaten you, they won’t attempt to intimidate you, they won’t threaten to sue you, they won’t sue you, and they won’t do much of anything to make you even slightly uncomfortable.

I’ve got news for your Tony.   Those facts right there about how Independent Scientologist will conduct themselves towards you is living proof that your article was dead wrong.

Peace my brother.

Science of Certainty vs. Pedagogy of Vacillation

Tony Ortega did a write up on me at the Village Voice yesterday.

I appreciate the work Tony has done in investigating and working to understand me and what the independent movement is about.  I think he provides a fairly accurate picture.   One thing that Tony and I apparently don’t see eye to eye on is what our impact is on the future of Scientology.  While he takes pains to distinguish between Corporate Scientology and Independent Scientology in the article at issue, he continues to consider – by the relegation of his story to the top twenty five people “crippling Scientology” – that we are somehow hurting the public image of Scientology.  I couldn’t disagree more emphatically.  I post about signs of our objectives being attained – differentiating in the public mind between the practice of Scientology philosophy and the daily criminal activity of the “church” of Scientology – fairly often (ironically including Tony’s own coverage of Janet Reitman’s book, our recent trip to Germany, and religious scholar Hugh Urban’s book on Scientology).

Perhaps not coincidentally, the only other thing I take exception to in Tony’s article on me is his painting a picture that I am focused on getting people out of the church and even out of Scientology.  He misduplicated what happened with the three psychoanalyst referrals I received.  One of them returned to the Bridge is moving up it actively, one considers himself an Independent Scientologist but is not actively pursuing the Bridge, and one – who for twelve years considered herself not a Scientologist – continued not to consider herself a Scientologist but lost all of her considerable antagonism and victimhood feelings for the subject, and instead went off considering her experiences part of her continuing growth.

I just let him know that I don’t solicit, advertise or pressure anyone to pursue Scientology. What he omitted to report is that I considered that approach remarkably effective.  We just do our work and let the results speak for themselves. We are consistently booked solid four months in advance, and every week we have to refer people out because we just cannot handle the demand.

This week is a perfect example.  On top of delivering Grades to another pc, the amiable and delightful Bruce Pratt paid us a four day visit and he and I were able to chop some wood.  Here is what Bruce has to say about what we do here:

26 Sep 2011

I don’t really have a lot to say about Clear.  Not now.  🙂

I can say that the freedoms associated with the state allow some pretty wide open vistas.  One such vista near and dear to me — the vista of the rest of my existence beginning with further ascent along LRH’s Bridge.

Marty, thank you for helping me clear the way.  I still cannot believe how utterly simple it was.  Yeah, I had some dim cockamamie notion, but it don’t really count.  After all, we’re dealing with the science of certainty, not the pedagogy of vacillation.  Do I make myself clear?

LRH was a man for all time.   I am so grateful I have the time to follow in his wake.  May my ripples compliment that wake.

Casablanca de Tejas has been described by others more eloquently, so I’ll just say: “(expletives deleted) What a spiritual oasis/refuge/sanctuary!

I had an idea of what Scientology was about.  I got a damn good introduction back in 1987 or so.  Reality began to digress further and further from what my idea was.   I have tried to apply “The Road to Truth”, the inspiration for my blog handle Fellow Traveller.  The rewards for persisting along my road to truth are incalculable, precious and a whole string of similars.  Marty, in his inimitable fashion, bedrocked on LRH principles and technology, with Mosey as his cohort in cause and mischief, did not just reaffirm my idea of LRH’s Scientology, but made it conceivable and real that not only can the Aims of Scientology be achieved, but I can achieve them.  Someone queue up “To Sir with Love”, please.

Bruce Pratt

1,000 Voices Heard, Now Let’s Make It 2,000


We’ve gone from 132 to over a 1,000 since Sunday night’s post.  If each of those thousand can reach just one more person we’ll soon be to 2,000.  This site has received more than 15,000 visits since Sunday evening – so there are plenty out there, who are tuned into here alone, who can make that move. It is easy to do something effective about David Miscavige and his most dangerous cult. Just click the following link and follow the instructions:

No big registration number needed. Just contact some friends whom you know are watching and are informed, and give ’em a little nudge.

