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Grade II

I once noted on this blog that I do not and will not “pull withholds” on or security check anyone.  David Miscavige hollered “Eureka!” and had his Corporate Scientology propagandists spread the word far and wide that I allegedly audit over overts and withholds as an avowed practice.  They ignored my explanation on the former that I don’t need to “pull withholds” because my pc’s are sufficiently in-session that they inevitably voluntarily, without coercion, freely vent them.  When someone completes Grade II with me he/she is free from the hostilities and sufferings of life because the person understands the overt-motivator sequence in life. They don’t walk around with withholds because when they commit an overt they pretty much always take responsibility for it.  When they do have a withhold they readily share it, it doesn’t need to be “pulled.” As to “security checking”, I explained my position on this in some detail in mid 2009 in a video taped interview available on the St Petersburg Times website, (go to segment entitled Abuse of Trust).

I often refer to Grade II as the make-break point in one’s progression up the Bridge.  People who treat the grade with a lick and a promise don’t reach the abilities gained for the level and that makes the rest of the journey a potential rocky road.

When I take someone through Grade II, we complete it when a person is entirely satisfied without doubt or reservation that he or she has attained all four flows of the abilities gained for that grade, as abilities in life. Not as some ethereal theoretic postulate.

It is rather plain that if one is not thoroughly freed from the hostilities and sufferings of life, by definition the person is not really in-session the rest of the way. Conversely, if a person has been freed of and understands the mechanisms of the overt/motivator sequence, it is quite clear that an individual is not accumulating more motivators, complexities and their resultant masses in life and can concentrate fully on higher spiritual endeavors and living a fulfilling life.

One reason for our tremendous success is our approach to the confessional requirement of Grade II.   When Miscavige directed the compilation of the False Purpose Rundown Series in the eighties he failed to publish Hubbard’s embracing discovery that lead to his direction to compile a series in the first place.  That was this, Hubbard wrote that somewhere along the line someone omitted handling evil purposes and non survival considerations in confessional procedure.  Hubbard noted that a confessional, by definition, most importantly includes pulling the roots from the overt/motivator sequence by getting to the postulates that prompted the chains of overts.

In fact, Miscavige only published a corollary statement Hubbard made along this line in the suppressive person declare of David Mayo; something about Mayo allegedly corrupting confessional procedure by omitted the handling of evil purposes.  Fact of the matter is, Mayo was not the cause of the omission but that is another story entirely for another day.

But, the entire statement about the vital importance of getting to and as-ising the postulates beneath chains of overts in ALL confessional auditing, and the entire philosophy outlined by Hubbard in despatches to Senior C/S Int  have remained buried in Miscavige’s tunnels, if not shredded entirely.  A greater act of cruelty to humankind is difficult to imagine for those who have seen or experienced the remarkable gains attained by addressing and handling the postulates beneath the overt-motivator sequence.

But, for those who slavishly adhere to a literal interpretation of Hubbard who need a specific written injunction in order to understand and act for the greatest good for the pre Clear in front of one, what I am stating here can easily be divined as “on Source” by studying the entire body of LRH’s work on the overt-motivator sequence and confessionals (including his dozens of lectures on the subject delivered in the St Hill Special Briefing Course).

The Scientology Corporation has known for decades that the Joberg Confessional security check has been culturally outdated for decades and that fact has lengthened and complicated the completion of Grade II.  But, being robots and literal they continue to deliver it as part of their Grade II – leaving pcs muddled and confused as to what constitutes an overt and right/wrong conduct, not to mention restimulated by touching upon, but expressly leaving unhandled the intentions and considerations prompting chains of overts. Note, Miscavige has recently “piloted” dropping the confessional requirement of Grade II altogether (judging by recent Flag promo at the end of this post it appears Corporate Scientology must have gone ahead and implemented such broadly).

When we get to the confessional requirement of Grade II, my pc’s are hatted on False Purpose Rundown procedure.  The C/S uses the FPRD basic form as a model (not robotically delivered verbatim as it too is a sloppily worded – violating LRH policies on wording of confessional questions – piece of work) to tailor a confessional for the pc in front of one.  The confessional is designed to, and does each time, bring about the complete “abilities gained” specified by Hubbard for Grade II completion – with flying colors.

I have audited four people up the bridge in this fashion. All four people are so freed from the overt/motivator sequence, and so freed from their own postulates that made that sequence once dictate their lives, that their lives and the manner in which they conduct them are a continuing inspiration to me.

I am including a success recently written by Tatiana  Baklanova.  Tatiana sought me out specifically to deliver her Grade II because she sensed it was an all important Grade and that I would treat it as such.


Finally, by way of comparison, below please see the latest from a Flag Service Consultant doing the bidding of Corporate Scientology’s Mecca.   See the lick and a promise attitude they approach the Grades with. See the technical degrade that has become David Miscavige POLICY throughout corporate Scientology.

—–Original Message—–
From: Barbara Dews <barbaradews@flag.org>
To: barbaradews <barbaradews@flag.org>
Sent: Fri, Apr 1, 2011 9:12 pm
Subject: What really happens to a thetan who is not salvaged or processed and goes on down the route? This is not April Fools!

Hello Everybody,
          At Flag people are moving up The Bridge faster then ever before.   You can go to Flag ARC SW case level and come home Grade IV complete in under 2 weeks.  We are doing this on regular basis.   Over the last two weeks at Flag we have made almost 20 people Clear!!!!!!!     In the last few months we have averaged 7 to 10 New OT 7- Solo Nots – Cause over Life – Completions every week.
          The reason we can do this is we have hundreds of auditors and we deliver the tech standardly which rolls people up up up The Bridge.
          You can go to Flag and find that by getting your case standardly handled you will find your Bridge just opening up and you will move forward.  It happens all the time.
          I am here to help you make it.    Just below this are two LRH quotes that ARE NOT April Fools!   You need to go up The Bridge believe me!
“I have been researching upper OT Levels and I can tell you this very plainly:  If Scientology doesn’t make it worldwide, you’ve had it – yes, I mean you.
“One is not working for just this life.  He is working for any future life at all…
“All right, all right, if one has a penchant for being a soulless idiot and believes he has no future, then he is in for a dreadful surprise once he kicks the bucket.  The worse off he is, the nastier the surprise.
“So don’t let people play around with this.”  
LRH   HCO PL of 14 March 1982, Financial Irregularities.
“Man is a complex being, far more complex than he ever conceived.  And he possesses abilities and potentials that neither he nor any of the wise men of the ages ever dreamed of.
In 1978, a great many new insights and revelations about life were disclosed, many of them discovered in my research at very upper levels.  These then were used to speed up the lower and more fundamental grades.  Without discarding any of the tech we already had, all of which remains very valid, the time and cost for a given result was greatly reduced…
“But there was one discovery is ’78 that I haven’t said very much about and am really not likely to since it is a sad thing.  It is what really happens to a thetan who is not salvaged or processed and goes on down the route.  Man when I saw that and knew it to be true I actually felt sorry for these guys that try to hit at us.  Poor devils.  Some religions talk about hell.  It’s an understatement of what really happens.  I got a real close look at what we were salvaging people from.  Well, we can do it, better than ever today, especially with these newest discoveries.” 
Ron’s Journal 30  1978 – The Year of Lightning Fast New Tech    17 Dec 1978
          I want to help each of you make it up and in doing so truly help us achieve the aims of Scientology and help Clear this planet!!!
Call me or write anytime for anything.
Barbara Dews
Flag Service Consultant
323 872 3585
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