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Miscavige’s Death Throes

Anyone who has followed the news and/or this blog for very long knows David Miscavige, head of Corporate Scientology, has spent millions of dollars attempting to spread the sickness of his cult compound to the world at large.   Miscavige has given his go-to private investigator Dave Lubow unlimited funds to buy phone records, stalk through illegal electronic surveillance through phone gps devices,harass and annoy, spread rumor and innuendo, and organize KKK-like gangs to stalk and attempt to intimidate.  Now Miscavige has sunk to even further depths.  His agents have set up phony internet links to targets’ names that go back to child porn sex chat sites.

Read all about it at the Village Voice:


Miscavige’s sickness is known as sociopathy in society at large.  His tactics are known as terrorism in law enforcement circles.   One of our primary aims is to de-fang the monster Miscavige’s operates to make lives miserable.  As you can see the monster is becoming more desperate and vile as we progress in disarming it.   Do not be alarmed that these tactic of his can or will reach out to readers and supporters and independents at large.   My prediction of two years ago – that when enough people stand up, Miscavige’s monster will not have the resources to keep up and will begin to lose its grip – still holds, and has been verified as correct in many ways.

The Robert Almblad attacks to the unbriefed may seem like evidence to the contrary.  So, let me brief you on a little known and as yet unreported fact.  Robert isn’t being attacked with this intensity just to lose Mike Rinder his job.   David Miscavige has convinced the Office of Special Affairs (Corporate Scientology’s harassment and terror department) that Robert’s latest invention must fail, at all costs, for one important reason. David Miscavige is convinced that Robert Almblad is going to make a billion dollars and use it to fund our efforts to put a stake in the heart of the beast so that Scientology can be freely practiced independent of the Radical Corporate Scientology racket.

Lose a good man a job, destroy the lives of Robert and his partner, deny bacteria free ice to the millions, ruin the reputation of the “church” of Scientology by running operations reminiscent of Cold War KGB – it is all just kicking the cat to fix the broken light switch to Miscavige.  Collateral damage to the riff raff.

Don’t forget, this tyrant’s universe is caving in:


That Miscavige can be particularly vicious during its death throes should come as no surprise.

On the Independent side of things, everything is going according to plan; matters are under beautiful control.

Whatever you have been doing in the Independent field, please do not change a thing.  The process is working, the tone arm is moving.