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IAS Atrocities (part two) – Barbara Ayash


Another IAS Medal Winner has bitten the dust thanks to David Miscavige’s diversion of IAS donations toward suppressing the truth. 

Barbara Ayash was one of the early IAS Medal Winners.   She was famous for her Set A Good Example campaign.  Apparently, her husband funded it for two decades.  When he passed away Barbara was left destitute by Miscavige, IAS, and the “church.”   Miscavige it seems is too busy bankrupting people with rolling thunder events, while wiping out the human resources goodwill that enables him to do so. Barbara has been reduced to begging on her own in a noble effort to make ends meet and keep the campaign going.

Here is a very recent email  from Barabara which serves as proof as to Miscavige’s and IAS’s true, hidden policies with respect to the overblown hype they feed followers in order to clean out their bank accounts.


Barbara Ayash

Sent: Monday, July 11, 2011 

Dear ———–,       
February 2 this year my dear husband Bob passed away.
Now that he is gone to the heavens I am without his help.
I have a small social security income – $829.00 per month.
I have to pay the rent from that amount.
The cost is $799.00 Per month.
So I have only $30.00 per month for food. No money for phone, medicine which
I need now that I am 78 years old.
Our Set A Good Example Campaign for school children is going bankrupt due to the
fact that I have no personal funds to help pay promotion and delivery expense.
Thus I am asking you and all the rest of our usual Set A Good Example Campaign
Sponsors to assist with pulling the campaign out of this financial situation.
Please mail your check to the following address:
Much Love:
Barbara Ayash – President
Set A Good Example Foundation
2212 Royale Rd, #2
Sacramento California 95815,
916-993-5412 phone – no fax

Yet another Miscavige/IAS casualty for Independents to pick up and heal.

David Miscavige, you are setting an example all right.  However, it is anything but good.

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 PS to Miscavige’s agents who have confronted me at LA International Airport and in front of my own home with the screeching “question”, “Hey Marty! Where’s your Way To Happiness campaign?”: