Sandy Richards, “I am done with…”

My name is Sandy Richards.

This is rather long and you may want to go and refill your coffee, get a drink of water, maybe just sit back, get comfy or whatever, before you start….

(hold on to your hat and my advance apologies for my lack of diplomacy, which is largely due to my lack of diplomacy)….here I go:

I grew up in Houston, Texas and discovered Scientology there, in 1971.

I was on mission staff, Div. 6, late ‘70s.

I have never been in the sea org.

I stepped back in to Scientology (after years of being off lines, to what was once a workable technology, that had been transformed into a vile mind-rip….who knew?), in 2005.

At that time I did not have the ability (had run into a wall), nor the information, to stand and see what had happened or what was happening….one of those ‘forest for trees’ things.

The ‘you are not clear’ was declared and the ‘advanced’ program began.

The very close whisper in my ear “we can get a commendation in to your ethics file”.

OMG….I needed a commendation?

The arguing back and forth with my auditor regarding set ups for OT V, when I had only completed through OT III….“it was called something else back then” and he proceeded anyway.

All I wanted to do was to leave….wrap it up and get out, which I did.

No starting on V setups.

Something was definitely not right….I felt like an intruder, I felt like I was a slug crawling back in, I felt the weight of being wrong, and of course, I thought it was all me.

Hunting season had just opened and I was the hunted….unknown to me, were the existence of predators at Flag.

I left after almost four weeks with the original intent (and agreement) of two weeks.

Relatively unscathed….relatively speaking.

I began my own search of WTF? in very early 2010, and had quite the shock of discovery.

Prior to my search, I had always been a good little doobie, not looking, not questioning, no inquiries, just being quiet, maintaining a low profile.

After the initial shock of looking was wearing off, with the month or so it took for me to ‘settle down’, came answers to ‘why?’ or ‘what happened?’ or ‘how come?’.

Funny how seeking answers for your own self, lends itself to being able to see, which also keeps you from continuing to trip over things and thus the ability to pick your own self up, off the floor.

I have dug down into the rabbit hole, with the many twists and turns, with many statements, documents, and photos to see….taking my own look, doing my own research.

The amount of information out here is enormous.

The many testimonies I have read, corroborating one to the other, was evidence enough.  The sheer numbers alone of all those similar testimonies, was survey enough.

My deep appreciation, and heartfelt thanks, to Marty, Mike, Amy, Matt, Karen, Jeff, Marc, Steve, Jason, Luis, David, Jesse and all the others along the way, for being able to see, step out, gather their wits, speak up and light the way for others, with the truth.

Indeed, the truth shall set you free.

There are no other words.

I am forever grateful.

Now, in the big scheme of things with regard to organized Scientology (now seemingly with an alias of Crime, Inc.),

I am just a regular person out here, without personal witness to the abhorrent treatment of others within this ‘church’, outside of my own experience with crush regging, inval/eval and an ‘unclear’ declare delivered, interfering in my non-interference zone, but nevertheless, regular or not, I draw the line, here and now, witnessed by you.

I have been duped!   I am furious beyond belief and I am ready to say it out loud…so, you better just step back, so you don’t get any of this on you….’cause here it comes:

I am done with my connection by silence, to the corrupt organization calling itself the church of Scientology .

What the church of Scientology is today, is most definitely a gross mutation of yesteryear.  I am here to tell you, that what is going on within the ‘church’ today, is someone’s claymation of a really bad, tortuous dream.

I am done with knowing of and not speaking out publicly (with my abrasive voice in print), about my opinion and views of these ‘church’ ordered mafia tactics, pirate like rape and pillage, the spying, the harassment, the covert and overt attacks, the manipulation to cover those attacks, the willful third partying, the very visible reverse of the Code of Honor, the infiltrations, the lies and the continual lying, the complete ignoring of basic data, the desire for material things that glitter, the hacking into, the willingness to harm others, the child abuse, the total disregard for families with the malicious (knowingly) splitting up of families, the obvious desire to be admired coupled with a pompous attitude, the stalking, the hiding, the cover-up of crimes, the prostitution of integrity for money or status or position or collecting ‘ahhhs’, the lack of compassion, the exploitations, the backstabbing, the theft of private information, the intimidation, the degradation, the ‘pretended’ care for others for a stat, the creation and use of live puppets, the endless supply of parishioner money used to purchase any and all ‘cover’ deemed needed for all the aforementioned gross activities (on all flows).

The above ranting list I have given, is no doubt ordered and approved, not to mention demanded, by the leader of the ‘church’ of Scientology, David Miscavige.

If this disgusting treatment of others, was not directly ordered by the small one, then you and I both know, it would not be happening, at all…..he is the leader.  He does lead.  And look at what is coming forth, emanating out from this leader….like mucus and froth, from the mouth of a rabid dog….it’s disgustingly obvious.

The corrupt, criminal and immoral activities/persons, grouped together acting out their own  versions of ‘Spy vs Spy’, veiled by that word, ‘church’ all the while justifying their actions with a cloak of ‘greatest good’ is just insane and just as contagious as a virus.

(proper ‘conditioning’ needed, of course)

If this is not ‘trickle down’ insanity, I don’t know what is.

This is a very solid mockup of case, with no real responsible party….a ship destined to sink.

What comes to mind right now, is a comment someone made on this blog a while back…(I forget who)…and three of the words in their posting just jumped out at me….”crimes of magnitude”.

Those words really stuck…because I can only guess what those crimes might be, and the little I do know now is, in my opinion, enough to sink the Titanic all over again and I’m sure all I’ve seen is the tip of that iceberg.

Reminds me of a time I was in a bank, when it was robbed.

The detective interviewing me afterwards, had been delayed in his arrival, making all of us wait (as witnesses to the robbery) for more than an hour (we couldn’t leave until we had spoken with him).

When it was my turn with the detective, I had asked what took him so long to get there and he said “I was investigating something worse than this.”

I said “worse than armed robbery?”

I could only guess at what that was.

A crime of magnitude.

Like I said, I’m just a regular person out here, but I can still smell sewer stench, even when I don’t know exactly where the sewer is….I just know it’s there.


There’s more…

I am done with ignoring the elephant in my own room, I’m done with not saying out loud my strong disagreement with a ‘church’ using federal and state tax dollars for medical care (when those in need are ‘allowed’ to seek that care), for dental care (when those in need are ‘allowed’ to seek that care), and the push for abortions (being pregnant has for some reason become an overt for those ‘within’).

These things, in my opinion, are medical and dental free rides from Joe Public, the very ‘wog’ who is belittled by the elite from within.  Joe Public who is footing the bill for a number of things for this ‘church’…..go figure that one.

The entitlement mentality of this ‘church’ is pathetic to say the least, when the unbelievable amount they have in reserves is used as a personal cash-stash by an elite few.

That the vast amount of ‘church’ reserves is hidden, while tax dollars are demanded, used and accepted, all the while no taxes are paid into the pool from which they drink, is in my opinion, criminal and may just spell ‘evasion’…..I believe it has been spelled that way before.

Which reminds me, don’t ‘churches’ offer their members, an accounting of all their funds?

Also, I am done with not saying anything about the little to no pay for staff, and with the taking of that little to no pay from staff, as gifts to others, without prior permission.

(again, it’s that entitlement mentality)

I am done with not saying anything about the theft of parishioner’s donations used to impress, seeking admiration from, certain celebrities.  This is done using slave labor, to create ‘gifts of magnitude’, for reasons we do not know…..yet.

I am done with knowing and not stating aloud, my repulsed reaction to the willful degraded accommodations, the no sleep forced upon staff, the imprisonment and the threat of imprisonment, and the intentional withholding of sufficient food from the staff…..all so as (in my opinion) to not dip into its own mega funds socked away for someone’s better use, and for what I believe to be the successful creation of a weak and malleable crew, while a very few (at the top of this so called ‘church’) live large and live well, on the backs of others.

How easy is it to manipulate and control those who are physically weak from hunger and no sleep, pushed to cruel limits?

Very easy, just look.

(entitlement (now enter slave owner) mentality)

I am done with knowing and not saying, how ridiculously stupid it looks, for a ‘church’ to rush to the aid of disaster victims, to hand out booklets (paid for by parishioners extra donations for that particular quest…the calls are made), when it is shelter, food and water that is needed.  Nevermind that sometimes the victims of disasters cannot even read.

Damned the torpedoes, it’s the photo-op!  Let them eat cake!

I am done with knowing and not saying out loud, that this ‘church’ does not practice what it preaches.

I am done with not saying anything out loud about my vehement opposition to, knowing that self-prison ‘states’ are intentionally and knowingly, delivered to others as a standard level of ‘keep ‘em cowed’, on a daily basis, which is brainwashing 101.

I am done with not saying anything about the ‘across the board’ squirreling of the tech which has caused untold damage.  The numbers of deaths in the last couple of decades, among Scientologists (natural, self inflicted or otherwise) is astounding to me.

I am done with knowing and not saying anything about the valence handed out, that might as well be injected, within those closed off rooms where filmed interrogations take place.  Interrogations that are sugarcoated, softened in sound and renamed as ‘security checks’, or ‘eligibility’ or ‘six month checks’ for upper levels, which come to find out, is actual digging for future extortive/blackmail material…..freely distributed for use, if needed, of course.

And I am done with not saying anything out loud about the existence of ‘church’ prisons in the United States of America and other locations, with the use of razor wire, which is someone’s nightmare in play…an indication of the criminally insane running the asylum, in my opinion.

And what about the ‘churches’ missing persons, such as Shelly Miscavige (beloved wife of der leader, still wearing a wedding band…MIA?)…..where is she? dead? alive? hidden? muffled?

And where is Heber?

How many execs and staff, exactly are missing?

Enquiring minds want to know.

I also have been curiously interested in and follow the purchase of the ideal orgs, as ‘church’ property.

The unsuspecting and very giving loyal, local public, who provide their presence to be morphed into the live puppets for the weekly shows, in order to be squeezed for money is truly sad.

Week after week, they are called in, and squeezed to get more money to hand over (no matter any hardship created as consequence).

Here it comes again….”Let them eat cake!”

All of this, to purchase a building, and then unbeknownst to the public, the following turn of events will be more puppet shows, to collect more money to rehab that building.

The rehab is to some insane level of glory to (fill in that blank).

Rehabs ending with gold, glitter and automatons….and then, the third and most stabbing implementation of this squeeze machine, is the rent, to be paid right back to the ‘mothership’ for the use of that very ‘special’ building.

All outrageous, all non-stop, an all demanding squeeze machine.

Choose your real estate, make others pay for it in cash, title to you, then collect the rent.

What a scam.

Makes ‘ol Bernie seem like a 12 year old shop lifter, huh?

Well, Bernie’s in prison and I bet it’s because he didn’t have the ‘veil’.

And what a total embarrassment that there are supposed OTs ‘running this show’ within this ‘church’.

Who knew the creme de la creme is just shit, in a good suit.

Who knew that the VFP (valuable final product) of this group, would be morphed into having, as its valuable final product, a small army of blind sheeple just lockstep, doing the biddings for criminal intentions, without thinking….as evidenced by videos, photos, documents and testimonies, all online.

So, after all I have read, after seeing for myself that the c of s is most definitely, literally FUBAR, after being able to compare 1971 to today,

I AM DONE and remove myself from any and all connection to that corrupt organization, veiled with the word ‘church’.

There will be many, many more who will wake up, take a look for themselves, gasp, fall down, get up and then walk out.

No doubt about it.

I’m done for now.

Thank you for listening to me.

I now turn this online podium, over to the next speaker.

from the painfully shy and wallflower-like,

Sandy Richards

(aka TX2)

Sandy is one of those who has been silently, without motivation for recognition but instead from pure innocent conscience, contributing in very important ways.   Her deeds and her words over time – notwithstanding the direct force of her words today – remind me of the most significant contribution Sting made to the arts in my opinion.  His tribute to the women of South America whose fathers, husbands and sons were “disappeared” by fascist dictators to forever be forgotten. To Sandy and all the others who won’t  forget L Ron Hubbard, despite every vicious demand to do so by the fascist dictator and his enforcement arms, and find ways to remind others:

241 responses to “Sandy Richards, “I am done with…”

  1. Good for you, Sandy and welcome to the sunny side of life! I just had some “SP” friends over for dinner. I had made Afghan food and we had an awesome time talking and laughing. I never had this type of open and friendly ARC with my former CofS “friends”. Most gatherings were some type of “fund-raising” BS for some buildings for the “church”…Anyway, it is more fun to be around UN-conformed and free-minded people!!! Again, welcome!

  2. Great post! Great to meet you on this blog and thank you for all you are doing to help others to wake up and smell the freedom.

  3. Sandy,


    Thanks for finally putting down everything that has been swimming in my own head.

    And you did it in pure Texas style… just PLAIN AND SIMPLE TRUTH!

    Your words will help many more break free from the mind control.

    Only when we can freely speak without worry of consequences (disconnection, loss of job, etc.) will the truth be told.

    Much Love,


  4. Sandy,

    Thank you.

    My only complaint is that your “rant” came to an end.

    You said so eloquently (and bluntness can certainly be eloquent — as you just proved) what so many have experienced and what so many KNOW, it is a brilliant piece of writing that really communicates the undeniable truth.

    So, thank you for stepping up to the plate and hitting it out of the park.

    You are one very cool lady that I am VERY happy to know. And even happier to have on our side!


  5. Sandy,
    That was one hell of an entrance. Thank you for standing tall. You and that husband of yours are two very fine individuals indeed. I’m so happy to count you as friends.
    Much love to you both.

  6. Damn! Good to know you, Sandy! Next time, don’t hold anything back! 🙂

    Seriously, great write up!

  7. Sandy,
    Good to hear from you again!
    You are looking great!
    Thank you for your help in the past.
    If there is anything I can do to assist you in your new life, please let me know.
    David St Lawrence

  8. A fantastic read for me this early monday morning. Thank you Sandy!

  9. WELCOME Sandy, absolutely OUTSTANDING! Thank you for taking a stand. I hope to meet you one day.
    Love Carol

  10. George M. White

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write the details.
    You are a class act.
    Welcome to freedom.
    Congratulations on your independence.
    Your decision is made pure by your testimony.

    Much loving-kindness,

  11. Hi Sandy! You laid it out straight – one by one, everything we can’t keep quiet about that’s so obviously wrong. Add your list to the growing number of people speaking up. I want to send it to a few people because it’s just so real. Who hasn’t experienced those exact things in the church? I hope to meet you one day. Glad you’re out!

  12. Welcome Sandy!

    A mighty strong entrance, I must say. One thing, When you said
    “Who knew the creme de la creme is just shit, in a good suit.”

    Can you tell us how you REALLY feel? 🙂

    Best to you,


  13. Thank you for coming out, Sandy.

    Your strong voice has now joined others in a pro-survival chorus that cannot be ignored. The Church of Scientology shall be brought to justice at the hands of you and all of us who are willing to stand up, identify ourselves and be counted. This growing chorus has one message for the C of S: “Cease your abusive practices or cease to exist”, period.

    Independent Scientologists like you are the stable base from which we can generate power. Well done, welcome and continue.

    L, Scott

  14. You go girl! You hit the nail on the head, and than did it again, and again, and again, and again until that coffin nail was firmly in place! And sad to say, that is what this corrupt organization needs, a coffin and the final nail…………unless there is a coup and they kick DM out and into jail, but what are the odds?

  15. Hi Sandy, why don’t you tell us how you REALLY feel? Congratulations on being able to see the out points and being able to say I won’t take it any more! I can see your well on your way to OT. Looking froward to hearing more from the wallflower from Texas.

  16. Hi Sandy, thanks for speaking out! Looks like you really duplicated all that research you have done, compared it to your original experience and put together the real story.

    I too first came in contact with Scientology in the 1970s and did some services, but began to really back off with the advent of the IAS and I faded away.

    The past couple of years has been a real rehab for me, I’m sure it will be for you, too!

  17. Sandy,

    Awesome words. I really like the way you clearly and naturally express yourself. I’m very happy you have you here, standing tall and being counted. Your decision to leave and speak out –loudly, will help many others wake from the kool-aid induced stupor.
    You’ve done the right thing and you will blossom for it. Please count me among your friends.


  18. Welcome to freedom and light Sandy,
    Look who is talking!
    There is obviously a new type of wall flower around, one that fills the whole room. It rather reminded me of a volcanic eruption and I am sure you feel for the better of it, having gotten it all out. You come out big and strong. Is that part of the TX influence?

  19. Sandy Richards !
    Thank you for a superb write up ~~ it had emotional impact.
    How very well you said it all.
    Bravo ! 😎 😎 😎
    Just so you know… is great that among other impinging statements that you covered, the Church being a FREELOADER on Uncle Sam re medical was well spoken.
    I’m done with not saying out loud my strong disagreement with a ‘church’ using federal and state tax dollars for medical care (when those in need are ‘allowed’ to seek that care), for dental care (when those in need are ‘allowed’ to seek that care), and the push for abortions (being pregnant has for some reason become an overt for those ‘within’).

    These things, in my opinion, are medical and dental free rides from Joe Public, the very ‘wog’ who is belittled by the elite from within. Joe Public who is footing the bill for a number of things for this ‘church’…..go figure that one.
    End of quote.

    Only yesterday it was revealed to me that a female who works in the City of Commerce where they publish DVDS and so on was forced plead poverty and indigence to get free medical from USC County Hospital so that her surgeries were done for free. Here is a girl who has worked 60-80 weeks in the Sea Organization and she has to falsify her statements and get FREE medical from USC county. This is happening right now in Present Time. The $1billion in reserves is for Miscavige Rock star life style and PIs and Scientology attorneys Gerald Feffer and Monique Yingling to stop the FBI proceeding with RICO and Church FBI raids for their atrocities.
    Thanks Sandy. I like you already ! LOL

  20. Free Will, Scientologist.

    Thank you so much for standing up to the criminal religious racket known as the Church of Scientology. David Miscavige and his followers are being exposed for the crimes they commit by individuals such as yourself, step by step the criminal empire will be exposed for what it really is; criminal.

    Enjoy your new found freedom and thanks for exposing the truth.


  21. Free Will, Scientologist.

    Thank you so much for standing up to the criminal religious racket known as the Church of Scientology. David Miscavige and his followers are being exposed to truth, fact and reality – for the crimes they commit by individuals such as yourself everyday. Step by step and day by day this religious empire, led by one David Miscaviage, will be exposed for what it really is; criminal.

    Enjoy your new found freedom and thanks for exposing the truth.


  22. Wow! Strong,feisty and speaks alot of truth !!! DM-you don’t have a chance.

  23. Yeah Sandy! Good on you girl. Your rant is fun and serious at the same time. I could feel the charge peeling off as you wrote it down. We Arizonans are going to be an unstoppable force with thetans like you on our side.

    Lots of love to you and the hubby

    ML Tom M

  24. Hi Sandy

    Great announcement. I knew I was in for a treat when you said: “(hold on to your hat and my advance apologies for my lack of diplomacy, which is largely due to my lack of diplomacy)….here I go:”

    I was certainly not disappointed. You sure said a mouthful.

    Welcome. Hope we hear more from you.

    Eric S

  25. Wow, that pretty much sums things up. Welcome, Sandy! I would wager that every single on-lines church parishioner is thinking some or all of Sandy has laid out here, but withholds saying it out of fear. Imagine the feeling of liberation of just letting it all rip as Sandy has done. That was one big wave!

  26. Oh Sandy you Beauty!
    How perfectly you accomplished being ‘done with not saying….’. You said it all and in spades. Like Rinder said, your bluntness was eloquent. I am so happy to have you as a friend.
    Linda McCarthy

  27. Sandy,
    We’ve never had the chance to meet, but I’m sure one day we will. This is the BEST WAKE UP CALL I’ve ever read for all those still in hiding…:)

  28. Sandy,
    Thank you for saying it how it is. That was a good 2 cup of coffee read and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
    What you have just done is a commendable – clearly though you don’t ‘need’ the approval and you dot ‘need’ the stinkin’ piece of paper to prove it.
    Good for you! 😉

  29. Wonderful piece of writing….enjoy your freedom!

  30. It could happen.
    All it would take is one person inside to decide. One person. One idea.
    From one man Scientology began. From one man the Independent movement began. From one man the destruction of the church began. From one man a revolution within the church could begin.
    The odds are looking better and better to me.
    One man (or woman) is all it would take to bring DM’s house of cards crashing down. One person who can see a better way forward than fighting with his friends. One person who knows that a united group has a chance salvage the church from it’s current path towards utter annihilation.
    It could happen.
    But if it doesn’t I personally won’t lose any sleep over it. I’d rather have the church dead than incapable.

  31. Thank you for your write up Well done and hope life will be pleasurable for you with many good days /years ahead.

  32. Thank you Sandy for those fairly well-mannered words, though very well written, as the true scene cannot be described in any politically correct way and still stay true.

    It is write-ups such as yours who will make more and more wake up and smell the coffee.

    Welcome and glad to have met you here!

  33. Martin Padfield

    Yeah, come off the fence and say what you really feel!

    Great write-up, perhaps you could share what it is you been doing since your grand awakening! Love to hear about it. Welcome.

  34. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon

    Fantastic write up, complete and honest. Welcome to the Sunny Side of the Street

  35. Thank you Sandy and welcome to your true freedom. You have opened your own cage door and flown out. May you spread your wings ever wider and feel the rush and exhilaration of causing your own spirit to soar. I think we all realize here, in our own time, that it is ultimately, only we who can raise OURSELVES up and only by the strength of our own intention and desire to know truth, can we go free. “The captain (YOU!) has turned off the seatbelt sign… You are free…”

  36. Well done Sandy 🙂

  37. Jeez, Sandy Richards, why don’t you say what you really think? 🙂 Thank you for this magnificent rant, which also happens to be 100% truth.

  38. Hey Sandy, well said & with intenion too.
    Yes, crimes of magnitude when classified correctly introduces a recognition of the beingness of those who commit them. Not as many who should can recognise the magnitude of DM’s & others under his influence crimes. Q&A & reasonableness is rampart within the human condition and DM as a natural SP takes advantage of the human condition. Pity he reached such a hight position but wether we like it ir not there’s a theta war going on, always has been in this universe.
    The only weapon that works is truth and it’s available for just a short time in this location, let’s not waste the opportunity hey? Well done!

  39. AWESOME!!!!…….I definitely like you. 🙂

  40. Tony DePhillips

    wow!! Sandy rockin the house!!!
    That was very enjoyable and the right tone level too!!
    Please to meet you!!
    More please….

  41. “The corrupt, criminal and immoral activities/persons, grouped together acting out their own versions of ‘Spy vs Spy’, veiled by that word, ‘church’ all the while justifying their actions with a cloak of ‘greatest good’ is just insane and just as contagious as a virus.”

    Sandy, i am so glad that i was given a mainly ‘non-reaxtive’ mind, if i had not been i would never been open to Marty’s Blog and achieved the understanding that i know have!
    Respect respect respect respect

  42. Sandy,
    Thank you for your wretched, miserable, bitter, disturbing, distressing, upsetting, tragic and moving rendition of all that smells.

    Your perfect statement has now earned you a book-end along with Luis Garcia that will forever hold my sentiments and I’m sure those of many, many others who have yet to voice them.

    Someday we will meet. It will be my privilege.

    Ed Paulson

  43. Thank you Ziba.
    Dinner with friends is so fun without the bear trap that’s just off to the side.

  44. Thank you for the ack.

  45. Hello Brett,
    Thanks for that. Funny how real live communication should be right out in the open without fear.
    I think you’re right, there’s more to come.

  46. PS
    Glad to see a Houston girl taking a stand!!

    I was born in Pasedena (Tx), though i moved away at 12 , i still am proud of my roots.
    I was 10lb15oz at birth,and my collar bone was broken in the delivery!,( my mother is quite petite) and the hospital called me ‘the Horse’ ( i think it was from ‘Hoss’ Bonanza), luckily as i grew i did not maintain that original large birth mass!!!

  47. Got that all the way over here.

  48. Beautiful! Another ray of glorious theta!
    Welcome, Sandy, to open house, the winning team.
    You look great, sound great, you are great!
    Ball out the park! Pow!

  49. Thank you, Mike.
    “My only complaint is that your “rant” came to an end.”
    I’ll be back later….I’m not really done. ha ha ha

  50. Hi Christie,
    Well, it was kind of like trying to run and being tied to a tree. Once you reach back and cut that line, you tend to just fall forward.
    Thank you for your kind words.

  51. ha ha ha….”don’t hold anything back!”

    Thank you for the compliment on my write up.

  52. Hi David,
    Thank you for the ack.
    I know I can call on you for assistance, and would have absolutely no problem in doing so.

  53. You are very welcome. Glad I didn’t cause any abrasions.
    ha ha ha

  54. Hello Carol,
    Thank you for that. I think if we don’t take a stand, then we just set our own selves up for a fall.
    I’d rather be upright.
    We will meet.

  55. Thank you George.
    It was great to finally say what I wanted to say…finally.

  56. Hi Tara,
    I’m sure we will meet, and by all means, send that on if you like.
    You might want to preface it with “don’t be scared”….ha ha ha.
    Thank you for your ack.

  57. Hi Tom,
    Yeah, I’ve never been known for my tact or my timing…just blurt things out sometimes.
    “Can you tell us how you REALLY feel?”
    ha ha ha I get that a lot.
    Thanks for the warm welcome.

  58. Hi Scott,
    Thank you for this welcome from you. I agree with you…totally.
    I think I’ll chime in with the chorus of ‘cease to exist’…the tech is out here.
    I met your wife in Livingston….she is wonderful!

  59. Sandy, well I did as you said filled up the coffee cup, sat down & began to read. By the end the coffee was cold, un-drunk. WOW girl, tell it like it is! I have thought & read about all these thing and luckily only experienced a few. I was Div 6 staff in Detroit, never SO. Got out in mid ’80s, the start of DM’s reign of terror was just beginning. So I too had a big research project regarding Scio. Marty’s blog played a huge role in my education.

    Your write up is in your face, succinctly written. The stabbing truth presented without he&r. It just is, telling it like it is. Thank you so very much.

  60. Thank you for for ack, Michael.
    wow, who knew a scrawny little woman could pound like that.
    ha ha ha
    “but what are the odds?”
    you can feel the scales tipping
    remember that scene in the movie ‘Titanic’ when the ship was starting to sink and all the deck chairs were sliding into the water?
    like that kind of tipping is what I feel.

  61. P.S. Sandy I am a fellow Texan, San Marcos. Hope to meet you soon & swap Div 6 stories.

  62. “painfully shy”

    Yeah, that was the first thing that came to mind.

    You go, Girl!
    You are the epitome of what I love about Texas women: “I can take care of myself, thank you very much!”

    So, that being said… Thank YOU! Welcome aboard! I’m so glad you’ve met up with Marty & Mosey! Two of many worthwhile friends that have now got your back!

    Enjoy the Theta-bomb coming your way. It’s way more fun in this club, I can assure you!

  63. Sandy,
    That was eloquently expressed–REALLY! The one thing you’re not done with is living life, I can sure tell that.
    Spit Fire!!

  64. Hi Sandy. Unfortunately, this is the mistake most people make. Buying into a crime organization in the hopes of making case gains anyway. It is the biggest “not know” in the world. All cleared up now thanks to the internet. Glad you found your way through as opposed to out.

  65. Congratulations.

    25 more people will leave because of this. Maybe more.

    The write up was excellent by the way. Your writing style is to be admired.

    Best wishes on the new journey,


  66. John Fennessey

    Hello Sandy, and welcome. Your picture is of one who will not tolerate suppression on their lines and if free of it. One less PTS person in the world today. I am sure your declaration did you as much good as any intensive.
    Enjoy the light.

  67. Sandy,

    Welcome & thanks for your communication. Without a doubt, Miscavige’s cult is FUBAR. Time to dig a 6 foot deep hole. Rigor mortis has set in.

  68. Your pen is mighty Sandy. Thank you for lettin’ it rip!

  69. Hi David,
    Thank you for the congrats.

  70. yeah, the digging down into the rabbit hole has truly been the rehab for me.
    So much I never knew was going on. I was just a quiet little blind person.

  71. Thank you Luis. My intention was not to create all this, just to speak out for my own self. But, if like you say, this moves someone else to do the same thing, then that will be great. I wouldn’t wish the c of s containment on anyone.

  72. Sandy,
    You are a true Texas girl, gracious and beautiful, like the Yellow Rose. But, watch out for the thorns!
    I’m so glad you are here! ml, Laura

    Did we meet in the early 70’s in Austin? You look familiar. 🙂

  73. Hi Sandy;
    Damn you went OT SUDDEN. You most likely know that Sam is the queen of SUDDEN. Now we have a pair of queens. Any good poker player will tell you a pair of queens gets the job done.
    I was thinking this gal must have a D bra cup to get this much of her chest. You made my day.
    Hugs from Florida.

  74. Sandy -Your announcement was just awesome. It was pleasure to read it and to get to know you.

  75. Hello Karen,
    Thank you for such a great ack!
    As I started really paying attention, the more things I actually could hear and the more things started to jump out as outpoints.

  76. You are very welcome, Will.

  77. oops, should have been below

  78. momentum is on our side!

    VWD Sandy. this write up will encourage others to leave as well

    people are waking up across the globe to the scam and ruthlessness of DM

    SCN losing its support with every sunrise and sunset

    the pendulum continues to shift in the peoples favor and

    Independent SCN is thriving and its far reaching effects is bigger then most think

  79. Thanks Tom. Glad you thought this was fun and serious. I am serious and sometimes fun….ha ha ha. I am done with the BS….period.

  80. Thank you for the welcome, Eric.

  81. yeah, it’s kind of like vomiting when you’re sick….you know you’ll feel better when you’re done.
    Thank you for the welcome.

  82. Hi Linda!!
    Thank you for the compliment.
    I am so happy to have you in my life as a friend, as well.

  83. Wow Sandy. Rant is not the word. I think you have laid out a good draft of what can be adopted as our new Creed! Awesome.

  84. Renere,
    Wow….I was just wanting to say what I thought.
    I appreciate what you just said….very much.

  85. Welcome out Sandy!

  86. Hi Same,
    You’re right, I don’t ‘need’. Funny how that works, once you spit things out.
    Thank you for the ack.

  87. Thank you for the compliment, Erwin.
    I’m quite taken aback from all these reponses.

  88. You’re very welcome for the write up.
    It was from the heart, pounded out, as it came up.

  89. Hello Raul,
    Nice to meet you as well.
    Thank you for the warm welcome.

  90. Hello Izhar,
    Thank you for the ‘sunny side of’… it!!

  91. Good going Sandy! Another spike through the heart of the cult. Your announcement will reach many and push some right off the fence….. to a life of their own and sanity.

    What amazes me is that there’s anybody left at all still participating in radical Scn. What’s the draw? It’s sure not for the gains; none to be had. Can’t be for the pillaging of their bank accounts; no thrill there. The sleazy 1.1 admiration flows from the IAS reg’s? Nah, that can’t be it. I don’t get it.

  92. Hi Joy,
    Isn’t it funny how just staying silent does that? I mean who keeps us in a cage except our own selves?
    Loved your “turned off the seatbelt sign”…..ha ha ha….so true.
    Thank you for that.

  93. Good Lawdy, Missy Sandy,

    A sharp dressed woman who can sling words with the crack of a bull whip! Ker-snap!

    Gedda-lawng-dawggies! Dat Gir’fri’en, she be herdin’ ideas ‘cross Texas so hard ‘n fast, dey’s gonna keep goin’ ’round da world! ‘Round da, friggin’ world, I tell ya! Raisin’ dust in dey wake, like a Class Five hurricane of dusty, ideas hittin’ da coast and sendin’ da rats runnin’ for da hills.

    Sure will. Sure as hell will.

    Scamper away, little rats. Storms a comin’!

    Comin’ with the herd.

    Snap! Ker-rack! Move ‘long dawgies.

    Walkin’ on water cattle with longhorn ideas, just a prancin’ n dancin’ straight ‘cross da ocean. Proud as can be. Proud to serve up some steak for the mind. Proud to grill up some food for thought.

    That’s some gooooood eatin’ dat Sandy’s servin’ up. Sizzlin’ on the grill. Mmmmmmm! I smell dat cookin’ and my belly’s rumblin’.

    Ker-snap! Like a TV show. Theme playin’ in the background. Dust stirrin’ up. Campfires castin’ the cast in glory. Just a distant listen:

    Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’
    Though those streams are swollen
    Keep them dogies rollin’

    Maaaan! I gonna hafta get myself a tie to go with dis Tee Shirt. Rent’s going up ’round here. Sure is. Sure is gettin’ high-rent fo’ Mr. Holes-in-his-clothes.

    But, one thing ’bout Missy Sandy’s cattle drives. High rent don’t matter. When the steaks grillin’ you don’t need no tie to get fed. All you need is a good appetite. Hell, you don’t even need a fork. Just an appetite!

    Which makes me feel real sorry for all those boys and girls stuck in that prison cross the field. All that razor wire. Maybe they got an appetite, maybe not. Maybe they full up on rice and beans and don’t want no steak. But, that smell of fine cookin’ is just wafting ‘cross the field. Right into dem noses!

    Gotta get dem bellies rumblin,’ Gotta get dem wonderin’ why dey don’ jus’ walk out since de door’s wide open. Walk out and get some fine steak. Steak grillin’ on Missy Sandy’s grill. Sizzlin’ and aromatizin,’ fillin’ da air with smiles in da shape of people tawkin’ an’ havin’ fun.

    An’ da door’s wide open!

    Me. I’m gettin’ in line. Missy Sandy’s herd’s done come to town and my belly’s gonna stop rumblin’. Sure will. Sure as hell will. My mouth’s waterin.’ My nose quiverin’. An’ my belly’s ready for some satisfyin’. Sure is. Sure as hell is.

    Sure hope Missy Sandy don’ stop comin’ ta town with her fine cattle. One day, I gonna figure out a way to pay her back. Sure will. Sure as hell will. All dat dust an’ sizzle an’ smilin’. Sure as hell will. Yessirreee!

  94. to The Count,
    Thank you.

  95. Great speech, Sandy. Said as only a true Texan can, straight forward and with no nonsense, you call it like it is.


  96. JM,
    ha ha ha
    I do tend to just ‘go off’ especially when it’s just me sitting here.
    And thank you for the compliment on my rant.

  97. Hello Sherb,
    You are correct. Nothing like the truth…nothing.
    Thank you for the ack.

  98. Thank you very much, Lise.

  99. Hi Tony,
    Well, all I was doing was rockin’ things in my own house
    and didn’t know about all that it would do.
    Thank you and glad you enjoyed.
    Nice to meet you too.

  100. Sandy,
    Thank you for the kick-ass announcement. A very well-written and heart-felt expression of all that is so very off course in the “church”. You will enjoy the new reality of life as a known independent; not the least of which is real friendships with real communication.
    I must admit to a little special personal pleasure at your being a Texan. We are a third dynamic that will not tolerate bullshit and will not be beaten down.
    You have new friends in the Hill Country and I look forward to meeting you in person.
    ml, Yvonne, Austin/Spicewood

  101. I agree, and what I have seen and read here on Marty’s blog has been enough to get me to dig around in lots of other places…..digging deep in this rabbit hole. Who knew? Well I didn’t know, but I do now.
    Thank you for that ack.

  102. Wow Ed, thank you.
    I’m sure we will meet one day.

  103. Thank you for the compliment
    and for the warm welcome for me.

  104. Hi Moneca,
    I’m sure we will meet up and most definitely swap stories.
    Thank you for acking my write up.
    It was just something I wanted to say out loud….the list of things discovered that I wanted to say.

  105. Congratulations, Sandy! You’ve pulled back the first layer. But this is a very deep wound and there’s two more layers to go, each exponentially larger. Don’t stop digging for Truth!

  106. Sam, well said +100000000000000000. All it takes is ONE from the inside to decide. very true indeed!

  107. “a pair of queens gets the job done.”
    Heck, on this side the table is littered with em!
    DM doesn’t have a high card in the lot; he’ll be foldin’ soon.

  108. Hi Bozz,
    “painfully shy”
    yeah, after glancing over what all I had written, thought I should throw a little humor at the close.
    Glad you caught that….it was meant to be funny.
    Thank you for such a great ack and the big welcome.

  109. You know, I’ve never had ‘eloquently expressed’ attached to me before.
    Thank you, and you are right….living life.
    It’s all worth the struggle with the boots.

  110. Hello Lawrence,
    I agree with you about buying into a crime organization, of any kind.
    Thank you and I’m happy to be here.

  111. Hi Brian,
    I appreciate what you said, that “25 more people will leave…”
    and I thank you for the compliment on my writing.
    Now, when I speak it’s a little different…..ha ha ha.

  112. Dear Shakespeare, I thought you were dead. Now I see you are back. As I read, several trees near my house burst into flames as did asphalt a block away. You seem to be channeling more horsepower in that pen of yours than anyone in history. My hat is off to you (it had started to smolder)… SANDY! Wow, this is the most blisteringly beautiful piece I’ve read since Luis Garcia let it rip straight from the soul. So refreshing!

    Two days ago I started a war with someone on facebook after he stated the following: “Now I go to Marty’s blog and just about everywhere else and I just see venom.” He called Tory “a bit mean and snide.” He said he never “seen antagonism effectively handle anything” and asked, “Why is it so predominate in postings about the official” Church?” He said his little girl was “frightened by Anonymous.” WTF? Then he took a shit on LRH, saying Ron was “VERY VERY cynical about the value of a single human being.”

    But he was not done. He said he wanted to see all Independent Scientologists treat the members of the official Church “with courtesy and respect” and then he went at Marty.

    He said Marty looked “ridiculous in those school playground shenanigans” with the Squirrel Busters. He said “You look at the comments in the blogs and people are just laughing at the ridiculousness of it. They are not siding with Marty OR with the Church; they’re just discounting the whole thing.”

    Then he said, “Why all this going off to newspapers and TV stations?” Apparently he did not like the Truth Rundown or Marty’s appearance on German TV last week.

    Then he said, “I think we would get a lot further also if we approached the members of the official church with good roads and good weather and I think that Independent Scientologists should go to the orgs often and visit and not go there to antagonize but to listen and to be good guys.” Really?

    Somehow, miraculously, 14 people said they “Liked” what he wrote. I was not one of them, because this boil has been oozing the same puss for 3 years. He has no visible means of support (i.e., when asked what he does for a living, he says “stuff”). He has infinite time to post lengthy OSA lines online. He travels around the world without any source of income. He attempted to get into my house. He said things to me that he would only suppose to be the case if he were briefed by OSA. And the list goes on. But who even needs such a history? In a single posting (above) there were more than enough OSA lines for anyone to clearly see this guy = OSA. I have known him for 32 years. He is a “nice guy” except as far as I can figure, in 2009 he started working for the other side. He told me he wasn’t even a Scientologist himself, so why is he even interested in talking to us? I even wrote an article about him on my website without mentioning his name. I called him the “Love Bomber” because his ploy is to turn Indies away from speaking out by encouraging us to “love everyone.”

    This person doesn’t know what love is. SANDY, emphatically you do. Love means sticking up for your friends. Love means protecting others from harm. Love means speaking up about predators and exposing their crimes to keep others safe.

    Instead of speaking out about crimes, he recommends we “go into any org you want and say hello and bring cookies.”

    I think what you have written here is about as perfect a rebuttal as may ever be issued on the subject of the CoS and it should ring like a bell in decades to come.

    Am I passing judgment on Dan Locke? No. I think his own words and deeds pass judgment on himself. But Dan has been a busy bee, along with his cohorts, nattering about Marty, me and Indies, etc., on other websites.

    That’s why I say your letter here is so refreshing. Like a pure stream of theta, cascading down, over and around, washing everything out and wide to the sea. Thank you for stating so eloquently what we all feel so dearly.


  113. Hi John,
    You are correct, my declaration did wonders!!!
    Kind of like standing on the edge of a sesspool with your feet in it
    and you just decide to step back, out of it.
    Pretty simple but it’s that decision to just step back that takes so long to arrive at….the rest is a split-second moment in time (well, for me anyway).

  114. Right you are….I’ll help with the digging….have my own shovel.
    Thank you for the welcome for me.

  115. Thank you for that, and lettin’ it rip was easy when I decided to just let go.

  116. Hi Ingrid,
    Thank you for saying that…good ack for me.

  117. Hello Greta,
    I didn’t mean to be eruptive…but I do feel better.
    And the TX influence is more like just say it, without
    sugarcoating anything….well, it is for me anyway.
    Thank you for acking me.

  118. sorry about that typo Sam

  119. Hi Laura Ann,
    Thank you for the compliment. I don’t think it was the early ’70s. I was just on course at the mission in Houston and don’t recall attending any events in Austin then.

  120. Hello Jack,
    Well, I do tend to go off if given a soap box, and this time, I just decided to create my own opportunity.
    Glad you like my rant.

  121. I’m happy you enjoyed it.
    It was enjoyable for me.

  122. Hello Rory,
    Well, I guess I just had a lot to say and hopefully it breaks down a barrier or two for somebody else.
    I’m just a regular person ‘out here’, and I just had had enough and wanted to say it.
    Thank you for the compliment on my write up.

  123. Hi JB,
    I’m at a loss for words here.

  124. Thank you, Mary.

  125. Thank’s Pat.
    I didn’t get it either with the ‘church’, but then decided I just didn’t need to ‘get it’,
    which is why I wrote what I did.

  126. You made me laugh out loud with this.
    I had no intention or any idea of herding anything here.
    You are right about one thing…no ties at dinner.
    ha ha ha
    (but I do sing the Rawhide theme on occasion….)

  127. Thank you Haydn. It’s just as I see it…FUBAR.

  128. Hi Yvonne,
    Thank you for all that. Yeah, I agree, Texan is just a kind of breed I think.
    Never goes away and especially surfaces with injustice.
    Hope to meet you and hope the Bastrop fire is no where near to where you are.

  129. The ability to awaken from a nightmarish reality perpetuated by the Church of Scientology is of great heroic consequence. The movement in the right direction in light of greater truths leads to the most ferocious enemy of Miscavige: Independent thought. Once freed, one can easily open their wings and fly, as intended, against the majesty of a new dawning day where the sun becomes the light of truth and the sky an eternal place of possibilities never before garnered for those mired down in the greed machine that is the Church of Scientology. I am glad you are free and able to see truth sets one free, one only has to seek it and absorb it. Welcome to the real world, where sunsets are breathtaking and dawns herald new beginnings in a timeless sky.



  130. Hello Steve,
    First you made me laugh and then hold my breath until I was finished.
    I don’t know what to say,
    except about the guy you speak of…
    he absolutely has a right to voice his opinion, as I do.
    Do I think he might be some new form of bendable, moldable, tunnel visioned dipshit?
    I do. He might be.
    But that’s just my one-sided opinion, as his is.

  131. Beautifully said.
    Thank you so much.

  132. ha ha ha
    that was funny

  133. Your humble servant

    A magnificent summary, Sandy. Thank you!

  134. Sandy,

    Welcome to the Indies! Enjoyed immensely your very well written & eloquent declaration of independence. If this is from your painfully shy and wallflower like beingness, I wouldn’t want to be in POB’s custom shoes hearing it from other more extroverted viewpoints you may have.

  135. No worries. I did one too 🙂

  136. ps. Love the photo! You demonstrate how attractive and upstat indie can be.

  137. Thank you for saying that.
    It’s much appreciated.

  138. Hello Sinar,
    You made me laugh.
    I have been pissed off for so long about this,
    it just sort of all came out at once.
    Thank you for the welcome here.

  139. Sandy,
    I read your announcement and then read it again. Absolutely superb! You have the ability to observe without blinders and the empathy for all to state your feelings so that others may have similar wins. Incredible writing style and the conceptual intention you conveyed just jumps off the page.

    The many lurkers who read will definitely have some of this just impinge into their universe. I expect this will jolt quite a few into starting to question, to look, to journey down the rabbit hole. It is only in seeing the truth that one can truly be free.

    The bank is made up of un-analyzed data and recordings that are then used as the basis for reactive thought. You have thoroughly viewed this and it has blown from your universe. You are beaming; not from some sense of false pride (as I have observed with some completing “states” of awareness), but from the stability you have of your position and knowingness based on truth.

    Your message is like the instant bloom in the desert after a rain and storm. A heaty welcome to the Independent world. Thank you very much!

  140. Sandy — yup for sure… he might be OSA or he might just be a bendable, moldable, tunnel visioned dipshit. I can see that. On the other hand, I’m not sure if there’s any difference between the two.

  141. Damn! I wish you could speak at the next Flag graduation. Well done!

  142. Steve, I caught exactly what you did in his posts and am glad you responded as you did.

  143. Sandy,

    It doesn’t get any clearer then that.

    Thanks for laying it all out there crystal clear!

    That ought to scorch DM & Co. ass.

  144. Tony DePhillips

    Great post Steve.

  145. Tony DePhillips

  146. I agree! Sandy I’m sure you would get a hell of a standing ovation.

  147. Great declaration! Sending you big hugs from Seattle


  148. May the red carpet continue to roll out for you!

    “The greater the obstacle , the more glory in overcoming it”. Moliere

  149. Michael Fairman

    Your comments took my breath away. All I can do is pump my arm a couple of hundred times and and shout YES!!!!!!

  150. “Damn! I wish you could speak at the next Flag graduation.” LOL

    She may just have.

    I settled in to read your post. Even made sure I ate first. Damn it was too short. I love reading these. They are the auditing equivalent of SUCCESS STORIES to me. Sandy, yours is filled with passion and frankness that was a delight to read. I may just read it again. IMHO-These are the stories of independent beings making known their independence spiritual nature, steeping out of the womb to embrace life without Miscavige. It is a beautiful thing.

    Well Done. I look forward to reading your posts here in the future.


  151. Hello Sandy,

    What a wonderful coming out, holding back no punches, telling it like it is announcement:-)!

    I really enjoyed your write up and if I did not come out yet, I would be after reading your very accurate summation.

    Anyone afraid of coming out, needing to pretend to be part of the group, pretend to love COB, pretend to share same realities with “his friends”, is putting himself in an effect position! How fun is that? Is it worth it? I learned in life that we write our own story. It is up to the individual to decide what kind of story he/she wants it to be. I want to be proud of mine:-)

    Thanks again Sandy!
    With Much Love,

  152. Now that’s an exit.

    Welcome to your new game.

  153. Davids mid week stat report everybody!

    1. Turned a Scientologist into a criminal (pts) by having him falsely purger himself in sworn statements.

    2. Drove Marty’s G.I. into an affluence trend.

    3. Created another outspokenspokeperson against the Church.

    So far so good! Thanks for all your contributions David! I feel the power!

  154. top of the vale

    Mat Pesch said, “I wish you could speak at the next Flag graduation.” How we all wish you and several of the eloquent Indies could speak their words of wisdom as you did here at a Flag Graduation. One would have to have a battery of Federal Marshals guarding the Indies as they spoke. What a great Ruth Eckard Hall International Indie Event presentation!

    What an idea!

    Next 4th of July 2012 at Ruth Eckard Hall for all of the Indies! It would be interesting to see how many would break out of the Kool Aid that binds them and show up and mingle and hear

    If properly prepared for it could work! And the little prick would explode…..hell, we could invite him to come as well! Rent the whole hall! Get it catered with really sumptuous foods and go grand!

    Sandy, with your very upstat picture at the top of your outing, you present the type of individual that reges froth at the mouth to have sitting in front of them and beat their heads against the wall when they can’t……or get their heads slammed against the wall when they can’t.

    Sandy, you are a breath of fresh air!

  155. Tory Christman

    Congratulations! Isn’t it just THE Most ironic thing to be “in” C of $ for soooooooooo many years, supporting, helping, trying to make work what you thought it was all about….and then FINALLY connect ALL of the dots…realizing “The Truth Shall Set You Free”? (That Truth honestly being out of that organization and finally THEN,once OUT, you can now say all that you’ve wanted to?) To me, that constantly amazes me..and I’ve been out 11 years now.
    Thank you for voicing it SO clearly! Many people still “in”, as you know, read this blog–so it’s very, very important you’ve spelled it all out so specifically and in details that are irrefutable.
    And if by chance you don’t quite get it yet, and are still “in”..keep reading, looking, doing your own research, as Sandy did. Research is NOT a crime…it is backed up by the Code of a Scientologist: “Man has the inalienable right to free speech and free thought”.
    Love to ALL 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  156. Thank you for the congras Nena. I have a feeling you are so right about the other layers and I’ve crept into a little more already, but not enough to say anything.

  157. Thank you so much for that.
    Means a lot to me and is much appreciated.

  158. Well, actually not….I’m no speaker. I should stick to writing…ask anyone who knows me, they can attest to that.
    Think midget sailor, docks, cigar…..would probably be a pretty close compare. ha ha ha

  159. Thank you, it was great to just type until I had all those things I had uncovered for myself, out of my little head.

  160. Thank you Marie-Joe….got the hugs.

  161. Thank you for saying that.

  162. ha ha ha
    I felt the same way when I was finished writing all that out.

  163. Thank you Ann.
    You know you are so right, I have felt the same way reading on this blog.
    It did wonders for me, all those who have already posted, the declarations the comments to things posted…..
    I am so appreciative of everyone here who has helped me, and y’all didn’t even know you did.

  164. Tony DePhillips

    Plus 1!!!

  165. Well, thank you for saying that. I wasn’t sure how all of this was going to come across, just my own thoughts on various things I found out about and they just kept piling up.

  166. Awesome! Congratulations!

  167. “…if I did not come out yet, I would be after reading your very accurate summation.”
    wow, what a great compliment.
    Thank you very much.

  168. I guess it is an exit…kind of like running and screaming out of a burning building and making it to the street.
    Thank you for the welcome from you.

  169. Thank you for saying all that you did.
    I didn’t mean to, but I guess stirring up the ant bed can be good.

  170. Thank you for the congrats, Tory.
    You are a force that moves many….I am so sorry I forgot to put your name in my write up.
    I agree with you.
    And isn’t it funny that LRH says to ‘look’ and the ‘church’ says don’t look.

  171. Poor Dan Locke. I think he was on the RPF for over five years, something like that. He came out looking twice his age. Talk about FUBAR.

    I’ve seen formerly proud and happy people beaten into submission in various ways who then can be made to do almost anything in the hope (I guess) that they won’t get beaten anymore. I don’t know if that explains Dan Locke, but I do know that it is a common way to “get a product” in the church of POB today.

  172. Sandy, that has to be the most brilliant application of Personal Integrity.

    “WHAT IS TRUE FOR YOU is what you have observed yourself and when you lose that you have lost everything.

    What is personal integrity?
    Personal integrity is knowing what you know–
    What you know is what you know–
    And to have the courage to know and say what you have observed.
    And that is integrity.
    And there is no other integrity. ”

    Your observations were exactly what I had observed. What you voiced about security check information being used for future blackmail was the most disturbing and proof positive that the church was corrupt. That action is the antithesis of what LRH wanted in that it entraps beings under the guise of freeing them. It is HELP being turned into BETRAYAL.

    Having gone through the whole Ideal Org process from beginning to end, working every night after post (we had no Day and Foundation, full time staff worked 8:30 – 11:00). It was actually fun in the beginning because it was our own orgs create. We pulled up carpet, wrapped heating and cooling vents, tore out tile, etc. until we got bypassed by Int Mgmt. and it was no longer our game but our targets to be met. When it came to fundraising our main comm to our public for “buying the building” was to ease the financial burden of a mortgage off the org AND staff so they could do their jobs. Our public loved us and would and did give their last dime to help the staff. I was crushed to discover (after I had left the org) that the Org was having to pay rent. It was all lies and straight up theft from both the public and staff, just as you have indicated.

    You made me laugh! Your creme de la creme statement was perfect!

    Welcome to the Independents and thank you for speaking out!

  173. one of those who see

    Sandy! Thank you for your thorough write up!
    This Dictatorship will fall like so many others have and Scientology will be practiced in Freedom.
    CLEARS!! Stay away from “the buildings!”
    There is another Memorial Service this week in LA. I believe the woman who was probably in her 50’s was on OT VII. So sad for her family.

    But because of what we are doing, she will return and experience the wins available from real Scientology. Thanks again Sandy for contributing in a big way to that motion.

  174. And hello to you too pretty lady! 🙂

  175. Karen, that just kills me, “David Miscavige Rock Star Life”. Unbelievable. I could not have put it better and I was looking for the right term to put it in. Rock Star Life sums it up best. But if you want my opinion even Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix had a better grip on reality than DM does.

  176. Great job Sandy! Way to go!

  177. Just my thoughts over time, while digging around.
    Once I could say it all….well I guess it was a kind of avalanche.

  178. Thank you Amy.

  179. Karen, thank you so much.
    You give the insight on the ideal orgs that is needed.
    I was just appalled to look into that and follow that ‘yellow brick road’.
    Thank you for such a warm welcome.

  180. WELCOME SANDY!! You have indeed created an effect worth having! 🙂

    You do yourself proud and everyone here (except the blood sucking Trolls from GATechsylvania), as you can tell from the “Independent’s howdies” to y’all, has just experienced a beautiful Texas breeze blowin’ Theta our way!

    Your Adventure Begins!

    Love and ARC,
    Gary (just a villager with a bunch of brightly lit torches for… Oh! Hi Dave!)

  181. Loved your “stay away from the buildings”.
    Made me laugh out loud.

    On the flip side, it is so sad another OT died so young.
    Way too many, in such a realtively short period of time.
    Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

    Thank you for this great ack.

  182. Thank you Bryan.
    I was on the ready line for a bit, and got a green light.
    Never stopped to think, just did it.

  183. Sandy, you are so cool. You made me laugh with your “being a good little doobie” line. Boy can I relate to that. YEARS slugging away on my second time through OTVII with the squirreled Miscavige tech, being a good little doobie myself. Keeping those blinders on, just hoping and praying that someday I would be free of the super control coming from Flag. And, of course, thinking it was “only me feeling that way.” Isn’t that so funny in hindsight? Anyway, you’re awesome and I hope to meet you someday soon.

  184. My ARC for you is total! Thanks for your sincerity!

  185. Steve, I, for one, trust your instincts 1000%. I love your constant alertness and your keen eye for spotting outpoints. Keep up the good work.

  186. Steve,
    Your posts in response to Dan’s BS were awesome. In that rats nest, you were the voice of reason, truth, and integrity.

  187. Holy Christ on a Raft!!!!

    Now that was one of the most amazing and heartfelt rants I have ever read. Ever! About anything!

    As a middle-aged wog who became curious about Scientology for 2 reasons: 1) an old acquaintance who had been on staff in Hawaii in the 70s and blew his entire inheritance (his mother’s life insurance money which was intended for his college education–she died of cancer while he was a teenager) and blew and was terrified that the Cult would track him down and 2) the anonymous challenge to Scientology in the wake of the Tom Cruise video debacle……..

    This Is Why! The Why is Everything you have said. In fact nothing more can possibly be said.

    Now I am going to re-read all that you have written and everyone else’s comments.

    And congratulations Sandy, for outstanding courage and truth-telling.

  188. Sandy, what a great writeup! I love the title, “I am done with…”. Very catchy.
    We embrace you! L, Rachel

  189. one of those who see,

    I’ve had more than several very shocking deaths of people I’ve known, loved and admired while either completed OT V & VIII or while on OT VII. I explain it to myself that suppression really kicks in, organizationally, at this level: FLAG.

    FLAG: The MECA of Technical Suppression. This is where COB’s idiocies are Beta tested.

    Too often it simply kills good folks. Cause their good………..

  190. Steve,
    I love this statement and agree!

    “Wow, this is the most blisteringly beautiful piece I’ve read since Luis Garcia let it rip straight from the soul. So refreshing! “

  191. Cause their good. Oops, meant to say, “Because they’re good”

  192. I got only two words for you, girl…. MEEEEE-YOW!!

    SO refreshing and particularly enjoyable for me personally to see the face-rip go in the OTHER direction. But enough about me–you are awesome for putting your thoughts out in this way and for doing all those things we don’t even know that you’ve been doing. 🙂

    Enjoy the nice clean non-smelly air out here and may your progress up the Bridge now be speeded up to something a little more to your liking!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  193. martyrathbun09

    His mama didn’t raise no fool.

  194. Holy cow! This is good reading! I love every word. Straight, nothing waffly about it. Thank you so much for posting this; it is sure to open a few eyes.

    Welcome to the clean, fresh, sunny side. You have a friend in Houston. If I can ever help you, let me know.

  195. “I’d rather have the church dead than incapable.”

    Definitely line du jour!

  196. One of my favorites from Jimi:

  197. “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace” – Jimi Hendrix

  198. Steve,
    He once emailed me out of the blue to team up with him on a project (repurpose me). It was a ploy then and now. I vote OSA.

  199. Damn.
    You go girl!

  200. Sandy,

    Your message was very powerful. Go get them the old Texas way.

  201. Steve,

    I made my comments on facebook about this. I appreciate that you care so much for others that you are always willing to stick your neck out. Whether it is on your blog or on facebook you are ever vigillant. Thanks for having my our backs. 🙂

  202. He started out in 2009 in contact with virtually no one. Suddenly, he got very busy, calling me repeatedly out of the blue to make clumsy and awkward attempts to re-purpose me. Shortly after that, he came down with an inexplicable desire to be in comm with all Indie Scientologists including people he never met — not for any reason, just because he’s just so incredibly FRIENDLY that he’s got nothing else to do all day, every day, 7 days a week but chat up Indie Scientologists. Oh, yeah, and even though he’s not a Scientologist himself at all, he told me repeatedly on the phone. He won’t say a word against DM even though his own wife nearly died from PTSness in the RPF. He’s not declared. He’s a magical, friendly person bursting with love for everyone, who won’t lift a finger to protect anyone from being abused or ripped off by the CoS. And also he hates Marty.

  203. = OSA TROLL

  204. Sandy, you have a fantastic image PR wise, in the likes of Nancy Regan, Jacqueline Kennedy, Barbara Walters et al, but more than that, its your ability to call it like it is. I listened to some of the Jackie O comments recently and her spot on observations of some of the diplomats/well knowns she had met were quite brilliant. If she had the opportunity to publicly state her thoughts it would have been considered gross lack of diplomacy in her day and only in death 50 yrs later was she able to communicate those true thoughts and get away with it. So its beautiful to read your vibrant words front and center that cut straight to the heart, screw dipolmacy.

  205. Wonderful and accurate rant, Sandy. Loved every minute of the read.

    One thing that strikes me as funny is the Grade Three process on “Disagreement Check.”

    You are supposed to ask the PC if he has any disagreement with:
    A. A Senior
    B. Your Post
    C. The Org
    D. Technology
    E. Orders
    F. Policy
    G. Programs

    etc. etc. etc.
    Your post pretty much outlined everything i would come up with if I had to do this check in the org right now.


  206. I would like to see more about Mary Sue.

    Maybe that’s for a book.

  207. plainoldthetan

    Sandy: as John McClane said in Die Hard:

    “Welcome to the party, pal!”

  208. Total class act.

    And the kids.

  209. Flag: the Mecca of Technical Perdition.

    per·di·tion   [per-dish-uhn]
    a state of final spiritual ruin; loss of the soul; damnation.
    the future state of the wicked.
    hell ( def. 1 ) .
    utter destruction or ruin.
    Obsolete . loss.

  210. OK, is there any way to distinguish the GATsylvanians from the GAKsylvanians or the GAGsylvanians?

    Do they form a scale or something?

  211. one of those who see

    Thanks for your imput Tom. Yes it does seem that the suppression really kicks in at Flag.

  212. Some of us wouldn’t be posting at all if not 100% certain that it makes all the difference. It does, and it happens to be the very most effective way to cause a change as power is directed to the most powerful beings. And it’s nice to see results in acknowledgements such as yours.

  213. Ha! Yes, I had food brought in for the reading.

  214. Thank you, Gary.
    I didn’t do this for anything other than I was just sick and tired of tap dancing out on the edges…..being careful and all. I had had enough.
    I love the visual of all your torches.
    ha ha ha

  215. Hi Magnolia,
    Completely agree with you, going back years, I would have never had the thought of getting to the point that “someday I would be free of the super control coming from Flag”
    Amazing to me that the road we were on, unknown to us, would lead us here.
    I mean all the time and attention to get to a place of not even wanting to be there…..all that travel, just in a big circle. It is funny.
    Thank you for responding, from one good doobie to another. ha ha ha

  216. Thank you. It’s great to speak out, finally.

  217. Hello Gary,
    Thank you for that welcome.
    I love the visual of your ‘torches’.

  218. Tremendous write-up, Sandy! Keep up the good work. dm’s days are shrinking exponentially, and you just scared the hell out of him.

  219. Hi Teleos,
    Your opening line made me laugh out loud.
    Really funny.
    Thank you for responding and the congrats from you.

  220. Hello Rachel,
    Thank you for the compliment and such a warm welcome here.
    Much appreciated. (I think the title came from Marty…I didn’t have one.)

  221. gato rojo….thank you so much for that….love the cat voice (I’ve had that before….ha ha ha)

  222. Cynthia….home girl!!
    Thank you for this and so glad you liked it

  223. Thank you, Jason.

  224. Thank you for saying that, Barney.

  225. Hello Cured,
    Well, I don’t think I belong with those you mention, but I completely agree on the ‘screw dipolmacy’…..probably for my lack of, comes my agreement.
    ha ha ha
    Thank you for such kind words.

  226. Hello Les,
    You and me both (on what would come up in the check).
    Thank you for the response and compliment.

  227. I love that line!!!

  228. Thank you for the compliment, Mike.
    I would hope that anyone forwarding crimes would be scared.
    (a worm turned, kind of thing)

  229. I haven’t actually had a cat voice, but had someone do that to me before, to describe my rant back at that time (I sometimes just go off on stuff)
    their hands up, palms out, fingers curled, then “rreee-ow”
    ha ha ha (communicated well to me)

  230. Sandy, your manifesto is magnificent. Wow. This line is one of many that will stay with me:

    “And look at what is coming forth, emanating out from this leader….like mucus and froth, from the mouth of a rabid dog”

    I see him!

  231. Hmmm… Slime scale perhaps. But definitely they all posses Terminal Cranial Rectosis.

  232. Thank you Heather, for your compliment and for responding to me..

  233. ‘Zakly! An occasional cat analogy can come in handy. I was kinda proud of myself when I came up with the two Daves living at the bottom of the kitty litter box when discussing their levels of ethics and morals.

    I like your “going off on stuff.” Except that stuff happens to be the correct target! Ready–aim—spray!!

  234. Sandy Richards

    I have to thank all of you for such welcoming responses.
    If I missed thanking any one of you, my apologies.
    This for me, was like being a tiny little nobody, stepping into the middle of a room of giants, to say my piece.
    Thank you, Marty, for allowing me to do this in your ‘room’.

  235. martyrathbun09

    My pleasure. Blew a lot of charge for a lot of folks.

  236. Killer write up Sandy! You are one helluva of an asset to this group.

  237. Thank you for that, Doug.

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