Do it for Paul and Joe:

Petition the President of the United States

The highest levels of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington D.C. put an arbitrary, authoritative stop on a massive, widespread probe that its Los Angeles office had been carrying out from 2009 well into 2010.  The church of Scientology was given assurances by high level US Department of Justice officials that the investigation was dead via the church’s expensive, connected white shoe lawfirms.  With at least the imprimatur of the FBI Director himself FBI agents were instructed to falsely inform many witnesses and informants that the investigation was continuing long after the church had been assured by senior Department of Justice officials that the investigation was over.   These false assurances were provided in order to prevent the media from making the Department of Justice look weak or bought-off in the light of the many revelations of consistent criminal behavior being directed by the undisputed head of the church of Scientology David Miscavige.  As a result, the Department of Justice knowingly, and callously, put a number of informants at risk.  In effect, the Department of Justice made cooperating witnesses fair game for predictable church of Scientology retaliation tactics.

On a personal level, the 164 day siege of my own home began date coincident with one  Scientology Inc lawyer (former high level Justice official) going on record with a media outlet that not only was there not an ongoing investigation into Miscavige and his cult, but the lawyer had been assured by Justice Department officials that no investigation had ever even occurred.  And with that, Miscavige apparently felt immune to conduct the activity against me and my wife that is so over the top that only a madman or one knowing he had immunity would assay.  I have a well documented file, well placed, with similar stories from a number of other FBI witnesses and informants who were similarly left to hang and dangle in the wind.

Many local law enforcement officials have heard my complaints against Miscavige and the church of Scientology (tangible, current assaults upon me and my wife), in four different states, who have shrugged their shoulders and asked me, “where’s the FBI?  This stuff is clearly a pattern and crosses state lines daily.”   And each time, I have covered the FBI’s back by putting it back on the locals to stick to the narrow picture – granting the FBI’s stupid request that I keep the fact of their investigation quiet.  (I call the request stupid, because they continued to assert the church couldn’t know of their investigation more than a year after I demonstrated for them it was impossible that the church did not know by then – based upon people whom the FBI had visited and briefed and based upon whom I know those visited had subsequently spoken to).

I know precisely how the FBI was bought into submission by the church of Scientology.  I even warned the honest line agents involved  in November 2009 exactly how it would be done so as to proof them up from having their work sabotaged.

Unless and until President Obama appoints someone from outside of, and senior to, the Department of Justice – or until it is clear that this last appeal has fallen upon deaf ears – I will not be sharing all the particulars I know publicly.  But, those details one day will see the light of day even if I am not around to share them – I’ve made provision for that.

My attention was recently directed to a petition that appears on the White House’s web page. I ask that you sign that petition titled,  EXAMINE THE GOVERNMENT’S FAILURE TO INVESTIGATE AND PROSECUTE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY CRIME, FRAUD AND ABUSE.


I also encourage you to make the link known to every person you have the ability to reach in person or electronically and that you urge them to also sign.

Whether the 5000 target is met or not does not relieve the Administration from its duty to investigate and remedy the filth and corruption going on between our Department of Justice and America’s most dangerous cult.

But, the more people who sign the more chance there is that justice might be done.

The Strange Case of Biggi Reichert

I am investigating the circumstances and cover up of the 2006  untimely and unfortunate death of a senior  German Scientologist.

Biggi Reichert

Biggie was an OT VIII.  She was also an IAS Patron.

Biggi married an apparently wealthy Scientologist real estate speculator Juergen Reichert.   Biggi learned after the wedding that Juergen  was in fact deep in debt.

In 2000 Biggi was Mission Holder of the Augsburg Mission.

In 2006 Biggi Reichert was the Public Exec Sec at the Hamburg Scientology organization.

In 2006 Biggi wrote a note to the Flag Solo NOTs Director of Processing that she had allegedly attained the pinnacle of the Bridge, yet the two ruins she got into Scientology to handle were still her ruins: the Second Dynamic (sex, marriage and the rearing of children) and money.  At the time she and her husband were in debt to the tune of approximately ten million Euros (or 16 million US dollars). Biggi had begun a liaison of some sort with a Scientologist banker named Axel Rudel.

Biggi went to Flag for a handling. Her return ticket indicated she intended to stay for two weeks.  After four days at Flag, she was escorted to the airport by two Scientologists.   One of those escorts was reportedly OT VIII Rainer Bierman. Biggi flew back to Hamburg.  She took off in her car.

She spent three days at the horse ranch of her Scientologist friend Gloria Schluter.                     .

On the final day of her visit Biggi was found dead in the garage in her car.  Sleeping pills were spread about the front seat.  The car was fitted with a hose directing the exhaust into the seating compartment.  Autopsy determined she died of carbon monoxide poisoning; and that though she had consumed sleeping pills the dosage was not enough to have caused her death.  A will of sorts was left behind in Biggi’s hand distributing what few possessions she still owned.

Biggi’s scalp contained more than a dozen small third degree burns.  While each burn was about the size of a cigarette ember, they were determined forensically to not be cigarette burns.  Her hair did not appear to be burned; leading to the conclusion the burns were carefully administered.  The burns were determined to most likely have occurred while Biggi was in Florida.

Juergen Reichert disappeared and is not cooperating with police.  Gloria Schluter did not provide any substantive information.  The “church” has been mum, as per usual, as if it was a matter that its staff knew nothing about. And of course they provided none of the tomes of documents such matters by policy would require they write and file.  The United States government is reluctant to provide assistance to the German government in getting to the bottom of this, having been effectively bought off by David Miscavige’s agents.

Scientologists in good standing who inquired of the church about the disappearance of Biggi were lied to.  They were told that Biggi suddenly suffered a heart attack and died, period.

If anyone has any information leading to the resolution of the mystery surrounding the death of Biggi Reichert, please share them.  If you require anonymity, contact me at my secure address,

Please, if  you have any possibly relevant facts, pass them along for the benefit of Biggi.

Minimally, Biggi was abandoned by her “church” and her “friends”.

We apparently are the only friends she’s got left.

Miscavige’s Moral Bankruptcy

                                                                                   That there above is the prize bestowed upon Richie Acunto for having donated TEN MILLION DOLLARS to David Miscavige’s war chest.  The misuse of those funds has been well documented on this blog over the past two years.  For extended periods of time it included around the clock surveillance of the home of Tiziano Lugli, Jamie Sorrentini and their precious daughter Veda.  
In December 09  Tiziano and Jamie visited Mosey and I for a week.  As a result the church sent operatives literally into the homes of Jamie’s grandparents and Tiziano’s parents on the East Coast and in Italy to disrupt their family Christmas get togethers, beseeching their parents to disconnect from Jamie and Tiziano. 
 When Tiziano and Jamie returned from their families to LA in early January 2010, they sought out close friends to share with them truths they had learned about Miscavige and the treatment they had received in retaliation for even examining those irrefutable facts.       Jamie and Tiziano went to the home of Richie Acunto.  

Richie marrying Jamie and Tiziano '09

                                                                        Acunto would not answer their repeated knocking and calling of his name.  While they attempted to speak to Richie an IAS reg in suit and tie strode up behind them, asking where Richie was.  Then Tiziano received a cell phone call from Hollywood agent, and Kool Aid drinker, Joel Stevens.  Stevens called from within Acunto’s house to say, “Tiziano, Richie can’t see you now, can’t you see there are IAS reges all over the place.”   Now, people, realize that Acunto’s home was hopping with IAS reges, preventing his freely communicating with friends, MORE THAN A YEAR AFTER HE REACHED THE EXALTED STATUS OF PATRON DIAMOND MERITORIOUS FOR HAVING HANDED OVER A COOL TEN MILLION DOLLARS TO DAVID MISCAVIGE.  TEN MILLION DOLLARS THAT DAVID MISCAVIGE WAS ALREADY USING TO DESTROY THE TRUTH, ME PERSONALLY, AND RICHIE’S GOOD FRIENDS JAMIE AND TIZIANO.                                                             

Friends, August '09

 After Tiziano did finally see Richie in a last attempt to save him from the predicted ruin and suffering he is apparently now experiencing, Acunto wrote Jamie and Tiziano the following missive (no doubt edited by Tommy D and/or OSA).   I publish it in full as it is useful in understanding the midset of  a thought-stopping cult member.                                                                                                       

Hi guys,
Well I was highly disappointed to read your public disavowal of Management as well as seeing your postings on Rath-bones site. Especially as I spent hours with Tom Davis on your behalf that very evening.  You need to realize and understand the severity of events as they have transpired as well as the consequences of direction you have chosen.  You are not alone in the universe and the impact of actions taken by you guys do adversely effect others across the dynamics and create damage. You need to take responsibility for this fact which is occurring.  Of course you will be shunned by other members that do not hold your point of view.  We’re all bailing out the boat while your pouring water in, so to speak, and that won’t be appreciated by the observant.  Of course you can fool yourselves into believing it is being done based on a point of personal integrity, but that does not reduce or eliminate the damage done to yourself and others across the dynamics who are cross flowing this thing. No real “ friend” of yours will be happy with your decision who are members in good standing with this group and all would hope that you recognize,  confront and take full responsibility for your actions taken thus far as well as what is created by such actions.
Jaimee, as it has been explained this is NOT just a simple matter of a different point of view. You have aligned yourself to the known enemies of the group. Your act of allowing postings of you with overt agreement of that suppressive’s actions makes you 100% complicit and responsible  – and YOU are now pointing the gun metaphorically (not literally) back at all remaining as part of the Church of Scientology and taking pot shots.
Everything I am stating herein is simply as a member of the Church of Scientology who has NO involvement impact or control over the management of the group and as a person that has been a true friend of yours… here is how I see it plainly.
1.     Tiziano got upset with his bridge progress and how it was going and is in disagreement with the church’s position in regards to his clear attest as well as other actions to be taken.    
2.     ARC Broken, angry and upset Tiziano is opens himself up to all the entheta, negative and destructive communications to be found in regards to the Church which readily assessable on the internet and as written by people that have their own vested interest in being right and the destruction of the group. – whatever that is. The more Tiziano reads, the more he gets sucked down the rabbit hole and away from truth he goes, all in  the name of finding out the truth.  
3.     Tiziano now found himself in and declared himself to be in a “search or mission for truth”. With this he decides to “read everything” and this would include altered info of all kinds much of which the variety so subjective that it cannot be verified because it is basically hearsay, rumor and gossip and / or data not observed 1st hand, so there is no real way of knowing the “truth” of it all.  Then Tiziano made the decision as well to talk directly with folks that are sworn enemies of the group (very big step) and that have left the group on bad terms with anaxe to grind and of course that data will be taken as 100% accurate and correct, impartial, factual, honest and strictly analytical… although it is all from folks feeling wronged or hurt in some way they themselves take no responsibility for. Misery loves company. If I have observed anything – that one is for sure except possibly in the most high toned of individuals within a society.
4.     The next thing to occur is Tiziano taking the data he reads and/or hears and aligns to his own way of thinking, the way he wants to see it so as to be totally right and justified in regards to his actions, and “down the rabbit hole” he goes taking his wife with him by debriefing her on all the entheta found. This expands to others in the family and those others that were willing to listen. Down into the valley of death and it is death because NOW the actual truth has to beand is unacceptable , not to be observed or to be heard and a bed of lies is weaved with further realign of events to realties as perceived today.  
5.     Of course with this occurring,   speaking with scientologists active on the bridge that are winning and who have made the journey to OT to whatever degree successfully or whom have trained up on the tech side or to talk impartially with the many thousands of staff who are winning on their posts and love the game they are playing is something that can’t and won’t be done. Applying properly a real Doubt formula cannot now be done – because all these folks are “ entirely duped, in the dark,  or simply not in the know” . If this wasn’t so arrogantly stated Tiziano, it would simply be considered childish and utterly sophomoric.  
6.     Net end result the seeker of truth has sealed his eyes shut.  
Your connection to declared Suppressives who are actively attempting to attack and harm the forward progress of the group you were a part of, where you actually received your gains and knowledge and the group I love is reprehensible conduct that no true group member can or will accept.  You should now be aware that both of you have been officially labeled and declared as Suppressive by the Church.  I have seen and read the Declare.
Personally I would like to see you handle this at light speed.  I know that if you confront the A to E steps you can get back in good standing with this group quickly. Obviously I consider your decisions as “the Major decision and mistake” of each of your lives.  For those of us that have been on lines long term – we know this to be true and have no desire to be right or make either of you wrong, it is not about that at all.  I would do anything I could to help you confront and get through this cycle as I feel that strongly that it is in your own best interest as well as all those that you care about and care about you that are members of the group as well as the group itself.
If I can help you get on correct lines within the church to sort this out, at any time now or in the future, by all means I am there for you, just let me know. Other than this I appreciate the fun times we have had together.
My Best,
On a personal note, I find it amusing how macho these cult members can imagine themselves.  The putz smugly calls a guy whom he has never met names, me. He puts up ten million dollars to take me out.  Net result, I am ten times stronger than I was in January 2010 and David Miscavige is but the butt of jokes around the world as a has-been cult leader.   And Richie is a broken disgrace. 
     Now for the punch line.  In spite of these FACTS, I am going to see that Richie comes through this ok, because I know in my heart of hearts that in his heart of hearts Richie is basically good.  Richie, wake up pal, I am the best friend you’ve got right about now.   
   And for the others who attempt to dodge the likes of Tiziano Lugli and Jamie Sorrentini:

David Miscavige branded “violent and toxic”

Chris Guider was my subordinate in his capacity as Inspector General’s MAA for some time.  Chris is one of the most honest, conscientious, and ethical people I had the pleasure of working with while in the Sea Organization (Corporate Scientology’s elite order).  Thanks for standing up and sounding off Chris.  You can watch Chris do so here, breaking news from Australia:

David Miscavige Kills Survival (Insurance)

For those who don’t know, Survival Insurance made millions by catering to Scientologists. When they started they pretty much ripped off the short-lived, but then (eighties) popular Survival Rundown trademark.

