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Inner Core Meltdown in Miscavige’s Bunker

In the past year three, if not four, of Miscavige’s five closest aides have left not only his inner circle, not only the International Scientology Headquarters base, but also have left the Sea Organization.

Circa early 2011 Miscavige’s “org board”, if one could call his arbitrary chaos such, was manned as follows:

Chairman of the Board –  Miscavige

COB Hey You Enforcer (Jenny Linsen Devocht)

COB Project Ops/WDC for Idle Orgs (Angie Blankenship)

Int Landlord Building team   (I/C  Bob Wright,  2nd Laurance Barram)

Spokesman/Celeb Boy Friday, (Tommy  Davis)

For the past several years new buildings have been 90% of Miscavige’s and Int base’s focus.  That is why Blankenship, Wright and Barram were so cherished by Miscavige.

So important to and trusted by Miscavige were these building people, that beside his Communicator Laurisese Stuckenbrock, these five were the only people Miscavige communicated with daily consistently for any appreciable amount of time.   Realize, every one of the five are fourth stringers – but that is what he was down to in 2011.

So trusted was this handful of people that when John Brousseau escaped the Int base to my home in Texas in April 2010, Miscavige sent four of these five people in a private jet to recover him (Tommy Davis, Angie Blankenship,  Bob Wright and Laurance Barram).  As JB’s evidence unfolded on this blog for months, all four were driven into the ground by Miscavige for their epic failure of a mission.  Three of the four responded by going out 2D (sexual relations outside of marriage).

Angie Blankenship got pregnant by the step son of OT Ambassador (and IAS robot) Tony Falcaro, whom she finagled into a secret liaison while supervising heavy building extortion on public and outsourcing expensive building plans in Los Angeles.  Angie was routed out with her new beau and they were put up in Tony’s Santa Monica condo.

Bob Wright and Laurance went out 2D and were routed out into a comfortable little home just a few miles from the Flag Land Base in Clearwater Florida.  They have an over the top flood light system in the front yard and literally hid behind furniture like rats when a former Sea Org comrade paid a visit to see whether they could use a hand re-adjusting in the real world – then squealed to Miscavige for “help.”

Blankenship, Wright and Barram being of the weaker, out ethics stock that filled the vacuum around Miscavige when anybody who had any real life heavy lifting experience left (JB being the last of them) were all too anxious to be bought off with handsome “severance packages” for their continuing cooperation with Miscavige’s ongoing obstruction of justice.

All three witnessed Miscavige’s serial violence and human trafficking violations right up to this year.  Blankenship in fact was Miscavige’s number one enforcer during the early years of the Hole (prison and torture chamber at the International base). All three will never speak a word of it, because all three have been made materially comfortable for life by Miscavige. Miscavige has surrounded himself with out-ethics types who care for personal comfort and wealth above the rights and freedom of their fellows.  None of them know the first thing about what Scientology is nor do they have any familiarity with the gains it can deliver.

This is the level of ethics at the top  of the “church” of Scientology’s organizational structure.

Tommy Davis has been disappeared by Miscavige.  He is reportedly negotiating away his right to free speech and duty to report serial federal felonies in exchange for comfort and “protection” at this writing.

All Miscavige has left are two women whom he always had 2D designs on, his “Communicator” Laurisse Stuckenbrock and Jenny Linsen Devocht.   Both have been fashioned into back stabbing, cutthroat shrews by the hand of David Miscavige.  Jenny had a pscychotic break in the hole in 2004 after the treatment she got for nattering about Miscavige.  She has been an unquestioning attack dog for him since.  Once in 2010 when Jenny comm lagged on a Miscavige question Miscavige had Laurisse slap Jenny hard repeatedly across the face.  That is right, after Miscavige had 42 sworn declarations signed by Int base staff (including Jenny and Tommy Davis) swearing Miscavige had never visited violence upon a single soul, Miscavige ordered the woman (Jenny) who on national television told Anderson Cooper to his face that Miscavige had never initiated violence ever, be delivered a severe beating by Miscavige’s Communicator directly.

The Miscavige bunker walls are crumbling while Miscavige’s reach shrinks and he is reduced to obsessing over getting to people who know his crimes and buying them before they turn his sorry butt over to the authorities.

Meanwhile, the International headquarters of radical corporate Scientology  burns, figuratively.

As my earlier predictions of sociopath Miscavige’s self-implosion materialize, it is incumbent on us all to gear up to pick up the broken pieces, those thousands of gullible Scientologists who have remained under the dying dictator’s command.

The strategy is simple: Deliver, prepare to deliver more, then deliver more.

In my opinion, training is the key to the kingdom – as there is far too much grab-ass going on in the field being passed off as Scientology.