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Robert Almblad

People that have studied the subject of Scientology would understand this statement:  “Anything can be overrun and when it does get overrun, it becomes suppressive.”  In my opinion, this overrun is what we are experiencing on all fronts of Scientology today.

Hi, my name is Robert Almblad and I am an Independent Scientologist.  My last “Church” service was New OT V in 2005.

I joined the Sea Org at Celebrity Center in LA in 1971 when I was 23 and began my SO career in Scientology working for LRH on the Apollo in 1972.  He discovered I had an innate ability to figure out the source of annoying problems in his physical space and to come up with innovative solutions.  For noise, I designed a soundproof auditing room. For the odd smell on the ship, I discovered dirt in the vents and began the ship-wide program to clean the vents… this project became known as CSP (Clean Ship Program). Today, every SO member knows the name” CSP” but probably doesn’t know where the name came from.  It was me. Now that DM knows where CSP comes from, he will probably ban the use of the term. Ha.

In 1974 I was on staff at the Advanced Organization in Denmark and my wife, also on staff, was pregnant. The conditions for bringing up a family were not the best.  Europe was not as prosperous as Los Angeles in those early days. Books were not translated yet, so everything had to be done in English in a foreign country. You could “survive” but in a bad week there was no money for diapers and sometimes the food for staff was substandard. In short, in my opinion, this was no place to raise a family. So, my wife and I decided to leave the Sea Org and raise a family. I would return to my business career to flourish and prosper by creating new products to improve the world.  And, as I told the Commanding Officer Nan Starkey when I left, I would find a way to come back to help these dedicated people and forward the goals of Scientology.  It became my mission in life.  I would come back with resources to help the cause.

From my teenage days, I was able to create successful business ventures and invent things, so I was very confident that I could create a financial empire in my life. But, I just had no interest in money.  I only  wanted to help people and so I studied college level psychology in High School.  By the time I went to college I was finished with psychology because they didn’t know what they were talking about and now I wanted to “find out the answer to the universe”. Why are we here?  What happens when you die? So, I studied all religions (east and west). I did this in my spare time while I went to Business Colleges and Universities.

Eventually I got bored with B-school and quit. I wandered around the world until I read my first Scientology book in 1970.  I was amazed and told everyone around me that “I had found the answer to the universe!!!”

Few people around me understood my enthusiasm, (basically they thought I was nuts) so I bought every single Scientology book in print, flew to Amsterdam, rented a nice apartment and read every book.  When I was done, about a year later, I went to CC in LA (my first encounter with organized Scientology), and became a Dianetic auditor. It was a smashing good time!! Scientology was fun. Ray Mithoff was on level III while I was on the Dianetic Internship and sometimes he audited repair lists on my PC’s.  Everyone laughed and had great fun in the over-crowded course room.  A far cry from the GAT stifled and nearly vacant course rooms that you see today.

Scientology was just a huge amount of fun. There was never any pressure for money. It was all about giving and getting auditing. The staff was well taken care of and missions and field auditors prospered in 1971. Personally, my Dianetic auditing ran perfectly and I went exterior with full perceptions within 50 hours. And, for the next 10 years my entire Bridge ran that way, flawlessly, all the way to being the 13th completion on NED for OTs or NOTs at Flag.

Then the trouble began.

I got an urgent call in 1981: “LRH is missing, the Missions have been smashed and MSH needs help.” It was a “call to arms” and so I temporarily left my businesses and tried to help.  The mission: break into DM’s office and go through his files to find and document his crimes, then expose his crimes and get him tossed out of the Sea Organization because he is ruining Scientology.

The long and the short of it: we got caught and I got declared in 1981.

So, I went back to my inventions and carried on with that for the next 25 years. I was doing some A-E steps* every now and then, but for the most part I remained off all Scientology lines.  During that time I studied Scientology on my own, as I had done in the first year of my Scientology life. But, now as a Super Lit**, it was of course much easier.

*A-E = the cure for being declared a suppressive person

** Super Literate = a course on how to study.

Eventually I completed my A-E steps and, in 2005, I went to Flag and did New OTV. OMG…. It was horrible and a horrifying experience.  I had never experienced anything like this in my auditing life!!. What is wrong with auditing is well covered here on Marty’s weblog, but just as another example: when I told my auditor I was “completed” with a process, he would literally roll his eyes and point at the meter and say: “I don’t see it here” as a snide remark.  God, it was bad.

I found out 5 years later that DM redefined the end phenomena of a process with his 3 swing F/N, causing overruns and then repairs of overruns and then repairs of the repairs of overruns on into infinity.

Today, the New OT V process is intended to make you un-cause over life.  This is because, when you ARE cause over life and someone in a trusted position (like an auditor with e-meter) tells you that you are NOT cause over life, it will send you down the rabbit hole.  This is just an overrun of course, but you end up in an Alice in Wonderland world with your auditor in charge of your life and not you. The end product of this kind of auditing are these robot, Kool-Aid drinking,  OT’s you see acting like idiots in front of the world.  It’s a mess.

With this single alter-is of LRH’s end phenomena technology, DM was able to destroy Scientology faster and more effectively than any government, international banker, or space alien… That is why I believe the Church is dead.  It is no longer the Bridge to total freedom. Instead, it is the last implant station where you drop off your worldly possessions and disperse yourself in the tail of Haley’s comet and wander around the universe!  (Joke on Heaven’s Gate cult)

Anyway, in 2005 I managed to “find stuff to run” to finish New OT V and get the hell out of Flag without getting declared again. It was a close call.

So, in 2005 I just went back to work on my inventions, but decided I could never go back for more auditing (because my auditor was so bad) or training (because GAT robot training is an abomination).  So, I just carried on with my work.

Then in 2010 I met Mike and Marty. We shared a common reality: that DM was and is nuts.

I told them about the many inventions I had been working on for 40 years.   These were new and useful technologies to improve some of the largest industries in the world. One of those technologies I showed them was an ice machine.  There are many other technologies; some are a bigger deal than an ice machine. But with all these technologies, I have spent  $millions and many years developing them with models, prototypes, laboratory work, etc…  I did not spend money to become the next double bacon cheeseburger Patron of IAS or to build monuments to myself.

I am here to help you and make the world a better place with my technologies. So, please get more people to sign the petition at the White House. Thank you. Robert Almblad October 17, 2011.