Survival CEO Richie Acunto became one of the elite of the Miscavige elite public.  In 2007 he completed his rarified IAS status by paying TEN MILLION dollars to the IAS.

Is it any surprise that four years later Survival Insurance has filed for bankruptcy?

Here is the filing:

Survival Insurance Inc.

Folks this is not an exception you are witnessing; this has become the rule.  So much so that several people from around the country have reported to me that “church” representatives are actually encouraging hard up, once-high-rollers that they have fleeced to declare bankruptcy.

“Secret” IAS briefings have actually provided the public with far-out, lunatic fringe justifications for filing bankruptcy, telling the public it is “ethical” for them to do so.  I’ll tell you what  they are being told by the “church.” Are you sitting down?   “The bankers deserve it.  International Bankers created the international recession for the sole purpose of harming the IAS and the church of Scientology.”   I guess they are the same international bankers they are falsely alleging are paying me (’cause how on earth else could a guy create such big effects with just communication?).  The same international bankers that dance in the reactive mind of David Miscavige.  Are you getting the picture yet?  Mike and I are not joking when we say David Miscavige is the biggest self-made victim on planet earth.  He is a died in the wool suppressive person (sociopath) fighting martians at every turn.

If anyone knows creditors of Survival Insurance and Richie Acunto, I think it would be quite the ethical thing to do to provide them with the information about where their money went – David Miscavige’s IAS.  Note that the creditors listed could be paid off with just the damn commission on the TEN MILLION DOLLARS fraudulently obtained by IAS.    If these people make enough noise, Miscavige will be forced to order a check be delivered to Richie to make those creditors whole.

I suggest that this is the ethical resolution to this Ponzi scheme.   In my opinion, there is likely more than meets the eye here.  They’ve got Miscavige bot Michael Stoeller representing Survival.  My guess is the company, and Richie, are in a lot more trouble than they disclose here, and if Miscavige doesn’t bail them out with his ill gotten booty a lot of other people are going to get hurt too.

And to think, twenty months ago Richie Acunto wouldn’t give the time of day to his erstwhile friend Tiziano Lugli when Il Maestro attempted to warn him where this ship was headed.  Instead, he disconnected from his friend and remained connected to the SP (suppressive person, sociopath) he was warned about.

Wake Up Call, indeed.

Forever Young

The real heroine of the events over the past days, weeks, months and years is a woman.  Mosey has been my rock of Gibraltar from the get go.  She’s been my auditor in life, my partner, providing incredible perspective and sanity in an universe seemingly gone mad.

Perhaps a bit of context will begin to communicate it.

First, on the heels of the Southern California insanity well documented in the last week of August on this blog, and after one hundred and thirty something days of siege, Mosey arranged with Carol and David Kramer for a brief respite for us in Arizona.  While the cult surveiled as per usual, David and Carol made a relatively peaceful day for us in Sedona possible.

On the way home the next day, we were assaulted first thing in the morning at the Phoenix airport. (note Carol, go get em girl).  Note, days after Mosey’s warning David Miscavige sent a team to Mosey’s father’s home.  One was wearing a surgeon’s mask indicating he was contagious – quite a sickening terroristic move given Mosey’s father is a recent heart transplant recipient.

After a full day of flying and connections, within ten minutes of arriving home, the SQBs arrived on the apron of our driveway.   Somehow the ranting about Germany seemed like background noise compared to Norman (Bates) James Moore (whose demented, anonymous year of stalking my wife is well documented on this blog) leering at Mosey through sunglasses.  As you can see in the following clip, I was a little off in my post of Friday night. It was not my request to stop leering at my wife that Norman chose to ignore, it was Mosey’s request.   While the footage is obscured since I was holding the camera while yanking Norman’s sunglasses, you might notice the footwork of Mosey in the scuffle.   She saved Norman from something far more serious than a mere scratch, and saved me from something far more serious than a mere four hours in jail; all without speaking a word.

LRH noted in the PDC that a thetan can be reached far more effectively through aethetics than through reason – aesthetics being such a fine wave far more in harmony with theta.  So, ’nuff said, one of our songs: